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January 14, 1944-

Dear Marriner:
I had not realized that your term on the Board
of Governors was about to expire, I had looked on
you as a permanent part of the Board, and when the
newspapers carried news of your nomination for the
long term, I was surprised to note that your present
term was about to expire,
I am pleased to know that you will continue
as a member of the Board.
It would be a serious
mistake to have it otherwise. lour experience and
background relating to policies, and your contact
with the presidents and boards of directors of the
Federal Reserve banks, are invaluable in times like
INe need you in the System, and I am pleased
beyond words that the President has again-appointed
you to carry on, thereby assuring to the banking
fraternity the benefit of your experience.
With best wishes for good health and continued
success, believe me,
lours very sincerely,

Hon. M. S. Eccles
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D, C.


January 18,

Dear Matt:
This is to thank you for your note of
January 1J+ in regard to my nomination for another
term as Cnairman.
It is expressions like those contained
in your note that make me feel that perhaps my
years as Chairman have been worthwhile. Your
thoughtfulness in writing to me is very much appreciated.
with kindest personal regards,
Sincerely yours,

Mr. M. J« Fleming, President,
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland,
Cleveland 1, Ohio.


JAN 17 J344