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I, Marriner S. Eccles, of the State of Utah, having been appointed by the President as a member of the Federal Reserve Board,
created by the Act of Congress approved December ??, 1913, known as
the Federal Reserve Act, and desiring to qualify and enter upon ray
duties as such, do hereby certify, in accordance with the terras of
sections 10 and 25(a) of the said Act, that I am not an officer or
director of any bank, banking institution, trust company, or Federal
reserve bank; that I do not hold stock in any bank, banking institution, or trust company; that I am not an officer or director of any
corporation organized under the provisions of section T5(a) of the
Federal Reserve Act, or of any corporation engaged in similar business organized under the laws of any state, and that I do not hold
stock in any 3uch corporation.


-} U

Subscribed and sworn to before urn, a notary public, in and for
the District of Columbia, this 15th day of November, 1054.

Notary Public,
Washington, D. C.
My comniiprion expires on £*>»*^ % ^