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January 10, 2002

s Initial claims for state unemployment insurance benefits fell 56,000
to 395,000 during the week ending Jan. 5. The four-week moving
average totaled 410,500, down 250 from the previous week. The
four-week average has declined for five consecutive weeks.
s Following declines of 2.3 percent in October and 1.4 percent in
November, the index of U.S. import prices fell 0.9 percent in
December. Over this three-month period, prices of petroleum imports
fell 29.7 percent, while prices of nonpetroleum goods fell 1.1 percent.
s In November, the current dollar value of new orders to manufacturers
for durable and nondurable goods fell 3.3 percent. Factory orders
rose 7 percent in October. New orders for nondefense capital goods
excluding aircraft, a key input to business equipment investment,
rose 3.2 percent in November after rising 5.9 percent in October.
With manufacturers’ shipments falling 0.6 percent in November, the
inventory-to-shipment ratio measured 1.39, unchanged from October
but down 2.8 percent from September’s level.
s The trade-weighted exchange rate index of the U.S. dollar averaged
107.4 for the week ending Jan. 9, unchanged from the prior week.
The value of the dollar has risen 4.5 percent since mid-September
2001 and is up 7.8 percent from a year earlier.
s Nonfarm employment fell 124,000 in December, the smallest drop
in four months. The unemployment rate rose 0.2 percentage points
to 5.8 percent. In December 2000, the unemployment rate measured
4 percent.
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