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The "Teaching and Learning with FRASER" collection provides resources for teachers, students, librarians, and anyone else interested in economics, data, or financial and banking history. Lessons and activities are aligned to national teaching and literacy standards. FRASER's library collections are complex primary and secondary sources, so these selected educational materials are aimed at sixth grade and higher. Pre-K through 5 teachers can find personal finance, history, and economics lessons on the St. Louis Fed website at or through our unique teacher portal at

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Educational resources on FRASER are provided in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and other regional Federal Reserve Banks. Unless otherwise noted, these resources are free and open for individual and classroom use, reuse, retention, and redistribution, within the terms of our Economic Education Permitted Use policy. For questions about specific use cases, please contact us.

The resources on FRASER represent only a portion of the educational resources of the Federal Reserve. We encourage you to visit our partner sites for the broadest and most up-to-date offerings.

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