Perlo, Victor, 1912-1999

American economist

Victor Perlo was an American Marxist economist, government functionary, and a longtime member of the governing National Committee of the Communist Party USA. Perlo received his bachelor's degree from Columbia University in New York City in 1931 and master's degree in mathematics from the same school in 1933. After his graduation from Columbia, Perlo went to work as a statistical analyst and assistant to a division chief at the National Recovery Administration (NRA), remaining at that post until June 1935. Perlo then moved to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board where he was an analyst for the Home Owners' Loan Corporation, establishing statistical analyses for properties mortgaged to the corporation and projecting long term financial accounts. Perlo worked in that capacity until October 1937, when he left government service to work in the Brookings Institution, where he stayed as a researcher for more than two years. In November 1939, Perlo went to work in the US Department of Commerce, where he worked as a senior economic analyst in the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. About December 1945, Perlo went to the U.S. Treasury Department, where he worked in the Monetary Research department. There he was an alternate member of the Committee for Reciprocity Information, which took care of technical work relating to trade agreements under the Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act and doing preparatory work for the International Trade Organization. Perlo left government service in 1947. (Source: Wikipedia)

May 15, 1912
December 1, 1999
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