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March 1, 19-43
Mr. Leo T. Crowley, Chairman,
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,
414 National Press Building,
Washington, D. C.
My dear Mr. C r o wley:
Resuming the correspondence that has heretofore passed between
your office and myself, with reference to granting the privilege to
the Bank of Nevada, under the Federal Deposit Insurance laws, I have just
returned from Las Vegas and Boulder City, Nevada, where this bank is
I met with the citizens representing the business life of both
places, and I met with any number of people in every walk of life.
It seemed to me that the whole community favored the granting
of this privilege to the Bank of Nevada.
In denyinfe this to the Bank of Nevada, you are not denying
anything to the bank. You are denying it to the people of these comĀ­
munities who have a right to enjoy the privileges of the law.
This law granting these privileges was not enacted for the
banks, but was enacted for the security of the people; and the people
everywhere are entitled to have equal rights before the law.
For y o u to deny, as y o u are, this privilege to the Bank of
Nevada, is a high-handed and unworthy attitude on your part. So far as I
am concerned, I do not propose to let the matter drop. If this is the
general attitude of your Administration, the Congress of the United States
should be so advised, and the Congress of the United States should take
prompt action.
I hope that before anything of this kind comes about, y o u will
see that you are violating the spirit of the law enacted for the people of
the United States in the matter of their banking deposits, and will grant
this privilege to this Bank.