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Jacksonville, f loricfa
C S. A.

February 12, 1940.

My dear Mar rimer:
While according to newspaper reports, you
may not have wished an appointment for a four year term
but rather to be left in your office until your successor
might be appointed, yet there are many, many people who join
me in delight that you have been appointed and have accepted
a four year term.
It is indeed a great satisfaction that you
are at the helm, so to speak, of the Reserve System, and I
send my congratulations not so much to you, as to the
System and the general economy of the country that it is
still in such capable hands*
Hope your health continues to be good, and
that there is a possibility of your finding your way down
to this good State before the winter is over, in which case,
I should be most happy if you will stop of with me, if only
for a short time, or as long as you can spare.
Warmest regards.

Miarriner S« Eccles, Esq f , Chairman
Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System,
Washington, D. C.

February 15, 1940.

Dear Bob:
Your note of February 12 with regard
to my reappointment is very much appreciated* It
is certainly encouraging and gratifying to have
the approving comments of my friends, and yours are
particularly generous and welcome.
If we do not have a respite pretty soon
from these recurrent blizzards, my health, or at
least my disposition, may suffer. The former is good
and the latter is normal. In any case, I wish I could
benefit both by getting away to your part of the country,
and while I have no plans at present, on the remote
chance that I could do so, 1 would not hesitate to take
advantage of your very kind offer of hospitality.
With kindest personal regards,

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Robert H. Gamble,
Jacksonville, Florida.