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Field Meeting held at Cherry Hill Inn,
Haddonfield, N. J., on Tuesday, April 7, 1959.

Bob Davis will introduce me.


Great pleasure for me on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank of
Philadelphia to welcome you to first meeting of our 1959 series*


You are a distinguished audience, as well as a large audience.
Seated among you (a) All the officers of the New Jersey Bankers
Association including Brice Eldridge, President.
(Hackensack Trust Company)
(b) The Honorable Charles Howell, Commissioner of Banking,
and his Research Associate.
(c) Former director - Wadsworth Cresse.
(d) Bayard L* England, present director, who is making
a brilliant contribution.


Since one purpose of the Field Meeting is to become better acquainted,
I shall ask my colleagues to stand (a) Bob Hilkert, First Vice President
(b) Ed Aff - yeoman service in Bank and Public Relations,
especially field meetings.
(c) Zell Fenner, Bank Examination*
(d) George Lavin, Credit-Discount.
(e) Ray Leek, Bank Relations*
(f) Russ Sudders, Accounting and Security Files.


Describe Field Meeting Program.