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Globalization vs. Technology-Enabled Disruption
Robert Kaplan
September 25, 2017
A number of the pressures that workers air feeling in this country, I think, are being attributed to
globalization, meaning people think that maybe immigrants are the cause of job losses. Or they believe
that trade is the cause of job losses in many cities and certain industries. And I think both those impacts
may have been true to some extent several years ago. I think today, though, is often not always, but
often far more likely that job losses being experienced by workers and in certain industries is much
more due to technology enable disruption than it is to globalization. Even though the narratives
sometimes it's being attributed to globalization, I think it has more to do with disruption. I think there
have been millions of jobs that have been either redesigned or lost or changed or whole industries. For
example. The film industry is a good example. The camera industry that's been dramatically changed
because of technology enabled disruption and the reason I like to step back and site. The difference
between these two causes is if we misdiagnose why things were happening. I if we mistakenly attribute
some of these job losses to globalization, we may actually make decisions from a policy point of view
that could make us even less competitive, create more job losses on bake poor policy decisions.