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1962 Torchlighter Campaign - Meeting of
Supervisory Group of the Federal Reserve
Bank of Philadelphia, Monday, October 6 ,
1961, at llil5 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Movie
Room of "Whittier Room.

Responsibillty to respond to Hen Nelson*s request - Fed Chairman
of the Torchlighter Campaign.

Mountain climber down deep crevasse in glacier —
Rope —

"We are the Red Cross.H

"I give at the office."

Idea of United Fund.
(a) Of course there are some rivalries, some duplication.
Costs of collection — but being reduced.
(b) Are the funds needed?
John Sinclair
Cas Sienkiewicz

($13-6 million)
A1 Williams
John Davis

Bob Hilkert
Norm Dash

Actually $15 million needed.
(c) If United Fund fails, we will be back at old stand.
(d) We as a Bank are part of the Community.

Torchlighter Campaign to put over the single drive.

(a) The only organized drive we have.
(b) Precluded by law from making a corporate gift.
Also have no funds for lottery for all who give
fair share principle.
(c) We all would like to have some idea of what is required
of us to put it over.
(d) In general, ability to give is related to income.

(1) Assigned amounts —


(2) You decide.
A guide to giving.

(1962 Torchlighter Campaign, p. 2)

Obviously the Campaign can’t succeed unless those with
larger incomes are generous.

You are the backbone of the Bank in everything —
In our daily operations —
Yes, and in this Drive.

I shall not check on what you give —

that is up to you

My job is to show the need and the responsibility of the
Bank as a whole.