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Supplement t~ Special Bui. 2
The selection of a woman for a job requiring constant lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling should depend not only on her weight and
height but on the amount o:f strength she has. An apparently sturdy
woman may find such work on heavy materials :far beyond her capacity,
whereas a slight woman may have the strength to do it without injury
to herself i:f she does it properly. The plant physician should decide
on a woman's physical ability in each heavy job.
The distances that loads are to be carried also should be considered
- in determining their size; and not only how :far they are to be carried,
but how constantly, and whether up or down stairs, through crowded
aisles, or over uneven floors .or ground. ·
As with lifting and carrying, the safe load to be pushed in a wheelbarrow or a cart will vary with the conditions of work. For short
periods at a stretch, over a smo9th floor and on the level, a woman can
push more than she can i:f the work is constant over a period or hours,
if the ground is rough, or if she pushes up and down ramps or other
elevations. It is important also that whoever loads the wheelbarrow
or cart should pile the material carefully, so as to balance the load, to
relieve the woman of the weight a~ much as possible, and to avert the
danger of spills.

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