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January 3> 1939*

Mr. ft. L. bobbins,
A18g Mildred Street,
Montgomery, Alabama.
Dear Mr. Robbins:
Tnis is to thank you for your letter of .December
27th with reference to my recent reply to Senator Byrd.
Your own experience is similar to that of innumerable otners
who, like yourself, have taken the trouble to write to me.
It is especially distressing to me not to be able
to make a genuinely helpful suggestion to you or to so many
other deserving Americans who through no fault of their own
are in distress and who, like yourself, are experienced in
business, are capable, and are anxious to find employment in
private enterprise.
It is because of such circumstances as you describe
that I particularly resent the charge made by Senator Byrd
that "millions of able-bodied citizens rely upon the government
for support and have ceased to exert their efforts for selfhelp to obtain private employment." 1 see no other solution
except for the creation of more not less employment, and a
larger not a diminished national income. That will help to
solve your individual proDiem ana that of many others who need,
want and are capable of work.
Sincerely yours,

[ S. Eccles,