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'Circular No. 2 3 5 1 "1
. January 8,1942 J

To Member Banks in the
Second Federal Reserve


Robert T. Stevens, a director of the Federal Eeserve Bank of New
York since January 1, 1934, having been called to active service with
the United States Army, has tendered his resignation as a director.
The board of directors of this bank, at its meeting held on January 8,
1942, accepted Mr. Stevens' resignation.
Mr. Stevens was last elected as a class B director of this bank for
a term of three years ending December 31, 1942, by member banks in
Group 3 which consists of banks with capital and surplus of $300,000
and less.
A special election will be held by the member banks in Group 3 to
elect a class B director to succeed Mr. Stevens and to hold office for the
unexpired portion of the term ending December 31,1942. Details of the
election procedure will be sent to member banks in the near future.


Chairman of the Board.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102