Fronczak, Francis E. (Francis Eustace), 1874-1955

American physician

Francis E. Fronczak received his M.D. degree in 1897, the first Polish-American to do so. As director of the Polish National Committee's Department of Public Welfare from May 1918 to February 1919, Dr. Fronczak was one of the three members of the Council of War of the Polish Forces in France. Promoted to lieutenant colonel in the Medical Corps in 1919, he was appointed a commissioner and medical advisor on the first American Red Cross Commission to Poland. In this capacity, he developed a plan to alleviate the dire sanitary conditions which the war had created throughout the country. In 1934, he was commissioned as a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve and after World War II, Dr. Fronczak was again active in post-war rehabilitation. In 1946, Dr. Fronczak was appointed to the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration where his main assignment was to investigate sanitary conditions in Poland. (Source: From the description of Dr. Francis E. Fronczak Collection, 1874-1955 (Buffalo University))

September 20, 1874
December 27, 1955
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  • Fronczak, Franciszek Eustachy, 1874-1955
  • Fronczak, Francis Eustace, 1874-1955
  • Fronczak, Francis Eustachy, 1874-1955
  • Fronczak, Fr. E., 1874-1955
  • Fronczak, F. E., 1874-1955
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