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Dear Marriner:
Just a line to extend hearty
congratulations on your confirmation for reappointment as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and
every good wish for your continued success,
health and happiness,
I regret that our paths haven1t
crossed for so long and hope you look in on me
if you get to New York*

Sincerely yours,

Hon* Marriner S. E c c l e s ^
Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve Building
Washington, B# C.

January 24, 1944



January 26,

Dear Jim:
Your thoughtful note regarding my confirmation for reappointment is very much appreciated. I,
too, regret that I have not had an opportunity to see
you, for I have only the pleasantest recollections of
the times we met and, as 1 need not add, I have always
counted your friendship among the real and lasting compensations of life in Washington.
May I take this opportunity to reciprocate
most heartily your good wishes for health, happiness
and continued success.
Sincerely yours,

Honorable James A. Farley,
Hotel Biltmore,
New York, New York.