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October 8t h , 1914.

Sir :
The Federal Reserve B~at'd r~s determined to hold a gen6ral mgeting on
TUesday, O~tober 20 , to whict shall be invited th~ Governor and a commit tee of ~hr e cr more re resenting tho dire tors ot each Fede-al Rese~ve
Bank . The invita~iGn is extended to all director~ of Fedoral Reserve Banka
if they ch cse to attend, bu"t it is desired t~lat the couwitte8 of three
already referred to shall i n any event be pz'asent .
I have the honor to inter you of thi3 inv1~ation and ask that your
Board of Direc~ors s!.all shrrtly desig~ate the directors who ara to serve
uP')ll thh oomlli tiee . j nrorming them of the date of the m-Jeting al1.d re questing them to attend .

The ul e~tjng will be devoted to a discussion of the general features
and mere important de aile regarjing th<..: organization of Fade a1 ReserVe
Benke . The att chad series 0f ques~icns will give you an outline of some
of the pertinent subjects to be taken u~ . oLhers will doubtless be raised.
It is desired that the represen~at1ves of each bank shall come prepared
to present fl.llly ar.d ~omplet$ly tre "i6'o9 of their inst tution in order
that ther6 may be a general in~erchan6e and comparison 'of ideas . To this
end you are request,~d to ascertain the l[i6'39 of your di detors with re spect to the b' . la 3 and organi zation chart already presented tc you an
, to df3S~gl' te as a. member of the committee a~ least one member who will be
prepared to examine the propcsed plans ot accounting . It is desirable al so that the Class "0 V directors shall consider and prQnent definite views
of the function~ of the Federal Re s erv~ Agent and of his deputy in order
t.hat these views may be standardized as a basis tor a genera l ruling on
the sub ject .
I have t he honor t o be .
Res pectfully your •

Mr. E. O. Tennis on ,
Vice - Pr es ., Ci ty Nat iona l Bank ,
Dalla s , Texas .

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Question No. 1.
Wha t is t he ~ a rliest date when you think you can be ready to open
the Federal Reserve Bank of ... Da.J.las . ... . ' .......... _._.. . ..__ .... __........... ._ ..__._._.._ ..._.... _.....1
Question No.2.
Have you any suggestions or
tentative by-laws sent to you?


to offer in regard to the

Question No.3.
Have you eny su ggestions or criti cisms, etc., in regard to tentative
organization chart sent to yout
Question No.4.
What ha s been done in respect to


temporary or permanent

Question No.5.
W~at ha s t een done with respect to staff and how large a staff do
you expect to open withl

Question No.6.
Wha t f unctions laid down in the law do you expect to undertake at
the beginning! When do you believe that the general clearing of checks
can be begun!
Question No.7.

-, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dalla s . .. ......... . ,_. ......... ... . .
( :~:cessfully arran ge to convert emergency currency in its district into
Federal Reserve nctes! What cao you suggest as suitable steps toward
this end!


Question No.8.
What su gges t ions hnve you to make in regard to uniformity of blanks
for repcrts, etc •• to the Federal Res /3rve Board, uniformi.ty of statistics. and accounting methods?