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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ro"poC.)(  tA , c?Aka).i  ''netober 9, 191q.  MEMORkNDUM From:  Miss Jones  T o:  Miss Van Kleeck  Subject:  Employmemt of women as'motor drivers in Great Britain and the United States Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Great Britain No material on I. Hours of labor A. Conditions of service B. On success of women C. By inferance only 1. The number uf women employed in all a. forms uf transportation has increased from 10,000 to 26,000 in one year, 1915-16. II. Material on methods of obtaining and training recruits Motor drivers' schools B. General schools for drivers of ambulances , 1. vans, buses Text of advertisement 2. b4.9m "Instruction -- The following schools for instruction in motor driving and technical knowledge have been officially a ?pointed by the Royal Automobile Club and recommended by it. " (Note: The list of schools contained such signifigant titles as "The ladies' school of motoring,"etc.) "Full particulars can be obtained from any of the above schools upon applicatiun. Tuition fees range from shillings to 15 pounds, 15 shiilinbs, about 3 pounds, the to length according and nature of the course. Generully speaking a good knowledge of driving can be gained in about 2-4 weeks." In " homen's work in war time", a handbook of emB. ployments by H. al. sburne, published in London in 1917 the following appears.: Mail vaa (motor) drivers Qualifications - Intending candidates must pass the "Women volunteer reserve's " test for driving Rates of pay - 35 shillings per week plus the war bonus of 12 shillings per momth C. Effort made by employees to recruit workers 1. The British Motor Cab Co. has a class for women drivers. Tte training is free provided the pc. pupil undertakes, wh4 trained to drive for the company. Course covers 2-3 weeks.  a. Lm-51.eo Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  (1)  yu , t ,e,f74e--?(6?-) (57 cyr  ‘ (70  ,o  •  •  *bfrt  r-  •  ..evk 1.-z I Dim  e"&e)i  7/(/"(A2.77-z  Z.  (r41  ezykz.z_  (e  e/zA  4,  Z  eae../20.  s .