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Dallas, Texas, November 5,1942

To All Banking Institutions, and Others Concerned,
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

You are hereby notified that the Secretary of the Treasury, pursuant to the provisions of Section
5(b) of The Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended, has designated the persons named on the
reverse hereof as “special blocked nationals” and has ordered that such persons shall be deemed to be
nationals of a foreign country and shall be treated for all purposes under Executive Order No. 8389,
as amended, as nationals of a blocked country. Pursuant to the direction of the Secretary of the
Treasury, the special blocked nationals named are entitled to the privileges of general licenses,
except that they are not entitled to the privileges of any general license which by its terms is limited
to a national or nationals of the country named and, in addition, they are not entitled to the
privileges of General License No. 58. In accordance with these instructions you are directed to
block all of the accounts, safe deposit boxes, securities, etc., that any such persons may have with
you or in which you believe any such person has an interest. Please notify us when you have taken
this action, and advise us of the name of any other institution in which you believe any such person
has an account and the name of any business enterprise in which you believe he has an interest.
No payment or commercial or financial transaction in which any such person has an interest may
be effected by you except as authorized by an appropriate license. You may not participate in any
financial transaction; forward any draft, bill of lading, invoice, or similar document; honor any
instructions to make payments, to buy or sell securities, etc., in which any person named has an
interest, unless the transaction has been licensed. Any application filed by you with respect to any
transaction in which any such person has an interest should indicate that such person is a special
blocked national. Within fifteen days of the date on which you receive this letter, you should submit
to us reports on Form TFR-300 as required under Public Circular No. 4C. The report on Series L of
the form should show the property held by you on the date you blocked such property. Public
Circular No. 4C and Form TFR-300 are available at this bank and will be furnished upon request.
If you have any questions, please communicate with the Foreign Funds Control Department of
this bank.
Yours very truly,
(See Reverse)

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Argentina de Representaciones Cia.
Bauman, Carl Sydney (Jr.)
Benvenuto y Cia.
Borello, Jose
Burket, Luis
Camara de Comercio Italiana
Crocitto Cuonzo, Francisco
Dannemann, Otto, S.R.L.
De Souza, A. J.
Federacion de Circulos Alemanas de Beneficencia
Federic, Helmut
Froeschle & Cia.
Goggi & Cia.
Handelskomission—Junta Consultiva de Comercio
Hermann & Goldschlager
Junge, Hans
Kahlke y Cia.
Kohl and Buraschi
Koppel and Company
Lira y Cia., Rudolpho A.
Meier, Henri
Merello Hermanos

Muller, Fernando Enrique
Myalovich, Mauricio
Nippon Gawa
Olssen, Olaf
Ortelli, Elvezio
Pick, Adolfo
Renshaw, A. L.
Rojas Camporado, Antonio
Rotaprint Argentina, S. de R. L.
Schulz, Francisco
Schwabe, Gras & Cia.
Schwarz, Pablo
S. I. M. A. I. (Soc. de Importacion de Motores
Agricolas Ind. de Resp. Ltda.)
Stoop, Dr. Arnoldo
Sudamericana de Bombas, S.R.L., Cia.
Tomaselli, Antonio
Witte, Dr. Lutz
Wojahn, Kurt
Wohlmuth, Leo
Wurst, Dr. Oskar
Yamashiro Hermanos

The address of each of the above-named persons and firms is Argentina.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102