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October 7 # 1356*

St? deer Senator*
In common with tests of others tsho know
of your great contributions to good government in thla
country, I feel such a deep sense of public as sell as
personal loss because of the outcome in your stete,
that X cannot refrain from sending you this word of
appreciation of your public service and particularly
of your understanding help to UQ since X have occupied
tills position*
X ahatl not venture to eosaent on your
intellectual integrity and courage* which are universally recognised* there should be no occasion for
coanaent accept for the rarity of those virtues, but X
do venture to express the hope that the restoration of
your health will asake it possible for this country to
continue to benefit by your presence in public service*
With kind regards,

Sincerely yours*

Honorable Janes Cousens,
Sabeek Building,
Birmingham* Michigan*





^Cvrite^ -State*


WAS H I N G T O N , D . C .

bi rmingham, Michigan,
October 10, 1936.

My dear Governor:
Thanks so much for your very cordial
letter of the seventh, I am quite confident that
there are many of us who.have been and are still
in government who put the welfare of the government ahead of personal interests. This I have
enjoyed doing for over twenty years of continuous
public service and, of course, when that privilege
is denied me, I obviously take the consequences.
1 certainly appreciate the generous
comments in your letter and expecting as I do to
be in Washington for November and December, 1 hope
to have the pleasure of seeing you*
While I have not been in good health,
I think I am feeling better since 1 have been
relieved of all governmental responsibility*
Trusting you are well, I am, with kind
Very truly yours,

Honorable Marriner 3. Eccles,
Board of Governors,
Federal Reserve System,
Washington, D,C.