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August 4 , 1944

Honorable Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman
Board of GoTernors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington 25, D. C.
Dear Marriner t
William E. Peterson, Vice President in charge
of examinations, is coming to Washington next week to
spend a few days with the Board's Examination Division,
and I have asked him to call on you#
Mr. Peterson is my golfing partner, and I am
very anxious that he get a chance to play Burning Tree»
I know you would enjoy playing with him if you have
time and, of course, he would greatly enjoy playing
with you.
I understand from Ronald that John McKee is out
of town, but I am dropping Larry a similar note.
The Associate Bankers of St. Louis would very
much like to have you as their guest here on the 17th
of August, Why don't you come out?


Chester C. Davis

August 8, 19Uw
Dear Chestert
In aocordanoe with your l e t t e r of August k, I shall look
forward to seeing Mr. Peterson #ien he arrives in Washington next
week and to having a game of golf with him, although I must say that
if he i s your golfing partner ho nust be pretty good, which would
put hiia out of ray class. You can construe that to satisfy yourself I
Sorry you aren't going to be on hand too.
Hot only is John McKee away for a nonth or so, but Spike
Evans has departed for a similar period, and as you probably know,
Matt Uzymcsak has been lend-leased to Leo Crowley in order to put
Belgium back on i t s feet and at l a s t reports was flown safely to
London several days ago. In other words, we are short-handed so
that there would be no chance of nry getting away to join the Associate Bankers of St. Louis on the 17th of August, even if the ODT
didn't frown upon avoidable travel. Eowever, I may be able to stop
off — though I am not at a l l sure of i t — when I go to Utah in
I imagine that Henry Edmiston has by t h i s time given you
a first-hand report from Bretton Woods. We played a good deal of
golf, to say nothing of dining with numerous delegates. So, a l t o gether, the Conference wasn't a l l work and no play, a t least for
Henry and me — meaning Henry B. and not Henry M., for whom I cannot speak!
With kindest personal regards,
Sincerely yours,

Mr. Chester C. Davis, President,
Federal Eeserve Bank of St. Louis,
St. Louis 2, Missouri.