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Future of the Automobile Industry
Based on "Markets After the War" by the U.S.
Department of Commerce.
High level of productive employment after the war
would result in gross national product of $165 bll.
(at 1942 prices).
At this level of income we would want
on the road in 1945 about ••••••••••« 32 Mil. cars
In 1941 27 all. oars
Mortality: 1941-45 - 7 mil. cars
Remaining on road In 1945.... .

20 mil. cars

T o b e p r o d u c e d .....

12 mil. ears

T o "uild up" to this level, at the some time taking
cars of current replacements, would require an out­
put of over 6 billion cars a year for about 4 years.
This equals the peak rate reached momentarily in
April 1937, including production for exports.
The actual n
umber of cars to be needed will depend,
of oourse, on the duration of the war.