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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Collection: Paul A. Volcker Papers Call Number: MC279  Box 9  Preferred Citation: White House Correspondence: 1981 Log, 1981; Paul A. Volcker Papers, Box 9; Public Policy Papers, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library Find it online: and  The digitization ofthis collection was made possible by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. From the collections of'the Seeley G. Mudd 1Vlanuscript LB:wary, Princeton, NJ These documents can only be used for educational and research purposes ("fair use") as per United this file, all usershragree that their use falls within fair use as States copyright law. By accessing IIIIUIIIII ill 111111 i•i•i defined by the copyright law of the United States. 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DATE REC'D  DATE INC.  1/21  1/20  1/26  2/5  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  Denkler  REAGAN, Ronald -- hiring freeze  REAGAN, Ronald -- Reducing unnecessary Feder 1 Spending  1/22  • STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB -Legislative Coordination and Clearance  2/2  Denkler  Denkler  2/12  1/7  5  2/19  2/5  8  Denkle0g4 FULLER, Craig L., Deputy Assistant to the President & Director, Office of Cabinet Ad inistrationRelease of Information Concerning Budget a d Program Cha •  2/20  3/2  2/27  REAGAN, Ronald -- 100th Anniversary of the American National Red Cross  3/13  3/9  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--Proposed Executive Orders and Proclamations  10  3/26 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  3/13  3/25  ,o  Denkler Pa&a-1 WILLIAMS, Karen H., Administrator, Office etter Policy of sion Rescis of Federal Procurement Policy, OMB-Wage and Price Standards for Federal Contractors  2/26  3/17  01-4*-•  Denkler  REAGAN, Ronald -- Revisions of the 1982 Budget  Denkler  Denkler/ •  9  *4•4ft  -•  4  4  OUT  REFERRED TO  NICHOLS, William M., General Counsel, OMB-Statistical Policy Functions BUSH, GEORGE, VP, -- Consolidation of Regulatory Oversight  PAV cc: Lowrey  k5it  DATE REC'D  NO.  3/27  112k,  4/3  12  DATE INC.  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  DenkleVe.  REAGAN, Ronald -- Government-Wide AntiFraud and Waste Efforts  3/26  1  4, d 40.0, o'hif7 a 7  ritkitkiG- i ge Denkler  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB-employment ceilings  3/27  OUT  513e 1 /1 /d  13  4/14  HARPER, Edwin L., Deputy Director, OMB-Implementation of OMB Circular A-76  4/8  Denkler/  02"....,  kl-Agge 14  4/23  REAGAN, Ronald -- Eliminating Wasteful Spending on Government Periodicals, Pamphlets, and Audiovisual Products  4/20  Iti 4/27  REAGAN, Ronald -- Strengthening Federal Credit Management  4/23  e$4 ' 44flit-  ..572-1  Denkler/ Coyne Denkler cc: PAV  e /  11-7 4/29  4/28  IIV 5/8 V 18  20 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Denkler)  BAKER, James A., Chief of Staff -- The President's Executive Exchange Program  Syron/If  tO i i3g---  , 6/12  6/10  140 19  KNAUER, Virginia H., Spec. Assitant to the President -- International Year of Disabled Persons - 1981  6/15  6/15  6/11  6/12  Winn leehoR"Lnd KNAUER, Virginia H., Spec. Assistant to the President&Director US Office of Consumer Affairs-.- -e•.. -ssional Liaison Handbook .., e _ . S=Fmmw STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB -- Certain / Communications pursuant to Executive Order 12291, Federal Regulation FRIEDERSDORF, Max, Assistant to the President, &yr-49-n4)c-).tidLik.rj -- Gramm/Latta II  4//4  1  DATE REC'D  NO.  DATE INC.  21  6/25  6/24  22  7/7  7/2  7/9 213/...". 7/14 24 LO/ 7/23 25  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  OUT  ) ps Syron Mi MILLER, Jim, Office of VP Bush--Review of Public Responses to Vice President's 7h/ Request for Input -- re changing regulations REAGAN, Ronald -- Combined Federal Campaign  odid  Denkler  4 0 0  Denkler KNAUER, Virginia H., Special Assistant to the President -- appointment of Fed employee as a rep esentat v3 Federal Interagency Committee for IYDP  7/8  KNAUER, Virginia -- Federal Consumer Programs  Hart  7/21  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--Grant Cash Management  Denkle  /27 ,861 7 t  7/29  7/24  7/31  7/30  REAGAN, Ronald -- Strengthening Federal Travel Management  9/14  f  Denkler 41.4tAi.  28 29 30  4  it  Hart KNAUER, Virginia H. -- Office of Consumer Affairs' second Constituent Resource Exposition, set up exhibit booth  26 27  7/7  REFERRED TO  4i,  8/6  7/13  REAGAN, Ronald -- Budget Review Procedures  Denkler cc PAV  8/6  8/5  REAGAN, Ronald -- Aiding Federal Employees in Reemployment  Denkler  8/7  7/31  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB-- Implementing Denkler Presidential Travel Management Improvement Directives OCWX4,00.0o 141° Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  • DATE RECD  NO.  31/ 1  8/10  DATE INC.  .. ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  8/7  KNAUER, Virginia H., Spec. Assistant to the President -- Consumer's Resource Handbook due August 17  REFERRED TO  8/14  8/7  Salvaggio KNAUER, Virginia H. -- International Year of Disabled Persons -- Outstanding Agency Award nomination due Nov. 1, 1981  33  8/14  8/13  SOWLE, Donald E., Admin.,OMB -- Procurement Procedures, Advance Procurement Planning, . -  8/17  35  8/12  Salvaggio  /11/  Salvaggio STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--Reducing and Controlling Unnecessary Year-End Spending BURGESS, Jack, Spec. Asst. to the President -- Forwarding letter from E.F. Paul, Nat'l Farmers Organ. on interest rates.  Syron  9/11  9/10  9/16  9/14  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--Timely Payment  Salvaggio  9/16  9/11  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB -- Federal Information Centers  Salvaggio  111/  ayiLt  Hart  32  34  OUT  •  'P'  vii  l  60/PL / 4 /  31177r 9/21  38  11/2  39  40  11/13 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  9/17  10/30  11/10  REAGAN, Ronald -- International Year of the Disabled  Salvaggio  Salvaggio SOWLE, Donald E., Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, OMB -- Propos.1 for a Uniform Fe e a Pment System • • Salvaggio SOWLE, Donald E., OMB -- Changes to the Federal Procurement Data System  4,  • NO.  41// 1 el  42  DATE REC'D  11/16  DATE INC.  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  11/12  REAGAN, Ronald -- 1983 Budget  11/17  REAGAN, Ron*ld -- seek advice and counsel organized labor on public policy issues  REFERRED TO  OUT  Sal-Ta-Taio  f  PAV  BAKER, James A., Chief of Staff, President s PAV Commission on Executive Exchange -- the PEE Program 12/7  12/3  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--ApportiJnment Salvag io S f Funds Under the Temporary Continuing Rsolution REAGAN, Ronald -- Travel by Government Officials Including Foreign Travel  Salvaggio ( /4  REAGAN, Ronald -- Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board  46  Salvaggio  KNAUER, Virginia Hart Chairperson, Consumer Affairs Council -- Request for Agency ConTributions to 1981 Report the President nn Forioral nomiqumer Activites 48  49  50 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  12/24  REAGAN, Ronald -- Travel by Government Officials, Including Foreign Travel  Salvaggio  STOCKMAN, David A. -- Apportionment of 1982 Salvaggio Funds Under the Further Continuing Resolu7,ion  4.
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