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TOi Miae Adams

June 16, 1955

MargieAte Burnett

SUBJECT! Report of attendance at Convention of Special Libraries Association
Detroit| Michigan, to discuss archives before financial Group, and
with Federal 8aserve librarians*
My part at the Detroit Convention of A* I»* Ju urns mainly concerned
with two meetings* The main one was the panel discussion on June Hi, on
•Archives for Companies"3 on which 1 was both aoderator and first speaker.
The other was the infonaal discussion and experienoe meeting that the group
of Federal Reserve librarians held m Sunday afternoon, June 12, preceding
the opening of the convention,
Befor* going into details I should like to characterise the results
of lay participation as profitable beyond msr expectations • With the Federal
Be serve librarians X felt I had an unusual opportunity to put a cross the
idea of what we have been trying to do in Raw York and to win their wholehearted cooperation• I was surprised and pleased at their response* All
seemed very interested and e arnest in their resolve to be helpful to the
best of their ability, X realised you had done good spade work in visiting
the various librarians on their hens ground and arousing their interest • X
was able to do follow-up work by answering questions that had arisen later
in their ninds as they pondered the problem or made a start at searching out
archival material*
In the panel discussion meeting there was spontaneous audience response that showed me there was already considerable interest in archives
stirring®m library world.

~2 •
Tha panel was held in tha Idbiiniatration Building of the Ford Huauea
at Dearborn, in a httge room with stage, that dwarfed our aaall group of
about 50 peraona. However, by having the apeakera* table aat on the floor
just in front of the group we achieved a feeling of infomality that aade
diecuaeion easy.
The group included bank md financial librarians froa many c i t let
In the United Statea* and alao librarians fro* other aubject groupa who
were a t t r a c t s by thf tepie* 0&e waa firm an hietorieal society in Iowa,
aa I rmeaber, who told no aba was such interested in my talk* In fact,
for your l&foraatito , 2 received a l o t of favorable ocraeefttSj trm atrengera
aawjll aa from the librariana who knew m peraoaally. This pleased w& aa
tvldence that I had been able to put ay ideaa acreea to ay audience*
In addition to ay prepared talk (which I delivered frm notes only)
I interpolated eo«e extemporaneous reaarke, and ended with an appeal, that
t *ade aa dnmatic aa poasible, for their individual cooperation in uncovering
treaamrea that might interest the Ceiasdtte* on the History of the federal
geeerv* S|jr*ta»« £et &a hope that I planted ao«e eeeda that will flower later*
tour naj&e was mentioned frequently, and because of the fact that I am known
f©r isy long connection with the Federal B#serr* &mk of Swr Tork, I think
tteet people wiH reiraaber hew to get in contact with you»
Ify addreaa,aa you know £rom the texi of ioy paper, covered flret tha
work of toe Gessiittee, And aecondly the librtrianb reaponaibility for the
bank13 or company'e 3* archive** Since you hare a copy of ®y paper, I shall
w&ntion enly acwe of tha pointe that earn out in the addreae of ttr# Stanley
0raha% guperviwr of the Befarena* Section at the Herd Motor Qompmy Archive*
at fair Lane* One waa that a definite distinction la »ade there between purely
operating raoorda of the fterd Ceapany and thoe® that have reference value.
Ifee former* including hO year* of personnel record*, are houeed in another
bnildJLug^ called "Central Eecerds.* Otaly aboet 10* of record* go to Archive*,

-3 The Archive at f a i r


considers i t s e l f a Service department

and expects to answer reference questions on their materialj mainly fro«
the ford Co., but also from outsiders* The subject index i s based primarily
on th* department frcpi which the records came, taken from the Organisation
Chart, Another index will eventually bring out important specific topics,
Iteaa by item*
A good deal was said about the type of box used for storage, which
i s both duetproof and Hre proof ^ and also about laminating fragile piects*
A remark that interested me was that microfilming, while use for convenience
In certain circumstances, waa not considered a substitute for preserving the
actual document* It i s thought that i f a do^uae&t i s important enough t o
microfilm i t should be kept in i t s original f o » *
The oral hiitosy program was referred to bytwa different speakers*
One comment that I thcu^rt signifioairiFltat an oral interview raeasiblee
an ioaberg^of which 7/8 i s concealed benaath the water* A grsat deal of
advance preparation i s done before the peraoa i s approached, this progrsm
la considered very ioportent and i s being carried forward constantly* Bat
I aja not mentioning i t farther since you are already familiar with the
Similar project at Columbia University, where the Ford expert was trained*

mmm* msm% UBSIRIAJ©* coimmim
$cmrt*aa Federal


librarians, including ngttelf , and tiro

representatives froa the Bank of Canada library, equeesed into the a uite
th$t Alvera Sutherland and Jo Ann Aufdaakaap occupied together *t the hotel,
and t&lkad hard and fast in a f»oka~fillad rooa fro* 2 # J0 p*su to 7 p»au on
Sunday. Only Atlanta and Dallas Banks were unrepresentedj Cleveland had I t s
P i t t s b u r g Branch librarian, Mrs* Pfefcllia Itaak, thert for th* f i r s t time, and
Chicago had an assistant froa the library as wwll as the librarian tte Ami*
Requests for Action

Liaison Officers«

A request wad aade by om librarian, and echoed

R i p e s t a for Aotjog


tgr the others, was t h a t thay b# sent the
our Committee i n each individual Bank*


of the l i a i s o n officer* for

I t would be w r y helpful i f t h e y knew

someone with who© they could discuss t h e i r p r o b l e m .
Authority for l i b r a r i a n s *

Pittsburgh Branch l i b r a r i a n (Mr^# Punk),

eeesae t o be active now along archives l i n e and I suggest we send her a questionnaire t o f i l l out*

$*e i s also in elm rge of files

and i s in an e s p e c i a l l y

c t r a t a g i o position * She says imioh i s l e f t t o har own decision as to keeping
or destroying*

She suggested that i t would help i f the l i b r a r i a n s could be

given som aort of o f U c i a l d i r e c t i v e t o *go after* things so that t h e r e
would be scats authority behind thseu for &xmpX»3 she knws ©f an important
f i l e in t h e Oath Bepariaiant of t h e i r Bank t h a t aba would IJJea t o gat hoU of •
the officer in charge i s hoarding i t *

Be haa five years to go before retire**

&ent and I gjuese she thinks that i s too long t o wait#
^ n ^ r e s i d ^ n a l Hearing!
ffeiladelphi* Bank r sports t h a t i t s l i b r a r y mkes photo~of f s e t cards
for testimony at Congressional h e a r i n g (presumably for Federal Beserve
persons only), both under na®s of person t e s t i f y i n g and under the s u b j e c t s .
The question was raised whether additional offset cards could be made for
a l l the Federal Baser*© l i b r a r i e s , on a subscription basis* Alvern Sutherland said she m i # t be able t o do something about t h i s i f sbe evar gets her
replaceiaant a s s i s t a n t *

Kothing d e f i n i t e was decided.

Joint Soo^oaio Report of t h e President?
Slchmond Bank (Bat l a l f o r d ) said she made a c o»pl©te index f o r the
Joint Economic Report, but did not say for what years*


* tW&XL

X H i Adaaa


Jtma 16, 1955

Marguerite Burnett

IffttTfl ^tffTTftffttftril*Diaoarding policy 1» libraiy - U a book
haa not gone out in 10 years, It la difcardad* Alao earlier edition* of
textbook* are iiacardad a* they are ?*T7 hard up for roo»*
Bcyatont Raoord* ara a cat tarad. Daad files have an elaborate index. Man
in charge retired.
M. Eaton* former librarian, hiatorioally minded and eared such.
Material on 40th AnniYorawcy of Faderal Etaai^rat Wien not* into new
building waa made, everyone thought Hbrary had a lot of apac* avmilabl*
90 tent up a big volume of staff that nearly avauped t h « . Felt the
library was made a *oatoh~all**
Clipping*: Keeps Kew England atuff, Banking Criaie of 1922i Borderline staff that aigfct be nskad for by another departaant*
jg&B&HL* J° Ajm eaid ahe had gone after the Firet flat President in the
»attar of *aa*»bling old file* to atart an archiva* oollaetlon *ino* h#r
own rice preaident ie not intoreated, Firat Viet Preaident aeeaed interaatad
in the idea. Jo Aim intends to take a strong stand for a separate archivea
collection bat want* it nnflor eupervision of library#
8 or 10 eoployaa* have raeantly ratirad (no isore on thi*)#
Ee my auggaation that wfalla waiting for formation of separata
archiTee collection, tee librarian could atart m index to other fila*
and oollectlon* tlaewhar* is the Bank* Jo Ami raaarkad that thero waa n
danger that imch filas might be thrown out without librarian1* knowledge*
Qlrrelan^t Mr* Flinkera la doing a good job of setting up books that
w i H gira a eonplata chronology for the Bank, l*e* for all F 3 » mattera*
Ha plana to get photoateta for the archives.
Kansas C^tart 8ot aaoh of archival nature in library* about 1 drawer*
Hearinge that were held in Kansas City on tha location of the Federal
Reserve Bank for that diatriet have been kept* Correspondence, memos,
meetings, are kept in Administration Department. Other material ia
in vault aoaevhere.
A woman vho *i» trying to r*tir** goaa through »&t#rial t© deoid*
what ahould be kapt* It wns not ©laar whathsr aha ia in the library
or elaewfaere.
flev Torkt Mia* Bogardue think* an arohiraa oolleotlon «ho»l$ be nndar
tha dtraotion of tfaa Hbrarlan b«it do** not want the material inter-*
fU*d with the currant economl© material» flb* thinly on* aambar of

Ar chirM - page 2


16* 1955

the library ruff aho&ld be aseig32*<S to take c&ro of snob arohimt
material and beeo»a faaillar with It*
Philadelphia! The oorporate records of the Bank ere in the files or
with the Secretary to the Board* Runnihg index tottteemploy****
magazine ia maintained* Thia la a good eourc© for evtnti in Bank's
^ti^bso^fe Brad%qfo* Urs* HayHis Punk* the librarian* had 3 drawers of
historical natsri&X which m * microfilmed* She was told to destroy the
originals but heft sared them* jfow eh© wonder* what she should do in case
of en air r*i4# whether this material should be saved* It is all In on*
H^b 8 * She also mktA what o***f* point of view should be about report*
end other papers eoneeralag the private eoaeern* of the Ba3k*s director**
Should one keep estensiv* files on saoh eerporatio&a and their subsidiaries
the oo&*enaus of the group was *BB**. If one needed *uoh a&tertal* one
could tmdoabtedly get it from the corporations themselves*
fhe Bank maintain* a ^log* of important happenings in the Bask.
R^chffond: Mies Walford asked about a bm labelled *Ar chives* s p resting
on top of her file ease* Mr* Starrs had t^id it isurt not be destroyed*
t&e wwdered how long she wist keep it* With no inforsaatloia^Jt* to oomtontS|
tiads gnestion was impossible for me to answer*
Sothlog in the Hbr&ry has been discarded yet. exoept & few j|ftfi£jLJ[k&*
S^* Louiat Th* Secretary to toe Bank keeps the biographical sketches
Of officers*
The Library bes not discarded anything yet*
ffiaji Fraffs^gqoi

J$othiag confidential in the library*

Detroit^ Michigan
M e 13-16, 1955

Monday^ June 13, 1955
7^30 AeM* - 9*00 A0M0 . . . . . Get-together Breakfast - Parlor C*
5"30 P*Mo ••••«•»•»•••••••• Cocktail Party for members only
7?00 P^M* •»••••••••••••»•• Financial, Advertising and Business Divisions Michigan Room
"Marketing Research Behind the Ford of the Future"
MTo Robert Eggert, Marketing Research Manager,
Ford Division, Ford Motor Company
Door prizes furnished by Advertising* Division
Tuesday^ June Ik,


8s 15 A*M* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bus leaves Hotel for Henry Ford Museum with
Business < Financial, Museum, Publishing and
Transportation Divisions
9s00 AJM. - 12*00 loon ..•• Meeting at Ford Museum
"Archives for Companies"
Moderators Miss Marguerite Burnett,
Comraittee on History of the Federal Reserve
Participantst Mr« Stanley Graham, Ford Motor
Miss Eleanor Fair, Metropolitan
Life Insurance Company
12s30 PJfo - 2s00 P«M» . . . . Luncheon with above-named Divisions at Lovett
Hall, Henry Ford Museum
2s30 P*M* - 5^00 P«M* *«»*o# Trip to Ford Archives with above-named Divisions

"Business Archives Service to Industry as
Exemplified by the Ford Motor Company Archives"
Henry E» Edmunds, Archivist, Ford Motor Company

- 2 -

Wednesday> June 15, 1955
9*00 A«M. - 12:00 loon • ..*• Parlor C
Simplifying Some Library Practices

Miss Marion E* Wells, First lational Bank of Chicago

Ordering Books and Ephemeral Materials
American Bankers Association

Miss Gertrude Fitzgerald,

Practices of Ordering Magazines: Mrs* Louise McElroy,
Clark, Dodge and Company
Ordering of Government Documents: Miss Ethel KLahre^
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Ordering M ^ QEEC, etc,.Documents % Miss Mary MacDonald,
Federal Reserve'Bank of Kansas City
Routing of Periodicals % Miss Margaret Siegraund,
Bankers Trust Company
Turning_the Library Inside Outs Miss Doris ZiinmerBian,
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Uses of Photocopy in the Library• Miss Ethel Shields,
Eastman Kodak Company
12:30 P»M* - 2:30 P0M, ***eo Luncheon - Detroit Branchy Federal Reserve Bank
of Chicago, 160 Fort Street, West
2:30 PoM* - 5*00 P«M0 .*«**„ Annual Business Meeting ~ Detroit Branch,
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago