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F R P R IN T 2 8 2 9

Circular No. 40
Series of 1 9 1 8


Dallas, Texas,

August 3, 1918.

Orders for Shipments of Currency and Coin
In order to co-operate with us and enable us to fill all orders for currency, silver and minor
coin during the day on which they are received, we earnestly request that you place your orders so
that they will be received by us before 1:00 P. M. on Saturday and before 3:00 P. M. on other days.
Requests for shipments are filled by us in the order of their receipt and if we stop to handle late
orders it would not only jeopardize the chances of orders filled earlier in the day getting to the
Post Office or Express Terminals in time to be promptly dispatched, but would in all probability
delay all shipments. It frequently happens that, even though orders received late are filled, we
do not get them to the Post Office in time for them to make the trains.
We might suggest that the larger banks place a standing order with us for shipments to be
made daily or on certain days of the week. These orders, if so desired, could be cancelled by wire
any time, and we could cancel an order in less time than it would take to fill one received late in
the day, even though the shipment might be already prepared.
As a matter of safety and in order to comply with our insurance policies, we are unable to
keep our vaults open late and in many instances all issued currency is disposed of by the closing
hour and we are unable to fill late orders on account of the Federal Reserve Agents vaults beinglocked. We, therefore, cannot guarantee to fill orders on the same day, if received after the hours
If these conditions are borne in mind and our suggestions followed, you will render us great
assistance in serving you promptly, which it is our earnest desire to do.


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