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A m e r i c a n International C o r p o r a t i o n
N E W York

March 24, 1939
Hon* Marriner S# Eccles
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D.C.
My Dear Mr, Eccles:
Over the past few years I have followed
with interest your statements on economic and monetary
policies, and I should like to note than I am fully in
agreement with them.
It is human nature no doubt for the
opposition to be more vociferous on the opposition than
on the defense. I think there are still quite a few us
who still support your theories even though we are perhaps relatively inarticulate. Since your statement "before
the Senate Committee on Silver Legislation seemed to
despair on this point, I have felt constrained to add
this letter to the apparently small pile which you receive
in defense of your program.
Both the Senators
the Representative from my district
porting your program. I trust that>
act, you will continue to fight for

from New York and
are, I believe, suphowever Congress may
your general economic

Respectfully yours,

Laut R. Wade

March 28, 1939*

Mr, Laut
25 Broad
New York

R. Wade,
International Corporation,

Dear Mr* Wade:
Your letter of March 2U, commenting on
my statement on economic and monetary policies,
is very reassuring.
I wanted you to know that I appreciated
your encouragement and your thought fulness in
writing to me.
Sincerely yours,

M. S. -Eccles,



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