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D. G.

June 21, 1988




Hon Mairlner S Eccles,
Federal Reserve Syatem,
Washington D C
I y dear Mr Eccles:
That letter yon wrote to Hon Arthur Vandenberg is one of the most
concise and complete one I ever had the pleasure as well as priiledge of
readinr and, if I am not making a suggestion too bold, I would like mightywell TO know that several thousand oopies were printed and one sent to every
Bank or financial institution in America.
Personally I have several letters of introduction to you from
Members of the Senate and Congress, but as your time has always been taken,
I have not presented them, yet I hope to do so in a veiy few days, as I want
to see you and see if I can't be just a little factor in serving our country
as your splendid reasoning convinces anyone it should be saved.
I can produce.
Production means goods and articles produced
to yield a satisfactoiy tax, and such tax levied to operate our government.
To spend to produce is CORRECT, and what better agency is or can there be to
put out money than the Banks of our country, but they must not have competition
for the Banker is the most responsible man in his community to dispense money
and he is better acquainted with the local client that those in far away
Personally I am from the west. Texas my native State where I
discovered America1 71 years ago, and I have been fairly active in that State
until a few years ago. During the Spanish American war l was a Captain in
Roosevelt's Rough Riders.
U , ^ ^ )
Tomorrow I shall be at the farm down below Richmond/ but if you
will have your Secretary communicate with me at this hotel if I may see you
and when, I will gladly present myself.
With every assurance of high regard, and again tendering ny sincere
congratulations to you for your splendid letter I beg to be,

Faithfully yours

Robert Balsey Bruce,






June 27, 1938.

Mr* Robert Halsey Bruce,
Ebbitt Hotel,
Tenth and H Streets, Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Bruce:
This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter
of June 21st Kith reference to my recent letter to
Senator Vandenberg. I was interested to have your
My o < program has been so crowded that I have
not been able to make definite appointments, but it
occurred to me that if you were in Viashington, you
might communicate with my assistant, Mr. Clayton.
I want to thank you for your courtesy in
Sincerely yours

M. S. Eccles