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Dallas, Texas, January 30, 1963

To All Banking Institutions and Others Concerned
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

A press statement issued by the Treasury Department today in regard to current financing is quoted below:
Treasury Announces $9.5 Billion Exchange and
Outlines Future Financing Plans
In announcing today its plans for the refunding of $9.5 billion of securities maturing February
15, 1963, the Treasury said that this operation is to be viewed as the first step in a probable threephase program.
Subject to future market developments, the Treasury plans, upon completion of the February 15
financing, to announce a “junior” advance refunding adapted to the requirements of the market at
that time. Th e Treasury is also considering the employment for the second time of the newly developed
technique for offering long-term bonds at competitive bidding. Subject to market developments, it
is likely that the bidding for this offering o f long-term bonds w ill occur during the first half o f April.
Th e holders of Treasury securities maturing February 15, aggregating $9,465 million, w ill have
the right to exchange them for any of the following securities:
A 3 V i% Treasury Certificate of Indebtedness to be dated February 15, 1963, and to mature
February 15, 1964, at par; or
An additional amount of 3 % % Treasury Bonds o f 1968 originally issued A pril 18, 1962,
maturing August 15, 1968, at par, o f which $1,258 million are now outstanding.
Cash subscriptions for the new securities w ill not be received.
T h e maturing issues eligible for exchange are as follows:
$5,719 million of 3V2% Treasury Certificates of Indebtedness of Series A-1963, dated February
15, 1962,
$1,487 million of 2 s/ a % Treasury Notes of Series A-1963, dated April 15, 1958, and
$2,259 million of 3 Y i % Treasury Notes of Series E-1963, dated Novem ber 15, 1961.
Exchanges of the maturing 3 V 2 % certificates and the 2 % % and 3 V* % notes w ill be made in a
like face amount of the new securities as of February 15. Coupons dated February 15 on the matur­
ing certificates and notes should be detached and cashed when due.
T h e subscription books w ill be open only on February 4 through February 6 for the receipt of sub­
scriptions. Subscriptions for any issue addressed to a Federal Reserve Bank or Branch, or to the Office
of the Treasurer of the United States, and placed in the mail before midnight February 6, w ill be
considered as timely. Th e new securities w ill be delivered February 15, 1963. Th e new certificates of
indebtedness w ill be available only in bearer form. T h e new bonds w ill be made available in registered
as w ell as bearer form. A ll subscribers requesting registered bonds w ill be required to furnish appro­
priate identifying numbers as required on tax returns and other documents submitted to the Internal
Revenue Service.
Interest on the 3 V 4 % certificates of indebtedness w ill be paid on August 15, 1963, and February
15, 1964. Interest on the 3 % % Treasury Bonds of 1968 is payable semiannually on February 15
and August 15.
Official circulars and subscription forms for the new Treasury certificates and the additional issue of
Treasury bonds w ill be mailed to all banking institutions.
Yours very truly,
Watrous H. Irons

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