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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
801 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20220


Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
Tuesday, January 26 2010, 9:00 AM
United States Mint Headquarters
801 9th Street, NW, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
In attendance:
John Alexander
Doreen Bolger (via telephone)
Michael Brown (via telephone)
Roger Burdette
Arthur Houghton
Gary Marks
Rick Meier
Michael Olson
Mitch Sanders (Member Liaison)
Donald Scarinci
Joe Winter
1. The member liaison called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.
2. Kaarina Budow of the United States Mint presented candidate designs for the
2011 issues of the America the Beautiful Quarters program. As part of this
program, the United States Mint will mint and issue 56 circulating quarter-dollar
coins with reverse designs emblematic of a national park or other national site in
each state and territory. Quarters will be issued sequentially in the order in which
the featured sites were established as national sites.
3. Ms Budow explained that the United States Mint works with Superintendents’
offices with respect to guidance on appropriate images and source materials for
4. Committee members rated proposed designs by assigning 0, 1, 2, or 3 points to
each, with higher points reflecting more favorable evaluations. With eleven
members present and voting, the maximum possible point total is 33.
5. There was extensive discussion about the coin representing Gettysburg National
Military Park in Pennsylvania. Mr. Burdette and several other members
suggested that rather than representing a single location or monument, the coin
should convey the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg and its place in our
nation’s history.
6. For Pennsylvania, the committee’s recommended design is PA-02, which features
the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument. However, support for this design was

limited, with only 12 points out of a maximum possible total of 30. The
committee’s second most preferred design was PA-04, featuring the Lincoln
Speech Memorial, which received three points.
7. On a motion by Mr. Burdette, seconded by Mr. Scarinci, the committee voted 7-2
to encourage the Mint to consider soliciting additional designs, perhaps more
symbolic in nature, to convey the importance of Gettysburg National Military
Park to our nation.
8. For the coin portraying Glacier National Park in Montana, the committee
unanimously recommended design MT-03, which portrays a mountain goat over
the rocky slopes of the park’s high country. Mr. Marks spoke passionately in
favor of design MT-03, and committee members were quite enthusiastic about the
combination of an iconic mountain goat with the grandeur of the mountains.
There was a consensus that this design would translate into a very appealing coin.
9. For Montana, design MT-03 received the maximum possible point total of 33
points. Design MT-01, featuring the north slope of Mount Reynolds, was a
distant second, with four points
10. For the coin portraying Olympic National Park in Washington, the committee
unanimously recommended design WA-01, which features a Roosevelt elk with a
view of Mount Olympus in the background. Once again the committee found the
combination of the park’s wildlife and scenery to be especially compelling.
11. For Washington, Design WA-01 received the maximum possible total of 33
points. Design WA-02, portraying Sea Stack, received 10 points.
12. For the coin portraying Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi, the
committee strongly recommended design MS-02, which carries an image of the
U.S.S. Cairo on the Mississippi River as it would have appeared during the Civil
War. Members felt that this design, in addition to the quality of its composition,
has the virtue of showcasing the historical significance of the Navy in the Civil
13. Members also commented on the artistic boldness of the Mississippi AfricanAmerican Monument on design MS-01, but considered the subject matter of MS02 to be more historically appropriate.
14. For Mississippi, Design MS-02 received 27 points out of a maximum possible
total of 30. Design MS-01 received 12 points.
15. For the coin portraying Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma, the
committee recommended design OK-01, which features Buffalo Springs amid its
stone spillway. Members generally appreciated the perspective and composition
of this design, particularly the foreground foliage. However, some members were
concerned that the human figure would be so small as to be indistinct on the small
scale of a coin.
16. For Oklahoma, design OK-01 received 19 of a possible 30 points. Design OK-02,
which shows the Lincoln Bridge, received 11 points.
17. There being no further business, the Member Liaison adjourned the meeting at