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Women's Bureau

WB Updates January 2020| Issue I

Women's Bureau Launches Centennial

On Tuesday, January 28, the Women's Bureau launched its centennial initiative. Learn more
about the digital launch and the upcoming centennial year from Women's Bureau Director,
Dr. Laurie Todd-Smith in this video.
As we reflect on the past, highlight the present, and set the pathway forward for the next 100
years, the Women’s Bureau remains committed and focused on our mission—representing
the needs of working women across the country. Join us as we honor 100 years of "Our
Purpose. Your Work." at the Women's Bureau.
Read the press release about the Women's Bureau's centennial.

Tell Us Your Story

To commemorate the historic centennial milestone, the Women’s Bureau launched the "Our
Purpose. Your Work." campaign, featuring testimonials from America's working women. We
want you to hear from you—tell us your story.
This campaign presents working women of all ages with the opportunity to share your work
stories, touch on the future aspirations of young women entering the workforce, and talk
about how the Women's Bureau has helped advance your purpose. Throughout the
centennial, we will collect and share stories to learn how the Women's Bureau’s resources
and initiatives have made a di erence in your life, at work and at home.
Tell us your story.

Visit the Women's Bureau 100 Website

As a part of the initiative launch, the Women's Bureau unveiled a centennial website. To read
more about the centennial, participate in the "Our Purpose. Your Work." interactive initiative,
read the collected stories, view the Secretary's Centennial Committee, and more, visit the

Join the Conversation

We want you to help us honor 100 years of "Our Purpose. Your Work." by joining the
conversation. Follow us on social media at @USDOL and use the hashtag #WB100.
To learn more about how to participate in the Women's Bureau's centennial initiative, view
this guide.

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