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January 7, 1943

Mr. A. p. Giannini, Chairman of the Board,
Bank of America. N. T. & S. A.,
San Francisco Headquarters,
San Francisco, California.
Dear Mr. A. P.:
The original letter which T. Crowley, Chairman of the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, directed to Senator McCarran
under date of December 29, 1942, as to the reason of his office for
disapproval of the application of the Bank of Nevada is enclosed. A
copy of a letter from Senator McCarran dated December 30, 1942 to
Mr. Sutherland is also enclosed.
The reasons set forth in the second paragraph of the letter
certainly are far afield from what the law itself requires. Mr. Crowley
disregards completely the application of the Bank of Nevada and instead
reverts to his determination that Bank of America, which is not a party
to the application of the Nevada bank, shall not further expand.
Senators McCarran and Scrugham can do plenty toward smoking
Crowley out if we furnish them with complete information. I knovr what
you and Judge Birdzell have in mind and it would seem opportune at this
time to have all of the Western Senators consolidate their fire against
the vicious tactics of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I
might add that there would be no reason to communicate with the Nevada
Congressman on this matter since he has just taken office and would, of
course, have no influence such as our two Senators.

Kind personal regards!
Very truly yours,


W. W. Hopper,

December .31, 1942

Mr. D. C. Sutherland, Cashier-Manager,
Bank of Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada.
My dear friend Sutherland:
I enclose the letter received fron Leo T. Crowley
in reply to mine of December 18th.‘
I am sorry it appears at this juncture that it is
not possible to have the application looked on with fayor.
If you have any further suggestions as to what
might be done I will be glad to have them and if you so
desire, I w i n pursue the matter further.
Kind personal regards and best wishes for the
New Year.


Pat McCarran