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Of TECHNICAL interests
"What we Unknown railroad system was chartered at a time vjhen the V. S«
dollar was worth less than 40^?
see 1864.
During what financial crisis were New York Clearing House certificates
first issued?
see 1873.
IVhat noted development took place with respeot to the silver ratio the
summer that Herbert Hoover was born? see 1874.
For what monetary legislation is the "lame-duck" session of 1875 famous?
see 1875«
How were industry and business affected by the death of Fres, Garfield?
Pres. McKinley? Fres. Harding? see 1881, 1901f 1923.
When did the national banks nearly lose their charters because they were
unsympathetic with the V* S. monetary policy? see 1882/
How seriously did the passage of the Interstate Commerce Act react on
railroad construction?
see 1887«
What international syndicate saw its plans frustrated by a coffee
importer in New York City?
see 1895.
How long after Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech did ifcKinley come out
for the gold standard?
see 1896#
What percentage of the public debt was in the hands of the national
banks at the time the Federal Reserve Act was passed?
see 1913*
Vhat is the customary effeot of presidential campaigns on industrial
activity in general?
see every four years*
Does the stock market usually anticipate turns in the trend of business?
If so, by how much time? see yearly highs and lows of D.-J. Indus# 1898-1935.
In what 6-month period did Federal Reserve rediscounts triple while
the business activity proceeded at an even keel? see 1928*
What important crop hit its all-time higji (in total amount produced)
all of 24 years ago? see 1912 •
T l h t effect did the "bonus" payments have on business in 1931?
(note carefully the date at T/vhich they became a certainty)

The answers to these questions can be found on the pages indicated.
This historical manual will also provide the answers to hundreds of others
that may occur to you from time to time*

Of GENERAL interest:
When was the telephone patent offered for sale at §100,000"and who
turned the offer down?
see 1876
What large automobile company was launched just two weeks before the
first Model 1!T1! Pord was produced?
see 1908•
In what year did less than 600 votes decide the outcome of a presidential
see 1884*
What parlor entertainment was in vogue in 1863 and 1864?

see 1863 •

What national holiday was created while Coxey*s Army was in Washington?
see 1894*
Who was the first golf-playing President?
What innovation did the first Backards introduce?

see 1908*
see 1900*

What famous battle caused the U.S, to levy an income tax?

see 1861.

What famous railroad terminal was opened Tivhile the Chicago fire was
still raging?
see 1871.
Yftvat state# in 1890, was exhorted to "raise less corn and more hell",
and by whom?
see 1890.
What well-known chain store system was founded during the long
depression that ended in 1879?
see 1879*
Under what circumstances, in 1887, were some 1200 horses burned to
death in New York City?
see 1887*
What great ^Institution11 was opened in Chicago, on Christmas Day
in 1865?
What insect pest led to bank failures in a southern state in 1929?
What governmental agency once conducted "rain-making" experiments?
see 1891*
Why was the automobile show in the Pall of 1907 a dismal failure?
see 1907.
What noteworthy motto first appeared on U.S* coins at the very time
when the Southern currency was demoralized by printing press inflation?
see 1864*
In what respect were the Harding election returns unique?

see 1920.

What famous Indian Chief was still alive when the University of Chicago
received its first endowment?
'seo 1890.

While this manual
deemed it advisable to
because of their human
parade of events* The

is essentially a financial history, the author
add a generous sprinkling of non-economic items
interest and their value as land-marks in this
above are merely typiqal examples*