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First N ational B a n k of B o s t o n

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a s s a c h u s e t t s

February 25, 19^6

Mr. Elliott Thurston
Assistant to the Chairman
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Thurston:
To be on the safe side and in an effort to be helpful,
I have engaged a single room in the Hotel Astor, Times Square,
Kew York, for Mr. Eccles for Saturday, April 6, the date he is
going to address the Graduate School of Banking alumni group.
Will you kindly let me know at your convenience if Mr. Eccl98
would like to have us retain this reservation, or would he prefer
to arrange his own accommodations elsewhere.
We have definitely established our meeting place to
te the Building Trades? Employers Association club rooms, 2 Park
Avenue, New York City, (at 33 Street). This is a central location
and provides us with facilities for holding four separate meetings
on the afternoon of the sixth proceeding the dinner.
Although an initial announcement of the meeting appeared
in this morning's issue of the "American Banker", we did not men-*
tion that Mr. Eccles will be our guest speaker. That news will
be put out sometime around the middle of March, at which time we
shall send you a copy of the announcement for your files.

It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance in Washington.
Sincerely yours

Loan Officer


March 1, 1946.

Mr. E. Morton Jennings, Jr.,
Loan Officer,
The First National Bank of Boston,
Boston 6, Massachusetts.
Dear Mr. Jennings:
This is to tnank you for your letter of
February 25 and to say that Mr. Eccles plans to be in
New York as scheduled for this meeting. I, will let
you know as soon as possible about accommodations, but
in the meanwhile let me thank you on his behalf for your
thoughtfulness in reserving a single room at the Hotel
Is the dinner to be held in the Building
Trades Employers Association club rooms? My impression
from talking with yoij was that it was to be held at one
of the hotels. I would not have supposed that the club
rooms Qffered sufficient space.
At such time as you make a further announce­
ment, I would appreciate it if you would sdnd us a copy.
Sincerely yours,

Elliott Thurston,
assistant to the Chairman.