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June 15, 1943

Dear Henry:
As you know, discussions have been had between
the Treasury staff, the Board staff, and others in our
Government on the matter of the proposed Stabilization
Fund Plan. Some differences of view obtain between our
staffs. Meanwhile, meetings, which are still at the staff
level, have been inaugurated among groups of technical
representatives of the United Nations. The Board has
instructed its staff that during these discussions they
should if possible avoid disclosing any differences of
view on the part of representatives of this Government.
I am sending you this informal note merely to
make sure that this instruction to our staff will not be
regarded as precluding the Board from expressing its own
views when it may be appropriate to do so.
Sincerely yours,

Ronald Ransom

Honorable Henry Morgenthau, Jr.,
Secretary of the Treasury,
Washington, D. C.



June 17, 1943

Dear Ronald:
This is in reply to your letter of
June 15, 1943, relating to the status of the
discussions among the technical staffs of the
various agencies of this Government working on
tentative proposals for post-war monetary
There will, of course, be ample opportunity for the Board to present suggestions
for changes or modifications before any official proposal is submitted* After we have
been able to ascertain the general views of
the technical experts of the various countries
and their reaction to the tentative proposals
thus far submitted for consideration, including
those suggested by the technical staff of the
Board, we shall want to discuss the matter with
you and with the heads of other participating
departments and agencies with a view to formulating the proposal that seems most feasible*
Sincerely yours,
(Signed) H. Morgenthau, Jr*
Secretary of the Treasury*

Mr* Ronald Ransom, Vice Chairman,
Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System,
"Washington, D# C.