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F e d e r a l R e s e r v e Ba n k o f Da l l a s
Circular No. 72-271
November 24, 1972
To AH Banks
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

This is to advise th a t the Metropolitan National Bank,
McAllen, Texas, a newly organized institution located in the
territo ry served by the San Antonio Branch of the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas, opened for business Friday, NovemĀ­
ber 17, 1972, as a member of the Federal Reserve System.
The new member bank has capital of $400,000, surplus of
$400,000, and undivided profits of $200,000.
Its officers and directors are as follows:
Raul L. Longoria, Chairman of the Board
Jose Noe Gonzalez, Sr., Vice-Chairman of the Board
Manuel Cavazos, Jr., Secretary of the Board
Leonel Garza, Jr., President
James W. French, Vice President & Cashier

Grady E. Bennett
Manuel Cavazos, Jr.
Leonel Garza, Jr.
Jose Noe Gonzalez, Sr.
Raul L. Longoria

Dr. J. I. Ochoa
Dr. Francisco I. Pena
Amaldo Ramirez
Ciro Trevino

The combined A.B.A. number and Federal Reserve Bank
routing symbol of the new bank is 88-424.
Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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