FRASER: Mobile and Flexible

FRASER is now even more responsive to your needs. The biggest change is that FRASER now adapts to your mobile device. As you browse through the site, you may notice a few improvements:

  • Page layouts conform to both smaller (mobile) devices and larger (desktop) devices.
  • Descriptive content such as subject headings, generated citations, and the “save and share” box is now lower on the page to make more room for the main content.
  • On pages with multiple items (like the Browse by Author page, archival collection pages, and periodical pages), a filter box now allows you to narrow the list of results by typing in a search term.
  • We revamped and reorganized our Federal Reserve collections page.
  • We added a comprehensive list of all our news items announcing content updates.
  • And we beefed up the abstracts that describe our resources.


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