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Law Offices

National Press Building
Washington, B.C.
May 10, 1935

Dear A. P.
The House passed the bank bill yesterday. I shall
send you a copy as soon as I can get one. There apparently were
no substantial amendments made.
attended the hearing before the Senate Committee this
morning at which Governor Eccles appeared. I am sending you tinder
separate cover a mimeographed copy of Governor Eccles formal state­
ment. Senator Glass heckled Eccles considerably and prevented any:
connected reading of his stateme n t " The Governor was cool and
Collected throughout the proceedings and kept his good humor and
towards the close of the hearing he and Senator Glass were”laughing
together. There were practically no New Deal Senators at the hear­

Senator Glass raised the question of need for immediate
extension of branch banking by national banks. Governor Eccles
agreed with the Senator on the theory of branch banking but did
not recommend that any branch banking provisions be put in the
Banking Act of 1935. Senator Glass however indicated that he
himself might propose an amendment for state-wide branch banking
by national banks in sill States. .. ..
With best regards.
Your3 very sincerely,
{Signed) Charlie
Charles W. Collins.