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February Bulletin
March 15th statement to Fulbright

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Mr. Marriner Eccles
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D.C.
Dear S i r :
Recently an a r t i c l e about you appeared in a local paper.

stated that you were against,1.The low interest rate
on Treasury issues, 2.The administrations spending
Secretary Snyders siphoning the money out
of Social Security, Veteran's Insurance, and Postal
Savings accounts and replacing the money with Gov f t.
You are to be commended for your stand. I n my opinion,
such financing i s frenzied and unsafe.
The a r t i c l e went on to say that you and others on the
board had issued a statement a n a l i z i n g the public
Have you an extra one of those statements
available ? I would like to read i t just for my
own information.
There is a rumer that you may resign but I hope you can
stay in there and f i g h t u n t i l t h i s danger has receded.
I am planning some slide i l l u s t r a t e d talks advocating
economy i n government. ( I make my own s l i d e s . )
I f you have some information which you think should he
publicized, I would be glad to use i t .

6861 Lawndale
Houston 12, Tex




Paul Tighe,
6861 Lsnndale,
Houston 12, Texas.
Dear Mr. Tighe:
In replying to your letter of Uarch 20
addressed to Mr. Marriner Eccles, as you request
I am forwarding you herewith:
The federal Heserve bulletin for
February 1950;
Effect of Housing finance un Federal heserve Policies—statement
Prepared by Uarriner
at re ,uest of Senator J. «illiam
Fulbright, uid placed in Congressional xtecord of karch 15, 1950.
Mr. Eccles is out of the city and w i l l not
return u n t i l sometime in A p r i l at which time I w i l l
c a l l your letter to his attention.
Very truly yours,

Secretary to s»lr. U. b. Eccles.