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Dallas, Texas, March 20,1933.

To the Member Bank Addressed:
The following circular has been received from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kan­
sas City:
“ In order to avoid unnecessary protest charges where possible, cash
items of less than $500 received by us for collection and drawn on banking
institutions which have not been licensed to perform their normal and
usual functions either by the Secretary of the Treasury or by the Secretary
or Commissioner of Banking, as the case may be, should not be protested
in the event of nonpayment unless the word ‘Protest’ is stamped on the
face of each such item. Wire us as to the nonpayment of all items of $500
and over contained in our cash letters and drawn on each such institution
and protest the same. Return to us immediately all items (including those
of $500 and over) drawn on such institutions which are not paid upon pre­
sentation, with a statement of the reason for nonpayment. The instructions
in our General Letter D-l applicable to protest of items are modified as
above with respect to items drawn on unlicensed banking institutions until
further advice from us.”
Please be governed accordingly.
Yours very truly,


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