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Abanda*! to Roanoke.
Abernant* to Bessemer.
Ackerville* to Pine Apple.
Acmar* to Birmingham.
Acton* to Birmingham.
Adamsville*!! to Birming­
Addison* to Haleyvllle.
Adger* to Bessemer.
Aimwell* to Sweetwater.
Akron*t to Eutaw.
Alanthus to Russellville.
Albany*!! to Decatur.
Alberta*! to Selma.
Aldrich*!! to Montevallo.
Alexandria* to Anniston.
Alfalfaf to Demapolis.
Alice to Boaz.
Allen* to Jackson.
Allenton* to Pine Apple.
Allenville*i to Faunsdale.
Allgood to Oneonta.
Allison to Eutaw.
Allsboro* to Cherokee.
Alma to Jackson.
Alpine*!! to Talladega.
Alton*!! to Birmingham
America* to Jasper.
Annemanie* to Thomasville
Ansley* to Troy.
Aquilla* to Waynesboro,
Ararat* to Butler.
Argo* to Birmingham.
Arkadelphia* to Cullman.
Arkwright*f to Leeds.
Arley* to Jasper.
Arlington! to Thomasville.
Armstrong* (Macon Co.) to
Union Springs.

Blocton*! to West Blocton.
Blossburg* to Birmingham.
Blount Springs*! to War­
Blue Springs* to Louisville.
Bolinger* to Boligee.
Bolling*! to Greenville.
Bon Air* to Sylacauga.
Bon Secour* to Foley.
Boom to Tuscaloosa.
Booth*!! to Prattville.
Boothton*!! to Montevallo
Borden Springs*!! to Pied­
Boyds*!! to York.
Boyles*!! to Birmingham.
Bradleyton* to Lapine.
Braggs* to Fort Deposit.
Branchville* to Pell City.
Brantley to Dozier.
Bremen* to Cullman.
Brickyard to Phenix City.
Bridgeton to Birmingham.
Brierfleld* to Montevallo.
Brighton*! to Bessemer.
Brilliant*! to Winfield.
Brompton! to Leeds.
Brooklyn* to Evergreen.
Brookside*!! to Birming­
Brooksville* (Blount Co.)
to Oneonta.
Brookwood*! to Tusca­
Browns! to Uniontown.
Brownsboro*! to Gurley.
Brownsville* to Tuscaloosa.
Bucks to Mobile.
Buena Vista* to Beatrice.
Buffalo*! to Lafayette.

Asbury to Eclectic.
Ashby*f to Montevallo.
Atwood*! to Haleyvllle.
Austinville to Decatur.
Autaugaville* to Prattville.
Avondale*!! to Birming­
Avery to Attalla.
Axis* to Mobile

Buhl* to Tuscaloosa.
Burbank* to Leakesville,
Burkville* to Montgomery.
Burl to Camden.
Burnsville*!! to Selma.
Burnt Corn* to Monroe­
Butler Springs* to Pine

Babbie to Opp.
Baileyton* to Cullman.
Bakerhill* to Clayton.
Bangor* to Cullman.

Calcis*! to Leeds.
Caledonia* to Pine Apple.
Calhoun*!! to Fort Deposit
Calumet to Jasper.
Calvert*!! to Mobile.
Campbell* to Thomasville.
Camp Hill *!! to Dadeville.

Banks*!! to Troy.
Bankston! to Fayette.
Barlow Bend* to Jackson.
Barnes to Scottsboro.
Barton*! to Tuscumbia.

Canoe*! to Atmore
Capps*! to Abbeville.
Capshaw to Athens.
Cardiff*! to Birmingham.
Carlton* to Jackson.

Bashi* to Thomasville.
Bass Station* to Stevenson.
Batesville* to Eufaula.
Battles Wharf* to Fairhope
Bearcreek*!! to Haleyvllle.
Beasons Mill to Heflin.

Carson! to Jackson.
Catherine*!! to Selma.
Cecil* to Montgomery.
Cedar Cove to Tuscaloosa.

Beaverton*! to Sulligent.
Belgreen* to Russelville.
Belk*i to Fayette.
Bellamy* to Livingston.
Belle Ellen*! to West
Belle Sumter* to Bessemer.
Belleville* to Repton.
Bellview* to Camden.
Bellwood* to Hartford
Belmont to Demopolis.
Benton*! to Selma.
Berlin*! to Selma.
Bermuda* to Repton.
Bexar* to Guin.
Bigbee* to Chatom.
Billingsley*!! to Prattville.
Birmingport* to Birming­
Bishop* to Cherokee.
Bissell to Cedartown, Ga.
Black*! to Geneva.
Blacksher* to Bay Minette.
Bladon Springs* to Waynes­
boro, Miss.
Blalock* to Thomaston.
Blanche*! to Fort Payne.
Blanton* to West Point,Ga.
Bleeker to Opelika.

Central* to WetumpkaCentral Mills* to Thomas­
Chance* to Thomasville.
Chancellor* to Samson.
Chandler Springs* to Talla­
Chapman*! to Greenville.
Chase*! to Huntsville.
Chastang to Mobile.
Chavies* to Fort Payne.
Chelsea*!! to Columbiana.
Chepultepec to Oneonta.
Chesson* to Union Springs.
Chester to Dozier.
Chestnut* to Camden.
Chickasaw*! (Mobile Co.)
to Mobile.
China to Evergreen.
China Grove to Troy
Choccolocco*!! to Oxford.
Choctaw to Butler.
Choctaw Bluff* to Jackson.
Chunchula*! to Mobile.
Claiborne* to Monroeville.
Clarksville to Grovehill.
Claud* to Eclectic.
Clayhill to Thomasville.
Cleveland* to Oneonta.
Clinton* to Eutaw.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Clio to Louisville.
Clopton* to Abbeville
Cloverdale* to Florence.
Coalburg*! to Birming­
Coaldale to Birmingham.
Coal Fire* to Reform.
Coaling*!! to Tuscaloosa.
Coalmont to Bessemer.
Coatopa*! to Livingston.
Cochrane*!! to Aliceville.
Coden*!! to Bayou La
Batre .
Coffee Springs to Samson.
Cotfeeville* to Thomasville.
Cohasset to Red Level.
Coker*!! to Tuscaloosa.
Coleanor*!! to West Bloc­
Collbran*!! to Fort Payne
Collirene* to Selma.
Columbus City* to Guntersville.
Colvins Gap to Jackson­
Comer*!! to Eufaula.
Consul*! to Thomaston.
Cooks Springs* to Pell City.
Cooper*! to Clanton.
Corona*!! to Parrish.
Cortelyou* to Chatom.
Cottondale*!! to Tusca­
Cottonton*! to Hurtsboro.
Cottonville to Guntersville.
Covin*!! to Fayette.
Cowarts*!! to Dothan.
Cox to Maplesville.
Coxey to Athens.
Coxheath! to Sweetwater.
Coy* to Camden.
Cranehill* to Cullman.
Crawford* to Columbus, Ga
Creola,* to Mobile.
Crews Depot* to Sulligent.
Crichton*! to Mobile.
Cromwell* to Butler.
Cropwell* to Pell City.
Crosby* to Gordon.
Crump to Tuscaloosa.
Cullomburg*!! to Waynes­
boro. Miss.
Curls Station! to York.
Cusseta* to Westpoint. Ga.
Cypress to Moundville.

Daleville to Enterprise.
Dallas Mills to Huntsville
Dancy*!! to Eutaw.
Danville* to ITartsells.
Daphne to Fairhope
Darlington* to Camden.
Dauphin Island* to Mobile.
Daviston* to Wadley.
Dawes to Mobile.
Dawson* to Collinsville.
Dayton* to Faunsdale.
DeArmanville*! to Oxford.
Deatsville*! to Marbury.
Deerpark*!! to Citronelle.
Delchamps to Mobile.
Delmar*! to Haleyville
Delta* to Lineville.
Detroit* to Sulligent.
Devenport to Fort Deposit.
Dickinson* to Thomasville.
Dixiana* to Birmingham.
Dixie to Brewton.
Dixon Mills*! to Sweet­
Dolomite* to Bessemer.
iDouble Springs* to Haley­
Downing to Montgomery.
Downs* to Union Springs.
Drewry*! to Monroeville.
Drifton to Parrish.
Duke* to Anniston.
Duncanville*!! to Tusca­
Dunnavant* to Leeds.
Dutton* to Scottsboro.
Dyas*! to Bay Minette.
Eason ville* to Pell City.
Eastaboga* to Anniston.
East Birmingham! to Bir­
E. Florence*! to Florence.
Eastlake*! to Birmingham.
E. Tallassee* to Tallassee.
E. Thomas! to Birming­
* Money Order Office.


Echola* to Gordo.
Eden*! to Pell City.
Edna* to Butler.
Edwardsville*!! to Heflin.
Elamville* to Ariton.
Eldridge*!! to Carbon Hill.
Eliska* to Jackson
Elkwood* to Huntsville.
Elmore*!! to Wetumpka.
Elon to Huntsville.
Elrod*!! to Tuscaloosa.
Elyton! to Birmingham.
Emelle*!! to Livingston.
Empire*! to Dora.
Eoline*!! to Brent.
Epes*! to Livingston.
Equality* to Wetumka.
Escatawpa*!! to Citronelle.
Estillfork to Scottsboro.
Ethelsville*!! to Columbus,
Eureka* to Calera.
Eva* to Falkville.

Fabius* to Stevenson.
Fackler*!! to Stevenson.
Fairfax*! to West Point,
Fairford* to Chatom.
Falco* to Laurel Hill, Fla.
Fall City* to Jasper.
Farley to Huntsville.
Farmersville* to Selma
'‘Farrell to Cedarbluff.
Felix* to Selma.
Fernbank!! to Millport.
Finchburg* to Monroeville.
Finklea to Evergreen.
Fisk to Fayettevilie, Tenn.
Fitzpatrick*!! to Union
Fivepoints*! to Lafayette.
Flat Creek to Dora
Flat Rock* to Stevenson.
Flatwood*! to Thomasville.
Fleta to Montgomery.
Flint* to Decatur.
Fordyce to Dadeville.
Forest Home* to Green­
Forkland* to Demopolis.
Forney* to Rome, GaFort Davis*!! to Union
Fort Mitchell*! to Colum­
bus, Ga.
Fosters* to Tuscaloosa.
Fountain to Monroeville.
Fowl River*! to Mobile.
Fox to Gordo.
Francisco* to Winchester.
Frankfort to Russellville.
Franklin to Beatrice.
Frankville* to Chatom.
Fredonia to Lafayette.
Fremont* to Selma.
Fruitdale*!! to Chatom.
poosa, Ga.
Fulton*!! to Thomasville.
Furman* to Pine Apple.
Fyffe* to Fort Payne.

Gabbett* to Tuskegee.
Gainestown* to Jackson.
Gainesville to Livingston.
Gallant* to Altoona.
Gallion*!! to Demopolis.
Gantt*!! to Andalusia.
Gantts Quarry*! to Syla­
Garden City*! to Cullman.
Garland*! to Evergreen.
Garnsey*! to W. Blocton.
Gasque to Fairhope.
Gastonburg*! to Selma.
Gate City! to Birmingham.
Gateswood* to Bay Minette.
Geiger*!! to Aliceville.
Georgiana to Greenville.
Geraldine to Crossville
Gilbertown*!! to Boligee.
Girard*!to Phenix City.
Glenallen*! to Fayette.
Glencoe* to Gadsden.
Glendon* to Jackson.
Glenmary to Haleyville.
Glenwood*! to Luverne.
Glover* to Thomasville.
Goldhill* to Opelika.
Gonce to,Stevenson.
Goodway* to Repton.
Gordonsville* to Selma.
t Telegraph Station.

Goshen*! to Troy.
Gosport* to Jackson.
Grady* to Montgomery
Graham* to Wedowee.
Grand Bay*!! to Mobile.
Grangerburg to Gordon.
Grant* to Guntersville.
Grasselli! to Bessemer.
Gravelly Springs to Flor­
Graysville to Birmingham.
Greeley* to Bessemer.
Greenbrier to Belle Mina.
Greenbill to St. Joseph,
Green Pond* to West
Gregville* to Evergreen.
Grimes! to Midland City.
Groveoak* to Collinsville.
Guerryton*! to Hurtsboro.
Gulfcrest*!! to Citronelle.
Gurnee*!! to Montevallo.

Hacoda* to Samson.
Hagler* to Tuscaloosa.
Haleburg* to Columbia.
Halsell*!! to Cuba.
Hamburg*! to Marion.
Hamner* to Livingston.
Hannon*!! to Hurtsboro.
Hardaway*! to Union Spgs.
Harpersville* to Leeds.
Harris* to Decatur.
Harvest* to Huntsville.
Hatchechubbe*! to Seale.
Havana* to Greensboro
Hawthorn* to Jackson.
Hayden to Cullman.
Haynes* to Prattville.
* Hay neville* to Montgom­
Hazen* to Selma.
Healing Springs* to Chatom
Hector to Union Springs.
Heiberger* to Marion.
Helena*!! to Birmingham.
Henagar* to Fort Payne.
Henry Ellen* to Leeds.
Herbert* to Evergreen.
Highland Home* to Lapine.
Hightower* to Bowden. Ga.
Hillsboro*! to Moulton.
Hines* to Florence.
Hlssop* to Alexander City
Hobson* to Chatom.
Hodges to Haleyville.
Hokesbluff* to Gadsden.
Hollins* to Goodwater.
Holly Pond* to Cullman.
Hollytree* to Gurley.
Hollywood*!! to Scotts­
Holman* to Tuscaloosa.
Holt*!! to Tuscaloosa.
Honoraville* to Lapine.
Hopeful to Talladega.
Hope Hull* to Montgomery
Hopewell* to Tallapoosa.
Horton* to Albertville.
Houston* to Haleyville.
Huffman! to Birmingham.
Hugo to Thomaston.
Humphrey to Tuscaloosa.
Hurricane to Bay Minette.
Huxford* to McCullough.
Hybart to Camden.

Institute* to Pine Apple.
Ironcity*!! to Oxford.
Irondale*!! to Birmingham.
Isbell! to Russellville.
Isney* to Waynesboro,

Jacksons Gap*!! to Dade­
Jamestown*! to Menlo.
Jeff* to Huntsville.
Jefferson* to Demopolis.
Jena to Tuscaloosa.
Jenifer*!! to Oxford.
Johns*! to Bessemer.
Jones* to Selma.
Jones Mills to Frisco City
Joppa* to Cullman.
Joquin to Luverne
! Express Office.




Josephine*! to Elberta.
Kansas* to Carbon Hill.
Keener*!! to Attalla.
Kellerman*!! toTuscaloosa.
KeUyton*!! to Alexander
Kents to Troy
Ketona to Birmingham.
Key* to Rome, Ga.
Keystone* to Birmingham.
Killen* to Florence.
Kimberly*! to Birmingham
Kimbrel to Bessemer.
Kimbrough*!! to Hurtsboro.
Kings Landing* to Selma.
Kinston*!! to Opp.
Kirbycreek to Scottsboro.
Kirks Grove to Rome. Ga.
Kirvenf! to Grove Hill.
Knoxville* to Eutaw.
Knoxwood* to Demopolls.
Koenton* to Chatom.
Kusbla to Mobile.
Kymulga* to Talladega.
Laceys Spring* to Hunts­
Lacon* to Falkville.
Lamar* to Wedowee.
Lamison*!! to Thomasville.
Land to Butler.
Landers ville* to Town
Lanett*! to West Point,Ga.
Laneville to Newbern.
Langdale* to W. Point, Ga.
Langston* to Scottsboro.
La Place to Tuskegee.
Larkinsvllle*!! to Scotts­
Latham* to Bay Minette.
Lavaca* to Butler.
Lawley*!! to Centerville.
Lawrence!! to Rome, Ga.
Leesburg*! to Center.
Legrand to Montgomery
Lehigh* to Oneonta.
Lenora to Montgomery.
Lenox* to Repton.
Lentzville to Athens.
Leroy* to Jackson.
Lewisburg*! to North Bir­
Liberty* to Cullman.
Lillian to Pensacola. Fla.
Lim Rock*!! to Scottsboro.
Linwood*! to Troy.
Lisman*!! to York.
Little River* to Jackson.
Littleton*! to Birmingham.
Littleville to Russellville.
Loachapoka*! to Notasulga.
Local* to Atmore.
Lockhart*!! to Florala.
Logan* to Cullman.
Lomax*! to Clanton
London* to Montgomery.
Long Island* to Bridgeport.
Longview*!! to Columbi­
Looting to Russellville.
Lottie* to Bay Minette.
Lovick* to Birmingham.
Lower Peachtree* to Pine
Lowndesboro* to Mont­
Lumbull! to Haley ville.
Lynn*!! to Haley ville.

Maben* to Birmingham.
Mackev* to Gadsden
Madrid*!! to Cottonwood.
Magazine* to Mobile
Magnolia* to Sweetwater.
M asmolia Springs* to Foley.
Majestic! to Birmingham.
Malcolm* to Chatom.
Malone*! to Wadley.
Malvern*! to Slocomb.
Manchester* to Jasper.
Manila* to Jackson.
Mantua to Eutaw.
Marbury*! to Montgomery
Marengo*!! to Linden.
Margaret* to Springville
Margerum* to Cherokee
Martins Station* to Selma.
Marvel*!! to West Blocton.
Marvyn to Opelika.
Masena to West Blocton
Mathews* to Union Springs.
Maud to Cherokee
Maxwell* to Stevenson.
Maylene*!! to Montevallo.
Maysville* to Gurley.
McOalla* to Bessemer.
McConnels* to Tuscaloosa.
McDowell*! to Demopolis

McIntosh* to Chatom.
McKenzie to Red Level.
McShan*!! to Columbus,
McVav to Jackson.
McWilliams*! to Pine
Megargel to Frisco City.
Mehama to Leighton.
Melborne* to Millport.
Meltonsville* to Guntersville.
Melvin* to Shubuta, Miss.
Mentone* to Fort Payne.
Meridian ville* to Hunts­
Mexboro to Monroeville.
Mexia* to Repton.
Miflin* to Foley.
Millbrook* to Prattville
Miller to Linden.
Millers Ferry* to Camden.
Millerville* to Ashland.
Millry*!! to Chatom.
Milltown* to La Fayette.
Milstead*! to Tallassee.
Minter*! to Pine Apple.
Mitchells Station* to Union
Molloy to Millport.
Monrovia to Huntsville
Monterey* to Pine Apple.
Montrose* to Fairhope.
Moores Bridge* to Gordo.
Mooresville* to Belle Mina
MorganSprings* to Marlon
Morganville*! to Mont­
Morris*! to Birmingham.
Morvin* to Thomasville.
Mount to Russellville
Mountaincreek*!! to Clan­
Mountainhome to MoultonMt. Andrew* to Clayton.
Mt. Hebron* to Eutaw.
Mt. Hope* to Russellville
Mt.Meigs* to Montgomery
Mt. Pleasant* to Jackson.
Mt. Sterling*! to Butler
Mt. Vernon*!! to Mobile.
Mt. Willing* to Fort De­
Mulga* to Ensley.
M unford*! to Oxford.
Murrycross* to Gadsden.
Muscadine*!! to Talla­
poosa Ga
Muscle Shoals*!! to Shef­
Myrtle to Montgomery.
Myrtlewood*!! to Linden.
Nadawah*! to Pine Apple.
Nanafalia* to Sweetwater
Nances Creek to Jackson­
Natchez* to Monroeville.
Natural Bridge* to Haleyville.
Nauvoo*!! to Jasper
Navco! to Mobile.
Needham* to Butler.
Neenah*! to Camden
Nettleboro* to Thomasville
Newala* to Calera.
New Brocton*!! to Enter­
Newcastle*! to Birming­
New Decatur to Decatur.
Newell* to Wedowee
New Hope*! to Huntsville.
New Lexington to Berry
Newsite to Alexander Citv
Newton*!! to Midland City
Newtonvllle* to Fayette
Nichols ville* to Thomas­
Nitrate Plant*! to Sheffield.
Nixburg* to AlexanderCity.
Nokomis* to Atmore
No. Birmingham to
Northport to Tuscaloosa.
Nottingham to Talladega.
Nymph* to Castleberry.
Oakchia* to Butler.
Oak Grove*!! to Mobile.
Oakhill* to Pine Apple.
Oakwood to Lapine
Oaky Streak* to Red Level.
Ocre to Roanoke.
Octagon* to Linden
Odenville*!! to Springville.
Ohatcbee*!! to Anniston.
Old Spring Hill* to Demop­
Olney to Aliceville.
Omega* to Union Springs.
Orange Beach* to Foley.
Orion to Troy
Orrville to Selma.
Owassa*! to Evergreen.
Owens Crossroads* to Gur­
Oxmoor*!! to Birmingham
Palestine* to Piedmont.
Palos*!! to Cordova.
Panola*! to Aliceville.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County


Pansey*!! to Ashford.
Pats burg* to Luverne.
Patton*! to Oakman.
Paul to Evergreen.
Peacock* to Thomasville.
Pearces Mills to Guin.
Pelham*! to Calera.
Pennington* to Butler
Perdido" to Bay Minette.
Perduehill* to Monroeville.

Sandy to Centerville
Sanford* to Andalusia.
Saragossa* to Jasper.
Satsuma*! to Mobile.
Sawyersville*! to Greens­
Sayre* to Birmingham.
Sayreton*! to Birmingham.
Scotia* to Montgomery.
Scotts Station*! to Marlon.
Scyrene* to Grove Hill.
Seaboard* to Chatom.

Perote* to Union Springs.
Perryville* to Marion.
Peterson* to Tuscaloosa.
Petrey*!! to Lapine.
Pickensville* to Carrollton.

Seale*!! to Hurtsboro.
Searcy to Fort Deposit.
Searight* to Dozier.
Searles*! to Tuscaloosa.
Section* to Scottsboro.
Seddon* to Pell City.
Selfville to Oneonta.
Sellers*!! to Lapine.
Seman* to Wetumpka.
Seminole* to Pensacola.Fla.
Semmes* to Mobile.
Service to Millry.
Shadygrove* to Troy.
Shannon* to Birmingham.
Shawmutt*! to West Point
Shelby*! to Columbiana.
Shellhorn* to Troy.
Shiloh* to Sweetwater.
Shoalford to Athens.

Pigeoncreek* to Greenville.
Pikeroad*!! to Montgom­
Pinkard to Midland City.
Pinebelt to Camden.
Pine Hill to Thomasville.
Pinelevel* to Montgomery.
Pinson* to Birmingham.
Piper*!! to West Blocton
Pisgah* to Scottsboro.
Pitt to Hillsboro.
Pittsview*!! to Hurtsboro.
Plantersvllle*!! to Selma.
Plateau* to Mobile.
Pleasant Gap* to Piedmont.
Pleasanthill* to Selma.
Pleasantridge to Eutaw.
PleasantSite to Russellville.
Pletcher*! to Prattville.
Plevna* to Newmarket.
Pocahontas to Carbonhill.
Pointclear* to Fairhope.
Pollard *!! to Brewton
Porter* to Birmingham.
Portersville*!! to Collins­
Portland* to Selma.
Potash to Roanoke.
Powderly*! to Birmingham.
Prairie* to Camden.
Prairieville to Faunsdale.
Pratt City to Birmingham.
Press to Scottsboro
Prestwick*! to Jackson.
Pnm-eton* to Scottsboro.
Prospect* to JasDer
Pushmataha* to Butler.
Putnam* to Thomasville.
Pyriton*!! to Lineville.
Quinton*! to Dora.
Rabun* to Bay Minette.
Ralph* to Tuscaloosa
Ramer*!! to Montgomery.
Randolph*!!to Montevallo.
Range* to Repton.
Rash* to Stevenson.
Reads* to Jacksonville.
Rehoboth* to Selma,
Remlap* to Oneonta.
Rendalia* to Talladega.
Renfroei to Talladega.
Republic*!! to Birming­
Rhine to Berry.
Richmond to Pine Apple.
Rickey* to West Blocton.
Riderville to Maplesville.
Riderwood*tl to Butler.
River Falls*! to Andalusia.
River Ridge to Beatrice.
Riverside*!! to Pell City.
Riverton*!! to Waterloo.
Riverview* to West Point,
Roba*l to Hurtsboro.
Robinson Springs to Mont­
Robjonn* to Butler.
Rock Castle* to Bessemer.
Rock Mills* to Roanoke.
Rockrun* to Piedmont.
Rock run Station*!!to Pied­
Rocksprings to Gadsden.
Rockville* to Jackson.
Rock wood to Russellville.
Rosser to Cuba.
Russell! to Citronelle.
Rutherford*!! to Hurts­
boro. *
Ruthven to Pine Apple.
Rutledge* to Luverne.
Ryland* to Huntsville.
Saco*! to Troy.
Safford*!! to Marion Junc­
Saginaw* to Calera.
Saint ("lair* to Montgom­
St. Clair Springs* to Attalla
Saint Elmo*!! to Mobile.
Saint Florian to Florence.
Saint Stephens* to Chatom.
Salem*!! to Opelika.
Salitpa* to Jackson.
Salter to Alexander City.
Samantha* to Tuscaloosa.
Sandusky to Ensley.
Money Order Office.

Shortcreek* to Ensley.
Shorter*! to Montgomery.
Shorterville* to Ft. Gaines.
Short Leaf* to Demopolis.
Shottsville to Haleyville.
Shreve* to Red Level.
Sieard to Montevallo.
Silas*!! to Waynesboro.
Siluria*! to Calera.
Silver Cross to Chatom.
Simmsville* to Birmingham
Sipsey*! to Dora.
Sixmile to Centerville.
Skinnerton* to Pine Apple.
Skipperville* to Ozark.
Slate to Attalla.
Sloss to Bessemer.
Smithsonia* to Cherokee.
Smiths Station*! to Colum­
bus, Ga.
Snead to Boaz.
Snowdoun* to Montgomery
8now Hill*! to Pine Apple.
Society Hill to Tuskegee.
Somerville* to Hartsells.
South to Redlevel.
Souwllpa* to Waynesboro,
Speigner*!! to Wetumpka.
Spocari to Demopolis.
Sprague*! to Montgomery.
Spring Garden* to Pied­
Spring Hill*! to Mobile.
Sprott* to Marian.
Spruce Pine*!! to Russell­
Stafford to Columbus, Miss.
Standing Rock to Roanoke.
Stansel to Carrollton.
Stanton*!! to Selma.
Stapleton* to Bay Minette
Steele*!! to Attalla.
Steppville* to Hanceville
Sterrett*!! to Leeds.
Stewart*!! to Moundville.
Stockton* to Bay Minette
Strata to Montgomery.
Straven to Montevallo.
Stroud* to Roanoke.
Suggsville*!! to Jackson.
Sulphur Springs (De Kalb
Co.) to Fort Payne.
Sumiton to Dora.
Summerdale*!! to Foley.
Summerfield* to Selma.
Summit* (Blount Co.) to
Sumterville* to Livingston
Sunflower* to Chatom.
Sunny South*! to Thomas­
Surginer*! to Sweetwater.
Susanna to Dadeville.
Suspension* to Union
Swain to Paint Rock.
Swearengin to Scottsboro
Sycamore*! to Talladega.
Sylvan to Tuscaloosa.
Syl vania* to Fort Payne.

Tail*! to Fort Payne.
Taits Gap to Oneonta.
Talucah to Huntsville,
fanner*! to Athens.
Taylor* to Dothan
Taylorsville* to Huntsville.
Tecumseb* to Cedartown,
Tennille*! to Brundidge.
Tensaw* to Bay Minette.
Thad to Red Level.
Thatch to Athens.
I neoilore^t! to Mobile.
Thomas! to Birmingham.
Thompson* to Union Spgs
t Telegraph Station.

Three Notch* to James.
Tibbee* to Chatom.
Tiiden to Camden.
Tinela* to Beatrice.
Tishabee to Boligee.
Titus* to Wetumpka.
Toinette* to Jackson.
Toney* to Huntsville.
Toulminville! to Mohlle.
Townley to Carbon Hill.
Toxey*!! to Boligee.
Trade* to Cullman.
Trafford*! to Birmingham.
Trenton* to Scottsboro.
Trinity*! to Decatur.
Trio to Centerville.
Trussville*!! to Birming­
Tunnel Springs*! to Bea­
Tyler* to Selma.
Tyson! to Montgomery.

Uchee* to Hurtsboro.
Underwood to Montevallo.
Uniform* to Chatom.
Union* to Eutaw.
Union Grove* to Guntersville.

Valley Head*!! to Fort
Vance*!! to Tuscaloosa.
Vandiver*! to Leeds.
Veto* to Elkmont.
Victoria* to Elba.
Vida* to Prattville.
Village Springs*! to Birm­
Vincent*!! to Leeds.
Vinegar Bend*!! to Chaton.
Vinemont* to Cullman.
Vredenburgh* to Camden.

Wadsworth* to Marbury.
Wagar*!! to Jackson.
Wainright* to Monroeville.
Walker Springs*! to Jackson.
Wallace*!! to Brewton.
Walnutgrove* to Altoona.
Wannville* to Stevenson.
Ward*!! to York.
Ware to Wetumpka.
Warren ton to Guntersvllle.
Warrior to Birmingham.
Warriorstand* to Hurts­
Wateroak* to Moundville.
Water Valley* to Waynes­
Watson* to Birmingham.
Waisonia* to Eutaw
Wattsville*!! to Pell City.
Waugh* to Montgomery.
Waverly*!! to Camp Hill.
Weaver* to Anniston.
Webb*!! to Dothan.
Webster to Florence.
Wedge worth* to Greens­
Wehadkee* to Roanoke.
Wellington*!! to Anniston.
Wells to Newvfile.
Welona to Wetumpka.
Welsh* to Roanoke.
Weogufka* to Svlacauga.
Westbrook to Thomaston.
Westend*! to Birmingham.
West Greene* to Eutaw
West Over to Columbiana,
wbatley*! to Grove Hill.
Wheeler* to Courtland.
Whistler*!! to Mohile.
Wnite Hall*!! to Selma.
White Oak Springs* to
Whitepiains! to Jackson­
Whitfield* to York.
Whitney*!! to Ashvllle.
Wiggins to Andalusia.
Wilmer*!! to Mobile.
Wilton*!! to Montevallo.
Winn* to Jackson.
Womack Hill* to Butler.
Woodhluff* to Thomasville.
Woodlawn*! to Birming­
Woodstock*! to West
Woodville*!! to Paint
Woodward*t to Birming­
Wyatt* to Dora.
Wylam (Station of Ensley)
*! to Birmingham.

Yantley* to Cuba
Yarbo to Chatom.
Yellow Bluff* to Camden.
Yellow Pine*!! to State
Line. Miss.
Yolande*! to Bessemer.
Yucca to Stevenson.
i Express Office.



Afognak*! to Seward.
Akiak! to St. Michael.
Akutant to Seward
Alatnaf to Fairbanks.
Alitakt to Seward.
Amalga! to Juneau
Andreafsky*! to Iditarod.
Anvikt to Nome.
Atka Islandt to Seward.
Baranof to Petersburg.
Beaver to Fairbanks.
Belofsky to Seward.
Bethel*! to Iditarod.
Betties!! to Fairbanks.
Bristol Bay to Seward.
Brookst to Fairbanks.
Burnette Inlet! to Wrangell
Candle* to Nome.
Oantwellt to Fairbanks.
Cape Fanshaw to Juneau.
Central* to Fairbanks.
Chagemutel Russian Mis­
sion to Nome.
Chatanika* to Fairbanks.
Chathamt to Juneau.
Chicagoff to Juneau.
Chickaloon to Anchorage.
Chickent to Dawson, Y T.
Chignik*t to Seward.
Chisanat to Cordova
Chitina*!! to Cordova.
Chomly*f to Ketchikan
Circle*!! to Fairbanks
Cleary*+ to Fairbanks
Cook Inlet to Ketchikan
Copper Center! to Cordova
Council* to Nome
Craig*! to Ketchikan,
Cripple! to Iditarod.
Deering to Nome.
Deweyville! to Wrangell
Diamond to Fairbanks.
Dime Landing to Nome.
Douglas*!! to Juneau.
Doyboff! to Petersburg
Drier Bay to Ketchikan.
Dunbar to Fairbanks.
Dutch Harbor! to Valdez.
Eagle*!! to Dawson Y. T
Egagak to Ketchikan.
Eek to Iditarod.
Ester City to Fairbanks.
Excursion Inlet! to Juneau.
False Pass to Seward.
Fish Egg Island to Ketchi­
Flat*! to Iditarod.
Fortuna Ledge*! to Nome
Fort Wrangell to Wrangell
Fort Yukon*!! to FairFox to Fairbanks.
Franklin*t to I >awson, Y.T.
Funter to Juneau.
Girdwoodi to Seward.
Glacier! to .Juneau
Goddard to Juneau.
Golovin* to Nome.
Gulkana! to Valdez.
Haines*!! to Juneau.
Hawk Inlet! to Juneau.
Haycock*! to Nome.
Healy Fork to Fairbanks.
Holikachuki to iditarod.
Holy Cross*!! to Iditarod
Homer! to Seward.
Hood Bay to Juneau.
Hoouah*! to Juneau.
Hope*! to Seward.
Hot Springs*!! to Fair­
Hughes to Fairbanks.
Hydaburg*! to Ketchikan
Ikatan to Seward.
Iliamna! to Anchorage
Jack Wade! to Fairbanks.
Jonesville to Anchorage.
Kake*! to Petersburg.
Kaltag! to Nome
Kanatak* to Anchorage.
Karluk to Seward.
Kasaan! to Ketchikan
Keewalik to Nome.
Kenai! to Seward.
Kiana! to Nome.
Killisnoo! to Juneau.
King Cove! to Seward.
Klawock*! to Ketchikan
Kodiak*! to Seward
Kodiak Island* to Ketchi­
Kokrinest to Fairbanks.
Kotlik! to Nome.
Kotzebue*! to Nome.
Koyukuk! to Nome
Kuskokwim to Nome.
Kvichak! to Nome
Kwiguk Point to Nome.
Lake Minchumina to FairLa Touche*! to Valdez.
Llveng >od*l to Fairbanks
LorlDgt to Ketchikan.
Marshall! to Nome.
Matanuska*! to Anchorage
McCarthy*! to Cordova
McGrath! to Ketchikan.
McKinley Park*! to Fair­
Medfra! to Iditarod.
Metlakatla*! to Ketchikan.

Miller House! to Fairbanks
Minto Road House !to
Moira Sound! to Ketchikan
Moquawkie! to Seward
Mountain Slough to Cor­
M oumain il lage! toNome
Naknek! to Seward
Napamute to Iditarod.
Nelson Lagoon tto Cor­
Nenana*!! to Fairbanks.
Ninilchik to Anchorage
Noatak! to Nome.
North Arm to Ketchikan
Nulato*!! to Iditarod
Nushagak! to Seward
Old Fort Hamilton to Nome
Onhir*! to Iditarod.
Owzinkie to Seward.
Parks to Iditarod.
Point Warde to Ketchikan
Poormant to Fairbanks
Portage Bay to Seward.
Port Alexander! to Peters­
Port Armstrong to Peters­
Port Graham! to Seward
Port Heiden to Seward.
Portlock*! to Seward.
Port Mollert to Seward.
Port Walter to Petersburg.
Postalik to Nome
Premier Mine to Anchorage
Rampart*!! to Fairbanks
Richardson to Fairbanks.
Ruby*!! to Fairbanks,
Russian Mission! to Nome.
Sandpoint*! to Seward.
Seldovla*! to Seward,
Sheltont to Nome
Shesmareff! to Nome.
Shungnakt to Nome
Sitka*! to Juneau
Skageluk to Iditarod.
Skowl Arm! to Ketchikan
Sleetmute! to Iditarod
Solomon* to Nome
Speel River to Juneau.
St. Michael*!! to Nome
Steel Creek! to Dawson
Y. T
Stevens Village! to Fair­
Sulzer to Ketchikan
Sunny Cove to Juneau
Suntrana to Fairbanks.
Susitna*t to Anchorage.
Tacotna! to Iditarod,
Talkeetnat to Anchorage
Tanana*tt to Fairbanks
Tanana Crossing to Fair­
Teller*!! to Nome
Tenakee Springs*! to Ju­
Thum Bay to Cordova
Tofty* to Fairbanks.
Tokeen*! to Wrangell.
Tolovana! to Fairbanks
Tolstoi! to Iditarod.
Treadwell*!! to Juneau.
Tuluksak! to Iditarod
Tyee! to Petersburg.
Uganik to Seward.
Ugasik! to Seward.
Unalakleet*! to Nome
Unalaska*! to Seward
tTnea*+ to tpwarit
Uyak to Ketchikan.
Wacker City* to Ketchi­
Washington Bay! to Ketch­
Wassllla*! to Anchorage
Windy*! to Fairbanks.
Wiseman to Fairbanks
Yakutat*! to Juneau.

Adamana*t! to Holbrook
Agua Caliente* to Phoenix
Aguila*!! to Wickenburg
Alhambra to Phoenix.
Allantown* to Gallup. N.M
Alpine* to Holbrook.
Amado, to Nogales.
Apache* to Douglas.
Arivaca* to Tucson.
Arlington* to Buckeye.
Artesia* to Safford.
Ashfork*!! to Williams.
Ashurst to Safford
Aultman* to Clemenceau.
Avondale* to Phoenix
Aztec*!! to Yuma
Bellemont* to Flagstaff.
Blackwater* to Florence
Bonita* to Willcox
Bouse*!! to Wickenburg.
Bylas to Safford
Cameron to Flagstaff
Camp Verde* to Clemen­
Canon* to Prescott.
A County Seat.

Mammoth* to Hayden.
Marana*!! to Tucson.
Marinette! to Glendale.
Mayer*!! to Prescott.
Metcalf to Clifton.
Mobile to Phoenix.
Moccasin* to Hurricane,
Mohawk*!! to Yuma.
Mormon Lake! to Flagstaff.
Morristown* to Wickenberg.
Trumbull* to
George, Utah.
Na-ah Tee Canyon! to Hol­
Naco*!! to Blsbee.
Nadaburg to Glendale.
Navajo*! to Holbrook.
Navajo Agency to Gallup,
Nelson*!! to Kingman.
Noslini to Gailup. N M
Nutrioso*! to Springerville
Octave* to Prescott
Olberg*! to Casa Grande.
Oracle* to Tucson.
Oraibi*! to Winslow.
Packard to Globe.
Palomas* to Yuma.
Palo Verde* to Buckeye.
Pantano*!! to Tucson.
Parker to Wickenburg.
Parks* to Flagstaff.
Patagonia*!! to Nogales.
Paulden* to Prescott.
Peach springs*!! to Kingman.
Pearce*!! to Willcox.
Peoria to Glendale.
Pima*!! to Safford.
Pine* to Payson.
Pinedale to Holbrook.
Pine Top*! to McNary.
Pirtleville*! to Douglas.
Polacca*! to Gallup, N. M.
Pomerene* to Benson.
Portal to Douglass.
Puntenney*!! to Prescott.

Desert Wells to Mesa.
Dewey* to Prescott.
Dllkon* to Winslow.
Dome*!! to Yuma.
Don Luis* to Lowell.
Dos Cabezos* to Willcox.
Dragoon*!! to Willcox.
Drake to Prescott.
Duquesno to Nogales.
Eagar* to Springervllle.
Eden to Safford.
Elfrkla* to Douglas.
Elgin* to Nogales.
F.lnv* to Casa Grande
Estrella Hill to Phoenix.
Fairbank*!! to Tombstone
Feldman* to Winkelman
Forrest to Douglas
Fort Apache to Holbrook.
Fort Defiance* to Gallup.
N. M.
Fort Huachuca*!! toTombstone.
Fort Thomas*!! to Safford.
Four Mile Post to Florence.
Franklin*! to Duncan
Fredonia* to Hurricane,
Gadsden*! to Yuma.
Gauado*! to Gallup. N. M.
Garden Canyon to Tomb­
Geronimo* to Safford.
Gila Bend* to Phoenix.
Gillispie Dam to Buckeye.
Gleeson*! to Tombstone.
Oienbar* to Safford.
Goldroad to Oatman.
Goodyear*!! to Chandler.
Grand Canyon*!! to Wil­
Greaterville* to Tucson.
Greer* to Springervllle.
Hackberry*!! to Kingman
Halloysite* to Gallup.
Harshaw to Patagonia.
Heber* to Holbrook
Hereford*!! to Blsbee.
Higley* to Chandler.
Hillside*!! to Prescott
Hot Spring® Junction!! to
Houck*!! to Gallup N. M.
Humboldt to Prescott.
Hunt* to Holbrook
Hyder!! to Phoenix.
Indian Wells*! to Holbrook
Inspiration*! to Miami.
Jaynes to Tucson.
Jeddito to Holbrook.
Joseph City! to Holbrook

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Canon Diablo+t to Winslow
Cartwright to Phoenix.
Cascabel* to Benson.
Oashion* to Phoenix.
Castle Butte to Winslow.
Castle Hot Springs to
Cave Creek* to Phoenix
Cedar Ridge to Flagstaff.
Central* to Safford.
Cheto to Gallup, N. M.
Chin Lee*! to Gallup. N. M
Chino Valley*
Chloride*!! to Kingman.
Christmas*! to Globe.
Chrysotile* to Globe.
Cibecue to McNary
Clarkdale to Clemenceau.
Claypool* to Miami
Clay Springs* to Holbrook.
Cleator*! to Prescott.
Cochise*!! to Willcox.
Coldwater to Phoenix.
Concho* to Holbrook
Congress Junction*!! to
Continental* to Tucson.
Coolidge Dam* to Globe.
Copper Hill* to Globe
Cordes* to Prescott.
Cornville*! to Clemenceau.
Oortaro to Tucson.
Cottonwood* to Clemen­
Courtland*!! to Douglas.
Cross Canyon to Gallup.
N. M.
Crown King*! to Prescott.

Kayenta* to Flagstaff.
Kearns Canon*! to Hol­
Kelvin* to Ray.
Kirkland*!! to Prescott.
Kitseal to Farmington,N.M
Klondyke* to Safford.
Lakeside* to McNary.
Laveen* to Phoenix.
Lehl to Mesa.
Leupp* to Winslow.
Liberty* to Buckeye.
Light* to Willcox
Linden* to Holbrook.
Litchfield!! to Phoenix.
Littlefield* to St. George.
Low Mountain to Gallup,
N. M.
Lukachukai* to Gallup, N.
Lupton* to Gallup, N. M.
McNeal*! to Douglas.
Magma!! to Florence.
Money Order Office.


Quartzsite* to Blythe.
Queen Creek to Florence.
Randolph*! to Coolidge.
Redrock*!! to Tucson.
Rice*! to Globe.
Rillito*!! to Tucson.
Rock Springs to Phoenix.
Roll to Yuma.
Roosevelt* to Globe.
Rowood* to Ajo.


Abbott*! to Mansfield.
Adona*!! to Perry.
Agnos* to Hardy
Alabam* to Huntsville.
Alco* to Mountain view.
Aif to Norman.
Algoa* to Newport.
Alicia*!! to Walnutridge.
Alix*! to Altus
Alleene*! to Wilton.
Allfriend* to Kingston.
Allport* to England.
Almond* to Batesville.
Almyra to Stuttgart.
Alpena Pass*!! to Harrison.
Alnine* to Amity
Altheimer*!! to Pine Bluff.
Alto* to Lepanto.
Alton to Hodo.
Altus*!! to Ozark.
Aly* to Danville.
Amagon* to Newport
Amos to Mountain Home.
Amy* to Camden.
Anderson* to Melbourne
Anrep to Pine Bluff.
Antoine*!! to Delight.
Anlin* to Casa.
Appleton* to Atkins.
Apt to Jonesboro.
Arbaugh to Pettigrew.
Archey* to Clinton.
Arden*!! to Hope.
Arkansas City*!! to
Arkansas Post* to Gillett.
Arkinda*!! to Foreman.
Arlberg*! to Leslie.
Armadai to Winslow.
Armorel*! to Blytheville
Armstrong Springs*! to
Artesian* to Harrell
iAshdown*!! to Hope.
Asher to Pettigrew.
Athens* to Dierks.
Atlanta* to Emerson.
Attica* to Pocahontas.
Aubrey*! to Helena.
Auburn to Greenwood.
Aurelle" to Strong.
Aurora* to Huntsville.
Austin*!! to Cabot.
Auvergne*’!! to Newport
Avant to Hot Springs.
Avoca*!! to Rogers.

Baker* to Marshall.
Baker Springs* to Vandervoort.
Sacaton* to Casa Grande. ! Balch* to Newport.
Saint David* to Benson,
Baldwin* to Fayetteville.
Saint Johns * to Holbrook.
Banks*!! to Warren.
Saint Michaels* to Gallup.
Banner* to Batesville.
N. M.
Barber*!! to Booneville.
Salina Springs to Gallup.
Bardstown to Osceola.
Barfield* to Blytheville.
Salome*!! to Wickenburg.
Barham* to Chidester.
Sander** to Gallup N M
Barling* to Fort Smith.
San Simon*!! to Bowie.
Barton*!! to Helena.
Santa Rosa to Casa Grande
Bass* to Jasper.
Sasabe to Nogales
Bassett*! to Wilson.
Sellgman*!! to Williams
Batavia*! to Harrison.
Sells* to Tucson.
Bates*! to Heavener. Okla
Sentinel*!! to Yuma.
Battles to Evening Shade.
Shanto Springs to Flag­
Bauxite*!! to Benton.
Baxter* to Dermott.
Show Low* to Holbrook.
Bay*!! to Jonesboro.
Signal* to Kingman.
Bayou Meto* to Dewitt
Silverboll*! to Tucson.
Bay Village to Cherry
Skull Valley*!! to Prescott.
Snowflake * to Holbrook.
Bear* to Hot Springs.
Solomonville*! to Safford.
Bear Creek* to Marshall.
Somerton*! to Yuma.
Beasley to Tyronza.
Sonoita* to Nogales.
Beaton* to Arkadelphia.
Sonora* to Ray
Beaty* to Benton ville.
Standard* to McNary.
Beaudry* to Hot Springs.
Stoneham Lake* to Cle­
Beaver* to Eureka Springs.
Beck*! to Marianna.
Sunglow to Douglas.
Beebrancb* to Clinton.
Sunrise Springs to Gallup.
Beech Grove* to Paragould.
N. M.
Beedeville* to McCrory.
Beirne*!! to Gurdon.
Taylor* to Holbrook.
Belfast* to Sheridan.
Thatcher*!! to Safford.
Bellefonte*! to Harrison.
Theba! to Yuma.
Belton* to McCaskill.
Tolleson to Phoenix
Ben* to Mountain View.
Tonalea to Flagstaff.
Ben Hur to Dover.
Topockt! to Needles. Calif.
Ben Lomond* to Wilton.
Tubac* to Nogales.
Berger to Little Rock.
Tuba r'ity*t to Flagstaff
Bergman*!! to Harrison.
Tu Weep to Hurricane,
Berry* to Calico Rock.
Beryl* to Conway.
Twin Buttes* to Tucson.
Best* to Rogers.
Bestwater* to Rogers.
Vah Ki to Chandler.
Bethel to Paragould.
Vail*!! to Tucson.
Bethena to Hoxie.
Valentine* to Kingman.
Bethesda* to Batesville.
Valley Heights to Phoenix
Bexar* to Calico Rock.
Vernon*! to McNary.
Bigelow*!! to Perry.
Vicksburg*! to Wickenburg
Bigflat* to Marshall.
Big Fork* to Mena
Wagoner* to Prescott.
Biugen*! to Nashville.
Walker to Prescott.
Rirdell* to Imboden.
Birdeye to Cherry Valley.
Warren*!! to Lowell.
Birdsong* to Tyronza.
Wellton*!! to Yuma.
Birta*+ to Ola.
Wenden*!! to Wickenburg.
Biscoe*!! to Des Arc.
Whitenver*! to McNary.
Bismarck* to Arkadelphia
Wlkieup* to Kingman.
Winkleman to Florence.
Black Fork* to Waldron.
Winona* to Flagstaff.
Black Oak*! to Lake City.
Black Springs* to Norman.
Wolfhole to St. George,
Blackton*! to Brinkley.
Woodruff to Holbrook.
Blackville! to Atkins.
Blackwell* to Atkins.
Young* to Globe.
Blanchard Springs to Junc­
Yucca*tl to Kingman
tion City.
t Telegraph Station.

! Express Office.


Bloomer* to Lavaca.
Mountain*!! to
Bluff City* to Chldester.
Bluffton* to Danville.
Board Camp* to Mena.
Bodcaw* to Hope.
Bog Springs! to Wickes.
Bolding* to fluttlg.
Boles* to Waldron.
Bonanza*!!: to Ft. Smith.
Bonnerdale*tl to Glenwood
Bonnerville* to Bono.
Bookman to Sheridan.
Boothe to Waldron.
Boston* to Pettigrew.
Boswell!! (Izard Co.) to
Calico Rock.
Boughton*! to Prescott.
Bowman to Lake City.
Boxley* to Pettigrew.
Boydell* to Portland.
Boydsville* to Rector.
Boynton*! to Kennett.Mo
Branch*!! to Charleston.
Brasfleld*! to Des Arc.
Brawley* to Waldron.
Brentwood*! to Winslow.
Brewer! to Heber Springs.
Brickeys*! to Marianna.
Bridge Junction to Mem*
phis, Tenn.
Briggsville* to Danville.
Brighton to Paragould.
Brlghtstar to Bloomburg,
Brister to Emerson.
Brockett* to Pocahontas.
Brockwell to Oxford.
Brookings to Knobel.
Brookland*!! to Jonesboro.
Brownsville* to Heber.
Bruins* to Marianna.
Brummitt* to Stuttgart
Bruno* to Melbourne.
Bryant*!! to Benton.
Buckville* to Hot Springs.
Buena Vista*!! to Stephens
Buffalo* to Mountain
Buford* to Mountain Home
Bunn* to Carthage.
Bunny to Black Oak.
Burdette* to Luxora.
Burnsville to Greenwood.
Burtsell to Okolona.
Busch to Eureka Springs.
Bussey* to Taylor.
Butlerville* to Beebe.
Butterfield to Malvern.
Byron* to Salem
Cabanal to Berryvllle.
Caddo Gap*!! to Glenwood
Cagiesville* to Russellville
Caldwell*! to Forrest City.
Cale* to Prescott.
Caledonia* to Junction.
Calhoun to Magnolia.
Calion*!! to El Dorado.
Camp* to Salem.
Campbell to Leslie.
Canehill* to Lincoln.
Canfield*! to Bradley.
Capps*! to Harrison.
Caraway* to Lepanto.
Carden Bottom to Atkins.
Cardiff* to Waldron.
Carolan to Booneville.
Carrollton! to Harrison.
Carryvllle* to Piggott.
Carson* to Osceola.
Carter* to Elkins.
Carthage*!! to Fordyce.
Oartney* to Norfolk.
Carver to Everton.
Cash* to Jonesboro.
Cass* to Ozark.
Casscoe* to Stuttgart.
Catalpa to Clarksville.
Catcher to Van Buren.
Cato* to Little Rock.
Caulksville! to Paris.
Cauthron*! to Waldron.
Cavecreek* to St. Joe.
Cave Springs*! to Rogers.
Cecil* to Ozark.
Cedarcreek* to Waldron.
Cedar Glades* to Hot
Cedarville* to Van Buren.
Center* to Evemng Shade.
Center Hill* to Searcy.
Center Point* to Nashville.
Center Ridge* to Morrillton
Centerville*! to Dardanelle
Central to Fort Smith.
Chambersvllle to Fordyce.
Chapel Hill to DeQueen.
Charlotte* to Newark.
Chastain* to Norfolk.
Chatfleld* to Marianna.
Chelford to Wilson.
Cherokee City* to Gentry.
Chester*!! to Winslow.
Chickaiah* to Danville.
Chicot*! to Lake Village.
Chimes to Clinton.
Chismville* to Booneville.
Choctaw* to Clinton.
Chula to Danville.
Cincinnati to “West ville,
Cisco* to Green Forest.
Clantonville to Seligman,
Clarkedale*!! to Memphis,
Clark Ridge to Mountain

Claunch to Lake City.
Clay* to Searcy
Clearspring to Okolona.
Cleveland* to Morrillton.
Clifty* to Huntsville.
Cloverbend to Portia.
Clow to Ozan.
Clyde* to Lincoln.
Coalhill*!! to Altus.
Coin to Green Forest.
Collegehlll to McNeil.
College Station to Monticello.
Collins*!! to Monticello.
Colt*! to Wynne.
Columbus to Washington.
Combs*!! to St. Paul.
Cominto* to Monticello.
Compton* to Jasper.
Congo* to Benton.
Connor to Green Forest.
Conville to Mountain Home
Copeland* to Clinton.
Cord* to Batesville.
Corinth to Nashville.
Corley* to Paris.
Cornerstone* to Pine Bluff.
Cornerville* to Star City.
Council* to Marianna.
Cove*!! to Hatfield.
Cowell* to Jasper.
Coy*!! to England.
Cozahomei to Marshall.
Crabtree* to Clinton.
Crawfordville*!! to Earl.
Creigh to Marvell.
Creswell* to Calico Rock.
Crittenden* to Earle.
Crockett to Piggott.
Crocketts Bluff* to Almyra.
Croker Spur* to Melbourne
Crosses*! to St. Paul.
Cross Roads to CalicoRock.
Crystal Springs* to Hot
Cullendale to Camden.
Culp* to Calico Rock.
Curtis*!! to Gurdon.
Cushman*! to Batesville.
Custer* to Bakersfield, Mo.
Oypert* to Marvell.
Dabney* to Atkins.
Daisy* to Glenwood
Dalark*! to Arkadelphia.
Dalton* to Pocahontas.
Damascus* to Conway.
Davenport* to Pangburn.
Davidson to Van Buren.
Day*! to Salem.
Dayton to Huntington.
Deane* to Monticello.
DeAnn to Hope.
Deans Island to Wilson.
Dean Spring to Alma.
Deanyville to Blevins.
Deberrie* to Casa.
Deckerville*!! to Harris­
Dee* to Jonesboro.
Deer* to Clarksville.
De Gray to Arkadelphia.
Delaney* to St. Paul.
Delaplaine*!! to Corning.
Delaware* to Dardanelle.
Dell*! to Blytheville.
Delmar to Harrison.
Delta to Waldo.
Deluce to Dewitt.
Democrat* to Forrest City.
Denmark* to Bald Knob.
Dennard* to Leslie.
Denning*!! to Altus.
Denton* to Black Rock.
Denver* to Green Forest.
Deroche* to Malvern.
Desha* to Batesville.
Detonti* to Benton.
iDe Vails Bluff*!! to Des
De View* to McCrory.
Dialion to Rison.
Diantha to Pine Bluff.
Diaz*! to Newport.
Dillen* to Lamar.
Dilworth to Horatio.
Divide to Perry.
Dixie* to McCrory.
Dobyville to Okolona.
Dodd City* to Yellville.
Dolph to Calico Rock.
Dongola to Marshall.
Dora to Ft. Smith.
Dota to Newark.
Double Wells to Pine Bluff.
Doylestown to Pine Bluff.
Drakes Creek* to Elkins.
Drasco to Heber Springs.
Draughon* to Kingsland.
Driggs* to Pans.
Driver* to Wilson.
Dublin to Scranton.
Durham*! to Fayetteville.
Dutch Mills* to West ville.
Dutton*! to Pettigrew.
Dyer to Alma.
Eagle Mills*!! to Bearden.
Eagleton to Mena.
East Sylamore* to Moun­
tain View.
Eastwood to Pine Bluff.
Ebony* to Marion.
Edgemont*! to Shirley.
Edmondson*!! to Earle.
Edna to Clarksville.
Egger*to Mena.
Egypt* to Walnut Ridge.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




A County Seat.

Elaine*!! to Helena.
Elba* to Marshall.
Elerson* to Sherrtll.
Elizabeth* to Calico Rock.
Elk Ranch* to Eureka
Elliott* to Camden.
Ellisville*!! to Fordyce.
Elm to Amity.
Elmo* to Newport.
Elm Store to Mammoth
Elnora to Walnut Ridge.
El Paso* to Beebe.
Emery to Evening Shade.
Enders* to Quitman.
English *to Pine Bluff.
Enola* to Conway.
Enon to Omaha.
Enright to Kensett.
Era to Bloomburg, Tex.
Eros* to Yellville.
Estico to Newport.
Ethel* to Dewitt.
Etowah* to Manila.
Eula* to St. Joe.
Evadale* to Wilson.
Evansville* to Stillwell,
Excelsior! to Greenwood.

Faber* to Arkadelphia.
Fairoaks*!! to Wynne.
Faith* to Pine Bluff.
Falcon to Buckner.
Falls ville* to Jasper.
Fargo! to Brinkley.
Farmington*! to Fayette­
Felsenthal*!! to Huttlg.
Felton! to Marianna.
Fendley to Amity.
Fenter*!! to Benton.
Ferguson to Helena.
Ferndale to Little Rock.
Fiftysix* to Mountain View.
Figure Five to Van Buren.
Finch to Paragould
Fisher*!! to Jonesboro.
Fitzhugh* to Augusta.
Five Mile* to Heber Springs.
Flag to Leslie.
Flippin*!! to Mountain
Floral* to Batesville.
Florence* to Monticello.
Floyd* to Beebe.
Fontain to Walnut Ridge.
Formosa* to Clinton.
Ft. Douglas* to Clarksville.
Ft. Lynn to Fouke.
Forty Four to Calico Rock.
Forum to St. Paul.
Fouke*!! to Texarkana.
Fourche*!! to Houston.
Fox* to Mountain View.
Freck* to Yellville.
French to Mammoth Spring
Frenchmans Bayou*!! to
Friendship* to Arkadelphia,
Fryatt to Mammoth Spring
Frys Mill to Lepanto.
Furth* to Star City.

Gaines Landing* to Lake
Gainesville*! to Paragould.
Gaither to Harrison.
Galloway to Little Rock.
Gamaliel* to Bakersville,
Garber* to Clarksville.
Garfield*!! to Rogers.
Garland*!! to Lewisville.!
Garlandville to Prescott.
Garner*!! to Beebe.
Garnett* to Star City.
Gassville* to Mountain
Gaston to Norman.
Genoa* to Texarkana.
Georgetown*! to Searcy.
Gerldge* to Stuttgart.
Gethsemane* to Pine Bluff.
Gibbs to Mount Ida.
Gid to Guion.
Gifford* to Malvern.
Gilbert*!! to Marshall.
Gilkeson to Jonesboro.
Gill to Forrest City.
Gilmore*!! to Tyronza.
Glade* to Eureka Springs.
Glencoe to Hardy.
Glendale to Star City.
Glenville to McNeil.
Goldman* to Stuttgart.
Goodwin*!! to ForrestCity.
Goshen* to Fayetteville.
Gosnell* to Blytheville.
Grand Glaise*! to Newport.
Grand Lake* to Eudora.
Grandview*! to Berryvllle.
Grange* to Batesville.
Grannis*!! to Gilman.
Grape* to Benton.
Grapevine* to Pine Bluff.
Graphic to Mountainburg.
Gravelly* to Danville.
Gravel Ridge* to Warren.
Grays*!! to Augusta.
Graysoma*!! to Okolona.
Money Order Office.

Greenbrier* to Conway.
Greenfield* to Harrisburg.
Greenland*! to Fayetteville.
Greenway*!! to Piggott.
Gregory*!! to Augusta,
Grider* to Osceola.
Gridley to Morrillton.
Griffin to Smackover.
Grubbs to Newport.
Guion*!! to Melbourne.
Guy* to Quitman.

Habbertoni to Springdale.
Hackett to Bonanza.
Hagarville* to Lamar.
Hagler* to Dewitt.
Halley*!! to Dermott.
Halliday* to Paragould.
Hamil to Pocahontas.
Hamlin*! to Wynne.
Hammonsville to Beebe.
Hand* to Calico Rock.
Hanover to MountainVIew.
Harlow to Bearden.
Harman to Springdale.
Harmony* to Clarksville.
Harness to Leslie.
Haroldton to Van Buren.
Harriett* to Marshall.
Harris* to Elkins.
Hartley to Wickes.
Hartwell to Hindsville.
Harvey* to Waldron.
Haskell*!! to Benton.
Hasty to jasper
Hattieville* to Morrillton.
Hatton*! to Wickes.
Hawes *to Hot Springs.
Haynes*!! to Marianna.
Hazel Valley to Winslow.
Heafer* to Crawfordville.
Healing Springs* to Cave
SpringsHeart* to Salem.
Hector * to Atkins.
Henderson* to Mountain
Hensley* to Little Rock.
Herbine* to Rison.
Herman!! to Trumann.
Herpel to Mountainview.
Heth*!l to Forest City.
Hickman* to Blytheville,
MoHlckoria to Corning.
Hickory Plains* to Beebe
Higden*! to Heber Springs
Higginson*! to Searcy.
High to Berryvllle.
Highfill* to Cave Springs
Highland*! to Nashville.
Hilleman* to Cotton Plant.
Hiram* to Heber SpringsHobbs to Van Buren.
Holland* to Conway.
Hollis* to Casa.
Holly Springs* to Bearden.
Hollywood* toArkadelphia.
Holmes to Walnut Ridge.
Holt to Wilson.
Homan*!! to Fulton.
Hon*! to Waldron.
Hopewell* to Calico Rock.
Hopper to Norman.
Horsehead to Emerson.
Houston*!! to Perry.
Howell*!! to Cotton Plant.
Huddleston to Mena.
Hudspeth* to Dermott.
Huff to Batesville.
Huffman* to Steele, MoHulbert*!! to Marion.
Humphrey*!! to Stuttgart.
Humnoke*! to England.
Hunt to Coalhill.
Hunter*!! to Brinkley.
Hurricane to Benton.
Hutchinson* to Batesville.
Hydrick* to Cherry Valley.
Ida to Heber Springs.
Imboden*!! to liavenden.
Indian Bay* to Marvell.
Ingalls*! to Warren
Ingram* to Pocahontas.
Ink* to Mena,
lone* to Booneville.
Iuka* to Calico Rock.
Ivan*!! to Fordyce.
Ivy to Carthage.

Jacinto* to Carthage.
Jacksonville*!! to Little
Jakajones to Washington.
Jamestown* to Batesville.
Japton* to Huntsville.
Jasmine to Griffithville.
Jefferson* to Pine Bluff.
Jennie*! to Lake Village.
Jenny Lind*!! to Fort
Jericho*! to Marion.
Jerome *!! to Dermott.
Jersey* to Warren.
Jerusalem * to Atkins.
Jessieville* to Hot Springs.
Jesup* to Smithville.
Jethro* to Ozark.
Joella* to Lewisville.
Johnson*!! to Fayetteville.
Johnstown* to Newport.
Johnsville* to Warren.
Joiner*!! to Wilson.
Julious to Memphis, Tenn.
Jumbo* to Melbourne.
t Telegraph Station.

Kay to Marshall.
Kedron* to Rison.
Keener* to Harrison.
Keevil*! to Clarendon.
Kelso* to McGehee.
Kenyon to Tuckerman.
Kerlin* to Magnolia.
Kerrs*!! to Lonoke.
Kiolah to Doddridge.
King*! to Gillham.
King Mills* to Hardy.
Kingsland*!! to Fordyce.
Kings Spur to Bentonvllle.
Kirby* to Amity.
Kirkland to Louann.
Kittle to Ashfiat
Knowlton* to Rosedale.
Knoxville*!! to Lamar.
Lacey* to Monticello.
Laconia* to Rosedale, Miss.
La Crosse* to Melbourne.
Ladelle* to Monticello.
Lafe*!I to Paragould.
LaGrange*! to Marianna.
Lalceview*!! to Marvell.
Lamar*!! to Clarksville.
Lambert* to Arkadelphia.
Landis* to Marshall.
Laneburg* to Prescott.
Langley* to Glenwood
Lanieve to Hoxie.
Lansing* to Crawfordville.
Lanty* to Morrillton.
Lapile* *!! to Strong.
Larkin* to Melbourne.
Larue to Rogers.
Laughlin to Stephens.
Lauratown* to Portia.
Lawson*!! to El Dorado.
Laytonville *to Mountain
Leach ville*!! to Manila.
Ledwidge* to Houston.
Leecreek* to Winslow.
Leola*!! to Fordyce.
Leonard* to Rector.
Lepanto*!! to Marked Tree
Lester*!! to Camden.
Lesterville to Walnut Ridge
Letona*! to Searcy.
Levesque* to Wynne.
Levy* to No. Little Rock
Lexa *!! to Helena.
Light* to Walnut Ridge.
Limestone* to Jasper.
Lisbon* to El DoradoLittle Maumeiie to Little
Locust Bayou* to Camden.
Locust Grove to Batesville.
Lollie to Conway
London*! to Russellville.
Lonelm to Mulberry.
Lonepine to Clarksville.
Lone Rock* to Mountain
Lonsdale*!! to Benton.
Lorado to Jonesboro
Louann*!! to Camden.
Lowell*!! to Springdale.
Low Gap* to Jasper.
Lowry* to Harrison.
Luber to Mountain View.
Lucas to Mansfield
Ludwig to Clarksville.
Luna Landing* to Lake
Lundell* to Helena.
Lunenburg* to Melbourne.
Lunet to Chldester.
Lunsford* to Lake City.
Lurton to Russellville.
Lutherville* to Lamar.
Lydalisk to Shirley.
Lyko to Gould.
LynnHo Black Rock.

Mabelvale* to Little Rock.
Maberry to Cottonplant.
Macedonia to Magnolia.
Macon Lake to Lake Village
Maddox to Hot Springs.
Madison*!! to Forrest City
Magic Springs to Marshall.
Magness*! to Newark
Magnet* to Malvern.
Mandeville* zo Texarkana.
Manning*! to Sparkman.
Manson* to Pocahontas.
Many Islands* to Hardy.
Maple * to Berryvllle.
Marble* to Huntsville.
Marcella* to Batesville.
Marche*! to Little Rock.
Marie* to Wilson.
Martin ville to Conway.
Mason* to Kingsland.
Masonville* to McGehee.
Massard to Fort Smith.
Maumee* to Marshall.
Mayfield* to Springdale.
Mayflower*! to Conway.
Maysville *to Gravette.
McAlmont to Little Rock.
McCaskill*!! to Washing­
McClelland* to Cottonplant
! Express Office.

McDougall to Piggott.
McFadden* to Newport.
McFerrin to Osceola.
McHue* to Batesville.
McJester to Heber Springs.
McKamie* to Stamps.
McNab*!! to Fulton.
McPhearson* to Calico
Medford to Gould.
Meg* to Ozark.
Mellwood*!! to Helena.
Melrose* to Batesville.
Menifee* to Plumerville.
Meroney* to Star City.
Mesaft to Des Arc.
Metailon to Berryville.
Meyers to Hot Springs.
Mlddlebrook* to Maynard.
Millcreek to Russellville.
Mlller*t to Heber Springs.
Mllltown to Greenwood.
Millville*tl to Bearden.
Milo* to Hamburg.
Mineola* to Dierks.
Mineral to Gilham.
Minorca to Maynard.
Mintum*!! to Hoxie.
Mist*! to Hamburg.
Mitchell to Salem.
Moark*! to Corning.
Mobley to Cave City.
Moko* to Salem.
Monarch to Yellville.
Monroe*! to Brinkley.
Montana* to Hartman
Monte Ne* to Rogers.
Montrose to Portland.
Moore to Dover.
Moorefleld*! to Batesville.
Moreland* to Russellville.
Morganton to Clinton.
Moro*t! to Marianna.
Morobay* to Hermitage.
Morrison Bluff to Scranton.
Morriston* to Salem.
Morrow* to Lincoln.
Morton* to McCrory.
Moscow*!! to Pine Bluff.
Mosley to Dardanelle.
Mounds to Memphis, Tenn.
Mountainburg*!! to Van
Mountain Fork to Mena.
Mountain Top to Ozark.
Mountain Valley* to Hot
Mount Hersey to Jasper.
Mount Homer to Ola.
Mount Judea* to Jasper.
Mount Levi* to Clarksville.
Mount Moriah to Prescott.
Mt. OUve*t to Calico Rock.
Mount Pisgah to Searcy.
Mount Vernon* to Quitman
Mull to Yellville.
Mundell to Eureka Springs.
Murry to Jasper.
Murillo* to Leslie.
Myron* to Franklin.
Myrtle* to Harrison.
Nady* to Gillett.
Nail to Pettigrew.
Nathan* to Nashville.
Natural Dam* to Van Bu­
Natural Steps* to Little
Nelsonville to Smithville.
Neuhardt*! to Marion.
New Blaine*!! to Paris.
Newburg* to Melbourne.
Newell to El Dorado.
New Gascony* to Pine
Newhope* to Dierks.
New London*to Strong.
Newnata to Mountain View
Nimmons* to Piggott.
Nimrod* to Casa.
Noble Lake!! to Pine Bluff
Nola* to Waldron.
Noland* to Pocahontas.
Norman*!! to Glenwood.
Norphlet*!! to El Dorado.
Nunley to Mena.

Oak Forest to Marianna.
Oak Grove* to Green Forest
Oakland* to Mountain
Oark* to Clarksville.
Odell* to Lincoln.
Oden*! to Mt. Ida.
Oga to Mountain View.
Ogamaw* to Stephens.
Ogden*! to Hope.
Oil Trough* to Newark.
Okean*!! to Walnut Ridge
Olena to De Witt.
Olio* to Waldron,
Olvey *1 to Harrison.
Olyphant*!! to Newport.
Omage to Marshall.
Omaha (Boone Co.)*! to
Onda to West Fork.
Oneal*!! to Batesville.
Oneida*! to Helena.
Onia* to Mountain View
Onyx* to Danville.
Opal* to Mena.
Oppelo to Morrillton.
Optimus to Calico Rock.
Orlando to Warren.
Osage* to Green Forest.
Osage Mills* to Bentonville.

Otto to Conway.
Otwell* to Jonesboro.
Ouachita to Camden.
Owensville* to Benton.
Ozone* to Clarksville.

Roe*!! to Clarendon.
Rohwer* to Arkansas City.
Roland*!! to Little Rock.
Rolla*! to Malvern.
Romance* to Beebe.
Rondo*!! to Marianna.

Palatka* to Success.
Palestine*!! to ForrestClty
Palmer* to Clarendon.
Pangburn*!! to Heber
Paradise* to Monticello.
Paraloma*!! to Ashdown.
Parks* to Waldron.
Parma to Shirley.
Paron* to Benton.
Parthenon* to Jasper.
Patmos* to Hope.
Patrick* to St. Paul.
Patterson* (Woodruff Co.)
to McCrory.
Peace to Rison.
Peach Orchard*!!to Knobel
Pearcy*! to Hot Springs.
Pearson* to Heber Springs.
Pecan Point* to Wilson.
Peel* to Yellville.
Pelsor to Dover.
Pendleton* to Dumas.

Roosevelt* to Searcy.
Rosboro*!! to Amity.
Rose Bud* to Quitman.
Rosedale to Van Buren.
Roseland to Manila.
Roseville to Ozark.
Rosie* to Newark.
Ross (Mississippi Co.) to

Penrose* to Hickory Ridge.
Perla* to Malvern.
iPerryville*! to Perry.
Peterpender to Ozark.
Peters to Marianna.
Pettigrew*!! to Jasper.
Pettus* to Lonoke.
Pfeiffer* to Batesville.
Phenix* to Pine Bluff.
iPiggott*!! to Paragould.
Pike*! to Delight.
Pinckney* to Hughes.
Pindall*t to St. Joe.
Pine City* to Holly Grove.
Pinevllle to Calico Rock.
Piney* to London.
Pinnacle*!! to Little Rock.
Pitkin to West Fork.
Pitman* to Doniphan, Mo.
Pitts* to Harrisburg.
Plant* to Leslie.
Pleasant Plains* to New­
Pleasant Ridge to Harri­
Plum Bayou* to Pine Bluff.
Point Cedar* to Amity.
Point Peter to Marshall.
Pollard*!! to Piggatt.
Ponca* to Jasper
Poplar Grove*!! to Helena.
Porter Station to Winslow.
Portia*!! to Black Rock.
Postelle*!! to Marvell.
Potter*! to Mena.
Poughkeepsie* to Evening

Rudy*!! to Van Buren.
Rule to Green Forest.
Rumley* to Leslie
Running Lake to Pocahon­
Rush* to Yellville.
Rushing* to Shirley.
Russell*! to Bald Knob.
Rust to Mena.
Ruth to Calico Rock.
Ryan* to England.
Rye to Wilmar
Ryker* to Pettigrew.
Saddle! to Mammouth
Saffell* to Black Rock.
Sage* to Melbourne.
Saint Charles* to De Witt.
Saint James* to Batesville.
Salado* to Batesville.
Saltillo to Conway.
Salus* to Clarksville.
Sandtown* to Batesville
Sandybend* to Strong.
Saratoga* to Fulton.
Savoy*! to Fayetteville.
Sayre*!! to Chidester.
Scaife to Eudora.
Schaal* to Mineral Springs.
Schaberg*!! to Winslow.
Schooley to Ozan.
Scotland* to Clinton,
Scott*!! to Little Rock.
Scottsville* to Russellville
Sedalia to Rogers.

Powell to St. Paul.
iPowhatan* to Black Rock
Poyen*!! to Benton.
Prague* to Sheridan.
Prairie View* to Scranton.
Prattsville* to Sheridan.
a Prim to Heber Springs.
Princeton* to Carthage.
Proctor*!! to Forrest City
Prosperity* to Harrison.
Provo*!! to Lockesburg.
Pruitt to Harrison.
Pugh*! to Hamburg.
Purdy to Huntsville.
Pyatt*!! to Harrison.

Sedgwick*!! to Walnut
Selma* to Tlllar.
Shannon to Pocahontas.
Shark* to Danville.
Shawmut* to Amity.
Shelbyville* to Evening
Sheppard to Fulton.
Shibley to Van Buren.
Shiloh* to Heber Springs.
Shoal Creek* to Paris.
Shoffner* to Newport.
Sidon* to Searcy.
Silver* to Mount Ida.
Simco to Sulphur Rock.
Sims* to Mount Ida.
Simsboro to Earl.

Raspberry to Dover.
Ratcliff*!! to Charleston.
Ratio to Helena.
Raum* to Omaha.
Ravana* to Bloomburg.Tex
Rawllson* to Forrest City.

Sitka to Hardy.
Skylight to West Fork.
Slatonville to Greenwood.
Slocomb* to Benton
Slovaktown to Hazen.
Smithton*!! to Gurdon.
Snowball* to Marshall.
Snow Hill to Smackover.
Snow Lake*!! to Helena.

Rawls to Hamburg.
Raymond to Clarendon.
Reader* to Chidester.
Readland*!! to Eudora.
Rea Valley* to Flippin.
Redfleld*!! to Pine Bluff.
Red Rock* to Jasper.
Redstar* to Pettigrew.
Red Store to Marvell.
Redstrlpe* to Mountain
Refuge to McGehee.
Relfs Bluff* to Monticello.
Remmel* to Newport
Republican to Conway
Retta* to Russellville
Reydel* to Pine Biafl.
Rhea* to Lincoln.
Rice to Paragould.
Richey to Lincoln
Richmond* to Hope.
Rich Mountain*!! to Mena.
Riddle to Lockbsburg.
Risher to Jonesboro.
Ritz (Polk Co.) to Mena.
Ritz (Scott Co.) to Mena.
Riverside! to Augusta.
Rixey to Li tile Rock.
Robinson* to Siloam
Rockhouse to Eureka Spgs.
Rock Spring* to Marshall.
Rocky to Mena.
Rocky Hill to Leslie.
Rodney*! to Calico Rock.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Rosston* to Prescott.
Round Pond*!! to Forrest
Rover* to Danville.
Rowell* to Rison.
Royal* to Hot Springs.
Rubicon to Benton.
Rudd to Green Forest.
Ruddels*!! to Mountain

A Comity Seat.

Subiaco* Ito Scranton.
Sugar Grove* to Magazine.
Sulphur City* to Fayette­
Summers*! to Westville,
Summit* to Yellville.
Sumpter* to Warren.
Sunnyside to Lake Village.
Sunset* to Winslow
Supply* to Maynard
Sutton to Emmett.
Swain* to Jasper.
Sweden* to Pine Bluff.
Sweet Home*!! to Little
Sylamore* (Stone Co.) to
Mountain View.
Taft to Ozark.
Tamo*!! to Pine Bluff.
Tarry* to Pine Bluff.
Tate to Booneville.
Theo to Chidester.
Thida to Newark.
Thiel to Benton.
Thola to Leslie.
Thompson* to St. Paul.
Thornburgh* to Perry.
Thorney* to Elkins.
Thornton*!! to Fordyce.
Three Brothers* to Moun­
tain Home.
Three Creeks to Junction.
Tichnor* to Gillett
Tie Plant* to North Little
Tilton*!! to Wynne.
Tlmbo* to Mountain View.
Tinsman*!! to Hampton.
Tipperary to Knobel.
Tokio*! to Nashville.
Toledo to Rison.
Toilette to Mineral Springs.
Tollville to De Vails Bluff.
Toltec* to England.
Tomahawk* to Marshall.
Tomato* to Blytheville.
Tomberlins to England.
Tontitown* to Springdale.
Traskwood*!! to Benton.
Treat to Lamar.
Trenton* to Marvell.
Trident to Siloam Springs.
Trigg to Kingsland.
Troy to Stephens.
Trull* to El Dorado.
Truth to Huntsville.
Tubal to Junction.
Tucker*!! to England.
Tulip* to Carthage.
Tulot to Truman.
Tumbling Shoals to Heber
Turkey to Yellville.
Turner* to Marvell.
Turrell*!! to Marlon.
Twin Creek* to Calico Rock
Twist to Earle.
Tyler* to Heber Springs
Tyro* to Monticello '
Tyronzo*!! to Marked
Dim*! to Stuttgart.
Umpire* to Dierks.
Una to Leslie.
Union* to Salem.
Uniontown* to Van Buren.
Upland*!! to Junction City.
Urbana*! to Strong.
Urbanette*! to Berryville.
Ursula* to Charleston.

Snyder*! to Hamburg.
Social Hill* to Malvern.
Solgobachia* to Morrillton.
Sonora* to Springdale.
Soudan to Marianna.
South Fork* to Mammoth
So. Ft. Smith*tl to Ft.
Southland to Helena.

Vaden to Gurdon.
Vale* to Fayetteville.
Valley Springs* to Harri­
Van* to De Witt.
Vandervoort*!! to Wickes.
Van Duzer* to Camden
Vanndale*! to Wynne.
iVarner*!! to Pine Bluff.
Vaughn to Bentonville.
Vendor* to Jasper.
Vesta to Charleston.
Vick *!! to Hermitage.
Vidette to Mountain Home.
Village* to Magnolia.
Vilonia* to Conway.
Vimy Ridge*! to Little
Vincent*! to Crawfordville.
Violet Hill* to Melbourne.

Spadra*!! to Hartman.
Spielerville* to Paris.
Spirit Lake to Lewisville
Spoke Plant* to Pettigrew.
Springfield* to Morrillton.
Spring Hill to Hope.
Springtown* to Gentry.
Spring Valley *to Springdale
Stacy to Marion.
Stafford* to Belleville.
Stanford to Paragould.
Steele! to Elm Springs
Steenville to El Dorado.
Stegall to Grubbs.
Stella* to Melbourne.
Steprock* to Judsonia.
Steve* to Plainview.
Stillions to Hamburg.
St. Joe*!! to Harrison.
Stonewall* to Knobel.
Story* to Mount Ida.
St. Paul*!! to Huntsville.
Strickler* to Prairie Grove.
Stuart* to Hardy.
Sturkie* to Salem

Wabash* to Helena.
Wabbaseka*!! to Pine
Walcott* to Paragould.
Waldenburg* to Weiner.
Waldstein*! to De Witt.
Walker* to Searcy
Walnut Corner* (Phillips
Co.) to Helena.
Walnut Grove to Batesville
Walnut Hill to Bradley.
Walnut Lake*!! to Dumas.
Walnut Springs to Horatio.
Waltreak to Danville.
Ward*! to Beebe.
Wardell to Joiner.
Wareagle* to Rogers.
Warm Springs* to Poca­
Washburn* to Greenwood.
Washita* to Hot Springs.
Waterloo! to Waldo.
Waters* to Mena.
Watervalley* to Imhoden.
Watson*!! to McGehee.

* Money Order Office.

t Telegraph Station.



Wattensaw* to Lonoke.
Watts*! to Leslie.
Wave to Carthage.
Waveland*!! to Danville.
Waverly* to Marion.
Way ton to Jasper.
Webb City* to Ozark.
Weber to Gillett.
Wedington to Siloam
Weeks* to Heavener, Okla.
Weldon*!! to Newport.
Wesley* to Elkins.
Wesson* to El Dorado.
West Fork to Fayetteville.
West Hartford to Hartford.
West Helena*!! to Helena.
West Point*! to Kensett.
West Ridge! to Lepanto.
Westville to El Dorado.
Wharton* to Huntsville.
Wheeler* to Springdale.
Wheeling* to Salem.
Whelen Springs*!! to Gur­
Whisp to Leachville.
White*!! to Crossett.
Whiteciiffs to Ashdown.
Whitehall*! to Harrisburg.
Whitener* to Hindsville.
Whitmore to Forrest City.
Whitton to Wilson.
Whittington to Hot Spgs.
Wickes*!! to Gilham.
Wideman* to Calico Rock.
Wideners*!! to Forrest City
Wilburn* to Heber Springs
Wilco to Marshall.
Wild Cherry* to Calico
Wlllcockson to Harrison.
Williford*!! to Hardy
Willisville to Waldo
Willow*!! to Carthage.
Wilmington to El Dorado.
Wilmot*!! to Parkdale.
Wilton*!! to Hope.
Winchester*!! to Tillar.
Wing* to Danvlile.
Winthrop*!! to Horatio.
Wirth to Mammoth Spg.
Wiseman* to Melbourne.
Witcherville* to Huntington.
Witherspoon* to Arkadelphia.
Witter* to St. Paul.
Witts Springs* to Marshall.
Wiville*!! to Cotton Plant.
Wolf Bayou* to Batesville.
Woodberry* to Hampton.
Woodrow to Heber Springs.
Woodson*!! to Little Rock.
Woolsey to West Fork.
Woolum* to Leslie.
Wooster*! to Conway.
Worden to Bald Knob.
Wrightsville*!! to Little
Wye* to Houston.
Wyola to Winslow.
Yale* to Clarksville.
Yancopln* to McGehee.
Yancy* to Ozan.
Yarbro*! to Blytheville
Yardelle* to Harrison.
A Yell ville*!! to Mountain
Yocum! to Green Forest.
Yorktown to Pine Bluff
Youngtown to Pine Bluff
Zack* to Marshall.
Zent* to Brinkley.
Zinc*!! to Harrison.
Zion* to Melbourne.
Aberdeen* to Independence
Academy*! to Clovis.
Acampo*!! to Lodi
Acton*! to Palmdale.
Adams to Calistoga.
Adams Springs to Calistoga
Adelanto* to Victorville
Adin*! to Bieber.
Aetna Springs* to St
Ager*! to Montague.
Agnew*!! to Santa Clara.
Agua Caliente* to Sonoma
Aguanga* to Temecula.
Ahwahnee*! to Madera.
Alamo*t to Danville
Alberhill* to Elsinore.
Albion*! to Mendocino.
Alderpoint*!! to Scotia.
Alder Springs* to Willows.
Alexander Valley to Healdsburg.
A llegh any *!to N evad a Ci ty.
Allendale (Alameda Co.) to
Allendale (Solano Co.) to
Aliensworth*!! to Delano
Alliance to Areata.
Alma*!! to Los Gatos.
Alpaugh*! to Corcoran
Alpine* to El Cajon.
Alta* to Colfax.
A1 Tahoe*! to Truckee.
AltaLoma*! to Cucamonga.
Altamont*!! to Livermore.
Altaville* to Angels Camp.
Alton*! to Fortuna.
Alviso*!! to Milpitas.
Amboy*!! to Needles.
Andrade*! to Yuma, Ariz.
Angwin* to St. Helena.
Antelope*!! to Sacramento
! Express Office


Applegate*!! to Auburn.
Aptos*!! to Santa Cruz.
Arboga*! to Marysville.
Arena to Atwater.
Armona*!! to Hanford.
Aromas*!! to Watsonville.
Artois*!! to Willows.
Arvin*t to Bakersfield
Asilomar*! to Pacific Grove
Asti* to Cioverdale.
Athlone* to Merced.
Atlanta to Ripon.
Atolia*f to Barstow.
Atwood!! to Placentia.
Auberry* to Clovis.
Avenal to Coolinga.
Avery*t to Angels Camp
Avila* to San Luis Obispo.
Avontt to Bay Point.
Bachelor to Upper Lake.
Badger* to Orosi.
Bagby*+! to Merced
Bagdad!! to Barstow.
Baird*t to Redding.
Ballicot to Turlock.
Bangor*f to Oroville.
Bantatt to Tracy.
Bard* to Yuma, Ariz.
Barrett*!! to San Diego.
Bartlett*t to Lone Pine.
Bartlett Springs* to Upper
Bass Laket to Fresno.
Bay to Valley Ford
Bayles* to Dunsmuir.
Bayside*t to Areata.
Beatrice*!! to Loleta.
Beckwith*!: to Portola.
Beegum to Red Bluff.
Belden*!! to Quincy.
Bella Vista to Redding.
Bellevuet to Santa Rosa.
Bellotat to Stockton.
Belmont*!! to Red Wood
Belvedere to Tiburon.
Ben Hur* to Madera.
Ben Lomond*!! to Santa
CruzBenton* to Bishop.
Berenda*!! to Madera.
Beresford to San Mateo.
Berlin to Arbuckle.
Bernardot to Escondido.
Berros* to Arroyo Grande.
Berry Creek*!! to Oroville.
Berryessa to San Jose.
Bethany*!! to Tracy.
Betteravia* to Santa Maria
Beulah Heights to Oakland.
Big Bar (Butte) to Oroville.
Big Bar*t (Trinity Co.) to
Big Basin* to Santa Cruz.
Big Bend to Redding.
Big Creek* to Fresno.
Biggs to Gridley.
Big Meadows to Angels
Big Oak Flat*t to James­
Big Pine*t to Bishop.
Bigtrees* to Angels Camp.
Bijou* to Minden. Nev.
Bingvill to National City.
Biola*! to Fresno.
Birds Landing* to Suisun
Black Pointt to Novato.
Blairsden*!! to Portola.
Blanchard to Merced.
Blanco to Salinas.
BlockBburg* to Scotia.
Bloomfield*! to Valiev Ford.
Bloomington*!! to Colton.
Blue Canyon*!! to Colfax.
Blue Lake*t to Areata.
Boca*!! to Reno. Nev.
Bodega*!! to Valiev Ford.
Bodflsh* to Bakersfield.
Bodie*t to Reno.
Bolinas*t to Point Reyes
Bolsaf to Garden Grove.
Bonita*! to National City.
Bonny Doon* to Santa
Bonsall*t to Fall Brook.
Boonville*t to Ukiah.
Bostoma* to El Cajon.
Boulder Creek*!! to Santa
Boulevard* to San Diego.
Bowles*!! to Fowler.
Bowman*!! to Auburn.
Boyes Springs* to Sonoma.
Bradley*!! to San Miguel.
Branseomb* to Wlllits.
Bray*+! to Dorris.
Brentwood Heights*!! to
West Los Angeles.
Briceburg* to Merced.
Briceland*! to Scotia.
Bridgehouse* to lone.
♦Bridgeport* to Minden,
Bridgeville*t to Fortuna.
Brighton!! to Sacramento.
Brockway*!! to Reno, Nev.
Broderick*? to Sacramento
Brookdale to Santa Cruz.
Brooks*! to Esparto.
Brown* to Mojave.
Browns Valley to Marys­
Brownsville*? to Marysville
Bryn Mawr*!! to Redlands
Bryte’T to Sacramento.
Buckman Springs to San
Buck Meadows to Sonora.
Bucks to Quincy.
Bucksport to Eureka.

Buellton to Solvang.
Buena Vista to Oceanside.
Buena Vista (Sonoma Co.)
to Sonoma.
Buena Vista (Stanislaus) to
Bull Creek to Scotia.
Burlington to Scotia.
Burnell to Fortuna.
Burney* to Fall River Mills
Burnt Ranch* to Areata.
Burrell*!! to Riverdale.
Burrough to Clovis.
Burson*! to Lodi.
Butte City* to Willows.
Button Willow*!! to Bak­
Byersville to CrowsLanding
Cabazon*! to Banning.
Caion*!! to SanBernardino.
Calabasas* to Owensmouth
Callente*!! to Bakersfield.
Califa to Madera.
California Hot Springs* to
Calimesa to Redlands.
Callahan*! to Etna.
Calpella*! to Ukiah.
Calpinet! to Portola.
Calwa City to Fresno.
Camanche* to Lodi.
Camden to Laton.
Oamino* to Placervllle.
Camp Baldy* to Upland.
Camp Meeker*!! to Valley
Campo*! to San Diego.
Camno Seco* to Jackson.
Camp Richardson toCarson
City. Nev.
Camptonville*! to Nevada
Canby*! to Alturas.
Cantll*! to Tehachapi.
Canyon to Oakland.
Capay*! to Esparto.
Capetown*! to Ferndale.
Capistrano Beach! to San
Juan Capistrano.
Capitola*!! to Santa Cruz.
Cardiff By The Sea* to
Carlotta*! to Fortuna.
Carmichael* to Fair Oaks.
Carnelian Bay*! to Reno.
Carrvllle* to Weaverville.
Carson Hill*! to Angels
Cartago*!! to Lone Pine.
Casmalia*!! to Santa
Caspar*! to Fort Bragg
Cassei* to Fall River Mills.
Castaic to Newhall.
Castelia*!! to Dunsmuir
Catalina Island to Avalon.
Cathay* to Le Grand
Cayucos*! to Cambria.
Cazadero*!! to Guerneville.
Cecilville*! to Etna.
Cedarcrest! to Clovis.
Cement.*!! to Suisun City.
Centerville (Fresno Co.) to
Challenge*! to Marysville.
Chambers Lodge* to Reno.
Charter Oak*! to Covina.
Chatsworth*!! to Owens­
Cherokee to Oroville.
Chester*! to Westwood.
Chicago Park* to Colfax.
Chilcoot*!! to Loyalton.
Chiles to St. Helena.
Chinese Camp*! to James­
Cholame* to Paso Robles.
Chualar*!! to Gonzales.
Cima*!! to Needles.
Cisco to Colfax.
Clarksburg* to Sacramento
Clarks Creek to Fall River
Clarksville*! to Placervllle.
Clay*! to Galt.
Clayton* to Concord.
Clear Lake to Calistoga.
Clearlake Highlands to
Clearlake Oaks to Calistoga
Clearwater*! to Hynes.
Clements*!! to Lockeford.
Clio*!! to Portola.
Clippergap*! to Auburn
Clipper Mills*! to Oroville.
Clyde! to Bay Point.
CoarsegoId*+ to Madera.
Cobb* to Kelseyville.
Coleville* to Gardnerville,
College City* to Arbuckle.
Collins to Ontario.
Collinsville*! to Antioch.
Coloma to Placerville.
Columbia* to Sonora.
Columbia Hill to Nevada
Comptche*! to Mendocino.
Conejot! to Laton.
Confidence* to Tuolumne.
Cool* to Auburn.
Coopersrown*!! toOakdale.
Copper City! to Redding.
Copperopolis* to Angels
Cordelia*!! to Suisun City.
Cornell to Owensmouth.
Corona Del Mar* to New­
port Beach.
Corralitos* to Watsonville
Crote Madera*!! to Larksspur.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




A County Seat.

Oortena to Maxwell.
Coso Junction to Lone Pine
Cotati*!! to Petaluma.
Cottonwood to Anderson.
Coulterville*!! to Merced.
Coutolenc*! to Chico.
Cowell! to Concord.
Coyote*!! to Morgan Hill.
Crannell to Areata.
Crescent Mills* to Green­
Cressey* to Merced.
Crestline* to San Bernar­
Crestmore*!! to Riverside.
Creston* to Paso Robles
Cromberg*! to Quincy.
Cudahy Station to Los
Cummings* to Willits.
Cunningham to Sebastopol.
Cupertino*! to Sunnyvale.
Cutler*!! to Dinuba.
Daggett*!! to Barstow.
Dairyvillet to Red Bluff.
Dana* to Fall River Mills.
Dana Point to San Juan
Danbyt! to Needles.
Darwin*! to Lone Pine.
Davenport*!! toSantaCruz.
Davidson City to Long
Davis Creek*!! to Alturas.
Death Valley* to Goldfield.
Decoto*!! to Niles.
Deerpark*!! to Reno. Nev.
Deetz! to Mount Shasta.
Delevan to Maxwell.
Delhi*! to Turlock.
Delleker* to Portula.
Del Loma* to Weaverville.
Del Mar*!! to San Diegu
Del Mar (Santa Cruz Co.)!
to Santa Cruz.
Del Monte*!! to Monterey
Del Monte Junction!! to
Del Paso Heights to Sacra­
Del Paso Park to Sacra­
Del Piedra to Reedley.
Del Rosa*!! to San Ber­
Del Sur* to Lancaster.
Delta!! to Redding.
Denair*!! to Turlock.
Denny* to Weaverville.
Deseanso* to El Cajon
Devils Den to Wasco.
Devore*!! to San Bernar­
Dinkey Creek to Clovis.
Dixieland* to El Centro.
Dobbins* !to Nevada City.
Donner! to Reno. Nev.
Donner Lake to Truckee.
Dos Rios*!! to Covelo.
Dougherty! to Pleasanton.
Douglas Flat*! to Angels
Douglas Park to Crescent
♦Downieville*! to Nevada
Doyle*!! to Susanville.
Drytown*! to Amador City
Duarte*!! to Monrovia.
Dublin to Pleasanton.
Dulzura* to San Diego
Duncans Mills!! to Guerne­
Dunlap*! to Sanger.
Dunneville Corner to Hol­
Dunnigan*!! to Woodland.
Durham*!! to Chico.
Dutcn Flat*!! to Colfax.
Dyerville* to Scotia
Eagleville*! to Cedarvile.
Earlimart*!! to Ducor.
East Auburn to Auburn.
East Bakersfield! to Bakers­
East Highlands*!! to High­
East Nicolaus*!! to Marys­
Easton (Fresno Co.) to
Easton (San Mateo Co.) to
East San Diego*! to San
Echo Lake to Placerville.
Eden* to Beaumont.
Edgewood*+! to Weed.
Edna! to San Luis Obispo.
Edom*!! to Indio.
Eel Rock! to Scotia.
El Dorado (Calaveras Co.)
to Angels Camp.
El Dorado*!! (Eldorado
Co.) to Placerville.
El Granada*! to San Fran­
Elizabeth Lake to Palmdale
Elk*! (Mendocino Co.) to
Elk Creek*! to Willow.
Elk River to Eureka.
Elmira*!! to Vacaville.
El Modeno* to Orange.
El Nido to Merced
•Money Order Office.

El Portal*!! to Merced.
El Rio to Oxnard.
El Toro*!! to Santa Ana.
El Verano*!! to Sonoma.
Elverta* to Sacramento.
Emerald Bay*!! to Reno.
Emigrant Gap*!! to Colfax.
Emmaton to Antioch.
Empire*!! to Modesto.
Encanto* to San Diego.
Encino to Van Nuys.
Engelmine* to Greenville.
Englewood to Scotia.
Enterprise* to Oroville.
Etiwanda*!! toCucamonga.
Eugene*! to Oakdale.
Evergreen to San Jose.
Fairmead*!! to Madera.
Fairmont* to Lancaster.
Falk* to Eureka.
Fallen Leaf*! to Placerville.
Fallon*+! to Tomales.
Fallsville to Redlands.
Famosa*!! to McFarland.
Farley to Willits.
Farmersville*!! to Exeter.
Farmington*!! to Stockton.
Fawnskin to San Bernard­
Feather Falls to Oroville.
Felton*!! to Santa Cruz.
Fenner!! to Needles.
Fernbridge!! to Fortuna.
Fertilla* to Blythe.
FettersSprings*! toSonoma.
Fieldbrook* to Areata.
Fields Landing* to Eureka.
Finley* to Lakeport.
Fish Camp to Madera.
Fish Rock! to Point Arena.
Flinn Springs to Lakeside.
Flintridge to Pasadena.
Florin*!! to Sacramento.
Floriston*!! to Reno. Nev.
Flournoy*! to Corning.
Forbestown*! to Oroville.
Forest*! to Nevada City.
Forest Glen to Weaverville.
Foresthill*! to Colfax.
Forest Home! to Redlands.
Forest Knolls! to Fairfax.
Forks of Salmon*! to Etna
Fort Dick* to CrescentCity.
Fort Seward*!! to Scotia.
Fosteria to San Andreas.
Franklin*t! to Elk Grove.
Frazier Park to Bakers­
Freedom to Watsonville.
Freeport to Sacramento.
Freestone*!! to Valley Ford.
French Camp* to Stockton.
French Corral*! to Nevada
French Gulch*t to Redding.
Fresh Pond to Placerville.
Freshwater* to Eureka.
Friant*!! to Clovis.
Frodsham* to Antioch.
Fruitvale*!! to Oakland.
Fruto*!! to Willows.
Fulton*!! to Santa Rosa.
Garberville*! to Scotia.
Garey to Santa Maria.
Gas Point* to Anderson.
Gaviota*!! to Santa Bar­
Gazelle*!! to Weed.
General Grant Park* to
Orange Cove.
Genesee* to Greenville.
Georgetown*! to Placerville.
Gerber*!! to Red Bluff.
Germantown to Willows.
Giant*! to Pinole.
Giant Forest* to Woodlake.
Gilroy Hot Springs* to Gil­
Girard to Owensmouth.
Glenblair* to Fort Bragg.
Glenburn*! to Fall River
Glen Ellen*! to Sonoma.
Glenn* to Willows.
Glenn Alpine to Carson
City, Nev.
Glennville*! to Ducor.
Glenwood*!! to Santa Cruz
Gloryetta* to Santa Ana.
Goffs*!! to-Needles.
Gold Run*!! to Colfax.
Goleta*! to Santa Barbara.
Goodyears Bar * to Nevada
Gorman to Bakersfield.
Goshen* to Visalia.
Gottville*! to Yreka.
Grabners* to Clovis.
Graeagle* to Quincy.
Granada! to San Francisco.
Grandview* to Novato.
Grangeville to Hanford.
Grapevine to Bakersfield.
Graton*+ to Sebastopol.
Grays Flat to Quincy.
Greenbrae to San Rafael.
Greenfield*! to Soledad.
Greenleaf! to Madera.
Greenview* to Ft. Jones
Greenville (Alameda Co.)to
Greenwood*? (Eldorado) to
Greenwood (Mendocino) to
Gregg to Madera.
Grenada*!! to Montague.
Grizzly Bluff* to Ferndale
Grizzly Flats* to Placerville
Grossmont* to La Mesa.

t Telegraph


Groveland*! to Sonora.
Gualala*! to Point Arena.
Guasti*!! to Ontario.
Guatay to San Diego.
Guernsey!! to Hanford
Guinda*!! to Esparto.
Guthries Station to Sacra­
Halcyon* toArroyo Graude
Halleck* to Victorville.
Hamourg*t to Fort Jones.
Hamilton City to Chico.
Hammond to Woodlake.
Hammonton*! to Marys­
HappyCamp* to FortJoues.
HarbinSorings to Calistoga.
Harbor t)ity*! to SanPedro.
Harding to Buena Park.
Harlem Springs! to High­
Harmony to Cambria.
Harris* to Scotia.
Harrison* to Pescadero.
Harriston* to Santa Maria.
Hartsoolc to Scotia.
Hatch to Turlock.
Hat Creek* to Fail River
Havilah! to Bakersfield.
Hayfork* to Weaverville.
HazelCreek*! to Dunsmuir.
Heber*! to El Centro.
Helena* to Weaverville.
Helendale*!! to Victorville.
Helisma to Lodi.
Helix to La Mesa.
Helm*!! to Kerman.
Herald*! to Galt.
Herndon*! to Fresno
Hesperia*!! to Victorville.
Hetch Hetchy Junction! to
Hickman* to Waterford.
Highgrove*!! to Riverside
Highway Highlands* to
Hill* to La Jolla.
Hilton*! to Guerneville.
Hilts*!! to Ashland. Ore.
Hinkley*!! to Barstow.
Hipass to Sati Diego.
Hobart Mills*! to Reno
Hodge to Barstow.
Hoffman Mi Lto Dorris.
Hollydale! to Hynes.
Holmes*! to Scotia.
Holt*!! to Stockton.
Holy City to Los Gatos.
Homewood*!! to
Honcut*!! to Oroville.
Honeydew to Scotia.
Hood*! to Sacramento.
Hoopa* to Areata.
Hornbrook*!! toMontague
Hornitos*! to Merced.
Hub to Hardwick.
Hume to Sanger.
Huntington Lake to Clovis.
Hurleton to Oroville.
Huron*! to Coalinga.
Hyampom* to Weaverville
Hydepark* to Los Angeles.
Hydesville*! to Fortuna
Idria* to Hollister.
Idyllwild*! to Hemet.
Ignacio*tl to San Rafael
Imperial*!! to El Centro.
Imperial Beach* to National
Incline! to Merced.!
♦ Independence*!! to Lone
Indian Weils to Indio.
Ingot*! to Redding.
Inverness*! to Point Reyes
Inyokern*!! to Lone Pine.
Iowa Hill* to Colfax.
Irvine*!! to Tustin.
Irwin* to Hilmar.
Irwindale*!! to Baldwin
Isabella*! to Bakersfield.
I vanhoe to Visalia.
Ivanpah*!! to Las Vegas
Jacumba* to San Diego.
Jamestown*! to Sonora.
Jamul* to La Mesa.
Janesville! to Susanville.
Jelly to Red Bluff.
Jenner*! to Guerneville
Jenny Lind* to Stockton
Jersey*! to Antioch
Johannesburg*! to Barstow
Johnstonville*! to Susan­
Johnstown to Lakeside
Jolon*to King City.
Josephine to Placerville.
Julian*! to Ramona.
Junction City* to Weaver­
Keddie*!! to Quincy.
Keeler*!! to Lone Pine
Keen Camp * to Hemet.
Keene* to Tehachapi.
Kellogg* to Calistoga.
Kelso*!! to Barstow.
Kennett to Redding
Kentfteld*?! to San Rafael
Kenwood*!! to Santa Rosa
Kern to Bakersfield.
Kernville*? to Bakersfield
Kettleman City! to Lemoore.
Keyes*! to Ceres.
! Express Office-



Kings Mountain to Red­
wood City.
Kingston to La Vegas, Nev.
Kirkwood*! to Corning
Klamath to Crescent City.
Knightsen*!! to Brentwood
Knights Ferry*! to Oakdale
Knob to Redding.
Knowles* to Madera
Korbel*!! to Areata
Kyburz* to Placerville

Meadow Valley*! to Quincy.
North Pomona*!! to Po­
Mecca*!! to Thermal.
Meeks Bay to Reno, Nev.
North San Juan*! to Neva­
Melitta to Santa Rosa.
da City.
Meloland to El Centro.
j Northwestern* to Willits.
Melones* to Angels Camp.
Noyo to Fort Bragg
Mendota*!! to Firebaugh.
Nuevo* (Riverside Co.) to
Mentone*!! to Redlands.
Merced Fads*!! to Merced.
Meridian*! to Colusa.
Meridian Corners to San
Merryman to Exeter.
Oak Bottoms! to Bedding.
Mesa Grande*! (dan Diego
Oak Grove to Monterey.
Co.) to Ramona.
Oakhurst*! to Madera.
Mesa Grande (Sonoma Co.)
Oakley*!! to Antioch.
La Canada* to Pasadena.
to Guerneville.
Oak Park*!! to Sacramento
La Crascenta* to Glendale.
Metropolitan*! to Scotia.
Oakville*!! to St. Helena.
Lafayette*t to Walnut
Meyers* to Placerville.
Oasis* to Tonopah, Nev.
Michigan Bar*! to Sacra­
Occidental*!! toSebastopol.
La Grange* to Waterford.
Lagunitas*! to Fairfax.
Michigan Bluff*t to Colfax.
Ogilby*!! to Yuma, Ariz.
La Honda* to Redwood
Middletown*! to Calistoga.
Oilcenter* to Bakersfield.
Mid Lake* to Upper Lake.
Oildale* to Bakersfield.
Lake Alamanor to Green­
Milford*! to Susanville.
Oilfields* to Coalinga.
Millbrae*! to San Mateo
Olancha*! to Lone Pine.
Lake Arrowhead to San
Mills*!! to Sacramento.
Oleander* to Fresno.
Millsaps*! to Willows.
Olema*! to San Rafael.
Lake City*t to Cedarville.
Mills College*! to Oakland.
Oleta*! to Sutter Creek.
Lake Hodges to Escondido.
Millville*! to Anderson.
Oleum*! to Pinoli.
Lake Hughes to Palmdale.
Milton*!! to Stockton.
Olinda! (Orange Co.) to
Lakeview* to Perris.
Mineral* to Red Bluff.
Lakeville to Petaluma.
Mineral Park to Bishop.
Olinda* (Shasta Co.) to
Lambert to Healdsburg.
Minkler!! to Sanger.
La Mirada*!! to Norwalk.
Miramar* (San Diego Co.)
Olympia! to Santa Cruz.
La Moine*!! to Dunsmuir.
to San Diego.
Lanare*! to Riverdale.
Miramar! (San Mateo Co.)
Omo Ranch to Plymouth.
Lanfair* to Needles.
to Half Moon Bay.
O’Neals* to Clovis.
Lansdale to San Anselmo.
Miramonte to Orange Cove.
Ono* to Redding.
La l’anza* to San Luis
Miranda*! to Scotia.
Onyx to Bakersfield.
Mission Beach to San Diego
Ophir to Newcastle.
La Porte*t to Quincy.
Mission San Jose*! to
Orangevale to Folsom
Las Orucest to Santa Bar­
Orcutt*!! to Santa Maria
Mist* to Madera.
Orick* to Areata.
Las Flores to Red Bluff.
Moccasin to Jamestown.
Oriental! to Willows.
Lassen to Susanville.
Mohawk* to Quincy.
Orinda to Berkeley.
Lathrop* to Stockton.
Mojave*!! to Tehachapi.
Orleans* to Areata.
Latrobe!! to Placerville.
Mokelumne Hill*! to JackOro Grande*!! to Victor­
Laurel*! to Los Gatos.
Lawrence*! to Santa Clara.
Molino to Sebastopol.
Orrs* to Ukiah.
Laws*t! to Bishop.
Monmouth* to Caruthers.
Osdick to Kerman.
Laytonville* to Willits.
Mono Lake* to Minden.
Ostrom to Marysville.
Lebec*t to Rakersfleid.
Monolith*!! to Tehachapi.
Oswald to Yuba City.
Leevening* to Minden.
Monson to Dinuba.
Otay* to Chula Vista.
Leliter* to Tehachapi.
Montalvo*!! to Oxnard.
Owenyo*!! to Lone Pine.
Lemoncove*! to Exeter.
Montara*! to Half Moon
Lemongrove*t! to La Mesa
Lennoxt to Inglewood.
Monta Vista (Santa Clara
Leucadia to Encinitas.
Co.) to Sunnyvale.
Lewiston*!! to Weaverville
Montecito* to Santa Bar­
Likely*!! to Alturas.
Pacheco to Concord.
Lime Kiln to Exeter.
Monte Vista (San Bernar­
Pacific* to Placerville.
Linden*! to Stockton.
dino Co.) to Ontario.
Pacific Beach*! to San
Litchfield*!! to Susanville.
Montgomery Creek*! to
Little Lake* to Lone Pine.
Pacoima to San Fernando.
Littlerock* to Palmdale.
Montieello*! to Napa.
Paicines*! to Hollister.
Live Oak*!! to Sacramento.
Montpelier*!! to Denair.
Paige to Tulare.
Live Oak Springs to San
Moraga to Walnut Creek.
Pajaro! to Watsonville.
Moreno* to Perris.
Pala*!I to Fallbrook.
Llano* to Palmdale.
Mormon Bar to Le Grand.
Palermo*!! to Oroville.
Locke!! to Walnut Grove.
Morro Bay*! to San Luis
Palliser* to Barstow.
Lockeport to WalnutGrove.
Palm City* to Chula Vista.
Lockwood* to King City.
Moss to Watsonville.
Palo Cedro*! to Anderson.
Lodoga to Maxwell
MossBeach*! to Half Moon
Palomar Mountain* to Es­
Logan to Watsonville.
Log Cabin to Nevada City.
Moss Landing*! to Watson­
Palomar Station to Watts.
Lomita Park! to San Bruno
Palos Verdes Estates! to
Lone Star! to Fowler.
Mountain House! (Alame­
Redonda Beach.
Longvale*!! to Willits.
da Co.) to Tracy.
Palo Verde* to Blythe.
Lonoak* to King City.
Mountain Ranch* to Angels
Panama to Bakersfield.
Lookout* to Bieber.
Paradise*!! to Chico.
Los Alamitos*!! to Artesla.
Mount Bullion*! to Merced
Parkfleld* to San Miguel.
Los Alamos*! to Santa
Mount Eden*!! to Hay­
Paskenta to Corning.
to Highlands.
Los Molinos*!! to Red
Mount Hebron*!! to Dorris
Paynes Creek*t to Red
Mount Hermon*! to Santa
Los Olivos*!! to Solvang.
Peanut to Weaverville.
Los Robles to Red Bluff.
Mount Signal* to Calexico.
Penngrove to Petaluma
Lost Hills* to Wasco.
Mount Wilson to Pasadena.
Penryn*!! to Newcastle.
Lotus* to Placerville
Muroc*!! to Mojave.
Pepperwood*! to Scotia.
Lower Lake*! to KelseyMurphy* (Calaveras Co.)to
Perkins*! to Sacramento.
Angels Camp.
Lucerne to Upper Lake.
Murrietta*!! to Temecula.
Perry to Redondo Beach.
Lucerne Valley* to Victor­
Myers to Scotia.
Peters*! to Stockton.
Petrolia*! to Ferndale.
Ludlow!! to Barstow.
Phelan to Victorville.
Phillips to Placerville.
Philo*! to Cloverdale.
Phoenix Lake to Sonora.
Napa Junction*!! to Napa.
Piedmont*! to Oakland.
Naples*!! to Santa Barbara
Piercy* to Willits.
Macdoel*!! to Dorris.
Nashmead* to Covelo.
Pinedale to Clovis.
Madeline*!! to Alturas.
Navarro* to Ukiah.
Pine Grove* to Jackson
Madison*!! to Esparto.
Navelencia* to Orange
Pine Hills to Ramona.
Madrone*! to Morgan Hill.
Pinehurst to Reedley.
Magalia*!! to Chico.
Neenach* to Lancaster.
Pine Knot to Redlands.
Malaga*! to Fresno.
Neighbours* to Ripley.
Pineridge* to Clovis.
Maiton to Orland.
Nelson*!! to Durham.
Pine Valley to San Diego.
Mammoth Lakes to Bishop.
Nestor* to National City.
Pittville*! to Redding.
Manchester*! to Point
New Almaden to San Jose.
Pixley*!! to Tipton.
Newark*!! to Centerville.
Planada*!! to Merced.
Manton*! to Red Bluff.
Newberry!! to Barstow.
Plaster City!! to El Centro.
Manzanar*! to Independ­
Newbury Park* to Cama­
Platina to Redding.
Manzanita to Live Oak.
New England Mills! to
Pleasant Grove*!! to
Manzanita to Sausalito.
Mare Island to Vallejo.
Newtown to San Diego.
Point Loma*! to San Diego.
Marina* to Monterey.
Newville! to Orland.
Point Richmond*! to Rich­
^Mariposa*! to Le Grande.
Nicasio*! to San Rafael.
Markleeville! to GardnerNicolaus*! to Marysville.
Poison Switch to Madera.
ville, Nev.
Niland*!! to Calipatria.
Pollock! to Redding.
Marshall*!! to Tomales.
Nipinnawasee* to Madera.
Pomins!! to Reno, Nev.
Martell* to Jackson.
Nipomo*!! to Santa Maria.
Pond* to Delano.
Mar Vista*! to Culver City.
Nipton to Las Vegas, Nev.
Pope Valley* to St. Helena.
Mather*! to Sonora.
Norco*! to Corona.
Poplar to Porterville.
Matheson* to Redding.
Nord* to Chico
Posey* to Bakersfield.
Mayhews* to Sacramento.
Norden*! to Truckee.
Potrero* to National City.
McArthur* to Fall River
North Bloomfield* to Neva­
Potter Valley*! to Ukiah.
da City
Poway*! to Escondido.
McCann* to Scotia.
North Columbia*! to
Pozo* to San Luis Obispo.
McKinleyville to Areata.
Nevada City.
Prado*!! to Corona.
McKittrick*!! to Taft.
NorthCucamonga* to Cuca­
Prather* to Clovis.
McNear Point to San Ra­
Prattco to Monterey.
North Fork* to Madera.
Preston*! to Cloverdale.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

* County Seat.

•■Money Order Office.

Priest Valley*! to King
Princeton* to Half Moon
Proberta*! to Red Bluff.
Pulga* to Oroville.
Pullman! to Richmond.
Purisima to Half MoonBay.
Rackerby*! to Marysville.
Railroad Flat*! to Jackson.
Raisin* to Caruthers.
Rancho Santa Fe to Solana
Randall* to Placerville.
Randsburg to Barstow.
Ravendale*!! to Susanville.
Ravenna!! to Los Angeles.
Raymond*!! to Madera.
Redbanks Station to Woodlake.
Redlands Junction to Red­
Redwood Valley* to Ukiah.
Represa* to Folsom City.
Requa* to Crescent City.
Rescue* to Placerville.
Resort to San Diego.
Reward* to Taft.
Ricardo to Mojave.
Rice!! to Blythe.
Richfield*! (Tehama Co.)
to Corning.
Richgrove*! to Ducor.
Richvale*!! to Biggs.
Rio Dell*! to Scotia.
Rio Linda*! to Sacramento.
Rionido*!! to Guerneville.
Rio .Oso* to Wheatland.
Ripley*!! to Blythe.
Rjverbank to Modesto.
River Pines to Plymouth.
Riverton to Placerville.
Robbins to Knights Land­
Roblar to Petaluma.
Rob Roy to Watsonville.
Rockaway Beach*! to San
Rocklin*!! to Loomis.
Rohnerville* to Fortuna.
Rolinda to Kerman,
liomoland to Perris.
Rosamond*!! to Lancaster.
I Roscoe to Burbank.
! Rosedale to Bakersfield.
I Ross*! to San Anselmo.
Rough and Ready*! to
Grass Valley.
Round Mountain*! to Red­
Rumsey*! to Esparto.
Running Springs Park to
San Bernardino.
Runnymead to Palo Alto.
Russell City (Amaleda Co.)
to Hayward.
Ruth* to Fortuna.
Rutherford*!! to St. Hel­
Ryde* to Walnut Grove.

Salada Beach* to San Fran­
Salvador to Napa.
Salyer* to Weaverville.
Samoa* to Eureka.
San Ardo*!! to King City.
Sandberg to Lancaster.
San Felipe to Gilroy.
Geronimo to
San Gregorio*! to Half
Moon Bay.
Sanitarium* to St. Helena.
San Joaquin*!! to Kerman.
San Juan! to San Juan
San Lorenzo*!! to San
San Lucas*!! to King City.
San Luis Key* toOceanside.
San Marcos*!! to Escon­
San Martin*!! to Morgan
H ill.
San Onofre*!! to Oceanside.
San Pablo*! to Richmond.
San Quentin*!! to San
San Ramon*! to Danville.
San Simeon*! to Cambria
San Vincente to Santa Cruz
San Ysidro*! to National
Santa Fe Springs*! to Los
Santa Margarita*!! (San
Luis Obispo Co.) to San
Luis Obispo.
Santa Rita to Salinas.
Santa Rita Junction! to
Santa Susana*!! to Oxnard.
Santa Ynez*! to Solvang.
Santa Ysabel! to Ramona.
Santee*!! to El Cajon.
Saratoga Springs to Lakeport.
Sargent*!! to Gilroy.
Sattley*! to Loyalton.
Saugus*!! to Newhall.Mill.
SawyersBar*! to Etna Mill.
Schellville! to Sonoma.
Schilling! to Redding.
Scott Barr*! to Yreka.
Seabright*!! to Santa Cruz.
Seaside*! to Monterey.
Seeley*!! to El Centro.
Seiad Valley*! to Fort Jones.
SelglerSprlngs* toCallstoga.
t Telegraph Station.



Selby*! to Crockett
Sepulreda to San Fernando
Sespe* to Fillmore.
Seven Oaks to Redlands.
Seville*!! to Orosi.
Shad Landing to Isleton.
Shandon* to Paso Robles.
Shasta*! to Redding.
Shasta Springs*!! to Duns­
Shastina to Weed.
Shaver Lake to Clovis.
Sheepranch*! to Angels
Sheldon! to Elk Grove.
Shellville* to Sonoma.
Shelter Cove* to Ferndale.
Sheridan*!! 10 Wheatland.
Sherman*!! to West Holly­
Shingle* to Placerville.
Shingle Springs!! to Placer­
Shingletown to Anderson.
Shiveley*!! to Scotia.
Shoshone to SanBernardino.
Sierra City*! to Loyalton.
Sierravilie*! to Loyalton.
Signal Hill to Long Beach.
Silver Lake*!! to Barstow.
Simi*! to Oxnard.
Simms Station to Ripon.
Sims! to Dunsmuir.
Sisquoc* to Santa Maria.
Sjsson!! to Mount Shasta.
Sites* to Colusa.
Skaggs Springs* to Geyserville.
Sky Forest to San Ber­
Sloat*!! to Quincy.
Slough H ouse* to Sacramen­
Smartville*! to Marysville.
Smithflat* to Placerville.
Smith River* to Crescent
Snelling*!! to Merced.
Soda Springs*! to Truck® .
Solo to Madera.
Somesbar* to Yreka.
Somis*!! to Camarillo.
Sorrento to La Jolla.
Soulsbyville*! to Sonora.
South Bay!! to Eureka.
South Dos Palos*! to Dos
South Fork to Scotia.
Spadra*! to Pomona.
Spenceville*! to Wheatland
Spreckels*! to Salinas.
SpringGarden*!! to Quincy.
Spring Valley* to La Meea.
Springville to Porterville.
Spy Rock*!! to Willits.
Squaw Vaiiey! to Orange
Stacey* to Susanville.
Stags Leap to Napa.
Standard*! to Sonora.
Standish to Susanville
Stanford University*!! to
Palo Alto.
Stanislaus* to AngelsCamp.
Stanton* to Anaheim.
Stateline* to Carson City
Stege*!! to Richmond.
Stevinson* to Turlock.
Stewarts Point*! to
Stinson Beach* to Sausalito
Stirling City*!! to Chico.
Stockyards to Oakland.
Stonyford* to Maxwell.
Stratford*!! to Lemoore.
Strawberry (Tuolumne P.
O.)! to Sonora.
Strawberry Valley*! to Oro­
Stubbs to Calistoga.
Sugar Pine*! to Madera
Sultana*!! to Dinuba.
Summerland*!! to Carplnteria.
Summit*! (San Bernardino.
Co.) to San Bernardino.
Sunland*t to Tujunga.
Sunnyside (San Diego Co.)
to National City.
Sunol*!! to Pleasanton.
Sunset Beach* to Huntington Beach.
Surf*!! to Lompoc.
Sutter*! to Yuba City.
Sutterville to Sacramento.
Swanton to Santa Cruz.
Swartout to San Bernar­
Sycamore*! to Colusa.
Sylvan Creek to Roseville.

Table Bluff! to Loleta.
Tahoe*! to Reno, Nev.
Tahoe City to Reno, Nev.
Tahoe Vista*! to Reno,
Tahoma to Truckee.
Talbert to Huntington
Talmage* to Ukiah.
Tancred*!! to Esparto.
Taylorsville* to Greenville.
Tecate*! to National City.
Tecopa*!to Tonopah.
Tegner to Hilmar.
Tehama*!! to Red Bluff.
Templeton*!! to Paso
! Express Office.




Teralta to San Diego.
Terminus to Lodi.
Termo to Alturas.
Terra Buena to Yuba City
Tbe Geysers to Cloverdale.
Thomasson to Suisun.
Thornton*!! to Galt.
Threerivers*! to Woodlake
Tia Juana! to San Ysidro.
Tocaloma to Point Reyes
Tollhouse*t (Fresno Co.) to
Topaz*t to Minden, Nev.
Topanga* to Santa Monica.
Towle*!! to Colfax
Tranquillity*!! to Kerman.
Traver* to Kingsburg.
Trenton to Santa Rosa.
Tres Pinos*!! to Hollister
Trevarnotl to Livermore.
Trigo* to Madera.
Trinidad*! to Areata.
TrlnityCenter* to Redding.
Triunfo to Oxnard.
Trona*ft to Barstow.
Trowbridge* to Marysville.
Tudor* to Marysville.
Tuolumne*!! to Sonora.
Tupman* to Bakersfield.
Tuttle to Merced.
Tuttletown*f to Sonora.
Twain*t to Quincy.
Twenty-Nine Palms* to
Twin Bridges to Carson
Twin Lakes to Santa Cruz.
Twin Oaks to Kern.
Twin Peaks to San Ber­
Two Rock* to Petaluma.
Universal City!! to North
Upper Mattole* to Ferndale.
Usona* to Le Grand.
Vacation* to Guerneville.
Vade to Placerville.
Valley Center*t to Escon­
Valley Home*! to Oakdale
Valley Springs*!! to San
Vallicita* to Angels Camp.
Valona to Crockett.
Val Verde!! to Perris.
Valyermo* to Palmdale.
Verdugo City* to Montrose
Vernalls*! to Tracy.
Vernon Landing to Wood­
Verona to Woodland.
Victor to Lodi.
Vidal*!! to Needles.
Villa Grande* to Guerne­
Villa Park! to Orange.
Vina*!! to Red Bluff.
Vineburg*! to Sonoma.
Vinton* to Loyalton.
Viola* to Anderson.
Virgillat to Quincy.
Virginia Mills to Oroville.
Virner to Placerville.
Volcano* to Jackson.
Volta*!! to Los Banos.
Vorden* to Walnut Grove.
Waddington* to Ferndale.
Wakefield to Crescent City.
Wallace*! to Lodi.
Walnut.*!! to Puente.
Walsh Station to Sacramen­
Walteria to Redondo Beach
Warmsprings*! to Irving­
Warner Springs* to Ra­
Washington* (Nevada Co.)
to Nevada City.
Washington (Yolo Co.) to
Waterloo! to Stockton.
Watsonville Junction! to
Waukena*!! to Corcoran.
Wawona,* to Madera.
Wayne! to San Jose.
Weimar* to Colfax.
Weitchpec* to Areata.
Weldon* to Bakersfield.
Wendel to Susanville.
Wengler*! to Redding.
Weott to Scotia.
West Butte* to Colusa.
West End to Barstow.
Westley*t! to Patterson.
Westminster* to Santa Ana
Westpoint* to Jackson.
Westport*! to Fort Bragg
West Riverside to Riverside
West Sacramento to Sacra­
Wheeler Ridge to Bakers­
White Hall to Placerville.
White River*! to Ducor
White Water*! to Banning.
Whitmore*! to Redding.
Wiest* to Calipatria.
Wilbur Springs* toWilliams.
Wild* to Barstow.
Wildomar* to Elsinore.
Wildwood! to Scotia.
Willowbrook*! toCompton.
Willow Creek* to Areata.
Willow Glen to San Jose.
Willow Springs to Lan­
Wllmar to San Gabriel.

Wilsona to Lancaster.
Wilton*! to Elk Grove.
Winchester*! to Hemet.
Wineville*!! to Riverside.
Winterhaven to Yuma,
Wlntersburg to Huntington
Winthrop to Redding.
Winton*!! to Merced.
Wishon! to Fresno.
Witch Creek* to Ramona.
Witter Springs* to Upper
Woodacre to San Anselmo.
Woodbridge*! to Lodi.
W oodfords! to Gardnerville.
Woodleaf to Oroville.
Woodside to RedwoodCity
Woodvllle to Porterville.
Woody*! to Delano.
Wrights*!! to Los Gatos
Wrightwood to San Ber­
Ydalpom to Redding.
Yermo*!! to Barstow.
Yettem*! to Orosi.
Yolanda to San Anselmo.
Yolo*!! to Woodland.
Yosemite National Park*t
to Merced.
Youngstown! to Lodi.
Yountville*!! to Napa.
Yucaipa* to Redlands.
Zamora*!! to Woodland.
Zenia* to Scotia.

Abarr to Yuma.
Ackmen* to Cortez.
Adams City to Denver.
Adena* to Fort Morgan.
Aguilar*! to Trinidad.
Alamo to Walsenburg.
Alcreek* to Trinidad.
Allens Park* to Lyons.
Allison* to Ignacio.
Almont* to Gunnison.
Alpine! to Gunnison.
Alvin* to Laird.
Amherst*!! to Holyoke.
Amity* to Holly.
Andrix* to Springfield.
Animas City to Durango.
Antlers* to Silt.
Anton* to Akron.
Appleton to Grand Junc­
Arapahoe*!! to Cheyenne
Arboles* to Ignacio.
Arickaree* to Cope.
Arlington*!! to Eads.
Arm el* to St. Francis, Kan.
Aroya*!! to Kit Carson.
Arriba to Flagler.
Arriola* to Cortez.
Atchee* to Grand Junction.
Atwood*!! to Sterling.
Austin*!! to Delta.
Avalo* to Sterling.
Avon*!! to Redcliff.
Avondale* to Pueblo.
Axial* to Meeker.
Ayer to Timpas.
Bailey* to Denver.
Baldwin* to Gunnison.
Barela*! to Trinidad.
Barnesville* to Greeley.
Barr Lake*t to Brighton.
Bartlett to Walsh.
Basalt* to Carbondale.
Battle Creek* to Rawlins.
Bayfield* to Durango.
Bear River to Hayden.
Bedrock* to Norwood.
Beecher Island* to Wray.
Bellvue* to Fort Collins.
Bergen Park to Golden.
Berwind*! to Trinidad.
Bessemer to Pueblo.
Beulah* to Pueblo.
Big Bend to Wiley.
Bijou to Ft. Morgan.
Biackhawk*! to Central
Blaine* to Two Buttes.
Blend*! to Pueblo.
Bloom*!! to La Junta.
Bonanza* to Saguache.
Boncarbo to Trinidad.
Boone*!! to Pueblo.
Bovina*!! to Genoa.
Bowie* to Paonia.
Boyero*!! to Hugo.
Brandon*!! to Eads.
Branson*!! to Trinidad.
Breen to Durango.
Bridges Switch to Palisade.
Bristol**! to Hartman.
Brodhead to Trinidad.
Brook Forest to Golden.
Brookside to Canon City.
Buckeye to Wellington.
Buckingham* to Briggsdale
Buffalo Creek* to Denver
Buford to Meeker.
Buick* to Deertrail
Caddoa*!! to Las Animas.
Cahone to Dolores.
Caisson to Craig.
Calcite*! to Salida.
Cameo* to Palisades.
Campion to Loveland .
Campo* to Springfield.
Canfield to Lafayette.
Capulin* to La Jara
Carlton* to Lamar.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

a County


Carr*!! to Nunn.
Carr Crossing* to Sugar
Cascade* to Manitou.
Cassells*!! to Fairplay.
Cebolla to Gunnison.
Cedar Cove to Loveland.
Cedarwood*!! to Pueblo.
Chama* to San Luis.
Chandler*! to Florence.
Cheneycenter* to Holly.
Cheraw to La Junta.
Chicosa to Trinidad.
Chivington* to Eads.
Cimarron*!! to Montrose.
Clifton*!! to Palisades.
Climax*! to Leadville.
Coalcreek*! to Florence.
Coaldale* to Salida
Coalman to Briggsdale.
Coalmont*! to Laramie,
Cokedale* to Trinidad.
Colona* to Montrose.
Columbine* to Steamboat
Como*!! to Fairplay.
Concrete*!! to Florence.
AConejos* to Antonio.
Coppertown to Yampa.
Cornish*! to Briggsdale.
Cotopaxi*!! to Salida
Cowans to Ordway.
Cowdrey* to Steamboat
Creede to Del Norte.
Crestone* to Moffat.
Critchell* to Littleton.
Crowe to Pueblo.
Dacono* to Brighton.
Dailey*!! to Haxtun.
Darlowt to Brighton.
Dearfield to Greeley.
Delagua*! to Trinidad.
Delcarbon* to Walsenburg.
Delhi*! to Trinidad.
De Nova* to Otis.
Deora to Springfield.
Derby*!! to Denver.
Devine! to Pueblo.
Dillon*!! to Breckenridge.
Divide* to Manitou.
Dove Creek* to Dolores.
Doylevllle* to Gunnison.
Drake* to Loveland.
Drennan to Colorado
Dumont*! to Idaho Springs.
Dunton* to Dolores.
Dupont to Brighton.
Durand to Durango.
Dyke* to Pagosa Springs.
Earl*!! to Trinidad.
Eastonville*!! to Peyton.
East Portal to Central City.
Echo Lake to IdahoSprings.
Eckert* to Delta.
Edgewater*! to Denver.
Edler* to Springfield.
Edwards* to Redcliff.
Elba* to Akron.
Eldora to Nederland.
Eldorado Springs toBoulder
Elkhead to Craig.
Elk Springs to Craig.
Elkton* to Cripple Creek.
Ellicott to Calhan.
El Moro*t to Trinidad.
Elpbis to Vona.
Elwell to Berthoud.
Empire* to Georgetown.
Espanola to Greeley.
Espinoza* to La Jara.
Eureka*! to Silverton.
Evans to Greeley.
Evanston to Greeley.
Evergreen* to Golden.
Everman to Broomfield.
Fairfield to Haxtun.
Falcon*!! to Peyton.
Falfa to Durango.
Farsita to Walsenburg.
Farmers Spur to Greeley.
Farr* to Walsenburg.
Fayette to Rocky Ford.
Fergusonville to Montrose.
Firestone* to Brighton.
Firstview* to Cheyenne
Fitzsimmons* to Denver.
Florissant* to Colorado
Floyd Hill to Idaho Springs
Fondis* to Elbert.
Forbes* to Trinidad
Forder* to Ramah
Fort Garland*t to Blanca.
Fort Logan*!! to Engle­
Fort Lyon! to Las Animas.
Fountain*!! to Colorado
Foxton* to Denver.
Franktown* to OastleRock.
Fraser*!! to Hot Sulphur
Frederick*!! to Brighton.
Freeman Spur to Del Norte
Frisco* to Breckenridge
Fruitvale to Grand Junc­
Galatea*! to Eads.
Galeton*! to Eaton.
Garcia* to San Luis.
Garden Rock Rest to Lyons
Gardner* to Walsenburg
Garfield to Salida.
Garo* to Fairplay.
* Money Order Office.

Gary* to Brush.
Gerard to Calhan.
Gilcrest*!! to Platteville.
Gill to Greeley.
Gilman* to Redcliff.
Glade Park* to Grand
Gleneath to Fountain.
Glen Haven to Estes Park.
Goodpasture* to Pueblo.
Goodrich*!! to Weldona.
Goodvlew to Boulder.
Gordon to Walsenburg.
Gorham*!! to Boulder.
Gowanda*!! to Platteville.
Graft* to Springfield.
Granby*!! to Hot Sulphur
Grandlake* to Hot Sulphur
Granite*!! to Buena Yista.
Grant! to Fair Play.
Great Divide* to Craig.
Greenhorn to Rye.
Greenland*!! toCastleRock
Green Mountain Falls* to
Colorado Springs.
Grover*!! to Hereford.
Guffey to Cripple Creek.
Gulnare* to Trinidad.
Gypsum to Eagle.
Hale* to Idalia.
Hall Station to Calhan.
Hamilton* to Craig.
Hardin*!! to Greeley.
Harmony!! to Fort Collins.
Harrisburg* to Akron.
Hartsel* to Fair Play.
Hastings*! to Trinidad.
Hasty*! to Las Animas.
Haswell*!! to Eads.
Hawiey to Rocky Ford.
Hawthorne* to Boulder.
Henderson*!! to Brighton.
Hesperus*!! to Durango.
Higbee* to La Junta.
Hillside* to Westcliffe.
Hill Top*! to Parker.
Hoehne*!! to Trinidad.
Holland to Grand Junction.
Home* to Fort Collins.
Hoopup to Springfield.
Howard*!! to Salida.
Howardsville* to Silverton.
Howbert* to Fairplay.
Hoyt* to Wiggins
Hughes* to Yuma.
Hyde* to Yuma.
Hygiene*! to Longmont.
Ideal* to Walsenburg.
Idlewild to Cripple Creek.
Indian Hills! to Denver.
Iola* to Gunnison,
lone!! to Fort Lupton.
Jamestown* to Boulder.
Jansen!! to Trinidad.
Jaroso*! to San Luis.
Jefferson*!! to Fairplay.
Joes* to Vona.
Johnson’s Corners to Long­
Juniper Springs to Craig.
Kalous to Fort Morgan.
Karval* to Hugo.
Kauffman* to Grover.
Kazan* to Las Animas.
Kearns to Pagosa Springs.
Kelim to Loveland.
Kelly to Sterling.
Kendrick* to Calhan.
Kenwood to Florence.
Keota*!! to Hereford.
Kersey to Greeley.
Keysor* to Calhan.
Kim*! to Springfield.
Kittredge* to Denver.
Kline* to Durango.
Kokomo* to Leadville.
Kornman to Lamar.
Kutch* to Ramah.
La Boca to Ignacio.
La Garita* to Del Norte.
ALake City*! to Ouray.
Lake George* to Colorado
Lakevista to Cortez.
Lakewood! to Denver.
La Plata* to Durango.
Laporte* to Fort Collins.
Larkspur*!! to Castle Rock
Lasauses to La Jara.
Lascar*!! to Walsenburg.
Lawson* to Georgetown.
Lay* to Craig.
Lazear*! to Hotchkiss.
Lebanon* to Dolores.
Lester*! to Walsenburg.
Lewis* to Dolores.
Leyden to Golden.
Lime*! to Pueblo.
Lindland* to Laramie,
Lindon* to Akron.
Livermore*! to Fort Collins.
Logan to Sterling.
Log Cabin* to Fort Collins.
Loma*!! to Fruita.
Longview* to Denver.
Los Varos to Trinidad.
Louviers*!! to Littleton.
Lucerne*!! to Greeley.
Ludlow*!! to Trinidad.
Lycan* to Two Buttes
McCoy* to Steamboat
McElmo to Cortez.
+ Telegraph Station.

McGregor* to Steamboat
McPhee* to Dolores.
Mack*!! to Fruita.
Maitland* to Walsenburg.
Malachite! to Walsenburg
Mandalay to Broomfield.
Marble* to Carbondale.
Marshall!! to Boulder.
Marshdale Park to Golden.
Marvine* to Meeker.
Masonville* to Loveland.
Massadona to Craig.
Masters*! to Greeley.
Matheson*!! to Simla.
Maybell* to Craig.
May Valley! to Lamar.
Mead*!! to Longmont.
Melvin to Denver.
Meredith* to Glenwood
Merino*!! to Sterling.
Mesa* to Palisade.
Mesita*! to Blanca.
Messex* to Hillrose.
Midway to Denver.
Milliken*!! to Johnstown.
Monarch to Hot Sulphur
Millwood to Hartman.
Mindeman to La Junta.
Mineral Hot Springs*! to
Minturn*!! to Redcliff.
Mirage to Moffat.
Model*!! to Trinidad.
Moffat*!! to Hooper.
Mogote to Antonito.
Molina* to Collbran.
Monarch to Hot Sulphur
Montclair to Denver.
Monument*!! to Colorado
Moraine Park to Loveland.
Morlev*!! to Trinidad.
Mosca*! to Hooper.
Mount Harris*!! to Hay­
Mount Morrison* toGolden.
Mustang* to Walsenburg.
Nathrop* to Buena Vista.
Naturita* to Telluride.
Nederland to Boulder.
Nepesta*!! to Manzanoia.
New Raymer*!! to Fort
Norrie to Glenwood Springs
North Avondale*to Pueblo.
Northdale to Dolores.
North Veta to La Veta.
Norton to Alamosa
Norwood*! to Ouray.
Nucla* to Norwood.
Oak View* to La Veta.
Ohio* to Gunnison.
Ojo* to La Veta.
Oklarado* to Springfield.
Ophirf! to Telluride.
Orchard to Fort Morgan.
Ortiz to Antonito.
Oxford* to Durango.
Padroni*!! to Sterling.
Pagoda to Craig.
Pagosa Junction*!! to Pa­
gosa Springs.
Paisaje to La Jara.
Palmer Lake*!! to Colo­
rado Springs.
Pando*!! to Redcliff.
Paradox* to Norwood.
Parkdale to Canon City.
Parshall* to Hot Sulphur
Pawnee* to Fort Morgan.
Peckham* to Gilcrest.
Penrose* to Florence.
Peoria to Byers.
Petersburg to Englewood
Phippsburg*!! to Steam­
boat Springs.
Pictou* to Walsenburg.
Piedmont to Trinidad.
Piedra to Pagosa Springs.
Pierce*!! to Nunn.
Pine* to Denver.
Pinecliffe* to Boulder.
Plnon!! to Pueblo.
Pitkin*! to Gunnison.
Placerville*!! to Ouray.
Plain view*! to Golden.
Plateau City* to Collbran.
Platner*!! to Otis.
Plaza to Monte Vista.
Pleasant View to Golden
Poncho Springs* to Salida
Portland*!! to Florence
Powderhorn*! to Gunnison.
Price Creek* to Meeker.
Proctor*!! to Illif.
Prospect to Keensburg.
Prowers*!! to Lamar.
Pryor* to Walsenburg.
Purcell*! to Ault.
Radium* to Kremmllng.
Rago* to Akron.
Rand* to Hot Sulphur
Rangely* to Meeker
Rapson to Walsenburg.
Kavenwood*! to Walsen­
Read* to Delta.
Redcliff to Leadville.
Red Feather Lakes to Ft.
Red Lion* to Crook.
Redmesa* to Durango.
i Express Office.



Walsen* to Walsenburg
Red vale* to Norwood.
| Ward* to Boulder.
Redwing to Walsenburg.
| Waterton to Littleton.
Renaraye* to Cortez.
| Watkins*!! to Denver.
Richards* to Walsh.
Wattenberg to Brighton.
ARico*!! to Dolores.
Wauneta to Wray.
Rifle to Silt.
Webb to Holly.
Rinn to Longmont.
Welby to Denver
Rioblanco* to Silt.
Wentworth to Walsh.
Riverside to Lyons.
Westminster*!! to Arvada.
Roberta to La Junta.
Weston*!! to Trinidad.
Rockvale*!! to Florence
West Portal to Hot Sulphur
Rodley* to Springfield.
Kollinsville*!! to Central
Wetmore* to Florence.
Wheat Ridge*! to Arvada.
Romeo*!! to La Jara.
White Station to Calhan.
Whitewater*! to Grand
Rouse*t to Walsenburg.
Wild Horse*!! to Kit CarRugby*!! to Walsenburg
Rulison to Grand Valley.
Wilds to Loveland.
Rush* to Calhan.
Willard*! to Sterling.
Russell to Blanca.
Williamsburg to Florence.
Russell Gulch* to Central
Willow Creek to Hayden.
Wolcott*!! to Eagle.
Woodland Park*! to Colo­
St. Elmo*t to Buena Vista.
rado Springs.
Salem to Denver.
Woodrow* to Brush.
Sams* to Ridgway.
Woody Creek to Aspen.
San Acacio*t to Blanca.
Sanford* to La Jara.
Yampa*!! to Steamboat
San Pablo* to San Luis.
Sapinero*!! to Gunnison
Yellow Jacket* to Dolores.
Sargents*!! to Gunnison
Yoder* to Calhan.
Sedalia*!! to Castle Rock.
Youghal to Craig.
Segundo*!! to Trinidad.
Hempert to Broomfield.
Severance*!! to Eaton.
Shaffers Crossing to Denver
Shawnee* to Fair Play.
Sheridan to Littleton.
Sheridan Lake*!! toTowner
Sidney* to Steamboat Spgs.
Siloam* to Florence.
iSilver Cliff* to Westcliffe.
Abington*! to Putnam.
Silver Plume*!! to George­
Addison* to Glastonbury.
Allingtownt toWest Haven.
Slater* to Dixon. Wyo.
to Willlmantic.
Sligo* to Hereford.
Andover*! to Willimantic.
Sloss to Carbondale.
Aspetuck to Westport.
Snowmass* to Aspen.
Augerville to New Haven.
Snyder*!! to Hillrose.
Avon*!! to Simsbury.
Somerset*!! to Paonia.
Sopris*! to Trinidad.
Ballouville* to Danielson.
South Fork* to Del Norte.
Baltic*!! to Norwich
South Platte* to Denver.
Bantam*! to Litchfield.
Spargo* to Dolores.
Barkhamsted* to Winsted
Sparks to Rock Springs,
Beach Park to Clinton.
Beacon Falls*! to Nauga­
Starbuck* to Golden.
8tarkville*t! to Trinidad.
Bean Hill to Norwich.
State Bridge to Eagle.
Beckley* to New Britain.
Still Wagon to Calhan.
Berlin*! to New Britain.
Stillwater*! to Hot Sul­
Bethany to Naugatuck.
phur Springs.
Bethlehem* to Watertown.
Stone City* to Pueblo.
Black Hall*! to Essex.
Stoneham*!! to Sterling.
Black Rock to Bridgeport.
Stoner to Dolores.
Bloomfield*!! to Hartford.
Stonewall! to Trinidad.
Boardman to New Milford.
Stonington* to Springfield.
Bolton* to Rockville
Strong* to Walsenburg.
Bolton Notch to Rockville.
Strontia Springs to Little­
Botsford*!! to Bridgeport.
Bozrah to Norwich.
Sugar Loaf*! to Boulder.
Bozrahville* to Norwich.
Sullivan to Denver.
Branchvillet! to Ridgefield.
Sunbeam* to Craig.
Bridgewater* to New Mil­
Sunset* to Boulder.
Superior*!! to Louisville.
Brookfield*!! to Danbury.
Brookfield Center* to DanTabernash*!! to Hot Sul­
phur Springs.
Brookfield Jct.t! to Dan­
Tacony* to Pueblo.
Tarryall* to Fairplay.
Brooklyn* to Danielson.
ATelluride*!! to Ouray.
Brooksvale to Cheshire.
Tercio* to Trinidad.
Buckland*!! to South Man­
Texas Creek*!! to Canon
Burlington to Bristol.
Thatcher*!! to Trinidad.
Burnside*!! to East Hart­
Thurman* to Flagler.
Tiffany* to Ignacio.
Burrville* to Winsted.
Tiger to Breckenridge.
Timnatht! to Fort Collins.
Campville to Torrington.
Timpas*!! to La Junta.
Cannondale*!! to Norwalk.
Tioga*! to Walsenburg.
Canterbury* to Plainfield.
Tobe*! to Trinidad.
Canton*!! to Simsbury.
Tolland*!! to Nederland.
Canton Center* to Sims­
Tollerburg*! to Trinidad.
Toltec* to Walsenburg.
Centerbrook* to Essex.
Toponas* to Steamboat
Center Groton! to New
Torres to Trinidad.
Centerville! to Hampden.
Towaoc* to Cortez.
Central Village*!! to PlainTrimble Springs toDurango
Trinchera*!! to Trinidad.
Chaplinville to Lakeville.
Troutville* to Eagle.
Chaplin* to Willimantic.
Troy* to Trinidad.
Chesterfield to New London
Truckton to Calhan.
Chestnut Hill*! to Willi­
Tungsten* to Boulder
Twin Bridges to Milliken.
Clarks Corner*! to Willi­
Tyrone to Trinidad.
Clarks Falls* to Ashaway,
Undercliffe* to Pueblo.
R. I.
Union!! to Fort Morgan.
Clintonville* to New Haven
Utleyville* to Springfield.
Cobalt!! to Portland.
Valdez*! to Trinidad.
Valley View Springs to
Colebrook* to Winsted.
Columbia* to Willimantic.
Vallorso to Trinidad.
Comstocks Bridge to East
Valmont to Boulder.
Victor*! to Cripple Creek.
Cornwall*! to Falls Village.
Vilas* to Springfield.
Cornwall Bridge*!! to Falls
V'illagrove*!! to Saguache.
Villegreen to Trinidad.
Coscob*!! to Greenwich.
Vim* to Kimball. Neb.
Cranbury to Norwalk.
Vineland! to Pueblo.
Crescent Beach*! to New
Virginia Dale* to Hermosa.
Vona*!! to Stratton.
Dayvillet! to Danielson.
Vroman*! to Manzanola
Durham* to Middletown.
Durham Center* to Middle,
Wages* to Paoli
Waitley to Sterling.
Eagleville*! to Willimantic.
Walden*! to Steamboat
E. Berlin*!! to Middletown
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

East Canaan*!! to Canaan.
Eastford* to Putnam.
East Glastonbury*! to
East Granby*!! to Suffield.
East Hartland* to Hartford
E. Killingly* to Danielson.
E. Litchfield*!! to Torring­
East Lyme* to New London
E. Norwalk! to South Nor­
Easton! to Bridgeport.
East River*! to Guilford.
E. Thompson*!! to Web­
ster. Mass.
East Wallingfordt! to Wal­
East Willington to Stafford
East Windsor Hill*! to
East Hartford.
E. Woodstock to Putnam.
Ellington* to Rockville.
Elmwood*!! to Hartford.
Enfield*! to ThompsonvUle
Fabyan* to Webster, Mass.
Fitchville* to Norwich.
Forestville*!! to Bristol
Gales Ferry*!! to Norwich.
Gardner Lake to New
Gaylordsvllle*!! to New
Georgetown*!! to Ridge­
Gildersleeve* to Portland.
Gilead to Willimantic.
Glasgo* to Jewitt City.
GlenDrook*!! to Stamford.
Glenville*! to Greenwich.
Goodyear* to Danielson.
Goshen* to Torrington.
Granby*!! to Simsbury.
Greenfield Hill to Southport
Greens Farms*! to Southport.
Greenville*! to Norwich.
Grosvenor Dale* to Put­
Groton*! to New London.
Grove Beach*! to Clinton.
Gurleyville to Willimantic.
Haddam*!! to East Haddam.
Hadlyme! to E. Haddam.
Hallville to Norwich.
Hamburg* to Essex.
Hampton*! to Willimantic.
Hanover* to Norwich.
Harwinton to Torrington.
Hawleyville*!! to Danbury
Hazardville* to Thompaonville.
Hebron* to Willimantic.
Higganum*!! to Middletown.
Highland Park* to South
High Ridge to New Canaan
Highwood* to Hamden.
Hockanum*! to East Hart­
Hop River*! to Willimantic
Hotchkissville to Waterbury.
Huntington to Shelton.
Hurlbutt to Norwalk.
Ivoryton* to Essex.
Kent*!! to New Milford.
Kent Furnace to New Mil­
Killingworth* to Clinton.
Lakeside* to LitchfieldLebanon* to Willimantic.
Ledyard to Norwich.
Leetes Island*!! to Gullford.
Lime Rock* to Falls Village
Long Hill*!! to Bridgeport.
Long Ridge to Stamford.
Lyme* to Essex.
Manchester*!! to South
Manchester Green* to South
Mansfield* to Willimantic.
Mansfield Center* to Willi­
Mansfield Depot* to Willi­
Marble Dale* to New Mil­
Marion* to Southing.
Marlboro to East Hampton
Mechanicsville* to Putnam.
Melrose*!! to Windsor

Mill Plain*t! to Dannury
Millstone*! to New London.
Milton to Litchfield.
Minortown to Watertown.
Mohegan to Norwich.
Monroe to Shelton.
Montowese*! to New Ha­
Montville* to New London.
Morris* to Litchfield
Mount Carmel* to Hamden
Mount Hope to Williman­
New Fairfield to Danbury.
Newington! to Hartford.
Newington Junction* to
New Preston*! to New Mil­
Niantic*! to New London.
Nichols! to Bridgeport.
Noank*!! to Mystic.
Noroton* to Darien.
Noroton Heights* to Darien
North Ashford to Putnam.
No. Branford to Branford.
Northfleld*! to Thomaston.
Northford* to New Haven.
North Franklin* to Willi­
North Granby* to Suffield.
North Grosvenor Dale*!!
to Putnam.
North Guilford to Guilford.
N Haven*!! to New Haven
North Plain* to East Had­
North Ridgefield to Ridge­
N. Stamford! to Stamford.
North Sterling to Danielson
North Stonington* to West­
erly, R. 1.
Northville to New Milford.
North Westchester* to East
North Wilton to Norwalk.
North Windham*! to Willi­
North Woodbury* toWater­
North Woodstock* to Put­
Norwichtown* to Norwich.
Oakdale* to Norwich.
Oakville*!! to Watertown.
Occum to Norwich.
Old Lyme to Essex.
Old Mystic*! to Mystic.
Old Saybrook! to Essex.
Oneco*!! to Plainfield.
Orange*! to West Haven.
Ore Hill to Lakeville.
Oronoque* to Bridgeport.
Oxford to Seymour.
Patchaug to Norwich.
Pequabuck* to Bristol.
Pine Meadow* to Winsted.
Pineorchard* to Branford.
Plattsville! to Bridgeport.
Pleasant Valley* to Win­
Plymouth*! to Thomaston.
Pomfret* to Putnam.
PomfretCenter* to Putnam.
Poquetanuck to Norwich.
Poquonock* to Windsor.
Preston to Norwich.
Preston City to Norwich.
Prospect to Waterbury.
Quaker Hill* to New Lon­
Quinebaug*! to Webster,
Redding*! to Bethel.
Redding Ridge* to Bethel.
Reynolds Bridge! to Thom­
Riverbank to Stamford.
Riverside*!! to Stamford.
Riverton* to Winsted.
Rockfall*! to Middletown.
Rockyhill*!! to Hartford.
Round Hill to Greenwich.
Rowayton*!! to South Nor­
Roxbury*! to New Milford.
Roxbury Station to New

Salem tc New London.
Salisbury*!! to Lakeville.
Sandy Hook*! to Danbury Sanford to Bethel.
Saugatuck*! to Westport.
Saybrook*!! to Essex.
Saybrook Junction! to Es­
Merrow Station*! to Toll­
Saybrook Point* to Essex.
Merwinsville to New Mil­
Scitico* to Thompsonville.
Scotland* to WTillimantic.
Mianus! to Greenwich.
Shailerville to E. Haddam.
Middlebury*! toWaterbury
Sharon Valley! to Amenia,
Middlefleld*!! to MiddleN. Y.
Sherman to New Milford.
Middle Haddam* to East
Short Beach*! to Branford.
Silver Lane*! to East Hart­
Midway! to Mystic.
Milldale*! to Southington
Millington to East Haddam Silver Mine! to Norwalk.
Money Order Office.

! Telegraph Station.



Somers* to Thompsonville.
Somerville* to Thompsonville.
Sound view*! to New Lon­
S. Britain* to Waterbury.
Southbury*!! to Water­
S. Cheshire to Cheshire.
South Coventry* to Willi­
Southford to Waterbury.
South Glastonbury* to
S. Kent* to New Milford.
S. Killingly to Danielson.
South Lyme*! to New
South Meriden*! to Meri­
South Wethersfleld*to Hart­
South Willington*!! to Wil­
South Wilton to Norwalk.
South Windham*! to Willi­
S. Windsor*! to East Hart­
S. Woodstock* to Putnam.
Stafford to Stafford Springs.
Staffordville* to Stafford
Stanwich to Greenwich.
Stepney! to Bridgeport.
Stepney Depot* to Bridge­
Sterling*!! to Plainfield.
Stevenson*! to Shelton.
Still River*! to New Mil­
Stony Creek*! to Branford.
Storrs to Willimantic.
Taconic*!! to Lakeville.
Taftville* to Norwich.
Talcottville*! to Rockville.
Tariffville*!! to Simsbury.
Thompson*!! to Putnam.
Topstone to Bethel.
Totoket to Branford.
Tracy* to Meriden.
Trumbull*!! to Bridgeport.
Tyler City to West Haven.
Tylerville*to EastHaddam
Uncasville* to NewLondon.
UnionCity*! to Naugatuck.
Vernon*!! to Rockville.
Versailles*! to Norwich.
Voluntown* to Jewett City
Wapping* to Hartford.
Warehouse Point* to Wind­
sor Locks.
Warren to Litchfield.
W arrenville* to Willimantic.
Washington*!! to New Mil­
Washington Depot* to New
Waterford* to NewLondon.
Waterville*! to Waterbury.
Wauregan*!! to Danielson.
Weatogue* to Collinsville.
Westbrook*!! to Clinton.
West Cheshire*! to Ches­
West Cornwall*!! to Falls
Westford* to StaffordSpr'gs
West Goshen* to Litchfield.
West Granby* to Simsbury.
West Hartland* to Winsted.
Westminster to Plainfield.
West Morris* to Litchfield.
West Mystic* to Mystic.
West Norfolk to Canaan.
West Norwalk! to South
Weston to Westport.
West Redding* to Bethel
W. Simsbury* to Simsbury
West Stafford to Stafford
West Suffield*!! to Suffield
W.Torrington to Torrington
Westville*! to New Haven
West Willington*! to Rock­
W. Woodstock to Putnam.
Whitneyville* to Hamden.
Wilson*! to Hartford.
Wilsonville* to Webster,
Wilton*!! to Norwalk.
Windham* to Willimantic.
Windsorville* to Rockville.
Winnipauk!! to Norwalk
Wolcott to Waterbury.
Woodbridge to New Haven.
Woodmont*!! to Milford.
Woodstock* to Putnam.
Woodville to Litchfield.

Yalesville*! to Meriden.
Yantic*!! to Norwich.
! Express Office





iBushnell*}} to Brooksville


Angola* to Lewes.
Argo to Milford.
Ashland* to Wilmington.


Eureka* to Citra.
Eva to Lake Alfred.
Evinston*}} to McIntosh.

Callahan to Jacksonville.
Calloway to Panama City.
Fairbanks* to Gainesville.
Campbellton*t} to GraceFairfield*}} to Ocala.
Falmouth*}} to Live Oak.
Bacons to Laurel.
Campville*}} to Hawthorne
Farmdale* to Panama City.
Bayard to Prankford.
Camp Walton* to Pensa­
Federal Point* to Hastings.
Bear*}} to Delaware City.
Fellsmere*} to Vero Beach.
Bethany Beach*t to FrankCanal Point*} to West
Fenholloway to Perry.
Palm Beach.
Fern Park to Winter Park.
Bethel* to Laurel.
Fiftone* to Jacksonville.
Candler*t} to Ocala.
Blackbird*}} to MiddleFlagler Beach to Bunnell.
Cantonment*} to Pensa­
Florahome*} to Palatka.
Blackiston to Clayton.
Capitola*}} to Tallahassee.
Floral City*}} to Inverness.
Blades* to Seaford
Capps* to Monticello.
Florasa to Valparaiso.
Bowers* to Frederica.
Captiva* to Fort Myers.
Florence Villa*}} to Winter
Brenford*}} to Smyrna.
Carbur*+} to Perry.
Florida City*}} to Miami.
Carrabelle*}} to Tallahas­
Floridatown*} to Milton.
Foley to Perry.
Caryville*t} to Bonifay.
Cannon*}} to Seaford.
Fort Bassiuger to Okeecho­
Canterbury to Felton.
Cassadaga* to De Land.
Cassia* to Mount Dora.
Carpenter to Wilmington.
Fort Christmas to Oviedo.
Catawba* to Brewton, Ala.
Centerville to Wilmington.
Fort Drum* to Fort Pierce.
Caxambus* to Fort Myers.
Cheswold*}} to Dover.
Fort Green* to Bowling
Christiana* to Newport.
Center Hill to Brooksville.
Clarksville* to Frankford.
Century*}} to Flomaton.
j Fort Green Springs*}} to
Columbia to Laurel.
Chaires*} to Tallahassee
Concord to Seaford.
Fort McCoy*} to Ocala.
Coochs Bridge to Newark.
Champaign to Greenville.
Fountain*}} to Marianna.
CharlotteSto Punta Gorda.
Coolspring*} to Lewes.
Francis} to Palatka.
Charlotte Harbor*} to Pun­
Freeport* to De Funiak
Downs Chapel to Clayton
ta Gorda
Chattahoochee* to River
Frink* to Marianna
Edgemoor*}} to Wilming­
Fruitland Park*}} to Lees­
Cherrylake to Greenville.
Ellendale*}} to Milford.
Chiefland*}} to Cross City.
Alford*}} to Marianna.
Fruitville to Sarasota.
Elsmere* to Wilmington.
Allanton* to Panama City.
Fulford*} to Hollywood.
Allapattah to Miami.
Fairmount* to Georgetown.
Chosen to West Palm
Allenburst* to Titusville.
Gainer to Panama City.
Farmington*}} to Harring­
Alliance* to Marianna.
Galliver*} to Milton.
Chuluota* to Oviedo.
Altamonte Springs*}} to
Galloway*} to Lakeland.
Forest* to Middletown.
Chumuckla* to Milton.
Winter Park.
Gardner*}} to Arcadia.
Citra to Ocala.
Altha* to Marianna.
Garniers* to Crestview.
Glasgow to Newark.
Citrus Center*} to La Belle.
Alton*}} to Mayo.
Gasparilla*}} to Punta
Greenville*} to Wilmington
Citrus Park* to Tampa.
Altoona*}} to Eustis.
Grubbs* to Wilmington.
City Point*} to Cocoa.
Alturas* to Bartow.
Geneva*}} to Sanford.
Gumboro to Millsboro.
Clara* to Perry.
Alva* to Fort Myers.
Genoa}} to Jasper.
Clarcona*} to Apopka.
Angel City to Titusville.
Georgetown* to Crescent
Clarksville* to Marianna.
Anthony*+} to Ocala.
Harbeson* to Georgetown.
Cleveland* to Punta Gorda.
Arch Creek*}} to Miami.
Harmony to Newark.
Coconut Grove*}} to Miami | Gifford*} to Vera Beach.
Argyle*}} to De Funiak
Gillette to Palmetto.
Hazlettville to Dover.
Cody* to Tallahassee.
Glendale* to De Funiak
Henry Clay Factory* to
Coleman to Wildwood.
Arlington* to Jacksonville.
Collier City* to Fort Myers.
Armstrong* to Hastings.
Glen Saint Mary*}} toMacHickman*}} to Denton.Md
Columbia*} to Lake City.
Arran*}} to Tallahassee.
Hockessin*} to Avondale.
Compass Lake*}} to Mari­
Arrendonda to Gainesville.
Gienwood*}} to De Land.
Gomez*} to Stuart.
Ashville* to Quitman. Ga.
Hollyoak*+ to Wilmington.
Concord* to Havana.
Gonzalez* to Pensacola.
Astatula*} to Tavares.
Hollyville* to Georgetown.
Conner* to Ocala.
Astor* to Umatilla.
Houston Station*}} to Mil­
Coronado Beach* to New
Goodall to Daytona Beach.
Astor Park*} to Eustis.
Gotha* to Orlando.
Atlantic Beach* to Jackson­
Cortez* to Bradenton.
Goulds*}} to Miami.
ville Beach.
Cottagehill* to Pensacola.
Kenton*}} to Clayton.
Graham*} to Starke.
Auburndale*}} to Lakeland.
Cottondale*}} to Marianna
Kirkwood*}} to Delaware
Grand Crossing* to Jack­
Aucilla*t} to Greenville.
Country Club Estates*} to
Audubon* to Cocoa.
Grandin*}! to Palatka
Crandall* to Fernandina.
Lebanon to Dover.
Grand Island*} to Eustis
Crawford} to Jacksonville.
Leipsic* to Dover.
Bagdad* to Milton.
iCrawfordville* to Talla­
Grand Ridge*}} to Mari­
Lincoln* to Milford.
Baker (Ocaloosa Co./*}} to
Little Creek* to Dover.
Crescent Beach} to St.
Grant*}} to Vero Beach.
Lowes Crossroads to Mills­
Baldwin*}} to Jacksonville,
Greenfield* to Brooksville.
j Balm*} to Plant City.
Croom*tt to Brooksville.
Greenland* to South Jack­
Barberville*} to De Land.
Crystal River to Dunnellon.
, BareBeach* to Okeechobee.
CrystalSprings*} to ZephyrGretna*}} to Quincy
Magnolia* to Camden.
Barrineau Park to Pensa­
Groveland to Brooksville
Marshallton* to Newport.
Cutler to Miami.
Grove Park* to Hawthorne.
Masten to Felton.
Barth to Flomaton. Ala.
Cypress*}} to Marianna.
Guilford to Lake Butler.
McDonough* to Odessa.
Bascom* to Marianna.
Gulf Hammock*}} to Cross
Midway* to Lewes.
Bayard*}} to South Jack­
Millville* to Frankford.
Dalkeith* to Apalachicola.
Gulfport* to St. Petersburg.
Montchanln*}} to Wilming­
Bay Harbor* to Panama
Danville* to Lake Butler.
Darlington* to De Funiak
Hague*}! to Gainesville.
Mount Cuba* to Wilming­
Bayou George* to Panama
Haines City *}} to Lake
Davenport*} (Polk Co.) to
Mount Pleasant*}} to Mid­
Haines City.
Hallandale*}} to Holly­
Bay Springs to Atmore, Ala
Davie to Dania.
Bee Ridge*} to Sarasota.
Day*} to Mayo
Hampton*}} to Starke.
Nassau*tt to Lewes
Bell*}} to Trenton.
Daytona to Daytona Beach
Hampton Springs* to Perry
Newport*tt to Wilmington.
Belleair*}} to Clearwater.
Deerfield*}} to Pompano.
Hardeetown* to Cross City.
Belle Glade to West Palm
Deer Park* to Vero Beach.
Harold* to Milton.
Oakgrove*} to Seaford.
Deleon Springs*}} to De
Hastings to Palatka.
Oceanvlew* to Frankford.
Bellevue*}} to Ocala.
Hawthorn*}} to Gaines­
Owens to Greenwood.
Benhaden* to Tallahassee.
Denaud* to Fort Myers
Benson Springs to Sanford.
De Soto City to Sebring
Haynsworth to Alachua.
Porters*}} to DelawareClty
Beresford* to De Land.
Dinsmore* to Jacksonville.
Hernando*}} to Inverness.
Port Penn* to Delaware
Bemont* to Punta Gorda.
Doctors Inlet* to Green
Hesperides to Lake Wales.
Bishopville* to De Land.
Cove Springs.
Hicoria* to Sebring.
Bithlo to Oviedo.
Douglas to Apalachicola.
Highland*}} to Starke.
Redden*}} to Georgetown.
Blackman to Baker.
Dover*}} to Plart City.
Bedlion to Delaware City.
Highland City* to Lake
Bland to Alachua.
Dowling Park*}} to Live
Rehoboth Beach*} to RehoBlanton*}} to Brooksville.
Hilden to St. Augustine.
BlufTsprings*}} to Pensa­
Drifton*} to Monticello.
i Hildreth* to Branford
Richardson Park* to Wil­
Dukes*} to Lake Butler
Hilliard*}} to Folkston, Ga.
Boardman*} to McIntosh.
Dundee to Winter Haven.
Hines to Cross City.
Rlsingsun to Camden.
Bocagrande*}} to Punta
Dupont*}} to Bunnell.
Robbins*}: to Georgetown.
Hinson*} to Havana.
Durant* to Plant City
Rockland* to Wilmington
Hobe Sound to Stuart.
Boca Raton*}} to West
Eagle Lake*+} to Winter
Roxana* to Selbyville
Hogan to South Jackson­
Palm Beach.
Bokeelia*} to Punta Gorda.
Earleton* to Waldo.
Shortly to Georgetown.
Holder* to Inverness.
Bolton* to Pensacola.
Stanton*} to Newark.
Eastlake*} to Leesburg
Holley* to Milton.
Bonaventure to Cocoa.
East Palatka*}} to Palatka.
8tate Road to New Castle.
Hollister*} to Palatka.
Bonita Springs* to Fort
Stockley*}} to Georgetown.
Eastpoint*} to Apalachicola
Holly Hill*} to Daytona
Eastport* to Jacksonville
Summit Bridge* to MiddleBeach.
Bostwick*}} to Palatka.
Eau Gallie*}# to Vero
Holopaw to Kissimmee.
Boyd* to Perry.
Sycamore to Laurel.
Holt*} to Milton.
Boyett*}} to Tampa.
Ebb* to Greenville.
Homeland*+! to Bartow
Boynton* to West Palm
Taylors Bridge to Odessa.
Ebro* to Chipley.
Homestead*}} to Miami.
Edgar*}} to Hawthorne.
Thompsonville to Milford.
Homosassa*}} to Inverness.
Bradley Junction*}} to Bar­
Edgewater* to New Smyrna
Homosassa Spring* to In­
Vernon to Harrington.
Ehren*}} to Brooksville.
Brandon*}} to Tampa.
Electra* to Ocala.
Viola*}} to Felton.
Hopkins*}} to Vero Beach.
Brewster*}} to Mulberry.
Elfers* to Tarnon Springs.
Hosford*}} to Bristol.
Brighton to Okeechobee.
Whitesville to Pittsville.
El Jobean* to Punta Gorda.
Houston*} to Wellborn.
Broadbranch to BlounsMd.
Elkton*}} to Hastings.
Howard (Columbia) to
Wllliamsville to Selbyville.
Ellaville*}} to Live Oaks.
White Springs.
Willowgrove to Wyoming.
Ellzey* to Cross City.
Howard (Dade Co.) to I
Weodland to Seaford.
j Brooker*}} to Starke.
Espanola*}} to Bunnell.
Woodside*}} to Camden.
Brownville*} to Arcadia.
Estero* to Fort Myers.
Howey in the Hills to [
Bruce to De Funiak Springs
Estiffanulga* to Bristol
Buchanan* to Zolfo.
to Kennett
Esto* to Geneva. Ala.
Hudson* to New Port
Square. Pa.
I Buena Vista*} to Miami.
I Eugene* to Cross City.
Anacostia*} to Washington.
Benning*}} to Washington.
Brightwood* to Washing­
Burrville to Seat Pleasant,
Capitol Heights to Seat
Pleasant. Md.
Congress Heights* toWashington.
Dean wood to Washington.
Garfield to Washington.
Good Hope to Washington.
Kenilworth} toW ashington.
Langdon*} to Washington.
Randle Highlands* to
Takorna Park*}} to Wash­
Tennallytown to Washing­
'f'erra Cotta to Washington.
Twining City to Washing­
Uniontown to Washington.
Woodburn to Washington.
Woodridge* to Washington.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

Money Order Office.

f Telegraph Station.

Huntingdon to Crescent
Immokolee to La Belle.
Indianola* to Cocoa.
Indian Pass to Apalachi­
Indian River City* to
Indian Rocks* to Largo.
Indiantown* to Okeechobee
Indrio* to Fort Pierce.
Inglis*} to Dunnellon.
Interlaehen*}} to Palatka
Inwood* to Sneads.
Irvine*}} to Ocala.
Islamorada*} to Key West.
Island Grove*} to Haw­
Istachatta*}} to Brooks­
Jacksonville Beach*}} to
Jamieson*}} to Havana
Jasper*}} to Live Oaks.
Jay* to Pollard, Ala.
Jena* to Cross City.
Jennings to Valdosta, Ga.
Jensen*}} to Fort Pierce.
Johnson*} to Hawthorne
Juliette*} to Dunellon.
Juniper* to Greensboro.
Jupiter*}} to West Palm
Kathleen*}} to Lakeland.
Kelsey City*}} to West
Palm Beach.
Kenansville*}} to Kissim­
Kendall*} to Miami.
Kendrick*}} to Ocala.
Kenwood* to Palatka.
Keuka to Palatka.
Key Largo*} to Miami.
Keystone Heights toStarke.
Keysville*}} to Plant City
Kinard* to Marianna.
Kings Ferry* to Fernandina
Kirkwood} to Micanopy.
Knights*} to Plant City.
Korona* to Bunnell.
Kynesville to Marianna.
Lacoochee*}} to Brooks­
Lacota* to Ocala.
La Crosse*}} to Alachua.
Lady Lake*}} to Leesburg.
Lake Como*}} to Palatka.
Lake Garfield} to Bartow.
Lake Geneva*} to Starke.
Lake Helen*}} to De Land.
Lake Jem to Mount Dora.
Lake Jovita to Brooksville.
Lake Mary* to Sanford.
Lake Monroe*} to Sanford.
Lakeport* to Moore Haven.
Lake Weir* to Ocala.
Lakewood* to Florala, Ala.
Lake Worth*}} to Palm
Lamont* to Monticello.
Lancaster to Live Oak.
Lansing* to Arcadia.
Lantana*} to Palm Beach.
Largo*}} to Clearwater.
Larkins*}} to Miami.
Laurel to Sarasota.
Laurel Hill*}} to Florala,
Lawtey*}} to Starke.
Lebanon* to Dunnellon.
Leeanto* to Crystal River
Lee*}} to Greenville.
Lemon City* to Miami
Liberty to Bristol.
Lily* to Arcadia.
Limestone*}} to Arcadia.
Limona*} to Tampa.
Linden*}} to Centerhlil.
Lisbon*}} to Leesburg.
Lithia* to Plant City
Little River*}} to Miami.
Lloyd*}} to Monticello.
Lochloosa*} to Hawthorne.
Lockhart* to Orlando
Long Key*} to Key West.
Loretto to South Jackson­
Lotus* to Cocoa.
Loughman*}} to Kissim­
Lovei t*} to Quitman, Ga.
Lowell*}} to Ocala.
to West
Palm Beach.
Lulu*}} to Lake City.
Luraville to Live Oak.
Lutz*} to Tampa.
Lynne* to Ocala.
Lynn Haven* to St. An­
Maitland to Winter Park.
Malabar*} to Vero Beach.
Mandarin* to Jacksonville
Mango* to Tampa.
Manhattan to Bradenton
Mannville* to Palatka.
Marco* to Fort Myers.
Marietta to Jacksonville.
Marion to Jasper.
Martin*} to Ocala.
Mary Esther* to Pensacola.
Mascotte*}} to Groveland.
Maxville*} to Jacksonville.
Mayport*} to Jacksonville.
McAlpin*}} to Live Oak.
McDavid*}} to Pensacola.
Medulla to Lakeland.
} Express Office.


Melrose* to Waldc.
Merritt* to Cocoa.
Miakka* to Bradenton.
Miami Shores to Miami.
Micanopy*!! to Gainesville
Micco*! to Vero Beach.
Miccosukee*! to Thomasville, Ga.
Middleburg* to Green Cove
Midway*!! to Quincy.
Millers Ferry* to Chipley.
Milligan*!! to Milton.
Millview* to Pensacola.
Millville* to Panama City.
Mims*tt to Sanford.
Mineral City* to Jackson­
Minneola* to Clermont.
Modello* to Miami.
Mohawk* to Clermont.
Molino*!! to Milton.
Montbrook*t to Dunnellon.
Montverde*! to Winter
Moore Haven*!! to Clewiston.
Morriston*tt to Dunnellon.
Moseley Hall to Madison.
Mossy Head*!: to De Funiak
Moultrie*! to St. Augustine
Mount Pleasant*! to Quincy
Mulat*! to Milton.
Munson* to Milton.
Murdock*!! to PuntaGorda
Muscogee* to Pensacola.
Myakka City*! to Manatee
Naples* to Fort Myers.
Naranja*!! to Miami.
Narcoossee* to Kissimmee.
Nassauville to Fernandina.
National Gardens to Or­
New Augustine*! to St.
New Berlin* to Jackson­
New burn to Live Oak.
New Kiver* to Lake Butler
New Smyrna*!! to De
Niceville to Valparaiso.
Nichols* to Mulberry.
Nocatee*! to Arcadia.
Nokomis*! to Venice.
Noma*! to Geneva, Ala.
Oak*! to Ocala
Oak Hill*!! to De Land.
Oakland*!! to Winter Gar­
O'Brien*!! to Branford.
Oeklocknee* to Tallahassee.
Odessa* to Tampa.
Ojus*! to Hollywood.
Okahumpka*!! to Leesburg
Oklawaha*! to Ocala.
Old Town*! to Cross City.
Olga* to Fort Myers.
Olustee*!! to Lake City.
Ona*f! to Zolfo.
Oneco*! to Bradenton.
Opa-Locka to Hialeah.
Orange* to Bristol.
Orange Heights*! to Waldo
Orange Lake*! to Ocala.
Orange Mills to Palatka.
Orange Park*! to Jackson­
Orange Springs* to Haw­
Orlovista*!! to Orlando.
to Daytona
Ormond Beach* to Day­
tona Beach.
Orsino* to Cocoa.
Ortega* to Jacksonville.
Osceola*!! to Sanford.
Oslo to Vero Beach.
Osprey* to Sarasota.
Osteen* to Sanford
Otter Creek*!! to Cross
Overstreet* to Panama City
Oviedo*!! to Orlando.
Oxford*!! to Ocala.
Ozona* to St. Petersburg.
Pablo Beach*!! to Jackson­
Paisley* to Eustis.
Palma Sola* to Bradenton.
Palm Bay to Vero Beach.
Palm City*! to Stuart.
Palmdale*!! to La Belle.
Palm Harbor*!! to St.
Panacea* to Tallahassee.
Panama Park* to Jackson­
Panasoflkee*! to Leesburg.
Paola to Sanford.
Parish* to Palmetto.
Parker* to Panama City.
Pasco to Brooksville.
Passagrille* to St. Peters­
Pauway to Lakeland.
Paxton*! to Florala, Ala.
Pembroke* to Fort Meade.
Penny Farms to Green Cove
Peoria* to Green Cove
Perrine*!! to Miami.
Phifer to Hawthorne.
Pierce*!! to Mulberry.
Pierson*!! to De Land.
Plnecastle*! to Orlando.

Pineland*!! to Fort Myers.
Pinelevel*! to Arcadia.
Pine Log to Chipley.
Pinemount* to Live Oak
Pinetta*!! to Valdosta, Ga.
Pittville to Jacksonville.
Plymouth*!! to Apopka.
Point Washington* to De
Funiak Springs.
Polk City*!! to Haines
Pomona*!! to Palatka.
De Funiak Springs.
Portland* to De Funiak
Port Richey* to New Port
Port St. Joe*!! to Apalachi­
Port Sewall* to Stuart.
Port Tampa*!! to Tampa.
Providence to Lake Butler.
Princeton*!! to Miami.
Punta Rassa*! to Fort
Putnam Hall* to Palatka.
Quintette* to Pensacola.

Raiford*!! to Lake Butler.
Raleigh* to Arcadia.
Redbay* to De Funiak
Redland* to Miami.
Richland*!! to Brooksville.
Richloam*! to Brooksville.
Rio* to Stuart.
Ritta* to Okeechobee.
Riveria to West Palm
Riverview* to Tampa.
Rochelle*!! to Gainesville.
Rock Bluff* to Bristol.
Rockdale to Miami.
Rock Harbor to Key West.
Rockledge*!! to Cocoa.
Romeo* to Ocala.
Roseland* to Vero Beach.
Round Lake*! to Marianna
Roy (Liberty Co.) to River
Ruslcin* to Tampa.
Russell* to Green Cove

Safety Harbor*!! to Dune­
St. Andrew*! to Panama
Saint Catherine*! to Bushnell.
St. James City*! to Fort
St. Johns Park* to Crescent
St. Lucie* to Fort Pierce.
Saint Marks*! to Tallahas­
Saint Nicholas! to South
Salerno*!! to Stuart.
Sampson* to Starke.
Samsula* to De Land
Sanderson to Macclenny.
Sanibel*! to Fort Myers.
San Mateo*!! to Palatka.
Santa Fe*!! to Alachua.
Santa Rosa* to De Funiak
Santos*! to Ocala.
Satsuma Heights* to Palat­
Scottsmoor to Sanford.
Seabreeze to Daytona
Sears!! to La Belle.
Seffner*!! to Tampa
Seville*!! to De Land.
Shady Grove* to Perry
Shamrock* to Cross City.
Sharpes* to Cocoa.
Shiloh to Titusville.
Slater! to Fort Meyers.
Sopchoppy*!! to Tallahas­
Sorrento*! to Eustis.
SouthBay* to MooreHaven
South Miami to Miami.
Southport* to Panama City
Sparr*!! to Ocala.
Spring Garden* to De Land
Sumatra*! to Apalachicola
Summerfleld*+! to Ocala.
Sumner*!! to Cross City.
Sumterville* to Leesburg.
Sun City* to Tampa.
Sutherland*!! to St. Peters­
Suwauee Valley to Lake
Sydney*! to Tampa.
Taft*!! to Orlando
Tallevast to Sarasota.
Tangerine to Mount Dora.
Tavernier to Miami.
Telogia*!! to Bristol
Terra Ceia*! to Palmetto.
Theressa*! to Starke.
Thonotosassa*! to Tampa.
Tidewater to Dunnellon.
Titusville*!! to Sanford.
Traxler to Alachua.
Trilby*!! to Brooksville.
Turkey Creek to PlantCity.
Turnbull to Sanford.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Ulita*! to Miami.
Umatilla to Eustis.
Valrico*! to Tampa.
Venus*!! to Lake Placid.
Verna* to Manatee.
iVernon* to Chipley.
Vilas*! to Bristol.
Wabasso*!! to Vero Beach.
Wacissa* to Montlcello.
Wade* to Newberry.
Wadesboro to Tallahassee.
Wakulla*! to Tallahassee.
Walton* to Fort Pierce.
Warrington*! to Pensacola.
Watertown to Lake City.
Waukeenah* to Monticello.
Wausau* to Chipley.
Waverly*! to WinterHaven
Webster*!! to Brooksville.
Weirsdale*!! to Leesburg.
Welaka* to Palatka.
Wellborn to Live Oak.
Westbay* to St. Andrews.
West Farm to Greenville.
West Farm to Madison.
West Tocoi* to Green Cove
Westville*! to Chipley.
White City to Fort- Pierce.
Whitehouse*!! to Jackson­
White Springs*!! to Jasper.
Whitney* to Leesburg.
Wilcox*! to Trenton.
Williston*!! to Ocala.
Willow to Palmetto.
Wilma to Apalachicola.
Wimauma*!! to Palmetto.
Windermere*! to Orlando.
Windsor* to Gainesville.
Winfield* to Lake City.
Winter Beach to VeroBeach
Woods to Brisco!.
Woodville*! to Tallahassee.
Worthington* to Lake But­
Yalaha* to Leesburg.
Yamato to Delray.
Yankeetown to Dunnellon.
Ybor City*! to Tampa.
York* to Ocala.
Youngstown*!! to Panama
Yukon! to Jacksonville.
Yulee*!! to Fernandina.
Zell wood*!! to Apopka.
Zephyrhills*!! to Brooks­
Zolfo to Wauchula.
Aaron to Garfield.
Abba*! to Fitzgerald.
Abbottsford* to Lagrange.
Aberdeen* to Senoia.
Acree*!! to Sylvester.
Adgateville to Hillsboro.
Afton* to Ball Ground.
Agnes to Lincolnton.
Agricola* to Mitchell.
Aid to Carneeville.
Aikenton to Montlcello.
Airline to Hartwell.
Alexander* to Waynesboro.
Aline*! to Cobbtown.
Allatoona* to Acworth.
Allenhurst*!! to Hinesville.
Allentown*! to Danville.
iAlma*!! to Ocila.
Alinon* to Covington.
Altamaha* to Reidsville.
Alto*!! to Cornelia.
Alvaton*! to Senoia.
Amboy*! to Ashburn.
Ambrose*!! to Douglas.
Amity* to Lincolnton.
Amsterdam*!! to Bainbridge.
Andersonville*t to Americus.
Andes to Milledgeville.
Apalachee*! to Madison.
AAppling* to Harlem.
Arab!*!! to Cordele.
Aragon*!! to Rockmart.
Areola*! to Statesboro.
Argyle*!! to Homerville.
Armuchee*! to Rome
Arnoldsville* to Crawford.
Arp* to Fitzgerald.
Ashland* to Commerce.
Aska* to Ellijay.
Astor to Atlanta.
Atco* to Cartersville.
Attapulgus*!!to Bainbridge
Auburn to Winder.
Auraria* to Dahlonega.
Autreyville* to Moultrie.
Avalon* to Martin.
Avera to Stapleton.
Avondale* to Decatur.
Axson*!! to Pearson.
Baconton to Newton.
Bairdstown* to Maxeys.
Banning* to Whitesburg.
Bannockburn*!to Nashville
Barnett*!! to Sharon.
Barney*!! to Morven.
Barretts to Ray City.
Bartow to Louisville.
Barwick*!! to Thomasville.
Bascom! to Sylvania.
Bastonville! to Gibson.
Baxter to Blue Ridge.
Beach*!! to Willacoochee.
• Money Order Office.

Beachton* to Thomasville.
Beards Creek to Glennville.
Bel Air* to Augusta.
Belknap to Pembroke.
Bellton* to Gainesville.
Bellville*!! to Claxton.
Bemiss to Valdosta.
Benevolence*!! toCuthbert
Ben Hill* to Atlanta.
Berkeley!! to Carlton.
Berlin* to Moultrie.
Berner*! to Flovilla.
Berr yton*+ito Summerville
Bert to Cornelia.
Bethlehem*! to Monroe.
Bickley to Willacoochee.
Big Spring* to La Grange
Bingen to Quincy, Fla.
Bishop*! to Athens.
Blackwells* to Marietta.
Blaine to Jasper
iBlairsville* to Murphy.
N. C.
Blalock* to Clayton.
Blitchton* to Pembroke.
Bloomingdale*! to Savan­
Blount to Forsyth.
Bluffton* to Blakely.
Blundale*! to Wadley.
Bogart*!! to Athens.
Bolingbroke*! to Forsyth.
Bolton*! to Atlanta.
Bonaire*!! to Perry.
Boneville* to Thomson
Boston*!! to Thomasville.
Bostwick*! to Monroe.
Bowdon Junction*! to Bre­
Bowersville to Hartwell.
Bowman*!! to Elberton.
Boxspring*!! to Junction
Boyd to Sylvania.
Boykin* to Colquitt.
Boynton to Ringgold.
Bradley to Macon.
Braganza to Waycross.
Bremen to Tallapoosa.
Brentwood* to Odum.
Brest* to Baconton.
Bridgeboro*!! to Moultrie.
Bright* to Gainesville.
Bristol*!! to Blackshear.
Broadhurst to Jesup.
Bronwood*!! to Dawson.
Brookfield*!! to Tlfton.
Brooklyn*! to Richland.
Brookman* to Brunswick.
Brooks*!! to Senora.
Brookton* to Clermont.
Browns Crossing* to Mil­
Broxton*!! to Fitzgerald
Buckhead to Madison.
Bullochville*! to
Burnt Fort to Kingsland.
Burroughs to Savannah.
Burtsboro* to Dahlonega.
Burwell to Carrollton.
Bushnell*!! to Douglas.
Butts*! to Garfield.
Byron to Macon.

Cabanlss to Flovilla.
Caleb to Conyers.
Camak*!! to Warrenton.
Gameronf to Statesboro.
Campania to Harlem.
Campton*! to Monroe.
Canoochee* to Garfield.
Carbondale to Dalton.
Carl* to Winder.
Carlton* to Elberton.
Carnegie*!! to Cuthbert.
iGarnesville! to Lavonia.
Carrs Station* to Milledge­
Cartecay* to Ellijay.
Carters* to Chatsworth
Cary to Cochran.
Cass! to Cartersville.
Cassandra* to Chattanooga
Cass Station*! to Carters­
Cassville* to Cartersville.
Cataula* to Columbus.
Cave to Cartersville.
Cave Spring*!! to Cedartown.
Cecil*!! to Adel.
Cedar Crossing to Lyons.
Cedar Grove* to LaFayett6
Cedar Springs* to Colum­
bia. Ala.
Celeste to Washington.
Center* to Athens
Genter Village to Folkston.
Centerville to Macon.
Centralhatchee to Franklin.
Chalker*!! to Sandersville.
Chamblee to Atlanta.
Chance to Fort Valley.
Chappell to Griffin.
Charlotte to Vidalia.
Chattahoochee*!! to Atlan­
Chatterton to Douglas
Chauncey*!! to Eastman.
Chelsea* to Menlo.
Cherrylog* to Blue Ridge.
Chestnut Gap* to Blue
Cheyne to Calhoun.
f Telegraph Station.



Choestoe* to Blue Ridge.
Chula*!! to Tifton.
Cisco* to Cleveland, Tenn.
Clarksboro to Athens.
Olarkston* to Decatur.
Clem* to Carrollton.
Cleola* to Talbotton.
iCleveland*!! to Clermont.
Clifton (De Kalb Co.) to
Climax*!! to Bainbridge.
Clinchfleld to Unadilla.
Clipper* to Canton.
Clito* to Statesboro.
Clyattville* to Valdosta
Clyde to Pembroke.
Clyo*!! to Springfield.
Cobb*!! to Americus.
Cobbham to Thomson.
Cobbtown*!! to Collin*.
Coffee*!! to Blackshear.
Cogdell* to Homerville.
Cohutta*!! to Dalton.
Colbert*!! to Comer.
Coleman*!! to Cuthbert.
Colesourg to Kingsland
Colon* to Valdosta
Comer*!! to Danielsville.
Coney to Cordele.
Conley* to Atlanta.
Constantine to Commerce.
Cooper Heights* to Chatta­
nooga, Tenn.
Coosa* to Rome.
Corinth to Hogansville.
Cork* to Flovilla.
Cotton* to Pelham.
Council*!! to Valdosta.
Covena*! to Swainsboro.
Coverdale* to Ashburn.
Cox! to Darien.
Craig to Lawrenceville.
Grandall*! to Eton.
Crawfordville*!! to Sharon
Crescent* to Darien.
Crest*! to Thomaston.
Crosland*! to Norman Park
Culverton*! to Sparta.
Curryville* to Calhoun.
iCusseta*!! to Dolumbus.
Cut Cane to Ellijay.
Cyrene*! to Brinson.
Dacula*!! to Loganville.
Daisy*!! to Claxton.
Dakota*!! to Ashburn.
Dames Ferry* to Forsyth.
Danburg* to Washington.
Danville*!! to Jefferson­
Davisboro to Sandersville.
Dawson ville* to Gaines­
Dearing*! to Harlem.
Decora to Calhoun.
Deepstep* to Sandersville.
Deercourt to Toccoa.
Dellwood* to Swainsboro
De Loach to Statesboro.
Denmark to Statesboro.
Dennis* to Eatonton.
Denton*! to Douglas.
De Soto to Americus.
Devereux* to Sparta.
Dewitt* to Baconton.
Dewyrose* to Elberton.
Dial* to Blue Ridge.
Dickey to Edison.
Dillard*!! to Clayton.
Dixie*!! to Quitman.
Doctortown*! to Jesup.
Dodge! to Chattanooga.
Doerun*!! to Moultrie.
Doles* to Sylvester.
Donald to Glennville.
Donovan* to Wrightsvllle.
Dooling*!! to Montezuma.
Doraville*! to Norcross.
Dorchester! to Savannah.
Dot to Carrollton.
Double Branches* to Llncolnton.
Dougherty* to Gainesville.
iDouglas*!! to Ocilla.
Dover*!! to Statesboro.
Doyle* to Buena Vista.
Draketown* to Temple.
Dry Branch*!! to Macon
Dry Pond to Jefferson.
Dubois to Eastman.
Ducktown to Gumming.
Due to Blue Ridge.
Duluth*!! to Alpharetta.
Dunbar to Macon.
Duncan to Hinesville.
Dunn to Eton.
Dunwoody* to Roswell.
Du Pont*!! to Homerville.
Durand*! to Greenville.
Dyas* to Culloden.
Early* to Rome.
Eastanollee* to Martin.
East Ellijay* to Ellijay.
East Juliette to Forsyth.
Echeconnee* to Macon.
Eden* to Guyton.
Eelbeck to Columbus.
Egan* to East Point.
Egypt*! to Brooklet.
Elberta to Macon.
Elder to Maxeys.
Eldora* to Savannah.
Eldorendo*! to Bainbridge.
Elgin to Jackson.
Elko*!! to Perry.
Ellabell*!! to Savannah.
t Express Office.



Ella Gap to Ellijay.
Ellenton*t! to Moultrie.
Ellerslie*!! to Columbus.
Elmodel* to Leary.
Elza* to Reldsville.
Embry to Dallas.
Emerson*! to Cartersvllle.
Emmalane to Millen.
Empire*!! to Cochran.
Enigma*! to Tifton.
Epworth* to Blue Kidge.
Erick! to McRae.
Esom Hill* to Cedartown.
Eulonia* to Darien.
Evens* to Augusta.
Everett City* to Brunswick.
Experiment* to Griffin.
Faceville*!! to Bainbrldge.
Fairfax*!! to Way Cross.
Falroaksf to Marietta.
Fargo*!! to Homerville.
Farmdale! to Sylvania.
Farmington to Athens.
Farrar* to Shady Dale.
Felton* to Buchanan.
Fence to Lawrenceville.
Fender* to Tifton
Ficklin* to Washington.
Fido to Pembroke.
Fields Cross Roads to
Fife* to Fairburn.
Findlay to Pinehurst.
Fish*! to Cedartown.
Five Forks to Colbert.
Fleming*!! to Savannah.
Flemington* to Savannah.
Flint*! to Camilla.
Flintside to Leslie.
Flintstone* to Chattanooga,
FUppen*! to McDonough.
Florence* to Omaha.
Flowery Branch* to Gaines­
Floyd to Austell.
Forest Glen* to Fitzgerald.
Forest Park* to Atlanta.
Fort McPherson*!! to
Fort Oglethorpe! to Chat­
tanooga. Tenn.
Fort Screven* to Savannah.
Fortson* to Columbus.
Fowlstown*! to Bainbridge
Friendship to Americus.
Frolona* to Lagrange.
Fruitland* to Valdosta.
Fry* to Copper Hill, Tenn.
Funston* to Moultrie.

Gabbettvllle*! to W. Point.
Gaddistown* to Dahlonega.
Gaillard* to Roberta.
Garden Valley to Reynolds.
Gardi*! to Jesup.
Garrant to Douglas.
Geneva*! to Talbotton.
Gentian to Columbus.
iGeorgetown* to Eufaula,

Gillsville*!! to Gainesville.
Gilmore to Atlanta.
Girard to Sardis.
Gladesville* to Monticello.
Glenlock to Carrollton.
Glenmore* to Way Cross.
Glenn* to Roanoke, Ala.
Gloster*!!to Lawrenceville.
Godfrey to Madison.
Godwinsville to Eastman.
Goggansville* to Barnes­
Goodes to Palmetto.
Good Hope* to Monroe.
Gordon to Macon.
Gore* to Summerville.
Gough*!! to Waynesboro.
Gracewood*!! to Augusta.
Graham*! to Baxley.
Granite Hill* to Sparta.
Graves Station* to Dawson.
Grayson*!! to Lawrence­
Grays ville*! to Chatta­
nooga, Tenn.
Greenbush* to La Fayette.
Greens Cut*! to Waynes­
Greenwood to McDonough.
Greggs to Adel.
Gresham ville* toBuckhead.
Gresston*! to Eastman.
Griswold ville* to Gordon.
Grovania*!! to Perry.
Grove to Clayton.
Groveland*!! to Pembroke.
Grovetown*! to Harlem.
Guyton*!! to Springfield.

Habersham* to Cornelia.
Hagan*!! to Claxton.
Halcyondale*!! to States­
Halfway to Dahlonega.
lHamilton*!! to Columbus.
Hammett* to Roberta.
Hardwick* to Milledgeville.
Harris*!! to Greenville.
Harrison to Tennille.
Hartslield* to Moultrie.
Harvest* to Cornelia.

Hatcher StatioD* to Eufaula
Hatley* to Cordele.
Haylow*!! to Valdosta.
Hayner to Brunswick.
Hayston* to Covington.
Haywood to Nichols.
Headlight to Homerville.
Head River* to Chattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
Heardmont*!! to Elberton.
Hebardville* to Wavcross.
Helen to Cleveland*!!
Helena*!! to McRae.
Hemp* to Blue Ridge.
Henderson to Unadilla.
Hephzibah*!! to Augusta,
Hermitage to Rome.
Herndon to Waynesboro.
Herod to Dawson.
Hickory Flat to Canton.
Hickory Grove to Roberta.
Hickox*! to Folkston.
Higdons Store* to Blue
Higgston*! to Vidalia.
High Shoals* to Athens.
Hill City*!! to Calhoun.
Hillman*! to Sharon.
Hilton*! to Columbia, Ala.
Hiltonia*! to Sylvania.
Hinsonton* to Pelham.
Hiram*!! to Dallas,
i Hoboken*!! to Blackshear.
Hogansville to Lagrange.
Holcombe* to Jasper.
Holland*! to Summerville.
Hollonville to Zebulon.
Hollysprings*! to Canton.
Hollywood*!! to Cornelia.
Homeland*! to Folkston.
Homer*1 to Commerce.
Hope to Milner.
H ortense*!! to Jesup.
Howard*!! to Butler
Howell*!! to Valdosta.
Hubbardsville to Canton.
Hubert* to Brooklet.
Hull*! to Athens.
Hunters*! to Sylvania.
Huntington*!! to Americus.
Huntsville to Dallas.
lnaha to Ashburn.
Indian Springs* to Flovilla.
Ingleside* to Decatur.
Inman* to Woolsey.
Inverness to Darien.
Iron City*!! to Donalsonville.
Irwinville to Fitzgerald.
Isle of Hope! to Savannah.
Ivey*! to Gordon.
Jacksonville* to McRae.
Jakin*!! to Blakely.
James*! to Macon.
Jewell* to Warrenton.
Jimps*! to Statesboro.
Johnston Station to Jesup.
Johnstonville to Barnes­
Jones*!! to Darien.
Julia* to Lumpkin.
Juliette*!! to Forsyth.
Juniper* to Talbotton.
Juno* to Dahlonega.
Kathleen*!! to Perry
Kedron to Newnan.
Keller to Savannah.
Kelly* to Shady Dale.
Kensington*!! to La
Kenwood*! to Fayetteville.
Kenzie to Thomaston.
Keysville*!! to Wrens.
Kibbee* to Soperton.
Kildare!! to Oliver
Kimbrough to Richland.
Kincaid to Summerville.
Ivinderlou*!! to Valdosta.
Kingston*! to Oartersville.
Kirkland*!! to Pearson.
Kirkwood*! to Atlanta.
Kite*!! to Swainsboro.
Klondike to Gainesville.
Knob to McDonough.
iKnoxville* to Roberta.
La Cross*! to Americus.
Lakemont*!! to Clayton.
Lambert* to Jesup.
Lanier*!! to Pembroke.
Lax to Willacoochee.
Leaf* to Cornelia.
Leah to Harlem.
Lebanon* to Canton.
Leefleld to Brooklet.
iLeesburg*!! to Albany.
Lela*!! to Donalsonville.
Leo* to Gainesville.
Lew to Glenville.
Lewis to Oglethorpe.
Lexsy* to Swainsboro.
Liberty City to Jesup.
Liclog* to Ellijay.
Lilburn*!! to Lawrenceville
Lilly to Byromville.
Lindale*!! to Rome.
Linton* to Sparta.
Linwood*! to Oartersville.
Lisbon* to Lincolnton.
Lithia Springs*!! to Austell
Little Row to Calhoun.
Lizella* to Macon.
Loco to Lincolnton.
Locust Grove*! to Jackson.
Lollie* to Rockledge.
Lone Oak to Hogansville

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

Lorane* to Macon.
Lothalr to Soperton.
Loughridge to Cohutta
Louise to La Grange.
Lou vale* to Lumpkin
Lovelace to Lincolnton.
Lovett*!! to Wrightsville.
Loving* to Blue Ridge.
Lowell to .Carrollton.
Ludville to Jasper.
Luella* to McDonough.
Lulaton*! to Brunswick.
Luxomnl* to Lawrenceville.
Lyerly**! to Summerville.

Mabel to Brunswick.
Mableton*! to Austell.
Machen*!! to Monticello.
Madison Springs to Danielsville.
Madras* to Newnan.
Manassas*? to Hagan.
Manor*!! to Waycross.
Mansfield*!! to Covington.
Marble Hill* to Jasper.
Martin*!! to Toccoa.
Martinez* to Augusta.
Massee to Sparks.
Mathis to Clayton.
Matthews*!! to Wrens.
Mauk*!! to Charing.
Max to Talbotton
Maxeys to Stephens.
Maxim* to Lincolnton.
Maxwell to Shady Dale.
Mayday to Valdosta.
Mayfield*!! to Warrenton.
Maysville*!! to Commerce.
McBean* to Waynesboro
McCarty to Tennille.
McGregor* to Alley.
McIntosh*!! to Savannah
McIntyre*!! to Irwinton.
McKee to Gainesville.
McPherson to Dallas.
Mears to Sardis.
Mecca to Fairburn
Meda* to Eatonton
Meeks* to Adrian.
Meinhard! to Savannah
Meldrim*!! to Pineora.
Mendes*! to Glennville.
Meridian* to Darien.
Meriweather* to Milledge­
Merrillville*!! to Thomas­
Mershon* to Blackshear.
Mesena* to Thomson.
Metasville* to Washington.
Metcalf*!! to Thomasville.
Middleton*!! to Elberton.
Midland*! to Columbus
Midriver to Kingsland
Midville to Waynesboro.
Midway to Hinesville.
Milford* to Leary.
Millhaven*! to Sardis.
Milltown to Lakeland.
Millwood*!! to Pearson.
Milner*! to Barnesville.
Milstead* to Conyers.
Mineola to Hahira
Mineral Bluff*!! to Blue
Mize* to Toccoa.
Modoc* to Swainsboro.
Moniac* to Jacksonville,
Monteith! to Savannah.
Montivedio to Elberton.
Mora to Willacoochee.
Moreland*! to Newnan.
Morgan to Arlington.
Morganton* to Blue Ridge.
Morganvllle* to Chattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
Morris Station* to Cuthbert.
Morrow* to Jonesboro.
Mountain City*!! to Clay­
Mount Airy*!! to Cornelia.
Mount Pleasant*! to Jesup.
Mountville*! to Lagrange.
Mount Zion* to Carrollton.
Munnerlyn*! to Waynesboro.
Murrayville* to Gainesville
Muselia*! to Roberta.
Myrtle to Perry.
Mystic*!! to Ocilla.

Nacoochee*! to Cornelia.
Naylor*!! to Valdosta.
Neal*! to Concord.
Nelson*! to Jasper.
Nevills to Pembroke.
Newborn to Covington.
New Holland*! to Gaines­
Newmarket to Forsyth
Nicholls*!! to Willacoochee
Nicholson*! to Commerce.
Nickville to Elberton.
Norristown*?! to Adrian.
Norwich* to Mauk.
Note to Eatonton.
Nuberg to Elberton.
Nunez*! to Norristown
Nye to Sharon.
Oakfleld*!! to Warwick.
Oakland* to Gay.
* Money Order Office.

Oakman*! to Calhoun.
Oak Park*!! to Vidalia.
Oakwood* to Gainesville.
Ocee to Duluth.
Oconee*! to Tennille.
Oconee Mills to Gainesville.
Odessadale* to Lagrange.
Odum to Jesup.
Offerman*!! to Patterson.
Ogeechee*!! to Sylvania.
Oglesby*!! to Elberton.
Ohoopee*! to Lyons.
Ola to McDonough.
Oliver*!! to Dover.
Ollie to Ellijay.
Omaha*!! to Lumpkin.
Omega*!! to Tifton.
Oostanaula to Calhoun.
Ophir to Canton.
Orange* to Canton.
Orchard Hill*! to Milner.
Orland* to Soperton.
Oscarville to Gainesville.
Osierfield*!! to Fitzgerald.
Ousley*!! to Valdosta.
Owensboro to Rochelle.
Oxford* to Covington.
Panthersville to Decatur.
Parish* to Metter.
Paschal* to Talbottom.
Patillo to Griffin.
Patten to Boston.
APearson*!! to Willacooche
Peavine to Ringgold.
Penfleld* to White Plains.
Pennick* to Brunswick.
Penningtonfto Madison.
Perkins*! to Millen.
Phllematt to Albany.
Philomath* to Maxeys.
Pickard* to Thomaston
Pidcock*!! to Thomasville.
Piedmont to Barnesville
Pierceville* to Copperhill.
Pike* to Ellijay.
Pilot* to Blue Ridge.
Pine Grove* to Baxley.
Pinelog* to Oartersville.
Pine Mountain to ClaytoD.
Pineora*!! to Springfield.
Plnepark*t! to Cairo.
Pineview* to Hawkinsville.
Pisgah* to Ellijay.
Pittsburg* to Chickamauga
Plainfield*! to Eastman.
Plains*!! to Preston.
Plainville*! to Calhoun.
Pleasant to Cumming.
Pocataligo to Damelsville.
Point Peter* to Carlton.
Ponder* to Dahlonega.
Pooler*!! to Savannah.
Porterdale*!! to Covington
Portland*! to Rockmart.
Port Wentworth to Savan­
Potterville to Reynolds.
Poulan to Sylvester.
Powder Springs*!! toDallas
Powellvllle to Newnan.
Powelton to Sparta.
Powersville*! to Ft. Valley
Pratts burg to Talbotton.
Presley* to Murphy. N O.
iPreston*!! to Richland.
Pretoria to Albany.
Primrose* to Greenville.
Priors* to Cedartown.
Protection to Ellijay.
Pulaski to Metter.
Putnam*! to Buena Vista
Putney*!! to Albany.
Quill* to Ellijay.
Quince to Collins.

Racepond* to Waycross.
Raines to Cordele.
Raleigh*! to Woodbury.
Ramhurst*! to Chatsworth
Ranger*! to Fairmount.
Ray City*!! to Nashville.
Rayle* to Washington.
Raymond*!! to Newnan.
Rebecca*!! to Ashburn.
Recovery* to Bainbridge
Redan* to Lithonia.
Redbud* to Calhoun.
Red Oak* to Fairburn.
Reeves*! to Calhoun.
Register to Statesboro.
Remerton* to Valdosta.
Renfroe*! to Richland.
Reno* to Cairo.
Resaca*! to Calhoun.
Rex*! to Ellenwood.
Riceboro*!! to Hinesville.
Riddles Landing to Mount
Riddlevllle to Davlsboro.
Rldgevllie* to Darien.
Rincon*!! to Springfield.
Rising Fawn*!! to Chatta­
nooga, Tenn.
Rivertown to Palmetto.
Robertstown*! to Gaines­
Robinson*! to Crawfordville.
Rochelle to Abbeville.
Rockingham* to Douglas
Rockledge to Dublin.
Rock Spring* to La Fayette
Rocky Face* to Dalton.
Rocky Ford to Sylvania.
Rocky Mount to Luthersville.
Roopville* to Carrolton
! Telegraph Station.

Roosevelt to Ellijay.
Roscoe to .Newnan.
Rosebud to Loganville.
Rosier*!! to Midville.
Rossville to Chattanooga.
Round Oak*! to Gray.
Rover* to Griffin.
Roy* to Ellijay.
Ruckersville to Elberton
Rudden to Eatonton.
Rupert*!! to Butler
Rydal*! to Oartersville.
Saint Charles! to Moreland.
Saint Clair*!! to Louisville.
Saint George*!! to Jackson­
ville, Fla.
Saint Simons Island* to
Sandycross to Crawford.
Sapelo* to Darien.
Sarah* to Blue Ridge.
Sardis to Waynesboro.
Sargent*!! to Newnan.
Sautee* to Cornelia.
Scarboro*! to Millen.
Schlatterville to Waycross.
Scott*! to Adrian.
Scotland*!! to McRae.
Scottdale*! to Decatur.
Screven*t! to Patterson.
Selina to Jonesboro.
Seneyt! to Rockmart.
Seville to Pitts.
Shannon*!! to Rome.
Sharpsburg*! to Newnan.
Shawnee! to Springfield.
Shell Bluff to Waynesboro
Sheppard to Sylvania.
Shiloh*!! to Warm Springs
Shingler*! to Sylvester.
Shoals to Mitchell.
Shoulder to Sparta.
Sibley* to Ashburn.
Silco to Kingsland.
Silver City to Cumming
Silver Creek* to Rome.
Sirmans to Homerville.
Slappey to Marshallville.
Smarrs*! to Forsyth.
Smithville*!! to Americus.
Smyrna*! to Marietta.
Snellville to Lawrenceville
Sofkeet! to Macon.
Sonoraville to Calhoun.
South Newport to Darien.
Spann* to Wrightsville.
Spread to Stapleton.
Spring Place* to Chatsworth
Springvale* to Cuthbert.
Stark to Jackson.
Starrsville* to Covington.
AStatenville* to Valdosta.
Stay to Dahlonega.
Stellaville* to Matthews
Sterling*! to Brunswick.
Stevens Pottery*! to Mllledgeville.
Stilesboro*!! to Cartersville.
Stillmore*!! to Swainsboro.
Stillwell* to Springfield.
Stilson*! to Statesboro.
Stockton*!! to Valdosta.
Stockbridge*!! to Mc­
Stokesvilie to MacClenny
Stonewall* to Fairburn.
Stop to Fairburn.
Stuckey* to Mount Vernon.
Subligns to Summerville.
Suches* to Dahlonega.
Sugar Valley*! to Calhoun.
Sulphur Springs*!! to Chat­
tanooga, Tenn.
Summertown*!! to Swains­
Sumner*!! to Sylvester.
Sumter* to Americus.
Sunny Side*! to Griffin.
Surrency to Baxley.
Suwanee*!! to Buford.
Sweetgum* to Ellijay.
Swords* to Madison.
Taft to Dallas.
Tailscreek* to Ellijay.
Talking Rock*!! to Ellijay.
Tallulah Falls*!! to Clay­
Tallulah Lodge*! to Clay­
Tallulah Park to Cornelia.
Tarboro to Kingsland.
Tarrytown*!! to Soperton.
Tate* to Jasper.
Taylor's Creek* to Savan­
Tazewell* to Buena Vista.
Temperance to McRae.
Temple to Douglasville.
Tennga* to Conasauga.
Texas* to Franklin.
Thalmann*! to Brunswick
The Rock*! to Thomaston
Thomasboro* to Sylvania.
Thrift* to Garfield.
Thunder*! to Thomaston
Thunderbolt*! to Savannah
Thyre to Sylvania.
Tiger*!! to Clayton.
Tilton*! to Dalton.
Tioga to Ellijay.
Titus* to Murphy, N. Car.
Toledo* to Folkston.
Toonigh to Canton.
Topeka Junction to Barnesville.
! Express Office.


Towns*! to McRae.
Townsend*!! to Darien.
Traders Hill to Folkston.
Traylor to Lagrange.
ATrenton*!! to Chattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
Tugalo* to Toccoa.
Tunnel Hill*!! to Dalton.
Turin*!! to Newnan.
Turnervllle* to Cornelia.
Tusculum* to Springfield.
Tybee* to Savannah.
Ty Ty*!l to Tifton.
Union City*!! to Fairburn.
Upatoie*!! to Columbus.
Uptonville to Folkston.
Uvalde to Lyons.
Vada to Camilla.
Valambrosa* to Dublin.
Vanna*! to Royston.
Vanoy* to Fort Valley.
Varnells Sta.*! to Dalton
Vaudelt to Hapeville.
Vaughn*! to Griffin.
Veazey* to White Plains.
Vesta to Elberton.
Vidette*!! to Louisville.
Vlllanow* to Lafayette
Vlnlngs*! to Marietta.
Waco to Bremen.
Wade*! to Graymont.
Walden* to Macon.
Waleska* to Canton.
Walker! (Dougherty Co.)
to Albany.
Walnutgrove* to Monroe.
Walthourville*!! to Hinesville.
Waresboro*!! to Waycross.
Warm Springs*!! to Man­
Warsaw to Savannah.
Warthen*!! to Sanderaville.
Warwick*!! to Cordele.
AWatkinsville*!! to Athens.
Waverly*! to Klngsland.
Waynesville*!! to BrunsWayside*! to Bradley.
Ways Sta.* to Savannah.
Webbs to Ellljay.
Weddington to Douglas.
Wellston*!! to Macon.
Wenonat! to Cordele.
Wesley*! to Swainsboro.
West Green*!! to Douglas.
Westlake*!! to Cochran.
Weston*!! to Richland.
White*! to Cartersville.
White Bluff to Savannah.
White City to Canton.
White Hall* to Athens.
Whitehouse to McDonough
White Oak*!! to Klngsland
Whitepath* to Ellijay.
White Plains*! to Slloam.
Whitestone*! to Ellljay.
White Sulphur Springs to
Whitesville to Greenville.
Whitney to Monroe.
Wler* to Ellljay.
Wildwood*! to Chattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
Wiley* to Clayton.
Wilkins to Rome.
Willard*! to Eatonton.
Willie* to Pembroke
Wilscot* to Ellijay.
Winchester*! to Marshallville.
Winfield to Thomson.
Winokur*!! to Folkston.
Wlnston*t! to Douglasville.
Co.) to Union Point.
Winterville*!! to Athens.
Woodbine*!! to Klngsland.
Woodcliff*! to Sylvania.
Woodlawnf to Springfield.
Woodstock*! (Oglethorpe
Co.) to Union Point.
Woodville*!! to Union
Woolsey*!! to Fayetteville.
Worth*!! to Ashburn.
Worthville to Jackson.
Wray*! to Douglas.
Wrayswood* to Madison.
Yahoola to Dahlonega.
Yatesville*! to Culloden.
Youngcane* to Ellijay.
Young Harris* to Murphy,
N. C.
Youngs to Cedartown.
Younker to Eastman.
Ypsilantl to Talbotton.
Zebina to Wrens.
Zeigler*! to Sylvania.
Zenith*! to Fort Valley
Zetella to Griffin.
Zone to Calhoun.


Anahola to Kealla.
Castner to Schofield BarEleele*! to Walmea.
Hakalau* to Hilo.
Halawa to Kohala.
Haleiwa* to Waialua.
Hanatei* to Lihue.
Hanamaulu to Kapaa.
Hanapepe* to Waimea.
Hawaii National Park*! to

Hawi* to Kohala.
Heeia* to Honolulu.
Holualoa* to Kealakekua.
Honaunau* to Kealakekua.
Honomu to Hilo.
Honouliuli to Honolulu.
Hookena* to Kealakekua.
Huleia to Lihue.
Iwilei to Honolulu.
Kaanapali to Lahalna.
Kaeleku to Wailuku.
Kahaluu to Honolulu.
Kahuku* to Honolulu.
Kailua* to Kealakekua.
Kainaliu to Kealakekua.
Kalaheo* to Lihue.
Kamuela* to Honokaa.
Kapaau to Kohala.
Kapaia to Lihue.
Kaupo to Kahului.
Kawaihae* to Honokaa.
Keel to Kealakekua.
Kekaha*! to Walmea
Keokea to Kealakekua.
Kilauea*t to Lihue.
Koloa*! to Lihue.
Kukaiau to Hilo.
Kukuihaele to Honokaa.
Kukuiopai to Kealakekua.
Kula to Kahului.
Kurtlstown* to Hilo.
Laie* to Honolulu.
Laupahoehoe*! to Hilo.
Lawai to Lihue.
Maalaea to Wailuku.
Mahukona* to Kealakekua.
Makaweil*! to Waimea.
Makawao* to Paia.
Mana to Waimea.
Maunawai* to Waialua.
Mokulela to Waialua
Mountalnview* to Hilo
Naalehu* to Hilo.
Napoopoo* to Kealakekua.
Nawiliwilit to Lihue.
Ninole* to Hilo.
Olaa* to Hilo.
Olo Walu to Lahaina.
Ookala to Hilo.
Paauhau* to Honokaa.
Paauilo* to Honokaa.
Pahoa* to Hilo.
Pakala to Waimea.
Papaaloa* to Hilo.
Papaikou* to Hilo.
Pauwela* to Paia.
Pearl City* to Honolulu.
Pepeekeo* to Hilo.
Puni to Lihue.
Puuloa to Honolulu.
Puunene*! to Kahului.
Union Mill to Kohala.
Waiakea to Hilo.
Waiakoa* to Kahului.
Waianae*! to Honolulu.
Waihee to Wailuku.
Waikapu to Wailuku.
Waimanalo* to Honolulu.
Wainiha to Lihue.
Walohlnu* to Hilo.
Waipio to Schofield Bar­
Watertown* to Honolulu


Acequia* to Rupert
Adair* to Wallace.
Adams to Grangeville.
Addle* to Bonners Ferry.
Agatha* to Gifford.
Ahsahka* to Oroflno.
Alexander to Soda Springs.
Almo* to Oakley.
Alton to Montpelier.
Ammon to Idaho Falls.
Amsterdam* to Rogerson
Arbon* to Pocatello.
Archer! to Rexburg.
Arlmo*!! to McCammon.
Arling to Donnelly.
Arrow Junction to Lewiston
Athol*!! to Rathdrum.
Atlanta* to Mountain
Atlas to Cceur d'Alene.
Avery*!! to St. Maries.
Avon* to Deary.
Badger to Drlggs.
Baker* to Salmon.
Banida* to Preston.
Banks*!! to Horse Shoe
Bayview*!! to Rathdrum.
Bear* to Weiser.
Beeman to Culdesac.
Bellevue*!! to Halley.
Belmont* to Rathdrum.
Benewah* to Telcoa, Wash.
Bennett* toMountain Home
Bennington* to Montpelier.
Berenice* to Arco.
Berger* to Hollister.
Bern* to Montpelier.
Big Creek to St. Maries.
Black Lake*! to Harrison
Blanchard*!lto Spirit Lake

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Bliss to Gooding
Bloomington* to Paris.
Bone* to Idaho Falls
Bowmont* to Kuna
Burke*!! to Wallace.
Cabarton*!! to Cascade.
Cabinet*!! to Sandpolnt.
Calder to St. Maries.
Camas*!! to Idaho Falls.
Cambridge*! to Weiser.
Cameron* to Kendrick.
Carey* to Hailey.
Careywood* to Sandpolnt.
Carlin Bay* to Harrison.
Castleford * to Buhl.
Cataldo* to Kellogg.
Cavendish* to Peck.
Cedarhlll* to Malad City.
Centerville* to Boise.
Central* to Bancroft.
Chatcolet* to Harrison.
Chester* to St. Anthony.
Chesterfield* to Bancroft
Chilco* to Rathdrum.
Chilly* to Mackay.
Clagstone*t to Spirit Lake
Clark Fork*!! to Sandpolnt
Clarkia*!! to Bovill.
Clayton* to Challis.
Clearwater* to Kooskla.
Clementsville* to St. An­
Cleveland* to Preston.
Clifton* to Preston.
Clover to Filer.
Cocolalla*!! to Sandpolnt.
Colburn* to Sandpolnt.
Conkling Park* to Harrison
Coolln* to Priest River.
Copeland* to Bonners Ferry
Corbin* to Rathdrum.
Corral* to Fairfield.
Curry to Filer.

Darlington* to Mackay.
Dayton*!! to Preston.
Declo to Burley.
De Lamar to Nampa.
Dempsey to Lava Hot
Denver! to Cottonwood.
Desmet* to Tekoa, Wash.
Dietnch*!! to Shoshone.
Dingle* to Montpelier.
Dixie* to Kooshla.
Dover* to Sandpolnt.
Drummond*!Ito Ashton.
Dubois*!! to Idaho Falls.
Dudley* to Kellogg.
Eastport*!! to Bonners
Eden*!! to Hazelton.
Edgemere* to Spirit Lake.
Egin to St. Anthony.
Eileen to Banner Ferry.
Elba* to Albion.
Elk City* to Kooskia.
Elk Prairie to St. Joe.
Elmira* to Sandpolnt.
Elva to Idaho Falls.
Emerald to Bovill.
Emida* to St. Maries.
Enaville*!! to Kellogg.
Fairview to Preston.
Falcon*! to Sg. Maries.
Falk* to Payette.
Felt* to Driggs.
Fenn*!J to Cottonwood.
Fernwood*!! to St. Maries.
Firth*!! to Blackfoot.
Fish Haven* to Paris
Ford* to Rockford.
Forest*! to Winchester.
Fort Hall*!! to Pocatello
Franklin*!! to Preston.
Freedom to Freedom Wyo.
Fruitland to Ontario, Ore.
Fruitvale* to Council.
Gannett* to Hailey.
Gardena* to Boise.
Garden Valley* to Boise.
Garwood* to Rathdrum.
Gem* to Wallace.
Geneva* to Montpelier.
Georgetown* to Montpelier
Gibbonsville* to Salmon.
Gibbs* to Cceur d'Alene.
Gifford*! to Culdesac.
Gilmore* to Leadore.
Glengary* to Sandpolnt.
Goldburg* to Makay.
Golden* to Sites.
Goodrich* to Weiser.
Goshen! to Shelley.
Granite*!! to Sandpolnt.
Greencreek*! to Cotton­
Greenleaf* to Caldwell.
Greer*!! to Oroflno.
Guild to Ashton.
Gwenford! to Malad City.
Hamer*!! to Idaho Falls.
Hammett*!! to Glenns
Hansen*!! to Kimberly.
Harpster* to Kooskia.
Harvard*!! to Potlatch.
Hauser!! to Post Falls
•Money Order Office.

Hayden Lake*! to Cceur
Headquarters to Oroflno.
Helmer* to Deary
Henry* to Soda Springs.
Heyburn*!! to Burley.
Hill City*!! to Fairfield.
Holbrook* to Malad City.
Homedale to Caldwell.
Hope*!! to Sandpolnt,
Horse Shoe Bend*!! to
Howe* to Arco.
Huetter to Ooeur D ’Alene.
Huston* to Caldwell.
Aldaho City* to Boise.
Idahome* to Burley.
Ilo to Oraigmont.
Indian Valley* to Weiser.
Inkom*!! to Pocatello.
Iola to Sandpoint.
Iona*!! to Idaho Falls.
Irwin* to Idaho Falls.
Island Park*!! to Ashton.
Jacques Spur to Culdesac.
Joseph* (Idaho Co.) to
Ketchum*!! to Hailey.
Keuterville*! to Cotton­
Kilgore* to St. Anthony.
KImama*!! to Shoshone.
King Hill*!! to Glenns
Kingston* to Kellogg.
Klockmann* to Bonners
Knox to Cascade.
Knull to Twin Falls.
Kootenai*!! to Sandpolnt.
Laclede*!! to Sandpoint.
Lago* to Grace.
Lake* to Dillon. Mont.
Lakeview* to Sandpoint.
Lane* to Harrison.
Lapwal*! to Lewiston.
Leadore to Salmon.
Leland* to Kendrick.
Lemhi* to Salmon.
Lenore*!! to Oroflno.
Leonia*!! to Bonners Ferry
Leslie to Mackay.
Letha* to Emmett.
Lewisville* to Rigby.
Liberty to Paris.
Lincoln to Idaho Falla
Linden* to Kendrick.
Llnfor* to Kellogg.
Lorenzo* to Rigby.
Lowman to Boise
Lucile* to White Bird.
Lund* to Bancroft.
Mace* to Wallace.
Malta* to Albion.
M arble Creek! to St. Maries.
Market Lake to Idaho
Marsing to Caldwell.
Marysville*!! to Ashton.
Masonla* to Kellogg.
May* to Challis.
McCall*!! to Donnelly
McCammon*!! to Pocatello
Mayfield* to Boise.
Meadow Creek* to Bonners
Meadows* to NewMeadows
Medlmont* to Harrison.
Melba*! to Kuna.
Melrose* to Reubens.
Menan*!! to St. Anthony.
Mesa* to Weiser.
Midas* to Sandpoint.
Middleton*!! to Caldwell.
Midvale*!! to Weiser.
Milner* to Burley
Minidoka*!! to Rupert.
Mission Creek to Bonners
Mohler*! to Craigmont.
Moore*!! to Arco
Moravia* to Bonners Ferry
Moreland* to Blackfoot.
Morrow! to Craigmont.
Morton* to Sandpoint.
Mount Idaho* to Grange­
Moyie Springs to Bonners
Murphy*! to Nampa.
Murray* to Wallace.
Murtaugh to Twin Falls.
Myrtle* to Juliaetta.
Naf* to Albion.
Newdale*!! to Rexburg.
Newsome*! to Kooskia.
Nezperce to Kamiab.
Nordman to Priest River.
North Fork* to Salmon.
Norwood *to Donnelly.
Notus*!! to Caldwell.
Ola* to Montour.
Onaway to Potlatch.
Oneida* (Local name Arl­
mo) to McCammon.
Orchard*!! to Boise.
Oreana* to Nampa.
Osborne* to Wallace.
Osgood to Idaho Falls.
Ovid* to Montpelier.
Oxford*!! to Downey.
! Telegraph Station.



Park* to Boville
Parker to St. Anthony.
Peavey to Filer.
Pegram*!! to Montpelier
Perkins to Boise.
Picabo to Hailey.
Pierce* to Oroflno.
Pine* to Fairfield.
Pingree*!! to Blackfoot
Placerville* to Boise.
Plano to Rexburg.
Pleasant View to Coeur d
Pollock* to White Bird.
Ponderay* to Sandpolnt.
Poplar to Rigby.
Prairie to Mountain Home.
Prichard* to Kellogg.
Princeton*!! to Potlatch
ivumauj' IU XVilLIlUrUIIl.

Raymond* to Montpelier.
Riddle* to Mountain Home
Riggins* to White Bird.
Ririe*!! to Rigby.
Riverside to Blackfoot.
Roberts*! to Idaho Falls.
Robin* to McCammon.
Rockford* to Blackfoot.
Rockford Bay* to Coeur
d AleneJ
Rockland* to American
Rocky Bar* to Mountain
Rogerson*!! to Twin Falls.
Roseberry* to Donnelly.
Roselake*!! to Harrison.
Rossfork to Pocatello.
Roswell* to Parma.
Roy* to American Falls.
Sagle* to Sandpolnt.
Saint Charles* to Paris.
St. Joe*! to St. Maries.
Saint John to Malad City.
Salem to Sugar.
Sam* to Driggs.
Samaria* to Malad City.
Samuels*! to Sandpoint.
Sanders* to Tekoa, Wash
Santa* to St. Maries.
Sawyer* to Sandpoint.
Selle! to Sandpoint.
Setters* to Rockford. Wash
Shoup* to Salmon.
iSilver City* to Nampa.
Small* to Idaho Falls.
Smelterville to Kellogg.
Smiths Ferry*!! to Cascade
Southwick* to Kendrick.
Spalding*! to Lapwal.
Spencer*!! to Idaho Falls.
Springfield* to Blackfoot.
Springston* to Harrison.
Squirrel * to Ashton.
Standrod to Oakley.
Stanley* to Challis
Sterling*!! to Aberdeen.
Stites*!! to Kooskia.
Stone*! to Malad City.
Strevell to Tremonton.Utah
Stuart to Kooskia.
Summit* to Oroflno.
Sunnyside* to Mountain
Sunset! to Wallace.
Swanlake* to Pocatello.
Swan Valley* to Rexburg.
Sweet* to Montour.
Sweetwater*! to Cul de Sac.
Tamarack (Adams Co.) to
New Meadows.
Tamarack (Shoshone Co.)
to Wallace.
Teakean* to Oriflno.
Tendoy* to Salmon.
Tensed* to Tekoa, Wash
Teton*! to St. Anthony.
Tetonia*!! to Driggs.
Tharp to Cottonwood.
Thatcher*! to Grace.
Thomas to Blackfoot.
Thornton*!! to Rexburg.
Three Creek* to Rogerson.
Triangle to Boise.
Tuttle* to Hagerman.
Twin Lakes to Rathdrum
Tyhee to Pocatello.
Ucon*!I to Idaho Falls.
Ustlck* to Meridian.
Vay to Sandpoint.
Viola* to Moscow.
Virginia*! to Downey.
Vollmer to Oraigmont.
Waha*! to Lewiston.
Wapello! to Blackfoot.
Warren* to New Meadows.
Wayan* to Soda Springs.
Weippe* to Oroflno.
Westlake*! to Ferdinand
Westmond to Sandpoint.
Weston*!! to Preston.
White Bird* to Grangeville.
White Knob* to Mackay.
Whitney* to Preston
Wilder*! to Caldwell.
Wilson* to Nampa.
Winona* to Kamiab.
Winsper* to Idaho Falls.
Woodland* to Kami ah.
Wrencoe to Sandpoint.
Yale to American Falls.
Yellow Pine to Cascade.
t Express Office.



Absher to Stonefort.
Adams* to Liberty
Adams Corner to Allendale.
Addieville*! to Nashville.
Adeline*tt to Leaf River.
Aden to Springerton.
Advance* to Vale.
Afolkey to Dakota.
Agnewtt to Sterling.
Alden*fj to Hebron.
Allen Station to San Jose.
Allentown*! to Mackinaw.
Allright. to Martinsville.
Alma*!! to Kinmundy.
Alta*|i to Dunlap.
Alwortht! to Winnebago.
America*! to Mound City.
Ames to Redbud.
Amity to Sumner.
Ancona*!! to Streator.
Andalusia* to Rock Island.
Andover* to Cambridge.
Andres to Peotone.
Andrews Station to Springfield.
Appleton*!! to Knoxville.
Aptakisic! to Libertyville.
Arcadia to Jacksonville.
Archer to Springfield
Argo-Fay to Mount Carroll
Argyle*!! to Rockford.
Ark to Metropolis City.
Arlington*!! to Cherry.
Arnold*!! to Jacksonville.
Aroma Park*!! to Kanka­
Athensville* to Greenfield.
Atlas! to Rockport.
Atterberry* Ito Oakford.
Attila to Pittsburg.
Atwater*!! to Girard.
Augsburg to Vandalia.
Avena* to Brownstown
Ayers to Greenville.

Boles* to Vienna.
Bolivia to Mount Auburn.
Bolton (Stephenson Co.)!!
to Freeport.
Bondville*!! to Champaign
Bontield*!! to Kankakee.
Bongardt! to Longview.
Boody*!! to Decatur.
Boon to Newton.
Boos Station! to Newton.
Borton*!! to Kansas.
Boskydeli*! to Carbondale.
Boulder*! to Keysport.
Bourbon*!! to Arthur.
Bourbonnais* to Kankakee.
Boyleston* to Fairfield.
Braceville*!! to Wilming­
Bradbury! to Toledo.
Braden to McLeansboro.
Bradfordton * toSpringfield.
Breckenridge (Hancock Co)
to Westpoint.
Breckenridge*! (Sangamon
Co.) to Edinburg.
Breeds*!! to Canton.
Bremen to Chester.
Brereton* to Canton.
Bristol*!! to Yorkville.
Broadlands*!!to Longview.
Broadmoor!! to Bradford.
Broadview! to Maywood
Broadwell*!! to Lincoln.
Brocton*!! to Oakland.
Brooklyn (St. Clair Co.) *
to National Stock Yards.
Brooklyn* to Augusta.
Brookville* to Polo.
Broughton*!! to McLeans­
Brownfleld*!I to Golconda.
Brownsville* to Carml.
Brubaker!! to Salem.
Bruce* to Sullivan.
Bryant*! to Lewiston.
Bryce!! to Milford.
Buckhart to Mechanicsburg.
Buckhorn to Mt. Sterling.
Buckner*!! to Christopher.
Bucks to Heyworth.
Budd*!I to Dwight.
Buena Vista*! to Orange­
Buffalo Grove to Arlington
Buffalo Hart*!! to Buffalo.
Bulpitt*! to Taylorville.
Buncombe*!! to Vienna.
Bungay to Springerton.
Bureau*!! to Hennepin.
Burksville*!! to Waterloo
Burksville Station*! to
Burnham! to Chicago.
Burrowsville to Hammond
Burt to Armington.
Burton* to Quincy.
Burton View to Lincoln
Bush*!! to Hurst.
Bushton*!! to Charleston.
Butler*!! to Hillsboro.

Babylon to Prairie City.
Baden Baden! to Poca­
Bader*!! to Browning.
Baileyville*!! to Freeport.
Baker to LelandBakersfleld to Mount
Balcom*!! to Anna.
Baldwinsville to Paris.
Ball to Enfield.
Ballou!! to Wilmington.
Banner* to Canton.
Barlow to Beecher City.
Barnes to Normal.
Barnett* to Litchfield.
Barnhill*! to Fairfield.
Barr to Springfield.
Barrow*!! to Roodhouse.
Barstow*!! to East Moline.
Bates! to New Berlin.
Batestown to Danville.
Bath*!! to Havana.
Bay City to Golconda..
Bayle City*! to Ramsey
Beamington to Pawnee.
Bearsdalel to Decatur
Cabery*!! to Kempton.
Beaucoup*! to Nashville."
Cable*! to Sherrara.
Beavercreek* to Greenville.
Cache*!! to Cairo.
Beechridge to Cairo.
Cadiz to Elizabethtown.
Beecreelc* to Pearl.
Cadwell*!! to Arthur.
Belgium to Westville.
Cahokia to East St. Louis.
Belknap*!! to Vienna.
Bellerive*!! to Mt. Vernon.
Calhoun*!! to Olney.
Calumet City*! to Ham­
Belleview* to Clarksville,
mond, Ind.
Calumet Park! to Blue
Bernes to Crete.
Benbow City to Wood
Calvin*! to Grayville.
Bennington to West Salem.
Cambria*!! to Carbondale.
Camden*! to La Prairie.
Bentley*! to Carthage.
Berdan*!! to Carrollton.
Campbells Island to East
Berlin* to New Berlin.
Canaan to Birds.
Bernadotte to Ipava.
Bernice to South Holland. I Cantrall*!! to Athens.
Berry! to Rochester.
Carbon Cliff*!! to East
Berryville to Parkersburg.
Carbon Ilill* to Coal City.
Bessie to Benton.
Biblegrove* to Louisville.
'Cardiff! to Dwight.
Biddleborn to Marissa.
Carman*!! to Burlington,
Big Bay Station to Metrop­
Carpenter*!! to EdwardsBig Foot Prairie* to Wal­
worth, Wis.
Carpentersville*!! to Dun­
Biggs to Easton.
Cartter*!! to Salem.
Bigneck to Loraine.
Big Rock*!! to llinckley.
Cascade to Edinburg.
Caseyville* !!to Collinsville
Billett*!! to Lawrenceville.
Casner* to La Place.
Birkbeck*!! to Clinton.
Cass to Virginia.
Birlcner to Belleville.
Castleton*!! to Wyoming.
Birmingham* to Plymouth.
Caton Farm to Plainfield.
Bishop* to Forest City.
Cayuga*!! to Pontiac.
Blackland to Decatur.
Cazenovia*!! to Metamora.
Blackstone*!! to Streator.
Cedar Point*!! to La Salle.
Blair (Livingston Co.) to
Cedarvllle* to Freeport.
Blair (Randolph Co.) to
Centerville to Carmi.
Centerville Station* to East
St. Louis.
Blairsville (Hamilton Co.)
to McLeans boro.
Central (Grundy Co.) to
Blairsville*(Williamson Co)
to Carterville.
. Central City! (Marion Co.)
to Centralia.
Blanding to Galena.
Chalfln Bridge to MaeysBlodgett to Wilmington.
Bloom to WinchesterChambersburg*! to Perry.
Bloomfield* (Johnson Co.)
Chandlerville*!! to Virginia
to Vienna.
Bloomingdale* to Roselle.
Channahon* to Minooka.
Channel Lake to Antioch.
Bluir City (Fayette Co.) to
Chapman!! to Fillmore.
Bluff City* (Schuyler Co.)
Charlotte*! to Chatsworth.
to Browning.
Charter Grove*! to Genoa.
Chasco to Cypress.
Bluff Springs*! to Beardstown.
Chatton! to Golden.
Blyton to Cuba.
Chauneey* to Sumner.
Chebanse*!! to Clifton.
Boazt! to Grand Chain.
Checkrow to Bushnell.
Boden to Matherville.
Bogota* to Newton.
Chemung*!! to Harvard.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat

Cheneyville*!! to Hoopeston.
Cbestervale to Lincoln.
Chesterville*!! to Areola.
Chestline to Beverley.
Chicago Ridge*!j to Blue
Chili to Bowen.
Choat to Joppa.
Cincinnatti Landing toNew
Cisco*!! to Monticello.
Clare*!! to Sycamore.
Clarendon Hills! to Hins­
Clark Center to Marshall.
Clarksburg*!! to Shelbyvilie.
Clarksdale*! to Taylorville.
Clearing to Argo.
Clements! to Franklin.
Cliffdale* to Kampsville.
Clifford* to Carterville.
Cloverdale! to Morton.
Coalton to Nokomis
Coal Valley*!! to Moline.
Coella to Christopher.
Coles*! to Allenville.
Coleta* to Milledgeville.
Colmar*!! to Plymouth.
Coloma to Stronghurst.
Colona*!! to East Moline.
Colp* to Carterville.
Columbus to Coatsburg.
Como to Sterling.
Conant*! to Pinckneyville.
Confidence to Loogootee.
Congerville*!! to Carlock
Conlogue to Paris.
Cooks Mills* to Humboldt.
Cooper to Washington.
Cooperstown* to Mt. Ster­
Cora*!! to Chester.
Coral to Marengo.
Cordes to Nashville.
Cornell*!! to Pontiac.
Cornersville to Galatia.
Cortland*!! to De Kalb.
Cottage Grove to Equality.
Cotton Hill to Springfield.
Council Hill*!! to Galena.
Covell*!! to Stanford.
Covington (Washington
Co.) to Okawville.
Cowling*! to Grayville.
Crab Orchard* to Marion.
Craig (De Witt Co.) to
Crainville to Carterville.
Cramer*!! to Farmington
Crampton! to Orion.
Cravat! to Irvington
Crawford to Galatia.
Crisp to Wayne City.
Crugert! to Eureka.
Curran*!! to New Berlin.
Custer Park*! to Wilming­
Cypress*!! to Vienna.
Daggett! to Mount Carroll.
Dahinda*!! to Williamsfleld.
Dailey to Penfleld.
Daisy to Mount Sterling.
Dakota*!! to Rock City.
Dale* to McLeansboro.
Dalzell* to Spring Valley.
Damascus to Freeport.
Damiansville to German­
Dana*!! to Minonk.
Dareville to Bonnie.
Darmstadt to Marissa.
Darrow to Sheldon.
Darwin* to Marshall.
Davis Junction*!! to Hol­
Dawson*!! to Buffalo.
Dawson Park to Stockland.
Dayton*!! to Ottawa.
Decorra*! to Stronghurst.
Deer Grove*!! to Tampico.
Deerplain* to Grafton.
Deers to Urbana.
Degognia to Campbell Hill.
Delafield*! toMcLeansboro.
Delhi*!! to Jerseyville.
De Long*!! to Abingdon.
Delrey*!! to Onarga.
Delwood* to Eddyville.
Dennison*! to Marshall.
Denrock! to Erie.
Denver*!! to Carthage.
Derby* to Equality.
Detroit* to Pittsfield.
Dewmaine* to Carterville.
Dexter*! to Altamont.
Diamond Lake to Munde­
Dillsburg* to Rantoul
Dimmick! to La Salle.
Diona to Charleston
Disco!! to Dallas City.
Diswood to Olive Branch.
Divernon*!! to Chatham.
Divide (Texico P.O.) to
Dixon Springs* to Brown­
Doddsville to Industry.
Dollvillet! to Tower Hill.
Dolson to Marshall.
Donnellson*!! to Panama.
Doran!! to Mattoon
Dorchester*!! to Wilsonville.
Dorrisville* to Harrisburg
Dorsey*!! to Bunker Hill.
Douglas*!! to Yates City.
Dover* to Malden.
Dover Mills to Kirkwood.
Dow*t! to Jerseyville.
Money Order Office.

Drake!! to Whitehall.
Dressor*! to Ramsey
Drummond to W"ilmington.
Dudley*!! to Kansas.
Dumferline to Canton.
Duncan*!! to Wyoming.
Duncans Mills to Lewistown.
Duncanville* to Robinson.
Dundas*!! to Olney.
Dunkel to Pana.
Dwina to Marion.
Eagarville to Mount Olive.
Eagle* to Equality.
East Carondelet* to East
St. Louis.
East Fort Madison!! to
East Galesburg! to Gales­
East Hannibal to Hannibal.
East Hardin!! to Hardin.
East Wenona to Wenona
Eaton* to Robinson.
Eberle to Dietericb.
Echoville to Mt. Vernon.
Edelstein*!! to Princeville.
Eden*!! to Hanna City.
Edgar*! to Chrisman.
Edgemont Station to East
St Louis.
Edgington to Taylor Ridge.
Edwards*!! to Peoria.
Egan*!! to Leaf River.
Eichorn to Golconda.
Ela to Palatine.
El bridge to Paris.
Elco*! to Ullin.
Eldena*!! to Dixon.
Elder ville to Warsaw.
Eieanor*t to Little York.
Eleroy*!! to Lena.
Elida to Winnebago.
Elk Grove to Bensenville.
Elkhorn to Oakdale.
Elkton to Oakdale.
Ellery*! to Albion.
Elliottstown to Dieterlch.
Ellis*!! to Armstrong.
Ellis ville* to Fairview.
Elmira to Toulon.
Elmore* to Laura.
Elmoville to Stockton.
Elsah*!! to Grarton.
Elva! to De Kalb.
Elwin*!! to Decatur.
Elwood*!! to Wilmington.
Emerson* to Sterling.
Emma* to Carmi.
Energy* to Herrin.
Enos to Carlinville
Enright Station to El Paso.
Enterprise to Cisne.
Eola*!! to Aurora.
Epworth*! to Carmi.
Essex*!! to Gardner.
Etna*! to Neoga.
Evans to Wenona.
Evarts!! t,o Freeport.
Everett!! to Deerfield.
Evergreen Park*!! to Blue
Exeter* to Bluffs.
Exline to Kankakee.
Ezra to West Frankfort.
Fairdale*!! to Kirkland.
Fairgrange*!! to Charles­
Fairland*!! to Villa Grove.
Fairmont City to East St.
Fair Weather to Liberty.
Falmouth*! to Newton.
Fancner to Cowden.
Fancy Prairie*!! to Athens.
Fandon* to Colchester
Farmersville*!! (Hamilton
Co.) to Dahlgren.
Farmingdale*! to Springfield.
Farmersville (Montgomery
Co.)*!! to Waggoner.
Fayette*!! to Greenfield.
Fayetteville to Mascoutah.
Fayville*!! to Thebes.
Federal! to Alton.
Fenton*!! to Erie.
Ferrell! to Paris.
Ferrin! to Carlyle.
Fiatt*!! to Cuba.
Ficklin* to Tuscola.
Filson*! to Areola.
Fisher*!! to Dewey.
Fishhook to Baylis.
Flagg! to Rochelle.
Flagg Center!! to Rochelle.
Flatwoods to Simpson.
Flemington to Paris.
Fletcher to Cooksville.
Flint to McLeansboro.
Flora ville to Waterloo.
Florence to Pittsfield.
Florence Station!! to Free­
Florid to Hennepin
Forman! to Vienna.
Forsyth*!! to Decatur.
Fort Gage* to Chester.
Fort Sheridan*!! to High­
land Park.
Foster to Muscatine, Iowa.
Fosterburg to Brighton.
Foster Pond to Waterloo.
Fountain Creek!! (Iroquois
Co.) to Hoopeston.
Fountain Green* (Hancock
Co.) to Carthage.
Frankfort Heights* to West
Franklinville to Woodstock
Frederick*!! to Beardstown
Freedom to Earlville.
! Telegraph Station.

Freeman Spur to Herrin.
Frienasville to Mt. Carmel.
Frisco to Ewing
Frogtown to Breese.
Fruit*! to Edwardsville.
Funkhouser! to Effingham.
Funks Grove!! to McLean.
Galatia*!! to Raleigh.
Gale*!! to Thebes.
Galesville*! to Mansfield.
Galt*!! to Sterling.
Galton*!! to Areola.
Garber* to Gibson City.
Gardenplain!! to Fulton.
Garden Prairie*!! to Belvldere.
Gardspoint to Mount Car­
Garfield*!! to Wenona.
Garrison to Belle Prairie.
Gaskin City to Harrisburg
Geff*! to Fairfield.
Geriaw*!! to Alexis.
Gibsonia to Junction
Gila to Newton.
Gilberts*!! to Elgin.
Gilchrist to Viola.
Gilead to Batchtown.
Gillum!! to Bloomington.
Gilmer to Mundelein.
Gilmore! to Weldon.
Gilson*!! to Knoxville.
Gin Ridge to Plymouth.
Gladstone* to Stronghurst.
Glasgow* to Winchester.
Glenarm*!! to Chatham.
Glenavon! to Belleflower
Glenburn to Oakwood.
Glen Carbon*!! to Ed wardsvilie.
Glendale* to Golconda.
Glenridge to Sandoval.
Glenwood*!! to Chicago
Godfrey*!! to Alton.
Golden Eagle* to Brussels.
Golf*! to Evanston.
Goodenow*!! to Crete.
Goodings Grove to l.emont
Goreville*!! to Vienna.
Gossett to Norris City.
Grand Detour to Dixon.
Grandview to Kansas.
Grantfork to Highland.
Grantsburg*!! to Vienna.
Grape Creek*!! to Danville
Grass Lake to Antioch.
Greenbush* to Roseville.
Greendale to Iuka.
Greenoak to Princeton.
Green River*!! to Geneseo.
Greenwood to Woodstock.
Greer to Wellington.
Grigg to Redbud.
Grimsby to Gorham.
Griswold to Cullom.
Grosse Point*! to Wilmette
Grove City to Edinburg.
Groveland* to East Peoria.
Guilford to Galena.
Gulfport to Burlington, la.
Gurnee*!! to Waukegan.
Guthrie*!! to Gibson City.
Hadley* to Barry.
ITagaman*!! to Chester­
field .
Hagarstown*!! to Vandalia
Haldane*!! to Polo.
Half Day to Libertyville.
Hall Ridge to Cave in Rock
Hallsville*! to Clinton.
Hamel to Worden.
Hamlet to Reynolds.
Hamletsburg* to Golconda
Hampton to East Moline.
Hanaford! to Chrisman.
Hanson* to Pana.
Harco* to Galatia.
Hardinville to Oblong.
Harlem*! to Rockford.
Harmony (Jefferson Co.) to
Mount Vernon
Harmony (McHenry Co.)to
Harness to San Jose.
Harper!! to Forreston.
Harpster*!! to Gibson City
Harris* to Farmers City.
Harrison to Durand.
Harrisonville to Valmeyer.
Harristown*!! to Niantic
Hartford to Wood River.
Hartland*!! to Woodstock.
Harvel*!! to Raymond.
Hastings to Allerton.
Haypress to Eldred.
Hazel Crest*! to Homewood.
Hazel Dell* to Casey.
Hazelhurst*!! to Milledge­
Heathsville to Flat Rock.
Ilecker*! to Waterloo.
Held to Varna.
Heim to Iuka.
Helmar to Yorkville.
Henderson*!! (Knox Co.)
to Galesburg.
Henderson (Macoupin Co.)
to Gillespie.
Henkel to Mendota.
Henton*!! to Shelbyville.
Herald* to Carmi.
Herbert!! to Belvidere.
Herborn to Stewardson.
Hermon*!! to Abingdon.
Herod* to Harrisburg.
Hickman to Clayton ville
t Express Office.



Hicks to Elizabethtown.
Hidalgo*!! to Rose Hill.
Hildreth to Sidell
Hill to MasoD.
Hillerman to Grand Chain.
Hillery to Danville.
Hillview*!! to Pearl.
Hissong to Beecher City.
Hodges Parkt to Cairo.
Hodgkins to La Grange
Holland* to Beecher City.
Holliday* to Cowden.
Hollis to Pekin.
Hollowayville* to Seatonville.
Hollywood* to Brookfield.
Hombergt to Golconda.
Home Acres to Lombard.
Hoodville to McLeansboro.
Hookdale*! to Greenville.
Hooppole*! to Annawan.
Hoosier to Louisville.
Hopkins Parkt to Momence
Horace* to Paris.
Hord to Louisville.
Hornsby* to Litchfield.
Horseshoe* to Equality.
Houston*! to Sparta.
Hubbard Woods*tt to Winnetka.
Hudgens to Goreville.
Hueselv* to Nashville.
Huey*tt to Carlyle.
Humphrey!! to Kincaid.
Humrick*t! to Ridge Farm.
Hunt* to Willow Hill.
Huntsville* to Augusta.
Hurricane to Fillmore.
Hurst*! to Herrin.
Hutton to Charleston.
Ideal to Thomson.
Idlewood to Mount Vernon.
Illinois!! to Momence.
Illinois City* to Muscatine,
Imbs to Belleville.
Ingalton!! to West Chicago
Ingleside*! to Round Lake.
Inman to Ridgway.
lrene*t! to Cherry Valley.
Irwin*!! to Kankakee.
Isabel to Oakland.
Jacob*! to Murphysboro.
Jamesburg!! to Henning.
Jamestown (Clinton Co.) to
Jamestown (Perry Co.) to
Jeffersonville to Geff.
Jaiseyville to Kincaid.
Johannisburg to Okawvilie
Johnsburg to McHenry.
Johnston City*!! to Herrin.
Johnstown to Lerna.
Jones Ridge to Gorham.
Joppa*!! to Metropolis.
Joslin*!! to Hillsdale.
Joy Prairie to Jacksonville.
Justice Park to Summit.
Kane*!! to Jerseyville.
Kaneville* to Klburn.
Kangley* to Streator.
Kansas*!! to Vermilion.
Kappa*!! to El Paso
Karbers Ridge* to Eliza­
Karnak*!! to Grand Chain.
Kasbeer*!! to Ohio.
Kaskaski to St. Marys, Mo.
Kaufman*! to Alhambra.
Kedron (Gallatin Co.) to
Keensburg*!! to Mt. Car­
Keenes*!! to Bluford.
Keithsburg*!! to Seaton.
Kellerville* to Clayton.
Kemp*!! to Hindsboro.
Kemper*!! to Medora.
Kenilworth*! to Wilmette.
Keptown*!! to Altamont.
Kernan*!! to Streator.
Kerrick! to Normal.
Keys to Springfield.
Kibbie to Oblong.
Kickapoo to Brimfleld.
Kidd to Prairie du Rocher.
Kilbourne*!! to Oakford.
Kingman to Stewardson.
Kingston*!! to Kirkland.
Kingston Mines* to Glasford.
Kirksville*! to Sullivan.
Klondyke to Sumner
Kuhns Station to Edwardsville.
Laclede*!! to Edgewood.
LaCrosse*!! to La Harpe.
Lafox*!! to El burn.
La Grange Landing to
Lake Bluff*!! to Lake
Lake City to La Place.
Lake Fork*!! to Mount
Lakewood to Cowden.
Lamb to Cave-in-Rock.
Lambert!! to Lemont.
Lancaster* (Wabash Co.)to
Mount Carmel.
Landes* to Sumner.
Lauesville*!! to Buffalo.
Langenheim to Barrington.
Langham! to Seneca.
Langleyvdle to Taylorville.
La Place to Lovington.
La Prairie Center to Speer.
Larchland*!! to Monmouth
Lawndale*!! to Atlanta

Leamington to Junction.
Leanderville to Chester.
Ledford*!! to Harrisburg.
Lee Center* to Amboy.
Leeds!! to Wenona
Leesburg to Astoria.
Lehigh to Kankakee.
Leonard* to Orescent City.
L’Erable to Clifton.
Lester to Vernon.
Leverett*!! to Champaign.
Lick to Chatham.
Lickcreek to Buncombe.
Lilly*!! to Mackinaw
Lilly Lake*!! to Sycamore.
Linaenwood*!! to Holcomb
Linn to Allendale.
Lintner*!! to Lovington.
Lis to Newton.
Lisbon* to Millington.
Lisle*!! to Naperville
Literberry*!! to Jackson­
Little Indian! to Virginia.
Lively Grove to Oakdale.
Liverpool* to Canton.
Lodge!! to Monticello.
Logan (Edgar Co.) to
Logan (Franklin Co.) to
Lorn bard ville!! to Bradford
Longbranch to Galatia.
Longcreek* to Decatur.
Longgrove to Libertyville.
Long Lake to Round Lake.
Long Point*!! to Streator.
Long Prairie to Keenes.
Loogootie to St. Peter,
ijoon Lane to Antioch.
Loran to Pearl City.
Lorenzo! to Wilmington.
Lotus*!! to Foosland.
Lovejoy* to National Stock
Lowder*!! to Virden.
Lowell to Tonica.
Loxa*!! to Charleston.
Ludlow*!! to Rantoul
Lusk to Golconda.
Lynn Center* to Orion.
Lynn ville to Jacksonville.
Lyons Station to Westville.
Mabel to Rushville.
Macedonia*! to McLeans­
Macoupin* to Carlinville.
Madonnaville to Waterloo.
Maeyst to Maeystown.
Magnolia *!! to McNabb.
Mahomet*!! to Champaign
Makanda*!! to Alto Pass
Malvern to Morrison.
Manchester*!! to Murayville.
Mannheim*! to Franklin
Mannon to New Boston.
Manville*! to Streator.
Maples Mill to Canton.
Mapleton*!! to Pekin.
Marblehead*!! to Quincy.
Marceline to Ursa.
Marietta*!! to Smithfleld.
iMarion*!! to Crab
Mark* to Granville.
Markham* to Jacksonville.
Marley!! (Will Co.) to
Marlow* to Mt. Vernon.
Martinsburg to Pittsfield
Martins Store to McLeans­
Maryland*!! to Forreston.
Maryville* to Collinsville.
Massbach* to Elizabeth.
Matthews*! to Pinckneyville.
Maunle*! to Carmi.
Mayberry to Wayne City.
Mays to Redmon.
Maysville! to Griggsville.
Mayview*! to St. Joseph.
McClure*!! to Thebes.
McClusky* to Jerseyville.
McCook!! to La Grange.
McDowell! to Pontiac.
McGirr!! to De Kalb.
McKeen* to Marshall.
McNoel* to Metropolis.
Meadows*!! to Chenoa.
Modinahl to Roselle.
Melrose (Clark Co.) to
Melville to Alton.
Menominee to East Du­
Meppen* to Brussels.
Meriden*!! to Mendota.
Mermet to Metropolis.
Mernat! to Bloomington
Merriarn* to Fairfield.
Merrimac to Valraeyer.
Merritt*!! to Winchester
Meyer* to Canton, Mo.
Meyers Station to Pekin.
Michael* to Kampsville.
Middle Creek to Carthage.
Middlegrove*!! to Farm­
Middles worth*!! to Shelbyville.
Middletown! to WayneCity
Midland City*!! to Kenney
Midlothian to Blue Island.
Milan*!! to Rock Island.
Miley to Mascoutah.
Millburn to Lake Villa.
Millereek*!! to Jonesboro
Miller City*! to Cairo.
Millersburg* (Mercer Co.)
to Aledo.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Millersville*!! to Pana.
Mira to Urbana.
Missal to Streator.
Mitchell!! to Granite City.
Mitcjjellsville* to Harris­
Moccasin*!! to Altamont.
Mode*!! to Stewardson.
Modena to Wyoming.
Modoc*! to Prairie Du
Monica*!! to Princeville.
Monsanto Village to East
St. Louis.
Mont to Edwardsville.
Montezuma* to Milton.
Montgomery*!! to Aurora.
Morea to Palestine.
Moriah to Casey.
Moro*l to Alton.
Mossville*!! to Chillicothe.
Mountain Glent to Cobden
Mount Clare to Gillespie.
Mount Greenwood*!! to
Mount Pleasant to Anna.
Mozier* to Hamburg.
Muddy* to Harrisburg.
M ulkeytown*!! to Benton.
Muncie*!! to Fithlan.
Munster to Streator.
Myers to Elizabeth.
Myrtle!! to Byron.
Nachusa*!! to Dixon.
Nameokit! to Granite City.
Naples*! to Bluffs.
Nason!! to Ina.
Natrona* to San Jose.
Neal to Neoga.
Neely ville to Bluffs.
Neilson to Marion.
Nekoma*!! to Galva.
Nelson*!! to Dixon.
Neunert to Ava.
Nevada! to Dwight.
Nevins to Paris.
Newbern to Jerseyville.
New Burnside*t! to Ozark.
New Canton*!! to Hull.
New City to Rochester.
New Columbia* to Vienna.
New Dennison* to Marion.
New Grand Chain! to
Grand Chain.
New Hanover to Waterloo.
New Hartford to Pittsfield.
New Haven*!! to Cotton­
New Hebron to Robinson.
New Hord to Mason.
New Lebanon!! to Genoa.
New Liberty* to Smithland
Newmansville to Ashland.
New Memphis* to New
New Memphis Station*! to
New Milford to Rockford.
New Minden* to Nashville.
New Palestine to Chester.
Philadelphia*!! to
New Providence to Carroll­
New Salem*!! to Baylis.
New \irginia to Johnston
Nolting! to Centralia.
Nora*!! to Warren.
Normandy*!! to Walnut.
Norris*!! to Canton.
North Aurora*!! to Aurora.
North Chillicothe to Chlllicothe.
North City to Christopher.
North Hampton to Chilli­
Nortonville to Franklin.
Norway to Sheridan.
Norwood! to Alexis.
Nutwood to Jerseyville
Oak* to Harrisburg.
Oak Forest!! to Blue Island
Oakglen*!! to Thornton.
Oak Hill*!! to Elmwood.
Oakley!! to Cerro Gordo.
Obed to Findlay.
Oconee*!! to Pana.
Oeoya*!! to Chenoa.
Oilfield* to Westfield.
Old Ripley to Greenville.
Oliver*! to Marshall.
Olivet* to Georgetown.
Omega to Kinmundy.
Oneco to Orangeville.
Ontarioville*!! to Roselle.
Ophiem to Alpha.
Orangeville*!! to Winslow.
Oraville* to Ava.
Orchard Mines to Pekin.
Oreana*! to Argenta.
Orient* to West Frankfort.
Orleans*! to Jacksonville.
Osborn to Hillsdale.
Osbornville!! to Blue
Osceola to Neponset.
Oskaloosa to Kinmundy.
Osman*!! to Belleflower.
Otterville* to Jerseyville.
Oxville to Bluffs.
Paderborn to Waterloo
Padua* to Ellsworth.
Palos Park*! to Orland.
Papineau*!! to Martinton.
Parker*!! to Creal Springs.
Parkland to Manito.
Parkville to Sadorus.
Parnell*!! to Farmer City.
Parrish*! to Logan.
Money Order Office.

Passport to Noble.
Patterson* to Whitehall.
Patton!! to Mt. Carmel.
Paulton to Pittsburgn.
Pawnee*!! to Kincaid.
Penrose to Sterling.
Peoria Heights*! to Peoria.
Perdueville! to Paxton.
Perks*!! to Cypress.
Perryville to Cherry Valley.
Peters! to Edwardsville.
Peters Creek to Elizabeth­
Petrolia* to Lawrenceville.
Phelps to Berwick.
Philadelphia*!! to Virginia.
Phillipstown to Crossville.
Phoenix to Harvey.
Pierceburg to Oblong.
Pierron*! to Highland,
Pierson Station*!! to At­
Pike to Louisiana, Mo.
Pine Creek to Polo.
Pingree Grove*!! to Elgin.
Pinkstaff*!! to Lawrence­
Piopolis to McLeansboro.
Pisgah!! to Jacksonville.
Pistakee to McHenry.
Pittsburg (Fayette Co.) to
Mulberry Grove.
Pittwood*!! to Martinton.
Plain view*!! to Shipman.
Plato Center*!! to Elgin.
Plattville to Yorkville.
Pleak to Moweaqua.
Pleasant Mound* to Mul­
berry Grove.
Pleasant Valley to Stockton
Pleasantview to Rushville.
Plumfleld to West Frank­
Plum River to Stockton.
Point Pleasant to Hidalgo.
Pomona*!! to Murphys­
Ponemah*!! to Kirkwood.
Posen! (Cook Co.) to Blue
Posey* to Carlyle.
Pottstown to Peoria.
Powellton to Nauvoo.
Prairie to Red Bud.
Prairie Du Pont to Dupo.
Prairie Home to Moweaqua
Prairietown to Bunker Hill
Prairie View*!! to Llbertyville.
Prairieville to Dixon.
Prentice*!! to Ashland.
Preston* to Evansville.
Priscilla to Lostant.
Proctor! to Gibson City.
Pujol to Chester.
Pulleys Mill to Marion.
Putnam*!! to Henry
Quigley to Windsor.
Raddle* to Grand Tower.
Radford* to Moweaqua.
Radom*! to Ashley.
Randall*! to Galesburg.
Randolph*!! to Heyworth.
Range to Mount Vernon.
Rapatee*!! to Fairview.
Rapids City*! to Port By­
Raum to Golconda.
Raven to Dana, Ind.
Ravinia*! to Highland Park
Ray*! to Rushville.
Red Oak*!! to Freeport.
Reeds Station to Franklin.
Reevesville*!! to Vienna.
Renault*! to Prairie du
Rend* to Benton.
Rendville to Herrin.
Reno*! to Sorento.
Renshaw* to Golconda.
Rentchler*! to Belleville.
Reynoldsville*!! to Jones­
Rice to Pinclcneyville.
Richards! to Streator.
Richardson*!! to Virgil.
Richfield to Plainville.
Richland to Pleasant Plains.
Riddle Hill! to Springfield.
Ridgefield*!! to Crystal
Ridgeville*!! to Onarga.
Ridott*! to Freeport.
Riffle to Louisville.
Riggston*!! to Winchester.
Riley Lake to Ellis Grove.
Rileyville to Galatia.
Ripley* to Mount Sterling
Rising to Champaign
Ritchey*!! to Wilmington.
Robbins to Blue Island.
Roby*!! to Mt. Auburn.
Rock to Golconda.
Rock City*!! to Davis.
Rockcreek to Cave in Rock.
Rock Grove*!! to Davis.
Rockport*!! to El Dara.
Rockwood*! to Chester.
Rodden*! to Elizabeth.
Rohrer to Waverly.
Rollins to Grays Lake.
Rollo*! to Earlville.
Rome* (Peoria Co.) to
Romeoville to Lockport.
Rondout*!! to Libertyville.
Roots to Chester.
Rosamond*!! to Pana.
ltoscoe*!! to Rockton.
Rosebud* to Brownfield
! Telegraph Station.




Rosedale to Grafton
Roslyn to Sigel.
Round Grove*!! to Morri­
Round Knob*!! to Metrop­
Rowe to Pontiac
Roxana to Wood River,
Royalton*!! to Hurst.
Rozetta to Kirkwood.
Rudement* to Harrisburg.
Rugby to Pontiac.
Ruma to Redbud.
Ruralhill to Thompsonville.
Russell*!! (Lake Co.) to
Kenosha, Wis.
Russellville to Vincennes.
Rutland*!! to Minonk.

! Sabina!! to Le Roy.
Sagetown to Stronghurst.
Saidora*! to Chandlerville
Saint Augustine*!! to Ab­
Saint Clair Hills to Collins­
Saint George to Manteno.
Saint James*!! to St. Elmo.
Saint John* to Duquoin.
Saint Mary to Plymouth.
Saint Paul to Vandalia.
Saint Rose to Breese.
Saline Mines* to Sbawneetown.
Salisbury (Coles Co.) to
Salisbury (Sangamon Co.)
to Springfield.
Samotb* to Vienna.
Sandridge to Murphysboro
Sandusky* to Ullin.
Sangamon to Decatur.
Savoy*!! to Champaign.
Sawyersville* to Benia.
Scarboro*!! to Stewara.
Schapville to Scales Mound
Schefler* to Waltonville.
Schiller Park to Franklin
Schnell to Noble.
Schram City to Hillsboro.
Schrodts to Mount Carmel.
Schuline* to Sparta.
Sciota*!! to Good Hope.
Sciota Mills*!! to Freeport.
Scottland* to Chrisman.
Scottville*!! to Modesto
Seatonville*!! to Ladd.
Seehorn to Hannibal, Mo.
| Seminary to Olney,
Sepo to Lewistown.
Sesser*!! to Christopher.
Seville* to Smithfleld.
I Shafter to Vandalia.
[ Shamrock to Newton.
Sharpsburg*! to Edinburg
Shattuc*!! to Carlyle.
Shaw to Amboy.
Sheldons Grove to BrownI
Shepherd to Hannibal, Mo.
j Sherman*!! to Springfield.
Shetlerville to Golconda.
Shiloh to Belleville.
Shiloh Hill to Campbell Hill.
Shinn to Kinderhook.
Shirland*!! to Durand.
Shirley*!! to Bloomington.
Shobonier*!! to Vandalia.
Shokokon to Burlington,
Sicily! to Kincaid,
signal Hills to East St.
Silvis*!! to East Moline.
Sims*! to Wayne City.
Sinclair*!! to Jacksonville.
Skates to Pana.
Slack water to Wyoming.
Slap Out to Iuka.
Smithboro*!! to Greenville.
Snicarte to Havana.
Synder Station to Marshall.
Scllitt*!! to Grant Park.
Solomon to De Witt.
Solon Mills*!! to Richmond.
Somerset* to Harrisburg.
Soperville to Galesburg.
South Beloit! to Beloit,
South Chicago Heights to
Chicago Heights.
South Elgin*!! to Elgin.
South Henderson to Strong­
South Pekin*!! to Pekin.
South Standard* to Nilwood.
South Wilmington* to
Spankey to Jerseyville.
Sparks Hill* to Shawneetown.
Spaulding!! to Riverton.
Spencer to Frankfort.
Spillertown to Marion.
Spires to Minonk.
Spring Bay to Peoria
Spring Forest to Lemont.
Spring Garden to Mount
Spring Hill to Erie.
Staleys to Champaign.
! Standard*!! to Granville
Standard City! to Nilwood.
Starbridge to Rushville.
Star City to Hardin.
Stark*!! to Princeville.
Starks! to Hampshire
Stateline to Marshall.
Stavanger to Seneca.
!Express Office.


Stlrltz to Johnston Oity.
S toiletown to Carlyle.
Stone Church to Okawville.
Stoy*ti to Oblong.
Stratford !! to Polo.
Stringtown to Olney.
Stubblefleldt to Greenville.
Suddutht to Loami.
Sugar Grove*!! to Aurora
Summerhill* to Pittsfield.
Summum* to Astoria.
Sunfleld to Duauoin.
Sunny Hill to Orion.
Sutter* to Warsaw.
Swansea to Belleville
Swanwick*! to Coultervtlle.
Swedona to New Windsor
Sweet Water*t to Greenview
SwygertJ to Pontiac.
Symerton*!! to Wilming­
Tabor to Waynesvillt
Tamalco* to Keysport.
Tamms*!! to Ullln.
Tansill to Golconda.
Teheran to Easton.
Temple Hill* to Golconda.
Tennessee*!* to Colchester.
Terra Cotta*!! to Crystal
Terre Haute* to La Harpe.
Texas City*!! to Eldorado.
Thackery*! to McLeansboro.
Thayer*!! to Virden.
Thomas* to New Bedford.
Thomasville*!! to Farmersville.
Thompsonville*!! to West
Tiedtville to Lemont.
Tilton*! to Danville.
Time to Pittsfield.
Timewell*!! to Mt. Ster­
Timothy to Greenup.
Tioga* to Lima.
Tipton!! to St. Joseph.
Tonti!! to Salem.
Topeka*!! to Forest City.
Torino to Braceville.
Toronto!! to Springfield.
Tovey to Kincaid.
Tower Hill*!! to Pana.
Trilla*!! to Mattoon.
Trimble*! to Robinson.
Trowbridge*! to Neoga.
Troxel to Maple Park.
Trumbull to Carml.
Tucker!! to Kankakee.
Tunnelhill*!! to Vienna.
tTlah*!! to Cambridge.
Ullin*!! to Pulaske.
Union Center to Casey.
Union Grove*!!toMorrison.
Union Hill*!! to Reddick.
Unionville* (Massac Co.) to
Unionville (Whiteside Oo.)
to Morrison.
Unity* to Cairo
Upper Alton* to Alton.
Urbandale! to Cairo.
Ustick to Morrison.
Utah to Galesburg.
Valier*!! to Christopher.
Valley*!! to Griggsville.
Van Burrenberg to Fillmore
Vandercook to Tilton.
Vandervllle to Taylorville.
Van Dorn to Mount Vernon
Van Petten*!! to Harmon.
Velma to Owaneco.
Venedy* to Okawville.
Venice*!! to Granite City.
Vera*!! to Vandaiia.
Vermilion Grove*! to Ridge
Vevay Park* to Casey.
Villaridge*!! to Mounds.
Virden*!! to Modesto.
Volo to Round Lake.
Wacker to Mt. Carroll.
Waddams Grove!! to Lena.
Wadsworth*!! to Wauke­
Wakefield* to Noble.
Walker*!! to Macon.
WalkerviUe to Whitehall.
Walnut Grove!! to Bushnell.
Walnut Hill*! to Centralia.
Walnut Prairie* to Marshall
Waish*! to Evansville.
Walshville*!! to Sorento.
Walters burg to Golconda.
Walton! to Amboy.
Wamac to Centralia.
Wanda to Edwardsville.
Ware to Jonesboro.
Warner*!! to Orion.
AVarren*!! to Galena.
AVarrenhurst to Naperville.
Wartburg to Waterloo.
Wasco*!! to St. Charles.
Washington Park* to East
St. Louis.
Wasson to Eldorado.
Watson*!! to Mason.
Watertown*!! to East Mo­
Wauponsee!! to Mazon.
Wayne*!! to Elgin.
AVaynesville*!! to Atlanta.
Wayside to Goreville.
Webster* to Carthage.
Wedron*!! to Serena.

Weedman*!! to Farmer
Weir to Martinsville.
AVelge* to Chester.
Welland to Compton.
Welton*! to Altamont.
Wendelin* to Ingraham.
West city to Benton.
West End*! to Galatia.
Western Saratoga to Anna.
Westfield*! to Ashmore.
West Jersey to Toulon.
Weston*!! to Chenoa.
Westport to Lawrenceville.
West Ridge*!! to Danville.
West Salem*!! to Parkers­
West Vienna!! to Vienna
West York*!! to Hutsonville.
Wetaug*! to Dongola.
Wetzel! to Paris.
Whitaker! to Peotone.
Whiteash* to JohnstonCity
Whitefleld to Henry.
Whiteheath*!! to Monticello.
Whitehill to Cypress.
Whitewillow to Minooka.
Wichert*! to St. Anne.
Wilburn!! to Washburn
Willey! to Taylorville.
Williamsburg to Lovington.
Williamsfleld*!! to Gales­
Williamson to Staunton.
Wlllisville*tl to Percy.
Willow Springs*!! to Le­
Wilton Center to Manhat­
Winfield*!! to Wheaton.
Winkle!! to Clinton.
Winneshiek to Freeport.
Winterrowd* to Dietrich.
Winthrop Harbor*!! to
Zion City.
Woburn to Greenville
Wolfcreek* to Carterville.
Wolf Lake*!! to Jonesboro.
Womac to Carlinville.
Woodberry to Jewett.
Wood burn to Bunker Hill.
Wooddale to Bensenville.
Woodford! to Minonk.
Woodhull*!! to Alpha.
Woodruff to Danvers.
Woodside to Chatham.
Woodson*!! to Murrayville
Woodvale to Little York.
Woodworth to Milford.
Woody to Carrollton.
Woosung*!! to Polo.
Worth*! to Blue Island.
Wrights*!! to Greenfield.
Wyckles to Decatur.
Wynoose to Olney.
Yale*! to Rose Hill.
Yantisville to Westervelt
York* to West York.
Yorktown to Tampico.
Youngstown*!! to Swan
Yuton to Bloomington.
Zearing*!! to Maiden.
Zenith to Xenia.
Zenobia! to Pawnee.


Abbey Dell to Paoli.
Abington to Centerville
Aboite to Roanoke.
Adams*! to Greensburg.
Adamsboro to Logansport.
Adet! to Brook.
Adyeville* to Ferdinand
Ainsworth*!! to Hobart
Aix to Rensselaer.
Alamo* to Waynetown
Alaska to Gosport.
Aldine!! to North Judsun
Alfordsville* to Washington
Algiers* to Petersburg.
Allisonville to Indianapolis
Alpine*! to Connersville.
Alquina to Connersville
Alto to Kokomo
Alton* to English
Altona to Garrett.
Americas to Delphi.
Amity to Franklin
Andersonville to New Sa­
Annapolis to Bloomlngdale
Anthony to Muncie.
Apalona to Troy.
Arba to Lynn.
Arcadia*!! to Cuero.
Argos*!! to Plymouth.
Ari to Churubusco.
Armstrong*! to Evansville.
Aroma to Frankton.
Art (Cory P. O ) to Cory.
Arthur to Winslow
Ashboro (Centerpoint P.O.)
to Brazil.
Asherville to Brazil.
Ashgrove to Brookston.
Ashland to New Castle.
Athens*!! to Akron.
Atherton*!! to Clinton.
Atkinson*!! to Oxford.
Atlanta*!! to Tipton.
Auburn Junction* to Au­
Augustat (Marion Co ) to
Mew Augusta

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




A County


Augusta (Pike Co., Wins­
low P. O.) to Winslow.
Avery to Frankfort.
Avoca* to Bedford.
Avon to Danville.
Avonburg to Cross Plains.
Azalia*! to Elizabethtown
Bacon to Marengo.
Bakers Corner to Sheridan.
Baknrstown to Albion.
Bandon to Tell City.
Banquo to La Fontaine.
Banta to Franklin.
Barbers Mill to Liberty
Barcet! to Fowler.
Barnard to Roachdale.
Bartonia to Spartanburg.
Bascom to Rising Sun.
Bass* to Knox.
Bass Lake to Knox
Bear Branch* to Dillsboro.
Beard to Frankfort.
Beardstown! to Winamac.
Becks Mills to Salem.
Beckville to New Ross.
Beechwood* to Leaven­
Beehunterf! to Lyons.
Belle Union (Coatesville
P. O.) to Coatesville.
Belleviewto NorthMadison
Belleville to Clayton.
Bellmore* to Rockville.
Belmont to Nashville.
Belshaw!! to Lowell.
Ben Davis to Indianapolis.
Bengal to Franklin.
Benham* to Cross Plains.
Bennetts Switch* to Peru.
Bennettsville to Sellersburg
Bennington* to Cross Plains.
Benton*!! to Millersburg.
Berlien to Angola.
Bethel (Wayne Co.) to
Hollansburg, Ohio.
Bethlehem* to New Wash­
Bigspring to Sheridan.
Bllllngsville to College Cor­
ner. Ohio.
Blackhawk*!! to Terre
Blanford*! to Clinton.
Blankenship! to Loogootee.
Blocher*!! to Lexington.
Bloomingport to Carlos.
Blountsville*!! to Losantville.
Bluelick to Henryville.
Blueridge to Shelbyville.
Blue River to Pekin.
Bobo*! to Decatur.
Boggstown*!! to ShelbyBonnellt! to Lawrenceburg.
Bono to Mitchell.
Boone Grove*!! to Hebron.
Bostonstore to Wingate.
Bovine to Princeton.
Bowling Green* to Centerpoint.
Boyleston*!! to Frankfort.
Bradford* to Palmyra.
Bramble to Loogootee.
Branchville*! to Leaven­
Brems!! to Knox.
Brewers ville* to North Ver­
Brice to Portland.
Brickchapel to Greencastle.
Bridgeport*! to Plainfield.
Bright to Harrison. Ohio.
Brighton to Howe.
Brimfleld*!! to Albion.
Bringhurst*! to Flora.
Bristow* to Troy.
Bromer to Orleans.
Brook*!! to Morocco.
Brooklyn to Mooresville.
Brooksburg* to Madison.
Bruce Lake*! to Kewanna.
Brunswick to Crown Point.
Brushy Prairie to LaGrange
Bryant* to Portland.
Bryant Creek to Blooming­
Bryantsburg to Madison.
Buckeye to Warren.
Buckskin*! to Elberfeld.
Bud to Trafalgar.
Buddha to Bedford.
Buell to Dugger.
Buena Vista (Monroe Co.)
to Bloomington.
Buffalo* to Monticello.
Buffalovllle* to Dale.
Bufkln to Mount Vernon.
Bullock to Boonville.
Burdick*!! to Chesterton.
Burnett* to Terre Haute.
Burnetts Creek to Burnettsville.
Burney*!! to Greensburg.
Burns City*!! to Odon.
Burnsville to Elizabeth­
Burr Oak*!! to Culver.
Burrows* to Rockfleld.
Byrneville to Corydon.
Byron to Waveland.
Caborns to Mt. Vernon.
Cadiz* to Newcastle.
Cairo to Battle Ground.
Cale to Shoals.
Caivertville to Worthing­
Cambria to Rossvllle
Camby*!! to Mooresville.
Cam mack to Yorktown
Canaan to Madison
* Money Order Office.

Cannelburg*!! to Loogoo­
Canton to Salem.
Cape Sandy* to Leaven­
Cardonia to Brazil
Carlos City!! to Carlos.
Carp to Gosport.
Carpentersville to Roachdale.
Carroll to Flora.
Carrollton to New Pales­
Cartersburg* to Plainfield.
Carwood to Borden.
Cass*!! to Dugger.
Cassville to Kokomo.
Castleton*!! to Broad Rap­
Cataract*! to Cloverdale.
Cates*!! to Kingman.
Catlin*! to Rockville.
Cato to Winslow.
Cedar to Garrett.
Cedar Lake*!! to Lowell.
Cedarville to Grabill.
Celestine* to Jasper.
Cementville to Sellersburg.
Centenary to Clinton.
Center*! to Kokomo.
Centersquare to Vevay
Centerton* to Mooresville.
Central* to Corydon.
Central Barren to Palmyra.
Chambersburg to Paoli
Chandler*!! to Boonville.
Chapelhill to Bedford.
Chase!! to Boswell.
Chelsea to Lexington.
Chesterfield* to Daleville.
Chill* to Denver.
China to Madison.
ChrisHansburg to Freetown
Cincinnati* to Bloomfield.
Clare to Noblesville.
Clarksville (Hamilton Co.)*
to Noblesville.
Claybank to Oakland City.
Glaysvllle to Campbellsburg.
Clear Creek*!! to Bloom­
Clear Springs to Brownstown.
Clermont*! to Indianapolis.
Cleveland to Greenfield.
Clifford*! to Columbus.
Clifton to Liberty.
Cllfty* to Greensburg.
Clinton Falls to Greencastle
Cloverland to Brazil.
Clunette to Leesburg.
Clymers!! to Logansport.
Coal Bluff*!! to Brazil.
Coalcreek; o Kingman.
Coalmont*!! to Jasonville.
Coburg! to Westville.
Cochran! to Aurora.
Coe to Oakland City.
Coesse*!! to ColumbiaCity.
Colburn*! to Delphi.
Cole to Swayzee.
Collamer* to South Whitley
Collett*! to Portland.
Collingwood to Huntertown.
Collins! to Churubusco.
Coloma! to Brazil.
Concord to Saint Joe.
Conrad*!! to Morrocco.
Conroe to Stockwell.
Cook to Crown Point.
Cornelius to Morgantown.
Corning to Montgomery.
Cortland*!! to Seymour
Corunna*!! to Garrett.
Corwin to Romney.
Cosperville to Ligonier.
Cottage Grove*!! to College
Corner. Ohio.
Cowan*!! to Muncie.
Coxs Mills to Richmond.
Craig to Vevay.
Crane to Stockwell.
Cresco to Columbia Oity.
Creston*! to Lowell.
Crete!! to Spartanburg.
Crisman* to Chesterton.
Crocker!! to Chesterton.
Crooked Lake to Angola.
Cross Roads to Middletown.
Crowleyville to Owensville.
Crumstown! to South Bend.
Crystal to Dubois.
Cuba to Spencer.
Curtisville*!! to Elwood.
Custer to South Milford.
Cutler*!! to Burlington.
Cuzco* to Jasper.
Cyclone* to Frankfort.
Cynthiana (Shelby Co.) to
Cypress* to Evansville.
Dabney*! to Holton.
Dalton to Losantville.
Darmstadt to Evansville.
Dawkins to New Haven.
Daylight to Evansville.
Dayville to Newburg.
Deedsville*! to Denver
Deepriver to Hobart.
Deer Creek to Logansport.
Deerfield to Ridgeville.
De Gonla Springs* to Boon­
Delaware*! to Osgood.
Delong*!! to Leiters Ford.
Demlng to Cicero.
Denham*! to North Judson.
Depauw*! to Corydon.
Derby* to Cannelton.
Desoto*!! to Muncie.
Dexter* to Cannelton
t Telegraph Station.

Diamond* to Carbon
Dickeyville to Boonville.
Dillman to Warren
Disko*!! to Akron.
Doans* to Bloomfield.
Dolan to Bloomington.
Domestic to Berne.
Donaldson*! to Plymouth.
Doolittle Mills* to Leaven­
Dora to Wabash.
Dover to Harrison, Ohio.
Doverhill to Shoals.
Dresden* to Bloomfield
Drewersburg! to Cedar
Dry Run to English
Dublin*!! to Cambridge
Dudleytown to Crothersville.
Duff* to Huntingburg.
Dundee (Blackford Co.) !to
Hartford City.
Dundee (Madison Co.) to
Dunfeef! to Areola.
Dunlaps to Goshen.
Dunn!! to Fowler.
Dunnington*!! to Fowler.
Dunreith*!! to Knightstown.
Durbin to Lapel.
Eagel to Sullivan.
Eagletown* to Westfield.
Earle to Evansville.
East Gary*!! to Hobart.
East Germantown to
Eckerty*!! to English.
Eden to Fortville.
Edna Mills to Rossvllle.
Edwardsville to George­
Effnert! to Sheldon, Ill.
Ege to Churubusco.
Ekin to Atlanta
Elizabeth to Corydon.
Elizaville to Lebanon
Elkinsville* to Nashville.
Elliston!! to Bloomfield.
Elmdale to Wingate.
Elston to Lafayette.
Elwren*!! to Bloomington.
Emison*!! to Oaktown.
Emma to Topeka.
Emporia to Pendleton.
English Lake*! to North
Enochsburg to New Point.
Enos to Morocco.
Epsom to Plainville.
Ethel* to Paoli.
Etna*!! to Columbia Oity.
Eugene* to Cayuga.
Eureka* to Rockport.
Evans Landing* to Cory­
Evanston* to Troy.
Everton* to Connersville.
Ewing*! to Brownstown.
Fairfield (Franklin Co.) to
Fair Oaks*!! to Rensselaer.
Fairview* (SwitzerlandCo.)
to East Enterprise.
Fairview (Randolph Co.) to
Red Key.
Farabeel to Pekin.
Fargo* to English.
Farlen to Odon.
Farmer* to Worthington
Farmers Retreat* to Dills­
Farrville to Vanburen.
Fayette to Brownsburg.
Fayetteville to Bedford.
Fenns to Shelbyville.
Fiat* to Pennville.
Fickle* to Clarks Hill.
Fincastle to Roachdale.
Finly* to New Palestine.
Fishers to Noblesville.
Flackville to Indianapolis.
Flat Rock*!! to Shelbyville.
Flint to Angola.
Florida to Anderson.
Floyds Knobs*! to New
Folsomville* to Boonville.
Fomanet*!! to Terre Haute.
Foresman*!! to Brook.
Foresthlll to Westport.
Fort Ritner*!! to Mitchell.
Fowlerton*!! to Fairmount
Fox Station (Grant Co.) to
La Fontaine.
Fredericksburg to Orawfordsville.
Fredonia* to Leavenworth.
Freeland Park* to Fowler.
Freeman to Spencer.
Freeport to Morristown.
Friendswood to Mooresville.
Fritchton to Vincennes.
Fruitdale to Morgantown.
Fulda* to Troy.
Furnessville to Michigan
Gadsden to Lebanon.
Gale to Danville.
Galena* to New Albany.
Gar Creek to Wood burn.
Garfield to Darlington.
Geetingsville to Rossvllle.
Gem to Cumberland.
Geneva (Shelby Co ) to St.
Gentryville*t! to Dale.
t Express Office.


Georgetown (Brown Co.) to
Georgetown (Cass Co.) to
Georgia to Mitchell.
Gerald* to Cannelton.
Gessie*! ! to Perrysville.
Gibson*!! to Hammond.
Gifford to San Pierre.
Gilead to Akron.
Gilman!! to Alexandria,
Gilmour to Jasonville.
Gings to Rushville.
Glenayr to Terre Haute.
Glen Dale to Washington.
Glendenning Corners to
Glendorat to Sullivan.
Glenhallt to Westpoint.
Glenns Valley to Green­
Glezen*!! to Oakland City
Glidas to Brandenburg, Ky
Goblesville to Hunting€on
Grabill*!! to Harlan.
Gramm er*!I to Elizabeth­
Granger*!! to Mishawaka.
Grantsburg* to English.
Grass to Bloomfield.
Grasscreek*tt to Kewanna.
Grasselli!! to East Chicago.
Gravelton to Nappanee.
Graysville* to Sullivan.
Green Center to Albion.
Greenfield Mills to Orland.
Green Hill to Otterbeln.
Greensboro* to Spiceland.
Greenville* (Floyd Co.) to
Greenville (Sullivan Co.) to
Griffin*!! to Graysville, Ill.
Grovertown*! to Hamlet.
Guilford*! to Lawrenceburg.
Guion*!! to Marshall.
Guionsville to Dillsboro.
Guthrie* to Bedford.
Hackleman to Fairmount.
Hadley*!! to Danville.
Hall*! to Monrovia.
Halls Corners to Harlan.
Halo to Pekin.
Hamburg* to Oldenburg.
Hancock to Palmyra.
Hanfleld to Marion.
Hanover Center to Crown
Harmony*! to Brazil.
Harrisonville! to Shoals.
Harrisville to Union City.
Harrodsburg*!! to Bloom­
Hartford to Aurora.
Hartsville*! to Columbus.
Hatfield*! to Rockport.
Hayden*!! to North Ver­
Raymond to Oldenburg.
Haysviile to Jasper.
Hazelrigg*!! to Lebanon
Hazlewood* to Mooresville.
Headlee to Royal Center.
Heath to Lafayette.
Hecla to Columbia City.
Hedrick*! to West Lebanon.
Heilman to Dale.
Helmer*!! to So. Milford.
Helmsburg*!! to Nashville.
Helton ville*!! to Bedford.
Hendricksvlile to Bloom­
Herbst*! to Swayzee.
Hesston to Laporte.
Hessville*! to Hammond.
Hibbard*!! to Culver.
Hillham* to Shoals.
Hillsdale*!! to Montezuma.
Hobbleville* to Bloomfield.
Hollandsburg to Rockville.
Home Place to Carmel.
Homer*! to Manilla.
Honey Creek*!! to Middletown.
Hoosierville to Brazil.
Hoover*!! to Logansport.
Horace* to Greensburg.
Hortonville* to Westfield.
Hosmer!! to Oakland City
Houston to Brownstown.
Howell*! to Evansville.
Howesville! to Jasonville.
Hudson Lake to New Car­
Huff to Troy.
Huffman to Troy.
Huntsville (Madison Co.) to
Huntsville (Randolph Co.)
to Modoc.
Hurlburt!! to Hebron.
Huron*!! to Mitchell.
Hutton to Terre Haute.
Independence* to Attica.
Indiana Harbor to East
Indiana Mineral Springs
to Attica.
Indian Springs to Shoals.
Ingalls* to Fortville.
Inglefleld* to Evansville.
Inverness to Orland.
Inwood*!! to Plymouth.
Ireland* to Jasper.
Jacksonburg to Pershing.
Jackson Hill to Sullivan.
Jacksonville to Clinton.
Jalapa to La Fountaine.
Jamestown!!* to Fremont.
Jefferson to Frankfort

Jerome to Greentown.
Jessup*!! to Rosedale.
Jimtown to Elkhart.
Johnsburg*! to Huntingburg.
Johnson*!! to Owensville.
Jonesboro*!! to Gas City.
Jonestown to Clinton
Jordan Villageto Patricksburg.
Judson*!! to Rockville.
Judyville*!! to Pence.
Julietta to New Palestine.
Keller to Terre Haute.
Kellers to Wabash.
Kellerville to Jasper.
Kelso* (Dearborn Co.) to
Harrison, Ohio.
Kelso (Huntington Co.) to
Kennedy* (Dearborn Co.)
to Lawrenceburg.
Kenneth*! to Logansport.
Kent* to Madison.
Kersey*! to San Pierre.
Kewanna*!! to Rochester.
Keystone to Montpelier.
Killmore to Frankfort.
King to Princeton.
Kingsbury*! to Laporte.
Kings Cave to Corydon.
Kingsland*!! to Ossian.
Kingston to Greensburg.
Kirby to Bloomington.
Kirklin*!! to Pershing.
Kirkpatrick*!! to Dar­
Kirksville! to Princeton.
Kitchel*!! to Liberty.
Klaasville to Beecher, Ill.
Knightsville*!! to Brazil
Kniman*!! to Rensselaer.
Koleen*! to Bloomfield.
Koontz Lake to Walkerton.
Kossuth to SalemKouts*!! to Valparaiso.
Kramer* to Attica.
Kreitzburg to Dyer.
Kurtz*!! to Freetown.
Kyana* to Birdseye.
Kyle to Aurora.
Laconia* to Brandenburg.
Lagro*! to Wabash.
Lake to Richland.
Lake Bruce to Kewanna.
Lake Cicott*! to Logans­
Lake James to Angola.
Laketon*!! to Newton.
Lake Village*! to Momence.
Lakeville*!! to South Bend.
Lamar*! to Tell City.
Lamong to Sheridan.
Lancaster (Huntington Co.)
to Warren.
Lancaster (Wells Co.) to
Landess*! to Van Buren.
Laud to Columbia City.
Laughrey! to Aurora.
Lawrenceport to Mitchell.
Lawrenceville to Sunman.
Lawton to Winamac.
Leach to Fairmount.
Lee*! to Monon.
Leesville to Bedford.
Leisure to Elwood.
Lena*!! to Carbon.
Leo to Grabill.
Leopold* to Cannelton.
Leota to Scottsburg.
Le Rov*! to Crown Point.
Letts *!! to Westport.
Lewis*!! to Terre Haute.
Lewisburg to Logansport.
Lewis Creek*! to Snelbyvilie.
Lexington*!! to Scottsburg.
Liberty (Johnson Co.) to
Liberty Mills*! to North
Libertyville! to Vermilion,
Limedale! to Greencastle.
Lincoln*! to Galveston.
Lincoln City*!! to Dale.
Lincolnville (Wabash Co.)
to Wabash.
Llnkville to Plymouth.
Linngrove*! to Berne.
Llnnsburg*!! to Crawfordsville.
Linwood* to Anderson.
Lisbon to Kendallville.
Littles* to Oakland City.
Little York* to Scottsburg.
Livonia* to Campbellsburg.
Lochiel!! to Fowler.
Lockport to Idaville.
Locust Point* to New
London* to Fairland.
Lonetree to Jasonville.
Lorane to Columbia City.
Loree*! to Bunker Hill.
Lovett*!! to North Vernon.
Lydick to South Bend.
Lyford to Clinton.
Mace to Crawfordsville.
Madrid to Lawrenceburg.
Magley*!! to Preble.
Magnet* to Leavenworth.
Magnolia* to Leavenworth
Mahalas ville to Martins­
Majenica to Warren.
Malden!! to Valparaiso.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Newark to Worthington.
Malott Park! to Broad
Newbern to Columbus.
New Brunswick to Lebanon
Manchester to Lawrence­
New Burlington to Muncie.
New Chicago to Hobart.
Manhattan to Greencastle.
New Corydon* to Geneva.
Mansfield to Carbon.
New Goshen* to Terre
Manson to Frankfort.
Maples! to Monroeville .
New Lancaster to Elwood.
Maplewood! to Pittsboro.
Newland*! to Rensselaer
Mariah Hill to Dale.
New Lebanon*!! to Sulli­
Marietta (Shelby Co.) to
New London to Russiavllle.
Mark to Edinburg.
New Marion*! to ButlerMarkland* to Florence.
Markleville*!! to Anderson.
New Maysville to RoachMartinsburg to Pekin.
Martz to Clay City.
New Middletown* to Cory­
Marysville*!! to Scottsburg
Matthews*! to Fairmount.
New Mount Pleasant to
Mauckport* to Corydon.
Maumee* to Freetown.
New Philadelphia* to Salem
Max to Advance.
New Pittsburg to Saratoga
Maxinkuckee to Culver.
New Richmond*!! to Lin­
Maxwell*!! to Greenfield.
Maynard to Dyer.
New St. Bernice to St.
Maysville! to Harlan.
Maywood* to Indianapolis.
New Salisbury* to Corydon
McCool*!! to Chesterton.
Newton Stewart* to French
McCordsville*!! to Fortville
McCoysburg*!! to RennsNewtonville* to Grandview
New Trenton*!! to Cedar
McGrawsville*! to Peru.
McKinley* to Salem.
Newville to St. Joe.
Mechanicsburg (Lebanon
New Waverly*!! toLogansP. O.) Boone Co. to
New Winchester to Dan­
Mechanicsburg (Henry Co)
to Middletown,
Nine Mile to Fort Wayne.
Mechanicsville to Evans­
Nineveh* to Edinburg.
Nora* to Broad Ripple.
Medford to Muncle.
Normanda to Kempton.
Memphis* to Henryville.
Norman Station*!! to Free­
Merom to Sullivan
Merriam to Albion.
North to Rising Sun.
Merrillville*! to Crown
North Galveston to Lees­
Messick to Newcastle.
Northgrove*! to Amboy.
Metea to Logansport.
Miami*!! to Bunker Hill . North Terre Haute to Terre
Mickley ville to Indianapolis
Norton* to French Lick.
Middle Fork (Clinton Co.)
Nortonburg to Hope.
to Russiavllle.
Norway to Monticello.
Middle Fork ! (Jefferson
Nottingham to Montpelier.
Co.) to Dupont.
Nulltown! to Conners ville.
Midland*!! to Jasonville.
Numa to Rosedale.
Midway to Richland.
Nyesville to Rockville.
MIer* to Converse.
Mifflin* to English.
Oak* to Star City.
Milan Center to Woodburn.
Oakford* to Sharpsville.
Mildred to Shelburn.
Oakley to Brownsburg.
Milford Junction!! to Mil­
Oatsville to Oakland City.
Ober*!l to Knox.
Mill Creek*!! to Laporte.
Ockley*!! to Delphi.
Miller, see Gary.
Octagon to La Fayette.
Millersburg (Warrick Co.)
Odell to Attica.
to Boonville.
Ogden to Knightstown.
Millersburg (Elkhart Co.)
Ogilville* to Columbus.
*!! to Goshen.
Ohio Falls to Jeffersonville.
Millersville (Marion Co.) to
Oliver to Wadesville.
Omega to Arcadia.
Millgrove*! to Dunkirk.
Millhousen* to Greensburg. Ontario* to Howe.
Onward*!! to Logansport.
Milligan*!! to Russellville.
Ora*!I to Monterey.
Millville*!! to Newcastle.
Orange to Glenwood.
Milo* to Warren.
Orangeville to Orleans.
Mineral! to Bloomfield.
Orestes* to Alexandria.
Mongo*! to Orland.
Oriole* to English.
Monitor to La Fayette.
Ormas to Columbia City
Monroe to Decatur.
Orrville to Mount Carmel,
Monroe City*!! to WheatIll.
Orth to New Ross.
Montclair to North Salem.
Osceola*!! to Mishawaka.
Monument City to Andrew.
Oswego* to Leesburg.
Moody*! to Rensselaer.
Otis*!! to Westville.
Mooney* to Brownstown.
Otisco*!! to Charlestown.
Moore to Auburn.
Otto* to New AVashington.
Moorefleld to Vevav.
Ovid to Anderson.
Mooresville*!! to BargersOwen! to Charlestown.
Moral to Acton.
Oxonia* to Salem.
Moran*! to Frankfort.
Morris*!! to Batesville.
Morton to Balnbridge.
Packerton*!! to Sidney.
Moscow to Milroy.
Page to Fremont.
Mountain Spring to Bed­
Palestine to Mentone.
Palmer*!! to Crown Point.
Mount Auburn (Shelby Co)
Paris!! to Paris Crossing.
to Edinburg.
Park to Bloomfield
Mount Carmel to BrookParker City!! to Parker.
Parkersburg to Ladoga.
Mount Comfort * ! J to
Parr*! to Rensselaer.
Patton to Yoeman.
Mount Etna to Huntington
Paxton*!! to Sullivan.
Mount Liberty* to Nash­
Payne to Bloomington.
Paynes ville to Lexington.
Mount Meridian to Green­
Peabody*!! to Columbia
Mount Olive to Bedford.
Pedigo to Rockport.
Mount Pisgah to Stroh.
Peerless* to Bedford.
Mount Pleasant (Delaware
Pelzer to Boonville.
Co.)! to Muncie.
Pence to Williamsport.
Mount Pleasant* to Cannel
Peoga to Trafalgar.
Peoria!! (Franklin Co.) to
Mount Sterling to Vevay.
Oxford, Ohio.
Mount Tabor to Gosport.
Peoria (Miami Co.) to Peru
Mount Zion (Wells Co.) to
Peppertown to Metamora.
Perkinsville to Lapei.
Munster to Hammond
Perrysburg to Denver.
Muren to Winslow
Perth*!! to Carbon.
Murray to Bluffton
Peterson* to Preble.
PeterRville to Columbus
Petroleum*! to Montpelier.
Nabb*! to Lexington.
Pettit to La Fayette.
National Military Home*to
Philadelphia to Greenfield.
Philomath to Brownsville.
Nead to Peru.
Nebraska*!! to Holton.
Phlox to Windfall.
Pickard to Frankfort.
Needham*!! to Franklin.
Pierceton*!! to AYarsaw.
Needmore (Lawrence Co.)
Pierceville*! to Milan.
to Bedford.
Pike to Lebanon.
Nevada to Windfall.
Pikeville* to Huntingburg.
Nevada Mills to Orland.
Pilot Knob* to Leaven­
New Alsace to Sunman.
New Amsterdam* to Cory­
Pimento*!! to Terre Haute.
Money Order Office.

! Telegraph Station.



Pinhook to Bedford.
Pinola! to La Porte.
Pipe Creek to Logansport.
Pittsburg to Delphi.
Plato to Lagrange.
Pleasant Mills* to Wiishire,
Pleasant Plain to Warren.
Pleasant Ridge! to Rens­
Pleasant View to Acton.
Plevna to Greentown.
Plum Tree to Warren.
Poe to Monroeville.
Point Isabel to Swayzee.
Portersville to Jasper.
Portland Mills to Russell­
Powers* to Red Key.
Prairie Creek* to Terre
Prairieton* to Terre Haute.
Prather to Charlestown.
Prescott to Shelbyville.
Priam to Hartford City.
Proctor to Shoals.
Progress to Muncie.
Pulaski* to Star City.
Putnamville*! to Green­
Pyrmont* to Delphi.
Quaker to Dana.
Quakertown to Liberty.
Queen City to Paoll
Queensville*! to North Ver­
Quercus Grove to East
Quincy*!! to Cloverdale.
Raber!! to Columbia City
Raccoon*!! to Roachdale.
Radley! to Swayzee.
Radnor* to Delphi.
Ragsdale to Vincennes.
Rainsville to Pine Village.
Raleigh to Lewisville.
Ramsey*! to Corydon
Ranger to Tell City.
Raub*!! to Kentland.
Ray*!! to Freemont.
Raymond to Oxford, Ohio
Rays Crossing* to Shelby­
Raysville to Knightstown.
Redbridge to Amboy.
Reddington to Seymour
Reed to Yorktown.
Reed ville to New Palestine.
Reelsville*!! to Greencastle
Reese Mill to Lebanon.
Rego* to Paoli.
Reiffsburg to Bluffton.
Reno!! to Danville.
Reserve to Peru.
Rexville! to Gary.
Riceville* to Birdseye.
Richland to Milroy.
Rlchvalley*!! to Wabash.
Riddle* to Leavenworth.
Ridgeway to Russiavllle.
Ridpath to Dupont.
Rigdon to Fairmount.
Riley*!! to Terre Haute.
Rileysburg* to Danville. Ill.
Ripley! to Winamac.
Rivare to Decatur.
River to Warren.
Riverside*! to Attica.
Riverton to Merom.
River Vale*!! to Mitchell.
Robertsdalef to Hammond.
Robison* to Bloomfield.
Rob Roy to Attica.
Roby*! to Whiting.
Rockcreek to Huntington.
Rocklane to Greenwood.
Rogers!! to Petersburg.
Roland to West Baden.
Roll* to Hartford City.
Rome* to Stephensport.Ky.
Rome City*!! to Wolcottville.
Romona* to Gosport.
Rosebud to Salem.
Roseburg (Grant Co.) to
Roseland to South Bend.
Roselawn*!! to Lowell.
Rosewood to Louisville, Ky.
Ross!! to Gary.
Rosston! to Westfield.
Round Grove! to Brookston.
Royalton to Whites Town.
Royerton to Muncie.
Rugby*! to Hope.
Rumble to Petersburg.
Rural to Lynn.
Rushcreek Valley to Salem.
Rusk to Shoals
Rye to Knox.
Saint Anthony*!! to Hunt­
Saint Croix* to Leaven­
worth .
Saint Henry* to Ferdinand.
Saint John*!! to Dyer.
Saint Johns to Auburn.
Saint Joseph Hill to Sellersburg.
SaintLeon* to Cedar Grove
Saint Louis Crossing*! to
Saint Mary of the AVoods*f
! to West Terre Haute.
Saint Maurice to Newpoint
Saint Meinrad* to Dale.
Saint Omer to Saint Paul.
Saint Peters to Sunman.
Saint Philip to Evansville.
! Express Office.



Saint Thomas to Vincennes.
Saint Wendells to Poseyville.
Salem (Jay Co.) to Sarato­
Salem Center to Angola.
Saline City*!} to Cory.
Saltillo*}: to Campbellsburg
Sanders to Bloomington.
Sanderson to New Albany.
Sandford*}} to Vermillion.
Sandusky to Oreensburg.
San Jacinto to Butlerville.
Santaclaus* to Dale.
Santa Fe (Miami Co.) to
Santa Fet (Spencer Co ) to
Sardinia*t+ to Westport.
Sargent to Odon.
Scarlet to Orleans.
Schererville*} to Dyer.
Schneider*}} to Lowell.
Schnellville* to Birdseye.
Scipio*}} to North Vernon.
Scotland* to Newberry.
Scottf to Shipshewanna.
Seafleid* to Wolcott.
Seelyville*} to Terre Haute.
Selvin* to Dale.
Servia*}} to North Man­
Sevastopol to Mentone.
Sexton to Rushville.
Seybert to Shipshewanna.
Shadeland to Lafayette.
Shakespeare to Milford.
Shannondaie to Darlington.
Sharps to Muncie.
Sharps Mills to Corydon.
Shamtown to Cedar Grove.
Shelburn*}} to Sullivan.
Shelby*}} to Lowell.
Shepherd to Lebanon.
Shepherdsville to Clinton.
Shideler*!} to Eaton.
Shirkieville to Vermillion,
8hrock to Millersburg.
Siberia* to Birdseye.
Sidney}*} to South Whitley
Silverville to Bedford.
Sllverwood*}} to Cayuga.
Sims*}} to Swayzee.
Sitka to Monticello.
Sloan*}} to West Lebanon.
Smartsburg to Crawfordsville.
Smithland to Shelbyville.
Smithson* to Reynolds.
Smith Valley to Greenwood
Smitliville*} to Blooming
Snow Hill to Lynn.
Solitude to Mount Vernon
Solon* to New Washington.
Solsberry*}} to Bloomfield.
Somerset* to LaFontaine.
Sophia to Carbon.
South Boston to Salem.
South Gate* to Cedar Grove
South Raub*} to Romney.
South Waveland to Russelville.
Spades*} to Sunman.
Sparksville*} to Medora.
Spearsville to Morgantown.
Speed* to Seiiersburg.
Spelterville* to Vigo.
Spiker to W7abash.
Springboro to Brookston.
Springfield to Wadesville.
Springville*}} to Bedford.
Stampers Creek to Paoli.
Stanford* to Bloomington.
Stanley to Boonville.
Starlight to Borden.
Staser to Evansville.
State Line} to West Le­
Staunton*}} to Brazil.
Steam Corner to Veedersburg.
Stearleyville to Centerpoint.
Steele to Monroe.
8tendal* to Huntmgburg.
Sterling to Indianapolis.
Steubenville* to Ashley.
Stevenson to Evansville.
Stewartsville*}} to Poseyville.
Stillwell*}} to Laporte.
Stinesville*}} to Gosport.
Stips Hill to Clarksburg.
Stockport to Muncie.
Stockton to Linton.
Stone to Winchester.
Stonebluff*}} to Veedersburg.
Stones Crossing to Green­
Story* to Nashville.
Stout to Yorktown.
Stringtown to Evansville.
Strouse to Albion.
Sulphur* to Leavenworth.
Sulphur Hill to Geneva.
Summit}} (DeKalb Co.) to
Surprise to Brownstown.
Surrey*} to Rensselaer.
Swalis to Terre Haute.
Swanington*}} to Fowler.
Sycamore} to Greentown.
Sylvanla to Kingman.
Syria to Orleans.
Tab*}} to Williamsport.
Talbot*}} to Boswell.
Talma to Mentone.
Tampico to Crothersville
Tangier*}} to Kingman.

Underwood*}} to Henryville.
Union* to Hazleton.
Union Center*} to Laporte.
Unionport to Modoc.
Uniontown (Jackson Co.)to
Uniontown* (Perry Co.) to
Unionville*}} (Monroe Co.)
to Bloomington.
Universal*} to Clinton.
Upton to Mount Vernon.
Utan to Corydon.
Utica to Jeffersonville.
Valeene* to Paoli.
Valentine*}} to La Grange.
Valley City to Corydon.
Valley Millstolndianapolis.
Vandalia* to Spencer.
Vawter Park to Syracuse.
Velpen*}} to Winslow.
Vera Cruz* to Bluffton.
Vermont to Kokomo.
Verne to Vincennes
iVernon*}} to North Ver­
Vesta to Charlestown.
Vicksburg*}} to Linton.
Victor to Bloomington.
Vienna* to Scottsburg.
Vine to Attica.
Virgie to Rensselaer.
Vistula* to Middlebury.
Vivalia to Greencastle.
Waco to Washington.
Wadena}} to Goodland.
Wagoner to Macy.
Wailesboro to Columbus.
Walker to Flora.
Wallen*}} to Huntertown.
Warrenton to Fort Branch.
Warrington to Shirley.
Waterford to MichiganCity
Waterford Mills to Goshen.
Watson*} to Jeffersonville
Waugh to Sheridan.
Waverly*} to Mooresville.
Wawasee*} to Syracuse.
Wawpecong to Kokomo.
Waymansville*to Seymour.
Waynesburg to Westport.
Waynesville to Columbus.
Weaver to Jonesboro.
Webster* (Wayne Co.) to
Weisburg*}} to Sunman.
Wellsboro*}} to Laporte.
Westchester to Portland.
West Clinton} to St. Ber­
West Fork* to English.
West Franklin to Mount
Westland to Greenfield.
West Liberty (Howard Co.)
to Greentown.
West Middleton* to Russiaville.
West Newton* to Indian­
Westphalia*}} to Edwardsport.
Westpoint*}} to LaFayette.
West Union*}} to Monte­
Westwood to New Castle
Wharton to South Bend.
Wheatfleld*}} to San Pierre
Wheeler*}} (Porter Co.) to
Wheeling* to Muncie.
Whitaker* to Paragon.
Whitcomb to Brookville.
White Cloud* to Corydon.
Whites Crossing to Linton.
Whitestown*}} to Lebanon.
Whitesville to Ladoga.
White Water* to Fountain
Whitfield to Loogootee.
Wickliffe* to English
Wilbur to Martinsville.
Wilder*}} to La Crosse.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Tanner to Bloomfield.
Taswell*}} to English.
Taylorsville* to Columbus.
Tecumseh to Terre Haute.
Teegarden*} to Walkerton.
Tefft*}} to San Pierre.
Temple* to English.
Templeton*}} to Oxford.
Terhune}} to Sheridan.
Terre Coupee to New Car­
Terre Hall to Hemlock.
Terry* to Tell City.
Thayer*} to Lowell.
Tildent to Brownsburg.
Tillman to Monroeville.
Tiosa*}} to Rochester.
Tippecanoe*}} to Mentone.
Tobinsport* to Cloverport
Tocsin*}} to Ossian.
Tower* to Leavenworth.
Tracewell to Fort Branch.
Tracy to Union Mills.
Traders Point to New
Treaty* to Wabash.
Trenton (Blackford Co.) to
Hartford City.
Trevlac*}} to Morgantown.
Trinity Springs* to Shoals.
Tulip} to Bloomfield.
Tunker to South Whitley.
Tunnelton*}} to Mitchell.
Turner to Brazil.
Twin Lakes to Plymouth.
Tyner*}} tc Plymouth.

i County Seat.

Wilfred to Shelburn.
Williams to Decatur.
Williamsburg*}} (Wayne
Co.) to Greens Fork.
Williamsburg (Johnson Co.)
*}} to Edinburg.
Williamsport to Monroe­
Willis to Vincennes.
Wilkinson*}} to Shirley.
Wilmington to Aurora.
Wilmot to Cromwell.
Wilson to Shelbyville.
Windom to Shoals.
Windsor to Parker.
Winfield}} to Crown Point.
Winona to Knox.
Winona Lake*}} to Warsaw.
Winthrop*}} to Attica.
IVirt* to North Madison.
Witts to Boston.
Woodland to Mishawaka.
Woodlawn to Muncie.
Woodruff (Lagrange Co.) to
Woods to Lynn.
Woodville (Porter Co.) to
Wright Corners to Aurora.
Yankeetown to Newburg.
Yeddo *t to Kingman.
Yoder*}} to Ft. Wayne.
Yorkville* to Sunman.
Youngs Creek* to Paoli.
Youno to Nashville.
Yountsville to Crawfordsville.
Zelma} to Bedford.
Zenas to Butlerville.
Zoar to Huntingburg.
Zulu to Monroeville.

Abbott*}} to Ackley.
Abingdon* to Packwood.
Ackworth*}} to Indianola.
Acme to Riceville.
Adaza*}} to Churdan.
Adelphi* to Des Moines.
Albaton} to Sloan.
Alice to Centerpoint.
Almont* to Clinton.
Alvord *}} to Doon.
Amana*}} to Marengo.
Ambrose to Keswick.
Amish to Ka'ona.
Andover*} to Miles.
Angus*}} to Perry.
Arborbill to Stuart.
Ardon*}} to M uscatine.
Argo to Le Claire
Arion*}} to Dow City.
Arispe*} to Shannon City.
Arnold to Humboldt.
Arnolds Park*}} to Mil­
Arquitt to Farley.
Artesian to Denver.
Asbury to Dubuque.
Ashgrove* to Drakesville
Aspinwall*}} to Manning.
Astor* to Manilla.
Athelstan to Blockton.
Attica* to Knoxville.
Augusta* to Wever.
Aurora*}} to Lamont.
Avery*r} to Albia.
Ayrshire*}} to Ruthven.
Badger*}} to Ft. Dodge.
Bailey* to Mclntire.
Balfour*}} to Glenwood.
Balltown to Sherrill.
Ballyclaugh to Dubuque.
Bangor* to Liscomb.
Bankston to Epworth
Barnes City*}} to Gibson.
Barney*}} to Lorimor.
Bartlett*}} to Thurman.
Bayertown to Hills.
Beacon*} to Oskaloosa.
Beckwith}} to Fairfield.
Beebeetown to Logan
Beech}} to Carlisle.
Belknap*}} to Bloomfield.
Beloit* to Canton, S. D.
Benson to Cedar Falls.
Bentonsport* to Bonaparte.
Berea to Anita.
Berkley to Ogden.
Berlin to Lincoln.
Bernard*}} to Cascade.
Berne} to Ute.
Bernhart to Batavia.
Bertram to Cedar Rapids.
Berwick*} to Des Moines.
Bethesda to Hepburn.
Bethlehem to Corydon.
Bevington to Winterset.
Big Rock*t} to Dixon.
Birmingham to Stockport.
Bladensburg to Batavia.
Blanden to Manson.
Bluffton to Burroak.
Boies to Janesville.
Bolan*}} to Northwood.
Bonair*}} to Cresco.
Botna*} to Manning.
Bouton*}} to Woodward.
Boyd} to New Hampton.
Boyer*}} to Kiron.
Bradgate*}} to Rutland.
Brainard to West Union.
Brazil*}} to Centerville.
Brompton to Moravia.
Brookville to Packwood.
Brough to Perry.
Browns}} to Preston.
Brush Creek to Arlington.
Money Order Office.

Brushy to Duncombe
Bryant*}} to Gooselake.
Bryantburg to Hazleton.
Buchanan*}} to Tipton.
Buck Creek to Readlyn.
BuckGrove*}} to DowCity.
Bucknell* to Melrose.
Bucks Grove (Grundy Co.)
to Parkersburg
Buena Vista (Clinton Co.)
to Dixon.
Bunch* to Unionville.
Burchinal*}} to Mas on City
Burdette*}} to Popejoy.
Burt*}} to Bancroft.
Butler to Hedrick.
Buxton*}} to Lovilia.
Cairo} to Columbus Jet.
Caldwell to Cincinnati.
Caledonia to Mount Ayr.
California* to Modale.
Camanche*} to Clinton.
Cambria*}} to Corydon.
Campbell* to Des Moines.
Canby to Casey.
Canoe to Decorah.
Canton to Monmouth.
Carbon* to Corning.
Carl to Corning.
Carmel to Sioux Center.
Carnarvon*}} to Wall Lake.
Carnes}} to Alton
Carney to Des Moines.
Carnfortht to Victor.
Carrollton} to Dedham.
Carrville* to Nashua.
Carterville*}} to Mason
Castana*}} to Onawa.
Cedar*}} to Fremont.
Cedar Bluff* to Tipton.
Cedar Heights to Cedar
Cedar Valley to West
Center to Dubuque.
Center Dale*}} to West
Center Point*}} to Walker.
Centralia to Peosta.
Charleston*} to Donnellson.
Charlotte*}} to Maquoketa
Chester Center to New­
Chickasaw to Ionia.
Church* to Lansing.
Churchville*} to Indianola.
Clare*}} to Fort Dodge.
Clarkdale to Mystic.
Clayton*}} to Garnaville.
Clay Works* to Fort Dodge.
Climax to Emerson.
Clio to Corydon.
Cloverdale*} to Sibley.
Coal City*}} to Moulton.
Coalville to Fort Dodge.
College Springs*} to Sham- .
Colo*}} to Nevada.
Columbus City* to Colum­
bus Junction.
Commerce*}} toDesMoines.
Communia to Elkader.
Coneville* to Muscatine.
Conger to St. Charles.
Conover}} to Corinth.
Consol}} to Melrose.
Conway*}} to Bedford.
Cooper to Jefferson.
Coppock* to Wayland.
Coralville to Iowa City.
Cordova*} to Knoxville.
Cornelia to Clarion.
Cornell* to Sioux Rapids.
Corwith*}} to Britt.
Cosgrove to Oxford.
Coster to Shellrock.
Cottonwood*} to Hillsboro.
Cou Falls to Iowa City.
County Line* to Batavia.
Covington* to Cedar Rap­
Crain Creek to Denver.
Cranston*}} to Letts.
to Council
Croton* to Farmington.
Curlew to Emmetsburg.
Curtis to Iowa City.
iDakota City* to Hum­
Dale* to Stuart.
Dallas*} to Melcher.
Dalton} to Le Mars.
David*} to Mclntire.
Davis Corners} to Linae
Dawson*}} to Jamaica.
Decatur*}} to Leon.
Deercreek to Northwood.
De Kalb* to VanWert.
Delaware*}} to Manchester
Delphos*}} to Mount Ayr.
Denhart to Corwith.
Depew to Cylinder.
Derby*}} to Chariton.
Desoto*}} to Earlham.
Devon*} to New Hampton.
Dewar*}} to Waterloo.
Dewey to Massena.
Dillon*} to Marshalltown.
Dodgeville to Mediapolis.
Dolliver*}} to Armstrong.
Donnan* to Hawlteye.
Dorchester*} to New Albin.
Doris to Independence.
Douglass to West Union.
Drakesville*}} to Bloom­
Dublin to Washington.
Dudley*!} to Ottumwa.
Dumfries* to Council Bluffs.
} Telegraph Station.

Duncan to Garner.
Durango*}} to Dubuque.
Eagle Center to Waterloo.
East Eagle to Waterloo.
East Pleasant Plain*}} to
Edna*} to Rock Rapids.
Eleanor} to Parkersburg.
Elkhart*} to Huxley.
Elkport*} to Little Port.
Elk River} to Clinton.
Ellston*}} to Tingley.
Elmira Junction to Iowa
Elon to Waterville.
Elrick* to Wapello.
Elvira to Low Moor.
Elwoold*}} to Maquoketa.
Emeline to Baldwin
Enterprise} to Ankeny.
Erickson to Boone.
Evander to Sheldon.
Evans*}} to Oskaloosa.
Ewart*} to Montezuma.
Exline to Cincinnati.
Fairport*}} to Muscatine.
Fallow to Graettinger.
Fanslers to Yale.
Farlin*}} to Jefferson.
Farmer to Waterloo.
Farrar* to Mingo.
Farson to Ottumwa
Faulkner*}} to Ackley.
Fern to Parkersburg.
Fernald*} to Nevada.
Fertile*} to Hanlontown.
Fielding to Ouimby.
Fi field to Pella.
Fillmore to Cascade.
Finch Ford to Janesville.
Fiscus to Audubon.
Fisk to Orient.
Five Points to Dubuaue.
Floyd*}} to Charles City.
Flugstad to Webster City.
Folietts* to Low Moor.
Folsom}} to Glenwood.
Ford*}} to Swan.
Forest Home to Monte­
Fort Des Moines*} to Des
Fosterdale to Oskaloosa.
Four Corners to Lockridge.
Franklin to Donnellson.
Franklin Station to Don­
Fraserl to Boone.
Fredonia to ColumbusJunction.
Fredric*}t to Albia.
Freeport to Decorah.
Froelich*} to McGregor.
Fruitland*}} to Muscatine
Fulton* (Jackson Co.) to
Fulton (Muscatine Co.) to
Galbraith to Luverne.
Galesburg to Monroe.
Galland to Montrose.
Gardiner to Bouton.
Garland to Morning Sun
Gates to Atlantic.
Genoa to Seymour.
Genoa Bluff to Ladora.
Georgetown to Albia.
Gerled* to Ledyard.
Germantown to Paullina.
German Valley to Titonka.
Germanville to Brighton.
Giard} to McGregor.
Giesel Springs to Dubuque.
Gifford*}} to Union.
Given*}} to Oskaloosa
Gladstone* to Tama.
Gladwin*}} to Haskins.
Glasgow to Lockridge.
Glendon to Menlo.
Graf}} to Epworth.
Graham* to Colesburg.
Grandview*}} to Letts.
Grant*}} to Elliott.
Grant Center}} to Rodney.
Grant City to Lake City.
Gravity*} to Bedford.
Green Island*}} toBellevue.
Greenville*}} (Clay Co.) to
Gridley}} to Armstrong.
Griffinsville to Mystic.
Grovehill to Fairbank.
Gruver*}} to Esterville.
Gunder to Elgin.
Gunwald to Williamson.
Guss to Villisca.
Hale*}} to Olin.
Haifa*} to Ringsted.
Hamilton*}} to Bussey.
Hanford}} to Mason City
Hanna to Wesley.
Hanover to Alta.
Harper*}} to Sigourney.
Harris*}} to Ocheyeden.
Harrison to Winterset.
Harvard*}} to Seymour.
Hastie to Des Moines.
Hauntown to Clinton.
Haven to Tama.
Haverhill*}} to Van Cleve.
Havre to Crawfordsville.
Hawleyville to Clarinda.
Hawthorn to Red Oak.
Haydock* to Chariton.
Hayfleld*}} to Garner
Hebron} to Orient.
Herndon*!} to Yale.
Herring*}} to WallLake.
Herrold*} to Granger.
Hesper* to Mabel. Minn
} Express Office.



HiattsvHlp to Moravia.
Hickory to Albia.
High* to Marengo.
High Bridge to Madrid
Highland (’enter* to Hed­
High Point to GardenGrovf
Highviewt to Webster City
Hobartont to Algona.
Hocking*! to Albia.
Holbrook* to Parfiell
Holly Springs to Hornick
Homer to Lehigh.
Homestead*!! to Marengo
Honey Creek*!! to Mis­
souri Valley.
Hopeville to Murray.
Hopkinton*!! to Monticello.
Horton to Plainfield.
Houghton*! to Salem.
Howe to Stuart.
Hughes to Eldora.
Huntington*!! to Esterville
Hurley! to Rockwell.
Hurstyille* to Maquoketa
Hutchins!! to Britt.
leoniuin to Moravia
Industry! to Fort Dodge
Inwood*!! to Rock Valley,
iowa Center to Maxwell.
Irma to Waver! y.
Iron Hills to Maquoketa
Irving*! to Elberon.
Irvington*!! to Algona.
Ivy to Altoona
Jacksonville to Harlan.
Janies*!! to Leeds Station
Sioux City.
Jamison* to Osceola.
Jay to Woodburn.
Jerico to New Hampton.
Johnston*!! to Grimes.
Iordan*! to Boone
Jubilee to Jesup.
Juniata! to Storm Lake
Kalo* to Otho.
Keen to Des Moines.
Kelley*!! to Ames.
Keinling to Elliott.
Kendallville to Oresco.
Kennebec*! to Onawa.
Kennedy to Adel.
Kenwood*!! to Charter
Kenwood Park*! to Cedar
iKeosauqua*!! to Bona-*
Key West to Dubuque.
Kiene to Monti.
Kilbourne* to Keosauqua
Kingston*!! to Mediapolis.
Klinger to Keadlyn.
Klondike (Lyon Co.) to
Larch wood.
Knittel to Readlyn.
Knoke*!! to Fonda.
Koningsmark to Swisher.
Koszta to Ladora.
La Celle to Osceola.
Lacey* Jto New Sharon.
La Crew! to Donnellson.
Ladoga to New Market.
Lafayette! to Alburnett.
Lakewood to Rock Rapids.
Lakonta to Eddyville.
Lamoille*!! to State Center
Lamotte*!! to Bellevue.
Lancaster to Sigourney.
Langdon*!! to Spencer.
Langworthy*!! to Monticello.
Larland to Audubon.
Larrabee*!! to Cherokee.
Lattners to Epworth.
Lavinia*!! to
Lawn Hill*!! to New Prov­
Leaildo to Douds.
Lear to Stout.
Lebanon (Sioux Co.) to
Hudson, S. D.
Lebanon (Van Buren Co.)
to Cantril
Le Claire*!! to Princeton.
Leeds Station to Sioux City
Legrand*!! to Marshall­
Lena* to Paton.
Leslie*!! to Osceola
Levey to Des Moines.
Liberty to New Virginia.
Liberty Center*! to Lacona.
Lidderdale*!! to Carrol.
Lima* to Fayette.
Linden*!! to Redfleld.
Little Sioux*! to Pisgah.
Littleton to Jesup.
Little Turkey to Lawler.
Lockman to Albia.
Locust* to Decorah.
Lorah* to Brayton.
Lore to Dubuque.
Lotts Creek to Lone Rock
Louisa! to Marion.
Lourdes to Elma.
Loveland*!! to Missouri
Lowell* to New London.
Low Moore*!! to Clinton.
Lowther to Riceville.
Lundgren to Lehigh.
Luraytl to Marshalltown.
Luther*!! to Madrid.
Luton to Salix.
Lycurgus! to Waukon.
Lyman to Griswold.
Lyons, see Clinton.

Mackey to Story City
Macksburg*!! to Winterset
VLaclay! to Webb.
Macyti to Ackley.
Magnolia* to Logan.
Malone*!! to De Witt.
Maple Hill*!! to Armstrong
Maple Leaf to Elma.
Maple River*+i to Carroll.
Mark to Bloomfield.
Marne*!! to Atlantic.
Marqulsville to Des Moines
Marsh*!! to Winfield.
Martensdale*! to Cum­
Martins to McCausland
Martinsburg*!! to Hedrick.
Marysville* to Bussey.
Masonville*!! to Manches­
Massillon*!! to Toronto.
Matlock*!! to Sheldon.
Maud to Waukon.
May City to Ocheyedan.
Maysville to Walcott
McNally to Hawarden.
VIcPaul*!! to Thurman.
McPherson to Red Oak.
Mederville*! to Littleport.
Medora to New Virginia.
Meltonville*!! to Car­
Meriden*!! to Cleghorn.
Meroa to usage.
Metz!! to Newton.
Meyer* to Stacyvilie.
Middie Ainana to Marengo.
Middleburg to Orange City.
Middle River to Winterset.
Midland to Rock Rapids
Midvale to Huxley.
Miller*!! to Garner.
Millnerville! to Elk Point,
S. D.
Millville to Guttenburg.
Mineral Ridge to Boone.
Minerva*!! to Marshall­
Moingona* to Boone.
Moneta*!! to Hartley.
Monmouth*!! to Baldwin.
Monterey to Moulton
Montgomery*!! to Spirit
Monti to Winthrop.
Montpelier*! to Buffalo.
Moran! to Woodward
MorningSide*to Sioux City
Morse*! to Solon.
Moscow*!! to Wilton Jet.
Mount Carmel to Breda.
Mount Etna* to Corning.
Mount Joy to Eldridge.
Mount Olive to Cherokee.
Mt. Sterling to Cantril.
Mount Zion*!! to Keosau­
Munterville to Blakesburg.
Murphv to Newton.
Mystic*!! to Centerville.
Napier (Ames P. O.) to
Nashville*! to Maquoketa.
Neils to Forest City.
Nemaha to Sac City.
Neptune to Le Mars.
Newbern to Lacona.
New Boston*!! to Donnell­
New Dixon to Dixon.
New Era to Muscatine.
Newhaven to Osage.
Newkirk to Hospers.
Newport*!! to Wapello.
Noble*!! to AVayland.
Nodaway*!! to Corning.
Nordness to Decorah.
North Branch to Guthrie
North Buena Vista*!! to
North Liberty*!! to Iowa
Norwich*! to Red Oak.
Norwood to Lucas.
Norwoodville! to Des
Nugent (Keokuk Co.) to
Nugent (Linn Co.) to Coggon.
Numa*!! to Centerville.
Nyman to Red Oak.
Oakdale*! to North Liberty
Oakland Mills to Mount
Oakley*! to Chariton.
Oakville*!! to Keithsburg,
Oakwood to Charles City.
Oasis! to West Branch.
Okoboji*! to Spirit Lake.
Olaf to Kanawha.
O’Leary to Oyens.
Ollie*!! to Richland.
Oneida to Greeley.
Ontario*!! to Ames
Orillia!! to Cummings.
Orleans*! to Spirit Lake.
Orson*! to Mondamin.
Ortonville to Waukee.
Osborne* to Volga.
Osgood!! to Graettinger.
Osterdock*!! to Gutten­
Otho to Ft. Dodge.
Otley*!! to Pella.
Oto*!! to Rodney.
Otranto Station*! to Car­
Otterville to Independence.
Ottosen*!! to Bode.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

* County Seat.

Owasa*!! to Eldora.
Owegot to Hornick.
Oxford*!! to Iowa City.
Oxford Mills to Oxford
Pacific Junction*!! to Glenwood.
Packard! to Greene.
Page Center to Clarinda.
Palm Grove to Harcourt.
Palmyra to Carlisle.
Palsville to Belmond.
Panther to Dallas Center.
Paraita*!! to Springville.
Paris* (Linn Co.j to Central
Paris Station to Unionville.
Parnell*!! to Williamsburg.
Patterson*!! to Winterset.
Payne*!! to Hamburg.
Pekin*!! to Hedrick.
Peoria to Pella.
Peosta*!! to Dubuque.
Percival to Sidney.
Percy*!! to Pleasantville.
Perkins*! to Hull.
Perlee*!! to Fairfield.
Pershing* to Tracy.
Peru*!! to Winterset.
Petersnurg to Dyersville.
Petersville*! to Charlotte.
Pickering! to Gilman
Pioneer*!! to Gilmore City.
Pittsburg to Keosauqua.
PItzer to Earlham.
Plainview to Dixon.
Plano*!! to Mystic.
Plato*!! to Clarence.
Pleasantgrove to New Lon­
Pleasanton*!! to Leon.
Pleasant Plain* to Brighton
Pleasant Valley*! to Le
Plessis*!! to Hartley.
Plum Creek to Algona.
Poplar to Audubon.
Portland*! to Mason City.
Port Louisa to Wapello.
Powersville to Nashua.
Prairie Grove to Middletown.
Primrose* to Donnellson.
Prole*!! to Indianola
Promise City*!! to Mystic.
Purdy*! to Chariton.
Quandahl to Spring Grove,
Quarry! to Marshalltown.
Quasqueton to Independ­
Quick to McClelland.
Racine to Buckeye.
Rands to Rockwell City.
Rathbun*+1 to Mystic.
Raymond*!! to Waterloo.
Read to Elkader.
Redding*!! to Mount Ayr.
Red Line to Kirkman.
Reeders Mills to Logan.
Richards*!! to Knierim.
Richfield to Sumner
Richmond* to Kalona.
Rickardsvilie to Dubuque.
Rider to Grimes.
Rinard to Somers.
Ringgold to Mount Ayr.
Risingsun to Altoona.
Ritter to Sheldon.
River Junction*! to Lone
River Sioux*!! to Blencoe.
Roberts to Logan.
Roberts! to Fort Dodge.
Robertson*!! to Iowa Falls.
Robins* to Cedar Rapids.
Robinson to Ryan.
Rochester to Tipton.
Rock Dale to Dubuque.
Rodman*!! to Emmetsburg
Roelyn to Moorland.
Roland*!! to Story City.
Rome*!! to M t. Pleasant.
Rorbeck to Atlantic.
Roscoe*!! to Mediapolis.
Roselle to Halbur.
Rosendale to Story City.
Roseville to Marble Rock.
Ross*! to Audubon.
Rossville (Waukon P. O.)
to Waukon,
Ruble to Brunsville.
Runnells*!! to Des Moines.
Saint Anthony*!! to Clem­
Saint Donatus* to Bellevue.
Saint Joseph to Livermore.
Saint Mary *!! to St.
Saint Paul to Pilot Grove.
St. Paul Station to Pilot
Salina to Fairfield.
Sand Prairie! to Argyle.
Sandspring to Monticello.
Sandusky to Keokuk.
Sandyville to Pleasantville.
Saratoga* to Riceville.
Sattre to Decorah.
Saude to Lawler.
Savannah to Bloomfield.
Sawyer to West Point.
Saylor! to Ankeny.
Scandia to Madrid.
Schisselville to Quimby.
Schley to Cresco.
Sciola! to Villisca.
Scotch Grove*!! to Monti­
Scott to Stanley.
’Money Order Office.

Searsboro*!! to New Sharon
Sedan!! to Moulton.
Seigel to Tripoli.
Selma*!! to Dounds.
Seneca to Ringsted.
Seney*!! to Le Mars.
Sewal to Seymour.
Sexton*!! to Wesley.
Shady Grove to Jesup.
Shaffton! to Low Moor.
Sharon to Audubon.
Sharon Center to Riverside.
Sheldahl*!! to Slater.
Sheridan to Tama.
Sherman to RadclifTe.
Sherwood*! to Rockwell
Shipley*! to Nevada.
Shueyvilie* to Swisher
Siam to Hopkins. Mo.
Silverlake to Northwood.
Sinclair! to Parkersburg.
Smithland*!! to Rodney.
Solomon to imogene.
Solsburg to Clarion.
South Ainana*! to Marengo
Garry Owen to
Spechts Ferry*!! to Sherrill
Spring Brook* to Bellevue
Springdale* to West Branch
Stanley*! to Oelwein.
Stennett* to Red Oak.
Stevens to Buffalo Center.
Stiles to Pulaski.
Stilson! to Britt.
Stone City*!! to Anamosa.
St.reepy to Centerville.
Sulphur Springs*!! to
Storm Lake & Newell.
Summerset*! to Indianola.
Summitville to Keokuk
Superior*!! to Spirit Lake.
Sutleff to Lisbon.
Swaledale to Rockwell
Swan*!! to Pleasantville.
Swanton to Cedar Falls.
Swedesburg* to Olds.
Sweetland to Muscatine.
Talleyrand* to Keota.
Talmage*! to Afton.
Tara! to Fort Dodge.
Tenold to Northwood.
Terry to Walford.
Thorpe*!! to Manchester.
Ticonic to Rodney.
Tilton*!! to Deep River.
Titus!! to Washington.
Tivoli to Dyersville.
Toddville*! to Centerpoint.
Toolsboro to Keithsburg,
Tracy*!! to Harvey.
Trentham to Alburnett.
Trenton to Wayland.
Troy* to Milton.
Troy Mills*! to Walker.
Traux to Eddyville.
Truesdale*!! to Storm Lake
Turin*!! to Onawa.
Turkey River*!! to Gutten
Tuskeego* to Lamoni.
Ulmer*!! to Auburn.
Union Mills to New Sharon.
University Park*! to Oskaloosa.
Utica to Birmingham.
Vail*!! to Denison.
Valeria*!! to Mingo.
Valley to Rubio.
Vandalia to Prairie City.
Van Wert*!! to Weldon.
Village Creek to Lansing
Vilmar to Greene.
Vincennes* to Argyle.
Vinje to Scarville.
Viola to Springville.
Viola Center to Audubon.
Volney to Monona
Wales to Henderson
Wallin to Stanton
Ware*! toPocahontas.
Washburn*!! to Waterloo.
Washington Prairie to
Washta*!! to Quimby.
Watson to Monona.
Watterson! to Mount Ayr.
Waubeek* to Central City.
Waukon Junction*!! to
Waupeton* to Dubuque
Weller to Lovilia.
Wellston to Washington.
Welton to Delmar.
West* to Marengo.
Westerville to Grand River. !
West Grove*!! to Bloom- j
Westphalia* to Earling.
Wheeler to Macedonia.
White Pigeon to Webster.
Whitten*!! to Conrad.
Whittier* to Springville
Wichita to Guthrie Center.
AVick*! to St. Charles.
Wilke*!! to Alden.
AVilley to Dedham.
Williamson (Adams Co.) to
Williamstown (Chickasaw
Co.) to New Hampton.
Williamstown (JohnsonCo)
to Kalona.
Windham to Oxford.
Wioto *!! to Atlantic.
Wood to Edgewood.
Woodland to Garden Grove
t Telegraph Station.


Woolsont! to Richland.
Yarmouth*!! to Mount
Yorkshire* to Persia.
Zion to Orient.
Zookspur to Madrid.
Achilles* to Herndon.
Ackerlatid* to McLoutb.
Acres*! to Ashland.
Ada*!! to Delphos.
Adams*! to Norwich.
Adamsville to Oxford.
Aetna* to Lake Ciey.
Agricola*! to Waverly.
Akron! to Winfield.
Alameda to Kingman.
Alida*!! to Junction City
Allen*!! to Admire.
Allison to Jennings.
Alta to Moundridge.
Alvin to Carlton.
America City to Havensville.
Amiot*! to Harris.
Amy* to DIghton.
Angelus to Grinnell.
Angola*!! to Parsons.
Anness*!! to Norwich.
Anson*!! to Clearwater.
Antelope*!! to Marion.
Antioch to Gardner.
Antonino to Hays.
Archer to Liberal.
Argentine*!! to Kansas
Arkalon*! to Liberal.
Armourdale to Kansas City
Arrington to Muscotah.
Ash Grove*!! to Denmark.
Ash Valley*!! to Larned.
Aulne to Marion.
Badger to Crestline.
Bain City to Leavenworth.
Baker*!! to Hiawatha.
Bala*!! to Clay Center.
Bancroft* to Goff.
Barclay*!! to Osage City.
Barrett* to Frankfort.
Bartlett*!! to Chepota.
Basehor*!! to Bonner
Bassett to Iola.
Batesvillet! to Toronto.
Bavaria*!! to Saiina.
Bayard*! to Moran.
Bazaar*!! to Cottonwood
Beagle*!! to Fontana.
Beliefont*!! to Spearville.
Belmont*!! to Norwich.
Belvidere’1!! to Coldwater
Belvoir to Richland.
Bennettvllle to Soldier.
Berryton*! to Richland.
Berwick*! to Sabetha.
Bethel* to Kansas City
Beulah*! to Girard.
Big Bend!! to Speed.
Big Bow to Ulysses,
Bigspring to Lecompton.
Birmingham* to Holton.
Blackstone to Caldwell.
Blair*!! to Wathena.
Blakeman* to Atwood.
Block to Paola.
Bloomington*! to Osborne.
Bodarc to Augusta.
Bodaville to Barnes.
Boicourt*! to La Cygne.
Boling to Leavenworth.
Bolton*! to Independence.
Bonaccord to Solomon.
Bonita*! to Olathe.
Boyd* to Hoisington.
Boyle* to Winchester.
Bradford* to Eskridge.
Brainerd to Whitewater.
Brantford to Agenda.
Breezy Hill to Mulberry.
Brenner Heights to Kansas
City, Kan.
Brooks to Neodosha.
Broughton*!! to Clay
Browndale to Idana
Brownspur*! to Kingman.
Buckeye to Abilene.
Bucyrus*!! to Spring Hill.
Buffalo Park!! to Park.
BufTville*!! to Altoona.
Burt to Yates Center.
Buxton*! to Fredonia.
Cadmus to Parker.
Cairo*! to Cunningham.
Calderhead to Clyde.
Calista*! to Kingman.
Calvert*! to Almena.
Campus*!! to Oakley.
Canada*!! to Hillsboro.
Capaldo to Frontenac.
Capioma to Sabetha.
Carden! to Marysville.
Carlyle*!! to Iola.
Carneiro*!! to Kanopolis.
Carona*!! to West Mineral.
Carter Station to Hutchi­
Oatalpa to Gove.
Catharine to Hays.
Catlin to Milton vale.
Cato to Arcadia.
Cedar to Gaylord.
Cedar Bluffs*!! to Traer.
Cedar Junction to De Soto.
! Express Office.



Center-view! to Feilsburg.
Centropolis*! to Ottawa.
Chalk to Eskridge.
Cbardon* to Atwood.
Charleston* to Cimarron.
Chautauqua*!! to Peru.
ChicoDee to Pittsburg
Chiles*!: to Spring Hill.
Cicero* to Wellington.
Clara to Clifton.
Clare to Olathe.
Claudell*! to Kirwin.
Clearfield to Eudora.
Cleveland*! to Kingman.
Clinton* to Lawrence
Clonmel to Clearwater.
Cloverdale to Grenola
Clydesdale to Lenora.
Coalvale to Arcadia.
Cockrill to Arma.
Comiskey*!! to Council
Connor to Leavenworth
Conway*tt to McPherson.
Coolidge*!! to Holly. Colo
Cora to Bellaire.
Corinth to Osborne.
Corless to De Soto
Costello to La Fontaine.
Covert*! to Alton.
Cowley to Pbilipsburg.
Crandall to Le Roy.
Cravensville to Baxter
Crawford*!! to Genesee
Crestling*!! to Columbus.
Crislield*! to Attica.
Crltzer to Mound City.
Croft* to Coats.
Crotty to Le Roy.
Croweburg* to Mulberry
Crystal Springs*! toHarper
Cummings*!! to Atchison.
Curlew to Atchison.
Curranvllle to Mulberry.
Dalton*! to Wellington.
Damar*!! to Palco.
Darlow*! to Hutchinson
Dartmouth to Great Bend
Day* to Palmer.
De Graff*!! to Eldorado.
Delavan to Herington.
Delia*!! to Hoyt.
Deilvale*!! to Oronoque'.
Dennis*!! to Parsons.
Dentonia to Esbon.
Denzer to De Soto.
Detroit*!! to Enterprise.
Devon*!! to Mapleton.
Diamond Springs*! to Bur
Dillon* to Hope.
Dlllwyn*!! to Macksville
Dispatch to Cawker City.
Division to Dighton.
Dolespark to Canton.
Doniphan* to Atchison.
Downing to Council Grove
Drury! to South Haven.
Drywood to Arcadia.
Dubuque to Dorrance.
Duluth !1 to Onaga.
Dunavant*! to Winchester.
Dundee !tto Great Bend.
Dunkirk to Frontenac.
Duquoln*! to Harper.
Eagle Creek to Olpe.
Earleton* to Chanute.
EatonJ to Dexter.
Edison to Girard.
Edson*! to Goodland.
Elk* to Elmdale.
Elkadar*t to Monument.
Elkhorn to Kanapolis.
Elmo*!! to Hope.
Elmont*!! to Hoyt.
Elsmore*!! to Savonburg.
Elwood*!! to St. Joseph
Emmett*!! to Westmore­
Emmons to Washington
Englevale*!! to Mulberry.
Fact to Palmer.
Fairmount* to Leaven­
Falrport* to Natoma.
Fall* to Bonner Springs.
Fanning* to Troy.
Farlington *!! to Girard.
Farlinville to Mound City
Farmington*!! to Effing­
Faulkner*!! to Chetopa.
Feterita to Hugoton.
Flat! to Howard.
Findlay to Centerville.
Fleming to Cherokee.
Flint Ridge to Eureka.
Floral*!! to Winfield.
Flush* to St. George.
Ford to Bucklin.
Forest Lake to Edwardsville.
Fort Dodge* to Dodge City
Fort Riley*!! to Junction
Fox Town to Mulberry.
Franklin* to Arma.
Frantz to Lorraine.
Fremont* to Marquette.
Friend* to Scott.
Frizzell*!! to Larned.
Fuller!! to Mulberry.
Garfield Center to Morganville.
Gas* to lola.
Gas Center to Thayer.
Geneva*! to Neosha Fall"

Gerardy to Lanbam, Neb.
Gerlane*! to Medicine
Glade*t! to Phillipsburg.
Glendale (Brookville P.O.)
!! to Brookville.
Glen Locht! to Garnett.
Globe! to Overbrook.
Goddard to Garden Plain.
Goodrich*! to Parker.
Gordon*! to Douglass.
Gove*! to Grainfield.
Granada to Wetmore.
Grantville*!! to Topeka.
Gray* to Burdett.
Greenbush to Girard.
Greenwich*!! to Kechl
Gretna*!! to Phillipsburg
Grigston* to Scott City.
Grill ville to Wilson.
Gross* to Mulberry.
Grove* to Silver Lake.
Groveland*!! to McPher­
Guilford* to Benedict.
Guy* to Hoxle.
Hackberry* (Gove Co.) to
Hackney*!! to Winfield.
Haggard* to Ensign.
Hale to Elk City.
Halfmound to Valley Falls.
Halford* to Colby.
Halifax*!! to Alma.
Hallowell*! to Oswego.
Hall's Summit to Waverly.
Hallville to Assaria.
Hammond*!! to Fulton.
Hannum to Concordia.
Harding* to Mapleton.
Hargrave to Lacrosse
Hartford*!! to Emporia.
Hartlaud*t! to Lakin.
Havana*!! to Caney.
Haverhill* to Augusta.
Haworth to Haddam.
Hazen to Mulberry.
Hertha to Erie.
Hewins*!! to Elgin.
Hickok to Ulysses.
Hillsdale*!! to Paola.
Hilltop*! to Madison.
Hilton to McPherson.
Hltschmann to Holyrood.
Holliday*!! to Bonner
Hollis*!! to Concordia.
Hopewell! to Trousdale.
Horace*!! to Tribune.
Howell to Dodge City.
Humble to Weir.
Huscher! to Concordia.
Hyacinth to Hays.
Hymer*!! to Elmdale.
Imes! to Ottawa.
Ionia*! to Jewell.
Iowa Point*! to
Irene* to Syracuse.

Jefferson*!! to Indepen­
Jerome* to Shields.
Julia to Kingman.
Kalvesta* to Cimarron
Kanona*!! to Oberlin.
Kanwaka to Lawrence.
Keats*!! to Manhattan.
Keelville to Baxter Springs.
Keene to Maplehill.
Keighley* to Leon.
Kelso* to Council Grove.
Kendall*!! to Syracuse.
Kenneth* to Stanley.
Keystone to Scott City.
Klckapoo to Leavenworth.
Kimbal*! to Stark.
Kimeo to Greenleaf.
Klngsdown to Bucklin.
Kirkwood to Pittsburg.
Klro! to Silver Lake.
Kismet*!! to Plains.
Kyd to Long Island.
Labette to Oswego.
Laclede to Wamego.
Ladysmith to Clay Center.
Laird to Ness City.
Lake Forrest to Edwardsville.
Lakevlew!! to Lawrence
Lamar* to Delphos.
Laneville to Parsons.
Lang*!! to Emporia.
Langley*! to Marquette.
Lansing*!! to Leavenworth
Larklnburg*! to Arrington.
Laslta* to Green.
Laton to Natoma.
Laurel to Jetmore.
Lawton* to Asbury, Mo.
Leanna to Chanute.
Leeds to Grenola.
Lehigh*!! to Hillsboro
Le Hunt to Independence.
Lenape*!! to De Soto.
Leoville* to Dresden.
Lerado to Langsdon.
Liberty*!! to Coffeyville.
Lindsey*! to Minneapolis.
Lintont! to Prescott.
Linwood*!! to Bonner
Lomax!! to Quenemo.
Loretta to Bison.
Loring* to Bonner Springs.
Lost Springs to Lincolnville
Louisville* to Wamego
Loveweil*!! to Formosa.
Lowe (Chautauqua Co.) to

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


A County Seat.

Lowe (Finney Co.) to Hol­
Lowell to Galena.
Lowemont*! to Leaven­
Lucerne* to Studley.
Luctor to Prairie View.
Lydia* to Leoti.
Macyvllle to Glasco
Manchester*!! to Oakhill.
Manning* to Healy.
Mantey to Prescott.
Maple City*! to Dexter.
Marienthal* to Leoti
Marietta*!! to Oketa.
Marmaton! to Redfield.
Mathewson to McCune.
May Day* to Green.
Maywood to Kansas City.
McAllaster*!! to Winona.
McLain to Newton.
Medora*!! to Hutchinson.
Melrose to Chetopa.
Menoken! to Topeka.
Mentor*! to Assaria.
Messer to Crestline.
Middletown to Buffalo.
Mldian*!! to Eldorado.
Midland to Lawrence.
Midway (Crawford Co.) to
Milberger to Russell
Mildred"!! to Kincaid.
Millard to Hoisington.
Milo*! to Barnard.
Mineral* to West Mineral.
Mingo*! to Colby.
Missler* to Meade.
Mitchell*!! to Lyons.
Monett to Sedan.
Monmouth*! to McCune.
Monrovia* to Effingham.
Montana to Oswego.
Monticello to Shawnee.
Moran*!! to B onson.
Moray*!! to Tro.v
Morehead*!! to Thayer.
Morrlst! to Argentine.
Morse*! to Stanley.
Munjor to Hays.
Myers Valley to Westmore­
National Military Home*
to Leavenworth.
Natrona!! to Pratt.
Neely to Tonganoxie.
Nelson to Frontenac.
Neola to Stafford.
Neosho Rapids to Lebo.
Neutral to Columbus.
New Albany*! to Fall River
New Almelo* to Lenora.
New Cambria*!! to Salina.
New Lancaster to Drexel.
Newman* to Perry.
NIcodemus* to Bogue.
Noble to Lyons.
North Altoona to Altoona.
Northbranch* to Burr Oak.
North Cedar* to Valley
Northcott to Colony.
Norwood to Ottawa.
Oakland*! to Topeka.
Oak Mills*! to Atchison.
Oak Valley*! to Longton.
Oakwood to Centerville.
Oatville* to Wichita.
Ocheltree*! to Spring Hill.
Odin to Claflin
Oil Hill* to Eldorado.
Olivet*!! to Melvern.
Ontario* to Circleville.
Opolis*!! to Pittsburg.
Orion* to Grinnell.
Oronoque to Norton.
Ost to Andale.
Otego*!! to Burr Oak.
Otto to Dexter.
Ottosville to Bogue.
Ottumwa to Strawn.
Padonla*! to Hiawatha.
Palacky to Wilson.
Parallel to Barnes.
Pauline*!! to Topeka.
Pawnee Station* to Hiattville.
Peacecreek to Sylvia.
Pearl*!! to Enterprise.
Peck*!! to Wichita.
Pendennis*! to Utica.
Peoria* to Rantoul.
Perth*!! to Caldwell.
Petersburg to Unlontown.
Petrolia* to Chanute.
Pfeifer* to Victoria.
Pierce Junction!! to Ever­
Piercevllle*!! to Garden
Piper*! to Bonnersprings.
Pleasant Grove to Law­
Plymouth*!! to Emporia.
Poe to Leoti.
Pollard*! to Lyons.
Portland*! to Ashton
Powhattan to Fairvlew.
Prairie Center to Eudora.
Pressonville to Paola.
Price to Sabetha.
Radley*!! to Frontenac.
Rago*!! to Kingman.
Ramsey! to Eldorado.
Rapp to Osage City
Ray*!! to Larned.
Reager to Oronoque.
Money Order Office.

Redwing! to Hoisington.
Reno!! to Tonganoxie.
Rest*! to Benedict.
Rice*! to Concordia.
Richardson to Leavenworth
^Richfield* to Elkhart.
Richter to Ottawa.
Ridge to Chanute.
Rinehart to Chapman.
Ringo* to Girard.
Riverdale*!!to Wellington.
Riverton*!! to Galena.
Rollin to Chanute
Rome*! to Wellington.
Roper*!! to Buffalo.
Rosalia*!! to Eldorado.
Rose*!! to Yates Center.
Rosedale to Kansas City.
Roseland to Scammon.
Rosemont to Williamsburg.
Rosette to Sylvan (Trove.
Ruleton*!! to Goodland.
Runnymede to Harper
Russell Springs*! to Win­
Rydal*!! to Scandla.
Saint Benedict to Seneca.
Saint Clero* to Emmett.
Saint Joseph to Clyde.
Saint Leo to Cunningham.
Saint Marks to Colwich.
Saint Peter to Morland.
Salem to Esbon.
Salemsburg to Smolan.
Sallyards*!! to Reece.
Sanford*! (Pawnee Co.) to
Saxman+i! to Lyons.
Schoenchen*+ to Hays.
Schroyerl! to Marysville.
Schulte*t! to Wichita.
Seabrook to Topeka.
Seguin* to Hoxle.
Selkirk* to Leoti.
Selma* to Kincaid.
Shady Bend*!! to Beverly.
Shaffer*! to Albert.
Shallow Water* to Scott
Shannon*!! to Lancaster.
Sharp!! to Burlington.
Shaw*!! to Erie.
Sherdahl to Scandla.
Sherman*! to WestMinerai.
Sherwin Junction to Colum­
Shook*! to Anthony.
Shorey to Topeka.
Sibley to Lawrence.
Silica* to Kllinwood.
Skiddy*!! to White City.
Skidmore to Scammon
Solomon Rapids* to Beloit.
Somerset*! to Louisburg
South Haven*!! to Cald­
South Park to Shawnee
Spivey*!! to Kingman.
Springdale to Easton.
Stanton to Rantoul.
Stippville to Columbus
Stockdale*!! to Manhattan
Stranger to Tonganoxie.
Strauss!! to McCune.
Strawberry to Clifton.
Stubbinville to Columbus.
Stull to Lecompton.
Sun City*!! to Medicine
Sutphen to Chapman.
Sycamore*!! to Independ­
Sycamore Springs to Oassoday.
Tablemound to Independ­
Tasco!! to Hoxie.
Tecumseh*! to Topeka.
Thompsonville to Perry.
Thornburg to Smith Centre
Throop to Morrow ville.
Thurman to MatrieldGreen
Tisdale to Winfield.
Townsend to Arkansas City
Trading Post to Pleasanton
Trent to Erie.
Trilby! to Kincaid.
Turck!! to Columbus.
Turkville to Plainville.
Tyro*!! to Dearing.
Upland to Chapman.
Upola to Longton.
Urbana* to Chanute.
Utopia* to Eureka.
Valeda*! to Edna.
Valencia*!! to Topeka.
Vance to Kansas City.
Varner*! to Kingman
Verdi*! to Niles.
Vernon*!! to Neosho Falls.
Victor* to Hunter
Victory Junction to Tonga­
Vilas*!! to Chanute.
Vine* to Manchester.
Vining*!! to Clifton.
Vinland*! to Baldwin City.
Vliet* to Frankfort.
Voda to Collyer.
Volland*!! to Alma.
Wabaunsee*!! to Wamego.
Waco to Peck.
Waconda Springs* to Caw­
ker City.
Wagstafl*!! to Paola.
Walker*!! to Victoria.
Wallula to Lansing.
Walsburg* to Leonardville.
Warwick!! to Republic.
t Telegraph Station.

Washer Station to Girard.
Waterloo to Kingman.
Wauneta*!! to Cedarvale.
Wayside*!! to Independ­
Webber*!! to Courtland.
Webster* to Stockton.
Wells*! to Minneapolis.
Wellsford*+l to Haviland.
West Mineral*!! to CheroWheaton*!! to Blaine.
Wheeler*!! to St. Francis.
White Church to Kansas
Whitman to Oxford.
Wilbur! to Madison.
Wtlburton* to Rolls.
Wilder*!! to Bonner Spr'gs.
Willard*!! to Maplehill.
Williamstown*!! to Ferry.
Wilmington to Harveyville
Willowdale* to Zenda.
Wilroaas* to Dodge City
Wilson ton to Mound Vail.
Windhorst to Snearville ey
Winifred*!! to Frankfort.
Winkler* to Randolph.
Wolcott*! to Leavenworth.
Womer to Riverton. Neb.
Wonsevu to Cedar Point.
Woodlawn to Sabetha.
Worden to Baldwin.
Wreford to Junction City.
Wright*!! to Dodge City.
Xenia* to Bronson.
Yale! to Pittsburg.
Zarah*!! to Shawnee.
Zeandale*!! to Manhattan.
Zenith*!! to Stafford.
Zook! to Larned
Zurich*!! to Palco.
Aaron to Creelsboro.
Abbott to Sulphur.
Aberdeen to Morgantown
Absher* to Columbia.
Access to Olive Hill.
Acorn to Somerset.
Acton to CampheilsviUe.
Adaburg to Whitesville.
Adair to Hawesville.
Adams* to Louisa.
Add to Inez.
Addison*! to Oloverport.
Adela to Manchester.
Adeline* to Louisa
Aden*! to Olive Hill.
Adolphus*! to Scottevllle.
Advance to Ironton, Ohio.
Aetnaville to Reynolds
Aflex to Williamson, W. Va.
Ages*! to Harlan.
Agnes to Lewisburg.
Ahab to Somerset.
Airdale to Beattyvllle.
Akers ville* to Fountain Run
Albany Landing* to Burkesville.
Albert to Sandy Hook.
Albia to Eubanks.
Alcalde to Somerset.
Alcorn to McKee.
Alexander Station to Fulton
Alger to Manchester.
Aliceton* to Perryville.
Alka to Pikeville.
Allais to Hazard.
Allegre* to Elkton.
Allen Springs* to Scottsville
Allock to Hazard.
Almo*! to Murray
Alonzo to Scottsville.
Alpha to Albany.
Alphoretta* to Prestonsburg.
Alton!! to Lawrenceburg.
Alton Station* to Law­
Altro*!! to Jackson.
Alumbaugh to Irvin.
Alva* to Pineville.
Alvaton* to Bowling Green.
Alvin to Prestonsburg.
Alzey to Mount Vernon,
Amandaville* to Burkesville.
Amba to Prestonsburg.
Ambrose to Nicholasville.
Ammie* to Manchester.
Ammons* to Cloverport.
Anchor* to Barboursville.
Anchorage* 1 to Middletown.
Anco* to Hindman.
Anderson to Lewisburg.
Andersonville to Owens­
AndyvUle* to Brandenburg.
Anna to Bowling Green.
Arineta* to Leitchfleld.
Annville* to McKee.
Ano to Somerset.
Ansel* to Science Hill.
Anthoston to Henderson.
Antioch to Springfield.
Anton to Madison ville.
Arabia* to McKinney
Arat to Burkesville.
Ardery to Livingston.
Argentum to Greenup.
Argillite* to Greenup.
Argo to Williamson, W. Va.
Argyle (Casey Co.) to
Arjay* to Pineville.
Armstrong* to Olive Hill
! Express Office.


Arnett to Booneville.
Arnold to Coneyville.
Arrowood to Jackson.
Artemus*!! to Barbourville
Arthur* to Brownsville.
Arthurmabel to Salyersvllle
Artville to West Liberty.
Arvel to Beattyvllle.
Ary* to Hazard.
Asa to Paintsvllle.
Ashbrook to Lawrenceburg.
Ashbyburg* to Calhoun.
Ashcamp to Pikeville.
Asher to Hyden.
Ashville to Fern Creek.
Askin* to Fordsville.
Asphalt* to Brownsville.
Atchison to Campbellsville.
Athens to Lexington.
Athertonville* to New
Athol*! to Jackson.
Atlanta* to East Bernstadt.
Atoka to Danville.
Atterson to Liberty.
Attilla* to New Hope
Atwood to Independence.
Audra to Beattyville.
Audubon*! (HendersonCo.)
to Henderson.
Ault to Olive Hill.
Aurora to Hardin.
Austerlitz*!! to Paris.
Austin* to Glasgow.
Auxier*! to Prestonsburg.
Avawam to Hazard.
Avena to Cynthlana.
Avenstoke*t to Waddy.
Avoca* to St. Mathews.
Awe to Vanceburg.
Axtel* to Hardinsburg.
Ayers to Jellico, Tenn.
Azalea to Kuttawa.
Azof to Somerset.
Backusburg to Mayfield.
Badger to Hodgenville.
Baileys Switch* to Bar­
Baizetown* to Beaver Dam
Bakerton* to Burkesvllle.
Bald Rock to London.
Baldwin to Richmond.
Balkan* to Pineville.
Ballard (Anderson Co.) to
Ballard to Wayland
(Floyd Co.)
Ballardsville to La Grange
Ballot to Paintsvllle.
Balls Landing* to Gratz.
Bailtown to Bardstown.
Bancroft to Greenville.
Bandana to La Center.
Bandy* to Eubank.
Banford* to Beattyville.
Bangor to Morehead.
Banks to Whitesburg.
Banner* to Prestonsburg.
Banock to Morgantown.
Baptist to Campton.
Barcreek to Manchester
Bardot to Harlan.
Bardstown Junction* tc
Barefoot* to Cynthlana.
Bark Camp Mills to Corbin
Barnetts Creek* to Paintsvllle.
Barnrock to Paint6ville.
Barnsley* to Earlington
Barnyard* to Barbourville.
Barrallton* to Shepherds
Barrenfork* to Pine Knot
Barretts Ferry to Fords
Barrier to Monticello.
Bart to Monticello.
Barterville* to Carlisle.
Bartles to Brandenburg.
Barton* to Corbin.
Barwick to Jackson
Bascom to Sandy Hook.
Baskett*! to Henderson.
Bass to Campbellsville.
Bath* to Hindman.
Battle to Mackville.
Battletown* to Branden­
Baughman to Barbourville.
Baxter*!! to Harlan.
Bayou* to Birdsvllle.
Bays* to Salyersville.
Beals to Henderson.
Bearbranch to Hyden.
Bear Wallow to Horse Cave
Beaumont* to Edmonton.
Beaver to Pikeville.
Beaver Creek Station!! to
Beaverlick* to Walton.
Becknerville to Winchester
Beckton to Glasgow.
Beda to Hartford.
Beechburg to Flemingsburg
Beech Creek* to Greenville
Beechville to Edmonton.
Beechy to Greenup.
Beefhide to Jenkins.
Beelerton to Fulton.
Beerock to Steams.
Bee Spring* to Brownsville
Beetle to Grayson.
Belcher* to Pikeville.
Belcourt to Slaughters.
Belfry*! to Williamson,
W. Va.
Bell City to Farmington.
Belle Point*! to Beatty­
Bells Run to Whltesville.
Bells Trace to Grayson.
Bellwood to Bardstown.

Belmont*! to Lebanon
Belton to Drakesboro.
Bengal* to Campbellsville.
Benham*!! to Harlan.
Benito to Harlan.
Benleo to Bowling Green.
Bennett to Greenup.
Bent to Somerset.
Berlin to Foster.
Bernice to Manchester.
Bernstadt* to London.
Berry Ferry to Golconda.Ill
Berrys Lick* to Morgan­
Bertis to Salt Lick.
Bet* to Olive Hill.
Bethany to Monterey.
Bethelridge* to Eubanks.
Bethesda* to Monticello.
Bethlehem* to Pleasurevllle
Betsey* to Monticello.
Betsy Layne* to Prestons­
Beverly* (Bell Co.) to Pine­
Beverly (Christian Co.) to
Bevier*! to Central City.
Bevinsville to Weeksbury.
Bewleyville to Irvington.
Biddle to Georgetown.
Bigbone to Walton.
Big Creek*! to Manchester.
Bighill*! to Berea.
Big Laurel to Harlan
Big Oak to Russell Springs.
Blgreedy to Caneyville.
Big Shoal to Pikeville.
Big Spring* to Vine Grove.
Bigstone to Sandy Hook.
Big Woods to Salt Lick.
Bllvia* to McRoberts
Blmble to Barbourville.
Birdsville*!! to Smithville.
Biseult to Jenkins.
Blackey to Whitesburg.
Blackford to Sturgis.
Blackjoe to Harlan
Blackrock* to Leitchfleld.
Blacks Ferry to Tompkinsville.
Blacksnake to Pineville.
Black Water* to London.
Blairs Mills to West Liberty
Blake to Booneville.
Blanche* to Pineville.
Bland vllle* to Wickliffe.
Blaze* to West Liberty.
Bledsoe* to Harlan.
Blevins* to Willard.
Bliss to Columbia.
Bloomington* to Cannel
Bloss to Mount Vernon.
Blo.vd to Greensburg.
Blue Diamond*! to Hazard.
Blue Hole to Manchester.
Blue Lick Springs to Car­
Blue River to Prestonsburg.
Bluestone* to Morehead.
Bluff Boom to Greensburg.
Bluff City to Henderson.
Bluff Spring to White

Blythe to Tompkinsville.
Boat to Hazard.
Boatwright to Murray.
Boaz*!! to Mayfield.
Bobtown* to Science Hill.
Bohon* to Harrodsburg.
Boldman to Pikeville.
Boles* to Tompkinsville.
Bolyn to Wayland.
Bonanza* to Prestonsburg.
Bonayr to Glasgow.
Bond * to McKee.
Bondurant*! to Oakton.
Bondville* to Lawrence­
Bon Jellico to Williamsburg
Bonnieville*! to Munfordville.
Bonny to West Liberty.
Bonnyman to Hazard.
Booker to Springfield.
Boone* to Berea.
Boons Camp* to Paintsvllle
Bordley to Sturgis.
Borelng* to London.
Boston*!! to Lebanon Junc­
Boston Station* to Butler
Bosworth* to Middlesboro.
Botland to Bardstown.
Botto to Manchester.
Bourne to Lancaster.
Bouty to Williamsburg.
Bow! to Burkesvllle.
Bowen* to Stanton.
Bowlingtown* to Hazard.
Boxville* to Morganfleld.
Boyce to Woodburn.
Boyd*! to Berry.
Boydsvllle to Hazel.
Bracht to Walton.
Bradford*! to Augusta.
Bradley to Salyersville.
Bradshaw to McKee.
Bradshaw Mills to Kirksville.
Brady* to Jamestown.
Brainard to Prestonsburg.
Bramblett to Carlisle.
Bramlett to Greensburg.
Brandon* to Murray.
Brannon to Lexington.
Brassfleld*! to Waco.
Bratton to Mount Olivet.
Braxton to Harrodsburg.
Brazil to McKee
Breckinridge to Cynthlana.
Breeding* to Columbia.


Digitized for127
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

* County Seat.

Bremen* to South Carroll­
Brent to Cold Springs.
Brewers to Benton.
Bridgeport to Frankfort.
Bridgeville to Mt. Olivet.
Briensburg to Benton.
Brighton* to Lexington
Bright Shade* to Man­
Brinkley to Hindman.
Bristow* to Oakland.
Britmart to Pembroke.
Brock* to London.
Bromley (Kenton Co.) to
Bromo to Mount Vernon.
Bronston* to Burnside.
Brooklyn* to Morgantown.
Brooks* to Shepherdsville.
Broughtentown to Crab
Browder*! to Greenville.
Browning to Bowling Green
Brownsboro to Crestwood.
Browns Crossroads* to Al­
Browns Grove* to Farm­
Browns Valley to Utica.
Brownwood to Burkesville.
Bruce to Glasgow.
Brucken to Island.
Bruin to Sandy Hook.
Brumfield* to Perryville.
Brushart* to Greenup.
Brush Creek to Mount
Brushy to Hodgenville.
Brutus to Manchester.
Bryants Store to Barbour­
Bryantsville to Danville.
Buchanan*! to Louisa.
Buckeye to Lancaster.
Buckhorn*! to Hazard
Buckner* to Crestwood.
Bucks Branch to Allen.
Bud to Monticello.
Buel to Calhoun.
Buenavista* (Garrard Co.)
to Burgin.
Buford to Hartford.
Bug to Albany.
Bulan to Hazard.
Bullitsville to Burlington.
Bummer to Mount Vernon.
Buras to Hardinsburg.
Burdick* to Campbellsville.
Burdine* to Jenkins.
Burfleld to Monticello.
Burika to Ewing.
Burke to Sandy Hook.
Burkhart to Cannel City.
Burkley* to Columbus.
Burna *to Birdsville.
Burnetta* to Somerset.
Burning Fork to Salyers­
Burning Springs* to Man­
Burr to Mount Vernon.
Burtonville* to Tollesboro.
Bush* to London.
Bushong to Tomkinsville.
Ruskirk to Cannel City.
Busseyville to Louisa.
Busy at Hazard.
Butterfly to Hazard.
Bybee* to Waco.
Bypro to Weeksburg.
Byron to Manchester.
Cabell* to Monticello.
Cabin to Somerset.
Caddo! to Falmouth.
Cadmus to Louisa.
Cains Store* to Somerset.
Cairo to Corydon.
Caledonia to Cadiz.
California*! to New Rich­
mond, Ohio.
Calista to Paintsvllle.
Callaboose to Campton.
Calloway to Pineville.
Calvary* to Lebanon.
Calvin* to Pineville.
Camargo to Mount Sterling.
Camelia to Paducah.
Camp Nelson to Nicholasville.
Canada* to Williamson, W.
Canecreek to London.
Cane Ridge to North
Caney*! to Cannel City
Caneyville*!! to Leitch­
Cannon to Barbourville.
Cannon Mills to Albany.
Cannonsburg* to Catlettsburg
Canoe* to Jackson.
Canton* to Cadiz.
Cantrill to Irvine.
Canyon Falls* to Beatty­
Carbondale to Dawson
Carbon Glow* to Blackey.
Cardinal* to Harlan
Cardwell to Harrodsburg.
Cargo to Wallins Creek.
Carico to Livingston.
Carmack to Kuttawa.
Carntown to Foster.
Carpenter* to Williamsburg
Carr Creek to Hindman.
Carrie to Hindman.
Carrs*! to Vanceburg.
Carter* to Grayson.
‘Money Order Office.

Cartwright* to Albany.
Carver to Salyersville.
Cary* to Pineville.
Casad Landing to Tolu.
Casey to MorgantownCasey Creek* to Campbells­
Caseyville* to Sturgis.
Cash to Upton.
Casky* to Hopkinsville.
Cassady to Bowling Green.
Catawba* to Falmouth
Catherine to Somerset.
Causey to Hyden.
Cavehill to Bowling Green.
Cave Ridge to Edmonton.
Cave Spring* to Russellville
Cawood* to Harlan.
Cayce*! to Oakton.
Cecil to Paducah.
Cedarville to Mount Ver­
Center* to Horse Cave.
Center Point to Tompkins­
Centerview to Leitchfleld.
Centerville !to Paris.
Ceralvo* to Rockport
Ceredo to Kevii.
Chad to Cumberland.
Chambers* (Hancock Co.)
to Hawesville.
Chambers (Menifee Co.) to
Mount Sterling.
Chance* to Columbia.
Chandlerville to Paintsvllle
Chapeze * I to Shepherds­
Chapman (Gallup P. O.) to
Chappell to Hyden.
Charity to Grayson.
Charleston to DawsonSp'gs
Charley* to Blaine.
Charlotte Furnace* to Gray­
Charters* to Vanceburg.
Chatham to Brookville.
Chavies*!! to Hazard.
Cheap to Russell.
Chenaultt* to Cloverport.
Chenoa*! to Pineville.
Cherokee* to Blaine.
Cherry to Murray.
Chestnut Grove to Shelbyville.
Chevrolet to Harlan.
Chicago*! to Raywick.
Chilesburg*! to Lexington.
Chinnville* to Russell.
Christiansburg* to Bagdad.
Christine to Columbia.
Christopher* to Hazard.
Christy to Morehead.
Church* to Leitchfleld.
Church Hill to Hopkinsville
Cinda to Hyden.
Cisco to Salyersville.
Gland to Chaplin.
Clarence* to Eubank.
Clark* to Jeffersontown.
Clarksburg to Vanceburg.
Claryvllle to Alexandria.
Claxton*! to Princeton.
Clayhole* to Jackson.
Claymour to Elkton.
Claypool* to Bowling Green
Claysvllle! to Cynthlana.
Clayton to Sandy Hook.
Clay Village to Shelbyville.
Claywell to Burksville.
Clearfield* to Morehead.
Clear Springs to Mayfield.
Cleaton*! to Central City.
Clementsville* to Liberty.
Clemons to Hazard.
Clermont*! to Shepherds­
Cleveland to Richmond.
Cliff* to Prestonburg.
Clifford to Louisa.
Clifton Mills* to Irvington.
Clifty to Elkton.
Climax*! to Berea.
Clintonville*!! to Paris.
Clio* to Williamsburg.
Closplint* to Harlan.
Clover Bottom* to Berea.
Cloverfork to Appalachia.
Cloyds Landing* to Burkes­
Coakley to Greensburg.
Coalgood to Harlan.
Coal Run* to Pikeville.
Coalton to Ashland.
Cobb*! to Cerulean Springs
Cobhill* to Irvine.
Coburg* to Campbellsville.
Cody* to Blackey.
Cofer to Edmonton.
Cogswell to Salt Lick.
Cohron to Bowling Green.
Coiltown to Nebo.
Coin to Somerset.
Coldiron to Wallins Creek.
Cold water to Murray.
Coleman to Williamson. W.
Colesburg* to Elizabeth­
College Hill* to Waco.
Colly* to Whitesburg.
Colmar* to Middlesboro.
Colo to Somerset.
Colsom* to Whitesburg.
Combs to Hazara.
Comer to Sebree.
Concord*! to Vanceburg.
Concordia* to Brandenburg
f Telegraph Station.



Confederate to Eddyvllle.
Confluence* to Hyden.
Congleton to Beattyville.
Congo to London.
Conkling to Booneville.
Conrad to Somerset.
Constance* to Ludlow.
Constantine* to Vine Grove
Conway*! to Brodhead.
Cooksburg to Mt. Vernon.
Cooksville to Farmington.
Cooper* to Monticello.
Co-ope-ative to Stearns.
Cooperstown to Russelville.
Coopersville* to Monticello
Copebranch to Jackson.
Copeland to Hardin
Coral Hill to Glasgow
Coral Ridge* to Louisville.
Cordell to Blaine.
Cordia to Hindman.
Cordova to Corinth.
Cork* to Edmonton.
Corn Creek to Bedford.
Corners to Irvington.
Cornettsville*!! to Hazard.
Cornishville*! to Harrods­
Correll to Burnside.
Cortland to Booneville.
Costelow* to Lewisburg.
Cottageville to Tollesboro.
Cottonburg to Kirksville.
Cottongin to Manchester.
Couder to Williamson. W.
Counts Cross Roads* to
Olive Hill.
Covedale* to Manchester,
Cowan* to Ewing.
Cowcreek* to Booneville.
Coxs Creek* to Bardstown.
Coxton*! to Harlan.
Cracker to Allen.
Craftsville to McRoberts.
Crail Hope* to Horse Cave.
Crane Nest*! to Barbour­
Craney to Morehead.
Cranks to Pennington Gap.
Cranston to Morehead.
Cravens to Bardstown.
Crawford to London
Crayne*! to Marion.
Oraynor* to Pikeville.
Creekmore to Stearns.
Creekville* to Manchester.
Crescent Springs to Erlanger.
Cresco to Grayson.
Cressmont* to Beattyville.
Cressy to Irvine.
Creston to Liberty.
Creswell to Princeton.
Crider*! to Princeton.
Crlgger to Williamson. W.
Criss to Barbourville
Crittenden*!! to Dry Ridge
Crix to Morehead.
Crockett to Sandy Hook.
Crockettsville* to Jackson.
Crocus* to Columbia.
Croley to Clinton.
Cromona* to Jenkins.
Cromwell* to Beaver Dam.
Cropper to Bagdad.*!
Crossland* to Hazel.
Crown to Whitesburg.
Crummies! to Harlan.
Crutchfield*!! to Fulton.
Crvstal to Irvine
Cuba to Mayfield.
Cub Run* to M unfordville.
Culbertson to Catlettsburg.
Cull to New Liberty.
Culver to Sandy Hook.
Cumberland City* to Al­
Cumberland Falls*(Whitley
Co.) to Williamsburg.
Cumminsville to Brooksville.
Cundiff to Columbia.
Cunningham* to Bardwell
Curdsville* to Owensboro.
Curlew to Sturgis.
Curt to Jackson.
Curtis* to Edmonton
Custer* to Hardinsburg.
Cutshin* to Hyden.
Cuzick to Richmond.
Cyclone to Summer Shade.
Dabney* to Science Hill.
Dabolt to McKee.
Dahl to Somerset.
Daisy* to Hazard.
Dale* to Cannel City.
Dalesburg (Breathitt Co.)
to Jackson.
Dalesburg* (Fleming Co.)
to Flemingsburg.
Daley to Hyden.
Dallams Creek to Lewis­
Dallo to Russell Springs.
Dalton* to Providence.
Dan to West Liberty.
Dana to Pikeville
Daniel Boone*! to Earling­
Dant*! to New Haven
Davenport* to Morgan­
Davidson (Nicholas Co.) to
Davis to Sadieville
Davisburg*! to Pineville.
Davisport to Inez.
Davisville to Blaine.
Dayhoit* to Harlan
! Express Office.



Daysboro* to Cannel City
Daysville to Elkton.
Deane to Whitesburg.
Deariefleld*!* to Whitesville.
Deanwood to Marion.
Deatsville** to Bardstown
Debord to Inez.
Decatur* to .Jamestown.
Decide to Albany.
Decker to Woodbury.
De Coursey to Covington.
Decoy* to Hindman.
Deering to Corbin.
Deer Lick to Lewisburg.
Deevert to Grayson.
Defeated Creek to Me
Defoe* to Pleasureville.
Defries to Canmer.
De Hart to West Liberty.
Dekoven*+ to Sturgis.
Delaplain* to Georgetown
Delaware* to West Louis­
Delia to Dryridge.
Dellville to New Castle.
Delmer to Somerset
Delphia to Hazard.
Dema* to Wa.vland
Democrat* to Whitesburg
De Mossville** to Butler
Dempstertown to Madisonville.
Denison to Cave City.
Denmark* to Jamestown.
Denney to Monticello.
Dermis to Louisa
Denniston to West Liberty.
Dent to Jamestown.
Denton*!* to Grayson.
Denver* to Paints ville.
Depoy** to Greenville.
Desda to Albany
Despain to Buffalo.
Dewdrop to Sandy Hook.
Dewitt* to Barbourville
Dexter* to Hardin.
D ex t er v i 1 le* t <>M orga n t o w n
Dezarn to Hodirenville.
Diablock! to Hazard.
Diamond Springs* to Lewis­
Dice to Hazard.
Dickeys Mill* to Leitchtlelr
Dillon to Harlan
Dimple to Morgantown
Dingus* to West Liberty
Dione to Harlan.
Dirigo to < 'olumbia
Disputanta to Berea
Dizney to Harlan.
Dobbins to Grayson.
Dock* to Prestonsburg.
Dogcreek to Mu nford ville
Donaldson (Trigg Co.) ti
Dorierail** to Georgetown
Dongola* to Whitesburg.
Dony to Prestonsburg.
Doorway to Oneida.
Dorena* to Bussell Springs
Dorretts Run to Camp
Dorthae to Corbin.
Dorton to Jenkins.
Dot to Allensville.
Douglas to Hopkinsville.
Dove to Liberty.
Dover*!* to Ripley, Ohio.
Dowagiac* to 11 udgenvide
Doylesville to Richmond.
Draffln to Haysi, Va.
Drake* to Bowling Green.
Drapert to Harlan.
Drennon Springs to Port
Dreyfus* to Richmond.
Drift* to Prestonsburg.
Drip Rock* to Irvine.
Drum to Somerset.
Dry Creek to Way land.
Dryfork to Glasgow.
Dryhill to Hyden.
Duane to Hazard.
Dublin* to Fancy Farm.
Duckers* to Midway.
Duco to Salyersvilie.
Duff to Leitchfield.
Dukehurst to Hartford.
Dukes to Cloverport.
Dulaney* to Princeton.
Duluth to Berea.
Dumas* to Corbin.
Dunbar to Morgantown.
Duncan to Harrodsburg.
Dunham to Jenkins.
Dnnleary to Haysi, Va.
Dunmor** to Drakesboro.
Dunraven to Hazard.
Dwale* to Allen.
Dwarf*t to Hazard.
Dycusburg* to Kuttawa.
Dyer to Hardinsburg.
Dykes* to Somerset.
Eadston* to Morehead.
Eadsville* to Monticello.
Eaglehill to GlencoeEagle Station** to Wheatley.
Earles to Greenville
Earnestville* to Booneville.
Eastern to Allen.
East Fork* to Edmonton.
East Hickman to Lexington
East Point* to Paintsville.
Eastwood* to Middletown.
Ebon to West Liberty.
Eby to Grayson.
Echols* to Rockport.
Eden (Butler Co.) to Mor­

Eden (Martin Co.) to Inez.
Edenton* to Kirksviiie.
Edgar to Prestonsburg.
Edgoten* to Clarksville.
Edna to Cannel City.
Edo to Pikeville.
Edwards* to Lewisburg.
Eighty-Eight* to Glasgow.
Ekron to Brandenburg.
Elamton to West Liberty.
Elbat to Beech Grove.
Elcomb to Harlan.
Elder to West Liberfv
Eldridge to Sandy Hook.
Eigin* to Eubanks.
Eli* to Jamestown.
Elias* to McKee.
Elle to Hindman.
Elihu* to Somerset.
Elizaville* to Ewing.
Elkatawa*!* to Jackson.
Elk Chester* to Lexington.
Elk Creek* to Taylorsville.
Elkfork to West Liberty.
Elk Horn* to Campbellsville.
Ellen to Blaine.
Ellington to Burkesville.
Elliott-ville* to Morehead.
Ellisburg* to Hustonville.
Elliston** to Glencoe.
Elmburg to Pleasureville.
Elmgrove* to Augusta.
Elinrock to Hindman.
Elna to Paintsville.
Elrod to Somerset.
Elsie* to Salyersvilie.
Elsie Coal to Whitesburg.
Elsmere to Erlanger.
Eiva* to Benton.
Elys*!* to Barbourville.
Emanuel*!* to Barbourville
Emberton to Tompkins­
Embry to Caneyville.
Emerson* to Olive Hill.
Emlyn* to Williamsburg.
Emma* to Prestonsburg.
Emmalena to Hindman.
Endee* to Boonerville.
Endicott to Prestonsburg.
Energy to Golden Pond.
Engle to Hazard.
English’* * to Worth ville.
Ennis* to Rochester.
Enoch to Beatty ville.
Enon to Fredonia.
Ensor to Owensboro.
Enterprise*!* to Olive Hill.
Folia* t(. Whitesburg.
Epley Station to Lewisburg
Epson* to Cannel (Tty.
Ei)worth* to Tollesboro.
Equality* to Hartford.
Era to Croft on
Eriline to Manchester.
Ermine* to Whneshurg.
Erose to Barbourville.
Esco* to Pikeville.
Escondida* to Paris.
Essie to Hyden.
Estep to Catlettsburg.
Estill to Wayland.
Esto* to Jamestown.
Ethel to McKee.
Ethridge to Warsaw.
Etna to Science Hill.
Etoile* to Glasgow.
Etty* to Pikeville.
Euclid to Greenup.
Eunice to Columbia.
Eureka to Kuttawa.
Euterpe to Henderson.
Evarts*!* to Harlan.
Eve* to Greensburg.
Eveleigh to Leitchfield.
Evelyn*!* to Irvine.
Ever to Salyersvilie.
Everett to Lewisburg.
Everman to Grayson.
Eversole to Booneville.
Evona to Dunn ville.
Exie* to Greensburg.
Ezel* to West Liberty.
Factory to Morgantown.
Fagan* to Mount Sterling.
Fairbanks* (Lynnville
P. O.) (Graves Co.) to
Fairbanks* (Owen Co.) to
Owen ton.
Fairdealing to Benton.
Fairland to Albany.
Fairmount toFern Creek.
Fairplay to Columbia.
Fairview* to Pembroke.
Faith to Calhoun.
Falcon* to Salyersvilie.
Fallis to Lockport.
Falisburg to Louisa.
Falls of Rough** to Caney­
Fannin to Sandy Hook.
Faristcn** to London.
Farler to Hazard.
Farmers*!* to Salt Lick.
Farmersville to Princeton.
Farraday to Whitesburg.
Faubush* to Somerset.
Faxon to Murray.
Fay wood to Midway.
Fearis to Manchester, Ohio.
Fed to Weeksbury.
Feds Creek to Haysi, Va.
Felt to Caneyville.
Felty to Manchester.
Fenwick to Mackville.
Ferguson** (Logan Co.) to
Fern Creek! to Buechel.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


Fern Leaf to Maysville.
Fidelity to Stearns.
Fielden to Sandy Hook.
Fillmore* to Beattyville.
Filsont* to Stanton.
Fincastie** to Beattyville.
Finley* toLebanon.
Finney to Smiths Grove.
Firebrick* to Portsmouth,
Fisher* to Leitchfield.
Fisherville*!* to Jeffersontown.
Fishtrap* to Pikeville.
Fiskburg to Walton.
Fisty to Hazard
Fitch to Olive Hill.
Fitcuburg to Irvine.
Fixer* to Beattyville.
Flaherty to vine Grove
Flat to Gammon.
Flatgap* to Blaiue.
Flat Lick** to Pineville.
Flatrock*! to Somerset.
FTetcher to Corbin.
Flingsville to Crittenden.
Flint to Whitesburg.
FTintSprinss to BeaverDam
Floral to Hawesville.
Florence Station (McCrack­
en Co.) to Paducah.
Florress to West Liberty.
Flosie to Burnside.
Flournoy** to Waverly.
Floyd (Mercer c0.) to
Floydsburg to Orestwood.
Fogertown* to Manchester.
Folsom to Glencoe.
Folsomdale to Lowes.
Fonde* to Middlesboro.
Fontbill* to Russell Springs
Foraker to Salyersvilie.
Ford** to Winchester.
Fords Branch to Pikeville.
Fords Ferry* to Marion.
Forest Cottage* to Albany.
Forestville* to MunfoFdville.
Forks of Elkhorn* to Frank­
Forkton* to Tompkinsville.
Fort Spring to Lexington.
Fount* to Barbourville.
Four Mile*!* to Pineville.
Four Oaks to Falmouth.
Fox to Irvine.
Fox Creek to Lawrenceburg
Foxtown to McKee.
Fragrant* to Clarkson.
Frances to Fredonia.
Frazer* to Burnside.
Fredericktown to Bards­
Fredville to Salyersvilie.
Freedom to Glasgow.
Free Union to Dixon.
iFrenchburg* to Mount
Frew to Hazard.
Friedaland to Beaver Dam.
Friendship to Owensboro.
Frisby to Monticello.
Frogpond to London.
Frogue to Burkesville.
Frozen Creek* to Jackson.
Fruithill to Crofton.
Fry to Greensburg.
Frymire* to Hardinsburg.
Fuget to Paintsville.
Fulgham to Clinton.
Fullerton to Portsmouth,
Fultz to Grayson.
Furnace*! to Stanton.
Fusonia* to Hazard.
Gabe* to Greensburg.
Gadberry to Columbia.
Gage to Kevil.
Gainesville to Scottsville.
Galdia to Prestonsburg
Gallihue to Hitchins.
GalluD* to Louisa.
Galveston* to Pikeville.
Game* to Glasgow.
Gap to Berea.
Gapcreek to Monticello.
Gapville to Salyersvilie.
Gardnersville to Crittenden
Garfield** to Hardinsburg
Garlin to Columbia.
Garner to Catlettsburg.
Garrard to Manchester.
Garrett* (Floyd Co.) to
Garrett (Meade Co.) to
Garrison*!* to Vanceburg.
Garth to Prestonsburg.
Gartrell to Grayson.
Gasper* to Auburn.
Gates to Morehead.
Gatewood to Hawesville.
Gatliff** to Williamsburg
Gatton to Buffalo.
Gaule.v to Livingston.
Gausdale to Barbourville.
Gays Creek to Hazard.
Gee* to Lawrenceburg.
Genet to Stanton.
Geneva* to Henderson.
Gent to Cannel City.
Gentrys Mill to Columbia.
Georges Creek* to Louisa.
German to Prestonsburg.
Gesling to Grayson.
Gest* to Monterey.
Gex to Warsaw.
Gibbs* to Barbourville.
Gifford to Salyersvilie.
Gilley to Whitesburg.
Money Order Office.


Gilmore to Cannel City.
I Hampton* (Livingston Co.)
Gilpin* to Middleburg.
to Birds ville.
Giistrap to Caneyville.
Handshoe* to Hindman.
Gimlet* to Olive Hill.
Hanly to Nieholasviile.
Ginsing to Hodgenville.
Hannah to Blaine.
Girdler* to Barbourville.
Hansford* to Mount Ver­
Givens to Morganfleld.
Gladys to Louisa.
Hanson*!* to Madisonville.
Gleanings* to New Hope.
Happy to Hazard.
Glenarm! to Crestwood.
Harbor to Salyersvilie.
Glencairn* to Campton
Hardburly*! to Hazard.
Glendale** to Elizabeth­
Hardesty to Elizabethtown.
Glen Dean** to hardinsHardin Springs* to Leitchburg.
Glenmary* to CampbellsHard Money to Paducah.
Hardshell* to Jackson.
Glenrnore to Bowling Green
Hardwick to Burnside.
Glensboro*! to Lawrence­
Hardy* to Williamson, W.
Glens Fork* to Columbia.
Hardyville* to MunfordGlen Springs * to Vanceburg
Glenville to Calhoun.
Harg to Irvine.
Glenwood* to Grayson
Hargett to irvine.
Glo! to Wayland.
Hargis* to Somerset.
Globe* to Olive Hill.
Harned** to Hardinsburg.
Glomawr! to Hazard.
Harold*!* to Allen.
Goddard* to Fletningsburg.
Harper to Cannel < Tty.
Goering to Hawesville.
Harris to Vanceburg.
Goins to Jellico, Tenn.
Harris Grove to Murray.
Goldbug to Williamsburg.
Harrisonville to Waddy
Gold City to Franklin.
Harrods Creek to Louisville
Goldvallev to Jonesville
Hartley* to Pikeville.
Golo to Mayfield.
Harveyton (Perry Co.) to
Goochland* to Berea.
Goodloe to Prestonsburg.
Harvieland to Frankfort.
Goodluck to Edmonton.
Harvy to Benton.
Goodnight to Glasgow
Hatcher* to Campbellsvllle.
Goody to Williamson, W.Va
Hatton* to Bagdad.
Gooserock to Manchester.
Havilandsville to Falmouth
Gordon* to Whitesburg.
Hawkins to Hopkinsville.
Gordonsville*! to Allens­
Hawthorne to Alexandria.
Haynes to Somerset.
Goshen* to Prospect.
Haynesville to Fords ville.
Gourd to Whitesburg.
Hays to Smiths Grove.
Grab to Greensburg.
Haywood (Barren Co.) to
Gracey*!* to Hopkinsville.
Grade to Somerset.
Hazel Green*! to Cannel
Graefenburg to Waddy.
Graham** to Greenville.
Hazie Patch* to Ea BernGrahamton to Branden­
Head of Grassy to Vance­
Grahamville to Paducah.
Grahn*!* to Olive Hill.
Heath to Kevil.
Grancer to Morgantown.
Hebbardsville* to Hender­
Grand Rivers** to Gilbertsson.
Hector* to Manchester.
Grange City* to FlemingsHedges to Winchester.
Hedgeville* to Danville.
Grant* to Belleview.
Heflin to Hartford.
Grants Lick* to Butler
Hegira to Burkesville.
Grape to Monticello.
Heidelberg*!* to Beatty­
Grassland- to Brownsville.
Grassy Creek* to West
Heidrick* to Barbourville.
Heights to Hardin.
Gray** to Corbin.
Heisey* to Williamson,
Gray Hawk* to McKee.
W. Va.
Grays Branch* to Greenup.
Helechawa!* toCanneldty.
Grays Knob* to Harlan.
Helena* to Mays Lick.
Grayson Springs!* toClarkHelena Station** to Mays
Greasy Creek* to Pikeville.
Hellier to Pikeville.
Greear* to West Liberty.
Helm to Jamestown.
Green* to Sandy Hook.
Hematite* to Cadiz.
Hempridge! to Shelbyville.
Hendricks* to Salyersvilie.
Greendale*!* to Lexington.
Henrietta* to Paintsville.
Green Grove to Burkesville.
Henry ville to Carlisle.
Green Hail* to McKee
Henshaw*!* to Morganfleld
Greenhill to Bowling Green
Hensley to Manchester.
Greenmount* to East BernIleraline to Columbia.
Herman to Waverly.
Green River to Rockport.
Herrnon to Elkton.
Green Road to Barbours
Herndon** to La Fayette.
Hersehel to Rochester.
Greenwood*** to Burnside.
Hesler*! to Owenton.
Gregory to Monticello.
Hestand to Tompkinsville.
Gregoryville* to Grayson.
Hiatt to Brodbead.
Gresham* to Greensburg.
Hibernia to Buffalo.
Grethel to Prestonsburg.
Hickory** to Mayfield.
Grider to Burkesville.
Hickory Flat* to Franklin.
Grigsby to Hazard.
Hicks ville* to Grayson.
Grissom to Kirkmansville.
Hico to Murray.
Grit to London.
Hidalgo to Monticello.
Gross to Pineville
High Bridge*!* to Wilmore.
Grove to Waynesburg.
High Falls to Campton.
Grove Center** to Morgan­
Htghknob to McKee
Highland to Waynesburg.
Grundy to Somerset.
Highland Park*!* to Louis­
Guage to Jackson.
Gubser to New Richmond,
High Plains to Irvington.
Highsplint* to Harlan
Guerrant* to Jackson.
Highway* to Albany.
Guffie to Calhoun.
Hike to Grayson.
Gullett to Cannel City.
Hilda to Morehead.
Gulnare* to Pike ville.
Hillsboro* to Flemingsburg
Gulston* to Harlan.
Hillside* to Greenville.
Gum Springs to Smithland.
Hillsville to Tiline.
Gus* to Drakesboro.
Hilltop to Whitley City.
Guston** to Irvington.
Hiltonian to Hazard.
Guy to Woodbury.
Hima to Manchester.
Gypsy to Salyersvilie.
Himlerville*! to Inez.
Habit to Owensboro.
Himyar* to Barbourville.
Haddlx*!* to Jackson.
Hinkle to Barbourville.
Hadensville to Guthrie.
Hinkleville to La Center.
Hadley* to Bowling Green
Hinton*!* to Corinth
Hager* to Salyersvilie.
Hippo to Prestonsburg.
Hagerhill* to Paintsville.
Hisle to Bedford.
Hail* to Somerset.
Hislope to Somerset.
Haldeman** to Morehead.
Hitchins*!* to Grayson.
Haleys Mill* to Crofton.
Hite to Allen.
Halfway* to Scottsville.
Hitesville to Waverly.
Hall to Hindman
Hitt to Mt. Olivet.
Hallie to Whitesburg.
Hobart to Albany.
Halo (Floyd Co.) to Weeks­
Hode to Inez.
Hogue to Science Hill.
Hamby Station to Dawson
Holbrook to Owenton.
Holifleld to Wingo.
Hamlin* to Murray.
Holland* to Fountain Run.
Hammack to Paint Lick.
Holliday to Cannel City
Hammond to Barbourville. ! Hollingsworth* to Middles­
Hammonville* to Upton.
Hampton (Breathitt Co.) | Hollonvilie to Campton
to Jackson.
Holly to Leitchfield.
f Telegraph Station.

* Express Office.



Letcher* to Whitesbury.
Letitia* to Portsmouth,
Levee* to Mount Sterling.
Level Green* to Mt.Vernon
Kaler to Mayfield.
Levi* to Booneville.
Karlus* to Jamestown.
Levias to Marion
Kavito to Jamestown.
Liberty Road to West
i Keaton to Paintsville.
Keavy* to Corbin
Lickbranch to West Liberty
Keck to Jackson.
Lick Creek to Pikeville.
Keefer to Corinth.
Licking River* to West
Keel to Lewisburg.
Keene*! to Nicholasville.
Licksburg to Salyersvilie.
Kehoe* to Greenup.
Lida* to London.
Kelat- to Berry.
Liggetts! to Harlan.
Kellacey to West Liberty.
Lieon to Weeksbury.
Kelly* to Crofton.
Lilac! to Leitchfleld.
Keltner to Columbia
Liletown* to Greensburg.
Kemp to Greensburg.
Lily*! to Corbin.
Kennedy to Clarksville.
Limaburg to Burlington.
Limestone to Olive Hill.
Keno to Burnside.
Limp to Leitchfleld.
Kenton* to independence.
Lincoln to Manchester.
Kentontown to Mt. Olivet
Linda to Pineville.
Kenvir to Harlan.
Linefork* to Whitesburg.
Kenwood to Paintsville.
Linton* to Cadiz.
Kepler to Smiths Grove.
Lionilli to Jenkins.
Kerbyknob to Berea.
Lipps* to Manchester.
Kessinger* to Munfordville.
Lisman*! to Clay.
Kettle to Burkesville.
Liss* to Edgarton. W. Va
Kettle Island* to Pineville.
Litsey to Springfield.
Key to Jackson.
Littcar to Blackey.
Keysburg to Allensville.
Littlebend to Morgantown.
Kidder* to Burnside.
Little Cypress*! to Calvert
Kidds Crossing to MontiCity.
Little Mount to Taylors­
Kidds Store* to Ilustonville
Kiddville to Mt. Sterling.
Little Rock to No. MiddleKildavt to Harlan.
Kilgore*! to Grayson.
Littlesandy to Sandy Hook.
Kimbrell to Clay City.
Littrell to Burkesville.
Kimper to Pikeville.
Livia* to Calhoun.
King to Barbourville.
Load* to Greenup.
Kingbee to Science Hill.
Lobb to Greensburg.
Kings Creek to Whitesburg.
Lockland to Louisville.
Locust to Carrollton.
Locust Branch to Irvine.
Kingston* to Berea.
Kingswood* to Bardins- i Locust Hill to Hardinsburg.
Lodiburg*! to Irvington.
Kinniconick to Vanceburg. i Logana to Nicholasville.
Logansport* to Morgan­
Kirbyton to Bardwell.
I Kirk*! to Hardinsburg.
Loglick* to Clav City
Kirkland to Ilarrodsburg.
Logmont*! to Middlesboro.
; Kirksey* to Hardin.
Lola* to Salem.
: Kirkwood Springs to Daw­
Lombard*!! to Stanton.
son Springs.
Loneoak to Paducah.
Kite to Hindman.
Iberia to Clarkson.
Long Grove* to Cecilia.
Kitts*! to Harlan.
Ibex* to Sandy Hook.
Long Ridge* to Owenton.
Knifley to Casey Creek.
Ice* to Whitesburg.
Longrun* to Simpsonville.
Knight to Murray.
Ida* to Albany.
Longstreet! to Jamestown.
Knob Lick* to Edmonton.
Idamay*+ to Beattyville
Knottville to Owensboro.
Lookout* to Pikeville
Idlewildf to Petersburg.
Knowlton* to Stanton.
Lorain to Campbellsville.
Ilsley* to Dawson Springs.
Knoxfork* to Corbin.
Lorena to Burnside.
Incline to Harlan.
Knoxville to Dry Ridge.
Lost Creek* to Jackson
lndex*t to West Liberty.
Kodak* to Hazard.
Lot to Jellico. Tenn.
Indian Bottom to Blackey.
Kona*! to Whitesburg.
Lothair to Hazard.
Indiancreek to Barbourville
Louellen to Evarts.
Koon to Kuttawa.
Indian Fields*!! to Clay
Love to Oaneyville.
Korea to Salt Lick.
Lovelaceville*! to Kevil.
Indianrun to Ashland.
Kosmosdale*!! to Shively
Lowder to Greenup.
Kragont! to Jackson.
Ingle* to Somerset.
Lower Buffalo to Beatty­
Krupp to Williamsburg.
Ingleside to Bandana.
Inroad to Columbia.
Kyrpton*!! to Hazard.
Lower Greasy to Paintsville.
Kyrock to Rocky Hill
Insko* to Cannel City.
Lower Pompey to Pikeville
Insull*t to Pineville.
Lowmansville* to Paints­
Ionia to East Bernstadt.
Lacey to Salyersvilie.
Irad* to Louisa.
Lacie! to Turners Station.
Lucas* to Glasgow.
Irma to Tolu
Lucile to Sandy Hook.
Iron Hill to Marion.
Lacon to Clarkson.
Lula to Jamestown.
Ironton to Kuttawa.
Laden to Harlan.
Lunah* to Jackson.
Irvins Store* to Jamestown
Lair to Cynthiana.
Luner to Mount Vernon.
Island City* to Booneville.
Lake* to London.
Luretha* to Somerset.
Isom* to Whitesburg.
Lakeland*! to Middletown.
Lushy to Owenton.
Isonville* to Sandy Hook,
Lakeville* to Salyersvilie.
Luzerne*! to Greenville
luka* to Kuttawa.
Lamasco* to Princeton.
Lyldns* to Cannel City.
Ivan to Hindman.
Lamb to Fountain Run.
Lyndon*! to St. Mathews.
Ivel* to Prestonsburg.
Lambric* to Jackson.
Lynn City! to Sacramento.
Iverdale to Pineville.
Lamero to Livingston.
Lynn Grove* to Murray.
Ivis* to Hindman.
Lynnville* to Mayfield.
Ivyton* to Salyersvilie.
Lancer to Prestonsburg.
Lyonia to Fordsville.
Landsaw* to Campton.
Jabez* to Jamestown.
Lyons* to New Haven.
Jackhorn* to Fleming.
Langnau* to London.
Jacksonville to Paris.
McAfee* to Harrodsburg.
Larue* to London.
Jacktown to Vanceburg.
McAndrews to Stone.
La See to Burkesville.
Jacobs* to Olive Hill.
McCarr* to Matewan, W.
Latonia*!! to Covington.
Jamboree to Williamson.
W. Va.
McClure to Inez.
Laurel Creek to Manchester
Jarvis Store* to Barbour­
McCombs to Pikeville
t Laurel Station to Greenup.
McCoy to Hardinsburg.
Lawrenceville to WilliamsJattie to Louisa
McCreary to Lancaster.
Jayem to Pineville.
McDaniels* to Leitchfleld.
Lawton* to Olive Hill..
Jean* to Blaine.
McDavid to Grayson.
Jeff* to Hazard
Me Donalds Landing to
Layman* to HarlanJeffersonville* to Mount
! Laytonsville to Hopkins­
McDowell* to Prestonsburg
Jeffrey to Fountain Run.
McGlone to Olive Hill.
Jellicocreek to Williams­ 1 Leafdale* to Hodgenville.
| Leander to Paintsville.
Leatha to Salyersvilie.
Jennings to Sulphur.
McKinneysburg to Fal­
I Leburn to Hindman.
Jenson* to Pineville.
' Lecta to Glasgow.
Jensonton to Perryville.
McNary* to Greenville.
Ledbetter* to Smithland.
Jephill*! to Livingston.
McQuady*! to Hardinsburg
Ledocia to Louisa.
Jeremiah to Whitesburg.
McRoberts*!! to Fleming.
1 Lee to Morgantown.
Jericho* to La Grange.
McVeigh* to Williamson.
Lee City*!! to Cannel City.
Jeriel to Grayson.
McWhorter* to East Bern­
Leeco to Beattyville.
Jett* to Frankfort1.
Jewel to Jenkins.
Mac to Campbellsville.
Leesburg to Cynthiana.
Jinks* to Irvine.
to Lewisport.
Job to Inez.
Mackoy* to Greenup.
Leetown to Morgantown.
Johnetta* to Mt. Vernon.
Macon to Munfordville.
Leighton* to Irvine.
Johns Hill to Newport.
Madge to Louisa.
Lejunior *to Harlan.
Johnson (Montgomery Co.)
Madrid* to Leitchfleld.
Lena Rue to Harlan.
to Mount Sterling.
Maggard to Cannel City.
Lennut to Hazard.
Johns Run to Grayson.
to Cadiz.
Johnsville to Brookville.
Majestic* to Matewan.
Lenox* to West Liberty.
Jonancy to Pikeville
Major to Booneville.
Lenoxburg to Foster.
Joppa to Columbia.
Malaga to Campton.
Leon*! to Grayson.
Jordan*! to Union City,
Malcom to Manchester.
Lerie to Cannel City.
Mallie to Hindman.
Lerose to Booneville.
Joy* to Golconda. Ill.
Malone* to West Liberty.
Juan* to Jackson.
Maloneton* to Portsmouth,
Leslie* to Burkesville.
Judd to Middleburg.
1 Lester to Whitesburg.
Julien to Hopkinsville.

Hollybush to Hindman.
Hollyhill* to Pine Knot.
Holmes to Columbia.
Holmes Mill to Harlan.
Holt*! to Cloverport.
Holy Cross to New Haven.
Homer* to Auburn.
Honaker to Prestonsburg.
Honeybee* to Burnside.
Honey grove to Hopkins­
Hoods to GreenupHope* to Mount Sterling.
Hopewell*t to Grayson.
Hopson to Princeton.
Horntown to Clarkson.
Horse Branch*!! to Beaver
Horse Shoe Bottom to
Horton* to Beaver Dam.
Hosea to Hyden.
Hoskinston to Hyden.
Hosman to Pineville.
Houckville to Blaine.
Houston to Jackson.
Hovious to Casey Creek.
Howard Mills to Mount
Howel* to La Payette.
Howe Valley to Cecilia.
Hubble* to Lancaster.
Huber to Shepherdsville.
Huddy to Pikeville.
Hudgins to Greensburg.
Hudson* to Leitchfleld.
Hueysville* to Prestons­
Huff* to Brownsville.
Hughey to Fredonia.
Hulen to Pineville.
Hulotte to Louisa.
Hummell to Mt. Vernon.
Humphrey* to Eubank.
Hunnewell*! to Greenup.
Hunter to Allen.
Huntersville* to Albany.
Huntsville* to Rochester.
Hurley to McKee.
Hutch to Middlesboro..
Hutchison* to Paris.
Hydro to Smiths Grove.
Hylton*t to Jenkins.
Hymon to Murray.

Julio* to Williamsburg.
Jump to Allen.
Justeil to Prestonsburg.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

4 County Seat.

Money Order Office.

Malt to Hodgenville.
Mammoth Cave* to Cave
Manco to Stone.
Mangum to Science Hill.
Manila to Paintsville.
Manitou* to Madisonville.
Mannington* to Crofton.
Mannsville* to Campbells­
Manuel to Hazard.
Maple to Campbellsville.
Maplesville* to London.
Marcellus* to Danville.
Marcum to Manchester.
Mardis to Campbellsville.
Maretburg*! to
Mariba* to Mount Sterling.
Mark to Somerset.
Marlow to Albany.
Marshall Station to Mays
Martha to Blaine.
Martin* (Floyd Co.) to
Martindale to Woodbury.
Martinsburg (Monroe Co.)
to Tomnkinsville.
Martins Fork to Rose Hill,
Martwick* to Rockport.
Mary to Campton.
Marydell* to London.
Mashfork to Salyersvilie.
Mason*! (Grant Co.) to
Masonville (Daviess Co.) to
Massack to Paducah.
Matanzas to Hartford.
Matthew to West Liberty.
Mattie* to Blaine.
Co.) to Cloverport.
Mattoon to Marion.
Maud* to Bloomfield.
Maulden* to McKee.
Maurice Station to Coving­
Maxine to Hodgenvllie.
Maxwell to Owensboro.
Mayflower to Pikeville.
Mayking*! to Whitesburg.
Mayo* to Harrodsburg.
Maytown* (Morgan Co.) to
Cannel City.
Maywood to Stanford.
Mazie* to Blaine.
Meador* to Scottsville
Meadowcreek to Williams­
Meadow Lawn to Shively.
Meally to Paintsville.
Means* to Mount Sterling.
Medora! to Shively.
Meece to Somerset.
Melber* to Paducah
M elbourne* to Cold Springs
Meldrum to Middlesboro
Mell to Greensburg.
Melrose to Sonora.
Melvin* to Weeksbury.
Mentor*! to Moscow, Ohio.
Mercer* to Central City.
Meredith to Leitchfleld.
Merrimac* to Lebanon.
Merry Oaks to Smiths
Mershons to East Bern­
Meshack* to Tompkinsvllle
Meta* to Pikeville.
Mexico*! to Marion.
Miami* to Greensburg.
Mid* to Prestonsburg.
Middlefork * to McKee.
Midland*(Muhlenberg Co.)
to Central City.
Mildred* to McKee.
Millard* to Pikeville.
M illers Creek! to Irvine.
Millerstown* to Upton.
Million to Richmond.
Mill Pond to Manchester.
Millport* to Island.
Mills to Barbourville.
Mill Springs* to Monticello.
Millstone* to Fleming.
Milltown* to Columbia.
Millville to Frankfort.
Millwood*!! to Leitchfleld.
Milner* to Versailles.
Milo* to Inez.
Mima to West Liberty.
Minefork to Salyersvilie
Minerva* to Ripley. Ohio.
Mingo* to Paintsville.
MlningCity to Morgantown.
Minnie* to Prestonsburg.
Minor to Morehead.
Mintonvilie* to Science Hill
Miracle to Pineville.
Miranda to Carlisle.
Mitchellsburg* to Perry­
Mize* to Cannel City.
Moberly*! to Waco.
Moct to Jackson.
Modoc to Burkesville.
Mogg to South Carrollton.
Molus* to Harlan.
Monroe to Hardyville.
Mont* to Eddyville.
Montgomery to Cadiz.
Montpelier* to Columbia.
Mook* to Hardinsburg.
Mooleyville* to Hardinshurg.
Moon to Sandyhook.
Moores Creek* to McKee.
Moores Ferry to Salt Lick.
Mooresville! to Springfield.
t Telegraph Station.



Moorman* to South Car­
Moranburg to Maysville
Morell to Pikeville.
Morgan to Falmouth.
Morning View* to Butler
Morrill to Berea.
Mortonsville! to Versailles
Moscow*! to Oakton.
Moseleyville to Calhoun.
Mossy Bottom*! to Pike­
Motley to Bowling Green.
Mountain Ash*! to Wil­
Mt. Carmel to Flemingsburg.
Mt. Herinon* to Tompkinsville.
Mt. Pisgah* to Monticello.
Mount Salem to McKinney
Mount Sharon to Elkton
Mount Sherman* to Buffalo
Mount Victory*toSomerset.
Mousie to Wayland
Mouthcard* to Haysi, Va.
Moutn of Laurel to Vauceburg.
Moxley* to Worth ville
Mud Camp to Burkesville.
Mudlick to Tompkinsvllle.
Muir*! to Lexington.
Muldraugh*! to Stithton.
Mullikin* to Salem.
Mullins! to Livingston.
Mummie to McKee.
Muncy to McKee.
Munk to Verona.
Murl to Monticello.
Murphysville to Maysville.
Muses Mills* to Flemingsburg.
Music to Grayson.
M yers*i to Carlisle.
Myra* to Pikeville.
Myrtle to Prestonsburg.
Mystic*! to Stephensport.
Naker to Bowling Green.
Nancy* to Somerset.
Naomi* to Somerset.
Napfor to Hazard.
Napier to Harlan.
Naples to Ashland.
Napoleon to Glencoe.
Narrows*! to Fordsville.
Narvell to Albany.
Nash to Caneyville.
Nathanton to McKee.
Neafus to Oaneyvillfe.
Nealton to Nicholasville.
Neave to Milford.
Ned* to Jackson.
Nell to Gradyville.
Nelson* to Central City.
Nelsonville* to Boston.
Neon! to Fleming.
Neosheo to Franklin.
Nepton*! to EwingNero to Paintsville.
Netty to Cannel City
Nevada to I’erryville.
Nevelsville to Burnside.
Nevisdale to Williamsburg.
New to Monterey.
Newburg* to Murray.
Newby* to Richmond.
New Concord* to Murray
New Cummer to West
New Cypress to Clinton.
Newfound to Manchester.
Newfoundland* to Sandy
Newman* to Owensboro.
Newmarket to Lebanon.
New Providence to Murray
Newstead to Hopkinsville
Newt to Greensburg.
Newtown* to Georgetown.
Niagara to Henderson.
Nicholson to Independence.
Nichols Store to Clinton.
Nick to Brownsville.
Nickel! to Cannel City.
Nigh to Haysi, Va.
Nina to Lancaster.
Ninevah to Lawrenceburg.
Nippa* to Paintsville.
Noble* to Jackson.
Nobleton to Grayson.
Nobob* to Glasgow.
Noctor to Jackson.
Noland to Irvine.
Nolansburg to Harlan.
Nolin*! to Sonora.
Nonchalanta* to Greenup.
Nonesuch* to Wilmore.
Nora* to Albany.
Norfleet to Somerset.
Noris to Louisa.
Normal*! to Ashland.
Normandy to Taylorsville.
Northern to Prestonsburg.
Northfleld to Somerset.
North Fork* to Mays Lick.
Norwood to Science Hill.
Nuckois* to Livermore.
Oakdale (Breathitt Co.) to
Oak Grove* to Pembroke.
Oakland Mills to Carlisle.
Oak Level to Benton.
Oakley* to East Bernstadt.
Oaks (Bell Co.) to Pineville
Oaks (McCracken Co.) to
Oakville* to Russellville.
O’Bannon* to Crestwood.
Obed to Hyden.
Ocala (Pulaski Co.) to
Odds* to Paintsville.
! Express Office.



Offutt*! to Paintsville.
Ogle to Manchester.
Oil to Beattyville.
Oil Center to Somerset.
Oil City to Glasgow.
OU Springs* to Paintsville
O. K. to Waynesburg.
Olaton* to Fordsviile.
Oldham to Sulphur.
Old Landing* to Irvine.
Oldtown* to Grayson.
Oleika to Pineville.
Oleoak to Glasgow.
Olga to Jamestown.
Olin* to McKee.
Olive to Hardin.
Ollie* to Brownsville.
Olmstead* to Allensville.
Olney to Dawson Springs.
Olympia*!! to Salt Lick.
Omarsville to Hyden.
Omer to West Liberty
Oneida*f to Manchester.
Oneonta* to New Rich­
mond. Ohio.
Ono* to Jamestown.
Onton* to Sebree.
Oolite to Brandenburg.
Ophir to Paintsville.
Oppy to Inez.
Orangeburg to Maysvllle.
Ordinary to Sandynook.
Ordway to Prestonsburg.
Orell to Shively.
Orient to Salyersville.
Orkneyt to Prestonburg.
Orlando* to Mt. Vernon.
Orr to Louisa.
Orville* to Monterey.
Osborn to Prestonsburg.
Oscaloosa to Louisa.
Oscar* to La Center.
Osco to Albany.
Osie* to Louisa.
Otas to Corbin.
Ote to Greensburg.
Ottawa* to Brodhead.
Ottenheim to Crab Orchard
Otter Pond*! to Princeton
Ottusviile to Frankfort.
Outland to Murray.
Ova to Salyersvllle.
Overda* to Louisa.
Ovil to Hopkinsville.
Owsley to Pikeville.
Oxford to Georgetown.
Ozark to Columbia.
Packard* to Williamsburg
Palma to Benton.
Palmer to Irvine.
Palmyra to Greenup.
Panama to West Liberty.
Panco* to Manchester.
Panola*!! to Irvine.
Panther to Owensboro.
Paradise* to Rockport.
Paragon* to Morehead.
Park* to Hiseville.
Parkers to Williamsburg.
Parkers Lake* to Burnside.
Parksville*! to Perryville.
Parmleysville* to Monticello.
Parnell to Monttcello.
Parrot* to East Bemstadt.
Partridge* to Whitesburg.
Parvin to Irvine.
Pascal to Hardyville.
PatesvilVe* to Cloverport.
Pathfork* to Harlan.
Patrick* to Louisa.
Patsey* to Irvine.
Pauline to Lewisburg
Paw Paw* to Pikeville.
Payneville* to Branden­
Payton to Cannel City.
Peach Grove to Butler
Peaks Mill to Frankfort.
Pearl (Bell Co.) to Jelllco.
Pearman to Leitchfleld.
Pebble* to Bethel.
Pebworth* to Booneville.
Pee Dee to La Fayette.
Peevee* to Harlan.
Pekin to West Liberty.
Pellville* to Whitesville.
Pellyton* to Casey Creek.
Pelo to Mil burn.
Pence to Jackson.
Pendleton*! to Sulphur.
Penick* to Lebanon.
Penney (Pike Co.) to Pike­
Penny (Calloway Co.) to
Penrod* to Lewisburg.
Peonia to Leitchfleld.
Peoples to East Bernstadt.
Permon to Barbourville
Perslmon* to Tompkinsville
Petercreek* to Glasgow.
Petersville to Vanceburg.
Peth to Caneyville.
Petra to Brooksville.
Petroleum* to Scottsvllle.
Pettit to Owensboro.
Peytonsburg* toBurkesville
Phelps* to Matewan, W.
Pherba to Burkesville.
Phil* to Liberty.
Phillipsburg to Lebanon.
Philpot* to Owensboro.
Pickett to Greensburg.
Pierce* to Greensburg.
Pig to Brownsville.
Pigeon* to Pikeville.
Pigeonroost* to Manchester
Pilgrim* to Inez.
Pilot to Stanton.

Pilot Oak to Water Valley.
Pinckard*t to Versailles.
Pinckneyville to Tiline.
Pine Grove*t toWInchester.
Pine Hill* to Mt. Vernon.
Pine Knob to Caneyville.
Pine Knot*t to Stearns.
Pine Mountain* to Harlan
Piner to Walton.
Pine Ridge to Campton.
Pine Top* to Hindman.
Pinsonfork to Williamson.
W. Va.
PIppapass to Wayland.
Piqua* to Mt. Olivet.
Plsgah* to Versailles.
Piso to Williamson, W. Va.
Pitts to Irvine.
Pittsburg*! to London.
Pitts Point to Lebanon Jet.
Place* to Corbin.
Plank to Manchester.
Plano to Bowling Green.
Plato* to Mount Vernon.
Pleasanthill to Burgin.
Pleasant Home to Gratz.
Pleasant Ridge to Utica.
Pleasant Valley* to Ewing.
Pleasant View*! to Wil­
Pleasure Ridge Park! to
Plum to NorthMiddletown.
Plummers Landing*
Plutarch to Salyersville.
Poindexter*! to Cynthiana.
Pointer to Somerset.
Point Leavell to Lancaster.
Polin to Springfield.
Polk ville to Oakland.
Pollard (Jessamine Co.) to
Polleyton* to Williamsburg.
Polsgrove* to Frankfort
Pomeroyton* to Campton.
Pomp to West Liberty.
Poplar Flat* to Tollesboro.
Poplarhill to Middleburg.
Poplar Plains* to Flemings­
Poplarville to Somerset.
Porter to Sadievil
Portersburg to London.
Portland to Greensburg.
Portsmouth to Jackson.
Potter* to Louisa.
Pottertown to Murray.
Pottsville to Lowes.
Poverty to Calhoun.
Powderly* to Greenville.
Powder Mills* to Canmer.
Powell to Irvine.
Powersburg to Monticeilo.
Powersville to Brooksville.
Praise* to Haysi, Va.
Prater to Olive Hill.
Preachersville to Crab Or­
Preece to Inez.
Prentiss* to Beaver Dam.
Press to Jackson.
Preston*t! to Owingsville.
Prestonville* to Carrollton.
Prices Mill to Franklin.
Priceville* to M unford ville.
Primrose to Beattyville.
Princess* to Ashland.
Printer* to Prestonsburg.
Privett to McKee.
Provo to Rochester.
Pryorsburg* to Mayfield.
Pryse*! to Irvine.
Public* to Somerset.
Pueblo to Monticeilo.
Pulaski*! to Science Hill.
Pulliam to Springfield.
Pumpkin Center to Somer­
Pumpkin Chapel to Dunnville.
Puncheon to Hindman.
Purdyt to Columbia.
Pyramid* to Prestonsburg.
Pyrus (Adair Co.) to Gradyville.
Quail to Brodhead.
Quality* to Rochester.
Queens to Vanceburg.
Quicksand*!! to Jackson.
Quincy*!! (Lewis Co.) to
Portsmouth. Ohio.
Quinn to Providence.
Quinton to Burnside.
Quire to Frankfort.
Rabbit Hash to Rising Sun,
Raccoon* to Pikeville.
Raceland to Russell.
Radcliffe to Vine Grove.
Ragland to Bandana.
Rail to Weeksbury.
Railton to Smiths Grove.
Rain to Barbourville.
Ramey to Salt Lick.
Randolph* to Edmonton.
Rankin to Monticeilo.
Ransom to Matewan. W.
Rapids to Franklin.
Ratcliff* to Grayson.
Raven* to Wayland.
Ray to Russellville.
Raydure to Tompkinsville.
Raymond to Irvington.
Raystore* to Pikeville.
Raywick* to Loretto.
Ready* to Caneyville.
Records* to Vanceburg.
Redash* to Jelllco, Tenn.
Redblrd to Williamsburg

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

* County Seat.

Redbush* to Paintsville.
Redden to Murray.
Redfox to Hindman.
Redhouse*! to Richmond.
Red wine* to West Liberty.
Reed*! to Henderson.
Reed ville to Grayson.
Reedyville to Morgantown.
Reges to Irvine.
Regina* to Pikeville.
Region to Caneyville.
Relief* to West Liberty.
Renaker to Berry.
Renfrew to Beaver Dam.
Repton* to Marion.
Revelo to Stearns.
Rex to Hardyville.
Rexton* to Vanceburg.
Rexville to Cannel City.
Reynolds Sta.* to Fords­
Rhoda to Brownsville.
Rhodelia* to Brandenberg.
Ribbon to Jamestown.
Ribolt* to Tollesboro.
Rice Station*! to Irvine.
Ricetown* to Booneville.
Riceville* to Paintsville.
Richardson*!! to Louisa.
Richardsons Landing to
Richardsville* to Bowling
Richelieu* to Auburn.
Richland (Hopkins Co.) to
Richland (Jefferson Co.)to
Rich Pond* to Woodburn.
Richwoodt! to Walton.
Riders to Upton.
Rldgway to Harlan.
Riedland to Paducah.
Riley*! to Lebanon.
Rineyville* to Vine Grove.
Ringgold to Somerset.
Ringos Mills* to Flemings­
Ringstaff to Gilbertsville.
Risner to Prestonsburg.
Ritchie to Hindman.
Ritnerto Monticeilo.
Rivals to Taylorsville.
River*! to Paintsville.
Riverside* (Warren Co.) to
Riverton*!! to Greenup.
Roadfork to Stone.
Roaring Springs to La
Roark* to Hyden.
Robards*! to Sebree.
Roberta* to Brandenburg.
Robinson*! to Berry.
Robinson Creek* to Pike­
Rockbridge to Tompkinsville.
Rockdale* to Sadieville.
Rockfleld*! to Bowling
Rockford to Berea.
Rock Haven*! to Branden­
Rockholds*! to Williams­
Rockhousef to Pikeville.
Rockport*!! to Beaver
Rockvale* to Hardinsburg.
Rockybranch to Monticeilo
Rodemer to Scottsvllle.
Roff to Hardinsburg.
Rogers to Campton.
Rogers Gap*!! to George­
Rolan to Albany
Rollingburg to Greensburg
Rollings to Gravel Switch.
Rome* to Owensboro.
Romine* to Campbellsville.
Rooney* to Olive Hill.
Roscoe (Elliott Co.; to
Sandy Hook.
Roscoe (Graves Co.) to
Roseburg* to Munfordville
Rosefork to Cannel City.
Rose Hill* to Harrodsburg.
Rosetta to Irvington.
Roseville to Glasgow.
Rosewood to Greenville.
Rosine*! to Beaver Dam.
Rosslngton to Kevil.
Rosslyn* to Stanton.
Rosspoint* to Harlan.
Rothwell*! to Mount Ster­
Roundhill* (Butler Co.) to
Rousseau to Jackson.
Rowena* to Jamestown.
Rowland to Stanford.
Rowletts*! to Munfordville
Rowton to Pikeville.
Roxana* to Whitesburg.
Roy to Columbia.
Royroder to McKee.
Ruddels Mills to Miller6burg.
Rufus to Princeton.
Rugless* to Vanceburg.
Rumsey* to Calhoun.
Rural to Williamson. W.Va.
Rush* to Ashland.
Russell Cave to Lexington.
Ruth (Pulaski Co.) to
Ryan* to Flemingsburg.
Rye to Corbin.
Ryland to Butler.
Sacred Wind* to Blaine.
Sadler* to Leitchflelo.
• Money Order Office.

Saint Charles*!! to Daw­
son Springs.
Saint Elmo to Pembroke.
Saint Helens*!! to Beattyville.
Saint John*! to Cecilia.
St. Joseph* to West Louis­
Saint Mary*! to Lebanon.
St. Paul* to Portsmouth
Saldee to Jackson.
Salmons* to Franklin.
Saloma* to Campbellsville.
Salvisa* to Lawrenceburg.
8ample* to Hardinsburg.
Sampson to Harlan.
Samuels*! to Bardstown.
Sand Clift to Monticeilo.
Sandgap* to McKee.
Sandhill to Bowling Green.
Sandlick to Whitesburg.
Sand Springs to Mount
Sanfordtown to Covington
Sano to Russell Springs.
Sansilk to Grayson.
Santa Fe to Brooksville.
Sarah to Sandy Hook.
Sardis* to M aysville.
Sassafras* to Hindman.
Sasser to London.
Saul* to Hazard.
Savage* to Albany.
8avoy*I to Williamsburg.
Savoyard* to Horse Cave.
Sawyer* to Somerset.
Saxton* to Jelllco. Tenn.
Saylor to Hyden.
Scalf to Barbourville
Schochoh to Adairville.
Schoolfleld to Newpprt.
Schweizer to Franklin.
Scottsburg to Princeton.
Scoville to Booneville.
Scrabble to Bagdad.
Scranton* to Salt Lick.
Scuddy to Hazzard.
Scythia to Owensboro.
Seaville! to Harrodsburg.
Sebastian to Booneville.
Seco* to Fleming.
Sedalla* to Mayfield.
Segal to Brownsville.
Seitz* to Salyersville.
Select* to Beaverdam.
Sell to Cave City.
Semiway to Sacramento
Se Ree to Hardinsburg.
Sergent* to Whitesburg.
Seth to Manchester.
Settle to Scottsvllle.
Seventy-Six* to Albany.
Sewellton* to Jamestown.
Sextons Creek* to Man­
Seymour to Horse Cave.
Shade to Irvine.
Shady Grove* to Provi­
Shadynook to Cynthiana.
Shamrock* to Middlesboro.
8hannon to Mays Lick.
Sharer* to Morgantown.
Sharkey to Morehead.
Sharondale to Williamson,
W. Va.
Sharongrove* to Elkton
Sharp to Benton.
Shawhan*! to Paris.
Shelbiana* to Pikeville.
Shelby City* to Danville.
Shelby Gap* to Jenkins.
Shepola to Somerset.
Sherburne* to Moorefleld.
Sheridan* to Marion.
Sherman*!! to Crittenden.
Shiloh to Murray.
Shipley to Albany.
Shoal to Hyden.
Shoemaker to Monticeilo.
Shonn to Harlan.
Shoopman to Stearns.
Shopville* to Somerset.
Short Creek* to Caneyville.
Shrewsbury* to Leitchfleld.
Slbert to Manchester.
Sidell* to Manchester.
Sideview to M ount Sterling.
Sideway to Sandy Hook.
Sidney to Williamson. W.
Siler to Williamsburg.
Silerville! to Stearns.
Siloam*! to Portsmouth.
Silva to Hodgenville.
Silver Grove*! to Cold
Simmons* to Rockport.
Simpson* to Jackson.
Sinai* to Lawrenceburg.
Sinking Fork to Cerulean.
Sip* to Paintsville.
Sirocco* to Brandenburg.
Sitka* to Paintsville.
Skaggs to Louisa.
Skate to London.
Skillman* to Haweaville.
Skip to Somerset
Sky to Jackson.
Skylight* to LaGrange
Skyline* to Whitesburg.
Slade* to Stanton.
Slater to La Center.
Slaughtersville to Slaugh­
Slavans to Monticeilo.
Slemp to Hazard.
Slickford to Monticeilo.
Slick Rock*! to Glasgow.
Sloans Valley* to Burnside.
Slusher to Pineville.
Smalley* to Allen.
Smile to Morehead.
! Telegraph Station.

Smith to Harlan.
Smithsboro* to Hindman.
Smiths Creek* to Grayson.
Smithtown to Stearns.
Smoky Valley* to Olive
Snap to Clarkson.
Snell to Somerset.
Snow to Albany.
Soft Shell to Hindman.
Soldier*!! to Olive Hill.
Solitude to Bardstown.
Solway* to Leitchfleld.
Sophie to Olive Hill.
Sorgho to Owensboro.
South* to Leitchfleld.
South Corbin* to Corbin.
South Elkhorn to Lexington.
South Fork (Lincoln Oo.) to
South Fork (Owsley Co.) to
South Hill* to Rochester.
South Irvine to Irvine.
South Portsmouth*! to
Portsmouth. Ohio.
South Union* to Auburn.
Southville to Shelbyville.
Spa to Lewisburg.
Spann* to Monticeilo.
Sparksville to Grady.
Sparrow* to Chaplin.
Spears to Nicholasville.
Speck* to Casey Creek.
Speedwell* to Waco.
Speight to Jenkins.
8pider to Hindman.
Spiro to Mount Vernon.
Spottsville*! to Henderson.
Spoutspring to Clay City
Springdale*! to Maysville.
Spring Grove to Morganfleld.
Springlake* to Covington.
Spring Lick*!! to C'aneyville.
Spring Station*!! to Mid­
Sprlngville to Lawrence­
Sprule to Barbourville.
Spurlington*! to Cam pbellsville.
Spurlock to Manchester
Spurrier to Sonora.
Squib to Somerset.
Stab to Somerset.
Stacy to Hazard
Stacy Fork to Cannel City.
Staffords ville* to Paints­
Stalcup to Burkesville.
Stambaugh to Paintsville.
Stamp to Caneyville.
Stanhope to Providence.
Stanley*! to Owensboro.
Stark to Sandy Hook.
Star Lime Works* to Eddyville.
State Line* to Oakton.
Station (’amp* to Irvine.
Stay to Booneville.
Steele to Pikeville.
Steff to Caneyville.
Stella (Callaway Co.) to
Stella* (Magoffin Co.) to
Stephens* to Willard.
Stephensburg*! to Cecilia.
Stephensport*! to Cloverport.
Stepstone* to Mt. Sterling.
Steubenville* to Monticeilo
Stevenson* to Jackson.
Stewart (Pike Co.) to Pike­
Stibbins to West Point.
Stiles to New Haven.
Stillwater*! to Campton.
Stinnett to Hyden.
Stinson to Grayson.
Stites to West Point.
Stithton to Camp Knox.
Stoll to Cannel City.
Stonewall to Brooksville.
Stonington to Greenup.
Storm King to Hazard.
Stovall to Glasgow Junc­
Stowers to Franklin.
Straight Creek* to Pineville.
Straw to Brownsville
Strawberry to Somerset
Stricklett* to Vanceburg
Strunk* to Stearns.
Stubblefield to Wingo.
Stump to Irvine.
8turgeon*t to Booneville.
Sublett* to Salyersville.
Subtle to Edmonton.
Sudlth to Salt Lick.
Sugar Grove* to Woodbury
Sugar Hill to Somerset.
Sullivan (Union Co.) to
Sulphur*!! to New Castle.
Sulphur Lick* to Tompkins­
Sulphur Well* to Edmonton.
Summersville* to Greens­
Summit (Boyd Co.) to
Summit.*! (Hardin Co.) to
Big City.
Sunflsh to Brownsville.
Sunnybrook to Monticeilo.
Sunnydale* to Beaver Dam.
Sunnyside* to Oakland.
Sunrise*! to Cynthiana.
Sunset to Flemingsbure.
! Express Office.


Susie* to Monticello.
Sutherland to Owensboro.
Sutton (Pike Co.) to Plkeville.
Swallowfleld* to Monterey.
Swamp Branch to Paintsville.
Swampton to Salyersville.
Swan Laket to Barbour­
Swan Pond to Barbourville.
Sweeden* to Leitchfleld.
Swifton to Monticello.
Switzer*!! to Stamping
Swope to Owenton.
Symbol to East Bernstadt.
Symsonia to Benton.
Tablow to Harrodsburg.
Tabor*f to Mount Sterling.
Tacketts Mill to Monterey
Taffy to Hartford.
Taft* to Boonville.
Talbert to Jackson.
Talcum to Hindman.
Tallega*!! to Beattyville.
Talmage*! to Harrodsburg.
Tan Bark to Burkesville.
Tanksley to Manchester.
Tannery* to Vanceburg.
Tarfork* to Cloverport.
Tarma to Drakesboro.
Tatevllle*t to Burnside.
Tatham Springs to Bloom­
Taulbee to Jackson.
Taylor to Portsmouth, Ohio
Taylorsport to Burlington.
Taylors Store to Hazel.
Taylortown to BeaverDam.
Teague* to Barbourville.
Teatersville to Lancaster.
Tedders to Barbourville.
Teddy to Dunnville.
Teges* to Manchester.
Telia to Salyersville.
Temple Hill* to Glasgow.
Templer to East Bernstadt.
Tenmile to Cold Springs.
Teresita to Monterey.
Terrill to Richmond.
Terryville to Sandy Hook.
Texas* to Springfield.
Thealka* to Paintsville.
Thelma* to Paintsville.
The Ridge to Sandy Hook.
Thomas* to Prestonsburg.
Thor to Vanceburg.
Thornton* to Whitesburg.
Thousandsticks to Hyden.
Threeforkst to Oakland.
Threelinks to Berea.
Three Points to Harlan.
Three Springs to Horse
Threlkel* to Bowling Green.
Thruston to Owensboro.
Thurlow* to Greensburg.
Tice to Mayfield.
Tilden to Dixon.
Tilford* to Oaneyville.
Tlllle* to Whitesburg.
Tilton to Flemingsburg.
Tina to Hindman.
Tinsley* to Pineville.
Tip-Top*!! to Camp Knox.
Tobacco* to Hazel.
Todd* to Eubanks.
Toddspoint toSimpsonville.
Toler* to Williamson,W.Va.
Toliver to Campton.
Tolu* to Elizabethtown, Ill.
Tomahawk to Inez.
Tongs to Greenup.
Tonleville*! to Hodgensville.
Topmost to Wayland.
Toria to Gradyville.
Torrent*tt to Campton.
Tousey* to Caneyville.
Tracy* to Glasgow.
Tram to Prestonsburg.
Trammel* to Scottsville.
Travellers Rest*t to Booneville.
Trench* to Sandy Hook.
Trentf to Campton.
Tribbey to Hazard.
Tribune* to Marion.
Trigg Furnace to Cadiz.
Trimble* to Somerset.
Trinity* to Manchester,
Triplet* to Morehead.
Trosper* to Barboursville.
Trues ville to Monterey.
Truitt to Greenup.
Tub to Hazard.
Tunnel Hill* to Elizabeth­
Turin to Boonesville.
Turkey to Jackson.
Tuscola* to Louisa.
Tuttle* to Barbourville.
Twila to Harlan.
Tygarts Valley* to Greenup
Tyler to Paducah.
Tyner* to McKee.
Typo*!! to Hazard.
Tyrone*!! to Lawrenceburg.
Ucum to Jamestown.
Ula to Somerset.
Ulvah*! to Whitesburg.
Ulysses* to Louisa.
Union City* to Richmond.
Unionhall to Irvine.
Union Star* to Cloverport.
Unity* to Ashland.
Uno to Horse Cave.
Unsona to Whitley City.
Upchurch to Albany._____

Upper Tygart* to OliveHlll.
Urban* to Manchester.
Utility to HawesviUe.
Uz* to Whitesburg.
Vale to Morehead.
Valeria to Campton.
Valley Hill to Springfield.
Valley Oak to Somerset.
Valley Station* to Louis­
Valley View*!! to Nicholasville.
Vanardsdell*! to Lawrenceburg.
Van Camp to Manchester.
Van Cleve to Jackson.
Vanderburg to Dixon.
Vandetta to Madisonville.
Van Lear* to Paintsville.
Vanzant* to Fordsville.
Varilla*!! to Pineville.
Varney to Williamson. W.
Vaughns Mill to Clay City.
Veechdalet to Simpsonville.
Verda to Harlan.
Vernida to Jackson.
Vernon to Celina, Tenn.
Vertrees* to Cecilia.
Vessie to Grayson.
Vest* to Hindman.
Vester to Columbia.
Vi to Pikeville.
Vlcco to Hazard.
Vicksburg* to Smithland.
Victory to East Bernstadt
View to Marlon.
Vincent* to Booneville.
Vine to Manchester.
Vineyard to Morgantown.
Vlnnie to Somerset.
Viola! to Mayfield.
Viper*!! to Hazard.
Virgie* to Pikeville.
Visalia* to Independence.
Volga* to Paintsville.
Vortex to Campton.
Wabd to Mount Vernon.
Wagersvllle* to Irvine
Wagner to Morehead.
Wago to Albany.
Wakefield* to Bloomfield.
Walden to Williamsburg.
Waldo to Salyersville.
Wales to Pikeville.
Walker* to Barbourville.
Wallace to Midway.
Wallingford* to Flemingsburg.
Wallins Creek*t to Harlan.
Wallonia* to Cerulean.
Wallsend* to Pineville.
Walnut Grove* to Eubank.
Walnuthill to Lexington.
Walsh to Portsmouth, Ohio.
Waltersville* to Clay City.
Waltz to Morehead.
Wanamaker to Poole.
Waneta to McKee.
Warbranch to Hyden.
War Creek to Jackson.
Ware to Science Hill.
Warfield* to Kermit. W.Va.
Warner to Elizabethtown.
Warnock to Greenup.
Warren* to Barbourville.
Washington* to Maysville.
Wasioto*! to Pineville.
Watauga* to Albany.
Watch to Corbin.
Waterford to Taylorsville.
Watergap* to Prestonsburg
Watervlew* to Marrow­
Webbs* to Greensburg.
Webbs Cross Roads* to
Russel Springs.
Webbville*t to Grayson.
Webster*! to Hardinsburg.
Wedonia* to Flemingsburg.
Weed to Gradyville.
Weir to Greenville.
Welborn to Science Hill
Welchburg*! to McKee.
Welchs Creek to Caneyville
Welcome to Caneyville.
Wellhopeto MountVernon.
Wellington* to Campton.
Wells to West Liberty.
Wells burg! to Augusta.
Wendover to Hyden.
Weeleyville* to Olive Hill.
Wess to Liberty.
Westbend* to Clay City.
West Clifty* to Clarkson.
West Irvine* to Irvine.
Weston to Marion.
West Paducah to Paducah.
Westport* to La Grange.
West Prestonsburg* to
West Somerset to Somerset.
West Van Lear* to Paints­
Westview*t to Hardinsburg
Weymouth to Fulton.
Whalent to Whitesville.
Wheatcroft*!! to Clay.
Wheel to Fancy Farm.
Wheeler to Barbourville.
Wheelersburg* to Salyers­
Wheelers Mills* to Munford ville.
Whetstone* to Burkesville.
Whick*tt to Jackson.
Whisman* to Campton.
White Hall to Richmond.
Whitehouse*t! to PaintsW ville.
White Mills* to Sonora.
Whiteoak* to Cannel City.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

4 County Seat.

Whiteplains*!! to Mortons
Whitepost to Williamson,
WW. Va
White Run* to Caneyville.
Whites* to Berea.
White Star* to Harlan.
Whitetowers to Independ­
Whitewood*to Greensburg.
Whittle to Jamestown.
Wlborg to Somerset
Wide Creek to Jackson.
Wilbur* to Blaine.
Wildie*! to Mt. Vernon.
Wildwo • to Scottsville
Wilhelm *
<• i> ton
Wilhoit! to Wallin Creek.
Wilhurst*!! to Jackson
Willard*t to Grayson.
Williams to Cannel City.
Williamsport* to Paintsville
Wiiliba to Beattyville.
Willis Creek to Albany.
Willow* to Beattyville.
Willow Shade* to Marrobone.
Willow Shoals to Beatty­
Willowtown to Campbellsville.
Wlllowtree to Irvine.
Wilma to McKee.
Wilsonville to Taylorsville.
Wilstacy to Jackson.
Wilton* to Corbin.
Wimsatt to Bardstown.
Win to Salyersville.
Windsor to Somerset.
Windy to Monticello.
Windyville to Brownsville.
Winesap to Munfordville
Winifred* to Blaine.
Winston* to Irvine.
Wisdom* to Edmonton.
Wisemantown* to Irvine.
Wishbone to Tollesboro.
Wiswell to Murray.
Withers* to Livingston.
Witt to Irvine.
Witt Springs* to Irvine.
Wofford*! to Williamsburg.
Wolf to Grayson.
Wolf Coal to Jackson.
Wolf Creek* to Branden­
Wolverine to Jackson.
Wonder to Prestonsburg.
Woodbine*! to Corbin.
Woodbury*! to Morgan­
Woodlawn*! to Bardstown.
Woodman* to Williamson,
W. Va.
Woodmont to Somerset.
Woodrow to Irvington.
Woods* to Allen.
Woodsbend to West Liberty
Woodlaket to Franks.
Woodstock* to Eubank.
Wood ville to Kevil.
Woollum to Barbourville.
Wooton* to Hyden.
Worth to Crestwood.
Worthington to Crestwood.
Wrigley* to West Liberty.
Wurtland* to Russell.
Wvett to Sandy Hook.
Wysox* to Rochester.
Xena to Stanton.
Xerxes to Burkesville.
Yale* to Salt Lick.
Yamacraw* to Stearns.
Yancy to Harlan.
Yatesville* to Louisa.
Yeaddls to Hyden.
Yeager* to Pikeville.
Yeaman* to Caneyville.
Yellow Mountain to Hind­
Yelvington to Owensboro.
Yerkes*! to Hazard.
Yocum* to West Liberty.
York* to Greenup.
Yosemite* to Middleburg.
Youngs Creek to Corbin.
Yuma to Campbellsville.
Zachariah to Campton.
Zebulon* to Pikeville.
Zelda* to Louisa.
Zero to Hodgenville.
Zilpo to Salt Lick.
Zion to Henderson.
Zion Station* to Mount
Zoe to Beattyville.
Zold to Beattyville.
Zoneton to Shepherdsville.
Zula to Monticello.


Ablngton* to Shreveport.
Abita Springs*!! to Coving­
Acme* to Vidalia.
Acy* to Baton Rouge.
Adeline*! to Jeanerette.
Adner to Shreveport.
Afton to Tallulah.
Aimewell* to Jena.
Ajax to Pleasant Hill.
Akers to Ponchatoula.
Albemarle* to Napoleonville.
•Money Order Office.

Alco* to Leesvllle.
Alden Bridge*! to Plain
Alfalfa* to Boyce.
Alice to St. Francisville.
Allemands* to Raceland.
Alluvial City to New
Aloha*!! to Colfax.
Alsatia*!! to Lake ProviAlto* to Rayville.
Alton* to Slidell.
Ama*! to Gretna.
Amelia* to Morgan City.
Anacoco*!! to Leesville.
Anchor* to New Roads.
Andrepont to Opelousas.
Andrews* to Kaplan.
Angola*!! to Baton Rouge.
Ansley*!! to liuston.
Antioch* to Homer.
Arbroth* to Port Allen.
Archibald*!! to Mangham.
Archie*! to Jonesville.
Areola*!! to Amite.
Argo to Jonesville.
Arkana* to Plain Dealing.
Armisteadt to Coushatta.
Ashland*! to Castor.
Ashton* to Baldwin.
Ashwood*! to Newellton.
Atchafalaya* to Breaux.
Atldns*!! to Shreveport.
Atlanta*!! to Wlnnfield.
Avery Island* to Newlberia
Avoca* to Napoleonvllle.
Aycock to Arcadia.
Bains* to Baton Rouge.
Baker*!! to Zachary.
Ball*! to Alexandria.
Baptist! to Hammond.
Barataria* to Gretna.
Barbreck* to Bunkie.
Barron to Alexandria.
Barton* to Donaldsonville.
Batchelor*!! to New Roads
Bayou Barbary* to Pon­
Bayou Chene* to Plaquemine.
Bayou Chicot* to Ville
Bayou Current* to Melville
Bayou Goula*!! to White
BayouLa Chute* to Shreve­
Bayou Sale!! to Center­
Baywood* to Zachary.
Beekman* to Bastrop.
Begg* to Washington.
Bel* to Kinder.
Bell City* to Welsh.
Belle Alliance*!! to Don­
Belle Ohasse* to New Or­
Belledeau* to Hessmer.
Belle Rose* to Paincourtville.
Bellwood* to Robeline.
Belmont* to Zwolle.
Benson*!! to Mansfield.
Bentley* to Alexandria.
Bermuda* to Montgomery.
Bertie* to Napoleonvllle.
Bertrandville* to New Or­
Bethany* to Shreveport.
Big Bend* to Mansura.
Big Cane* to Bunkie.
Black Hawk*! to Vidalia.
Blanchard*!! to Shreveport
Blanks* to Opelousas.
Blond* to Covington.
Bollnger* to Plain Dealing.
Bolivar* to Amite City.
Bonfouca* to Slidell.
Boothville* to New Orleans
Bordelonville*! to Marksville.
Bosco*!! to Monroe.
Boutte*!! to Luiing.
Bowie*!! to Raceland.
Boyce*!! to Alexandria.
Braithwaite*! to New Or­
Branch*!! to Rayne.
Brandon* to St. Francis­
Breckwoldt to Hammond.
Brignac to Donaldsonville.
Brittany* to Donaldson­
Brooks* to New Roads.
Brusly to Port Allen.
Bryceland* to Arcadia.
Buckeye* to Alexandria.
Buckner to Rayville.
Bueche*! to Port Allen.
Buras* to New Orleans.
Burnside*!! to Donaldson­
Burrwood*! to NewOrleans.
Burtville* to Baton Rouge.
Bush*!! to Bogalusa.
Butler to Pleasant Hill.
Cabinash to Gretna.
Caddo*! to Oil City.
Cade*!! to New Iberia.
Calhoun*!! toWestMonroe.
Calumet to Patterson.
Calvin* to Winnfleld.
iCameron* to Lake Charles
Capitan to New Iberia.
t Telegraph Station.



Carbonvale to Monroe.
Cargas to Monroe.
Carroll* to Coushatta.
Carville* to White Castle.
Caspiana*!! to Shreveport.
Cataro* to Washington.
Cecil to Marion.
Cecilia to Breaux Bridge.
Cedar Grove*! to Shreve­
Center Point* to Marksvllle
Centerville*! to Franklin.
Central* to Donaldsonville.
Chacahoula*! to Thlbodaux.
Chalmette* to Arabi.
Charenton*! to Baldwin.
Charlieville* to Mangham
Chase*!! to Winnsboro.
Chauvin* to Houma.
Chenal* to New Roads
Chef Menteurf! to New
Chenierei to Monroe.
Cherry Ridge to Farmersville.
Chestnut*! to Natchitoches
Chole to Lake Charles.
Chopin*!! to Cloutierville.
Cinclare*!! to Port Allen.
City Price* to New Orleans.
Clare* to Many.
Clarence*!! to Campti.
Clarks*!! to Grayson.
Clay* to Ruston.
Clayton*!! to Vidalia.
Clearlake to Campti.
Clifton*!! to Franklinton
Clio* to Hammond.
Colquitt* to Homer.
Colsons to Farmerville.
Columbus* to Many.
Comlte* to Baton Rouge.
iConvent*!! to Lutcher
Coon to Morganza.
Cooper to Leesville.
Cornerview to Baton Rouge
Cornor* to Wood ville.
Cottonplant to Columbia.
Couch wood to Cotton Val­
Cow Island to Abbeville.
Cravens*!! to De Ridder.
Creole* to Lake Charles.
Crescent to White Castle.
Creston to Campti.
Crews to Montgomery.
Crichton*!! to Coushatta.
Crosskeys to Shreveport.
Crown Point to Marrero.
Crowville* to Winnsboro.
Curtis* to Shreveport.
Cypress*!! to Natchitoches
Dalcour* to New Orleans.
Danville* to Bienville.
Darlington* to Clinton.
Darnell! to Oak Grove.
Darrow* to Donaldsonville.
Daspit to Houma.
Davant* to New Orleans.
Deerford* to Zachary.
Delacroix Island to Arabi.
Delcambre *! to Erath.
Delta* to Vicksburg, Miss
Deltabridge* to St. Joseph.
Dennis Mills* to Denham
Derouen* to New Iberia.
Derry*!! to Cloutierville.
Des Glaise to Breaux
Deshotels* to Ville Platte.
Dess to Many.
Destrehan*!! to St. Rose.
Deville to Alexandria.
Diamond* to Gretna.
Dixie*! (Caddo Co.) to
Dodson*!! to Wlnnfield.
Dollette to Mansfield.
Donner*!! to Morgan City.
Dorcyville to White Castle.
Dorig to Columbia.
Doss* to Collinston.
Downsville* to Choudrant.
Doyle to Denham Springs.
Doyline *!! to Mlnden.
Dreyfus* to White Castle.
Dry Creek* to Kinder.
Dry Prong*! to Alexandria.
Dubberly*!! to Mlnden.
Duboin* to New Iberia.
Dubuisson to Washington.
Duck Port* to Vicksburg,
Dulac*to Houma.
Dunn* to Delhi.
Duplessis* (Ascension Co.)
to Donaldsonville.
Dupont* to New Roads
Dutch Town* to Donald­
Easton* to Ville Platte.
East Point*!! to Coushatta
Echo* to Hessmer.
Eden to Jena.
AEdgard*!! to Reserve.
Edgerley*!! to Vinton.
Eftie* to Marksville.
Egan*! to Crowley.
t Express Office.




Eggbend to Marksvllle.
Elam to Wisner.
Elba* to Melville.
Elizabeth*!! to Oakdale.
Ellendale* to Houma.
Ellis* to Crowley.
Elmer* to Glenmora.
Elmgrove* to Shreveport.
Elm Park* to St. Francisville.
Empire* to New Orleans.
English Lookout}; to BaySt.
Louis. Miss.
English Turnt to New

Grosse Tete*!! to White
Grove* to Minden.
Gullett! to Amite.
Gurley*} to Jackson.
Guthrie to Monroe.
Guy! to Oberlin.

Hackberry to Vinton.
Hackley* to Frankhnton.
Hagewood to Natchitoches.
Hahnville*! to Luling.
Haile*} to Marion.
Hall to Denham Springs
Hamburg*!} to Moreau ville
Hanna*!} to Coushatta.
Hanson City to Kenner.
Happy Jack* to New
Harahan to Kenner

Enterprise* to Columbia.
Eola*} to Bunkie
Epps*t+ to Delhi.
Eros*! to Monroe.
Erwinville*!} to Port Allen.
Essa to Leesville.
Esther* to Abbeville.
Estherwood*!! to Crowley.
Esto to Many.
Ethel*!! to Clinton.
Evangeline* to Jennings.
Evans to De Kidder.
Evelyn* to Mansfield.
Evergreen*!! to Bunkie.
Extension* to Winnsboro.

Fairbanks* to Monroe.
Fal* to De Kidder.
Felixville* to Clinton.
Fenris to Eunice.
Fenton*!! to Kinder.
Fields* to Merryville
Fisher*!! to Many
BTatwoods* to Alexandria.
Flora* to Natchitoches
Florien*! to Many.
Flournoy* to Shreveport.
Floyd* to Oak Grove.
Fluker* to Amite City.
Folsom*!} to Covington.
Fondalet to Monroe.
Forbing* to Shreveport.
Fordoche*!} to Opelousa.
Forest*!! to Oak Grove.
Forest I-Till*tt to Glenmora.
Fort Jesup to Many.
Fort Necessity* to Winns­
Foster to Centerville.
Foules to Sicily Island.
Fowler to Monroe.
Frey to Eunice.
Friendship* to Saline.
Frierson*!} to Shreveport.
Frisco to Maringouin.
Frogmore*! to Vidalia.
Frost* to Doyle.
Fullerton*!} to De Ridder.
Fulton!; to Lake Charles

Harelson to Baton Rouge.
Harman*!} to Coushatta.
Harvey*!} to Gretna.
Haughton*}} to Shreveport
Hayes*} to Lake Arthur.
Head of Island to Denham
Hebert to Columbia.
Heflin*! to Minden.
Henderson* to Tallulah.
Henry* to Abbeville.
Hermitage* to New Roads.
Ilessmer*!! to Marksville.
Hester* to Lutcher.
HIco* to Dubach
Highland to Waterproof.
Hilly* to Dubach.
Hineston* to Glenmora.
Hobart* to Donaldsonville.
Hodge*t! to Jonesboro.
Hohen Solms* to Donald­
Holden*} fLivingston Co.)
to Hammond.
Holloway* to Alexandria.
Holly* to Mansfield.
Holly Grove* to Wisner.
Holly Ridge*!} to Kayville.
Holmwood to Lake Charles.
Holum* to Grayson.
Home Place to New Orleans
Hope* to Minden
Hope Villa* to BatonRouge
Hornbeck*!} to Leesville.
Hortman* to Cotton Valley
Hosston* }to Gilliam.
Houltonville* to Madisonville.
Hughes Spur* to Benton.
Humphreys* to Houma.
Husser* to Independence.
Hutton to Leesville.
Hydropolis to Marksville.
Hymel* to Donaldsonville.

Mineral to Pleasant Hill.
Mira*! to Ida
Mitchell* to Pleasant Hill.
Mitchener* to Delhi.
Mix* to New Roads.

Princeton to Snreveport.
Provencal*!! to Robeline.

Lafourche*!} to Thibodaux
Lagan* to Donaldsonville.
Lahoward to Shreveport.
Lake to Donaldsville.

Moncla* to Marksville.
Montegut*! to Houma.
Monterey* to Jonesville.
Montrose*!! to Cloutier- :
Montz* to Reserve.
Moorland to Alexandria.
Mora* to Boyce.
Morbihan* to New Iberia.

Quebec*!! to Tallulah.
Quimby!! to Tallulah.
Quitman*!! to Jonesboro.

Lake End*!! to Natchito­
Lakeland* to New Roads
Lamarque* to Ferriday.
Lainothe to Alexandra.

Morganza*!} to New Roads
Morrow*!} to Bunkie
I Morse*} to Crowley.
Morville* to Vidalia.
Moselys Bluff to Farmersville.
Mound*! to Tallulah.
Latex to Marshall, Texas.
Mount Airy* to Lutcher.
Lauderdale* to Donaldson
Mt. Hermon* to Franklin­
Laura to Napoleonville.
Mt. Lebanon* to Gibsland.
Laurel Hill*} to Baton
Mt. Pleasant* to Columbia.
Mowata! to Eunice.
Lawhon* to Ringgold.
Myrtlegrove to New Oreans.
Lawrence* to New Orleans.
Leander* to Leesvilie.
Lebeau* to Melville.
Legonier* to Marksville.
Leleux* to Kaplan.
Naborton* to Mansfield.
Nairn* to New Orleans.
Le Moyen to Bunkie.
Naples*!} to Bordelonville.
Lena to Boyce.
Natalbany*! to Hammond.
Leonville*! to Opelousas.
Natchez*!! to Natchitoches
Le Roy to Abbeville.
Nebo* to Jena.
Leton* to Cotton Valley.
Negreet* to Many.
Lettsworth*}} to New
Neita* to Melville.
Nelson to Gibsland.
Lewis*!} to Vivian.
Nero to New Orleans.
Lewisburg to Church Point.
Nesom to Clinton.
Lewiston* to Kentwood.
New Era to Jonesville.
Liberty Hill* to Bienville.
Newllano to Leesville.
Libuse to Alexandria.
Lillie*} to Bernice.
Newton to Lake Charles.
New Verda* to Colfax.
Lindsay*!} to St. FranclsNiblett to Lake Arthur.
Nickel to Jena.
Llnville* to Marion.
Ninock to Shreveport.
Lions* to Garyville.
Noble*!! to Zwolle.
Lisbon* to Homer
Notnac* to Newellton.
Lismore* to Vidalia.
Nunez* to Abbeville.
Litroe* to Marion.
Littlecreek to Jena.
Lamourie!! to Lecompte.
Laplace*!} to Reserve.
Laran* to Strong, Ark.
L'Argent* to St. Joseph.
Larose to Lockport.

Little Woods to New Or­
Liverpool* to Greensburg.
Livingston*! to Denham
Livonia*} to Opelousas.
Lobdell*! to Port Allen.
Locust Ridge* to St.Joseph.
Lonepine* to Cheneyville.
Long Bridge*!! to Mansura
Longleaf*!! to Glenmora.
Loranger*} to Independenc.

Gaars Mills to Winnfleld.
Gahagan*!} to Coushatta.
Gallion*!} to Merrouge.
Galvez* to Baton Rouge.
Gandy*} to Many.
Gansville to Winnfleld.
Garden City*!} to Frank­
Garland* to Washington.
Gassoway to Lake Provi­
Gayle*}} to Shreveport.
Ged* to Vinton.
Geismar*!} to Donaldsonville.
Georgetown*!} to Alexan­
Gheens* to Raceland.
Gibson*!} to Tbibodaux.
Gill is! to Lake Charles.
Girard*!} to Kayville.
Glen to Mansfield
Glencoe* to Baldwin.
Gloria to New Orleans.
Gloster*!! to Grand Cane.
Glynn*}} (Pointe Coupee
Co.) to New Roads.
Gold Dust*!! to Bunkie.
Golden Meadow* to Lockport.
Goldman to Waterproof.
Goldonna*} to Winnfleld.
Good Pine*} to Jena.
Gordon to Haynes ville.
Gorum* to Colfax.
Goss* to Mansfield.
Goudeau to Bunkie.
Grambling to Ruston.
Gramercy*!} to Lutcher.
Grand Bayou*!} to Cou­
Grand Caillon* to Houma.
Grand Chenier* to Lake
Grand Coteau* to Sunset.
Grand Ecore to Natchito­
Grand Isle*+ to Gretna.
Grand Lake to LakeCharles
Orangeville*} to Clinton.
Grant* to De Ridder.
Gray* to Thibodaux.
Greenwood*!} to Shreve­

Xatt to Winnfleld.
Iberville* to Baton Rouge.
Indian Bayou* to Rayne.
Indianmound* to Baton
Innis* to New Roads.
Iowa*}} to Lake Charles.
Irene* (East Baton Rouge
Co.) to Zachary
Isabel*! to Franklinton.
Istrouma to Baton Rouge.
Ivan* to Benton.

Jacoby* to Melville.
Jamestown* to Ringgold
Jarreau* to New Roads.
Jefferson Island} to Erath.
Jesuit Bend*
to New
Jones*!! to Wilmont, Ark.
Joyce*} to Winnfleld.
Junction City*! to Junction
City. Ark.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Lottie*!} to Opelousas.
Lotus* to Natchitoches.
Lou to Ringgold.
Louisa* to Franklin.

Oscar* to New Roads.
Ossun to Scott.
Ostrica* to New Orleans.
Otis* to Alexandria.
Oxford*!! to Mansfield.

Palmetto*!! to Melville.
Paradis*} to Kenner.
Parcperdue * to Erath.
Parhams* to Jonesville.
Parks to St. Martinsville.
Ludington*!} to De Ridder. j Patoutville to Jeanerette.
Lula* to Mansfield.
Paulina* to Lutcher.
Luna* to Monroe.
Pearl River*!! to Slidell.
Lydia*! to Jeanerette.
Peason* to Hornbeck.

Magda* to Alexandria.
Manifest* to Jena.
Mansura*!! to Marksville.
Marcel* to New Iberia.
Mark* to Addis.
Marthaville*!} to Robeline.
Martin to Cotton Valley
Mason to Winnsboro.
Mathews*! to Raceland.
Maurepas* to Ponchatoula
Maxie* to Crowley.
Mayo to Leesville.
McCall*!! to Donaldson­
McDade* to Shreveport.
McDonoghville*! to Gretna
McIntyre to Minden.
McManus!! to Jackson.

Kingston* to Mansfield.
Kisatchie* to Leesville.
Klotzville* to Paincourtville.
Knight to Leesville.

McNary*t! to Glenmora.
Meeker*!! to Lecompte.
Melder* to Glenmora.
Melrose’1 to Cloutierville.
Meraux* to New Orleans.

Knowles to Dubach.
Kolin to Alexandria.
Koran* to Minden.
Kraemer to Thibodaux.
Krotz Springs*!! to Mel­
Kurthwood*! to Leesville.

Mermentau* to Jennings.
Messick to Coushatta.
Midland*!! to Crowley.
Milldale to Zachary.
Millikin*!} to Lake Provi­
Milton*! to Broussard.

* County Seat.

Oakland* to Strong, Ark.
Oaklawn* to Slidell.
Oaknolia* to Slaughter.
Okaloosa to Eros.
Olga* to New Orleans.
Olive Branch* to Slaughter.
Olivier*} to New Iberia.
Omega* to Tallulah.
Ora to Farmerville.

Lucas*!! to Shreveport.
Lucknow* to Maugham.
Lucky* to Saline.
Lucy* to Reserve.

Kahns* to Port Allen.
Kateland to Colfax.
Keatchie*!} to Shreveport.
Keith ville*!! to Shreveport
Kelly*!! to Grayson.
Kilbourne*!! to Eudora
Kile to Leesville.
Killian* to Ponchatoula.
Killona*!! to Reserve.



La Barre to New Roads.
Lacassine* to Welsh
Lachute to Shreveport.
T.acombe*!} to Slidell.
Lacour* to New Roads.
Lafltte* to Marrero.

Money Order Office.

Pecan Island* to Gueydan.
Peck*!! to Wisner.
Perry* to Abbeville.
Perryville to Bastrop.
Phoenix* to New Orleans.
Pickering*!! to Leesville.
Pilottown* to New Orleans.
Pine Grove*} to Montpelier
Pioneer*!! to Oak Grove.
Pirmont to Coushatta.
Plattenville*!} to Paincourtville.
Plettenberg to St. Francisville.
Point to Choudrant.
Point Bleu to Ville Platte.
iPointe a la Hache*! to
New Orleans.
Point Pleasant* to Newell­
Poley* to Doyle.
Pollock*!! to Alexandria.
Port Barre*!! to Opelousas.
Port Barrow to Donaldson­
Port Eads*! to New Or­
Port Hudson*! to St. Francisville.
Port Vincent* to Denham
Potash* to New Orleans.
Powhatan*!! to Campti.
Poydras! to New Orleans.
Prairieville* to Donaldson­
Pride* to Zachary.
t Telegraph Station

Raccourci* to New Roads.
Ragley*} to De Ridder.
Rattan* to Many.
Ravenswood* to Melville.
Redcross* to Melville.
Reddell* to Ville Platte
Red Fish*! to Moreauville.
Redoak* to Coushatta
Reeves*!} to Kinder.
Reggio Station to Arabl.
Reids* to De Ridder.
Reisor}} to Shreveport.
Reiny* to Lutcher.
Rhinehart* to Jena.
Rhoda* to Morgan City.

Richland (Richland Co.) to
Ridge* to Rayne.
Rio*!! to Bogalusa.
Rita to Raceland.
Riverdale to Hammond.
Riverton*!! to Columbia.
Roanoke*!} to Welsh.
Robert*! to Hammond.
Robson* to Shreveport.
Rochelle*!! to Olla.
Rocky Mount* to Plain
Rodessa*!} to Vivian.
Rogers to Jena.
Rogillionville*! to Baton
Rollins to Shreveport.
Romeville* to Lutcher.
Roosevelt,*! to Tallulah
Rosa*!! to Melville.
Rosedale*!} toWhite Castle.
Rosefleld* to Olla.
Roseland*!! to Amite.
Rosepine*} to De Ridder
Ruby* to Alexandria.
Ruple to Haynesvilie.

Saint Amant* to Baton
St. Bernard* td Arabi.
St. Gabriel*!} to Plaquemine.
Saint James*!! to Vacherie.
Saint Landry*!! to Bunkie.
Saint Maurice*!! to Mont­
St. Patricks* to Vacherie.
Saint Tammany*} to Cov­
Sarepta to Springhill.
Satsuma to Doyle.
Schriever*t! to Thibodaux.
Scotlandville* to Baton
Security* to Jonesville.
Segura* to New Iberia
Selma*}} to Alexandria.
Seymourville to Plaquemine.
Shaw*!! to Ferriday.
Shelburn* to Lake Provi­
Shell Beach to Arabi.
Shongaloo* to Haynesvilie.
Shrewsbury! to New Or­
Shuteston* to Sunset.
Sibley (Webster Co.)*!} to
Sieper to Boyce.
Sikes*} to Winnfleld.
Simmesport*!! to Moreau­
Simpson* to Leesville.
Singer*!! to De Ridder.
Sligo* to Shreveport.
Smoke Bend* to Donald­
Sodus!! to Pleasant Hill.
Sondheimer*!! to Tallulah.
Sorrento*!! to Baton Rouge
South M ansfleld* ! } to
Southport! to New Orleans.
Spearsville to Bernice.
Spencer!! to Monroe.
Springcreek* to Kentwood.
Springfield* to Ponchatoula
Springridge to Shreveport.
iSpringville* to Poncha­
Standard*}} to Olla.
Starhill* to Baton Rouge.
Starks*!! to Lake Charles.
Start* to Rayville.
Sterlington}} to Monroe.
Stille to Boyce.
Stonewall*! to Shreveport.
Strader to Ponchatoula.
Sugartown* to De Ridder.
Summerfleld* to Junction
City, Ark.
Summerville* to Jena.
t Express Office.


8un*tt to Covington.
Sunny Hill* to Kentwood.
Sunrise to Port Allen.
Sunshine* to Plaquemine.
Swartz!! to Monroe.
Swayze Lake to Melville.
Swords to Opelousas.

Taft* to Luling.
Talisheek*tl to Covington.
Tallieu* to Napoleonville.
Tangipahoa*!! to Kent­
wood .
Taylor* to Oibsland.
Taylortown*!! to Shreve­
Temple to Boyce.
Tendal to Tallulah.
Terry* to Oak drove.
Theall* to Abbeville.
Theriot to Houma.
Thomastown* to Tallulah.
Thorn well* to Lake Arthur
Tickfaw*!! to Hammond.
Timon* to Campti.
Tinus* to Greensburg.
Tioga*!! to Alexandria.
Torbert to Opelousas.
Toro* to Many.
Torras*!! to New Roads.
Transylvania*!! to Lake
Trees* to Vivian.
Tremont*!! to Choudrant.
Triumph to New Orleans.
Trout*! to Jena.
Truxno* to Strong. Ark.
Tullos* to Olla.
Tunica to St. Francisville.
Turkey Creek* to
Uneedas* to Covington.
Union* to Donaldson ville.
Unionville to Dubach.
Urania*!! to Olla
Utility* to Jones ville.
Varnado*!! to Angie.
Vatican to Scott.
Velie to Shreveport.
Velma to Independence.
Venice* to New Orleans.
Ventress* to New Roads.
Verda*+i to Colfax.
Verdunvillet to Franklin.
Vernon* to Ruston.
Vick* to Marksville.
Vienna* to Ruston.
Violet* to New Orleans.
Vixen* to Columbia.
Vowells Mills* to Robeline.
Wadesboro to Ponchatoula.
Waggamant! to Gretna.
Wakefield* to Baton Rouge
Waldheim* to Covington.
Walker*!to DenhamSprings
Wallace* to Reserve.
Walls* to Port Allen.
Walnut Hill* to Lees ville.
Walters to Jonesville.
Warnerton*!! to Franklinton.
Watson* to Denham Spring.
Waverly*!! to Delhi.
Waxia* to Washington.
Wrebb to Harrisonburg.
Weeks* to Baldwin.
Weil to Alexandria.
Weiss* to Denham Springs.
Welcome* to Donaldsonville.
Weldon to Bernice.
Wemple* to Mansfield.
Westdale*!! to Coushatta.
Westlake** to Lake Charles
Weyanoke* to Baton Rogue
Whitehall* to Denham
Whiteville* to Bunkie.
WIckliffe* to New Roads.
Wilda* to Boyce.
Wildsville* to Ferriday.
Willets*!! to Vidalia.
Willbite to Monroe.
Williams* to Shreveport.
Willson Landing to Jones­
Wilmer* to Amite.
Wilson*!! to Norwood.
Woodland* to Clinton.
Woodlawn* to Kinder.
Woodside*!! to Melville.
Wood worth* ft to Alexan­
Wright* to Gueydan.
Wyatt*!! to Jonesboro.
Ycloskeyf to Arabi.
Zenoria to Jena.
Zimmerman*!! to Alexan­
Zona* to Franklinton.

Abbott Village*! to Guil­
Acton* to Springvale.
Addison* to Jonesport __

Albany to Bethel.
Albion*! to Unity.
Alexander* to Calais.
AAlfred*!! to Sanford.
Allens Mills to Farmington.
Aina* to Damariscotta.
Altont to Oldtown.
Amherst* to Bangor.
Amityt to Houlton.
Andover* to Rumford.
Anson*t to Madison.
Appleton* to Union.
Argyle to Oldtown.
Arrowsic* to Bath.
Ash Point* to Rockland.
Ashville* to Bar Harbor.
Asticou* to Bar Harbor.
Athens* to Skowhegan.
Atkinson to Dover.
Atlantic* to Ellsworth.
Aurora* to Bangor.
Ayers* to Calais.

Bailey Island* to Bruns­
Bancroft!! to Danforth.
Baring* to Calais.
Barker* to Rangeley.
Bar Mills*!! to West Bux­
Barnard to Milo.
Baypoint* to Bath.
Bayside* (Waldo Co.) to
Bay ville* to Boothbay Har­
Beach wood to Biddeford.
Beals* to Jonesport.
Beaver Pond to Rangeley.
Belgrade*!! to Oakland.
Belgrade Lakes* to Oak­
Belmont to Belfast
Benedicta* to Patten.
Benton*! to Fairfield.
Benton Station* to Fairfield .
Bernard* to Bar Harbor.
Berry Mills* to Dixfiehl.
Berwick* to Somersworth,
N. H.
Biddeford Pool* to Bidde­
ford .
Birches* to Rangeley.
Harbor* to Bar
Birch Island*! to Bruns­
Blaine*! to Mars Hill.
Blanchard*!! to Guilford.
Bluehill* to Ellsworth.
Bluehill Falls* to Ellsworth.
Bolsters Mills* to Norway.
Boothbay* to Boothbay
Bowdoin to Richmond.
Bowdoinham*!! to Bruns­
Bowerbank* to DoverFoxcroft.
Bowery Beach to Portland.
Boyd Lake to Milo.
Bradbury! to Fort Kent.
Bradford*!! to Bangor.
Bradford Center* to Milo.
Bradley* to Oldtown.
Branch Mills to Augusta.
Bremen to Waldoboro.
Bridgewater Center* to
Mars Hill.
Brighton* (Somerset Co.)to
Bristol* to New Castle.
Broad Cove* to Waldoboro
Brooklin*! to Ellsworth.
Brooks*!! to Belfast.
Brooksville* to Bucksport.
Brookton* to Danforth.
Brownfield* to Bridgton.
Brownville*!! to Milo.
Bryant Pond*!! to Bethel.
Bucks Harbor* to Machias.
Bucksport Center!! to
Burdin to Guilford.
Burkettville* to Union.
Burlington* to Oldtown.
Burnham*! to Pittsfield.
Bustins Island*! to Free­
[ Buxton*! to West Buxton.
Cambridge* to Dexter.
Camp Ellis! to Saco.
Canaan* to Skowhegan.
Canton*!! to Livermore
Canton Point* to Liver­
more Falls.
Cape Cottage* to Portland.
Cape Elizabeth to Portland.
Cape Neddick* to York Vil­
Capens* to Greenville.
Cape Porpoise* to Kenne­
Cape Rozier* to Belfast.
Capitol* to Bath.
Caratunk* to Bingham.
Cardville* to Oldtown.
Carmel*!! to Bangor.
Carrabasset! to Farmington.
Carroll* to Lincoln.
Carson Siding to WTashburn
Casco*+ to Mechanic Falls.
Casha Corner to Portland.
Castine*!! to Belfast.
Caswell Plantation to Lime
Cathance* to Brunswick.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.


banking points

Cedar* to Calais.
Cedar Grove to Richmond.
Center Belmont to Belfast.
Center Lovell* to Fryeburg.
Center Montville to Belfast
Chamberlain* to Damaris­
Chapman to Presque Isle.
Charleston* to Bangor.
Charlotte to Calais
Cbebeague Island*!! to
Chelsea to Augusta.
Chester to Lincoln.
Chesterville* to Farmington.
Chesuncook* to Greenville.
China*! to Waterville.
Chisholm* to Livermore
Christmas Cove* to Damariscotta.
City Point* to Belfast.
Clark Island* to Rockland.
Clarks Mill to West Buxton
Cleveland to Fort. Kent.
Cliff Island*! to Portland.
Clifton* to Bangor.
Clinton*!! to Waterville.
Columhiat! to Jonesport.
Columbia F'alls*+! to JonesDort.
Connor to Caribou.
Convene* to Bridgton
Cook Mills*!! to Bridgton.
Coopers Mills*! to Augusta
C orea* to Bar Harbor.
Cornish*!! to Limerick.
Cornville to Skowhegan.
Costigan*i! to Oldtown.
Cousins Island*! to Port­
Cranberry Isles* to Bar
Crawford*! to Calais.
Crescent Lake* to Bridgton
Criehaven* to Rockland.
Crouseville* to Washburn.
Crystal! to Island Falls.
Cumberland Center*!! to
Cumberland Foreside
Cundys Harbor* to Bruns­
Curtis Corner*! to Lewiston
Cushing to Tliomaston.
Cutler* to Machias.

Daigle* to Fort Kent.
Dallas* to Rangeley.
Damariscotta Mills*!! to
Damascus to Bangor.
Danville Junction!! to
Dark Harbor*! to Belfast.
Davidson*!! to Millinocket
Deadwater* to Bingham.
Deblois* to Ellsworth.
Dedham to Bangor
Deering! to Portland.
Deering Center! to Port­
Deer Isle* to Rockland.
Denmark* to Bridgton.
Dennysville*!! to Eastport.
Derby*!! to Milo.
Detroit*!! to Pittsfield.
Dickey to Fort Kent.
Dlxmont* to Newport
Dorman to Cherryfield.
Douglas Hill*! to Portland.
Dover South Mills to Dover
Dresden* to Richmond
Dresden Mills* to Rich­
Dryden* to Wilton.
Dry Mills* to Portland.
Durham to Auburn.

Head Tide*! to Wiscasset.
Hebron* to MechanF' Falls.
Hebron Station* to Me­
chanic Falls.
Hermon to Bangor.
Heron Island to Boothbay
Herricks to Ellsworth.
Higgins Beach to Portland.
Highland Lake to West­
Highpine*! to North Ber­
Hillside* to Bridgton.
Hinckley*!! to Skowhegan.
Hiram*!! to Portland.
Hodgdon* to Houlton.
Holden!! to Bangor.
Holeb*!! to Greensville.
Hollis Center to West Bux­
Hope* to Camden.
Howes Corner* to Auburn.
Hudson!! to Bangor.
Hulls Cove* to Bar Harbor.
Indian River* to Jonesport.
Intervale* to Auburn.
Isle Au Haut* to Rockland.
Islesboro* to Belfast.
Islesford* to Bar Harbor.

Eddington to Bangor.
Eden to Bar Harbor.
Edes Falls to Bridgton.
Edgecomb* to Wiscasset.
Edmunds to Eastport.
Eggemoggin* to Rockland.
Eliot*!! to Portsmouth,
N. H.
Ellingwood Corner to Ban­
Ellsworth Falls*! to Ells­
Emery Mills* to Springvale
Enfield*!! to Oldtown.
Etna*!! to Newport.
Eustis* to Rangeley.
Exeter* to Dexter.
Exeter Mills to Dexter.

Jackman to Jackman Sta­
Jackson to Belfast.
Jacksonville*! to Machias.
Jay*! to Livermore Falls.
Jefferson* to Waldoboro.
Jemtland*!! to Caribou.
Jonesboro* to Jonesport.

Katahdin Iron Works
Keegan*!! to Van Buren.
Kenduskeag* to Bangor.
Kennebago! to Rangeley.
Kennebago Lake* to Rangeley.
Kennebunk Beach*!! to
Kennebunk Port*!! to Ken­
Kents Hill* to Winthrop
Kineo*! to Greenville.
Kingman*!! to Danforth.
Kingsbury to Guilford.
Kittery Depot* to Kittery.
Kittery Point*!! to Kittery
Knightville to Portland.
Knox to Unity.
Kokadjo* to Greenville.

Fairbanks to Farmington.
Fairfield Center* to Fairfield.
Fairmount to Fort Fairfield
Falmouth to Portland.
Farmington Falls* to Farm­
Fayette* to Winthrop.
Fayette Corner to Win­
Five Islands* to Bath.
Flagstaff* to PhilliDs.
Forest City* to Danforth.
Fortunes Rock to Bidde­
Frankfort*!! to Searsport.
Franklin*!! to Ellsworth
Franklin Road! to Ells­
Freedom* to Unity.
Freeman to Farmington.
French boro* to Bar Harbor
Friendship* to Waldoboro.
Frye*! to Rumford.

Garland* to Dexter.
Georgetown* to Bath.
Gilead*!! to Bethel.
Glen Cove* to Rockland.
Glendon to Waldoboro
Glenmere to Rockland.
Goodrich! to Fort Fairfield.
Goodwin's Mills to Bidde­
Gouldsboro* to Ellsworth.
Grand Isle*! to Van Buren.
Grand Lake Stream* to
Grants* to Rangeley.
Gray* to Portland.
Great Works*!! to Oldtown
Greenbush to Oldtown
Greene*!! to Lewiston.
East Dover*! to Dover.
to Oldtown
East Eddington* to Bangor I Greenfield*
Green Lake*!! to Bangor
East Edgecomb* to Dama­
Greenville Junction*! to
East Franklin* to Ellsworth
Greenwood to Bethel.
East Friendship to ThomasGrimes to Caribou.
MilliEast Gray* to Portland.
East Hampden to Bangor.
Griswold*! to Ashland.
East Harp swell to Bruns­
Groveville to Saco.
Guerette to Caribou.
East Hiram* to Fryeburg.
East Holden* to Bangor.
Haines Landing* to RangeEast Jackson to Belfast.
East Knox to Belfast
Hale to Rumford.
East Lamoine to Ellsworth.
Halldale to Unity.
East Lebanon*!! to San­
Hall Quarry* to Bar Harbor
Money Order Office.

Halls Mills to Machias.
Hamlin* to Van Buren.
Hampden*! to Bangor.
Hampden Highlands* to
Hancock*!! to Ellsworth.
Hancock Point* to Ells­
Hahover* to Rumford.
Harbor to Fryeburg.
Harborside* to Belfast.
Harmony*!! to Pittsfield.
Harpswell Center to Bruns­
Harrington*!! to Jonesport
Hartland*!! to Pittsfield.
Haynes ville* to Danforth.

East Limington* to Limer­
East Livermore*! to Liver­
more Falls
East Lowell to Oldtown.
East Machias*! to Machias.
East Madison to SkowheKan.
East Millinocket*!! toMillinocket.
East Monmouth to Winthrop.
East Newport*!! to New­
East New Portland* to
East Northport to Belfast.
East Orland* to Bucksport.
East Orrington! to Bangor.
East Otisfleld to Norway.
East Parsonfield* to Limerick.
East Peru*! to Dixfield.
East Pittston to Gardiner.
East Poland* to Auburn.
East Raymond to Portland.
East Sebago* to Bridgton.
East Stoneham* to Norway
East Sullivan* to Bar
East Sumner*!! to Buckfield.
East Surry* to Ellsworth.
East Troy to Unity.
East Union* to Union.
East Vassalboro* to Water­
East Waldoboro to Waldo­
East Warren to Thomaston
East Waterboro*!! to San­
East Waterford*to Norway.
East. Wilton*!! to Farm­
East Winn* to Lincoln. .
East Winthrop* to Winthrop.
Eaton*! to Danforth.

Eagle Lake*!! to FortKent.
East Andover* to Rumford.
East Auburn to Auburn.
East Baldwin*!! to Port­
East Bangor to Bangor.
East Benton to Fairfield.
East Bethel to Bethel.
East Blue Hill* to Ells­
East Boothbay* to Boothbay Harbor.
Eastbrook to Ellsworth.
East Brownfield*! to Frye­
East Corinth* to Bangor.
East Dixfield* to Wilton.
East Dixmont to Bangor.

t Telegraph Station.


La Grange*!! to Milo.
Lake Moxie*!! to Bing­
Lake Parlin to Jackman
Lambert Lake*! to Dan­
Lamoine to Ellsworth.
Larone to Norridgewock.
Larrabee* to Machias.
Lawry* to Waldoboro.
Lebanon to Sanford.
Lee* to Lincoln.
Leeds* to Livermore Falls.
Leeds Junction*!! to Lewis­
Levant* to Bangor.
Lexington to Madison.
Liberty to Belfast.
Ligonia! to Portland.
Lille*! to Van Buren.
Limington* to Limerick.




Lincoln Center*! to Lincoln
Lincolnville* to Camden.
Lincolnville Center* to
Liuneus* to Houlton.
Lisbon*!! to Lisbon Falls.
Lisbon Center* to Lisbon
Litchfield* to Gardiner.
Litchfield Corners to Rich­
Little Deer Isle* to Rock­
Littlejohn Island*! to Port­
Littleton!! to Houlton.
Livermore* to Livermore
Livermore Center to Liver­
more Falls.
Locke Mills*!! to Bethel.
t Express Office



Longcove* to Thomaston.
Long Island to Portland.
Loon Lake to Rangeley.
Loudville* to Damarlscotta
Lovell* to Brldgton.
Lowell* to Oldtown.
Ludlow*!! to Houlton.
Lyman to Blddeford.
MachlasDort* to Machlas.
Macwahoc* to Island Falls.
Madison Center to Madi­
Madrid* to Phillips.
Magalloway Plantation to
Colebrook, N. H.
Mainstream*! to Pittsfield.
Manchester* to Augusta.
Manset* to Bar Harbor.
Maple Grove*! to Fort
Mapleton*!! to Presque Isle
Maplewood* to Limerick.
Maranacook*!! to Winthrop.
Marion to Machlas.
Martinsville to Thomaston.
Masardis*!! to Ashland
Matagamon* to Patten.
Matinicus* to Rockland.
Mattawamkeag*!! to Lin­
Mattocks! to Kezar Falls.
Maysville to Caribou.
Meddybemps to Calais.
Medford*! to Milo.
Medford Center* to Milo.
Medomak* to Waldoboro.
Medway* to Milljnocket.
Mercer* to Norridgework.
Merepolnt* to Brunswick.
Mexico* to Rumford.
Middle Dam* to Rumford
Millbridge* to Machlas.
Milford*! to Oldtown.
Mllltown*! to Calais.
Millvale to Bucksport.
Milo Junction to Milo.
Milton Plantation to Bethel
Minot* to Auburn.
Minturn* to Rockland.
Monarda* (Silver Ridge
Plantation) to Patten.
Monhegan* to Boothbay
Monmouth*!! to Winthrop
Monroe* to Belfast.
Monson*!! to Guilford.
Monticello*!! to Houlton.
Montville* to Belfast.
Moody* to Kennebunk.
Moosehead* to Greenville.
Moose River* to Guilford.
Morrill* to Belfast.
Moscow! to Bingham.
Mountainvlew* to Rangeley.
Mountainville to Ellsworth.
Mount Desert* to Bar
Mount Desert Ferry*!! to
Bar Harbor.
Mount Vernon* to Augusta

Naples* to Brldgton.
Newagen* to Boothbay
Newburg to Bangor.
Newburg Center to Bangor.
Newcastle* to Wiscasset.
Newfleld* to Limerick.
New Gloucester*!! to Au­
New Harbor* to Damariscotta.
New Limerick*!! to Houl­
New Portland* to Farmington.
Newry to Bethel.
New Sharon* to Farmington.
New Sweden*!! to Caribou.
New Sweden Station to
New Vineyard* to Farm­
Nobleboro*! to Damarls­
Norcross!! to Mllllnocket
North Amity*to Houlton.
North Anson*!! to Madison
North Appleton* to Union.
North Auburn to Auburn.
North Baldwin* to Bridgton.
North Belgrade*!! to Oak­
North Bethel to Bethel.
North Bradford* to MUo.
North Brewer to Bangor.
North Brldgton*! to Bridgton.
North Brooklin* to Ells­
NorthBrooksville* toBucksport.
North Buckfleld to Buckfield.
N. Bucksport to Bucksport.
North Carmel to Bangor.
North Castine* to Belfast.

NorthChesterville*to Farm­
North Cornville to Skowhegan.
North Deerlng! to Portland
North Deer Isle*! to Rock­
North Dexter* to Dexter
North Dlxmont* toNewport
Northeast Carry* to Green­
Northeast Harbor*! to Bar
North Edgecomb* to Wis­
North Ellsworth to Ells­
Northern Maine Junction!
to Bangor.
North Fayette to Liver­
more Falls.
Northfleld* to MachlasNorth Fryeburg* to Fryeburg.
North Gorham* to West­
North Gray to Portland.
North Guilford to Guilford.
North Hancock to Ells­
North Harpswell to Bruns­
North Haven* to Rockland.
North Islesboro* to Belfast.
North Jay*!! to Wilton.
N. Kennebunkport to Ken­
North Leeds*!! to Liver­
more Falls.
North Limlngton to Lime­
North Livermore* to Liver­
more Falls.
North Lovell* to Brldgton.
North Lubec* to Lubec.
North Lyndon to Caribou.
North Monmouth* to Win­
North Newburg to Bangor.
North Newcastle* to Wis­
North Newport to Newport
North New Portland* to
North Newry* to Bethel.
North Orrington to Bangor.
North Paris to South Paris.
North Parsonfleld to Kezar
North Penobscot* to Bucks­
North Perry to Eastport.
North Pittston to Gardiner.
Northport* to Belfast.
North Raymond* toAuburn
North Scarboro to West­
North Searsmont to Belfast
North Sebago* to Brldgton.
North Sedgwick* to Ells­
North Shapleigh* to Lime­
North Sullivan* to Ells­
North Turner* to Auburn.
North Vassalboro* to Waterville.
North Waldoboro* to Wal­
North Warren to Warren.
North Waterforo* to Lime­
North Waterford* to Nor­
North Wayne* to Winthrop
North Whltefleld*! to Gar­
North Windham* to Port­
North WInter port toBangor
North Yarmouth*! to Yar­
Norway Lake*! to Norway.

Oakfleld*!! to Houlton.
Ocean Park* to Saco.
Ocean Point* to Boothbay
Oceanville *to Rockland.
Olamon*!! to Oldtown.
Old Orchard*!! to Saco.
Onawa*! to Greenville.
Oquossoc*!! to Rumford.
Orient* to Danforth.
Orland* to Bucksport.
Orrington* to Bangor.
Orrington Center to Bangor
Orrs Island* to Portland.
Otis to Ellsworth.
Otisfleld* to Norway.
Otter Creek to Bar Harbor.
Ouellette to Fort Kent.
Owls Head* to Rockland.
Oxbow* to Ashland.
Oxford*! to Mechanic Falls

Palermo*! to Augusta.
Palmyra* to Newport.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Paris*! to South Paris
Parker Head* to Bath.
Parkman* to Guilford.
Parsons field to Limerick.
Passadumkeag*!! to Old­
Peak Island* to Portland.
Pejepscot*! to Brunswick.
Pemaquid* to Damarls­
Pemaquid Beach* to Damariscotta.
Pemaquid Harbor* to Damariscotta.
Pemaquid Point* to Dam­
Pembroke*!! to Eastport.
Penobscot* to Bucksport.
Perham*! to Caribou.
Perry*! to Eastport.
Peru*! to Rumford.
Phalr*! to Presque Isle.
Phippsburg* to Bath.
Pine Point*!! to Saco.
Pittston! to Gardiner.
Plaisted*! to Fort Kent.
Pleasantdale! to Portland.
Pleasant l sland* to Rangeley.
Pleasant Point* to Thomas­
Pleasant Pond to Bingham.
Plymouth* to Newport.
Poland*!! to Mechanic
Pond Cove to Portland.
Popham Beach* to Bath.
Portage*!! to Fort Kent.
Port Clyde* to Thomaston.
Porter* to Kezar Falls
Pownal! to Yarmouth.
Prentiss* to Danforth.
Prides Corner to Portland.
Princeton*!! to Calais.
Pripet* to Belfast.
Prospect to Stockton
Prospect Ferry to Bucks­
Prospect Harbor* to Bar
Prouts Neck* to Portland.
Pulpit Harbor* to Rock­

Randolph to Gardiner.
Raymond* to Portland.
Razorville to Waldoboro.
Readfleld* to Winthrop.
Readfield Depot*! to Win­
Red Beach* to Calais.
Redding* to Buckfleld.
Richmond Corner* to Rich­
Rldlonville* to Rumford.
Riley* to Livermore Falls.
Ripley* to Dexter.
Riverside! to Augusta.
Robbinston* to Calais.
Roblnhood* to Bath
Robinsons*! to Mars Hill.
Rockville* to Rockland.
Rockwood* to Greenville.
Rome to Farmington.
Roque Bluffs* to Machlas.
Round Pond* to Damarls­
Roxbury*! to Rumford.
Rumford Center* to Rum­
Rumford Corner to Rum­
Rumford Falls to Rumford.
Rumford Point* to Rum­

Sabattus*!! to Auburn.
Sabbathday Lake* to Au­
Saint Agatha* to Van
Saint Albans*t to Pittsfield.
Saint David*! to Van
Saint Francis*!! to Fort
Saint George* to Thomas­
Saint John Plantation to
Fort Kent.!
Salem*! to Phillips.
Salisbury Cove to Bar
Sandy Creek*! to Brldgton.
Sandypoint*!! to Stockton
Sangervllle*! to Guilford.
Sargentville*! to Ellsworth.
Scarboro* to Portland.
Scarboro Beach!! to Port­
Seal Cove* to Southwest
Seal Harbor*! to Bar
Searsmont* to Belfast
Sebago Lake*!! to Port­
Sebasco* to Bath.
Sebec* to Dover.
Sebec Station*! to Dover.
Seboels*!! to Milo.
Money Order Office.

Sedgwick*!! to Ellsworth.
Selden* to Danforth.
Shapleigh Corner* to San­
Shawmut*! to Fairfield.
Sheepscot* to Newcastle.
Sheridan*! to Ashland.
Sherman*! to Mllllnocket.
Sherman Mills*! to Patten.
Sherman Station* to Patten
Shin Pond* to Patten.
Shirley Mills*!! to Guilford
Sidney to Augusta.
Silvers Mills*! to Dexter.
Sinclair to Fort Kent.
Skinner*!! to Greenville.
Small Point* to Bath.
Small Point Beach* toBath.
Smlthfleld* to Oakland.
Smyrna Mills*!! to Houl­
Snow Corner to Bangor.
Soldier Pond*!! to Fort
Solon*!! to Bingham.
Somerville to Augusta.
Songo Lock to Brldgton.
Sorrento*! to Bar Harbor.
South Addison to Machlas.
South Andover to Rumford
South Bancroft! to Dan­
S. Bluehill* to Ellsworth.
South Brewer*!! to Bangor.
S. Brldgton* to Brldgton.
South Bristol* to Boothbay
S. Brooksville* to Ellsworth
South Casco* to Portland.
South China* to Augusta.
South Corinth to Bangor.
South Cushing* to Thomas­

Sumner* to Buckfleld.
Sunset* to Ellsworth.
Sunshine* to Rockland.
Surry* to Ellsworth.
Swans Island* to Bar
Swanville* to Searsport.
Sweden to Brldgton.
Temple* to Farmington.
The Forks* to Bingham.
Thorndike*!! to Unity.
Thornton Heights to Port­
Thorofare to Greenville.
Tim to Rangeley.
Togust to Augusta.
Topsfleld* to Danforth.
Topsham* to Brunswick.
Trefethen to Portland
Tremont* to Bar Harbor.
Trenton to Ellsworth.
Trescott to Lubec.
Trevett* to Boothbay Har­
Troy* to Unity.
Troy Center to Unity.
Turner* to Auburn.
Turner Center* to Auburn.

Unlonville*!! to Machlas.
Upper Dam* to Rangeley
Upper Frenchvllle* to Fort
Upper Gloucester* to Au­
Upton* to Bethel.
Vanceboro*!! to Danforth.
Vassalboro*! to Waterville.
Veazie! to Bangor.
Vienna* to Farmington.

S. Eliot* to Kittery.
South Freeport* to Freeport
S. Gardiner*!! to Gardiner.
S. Gouldsboro* to Ells­
S. Harpswell* to Portland.
S. Hiram* to Kezar Falls.
South Hollis to West Bux­
South Hope*! to Union.
South Jefferson* to Damar­
South La Grange!! to Old­
South Lebanon to Roches­
ter. N. H.
South Levant to Bangor.
South Liberty to Belfast.
South Limington to Lime­
South Lincoln* to Lincoln.
South Livermore to Liver­
more Falls.
South Monmouth to Win­
South Newburg to Bangor.
South Orland to Bucksport.
S. Orrington*!! to Bangor.
S. Penobscot* to Bucksport
South Poland* to Auburn.
Southport*! to Boothbay
South Robbinston to Calais
South Sanford to Sanford.
S. Springfield to Lincoln.
S. Thomaston* to Rockland
S. Union*! to Rockland.
S. Waldoboro to Waldoboro
S. Warren* to Thomaston.
S. Waterford* to Brldgton.
South West Harbor*! to
Bar Harbor.
South Windsor to Augusta.
South Woodstock to South
Spaulding to Washburn.
Spencer* to Rangeley.
Spragues Mill to Easton.
Springfield* to Lincoln.
Spruce Head* to Rockland.
Squa Pan!! to Ashland.
Squirrel Island*! to Boothbay Harbor.
Stacyville to Patten.
Standish* to Westbrook.
Starboard to Machlas.
Starks* to Madison.
Steep Falls*!! to Portland.
Stetson* to Newport.
Steuben* to Cherryfleld.
Stevensville to Fort Fairfield.
Stickney Corner to Waldo­
Stillwater* to Oldtown.
Stockholm*!! to Caribou.
Stow to Brldgton.
Stratton* to Rangely.
Strickland*!! to Livermore
Strong*!! to Phillips.
Stroudwater*! to Portland.
Sugar Island* to Greenville.
Sullivan! to Bar Harbor
1 Telegraph Station.

Waite* to Calais.
Waldo! to Belfast.
Wales to Lewiston.
Walnut Hill*! to Yarmouth
Walpole* to Damarlscotta.
Waltham to Ellsworth.
Washington* (Knox Co.) to
Waterboro*!! to Springvale.
Waterboro Center to Lim­
Waterford* to Norway.
Wayne* to Winthrop.
W ebhannet* to Kenne­
Webster (Penobscott Co.)
to Orono.
Weeks Mills*! to Augusta.
Welchvllle* to Mechanic
Weld* to Wilton.
Wellington* to Guilford.
Wells* to Kennebunk.
Wells Beachf! to Kenne­
Wellsbranch to Kennebunk
Wesley* to Machlas.
West Athens to Skowhegan.
W. Baldwin*!! to Portland.
West Bath to Bath.
West Bethel*! to Bethel.
West Boothbay Harbor* to
Boothbay Harbor.
West Bowdoln* to Lisbon
W. Brooklin* to Ellsworth.
W. Brooksville* to Belfast.
West Charleston to Dexter.
West Cumberland to Port­
W. Dresden* to Richmond.
W. Eden to Bar Harbor.
West Enfield* to Oldtown.
W. Falmouth to Portland.
West Farmington*! to
Westfield*!! to Mars Hill.
West Forks to Bingham.
W. Franklin* to Ellsworth.
West Gardiner to Gardiner.
West Garland to Dexter.
W. Gorham to Westbrook.
W. Gouldsboro* to Ells­
West Gray to Portland.
West Hampden to Bangor.
W. Harpswell to Brunswick.
W. Jonesport* to Jonesport.
W. Kennebunk*! to Kenne­
West Lebanon*! to Roches­
ter, N. H.
West Leeds to Lewiston.
West Lubec*! to Lubec.
West Mills* to Farmington.
West Minot*!! to Auburn.
West Newfleld* to Limerick.
W. Outlet* to Greenville.
W. Paris*!! to South Paris.
W. Pembroke* to Eastport.
W. Penobscot to Bucksport
W. Peru* to Rumford Falls.
West Point to Bath.
West Poland* to Mechanic
Westport to Wiscasset.
W. Rockport* to Rockport,
W. Scarboro* to Portland.
W. Sedgwick to Ellsworth.
t Express Office.


W. Southport* to Booth bay
W. Sullivan* to Ellsworth.
West Sumner* to Buckfleld.
West Surry to Ellsworth.
West Tremont* to Bar
West Troy to Unity.
W. Waldoboro to Waldoboro.
W Warren to Waldoboro.
W. Washington* to Waldo­
W. Winterport to Bucksport.
Whitefleld*! to Gardiner.
White Rock!! to Portland.
Whiting* to Lubec.
Whitneyville*!! to Machlas
Willardt to Portland.
Willtmantic to Dover.
Windham Center to West­
Windsor to Augusta.
Wlndsorvllle* to Augusta.
Winn*!! to Lincoln.
Wlnnecook to Unity.
Winnegance to Bath.
Winslow* to Waterville.
Winslows Mills*! to Waldo­
Winter Harbor* to Bar
Winterport*!! toBucksport
Wlnterville*! to Fort Kent.
Woodsfordsf to Portland.
Woodland (Aroostook Co.)
to Caribou.
Woodland (WashingtonCo)
*!! to Calais.
Woolwich*!! to Bath.
Wyman to Bar Harbor.
Wytopitlock*!! to Danforth.
Yarmouth Junction!! to
York Beach*!! to York
York Harbor*! to York

Abell to Leonardtown.
Abingdon* to Bel Air.
Accident* to Friendsvllle.
Accokeek* to La Plata.
Adelina* to Prince Fred­
Ady to Bel Air.
Aiken*! to Perryville.
Airedele* to Leonardtown.
Aireys*f! to Cambridge.
Alberton*! to Elllcott City.
Aldino to Havre de Grace.
Alesia*! to Manchester.
Allen* to Fruitland.
Allens Fresh to La Plata.
Alpha to Sykesville.
Altamontt to Oakland.
American Corners to Federalsburg.
Andersontown to Denton.
Andrews to Wingate.
Annapolis Junction* to
Antietamf! to Sharpsburg.
Aquasco* to Upper Marl­
Arbutust to Baltimore.
Arlington*!! to Baltimore.
Arnold*! to Annapolis.
Asbestos*! to Reisterstown.
Ash to Clearspring.
Ashland* (Baltimore Co.)
to Cockeysville.
Ashton* to Sandy Spring.
Atholton to Ellicott City.
Avalon* to Tilghman.
Avenue to Mechanicsville.
Avilton* to Lonaconing.

Baden* to Brandywine.
Bakersville to Keedysville.
Baldwin* to Bel Air.
Balnew* to St. Helena.
Barclay*!! to Sudlersville.
Bark-Hill to Union Bridge.
Barnesville* to Poolesville.
Barrellville to Mount Sav­
Barstow* to Prince Fred­
Bartholows* to Monrovia.
Bay Ridge to Annapolis.
Bayview to North East.
Beachville* to Leonard­
Beallsville* to Poolesville.
Beauvue to Leonardtown.
Beaver Creek to Hagers­
Beaverdaml to Pocomoke
Beckleysville to Hampstead
Bel Alton* to La Plata.
Belcamp*!! to Bel Air.
Bellegrove to Hancock

Bellevue*! to Oxford.
Beltsville*! to Laurel.
Benedict*! to Hughesville.
Benevola to Boonsboro.
Bengies* to Baltimore.
Benson* to Bel Air.
Bentley Springs*! to Parkton.
Berkley*! to Port Deposit.
Berrett to Woodbine.
Berwyn*! to Hyattsville.
Bethlehem*!! to Preston.
Big Pool*!! to Clear Spring.
Big Spring* to Clear Spring.
Birdsville to Annapolis.
Bishop*!! to Bishopville.
Bishops Head* to Wingate.
Bittinger* to Grantsville.
Bivalve* to Nanticoke.
Black*!! to Chestertown.
Bladensburg* to Hyatts­
Blakistone* to Leonard­
Bloomington* to Piedmont.
W. Va.
Blueball to Elkton.
Blythedale to Port Deposit.
Bollver to Middletown.
Boring* to Fowblesburg.
Bowen* to Prince Frederick
Boxiron to Girdle Tree.
Boyds*!! to Gaithersburg.
Bozman* to St. Michaels.
Bradbury Heights to Seat
Heights*! to
Bradshaw*! to Bel Air.
Branch ville! to Hyatts­
Breathedsvllle* to Hagers­
Brentwood*! to Hyattsville
Bridgetown to Greensboro.
Brighton to Sandy Spring.
Brinklow*! to Sandy
Britton* to Leonardtown.
Brooklandvllle*! to Towson
Brookview to Hurlock.
Broomes Island. to Prince
Brown to Upper Marlboro.
Browningsville to Monrovia
Brownsville* to Keedysville
Bryans Road* to Indian
Bryantown* to Hughesville
Buckeystown*! to FredBucklodge*! to Gaithers­
Bucktown to Cambridge.
Budds Creek to Mechanics­
Burkittsville* to Middletown.
Burnt Mills to Silver
Burrisville to Centerville.
Burrsvllle to Denton.
Burtonsville* to Laurel.
Bushwood to Leonardtown.
Butler* to Cockeysville.

Cabin John* to Washing­
ton, D. C.
California* to Leonardtown
Calvary to Bel Air.
Calvert to Rising Sun.
Camp Springs to Upper
Capitol Heights* to Seat
Cardiff* to Delta, Pa.
Carmichael* to Queenstown
Carny! to Towson.
Carrollton* to Westminster
Cascade* to Blue Ridge
Summit, Pa.
Castleton* to Darlington.
Catoctin Furnace to Thurmont.
Cavetown* to Smithsburg.
Cayots to Chesapeake City.
Cearfoss to Hagerstown.
Cedargrove to Gaithers­
Hill to
Cedartown to Snow Hill.
Cedarville* to Brandywine.
Champ* to Princess Anne.
Chance* to Deals Island.
Chaney*! to Owings.
Chaptico* to Mechanics­
Charlestown*! to North
Charlesville to Frederick.
Charlotte Hall*! to Me­
Charlton* to Clear Spring.
Chase*!! to Baltimore.
Cheltenham*! to Upper
Cherry Hill to Elkton.
Chesapeake Beach*! to
Chester*t! to Stevensville.
Chesterville to Millington.
Chevy Chase*!! to Ken­
Chewsville*! to Hagers­
Chicamuxen to La Plata.
Childs*!! to Elkton.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County Seat.

Chillum to Washington. D.

Choptank* to Preston.
Church Creek* to Cam­
Churchton* to Annapolis.
Churchvllle* to Bel Air.
Claiborne*!! to St. Mi­
Clara* to Nanticoke.
Clarksburg* to Gaithers­
Clayton* to Bel Air.
Clements* to Leonardtown.
Coleman to Betterton.
Colesville* to Silver Spring.
Colgate! to Baltimore.
College Park*! to Hyatts­
Colmar Manor to Mount
Colora*!! to Rising Sun.
Columbia to Ellicott City.
Compton* to Leonardtown.
Comus* to Poolesville.
Concord to Denton.
Conococheague to Hagers­
Conowlngo*!! to Port DeDosit.

Cooksville* to Sykesville.
Corbett*! to Cockeysville.
Cornersville* to Cambridge
Corriganville* to Cumber­
Costent! to PocomokeCity.
Coster* to Solomons.
Cottage City to Hyattsville
Cove Point to Molomons.
Cover to New Windsor.
Cowentown to Newark,
Coxs Station to La Plata.
Crapo* to Wingate.
Creagerstown to Thurmont
Crellin* to Oakland.
Cresaptown to Cumberland
Creswell to Bel Air.
Crocheron* to Wingate.
Croome* to Upper Marl­
Croom Station*! to Upper
Cropley to Georgetown,
D. C.
Cross Roads* to La Plata.
Crumpton* to Millington.
Curtis Bay*!! to Baltimore.
Daisy to Woodbine.
Dameron* to Leonardtown.
Dames Quarter* to Princess
Dares Wharf to Prince
Dargan to Harpers Ferry,
W. Va.
Darnestown to Gaithers­
Davidsonville* to Annapo­
Dawsonville* to Pooles­
Day to Woodbine.
Daysville to Walkersville.
Dayton* to Highland.
Deale* to Annapolis.
Deerfield! to Thurmont.
Deer Park*! to Oakland.
Delight to Reistertown.
Dentsville* to La Plata.
Derwood*! to Rockville.
Dickerson*t! to Frederick.
Dodson* to Kitzmiller.
Doncaster* to La Plata.
Dorsey* to Laurel.
Douhs* to Adamstown.
Dowell to Solomons.
Downes*!! to Ridgely.
Downsville to Williamsport
Drawbridge to Vienna.
Drayden* to Leonardtown.
Drury to Upper Marlboro.
Dry Run to Hagerstown.
Dublin to Darlington.
DuBois* to Mechanicsville.
Dunkirk* to Owings.
Dynard to Leonardtown.
Earleigh Heights* to An­
Earleville* to Cecilton.
Earlton to Havre de Grace.
Eastport*!! to Annapolis.
Eastview to Westminster.
Eckhart Mines*! to Frostburg.
Eden*!! to Fruitland.
Edesville to Chestertown.
Edgemont*!! to Smiths­
Edgewater* to Annapolis.
Edgewood*! to Aberdeen.
Edmonston* to Hyattsville.
Ednor* to Rockville.
Eldersburg to Sykesville.
Eldorado to Hurlock.
Elk Mills*! to Elkton.
Elkridge*! to Catonsville.
Ellerslie* to Cumberland.
Ellerton to Myersville.
Elliott* to Vienna.
Ellwood!! to Preston
Elvaton! to Annapolis.
Emmorton* to Bel Air.
Engles Mills to Friendsvllle
English Consul to Balti­
Etchison to Gaithersburg.
Ewell* to Crisfleld.
Money Order Office.

Fairbank* to Tilghman.
Fairfield*! to Baltimore.
Fair Haven* to Owings.
Fair Hill to Elkton.
Fairland to Laurel.
Fairlee to Chestertown
Falrmount* to Princess
Washington, D. C.
Fair Play* (Washington) to
Fairview to Hagerstown.
Fallston* to Bel Air.
Farmington to Rising Sun.
Faulkner* to La Plata.
Feagaville to Frederick.
Fearer* to Friendsvllle.
Ferndale to Glenburnto.
Finchville to Federalsburg.
Finksburg* to Westminster.
Finzel* to Frostburg.
Flint Stone* to Cumber­
Flintvllle to Delta, Pa.
Florence to Woodbine.
Forest Glen*!! to Kensing­
Foreston to Hampstead.
Forestville to Upper Marl­
Fork* to Bel Air.
Fort Foote to Washington,
D. C.
Fort Howard* to Baltimore
Fort Washington*! to Alex­
andria, Va.
Fountain Green to Bel Air.
Fountain Mills to Mon­
Four Locks to Clear Spring.
Foxville to Thurmont.
Franklintown to Baltimore.
Franklinville! to Kingsville.
Frederick Junction*!! to
Freeland*! to New Free­
dom, Pa.
Friendship* to Owings
Frizellburg to Westminster.
Fulford to Bel Air.
Fullerton*! to Overlea.
Fulton! to Laurel.
Funkstown* to Hagerstown

Gaithers*! to Sykesville.
Gaiestown to Sharpcowu.
Gamber to Westminster.
Gambrills* to Annapolis.
Gapland*!! to Keedysville.
Garfield to Smithsburg.
Garrett Park*! to Kensing­
Garrison*! to Pikesville.
Georgetown* to Galena.
Gibson to Bel Air.
Gilmore to Midland.
Gist to Westminster.
Gittings* to Towson.
Glenarm* to Towson.
Glencoe*!! to Cockeysville.
Glen Echo to Washington,
D. C.
Glenelg* to Ellicott City.
Glen Morris! to Glyndon
Glenn Dale*! to Upper
Glenville to Darlington.
Glenwood* to Sykesville.
Gluckheim to East New
Glymont to Indian Head.
Golden Hill* to Cambridge.
Golts*!! to Millington.
Gorsuchs Mills to Stewartstown. Pa.
Graceham* to Thurmont.
Granite* to Sykesville.
Grasonville*! to Queens­
Grave Run Mills to Man­
Grayton to La Plata.
Greater Capitol Heights to
Sea Pleasant.
Great Mills* to Leonard­
Greenmount*! to Hamp­
Greenock* to Upper Marl­
Greensburg to Smithsburg.
Grimes* to Hagerstown.
Guard* to Friendsvllle.
Guilford to Laurel.
Gwynnbrook* to Reisters­
Habnab to Princess Anne.
Halethorp*! to Catonsville.
Halfway to Hagerstown or
Hall*! to Upper Marlboro.
Hamilton*! to Baltimore.
Hanover*! to Laurel.
Hansonvllle to Frederick.
Hardesty to Upper Marl­
Harmans*! to Baltimore.
Harmony (Caroline Co.) to
Harmony (Frederick Co.)
to Myersville.
! Telegraph Station.



Harney to Taneytown
Harold to Marion Station.
Harrisonville to Reisters­
Harwood* to Annapolis.
Hawkeye to East New
Hayden* to Centerville.
Hebbville! to Baltimore.
Henderson*!! to Goldsboro.
Hereford to Cockeysville.
Hermanville* to Leonard­
Hess to Bel Air.
Hickory to Bel Air.
Highfield*!! to Blue Ridge.
Highknob to Frederick.
Highland*!! to Clarksville.
High Rock to Cumberlanu.
Hills Point to Cambridge.
Hill Top* to La Plata.
Hobbs*!! to Denton.
Holbrook to Randallstown.
Hollywood* to Leonard­
Honga* to Fishing Creek.
Hoods Mills*!! to Sykes­
Hoopersville* to Fishing
Hopeweil to Crisfleld.
Houcksville to Hampstead.
Howards ville* to Pikesville.
Hoyes* to Friendsvllle.
Hudson* to Cambridge.
Hunting Hill to Gaithers­
Huntingtown* to Prince
Hurry* to Mechanicsville.
Hutton*! to Oakland.
Huyett to Hagerstown.
Hyattstown to Monrovia.
Hydes*! to Towson.

Ijamsville*! to Frederick,
ilchester*! to Ellicott City.
Indian Springs to Hagers­
Ingleslde* to Sudlersville.
Ironhill*!t to Elkton.
Ironshlre* to Berlin.
Ironsides* to La Plata.
Island Creek* to Prince
Issue* to La Plata.

Jacksonville to Cockeys­
James* to Cambridge.
Jarboesville to Leonard­
Jennings* to Grantsville.
Jerusalem* to Bel Air.
Jessups*! to Laurel.
Jester ville* to Nanticoke.
Jewell to Upper Marlboro.
Johnsvllle to Union Bridge.
Joppa*! to Bel Air.

Kalmia to Bel Air.
Kemptown to Monrovia.
Keymar*!! to Union Bridge.
Keyser to Grantsville.
Klfer to Cumberland.
Kings Creek!! to Princess
Kingston*! to Marion Sta­
. ,
Knoxville* to Brunswick.
Kump to Taneytown.

Ladiesburg*! to Woodsboro.
Lakeshore to Annapolis.
Lakesvllle* to Wingate.
Lander* to Jefferson.
Landover*!! to Hyattsville.
Lanham*! to Washington,
D. C.
Lansdowne*!! to Baltimore.
Lantz* to Thurmont.
Lapldum to Port Deposit.
Largo to Washington, D.O.
Lauraville! to Baltimore.
Laurel Grove* to Mechan­
Lawsonia! to Crisfleld.
Layhill to Silver Spring.
Laytonsville to Gaithers­
Leeland to Upper Marlboro
Le Gore*! to Woodsboro.
Leon to Upper Marlboro.
Leslie*!! to North East.
Level to Havre De Grace.
Lewistown*! to Frederick.
Liberty Grove*! to Fort
Lime Kiln*! to Frederick.
! Express Office.




Llneboro*! to Manchester.
LInganore! to Mount Airy.
Linkwood*!! to Cambridge.
Linthicum Heights to Bal­
Llnwood*! to Union Bridge.
Lisbon* to Mount Airy.
Little Orleans to Hancock.
Lloyds to Cambridge.
Loch Lynn Heights to
Loch Raven* to Towson.
Locust Grove to Chestertown.
Long Green to Towson.
Longwoods* to Easton.
Lord* to Midland.
Lovely!! to Towson.
Lothian* to Upper Marl­
Love Point*!! to Stevensville.
Loveville to Leonardtown.
Lower Marlboro* to Owings
Loys to Thurmont.
Luke*i to Piedmont. W.Va.
Lusby* to Solomons.
Lutherville*! to Towson.
Lydia* to Hagerstown.
Lynch*t to Chestertown.
Lyons Creek to UpperMarlboro.

Mackall* to Prince Freder­
Macton to Bel x\ir.
Maddox to Mechanicsville.
Madison* to Cambridge.
Magnolia*!! to Bel Air.
Malcolm* to La Plata.
Manokin* to Princess Anne.
Maple Grove! to Man­
Mapleville* to Boonesboro.
Marbury* to Indian Head.
Marlboro!! to Upper Marl­
Marley to Baltimore.
Marriottsville*! to Sykesville.
Marumsco* to Marion Sta­
Marydel*!! to Goldsboro.
Maryland Line* to New
Freedom, Pa.
Mason Springs* to Indian
Matthews to Cordova.
Mayberry to Taneytown.
Mayo* to Annapolis.
McOoole to Keyser, W. Va.
McDaniel*!! to St. Mi­
McHenry* to Oakland.
McKendree* to UpperMarlboro.
McKinstry to Union Bridge.
Meadows* to Upper Marl­
Mechanic Valley to North
Medford* to New Windsor.
Melitota to Chestertown.
Melrose to Manchester.
Mlddleburg* to
Middlepoint to Myersvllle.
Middled vert to Baltimore.
Midlothian*! to Frostburg.
Milestown to Leonardtown.
Millers*! to Manchester.
Millersville* to Annapolis.
Millstone* to Hancock.
Mitchellville* to
Monie* to Princess Anne.
Monkton*!! to White Hall.
Morgan*! to Woodbine
M organza to Mechanics­
Moscow Mills to Barton.
Motters* to Emmitsburg.
Mountaindale to Frederick.
Mountain Lake Park*!! to
Mt. Carmel to Hampstead.
Mt. Harmony* to Owings.
Mt. Pleasant to Walkersville.
Mt. St. Marys to Emmittsburg.
Mountsville to Jefferson.
Mt. Vernon to Princess
Mt. Victoria* to La Plata.
Mt. Washington*t! to Bal­
Mt. Winans*t to Baltimore.
Muirkirk*! to Laurel.
Mullinix to Mount Airy.
Mutual* to Prince Fred­
Nanjemoy to La Plata.
National* to Midland.
Naylor to Upper Marlboro.
Neavitt* to St. Michaels.
Newburg* to La Plata.
Newcomb* to St. Michaels.
New Germany* to Grantsville.
New London to Monrovia.
New Market* (Frederick
Co.) to Monrovia._______

New Midway*! to Woodsboro
Newport* to La Plata.
Nikep to Lonaconing.
Norbeck to Rockville.
Normans to Stevensville.
Norrisville* to Stewart?town. Pa.
North Beach* to Owings.
North Woodside to Silver
Norwood to Sandy Springs.

Oakley* to Leonardtown.
Oakville to Mechanicsville.
Ocean* to Midland.
Odenton*!! to Bowie.
Oella* to Ellicott City.
Oldtown*!! to Cumberland
Olivet* to Solomons.
Olney* to Sandy Springs.
Orangeville! to Baltimore.
Oraville* to Mechanicsville.
Oregon to Cockeysville.
Oriole* to Princess Anne.
Owings Mills*!! to Pikesville.
Oxen Hill to Anacostia,
D. C.

Palmers to Leonardtown.
Paramount to Hagerstown.
Parkhall* to Leonardtown.
Parole* to Annapolis.
Parran* to Prince Frederick.
Parsonsburg*!! to Pitts­
Pasadena*! to Annapolis.
Patapsco* to Westminster.
Pearl to Frederick.
Pearson to Leonardtown.
Pecktonville to Hancock.
Peninsula Junction* to Prin­
cess Anne.
Pen Mar! to Waynesboro,
Perry Hall to Overlea.
Perryman*!! to Aberdeen.
Perry Point* to Perryviile.
Petersville to Brunswick.
Phoenix*! (Baltimore Co.)
to Cockeysville.
Pindell* to Upper Marlboro.
Pinesburg to Williamsport.
Piney Grove* to Hancock.
Piney Point* to Leonard­
Pinto* to Cumberland.
Piscataway* to Brandywine.
Pisgah* to La Plata.
Plane Number Four to
Mount Airy.
Pleasant Hill to Elkton.
Pleasantville* to Bel Air.
Plum Point to Prince FredPoint of Rocks*! to Fred­
Pomfret* to La Plata.
Pomona to Chestertown.
Pomonkey* to La Plata.
Pondsville to Smithsburg.
Popes Creek*!! to La Plata.
Poplar Hill to Brandywine.
Poplar Springs to Wood­
Port Republic* to Prince
Port Tobacco* to La Plata.
Potomac (Allegany Co.) *!
to Cumberland.
Potomac (Montgomery Co.)
to Rockville.
Powellville to Pittsville.
Price*! to Church Hill.
Principio Furnace* to North
Providence to Elkton.
Pumphrey to Baltimore.
Purdum to Monrovia.
Pylesville* to Delta. Pa.

Quantico* to Hebron.
Queen Anne*!! to Hillsboro.

Rawlings*!! to Keyser. W.
Rayville to Parkton.
Redland to Gaithersburg.
Reese to Westminster.
Rehobeth* to Marion Sta­
Reid to Hagerstown.
Reids Grove*!! to Vienna.
Relay*! to Baltimore.
Reliance to Seaford, Del.
Revell to Annapolis.
Rhodesdale*!! to Hurlock.
Rhodes Point* to Crisfleld.
Richardsmere to Rising Sun.
Riderwood*! to Towson.
Ridge* to Leonardtown.
Ridgeville to Mount Airy.
Ringgold to Smithsburg.
Rison* to La Plata.
Ritchie to Upper Marlboro.
Riva* to Annapolis.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

I County Seat.

Riverside to La Plata.
River Springs* to Leonard­
Riverton* to Sharptown.
Robbins! to Wingate.
Roberts* to Church Hill.
Robinson to Annapolis.
Rockawalking* to Hebron.
Rockdale to Pikesvilie.
Rockland! to Tawson.
Rock Point* to La Plata.
Rocks* to Bel Air.
Rocky Ridge* to Thurmont
Rohrersville*! to Keedysville.
Roland Park* to Baltimore.
Rosaryville* to UpperMarlboro.
Rosedale to Baltimore.
Roslyn* to Pikesvilie.
Rowlandsville*! to Port
Royal Oak* to St. Michael.
Rumbley* to PrincessAnne.
Rush to Cumberland.
Ruthsburg to Centerville.
Ruxton*!! to Towson.
Ryceville* to Mechanics­

Sabillasville* to Thurmont.
Saint Augustine to Chesa­
peake City.
St. Denis! to Baltimore.
St. Georges Island to
St. Helena!! to Dundalk.
St. Inlgoes* to Leonard­
Saint Leonard*! to Prince
St. Margarets to Annap­
Saint Martin*!! to Berlin.
St. Mary’s City* to Leon­
Salem to Vienna.
Sams Creek to New Wind­
Sandy Hook! to Harpers
Ferry, W. Va.
Sang Run* to Oakland.
Sassafras to Galena.
Savage* to Laurel.
Scarboro to Bel Air.
Scarff to Bel Air.
Scotland* to Leonardtown
Seabrook* to Upper Marl­
Secretary* to East New
Security*!! to Hagerstown.
Selbysport* to Friendsville.
Sellman* to Poolesville.
Seneca* to Poolesville.
Severn* to Baltimore.
Severna Park*! to Annapo­
Sewards to Cambridge.
Sewell*! to Bel Air.
Shady Side* to Galesville.
Shaft! to Frostburg.
Shallmar! to Kitzmiller.
Shane to White Hall
Sharon to Forest Hill.
Shawan to Cockeysville.
Shawsville to Cockeysville.
Shelltown* to Marion Sta­
Shepperd to Cockeysville.
Sherwood* to Tilghman.
Showell*!! to Bishopvtlle.
Siebert* to Cumberland.
Silesia* to Alexandria. Va.
Silverhill to Washington,
D. C.
Silver Run to Littlestown,
Slmpsonville* to Ellicott
Singer to Bel Air.
Skidmore to Annapolis.
Smallwood to Westminster.
Smithville to Federalsburg.
Smoketown to Boonsboro
Snydersburg to Hampstead
Solley* to Glenburnie.
South Cumberland !
South River* to Annapolis.
Spence to Snow Hill.
Spencerville to Laurel.
Spickler to Clear Spring.
Spring Gap* to Cumberland
Springhill* to La Plata.
Starkeys to Church Hill.
Starr to Centerville.
State Sanatorium* to Thur­
Stemmer’s Run! to Overlea
Stepney to Aberdeen.
Stevens in*! to Towson.
Steyer* to Gormania.W. Va.
Still Pond* to Betterton.
Stoakley to Prince FredStreet* to Delta, Pa.
Sudley* to Annapolis.
Suitland to Washington
D. C.
Sunderland* to Owings.
Sunnybrook to Cockeys­
Swanton*! to Oakland.
Sweet Air to Cockeysville.
Sylmar*! to Rising Sun.
Money Order Office.

Tall Timbers to Leonard­
Taylor to Cockeysville.
Taylors Island* to Cam­
Taylorsville to New Wind­
T. B. to Brandywine.
Templeville*! to Goldsboro
Texas*? to Cockeysville.
Thomas to Cambridge.
Timonium*! to Cockeys­
Tippett to Brandywine.
Toddville* to Wingate.
Tompkinsville* to La Plata.
Townshend*! to Brandy­
Tracys Landing* to Upper
Travilah to Rockville.
Trego* to Keedysville.
Troutville to Woodsboro.
Tunis Mills to Easton.
Turners! to Baltimore.
Tuscarora* to Frederick.
Tyaskin* to Nantieoke.
Tylerton* to Crisfleld.
Tyrone to Pleasant Valley.
Union ville* to Liberty town.
Unity to Gaithersburg.
Upperco* to Hampstead.
Upper Crossroads to Bel
Upper Fairmount* to Prin­
cess Anne.
Upper Falls* to Bel Air.
Urbana to Frederick.
Utica Mills to Walkers ville.

Vale* to Bel Air.
Vale Summit* to Frostburg.
Valley Lee* to Leonard­
Venton* to Princess Anne.
Vindex* to Kitzmiller.
Vista to Bowie.

Waldorf*! to La Plata. '
Wallville* to Prince Fred­
Warfleldburg to Westmin­
Warwick* to Middletown,
Washington Grove*! to
Waterbury* to Annapolis.
Waters ville* to Mount Airy.
Wayside* to La Plata.
Webster to Havre de Grace.
Welbourne*! to Stockton.
Welcome* to La Plata.
Wenona* to Deal Island.
W. Friendship* to Sykesville.
Westover*!! to Princess
Westport*! to Baltimore.
West River* to Galesville.
Westwood* to Brandywine.
AVetipquin* to Nantieoke.
Weverton*!! to Brunswick.
Whaleysville*!! to Berlin.
Wheaton to Kensington.
Whiteford* to Delta, Pa.
White Haven* to Princess
Whiteleysburg to Greens­
White Marsh*! to Balti­
White Plains*!! to La
Whiton to Pittsville.
Wicomico* to La Plata.
Williamsburg*!! to Hur­
Williston to Denton.
Willows* to Prince Fred­
Wilna* to Bel Air.
Wilson to Prince Frederick.
Windyhill to Trappe.
Winfield to Woodbine.
Wittman* to St. Michaels.
Wolfsville! to Myersville.
Woodberry! to Baltimore.
Woodbrook to Towson.
Woodfleld to Gaithersburg.
Woodlawn*! (Baltimore
Co.) to Baltimore.
Woodlawn (Cecil Co.) to
Port Deposit.
Woodmore to Upper Marl­
Woodstock*!! to Ellicott
Woodwardville* to Annap­
Woolford* to Cambridge.
t Telegraph Station.

Worton*!! to Chestertown.
Wrights to Cambridge.
Wye Mills* to Centerville.
Wynne*! to Leonardtown.
Yarrowsburg to Brunswick.
Yellow Springs to Frederick
Zihlman to Frostburg.
Zion to North East.

Accord*! to Hingham.
Acoaxet* to Fall River.
Acton* to Concord.
Acushnet*! to New Bedford
Adamsdale* to Pawtucket.
R. I.
Agawam*! to Springfield.
Alford to Great Barrington.
Allerton*! to Hingham.
Annisquam* to Gloucester.
Arlington Heights*! to Ar­
Asbury Grove* to Beverly.
Ashby*! to Fitchburg.
Ashfleld* to Conway.
Ashland*! to Framingham.
Ashley Falls*!! to Great
Assinippi to Rockland.
Assonet*!! to Fall River.
Atlantic*! to Quincy.
Attleboro Falls*! to Attle­
Auburn*! to Worcester.
Avon*! to Brockton.
Ballardvale*!! to Andover.
Bancroft* to Pittsfield.
iBarnstable*!! to Yarmouthport.
Barre Plains*!! to Barre.
Barrowsville*! to Attleboro
Bass River*! to Hyannis.
Bay State to Northampton
Beach Bluff*! to Lynn.
Becket*!! to Pittsfield.
Bedford*!! to Concord.
Bedford Springs to Concord
Beechwood* to Hingham.
Belchertown*!! to Ware.
Bellingham* to Milford.
Berkshire*!! to Pittsfield.
Berlin*! to Clinton.
Bernardston*!! to Green­
Blackstone*!! to Woon­
socket, R. I.
Blandford* to Westfield.
Bolton*! to Clinton.
Bondsville*!! to Palmer.
Bourne*! to Wareham.
Bournedale* to Wareham.
Boxboro to Ayer.
Boxford* to Georgetown.
Boylston Center* to Clinton
Bradford*! to Haverhill.
Bradstreet* to Northamp­
Brant Rock* to Plymouth.
Brewster!! to Harwich
Briggsville! to North Adams
Brimfleid* to Palmer.
Brookville* to Brockton.
Brookfield*! to Brockton.
Bryantville* to Whitman.
Bucklaud* to Shelburne
Burlington to Woburn.
Burrage to Whitman.
By field*!! to Georgetown.

Campbello!! to Brockton.
Canton Junction to Canton
Carlisle* to Concord.
Carver*! to Plymouth.
Caryville*! to Milford.
Cataumet*!! to Falmouth.
Centerville* to Hyannis.
Central Village* to New
Charlemont*!! to Shel­
burne Falls.
Charlton* to Southbridge.
Charlton City to Southbridge.
Charlton Depot*! to Spen­
Chartley*!! to Attleboro.
Chatham Port* to Chat­
Chelmsford*!! to Lowell.
Cherry Valley* to Leicester.
Cheshire*!! to Adams.
Chester*!! to Westfield.
Chesterfield*! to North­
Chilmark*! to Vineyard
Chiltonville to Plymouth.
City Mills*! to Franklin.
Clarksburg to North
Clayton to Canaan. Conn.
t Express Office.


Clifton*! to Marblehead.
Oliftondale*! to Lynn.
Cochesett* to Bridgewater.
Cochituate* to Natick.
Coldbrook Springs!! to
Colrain* to Shelburne Falls.
Concord Junction*!! to
Congamond!! to Westfield.


Cordaville*! to Westboro.
Cotuit*f to Hyannis.
Craigville* to Hyannis.
Cummaquid* to Yarmouthnort.
Cummington*! to North­
Cushing to Newburyport.
Cushman*! to Amherst.

Dana* to Barre.
Danversport to Danvers.
Dartmouth*! to New Bed­
Deerfield*! to South Deer­
Dennis*!! to Yarmouth port
Dennisport* to Harwich.
Dighton*!! to Taunton.
Dodge* to Worcester.
Dodgeville to Attleboro.
Douglas*!! to Uxbridge.
Dover*!! to Needham.
Dracut* to Lowell.
Dudley*! to Webster.
Dunstable* to Nashua, N.H.
Duxbury*! to Plymouth.

Last Acton to Concord.
East Blackstone to Woon­
socket, It. 1.
E. Boxford* to Georgetown.
East Braintree to Quincy.
E. Brewster*!! to Harwich.
E. Brookfield*!! to Spencer.
East Carver* to Plymouth.
East Dedham* to Dedham.
E. Deerfield*! to Greenfield
East Dennis* to Harwich.
E. Douglas*!! to Whitinsville.
E. Falmouth* to Falmouth.
East Foxboro*! to Foxboro.
East Freetown* to New
Eastham*! to Harwich.
E. Harwich*! to Harwich.
E. Holliston*! to Framing­
East Lee* to Lee.
E. Lexington to Arlington.

Forge Village*!! to Ayer.
Franklin Park* to Lynn.
Furnace* to Ware.
Gilbertvflle*!! to Ware.
Gill to Turner Falls.
Gleasondale*! to Hudson.
Glendale* to Stockbridge.
Goshen* to Northampton.
Granby* to Holyoke.
Graniteville*!! to Lowell.
Granville* to Westfield.
Granville Center*! to Westfield.
Greenbush*! to Hingham.
Green Harbor* to Ply­
Greenwich*! to Ware.
Village*! to
W are.
Greenwood to Wakefield.
Griswoldville* to Shelburne
Groton*!! to Ayer.
Groveland*! to Haverhill.

| Hadley*! to Northampton
| Halifax* to Plymouth,
i Hamilton*!! to Beverly.
Hampden* to Springfield.
Hancock* to Pittsfield.
Hanover*! to Rockland.
Hanson* to Whitman.
Harding* to South Fram­
Hardwick* to Barre.
Hartsville* to Great Bar­
Harvard*! to Ayer.
Harwich Port* to Harwich.
| Hatfield*! to Northampton
Hathorne*!! to Danvers.
I Heath* to Shelburne Falls.
I Hebronville*! to Attleboro,
i Hingham Center* to Hing­

Hinsdale*!! to Pittsfield.
Holbrook* to Randolph.
Holden*!! to Worcester.
Holland to Southbridge.
Hoosac Tunnel*!! to North
Hopedale*! to Milford.
Horse Neck Beach to New
Hortonville to Fall River.

I Housatonic*!! to Great
Hubbardston*! to Gardner.
I Humarock*! to Plymouth.
Huntington*!! to Westfield
Hyannisport* to Hyannis.
Hyde Park*!! to Boston.

Interlaken* to Stockbridge.
Island Creek to Plymouth.
Islington*! to Dedham.

East Long Meadow*!! to
E. Mansfield* to Mansfield.
East Mattapoisett to Fairhaven.
East Milton* to Milton.
East Northfleld*! to Brattleboro. Vt.
East Norton* to Taunton.

Jefferson*!! to Worcester.

Easton* to North Easton.
Eastondale* to North Eas­
East Orleans*! to Chatham.
East Otis* to Lee.
E. Pembroke* to Rockland.
E. Princeton* to Leomin­
East Sandwich*! to Yarmouthport.
East Saugus*! to Lynn.

Lake Pleasant*! to Turners
Lakeville*! to Middleboro.
Lancaster*!! to Clinton.
Lanesboro* to Pittsfield.
Lanesville* to Gloucester.
Leeds*! to Northampton.

East Taunton*!! to Taun­
Templeton* to Gardner.
Walpole*!! to Walpole.
Wareham to Wareham.
Whately* to Northamp­
Egypt*! to Hingham.

Elm Grove to Shelburne
Elmwood* to East Bridge-

Kenberma* to Hingham.
Kendal Green*! to Wal­
Kingston*!! to Plymouth.

Lenoxdale*!! to Lenox.
Leverett* to Amherst.
Leyden* to Greenfield.
Lincoln*! to Concord.
Linwood* to Whitinsville.
Lithia* to Northampton.
Littleton*!! to Ayer.
Littleton Common* to Ayer
Longmeadow! to Springfield.
Long Plain to New Bedford
Lunenburg* to Fitchburg.
Lynnfleld*!! to Wakefield.
Lynnfleld Centre*!! to
Lyonsville* to Shelburne

Enfield*!! to Ware.
Erving*!! to Orange.
Essex*!! to Ipswich.

Falrview to Holyoke.
Falmouth Heights*! to Fal­
Farley*!! to Orange.
Farnams*! to Pittsfield.
Farnumsville*!to Millbury.
Fayville*!! to Framingham
Feeding Hills*! to Springfield.
Fisherville* to Millbury.
Fiskdale* to Southbridge.
Florence*!! to Northamp­
Forestdale* to Yarmouthport.____________________

Magnolia*!! to Gloucester.
Manchaug* to Whitinsville.
Manomet*! to Plymouth.
Marion* to Wareham.
Marshfield Hills*!! to Rock­
Marstons Mills* to Hyannis
Mashpee* to Hyannis.
Matfleld! to Brockton.
Mattapoisett*!! to Fairhaven.
Medfleld*!! to Walpole.
Melrose Highlands* to Mel­
Mendon* to Milford.
Menemsha to Vineyard
Merrimacport* to Merrimac.
Middlefield*! to Pittsfield.
Middleton*! 1 to Danvers

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

a County


Millers Falls*!! to Turners
Millington* to Athol.
Millis*!! to Dedham.
Mill River* to Canaan,
Minot* to Hingham.
Mittineague*!! to Springfield.
Monponsett*! to Whitman.
Monroe Bridge* to North
Montague*! to Turners
Montague City*! to Tur­
ners Falls.
Montello*! to Brocton.
Monterey* to Great Bar­
MooresCorner* to Amherst.
Mount Hermon*! to Green­
Mount Tom*! to North­
Myricks*!! to Taunton.

Nahant*! to Lynn.
Nantasket Beach to*Hingham.
Needham Heights* toNeedham.
New Ashford to Williamstown.
New Boston* to Winsted,
New Braintree*! to Ware.
Newbury! to Newburyport.
New Lenox*! to Lenox.
New Marlboro* to Great
New Salem (Franklin Co.)
*! to Athol.
Newton Lower Falls*! to
West Newton.
Newton Upper Falls*!! to
Newton Center.
Nobscot*!! to Framingham
Norfolk*!! to Franklin.
Norfolk Downs*!! to
N. Abington*!! to Abington.
North Acton!! to Concord.
N. Amherst*! to Amherst.
N. Andover*!! to Lawrence
N. Bellingham*! to Milford
N. Billerica*!! toLowell.
N. Brewster*! to Harwich.

Carver*! to Middleboro.
Chatham*! to Chatham.
Chelmsford*!! to Lowell
Cohasset*! to Hingham.

North Dana*!! to Athol.
N. Dartmouth* to New
N. Dighton* to Taunton.
N. Duxbury* to Plymouth.
N. Eastham*! to Harwich.
North Egremont* to Great
North Falmouth*! to Fal­
Northfleld f arms* to Tur­
ner Falls.
North Grafton*!! to
North Hadley* to North­
N. Hanover* to Rockland.
N. Harwich*! to Harwich.
North Hatfield*! to North­
North Heath to Shelburne
North Leominster!! to Leo­
N. Lexington to Arlington.
N. Marshfield*! to Rock­
N. Middleboro* to Middle­
N. New Salem to Orange.
North Oxford*!! to Webster
N. Pembroke* to Rockland.
North Plymouth*! to Ply­
N. Prescott* to Orange.
N. Reading!! to Reading.
N. Rochester to Middle­
N. Scituate*!! to Hingham.
N. Stoughton* to Stough_ ton.
N. Sudbury*! to Maynard.
N. Swansea to Warren, R.I.
North Truro*! to Provincetown.
N. Uxbridge! to Uxbridge.
North Westport*! to Fall
N. Weymouth* to Quincy.

* Money Order Office.

North Wilbraham*!! to
North Wilmington*! to
N. Woburn!! to Woburn.
North*! to Mansfield.

Oak Bluffs!! to Vineyard
Oakdale*!! to Clinton.
Oakham* to Barre.
Ocean Bluff* to Rockland
Ocean Grove* to Fall River.
Oldtown to North Attle­
Onset*! to Wareham.
Osterville* to Hyannis.
Otis* to Lee.
Otter River*!! to Gardner.
Oxford*! to Webster.

Paxton* to Worcester.
Pelham to Amherst.
Pembroke* to Whitman
Pepperell*! to East Pep­
Petersham*! to Athol.
Phillipston*! to Athol.
Pigeon Cove* to Rockport.
Plainfield* to Adams.
Plainville*! to North Attle­
Pleasant Lake* to Harwich.
Plympton* to Plymouth.
Pocasset*! to Wareham.
Ponkapog* to Canton.
Pottersville* to Fad River.
Prides Crossing* to Beverly
Princeton* to Gardner.
Princeton Depot*! to

Quinapoxet! to Worcester.
Ouissett to Falmouth.

Raynham*!! to Taunton.
Readville*!! to Boston.
Rehoboth*! to Taunton.
Richmond*!! to Pittsfield.
Riverside to Turner Falls.
Rochdale*!! to Worcester.
Rochester to Wareham.
Rock*!! to Middleboro.
Rockville to Medway.
Rowe* to Shelburne Falls.
Rowley*!! to Ipswich.
Royaiston* to Athol.
Russell*!! to Westfield.
Rutland*! to Barre.

Sagamore*!! to Wareham.
Salisbury*! to Newbury­
Sandhills* to Hingham.
Sandwich*!! to Wareham.
Santuit* to Hyannis.
Saugus Center!! to Lynn.
Saundersville*!! to Mill­
Savoy*! to Adams.
Saxonville!! to Framing­
Scituate Center* to Hing­
Scotland to Bridgewater.
Sea View*! to Plymouth.
Seekonk* to Providence,
R. I.
Segreganset*!! to Taunton.
Sharon*!! to Canton.
burne Fads.
Sheffield*!! to Great Bar­
Shelburne to Shelburne
Sherborn*!! to Natick.
Shirley*!! to Ayer.
Shirley Center* to Ayer
Shrewsbury* to Worcester
Shutesbury* to Amherst.
Siasconsett*T to Nantucket.
Silver Lake* to Plymouth.
Smiths* to Ware.
Somerset*! to Fall River.
South Acton*!! to May­
South Amherst*! to Am­
Southampton*!! to Easthampton.
South Ashburnham*!! to
South Ashfleld* to Conway.
South Athol* to Athol.
S. Attleboro*! to Attleboro.
South Barre* to Barre.
S. Berlin*! to Northboro.
Southboro*tt to Marlboro.

fTelegraph Station.

S. Carver* to Wareham.
S. Chatham*! to Chatham.
S. Chelmsford* to Lowell.
S. Dartmouth* to New
S. Dennis*!! to^Harwlch.
S. Duxbury* to' Plymouth.
S. Easton* to North Easton
South Egremont* to Great
South Essex*! to Gloucester
Southfield* to Great Bar­
S.Groveland*! to Haverhill.
South Hadley* to Holyoke.
South Hadley Falls*! to
S. Hamilton* to Beverly.
S. Hanover*! to Rockland.
S. Hanson*!! to Whitman.
S. Harwich*! to Harwich.
S. Hingham* to Hingham.
S. Lancaster*! to Clinton.
South Lee*! to Lee.
S. Lincoln* to Concord.
South Natick*! to Natick.
S. Orleans*! to Harwich.
South Rehoboth to Provi­
dence, R. I.
S. Royaiston*! to Athol.
South Sudbury*!! to Fram­
South Vernon* to Brattleboro, Vt.
Southville*! to Westboro.
S. Walpole*! to Walpole.
S. Wareham*! to Wareham
S. Welifleet*! to Provincetown.
South Westport* to New
Southwick*!! to Westfield.
South Williamstown* to
South Worthington* to
Springdale to Canton.
State Farm* to Bridgewater
State Line*!! to Great Bar­
Sterling*!! to Clinton.
Still River*!! to Ayer.
Stony Brook*! to Waltham.
Stow* to Maynard.
Straits Pond* to Hingham.
Sturbridge* to Southbridge.
Sudbury*!! to Framingham
Sunderland* to South Deer­
Sutton to Millbury.
Swansea* to Fall River.
Swansea Center to Warren.
R. I.
Swift River* to Northamp­

Teaticket* to Falmouth.
Templeton* to Gardner.
Tewkesbury*! to Lowell.
Thorndike*! to Palmer.
Three Rivers*! to Palmer.
Titicut! to Bridgewater.
Topsfleld*!! to Danvers.
Touissett*!! to Warren.
R. I.
Townsend Harbor*! to
Truro* to Provincetown.
Tufts College! to Medford.
Tully* to Athol.
Tyngsboro*!! to Lowell.
Tyringham* to Lee.

Unionville*! to Franklin.
Upton*!! to Milford.

Wales* to Palmer.
Waquoit* to Falmouth.
Warwick* to Orange.
Washington*! to Pittsfield.
Waterville*! to Winchendon.
Wayland*!! to Waltham.
Wendell*! to Orange.
Wendel 1 Depot*! to Orange
Wenham*!! to Beverly.
West Acton*!! to Concord.
West Auburn* to Worcester
West Barnstable*!! to Hy­
West Berlin*! to Clinton.
West Boxford* to George­
West Boylston*!! to Wor­
W. Brewster*! to Harwich.
West Brookfield*!! to War­
W. Chatham*! to Chat­

! Express Office.




West Chesterfield* toNorthampton.
West Chop* to Vineyard
West Concord*!! to Con­
Westdale* to Bridgewater.
West Dennis* to Yarmouthport.
West Dudley* to Southbridge.
West Duxbury* to Ply­
West Falmouth*! to Fal­
Westford* to Lowell.
West Groton*! to Ayer.
Westhampton to North­
W. Hanover*! to Rockland.
W. Harwich* to Harwich.
West Hatfield* to North­
W. Hawley* to Shelburne
West Hyannisport to Hyannis.
West Leyden to Greenfield.
W. Mansfield*!! to Mans­
West Medford*! to Med­
W. Medway*!! to Medway.
West Millbury* to Millbury
Westminster*! to Gardner.
W. Newbury*! to Haver­
W. Peabody*!! to Peabody.
Westport*! to Fall River.
Westport Point* to Fall
West Roxbury* to Boston.
West Sterling* to Clinton
West Stock bridge*!! to
W. Stoughton* to Stough­
West Sutton to Millbury.
West Tisbury* to Vineyard
W. Townsend*! to Town
West Upton*! to Milford.
W. Wareham*! to Wareham.
West Warren*!! to Warren.
West Whately to S. Deer­
Westwood* to Dedham.
W. Yarmouth to Hyannls.
Whately* to S. Deerfield.
Wheelwright*! to Ware.
White Horse Beach to Ply­
White Valley* to Barre.
Wilbraham*! to Springfield.
Wilkinsonville*!! to Mill­
Williamsburg*!! to North­
Willlamstown Station!! to
Williamsville* to Barre.
Willlmansett* to Holyoke.
WInchendon Springs* to
Windsor* to Dalton.
Woods Hole*!! to Fal­
Woodville* to Hopkinton.
Woronoco*! to Westfield.
Worthington*! to Pitts­



Abbotsford* to Avoca.
Acme* to Traverse City.
Ada*! to Grand Rapids.
Adair* to Richmond.
Adamsville to Edwardsburg
Aetna to Fremont.
Afton* to Cheboygan.
Agate Siding to Trout
Agnew to Grand Haven.
Ahmeek*!! Mohawk.
Ainger to Olivet.
Alabaster*!! to Tawas City.
Alamo*!! to Kalamazoo.
Alaska to Caledonia.
Alcona t© Harrisville.
Alembic to Mount Pleasant.
Algansee to Quincy.
Alger*!! to Standish.
Alicia* to St. Charles.
Allendale to Coooersville.
Allen Park to Detroit.
Allenton*! to Almont.
Allenville* to St. Ignace.
Allouez*! to Calumet.
Almena to Paw Paw.
Aloha*!! to Cheboygan.
Alpine*! to Grand Rapids.
Alston*!! to Houghton.

Altona* to Lakeview.
Alverno to Cheboygan.
Amadore*! to Croswell.
Amasa*!! to Crystal Falls.
Amelith to Bay City.
Anchorville* to New Bal­
Anderson! to Pinckney
Antrim!! to Mancelona.
Arden to Berrien Springs.
Argentine* to Linden.
Argyle*! to Cass City.
Arlene to Manton.
Amheim* to Chassell.
Arnold* to Escanaba.
Arthur to Reese.
Ashland Center to Grant
Ashmore to Gagetown.
Ashton*!! to Reed City.
Assyria* to Bellevue.
Atkins* to Port Huron.
^Atlanta*!! to Hillman.
Atlantic Mine* to South
Atlas* to Goodrich.
Attica*!! to Imlay City.
Atwood to Ellsworth
Auburn Heights* to Pon­
Aurelius to Mason.
Au Sable! to Oscoda.
Autrain*!! to Munising.
Averill to Midland.
Avondale to Evart.
Axin* to Cadillac.
Azalia*!! to Dundee.

Bachelor to Fountain.
Bae De Wasai to Sault Ste.
Bagley*! to Daggett.
Bailey*!! to Casnovia.
Bainbrldge Center to Coloma.
Ballards to Sparta.
Ballentine to Ewen.
Baltic* to South Range.
Baltimore to Hastings.
Banat* to Stephenson.
Banfleld to Battle Creek.
Bankers*!! to Hillsdale.
Baraga to L’Anse.
Barbeau to Sault Ste. Marie
Barker Creek* to Kalkaska.
Barkville to Bark River.
Barton City* to Lincoln.
Baseline to Warren.
Bass River to Coopersvllle.
Batavia*!! to Ooldwater.
Bates* to Traverse City.
Bauer to Hudsonville.
Bayshore*!! to Petoskey.
Bayside to Bay City.
Beacon*! to Ishpeming.
Beadle to Battle Creek.
Beal City to Mount Pleas­
Beaverdam to Zeeland.
Bedell to Bay City.
Bedford* to Battle Creek.
Beebe to Ithaca.
Beech to Plymouth.
Beechwood* to Iron River.
Belle Oak to Webberville.
Belmont*! to Rockford.
Bendon*!! to Honor
Bennington*!! to Owosso.
Benson to Cadillac.
Bentheim to Hamilton.
Bentley*!! to Standish.
Benzonia* to Beulah.
Bergland*!! to Ewen
Berlamont*! to Bloomingdale
Berrien Center*!! to Eau
Bertrand to Niles.
Berville* to Armada.
Bethel to Coldwater.
Betzer to Waldron.
Beverly to Grand Rapids.
Big Bay*! to Marquette.
Big Beaver to Birmingham.
Big Rock to Lewiston.
Billings* to Beaverton.
Birdsell to Adrian.
Bishop to Freemont.
Biteley to Baldwin.
Blackmar to Birch Run.
Blackriver*!! (Alcona Co.)
to Harrisville.
Black River (Allegan Co.)
to Fennville.
Blaine*! to Croswell.
Blaney* to Manlstique.
Bolton* to Alpena.
Bonifas to Iron River.
Boon to Cadillac.
Borculo* to Zeeland.
Bowen to Grand Rapids.
Bowens Mills to Mlddleville.
Boyden to Mount Pleasant.
Boyne to Boyne City.
Bradley* to Wayland.
Bradleyvllle to Akron.
Brampton*!! to Gladstone.
Branch*!! to Baldwin.
Brant* to St Cnanes.
Brassar to Sault Ste. Marie.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Bravo*!! to Fennville.
Breedsville*!! to Bangor.
Brentcreek!! to Flushing.
Brest to Monroe.
Brethren*! to Copemish.
Brevort* to St. Ignace.
Bridgeport*! to Saginaw.
Bridgeton to Grant.
Bridgman*!! to Stevensville.
Brimley*!! to Sault 8te.
Brinton to Farwell.
Brohman to White Cloud.
Brookfield to Eaton Rapids
Browns Corners to Clare.
Brownsville to Cassopolis.
Bruces Crossing*!! to Ewen
Brunswick*!! to Holton.
Brutus*!! to Pellston.
Bunker Hill to Leslie.
Burdickville to Empire.
Burlington*! to Union City
Burnips* to Byron Center.
Burnips Corners to Byron
Burnside to Brown City.
Burt*!! to Montrose.
Burt Lake* to Indian River
Burton* to Ovid.
Butman to Gladwin.

Cadmus*!! to Clayton.
Cady to Fraser.
Caldwell to Mount Pleasant
California to Ray, Ind.
Oalkinsville to Rosebush.
Cambria to Hillsdale.
Canada Corners to Cas­
Canandaigua to Clayton.
Canboro to Owendale.
Cannonsburg* to Rockford.
Garland*! to Owosso.
Carlisle to Charlotte.
Carlshend* to Marquette.
Carlton Center to Hast­
Carney *!! to Daggett.
Carpenter to Lapeer.
Carp Lake*!! to Levering.
Carrollton*! to Saginaw
Cascade to Grand Rapids.
Casco to Richmond.
Cash to Sandusky.
Cathro* to Alpena.
Cedar Bank to Hanover.
Cedarcreek to Hastings.
Oedardale to Deckerville.
Cedar Lake*! to Edmore.
Cedar River* to Stephen­
Cedar Run* to Traverse
Cedarrville* to Saint Ig­
Ceresco*! to Marshall.
Champion*!! to Ishpem­
Channing*!! to IronMountain.
Chapin* to Elsie.
Charleston to Minden City.
Charlesworth to Eaton
Chase*!! to Reed City.
Chatham*!! to Munising.
Chauncey to Rockford.
Cherry Hill to Ypsllanti.
Cherry Home to Northport
Cheshire to Allegan.
Chester! to Charlotte.
Chestonia to East Jordan
Chicora to Allegan.
Chief* to Bear Lake.
Chief Lake!! to Bear Lake.
Chilson!! to Brighton.
Chippewa Lake* to Rodney
Church to Pittsford.
Clam River to Bellaire.
Clarendon to Homer.
Clarion*!! to Petoskey.
Olarklake*!! to Cement
Clay Hill to Luther.
Clifford*!! to Marlette.
Cloverdale*! to Delton.
Clyde*!! to Holly.
Clyde Center to Fennville.
Coates Grove to Hastings
Cohoctah*!! to Fenton.
Comins*! to Roscommon.
Cohoctah Center to Cohoc­
Coldwater Lake to Coldwater.
Colebeck to Beaverton.
Colling*! to Caro.
Collins to Lyons.
Colonville to Clare.
Columbus*! to Smith Creek
Commerce to Milford.
Comstock*! to Kalamazoo.
Cone+t to Milan.
Conway*! to Harbor Spgs.
Cooks*! to Manlstique.
Cooper to Kalamazoo.
Copper City*! to Calumet.
Corey*! to Three Rivers.
Corinne to Engadlne.
Cornell* to Escanaba.
Covington*!! to L’Anse.
Money Order Office.

Cressey* to Richland.
Crisp to Holland.
Crosby to Grand Rapids.
Cross Village* to Levering.
Croton to Newaygo.
Cumber to Cass City.
Curran* to Lincoln.
Curtis* to Engadine.
Custer*!! to Scottville.
Cutlerville to Grand Rapids
Dailey*!! to Cassopolis.
Dale to Beaverton.
Dalton to Muskegon.
Dansville* to Mason.
Darragh to Kalkaska.
Davis to Washington.
Davlsburg*!! to Holly.
Day to Cassopolis.
Dayton* to Buchanan.
Decker to Snover.
Deerton to Munising.
Defiance* to Gladstone.
Delhi Mills to Ann Arbor.
Delta! to Grand Ledge.
Delwin to Coleman.
Demmon* to Hancock.
Dennison to Coopersvllle
Denton* to Ypsllanti.
Derby*! to Stevensvllle.
Detour* to Sault Ste.Marie.
Devereaux*!! to Springport.
Devils Lake*! to Addison.
Deward to Frederic.
Dewing to Leroy.
Diamond Springs to Hamil­
Dice to Freeland.
Dighton* to Marion.
Dinca to Falmouth.
Diorite* to Ishpeming.
Disco to Washington.
Dodgeville* to Houghton.
Dollar Bay*!! to Houghton.
Dollarville! to Newberry.
Donaldson to Sault Ste.
Donken to South Range.
Dorr to Byron Center.
Dorrance to Coldwater.
Dorr Station to Coleman.
Doster*! to Plainwell.
Douglas* to Saugatuck.
Dover to Clare.
Dowling* to Hastings.
Downington to Deckerville.
Drake to Lapeer.
Drayton Plains*!! to Pon­
Drenthe to Zeeland.
Drummond * to Sault Ste.
Dryburg* to Rudyard.
Dublin*!! to ManisteeDuel to Midland.
Duffield*^ to Durand.
Duke to Ewen.
Dunningville* to Hamilton.
Dutton*!! to Caledonia.

Eagle*! to Grand Ledge
Eagle Harbor* to Mohawk.
A Eagle River* to Mohawk.
East Dayton to Kingston.
East Gilead to Coldwater.
East Grand Rapids to
Grand Rapids.
Eastlake* to Manistee.
East Leroy*!! to Battle
Eastman ville to Coopers­
Easton (Shiawassee Co.) to
East Paris to Grand Rapids.
Eastport* to Central Lake.
East Saugatuck*!! to Sau­
Eastwood to St. Charles.
Eben Junction* to Munis­
Eckerman*!! to Brimley.
Eckford*!! to Homer.
Eden*! to Mason.
Eden ville* to Midland.
Edgerton* to Rockford.
Edgewood to Ithaca.
Edward to West Branch.
Edwardsburg*!! to Cassop­
Elba*!! to Lapeer.
Elbridge to Hart.
Ellake to Tawas City.
Ellington to Caro.
Ellis to Marshall.
Ellisville to Cheboygan.
Elm to Plymouth.
Elmdale*!! to Alto.
Elmer to Sandusky.
Elm Hall*! to Riverdale.
Elmira*! to Gaylord.
Elmwood to Cass City.
Elo* to Chassell.
Eloise*! to Wayne.
Emerald to Evart.
Emery to Ann Arbor.
Emery Junction*!! to
Englishville* to Sparta.
Ensign* to Gladstone.
Entrican* to Stanton.
Epsilon to Petoskey.
Eureka* to St. Johns.
! Telegraph Station.

Factoryville to Leonidas.
Fairfax*! to Colon.
Fairfield to Jasper.
Fair Haven* to New Balti­
Fairport to Escanaba.
Fairview*! to Roscommon
Faithorn* to Menominee.
Fargo*! to Avoca.
Farnham to Escanaba.
Felch*!! to Iron Mountain.
Fenmore to Elsie.
Fergus* to Chesaning.
Ferris to Vestaburg
Ferry* to Shelby.
Ferrysburg* to Grand Ha­
Fibre* to Rudyard.
Filer City*! to Manistee.
Filion* to Kinde.
Fillmore Center to Hamil­
Findley!! to Burr Oak.
Fishervilie to Auburn.
Fishvllle to Sheriaan
Fitchburg to Stockbridge.
Five Lakes to Lapeer.
Flowerfleld*!! to School­
Floyd to Midland.
Ford River to Bark River.
Forester to Carsonville.
Forest Grove! to Hudson­
Forest Hill*! to Alma.
Forest Lake* to Munising.
Forsyth* to Gwinn.
Foster City*!! to Iron
Fosters*! to Saginaw.
Fouch to Traverse City.
Francisco! to Grass Lake.
Frankenlust to Bay City.
Frankentrost to Saginaw.
Franklin* to Birmingham
Franklin Mine* to Hancock
Freda*! to South Range.
Frederic*!! to Grayling
Free SoI1*t! to Fountain.
Frenchlandingto Belleville.
Frontier* to Hillsdale.
Frost to Hemlock.
Fruitport* to Grand Haven.
Fruit Ridge* to Weston.

Gaastra* to Caspian.
Galewood to Grand Rapids.
Galloway to Merrill.
Ganges* to Fennville.
Garden City to Wayne.
Garnet* to Engadine.
Gaston to Cadillac.
Gay*!! to Mohawk.
Geary to Laingsburg.
Geddes to Ann Arbor.
Genessee* to Mt. Morris.
Geneva to Addison.
Gera*!! to Frankenmuth
Germfask* to Manistique.
Gert to Petersburg.
Gibson to Saugatuck.
Giddings to L'Anse.
Gilbert* to Manton.
Gilchrist! to Engadine.
Gilford*! to Caro.
Gilmore to Farwell.
Girard to Coldwater.
Glen Arbor* to Cedar.
Glendale to Paw Paw.
Glendora*!! to Galien.
Glen Haven* to Empire.
Glen Lord to Stevensvllle.
Glenmere to Empire.
Glenwood*! to Decatur.
Gogebic to Bessemer.
Good Harbor! to Cedar.
Good Heart* to Harbor
Gooding*!! to Sparta.
Goodison* to Rochester.
Gorman to Adrian.
Gotts to Caseville.
Gould City*!! to Engadine.
Gowen*!! to Greenville.
Graafschap to Holland.
Grand Beach*! to New
Grand Junction*!! to Ban­
Grand Marais* to Mar­
Grape to Maybee.
Grassmere to Elkton.
Grattan to Belding.
Grawn*!! to Traverse City.
Gray to Midland.
Green* to Ontonagon.
Greenbush *!! toH arris ville.
Green Garden to Marquette
Greenlake to Wayland.
Greenleaf to Cass City.
Gresham to Charlotte.
Grind Stone City*!! to Port
Groos to Gladstone.
Grosse lie .*! to Trenton.
Grove to Sand Lake.
Gulliver* to Manlstique.
Gustin to Harrisville.

Hagensville to Rogers.
Hale*! to Tawas City.
Hallock to Gaylord.
Hamburg*!! to Brighton.
1 Express Office.


Hand Station* to Dearborn.
Hannah to Kingsley.
Hanover*}} to Jonesville.
Harbert*t to Bridgeman.
Hardwood* to Escanaba.
Harlan*} to Copemish.
Harriette*t} to Cadillac.
Harris to Bark River.
Harrisburg to Conklin.
Hartland* to Howell.
Harvard*}} to Greenville.
Harvey to Marquette.
Hawkhead to South Haven.
Hawkins to Reed City.
Hawks* to Rogers.
Helena (Antrim Co.)* to
Helena (Huron Co.) to
Harbor Beach.
Helmer to Newberry.
Fenians*} to Marietta.
Henrietta to Jackson.
Herman}} to L’Anse.
Harps} to Byron Center.
Herrington to Marne.
Hersey*}} to Reed City.
Hessel* to St. Ignace.
Hetherton* to Johannes­
Hiawatha* to Manlstique.
Hickory Corners* to Delton
Higgins Lake to Roscom­
Highland*}} to Milford.
Highwood* to Gladwin.
HlUiards*}} to Hopkins.
Hinchman to Berrien
Hobart* to Cadillac.
Hockaday to Gladwin.
Hodunk to Coldwater.
Hogstrom to Marquette.
Holloway*}} to Tecumseh.
Hope* to Midland.
Hopkins Station to Hopkins
Horton*}} to Hanover.
Horton Bay to Boyne City.
Houghton Lake* to Ros­
Howardsville to Marcellus.
Hoxeyville* to Luther.
F.oxie to North Adams.
Hubbard Lake* to Alpena
Hulbert to Newberry.
Humboldt*}} to Ishpeming.
Hunters Creek*}} to Metamora.
Huntspur* to Manlstique
Hurontown to Houghton.
Ina to Dighton.
Indian River*}} to Che­
Ingalls*}} to Stephenson.
Ingallston* to Menominee.
Ingleside* to Levering.
Interlochen*}} to Traverse
Iosco to Fowlerville.
Irons* to Baldwin.
Ironton* to Charlevoix.
Isabella* to Garden.
Isle Royale} to Hancock.
Iva to Hemlock.
Ivanhoe to Bad Axe.
Jacobsvllle*} to Houghton.
Jam to Merrill.
Jeddo to Crosswell.
Jenison* to Grandville.
Jennings*} to Lake City.
Jerome to North Adams.
Johannesburg*} to Gaylord.
Jones*} to Marcellus.
Joppa to East Leroy.
Juhl to Marlette.
Juniata} to Vassar.

Kalamo to Vermontville.
Karlin* to Copemish.
Karr to Gagetown.
Kearsarge*} to Calumet.
Keego Harbor to Pontiac.
Keeler to Hartford.
Kellogg to Allegan
Kendall*}} to Gobles.
Kenneth to St. Ignace.
Kenton*}} to Trout Creek.
Kewadin* to Elk Rapids.
Keweenaw Bay *}} to
Kibble*} to South Haven.
Kilmanagh! to Sebewaing.
Kimball to Port Huron.
Kinderhook* to Coldwater.
Kings Mill*}} to North
Kinross* to Sault Ste.Marie
Kipling to Gladstone.
Kirkland* to West Branch
Kissipec* to Atlanta.
Kiva to Munising.
Klingers* to Sturgis
Kneeland to Roscommon.
Kochville to Saginaw
Korelock to Ewen.
Koss to Stephenson.
Labarge to Caledonia.
La Branche* to Escanaba.
Lscey to Nashville
Lachine*} to Alpena.
Lacota*}} to South Haven.
Lake*}} to Par well.
Lake Ann*}} to Traverse

Lakefleld to Merrill.
Lake George*} to Farwell.
Lake Gogebic*} to Ewen.
Lakeland*}} to Pinckney.
Lake Mine* to Greenland.
Lakeport to Port Huron.
Lakeside*}} (Berrien Co.)
to Three Oaks.
Lakeville* to Oxford.
Lambertville* to West To­
ledo, Ohio.
Lamont* to Coopersvillp.
Langston to Greenville.
Laporte to Freeland.
Larkin to Midland.
La Roeque}} to Rogers.
LaSalle*} to Monroe.
Lathrop*}} to Escanaba.
Laurel to Sandusky.
Lawson to Marquette.
Layton Corners to Mont­
Leaten to Mount Pleasant.
Lee*} to Fennville.
Leer* to Posen.
Leetsville* to Kalkaska.
Leisure to South Haven.
iLeland* to Traverse City.
Lemon Lake to Copemish.
Leonard to Oxford.
Leonl to Grass Lake.
Les Cheneaux* to St. Ig­
Liberty to Brooklyn.
Limestone* to Munising.
Llnkvllle to Owendale.
Liske to Rogers.
Little Lake}} to Gwinn.
London to Milan.
Long Lake (Clare Oo.) to
Long Lake*} (Iosco Co.) to
Tawas City
Long Rapids* to Lachine.
Loomis} to Coleman.
Loretto*}} to Norway.
Lovells*} to Graying.
Lucas*} to Cadillac.
Lulu* to Ida.
Lum*}} to Imlay City.
Lupton*} to Rose City.
Luzerne* to Roscommon.

Macon to Clinton.
Manltou Beach*}} to Addi­
Mansfield to Crystal Falls.
Maple City* to Cedar
Maplegrove to Nashville.
Maple Ridge} (Arenac Co.)
to Prescott.
Maple Ridge (Delta Co.)
to Escanaba.
Mapleton (Grand Traverse
Co.) to Traverse City.
Marengo*} to Marshall.
Marenisco*}} to Wakefield.
Marilla* to Kaleva.
Marion Springs to St.
Markey* to Roscommon.
Masonville* to Gladstone.
Mass*}} to Greenland.
Matchwood* to Rockland.
Matherton* to Hubbardston.
May to Holland.
Mayfield*} to Kingsley
McCarron* to Dafter.
McCords* to Alto.
McDonald*}} to Bangor.
McDonough to St. Charles.
Mclvor*}} to Tawas City.
McMillan*}} to Newberry.
Meade to New Haven.
Mears*}} to Hart.
Meauwataka* to Cadillac.
Medina* to Hudson.
Melita to Sterling.
Melstrand to Munising.
Melvin*}} to Brown City.
Meridian to Williamston.
Merritt* to Lake City.
Merriweather to Ewen.
Merson to Allegan.
Mesnard to Hancock.
Metropolitan*} to Iron
Metz*} to Posen.
Michelson*} to Harrison.
Michigamme*}} to L'Anse.
Michigan Center to Jackson.
Michillinda* to Whitehall.
Middle Village to Harbor
Millbrook*} to Remus.
Mlllett} to Lansing.
Milo* to Delton.
Minard to Jackson.
Mlnerlake to Allegan.
iMio*} to Roscommon.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

1 County Seat.

Moddersville* to Falmouth.
Moltke to Rogers.
Monitor to Auburn.
Monroe Center to Grawn.
Monterey to Hopkins.
Moorepark*}} to Three
Moores to Standish.
Moores Junction to Stand­
Moorestown* to Lake City.
Moorland* to Muskegon.
Moran*}} to St. Ignace.
Morey to Lake City.
Morgan*} (Barry Co.) to
Moscow*}} to North Adams
Moseley }} Lowell.
Mosherville* to Jonesville.
Mottvllle to White Pigeon.
Mount Forest*}} to Pin­
Mount Vernon} to Wash­
Mullet Lake* to Cheboygan
Munger*}} to Bay City.
Munson*}} to Fayette.
Munuscong} to Sault Ste.

Nadeau*}} to Powers.
Nahma* to Gladstone.
Napoleon*}} to Jackson.
Nathan* to Stephenson
National City to Twining.
National Mine* to Ishpem­
Naubinway* to Engadine.
Neebish* to Sault Ste.Marie
Nelson to Hemlock.
Nessen City* to Copemish.
Nestoria*}} to L’Anse.
Newark* (Gratiot Co.) to
Newark* (Oakland Co.) to
Newburg to Plymouth.
New Casco to Glenn.
New Gronigen to Zeeland.
New Holland to Holland.
New Hudson*}} to South
New Richmond*}} to Fenn­
New Salem to Jamestown.
New Swanzy to Gwinn.
New Troy* to Bridgeman.
New Wexford to Buckley.
Nicholsville to Marcellus.
Nickelplate to Ionia.
Nlnemile to Pinconning.
Nirvana *}to Reed City.
Nisula* to Houghton.
North Adams*}} to Hills­
North Bradley *}} to Cole­
North Dorr to ByronCenter
North Holland to Holland.
North Lake to Otisville.
Northland* to Escanaba.
North Morencl }} to Morenci
North Muskegon} to Mus­
North Park to Grand
North Wheeler to Wheeler.
Norvell*}} to Manchester.
Norwalk*}} to Onekama.
Nottawa*}} to Centerville
Novi*}} to Northvllle.
Oak to Plymouth.
Oakfleld Center to Green­
Oak Grove*}} to Howell.
Oak Hill} to Manistee.
Oakland to Hamilton.
Oakley*}} to Chesaning.
Oak Ridge Park to Sault
Ste. Marie.
Oakville to Milan.
Oberlin* to Gladwin.
Ocqueoc* to Millersburg.
Oden*} to Petoskey.
Ogden*}} to Jasper.
Ogden Center to Bllssfleld.
Okemos*}} to East Lansing.
Ola to Ashley.
Old Mission to Traverse
Olds to Coldwater.
Olive Center to Holland.
Oliver} to Reed City.
Olson to Midland.
Omena*} to Northport.
Omer*}} to Au Gres.
Onondaga*}}to Eaton
Orangeville} to Martin.
Orchard Lake*}} to Pon­
Orion*}} to Lake Orion.
Orono*} to Reed City.
Orr to Hemlock.
Osceola*} to Calumet.
Oshtemo* to Kalamazoo.
Osier* to Escanaba.
Oskar* to Houghton.
Osseo*}} to Hillsdale.
Ossineke*}} to Alpena.
Otisco to Belding.
Otsego Laket to Gaylord.
Otter Lake*}} to Otisville.
Overisel to Hamilton.
Ozark* to St. Ignace.
Money Order Office.

Paavola* to Hancock.
Packard to Covert.
Paines} to Saginaw.
Painesdale*}} to South
Palatka to Caspian.
Palmer* to Negaunee.
Palms*}} to Minden City.
Palmyra*}} to Blissfleld.
Palo*} to Ionia.
Paris*}} to Big Rapids.
Parisville to Minden City.
Parkville to Mendon.
Parnell to Lowell.
Parshallville to Howell.
Pavilion*}} to Scotts.
Pawlowski to Ruth.
Pawpaw Lake to Coloma.
Payment* to Sault Ste
Paynesville*}} to Ewen
Peacock*}} to Luther
Pearl*} to Fennville.
Pearlbeach* to Algonac.
PearJIne to Coopersville.
Pelkie* to L’Anse.
Penfleld* to Battle Creek.
Penn*}} to Cassopolis.
Pentoga*}} to Caspian.
Perfection to Harrisville.
Perkins* to Gladstone.
Perronville* to Escanaba.
Perrys Pier to Onekama.
Peters to Marine City.
Phillipsville to Calumet.
Phoenix* to Calumet.
Pier Cove to Fennville.
Pierson*}} to Howard City.
Pine Grove Mills* to Gobles
Pine River}} to Omer.
Pine Run} to Clio.
Pinnebog* to Kinde.
Pioneer to Lake City.
Plainfield} (Kent Co.) to
Plainfield (Livingston Co.)
to Gregory.
Planters to Bessemer.
Pleasant City to Buttons
Pleasant Ridge to Ferndale.
Pleasant Valley to Saint
Point Aux Barques *} to
Port Austin.
Point Mills to Hancock.
Pokagon*} to Dowagiac.
Popple to Bad Axe.
Portage*} (Kalamazoo Co.)
to Kalamazoo.
Portage (Manistee Co.) to
Portage Lake to Houghton.
Posyville to Midland.
Prairieville* to Delton.
Prattville*}} to Hudson.
Presque Isle* to Alpena.
Preston to Wayne.
Princeton*}} to Gwinn.
Prosper to Falmouth.
Provemont}} to Lake Lee­
Prudenvllle*to Roscommon.
Pulaski*} to Concord.
Pullman*}} to Fennville.
Puritan* to Ironwood.

Quanicassee City} to Fairgrove.
Quimby* to Hastings.
Quinnesec*}} to Iron

Raber* to Sault Ste.Marie.
Raco*}} to Sault Ste.
Ralph*} to Iron Mountain.
Ramona*} to White Cloud.
Ramsay*} to Bessemer.
Randall Beach to Orion.
Randville*}} to Iron Moun­
Rankin to Swartz Creek.
Ransom* to Pioneer, Ohio
Rapid City*}} to Alden.
Rapid River*} to Glad­
Rapson to Bad Axe.
Rathbone to Breckenrldge.
Ray Center to New Haven.
Rea to Dundee.
Ready to Saginaw.
Red Jacket to Calumet.
Redman to Port Hope.
Redridge* to Houghton.
Redstone to Breckenridge
Reeds to Cedar Springs.
Reedsboro to Munising.
Reeman*} to Fremont.
Rexton*}} to Engadine.
Richfield to Davison.
Richville*} to Reese.
Ridgeway*}} to Britton.
Riggsville* to Cheboygan.
Riley Center* to Emmett
Riverside*}} to Coloma
}Telegraph Station.



Robbins to Wakefield.
Rock*}} to Escanaba.
Rockharbor to Duluth.
Rodney*}} to Big Rapids.
Rollin*}} to Hudson.
Rome Center to Onsted. }
Roosevelt to St. Charles.
Roseburg to Yale.
Rose Center*} to Holly.
Rosedale to Sault Ste.
Roselawn* to Ewen.
Ross*}} to Byron Center.
Rothbury*} to Montague.
Rowland to Blanchard.
Roxanna to Charlotte.
Rumely* to Munising.
Ruse to Marquette.
Rushton*} to South Lyon.
Rustford to Morley.

Saganing}} to Pinconning.
Saginaw West Side*} to
8agola*}} to IronMountain.
St. Ciair Flats to Algonac.
St. Helen*}} to Roscommon
St. Jacques* to Gladstone.
Saint James* to Charlevoix.
Salem*}} to South Lyon.
Samaria* to Ida.
Sandcreek*+} to Adrian.
Sands* to Gwinn.
Sanilac Center to Sanduskey.
Sans Souci* to Algonac
Sawyer*}} to Bridgman.
Schaffer* to Bark River.
Schomberg* to Cedar.
Scofield*}} to Maybee.
Scottdale to Benton Harbor
Sears*}} to Evart.
Sebewa to Portland.
Selkirk* to West Branch.
Seneca* to Morencl.
Seney*}} to Newberry.
Senter to Hancock.
Shabbona} to Snover.
Shadyside to Hillsdale.
Shaftsburg*}} to Perry.
Sharon (Washtenaw Oo.)
to Manchester.
Shelbyville*}} to Martin.
Sheldon to Wayne
Shepardsville*t} to Ovid.
Sherman*} to Mesick.
Sherman City to Barrytou
Shields to Saginaw.
Shiloh* to Belding.
Shingleton*}} to Munising
Shultz* to Hastings.
Sibley*}} to Trenton.
Sickels to Ithaca.
Sidnaw*}} to Trout Creek
Sigel to Harbor Beach.
Siloam* to Tawas City.
Silvercreek to Plain well.
Silverwood*}} to Mayville.
Sister Lakes* to Dowagiac
Sitka to Holton.
Skandia* to Marquette.
Skanee* to L’Anse.
Skeels to Gladwin.
Slocum*}} to Ravenna.
Smiths Crossing to Mid­
Smyrna* to Belding.
Sodus*}} to Benton Harbor
Somerset*}} to Brooklyn.
Somerset Center*} to
Sonoma to Battle Creek.
South Blendon to Hudsonville.
South Boardman*}} to Kal
Southbranch*} to Hale.
South Butler to Quincy.
South Lake Linden to Hubbell.
South Manitou* to Cedar.
South Monterey to Allegan
Spalding*}} to Powers.
Spencer* to Kalkaska.
Spinks Corners to Benton
Spratt to Alpena
Spring Arbor* to Jackson
Spring Grove to South
Springville to Onsted.
Spruce* to Alpena.
Stager to Crystal Falls.
Stalwart to Pickford.
Star City* to Lake City.
Steamburg to Hillsdale.
Steiner* to Monroe.
Stetson to Walkervilja.
Steuben* to Manlstique.
Stittsville* to Lake City.
Stonington*} to Escanaba
8tony Creek to Milan.
Strasburg* to Monroe.
t Ex press Office.



Strom to Bessemer.
Stronach* to Manistee.
Strongs*!! to Newberry.
Sucker Creek to Choate.
Sugargrove to Scottsville.
Sugar Rapids to Gladwin.
Sullivan*!! to Muskegon.
Summerton to Alma.
Summit City*! to Kingsley.
Sumner* to Riverdale.
Sumnerville to Niles.
Sundell to Munising.
Swan Creek* to Saginaw.
Swanson* to Stephenson.
Sylvester to Mecosta.
Taft to Hale City.
Talbot to Stephenson.
Tallmadge to Marne.
Tallman*t to Fountain.
Tamarack Cityt to Hough­
Tapiola* to Houghton.
Taylor Center to Wyan­
Taymouth to Birch Run.
Temperance*!! to Erie.
Temple*tt to Marion
Texas Corners to Kalama­
Thomas*tt to Oxford.
Thomaston*!! to Bessemer.
Thompson* to Manistique.
Thompsonville*!! to Honor
Tittabawassee Junction to
Titus to Remus.
Toivola*tt to South Range.
Tompkins to Leslie.
Topaz* to Ewen.
Topinabee*!! to Cheboy­
Toquin to Covert.
Torch Lake to Lake Linden.
Traunik to Trenary.
Trimountain*!! to South
Trist to Grass Lake.
Trout Lake*!! to ltudyard.
Troy* to Birmingham.
Turin* to Negaunee.
Turner*! to Twining.
Tuscola* to Vassar.
Twin Lake* to Holton.
Tyre*! to Ubly.
Tyrone to Kent City.
Unadilla to Gregory.
Union to Bristol, Ind.
Union Pier*! to Three Oaks.
Upper Big Rapids to Big
Vail Spur to Munising.
Valley Center*! to Brown
Vandalia*!! to Cassopolis.
Vanderbilt*!! to Gaylord.
Vandercook Lake to Jackson
Velzy to Cedar Springs.
Vergennes to Lowell.
Verne to Burt.
Verona* to Wakefield.
Verona Mills to Bad Axe.
Vickeryville*!! to Carson
Vineland to St. Joseph.
Vogel Center to McBain.
Volney to Walkerville.
Vriesland*! to Zeeland.
Vulcan*!! to Norway.
Wacou sta*!to GrandLedge.
Wadham to Port Huron.
Wagarville to Gladwin.
Wainola* to Greenland.
Wakelee*!! to Marcellus.
Walburg to Alpena.
Waldenburg to Mt. Clem­
Wales to Lamb.
Walhalla*!! to Scottville.
Walker to Grand Rapids.
Wallace*!! to Stephenson
Walled Lake*!! to Milford.
Walloon Lake*! to Petoskey.
Walsh* to St. Ignace.
Walton* to Fife Lake.
Waltz*! to Carleton.
Wasepi*!! to Centerville.
Waterford*!! to Clarkston.
Waterloo* to Chelsea.
Waters*! to Gaylord.
Watersmeet*!! to Wake­
Watertown to Sandusky.
Watrousville* to Vassar.
Watson (Allegan Co.) to
Watton* to L’Anse.
Waucedah*!! to Norway.
Weadock* to Cheboygan.
Weare to Hart.
Weils*! to Escanaba.
Wellston*!! to Baldwin.
Wellsville to Deerfield.
West Bay City! to BayClty
West Carlisle to Grand
Westminster to Kingsley.
West Olive*!! to Grand
Weston*!! to Morenci.
West Sumpter to Belleville.
Wetmore*!! to Munising.
Wexford to Buckley.
Wheatland to Addison.
Wheatley to Gladwin.
White Dale!! to Manis­
White Fish Point* to Sault

Whiteford Center to Blissfield.
White Lake to Holly.
White Oak to Stockbridge.
White Pine* to Ontonagon.
White Rock to Ruth.
Whitmore Lake*!! to Ann
Whitney* to Bark River.
Whittaker*!! to Milan.
Wilber* to East Tawas.
WTildwood to Indian River.
Willard to Auburn.
Williams*! to Kalamazoo.
Williamsburg*!! to Trav­
erse City.
Willow to Carleton.
Wilmot*!! to Kingston.
Wilson*!! to Powers.
Winegars to Beaverton.
Winona*! to Rockland.
Winsor to Owendale.
Wisner to Akron.
Wixom*!! to Milford.
Wolf Creek to Onsted.
W’oodbury*! to LakeOdessa
Woodmere to Detroit.
Woodville (Bay Co.) to
Woodville*!! (NewaygoCo.)
to Big Rapids.
Wooster to Fremont.
Worden to South Lyon.
Wright to Conklin.
Wyman* to Edmore.
Yalmar* to Marquette.
Yargerville to Erie.
York to Milan.
Yorkville*!! to Richland.
Yuma* to Mesick.
Zilwaukee! to Saginaw
Zutphen to Zeeland.
Acton to Litchfield.
Adolph*! to Duluth.
Afton to Hudson, Wis.
Ah-Gwah-Ching* to Walker
Ahlbrecht to Cokato.
Airlie*!! to Pipestone.
Albertville*!! to Monticello.
Albion Center to Annandale
Alborn*!! to Duluth.
Alice to flibbing
Alida* to Shevlin.
Allen to Gilbert.
Alma City* to Pemberton.
Alvarado to Warren.
American Point to Warroad
Amor to Battle Lake.
Anatol to Duluth.
Andover! to Anoka.
Angora*!! to Cook.
Angus*!! to Warren.
Antnony to Halstad.
Apple to Argyle.
Arago* to Park Rapids.
Arco to Ivanhoe.
Arendahl to Peterson.
Arthyde* to Moose Lake.
Asbury to Granite Falls.
Aspelund to Kenyon.
Assumption to Green Isle.
Atkinson*! to Carlton.
Augusta to Chaska.
Automba*! to Kettle River.
Avoca*!! to Fulda.
Badoura to Nevis.
Bain*!! to Palisade.
Ballclub* to Deer River.
Balmoral to Battle Lake.
Bancroft to Albert Lea.
Barry*!! to Graceville.
Bass Lake* to Deer River.
Basswood to Perham.
Bath to Hartland.
Baylake to Deerwood.
Bear Lake to Hutchinson.
Bear River* to Hibbing.
Beauford to Mapleton.
Beaulieu* to Mahnomen.
Beaver to Plainview.
Beaver Bay* to Two Har­
Bechyn to Redwood Falls.
Becida* to Bemidji.
Becker*! to Big Lake.
Bee to Spring Grove.
Belden*!! to Webster,Wis.
Belle Creek to Goodhue.
Belleriver to Carlos.
Bellingham*!! to Madison.
Belvidere Mills to Goodhue
Bena*!! to Cass Lake.
Benedict* (Hubbard Co.) to
La Porte.
Bennettville* to Aitkin.
Benton to Cologne.
Bergen to Windom
Berkey to Underwood.
Berlin to Ellendale.
Bernadotte to Lafayette.
Berne to West Concord.
Berner to Gonvick.
Bescemar to* Littlefork.
Bethany! to Lewiston
Big Bend City! to Milan
Big Woods to Argyle.
Birchdale* to Baudette.
Biwalbil*!! to Gilbert.
Black Hammer to Spring
Black Hoof! to Moose Lake
Blomford to Isanti.
Bloomington to Minneapo­
Blue Grass to Sebeka.
Bock to Milaca.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Bodum to Isanti.
Bombay! to Kenyon.
Border to Baudette.
Bowstring* to Deer River.
Boy River*! to Remer.
Bradford to Cambridge.
Brager* to Ponsford.
Bratsberg to Rushford.
Brenneyville to Ronneby.
Brevik! to Federal Dam.
Bridge Water to Dundas.
Brimson*!!itoTwo Harbors.
Bristol to Harmony.
Brittmount to Virginia.
Brockway to St. Stephen.
Bronson to Hallock.
Brooklyn!! to Hibbing.
Brooklyn Center to Minne­
Brookpark*!! to Quamba.
Brooks*! to lied Lake Falls.
Brookston*!! to Cloquet.
Brunswick* to Mora.
Brush Creek to Bricelyn.
Brushvale* to Breckenridge
Burchard to Florence.
Burnett! to Proctor.
Burns to Elk River.
Burr*! to Canby.
Burschville (Benton Co.) to
Burschville (Hennepin Co.)
to Loretto.
Burtrum *!! to Grey Eagle.
Butler* to New York Mills.
Butternut to Lake Crystal.
Buyck* to Tower.
Cable to St. Cloud.
Cahill to Minneapolis.
Callaway*! to Detroit
Cannon City to Faribault.
Cannonville to Waterville.
Canyon to Duluth.
Caribou to Bronson.
Carlson to Murdock.
Carmody to Dalbo.
Carp* to Baudette.
Carrell to Appleton.
Carson Lake to Hibbing.
Casey to Darwin.
Cazenovia*!! to Pipestone
Cedar Mills to Hutchinson.
Genstohowa to Delano.
Center Valley to Pierz.
Centerville to Hugo
Central Lake to Virginia.
Chamberlin to Akely.
Charlesvilie to Tintah.
Cherry to Virginia.
Oherrygrove to Spring Val­
Chester* to Rochester.
Choice to Mabel.
Cisco to Erskine.
Claybank to Goodhue.
Clear Lake*!! to Santiago.
Clear River* to Warroad.
Clementson* to Baudette
Climax to Shelly.
Clinton Falls* to Medford
Clotho to Long Prairie.
Cloverdale to Pine City.
Cloverton*! to Sandstone.
Coates!! to Rosemount.
Coin to Braham.
Collins! to Stewart.
Collis* to Graceville.
Comstock to Rustad.
Conception to Kellogg.
Concord to West Concord
Constance* to Cedar.
Coonereektto Anoka.
Coon Lake to Wyoming.
Coopers Corner to Bethel.
Corbin to Eveleth.
Corcoran to Osseo.
Coromrant* to Audubon.
Corning to Lansing.
Corvuso to Hutchison.
Cottage Grove* to Hastings
Cotton* to Eveleth.
Craigville* to Big Fork.
Crane Lake to Cook.
Credit River to Prior Lake
Cromwell*!! to Wright.
Crosslake* to Pequot.
Crown to Bethel.
Crow River to Grove City
Crystal Bay*!! to Wayzata
Culver* to Cloquet.
Current Lake to Lake Wil­
Cushing*!! to Randall.
Cusson*!! to Cook.
Cutler to Aitkin
Dale* to Hawley.
Darling to Little Falls.
Day to Dalbo.
Debs to Pinewood.
Deephaven!! to Excelsior
Deerfield to Medford.
De Graff*!! to Benson.
Dell to Frost
Dexter*!! to Elkton.
Dickinson toBuffalo.
Dilworth to Moorhead.
Donaldson*!! to Stephen.
Doran*!! to Breckenridge.
Dorothy to Red Lake Falls.
Dotson! to Springfield.
Douglas*! to Rochester.
Dovray*!! to Currie.
Downer*!! to Barnesville.
Doyle! to Kilkenny.
Dresbach*! to Dakota.
Dresselville to Le Sueur.
Drywood to Appleton.
Dudley! to Marshall
Duelm to Foley.
Dumfries to Wabasha.
Dumont to Wheaton.
* Money Order Office.


Dunbar* to Blackduck.
1 Guckeen*!! to Blue Earth.
Duquette* to Kerrick.
; Gully*! to Fosston.
Duxby* to Badger.
Gutches Grove to Long
East Chain to Fairmont.
East Lake*! to McGregor.
Hackensack*t to Walker,
E. Prairieville to Faribault. i Hader to Wanamingo.
East Saint Cloud!! to I Hadlertto Ada.
Saint Cloud.
i Hadley*!! to Slayton.
East Union to Carver.
Hagan t,o Milan.
Ebro* to Bagley.
■ Halma*! to Strandquist.
Echols*! to St. James.
Hamilton Station to Sav­
Eden!! to Mantorville.
Eden Prairie*!! to Hop­ ! Hamline*t to St. Paul,
i Hanover to St. Michael.
Effle* to Big Fork.
: Harding to Lastrup.
Eggleston*!! to Red Wing.
Harney to Cloquet.
Eidswold to Elko.
Harold Station to Crooks,
Eklund to Faribault.
Elba* to Altura.
Harrison to Atwater.
Elcor* to Gilbert.
Hart to Rushford.
Eldred to Crookston.
Hassan to Rogers.
Elizabeth*!! to Carlisle.
Hasty*!! to Clearwater.
Elko*!! to Newmarket.
[ Hatfield*!! to Pipestone.
Ellsburg* to Virginia.
Haug* to Greenbush.
Ellson* to Denham.
Havana!! to Owatonna.
Elmdale to Bowlus.
Hawick to Paynesville.
Elmer* to Meadowlands.
Haycreek to Red Wing.
Elmpark to Grandy.
| Haydenville to Madison
Embarras*!! to Tower.
Hazel*! to St. Hilaire.
Emily* to Pequot.
Hazelwood to Webster.
Empire City!! to Hampton
Heatwole to Hutchison.
Enfield* to Silver Creek.
Heiberg to Twin Valley.
Englund to Strandquist.
Heidelberg to New Prague,
Enok to Hallock.
i Heinola to New York Mills.
Erdahl*!! to Elbow Lake.
Helena to Jordan.
Ericsburg*!! to Ray.
Henriette*!! to Grasston.
Erie* to Thief River Falls.
Henrytown to Harmony
Esko’s Corner to Cloquet.
Highland (Fillmore Co.) to
Esplee* to Thief River Falls
Estesbrook to Foreston.
j Highland (Lake Co.) to
Euclid*!! to Warren.
Two Harbors.
Eureka* to Excelsior.
! Highland (Wright Co.) to
Eureka Center to Lakeville. I
Howard Lake
Everdell* to Breckenridge.
High Landing* to Thief
River Falls.
Fairbanks*!! to Aurora.
High wood! to St. Paul,
Fairhaven* to South Haven ij Hillman*!
Fairland* to International | Hill River to
to Fosston.
i Hillview to Sebeka.
Faith to Twin Valley.
I Hines to Black Duck.
Farming to Richmond.
; Hitterdal*!! to Ulen.
Faunce to Williams.
Hiwood* to Warroad.
Federal Dam*! to Cass Lake !! Holler*
to International
Felton*!! to Averill.
Fernando to Stewart.
i Holloway*!! to Appleton.
Fernhill* to La Porte.
Hollywood to Mayer.
Fifty Lakes* to Pequot.
: Holyoke*! to Superior. Wis.
Fillmore to Wykoff.
Homer* to Winona.
Finland* to Two Harbors. . Homes
City*! to Alexandria
Fisher to Crookston.
I Hope Lake to Litchfield.
Fletcher to Rogers.
! Hopper* to Virginia,
Florence* to Marshall.
i Hornbyj unction to Cloquet
Florenton to Virginia.
! Hoviand* to Grand Marais.
Florian to Strandquist.
Hubbard* to Park Rapids.
Fond du Lac*!i (corporate
Huntersville to Menahga.
name Duluth) to Duluth.
Huot to Red Lake Falls.
Forbes* to Eveleth.
Forest City to Litchfield, j Hutton to Preston.
Fork* to Oslo.
Ilag* to Gatzke.
Fort Ripley*!! to Brainerd.
lllgen City to Two Harbors.
Possum to Twin Valley.
Imogen!! to Granada.
Four Town* to Thief River
Independence to Duluth.
Indus* to International
Fox* to Roseau.
Foxhome*!! to Brocken- j
Inguadona* to Remer.
Invergrove* to South Saint
Fox Lake to Welcome.
Freedhem to Little Falls.
Iona* to Chandler.
Fremont to Lewiston.
Isabel to Freeport.
French to Fergus Falls.
Isabella to Two Harbors.
French Lake to Kingston.
French River* to Duluth.
Jacobson* to Hill City.
Fridley* to Minneapolis.
Jakeville to Foley.
Friesland to Sandstone.
Jenkins*!! to Pequot.
Frontier* to Baudette.
Jessie Lake* to Deer River
Fruthville to Sauk Rapids.
Johnsburg to Adams.
Funkley*!! to Blackduck.
Johnsdale to Onamia.
Johnson*!! to Graceville.
Garrison* to Brainerd.
Gary to Duluth.
Karlstad to Stephen.
Gatzke*! to Holt.
Kasota to St. Peter.
Gemmell*!! to Mizpah.
Kelly Lake*!! to Hibbing
Genoa to Byron.
Kelsey*!! to Iron.
Genola to Pierz.
Kennedy*t! to Hallock.
Gentilly*! to Crookston.
Kettle Falls to Ranier.
Georgetown*!! to Moor­
Keywest to Grand Forks.
Kimberly*!! to McGregor.
Georgeville*! to Belgrade.
to Fulda.
Gheen* to Cook.
Kingsdale!! to Webster.
Giese to Finlayson.
Gilchrist to Sedan.
Kingston to Dassel.
Gladstone* to Saint Paul
Kinney*! to Buhl.
Glen* to Aitkin.
Kitzville to Hibbing.
Glendorado to Princeton.
Knapp to Cokato.
Glen Lake to Hopkins.
Knife River*! to Two Har­
Glory to Aitkin.
Gluek*!! to Maynard.
Komensky! to Hutchison.
Glyndon*!! to Moorhead.
Kost to North Branch.
Godahi to St. James.
Kragnes*!! to Moorhead.
Goidenvalley (Hennepin
Kroschel to Pine City.
Co.) to Minneapolis.
Goodland* to Warba.
Lac Qui Parle to Watson.
Goodridge to Thief River
Lake Elizabeth to Atwater.
Lake Hubert to Pequot.
Gotha to Cologne.
Lake Itasca* to Park Rap­
Gowan* to Floodwood.
Gracelock to Montevideo.
Lake Jennie to Dassel.
Graceton*! to Williams.
Lakeland*!! to Hudson.
Grand Lake to Cloquet.
Grand Portage* to Grand
Lakenetta to Anoka.
Lake Pleasant to Red Lake
Grayling* to Aitkin.
Greaney* to Cook.
Lakeside to Buffalo Lake.
Greeley to Braham.
Lake Vermillion to Ely.
Greenbush*!! to Badger.
Lamoille*!! to Winona.
Green Lake to Spicer.
Lamson to Dassel.
Greenland* to Elysian.
Lancaster to Hallock.
Greenleafton to Preston.
Langdon*!! to Hastings.
Green Valley*!! to MinneLange to St. Peter.
Larsmont to Two Harbors.
Grogan*!! to St. James.
Laviniat to Bemidji.
Groningen*!! to Sandstone.
Lawler*!! to Kettle River.
Groveiake to Brooten.
Lawndale*!! to Rothsay.
Grygia to Thief River
Leader to Motley.
Leaf Mountain to Vining.
t Telegraph Station.

1 Express Office.


Leaf Valley to Garfield.
Leander to Cook.
Leech Lake to Walker.
Leigh to Pierz.
Leipold* to Hill City.
Lemond to Otisco.
Lenora to Canton.
Leo to Greenbush.
Leonard to Clearbrook.
Leoneth to Eveleth.
Leota to Edgerton.
Lerdal to Hayward.
Lewis Lake to Ogilvle.
Lexington to Le Sueur CenLimecreek*tt to Fulda.
Lincoln*tt to Randall.
Lindent to Hanska.
Lindfork* to Little Fork.
Little Chicago to Northfield.
Little Marais* to Two Har­
Littlerock to Royalton.
Little Sauk*!! to Long
Little Swan to Hibbing.
Loman* to International
Long Siding*!! to Prince­
Longville* to Walker.
Lome* to Granite Falls.
Louisburg*!! to Madison
Louriston to Murdock.
Luce* to Perham
Lutsen* to Grand Marais.
Luxemburg to Rockville.
Lyman to Deer Creek.
Lynd*tt to Russell.
Lyndale to MaDle Plain.
McKinley*!! to Gilbert.
Mack* to Deer River.
Mahkonce to Mahnomen.
Mahtomedi*! to WhiteBear
Maine to underwood.
Makinen to Eveleth.
Mallory!! to East Grand
Malmo* to Aitkin.
Malung* to Roseau.
Manannah to Litchfield.
Manitou to Baudette.
Mansfield to Alden.
Manston to Rothsay.
Manyaska to Welcome
Maple to Waconia.
Maplebay* to Fertile.
Maple Grove to Osseo.
Marcell* to Deer River.
March to Warren.
Margie*!! to Big Falls.
Markham* to Gilbert.
Markville*! to Webster,
Marystown to Shakopee.
Mattson to Hallock.
Mavie to Thief River Falls.
Max* to Northome.
Mayhew Lake to Sauk
Melby*tt to Evansville.
Melvin* to Fertile.
Mentor to Fertile.
Merriam Park to St. Paul.
Merrifleld* to Brainerd.
Merton to Owatonna
Mesaba*!! to Aurora.
Midway* to Proctor.
Miesville to Hastings.
Mildred* to Backus.
Millerville to Urbank.
Miloma*tt to Okabena.
Mineral Center to Grand
Minneiska*!! to Kellog.
Minnesota City*!! to Rollingstone.
Minnesota Falls to Granite
Minnesota Transfer Station*t to St. Paul.
Minnetonka Beach*! to
Minnetonka Mills to Hop­
Minnewasht.a to Excelsior.
Moland to Kenyon.
Money Creek to Houston.
Montrose*!! to Waverly.
Morrill to Foley.
Moscow to Oakland.
Mound Prairie*! to Hous­
M unger* to Proctor.
Muskoda*!! to Hawley.
Nansen to Kenyon.
Nary*! to Bemidji.
Nass* to Cook.
Navarre to Mound.
Naytahwaush* to Mahno­
Nebish* to Bemidji.
Nelson*!! to Alexandria.
Nemadji* to Moose Lake.
Neptune* to Gully.
Nesbitt to Minneapolis.
Nett Lake*! to Cook.
Nevis*!! to Park Rapids.
Newburg to Mabel.
New Duluth*!! (Corporate
name Duluth) to Duluth.
Newfolden*! to Strandquist.
New Hartford to Dakota.
New house* to Mabel.
New Prairie*! to Cyrus.
Newry to Blooming Prairie.
Mew Sweden to Nicollet.

New Trier* to Hampton.
Niawa* to Laporte.
Nichols* to Aitkin.
Nickerson*!! to Kerrick.
Nielsville to Shelly.
Nimrod to Sebeka.
Nisswa*! to Pequot.
Nodine to Dakota.
Nokay Lake to Deerwood.
Nokay Sebie Corners to
Nopeming* to Duluth.
Noracres to Bronson.
Norden* to Kelliher.
Normania to Cottonwood.
Norseland to Saint Peter.
Northcote*!! to Hallock.
Northland (Polk Co.) to
East Grand Forks.
North Redwood* to Red­
wood Falls.
Norway Lake* to New Loodon.
Nowthen to Elk River.
Noyes!! to Humboldt.
Nymore* to Bemidji.
Oak Center to Lake City.
Oak Island to Warroad.
Oak Park*!! to Foley.
Olga to Fosston.
Onaway Park to Minneap­
Onigum* to Walker.
Opole to Hollingford.
Opstead* to Isle.
Orchard Lake to Savage.
Org to Worthington.
Orleans*!! to Hallock.
Orr*! to Cook.
Orrock to Big Lake.
Orth to Northome.
Osage to Park Rapids.
Oshawa (Cass Co.)
Oshawa (Nicollet Co.) to
Saint Peter.
Oslo (Marshall Co.)*t! to
Oster to Waverly.
Otisville to Scandia.
Ottawa*!! to Le Sueur.
Ottertail*!! to Henning.
Ottertail Lake to Battle
Otto to Kelliher.
Outing* to Remer.
Oxboro Heath to Minne­
Oxlip to Isanti.
Oylen to Staples.
Padua to Brooten.
Page to Milaca.
Palmdale to Taylors Falls.
Palmer (Waseca Co.) to
Palmers to Two Harbors.
Palo* to Aurora.
Parent* to Foiey.
Payne* to Eveleth.
Pease *! to Milaca.
Pemberton *!! to St. Clair.
Pembroke to Mound.
Pencer* to Wannaska.
Pengiily* to Marble.
Pennington* to Cass Lake.
Penturen* to Warroad.
Petersburg to Jackson.
Pettis to St. Peter.
Peyla to Tower.
Phelps to Underwood
Philbrook*!! to Staples.
Pickwick to Winona.
Pilotgrove to Elmore.
Pilotmound to Ohatfleld.
Pinecreek to Roseau.
Pine River*! to Pequot.
Pitt*! to Baudette.
Plummer *! to Brooks.
Plymouth to Minneapolis.
Ponemah* to Bemidji.
Ponsford*! to Park Rapids.
Pontoria to Backus.
Popple* to Northhome.
Popple Creek to Sauk Rap­
Potsdam to Elgin.
Pratt*!! to Owatonna.
Predmore to Eyota.
Priam to Raymond
Proctorknot to Proctor.
Prosper*!! to Canton.
Providence to Dawson.
Puposky* to Bemidji.
Quiring* to Kelliher.
Rabey* to Hill City.
Radium*!! to Warren.
Ramey* to Foley.
Ramsey Junction! to Aus­
Ranier*! to International
Ranum to Bejou.
Rasset to Buffalo.
Rauch to Cook.
Reading*!! to Worthington
Reads* to Wabasha.
Redby* to Bemidji.
Red Lake* to Bemidji.
Redland to Crookston.
Redore* to Hibbing.
Red Top*!! to Isle
Regal*!! to Paynesville.
Reno*!! to Caledonia.
Renova*!! to Brownsdale.
Rhoda* to Oklee.
Rice*!! to St. Stephen.
Riceford to Mabel.
Rice Lake to Cokato.
Richfield to Minneapolis.
Rich Valiev* to Rosemount

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

4 County Seat.

Richville*! to Perham.
Richwood* to Callaway.
Ridgeway to Winona.
Rindal to Fertile.
Ringe to Rochester.
Ripple to Big Falls.
River* to Roseau.
River Point to Owatonna.
Riverton *! to Ironton.
Robbin* to Drayton, N. D.
Roberts to Fergus Falls.
Rochert* to Detroit.
Rockcreek*!! to Pine City.
Rockdell to Byron.
Roland to Oklee.
Rollag* to Hawley.
Ronneby* to Foley.
Roosevelt*!! to Warroad.
Rosby! to Bemidji.
Roscoe (Goodhue Co.) to
Rose City to Miltona.
Roseland to Svea.
Rosen to Bellingham.
Rosendale to Grove City.
Rosewood* to Thief River
Ross* to Roseau.
Rossburg*!! to Aitkin.
Round Prairie*!! to Long
Rowena to Wabasso.
Runeberg to Menahga.
Rushpoint to Rush City.
Rush River to Le Sueur.
Ruskin to Faribault.
Russell*!! to Marshall
Rustad*!! to Moorhead.
Rutledge*! to Finlayson.
Saginaw*!! to Cloquet.
Saint Anna to Avon.
Saint Anthony to Albany.
St. Anthony Park! to Saint
Saint Augusta to Saint
St. Francis to Freeport.
St. Francis (Anoka Co.)*!+
to Bethel.
Saint George to New Ulm.
Saint Kilian to Wilmont.
St. Louis Park*t to Hopkins
Saint Nicholas to Watkins
Saint Patrick to New
St. Paul Park*!! to St. Paul
St. Rosa to Freeport.
Saint Thomas to Le Sueur.
St. Vincent*!! to Pembina
Saint Wendel to Avon.
Salem Corners to Rochester
Salo* to Moose Lake.
Salol* to Roseau.
Sandy* to Virginia.
Saratoga to St. Charles.
Sartell*!! to St. Cloud.
Saum* to Kelliher.
Sawyer*!! to Carlton.
Sax to Eveleth.
Scanlon* to Cloquet.
Schroeder to Grand Marais.
Scriven to Parkers Prairie.
Section Thirty* to Ely.
Seton to Mound.
Shaw to Virginia.
Sheldon to Caledonia.
Sherman to Silver Lake.
Shieldsville to Faribault.
Shooks* to Kellher.
Shoreham! to Detroit Lakes.
Shotley to Kelliher.
Shovel Lake *! to Hill City.
Sigsbee to Hayward.
Simpson*!! to Rochester.
Sioux Valley to Lake Park
Skime* to Wannaska.
Smiths Mill*!! to Janesville
Snellman to Ponsford.
Sobieski to Little Falls.
Sogn to Dennison.
Solana *!! to Denham.
Solway*!! to Shevlin.
Soudan* to Tower.
Southbranch to St. James
South Hibbing! to Hibbing.
Spafford to Brewster.
Sparta*!! to Gilbert.
Spectacle Lake to Cam­
Spencer Brook to Princeton
Spina to Buhl.
Spooner*! to Baudette.
Spring Hill to Melrose.
Spring Lake* (Itasea Co.)
to Deer River.
Springpark*!! to Mound.
Spring Vale to Cambridge.
Squaw Lake to Deer River.
Squier to Wendell.
Stanley (Isanti Co.) to
Stark to Harris.
Star Lake to Dent.
Steele Center to Owatonna.
Steen*!! to Ashcreek.
Sterling Center to Amboy.
Stevenson* to Hibbing.
Stockholm to Cokato.
Stonehouse to Cloquet.
Strathcona to Strandquist.
Strout to Litchfield.
Stubbs Bay to Long Lake.
Sullivan to Pierz.
Summit to Blooming
Sumter*!! to Glencoe.
Sundahl to Gary.
Sunrise* to North Branch.
Suomi* to Deer River.
Svea to Blomkest.
Sveadahl to Darfur.
* Money Order Office.

Swan River*!! to Grand
Swift*!! to Warroad.
Swift Falls to Benson.
Sylvan*! to Pillager.
Syre*!! to Twin Valley.
Tabor*! to Warren.
Taopi*!! to Adams.
Tawney to Mabel
Ten Mile Lake to Hacken­
Tenney*! to Fairmont,
N. D.
Tenstrike*! to Black Duck.
Terrace* to Sedan.
Terrebonne to Red Lake
Thomson* to Carlton.
Thor* to Aitkin.
Thorpe to Cosmos.
Tintah*!! to Nashua.
Toad Lake to Frazee.
Tobique* to Remer.
Tofte* to Two Harbors.
Togo to Hibbing.
Toimi* to Aurora.
Toivola* to Meadowlands.
Tonka Bay* to Excelsior.
Topeka! to Fort Ripley.
Trail*!! to Oklee.
Traverset! to Saint Peter.
Trosky*!! to Edgerton.
Troy to St. Charles
Turney to Meadowlands.
Turtle Lake to Deer River.
Turtle River*!! to Tenstrike.
Twig* to Duluth.
Two Inlets to Park Rapids
Union to Blooming Prairie.
Union Hill to New Prague.
Valleycreek to Stillwater.
Vasa* to Welch
Vawter to Royalton.
Venture to Blooming
Veseii* to Lonsdale.
Villard* to Glen wood.
Viola*!! to Elgin.
Wacouta! to Red Wing.
Wahkon*! to Isle.
Waite Park*! to St. Cloud.
Walbo to Cambridge.
Wales!! to Two Harbors.
Wall Lake to Fergus Falls.
Wangs to Dennison.
Wanke* to Oklee.
Wannaska* to Roseau.
Ward Springs* to Grey
Warman to Mora.
Warsaw* to Faribault.
Wasioja to Dodge Center.
Waskish* to Kelliher.
Wastedo to Cannon Falls.
Waterford to Northfield.
Waukon to Gary.
Wawina*!! to Floodwood.
Weaver*!! to Kellogg.
Weber to North Branch.
Webster *!! to Lonsdale.
Weggeland to Fergus Falls.
Weme to Clearbrook.
West Albion to Annandale.
Westbury*!! to Detroit
Westcott to Rosemount,
West Duluth*!! to Duluth.
West Lynn to Hutchinson.
West Minneapolis to Hop­
West Point to Cambridge.
Westport*!! to Sauk Cente
West Rock to Pine City
West Union*!! to Sauk
Wheatville to Ada.
Whipholt* to Walker.
White Earth* to Ogema.
White Iron Lakes to Ely.
Whitewillow to Goodhue.
Wigwam Bay to Onamia.
Wilbert to Fairmont.
Wilder*!! to Windom.
Wilkinson to Cass Lake.
Willernie to North St Paul.
Willowcreek to Amboy.
Willow River*!! to Stur­
geon Lake.
Wilpen*! to Hibbing.
Wilson to Winona.
Wilton*!! to Bemidji.
Winnebago Valley*!! to
Winner* to Warroad.
Winton to Ely.
Wirock to Iona.
Wirt* to Deer River.
Withrow*!! to Stillwater.
Witoka to Winona.
Wolf Lake to Frazee
Wolverton*!! to Comstock.
Woodbury to Lake Elmo.
Woodland to Frazee.
Woodrow to Brainerd.
Woodside to Erskine.
Woodward Brook to Prince­
Wrightstown to Hewitt.
Wyanette! to Princeton.
Wyattville to Lewiston.
Wylie* to Red Lake Falls.
Yola* to La Porte.
York to Lime Springs, Iowa
Yucatan to Houston.
Zerkel* to Bagley.
Zim* to Eveleth.
t Telegraph Station.



Abbeville*!! to Oxford.
Abbott* to WTest. Point.
Acona! to Lexington.
Adair to Sidon.
Adams Station* to Utica.
Addie to Rolling Fork
Africa* to Duncan.
Agricola* to Lucedale.
Agricultural College*!! to
Albin* to Webb.
Alcorn* to Port Gibson.
Alene to Ellisville.
Algorna*!! to Pontotoc.
Allen* (Copiah Co.)
Alligator*! to Shelby.
Alpika to Memphis. Tenu.
Alva to Duck Hill.
Anding*!! to Yazoo City.
Areola*! to Leland.
Arkabutla* to Coldwater
Arm*t! to Monticello.
Artonish to Natchez.
Askew*! to Crenshaw
Auburn* to Summit.
Austin to Tunica.
j Auter* to Anguilla.
Avalon*! to Greenwood.
Avera*!t to Leakesville.
Avon to Greenville.
Bailey* to Meridian.
Baird*!! to Indianola.
Ballardsville to Tupelo.
Ballentine* to Sardis.
Ballground to Vicksburg.
Baltzer* to Clarksdale.
Banks*!! to Tunica.
Banner* to Water Valley.
Barland* to Port Gibson
Barlow* to Hazlehurst.
Barnett*! to Quitman.
Barr to Senatobia.
Barth to Poplarville.
Barto* to McComb.
Basic City to Meridian.
Bassfield*!! to Prentiss.
Battle* to Waynesboro.
Baxter to Bay Springs.
Baxterviile*!! to Lumberton.
Bayland*! to Yazoo City.
Beach* to Morton.
Bean’s Ferry ! to Fulton.
Beaumont*!! to New Au­
Beauregard*! to Wesson.
Becker to Amory.
Beelake*!! to Tcliula.
Belden* to Tupelo.
Belen* to Marks.
Beliefon taine* to Eupora
Bells to Tupelo.
Bell wood* to Isola.
Benndale* to Lucedale.
Bentoak to Artesia.
Benton* to Yazoo City
Bentonia to Yazoo City
Berclairl to Itta Bena.
Berwick to Woodville.
Bethany* to Baldwyn.
Bethlehem to Holly Springs.
Beverly to Clarksdale
Bewelcome* to Gloster.
Bexley to Lucedale.
BIgbee Valley* to Macon.
Big Creek*to Calhoun City
Biggersville to Corinth.
Bigpoint* to Moss Point.
Binnsville* to Macon.
Black Hawk* to Lexington.
Blackland to Booneville.
Blackwater to Oxford.
Blaine*! to Ruleville.
Blanton* to Rolling Fork.
Blue Springs*! to New
Bobo*! to Clarksdale.
Bodone to Durant.
Bolatusha* to Sallis.
Bolivar to Benoit.
Bond*!! to Wiggins.
Bonhomie to Hattiesburg
Bonita* to Meridian.
Bothwell*! to Avera.
Bourbon* to Leland.
Bovina*!! to Vicksburg.
Bowling Green (Holmes
Co.) to Durant.
Bowman to Coldwater
Bradley* to Sturgis.
Branch to Morton.
Brewer to Quitman.
Briers* to Natchez.
Brooklyn*!! to Hatties­
Brownfield*! to Middleton,
Brownsville to Bolton.
Brownswells to Hazlehurst
Brozville to Lexington
Bruce*! to Calhoun City.
Brunswick* to Vicksburg
Bryant* to Coffeeville.
Bucatunna*!! to Waynes­
Bude*!! to Meadville.
Buena Vista* to Okolona.
Bullock to Ripley.
Burdette*! to Leland.
Burgess to Oxford.
Burnell to Hazlehurst.
Burns* to Raleigh.
Burnside*!! to Philadelphia
Burnsville*!! to Corinth
Busey to Shaw.
Byram*t! to Terry.

1 Express Office.



Cadaretta to Duck Hill.
Caddo to Carrollton.
Caledonia* to Columbus.
Calyx* to Shuqulak.
Camden* to Pickens.
Cameta* to Anguilla.
Canaan to Grand Junction,
Cannonsburg*t to Fayette.
Capell*t to Centreville.
Carlisle*!$ to Utica.
Carmichael* to Quitman.
Carnes* to Lumberton.
Carpenter*! to Utica.
Carriere*!! to Picayune.
Carson*!! to Prentiss.
Carters*! to Yazoo City.
Cary*!! to Rolling Fork.
Cascilla* to Holcomb.
Caseyville to Brookhaven.
Catchings* to Anguilla.
Cayce to Collierville, Tenn.
Cayuga to Utica.
Cedar Hill to Winona.
Cedars*!! to Vicksburg
Cedarview to Hernando.
Center* to Kosciusko.
Central Academy* to Bates
Chatawa*!! to Magnolia.
Chatham* to Greenville.
Cheraw* to Columbia.
^Chester* to Ackerman.
Ohesterville to Tupelo.
Chicora* to Waynesboro.
Chulahoma toHollySprings.
Chunky*!! to Hickory.
Church Hill* to Fayette.
Clacks* to Tunica.
Clara to Waynesboro.
Claremont to Clarksdale.
Clark to Port Gibson.
Clarkson to Maben.
Clayton*!! to Tunica.
Clermont Harbor* to Bay
St. Louis.
Cliftonvllle* to Brooksville.
Clover Hill!! to Clarksdale
Clyde* to Hattiesburg.
Coahoma*!! to Friar Point.
Cockrum* to Hernando.
Oohay* to Raleigh.
Coila* to Carrollton.
Coles*! to Gloster.
Collegehill to Oxford.
ACollins*!! to Seminary.
Collinsville to Meridian.
Colony Town to Ittabana.
Commerce* to Tunica.
Complete* to Meridian.
Conehatta* to Lake.
Conway* to Carthage.
Cooksville to Shuqualak.
Coopers Wells to Raymond.
Cork to Noxapater.
Corners ville to Myrtle.
Cotton Plant*!! to Blue
County Line to Leakesvllle.
Oourtland*!! to Pope.
Coxburg to Lexington.
Craig* to Yazoo City.
Crandall* to Quitman.
Crane Creek to Poplarville.
Cranfleld to Natchez.
Creek (Attala Co.) to Ethel
Crowder* to Batesville.
Cub Lake to Hernando.
Cuevas* to Pass Christian.
Cumberland*! to Maben.
Cybur* to Picayune.
Cynthia* to Jackson.

Dale to Louisville.
Daleville* to Lauderdale.
Damascus to Sebastopol.
Dancy*! to Maben.

Distall! to Philipp.
Dixon* to Union.
D’Lo*!! to Mendenhall.
Dockery to Rulevtlle.
Doddsville*!! to Ruleville.
Doloroso to Wood ville.
Dorsey* to Tupelo.
Dossville* to Kosciusko.
Dry Creek to Collins.
Dry Grove to Terry.
Dubard*! to Grenada.
Dubbs to Tunica.
Dublin*!! to Clarksdale.
Duffee* to Union.
Dumas* to Ripley.
Duncan*!! to Cleveland.
Dundee to Tunica.
Dunlelth*! to Leland.

Eagle to Corinth.
Eagle Bend* to Vicksburg.
Earlygrove to Moscow,
Eastman* to Fulton.
Ebenezer* to Lexington.
Eddiceton*!! to Meadville.
Eden*! to Yazoo City.
Edinburg* to Philadelphia.
Edsville to West.
Eggville to Tupelo.
Egypt*t! to Okolona.
Eldorado* to Vicksburg.
Electric Mills*!! to Macon
Elena to Greenville.
Eliphaz to Senatobia.
Elizabeth*t! to Leland.
Elliott*! to Grenada.
Ellistown to New Albany.
Embry* to Eupora.
Emory to West.
Endville to Sherman.
Enid*!! to Charleston.
Enondale*! to Meridian.
Enterprise*!! to Quitman.
Errata to Sandersville.
Erwin*!! to Greenville.
Escatawpa* to Moss Point.
Estabutchie* to Hatties­
Estes to Louisville.
Estesmill* to Carthage.
Estill*! to Hollandale.
Etta* to Myrtle.
Eucutta to Heidelburg.
Eudora to Hernando.
Evansville*! to Tunica.
Evergreen to Nettleton.

Fair River to Brookhaven.
Falcon*! to Sledge.
Falln to Braxton.
Fannin* to Brandon.
Farm Haven* to Canton.
Farrell*! to Friar Point.
Fearns Springs* to Louis­
Fentress*! to Ackerman.
Fern wood*!! to Magnolia.
Fitler* to Rolling Fork.
Flautt to WebD.
Fondren* to Jackson.
Fontainebleau to Ocean

Griffith to West Point.
Gunnison*t! to Rosedale.
Guntown*!! to Baldwyn.

Halstead* to Cleveland.
Hamburg*!! to Natchez.
Hamilton* to Aberdeen.
Hampton*!! to Rolling
Handle to Noxapater.
Handsboro* to Gulfport.
Hankinson* to Vicksburg.
Hardy Station* to Grenada.
Harleston* to Lucedale.
Harlow to Boyle.
Harpersville* to Forest.
Harriston*!! to Fayette.
Harrisvllle* to Braxton.
Hassle to Starkville.
Hathorn*! (Marion Co.) to
Hathorn*!! (Winston Co.)
to Louisville.
Hatley to Amory.
Hays* (Scott Co.) to Se­
Heads* to Leland.
Heathmam*!! to Indianola.
Heidelberg*!! to Laurel.
Helm*!! to Leland.
Herbert to Lauderdale.
Hermanville*!! to Port
Hesterville* to Kosciusko.
Hickory*!! to Newton.
Hickory Flat*!! to Potts
High Hill to Sebastopol.
Highland to Corinth.
Highlandale* to Schlater.
Highpolnt*!! to Louisville.
Hillhouse*!! to Friar Point.
Hillsboro* to Forest.
Hinchcliff*! to Marks.
Hintonville to Richton.
Hinze* to Noxapater.
Hiwannee*! to Shubuta.
Hohenlinden* to Maben.
Holcut*! to Corinth.
Holly Bluff*! to YazooCity.
Hollyknowe*! to Leland.
Holly Ridge* to Indianola.
Hollywood*!! to Tunica.

Foxworth*tl to Columbia.
Frazier to Shaw.
Freeny to Carthage.
French Camp* to Acker­
Fruitland Park* to Wiggins

Horn Lake*!! to Memphis,
Howard! to Lexington.
Hub*!! to Columbia.
Hudsonville*! to Holly
Hurley* to Moss Point.
Hushpuckena*! to Shelby.

Denmark* to Oxford.
Dennis*! to Belmont.
Derma*!! to Calhoun City.
De Soto*!! to Quitman.
Dickerson*! to Friar Point.

Gillsburg to Osyka.
Gip to Carthage.
Gladhurst to Osyka.
Glanc.v to Hazlehurst.
Glen* to Corinth.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Graysport* to Grenada.
Greene to Brandon.
Greens to Jackson.
Greenwood Springs*! to
Greer to Carthage.
Gridley to Bay Springs.

Holmesville* to McComb.
Homewood* to Forest.
Hopewell*!! to Georgetown
Hopoca to Carthage.
Horatio* to Sardis.

Deeson*!! to Gunnison.
De Lisle* to Pass Christian.
Delta to Crenshaw.
Denman to Grenada.

Decatur*!! to Union.
Deemer*!! to Philadelphia.
Deen to Prentiss.
Deerbrook* to Brooksville.

Goshen Springs* to Bran­
Goss*! to Columbia.
Gowdey to Jackson.
Grace*!! to Rolling Fork.
Grand Gulf* to Port Gibson
Grapeland* to Benoit.

Foote* to Greenville.
Ford (Jackson Co.) to Moss
Fordyke to Pickens.
Forkville* to Morton.
Fort Adams* to WoodviUe.
Fouke to Bay Springs.

Gainesville to Bay St. Louis
Garlandville* to Newton.
Garner! to Water Valley.
Gatesville*!! to Crystal
Gattmanl to Aberdeen.
Gautier*!! to Pascagoula.
Geeville to Baldwyn.
Gerald* to Friar Point.
Germania to Yazoo City.
Gholson* to Shuqualak.
Gibson*! to Aberdeen.

Darbun* to Columbia.
Darling*!! to Marks.
Davo to Tylertown.

Glendora*!! to Webb.
Glover* to Memphis. Tenn
Gluckstadt! to Madison
Golden*! to Belmont
Good Hope (Holmes Co.) to
Good Hope (Leake Co.) to
Goodman*!! to Pickens.

a County


Ihrie to Fayette.
Increase* to Meridian.
Independence* to Coldwater.
Ingleside* to Port Gibson.
Ingomar*!! to New Albany
Ingrams Mill to Byhalla.
Ireland* to Gloster.
Irene* to McComb.
Isola to Belzoni.

Jacinto to Rienzi.
James* to Greenville.
Jayess*! to Monticello.
Money Order Office.

Jeanette* to Natchez.
Jeffries* to Lula.
Johns* to Brandon.
Johnston Station* to Sum­

Keirn to Cruger.
Kellis Store* to Macon.
Kelly to Memphis.
Kendrick* to Corinth.
Keownville to New Albany
Kewanee*! to Meridian.
Kienstra to Natchez.
Kiln* to Bay St. Louis.
Kincaid to Grenada.
Kingston to Natchez.
Kioto* to Tylertown
Kipling to De Kalb.
Kirby to Meadville.
Kirklin to Tylertown
Kitchener*! to Sebastopol.
KIttrell* to Richton.
Klein* to Raleigh.
Knoxo* to Tylertown.
Knoxville*!! to Gloster.
Kokomo*! to Tylertown
Kolola Springs to Colum­
Kossuth* to Corinth.
Kreole*! to Pascagoula.

Lackie to Aberdeen.
Ladner to Poplarville.
Lafayette Springs* to Ox­
Lake City* to Yazoo City
Lake Como* to BaySprings
Lake Cormorant*!! to
Memphis, Tenn.
Lakeshore*! to Bay St.
Lake View*!! to Memphis,
Lamar*!! to Holly Springs.
Lamkln*! to Yazoo City.
Lamont*!! to Greenville.
Landing to Anguilla.
Landon* to Gulfport.
Langford* to Brandon.
Langsdale* to Shubuta.
Latimer to Ocean Springs.
Lawrence*!! to Newton.
Leaf*! to McLain.
Learned*!! to Utica.
Leedy*! to Corinth.
Leesburg to Morton.
Leesdale* to Natchez.
Le Flore*! to Greenwood.
Lemon* to Raleigh.
Leota Landing* to Green­
Lessley* to Woodville.
Lewisburg* to Hernando.
Lexle*!! to Tylertown
Lightsey to Sandersville.
Lines to Noxapater.
Lingle* to Morton.
Linn to Indianola.
Little Rock*! to Union.
Little Springs* to Meadville
Lobdell*! to Benoit
Lockhart*! to Meridian.
Locum to Baldwyn.
Lodi* to Winona.
Logtown*! to Louisville.
Lois to Taylorsville.
Lombardy*! to Clarksdale.
Long* to Leland.
Longtown to Crenshaw.
Longview*! to Starkville.
Longwood*! to Greenville'
Looxahoma* to Senatobia.
Lorena* to Forest.
Lorenzen*! to Rolling Fork
Loring to Pickens.
Lorman*!! to Fayette.
Lorraine to Gulfport.
Louise*! to Belzoni.
Love * to Coldwater.
Loyd to Vardaman.
Lucien*!! to Meadville.
Lucknow to Jackson.
Ludlow to Morton.
Lux*! to Hattiesburg.
Lyman*!! to Gulfport.
Lynn Creek to Brookville.
Lyon*! to Clarksdale.
Maben*!! to Mathiston.
Macel*! to Philipp.
Mack to Holly Springs.
Madden to Carthage.
Mahned*! to New Augusta.
Mahon to Holly Springs.
Malvina*! to Rosedale.
Mantachie to Guntown.
Marianna to Holly Springs.
Marietta* to Baldwyn.
Marion*!! to Meridian.
t Telegraph Station.

Markham to Inverness.
Martinsville*! to Hazle­
Mary dell* to Kosciusko.
Maryland Station to
Mashulaville* to Macon.
Matagorda to Clarksdale.
Matherville* to Shubuta.
Mattson*! to Clarksdale.
Maud* to Tunica.
Maxie*!! to Wiggins.
AMayersville* to Rolling
Mayhew*!! to West Point.
Mayton to Mendenhall.
McAdams! to Kosciusko.
McBride* to Port Gibson.
McCall Creek* to Mead­
McCarley*! to Carrollton.
McCondy* to Okolona.
McCoal*!! to Weir.
McCrary! to Columbus.
McLain*!! to Leakesville.
McLaurin* to Hattiesburg
McLeod* to Macon.
McNair*!! to Fayette
McNeill*!! to Poplarville.
Me Ville to Kosciusko.
Mechanicsburg* to Flora.
Meehan Junction*!! to
Mehr to Philipp.
Merrill!! to Lucedale.
Mesa to Tylertown.
Metcalfe*!! to Greenville.
Midnight*! to Belzoni.
Midway to Raymond.
Mikoma to Webb.
Mileston*! to Tchula.
Millard* to Poplarville.
Mlllcreek to Louisville.
Miller*! to Olive Branch.
Mineral Wells* to Memphis
Minot to Tutwiler.
Minter City*!! to Green­
Mississippi City*! to Gulf­
Mitchell to Ripley.
Mize*!! to Laurel.
Mlzpah to Hazeihurst.
Mollno to New Albany.
Money*!! to Greenwood.
Monroe* (Franklin Co.) to
AMonticello*!! to Silver
Montpelier* to Mantee.
Montrose*t! to BaySprings
Mooreville* to Tupelo.
Morgan City*! to Itta Ben*
Co.) to Columbia.
Moscow* to De Kalb.
Moselle*!! to Elllsville.
Moss* to Laurel.
Mound Bayou*! to Shelby.
Mount Carmel to Prentiss.
Mount Pleasant* to Col­
lierville, Tenn.
Muldon*!! to Aberdeen.
Murphy* to Hollandale.
Myles*!! to Utica.
Myrleville to Yazoo City.
Myrtle*!! to New Albany.

Nanachehaw to Port Gib­
Nancy* to Pachuta.
Needmore to Philipp.
Neely* to McLain.
Neshoba*!! to Union.
Newman to Edwards.
Newport to Sallis.
New Site* to Boone ville
Nicholson*!! (Pearl River
Co.) to Picayune.
Nittayuma*!! to Anguilla.
Nod to Yazoo City.
Nola*! to Brookhaven.
Norfleld*!! to Bogue Chltto
Norris* to Forest.

Oakley*! to Raymond.
Oak Ridge* to Vicksburg
Oak Vale*!! to Monticello.
Ofahoma* to Carthage
Oldenburg* to Natchez.
Olio* to Woodville.
Oloh to Sumrail.
Oma*!I to Monticello.
Onward to Rolling Fork.
Ophelia to Canton
Ora*!! to Collins.
Orange Grove*! to Pasca­
O’Reilly! to Boyle.
Orangeville to Bolton.
Orvisburg to Poplarville.
Orwood to Oxford.
Osborn*! to Starkville.
Oswalt to Jackson
Osyka*!! to Magnolia.
Otho to Forest.
Ovett*!! to Laurel.
Owens Wells! to Lexington.
t Express Office.

Pachuta*tt to Quitman.
Paden*!! to Corinth.
Panther Burn*tt to Auguilla.
Parchman*!! to Tutwiler.
Paris* to Water Valley.
Parksplace to Como.
Pattison*tt to Port Gibson.
iPaulding* to Bay Springs.
Paynes* to Grenada.
Pea Ridge to Macon.
Pearl* to Crystal Springs.
Pearlington to Louisville.
Pearson*!! to Brandon.
Pecan*! to Pascagoula.
Peden to De Kalb.
Penton to Tunica.
Peoria* to Liberty.
Percy*!! to Hollandale.
Perkinston*!! to McHenry.
Perthshire*!! to Rosedale.
Petal* to Hattiesburg.
Pettit* to Greenville.
Peyton to Port Gibson.
Phalia to Rosedale.
Pheba*!! to West Point.
Philipp*!! to Greenwood.
Phoenix* to Yazoo City.
Piave*! to Avera.
Pinckneyville* to W oodville.
Pine Ridge* to Natchez.
Pine Valley* to Water
PIneville* to Montrose.
Piney Woods* to Braxton.
Plnoia*!! to Mendenhall.
PittsboroA* to Calhoun
Plain to Jackson.
Plantersville*! to Tupelo.
Plattsburg* to Noxapater.
Pleasantgrove* to Cren­
Pleasant Hill to Hernando.
Plum Point to Memphis.
Polkville* to Morton.
Pond* to Woodville.
Poplar Creek* to KilmlPorterville*!! to Meridian.
Possumneck to West.
Powell to Lula.
Prairie to Aberdeen.
Prairie Point* to Macon.
Preston* to De Kalb.
Pretoria to Brookville.
Prichard *!! to Tunica.
Priscilla to Greenville.
Prismatic to Meridian
Puckett* to Braxton.
Pulaski* to Morton.
Pyland* to Houston
Quentin to Meadville.
Quincy*!! to Amory.
Quito* to lttabena.

Randolph* to Pontotoc.
Ratliff* to Guntown.
Ravine* to Brookville.
Red Banks*!! to Holly
Redding to Grenada.
Red Lick*!! to Payette.
Redstar to Brookhaven.
Redwood!! to Vicksburg.
Reform*!! to Ackerman.
Refuge to Greenville.
Regan ton to Utica.
Reid* to Vardaman.
Remus to Philadelphia.
Renalara*! to Clarksdale.
Renova* to Cleveland.
Rlceville to Gulfport.
Rich*! to Lula.
Richey* to Auguilla.
Rienze*!! to Booneville.
Ridgeland *! to Madison.
Riggins to Amory.
Rio* to Union.
Roberts*! to Newton.
Robinson* to Liberty.
Robinsonville*!! to Tunica.
Rockport*!! to Georgetown.
Rocky Springs* to Utica.
Rodney* to Fayette.
Rome*! to Tutwiler.
Roseacres*! to Lula.
Rosebloom to Grenada.
Rose Hill* to Pachuta.
Rosetta*tl to Gloster.
Roundaway*! to Clarksdale
Roundlake*! to Rosedale.
Rounsaville* to Leakesville.
Roxie*!! to Natchez.
Rudyard to Clarksdale.
Runnelstown to Hatties­
Russell* to Meridian.
Russellville to Vicksburg.
Russum*!! to Port Gibson.
Ruth* to Summit.
Sabino to Clarksdale.
Sallis*!! to Kosciusko.
Saltillo*!! to Tupelo.
Samneville to Union.
Sanatorium to Magee.

Sandersville*!! to Laurel.
Sandhill* to Brandon.
Sandy Hook*!! to Angie,La
Sanford*!! to Hattiesburg.
Sapa*! to Europa.
Sarah*!! to Crenshaw.
Saratoga !! to Mount Olive.
Sarepta* to Pontotoc.
Satartia* to Yazoo City.
Saucier*!! to McHenry.
Saukum to Gloster.
Savage*!! to Tunica.
Schamherville* to Meridian
Scobey*+I to Water Valley.
Scooba*!! to Shuqulak.
Scott*!! to Benoit.
Sellers to Picayune.

Timberville to Vardaman.
Tinsley to Yazoo City.
Tiplersville*!! to Ripley.
Tlppo*! to Philipp.
Tishomingo*! to Belmont.
Toccopola* to Pontotoc.
Togo to Brookville
Tomnolen*!! to Eupora.
Toomsuba*!! to Meridian.
Topisaw to McComb.
Topton to Meridian.
Torrance*!! to Coffeeville.
Tougaloo*!! to Jackson.
Townsend* to De Kalb.
Tralake! to Leland.
Traxler to Raleigh.

Senath to Aberdeen.
Service to Laurel.
Sessums*! to Artesia.
Seymour to Biloxi.
Shannon*!! to Okolona.
Sharkey* to Sumner.
Sharon* (Madison Co.) to

Traynham to Clarksdale.
Trebloc to Okolona.
Tremont to Amory.

Sharpsburg! to Canton.
Shawnee to Holly Springs.
SMelby*!! to Cleveland.
Shellmound to Greenwood.
Sherard*!! to Clarksdale.
Sherman*!! to Pontotoc.
Sherwood to Mathiston.
Shinault to Oxford.

Tula* to Oxford.
Turkey to Ethel.
Turnbull* to Woodville.
Tuscola to Carthage.
Tutwiler*!! to Sumner.
Tyro* to Senatobia.

Shivers* to New Hebron.
Shoccoe to Canton.
Short* to Iuka.
Shuford* to Courtland.
Sibley* to Natchez.

Union Church* to Brookhaven.
University*! to Oxford.
Upsaw to Belzoni.
Ure to Oxford.
Utica Institute* to Utica.

Sibleyton* to Kilmichael.
Sldon*!! to Greenwood.
Signal* to Vicksburg.
Silver City*!! to Belzoni.

Trenton* to Morton.
Tribbit*! to Leland.
Troy*! to Pontotoc.

Skene*! to Cleveland.
Slate Spring* to Calhoun
Slayden to Moscow, Tenn.
Sledge*!! to Crenshaw.

Valley*! to Yazoo City.
Valley Park*!! to Vicks­
Van Buren to Lambert.
Vance*!! to Tutwiler.

Smithdale to Summit.
Smyrna to Kosciusko.
Sontag*! to Monticello.
Soso*! to Laurel.

Vancleave* to Ocean Sp’ngs
Van Vleet*!! to Okolona.
Van Winkle to Jackson.
Vaughan*!! to Pickens.

Sparta to Houston.
Springville* to Pontotoc.
Stage* to Morton.
Stallo*!! to Philadelphia.
Stampley*!! to Fayette.

Verna* to Monticello.
Vernal* to Lucedale.
Verona*!! to Tupelo.
Victoria*! to Holly Springs.
Vidalia* to Bay St. Louis.
Vimville* to Meridian.
Vossburg*!! to Laurel.

Standing Pine to Carthage.
Stanton*!! to Natchez.
Star*!! to Braxton.
Steel to Forest.
Steens*! to Columbus.
Stephenson*!! to Gloster
Stewart*!! to Kilmichael.
Stillmore* to Wiggins.
Stokes to Canton.
Stone to Philadelphia.
Stoneville*! to Leland.
Stovall*! to Friar Point.
Stover* to Sumner.
Stratton!! to Union.
Street* to Liberty.
Stringer*!! to Laurel.
Stringtown* to Benoit.
Strongs*! to West Point.
Summerland*!! to Taylors­
Sun to Lake.
Sunny Side to Greenwood.
Suquelena to Meridian.
Swan Lake *!! to Sumner.
Sweatman* to Duck Hill.1
Swiftown* to lttabena.
Swiftwater*! to Greenville.
Sylvarena* to Louin.
Symonds* to Rosedale.

Tallula* to Lake Provi­
dence. La
Tamola*! to Meridian.
Tandy to Phillip.
Tapp to Corinth.
Taska* to Rossville, Tenn.
Taylor*!! to Oxford.
Ted* to Raleigh.
Teoc to Carrollton.
Terza to Sardis.
Thaxton* to Pontotoc.
Theadville to Quitman.
The Gums to Sardis.
Thomastown to Kosciusko.
Thomasville to Florence.
Thorn to Houston.
Thornton*! to Tchula.
. Thrasher*! to Booneville.
Thyatlra* to Senatobia.
Tibbs to Sledge.
Tie Plant* to Grenada.
Tilden to Fulton.
Tillatoba*!! to Oakland.
Tillman* to Port Gibson.
Tilton!! to Monticello.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




A County Seat.

Wade* to Pascagoula.
Wahalak*!! to Shuqualak.
Wakefield to Byhalia.
Wallerville*! to New Al­
Walls to Memphis, Tenn.
AWalthall* to Eupora.
Wanilla*!! to Monticello.
Washington* to Natchez.
Waterford*!! to Holly
Watson to Byhalia.
Waveland*! to Bay
Louis, La.
Way*!! to Canton.


Weathersby*t! to Magee.
Wenasoga*! to Corinth.
West*!! to Vaiden.
Wnaley*! to Greenwood.
Wheeler*!! to. Booneville.
Whitaker* to Centerville.
Whitney! to Ruleville.
Whynot* to Meridian.
Wicker to Forest.
Wilczinski! to Greenville.
Wilkinson* to Woodville.
Willet* to Hollandale.
Willows* to Port Gibson.
Wilmot to Leland.
Wilson to Avera.
Winborn*! to Holly Springs
Winchester*! to Waynes­
Wingate* to New Augusta.
Winterville*! to Greenville.
Wisner to Taylorsville.
Woodland*!! to Houston.
Wortham! to Gulfport.
Wren to Amory.
Wright* to Rosedale.
Wyatte* to Senatobia.

Yokena*!! to Vicksburg.
Youngs to Coffeeville.

Zama*! to Kosciusko.
Zeiglerville* to Lexington
Zion to Sebastopol.
Zion Hill to Liberty._____
* Money Order Office.


Aaron to Creighton.
Abesville to Galena.
Abo* to Lebanon.
Acorn* to Success, Ark.
Acornridge to Puxico.
Adair to Brashear.
Adams to Potosi.
Adonis to Flemington.
Afftont to St. Louis.
Agnes* to Lebannon.
Aholt* to Glasgow.
Aid* to Bloomfield.
Akron to Blythedale.
Alanthus Grove to Stanberry.
Alexandria*!! to Keokuk.
Alice* to Mountain Grove.
Allendale* to Grant City.
Allenton*! to Eureka.
Allenville*!! to Delta.
Alley* to Eminence.
Alliance* to Fredericktown.
Almartha* to Rockbridge.
Almon* to Hermitage.
Alpha to Laredo.
Altamont*!! to Winston.
Altheim to Clayton.
Altona to Adrian.
Amazonia*!! to Savannah.
Americus*! to McKitrick.
Amity*!! to Maysville.
Amos* to Stotesbury.
Amy* to Bakersfield.
Anabel*!! to Clarence.
Anaconda! to St. Clair.
Ancell*! to Fornfelt.
Andover*!! to Lamoni,
Anglum*!! to Ferguson.
Ann to Mountain Grove.
Annada*!! to Clarksville.
Anniston*!! to EastPrairie.
Anthonies Mill* to Bour­
Antioch to Kahoka.
Apex* to Elsberry.
Applecreek to Longtown.
Appleton! to Altenberg.
Aquilla to Bloomfield.
Arab* to Zalma.
Arbela to Memphis.
Arbor to Advance.
Arbyrd*!! to Cardwell.
Areola* to Greenfield.
Arden* to Ava.
Ardeola*!! to Bell City.
Arditta to Westplains.
Ardmore* to Macon.
Argentville to Winfield.
Argo to Bourbon.
Arkoe*!! to Maryville.
Arlington*! to Newburg.
Armour! to Rushville.
Arnica to Humansvilie.
Arno* to Ava.
Arnold to Maxville.
Arnsberg to Jackson.
Aroma to Granby.
Arroll to Summersville.
Arrow Rock*! to Blackwater.
Arthur* to Rich Hill.
Asbury*!! to Alba.
Ash to Madison.
Ashburn*!! to Louisiana.
Ashley*! to Bowling Green.
Ashton*! to Kahoka.
Atherton*!! to Buckner.
Athol*! to Butler.
Atlas to Duenneg.
Auburn to Silex.
Aud* to Chamois.
Aurora Springs to Eldon.
Austin to Archie.
Avenue City to Cosby.
Avert to Bloomfield.
Avery* to Warsaw.
Avondale! to North Kan­
sas City.
Axtell* to Macon.
Ayers to Slater.
Azen to Oantril, Iowa.

Bachelor* to Auxvasse.
Bado* to Cabool.
Bagnell*!! to Eldon.
Ballwin* to Manchester.
Balm to Eldorado Springs.
Bals to Troy.
Bangert* to Salem.
Banner to Belleview.
Bardley* to Doniphan.
Baring*!! to Hurdland.
Barnesville to Atlanta.
Barnhart*!! to Kimmswick.
Barnumton* to Climax
Barry to Nashua.
Barryville to Callao.
Bartlett* to Birchtree.
Baryties* to Blackwell.
Basher! to Ava.
Battlefield to Springfield.
Baxter* to Berryville, Ark.
Bayouville* to East Prairie.
Beach to Marshfield.
Beaman*! to Sedalia.
Bean Lake to Rushville.
Bearcreek* (Cedar Co.) to
Fairplayf Telegraph Station.


Beck to Kimmswick.
Becker to Pacific.
Bedford to Wheeling.
Bedison* to Maryville.
Beemont to Gerald.
Belgique* to Chester.
Bellamy to Sheldon.
Bell City*!! to Bloomfield.
Belle Center to Joplin.
Bellefontaine to Manchester
Bell Springs to Marshfield.
Bern* to Owensville.
Benbow to Ewing,
Bend to Vienna.
Ben Davis* to Mountain.
Beniamin* to Canton.
Bennett* (Ripley Co.) to
Benton*!! to Clayton.
Bentonville* to Fairfield.
Berlin to King City.
Bernheimer* to New Haven
Berryman* to Potosi.
Bertha* to Rockbridge.
Bertrand*!! to Charleston.
Berwick*! to Pierce City.
Bessville* to Marquand.
Bethel*!! to Shelbyville.
Bethpage to Stella.
Beulah* to Edgar Springs.
Beverly Station*!! toPlatte
Biblegrove to Memphis.
Biehle* to Perryville.
Bigelow*!! to Mound City.
Big Piney* to Waynesville.
Bigspring to New Florence.
Billingsville* to Boonville.
Billmore to Thayer.
Birds Mill to Wyatt.
Birdsong* to Collins.
Birdspoint*!! to Charles­
Birmingham*!! to Liberty
Bixby* to Salem.
Black* to Centerville.
Black Jack to St. Louis.
Black Walnut to St. Charles
Blackwell*!! to De Soto.
Blake to Jamesport.
Blanche* to Rockbridge.
Bliss* to Potosi.
Bloodland*! to Waynesville
ABloomfleld*!! to Dexter.
Blooming Rose* to Rolla.
Bloomington to Bevier.
Blue Eye* to Eureka Sp’ngs
Blue Lick* to Marshall.
Blue Mound to Dawn.
Blue Ridge to Gilman City.
Bluff* to Forsyth
Bluflton* to Rhineland.
Boaz (Christian Co.) to
Bockerton to Portageville.
Boeschenville to Colecamp.
Boeufcreek to New Haven.
Boles*! to Washington.
Bona to Dadeville.
Bonham to Marionville.
Boomer* to Laclede.
Boonesboro* to Glasgow.
Boschertown to St. Charles.
Boss* to Salem.
Boston*! to Lamar.
Bounds to Patterson.
Bowdry to Carrollton.
Bowen!! to Windsor.
Bowers Mill* to Larussell.
Bowman to Bethany.
Bowmansville to Warrensburg.
Boydsville to Fulton.
Boyer to Hartville.
Boynton*!! to Pollock.
Bracken to Marshfield.
Bradleyville* to Forsyth.
Bragg City*!! to Kennett.
Braley!! to Plattsburg.
Branch* to Macks Creek.
Brandon*!! to Windsor.
Brandsville toKoshkonong.
Brashear*!! to Gibbs.
Brawley to Winona.
Brays to Iberia.
Brazil* to Potosi.
Brazito* to Jefferson City.
Breezy Heights to Kimms­
Brewer to Perryville.
Briar Creek* to Doniphan.
Brice* to Lebanon.
Bricefleld to Peirce City.
Brickeys*! to Ste. Gene­
Bridgeton*! to Wellston.
Brighton* to Morrisville.
Brinktown* to Dixon.
Briscoe*! to Silex.
Bristow to Milo
Brixey* to Rockbridge.
Bronaugh*!! to Mound ville.
Brookline Station* to
Brooklyn to Ridgeway.
Broseley*!! to Poplar Bluff.
Brownbraneh* to Bradley­
Brownfield* to Richland.
Browns Spring* to Billings.
Browns Station*! to Col­
Brownwood*!! to Advance.
Bruner* to Sparta.
Brunot* to Des Arc.
Brussels to Foley.
Bryant* to Mansfield.
Bryson (Pettis Co.)!t to
!Express Office..



Buckhart* to Mountain
Buckhorn* to Marquand.
Bucoda* to Senath.
Bucyrus* to Houston.
Buell*!! to BellflowerBuick to Cook Station.
Bullion to Kirksville.
Bunker Hillt to Downing.
Burch* to Greenville.
Burdett to Adrian.
BurfordviUe* to Jackson .
Burgess to Mulberry. Kan.
Burlington Junction*!! to
Burnham*!! to Willow
Burns* to Bolivar.
Burton*! to Fayette.
Burtonville (Dallas Co.)
to Buffalo.
Burtville to Leeton
Busch* to Louisiana*
Bushnell to Lamar.
Butcher to Gerster.
Bute to Winigan.
Butterfield*! to Purdy.
Butts* to Steelville.
Byrnesville to Hillsboro.
Byron to Belle.
Cadet*! to Potosi.
Calm to Doniphan.
Calumet to Clarksville.
Oalwood* to McCredie.
Camp Branch to Sedalia,
Camp Rose to Bois D’ Arc.
Canaan*! to Owensville.
Canady* to Caruthersville.
Canalou*!! to Morehouse.
Cane Hill to Dadeville.
Caney Creek to Oran.
Cannon Mines to Blackwell.
Cannonville to Palmyra.
Cantwell* to Desloge.
Cape Fair* to Galena
Caplinger Mills*! to Eldo­
rado Springs.
Cappeln to New Wells.
Capps to St. Elizabeth.
Carico to Galena.
Carlow*! to Lock Springs.
Carrington*! to Fulton.
Carson to West Plains.
Carsonville to Wellston.
Carterville*!! to Joplin.
Cartwell to Stella.
Caruth to Senath.
Carver to Versailles.
Cascade to Williamsville.
Case*! to McKittrlck.
Cash to Callao.
Castle! to Greencastle.
Castlewood to Valley Park.
Castor to Lutesville.
Catawba to Braymer.
Cato* to Cassville.
Catron to Parma.
Caverna to Pineville.
Cave Spring to Willard.
Cawood! to Rea.
Cedar City*!! to Jefferson
Cedarcreek* to Protein.
Cedarfork to Newhaven.
Cedargap*!! to Seymour.
Cedargrove* to Salem.
Cedarhill to Pacific.
Cedar Springs* to Eldorado
Cedar Valley to Hollister.
Cedarville to Jerico Springs.
Cement City to Sugar Creek.
Centaur Station* to Pa­
Centertown*!! to Califor­
Central City to Joplin.
Chain of Rocks! to Old
Chalk Level to Lowry City.
Chambersburg to Ivahoka.
Chaminade to Clayton.
Champion City to Gerald.
Chandler!! to Liberty.
Chaonia*!! to Williamsville.
Chapel to Coatesville.
Chapelhill to Bates City.
Chapin to West Plains.
Chariton to Unionville.
Charity* to Elkland.
Charleston (Clark Co.) to
Ohauncey to I.inncreek.
Cheney* to Ava.
Cherry Box to Clarence*
Cherryville* (Crawford Co)
to Steelville.
Chesapeake to Mt. Vernon.
Chestnutridge to Highlandville.
Chicopee!! to Van Buren.
Chilton* to Van Buren.
Chitwood*! to Joplin.
Chloe* to Lowry City.
Chloride* to Ironton.
Chraneville to Keytesville.
Christian Center to Ozark.
Chula*!! to Chillicothe.
Civil Bend to Pattonsburg.
Clair to Cosby.
Clapper to Monroe City.
Clara to Houston.
Clarkson to Pierce City.
Clarkton*!! to Gideon.
Claryvi]le*to Chester, III.
Claud to Humansville.
Clay to Brashear.
Clayroot to Kennett.
Claysville to Hartsburg.
Clayton to Ft. Scott, Kan.
Clearmont*!! to Maryville
Oleavesville to Bland.

Cieo to Aurora.
Cleopatra to Lineville, Iowa
Clifton City*!! to Pleasant
Cliquot* to Bolivar.
Clover Bottom to Washing­
Clubb to Des Arc.
Coal to Clinton.
Cobb to Collins
Cockrell to Lees Summit.
Coelleda to Linn Creek.
Coffey Church to Downing.
Coffman to Farmington.
Coldsprings* to Norwood.
Coidwater* to Des Arc.
Coleman* to Raymore.
Collins*!! to Osceola.
Colomal to Bogard.
Colony to Rutledge.
Columbus to Centerview.
Comet to Walnutgrove.
Commerce*!! to Illmo.
Como* to Parma.
Conception* to Conception
Concord (Pemiscot Co.) to
Concord Hill to Marthasville.
Condray to Salem.
Coneville to Wyaconda.
Conklin tc Marshfield.
Oonnelsville* to Kirksville.
Conran*! to Marston.
Converse*! to Lathrop.
Conway*!! to Philipsburg.
Cookville* to Richland.
Cooper Hill* to Bland
Cora*! to Browning.
Corbin* to Osceola.
Corkery to Lebanon.
Cornelia to Warrensburg.
Cornwall* to Fredericktown
Corridon* to Centerville.
Corry to Dadeville.
Corsicana to Purdy.
Corso* to Silex.
Cote Sans Dessein to Tebbetts.
Cottage to Atlanta.
Cottleville* to Saint Peters.
Cotton to Clarksburg.
Cottonwood Point to Car­
Couch* to Alton.
Coulstone to Salem.
Courtney*! to Indepen­
Courtois* to Potosi.
Cove to Washburn.
Cowskin to Southwest City.
Cox to Macon.
Coy to Anderson.
Crab Orchard to Orriek.
Craddock* to Rolla.
Crawford! to Memphis.
Crescent*! to Eureka.
Cretcher to Sweet Springs.
Crider* to Westplains.
Crisp* to Stockton.
Crittenden* to Climax
Crosno* to Columbus, Ky.
Crosskeys to Florisant.
Cross Roads* to Ava.
Crosstown* to Perryville.
Crowder* to Morley.
Crown to Marshfield.
Cruise* to Potosi.
Crump to Whitewater.
Cull* to Westplains.
Culver to Butler.
Cureall* to Westplains.
Currentview to Success,
Custer to Salem.
Cyclone* to Pineville.
Oyrene*! to Bowling Green.
Czar to Steelville.
Dadeville*! to Greenfield.
Daisy* to Pocahontas.
Dallas to Martin City.
Dameron to Elsberry.
Danby* to Festus.
iDanville* to Montgomery
Dardenne to O'Fallon.
Darien* to Salem.
Darksville to Huntsville.
Darlington*!! to Albany.
Daugherty to Harrisonville.
Davis to Troy.
Davisville* to Steelville.
Dawson* to Mountaingrove.
Dawt to Gainesville.
Day* to Bloomfield.
Day* (Taney Co.) to Reeds
Dayton to Garden City.
Dean Lake!! to Triplett.
De Camp* to St. James.
Decatur to Russelville.
Decaturville* to Linn Creek.
Deer to Chamois.
Deerfield*! to Nevada.
Deering to Braggodoclo.
Deer Park to Columbia.
Deer Ridge to La Belle.
Deicke to Eureka.
Delasus to Farmington.
Delaware to Eminence.
Delbridge to Belgrade.
Dell to Warsaw
Delmar to Clinton.
Delta!! to Whitewater.
Denlow to Norwood.
Dent to Licking.
Denton*!! (Johnson Co.) to
Denver*! to Grant City.
Depew to Seymour.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

4> County Seat

Deray to Whitewater.
Derrahs to Canton.
Deslet* to Ellington.
Desperes! to Kirkwood.
Dessa to Seneca.
Detmold to New Haven.
Deventer to Wyatt.
Devils Elbow to Waynesville.
Dickens* to Forsyth.
Diehlstadt*!! to Charles­
Diggins*!! to Seymour.
Dillard* to Steeleville.
Dillon*! to Rolla.
Dimmittville to Parma
Dissen to New Haven.
Dittmer* to Hillsboro.
Dixie to New Bloomfield.
Dockery to Richmond.
Dodd to Callao.
Doe Run*!! to Farmington.
Dongola to Advance.
Dorena to Hickman. Ky.
Dormis* to Gainesville.
Doss to Salem.
Dotham to Fairfax.
Dove* to Lebanon.
Drake* to Rosebud.
Drakemore to Kansas City.
Dresden*!! to Sedalia.
Drew to Lebanon.
Drum to White Water.
Drury* to Mountaingrove.
Drynob* to Lebanon.
Dudley*!! to Bloomfield.
Dudenville to Golden City.
Dugginsville to Gainesville
Duke to Newberg.
Dumas! to Revere.
Duncan* to Seymour.
Duncans Bridge* to Gran­
Duncanville to Higbee.
Dunksburg (Johnson) to
Duroc to Warsaw.
Dutchtown* to Jackson.
Duval to Liberal.
Dwyer to Kirkwood.
Dye to Weston.
Dykes* to Houston
Eagle Rock* to Cassville.
Easley*! to Hartsburg.
E. Atchison* to Atchison,
East Bonne Terre to Bonne.
East End to Belgrade.
East Kansas City*! to N.
Kansas City.
East Leavenworth*!! to
Leavenworth. Kan.
East Prairie*!! to Charles­
Ebenezer to Springfield.
Eccles to Keytesville.
Echo to Bynumbille.
Economy to Atlanta
Edgehill* to Lesterville.
Edgerton Junction to Edgerton.
Edgewood*!! to Bowling
Edinburg to Trenton.
Edmonson to Lincoln.
Edna to Fornfelt.
Edwards* to Warsaw.
Egypt Mills* to Cape GlEightMile*to Harrisonville.
Elayer to Steelville.
Eldridge* to Lebanon.
Elgin (Shelby Co.) to
Elijah* to Bakersfield.
Elkfork to Greenridge.
Elkhead* to Sparta.
Elkhart to Amsterdam.
Elkhorn to Rayville.
Elko to Unlonviile.
Elk Prairie to Rolla.
Elk Springs* to Noel.
Elkton* to Flemington.
Ellis Prairie* to Houston.
Ellisville to Manchester.
Ellsinore* to Van Buren.
Elm to Kingsville.
Elmira to Lawson.
Elmont* to Sullivan.
Elmwood (Saline Co.) to
Elsey* to Crane.
Elston*!! to Jefferson City.
Elwood*! to Springfield.
Ely*!! to Palmyra.
Embree* to Manes.
Emerson to Durham
Emmet to Everton.
Englewood* to Ashland.
Enough to Belleview.
Enterprise to Clarence.
Epworth* to Leonard.
Ernest to Lockwood.
Ernestville to Concordia.
Eskin to Plattsburg.
Esrom to Lamar.
Estes to Curryville.
Esther*!! to Flat River.
Estill* to New Franklin.
Ethlyn*!! to Moscow Mills.
Etlah*!! to New Haven.
Etterville*!! to Eldon.
Eudora*! to Aldrich.
Eunice* to Houston.
Evansville!! to St. Joseph.
Evansville (Monroe Co.*!!
to Madison.
Eve!! to Fort Scott, Kan.
Evelyn to Bucklin.
Eveningshade to Richland.
Everett to Archie.
Everson ville to Chula.
Evona to Albany.
“Money Order Office.

Excello*! to Macon.
Excelsior* to Versailles.
Exchange to Ellington
Fabius* to Rutledge.
Fagus*! to Qulin.
Fairdealing* to Naylor.
Fairfield * to Warsaw.
Fair Grove*! to Springfield.
Fairmont to Wyaconda.
Fairmont Park! to Anglum.
Fairview to Clever.
Fairview (Newton Co.)*!!
to Neosha.
Fairville to Marshall.
Falcon* to Lebanon.
Fanchon to Westplains.
Fanning* to Cuba.
Farber*!! to Vandalia.
Farewell to Thayer.
Farmer to Bowling Green.
Farmer City to Westboro.
Farmersville (Livingston
Co.) to Sampsel.
Faro to Fredericktown.
Farrar* to Menfro.
Fayetteville to Warrens­
Fegley! to Kirksville.
Femme Osage to Augusta.
Fernridge to Crere Coeur.
Feuersville to Belle.
Fidelity to Carthage.
Filley to Eldorado Springs.
Finney! to Clinton.
Firth to Moberly.
Five Point to Sedalia.
Flannery to Springfield.
Flat* to Newburg.
Flatcreek* to Galena.
Fleming to Orriek.
Flemington*!! to Weaubleau.
Fletcher* to De Soto
Flinthill*! to Wentzville.
Florida*! to Paris.
Flory to Lamar.
Floyd to Potosi.
Floyd Station to Orriek.
Foil to Ava.
Foley*!! to Winfield.
Folk* to Meta.
Foose to Buffalo.
Forbes*!! to Oregon.
Fordham to Cameron.
Forkerf! to Laclede.
Forkners Hill to Conway.
Fort Lyon to Windsor.
Fountain Grove* to Meadville.
Four Corners to Palmyra.
Fowler* to Mountaingrove.
Fox to Hardin.
Foxcreek to Pacific.
Frankclay* to Leadwood.
Frankenstein to Bonnots.
Franklin*! to New Franklin.
Franklinville to Shelbina.
Franks*!! to Dixon.
Frazer*! to Agency.
Fredericksburg* to Morri­
Freedom* to Linn.
Freistatt* to Hoberg.
French Village* to Bonne
Friedheim* to Oakrldge.
Frisbee!! to Holcomb
Frisco to Essex.
Fristoe* to Warsaw.
Frohna to Altenburg.
Fruitland* to Jackson.
Gads Hill!! to Des Arc.
Gaines to Brownington.
Galesburg to Alba.
Galloway*! to Springfield.
Galmey to Wheatland.
Game to Caruthersville.
Gano to Salem.
Gara to Albany.
Garber* to Branson.
Garland* to Clinton.
Garner to Purdin.
Garrettsburg to St. Joseph.
Garrison* to Chadwick.
Garwood* to Piedmont.
Gasconade*!! to Morrison.
Gashland*!! to Nashau.
Gatewood* to Doniphan.
Gaynor to Parnell.
Gazette* to Vandalia.
Gebler to Hermann.
Geneva to Hornersville.
Gentry*!! to Albany.
Gentryville* to Darlington.
Georgetown to Sedalia.
Georgeville to Cowgill.
Germania to Queen City.
Germantown to Montrose.
Gibson*!! to Holcomb.
Gifford to South Gifford.
Gilmore*!! to Wentzville.
Ginger Blue to Noel.
Ginlet to Guthrie.
Gipsy* to Zalma.
Girdner* to Ava.
Gladden* to Salem.
Gladstone* to Eldon.
Glenallen*!! to Lutesville.
Glencoe*!! to Eureka.
Glendale! to Blue Springs.
Glendale! (St. Louis Co.) to
Glenn to Naylor.
Glennon to Lutesville.
Glennonville* to Campbell.
Glensted*! to Versailles.
Glidewell to Springfield.
Glover*! to Ironton.
Gold to Pleasanthope.
Golden* to Eureka Springs,
Golden Rule to Novinger.
+ Telegraph Station.

Goidsberry to Ethel.
Gooch Mill to Boonville.
Good Hope to Ava.
Goodland* to Ironton.
Goodson* to Bolivar.
Gore* to McKittrlck.
Gorham to Laredo.
Goshen to Princeton.
Goss*! to Paris.
Gouldfarm to Gowgill.
Grace* to Lebanon.
Graff* to Mountain Grove.
Granger*!! .to Kahoka.
Graniteville* to Ironton.
Grassy* to Lutesville.
Gravelhill to Jackson.
Gravelton* to Marquand.
Gravois Mills* to Versailles.
Graydon Springs to Walnut
Grayridge* to Dexter.
Grayson*!! to Plattsburg.
Graysville to Unionville.
Greeley* to Bunker.
Greenbrier* to Zalma.
Greendoor to Warrensburg.
Green Lawn! to Perry.
Greensburg* to Edina.
Greenwood! to Lees Sum­
Greer* to Alton.
Gregory Landing*! to Can­
Greys Point to Miller.
Gridley to Osborn.
Grimmet to Westplains.
Grisham to Marquand.
Grogan to Houston.
Groom to Hollister.
Grover to Manchester.
Grovespring to Hartville.
Grubville* to Robertsville.
Gulf to Aldrich.
Gumbo to Chesterfield.
Gunn City* to East Lynne.
Guthridge Mills to Keytes­
Guthrie*! to New Bloom­
Hadley* (Reynolds Co.) to
Mill Spring.
Hadsell* to Strasburg.
Hagers Grove to Clarence.
Hahatonka* to Linn Creek.
Hahn* to Zalma.
Galf Rock to Spickard.
Hallard to Rayville.
Halleck to Faucett.
Halls*!! to S. St. Joseph.
Hamden* to Bynumvilie.
Hampton to Platte City.
Hams Prairie to Fulton.
Hancock*! to Dixon.
Handley to Conway.
Hanna* to Waynesvlle.
Hannon*! to Liberal.
Hardeman to Napton.
Harden ville* to Gainesville.
Harg to Columbia.
Harlem to North Kansas
Harold to Walnut Grove.
Harper to Osceola.
Harrisburg*! to Sturgeon.
Hart to Bucklin.
Hartford to Unionville.
Hartley to Fairplay.
Hartshorn* to Summersville.
Hartwell* to Urich.
Hartzell to Gideon.
Harvester to Saint Charles.
Harvey to Clinton.
Haseville to Laredo.
Hassard to Monroe City.
Hastain* to Warsaw
Hatfield*! to Blythedale.
Hatton* to Auxvasse.
Hawkeye* to Crocker.
Hayden* to Dixon.
Hayward to Portageville.
Hazelville! to Edina.
Hazelgreen*! to Richland.
Hazleton to Licking.
Heagy* to Bell City.
Hebron* to Willow Springs.
Hecla to Linneus.
Hedge City to Novelty.
Hedrick to Salem.
Helm to Dixon.
Helwig to Oregon.
Hematite*!! to Festus.
Hemple*!! to Stewartsville.
Henderson to Rogersvllle.
Hendrickson*!! to Poplar
Henrietta (Johnson Co.) to
Henson* to Wyatt.
Herculaneum*!? to Kimmswick.
Hercules* to Forsyth.
Hereford to Fulton.
Hermondale to Holland.
Herndon to Marshall.
Hester to Maywood.
Hibernia to New Bloomfield.
Hickory* to Jamesport.
Hickory Barren to Springfield.
Hickory Hill to Henley.
Higdon to Fredericktown.
High Gate* to St. James.
High Knob to Dixon.
High Point* to California.
High Prairie to Marshfield.
High Ridge* to House
Hilda* to Forsyth.
Hilderbrand* to Perryville
Hillard to Poplar Bluff.
Hilldale to Rocheport.
Himmel to Vanduser.
t Express Office.



Kerr Station to Platte City.
Hmch* to Bourbon.
Ketterman to Walker.
Hines to Troy.
Kewanee*!! to New Madrid
Hinkle* to St. James.
Keystone to Cameron
Hinton to Columbia.
Keysville* to Steelville.
Hiram* to Greenville.
Kiel to New Haven.
Hitt to Mempms.
Kilwinning to Downing.
Hobson* to Salem.
Kimble to Licking.
Hodge*! to Dover.
Kime* to Greenville.
Hoeberville to Wentzville.
Kinder* to Puxico.
Hofflin* to Cuba.
Kinderpost* to Licking.
Hoffman to Alma.
Kings Point to Lockwood.
Hogan*!! to Ironton.
Kings Valley to Rocky
Holliday*tt to Paris.
Hollow to Pacific.
Kinloch* to Ferguson.
Hollywood*!! to HornersKinsey to Bloomsdale.
to Goodman.
Holmes Park* to Dodson.
Kirby to Shelbyville.
Holstein* to Treloar.
Kirbyville* to Branson.
Holts Summit* to New
Kissee Mills* to i'orsyth.
Kissinger!! to Annada.
Honseville to Rolla.
Kliever to California.
Hooker* to Dixon.
Klondike (McDonald Co.)
Hoover to Smithville.
to Goodman.
Hope* to Linn.
Klondike! (St. Charles Co.)
Hopewell* to Irondale.
to Augusta.
Hopewell Academy to Tre­
Knights to Carthage.
Knob Lick*!! to FarmingHorine*!! to Pevely.
Hornet to Joplin.
Knobtown to Lees Summit.
Hortense to Clinton.
Knobview*! to St. James.
Horton*tt to Metz.
Knox City* to Edina.
Howards to St. Louis.
Knoxville to Rayville.
Howards Ridge* to Gaines­
Koch* to St. Louis.
Kodiak to Savannah.
Howell* to Hamburg.
Koeltztown* to Meta.
Howes Mill* to Salem.
Howes Station to Salem.
Koenig* to Belle.
Koester to Festus.
Howland to Unionville.
Krakow* to Washington.
Hubbard to Prairie Hill.
Kyles* to Piedmont.
Huckaby to Urbana.
Huggins* to Houston.
La Crosse* to La Plata.
Hughesville*!! to HousLaddonia*!! to Mexico.
La Due*! to Clinton.
Hugo* to Linn Creek.
Hulston to Everton.
Laflin*! to Lutesville.
Laforge*! to New Madrid.
Hume*!! to Ricb Hill.
Lagonda* to New Cambria.
Hunt to Qulin.
Lake to Creve Coeur.
Hunter*!! to Grandin.
Hunterville to Essex.
Lake Oityt! to Buckner.
Huntingdale to Clinton.
Lakecreek to Cole Camp.
Huntington* to Monroe
Lake Spring* to Rolla.
La Mine*! to Blackwater.
Huntsdale*! to Rockeport.
Lanagan*!! to Pineville.
Hurlingen to Clarksdale.
Lanes Prairie* to Belle.
Huron* to Bolivar.
Langdon*!! to ltockport.
Hurricane to Lutesville.
Lanton* to Koshkonong.
Hutton Valley*! to Willow
Laquey* to Waynesville
Larussel*!! to Carthage.
Huzzah* to Steelville.
Latty to Potosi.
La Valle* to Parma.
lantha*!! to MindenMtnes.
Lawndale* to Dora.
Iatan*!! to Weston.
Lawrenceburg to Ashgrove.
Iconium* to Osceola.
Lawrenceton* to Ste. Gene­
Ida to Blackwell.
Idalla*!! to Bloomfield.
Leadington* to Flat River.
Idlewild to Puxico
Mine* to Buffalo.
Xlasco*! to Hannibal.
Imperial*!! to Kimmswick . Leann* to Aurora.
Lebeck to EldoradoSprings.
lmpo* to Mountain Grove
Lebo* to Westplains.
Indian Creek toMonroeCity
Lecoma* to Rolla.
Indian Grove to Brunswick.
Leeds*!! to Kansas City.
Industrial City*! to St.
Leeper*!! to Mill Spring
Leesville to Clinton.
■Ink* to Eminence
Leila* to Eldorado Springs.
Inza* to St. Joseph.
Lemons*!! to Jackson.
Ipley! to Kennett.
Leopold* to Lutesville.
Ira* to Lebanon.
Leora* to Puxico.
Iron Mountain*!! to BisLeota* to Moody
Leslie*!! to Gerald.
Irwin*! to Sheldon.
Lesterville* to Centerville.
Isabella to Hammond.
Leta! to Wakenda.
Isadora* to Athelstan. Ia.
Levick Mill to Jacksonville.
Isbell Station* to Bonnots
Lewis Mill to Glasgow.
Lewis Station*! to Calhoun
Island City to Stanberry.
Lexington Junction to
Jack* to Salem.
Jacks Fork to Eminence.
Libertyville to Farmington.
Jadwin to Salem.
to Doniphan.
Jakes Prairie* to Cuba.
Liege*!! to Montgomery.
Jameson*!! to Pattonsburg
Lilly to Plattsburg.
Jane* to Pineville.
Linden (Clay) to Nashua.
Japan to Sullivan.
Link ville to Nashua.
Jarvis to Hillsboro
Lisbon to Glasgow.
Jeff to Thayer.
Lisle*!! to Drexel.
Jefferson Barracks*!! to St.
Lithium*! to St. Marys.
Little Berger to Hermann.
Jeflfriesburg*! to Union.
Little Blue*!! to Lees Sum­
Jerico Springs*! to Stockmit.
Little Compton to Hale.
Jerome*!! to Newburg.
Little Rock to Gilliam.
Jewett* to Des Arc.
Little Vine to FrederickJob to Alton.
Johns Mills to Sparta.
Lixville to Perryville.
Johnson City to Appleton
Locust to Gainesville.
Locust Hill to Novelty.
Johnsonville to Maysville.
Lodge* to Glenallen.
Johnstown to Montrose.
Lodi* to Des Arc.
Jordan to Cross Timbers.
Loefler to Green City.
Josephville to Wentzville.
Loehr to Kirkwood.
Joy* to Salem.
Logan* !to Marionville.
Judge* to Linn.
Lon to Rogersville.
Judson to Harris.
London to Mansfield.
Junction City to Marceline.
Lonedell* to Moselle.
Kader to Stockton.
Lone Elm to Bunceton.
Kaiser* to Brumley.
Lone Hill to Poplar Bluff.
Karlin* to Bolivar.
Lone Star to Albany.
Kaseyvllle to Callao.
Lonetree*! to Harrisonville.
Kathmar* to Ferguson.
Longrun to Hammond.
Keethtown to Brumley.
Longtown to Perryville.
Keiler Station to ShelbyLookout to Sedalia.
Loring* to Hartville.
Kelso*! to Fornfelt.
Louisburg*! to Urbana.
Keltner* to Chadwick.
Louisville to Ashley.
Kendall to Shelbina.
Lovelake to La Plata.
Kendricktown! to Carthage
Low Ground to Novinger.
Kenmoor to St. Joseph.
Lowndes to Greenville.
Kennard to Columbia.
Low Wassie* to Winona.
Kennedy* to Hayti
Loyalty to Greencastle.
Kenoma*!! to Lamar.
Loyd to Lutesville.
Kenton to Sparta.
Lucas to Urich.
Kenwood to Hurdland.
Luebbering* to Moselle.
Kenwood Springs to WellsLulu to Alton.
Luna to Gainesville.
Keota* to Bevier.
Lutman to Smithton.
Kerr to Kingston.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

* County Seat.

Luxemburg !I to St. Louis.
Luystown to Bonnots Mill
Lynchburg* to Lebanon
Lyon to New Haven.
Lyons* to Lebanon.
Mabel to Winston.
Machens*!! to Portage Des
Macomb to Norwood.
Madisonville to Center.
Madry to Aurora.
Majorville to Warsaw.
Mandeville to Bogard.
Manila to Ionia.
Manley to Holcomb.
Mano* to Cassville.
Many Springs to Alton.
Map* to Eminence.
Maplegrove to Golden City
Maple Park to North
Kansas City.
Maples* to Licking.
Mapleton to Livonia.
March* to Buffalo.
Mari'on*! to Centertown.
Marling*! to Silex.
Marsh Creek to Fredericktown.
Martinstown to Worthing­
Martinsville*! to Bethany
Marvin* to Versailles.
Heights!! to
Creve Coeur.
Marys Home* to Eugene.
Mason Springs to Seneca.
Masters (Polk Co.) to Fairplay.
Matkins to New Hampton.
Matson*!! to Defiance.
Mattese to St. Louis.
Matthews*!! to Canalou.
Maud to Clarence.
Maulsby to Parma.
Maupin to Catawissa.
Maurine to Blairstown.
Max to Salem.
M^yesburg to Creighton.
Mayfield to Marquand.
Mayflower to Seligman.
McBaine*!! to Columbia.
McBride*!! to Perryville.
McClurg* to Ava.
McCracken* to Ozark.
McCredie*!! to Fulton.
McCune Station * to Bowl­
ing Green
McDowell to Verona.
McElhaney to Goodman.
McGee* to Lowndes.
McGirk*! to Centertown.
McGuire to Clarkton.
McKinely to Marionville.
McMullin*! to Sikeston.
McNatt to Goodman.
Mecca to Plattsburg.
Medford*tt to Holden.
Medoc* to Asbury.
Mehlville to South St.Louis.
Meinert to Lockwood
Melbourne*!! to Gilman
Melrose to Pacific.
Melva* to Hollister.
Melville to Qulin.
Melzo to Blackwell.
Mendota*! to Unionville.
Mentor (Greene Co.) to
Meramec Highlands!! to
Merritt to Ava.
Messier to Bell City.
Miami Station*! to Miami.
Micola* to Steele.
Midco* to Fremont.
Middle Brook*!! to Ironton
Middlegrove to Madison.
Midland to Wellston.
Midway (Boone Co.) to
Midway (Saline Co.) to
Mike to Marceline.
Mildred to Forsyth.
Milford*! to Lamar.
Millard*! to Kirksville
Millbrook to Russellville.
Millcreek*to Fredericktown
Millersburg* to Stephens.
Millersville* to Jackson.
Millheim* to Perryville.
Millville (Ray Co.) to Rich­
Millwood to Silex.
Miltondale to Excelsior
Milwaukee to Cassville.
Mina ville to Liberty.
Mincy to Hollister.
Mine Lamotte! to Frede­
Mineola*! to Montgomery
Mineral Point*!! to Potosi
Mineral Springs* to Cass­
Mingo* to Puxico.
Mingsville to Plato.
Minimum* to Ironton.
Minnith* to St. Marys.
Mint Hill to Chamois.
Molino to Mexico.
Mollie to Dunnegan.
Monarch! to Clayton.
Monarch City to Neosho.
Monarch Springs to Neosho
Monegaw Springs* to Os­
Montague to Ozark.
Montauk* to Salem.
Monterey* to Centerville.
Montevallo* to Milo.
Montier! to Birchtree.
Money Order Office.

Montreal* to Stoutland.
Montserrat*!! to Knobnoster.
Moody* to Westplains.
Mora*! to Colecamp.
Morgan* to Conway.
Morreilton*! to St. Clair
Morse Mill* to Hillsboro.
Morton to Hardin.
Moscow to North Kansas
Moundville*!! to Nevada.
Mountain to Washburn.
Mount Airy to Huntsville.
Mount Carmel* to Vandalia
Mounthope to Moselle.
Mount Leonard to Malta
Mount Moriah*! to Cainsville.
Mount Pleasant to Over­
Mount Sterling* to Her­
Washington * to
Mount Zion to Brownington
Mumford* to Springfield.
Munger* to Ironton.
Murphy to Valley Park.
Musselfork* to Keytesville.
Myerstown to Dixon.
Myrick! to Lexington.
Myrtle* to Thayer. Ark. .
Mystic to Green City.



Olive to Fairgrove.
Olivette to Clayton.
Olney*! to Waverly.
Olympia to Eldorado Spg’s.
Omaha to Livonia.
Ongo to Sparta.
Orlganna to Lebanon.
Oriole to Cape Girardeau.
Orla* to Lebanon.
Orrsburg to Parnell.
Orrville to Chesterfield.
Osa to Crane.
Osage Bend to Jefferson
Osage Iron Works* to Linn
Oscar to Licking.
Osiris to Jerico Springs.
Oskaloosa*to Arcadia,Kans
Overton*! to Rocheport.
Ovid to Cowgill.
Owasco to Milan.
Owls Bend to Winona.
Owsley to Greenridge.
Oxford to Parnell.
Oxly*!! to Doniphan.
Oyer* to Osceola.
Ozark Beach*!! to For­
Ozora to St. Marys.

Pack to Southwest City
Painton* to Bell City.
Palmer* to Potosi.
Palmetto to Rogersville.
Napier!! to Fortescue
Palopinto to Lincoln.
Napton*! to Marshall.
Panama! to Rich Hill.
Narrows Creek to Macon.
Pansy* to Ava.
Nash ville*toMinden M in es.
Papinsvilie to Rockville.
Nauvoo* to Berryville, Ark.
Paradise! to Smithville.
Naylor*!! to Doniphan.
Paris Springs to Efverton.
Nebo* to Plato.
Parker to Bolckow.
Neck* to Alba.
Parkerton to Trenton.
Neelys Landing* to Poca­
Parma*!! to Lilbourn.
Parshley to Carthage.
Neeper to Kahoka.
Pascola*!! to Hayti.
Neier to Union.
Passaic *!! to Butler.
Nelsonville* to Steffenville.
Passo to Warsaw
Nemo to Hermitage.
Passover to Linn Creek
Neola to Greenfield.
Patterson*! to Piedmont.
Neongwah* to Linn Creek.
Patton co Marquand.
Nettleton*!! to Hamilton.
Pattonville* to St. Charles.
New Boston*! to Ethel.
Paulding to f lard well.
New Coin to Seneca.
Pawnee to Blythedale.
New Florence*!! to High
Paydown to Summerfleld.
Paynesville* to Clarksville.
New Frankfort to Gilliam.
Peace Valley* to WestNew Grove to Hartville.
Newhall to Mendon
Peakesville to Revere.
New Hamburg* to Chaffee.
Pea Ridge to Sullivan.
New Hartford* to Bowling
Pease to Conway.
Peers* to Marthas ville.
New Hope to Elsberry.
Pendleton*!! to Warrenton.
Newland to Sedalia.
Pennsboro* to South Green­
New Lebanon to Pleasant
Pennville to Green Cicy.
New Liberty* to Winona.
Peoria* to Belgrade.
New Market*! to Dearborn
Pepsin to Granby.
New Offenburg* to Ste.
Perkins* to Oran.
Perrin*!! to Cameron.
New Point* to Forest City.
Pershing* to Morrison.
Newport (Barton Co.) to
Peruque*!! to St. Peters.
Petersburg (Henry Co.) to
New Salem to Neosho.
Newtonia* to Neosho.
Petersburg (Howard Co.)to
New Wells* to Altenburg.
New Franklin.
Nichols!! to Springfield.
Phelps* to Miller.
Nickellton to Atlanta.
Phelps City* to Rockport.
Nind to Gifford.
Pbenix*!! to Walnut Grove
Nishnabotna*!! to Corning
Philadelphia*! to Palmyra.
Noah to Montrose.
Pierpont to Columbia.
Nobby to Warsaw.
Pilgrim to Everton.
Noble* to Gainesville.
Pilot Knob* to Ironton.
Nodaway*!! to Oregon.
Pinckney to Treloar.
Nona to Augusta.
Pine* to Doniphan.
Nonsuch to Linn Creek.
Pioneer* to Pierce City
Norris to Blairstown.
Piper to Montrose.
North Boonville to New
Pisgah to Bunceton.
Pitcher to Fulton.
Northcut.t to Sullivan.
Pittsburg*! to Hermitage.
North Moore* to North
Pittsviile to Holden.
Kansas City.
Plad* to Buffalo.
North Salem*! to Linneus.
Plano to Bois D’Arc.
North View*!! to Marsh­
Plattin*! to Festus.
Pleasant Gap! to Appleton
North Waverly to Waverly
Norton!! to Marshall.
Pleasant Green*!! to Har­
Norwood*!! to Mountain
Pleasant Mount to Eldon.
Notch* to Reeds Spring.
Pleasant View* to Eldorado
Nottinghill to Hammond.
Noxall* to Mathews.
Plew! to Larussell.
Nynart to Foster
Plymouth to Ludlow.
Point Pleasant* to Marston
Oak to Clarksdale
Pointrest* to Perryville.
Oak Grove to Frederick­
Pomona*!! to West Plains
Ponca to Ste. Genevieve.
Oakland* (Laclede Co.) to
Pond to Manchester.
Ponder* to Doniphan.
Oakland Station to Webb
Pond Fork to Hammond.
Pontiac* to Gainesville.
Oakridge*! to Jackson.
Poplar to Warsaw.
Oakside* to Summersville.
Portia to Eldorado Springs.
Oakton to Lamar.
Porto Rico! to Carterville.
Oakville to St. Louis.
Postal to Nelson.
Oakwood*! to Hannibal.
Pottersville* to Westplalu®.
Oasis* to Hollister.
Powe* to Campbell.
Oates to Centerville.
Powell* to Washburn.
Ocie to Protem.
Powersite* to Forsyth.
Odin* to Hartville.
Poynor* to Doniphan.
Oermann* to Catawissa.
Prairie City to Rockville.
Ohio* to Lowry City.
Prairie Lick to Boonville.
Ojibway to Williamsville.
Prairie View to Hawkpoint.
Okete to Silex.
Pratt* to Doniphan.
Olathe to Mansfield.
Prescott* to Houston.
Old Appleton to Altenburg.
Price to Clayton.
Oiden*!! to Westplains.
Prior* to Mountain Grove.
Oldfield* to Sparta.
Proctor* to Versailles.
Oldham to Hartsburg.
Prospect Hill to St. Louis.
Old Mines* to Potosi.
Prosperine to Lebanon.
Old Orchard!! to Webster
Prosperity! to Carterville.
1 Protem to Hollister.
Olinger to Miller.
f Telegraph Station.

t Express Office.



Providence to Pleasant
Pulaski* to Doniphan.
Purcell*! to Alba.
Pure Air to Novinger.
Purvis* to Linn Creek.
Puxico*!! to Advance.
Pyle to Dexter.
Quaker to Belgrade.
Quarles to Clinton.
Quick City* to Blairstown.
Quincy* to Wheatland.
Quote to Braymer.
Raclne*J to Seneca.
Racket to Warsaw.
Racola* to Potosi.
Rader (Webster Co.) to
Raftville to Licking.
Rainey to Osceola.
Randles*!! to Cape Girar­
Rat* to Centerville.
Ravena Station to North
Kansas City.
Rayborn* to Manes.
Readsville* to Portland.
Rector to Salem.
Red Bird* to Bland.
Reddings Mill to Joplin.
Redford* to Ironton.
Redman to Atlanta.
Red Oak* to Bowers Mills.
Redtop* to Buffalo.
Reform to Portland.
Regal (Ray) to Braymer.
Reger*!! to Milan.
Rembert to Hartville.
Renick*!! to Sugarcreek.
Reno to Ponce De Leon.
Rensselaer*!! to Hannibal.
Rescue to Bowers Mills.
Reynolds* to Centerville.
Rhyse to Salem
Richards*!! to Stotesbury.
Kichville* to Mountain
Ridgeley to Edgerton.
Ridge Prairie to Nelson.
Ridgley to Exeter.
Riga to Naylor.
Riggs to Sturgeon.
Rill to Forsyth.
Rimby to Polk.
Rinehart* to Metz.
Ripley to Independence.
Rippee* to Ava.
Risco* to Parma.
Ritchey*!! to Van Buren.
River Aux Vases* to Ste.
Riverdale to Ozark.
Riverton to Alton.
Rlverview to Brownington.
Rives* to Hornersville.
Roach* to Linn Creek.
Roads to Norborne.
Roanoke* to Armstrong.
Robertsville*!! to Catawissa.
Robins to Warrensburg.
Roby* to Plato.
Rochester* to Helena.
Rock Creek to Valley Park.
Rockford* to Keytesville.
Rockhill to Webster Groves.
Rockingham to Norborne.
Rockview to Chaffee.
Rocky Comfort* to Whea­
Rocky Mount to Eldon.
Rodelia to Greenridge.
Romance* to Rockbridge.
Rombauer* to Poplar Bluff.
Rome* to Ava.
Rondo to Flemington.
Rookins to Collins.
RoosevelttoWillow Springs.
Roseland* to Calhoun.
Roselle* to Arcadia.
Roseville to Rushville.
Round Grove to Miller.
Round Spring* to Eminence
Rousertown to Sheldon.
Rover* to Westplains.
Rowena to Centralia.
Rowland to Stockton.
Rowlett to Willow Springs.
Roy* to Ava.
Royal to St. James.
Ruble* to Ellington.
Rucker to Sturgeon.
Ruegg* to St. Louis.
Rueter to Bradleyville.
Rush Tower*! to Festus.
Rushville*!! (Laclede Co.)
to Phillipsburg.
Russ* to Lebanon.
Russellville*!! (Ray Co.) to
to Richmond.
Ryors* to Linn.
Sabula*! to Ironton.
Sackville to Walnut Grove.
Saco* to Fredericktown.
Safe* to St. James.
Saginaw* to Joplin.
Sagrada* to Stover.
Saint Albans to Pacific.
Saint Annie to Richland.
Saint Antony to Iberia.
St. Aubert*! to Chamois.
Saint Clement to Bowling
St. Francisville* to Wayland.
Saint Francois*!! to Flat

Saint George to Manes.
St. John to Powersville.
St. Luke to Marshfield.
Saint Patrick to Canton.
Salcedo to Slkeston.
Saline*!! to Princeton.
Samford to Steele.
Samos to Charleston.
Sampson to Niangua.
San Antonio to Easton.
Sands (Phelps Co.) to
Sands (St. Louis) to St.
Sandstone to Nevada.
Sandyhook to Jamestown.
Sank to Zalma.
Santa Fe*! to Paris.
Santiago to Lincoln.
Sapp to Ashland.
Sappington* to Fenton.
Saratoga to So. West City.
Sargent* to WillowSprings.
Saverton*!! to Hannibal.
Savoy to Irondale.
Saxton*!! to Saint Joseph.
Schluersburg to Augusta.
Schofield to Buffalo.
Scholten* to Crane
School* (Stone Co.) to
School (Phelps Co.) to St.
Schubert to Osage City.
Scopus* to Lutesville.
Scotia* to Leasburg.
Scrivner to Russellville.
Seaton to Salem.
Seckman to KImmswick.
Sedgewickville* to Patton.
Selmore* to Ozark
Selsa! to Blue Springs.
Sentinel* to Flemington.
Sequota to Springfield.
Sereno to Perryville.
Seventysix*!! to Altenberg.
Sexson to Humansville.
Seybert to Greenfield.
Shackelford*!! to Marsh
Shafter to Purdin.
Shamrock* to WellsviUe.
Shannondale to Salisbury.
Sharon 10 Slater.
Shawnee Mound to Leeton.
Shawneetown* to Poca­
Sheffield*!! to Kansas City.
Shelby to Browning.
Shell Knob* to Cassville.
Shepard* to Belleview.
Sherman* to Manchester.
Sherrill to Licking.
Shibleys Point to Kirksville.
Shirley* to Potosi.
Shortbend to Salem.
Shott to Tindall.
Shrum* to Lutesville.
Sibley*!! to Buckner.
Sidney (Putnam Co.) to
Green City.
Sigsbee to Steffenville
Silica! to Festus.
Siloam Springs* to Westplains
Silva to Patterson.
Silver Lake* to Perryville.
Silverton to Ava.
Simmons*! to Cabool.
Sincoe to Rocky Comfort.
Sinkin* to Bunker.
Slagle to Bolivar.
Sleeper*!! to Lebanon.
Sligo*! to Cook Station.
Smallett* to Ava.
Smileyville (Marion Co.) to
Smithfleld* to Carl Junc­
Smithville*!! to Platt City.
Smittle to Hartville.
Sni Mills to Oak Grove.
Snyder* to Triplett.
Solo* to Elk Creek.
Sorrell to Green City.
Souder* to Rockbridge.
Southard to Lebanon.
South Fork* to Westplains.
South Lineville to Mercer.
South St. Louis to St. Louis.
Spalding to Hannibal.
Spanish Lake!! to Saint
Sparrow to Clinton.
Spencer to Miller.
Spencerburg to Curryville.
Sperry to Kirksville.
Splitlog to Anderson.
Spokane* to Ozark.
Sprague to Rich Hill.
Springbluff* to Sullivan.
Spring City (Newton Co.)
to Joplin.
Springcreek* to Rolla.
Springdale to Rogersville.
Springfork* to Sedalia.
Spring Garden* to Eugene.
Spring Grove to Buffalo.
Spring Hill! to Chillicothe.
Sprott to Farmington.
Spruce*! to Butler.
Spurgeon to Neosho.
Squires* to Ava.
Stahl*!! to Novinger.
Standish*!! to Carrollton.
Stanton*!! to Sullivan.
Starfleld to Gower.
Stark to Louisiana.
Stark City*! to Granby.
Star Landing to Altenberg.
Steinmetz!! to Glasgow.
Stephens* to Columbia.
Sterling to Cabool.
Stet* to Norborne.
Sticklersville toGreencastle.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Stickney* to Vienna.
Stillings! to Leavenworth.
Stinson to Miller.
Stinsonville to Ritchey.
Stolpe to Hermann.
Stone Hill to Salem.
Stony Hill* to New Haven.
Stoutsville*!! to Paris.
Strain to Gerald.
Strother* to Paris.
Stultz* to Elk Creek.
Sturdivant*! to Puxico.
Sturges*!! to Chillicothe.
Sublett*! to Kirksville.
Success* to Houston.
Sudheimer to Dixon.
Sue City to La Plata.
Sugar Lake to Rushville.
Sugartree to IN orborne.
Sulphur Springs*!! to
Summit to Potosi.
Sunlight* to Belgrade.
Sunnybrook to Graham.
Sunshine to Henrietta.
Surprise to Alton
Sutherland to Leeton.
Sutter to St. Louis.
Swan*! to Forsyth.
Swanwick to Richmond.
Swart to Garland, Kan.
Sweden* to Ava.
Sweetwater to NeoshoSwift* to Hayti.
Swinton*! to Advance.
Swiss* to Hermann.
Swope to Kansas City.
Sycamore to Gainesville.
Sylvania to Jerico Springs.
Taberville* to Rockville.
Taitsville to Cowgili.
Tallent* to Marquard.
Tallapoosa to Parma.
Taneycomo* to Branson.
Taneyville* bo Forsyth.
Tanner to Sikeston.
Taos to Jefferson City.
Tarsney to Grain Valley.
Taskee Station* to WiUiamville.
Taurla* to Reeds Spring.
Tavern* to Meta
Taylor to Palmyra.
Tea* to Owensville.
Teagues to Seymour.
Tebbetts*!! to Mokane.
Tecumseh to Gainesville.
Tedieville to Houstonia.
Temple to Nevada.
Ten Brook!! to Maxville.
Tenmile (Macon Co.) to
Ten Mile (Butler Co.) to
Poplar Bluff.
Teresita* to Mountain View.
Theodosia* to Gainesville.
Theron to Houston.
Thomas Hill to Clifton Hill.
Thomasville*! to Alton.
Thompson *!! to Mexico.
Thoms Station to Carl
Thornfleld* to Hammond.
Thornleigh to Sedalia.
Thrush to Clinton.
Thuroy* to Bakersfield.
Tiff* to Potosi.
Tiff City*! to Noll.
Tiffany Springs to Parkville.
Tiffin* to Eldorado Springs.
Tight Wad to Clinton.
Tigris to Ava.
Tilsit to Jackson.
Timber* to Eminence.
Tingley to Jerico Springs.
Tinney Grove to Braymer.
Tipperary to Novinger.
Tipton Ford* to Neosho.
Toccoa to Gainesville.
Toledo* (Ozark Co.) to Ava
Tolona* to Ewing.
Topaz* to Mountain Grove.
Torch* to Naylor.
Toronto* .to Richland.
Townley to Malden.
Tracy* to Platte City.
Traderite to Dixon.
Trail to Dora.
Trask* to Mountain View.
Travers to Cassville.
Tribune to Waynesville.
Trimble*!! to Plattsburg.
Truesdall*!! to Warrenton.
Tucker to Doniphan.
Tullvania to Ethel.
Tunas *to Buffalo.
Turkey Creek to Green villd.
Turley to Plato.
Turnback to South Green­
Turners* to Rogersville.
Turney*!! to Lathrop.
Turtle to Salem.
Tuxedo to Webster Groves.
Twin Hickories to Licking.
Tyler* to Steele.
Tyrone to Houston.
Udall* to Bakersfield.
Ulman*! to Brumley.
Umber to Stockton.
Undine to Potosi.
Uniontown* to Appleton.
Upton* to Houston.
Uptonville to Gainesville.
Useful to Linn.
Utica*!! to Chillicothe.
Vada to Houston.
Valda to Sedalia.
Vale*!! to Lees Summit.
Valhalla* to Lowry City.
Valles Mines*!! to Bonne
Money Order Office.


Valley City to Knobnoster. i Yates*!! to Sugar Creek.
Van* to Bolivar.
Youngstown* to Kirksville.
Vancleve to Meta.
Yount* to Perryville.
Vanduser*!! to Morley.
Yucatan to Portland.
Vanzant* to Mountain
Yukon* to Houston
Zanoni to Gainesville.
Vastus* to Neelysville.
Zebra* to Linn Creek.
Venice (Shannon Co.) to
Zell* to Ste. Genevieve.
Zeta*! to Bloomfield.
Venus to Vienna.
Zodiac to Sheldon.
Vera* to Bowling Green.
Zora* to Stover.
Veracruz* to Ava.
Zwanzig to Versailles
Verdella to Liberal.
Vessie* to Newburg.
Veto* to Vichy.
Vibbard!! to Lawson.
Viburnum* to Steelville.
Absarokee to Columbus.
Victor* to Paris.
Absher* to Roundup.
Victoria*!! to De Soto.
Acton*! to Billings.
Vida* to Rolla.
Adel* to Cascade.
Vigus*!! to Overland.
Agawam*!! to Bynum.
Vineland*! to De Soto.
Alberton*!! to Missoula.
Vinita Park to St. Louis.
Albion* to Belle Fourche,
Vinson to Dexter.
S. D
Viola to Berryville, Ark.
Alder*!! to Virginia City.
Violet* to Bolivar.
Alger* to Thompson Falls.
Virgil City to Eldorado
Alhambra* to Helena.
Aloe* to Kevin.
Virginia to Amoret.
Vista*!! to Osceola.
Amsterdam to Manhattan.
Vulcan* to Des Arc.
Anad* to Jordan.
Andes* to Culbertson.
Angela* to Miles City.
Waco*!! to Alba.
Antelope*!! to Plentywood.
Wagoner* to Jerico Springs.
Apgar! to Columbia Falls.
Wainwright* to Jefferson
Archer*!! to Plentywood.
Arlee*!! to Missoula.
Wakenda*!! to Carrollton.
Armington*!! to Belt.
Walbert to Sullivan.
Armells* to Roy.
Wall Street to Long Lane.
Armstead*!! to Dillon.
Walnut Shade* to Branson.
Ashland*! to Miles City.
Wappapello* to Puxico.
Augusta* to Simms.
Wardeff*!! to Butler.
Austin*!! to Helena.
Wardsvilie* to Jefferson
Avon*!! to Helena.
Avondale* to Glentana.
Ware to De Soto.
Aznoe* to Brady.
Warren* to Monroe.
Washington Centre to Mar­
Babb* to Browning.
Baeth to Malta.
Wasola* to Rockbridge.
Ballantine to Worden.
Watkins to Iberia.
Barber* to Hariowton.
Wayham to Eldon.
Bascom*!! to Sumatra.
Wayland*!! to Kahoka.
Basin*!! to Boulder
Wayne* to Exeter.
Battrick* to Lewistown.
Weingarten* to Ste. Gene­
Baylor* to Opheim.
Weidon Spring to Saint
Bearcreek*! to Red Lodge.
Bearmouth*!! to Missoula.
Wellsville (Buchanan) to
Beaver to Thompson Falls.
Beaverton* to Saco.
Wesco*! to Steelville.
Becket* to Lewistown.
Westalton*!! to Alton, HI.
Beebe* to Miles City.
Westdale to Nashua.
Beehive* to Columbus.
West Ely to Palmyra.
Belknap* to Thompson
West Eminence* to Emi­
Belltower to Ekalaka.
West Fork* to Centerville.
Belmont*!! to Roundup.
West Liberty to Unionville.
Belton*!! to Columbia
West Line*!! to Freeman.
Westport* to Kansas City.
Benchland*!! to Stanford.
W. Quincy! to Quincy, Ill.
Biddle* to Broadus.
Big Arm* to Dayton.
Westville* to Marceline.
Bighorn*!! to Custer.
Wet Glaize* to Stoutland.
Wharton to Waynesville.
Birney* to Sheridan. Wyo.
Wheatland*! to Hermitage.
Black Eagle*! to Great Falls.
White Church! to WestBlackfoot* to Browning.
Bloomfield* to Glendive.
Whiteoak*! to Kennett.
Bole*! to Choteau.
White Rock to Carrollton.
Bonita to Missoula.
Whiteside*!! to Eolia.
Bonner*!! to Missoula.
Whitesville*! to Rea.
Bowdoin to Malta.
Whitewater*!! to Cape
Bowler* to Bridger.
Box Elder*!! to Big Sandy.
Whitham*!! to Triplett.
Boyd to Red Lodge.
Wien to Bynumville.
Boyer to Scobey.
Wilcox*!! to Nodaway.
Boyes* to Bellefourche.S.D.
Wilderness* to Fremont.
Brinkman* to Big Sandy.
Wildwood* to Waynesville.
Broadview*!! to Billings.
Wilhelmina* to Campbell
Brockton*!! to Poplar.
Willhoit* to Ava.
Brockway* to Circle.
Wilmathsville to Greentop.
Brooks* to Lewiston.
Willow Brook to Faucett.
Brookside*! to Malta.
Wills to GreenviUe.
Brusett* to Jordan.
Wilson Creek* to Republic.
Buffalo*+l to Judith Gap.
Wilton* to Hartsburg.
Bundy*!! to Roundup.
Winchester to Wayland.
Burns*! to Savage.
Windyville* to Buffalo.
Busby*! to Hardin.
Winkler* to Salem.
Winner to Smithville.
Calkins* to White Sulphur
Winnetonlca toKansas City.
Winnipeg* to Lebanon.
Camas to Plains.
Winn Wood Lake to North
Camas Prairie* to Plains.
Kansas City.
Cameron* to Virginia City.
Winthrop! to Atchison.
Canton* to Townsend.
Wisdom* to Warsaw,
Canyon Creek* to Helena.
Wise* to Sheldon.
Capitol* to Camp Crook.
WIshart*! to Bolivar.
Withers Mills*!! to Hanni­
Carbert to Scobey.
Cardwell*!! to Whitehall.
Wittenberg*!! to AltenCarlyle*! to Beach, N. D.
Carpenters Creek to Round­
Wolf Creek to Mansfield.
Wolf Island* to Columbus,
Carter*!! to Fort Benton.
Cartersville*!! to Forsyth.
Womack*to Fredericktown.
Cat Creek* to Lewistown.
Woodland*!! (Marion Co.)
Centerville! (Silver Bow
to Palmyra.
Co.) to Butte.
Woodland! to Jennings.
Central Park to Belgrade.
Woodlandville* to Roche
Chadbourn to Livingston.
Chance to Belfry.
Woodlawn to Madison.
Charlo*! to Ronan.
Woodruff* to Camden Point.
Chester *!! to Havre.
Woods to Amity.
Chico to Livingston.
Woodside to AJton.
Christina* to Lewistown.
Woodville to Jacksonville.
Clancey*!! to Helena.
Wooldridge*!! to Lupus.
Clarkston* to Manhattan.
Woollam* to Owensville.
Clasoil to East Helena.
Worcester to Rush Hill.
Cleiv to Power.
Worland*! to Foster.
Cleveland* to Chinook.
Wortham to Leadwood.
Clinton*!! to Missoula.
Worthington*!! to Livonia.
Clydepark*! ! to Livingston.
Wrightville to Gideon.
Coalridge* to Plentywood.
Wyatt *!! to Charleston
Coalwood* to Broadus.
Wyeth to Rosendale.
Coburg*!! to Harlem.
Yancy Mills* to Rolla.
Coffee Creek*!! to Denton.
! Telegraph Station-

t Express Office.



Cohagen* to Jordan.
Collins*!! to Dut,ton.
Comanche*!! to Billings.
Comertown*!! to Westby.
Conner* to Hamilton.
Content* to Malta.
Cooke* to Gardiner.
Coram*! to Columbia Falla
Corbin*!! to Boulder.
Cordova to Power.
Corinthf! to Hardin.
Corvallis* to Hamilton.
Corwin Springs* to Living­
Craig tt to Cascade.
Crane* to Savage.
Creston* to KaUspell.
Crow Agency to Hardin.
Crow Rock* to Miles City.
Crystal Springs to Butte.
Cushman*!! to Judith Gap.
Cut Bank*!! to Browning.
Dagmar* to Reserve.
Dailey to Livingston.
Daleview*! to Outlook.
Danvers*!! to Denton.
Darby*!! to Hamilton.
Dean* to Columbus.
Deborgia*!! to Superior.
Decker* to Sheridan, Wyo.
Dell*!! to Dillon
Delphia* to Roundup.
Dempsey to Deer Lodge.
Devon!*! to Shelby.
Dewey! to Butte.
Divide*!! to Butte.
Dixon*!! to Plains.
Dodson*!! to Malta.
Drummond to Philipsburg.
Dunkirk*!! to Shelby.
Dupuyer* to Yalier.
Eden* to Great Falls.
Elgin*! to Ekalaka.
Elk Park* to Butte.
Elliston*!! to Helena.
Elmo*! to Dayton.
Emigrant*!! to Gardiner.
Enid*!! to Richey.
Epsie to Broadus.
Essex*!! to Columbia Falls.
Ethridge*!! to Shelby.
Eureka to Whiteflsh.
Evaro*!! to Missoula.
Fallon*!! to Terry.
Farmington* to Chouteau.
Ferdig to Kevin.
Fergus* to Roy.
Fife to Belt.
Finch* to Hysham.
Finn* to Deer Lodge.
Fishtail* to Columbus.
Fishtrap* to Anaconda.
Flatwillow*! to Grass
Florence*!! to Stevensvllle.
Floweree*!! to Fort .Ben­
Forest Grove*!! to Lewistown.
Fortine*!! to Whiteflsh.
Fort Logan to White Sul­
phur Springs.
Fort Shaw*! to Simms.
Four Buttes to Scobey.
Fowler* to Conrad.
Fox to Roberts.
Fox Lake to Sidney.
Franklin*! to Judith Gap.
French town*!! to Missoula.
Fresno to Havre.
Gage*!! to Roundup.
Galata to Shelby.
Galen to Deer Lodge.
Gallatin Gateway*!! to
Garneill*!! to Judith Gap
Garnet* to Missoula.
Garrison*!! to Deer Lodge.
Garryowen to Hardin.
Gateway*!! to White Fish.
Genevieve to Saco.
Genou* to Brady.
Gibson* to Bigtimber.
Gildford *!! to Havre.
Girard* to Sidney.
Glacier Park*!! to Brown­
Glendale to Bigtimber.
Glengarry* to Lewistown.
Gold Butte*! to Sunburst.
Goldcreek*!! to DeerLodge
Gold Stone* to Havre.
Graham* to Broadus.
Grant* to Dillon.
Grantsdale* to Hamilton
Grass Range*!! to Lewistown.
Greve* to Saco.
Greycliff*!! to Bigtimber.
Hall*! to Philipsburg.
Hanover*!! to Lewistown.
Harrison*!! to Ennis.
Hathaway*!! to Miles City.
Haugan*!! to Superior.
Haxby* to Glasgow.
Hays* to Harlem
Heart Butte* to Browning.
Hedgesville* to Judith Gap.
Helmville* to Deer Lodge.
Henderson* to Superior.
Heron*!! to Thompson.
Hesper*! to Laurel.
Highwood*!! to GreatFalls.
Hilger*! to Lewistown.
Hingham*!! to Havre.
Hobson*!! to Lewistown.
Hodges*! to Wibaux.
Hogiland to Turner.
Holland to Belgrade.
Homestead*!! to Medicine

Horton to Miles City.
Hot Springs* to Plains.
Hughesville* to Geyser.
Hunters Hotsprings* to
Huntley to Worden.
Huson*!! to Missoula.
Iliad* to Big Sandy.
Inga to Big Sandy.
Ingomar to Forsyth.
Intake*!! to Glendive.
Inverness *!! to Havre.
Iron Mountain*!! to
Jackson* to Wisdom.
Jeffers* to Ennis.
Jefferson City* to Boulder.
Jefferson Island*!!toWhitehall.
Jennings* to Libby.
Joplin *!! to Havre.
Kila* to Kalispell.
Kinsey*!! to Miles City.
Kintla to Columbia Falls.
Kippen* to Kevin.
Kirby* to Wyoia.
Klein* to Roundup.
Knowlton* to Ismay.
Kolin*!! to Moccasin.
Kremlin*!! to Havre.
Lake Five to ColumbiaFalls
Lakeview* to Dillon
Lambert*!! to Sidney.
Lamedeer* to Forsyth.
Lanark* to Bainville.
Landusky* to Malta.
Lane to Richey.
Laredo to Havre.
Larslan* to Glasgow.
Laurin* to Sheridan.
Lavina*!! to Roundup.
Ledger to Conrad.
Lee*! to Forsyth.
Lennep*!! to Martinsdale.
Limestone* to Columbus.
Lincoln* to Helena.
Lindsay* to Glendive.
Lingshire to White Sulphur
Living Springs* to Judith
Lloyd* to Chinook
Lodge Grass!! to Wyoia.
Loesch* to Miles City.
Logan*!! to Manhattan.
Lohman!! to Chinook.
Lo Lo*ti to Missoula.
Loma* to Big Sandy.
Lombard*!! to Townsend.
Lonepine* to Thompson
Loring to Malta.
Lothair*!! to Havre.
Lowry* to Simms.
Lozeau to Superior.
Lundville to Flaxville.
Lustre to Frazer.
Luther* to Red Lodge.
Madoc*!! to Scobey.
Manicke to Libby.
Manson! to Williams.
Marion* to Kalispell.
Marsh*! to Glendive.
Marysville*!! to Helena.
Maudlow*!! to Belgrade.
Maxville* to Philipsburg.
McAllister* to Ennis.
McCabe*! to Bainville.
McElroy to Westby.
McLeod* to Bigtimber.
McRae to Hysham.
| Mecaha to Roy.
Medicine Springs to Hamil­
Melrose*!! to Butte.
Melstone*!! to Roundup.
Melville* to Bigtimber.
Menard* to Belgrade.
Merino!! to Geyser.
Midale* to Malta.
Mildred*!! to Ismay.
Milltown to Missoula.
Mink* to Circle.
Mizpah*! to Miles City.
Moccasin*!! to Stanford.
Mock* to Whiteflsh.
Moiese* to Ronan.
Molt*!! to Billings.
Mona* to Poplar.
Monarch*!! to Great Falls.
Monida*!! to Dillon.
Montague*! to Geraldine.
Moorhead to Gillette. Wyo.
Mossmain* to Laurel.
Mosby* to Lewistown.
Musselshell* to Roundup.
I Myers*!! to Hysham.
I Navajo to Flaxville.
Neihart*!! to Great Falls.
Niarada* to DaytonNibbe tc Worden.
Nine Mile* to Missoula.
Nohly* to Sidney.
Norheim* to Havre.
Norris*!! to Harrison.
Noxon*!! to Thompson
Nyack* to Kalispell.
Oilmont* to Shelby.
Olney*!! to Whiteflsh.
Ossette* to Scobey.
Oswego*!! to Frazer.
Otter* to Broadus.
Ovando* to Missoula.
Pablo*! to Ronan.
Paola to Kalispell.
Paradise*!! to Plains.
Paris* to Terry.
Paxton* to Richey.
Peerless to Scobey.
Perma*!! to Plains.
Phillips* to Malta.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.


Phon* to Jordan.
Piedmont*!! to Whitehall.
Piniele* to Broadus.
Piper to Lewistown.
Polaris* to Dillon.
Pompeys Pillar*!! to Wor­
Pony*! to Harrison.
Portage*!! to Great Falls.
Potomac*! to Missoula.
Powderville* to Broadus.
Prairie Elk to Wolf Point.
Pray* to Livingston.
Proctor* to Dayton.
Pryor* to Edgar.
Quietus* to Sheridan Wyo.
Racetrack* to Deer Lodge.
Radersburg to Townsend.
Ramsey*! to Butte.
Rattlesnake* to Chinook.
Ravalli*!! to St. Ignatius.
Rayfleld to Roundup.
Raymond*! to Outlook.
Raynesford*!! to Belt.
Redstone*!! to Flaxville.
Reedpoint*!! to Columbus
Regina* to Malta.
Reichle* to Dillon.
Rexford*!! to Libby.
Richland! to Scobey
Ridge* to Moorcroft, Wyo.
Ridgeway*!! to Ekalaka.
Riebeling to Simms.
Rimroad* to Circle.
Ringling*! to White Sul­
phur Springs.
Rivulet*!! to Superior.
Roanwood*! to Opheim.
Rocker! to Butte.
Rock Springs* to Miles
Rock vale to Joliet
Rocky Spur*!! to Hobson.
Rollins* to Dayton.
Roscoe* to Red Lodge.
Rosebud*!! to Forsyth.
Ross Fork*!! to Lewistown.
Rothiemay* to Judith Gap.
Round Butte* to Ronan.
Roy*!! to Lewistown.
Rudyard *11 to Havre.
Russell* to Fort Benton.
Ryegate*!! to Harlowton.
Saco*!! to Malta.
St. Ignatius*! to Poison.
Saint Pauls* to Malta.
Saint Phillip* to Wibaux
and Beach, N. D.
St. Regis*!! to Superior.
St. Xavier * to Hardin.
iSalem*!! to Cascade,
Saltese*!! to Superior.
Sand Coulee to Great Falls.
Sand Creek* to Wolf Point.
Sanders*!! to Hysham.
Sand Springs* to Jordan.
Savoy *1! to Harlem.
Schatz to Helena.
Shawmut*!! to Harlowton.
Shepard* to Billmgs.
Shirley*1! to Miles City.
Shonkin* to Geraldine.
Silesia*!! to Joliet.
Silverbow (Blaine Co.) to
Silverbow (Silverbow Co.)
*11 to Butte.
Silverstar* to Twin Bridges.
Simpson * to Havre.
Sioux Pass to Fairview.
Sixteen*!! to Ringling.
Sloan to Ronan.
Sonnette* to Broadus.
South Butte! to Butte.
Spion Kop*! to Geyser.
Springdale*!! to Bigtimber.
Square Butte*!! to Gerald­
Steve Fork to Forsyth.
Stipekll to Glendive.
Stockett to Great Falls
Stone Shack* to Miles City.
Straw*!! to Moore.
Stryker*! to Whiteflsh.
Suffolk*!! to Lewistown
Sula* to Hamilton.
Sumatra to Forsyth.
Sunburst*!! to Kevin.
Sun Prairie* to Malta.
Sun River* to Simms.
Swift to Belt.
Taft to Superior.
Tampico*! to Glasgow.
Tarkio to Superior.
Teigen* to Lewistown.
Thoeny* to Hinsdale.
Toston*!! to Townsend.
Tracy to Great Falls.
Trego* to Whiteflsh.
Trident*!! to Manhattan.
Trout Creek*!! to Thomp­
son Falls.
Tuscor* to Thompson Falls.
Twete* to Turner.
Two Dot*!! to Martinsdal
Ulm*I to Great Falls.
Union* to Glendive.
Ural* to Libby.
Utica* to Hobson.
Valentine* to Roy.
Valleytown* to Malta.
Vananda to Forsyth.
Vandalia*!! to Hinsdale.
Van Norman* to Jordan.
Vaughn*!! to Great Falls.
Verona* to Big Sandy.
Virgelle to Big Sandy.
iVirginia City*! to Sheri­
Volborg to Miles City.
Volt* to Wolf Point
Money Order Office.

Wagner*!! to Malta.
Walkerville*! to Butte.
Wallum* to Judith Gap.
Waltham to Great Falls.
Warland*!! to Libby.
Warmsprings*!! to Ana­
Warren!! to Bridger.
Warrick* to Big Sandy.
Washoe* to Red Lodge.
Wason Flats* to Miles City.
Waterloo*!! to Whitehall.
Watkins* to Circle.
Webster* to Ekalaka.
Weldon* to Circle
Westmore*!! to Plevna.
West Yellowstone*!! to
Ashton. Idaho.
Wheat Basin* to Rapelje
Whitepine*! to Thompson
White Water* to Malta.
Whitlash* to Sunburst.
Willard* to Plevna.
Willow Creek*!! to Three
Wilsall*!! to Livingston.
Wilsey to Joliet.
Windham*!! to Stanford.
Winifred to Lewistown.
Winnett*! to Lewistown.
Winston*!! to Townsend.
Wise River* to Butte.
Wolf Creek*!! to Helena.
Woodside*!! to Hamilton.
Zero* to Terry.
Zeigler Springs to Twin
Zortman* to Malta.

Abbott*! to Grand Island.
Abdal to Superior.
Agate* to Harrison.
Agnew to Lincoln.
Alda*!! to Grand Island.
Alden to Bridgeport.
Allen*!! to Waterbury.
Almeria* to Sargent.
Aloys to West Point.
Altona*! to Wayne.
Amboy to Red Cloud.
Amelia* to Chambers.
Ames*!! to Fremont.
Anan to Glenvil.
Andrews*! to Harrison.
Angora*!! to Bridgeport.
Angus*!! to Edgar.
Antioch*!! to Alliance.
Arbor to Lincoln.
Arborville* to Polk.
Arizona to Tekamah.
Armour*!! to Liberty.
Atkins to Brideport.
Austin to Loup City.
Avery to Omaha.
Ayr*!! to Blue Hill.
Ballagh* to Burwell.
Basford to Decatur.
Bazile Mills*! to Creighton.
Belfast to Greeley.
Belgrade*!! to Cedar
Bellevue*!! to Omaha.
Belmar* to Lemoyne.
Belmont*!! to Crawford.
Berea to Alliance.
Bertha to Craig.
Bethany*! to Lincoln.
Beverly to Culbertson.
Bignell* to Maxwell
Billings* to Gordon.
Birdwood! to North Platte.
Bissel to Schuyler.
Blake* to Burwell.
Bookwalter! to Summerfield. Kan.
Boone*!! to Albion.
Bostwiclc*!! to Superior.
Bow Valley to Hartington.
Bracken to Nemaha.
Bradish*!! to Albion.
Brandon to Venango.
Brayton*!! to Greeley
Breslau*!! to Plainview.
Brocksburg* to Stuart.
Bronson to Sidney.
Brownlee*! to Thedford.
Brownville*!! to Peru.
Buckeye to Broken Bow.
Buda*!l to Kearney.
Buffalo* to Cozad
Burkett* to Grand Island.
Burnham to Lincoln.
Burress to Fairmont.
Burton*! to Springview.
Bushnell*!! to Kimball.
Cadams*!! to Nora.
Calhoun to Fort Calhoun.
Cameron to Wood River.
Carman* to Keystone.
Carns* to Bassett.
Cedar Creek to Louisville.
iCenter*! to Verdigre.
Champion*! to Imperial.
Charleston*!! to York.
Chase to Imperial
Cheney*! to Lincoln.
Clinton*!! to Rushville.
Closter to Albion.
Colclesser* to Rushville.
Colton! to Sidney.
Copenhagen to Plainview.
Cornlea*!! to Humphrey.
Cowles*!! to Blue Hill.
Crab Orchard*!! to Filley.
Crounse to Raymond.
Crowell*!! to Scribner.
Cullom to Plattsmouth.
Cumro* to Sumner
! Telegraph Station.

Dannevirke to Cotesfleld.
Darr*! to Cozad.
Denman! to Shelton.
Denton*!! to Lincoln.
Desoto* to Fort Calhoun
Deweese*!! to Lawrence.!
Dewing to Rushville.
Dix*!! to Kimball.
Dixon*!! to Laurel.
Doane to Benkelman.
Duff* to Long Pine.
Dunlap* to Hemingford.
Durant to Stromsburg.
Dustin* to Stuart.
Edholm*!! to Schuyler.
Eldorado*!! to Clay Center
Elk City*! to Washington.
Ellsworth*!! to Bingham.
Elsmere* to Purdum.
Emerald*!! to Lincoln.
Enderslalte*! to Ainsworth.
Endicott to Fairbury.
Enola*!! to Madison.
Etna to Gothenburg.
Everett to Hooper.
Finch ville* to Arnold.
Flats* to Paxton.
Flowerfleld* to Busnell.
Fontanelle* to Nickerson.
Fort Crook*! to South
Fort Robinson*!! to Craw­
Freedom* to Bartley.
Garrison to Ulysses.
Gates* to Anseimo.
Gilead*!! to Hebron.
Gladstone*!! to Fairbury.
Glen* to Crawford.
Glen Rock*! to Auburn.
Goodwin*!! to Dakota City
Gracie* to Burwell.
Grainton*!! to Elsie.
Gross* to Bristow
Gurlby*!! to Dalton.
Hadar* to Pie-'-'.
Haigler*!! to Wray, Col.
Haigville to Haig
Halsey*!! to Purdum.
Hammond* to Newport
Havelock*!! to Lincoln.
Havens*! to Clarks.
Helvey*!! to Daykin.
Henry*!! to Morrill.
Hiawatha* to Imperial.
Hoag*!! to Beatrice.
Hoagland* to Stapleton.
Holland* to Hickman.
Hollinger* to Beaver City
Houston!! to York.
Huntsman to Dalton.
Inez* to Atkinson.
Ingham* to Farnam.
Inman*!! to O’Neil.
lrwin*+ to Gordon.
Jackson*!! to Dakota City.
Jamison* to Naper
Johnstown*!! to Ainsworth
Josselyn to Lexington.
Julian*!! to Peru.
Kennedy* to Brownlee.
Kinney* to Liberty.
Kirk* to Harrisburg
Knoxville* to Verdigre.
Koller to Minden.
Koshapah to Dunning.
Krider to Odell.
Kronberg to Marauette.
Lakeside*!! to Alliance.
Lamar*! to Imperial.
La Platte*!! to Papillion.
Le Roy to Pauline
Lewanna to Thedford.
Lillian* to Broken Bow.
Lindy to Bloomfield.
Logan*!! to Arnold.
Loma*!! to Brainard.
Lomax!! to fiddyville.
Lorenzo to Sidney.
Loretto*!! to Albion.
Lowell*!! to Gibbon.
Luce to Shelton.
Macy* to Walthill.
Magnet*f! to Randolph.
| Malcolm*!! to Garland.
Mariaville* to Newport.
Marion*!! to Danbury.
Martha to Chambers.
Martinsburg*! to Water­
Martland*!! to Shickley
Mascot*!! to Oxford
Maxwell*!! to North Platte
Mayberry*!! to Steinauer
Meadow*!! to Louisville
Meadow Grove*!! to Battle
Meadville* to Springview.
Meek* to O ’Neill.
Melbeta*!! to Gering.
Menominee to Fordyce.
Middlebranch* to Page.
Midland to Breslau.
Midway to St. Paul.
Milburn* to Anseimo.
Milldale!! to Callaway.
Millerton*!! to David City
Mills* to Gregory, S. D.
Monowi*!! to Lynch.
Montrose to Ardmore, S.D.
Motala to Minden.
Mount Clare*!! to Nelson.
Murphy*!! to Aurora.
Mynard*! to Plattsmouth.
Nacora*!! to Emerson.
Nashville to Blair.
Nenzel*!! to Kilgore.
Newark to Kearney.
Newport*!! to Stuart.
Nimburg to Abie.
t Express Office.




Nonpareil* to Hemingford.
Normal* to Lincoln.
North port*}} to Bridgeport
Northstar to Fullerton.
Nysted to Dannebrog.
Oconeett to Monroe.
Octavia*}} to David City
Odessa*}} to Elm Creek.
Ong*tt to Edgar.
Opportunity* to O'Neill.
Oraflno* to Cambridge.
Orella*t to Crawford.
Orum to Kennard.
Overton*}} to Lexington.
Ovina to Grand Island.
Ovitt* to Taylor.
Parks*ft to Benkelman.
Paul*}} to Nebraska City
Phoenix*t to Atkinson.
Pleasanthill to Dorchester
Ponylake to Newport.
Powell*t to Alexandria.
Precept to Beaver City.
Prentice to Mullen.
Preston*}} to Falls City.
Quick* to McCook.
Rackett* to Oshkosh.
Ralston*}} to Omaha.
Redbird* to Lynch.
Redington* to Bridgeport.
Redwillow to Indianola.
Rescue to Prague
Richfield*}} to Papillion.
Riverside to Spencer.
Riverview* to Bassett.
Rock Blufrs to Plattsmouth.
Rohrs} to Auburn.
Rokebytt to Lincoln.
Roscoe*}} to Ogallala.
Roset to Bassett.
Rosemont*}} to Lawrence.
Rosevale to Ericson.
Royal*}} to Neligh. •
Ruby} to Milford
Saint Ann* to McCook.
Saint Bernard to Lindsay
Saint Helena* to Wynot.
Saint Michael*}} to Boeluc
Sacramento*} to Funk.
Sandoz to Gordon.
Santee* to Niobrara.
Sawyer} to Exeter
Schaupps to Ashton.
Sedan* to Edgar.
Shea to Diller.
Sheridan* to Ericson.
Shippee to Wilsonville.
Sholes*}} to Randolph.
Simeon* to Valentine
Smartville}} to St. Mary.
Somerset* to Wellfleet.
South Auburn to Auburn.
So. Bend*}} to Louisville
South Omaha}} to Omaha
Sparks* to Valentine.
Sparta to Niobrara
SDiker to Herman.
Sprague*}} to Kramer.
Springranch*}} to Clay
Stafford*}} to Neligh.}
iStockville*} to Curtis.
Strang*}} to Ohiowa.
Straussville to Falls City
Survey* to Ashby.
Swan Lake to Chambers.
Swedehome to Strnmsburg.
Sweetwater*}} to Kearney.
Sybrant* to Newport.
Table* to Arnold
Tamora*}} to Utica.
Tate to Virginia.
Telbasta to Nickerson.
Thompson*}} to Resmolds.
Thune* to Paxton.
Thurston*}} to Pender.
Touhy*}} to Weston.
Union Center to Blue
University Place*} to
Valley view to Bur well.
Venus* to Orchard
Verdel*}} to Niobrara.
Vesta*}} to Sterling.
Violet* to Pawnee < 'Itv
Wabash*}} to Murdock.
Walnut* to Verdigre.
Walton*}} to Lincoln.
Walworth* to Sargent.
Wann*}} to Gretna.
Wareham to Belden
Warnerville to Norfolk.
Washington*}} to Arling­
Wayside*}} to Chadron.
Webster to Scribner.
Welssert* to Berwyn.
Westerville* to Ansley.
West Hill to Genoa.
White* to Maywood.
Wbiteclay* to Rushville.
Williams* to Hubbell.
Willis to Jackson.
Willowdale to Neligh.
Willow Island*}} to Cozad
Winnetoon to Creighton.
Woodcliffe} to Fremont.
Woodville to St. Edward.
Worms to St. Libory.
Wyoming*}} to Nebraska
Yanka to Brainard.
Alamo* to Pioche.
Arden*}} to Las Vegas.
Arlemont* to Tonopah.

Baker*} to Ely.
Beatty*}} to Goldfield.
Belmont* to Tonopah.
Beowawe*}} to Elko.
Black Forest* to Wells.
Bonnie Clare*} to Gold­
Broken Hills* to Fallon.
Bunkerville* to St. George
Caliente*}} to Pioche.
Candelaria to Tonopah.
Carlin*}} to Elko.
Centerville to Gardnerville.
Cherry Creek*}} to Ely.
Cobre*}} to Wells.
Contact* to Rogerson. Ida.
Cortez to Elko.
Currie*}} to Ely
Dayton*}} to Carson City.
Deeth*}} to Wells.
Dry Lake} to Las Vegas.
Duckwater* to Ely.
Dyer* to Goldfield.
East Ely*} to Ely.
,£lgin*} to Pioche.
Fernley*}} to Sparks.
Flanigan*} to Winnemucca.
Genoa* to Minden.
Gerlacli*}} to Winnemucca.
Glenbrook*} to Carson City
Glendale to Las Vegas.
G olconda*}} to W innemucca
Goodsprings* to Las Vegas.
Halleck*}} to Elko
Hamilton* to Ely.
Hawthorne* Yerington.
Hazen*}} to Fallon.
Hilltop*} to Winnemucca.
Hornsilver* 1.0 Goldfield.
Humboldt to Lovelocks.
Hylton to Elko.
Imlay*}} to Winnemucca.
lone* to Austin.
Jean*}} to Las Vegas.
Joseco to Pioche.
Jungo*}} to Winnemucca.
Kaolin to Las Vegas.
Kimberly*} to Ely.
Lamoille* to Elko.
Lee* to Elko
Lida to Goldfield.
Logandale* to Las Vegas.
Ludwig*} to Yerington.
Lund* to Ely.
Luning* to Yerington.
Manhattan* to Tonopah.
Manse to Las Vegas.
Mason*}} to Yerington.
Mesauite* to Las Vegas.
Metropolis*} to Wells.
Midas* to Winnemucca
Mill City*}} to Winne­
Miilett* to Austin
Mina*}} to Tonopah
Moapa*}} to Las Vegas.
Montello*}} to Wells.
Mountain City* to Elko.
Mount Montgomery} to
Bishop, Calif.
Nelson* to Las Vegas
Nenzel to Lovelock.
Nixon* to Reno.
Nolan to Yerington.
North Fork to Elko.
Nyala to Ely
Oreana*}} to Lovelock.
Orovada* to McDermitt.
Overton* to Las Vegas.
Owyhee* to Elko.
Pakrump to Las Vegas.
Palisade*}} to Elko.
Panaca* to Pioche.
Paradise Valley* to Winne­
Preston* to Ely.
Rand} to Yerington.
Rawhide* to Fallon.
Rebel Creek*} to Winne­
Redlich to Tonopah.
Reiptown to Ely.
Round Mountain* to Ton­
Rowland* to Elko.
Ruby Valley* to Wells.
Saint Thomas* to Las
Schurz*}} to Yerington.
Searchlight*}} to Needles,
Shafter*}} to Weils.
Shoshone* to Ely.
Silver City* to (larson City.
Silver Peak to Tonopah.
Sloan} to Las Vegas.
Smith* to Yerington.
Springdale to Goldfield.
Stewart* to Carson City.
Stillwater* to Fallon.
Sulphur*}} to Winnemucca.
Sweetwater* to Yerington.
Telluride to Goldfield.
Tippett.*} to McGill.
Tobar}} to Wells.
Tuscarora* to Elko.
Valmy* to Battle Moun­
Verdi*}} to Reno.
Wabuska*}} to Yerington.
Wadsworth*}} to Reno.
Warm Springs to Tonopah.
Wellington* to Yerington.
White Rock} to Elko.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Acworth* to Charlestown.
Alexandria* to Bristol.
Alstead* to Bellows Falls,
Alton*}} to Farmington.
Alton Bay*}} to Farmington.
Amherst*} to Milford.
Andover*}} to Franklin.
Antrim*}} to Hillsboro
Ashuelot*} to “Winchester.
Atkinson}} to Haverhill,
Atkinson Depot* to Haver­
hill, Mass.
Auburn*} to Manchester.
Barnstead*} to Pittsfield.
Barrington} to Rochester.
Bartlett*}} to North Con­
Bath*}} to Woodsvllle.
Bear Island* to Lakeport.
Bedford} to Manchester.
Beebe River*}} toPlymouth
Belmont*} to Tilton.
Bennetts Landing* toWhite
Bennington*}} to Hillsboro.
Bethlehem*} to Littleton.
Blodgett Landing* to New­
Boscawen*}} to Franklin.
Bow Mills to Concord.
Bradford*}} to Newport.
Breakfast Hill to Ports­
Brentwood to Exeter.
Bretton Woods*} to Whitefield.
Bridgewater* to Plymouth.
Brookline*}} to Townsend,
Burkehaven* to Newport.
Campton *}} to Plymouth.
Canaan*}}to Lebanon.
Canaan Center to Lebanon.
Canaan Street to Lebanon.
Caudia*}} to Manchester.
Candia Village to ManchesCanobie Lake*}} to Me­
thuen, Mass.
Canterbury* to Concord.
Cascade* to Berlin.
Center Barnstead*}} to
Center Conway* to Con­
Center Harbor*} to Mere­
Center Ossipee*} to Wolfeboro.
Center Sandwich* to Mere­
Center Strafford* to Ro­
Center Tuftonboro* to
Chesham*}} to Keene.
Chester* to Derry.
Chesterfield to Brattleboro,
Chichester*} to Pittsfield.
Ohocorua* to Conway.
Clinton Grove to Hillsboro.
Columbia to Colebrook.
Contoocook*}} to Concord.
Cornish Flat* to Claremont
Crawford House*} toWhite,
Croydon* to Newport.
Croydon Flat to Newport.
Crystal* to Groveton.
Dalton to Whltefleld.
Danbury*}} to Franklin.
Danville* to Haverhill.
Davisville to Concord.
Deerfield* to Manchester.
Deerfield Center to ManDixville Notch* to Colebrook
Drewsville to Bellows Falls,
Dublin*} to Peterboro.
Dunbarton to Concord.
Durham to Dover.
East Acworth to Charles­
East Alstead* to Bellows
Falls. Vt.
E. Andover*}} to Franklin.
East Barrington*} to Roch­
East Candia*} to Man­
E. Canterbury* to Concord.
East Concord*}} toConcord
East Derry* to Derry.
East Grafton to Lebanon.
East Hampstead* to Haver­
hill, Mass.
East Haverhill*}} to Woods
East Hebron* to Bristol.
E. Kingston*}} to Exeter.
East Lempster to Newport.
East Milford} to Milford.
Easton to Littleton.
East Pembroke} to Suncook.
East Rlndge* to East
Money Order Office

East Rochester*} to Roch­
Eastside to Concord.
East Sullivan* to Keene.
East Swanzey* to Keene.
Eastview} to Peterboro.
E. Wakefield*}} to Wolfe­
E. Washington to Hills­
East Weare*} to Man­
E. W estmoreland*} to
E. Wolfeboro*} to Wolfe­
Eaton Center* to Conway
Effingham* to Wolfeboro.
Effingham Falls* to Con­
Elkins* to Franklin.
Emerson to Hillsboro.
Enfield*}} to Lebanon.
Enfield Center* to Lebanon
Epping*}} to New Market.
Epsom*}} to Pittsfield.
Errol* to Colebrook.
Etna* to Lebanon.
Fabyan House*} to Whitefield
Fitzwilliam*}} to Winchendon. Mass
Fitzwilliam Depot* to Winchendon. Mass.
Francestown* to Peterboro.
Franconia* to Littleton.
Freedom* to Kezar Falls,
Fremont*}} to Exeter.
Georges Mills* to Newport
Gerrish*}} to Franklin
Gilford to Laconia.
Gilman ton* to Tilton.
Gilmanton Iron Works* to
Gilsum* to Keene.
Glen*}} to North Conway.
Glencliif*}} to Woodsville.
Glendale} to Lakeport.
Goffs Falls*}} to Man­
Goffsto wn*i}toManchester.
Gonic*} to Rochester.
Goshen*} to Newport.
Gossville* to Pittsfield.
Grafton*}} to Lebanon.
Grafton Center*}} to Leba­
Granite* to Wolfeboro.
Grantham* to Newport.
Grasmere*} to Manchester.
Greenfield*}} to Peterboro.
Greenland*} to Portsmouth
Groton* to Bristol.
Guild* to Newport.
Hampstead* to Derry.
Hampton*}} to Exeter,
nampton Beach to Exeter.
Hampton Falls*} to Newburyport, Mass.
Hancock*}} to Peterboro.
Harrisvllle*}} to Peterboro.
Haverhill*}} to Woodsville
Hebron* to Bristol
Henniker*}} to Hillsboro.
Hill*}} to Bristol.
Hillsboro Lower Village to
Hillsboro Upper Village to
Hinsdale*} to Winchester.
Holderness* to Plymouth.
Hollis* to Nashua.
Hookset*}} to Suncook.
Hopkinton* to Concord.
Hudson*} to Nasnua.
Hudson Center} to Nashua.
Intervale*}} to North Con­
Jackson* to North Conway.
Jaffrey* to East Jaffrey.
Jefferson*} to Whitefleld.
Jefferson Highland*} to
Kearsarge* to North Con­
Kensington to Exeter.
Kingston* to Exeter.
Landaff to Lisbon.
Langdon to Bellows Falls,
Leavitts Hill* to Man­
Leett to New Market.
Lempster* to Newport.
Lincoln*}} to Plymouth.
Little Boars Head* to
to North
Lockmere*t} to Tilton.
Londonderry*} to Derry.
Long Islandt to Meredith
Loudon* to Concord.
Lyman to Lisbon.
Lyme* to Hanover.
Lyme Centre* to Hanover
Madbury} to Dover.
Madison*}} to Conway.
Maplewood*}} to Littleton.
Marlboro*}} to Keene.
Marlow* to Keene.
Mascoma*}} to Lebanon.
Mason*}toTo wnsend, M ass.
Mast Y'ard} to Concord.
Meadows*} to Lancaster.
Melvin Mills* to Newport.
} Telegraph Station.

Melvin Village* to Wolfe­
Meredith Center* to Mere­
Meriden* to Lebanon.
Merrimack*}} to Nashua.
Middleton to Farmington.
Milan* to Berlin.
Mill Village* to Newport.
Milton*}} to Rochester.
Milton Mills* to Rochester.
Monroe* to Woodsville.
Mont Vernon* to Milford.
Moultonboro* to Meredith
Moulton ville* to Wolfeboro
Mount Sunapee*} t > New­
Washingt n
Munsonville* to Keene.
New Boston*}} to Man­
Newbury*}} to Newport.
New Castle* to Portsmouth
New Durham*}} to Farm­
N ewflelds*}}to N ew Market
New Hampton* to Bristol.
Newington} to Portsmouth.
New Ipswich* to Town­
send. Mass
New London* to Newport.
Newton*} to Merrimac,
Newton Junction*}} to
Merrimac, Mass.
North Charlestown*}} to
North Chichester* to Pitts­
North Danville* to Exeter.
North Lisbon to Lisbon.
N. Monroe to Woodsville.
N. Newport* to Newport.
North Richmond to Win­
North Rochester* to Ro­
North Salem* to Derry.
N. Sandwich* to Meredith.
North Stratford*}} to Lan­
North Sutton* to Newport.
North Walpole} to Bellows
Falls, Vt.
North Weare*}} to Man­
Northwood* to Rochester.
Center* to
Northwood Narrows* to
Northwood Ridge* to Pitts­
Woodstock*} to
Nottingham* to New Mar­
Orford* to Bradford, Vt.
Orfordville* to Bradford
iOssipee*}} to Wolfeboro.
Parkhiil to Keene.
Pelham* to Lowell, Mass.
Pembroke*} to Suncook.
Penacook*} to Concord.
Percy*}} to Berlin.
Pierce Bridge* to Littleton
Piermont* to Bradford, Vt.
Pike*}} to Woodsville.
Pittsburg* to Colebrook.
Plainfield* to Windsor. Vt.
Plaistow*}} to Haverhill.
Potter Place*}} to Franklin
Province Lake* to Wolfe­
Quincy* to Plymouth.
Randolph*} to Gorham.
Raymond*}} toManchester.
Redstone*}} to North Con­
Reeds Ferry*}} to Man­
Richmond to Winchester
Rindge* to East Jaffrey.
Rockingham*}} to New
Rumney}} to Plymouth.
Rumney Depot* to Ply­
Rye* to Portsmouth.
Rye Beach*} to Ports­
Rye North Beach* to Ports­
Salem}} to Methuen, Mass
Salem Depot* to Methuen,
Salisbury* to Franklin.
Sanbornton* to Tilton.
Sanbornville*}} to Wolfe­
Sandown*} to Derry.
Sandwich* to Meredith.
Seabrook*}} to Newburyport. Mass
{Express Office.

Short Falls*! to Pittsfield.
Silver Lake* to Conway.
Smithtown* to Newburyport, Mass.
Smithvillet to Townsend.
Snowville* to Conway.
S. Acworth* to Charlestown
S. Danbury*! to Franklin.
South Danville* to Haver­
hill, Mass.
South Hampton to Amesbury. Mass.
S. Kingston to Merrimac.
South Lee*|toNew Market
S. Lyndeboro*! to Milford
S. Merrimack*! to Nasnua.
S. Newbury* to Newport.
South Seabrook to Newburyport. Mass.
South Sutton* to Newport.
8. Tamworth* to Conway
S. Weare to Manchester.
S. Wolfeboro* to Wolfeboro
Spofford* to Keene.
Springfield* to Newport.
Stark*! to Groveton.
Starrking* to Lancaster.
State Line* to Winchendon.
Stinson Lake* to Plym­
Stoddard* to Hillsboro.
Strafford*! to Rochester.
Stratford+f to Groveton.
Stratham* to New Market.
Sugar Hill! to Lisbon.
Sunapee* to Newport.
Surry to Keene.
Sutton* to Newport.
Swanzey to Keene.
Swiftwater to Woodsvllle.
Tamworth* to Conway.
The Weirs* to Lakoport.
Thorntons Ferry*! to
Troy to Keene.
Twin Mountain*! to Whitefield.
Union*!! to Rochester.
Unity* to Claremont.
Wakefield*! to Wolfeboro.
Warner*!! to Concord.
Warren*!! to Plymouth.
Washington* to Hillsboro.
Water Village* to Wolfe­
Watervllle* to Plymouth.
Weare* to Manchester.
Webster to Concord.
Wendell*! to Newport.
Wentworth*!! to Plymouth
Wentworth Location* to
West Alton*! to Laconia.
West Andover*!! to Frank­
Westboro to White River
Junction, Vt.
West Brentwood to Exeter.
W. Campton* to Plymouth.
W. Canaan*!! to Lebanon.
Brattleboro, Vt.
W. Claremont* to Clare­
West Epping*! to New
West Hampstead to Derry.
W. Hennilter*! toHillsboro.
W. HopkintonI toHillsboro.
West Lebanon*! to White
River Junction. Vt.
West Milan*!! to Berlin.
Westmoreland! to Keene.
Westmoreland Depot*! to
West Nottingham to New
West Ossipee*! to Conway.
W. Peterboro* to Peter boro
Westport! to Winchester.
West Rindge*! to East
W. Rumney*!! to Plym­
West Rye* to Portsmouth.
West Salisbury*to Franklin.
W. Springfield*to Newport.
West Stewartstown*!! to
West Swanzey*! to Keene.
W. Thornton*!! to Plym­
Westville*t to Haverhill,
W. Windham*!! to Nashua.
Whittier to Conway.
Wilmot* to Franklin.
Wilmot Flat* to Franklin.
Windham!! to Derry.
Winnisquam* to Laconia.
Winona*!! to Meredith.
Wolfeboro Falls* to Wolfe­
Woodman* to Wolfeboro.
Woodstock*!! toPlymouth.

Adamston* to Point Pleas­
Adelphia* to Freehold.
Aldenei to Roselle.
Aldine to Elmer.
Allairet! to Manasquan.

Allamuchy*!! to Hackettstown
Allenwood*!! to Manasauan.
Alloway*!! to Salem.
Almonesson* to Woodbury.
Alpine* to Closter.
Ampere*! to Newark.
Anderson to Washington.
Andover*!! to Newton.
Anglesea*!! to Wildwood.
Anthony to Califon.
Arlington*!! to Belleville.
Asbury* to Bloomsbury.
Ashland*!! to Haddonfleld.
Athenia*!! to Clifton.
Atsion*!! to Hammonton.
Auburn* to Swedesboro.
Augusta*!! to Branchville.
Aura*! to Glassboro.
Avalon*!! to Ocean City.
Avenel*! to Rahway.
Avon to Belmar.
Baleville* to Newton.
Baptistown* to Frenchtown.
Barbertown to Frenchtown.
Barnegat City*! to Barnegat.
Barnsboro to Woodbury.
Bartley*!! to Hackettstown.
Basking Ridge*!! to Bernardsville.
Bayville* to Toms River.
Bay Way to Elizabeth.
Beach Haven Terracet to
Beatyestown* to Hackettstown.
Beaver Lake*!! to Ham­
Bedminster* to Bernardsville.
Beemerville to Sussex.
Beesleys Point*! to Ocean
Bellemead*!! to Somer­
Belle Plain*!! to Millville.
Bellmawr! to Haddon
Bergen Point to Bayonne.
Berkeley Heights*! to Sum­
Bevans* to Branchville.
Billingsport to Paulsboro.
Birmingham*!! to Mount
Bivalve*! to Port Norris.
Blackwells Mills to New
Blawenburg* to Hopewell.
Blue Anchor to Hammonton.
Bonhamtown to New
Braadock to Williamstown.
Brainards* to Belvidere.
Brant Beach! to Beachhaven.
Bridgeboro*! to Riverside.
Bridgeport*!! ( Gloucester
Co.) to Swedesboro.
Bridgeville*!! to Belvidere.
Brielle*! to Manasquan.
Broadway*!! to Washing­
Brooklawn to Gloucester
Brookside* to Morristown.
Brown Mills*!! to Pember­
Budd Lake* to Netcong.
Buddt.own to Vineentown.
Buena*!! to Vineland.
Burleigh to Cape May C.H.
Burrsville to Lakewood.
Buttzville*!! to Belvidere.

Cinnaminson to Riverton.
Clarksboro*!! to Paulsboro
Clarksburg* to Hightstown.
Claysville to Salem.
Cliffwood*! to Matawan.
Cloverhill* to Flemington.
Cohansey to Bridgeton.
Cokesbury to High Bridge.
Cold Spring* to Cape May.
Colesville* to Sussex.
Cologne*!! to Egg Harbor
Colonia* to Rahway.
Colts Neck* to Freehold.
Columbia*!! to Blairstown.
Columbus Heights to Haw­
Communipawt! to Jersey
Como! to Springlake.
Convent* to Morristown.
Cookstown*!! to Mount
Copperhill to Flemington.
Corbin City* to Ttickahoe.
Coytesville*t to Fort Lee
Cramer Hill! to Camden.
Cranbury Station* to Cranbury.
Creamridge*!! to Allen­
Cresskill*!! to Tenafly.
Cross Keys to Williams­
Crosswicks* toBordentown.
Croton* to Flemington.
Crystal Lake*! to Pompton
Culvers to Branchville.

Campgaw*!! to Ridgewood
Canton* to Salem.
Cape May Point* to Cape
Carlton Hill*!! to Ruther­
Carmel to Bridgeton.
Carneys Point* to Penns
Carpentersville*! to Phillipsburg.
Cassville* to Lakewood.
Cecil to Williamstown.
Cedar Bridge to Lakewood.
Cedar Brook*!!toWilliamstown.
Cedar Creek to Toms River
Cedar Run* to Tuckerton.
Cedarville* to Brideeton.
Centerton* (Salem Co.) to
Centerville to Flemington.
Chambersburg to Trenton.
Change water*!! to Wash­
Chatsworth*!! to Pember­
Cheesequake to Matawan.
Cherry ville! to Flemington.
Chesilhurst to Berlin.
Chester*! to Dover.
Chews* to Blackwood.
Chrome*+ to Carteret

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




1 County


Daretown*! to Elmer.
Davis! to Allentown.
Dayton*!! to Cranbury.
Deal*!! to Asbury Park.
Deans*!! to New Bruns­
Deerfield Street* to Bridgeton.
Delair*!! to Merchantville.
Delanco*!! to Riverside.
Delawanna*!! to Clifton.

Florham Park* to Madison.
Folsom!! to Hammonton.
Forked River*!! to Toms
Fortescue* to Bridgeton.
Frankfort to Somerville.
Franklin Park* to New
Franklinville*!! to Clayton
Freneau*!! to Matawan.
Gallia to Plainfield.
Georgetown to Bordentown
German Valley to Hackettstowu.
Gibbsboro* to Haddonfleld.
Gibbstown*!! to Paulsboro.
Gillette*! to Summit.
Glendola to Belmar
Glen Gardner*!! to Highbridge.
Glen Moore! to Hopewell.
Glenwood* to Goshen. N.Y.
Goshen*!! to Cape May.
Grand View (Bergen Co.)
to Fairview.
Grassellit! to Linden.
Great Meadow*!! to Hackettstown.
Great Notch*!! to Little
Green Bank* to Egg Harbor
Green Creek* to Cape May.
Greendell! to Newton.
Green Pond* to Dover.
Green Village* to Madison.
Greenville! (Hudson Co.)
to Jersey City.
Greenwich*!! to Bridgeton.
Greuloch*!! to Blackwood.
Griggstown to Princeton.
Grover to Flemington.
Groveville* to Yardville.

Delaware*!! to Belvidere.
Delmont* to Millville.
Demarest*!! to Closter.
Dennisville*!! to Ocean
Denville*!! to Boonton.
Dias Creek*! to Cape May
C. H.
Dividing Creek* to Port
Dobbins* to Burlington.
Dorchester* to Millville.
Dorothy*!! to Millville.
Downer* to Glassboro.
Drakestown to Hackettstown.
Dudley! to Camden.
Dundee Lake!! to Paterson
Dutchneck* to Princeton.
East Bound Brook to
Bound Brook.
East Keansburg* to Keansburg.
East Long Branch! to Long
E. Millstone*!! to Somer­
East Paterson* to Paterson.
East Rahway to Carteret.
Eayrestownlo Mount Holly
Echo Lake* to Butler.
Edgewater Park*!! to Bev­
Edinburg to Hightstown.
Elberon*!! to Long Branch.
Eldora* to Cape May
Eldridge Hill to Woodstown.
Elizabethport!! to Eliza­
Ellisburg to Haddonfleld.
Ellisdale to Allentown.
Elm*!! to Hammonton.
Elwood*!! to Egg Harbor
Emerson*!! to Westwood.
English Creek to Mays
Erial to Clemen ton.
Erma* to Oaoe May.
Essex Fells*!! to Caldwell.
Estelville* to Mays Land­
Etra* to Hightstown.
Everett* to Red Bank.
Everittstown to French­
Evesboro to Moorestown.
Ewan* to Glassboro.
Ewingville to Trenton.
Fairfield to Caldwell.
Fair Haven* to Red Bank.
Fairmount (HunterdonCo.)
to Califon.
Fairton*! to Bridgeton.
Fairview (Burlington) to
Fanwood*!! to Plainfield.
Far Hills*!! to Bernardsville.
Fieldsboro*! to Bordentown.
Finderne* to Somerville.
Finesville* to Bloomsbury.
Flagtown*!! to Somerville.
Flanders*t! to Dover
Money Order Office.

Haddon Heights*!! to
Hainesburg*!! to Blairs­
Hainesport*!! to Mount
Hainesville* to Branchville.
Haledon Borougn! to Pater
Haleyville*! to Port Norris.
Hamden to Clinton.
Hampton*!ItoHigh Bridge.
Hancocks Bridge* to Salem.
Hanover* to Madison.
Harbourton* to Lambertvihe.
Hardingville to Glassboro.
Harlingen* to Hopewell.
Harmersville* to Salem.
Harmony to Philliosburg.
Harrington Park* to Closter
Harrison ville* to Woodstown.
Harrisonville Station to
Hartford*!! to Moorestown
Haworth*!! to Dumont.
Hazen! to Belvidere.
Hazlet*!! to Matawan.
Heislerville*!! to Millville.
Helmetta*!! to Jamesburg.
Hewitt*!! to Butler.
Hibernia* to Rockaway.
Highlands*!! to Sea Bright.
Highpoint* to Barnegat.
Highwood*! to Englewood.
Hillsboro to Somerville.
Hilton! to Irvington.
Hohokus*! to Ridgewood.
Hollvbeach to Wildwood.
Holmdel* to Matawan.
Homestead!! to North
Hornerstown*!! to Allen­
Howell!! to Freehold.
Hudson Heighls*to Guttentenberg
Hughesville! to Blooms­
Huntsville* to Newton.
Hurffville to Woodbury.
Hyson to Lakewood.
Idell to Frenchtown.
Imlaystown* to Allentown.
Indian Mills to Medford.
Iona*! to Clayton.
Ironia*! to Dover.
Iselin*!! to Rahway.
Island Heights*!! to Toms
Jacobstown* to New Egypt
Janvier to Williamstown.
Jeffers to Pleasantville.
Jefferson to Mullica Hill.
Jericho to Bridgeton.
Jerseyville to Freehold.
Jobstown*!!to MountHolly
Johnsonburg*!! to Blairs­
Juliustown*! to Pemberton.
Junction to Highbridge.
Jutland*!! to Clinton.
Kaighns Point! to Camden.
Keasbey* to Perth Amboy
Kenilworth*! to Cranford
Kenvil*!! to Dover.
Kingslandt! to Lyndhurst.
Kingston*!! to Princeton.
! Telegraph Station


Kingwood to Frenchtown.
Kirkwood!! to Haddon­
Kresson to Moorestown.
LaFayette*!! to Newton.
Lake Como*! to Spring
Lake Hopatcongt to Dover.
Lakeside to Warwick, N.Y.
Lake ViewtT to Paterson.
Lamington to White House.
Landing* to Netcong.
Landisville*!! to Vineland.
Lanoka* to Toms River.
Laurel ton* to Lakewood.
Lavallette*!! to Point Pleas­
Lawrence to Trenton.
Lawrenceville* to Trenton
Layton* to Branchville.
Lebanon*!! to Clinton.
Ledgewood*! to Dover.
Leeds Point* to Pleasant­
Leesburg*!! to Millville.
Leonardo* to Atlantic High­
Leonia Heights to Fort Lee.
Lewistown to Pemberton
Liberty Corner* to Bernardsville.
Lincoln*! to Boundbrook.
Lincoln Park*!! to Boonton
Lincroft* to Red Bank.
Lindenwold*! to Berlin.
Linwood*! to Pleasantville.
Little Silver*!! to RedBank
Little York* to Milford.
Loch Arbour! to Asbury
Locktownt to Flemington.
Locust*! to Atlantic High­
Locust Point to Atlantic
Lodex to Hackensack.
Longport*! to VentnorCity.
Long Valley*!! to Haclsettstown.
Lorraine! to Roselle Park.
Lower Jamesburg!! to
Lower Squankum to Farmingdale.
Lumberton*!! to Mt. Holly
Lyons Farms! to Elizabeth.

Magnolia*!! to HaddonHeights.
Mahwah*!! to Suffern.N.Y.
Main Avenue! to Vineland.
Malaga*!! to Vineland.
Manahawkin*!! to Tucker­
Mantoloking*!! to Point
Marlon! to Jersey City.
Marksboro*!! to Blairs­
Marlboro*!! to Freehold.
Marmora* to Ocean City.
Martinsville* to Somerville.
Mason ville*!! to Moores­
Maurer*! to Perth Amboy.
Maurice River*!! to Port
Mauricetown* to Port Nor­
Mayetta* to Tuckerton.
Maywood to Hackensack.
McAfee Valley* to Ham­
McKee City*!! to Pleasant­
Mendham* to Morristown.
Menlo Park*! to Metuchen.
Mercerville*! to Trenton.
Metedeconk to Lakewood.
Mickleton*!! to Woodbury.
Middlebush*!! to New
Middletown*!! to Red
Middletown Station to Sa­
Middle Valley*!! to Cali­
Middleville* to Newton.
Milhurst to Freehold.
Millbrook to Blairstown.
Milidale to Dover.
Millington*!! to Bernardsville.
Millstone* to Somerville.
Milmay*!! to Mays Land­
Milton to Dover.
Mine Hill to Dover
Minisink ! to Dover.
Mizpah*! to Mays Landing
Monmouth Beach! to Long
Monmouth Junction*!! to
Monroe*! to Hamburg.
Monroeville*!! to Elmer.
Montague to Milford, Pa.
Montvale*!! to Pearl River,
N. Y.
Montville* to Boonton.
Morganville*!! to Mata­
t Express Office.



Morris Plains*!! to Morris­
Morsemeret to Ridgefield.
Mountain Lakes*! to Boonton.
Mountainside to Westfield.
Mountainview*!! to Little
Mountainville to Califon.
Mount Airy! to Lambertville.
Mount Arlington* to Dover
Mount Bethelt to Plainfield.
Mount Freedom* to Mor­
Mount Hope to Dover.
Mount Laurel to Moorestown.
Mount Pleasant to Milford.
Mount Royal* to Paulsboro.
Mount Tabor!! to Rockaway.
Murray Hill*!! to Summit.
National Park* to Wood­
Naughright* to Hackettstown.
Navesink** to Atlantic
Nelsonville* to Allentown.
Nesco to Hammonton.
Neshanicft to Somerville.
Neshanic Station* to Som­
Netherwood to Plainfield.
New Bedford to Belmar.
Newbridge to Hackensack.
New Durham!! to North
Newfoundland*!! to Butler
New Germantown to
White House Station
New Gretna* to Tuckerton.
New Hampton* to Wash­
New Lisbon*!! to Pember­
NewMarket*ttto Dunellen.
New Milford*!? to Dumont
New Orange to Cranford.
Newport*! to Port Norris.
New Providence*! to Sum­
New Sharon to Allentown.
Newtonville* to Minotola.
Newtown to Allentown.
New Vernon* to Madison.
New Village* to Phillipsburg.
Nixon*! to New Brunswick.
Nolans Point! to Dover.
NordhofT to Englewood.
Norma*!! to Vineland.
Normandie-By-the-Sea to
North Asbury Park! to
Asbury Park.
North Branch* to Somer­
North Branch Depot* to
North Cramer Hill! to
North Crosswicks to Yardville.
Northfleld* to Pleasant­
North Hackensack*!! to
North Haledon to Paterson.
North Hammonton to
North Hawthorne!! to
North Longbranch!! to
Long Branch.
N. Paterson!! to Haw­
N. Plainfield! to Plainfield.
Northvale*! to Closter.
Norwood*!! to Closter.
Oakhurst* to Long Branch.
Oakland*!! to Pompton
Oak Ridge*!! to Butler.
Oak Tree! to South Plainfield.
Oceangate*!!to TomsRiver
Oceanport* to Long Branch
Ocean View*!! to Ocean
Oceanville* to Absecon.
Ogdensburg*!! to Ham­
Old Bridge*!! to South
Oldwick* to White House.
Orange Valley*! to Orange.
Oriental to Vincentown.
Osbornsville* to Point
Overbrook to H a d d o n
Oxford to Washington.
Oxford Furnace to Wash­
Palatine! to Elmer.
Palermo* to Ocean City.
Papakating* to Sussex.
Parker to Califon.
Parkertown* to Tuckerton.
Parlin*! to South River.
Parry to Riverton.
Parsippanny to Boonton.
Passaic Park! to Passaic.

Pattenburg*!! to Clinton.
Pavonia Station! to Cam­
Peapack to Gladstone.
Peermont*! to Ocean City.
Pennsville* to Salem.
Pensauken! to Merchantville.
Pequannock*! to Paterson.
Perrineville* to Hightstown
Petersburg*!! to Tuckahoe.
Phalanx* to Red Bank.
Picton*!! to Westfield.
Pine Beach* to Toms River.
Pinebrook* to Caldwell.
Piscataway! toNews Bruns­
Pittsgrove to Elmer.
Pittstown*! to Clinton.
Plainsboro*!! to Princeton.
Plauderville! to Garfield.
Pleasantdale* to Orange.
Pleasantgrove to Califon.
Pleasantrun to WhiteHouse
Pleasure Bay! to Long
Pluckemin* to Somerville.
Pointville* to Bordentown.
Pole Tavern to Elmer.
Polkville to Blairstown.
Pomerania* to Egg Har­
bor City
Pomona!! to Egg Harbor
Pompton*! to Pompton
Pompton Plains*! to But­
Pompton Station to Pomp­
ton Lakes.
Port Colden to Washing­
Port Elizabeth*! to Mill­
Port Monmouth*!! to At­
lantic Highlands.
Port Morris*! to Netcong.
Port Murry*!! to Washing­
Port Oram to Wharton.
Port Reading*! to Woodbridge.
Port Republic* to Pleasantville.
House Station.
Pottersville* to Gladstone.
Preakness to Pompton
Princeton Junction*! to
Prospect Plains*!! toJamesburg.
Quakertown* to Flemington.
Quarryville! to Sussex.
Quinton*!! to Salem.
Rancocas* to Mount Holly.
Raven Rock*!! to Lambertville.
Readington* to Somerville.
Reaville* to Flemington.
Redlion! to Vincentown.
Repaupo to Swedesboro.
Rhode Hall to Jamesburg.
Richfield to Clifton.
Richland*!! to Mays Land­
Richwood*!! to Glassboro.
Riegelsville*!! to Phillipsburg.
Ringoes*! to Flemington.
Rio Grande*!! to CapeMay
Risley*!! to Mays Landing.
Risleyville to Pleasantville.
Riverdale* to Butler.
River Edge*!! to Hacken­
Rivervale to Westw'ood.
Roadstown* to Bridgeton.
Robbinsville*!! to Allen­
Robertsford to Garfield.
Rockport to Hackettstown.
Rocksburg to Belvidere.
Rocktown to Lambertville.
Rocky Hill to Princeton.
Roosevelt to Carteret.
Rosedale to Hammonton.
Roseland* to Caldwell.
Rosemont* to Lambertville.
Rosenhayn*!!to Bridgeton.
Rumson* to Sea Bright.
Runnymede to Blackwood.
Saddle River*! to Ridge­
Sand Brook* to Flemington
Schooleys Mountain* to
Scobeyville! to Eatontown.
Scullville* to Pleasantville.
Seagirt*?! to Manasquan.
Seaside to Highlands.
Seaside Park*!! to Toms
Sergeantsville* to Fleming­
Sewaren*!! to Woodbridge.
Sewell*!! to Woodbury.
Shadyside! to Edgewater.
Sharon Station!! to Allen­
Sharptown* to Woodstown.
Shiloh* to Bridgeton.
Shimers! to Phillipsburg.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

iCounty Seat.

Ship Bottom! to Beach
Short Hills*!! to Summit.
Shrewsbury!! to Red Bank.
Sicklerville* to Williamstown.
Silverton to Toms River.
Skillman*!! to Hopewell.
Smithburg to Freehold.
Smiths Mills* to Butler.
Smithville*!! (Burlington)
to Mount Holly.
Southard to Lakewood.
South Bergen to Jersey
South Boundbrook* to
South Branch* to Somer­
S. Dennis*!! to Ocean City.
S. Seaville*! to Cape May.
C. H.
S. Vineland*!! to Vineland.
Sparta*!! to Newton.
Spotswood*!! to Jamesburg
Springttown! to Blooms­
Staflordville* to Tuckerton.
Stanhope*! to Netcong
Stanton*! to White House
Stanwick to Moorestown.
Steelmanville to Pleasant­
Stelton*!! to New Bruns­
Stephensburg* to Hacketts­
Sterling Forest*!! to War­
wick, N. Y.
Stewartsvilie*!! to Blooms­
Stewartsville Station to
Stillwater* to Newton.
Stirling*!! to Bernardsville.
Stockholm*!! to Hamburg.
Stockton*!! toLambertville
Stovers Mills to Flemington
Stratford*!! to Haddon
Strathmere* to Sea Isle
Succasunna*! to Dover.
Sunny Side* to Clinton.
Surf* to Beach Haven.
Swainton to Cape May
C. H.
Swartswood* to Newton.
Sykesville to Bordentown.
Tabernacle to Vincentown.
Tabor* to Rockaway.
Tansboro! to Berlin.
Tennent*!!to Englishtown.
Thorofare*!! to Woodbury.
Three Bridges*!! to Flem­
Tintonfalls to Red Bank.
Titusville*!! to Lambert­
Totowa Borough to Pater­
Towaco*!! to Boonton.
Townley to Union.
Town of Union to Union
Townsbury! to Hacketts­
Townsends Inlet* to Ocean
Tranquility*! to Newton.
Tremley to Elizabeth.
Trenton Junetion*!to Tren­
Turnersville to Blackwood.
Union Beach* to Keyport.
Union Hill!! to Union City.
Upper Macopin* to Butler.
Upper Montclair*!! to
Vail*!! to Blairstown.
Vailsburg! to Newark.
Valley!! to Bloomsbury.
Van Hiseville* to Lakewood
Vauxhall*! to Millburn.
Vernon*! to Hamburg.
Vienna* to Hackettstown.
Villa Park* to Spring Lake.
Vulcanite!! to Phillipsburg.
Wading River to Tuckerton
W aidwick*!! to Ridgewood
Wall to Belmar.
Wallington!! to Passaic.
W allpackCenter*toBranchville.
Walnut Grove to Morris­
Walnut Valley to Blairs­
Wanamassa to Asbury
Wanaque*! to Pompton
Waretown*!! to Barnegat.
Warren Glen to Blooms­
Warrenpoint*! to Paterson.
Washingtons Crossing!! to
Watchung! to Plainfield.
Waterford Works*! toHammonton.
Wayne*!! to Pompton
Wayside to Long Branch.
Wenonah*!! to Woodbury.
Wertsville to Flemington.
West Berlin*!! to Berlin.
* Money Order Office.

W. Cape May to Cape May
West Creek*!! to Tucker­
West Elizabeth to Eliza­
West End to Long Branch.
West Fort Lee* to Fort Lee.
West Freehold to Freehold.
West Grove!! to Asbury
West Hoboken to Union
West Long Branch*! to
Long Branch.
West Milford*! to Butler.
West Moorestown to
West Norwood*!! to Clos­
Weston*!! to Somerville.
West Point Pleasant to
Point Pleasant.
W. Portal*!! to Blooms­
West Summit! to Summit.
White Hill to Bordentown.
White Horse! to Trenton.
Whitehouse*! to White
House Station.
Whitesboro* to Cape May
C. H.
Whitesville*! to Lakewood.
Whiting*!! to Toms River.
Wickatunk*!! to Matawan.
Wilbur to Trenton.
Wilburtha!! to Trenton.
Wildwood Crest to Wild­
Windsor*!! to Hightstown.
Winslow* to Hammonton.
Woodbury Heights*!! to
Woodcliff to North Bergen
Woodcliff Lake*!! to Westwood.
Woodglenn to Califon.
Woodport to Dover
Woodruff*! to Bridgeton.
Woods Tavern to Somer­
Woodsville to Hopewell.
Wortendyke*! to Ridge­

Capulin* to Des Moines.
Carnahan to Santa Fe.
Carthage*! to San Marcial.
Causey* to Portales.
Cedar Crest to Albuquer­
Cedar Hill* to Aztec.
Cedarvale* to Mountainair.
Central* to Silver City.
Cerrillos*! to Santa Fe.
Cerro* to Taos.
Chacon* to Las Vegas.
Chamberino* to Antony.
Chamisal to Espanola.
Chamita* to Espanola.
Chapelle*! to Las Vegas.
Chaperito* to Las Vegas.
Chico* to Raton.
Chilili to Albuquerque.
Chimayo* to Espanola.
Chloride*! to Hot Springs.
Cimarron to Dawson.
Clapham* to Clayton.
Cleveland* to Las Vegas.
Cliff* to Silver City.
Oloudcroft*!! to Alamo­
Cloverdale* to Lordsburg.
Colfax!! to Dawson.
Colmor*!! to Springer.
Colonias* to Santa Rosa.
Columbus*!! to Springer.
Cone* to Nara Visa.
Contreras to Belen.
Coolidge to Gallup
Cooper to Odessa.
Cordova to Espanola.
Corona*!! to Vaughn.
Correo to Belen.
Costilla to San Luis, Col.
Cowles* to Santa Fe.
Coyote* to Espanola.
Coyote Canyon to Gallup.
Cross Roads to Portales.
Crownpoint* to Gallup.
Crystal*! to Gallup.
Cuba* to Albuquerque.
Cubero* to Belen.
Cuchillo*! to Hot Springs.
Cuervo*!! to Santa Rosa.
Cundiyo to Espanola.

Datil* to Magdalena.
Dayton!! to Artesia.
Dedman to Raton.
Yorktown*!! to Woods­
Delphos*! to Des Moines.
Derry* to Hatch.
Des Moines*!! to Raton.
Zarephath* to Boundbrook.
Dexter*!! to Hagerman.
Zingsem to Hackensack.
Dilia* to Las Vegas.
Zion to Hopewell.
Dixon* to Espanola.
Domingo*!! to Albuquer­
Dona Ana*! to Las Cruces.
Dora to Portales.
Doretta to Las Vegas.
Dulce*!! to Chama.
D unken to Artesia.
Duoro! to Vaughn.
Abbot*!! to Roy.
Duran*!! to Vaughn,
Abiquiu* to Espanola.
j Dwyer to Deming.
Abo to Belen.
Acme*!! to Roswell.
[ East Las Vegas*! to Las
Adellno* to Belen.
Aden*! to Doming.
Ea£t Vaughn*! to Vaughn.
Afton! to El Paso.
Elk* to Roswell.
Agua Fria* to Taos.
Elkins* to Ellda.
Akela to Deming.
El Rito* to Espanola.
Alameda* to Albuquerque.
Embudo*!! to Espanola.
Alcalde* to Espanola.
Emzy* to Portales.
Algodones* to Albuquerque
Encino*!! to Vaughn.
Allison* to Gallup.
Endee*T! to Tucumcari.
Alma* to Silver City.
Engle*!! to Hot Springs.
Alto* to Carrizozo.
Ensenada to Chama.
Estancia*!! to MountainAmalia* to San Luis, Colo.
Amistad* to Nara Visa.
Eunice* to Andrews, Tex.
Ancho*!! to Carrizozo.
Animas*!! to Lordsburg.
Anton Chico* to Las Vegas. i Fair Acres to Las Cruces.
Arabela* to Roswell.
Fairview*! to Hot Springs.
Aragon* to Magdalena.
Faywood* to Silver City.
Arch* to Portales.
Field* to Melrose.
Armijo to Albuquerque.
Fierro*!! to Silver City.
Arrey* to Hot Springs.
Flora Vista*! to Aztec.
Arroyo Hondo* to Taos.
Florida to Deming.
Arroyo Seco* to Taos.
' Floyd* to Portales.
Atoka to Artesia.
Folsom*!! to Raton.
Augustine to Magdalena.
Forrest to Melrose.
Aurora to Wagon Mound.
Fort Bayard*! to SilverCity
Fort Stanton* to Carrizozo.
Bacaville to Belen.
Fort Sumner*!! to Vaughn.
Bard* to Tucumcari.
Fort Wingate! to Gallup
Barney* to Clayton.
French*!! to Raton.
Barranca Station to Taos.
Frisco^to Magdalena.
Barton to Albuquerque.
Fruitland* to Farmington.
Bayard!! to Silver City.
Bell Ranch* to Tucumcari.
Gage*! to Deming.
Bellview* to Clovis.
Galisteo* to Santa Fe.
Bent* to Tularosa.
Gallina* to Espanola.
Berino*! to Athony.
Gamerco to Gallup.
Bernalillo*!! to AlbuquerGarfield* to Hatch.
Gibson* to Gallup.
Bess to Santa Rosa.
Gila* to Silver City.
Blanco* to Aztec.
Gladiola to Lovington.
Bloomfield* to Aztec.
Gladstone* to Clayton.
Boaz* to Roswell.
Glencoe* to Carrizozo.
Blossburg to Raton.
Glenrio* to Tucumcari.
Bluewater*!! to Gallup.
Glenwood* to Silver City
Brazito to Las Cruces.
Glorieta*!! to Santa Fe.
Buchanan*!! to Vaughn.
Golden*! to Albuquerque.
Buckhorn* to Silver City.
Governador to Ignacio.
Bueyeros* to Clayton.
Grady to Clovis.
Caballo* to Hot Springs.
Gran Quivira to MountainCabezon* to Albuquerque.
Cambray*!! to Las Cruces.
Grant*!! to Gallup.
Cameron* to Clovis.
Greenfield*!! to Hagerman.
Canjilon* to Chama.
Grenville*!? to Clayton.
Canones to Espanola.
Griegos to Albuquerque.
Canyon to Albuquerque.
Grier to Clovis.
Capitan*!! to Carrizozo.
Guadalupita* to Las Vegas.
Caprock* to Roswell.
Guy* to Des Moines.
! Telegraph Station-

! Express Office.

Hachita*!!to Lordsburg.
Hagan to Albuquerque.
Hanover!! to Silver City.
Hassell* to Clovis.
Hayden* to Nara Visa.
Haynes* to Albuquerque.
Heck Canyon to Springer.
Hernandez to Espanola.
Highrolls* to Alamogordo.
Hill* to Las Cruces.
iHillsboro* to Hot Springs.
Hobbs* to Seminole Texas.
Hollene* to Clovis.
Hollywood to Tularosa.
Holman* to Las Vegas.
Hondo* to Carrizozo.
Hope* to Artesia.
Horse Springs to Magda­
House* to Melrose.
Hurley*!! to Silver City
Ilfeld to Las Vegas.
Ima* to Tucumcari.
Inez* to Portales.
Isleta*!! to Albuquerque.
Jal* to Pecos, Tex.
Jarales* to Helen.
Jemes* to Albuquerque.
Jemez Springs to Albuquer­
Jenkins* to Elida.
Jordan* to Tucumcari.
Kelly* to Magdalena.
Kenna*tt to Elida.
Klrtland* to Farmington.
Knowles* to Hagerman.
Laguna*!! to Belen.
La Jara* to Albuquerque.
Lajoya*! to Belen.
Lake Arthur*!! to Artesia.
Lake Valley*!! to Hot
Lake Wood*tt to Artesia.
La Lande*t to Melrose.
La Luz* to Alamogordo.
La Madera*! to Taos.
La Mesa* to Las Cruces.
Lamy*!! to Santa Fe.
La Plata* to Farmington.
La Puente to Ghama.
Las Palomas* to Hot
Las Tablas to Taos.
La Union to El Paso. Tex.
La Ventana to Albuquerque
Lea to Roswell.
Ledoux* to Las Vegas.
Lemitar* to Belen.
Levy* to Wagon Mound.
ALincoln* to Carrizozo.
Lindrith* to Cliama.
Llano to Taos.
Los Alamos to Las Vegas.
Los Cerrillosf to Santa Fe.
ALos Lunas*!! to Belen.
Loving*!! to Carlsbad.
Lucy*!! to Mountainair.
Lumberton*!! to Cliama.
Luna* to Springerville.Ariz.



Taiban*!!to Clovis.
Tajique* ro Mountainair.
Talpa* to Taos.
Taos Junction!! to Taos.
Tatum to Carlsbad.
Taylor Springs* to Roy.
Terrero* to Santa Fe.
Texico*!! to Farwell, Tex.
Therma to Raton.
Thomas* to Clayton.
Thoreau*!! to Gallup.
Three Rivers*!! toTulaross.
ATierraAmarilla*to Chama.
Tijeras to Albuquerque.
Tinnie* to Roswell.
Toadlena* to Gallup.
Tohatchi*! to Gallup.
Tokay to San Antonio.
Tolar*!! to Melrose.
Tome* to Belen.
Torreon* to Mountainair.
Torreon*to Estancia.
Trampas to Taos.
Trechado* to Magdalena.
Trementina* to Las Vegas.
Tres Piedrast! to Taos.
Turn to Belen.
Tusas* to Taos.
Tyrone*! to Silver City.

Bennington to Attica.
Benson Mines*! to Carth­
Benton Centerto Penn Yan.
Bergen*!! to Churchvllle.
Bergholtz to North Tona­
Berkshire*!! to Newark
Berkshire Pass to Millerton.
Berne* to Altamont.
Bernhards Bay* to Central
Besemert! to Ithaca.
Bethany to Batavia.
Bethel* to Jeffersonville.
Bethlehem Center to Albany.
Bigelow* to Gouverneur.
Big Flats*!! to Corning.
Big Indian*!! to Margaret­
Big Moose*!! to Old Forge.
Big Tree to Hamburg.
Billings* to Poughkeepsie.
Binnewater*!! to Kingston.
Birchton to Ballston Spa.
Birdsall*!! to Angelica.
Black Creek* to Cuba.
Black River*!! to Watertown.
Blauvelt*!! to Sparkill.
Bieecker to Gloversville.
Blissville! to Long Island
Blockville to Jamestown.
Blodgett Mills*!! to Cort­
Bloomingburg*!!to Middletown.
Bloomingdale*!! to Sara­
nac Lake.
Blooming Grove ! to Washingtonville.
Bloomington* to Kingston.
Bloomville*!! to Hobart.
Blossom to Lancaster.
Blossvale*!! to Camden.
Blue Mountain Lake* to
Old Forge.
Blue Point*!! to Patchogue.
Blue Ridge* to Port Henry
Blue Stores* to German­
Bluff Point.* to Penn Yan.
Bohemia*! to Sayville.
Boiceville* to Kingston.
Bolton* to Bolton Landing.
Bombay*! to Fort Coving­
Boquet* to Port Henry.
Borden to Elkland. Pa.
Border City* to Geneva.
Borodino* to Skaneateles.
Boston* to Hamburg.
Boston Corner*!! to Millerton.
Bouckville*!! to Hamilton.
Bovina Center* to Delhi.
Bowen to Randolph.
Bowens Corners to Fulton.
Bowmansville*!! to Lan­
Boyntonville to Hoosick
Bradford* to Bath.
Bradley* to Liberty.
Brainard Station*!!
Brainerdsville* to Chateaugay.
Branchport* to Penn Yan.
Brandreth to Tupper Lake.
Brant* to Angola.
Brantingham* to Lowville.
Brasher Center to Brasher
Brasher Iron Works to
Brasher Falls.
Brasie Comers* to Gouver­
Breakabeen* to Middleburg.
Breesport to Horseheads.
Brentwood*!! to Bay Shore.

Ojo Feliz* to Wagon Mound
Ojo Sarco to Espanola.
Old Albuquerque*! to Al­
Onava to Las Vegas.
Optimo* to Wagon Mound.
Orange* to Van Horn, Tex.
Organ* to Las Cruces.
Orogrande *!! to Alamo­
Oscura*!! to Carrizozo.
Otis to Carlsbad.
Otowi to Santa Fe.
Paguate* to Belen.
Palma* to Vaughn.
Parkview* to Chama.
Pasamonte* to Clayton.
Pastura*!! to Santa Rosa.
Paxton Springs to Gallup.
Pecos* to Santa Fe.
Pedernal to Vaughn.
Penablanca* to Albuquer­
Penasco* to Taos.
Peralta* to Belen.
Perea!! to Gallup.
Petaca to Santa Fe.
Picacho* to Roswell.
Pie Town to Magdalene.
Pilar to Taos.
Pinedale to Gallup.
Pinon* to Alamogordo.
Pinos Altos* to Silver City.
Pintada* to Santa Rosa.
Pittsburg to Roy.
Placitas* to Albuquerque.
Plain* to Grady.
Pleasanton! to Silver City.
Pojuaque to Santa Fe.
Polvadera* to Magdalena.
Porter to Albuquerque.
Prewitt to Gallup.
Pueblo Bonita to Gallup.
APuerto De Luna* to Santa
Punta to Mountainair.
Quay* to Tucumcari.
Quemado* to Magdalena.
Questa*t to Taos.
Rabenton to Carrizozo.
Radium Springs to Las
Raman* to Gallup.
Ramon to Vaughn.
Ranches of Taos* to Taos.
Ranchvale to Clovis.
Rayo to Belen.
Redlake* to Portales.
Red River* to Taos.
Redrock* to Lordsburg.
Regina* to Albuquerque.
Reserve* to Magdalena.
Ribera*!! to Las Vegas.
Ricardo*!! to Vaughn.
Richland* to Elida.
Rincon*!! to Las Cruces.
Rio Puerco to Belen.
Rio Vista to Carlsbad.
Rociada* to Las Vegas.
Rock Island to Tucumcari.
Rodarte to Taos.
Rodeo*!! to Douglas, Ariz.
Rogers* to Portales.
Romeroville to Las Vegas.
Rosa* to Ignacio. Colo.
Rosebud* to Nara Visa.
Rowe*!! to Santa Fe.
Ruidosa* to Carrizozo.
Russia to Alamogordo.

McAlister* to Melrose.
McCarty’s f to Belen.
McDonald* to Roswell.
McGaffey* to Gallup.
Madrid*! to Santa Fe.
Maes* to Las Vegas.
Magdalena*!! to Belen.
Malaga*! to Carlsbad.
St. Vrain* to Melrose.
Manuelito*!! to Gallup
Salt Lake to Magdalena.
Manzano to Mountainair.
San Acacia* to Belen.
Mariano Lake to Gallup.
j San Antonio*!! (Socorro
Marquez to Belen.
Co.) to Magdalena.
Maxwell *t! to Raton.
Sandoval to Albuquerque.
Mayhill* to Alamogordo.
San Felipe to Albuquerque.
Mentmore* to Gallup.
San Fidel to Belen.
Mescalero* to Tularosa.
San Idelfonso to Espanola.
Mesilla* to Las Cruces.
San Jon*!! to Tucumcari.
San Jose to Las Vegas.
Mesquite*! to Las Cruces.
San Lorenzo to Silver City.
Miami* to Springer.
San Marcial*!! to Hot
Mills to Roy.
Milnesand to Elida.
San Mateo* to Gallup.
Mimbres to Silver City.
San Miguel to Las Cruces.
Mogollon* to Silver City.
Sa-Nos-Tee to Farmington.
Monero*!! to Pagosa Sp’gs,
San Patricio to Carrizozo.
San Rafael* to Gallup.
Montezuma to LasVegas.
Santa Cruz to Espanola.
Monticello*! to Hot Springs
Santa Rita*!!to Silver City.
San Ysidro to Albuquerque.
Sapello to Las Vegas.
Montoya*!! to Tucumcari.
Scholle!! to Belen.
Monument* to Carlsbad.
Seama to Belen.
Mora to Las Vegas.
Seboyeta* to Belen.
Moriarity*!! to Mountain­
Sedan* to Clayton.
Seneca* to Clayton.
Moses*! to Clayton.
Separ*! to Lordsburg.
Mosquero* to Roy.
Servilleta to Taos.
Mountain Park*! to Ala­
Sheep Springs to Gallup.
Sherman* to Silver City.
Mount Dora*!! to Clayton.
Shiprock* to Farmington.
Mule Creek* to Clifton,
Smith’s Lake to Gallup.
to Magda­
Nambe* to Espanola.
Negra* to Vaughn.
Sofia to Clayton.
Newcomb to Farmington.
Soham! to E. Las Vegas.
Newhope to Elida.
Solano*+! to Roy.
Newkirk* to Santa Rosa.
Stanley*!! to Santa Fe.
New Laguna to Belen.
Stead* to Clayton.
Steins*!! to Lordsburg.
Nogal* to Carrizozo.
Stong to Taos.
Nolan* to Wagon Mound.
Strauss! to El Paso. Tex.
Norton to Tucumcari.
Sunshine Valley* to AntoniObar*i to Nara Visa.
to. Colo.
Ocate* to Wagon Mound.
Suwanee! to Belen.
Ojo Caliente* to Taos.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County


Ute Park*!! to Raton.
Vadito to Taos.
Vado to Las Cruces.
Valdez* to Taos.
Valedon* to Lordsburg.
Valencia to Belen.
Vallecitos* to Taos.
Valley Ranch* to Santa Fe.
Vanandium* to Silver City.
Veguita* to Belen.
Velarde* to Espanola.
Villanuvea* to LasVegas.
Virden to Clifton.
Waterflow* to Farmington.
Watrous*!! to Las Vegas.
Weed* to Alamogordo.
White Oaks* to Carrizozo.
White Signal* to Silver City.
Whitewater (McKinley Co)
to Gallup.
Willard*!! to Mountainair.
Wilna to Lordsburg.
Yankee to Raton.
Yates to Roy.
Yeso*!! to Vaughn.
Youngsville* to Espanola.
Zuni* to Gallup.


Abbotts to Cuba.
Academy to Canandaigua.
Accord!! to Kerhonkson.
Acra* to Catskill.
Adams Basin*!! to Spencerport.
Adams Center*!! to Adams.
Adams Corners to Peekskill.
Adirondack* to North
Adrian*!! to Canisteo.
Alabama* to Medina.
Alabama Center to Medina.
Alabama Station!! to Oakfleld.
Albertson*! to Mineola.
Alburg to Brushton.
Alcove* to Ravena.
Alden Center to Alden.
Alder Brook* to Saranac
Alder Creek*!! to Boonville.
Alexander*!! to Attica.
Alfred Station*!! to Alfred.
ABaben*! to Margaret ville.
Allenshill to East Bloom­
Allentown* to Wellsville.
Alligerville* to New Paltz.
Alloway to Lyons.
Alma* to Wellsville.
Almond*!! to Hornell.
Alpine*!! to Odessa.
Alplaus to Schenectady.
Alps to Troy.
Alsen*!! to Catskill.
Altay to Dundee.
Altmar*!! to Pulaski.
Alton*!! to Sodus.
Altona*!! to Ellenburg
Amagansett*!! to East
Amawalk*!! to Peekskill.
Amber* to Marcellus.
Amboy to Camillus.
Amboy Center to Parish.
Amenia Union to Amenia.
Ames* to Canajoharle.
Amity* to Warwick.
Ancram to Pine Plains.
Ancram Lead Mines*!! to
Pine Plains.
Borough) to N. Y. City.
Annandale-On- H udson*
(Dutchess Co.) to Red
Apalachin*!! to Owego.
Apex*!! to Hancock.
Appleton*!! to Barker.
Apulia*! to Tully.
Apulia Sta.*t to Tully.
Aquebogue*!! toRiverhead.
Aqueduct! to Woodhaven,
New York City (Borough
of Queens).
Money Order Office.

Aquetuck* (Albany Co.) to
Archdale to Greenwich.
Arden*!! to Monroe.
Ardonia* to New Platz.
Ardsley-on-Hudson*!! to
Arena*!! to Margaretville.
Argusville*! to Sharon
Arkville*!! to Margaret­
Arkwright to Fredonia.
Arlington (Richmond Co.)!
to Mariner Harbor.
Armonk* to White Plains.
Armor to Hamburg.
Arrochar! (Borough of Rich­
mond) to N. Y. City.
Arthursburg* to Millbrook.

Co.) to Ellicottville.
Ashford*!! to Ardsley.
Ashland* to Windham.
Ashokan*!! to Kingston.
Ashton to Kingston.
Ashville*!! to Jamestown.
Ashwood*!! to Lyndonville.
Athol* to Warrensburg.
Athol Springs*!! to Ham­
Atlantic Beach* to Long
Atwater*!! to Aurora.
Atwood to Kingston.
Augusta to Oriskany Falls.
Auriesville!! to Fultonville.
Ausable Chasm* to Keeseville.
Ava* to Boonville.
Averill Park* to Troy.
Awosting to Walden.

Babcockhill to West Win­
Bacon Hill to Schuylerville.
Baiting Hollow Station to
Bakers Mills* to North
Balcom to South Dayton.
Baldwin Place*!! to Mahopac.
Ballstom Center to Ballston
Ballston Lake*!! to Sche­
Balmville!! to Newburgh.
Bangall*!! to Millbrook.
Bangor* to Malone.
Banksville to Greenwich,
Bardonia* to Spring Valley.
Barkersville to BallstonSpa.
Barnard*! to Rochester.
Barnerville* to Gobleskill.
Barnes*!! to Dundee.
Barnes Corners* to Copen­
Barre Center to Albion.
Barrytown*!! to Red Hook.
Barryville* to Port Jervis.
Bartlett*! to Rome.
Barton*!! to Waverly.
Bartow on the Sound to
New York City (Borough
of Bronx).
Basom*! to Oakfleld.
Batchellerville to Northville.
Bates to Middleburg.
Bathbeach*!! to New York
City. Brooklyn.
Bath on the Hudson! to
Battenville* to Greenwich.
Baychester to New York
City (Manhattan).
Bayport*!! to Sayville.
Bayville*! to Oyster Bay.
Beach Ridge!! to North
Bearsville* to Saugerties.
Beaver Brook to Monti­
Beaver Dams*!! to Corning.
Beaver Falls*! to Croghan.
Beaver Kill* to Roscoe.
Beaver River*!! to Remsen.
Beckers Corners to Albany.
Bedford*! to Mount Kisco.
Bedford Hills*!! to Mount
Beekman to Pawling.
Beekmantown to Platts­
Beerston*! to Walton.
Belcher* to Salem.
Belfort to Lowville.
Belgium to Baldwinsville.
Belle Isle to Syracuse.
Belleville* to Adams.
Bellevue to Lancaster.
Bellona* to Geneva.
Bellona Station!!to Geneva.
Bellvale* to Warwick.
Bellwood to Lowville.
Belmont Center! to Malone.
Belvidere*!! to Belmont.
Bemis Heights* to Mechanicville.
Bemus Point*! to James­
Benedict* to Broadalbin.
Bennettsburg* to Watkins
Bennettsville to Bainbr.
f Telegraph Station.


Brewerton*!! to Cicero.
Briarcliff Manor*!! to Ossi­
Brice!! to Albion.
Bridgeport* to Cicero.
Bridgeville* to Monticello.
Bridgewater*!! to West
Brier Hill*!! to Morristown.
Brighton*!! to Rochester.
Brightwaters*! to Bayshore.
Brinckerhoff*!! to Beacon.
Brisben*!! to Greene.
Bristol Center* to Canan­
Brockway* to Beacon.
Brodhead* to Kingston.
Bronxdale! to New York
City, Manhattan.
Brookdale to Winthrop.
Brookfield* to Earlville.
Brook Haven*!! to Patchogue.
Brooksburg* to Windham
Brooktondale*!! to Ithaca
Brookview*!! to Castleton
Broome Center to Middle­
Brownville*!! to Watertown.
Bruynswick to Wallkill.
Buchanan* to Peekskill.
Buckton to Winthrop.
Buel to Canajoharie.
Bulls Head (Dutchess Co.)
to Rhinebeck.
! Express Office.



Bullsheadf to Port Rich­
mond, New York City),
(Borough of Richmond).
Bullville*!! to Middletown.
Burdett*!! to Watkins.
Burke*!! to Malone.
Burlington* to Edmeston.
Burlington Flats* to Ed­
Burns*t to Canaseraga.
Burnside*!! to Washingtonville.
Burnt Hills* to Ballston
Burrs Mills to Watertown.
Burt*!! to Newfane.
Burtonsviile* to Amster­
Bushville* to Monticello.
Buskirk*! to Hoosick Falls.
Busti to Jamestown.
Butler Center! to Wolcott.
Buttermilk Falls to High­
land Falls.
Byersville to Dansville.
Byron*!! to Batavia.

Cadosia*! to Hancock.
Cadyville*!! to Plattsburg.
Calcium*!! to Watertown.
Callicoon Center* to Jeffer­
Calverton*!! to RIverhead.
C ameron*!! to Addison.
Cameron Mills*!! to Addi­
Campbell *!! to Bath.
Campbell Hall*!! to Gosh­
Campville*! to Owego.
Canaan*!! to Chatham
Canadice to Livonia.
Oanarsie! to New York
City, (Borough of Brook­
Caneadea*!! to Belfast.
Cannonsville* to Deposit.
Canoga to Seneca Falls.
Canterbury! to Cornwall.
Cantonvllle to Ellenville.
Cardiff to Tmly.
Carle Park to Mineola.
Carle Place to Mineola.
Carlisle* to Cobleskill.
Carlisle Centre* to Cobleskill.
Carlton*! to Albion.
Carlton Station to Albion.
Garlyon to Lyndonville.
Carman* to Schenectady.
Caroga Lake* to Gloversville.
Caroline! to Ithaca.
Caroline Center to Ithaca.
Carrollton*!! to Salamanca.
Caryl! to Yonkers.
Cascade to Moravia.
Cassadaga* to Fredonia.
Cassville*! to West Win­
Castle Creek* to Whitney
Castleton Corners! to West
New Brighton, New York
City, (Borough of Rich­
Castorland*!! to Lowville.
Catatonk*! to Owego.
Catawba! to Ilammondsport.
Catharine to Odessa.
Caton to Corning.
Catskill Station to Catskill.
Caughdenoy!! to Central
Cayuga*!! to Auburn.
Cayuta*!! to Odessa.
Cayutaville to Odessa
Caywood*!! to Ovid.
Cedarcliff*! to Marlboro.
Cedar Grove to Pough­
Cedar Hill to Albany.
Cedarvale to Marcellus.
Cedarville* to West Win­
Celoron* to Jamestown.
Cementon* to Saugerties.
Center to Frankfort.
Center Berlin* to Berlin.
Center Brunswick to Troy.
Center Cambridge to Cam­
Centereach* to Stony Brook.
Center Lisle* to Lisle.
Centerport* to Huntington.
Center Village*!! to Afton.
Centerville*(Alleghany Co.)
to Pike.
Centerville*! (Ulster Co.)
to Highland.
Centerville Station to
Central Bridge*!! to Scho­
Centralia to Stockton.
Ceres*!! to Olean.
Ceylon to Homer.
Chadwicks*!! to Clayville.
Ohafee*!! to Holland.
Chambers*! to Corning.
Champion to Carthage.
Chapin*!! to Canandaigua.
Charleston* to Tottenville.
N. Y. City (Borough of

Charleston Four Corners to
Fulton ville.
Charlotte*!! to Rochester.
Charlotte Center to Sinclairville.
Chariotteville*to EastWorcester.
Charlton to Ballston Spa.
Chase Mills*! to Waddlngton.
Chaseville* to Schenevus.
Chasm Falls to Malone.
Chateaugay Lake* to Chateaugay.
Chatham Center*!! toChatham.
Chaumont*!! to Watertown.
Chautauqua*!! to Mayville.
Chazy*!! to Champlain.
Cheektowaga! to Lancaster
Chelsea*!! (Dutchess Co.)
to Beacon.
Chelsea*! (Richmond Co.)
to Port Richmond, New
York City (Borough of
Chemung*!! to Waverly.
Chemung Center to Wav­
Chenango Bridge*!! to
Chenango Forks*!! to
Chepachet* to West Win­
Cherryplain to Berlin.
Cheshire to Canandaigua.
Ohesterville! to Ravena.
Cheviot* to Germantown.
Childs to Albion.
Chili* to Rochester.
Chili Station to Churchville.
Chilson* to Ticonderoga.
Chipmonk to Allegany.
Chippewa Bay* to Ham­
Chittenango Falls to Cazenovia.
Chittenango Station*! to
Church town to Hudson.
Churubusco* to Chateaugay.
Circleville*!! to Middletown.
City Island*!! to New York
City (Bronx).
Clare to Canton.
Clarence Center*!! to Clar­
Clarenceville! to Richmond
Hill, New York City,
(Borough of Queens).
Clarendon* to Holley.
Clark to Jamestown.
Clark Mills*!! to Clinton.
Clarkson* to Brockport.
Clarksville* to Delmar.
Claryville* to Liberty.
Claverack*!! to Hudson.
Claverhouse* to Rochester.
Clay*!! to Cicero.
Clayburg* to Plattsburg.
Clear Creek to Conewango
Clearwater* to Remsen.
Clemons*!! to Whitehall.
Clermont* to Germantown.
Cleveland*!! to Central
Cleverdale* to Lake George.
Clifton* (Monroe Co.) to
Clifton (Richmond Co.) to
Stapleton. N. Y. City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Clifton Park! to Mechanicville.
Climax* to Coxsackie.
Clintondale*!!to New Paltz.
Clinton Hollow to Pough­
Clintonville* to Keeseville.
Clockville* to Canastota.
Clove to Dover Plains.
Cochecton*!! to Callicoon.
Cocheeton Center* to Calli­
Cockburn to Saugerties.
Coeymans*! to Ravena.
Coeymans Hollow* to
Cold Brook* to Poland.
Colden*!! to Hamburg.
Coldenbam to Walden.
Cold Spring (Suffolk Co.) to
Cold Spring Harbor to
Cold Springs to Newplatz.
Cold Spring Station to
OoldWater*!! to Rochester.
Coleman Station*! to Millerton.
Collamer to East Syracuse.
Coiliersville* to Oneonta.
Collins*!! to Gowanda.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Collins Center* to Gowanda.
Colonie! to Albany.
Colosse* to Parish.
Colton* to Potsdam.
Columbia to Mohawk.
Columbiaville* to Hudson.
Columbus to New Berlin.
Commack* to North port.
Corpstock*!! to Whitehall.
(Erie Co.)
Concord! (Richmond Co.)
to Stapleton, New York
City, (Borough of Queens)
Conesus*!! to Livonia.
Conesville to Grand Gorge.
Conewango* to Conewango
Coney Island*!! See New
York City, (Borough of
Congers!*! to Haverstraw.
Conifer* to Tupper Lake.
Conklin*!! to llallstead. Pa.
Conklin Center to Bing­
Conklingville*! to Corinth.
Connelly* to Kingston.
Conquest to Port Byron.
Constable*!! to Malone.
Constableville* to Boonville.
ConstanlJa*!! to Central
Converse to Potsdam.
Cooksburg* to Middleburg.
Cooks Falls*!! to Roscoe.
Coonrod to Rome.
Coopers Plains* to Corning.
Cooperstown Junction to
Coopersville!! to Cham­
Copake*!! to Millerton.
Copake Falls* to Millerton.
Copiague*!! to Amityville.
Coram* to Port Jefferson.
Corbett*!! to Downsville.
Corbettsville* to Hallstead.
Coreys* to Tupper Lake.
Cornwall Landing* to Corn­
Cornwallville* to Catskill.
Cossayuna* to Salem.
Cottage to South Dayton.
Cottekill*!! to Kingston.
Countylino to Lyndonville.
Couse to Albany.
Coventry*!! to Greene.
Coventryville* to Bainbridge.
Covert!! to Trumansburg.
Cowlesville* to Attica.
Cow Neck to Port Wash­
Coxsackie Landing*!! to
Coxsackie Station (Colum­
bia Co.) to Coxsackie.
Coxsackie Station (Greene
Co.) to Coxsackie.
Crafts*! to Carmel.
Cragsmoor* to Ellenville.
Craig to Schenectady.
Craigsville*!! to Chester.
Cranberry Creek*!! to
North ville.
Cranberry Lake* to Carth­
Cranesville to Amsterdam.
Crary Mills* to Canton.
Craryville*!! to Philmont.
Creedmoor*!! to Jamaica.
N. Y. City. (Borough of
Creek Locks* to Kingston.
Crescent* to Cohoes.
Crestwood!! to Tuckahoe.
Crittenden*! to Alden.
Crocketts!! to Fair Haven.
Cronomer Valley to Newburg.
Oropseyville* to Troy.
Cross River* to Katonah.
Croton Falls*!! to Brewster.
Croton Lake*!! to Mount
Croton Landing to Croton
on Hudson.
Crown Point Center* to
Crown Point.
Crugers*! to Peekskill.
Crum Elbow to PoughCrystal Run*!! to Middletown.
Cuddebackville* to Port
Currierst to Arcade.
Curtis to Bath.
Cuyler*!! to De Ruyter.
Cuylerville*!! to Mount
Dairyland* to Ellenville.
Dale*!! to Warsaw.
Damascus to Windsor.
Danby to Ithaca.
Dannemora* !! to Plattsbure.
Danube to Little Falls.
Darien!! to Attica.
Darien Center*! to Corfu.
Davenport* to Schenevus.
Davenport Center*!! to
Daws to Batavia.
Day* to Corinth.
Dayton*!! to Gowanda.
Deansboro*!! to Oriskany
Money Order Office.

Debruce*! to Livingston
Deerhead to Willsboro.
Deerland* to Tupper Lake.
Deer Park*!! to Farmingdale.
Deer River*!! to Carthage.
Deferiet*! to Carthage.
Defreesville! to Albany.
Degrasse* to Hermon.
Dekalb to Canton.
DeLancey*!! to Delhi.
Delanson*!! to Schenec­
Dellwood to Lancaster.

Delphi Falls!! to Cazenovia.
Demster* to Mexico.
Denley! to Boonville.
Denmart* to Carthage.
Denton to Middletown.
Denver* to Margaretville.
Depauville* to Clayton.
De Peyster* to I-Ieuvelton.
Derby*!! to Angola.
Despatch to East Rochester.
DeWitt*! to Fayetteville.
Dewittville*! to Mayville.
Dexterville to Fulton.
Diamond to Adams.
Diamond Point* to Lake
Dickinson Center*!! to St.
Regis Falls.
Dix to Rome.
Dodge to Jamestown.
Dongan Hills!! to Stapleton, N. Y. City. (Borough
of Richmond).
Doraville to Windsor.
Dorloo* to Cobleskill.
Dormans ville* to Albany.
Douglass to Keeseville.
Dover Furnace*!! to Dover
Doyle! to Buffalo.
Dresden*!! to Penn Yan.
Dresden Station*!! to
Dresserville to Moravia.
Drybrook to Margaretville.
Duane* to Malone.
Duanesburg*!! to Schenec­
Dugway to Parish.
Dunhams Hollow to Troy.
Dunraven*! to Margaret­
Durham* to Catskill.
Durhamville*!! to Oneida.
Durlandville to Florida.
Dutchess Junction*! to
Dutch Settlement to Kings­
Dwaar Kill to Pinebush.
Dykemans*!! to Carmel.

Eagle*!! to Bliss.
Eagle Bay*!! to Old Forge.
Eagle Bridge*!! to Hoosick
Eagle Harbor*! to Albion.
Eagle Lake to Ticonderoga.
Eagle Mills to Troy.
E. Amherst* to Williamsville.
East Arcade to Arcade.
E. Ashford to Springville.
E. Avon to Avon.
East Beekmantown to
East Berne* to Altamont.
E. Bethany*!! to Batavia.
E. Bloomfield*! to Hol­
East Branch*!! to Han­
East Chatham*!! to Chat­
East Chester (Bronx Co.),
to New York City, (Bor­
ough of Manhattan).
East Chester!! (OrangeCo.)
to Chester.
East Clarence to Clarence.
E. Cobleskill* to Cobleskill.
E. Concord*!! to Spring­
E. Dickinson to Brushton.
East Durham* to Catskill.
East Eden to Hamburg.
East Fishlcill to Beacon.
East Florence to Camden.
E. Freetown*! to Marathon.
E. Galway* to Ballston Spa.
E. Greenbush* to Albany.
East Greenwich* to Salem.
East Groveland to Geneseo.
East Guilford to Sidney.
E. Hamilton* to Hamilton.
East Hamlin to Hinton.
East Hampton Springs to
East Hampton.
East Haverstraw to Peekskill.
East Homer*!! to Cortland.
East Irvington! to Irving­
East Java to North Java.
East Jewett* to Tannersville.
East Kingston to Kingston.
East Koy to Pike.
f Telegraph Station.

East Marion*! to Greenport.
East Masonville* to Unadilla.
E. Meredith*!! to Oneonta.
East Mills to Poughkeepsie.
East Moriches*!! to Center
East Nassau* to Chatham.
East Newark to Newark.
E. Norwich*! to Oyster
Easton to Greenwich.
East Onondaga to Syracuse.
East Otto* to Cattaragus.
East Palermo to Central
East Palmyra*! to Palmyra.
East Park to Poughkeepsie.
East Patchogue*! to Patchogue.
E. Pembroke*!! to Batavia.
East Penfleld to Fairport.
East Pharsalia* to Norwich.
East Pitcairn to Edwards.
East Pleasantville to Pleasantville.
East Poestenkill to Troy.
E. Quogue*! to RIverhead.
East River to Cortland.
East Salamanca! to Sala­
East Schodack*! to Albany.
East Schuyler to Frankfort.
East Shelby to Medina.
East Springfield* to Cherry
East Walden!! to Walden.
East White Plains* to
White Plains.
EastWilliamsburg to Brook­
lyn, N. T. City. (Borough
of Brooklyn).
EastWilliamson*!! to Wil­
E. Williston*!! to Mineola.
East Wilson to Wilson.
East AVindham* to Wind­
E. Windsor*!! to AVIndsor.
Eastwood* to Syracuse.
East Worcester*!! to WorEaton*!! to Hamilton.
Eben!l to Potsdam.
Echo to Port Jefferson.
Eddy to Canton.
Eddy ville* (Ulster Co.) to
Eden Center!! to Eden.
Eden Valley!! to Hamburg.
Edenville* to Warwick.
Edgemere!! to Far Rockaway. N. Y. City. (Borrough of Queens).
Edicks to Mohawk.
Edinburg* to North ville.
Edson to Windsor.
Edwardsville*! to Morris­
Eggertsville* to Wllllamsville.
Egypt to Fairport.
Elberta!! to Ransomville.
Elbridge* to Jordan.
Eldred* to Port Jervis.
iElizabethtown*! to Westport.
Elizaville*! to Red Hook.

Elk Creek* to Schenevus.
Elkdalef to Little Valley.
Elko* to Salamanca.
Ellenburg* to Ellenburg
Ellenburg Center* to Ellen­
burg Depot.
Ellicott to Orchard Park.
Ellington* to Conewango
V alley.
Ellisburg* to Adams.
Ellsworth to Aurora.
Elina*! to Lancaster.

Elma Center to Lancaster.
Elmdale to Gouverneur.
Elmont! to Floral Park.
Elm Park! to Port Rich­
mond, N. Y. City, (Bor­
ough of Richmond).
Elm Valley to Wellsville.
Elnora*!! to Mechanicville.
Elsmere* to Delmar.
Eltingville*!! to New Dorp,
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Elton*! to Arcade.
Emerick* to Cohoes.
Emerson to Port Byron.
Emeryville! to Gouverneur

Empireville to Katonah.
Endwell to Endicott.
Enfield Center to Ithaca.
Ensenore*!! to Moravia.
Ephratah* to Fort Plain.
Erastina to Mariner Har­
bor, N. Y. C. (Borough
of Richmond.)
Erieville* to Cazenovia.
Erin*!! to Horseheads.
Bsopus*!! to Kingston.
t Express Office.


Esperance* to Schoharie.
Essex* to Westport
Etna*+! to Dryden.
Euclid* to Cicero.
Eureka* toEllenville.
Evans to Angola.
Evans Center to Angola.
Evergreen to Ridgewood
N. Y. City. (Borough of
Fabius* to Tully.
Fairdale to Fulton.
Fairfield* to Little Falls.
Faimountt to Catnillus.
Fair Oaks* to Middletown.
Fairville to Newark.
Fallsburg* to Monticello
Fallsburg Station to South
Fancher*tt to Holley.
Farmersville Station* to
Franklin ville.
Farmingtont to Palmyra.
Farnham*!! to Angola
Faust* to Tupper Lake.
Fawns to Saugerties.
Fayette* to Seneca Falls.
Felts Mills*!! toWatertown
Fenton ville* to Jamestown.
Fergusons Corners to Penn
Ferndale*+1 to Liberty.
Fernwood*!! to Pulaski.
Feura Bush*tt to Delmar.
Findley Lake* to Sherman.
Fine* to Edwards.
Fine View* to Clayton.
Fire Place to East Hamp­
Firthcliffe*!! to Cornwall.
Fish Creek*!! to Oneida.
Fishers*!! to Victor.
Fishers Island* to New Lon
don, Conn.
Fishers Landing* to Clay­
Fishkill on the Hudson to
Fishkill Plains to Wappingers Falls.
Fishkill Village to Beacon.
Flshs Eddy*!! to Hancock.
Five Corners to Genoa.
Flackville to Heuvelton.
Flatbush to N. Y. City.
Flat Creek to Cauajoharie.
Fleming to Auburn.
Flemingsvllle!! to Owego.
Flint to Geneva.
Florence* to Camden.
Floyd to Holland Patent.
Fluvanna to Jamestown.
Flv Creek*! toCoonerstown
Fly Mountain to Kingston.
Fly Summit* to ('ambridge.
Forest*!! to Ellenburg
Forestburg to Monticello.
Forest Home to Ithaca.
Forestlne to Monticello.
Forest Lawn* to Webster.
Forest of Deans Mines to
Central Valley.
Porestport*!! to Remsen.
Forks*! to Lancaster.
Forsyth to Ripley.
Ft. Ann*!! to Fort Edward
Fort Hamilton*t to New
York City. (Borough of
Ft. Hunter*!! to Amster­
Fort Jackson* to Winthrop.
Ft. Johnson* to Amster­
Fort Miller* to Schuylerville.
Fort Montgomery*!!
Highland Falls.
Fort Salonga* to Northport,
Fort Ticonderoga*!! to Tlconderoga.
Fort Wadswortht to Stapleton, New York City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Fosterdale* to Jefferson­
Four Corners to West New
Brighton, N. Y. City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Four Milet to Olean.
Fowler to Gouverneur.
Fowlerville*!! to York.
Fox Hollow to Margaretville.
Fox Island to Port Chester
Frankfort Hill to Frankfort.
Franklin Depot* to Frank­
FranklinSprlngs*!! to Clin­
Franklinton to Middleburg.
Franklinville*!! to Riverhead.
Fraser*! to Delhi.
Freedom*!! to Arcade.
Freedom Plains to Pough­
Freehold* to Catskill.
Freeman to Addison.
Freeville*tt to Dryden.
Fremont Center* to Oalllcoon.
French Creek to Sherman.
French Mountain to GlensFalls.
Frewsburg*! to Jamestown.
Frontier to Chateaugay.

Fruitland*!! to Ontario.
Fruit Valley to Oswego.
Fullers!! to Schenectady.
Fullerville Iron Works to
Fultonham* to Middleburg.

Gabriels*!! to Saranac Lake
Gaines to Albion.
Galilee to Ogdensburg.
Gallatinville* to Pine Plains
Gallupville* to Schoharie.
Galway* to Ballston Spa.
Ganahgote to Newpaltz.
Gansevoort*!! to Fort Ed­
Garbutt*+! to Rochester.
Garden City Park to Mineola.
Gardenville*! to Buffalo.
Gardiner*!! to Newpaltz
Gardners Corners to Lowville.
Garfield* to Pittsfield,Mass
Garland to Brookport.
Garnertown to Cornwall.
Garnerville*! to Haverstraw.
Garnet* to North Creek.
Garoga to Johnstown.
Garrattsville*! to Edmeston
Garretson’s Station to Sta­
pleton. N. Y. City. (Bor­
ough of Ricnmond).
Garrison*!! to Cold Spring.
Garwood! to Canaseraga.
Gates! to Rochester.
Gayhead* to Coxsackie.
Georgetown*! to Earlville.
Georgetown Station*! to
Germantown (Orange Co.)
*!! to Port Jervis.
Gerry*!! to Jamestown.
Getzville*!! to Williamsville.
Ghent*!! to Chatham.
Gibson to Corning.
Gibson Landing to Hammondsport.
Gilbert Mills! to Fulton.
Gilboa* to Stamford.
Gile*! to St. Regis Falls
Glasco* to Saugerties.
Glen* to Fultonville.
Glen Aubrey* to Whitney
Glenburnie* to Ticonderoga
Glen Castle to Binghamton.
Glenco Mills* to Hudson.
Glendale! see N. Y. City
(Borough of Queens).
Glendale Station! to Glen­
dale, N. V. City, (Bor­
ough of Queens).
Glenfleld*!! to Lowville.
Glenford* to Kingston.
Glenham*!! to Beacon.
Glen Lake* to Glens Falls.
Glenmont*!! to Albany.
Glenmore* to Camden.
Glenora*! to Dundee.
Glenpark*! to Watertown.
Glen Spey* to Port Jervis.
Glenville! to Schenectady.
Glen Wild* to Monticello.
Glenwood*!! to Springville
Glen wood Landing*!- to
Godeffroy* to Port Jervis.
Goldenbridge*!! to Katonah.
Good Ground to Hampton
Goose Creek! to Woodhaven, N. Y. City.
Gorham*!! to Canandaigua
Grafton* to Troy.
Grahamsville* to Liberty.
Granby Center to Fulton.
Grand Hotel Station!! to
Grand Island* to Buffalo.
Grandview to Nyack.
Grangerville to Schuylerville.
Granite* to Kerhonkson.
Granite Springs*!! to Car­
Graniteville! to Port Rich­
mond. N. Y. City, (Bor­
ough of Richmond).
Grant City! to Stapleton,
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Grape ville to Coxsackie.
Graphite* to Ticonderoga.
Grasmere! to Stapleton, N.
Y. City, (Borough of
Grassy Point*t to Haverstraw .
Gratwick! to North Tonawanda.
Gravesend!! to Brooklyn.
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Gravesville* to Poland.
Gray to Poland.
Great Bend*!! to Carthage.

Great Neck Station to
Great Neck.
Great River*!! to East
Great Valley*!! to Ellicottville.
Greece to Rochester.
Greendale*!! to Catskill.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

4 County Seat.

Greenfield Center* to Sara­
toga Springs.
Green Haven*! to Pawling.
Greenhurst to Jamestown.
Greenlawn*!! to Huntington.
Greenport*!! to Hudson.
Greenport Center to Hud­
Green Ridge to Tottenville,
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Green River to Chatham.
Greenville* (Greene Co.) to
Greenville (Orange Co.) to
Port Jervis.
Greenville (Westchester
Co.) to Scarsdale.
Greenville Center* to Cox­
Greenway! to Rome.
Greenwood Lake* to War­
Greig* to Lowville.
Greigsville*!! to York.
Greycourt*!! to Chester.
Griffins Mills to East Au­
Grindstone* to Clayton.
Grooms to Schenectady.
Grooville* to Livingston
Groton City to Groton.
Grove Springs to Rome.
Guilderland*! to Albany.
Guilderland Center*!! to
Guilford*!! to Sidney.
Guilford Center to Sidney.
Gulf Summit*!! to Deposit.
Gurn Springs to Saratoga

Hadley*!! to Luzerne.
Ilagaman* to Amsterdam.
Hagedorns Mills to Broadalbin.
Hagerman! to Patchogue.
Hague* to Bolton Landing
Hailesboro* to Gouverneur.
Haines Falls*!! to Tannersville.
Halcott Center* to Griffin
Halcottsville*!! to Margaretville.
Hale Eddy*!! to Deposit.
Halesite*! to Huntington.
Half Moon to Cohoes.
Half Way!! to Jordan.
Hall*+I to Penn Yan.
Halsey Valley* to Spencer.
Hamblettville to Deposit.
Hamlet* to South Dayton.
Hamlin*! to Brockport.
Hammel Station to Rockaway Beach, New York
City, (Borough of Queens)
Hampton (Orange Co.) to
Hampton* (Washington
Co.) to Poultney, Vt.
Hannacroix* to Ravena.
Uannawa Falls* to Pots­
Hannibal*!! to Fulton.
Hannibal Center to Oswego
Hardys! to Gainesville.
Harford* to Dryden.
Harford Mills*! to Dryden.
Harkness* to Keeseville.
Harlemville to Philmont.
Harpersfleld* to Stamford.
Harpursville*!! to Afton.
Harriman*!! to Monroe.
Harris* to Monticello.
Harrisburg to Lowville.
Hartfield* to Mayville.
Hartford* to Fort Ann.
Hartland to Gasport.
Hart Lot* to Skaneateles.
Hartman to Glens Falls.
Harvard*!! to Downsville.
Hasbrouck* to Liberty.
Haskinville to Hornell
Hastings* (Oswego Co.) to
Hastings Center to Central
Hauppauge* to Smithtown
Hawkeye* to Au Sable
Hawkinsville* to Boonville.
Hawleyton to Binghamton.
Hawthorne*!! to Pleasantville.
Hayt Corners*!! to Ovid.
Hazel* to Roscoe.
Heath to Saugerties.
Hebron to Salem.
Hecla Works to Vernon.
Hector*!! to Watkins Glen.
Helena*! to Brasher Falls.
Money Order Office

Hemlock*!! to Livonia.
Henderson*! to Adams.
Henderson Harbor* to
Henrietta*!! to Rochester.
Hensonville* to Windham.
Hermitage to Gainesville.
Herring* to Carthage.
Hewlett*!! to Lynbrook.
Hibernia to Millbrook.
Hicks to Elmira.
Higginsville to Oneida.
High Falls*!! to Kerhonk­
Central Valley.
Highmount*! to Fleisch­
High view*! to Middletown.
High Woods to Saugerties.
Hillburn*!! to Suffern.
Hillsdale*!! to Philmont.
Himrod*!! to Dundee.
Hinckley*!! to Remsen.
Hinmansville to Phoenix.
Hinsdale*!! to Olean.
Hoag Corners to Albany.
Hoffmans*!! to Amsterdam
Hogansburg* to Massena.
Holbrook*! to Say ville.
Holland! to Rockaway
Beach, N. Y. City, (Bor­
ough of Queens).
Hollowville* to Hudson.
Hollywood* to Potsdam.
Holmes*!! to Pawling.
Holmesville*! to Norwich.
Holtsville*! to Patchogue.
Honeoye* to Livonia.
Honk Hill to Ellenville.
Hope Falls to Northville.
Hopewell Junction!!
Wappingers Falls
Hopkinton* to Winthrop.
Horicon* to Warrensburg.
Horton*!! to Roscoe.
Hortonville* to Callicoon.
Houghton*!! to Fillmore.
Houseville to Lowville.
Howard* to Hornell.
Howard Beach* to Woodhaven, N. Y. City (Bor­
ough of Queens).
Howe Cave*!! to Cobleskill
Howells*! to Middletown.
Hubbardsville*!! to Ham­
Hughsonville* to Wappin­
gers Falls.
Huguenot* to Port Jervis.
Huguenot Park*!! to Tot­
tenville,N. Y. City. (Bor­
ough of Richmond).
Hulberton* to Holley.
Huletts Landing* toWhite
Hume* to Fillmore.
Humphrey* to Ellicottville.
Humphrey Center* to Elli­
Humphreys ville to Hudson.
Hunt* to Dalton.
Hunter*!! to Windham.
Hunters Land to Middle­
Hunters Point! to Long
Island City, N. Y. City.
Hunts Corners to Marathon
Hunts Point! to New York
City, (Borough of Man­
hattan) .
Hurley*!! to Kingston.
Hurley ville*! to Monticello
Hyde Park*!! (Dutchess
C o.) to Poughkeepsie.
Hyde Park (Nassau Co.) to
New Hyde Park.
Hyde Park (Otsego Co.) to
Hyndsville*!! to Cobleskill.

Index to Cooperstown.
Indian Falls* to Corfu.
Indian Fields* to Ravena.
Indian Lake* to North
Indian River to Croghan.
Ingleside to Naples.
Ingraham to Plattsburg.
Inlet* to Old Forge.
Inman* to Saranac Lake.
Ionia*!! to Holcomb.
Ira* to Cato.
Ira Station*!! to Cato.
Irona*! to Ellenburg Depot,
irondequoit! to Rochester.
Ironton to North Tonawanda.
Irving*!! to Silver Creek,
tschua*! to Franklinviile.
Island Parkt to Long Beach
Italy to Naples.
Itaska* to Whitney Point.

Jackson Corners* to Pine
Jacksonville* to Trumansburg
Jacks Beef to Jordan.
Jamesport*!! to Riverhead.
Jamesville*!! to Syracuse.
! Telegraph Station.



Jamison Road*!! to East
Jaquins* to Corry, Pa.
Jasper* to Canisteo.
Java Center*! to North
Java Village* to North Java
Jay* to Au Sable Forks.
Jeddo to Middleport.
Jefferson* to Stamford.
Jefferson Valley* to Peekskill.
Jenksville to Owego.
Jericho*! to Hicks vide.

Jerusalem South to FreeDort.
Jewett* to Windham.
Johnsburg*!to North Creek
Johnson*!! to Middletown.
Johnsonburg*! to North
Johnson Creek to Middleport.
Johnsontown to Haverstraw.
Johnsonville*!! to Hoosick
Jones Point*!! to Peekskill.
Jonesville* to Mechanicsville.
Jordanville*! to Richfield
Joy to Sod us.
Junius!! to Clyde.

Kanona*!! to Bath.
Karner! to West, Albany.
Kauneonga to Liberty.
Kecks Center to Johnstown
Keene* to Lake Placid.
Keenes!! to Gouverneur.
Keene Valley* to Lake
Kelioggsville to Moravia.
Kelly Cornet s* to Margaretville.
Kendaia*!! to Romulus.
Kendall*!! (Orleans Co.) to
Kennedy*!! to Jamestown
Kenoza Lake* to Jefferson­
ICensico to White Plains.
Kent* to Albion.
Kent Cliffs* to Carmel.
Kenwood*!! to Oneida.
Kenyon ville do Lyndon ville
Keuka* to Hammondsport.
Keuka Park* to Penn Yan.
Kiamesha* to Monticello.
Kiantone to Jamestown.
Killawog*!! to Marathon.
Kill Buck*! to Salamanca.
King Ferry* to Genoa.
Kingsbridge* to New York
City. (Borough of Man­
hattan) .
Kirkland* to Clinton.
Kirkville*!! to East Syra­
Kirkwood*!! to Bingham­
Kirschnerville to Croghan.
Kiskatom to Catskill.
Kitchawan*!! to Mount
Knapp Creek* to Olean.
Knowelhurst to Warrens­
Knowlesville* to Medina.
Knox* to Schoharie.
to Oriskany
Kortright* to Oneonta.
Kripplehush to Kerhonkson
Krumville* to Kerhonkson.
Kuckville to Lyndonville.
Kyserike*!! to Kerhonkson.

Lackawack* to Ellenville.
Ladentown to Pomona.
Ladleton* to Ellenville.
La Fayette* to Tull.v.
La Grange!! to Perry.
Lagrange vide* to Pough­
Lairdsville to Clinton.
Lake Bluff* to Wolcott.
Lake Clear* to Saranac
Lake Clear Junction*!! to
Saranca Lake.
Lake Colbey to Saranac
Lake Grove*t to Stony
Lakehill* to Kingston.
Lake Huntington* to Jef­
Lake Katrine*! to Kingston
Lake Kushaqua*!! to Ma­
t Express Office.



Lakeland to Sayville.
Lake Mahopacft to Mahopac.
Lake Mlnnewaska to KerhonksoD.

Lake Mohegan! to Peekskill.
Lake Mohonk to New
Lakemont* to Dundee.
Lake Placid Club to Lake
iLake Pleasant* to Northville.
Lakeport to Chittenango.
Lake Ridge!! to Ithaca.
Lakeside to Williamson.
Lake View*!! to Angola.
Lakeville*!! (Livingston
Co.) to Livonia.
Lakeville (Nassau Co.) to
Great Neck.
Lakewood*!! to Jamestown
Lamberton to Fredonia.
Lamont to Castile.
Lamson*!! to Baldwinsville
Lanesville*! to Kingston.
Langford to North Collins.
Lansing to Oswego.
Lansingburg*t to Troy.
Lansingville to Ithaca.
Laonat to Fredonia.
Lapala to Kingston.
Larchmont Manor toLarchmount.
Larkfleld to Northport.
La Salle*tt to Niagara Falls
Lassellsville to St. Johnsville.
Latham to Watervliet.
Lattintown to Newburgh.
Lattingtown to Locust
Laurel*tt to Mattituck.
Laurel Hillt to Long Island
City, N. Y. City. (Bor­
ough of Queens).
Laurens*! to Oneonta.
Lawrenceville* (St. Law­
rence Co.) to Brasher
Lawrenceville (Ulster Co.)
to Kingston.
Lawtons*!! to N orth Collins.
Lawyersville* to Cobleskill.
Lebanon*!! to Earlville.
Lebanon Springs*!! to
Pittsfield. Mass.
Ledyard to Auburn.
Lee to Rome.
Lee Center* to Rome.
Leeds*! to Catskill
Leek to Franklinville.
Lehigh to Corfu.
Leicester*!! to Mt. Morris.
Leila to Rome.
Lenox to Oneida.
Leon* to Cherry Creek.
Leonardsville*! to West
Leptondale to Wallkill.
Le Raysville to Watertown.
Lester to Windsor.
Levanna*!! to Aurora.
Levant to Falconer.
Lewbeach* to Roscoe.
Lewis* to Westport.
Lewiston*!! to Niagara
Lexington* to Windham.
Liberty Falls to Liberty.
LIbertyville to New Paltz.
Liebhardt* to Kerhonkson.
Lilly Dale*!! to Sinclairville.
Lime Lake*! to Delevan.
Limerick*!! to Watertown.
Lime Rock to Le Roy.
Limestone*!! to Bradford,
Limestreet to Catskill.
Lincklaen* to De Ruyter.
Lincklaen Center to De
Lincoln* to Fairport.
Lincolndale*!! to Katonah.
Lincoln Park!! to Roches­
Linden*!! to Attica.
Lindl-v*! to Corning.
Linlithgo*! to Germantown
Linoleumville*! to Port
Richmond, N. Y. City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Linwood*!! to York.
Lishaskill to SchenectadyLitchfield to Ilion.
Lithgow to Amenia.
Little Britain*!! to Mewburg.
Little France to Central
Little Genessee* to Bolivar.
Little River to Canton.
Little Utica to Baldwins­
Little York*!! to Homer.
Livingston* (Columbia Co.)
to Germantown.
Livingston! (RichmondCo.)
to West New Brighton,
N. Y. City
Livingston Station to Ger­
LIvingstonville* to Middleburg.
Livonia Center* to Livonia.
Lloyds Neck to Huntington
Loch Muller* to North

Loch Sheldrake* to LibertyLock Berlin* to Lyons.
Lockwood*! to Waverly.
Lodi*! to Interlacken.
Logan to Watkins.
Lomontville to Kingston.
Long Eddy*!! to Callicoon.
Long Lake*! to Tupper
Loomis to Walton
Looneyville to Lancaster.
Loon Lake*! to Malone.
Lordville*!! to Hancock.
Lorraine* to Adams
Loudonville*T to Albany.
Louisville* to Massena.
Lounsberry*!! to Owego.
Lowell to Rome.
Lowman*!! to Elmira.
Low Point to Beacon.
Loyd*!! to Highland.
Ludingtonville to Carmel.
Ludlowville*!! to Ithaca.
Lycoming*! to Oswego.
Lykers to Canajoharie.
Lyonsdale* to Port Leyden.
Lysander* to Baldwinsville.

Mabbettsville to Millbrook.
MacDougall*!! to Geneva.
Macedon Center* to Macedon.
Machias* to Franklinville.
Mackey to Middleburg
Macomb to Gouverneur.
Madalin*! to Saugerties.
Madison* to Oriskany Falls
Magee to Waterloo
Mahopac Falls* to Carmel.
Maine* to Union.
Malden Bridge* to Chatham
Malden on Hudson*!! to
Malta to Ballston Spa.
Maltaville to Ballston Spa.
Manchester*!! to Shortsville.
Manchester Bridge to
MannsvlUe*!! to Lacona.
Manor to Center Moriches.
Manor Kill to Stamford.
Manorville*!! to Center
Maple Beach to Livonia.
Maplecrest* to Catskill.
Maple Grove to Morris.
Maples! to Ellicottville.
Maple Springs* to Mayville
Maplestreet to Wilson.
Mapleton*! to Auburn.
Maple View*!! to Pulaski.
Maplewood! to Monticello.
Marbletown to Kingston.
Marcellus Falls* to MarMarcy*!! to Utica.
Marengo to Clyde.
Mariaville to Schenectady.
Marietta* to Marcellus.
Marilla*t to East Aurora.
Marilla Station to Lan­
Martindale to Philmont.
Martindale Depot*!! to
Martinsburg*! to Lowville.
Martinsville* to North Tonawanda.
Martville*!! to Red Creek.
Maryland*!! to Schenevus.
Masonville* to Sidney.
Massapequa*!! to Amityville.
Massena Center to Massena
Massena Springs*! to Mas­
Matinecock to Locust Val­
Mattewan!! to Beacon.
Mayfield*!! to Gloversville.
McClure to Deposit.
McColloms* to Malone.
McConnellsville*!! to Cam­
McDonald to Tupper Lake.
McDonough* to Oxford.
McGraw*! to Cortland.
McKeever*!! to Old Forge.
McKownville to Albany.
McLean*!! to Dryden.
Meacham Lake*! to Malone
Meadowdale*!! to Albany.
Mecklenburg* to Trumansburg.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County


Meco to Gloversville.
Medford Station*!! to Patchogue.
Medusa* to Coxsackie.
Medway to Coxsackie.
Mellenville*!! to Philmont.
Melrose*!! to Troy
Melville to Farmingdale.
Memphis*!! to Jordan.
Menands!! to Albany.
Mendon*!! to Victor.
Mendon Center to Honeoye
Meredith* to Delhi.
Meridale* to Delhi.
Meridian* to Cato.
Merrickville*! to Walton.
Merrifleld*! to Auburn.
Merrill* to Chateaugay.
Mertensia*! to Victor.
Messengerville*!! to Mara­
Mettacahonts to Kerhonk­
Middle Falls* to Greenwich
Middlefield* to Cooperscown.
Middle Granville*!! to
Middle Grove* to Saratoga
Middle Hope* to Newburgh
Middle Island* to Port
Middlesex*!! to Naples.
Midland Beach! to Stapleton, N. Y. City, (Borough
of Richmond).
Mileses* to Callicoon.
Milford Center to Milford.
Miller Place*! to Port Jef­
Millers*!! to Lyndonville.
Millers Mills* to West Win­
Millersport to Lockport.
Millgrove* to Alden.
Mill Point to Amsterdam.
Mill Port*!! to Montour
Millville to Medina.
Millwood*!! to Mt. Kisco.
Milo Center to Penn Yan.
Minaville* to Amsterdam.
Minden to St. Johnsville.
Mindenville to St. Johns­
Minerva* to North Creek.
Minetto*!! to Oswego.
Mineville* to Port Henry
Mink Hollow to Kingston.
Minnewaska* to Kerhonk­
Minstead to Newark.
Model City!! to Niagara
Modeltown* to Niagara
Modena*!! to New Paltz.
Moffitsville* to Plattsburg.
Mohawk Hill to Boonville.
Mohegan Lake* to Peekskill.
Mohonk Lake*! to New
Moira*!! to Brushton.
Molyneux Corners to Lockport.
Mombaccus to Kerhonkson
Mongaup Valley* to Mon­
Monsey*!! to Spring Valley
Montauk*!! to East Hamp­
Montcalm Landing to TiconderogaMontela* to Ellenville.
Monterey to Watkins.
Montezuma* to Port
Montoma to Kingston.
Montrose*! to Peekskill.
Moodna! to Cornwall.
Moody* to Tupper Lake.
Mooers* to Champlain.
Mooers Forks*!! to Cham­
Moons*! to Sinclairville.
Moores Mill*!! to Millbrook
Morehouseville to Poland
Moreland to Montour Falls
Moreland Station*! toMontour Falls.
Moresville to Grand Gorge.
Morganville* to Le Roy.
Moriah* to Port Henry.
Moriah Center* to Port
Moriches*! to Center Mo­

Moses Kill to Fort Edward.
Mottville* to Skaneateles.
Mountain Dale*!! to Ellen­
Mountain House to Catskill
Mountain View*!! to Ma­
Mountainville*!! to Corn­
Mounthope (Orange Co,) to
Mt. Hope!! (Westchester
Co.) to Hastings upon
Mount Ivy*!toHaverstraw.
Mt. Lebanon* to Pittsfield.
Mount Marion*!! to Sau­
Mount Prosper to Middletown.
Mount Read to Rochester.
Mt. Sinai* to Port Jefferson
Mt. Tremper* to Kingston.
Mount Upton*!! to Sidney.
Mount Vision*! to Oneonta
Muitzeskill to Castleton.
Mumford*!! to Caledonia.
Munnsville*! to Oneida.
Munson to Hempstead.
Murray to Holley.
Murray Isle to Clayton.
Mycenae to Chittenango.
Myers* to Ithaca.
Nanticoke* to Whitney
Napanoch*!! to Ellenville.
Napoli to East Randolph.
Nashville to Forestville.
Nassau*!! to Albany.
Natural Bridge* to Car­
Natural Dam* to Gouver­
Naumburg to Carthage.
Navarino to Marcellus.
Nedrow* to Syracuse.
Nelliston* to Fort Plain.
Nelson* to Cazenovia.
Nelsonville! to ColdSpring.
Nepera Park*!! to Yonkers
Nesconset* * to Smithtown.
Neversink* to Liberty.
Nevis to Red Hook.
New Albion* to Catta­
New Baltimore* to Cox­
New Boston to Lowville.
New Bremen* to Lowville.
New City*! to Haverstraw.
Newcomb* to North Creek.
Neweiden to Narrowsburg.
Newfield* to Ithaca.
New Hackensack* to Wappingers Falls.
New Hamburg*! to Wappingers Falls.
New Hampton*!! to Mid­
New Haven*!! to Mexico.
New Hope to Moravia.
New Kingston* to Margaretviile.
New Lebanon*!! to Pitts­
field, Mass.
New Lebanon Center* to
Pittsfield, Mass.
New Lisbon* to Morris.
New London to Rome.
Newman*! to Lake Placid.
New Milford*! to Warwick.
New Oregon to North Col­
New Russia* to Westport.
New Salem (Albany Co.)
to Albany.
New Salem! (Ulster Co.) to
New Scotland*!! to Delmar
New Springvihe! to Port
Richmond, N. Y. City,
(Borough of Richmond).
New Suffolk*! to Mattituck.
Newtonfalls*! to Harrisville.
Newton Hook*!! to Cox­
Newtonville*! to Water­
Newtown to Elmhurst. N.
Y. City, (Borough of
New Vernon to Middletown
Newville* to Little Falls.
New Windsor!! to New­
New Woodstock*!! to Caz­

Morley* to Canton.
Morris Heights*! to New
York City, (Borough of
Morrisonville*!! to Platts­
Morris Park!! to Richmond
Hill, N. Y. City, (Bor­
ough of Queens).

New York Mills* to Utica.
Nicholville* to St. Regis
Nile* to Friendship.
Nineveh*! to Afton.
Nineveh Junction*! to Af­
Niobe*!! to Jamestown.
N iskayuna*!! to Schenec­
Morrisville Station*!! to
Nissequogue to Stony
Mortimer!! to Rochester.
M ivervlile*tl to KinderMorton*!! to Holley.
Money Order Office.

! Telegraph Station.

Northampton* to Northville.
North Argyle to Argyle.
North Bangor* to Malone.
North Bay*!! .to Oneida.
North Beach to Long Island
City, New York City
(Borough of Queens).
North Bellmore* to Free­
N. Bellport to Patchogue.
North Bergen! to Bergen.
North Blenheim* to Mid­
North Bloomfield* to Hone­
oye Falls.
North Boston* to Hamburg
North Branch* to Callicoon
North Brookfield*! to Waterville.
Northbush to Johnstown.
North Chatham*! to Kinderhook.
North Chemung to Elmira.
North Chili* to Rochester.
N. Clymer* to Sherman.
N Cohocton* to Wayland.
North Evans* to Angola.
N. Fair Haven*!! to Red
Northfleldtl to Walton.
N. Franklin to Oneonta.
North Germantown* to
N. Granville* to Granville.
N. Greece* to Spencerport.
N. Greenwich to Greenwich
North Hannibal to Oswego.
North Harpersfleld toStamford.
North Hebron to Granville.
North Hector to Watkins
North Hoosick*!! to Hoosick Falls.
North Hudson* to Port
North Huron to Wolcott.
N. Kortright to Stamford.
North Lansing! to Locke
N. Lawrence*!! to Brasher.
North Manlius to Syracuse.
North Norwich* to Sher­
North Pelham to Pelham.
North Pembroke to Batavia
North Petersburg to Hoosick F&lls
North Pharsalia* to South
North Pitcher* to South
North Ridge to Lockport.
N. River* to North Creek.
North Roslyn! to Roslyn.
North Rush to Scottsville.
N. Russell to Canton.
North Salem* to Brewster.
North Sanford*! to Afton.
North Scriba! to Oswego.
North Sea to Southampton.
N. Spencer*!! to Spencer.
North Stephen town* toBerlin.
N. Stockholm* to Norwood.
Northumberland to Schuylerville.
North Victory to RedCreek
North Western* to Rome.
North White Lake* to
North Wilna to Carthage.
Norton Hill* to Coxsackie
Norway* to Newport.
Norwood! to Hempstead.
Number Four to Lowville
Nyando*!! to Massena.
Oakbeach* to Babylon.
Oak Hill* to Catskill.
Oak Orchard to Medina.
Oak Orchard on the Lake
to Albion.
Oakpoint to Hammond.
Oaks Corners*!! to Phelps.
Oaksville* to Cooperstown.
Oakwood to Stapleton, N.
Y. City, (Borough of
Obernburg* to Callicoon.
Obi to CubaOceanus
Beach, N. Y. City, (Bor­
ough of Queens).
Ohio* to Poland.
Ohioville! to New Paltz
Olcott*! to Lockport.
Old Chatham*!! to Chat­
Old Westbury*t to Mineola
Olive to Kingston.
01ivebridge*+ to Kingston.
Oliverea* to Margaretville.
Olmstedville* to North
Omar* to Clayton.
Onativiat! to Syracuse.
OncMota to Saranac Lake
Oneida Castle! to Oneida
Oneida Valley to Oneida
Onondaga* to Syracuse
Onondaga Castle to Syru
Onondaga Valley to
Onoville* to Randolph.
! Express Office.


Ontario Center* to Ontario.
Oppenheim to St. Johnsville.
Oquaga Lake* to Deposit.
Oramel* to Belfast.
Oran*!! to Manlius.
Orangeburg*!! to Sparkill.
Orange Lake* to Walden.
Orangeport to Lockport.
Oregon to Peekskill.
Orient* to Greenport.
Oriskany*tt_to Utica.
Orlando to Ellicottville.
Orleans*! to Clifton Springs
Orleans Four Corners!! to
Orvillet to Fayetteville.
Orwell* to Lacona.
Osborn Bridge to North­
Oscawana*!! to Croton on
Osceola* to Camden.
Ossian to Dansville.
Oswegatchie*! to Carthage.
Oswego Center to Oswego.
Otego*!! to Oneonta.
Otisco* to Syracuse.
Otisco Mills to Cambridge.
Otisco Valley* to Tully.
Otisville*!! to Middletown.
Otselic* to South Otselic.
Otterlake* to Boonville.
Otto* to Cattaraugus.
Ouaquaga* to Windsor.
Owasco* to Auburn.
Owasco Lake!! to Auburn.
Owls Head*!! to Malone.
Oxbow* to Antwerp.
Oxford Depot*!! to Chester

Pagebrook to Greene.
Pages Corners to Richfield
Palatine Bridge*! to Canajoharie.
Palenvllle* to Catskill.
Palermo to Fulton.
Palisades* to Sparkill.
Palmer* to Corinth.
Pamelia Four Corners to
Panama!! to Jamestown.
Panama Station to Sher­
Paradox* to Ticonderoga.
Paris* to Waterville.
Parishville* to Potsdam.
Paris Station*!! to Waterville.
Parkston to Livingston
Parksville*!! to Liberty.
Parma to Spencerport.
Parma Center to Hilton.
Pataukunk to Kerhonkson.
Pattens Mills to Glens
Patterson*!! to Pawling.
Pattersonville*!! to Am­
Paul Smiths*! to Saranac
Pavement to Lancaster.
Peach Orchard to Watkins
Peakville* to Roscoe.
Pearl Creek*!! to. Wyoming
Peasleeville* to Plattsburg.
Peconic*!! to Southold.
Pekin to Lockport.
Pelham Bridge to NewYork
City, (Borough of Man­
Pelham Manor* to North
Pembroke*!! to Corfu.
Pendleton! to Lockport.
Pendleton Center! to Lockport.
Penfleld* to East Rochester
Pennellville*!! to Phoenix.
Peoria to York.
Pepacton*!! to Downsville.
Perch River to Watertown.
Perkinsville* to Wayland.
Perry Center to Perry.
Perry City to Trumansburg
Perrysburg*!! to Gowanda.
Perrys Mills* toChamplain.
Perryville* to Chittenango.
Perth to Amsterdam.
Peru*!! to Plattsburg.
Peruville* to Groton.
Peterboro* to Canastota.
Petersburg*!! to Berlin.
Petries Corners* to Lowville
Phillips Creek to Belmont.
Phillipsport*! to Ellenville.
Phoenicia*!! to Margaretville.
Phoenix Mills to Cooperstown.
Piercefleld*!! to Tupper
Piermont*! to Sparkill.
Pierrepont* to Canton.
Pierrepont Manor*!! to
Piffard*!! to Geneseo.
Pike*! to Bliss.
Pine City*!! to Elmira.
Pine Hill*!! to Fleischmanns.
Pine Island*! to Florida.

Pinelawn*!! to Farmingdale.
Pines Bridge to Mount
Pine Valley*!! to HorsePiseco* to Northville.
Pitcairn to Harrisville.
Pitcher* to Cincinnatus.
Pittsfield to New Berlin.
PIttstown* to Troy.
Plainville* to Baldwinsville.
Plato to Ellicottville
Platt Clove! to Saugerties.
Plattekill* to Newburgh.
Pleasant Brook* to Cherry
Pleasant Plains (Dutchess
Co.) to Poughkeepsie.
Pleasant Plains! (Rich­
mond Co.) to Tottenville,
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Pleasant Valley*!! (Dutch­
ess Co.) to Poughkeepsie.
Plessis* to Theresa.
Pluinbrook*! to Norwood.
Plutarch to New Paltz.
Plymouth* to Norwich.
Pocantico Hills*!!to Tarrytown.
Poestenkill* to Troy.
Point Breeze to Albion.
Point Chautauqua*to Mayville.
Point Peninsula* to Watertown.
Point Pleasant to Rochester
Point Rock* to Rome.
Pomona*! to Spring Valley.
Pompey* to Syracuse.
Pompey Center to Manlius.
Pond Eddy*! to Port Jer­
Ponds to Rochester.
Poolville*!! to Earlville.
Pope Mills* to Morristown.
Poplar Ridge* to Auburn.
Portage!! to Nunda.
Portageville*!! to Castile.
Port Benjamin to Kerhonk­
Port Crane*!! to Bingham
Port Dickinson to Bing­
Porter Corners* to Saratoga
Porterville* to East Aurora.
Port Ewen*! to Kingston.
Port Gibson*! to Newark.
Port Jefferson Station*! to
Pt. Jefferson.
Port Kent*!! to Keesville.
Portland*!! to Brocton.
Portland Point* to Ithaca.
Portlandville*!! to Milford.
Port Ontario to Pulaski
Portville*!! to Olean.
Portway!! to Wayland.
Potter* to Rushville.
Potter Hill to Hoosick Falls
Potter Hollow* to Middleburg.
Pottersville*to North Creek
Poughquag*!! to Pawling.
Poundridge to New Canaan
Pratts Hollow* to Morrisville.
Prattsville* to Grand Gorge
Preble*!! to Tully.
Presho*!! to Corning.
Preston* to Norwich.
Preston Hollow* to Middleburg.
Prince Bay* to Tottenville.
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Princetown* to Schenectady
Prospect*! to Remsen.
Protection*!! to Holiand.
Pulteney* to Prattsburg.
Pultneyville* to William­
Purchase*! to White Plains.
Purdy Creek to Canjsteo.
Purdy Station* to Brewster.
Purling to Catskill.
Putnam!! to Whitehall.
Putnam Station* to White­
Putnam Valley to Peekskill
Pyrites* to Canton.

Quaker Bridge*!! to Ran­
Quaker Springs to Schuylerville.
Quaker Street*! to Schen­
Quarryyille to Saugerties.
Qua«saick Bridge to New­
Queens*!! to N. Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
Queensbury to Glens Falls.
Quogue*!! to West Hamp­
ton Beach.
Raceville to Granville
Racket River to Massena.
Ramapo*!! to Suffern.
Randall*!! to Fonda.
Randall Road to Ransomville.
RandallsviUe!! to Hamilton
Rapids to Lockport.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Raquette Lake*!! to Old
Rathbone*!! to Addison.
Ravenswood! to Long Is­
land City, N. Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
Rawson to Cuba.
Ray to Attica.
Ray Brook*! to Saranac
Raymertown to Troy
Raymondville*! to Norfolk.
Reading to Watkins Glen.
Reading Center*!! to Wat­
kins Glen.
Reber to Willsboro.
Rector to Lowville.
Red Falls to Grand Gorge.
Redfleld* to Camden.
Redford* to Plattsburg.
Red House*!! to Salamanca
Redrock to Chatham.
Reeds Corners to Canan­
Remsenburg*! to West
Hampton Beach.
Rensselaer Falls*!! to Heuvelton.
Rensselaerville* to Albany.
Reserve to Lackwanna.
Resort to Wolcott.
Retsof*!! to York.
Rex to Fort Plain.
Rexford* to Schenectady.
Rexville* to Greenwood.
Reynoldsville* (Schuyler
Co.) to Watkins Glen.
Rheims*! to Hammondsport.
Rhinecliff*!! to Rhinebeck.
Ricard to Pulaski.
Rices*!! to Watertown
Riceville! to Springville.
Richburg* to Bolivar.
Riches Corners to Albion.
Richfield* to Ri c h fl e 1 d
Rlchford*!! to Newark
Richland*!! to Lacona.
Richmond*! to Stapleton.
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Richmond Mills to Livonia.
Richmond Valley! to Tot­
tenville, New York City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Richville*!! to Gouverneur
Ridge to Mt. Morris.
Ridgebury* to Middletown.
Ridgeland to Rochester.
Ridge Mills to Rome.
Ridgeroad to Newfane.
Ridgeway to Medina.
Rifton* to Kingston.
Riga to Churchville.
Rio* to Port Jervis.
Riparius* to North Creek.
Risingville to Bath.
Riverdalef! to New York
City (Manhattan).
River Forks! to West Win­
Riverside to Corning.
Riverside Station to North
Riverview* to SaranacLake.
Rochester Junction*!! to
Honeoye Falls.
Rock City! (Cattaraugus
Co.) to Olean.
Rock City (Dutchess Co.)
to Red Hook.
Rock City Falls* to BaUston Spa.
Rockdale*!! to Sidney.
Rock Glen*!! to Silver
Rock Hill* to Monticello.
Rockland*!! to Roscoe.
Rockland Lake* to Nyack.
Rocklet to Washington ville
Rock Rift*!! to Walton.
Rockroyal* to Walton.
Rock Stream*! to Dundee.
Rock Tavern*! to Washingtonville.
Rockville* to Belfast.
Rockwells Mills*! to Sid­
Rockwood*! to Johnstown.
Rocky Point *! to Port Jef­
Rodvournville to Horseheads.
Rodman* to Adams.
Rogersvillef to Dansville.
Roland! to Lackawanna.
Rondout*!! to Kingston.
Ronkonkoma*!! to Sayville.
Rose* to North Rose.
Rosebank*!! to Stapleton
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Roseboom*toCherry V alley.
Rosedalef! to Jamaica, N.
Y. City, (Borough of
Rose Hill* to Marcellus.
Roseland to Webster.
Money Order Office.

Rosendale*t! to Kingston.
Rosendale Plains to Newplatz.
Roses Point to Port Jervis.
Roseton*!! to Newburgh.
Rose Valley to North Rose.
Rosiere*!! to Cape Vincent.
Rossburg*!! to Fillmore.
Rossie* to Hammond.
Rossman* to Hudson.
Rossville! to Tottenville.
N. Y. City, (Borough of
Rotterdam! to Schenectady
Rotterdam Junction* to
Round Island to Highland
Round Lake*!! to Ballston,
Round Top* to Catskill.
Royalton to Gasport.
Ruby* to Kingston.
Ruralgrove to Canajoharie.
Rural Hill to Adams.
Russell* to Hermon.
Rutland to Watertown.
Rutsonville to Walden.
Rye Neck to Mamaroneck.
Sabael* to North Creek.
Sabbath Day Point* to
Bolton Landing.
Sacandaga* to Northville.
Sackets Harbor*!!toWatertown.
Sagaponack*! to Sag Har­
Sagetown to Elmira.
Sailors Snug Harbor! to
New Brighton, New York
City, (Borough of Rich­
mond) .
St. George*!! to New
Brighton, New York City
(Borough of Richmond).
Saint James*!! to Stony
Saint Johns to Haverstraw.
St. Johnsburg to North
St. Josephs*!! to Monti­
Saint Lawrence* to Clayton
Saint Remy* to Kingston.
Salem Center* to Brewster.
Salisbury* to Dolgeville
Salisbury Center*!to Dolge­
Salisbury Mills*!! to Washingtonville.
Salmon River (Clinton) to
Salmon River (Oswego) to
Salt Point*!! to Pough­
Salt Springville* to Cherry
Sammonsville to Fonda.
Sanborn*!! to Niagara Falls
Sandlake* to Troy.
Sands Point! to Port Wash­
Sandusky* to Arcade.
Sandy Creek* to Lacona.
Sandy Hill to Hudson Falls.
Sanford* to Deposit.
Sangerfleld* to Waterville.
Sanitaria Springs*!! to
Santa Clara*!! to St. Regis
Saranac*! to Plattsburg.
Saranac Junction to Sara­
nac Lake.
Sardinia*!to Arcade.
Sauquoit* !! to Clayville.
Savieton to Newburgh.
Sawens to Corfu.
Sawyer to Albion.
Sawyers Creek to North
Scarborough to Ossining.
Schaghticoke*!! to Troy.
Schodack Center to Castleton.
Schodack Landing*! to
Schroon Lake*! to Crown
Schroon River to Port
Schultzville to Rhinebeck.
Schuyler Falls* to Platts­
Schuyler Lake*!! to Rich­
field Springs.
Scio*!! to Wellsville.
Sciota*! to Plattsburg.
Scipio to Auburn.
Scipioville to Aurora.
Scotch Bush to Amsterdam.
Scotchtown! to Middletown
Scott to Homer.
Scottsburg* to Dansville.
Scottsville*!! to Rochester.
Scriba!! to Oswego.
Sea Breeze to Rochester.
Seager* to Margaretville.
Seaside Station to Rockaway Beach, N. Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
Seely Creek to Elmira.
Selden*! to Port Jefferson.
Selkirk*!! to Ravena.
Sempronius to Moravia.
! Telegraph Station.



Seneca Castle*!! to Geneva.
Sennett*!! to Auburn.
Setauket*!! to Port Jeffer­
Severance* to Crown Point.
Sevey to Potsdam.
Seward*!! to Cobleskill.
Shady* to Kingston.
Shandaken*!! to Margaret­
Shandalee to Livingston
Sharon* (Schoharie Co.) to
Sharon Springs
Shavertown*!! to Downs­
Shawangunk to Wallkill.
Shawnee to Lockport.
Sheds* to De Ruyter
Shekomeko*!! to Pine
Shelby to Medina.
Sheldon to North Java.
Sheldrake Springs!! toOvid
Shelter Island*t to Greenport.
Shelter Island Heights* to
Shenandoah to Beacon.
Sherburne Four Corners*
to Sherburne.
Sheridan*! to Forestville.
Sherwood* to Aurora.
Shinhopple*! to Downs­
Shokan* to Kingston.
Shongo* to Wellsville.
Shoreham*!! to Port Jeffer­
Short Tract to Fillmore.
Shrub Oak* to Peekskill.
Shushan*!! to Cambridge.
Sidney Center* to Unadilla.
Silver Bay*!? to Bolton
Silver Lake *!! to Perry.
Silvernails*!! to Pine Plains
Skaneateles Falls* to Skaneateles.
Skerry to Malone.
Slate Hill*!! to Middletown.
Slaterville Springs* to Ith­
Slingerlands*!! to Delrnar.
Sloan! to Buffalo.
Sloansville* to Schoharie.
Sloatsburg*!! to Suffern.
Smithboro*!! to Waverly.
Smiths Basin*!! to Ft. Ed­
Smiths Landing to Sauger­
Smiths Mills*!! to Forest­
Smithtown*!! to Smithtown Branch.
Smithville* to Adams.
Smithville Flats* to Greene
Smyrna*!! to Norwich.
Sodom* to North Creek.
Sodus Center*!! to Sodus.
Sodus Point*!! to Sodus.
Solon* to Cortland
Solsville*!! to Oriskany
Somers*! to Katonah.
Somers Center to Katonah.
Somerset to Barker.
Somerville to Gouverneur.
Sonora to Savona.
S. Alabama to Oakfleld.
S. Amenia to Amenia.
S. Apalachin to Owego.
S. Argyle to Argyle.
S. Bay!! (Madison Co.) to
S. Bay (Onondaga Co.) to
S. Beach! to Stapleton, N.
Y. City, (Borough of
S. Berne* to Altamont.
S. Bethlehem*!! to Albany,
S. Bombay to Brushton.
S. Bristol to Naples
S. Butler* to Wolcott.
S. Byron*!! to Batavia.
S. Cairo* to Catskill.
S. Cambridge* to Cam­
S. Canisteo to Canisteo.
S. Colton* to Potsdam.
S. Columbia*!! to Rich­
field Springs.
S. Corinth!! to Corinth.
S. Cortland to Cortland.
S. Dansville* to Dansville.
S. Durham* to Catskill.
South East Center to Brew­
S. Edmeston*! to New
Southfields*!! to Monroe.
S. Gilboa*!! to Stamford.
S. Greece to Rochester.
S. Hammond*! to Ham­
S. Hannibal to Fulton.
S. Hartford* to Fort Ed­
S. Hartwick to Hartwick.
South Horicon to Warrensburg.
S. Jamesport*! to Riverhead.
t Express ottic




Stone Ridge* to Kerhonkson.
S. Lansing! to Ithaca.
Stony Creek*!! to Warrensburg.
Stony Hollow to Kingston.
S. Lima*!! to Livonia.
Stony Point*!! to HaverS. Livonia*! to Livonia
S. Millbrook* to Millbrook.
Storm King to Cold Spring.
Stormville*!! to Beacon.
S. New Berlin*!! to New
Stottville*! to Hudson.
Stow'*! to Jamestown.
8. Nyack to Nyack.
8. Onondaga to Syracuse.
Straits Corners* to Owego.
South Oyster Bay to AmityStratford* to Dolgeville.
Streetroad to Ticonderoga.
I Strykersville* toNorthJ ava.
8. Plattsburg to Plattsburg.
8. Plymouth* to Norwich.
Stuyvesant*r! to KinderSouthport to Elmira.
South Pulteney to PrattsStuyvesaut Falls*!! to Kinburg
8. Kortright*!! to Hobart.

South Rondout to Kingston
8. Russell* to Edwards.
8. Rutland* to Watertown.
8. Salem* to Ridgefield.
8. Schenectady!! to Schen
8. Schodack* to Castleton.
8. Schroon* to Warrensburg.
S. Scriba to Oswego.
8. Sodus to Lyons.
8. Stockton to Sinclalrville.
8. Valley* to Cherry Valley
S. Wales*!! to East Aurora.
South Westerlo to Goxsackie.
Southwest Oswego to Os­
8. Worcester* to Worcester.
Spafford to Homer.
Sparrow Bush* to Port Jer­
Speculator* to Northville.
Speedsville to Dryden.
Spencertown* to Chatham.
Speonk*!! to West Hamp­
ton Beach.
Split Rock to Syracuse.
Spragueville* to Gouverneur.
Sprakers*!! to Canajoharie.
Spring Brook*! to East Au­
8pringtleld (Otsego Co.) to
Cherry Valley.
Springfield Center* to Rich­
field Springs
Spring Glen*! to Ellenville
Springlake* (Cayuga Co
to Port Byron.
Springs* to East Hampton.
Sprout Brook to Fort Plain.
Spuyten Duyvllti to New
York City, (Borough of
Spy Lake to Northville.
Staatsburg*!! to Rhinebeck
Stacy Basin to Rome.
Stafford*!! to Batavia.
Stanard to Wellsville
Stanfordville*!! to Millbrook.
Stanley*!! to Canandaigua.
Stanwix to Rome
Stark* to Potsdam.
Starkey*!! to Dundee.
Starkville* to Fort Plain
Starlake* to Carthage.
State Bridge to Oneida
State Line (Cattaraugus
Co.) to Olean.
State Line!! (Chautauqua
Co.) to Ripley.
State Road! to Horseheads.
Steamburg*!! toRandolph.
Stedman to Mayville.
Steele to Geneva.
Steinway! to Long Island
City, New York City,
(Borough of Queens).
Stephens Mills to Hornell.
Stephentown*!! to Pitts­
field, Mass.
Stephentown Center* to
Pittsfield. Mass.
Sterling! to Fair Haven.
Sterling Forest to Warwick
Sterling Valley to Fair
Sterlingville*!! to Philadel­
Steuben to Holland Patent.
Stillwater* to Mechanicville
Stissing* to Pine Plains.
Stittville*!! to Holland
Stockbridge* to Oneida.
Stockport* to Hudson
8tockton to Sinclairville.
Stock well to Waterville.
Stokes* to Rome.
Stone Arabia to Canajo­
Stonechurch to Bergen.
Stoneco* to Poughkeepsie.
Stonehouse* to Pawling.
Stone Mills to Clayton.

Sugar Loaf*!! to Chester.
Sullivanville to Horsebeads.
Summerdale* to Mayville.
Summit* to Richmondville.
Summitville*!! to Ellen­
Sundown* to Ellenville.
Sunnyside to Long Island
City, N. Y. City. (Bo­
rough of Queens).
Surprise* to Coxsackie
Suspension Bridge!! to
Niagara Falls.
Swain*!! to Canaseraga.
Swan Lake to Liberty.
Swartwood*!! to Spencer.
Swormville* to Lockport.


Ulster Landing to Sauger­
Ulster Park*!! to Kingston.
Ulsterville! to Pine Bush.
Unadilla Forks* to West
Underhill to Mount Kisco.
Union Center* to Union.
Union Church to Albany.
Union Corners to Bronxville.
Union Course! to Woodhaven, New York City,
(Borough of Queens).
Union Grove*!! to Margaretville.
Union Hill*!! to Webster.
Unionport to New York
City (Manhattan).
Union Springs*!! to Au­
Union Valley* to Cincin­
Upper Aquebogue to Riverhead.
Upper Jay* to Au Sable
Upper Lisle* to Whitney
Upper Nyack to Nyack.
Upper Red Hook* to Red
Upper Saranac* to Sara­
nac Lake.
Urbana* to Hammondsport
Urlton* to Coxsackie.
Ushers*!! to Mechanicsville.

Sylvan Beach*!! to Oneida.

Taberg* to Rome.
Taborton* to Troy.
Talcottville* to Boonville.
Talcville*! to Edwards.
Tallman*! to Suffern.
Tappan*!! to Sparkill
Taylor* to Cincinnatus.
Tennanah to Roscoe.
Texas to Mexico.
Texas Valley to Marathon.
The Glen*!! to Warrensburg.
Thendara*!! to Old Forge.
The Vly to Kerhonkson.
Thiells*! to Ilaverstraw
Thomaston! to Great Neck.
Thompson Ridge*!! toPine
Thompsons Lake to Altamonr,
Thompson ville* to Monticello.
Thomson* to Schuylerville.
Thornwood*! to Pleasantville.
Thousand Island Park*! to
Three Mile Bay*!! to Cape
Three Rivers to Phoenix.
Throopsville to Auburn.
Thurman* to Warrensburg.
Thurston to Bath.
Tillson* to New Paltz.
Tilly Foster*!! to Brew­
Tioga Center*!! to Owego.
Tiarona to Beacon.
Tivoli*!! to Saugerties.
Toddsville to Cooperstown.
Tomhannock to Troy.
Tomkins Cove*!! to Haverstraw
Tompkins Corners! (Che­
mung Co.) to Horseheads
Tompkins Corners* (Put­
nam Co.) to Peekskill.
Tongore to Kingston.
Tower Hill! to Port Rich­
mond, N. Y. City, (Bo­
rough of Richmond).
Towlesville to Bath.
Towners*!! to Brewster.
Town Line*!! to Lancaster.
Townsend to Montour Falls
Tracy Creek to Endicott.
Travisville to Port Rich­
mond, N. Y. City. (Bo­
rough of Richmond).
Treadwell* to Franklin.
Triangle* to Whitney Point
Tribes Hill*!! to Amster­
Tristales to Port Jervis.
Troupsburg* to Knoxville,
Trout Brook!! to Roscoe.
Trout (’reek* to Unadilla.
Trout River to Malone.
Trudeau* to Saranac Lake.
Trumbull Cornerstolthaca.
Truthville* to Granville.
Truxton*!! to De Ruyter.
Tunnel*!! to Binghamton.
Turin* to Lowville.
Turner to Monroe.
Turnwood* to Margaretville.
Tuscarora*!! to Mount
Tuthill to Newplatz.
Tuttles to Victor.
Tuxedo Park*!! to Suffern.
Tyrone* to Watkins Glen.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Ulster Heights to Ellen-

i County Best.

Vail Gate* to Cornwall.
Vail Mills*! to Gloversville
Valatie*! to Kinderhook.
Valcour*!! to Plattsburg.
Valhalla*!! to WhltePlains.
Valley Cottage*!! to Nyack
Valley Falls*!! to Troy.
Valiev Mills!! to Oneida.
Valois*!! to Watkins Glen.
Vandalia! to Allegany.
Van Etten*!! to Spencer.
Vanhornes ville* to Fort
Van Nest! to New York
City, (Borough of Man­
hattan) .
Varna to Ithaca.
Varysburg* to No Java
Vega* to Roxbury.
Venice Center*! to Moravia
Verbank*!! to Millbrook.
Verbank Village* to Mill­
Verdoy to Watervliet.
Vermillion to Mexico.
Vermontville* to Saranac
Vernon Center to Vernon.
Verona*! to Oneida.
Verona Station*!! to Ver­
Verplanck* to Peekskill.
Versailles* to Gowanda.
Vesper to Tully.
Vestal*!! to Union.
Vestal Center* to Union.
Veteran to Saugerties.
Victory to Cato.
Victory Mills* to Schuyler­
Vienna!! to Camden.
Vincent to Canandaigua.
Vine Valley to Rushville.
Vineyard*! to Brocton.
Viola to Spring Valley.
Virgil to Cortland.
Vischer Ferry* to Schenec­
Vista to New Canaan,Conn.
Volney to Fulton.
Voorheesville*!! to Albany.
Wadhams*!! to Westport.
Wadhams Mills to Westport.
Wading River*!! to Port
Wadsworth* to Geneseo.
Wainscott*! to Bridgehampton.
Waits to Nichols.
Wakefield to Mt. Vernon.
Wales Center* to E Au­
Walesville to Utica.
Walker*! to Hilton.
Walker Valley* to Pinebush
Wallace*!! to Avoca.
Wallington*!! to Sodus.
Walloomsac*!! to Hoosick
Walmore to Niagara Falls.
Walworth*! to Palmyra.
iWampsville*! to Oneida.
Wanakena* to Carthage.
Wantagh*!! to Freeport.
Ward to Scio.
Warners*!! to Baldwinsville.
Warnerville* to Cobleskill.
Warren* to Richfield
Warrens Corners! to Lockport.
Washington Hollow to Mill­
Washington Mills*!! to
Washington Square to
Washington ville*tl to
Money Order Office.

Water Mill*!! to South­
Waterport*!! to Lyndonville
Watervale to Manlius.
Water Valley to Hamburg.
Watson* to Lowville.
Watts Flats*!! to James­
Waverly*!! to Patchogue.
Wawarsing*! to Kerhonk­
Wayne* to Dundee.
Wayne Center to Lyons.
Wayneport! to Fairport
Way ville* to Mechanicville.
W'ebatuck to Dover Plains.
Webb Mills! to Elmira.
Webster Crossing* to Wayland
Webster Station* to Cazenovia.
Wedge wood to Watkins
Wells (Chemung Co.) to
Wells Bridge*!! to Unadilla
Wellsburg*!! to Elmira.
Weltonville to Owego.
Wendelville! to North Tonawanda.
Wesleyt to Cattaraugus.
W. Albany*!! to Albany.
W. Alden to Alden.
W. Amboy* to Parish.

Bangor* to Brushton.
Barre to Albion.
Batavia!! to Batavia.
Bergen*! to Bergen.
Berne* to Schoharie.
Bloomfield*! to Lima.
Branch* to Rome.
Brighton! to Rochester.

W. Brookville*! to Middletown.
W. Burlington* to Edmeston.
Westbury (Cayuga Co.) to
Red Creek.
W. Camp*!! to Saugerties.
W. Candor!! to Candor.
W. Catskill to Catskill.
W. Charlton to Schenec­
W. Chazy*!! to Plattsburg.
W. Chenango to Binghampton
W. Clarksville* to Cuba
W. Conesville to Grand
W. Copake* to Pine Plains.
West Coxsackie*! to Cox­
Westdale*!! to Camden.

Danby*!! to Ithaca.
Davenport* to Oneonta.
Day* to Northville.
Dryden to Dryden.

W. Eaton* to Morrisville.
W. Edmeston*! to Edmeston.
Westerleigh to West New
Brighton, N. Y. City,
(Borougn of Richmond).
Westerlo* to Ravena.
Western ville* to Rome.
W. Exeter* to West Win­
fieldWest Falls*!! to East
Westford* to Schenevus.
W. Fort Ann* to Hudson
W. Fulton* to Cobleskill.
W. Galway* to Amster­
W. Glenville to Amsterdam.
W. Granville Corners* to
W. Greece to Spencerport.
W. Groton to Locke.
W. Hampton*!! to W.
Hampton Beach.
W. Haverstraw*!! to Haverstraw.
W. Hebron* to Salem.
W. Henrietta*!! to Roch­
West Hoosick to Hoosick
W. Hurley*!! to Kingston.
West IsliptI to Babylon.
W. Junius to Geneva.
W. Kendall* to Holley.
W. Kill* to Catskill
W. Laurens* to Morris.
W. Lebannon*! to Chat­
W. Leyden* to Boonville.
W. Lowville to Lowville.
W. Martinsburg to Low­
W. Milton to Ballston Spa.
W. Monroe*! to Central
t Telegraph Station.

Westmoreland*!! to Clin­
West Mount Vernon! to
Mount Vernon.
W. Nyack*!! to Nyack.
Weston to Dundee.
W. Oneonta*! to Oneonta
Westons Mills* to Olean.
W. Park*!! to Highland
West Patterson! to Pawling
West Pawling!! to Pawling.
W. Pierpont to Canton.
W. Plattsburg to Platts­
W. Point*!! to Highland
W. Potsdam to Potsdam.
W. Rush*!! to Honeoye
West Salamanca! to Sala­
W. Sand Lake* to Albany.
W. Saugerties to Sauger­
W. Sayville*! to Sayville.
W. Schuyler to Utica.
W. Shelby to Medina.
W. Shokan* to Kingston.
West Side to Lake George.
West Somers to Carmel.
W. Stephentown* to Pitts­
field, Mass.
W. Stockholm* to Pots­
W. Stony Creek* to War­
W. Taghkanlc to Hudson.
Westtown*!! to Middletown.
West Troupsburg to Knox­
ville, Pa.
W. Valley*!! to Springvllle
West Vienna to Oneida.
Westvilie to Milfora.
Westville Center to Fort
W. Walworth* to Fairport
W. Webster* to Webster.
W. Windsor to Windsor
Wethersfield Springs to
Wevertown*! to North
WhalloDsburg*!! to Westport.
Wheeler*! to Bath.
Whippleville* to Malone.
White Creek*to Nortli Ben­
nington. Vt.
White Lake* to Monticeilo.
Whitelaw to Canastota.
Whiteport!! to Kingston
Whites Store*!! to New
White Sulphur Springs* to
Whitney Crossings* to Can­
Wicopee to Beacon
Wilbur! to Kingston.
Willard*!! to Ovid.
Willet* to Cincinnatus.
Williams Bridge*! to N. V
City, Bronx.
Williamstown*!! to Cam
Willis to Mineola.
Willow* to Kingston.
Willowemoc* to Liberty.
Willowvale to Utica.
Willseyville*!! to Candor.
Wilmington* to Au Sable
Wilmurt to Poland.
WiltOD* to Saratoga Springs
Windham Center to Wind­
Winfield* (Herkimer Co.)
to West Winfield.
Winfield Junction! to Elm­
hurst. N. Y. City, (Bo­
rough of Queens).
Wingdale*!!to DoverPlains
Wiscoy* to Fillmore.
Wisner*!! to Warwick.
Witherbee* to Port Henry.
Wittenberg* to Kingston.
Wolcottsburg to Clarence.
Wolcotts ville to Akron.
Wolf Run to Salamanca.
Woodbourne* to Liberty.
Woodbury* to Huntington
Woodgate to Boonville
Woodhaven Junction! to
Woodhaven, N. Y. City
(Borough of Queens).
Woodhull* to Addison.
Woodlawnf! to N. Y. City,
(Borough of Manhattan).
Woodrow! to Tottenville,
New York City, (Bor­
ough of Richmond).
Woods to Antwerp.
Woodside*!! see N. Y.
City Borough of Queens.
Woodstock* to Saugerties
Woodville* to Adams.
t Express Office.


Worth to Adams.
Wrights Corners to Lockport.
Wurtsboro*!! to Middletown.
Wyandancht! to Farmingdale.
Wynantskill* to Troy.
Yale!! to Geneva.
Yankee Lake* to Middletown.
Yaphank*!! to Patchogue.
Yates to Lyndonville.
Yorkshire*!- to Arcade.
Yorktown Heights* to
Mount Kisco.
Yorkville* to Utica.
Yosts to Fonda.
Youngs*!! to Unadilla.
Youngstown*! to Niagara
Youngsville* to Jefferson­
Yulan*f to Port Jervis.
Zena to Kingston.
Zurich to Newark.
Abbottsburg to Clarkton.
Abner to Star.
Abshers* to Northwilkesboro.
Acme* to Wilmington.
Adako* to Lenoir.
Adams* to Boone.
Addor* to Aberdeen.
Adoniram to Virgilna, Va.
Advance*!! to Mocksville.
Ai to Roxboro
Airlie* to Littleton.
Alarka* to Bryson City.
Alert* to Louisburg.
Alexander*!! to Asheville.
Alexis* to Stanley.
Allen* to Charlotte.
Allen ton* to Lumberton.
Alliance* to Bayboro.
Allreds to Star.
Alma* to Maxton.
Almond*!! to Bryson City.
Altamahaw* to Elon Col­
Ait.amont* to Newland.
Altapass*t! to Bakersville.
Amelia to Sparta.
Amherst to Williamston.
Amy to West Jefferson.
Apple Grove* to Jefferson.
Aquone to Andrews.
Ararat*! to Pilot Mountain.
Archdale* to High Point.
Areola* to Warren ton.
Arden*!! to Asheville.
Argura to Sylva.
Armour* to Wilmington.
Ash* to Whiteville.
Ashford* to Marion.
Ashland* to MountainCity,
Ashley Heights* to Aber­
Ashton*! to Burgaw.
Askewviile*! to Colerain.
Askin to New Bern.
Athlone to Burnsville
Atkinson! to Burgaw.
Atlantic to Morehead City.
Auburn*! to Raleigh.
Aulander*!! to Roxabel.
Aurelian Springs to Little­
Austin to Elkin.
Autryville*!! to Fayettville
Avoca* to Edenton.
Avon* to Manteo.
Ayden*!! to Snow Hill.
Aydlett* to Moyock.
Ayersville to Stoneville.
Azalea*!! to Ashville.
Bachelor* to Newport.
Bahama*! to Durham.
Bain to Denton.
Bald Creek* to Burnsville.
Bald Mountain to Burns­
Baldwin* to Jefferson.
Balfour* to Hendersonville.
Balm* to Elk Park.
Balsam*!! to Waynesville.
Balsam Grove* to Brevard.
Bamboo to Boone.
Bandana* to Bakersville.
Barber*!! to Cleveland.
Barco* to Moyock.
Barkers Creek to Sylva.
Barnard*!! to Marshall.
Barnardsville* to Asheville.
Barnesville* to Fairbluff.
Barrett to Sparta.
Bartlett to Elizabeth City.
BatCave*to Hendersonville
Bath* to Washington.
Battle Ground* to Greens­
Bearcreek*!! to Siler City.
Beard to Fayetteville.
Bear Poplar* to Mooresville.
Beaumont to Pittsboro.
Beaver Creek* to Jefferson.
Beech* to Asheville.
Beechcreek* to Elk Park.
Bee Log* to Burnsville.
Bel Arthur to Farmville.
Belcross*!! to Elizabeth
Belew Creek* to Walnut
Bellair to New Bern._______

Belva* to Marshall.
Belvidere* to Hertford.
Belwood* to Cherryville.
Benaja* to Reidsville.
Benbow to Elkin. •
Beng* to Jefferson.
Benham* to Bikin.
Bennett* to Siler City.
Bentonville* to Smithiield.
Berea* to Oxford.
Bertha to Moyock.
Bessie to Sylva.
Beta* to Sylva.
Bethania* to Rural Hall.
Beaulaville to Richlands.
Big Laurel* to Hot Springs.
Big Pine* to Marshall.
Bina* to Jefferson
Bixby* to Mocksville.
Black Mountain*!! to Old
Blackwood to Chapel Hill.
Blades* to Newbern.
Blaine to Troy.
Blanch* to Milton.
Blantyre*! to Brevard.
Blounts Creek* to Aurora.
Bluff* to Hot Springs.
Boardman*!! to Chadbourn
Bogue* to Newport.
Bolivia*! to Wilmington.
Bolton*!! to Wilmington.
Bonnerton* to Aurora.
Boomer* to North wilkesboro.
Boonford*!! to Burnsville.
Bosley* to Sunbury.
Bosts Mills* to Concord.
Bowdens*!! to Warsaw.
Brasstown* to Murphy.
Brickton* to Henderson­
Bridgeton *! to New Bern.
Bridgewater*!! to Morgauton.
Brim* to Mount Airy.
Brock* to Andrews.
Brookford to Hickory.
Browns Summit*!!
Brownwood*! to Jefferson.
Brushcreek to Siler City.
Buck to Northwilkesboro.
Buckner* to Marshad.
Buck Shoal to Elkin.
Buffalo City* to Manteo.
Buffalo Cove* to Lenoir.
Bughill* to Whiteville.
Buies*!! to Red Springs.
Buies Creek to Lillington.
Buladean to Bakersville.
Bullock*!! to Stovall.
Bunlevel* to Lillington.
Bunn* to Spring Hope.
Bunyon to Washington.
Burden to Aulander.
Burgess to Hertford.
Bushnell*!! to Bryson City.
Busick to Burnsville.
Butch to Burnsville.
Buxton* to Manteo.
Bynum* to Pittsboro.
Cabarrus* to Concord.
Calahaln* to Mocksville.
Call to Northwilkesboro.
iCamden!! to Elizabeth
Cameron*!! to Sanford.
Campbell* to Stuart. Va.
Cana* to Mocksville.
Canby to Mount Gilead.
Candor*!! to Biscoe.
Cane River* to Burnsville.
Canto to Marshall.
Capella to Pilot Mountain.
Carbonton* to Sanford.
Cardenas* to Varina.
Carmen to Marshall
Carpenter*!! (Wake Co.) to
Casar* to Shelby.
Cash Corner* Bayboro.
Cashiers* to Sylva.
Casma to Varina.
Castalia* to Louisburg.
Castle Hayne*!! to Wil­
Catherine Lake*to Jackson­
Cedarcreek* to Fayette­
Cedar Falls*!! to Ashboro.
Cedar Grove* to Hillsboro.
Cello to Roxboro
Celo* to Burnsville
Centerville! to Louisburg.
Central Falls to Ashboro.
Chambers to Bryson.
Champion to NorthwilkesDoro.
Chandler* to Albermarle.
Chapanoke*! to Hertford.
Cheoah* to Andrews.
Cherokee* to Bryson City.
Cherry to Creswell.
Cherryfleld* to Brevard.
Cherry Lane* to Sparta.
Chicod* to Greenville
Chimney Rock*!to Rutherfordton.
Chinquapin* to Wallace.
Chip to Troy.
Chocowinity* to Washing­
Cid*! to Thomasville.
Cisco! to Edenton.
Citron to Sparta.
Claremont to Newton.
Clarendon*!! to Tabor.
Clarissa* to Bakersville
Clark* to Newbern.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Clarkston*!! to Bladenboro.
Clemmons*!! to WinstonSalem.
Clifton* to Jefferson.
Climax*!! to Greensboro.
Coats*!! to Lillington.
Cofleld*! to Winton.
Coinjock* to ElizabethCity.
Coles Store* to Ramseur.
Colfax* to Kernersville.
Colington* to Manteo.
Collettsville*!! to Lenoir.
Colon! to Sanford.
^Columbia*!! to Creswell.
Columbus*! to Tryon.
Comfort* to Trenton.
Como* to Murfreesboro.
Complex to Denton.
Conetoe*!! to Tarboro.
Congo to Northwilkesboro.
Connellys Springs*! to
Cool Spring to Statesville.
Cooper* to Fayetteville.
Corapeake* to Sunbury.
Corbett* to Mebane.
Corinth*! to Merry Oaks.
Cornatzer! to Mockville
Corolla*! to Elizabeth City.
Council * to Clarkton.
Courtney to Yadkin ville.
Cove City* to Dover.
Cove Creek* to Waynesville.
Cowarts* to Sylva.
Crabtree* to Waynesville.
Cramerton*!! to Gastonia.
Cranberry*! to Elk Park.
Creston* to Jefferson.
Cricket to Northwilkesboro.
Croatan* to New Bern.
Crossnore* to Newland.
Crouse*! to Lincolnton.
Crumpler* to .Jefferson.
Cruso* to Waynesville.
Crutchfield*!! to Elkin.
Culberson*tt to Murphy.
Cullasa.ia* to Franklin.
Cullowhee* to Sylva.
Cumnock*!! to Sanford
Cunningham to Roxboro.
Currie*!! to Atkinson.
iCurrituck* to Moyock.
Cycle* to Elkin
Dabney* to Henderson
Dalton* to Pilot Mountain.
Dana* to Hendersonville
iDanbury*! to Pinnacle.
Dandy* to Jefferson.
Darby to Lenoir.
Dardens* to Plymouth.
Darkridge to Elk Park
Darnell to Northwilkesboro
Davidsons River*! to Bre­
Davis* to Beaufort.
Day Book* to Burnsville.
Daylo to North Wilkesboro.
Deep Gap to Boone.
Deep Run* to Kinston.
Dehart* to Northwilkes­
Delco*!! to Wilmington.
Dellwood* to Waynesville.
Delway* to Wallace.
Democrat* to Asheville.
Denny to Northwilkesboro.
Denver* to Maiden.
Derita* to Charlotte.
Dillard to Madison.
Dillingham to Asheville.
Dillsboro*!! to Sylva.
Diminette to Elkin.
Dixon*! to Jacksonville.
Dockery* to Northwilkes­
Dome* to Black Mountain.
Donnoha*!! to Rural Hall.
Dothan* to Tabor.
Doughton* to Elkin.
Dover to Kinston.
Drew to “Windsor.
Drexel*!! to Morganton
Drumhill*!! to Gatesville.
Drycreek to Candor.
Dublin*! to Bladenboro.
Duck to Manteo.
Dudley*!! to Goldsboro.
Dulah to Tabor.
Dunbarrach*! to Raeford.
Dunlap* to Statesville.
Durants Neck* to Hertford.
Dysartville* to Marion.
Eagle Rock* to Wendell.
Eagle Springs*!! to Candor.
Earl*!! to Blacksburg, S. C.
Earleys *to Ahoskie.
.East Durham*! to Durham
E. Lake* to Manteo.
E. La Porte* to Sylva.
E. Mon bo* to Statesville.
E. Spencer*! to Spencer
Edgar* to High Point.
Edcemont*! to Lenoir.
Edison to Jefferson.
Edneyville* to Henderson­
Edward* to Aurora
Efland*!! to Hillsboro.
Ela*!! to Bryson City.
Elams* to Littleton.
Elberon* to Warren ton.
Eldorado* to Troy
Eldreth to Jefferson.
Eleazer to Troy.
Elk Park*! to Newland.
Elkton*! to Clarkton
Eller to Lexington
Ellerbe*!! to Norman.
Ellijay* to Franklin.
Elliott*! to Clinton.
Money Order Office.


Elmwood*!! to Cleveland.
Elrod*!! to Rowland.
Embro to Macon.
Emerson* to Clarkton.
Enka* to Asheville.
Ennice* to Sparta.
Enterprise to Lexington.
Erastus to Sylva.
Erlanger to Lexington.
Ernul* to Vanceboro.
Essex* to Littleton.
Estatoe to Bakersville.
Ether*! to Troy.
Etna* to Franklin.
Etowah*! to Henderson­
Eufola*!! to Statesville.
Eure*!! to Gatesville.
Eureka* to Fremont.
Eva to Hertford.
Evergreen*! to Chadbourn.
Ewart to Bakersville.
Exeter to Windsor.
Exum* to Vineland.
Fairfield* to Swanquarter.
Fairview* to Asheville.
Falcon* to Dunn.
F'alkland* to Greenville.
Farmer* to Ashboro.
Farmington* to Mocksville.
Faust to Marshall.
Fearrington to Durham.
Ferguson* to Northwilkes­
Fig* to Jefferson.
Finley* to Lenoir.
Fitch to Yancey ville.
Flat Rock*!! to Hender­
Flats* to Franklin.
Fleetwood to West Jeffer­
Florence* to Bayboro.
Folkstone*!! to Wilming­
Fontana* to Bryson City.
Forbes to Bakersville.
Fork to Mocksville.
Forney* to Bryson City.
Fort Barnwell!! to Kinston
Fort Landing* to Creswell.
Francisco* to Pilot Moun­
Frank* to Elk Park.
AFranklin*!! to Sylva.
Franklinville*!! to Ram­
Freeland* to Whiteville
Freeman* to Wilmington.
Friendship to Kernersville
Frisco* to Manteo.
Frosty to Pittsboro.
Fullers* to Thomasville
Furches* to West Jefferson.
Gap to Pilot Mountain.
Garden City* to Marion.
Garren to West Jefferson.
Gates*!! to Gatesville.
Gatewood to Danville, Va.
Gay to Sylva.
Gaylord to Washington.
Geneva (Rockingham Co.)
to Stokesdale
Genoa*! to Goldsboro.
George* to Woodland.
Georgeville* to Concord
Germanton*!! to Madison.
Gerton* to Asheville.
Ghio to Hamlet.
Gilkey*!! to Uutherfordtou
Gilreath* to Northwilkes­
Glade Valley* to Sparta.
Glen Alpine*!! to Morgan­
Glendale Springs to Jeffer­
Glendon*!! to Sanford.
Glenola* to High Point.
Glen Raven* to Burlington.
Glenville* to Sylva.
Glenwood! to Marion.
Gliden*! to Hobbsville.
Globe* to Lenoir.
Gloucester* to Beaufort.
Gneiss to Franklin.
Godwin*!! to Dunn.
Gold Hill*!! to Rockwell.
Goldpoint to Robersonville.
Gorman* to Durham.
Goshen*! to North Wilkes­
Grandview* to Murphy.
Grandy* to Elizabeth City.
Grantsboro* to Bayboro.
Grassy Creek* to Troutdale.
Gray* to Sparta.
Grayson* to MountainCity.
Greene to Goldston.
Greenmountain*!! to Bak­
Greens Creek* to Sylva.
Gregory* to Elizabeth City.
Greystone*!! to Henderson.
Grove Hill* to Macon.
Gudger to Columbia.
Guilford* to Greensboro.
Gulf*!! to Sandford.
Gumberry*!! to Seaboard
Gum Neck* to Columbia.
Gupton to Louisburg.
Guyton to Bladenboro.
Gwyn to Yadkinville.
Hackett to Elk Park.
Hallison*!! to Carthage.
Hallsboro*! to Whiteville.
H alls Mills* to Northwilkesboro
f Telegraph Station.


Hallsville* to Kenansville.
Hampstead* toWilmington.
Hamptonville* to Yadkin­
Handy to Denton.
Hanrahan* to Grifton.
Harbinger* to Moyock.
Hardin to Dallas.
Harkers Island* to Beau­
Harris*!! to Henrietta.
Harrisburg* to Concord.
Hartshorn! to Liberty.
Hassell*! to Hamilton.
Hasty*! to Laurinburg.
Hatteras*! to Manteo.
Havelock* to Newport.
Hawk to Bakersville.
AHayesville*!! to Murphy.
Hays* to Northwilkesboro
Haywood* to Merry Oaks.
Hazelwood*!! to Waynes­
Heathsville* to Enfield.
Heaton* to Elk Park.
Helena! (Alleghany Co.) to
Helton* to Jefferson.
Hemlock* to Mountain
City, Tenn.
Hemp*!! to Carthage.
Hendrix to Northwilkes­
Henrico* to Littleton.
Henrietta* to Avondale.
Henry* to Lincolnton.
Henry River* to Hickory
Hepco to Waynesville.
Hester* to Oreedmoor.
Hewitts* to Bryson City.
Hexlena to Aulander.
Hiddenite* to Stony Point.
Higgins* to Burnsville.
High falls* to Carthage.
High Rock*!! to Denton.
Highshoals*!! to Lincoln­
Hightowers* to Yancey ville
Hildebran*!! to Hickory.
Hillgirt* to Hendersonville.
Hiwassee* to Murphy.
Hobgood*!! to Tarboro.
Hobucken* to Bayboro.
Hodges Gap to Boone.
Hoffman*!! to Hamlet.
Hollifleld* to Catawba.
Hollis* to Ellenboro.
Hollister to Littleton.
Hollow Poplar to Bakers­
Holly Ridge* to Jackson­
Holly Springs*! to Apex.
Honeycutt to Bakersville.
Hoover Hill to Ashboro.
Hope Mills*!! to Fayette­
Hopkins* to West Jefferson.
Horse Shoe*!! to Hender­
Houstonville* to Mocks­
Howard to Windsor.
Hubert* to Jacksonville.
Hudson*!! to Granite Falls
Hughes* to Newland.
Huntdale*!! to Bakersville.
Hunters Bridge to Pinetown.
Hunting Creek* to North
Hurdle Mills* to Roxboro.
Husk* to Jefferson.
Icard* to Hickory
Idlewild* to Jefferson.
Index to Jefferson.
Indian Town* to Elizabeth
Indian Trail* to Monroe.
Inez* to Warrenton.
Ingalls* to Bakersville.
(ngold* to Clinton.
Iotla to Franklin.
Iron Station* to Lincoln­
Ivanhoe*!! to Wilmington.
Ivy* to Marshall.
Jackson Hill* to Denton.
Jackson Springs*!! to Aber­
Jacksons Creek to Asheboro
Jaiong* to Roxboro.
James City!! to Newbern.
Jamestown*! to High Point
J amesville*!! toW illiamston
Jarvisburg* to Elizabeth
Jasper to Newbern.
Jennings* to Statesville.
Jerry* to Columbia.
Joe* to Hot Springs.
Johns*!! to Laurinburg.
Jonas Ridge* to Newland.
Jones to Jefferson.
Jonesboro*!! to Sanford.
Jonesville* to Elkin.
Joy to Morganton.
Joynes to Elkin.
Judson* to Bryson City
Julian*! to Liberty.
Juno to Asheville.
Just to Mars Hill.
Kanoy to Ashboro.
Kapps Mill to Dobson.
Katesville* to Louisburg.
Kelford*!! to Roxobel.
Kellum! to Jacksonville.
Kelly* to Atkinson.
Kemps Mill to Ashboro.
! Express Office.



Kenansville*} to Warsaw.
Kendal to Northwilkesboro
Kerr*} to Wilmington.
Kimbolton* to Siler City.
Kimesville* to Liberty.
King*}} to Pinnacle.
Kings Creek* to Lenoir.
Kipling* to Angier.
Kittrell*}} to Henderson.
Kitty Hawk* to Manteo.
Knotts Island* to Elizabeth
Knottville to Northwilkesboro.
Kona} to Burnsville.
Kyle to Franklin.

Ladonia to Galax, Va.
Lagoon* to Elizabethtown.
Lake Comfort to Englehard,
Lakedale* to Fayetteville.
Lake Landing* to Engle­
Lake Lure to Rutherfordton.
Lake Toxaway*}} to Bre­
Lakevlew*} to Southern
Lake Waccamaw*}} to
Lansing*}} to West Jeffer­
Lasker* to Potecasl.
Laurelsprings to Sparta.
Laws to Hillsboro.
Lawsonville* to Danbury.
Laxon to Boone.
Leaksvilie-Spray* to Leaksville.
Leaman to Carthage.
Leander to Elk Park.
Leasburg* to Roxboro.
Leatherman* to Franklin.
Ledger* to Bakersville.
Ledgerwood to Lenoir.
Leech ville* to Belhaven.
Leens to Greenville.
Leicester*f to Asheville.
Leland* to Wilmington.
Lemon Springs*}} to San­
Letitia* to Murphy.
Lewisville* to WinstonSalem.
Lilesville*tt to Wadesboro.
Linden*}} to Fayetteville.
Linville* to Newland.
Linville Falls* to Morganton.
Linwood*t to Lexington.
Littlefield to Ayden.
Little Switzerland* to Bak­
Lomax to Elkin.
Long Creek to Wilmington.
Longisiand* to Statesville.
Longs Mills to Liberty.
Long Shoals* to Lincolnton.
Longwood to Southport.
Loray* to Statesville.
Lotta to Spruce Pine.
Lovelace* to Northwilkesboro.
Lovill to Boone.
Lowe* to Lumberton.
Lowell*}} to Gastonia.
Lowesville to Stanley.
Lowgap* to Galax, Va.
Lowland* to Bayboro.
Lukens* to Oriental.
Lumber Bridge*!}: to Red
Lunday* to Bakersville.
Lynn* to Tryon.
Lyons*} to Stem.

Mabel to Boone.
Mackey Ferry to Creswell.
Mackeys*}} to Creswell.
Macon*}} to Warrenton.
Maggie* to Waynesville.
Makelyville to Belhaven.
Mamers to Lillington.
Mamie* to Elizabeth City.
Manchester*}} to Fayette­
Mangum to Mount Gilead.
Manndale* to Pittsboro.
Manns Harbor* to Manteo.
Manson*} to Warrenton.
Maple* to Elizabeth City.
Maple Hill* to Jacksonville.
Maplesprings* to Northwilkesboro.
Mapleton to Winton.
Marble*} to Andrews.
Margarets ville* to Sea­
Maribel* to Bayboro.
Marietta*}} to Proctorville.
Marines* to Jacksonville.
Marler to Elkin.
Marmaduke* to Warrenton.
Marshallberg* to Beaufort.
Marston*} to Hamlet.
Martins Mill to Troy.
Mashoes* to Manteo.
Mast* to Boone.
Matney* to Boone.
Maury* to Snow Hill.
MeAden ville* to Belmont.
McConnell* to Carthage.
McCullers*} to Raleigh.
McDonalds*}} to Fairmont
McFarlan*}} to Morven.
McGrady* to Northwilkesboro.

Nagshead*} to Manteo.
Nakina* tc Whiteville.
Nantahala*}} to Bryson
Nathans Creek* to Jeffer­
Navassa to Wilmington.
Nealsville* to Marion.
Nebo*}} to Marion.
Needmore* to Bryson City.
Neuse*}} to Wake Forest.
New Castle* to Elkin.
Newdale* to Burnsville.
Newell*} to Charlotte.
Newhill*}} to Apex.
New Holland to Englehard.
Newhope* to Hiddenite.
New Hope Academy* to
NewlifetoN or th wilkesboro.
New London*} to Albe­
Newsom*}} to Albemarle.
Newton Grove* to Clinton.
Niagara*} to SouthernPines
Nicanor to Hobbsville.
Nixon ton to ElizabethCity.
Norlina*}} to Warrenton.
North Cove to Marion.
N. Harlowe* to Newport.
Northside* to Creedmore.

Oak City*}} to Hamilton.
Oakland* to Brevard.
Oak Park to Ducktown,
Oak Ridge* to Kernersville.
Oaks to Mebane.
Oakwoods* to Northwilkesboro.
Obids* to Jefferson
Ocean* to Morehead City.
Ocracoke* to Englehard.
Odessa* to Asheville.
Ogden to Murphy.
Okisko*} to Elizabeth City.
Ola* to Waynesville.
Old Dock* to Whiteville.
Old Hundred* to Gibson.
Olds* to Moyock.
Oldtown to Rural Hall.
Old Trap* to Elizabeth City
Olin* to Statesville.
Olivia*} to Fayetteville.
Ophir to Troy.
Orange to Roseboro.
Ore Hill*}} to Siler City.
Orrum* to Lumberton.
Osborne*}} to Hamlet.
Osgood* to Sanford.
Oteen to Asheville.
Othello* to West Jefferson.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Mclver* to Reidsville.
McLeansville* to Greens­
Meadows* to Danbury.
Meat Camp* to Boone.
Mechanic* to Ashboro.
Melvin Hill to Rutherfordton.
Memory to Banner Elk.
Merrimon to Beaufort.
Merritt* to Bayboro.
Merry Hill* to Windsor.
Merry Mount* to Warren­
Merry Oaks*}} to Pittsboro
Mesic* to Bayboro.
Method*} to Raleigh.
Micaville* to Burnsville
Middleburg*}} to Hender­
Middlesex*}} to Middlesex.
Middletown* to Englehard.
Midland*}} to Concord.
Miles to Sparta.
Millboro*} to Randleman.
Mill Creek to Roxboro.
Millers Creek* to Northwilkesboro.
Mill Spring* to Tryon.
Milsaps to Andrews.
Milton*}} to Danville, Va.
Milwaukee* to Conway.
Mineola to Washington.
Mineral Springs* to Waxhaw.
Minneapolis* to Elk Park.
Mints* to Roseboro.
Misenheimer* to Rockwell.
Mizpah* to Rural Hall.
Mofiitt to Ramseur.
Mollie* to Whiteville.
Moltonville* to Clinton.
Momeyer to Nashville.
Montezuma* to Newland.
Montrose to Raeford.
Moratock to Troy.
Moravian Falls* to Northwilkesboro.
Moriah* to Roxboro.
Morrisville*}! to Cary.
Mortimer* to Lenoir.
Mountain Park* to Elkin.
Mt. Mourne* to Mooresville.
Mt. Pleasant to Concord.
Mt. Sterling* to Newport.
Mt. Ulla*}} to Mooresville.
Mt. Vernon Springs* to
Mt. Zion to North Wilkesboro.
Moxley to North Wilkesboro.

A County Seat.

Otto*}} to Franklin.
Otway* to Beaufort.
Oval to Jefferson.
Overhills*}} to Fayetteville
Pactolus*}} to Washington.
Paintfork to Marshall.
Paint Gap* to Burnsville.
Paintrock*} to Hot Springs
Palmyra*}} to Scotland
Pamlico* to Oriental.
Pantego*} to Belhaven.
Parker* to Mountain City,
Parkersburg*}} to Clinton.
Parkton*}} to Fayetteville.
Parmele*}} to Robersonville.
Parson ville* toNorthwilkesboro.
Passion to Landrum.
Pates* to Rowland.
Patterson* to Lenoir.
Patterson Springs* to Shel­
Paw Creek* to Charlotte.
Pee Dee*}} to Lilesville.
Pekin* to Mount Gilead.
Peletier to Jacksonville.
Pelham*}} to Danville, Va.
Pendleton*} to Conway.
Penland*}} to Bakersville.
Penrose*} to Brevard.
Pensacola*} to Burnsville.
Peoples to Pittsboro.
Peoria to Boone.
Peppers to Bakersville.
Perkinsville* to Morganton
Persimmon Creek to Mur­
Pfafftown* to WinstonSalem.
Phoenix*} to Wilmington.
Pike Road to Belhaven.
Pineblufl*} to Aberdeen.
Pine Hall*}} to Madison.
Pineola* to Newland.
Pinetown*}} to Washington
Pineview* to Fayettesville.
Piney Creek* to Sparta.
Pink Hill*} to Kingston.
Pinnix to Lexington.
Pinson to Denton.
Pireway* to Whiteville.
Pisgah* to Ashboro.
Pisgah Forest*}} to Brevard.
Pleasant Hill*}} to Garysburg.
Plumtree* to Elk Park.
Point Caswell* to Atkinson.
Point Harbor to Moyock.
Pollocksville*}} to Maysville.
Pomona*}} to Greensboro.
Pomona Mills* to Greens­
Poplar* to Bakersville.
Poplar Branch* to Eliza­
beth City
Pores Knob* to North
Portsmouth* to Englehard.
Postell to Murphy.
Potecasi*}} to Woodland.
Powells Point* to Elizabeth
Prentiss*}} to Franklin.
Price*}} to Stoneville.
Prices Creek to Burnsville.
Princeton*}} to Pine Level.
Proctor* to Bryson City.
Proctorville*}} to Fairmount.
Progress to High Point.
Prospect Hill* to Hillsboro.
Pump to Marshall.
Pungo* to Belhaven.
Purlear* to North wilkes­
Purley to Danville, Va.
Purvis* to Maxton.
Putnam* (Moore Co.) to
Pyatte to Newland.
Queen to Troy.
Quitsna to Windsor.
Radical to North Wilkes­
Rainbow Springs to Frank­
Ramsaytown to Burnsville.
Ranger* to Murphy.
Ransomville* to Belhaven.
Ravensford* to BrysonCity
Raynham* to Pembroke.
Readybranch to Northwilkesboro
Reddies River* to Northwilkesboro.
Red Oak to Rocky Mount.
Redtop* to Old Fort.
Reelsboro*} to Newbern.
Reepsville* to Lincolnton.
Reese to Boone.
Relief* to Bakersville.
Rennert*+t to Parkton.
Reno to West Jefferson.
Revere* to Marshall.
Rex* to Parkton.
Reynoldson to Gatesville.
Rhodhiss*}} to Granite
Rhodo to Andrews.
Money Order Office.


Richardson* to Bladenboro.
Spokane to Ashboro.
Richfield * to Albemarle.
Spout Springs*}} to Fay­
Rich Mountain to Sylva.
Riddle* to Elizabeth City.
Spring Creek* to Hot
Springfield*} to NorthRidgeville* to Roxboro.
Ridgeway*}} to Norlina.
Springhill*} to Scotland
Riggsbee* to Chapel Hill.
Rileys Store to Ashboro.
Spurgeon to North wilkes­
Ringwood* to Enfield.
Riverside* to Boone.
Stackhouse* to Marshall.
Roaring Gap} to Sparta.
Stacy* to Beaufort.
Roaring River*}} to North- I Staley*} to Liberty.
Stanley*}} to Mt. Holly.
Star*}} to Troy.
Roberdell* to Rockingham.
State Road* to Elkin.
Rockcreek* to Liberty.
Stecoah* to Bryson City.
Rock Cut to Statesville.
Stedman*}} to Fayetteville.
Rockflsh*} to Fayetteville.
Steeds*} to Troy.
Rockford*}} to Elkin.
Stella* to Maysville.
Rockyhock to Edenton.
Stem*} to Oxford.
Rocky Point*}} to Burgaw.
Stocksville* to Asheville.
Rodanthe* to Manteo.
Stokes*} to Robersonville.
Roduco*} to Eure.
Stonewall*} to Bayboro.
Roe* to Beaufort.
Stony Fork* to Boone.
Rominger to Banners Elk
Stovall*} to Oxford.
Ronda* to Elkin.
Straits* to Beaufort.
Rooks*} to Atkinson.
Stratford* to Sparta.
Roper*}} to Plymouth.
Straw* to Wilkesboro.
Rosedale to Elizabeth City.
Strieby to Ashboro.
Rosehill*}} to Magnolia.
Stumpypoint* to Manteo
Rosindale* to Clarkton.
Sturgills* to Jefferson.
Rosman*}} to Brevard.
Sugar Grove* to Boone.
Rougemont*}} to Roxboro
Suit* to Murphy.
Round Mountain to NorthSummit* to Northwilkeswilkesboro.
Round Peak* to MountAiry
Supply* to Shallotte
Rowan*}} to Mooresville.
Swancreek to Elkin.
Royal* to Aurora.
Swannanoa*}} to Asheville.
Ruffin*}} to Reidsville.
Swann Station* to Jones­
Rufus* to Lenoir.
Rusk* to Elkin.
ASwanquarter* to Engle­
Ruth to Rutherfordton.
Rutherford College* toMorSwansboro* to Jacksonville.
Sweet Water* to Boone.
Rutherwood to Boone.
Swepsonville* to Graham.
Ryland*} to Hobbsville.
Swiss* to Burnsville.
Salemburg*} to Clinton.
Tamarack toMountainOity
Sadler to Reidsville
Saginaw to Newland.
Tarheel* to Elizabethtown.
St. John to Ahoskie.
Tar River to Creedmore.
Salemt to Winston-Salem.
Teacheys*} to Wallace.
Salem Chapel to Walnut
Teer* to Mebane.
Tellico to Franklin.
Saluda*}} to Tryon.
Tennelina* to Hot Springs.
Salvo*} to Manteo.
Terra Ceia to Belhaven.
Samarcand*} to Candor.
Terrell* to Mooresville.
Sanatorium*}} to Aberdeen
Thaxton* to Mountain
Sands* to Boone.
City, Tenn.
Sandy Ridge* to Stoneville.
Thelma*}} to Littleton.
Sans Souci* to Plymouth.
to Jefferson.
Sapphire* to Brevard.
Thurmond* to Elkin.
Sarem to Gatesville.
Tillery*}} to Scotland Neck
Satterwhite to Oxford.
Timberlake* to Roxboro.
Saulston* to Goldsboro.
Timberland* to Raeford.
Savage* to Gatesville.
Tipton Hill to Bakersvilla
Saxapahaw* to Graham.
to Mount Airy.
Scotts* to Stony Point.
Tobaccoviiie* to RuralHall.
Scotts Hill*}} to Wilming­
Todd* to Jefferson.
tonToecane*}} to Bakersville.
Scottville* to Sparta.
Toledo* to Burnsville.
Scranton* to Englehard.
to Jefferson.
Scuppernong to Creswell.
Tomahawk*} to Wilming­
Sea Gate to Wilmington.
Seagull to Moyock.
Tomotla* to Murphy.
Sealevel to Beaufort.
Topnot to Yanceyville.
Sedalia* to Gibsonville.
Topsail* to Wilmington.
Selica* to Brevard.
Topsy to Gatesville.
Selwin to Hobbsville.
Topton*}} to Andrews.
Semora*}} to Danville, Va.
Towncreek* to Wilmington.
Senia to Elk Park.
to Henderson.
Sevensprings* to LaGrange.
Transon* to Jefferson.
Severn*} to Conway.
Sevier*}} to Marion.
Triangle to Stanley
Shallotte* to Southport.
Trilby to Roxboro.
Shannon*} to Red Springs.
to High Point.
Sharpsburg*}} to Rocky
Triplett to Boone.
Trot ville* to Hobbsville.
Shawboro*} to Elizabeth
Trout to Jefferson.
Troutmans*}} to Statesville
Sherman to Jefferson.
Trust* to Asheville.
Sherrills Ford* to Moores­
Truth* to Merry Oaks.
Tryphosa to Franklin.
Sherwood* to Boone.
to Sylva.
Shiloh* to Elizabeth City.
Tuckerdale}} to Jefferson.
Shoals* to Rural Hall.
Tuckertown* to Albemarle.
Shooting Creek* to Murphy
Tulls to Elizabeth City.
Shulls Mills* to Boone
Tulu to Edenton.
Sidney to Belhaven.
Tunis*}} to Winton.
Silas Creek to Jefferson.
to Warsaw.
Siloam*}} to Rural Hall.
Turnersburg* to Statesville.
Sims*} to Wilson.
to New Bern.
Sioux to Burnsville.
Tuskeegee* to Bryson City.
Skyland*} to Asheville.
Tuxedo* to Hendersonville.
Sladesville to Englehard.
Timer* to Hertford.
Sloan to Wallace.
Slocomb to Fayetteville.
Ulah* to Ashboro.
Sloop Point* to Wilmington
Unaka* to Murphy.
Sly*}} to Jefferson.
Union to Ahoskie.
Small to Aurora.
Union Mills*}} to Ruther­
Smethport*} to West Jeffer­
Union Ridge* to Burlington
Smith* to Stuart, Va.
to Monroe.
Smokemont* to Bryson City
University*}} to Hillsboro.
Smyrna* to Beaufort.
Upton to Lenoir.
Sneads Ferry" to Jackson­
Uree* to Rutherfordton.
Snow Camp* to Liberty.
Snowden*}} to Beaufort.
Vade Mecum* to Danbury.
Sophia*} to Randleman.
Valdese*} to Morganton.
Sound to Creswell.
Vale to Lincolnton.
Sourwood* to North Wilkes­
Valle Crucis*t to Boone.
Valley to Elk Park.
South Creek* to Aurora.
Vandemere*}} to Bayboro
South Mills* to Elizabeth
Vannoy* to Northwilkes
Southmont*}} to Lexington
Vaughan*}} to Littleton.
Southside* to Lincolnton.
Vein Mountain*} to Marion
Spear* to Newland.
Venable* to Carrboro.
Speedwell to Webster.
Verona*} to Jacksonville.
Spies* to Carthage.
Vilas* to Boone.
Spindale*}} to Rutherford­
Vineland*} to Whiteville.
Vista* to Wilmington.
tTelegraph Station.

} Express Office.

Vixent to Brunsville.
Vox to Sparta.
Vultare to Garysburg.
Waco*t to Shelby.
Wade*!! to Fayetteville.
Wadeville*!! to Mount
Wagoner* to Jefferson.
Wakefield* to Zebulon.
Wakulla* to Red Springs.
Walkertown*!! toWinstonSalem.
Wallburg* to Thomasville.
Walnut* to Marshall.
Walnut Cove*!! to Madi­
Walsh to North Wilkesboro
Walthall* to Holly Springs.
Wananish* to Vineland.
Wanchese*t to Manteo.
Warbler to Englehard.
Warne* to Murphy.
Warren Plains-!! to Warrenton.
Warrens ville*tt to West
Watauga Falls* to Boone.
Waterlily* to Elizabeth City
Waterville*t to Newport.
Watha*tt to Wallace.
Watson* to Burlington.
Waverly to Marshall.
Weaversford* to Jefferson.
Webb to Burnsville.
lAVebster* to Sylva.
Weaverville*f to Asheville.
Weeksville* to Elizabeth
Wehutty to Murphy.
Welcome* to Lexington.
AVeldon*!! to Halifax,
iWentworth* to Keidsville.
Wesser* to Bryson City.
West End*! to Aberdeen.
Westfield* to Mount Airy.
W. Raleigh* to Raleigh.
Wests Mill* to Franklin.
Whaley* to Elk Park.
Whichard*! to Stokes.
Whitehead* to Sparta.
Whitehurst to Bethel.
White Oak* (Bladen Co.) to
White Plains* to Mount
Whiterock* to Runian.
Whitnei* to Lenoir.
Whitneyf to Badin.
Wbitsett* to Gibsonville.
Whittier*!! to Bryson City.
Whortonsville to Oriental.
Wiggins Cross Roads to
Wilbar* toNorthwllkesboro.
Wildwood* to Newport.
Wilhite to Burnsville
Wilkesboro*t to North Wil­
Willard*ft to Wallace.
Willets* to Sylva.
Williams to Winston-Salem
Williston to Beaufort.
Willow Springs*!! to Varina.
Wilmot* to Sylva.
Wilsons Mills*!! to Selma.
Windom* to Burnsville.
Windy Gap to Northwilkes­
Winfall* to Hertford.
Wing* to Bakersville.
Winnabow*! to Wilmington
Winthrop Mills to New­
Wise*t+ to Warrenton.
Wit to Beaufort.
Wolf Mountain* to Brevard
Wood to Louisburg.
Woodard* to Windsor.
Woodford* to Jefferson.
Woodleaf*!! to Cleveland.
Woodleigh* to Norfolk, Va.
Woodrow to Canton.
Woodsdale*! to Roxboro.
Woodville* to Lewiston.
Worley* to Marshall.
Worry* to Morganton.
Worth* to Dallas.
Worthville* to Randleman.
Wrightsville Beacht to Wil­
Wysocking to Engelhard.
Yadkin College* to Lexing­
Yadkin Valley* to Lenoir.
Yancey to Roxboro.
Yeatesville to Belhaven.
Yellowcreek* to Bryson
Zara* to Clarkton.
Zephyr to Elkin.
Zionville* to Boone.
Zirconia* to Hendersonville

Absaraka*ft to Buffalo.
Adrian*!! to Montpelier.
Agate* to Rolette.
Alexander*!! to Arnegard.
Alkabo*! to Fortuna.
Alpha* to Golva.
Alta * (Burleigh Co.) to
Amenia*!! to Casselton.
iAmidon to Bowman.
Anselm*tt to Sheldon.
Antelope* to Richard ton.
Ardock*tt to Minto.
Arena*!! to Robinson.
Argusville*!! to Fargo.
Armourdale to Rolla.

Arndt to Cando.
Auburn*! to Grafton.
Aurelia*!! to Donnybrook.
Aylmer! to Anamoose.
Ayr*!! to Buffalo.
Backoo*!! to Cavalier.
Baker*! to Leeds.
Baldwin*! to Wilton.
Balfour*! to Drake.
Balta*! to Rugby.
Banks*! to Watford City.
Bantry to Towner.
Barlow*!! to New Rock­
Barrie to Kindred.
Bartlett*!! to Doyon.
Barton*!! to Rugby.
Bathgate*!! to Neche.
Beaulieu* to Walhalla.
Belcourt* to Rolla.
Belden* to Stanley.
Belmont to Buxton.
Benedict*!! to Max.
Berea! to Valley City.
Berg* to Sanish.
Bergen to Yelva.
Berndt to Great Bend.
Bisbee*!! to Cando.
Blabon*! to Hope.
Blaisdell*!! to Palermo.
Blanchard*!! to Mayville.
Bloom to Jamestown.
Bluegrass* to New Salem.
Bonetraill* to Zahi.
Bordulac to Carrington.
Bowdon*!! to Heaton.
Bowesmont*!! to St.Thom­
Braddock*!! to Napoleon.
Brantford to Grace City.
Brazil* to Balta.
Breien*! to Solen.
Brinsmade*!! to Minnewaukan.
Brittin* to Moffit.
Buchanan*!!'to Jamestown
Bucyrus to Hettinger.
Buffalo Springs to Scranton
Butte to Drake.
Buttzville to Lisbon.

Galchutt*!! to Abercrom­
Galesburg*!! to Clifford.
Gardena*!! to Bottineau.
Gardner*!! to Fargo.
Gardske*! to Webster.
Gaylord to Belfleld.
Geneseo*!! to Lidgerwood.
Genoa to Minot.
Glasston*!! to St. Thomas.
Glenfleld*!! to Cooperstown.
Glover*!! to Oakes.
Golden Lake to Hatton.
Goldenvalley*!! to Zap.
Goldwin* to Woodworth.
Gorham* to Belfleld.
Grandin*!! to Hillsboro.
Grand Rapids*!! to La
Grano*! to Tolley.
Grassy Butte* to Killdeer.
Greene*!! to Tolley.
Greenfield to Hunter.
Griffin*! to Bowman.
Gronna to Rolla.
Guelph*!! to Dakes.
Guthrie*!! to Drake.
Guyson to Fredonia.

Caledonia* to Shelly, Minn.
Oalio*! to Alsen.
Calvin*!! to Munich.
Cannon Ball*!! to Solen.
Carbury*!! to Bottineau.
Carpenter* to St. John.
Cartwright*!! to Fairview,
Cashel*!! to Grafton.
Cayugo*!! to Forman.
Charbonneau*!! to Arne­
Charlson* to Sanish.
Chaseley*!! to Bowdon.
Christine to Kindred.
Clement* to Oakes.
Clementsville*! to Courte­
Clifton to Selz.
Clyde*!! to Munich.
Coburn to Shelden.
Cogswell*!! to Forman.
Coleharbor*! to Under­
Colgan*! to Fortuna.
Colgate*!! to Hope.
Concrete*! to Cavalier.
Considine to Cando.
Conway*!! to Fordvllle.
Corinth*!! to Wildrose.
Coulee to Donnybrook.
Crete*!! to Oakes.
Crocus*! to Rock Lake.
Croff* to Watford City.
Crystal Springs* to Steele.
Cuba!! to Valley City.

Haley* to Gascoyne.
Hallson* to Cavalier.
Hamar*!! to Warwick.
Hamlet*!! to Wildrose.
Hample to Oakes.
Hanks*!! to Zahl.
Hannah*!! to Langdon.
Hannover* to New Salem.
Hansboro*! to Rolla.
Harlow*!! to Maddock.
Harmon* to Mandan.
Hartland*!! to Berthold.
Hasting*!! to Kathryn.
Havana*!! to Brampton.
Havelock*!! to New Eng­
Haynes*!! to Hettinger.
Hensel*!! to Gardar.
Hensler* to Washburn.
Hesper*!! to Maddock.
Hickson*!! to Fargo.
Holmes* to Reynolds.
Homer Siding to .1 amestown.
Honeyford*!! to Gilby.
Hong to York.
Hoving to Milnor.
Huff!! to Mandan.
Hull* to Hague.
Hurd* to Glenburn.
Hurdsfleld*!! to Goodrich.

Davenport to Kindred.
Dawson*!! to Steele.
Dazey*!! to Valley City.
Deep*!! to Kramer.
Deisem*!! to Edgeley
De Lamere*!! to Mdnor.
Denbigh*!! to Towner.
Derrick*!! to Hampden.
De Sart* to New England.
Deslacs*!! to Berthold.
Dodge*!! to Halliday.
Dore*! to Fairview, Mont.
Douglas*! to Max.
Dover to Carrington.
Drady* to Minot.
Drayton*!! to Stephen,
Dresden*!! to Langdon.
Driscoll*!! to Sterling.
Duane to Ellendale.
Dunning to Westhope.
Durbin*!! to Casselton
Dwight*!! to Wahpeton.

Jessie*!! to Binford.
Johnstown* to Gilby.
Joliette*!! to Hamilton.
Josephine* to Oberon.
Juanita*!! to Carrington.
Jud*!! to Edgeley.

Easby*!! to Langdon.
Eastedge* to Kathryn.
Eckelson*!! to Valley City.
Eckman*!! to Kramer.
Edinburg*!! to Park River.
Edmunds*!! to Carrington.
Edson to Norma.
Egeland*! to Cando.
Elbowoods* to Parshall.
Eldredge*!! to Jamestown.
Elliott*!! to Lisbon.
Elsberry*! to Rock Lake.
Embden*!! to Casselton.
Emerado*!! to Arvilla.
Emerson* to Dunn Center.
Emrick*!! to Fessenden.
Englevale*!! to Lisbon.
Epping*!! to Williston.
Epworth* to Parshall.
Everest to Casselton.
Expansion* to Hazen


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Fairdale*! to Adams.
Fairfield to Belfleld.
Falkirk*! to Washburn.
Fallon to Flasher.
Fayette* to Killdeer.
Fero to Rugby.
Fillmore*!! to Silva.
Flasher*!! to Carson.
Flora to Maddock.
Fonda*!! to Rolette.
Fort Clark*!! to Center.
Fort Ransom* to Kathryn.
Fort Rice*!! to Mandan.
Fort Totten* to Devils
Foxholm*! to Carpio.
Freda*!! to Raleigh.
Fried* to Jamestown.
Fryburg*!! to Belfleld.
Fullerton*! to Monango.
Funston to Anamoose.


County Seat.

Independence (La Moure
Co.) to La Moure.
Independence! (Mountrail
Co.) to Van Hook.
Inkster*!! to Fordville.

Karlsruhe to Velva.
Karnak*!! to Hannaford.
Keene* to Sanish.
Kellys* to Mekinock.
Kelso*! to Hillsboro.
Kelvin* to Dunseith.
Kempton*!! to Larimore.
Kenaston*!! to Kenmare.
Kensal to Courtenay.
Kermit*!! to Noonan
Kief*! to Drake.
Kintyre to Braddock..
Klose to Jamestown.
Kloten*!! to Aneta.
Kongsberg to Velva.
Krem* to Hazen.
Kuroki!! to Westhope.
Lake Williams*!! to Pettibone.
Lallie* to Oberon.
La Mars to Fairmount.
Lark*!! to Carson.
Larson*!! to Columbus.
Lawton*!! to Brocket.
Leal*! to Rogers.
Lehigh!! to Dickinson.
Leith*!! to Brisbane.
Lemert to Carrington
Leonard*!! to Sheldon.
Leroy* to Cavalier.
Levant to Grand Forks.
Leverich to Rugby.
Leyden* to Walhalla.
Logan*!! to Minot.
Logan Center to Larimore.
Loma*! to Alsen.
* Money Order Office.

Lonetree*! to Berthold.
Loraine*!! to Mohall.
Lostwood*!! to Stanley.
Lucca*!! to Fingal.
Ludden*!! to Gakes.
Lundsvalley*!! to Powers
Luverne*! !Pillsbury.
Lynchburg to Chaffee.
Maida to Langdon.
Mandt to Grafton.
Manfred*!! to Fessenden.
Manitou*! to Stanley.
Manning* to Killdeer.
Mantador*!! to Barney.
Manvel to Grand Forks.
Mapes*! to Lakota.
Mapleton*!! to Casselton.
Marshall* to Halliday.
Martin*!! to Harvey.
Maxbass*!! to West Hope.
Maza*!! to Cando.
McCanna*! to Larimore.
McGregor*!! to Battleview.
McHenry*!! to Binford.
McKenzie*!! to Sterling.
McLeod*! to Wyndmere.
Medberry*!! to Edgeley.
Melville*!! to Carrington.
Menoken* to Sterling.
Merrieourt*! to Moango.
Merrifleld to Thompson.
Midway* to New England.
Millers Spur to Bordulac.
Millerton*! to Jamestown.
Mineral Springs* to Bow­
Mona* to Osnabrock.
Monango*!! to Ellendale.
Mortimer to Erie.
Mose* to Binford.
Moselle to Wyndmere.
Mountain to Gardar.
Mount Carmel* to Lang­
Mowbray*! to Langdon.
Munster to New Rockford.
Murray to Mayville.
Mylo*! to Rolette.
Nanson*!! to Rolette
Nash* to Grafton.
Nekoma to Langdon.
Newburg*!! to Kramer.
New Hradec* to Dickinson.
Newman to Casselton.
Newville*!! to Starkweath­
Nicholson to Cogswell.
Nishu to Beulah.
Norma to Kenmare.
Norton* to Adams.
Nortonville*! to Jud.
Norwich*!! to Granville.
Oakdale* to Kildeer.
Oakwood* to Grafton.
Ojata to Arvilla.
Olga* to Walhalla.
Olmstead*!! to Cando.
Omemee*!! to Bottineau,
nriska*!! to Valley City.
Orr*!l to Larimore.
Orrin*! to Balta.
Osgood to Horace.
Oswald to Fairmount.
Otter Creek* to Hebron.
Overly*! to Rolette.
Paradise* to Watauga, S.D.
Peak to Valley City.
Pelto to Whitman.
Pembina*!! to Humboldt,
Perella to Bowbells.
Perth to Rolla.
Peters Siding to Napoleon.
Petrel* to Lemmon, S. D.
Pickardville* to McClusky.
Pickert*! to Hope.
Pierce* to Scranton.
Pilot* to Niagara.
Pingree*!! to Jamestown.
Pisek*!! to Park River.
Pleasant Lake to Rugby.
Portal*!! to Flaxton.
Portland Junction to Port­
Powell to Grand Forks.
Power to Sheldon.
Preston! to Mayville.
Pretty Rock* to Elgin.
Price to Washburn.
Prosper*!! to Fargo.
Rainy Butte* to New Eng­
Rangely to Drake.
Raub* to Parshall.
Rawson*!! to Arnegard.
Ray*!! to Tioga.
Reeder to Gascoyne.
Regan*!! to Wilton.
Revere*!! to Hannaford.
Rising to Granville.
Rohrville to Crary.
Rosebud* to New Salem.
Roseglen to Ryder.
Ross*!! to Stanley.
Roth to Landa.
Ruso*!! to Max.
Russell*!! to Kramer.
Rutland*!! to Cayuga.
St. Anthony* to Mandan.
St. John*!! to Rolla.
St. Pius to New England.
Sanborn*!! to Valley City.
Sanger to Washburn.
Sarles*!! to Munich.
Saunders to Fargo.
Sawyer*!! to Velva.
t Telegraph Station.

N. DAK. OHIO 2389
Schafer to Watford City.
Shawnee* to Niagara.
Shepard to Cooperstown.
Sherbrooke to Finley.
Sherwood*!! to Mohall.
Shields*!! to Raleigh.
Silverleaf*!! to Ellendale.
Simcoe*!! to Velva.
Sims to Almont.
Skaar* to Savage, Mont.
Skogmo* to Drake.
Snow* to Belfleld.
Sonora to Fairmount.
Spiritwood*!! to James­
Springbrook*!! to Epping.
Stady* to Zahl.
Stampede!! to Columbus.
iStanton*!! to Hazen.
Stiles to Lidgerwood.
Still to Wilton.
Stirum*!! to Forman.
Stover to Lawton.
Straubville*!! to Cogswell.
Streeter*!! to Gackle.
Surrey*!! to Minot.
Sutton*!! to Cooperstown.
Svold* to Cavalier.
Sweetbriar*!! to Judson.
Sydney*! to Jamestown.
Sykeston*!! to Heaton.
Taft to Hillsboro.
Tagus*!! to Berthold.
Tappen*!! to Steele.
Temple*!! to Tioga.
Temvik*!! to Linton.
Thorne*!! to Rolette.
Timmer*!! to Solen.
Tioga*!! to Wheelock.
Tokio*!! to Warwick
Tower City*!! to Buffalo.
Trenton*!! to Williston.
Trotters* to Beach.
Truro to Glenburn.
Tunbridge*! to Rugby.
Tuttle*!! to Robinson.
Tyler* to Wahpeton.
Ukraina to Belfleld.
Union*!! to Milton.
Upham*!! to Kramer.
Urbana* to Jamestown.
Vang* to Walhalla.
Vashti* to Woodworth.
Venlo to Sheldon.
Verendrye*!! to Minot.
Verona*!! to La Moure.
Veseleyville* to Minto.
Voltaire*!! to Velva.
Voss*!! to Minto.
Wabek to Plaza.
Walcott*!! to Colfax.
Waldeo to Page.
Wales to Langdon.
Walle to Thompson.
Walum*!! to Hannaford.
Warren! to Horace.
Warsaw* to Minto.
Watrous* to Bentley.
Weaver*!! to Hampden.
Werner to Halliday.
Westerheim to Sentinel
West Fargo to Fargo.
Westfield* to Hague.
Wheatland to Casselton.
Whetstone to Killdeer.
White Earth*!! to Tioga.
White Spur to Kramer.
Whynot to Reynolds.
Wild Rice*! to Fargo
Wild Rose*!! to Alamo.
Willa* to Burt.
Wing*!! to Sterling.
Woburn*!! to Flaxton.
Wolf Butte to Hettinger.
Wolford*!! to Rugby.
Wolseth* to Deering
Woods* to Kindred.
Woodworth*!! to Pettibone
York*!! to Leeds.
Youngtown* to New Salem.
Yucca* to Mandan.
Zahl*!! to Appam.
Zenith*!! to Belfleld.

Abbeyville to Medina.
Aberdeen* toMaysville. Ky.
Acme! to Wadsworth.
Adams Mills* to Dresden.
Adams vi lie* to Zanesville.
Adario to Greenwich.
Addison* to Gallipolls.
Addyston*!! to Cleves
Adena*!! to Mount Pleas­
Adrian* to Carey.
Afton to Batavia.
Agosta*!! to La Rue.
Ait to Swanton.
Aid* to Ironton.
Ainger to Montpelier.
Albion to AVest Salem.
Alcony to Troy.
Alexandersville to Miamisburg.
Alexis to Toledo.
Alfred* to Pomeroy.
Alice*! to Vinton.
Alledonia*!! to Beallsville
Allensville* to McArthur.
Allentown to Elida.
Alma to AVaverly.
Alpha* to Xenia.
Altitude* to Woodsfleld.
Altont to AVest Jefferson.
Alvada to Fostoria.
Alvordton*!! to Fayette.
Amboy to Conneaut
Amity to Howard.
t Express Office.

Amiln*!! to Hilliards.
Amsden*!! to Fostoria.
Anderson* to ChiUicothe.
Andis to Ironton.
Andre to Portsmouth.
Ankenytown*!! to Fredericktown.
Antioch*! to Woodstleld.
Antiquity* to Racine.
Antonis* to Waverly.
Antrim to Freeport.
Apple Grove* to Racine.
Appleton! to Croton.
Arabia to Ironton.
Arcadia*!! to Fostoria.
Archers Fork* to Marietta.
Arion to Otway.
Arnheim to Sardinia.
Arnold!! to Plain City.
Arthur to Defiance.
Ash to Pataskala.
Ash Ridge to Russellville.
Athalia* to Huntington, W.
Atlanta*!! to Williamsport.
Atlas* to Barnesville.
Auburn to Mantua.
Auglaize to Delphos.
Augusta*! to Minerva.
Aultman* to Canton.
Aurora* to Mantua.
Aurora Station*!! to Man­
tua Station.
Austin* to Frankfort.
Austinburg*ti to Jefferson.
Austintown to Youngstown
Ava*! to Caldwell.
Avery*!! to Milan.
Avis to Kalida.
Avon*!! to Elyria.
Avondale* to Thornville.
Avon Lake* to Lorain.
Axtel to Vermillion.
Ayersville to Defiance.
Bachman to Brook ville.
Bailey to Waterville.
Baileys Mills*! to Barnes­
Bainbridge*!! (GeaugaCo.)
to Chagrin Falls.
Bairds Furnace to New
Bairdstown* to Bloomdale.
Baker to Greenville.
Bakersville* to New Comerstown.
Baldwin to Batavia.
Bangorville to Bellvilie
Bangs*!! to Mount Vernon.
Bannock*! to St. Clairsvtlle
Bantam* to Bethel.
Barlow* to Watertown.
Barnesburg to Miami.
Barnhill* to Ubrichsville.
Barrs Mill*! to Shanesville.
Barton*! to St. Clairsville.
Bascom*!! to Tiffin.
Bashan to Pomeroy.
Batesville* to Quaker City.
Bath* to Akron.
Bayard*!! to Minerva.
Bay Bridge to Sandusky.
Bay Village* to Rocky
Beamsville to Ansonia.
Beatty to Springfield.
Beaver*!! to Jackson.
Beaverpond* to Peebles.
Beavertown to Dayton.
Beckett* to Beverly.
Bee to McArthur.
Beebe to Athens.
Beidler* to New Philadel­
Belden to Elyria.
Belfast*! to Hillsboro.
Bellbrook* to Spring Valley
Belle Valley*!! to Caldwell
Belle Vernon to Sycamore.
Beloit*! to Sebring.
Benton (Crawford Co.) to
Benton* (Holmes Co.) to
Benton Ridge* to Rawson.
Bentonville* to Manchester
Berkev*! to Metamora.
Berlin* (Holmes Co.) to
Berlin (Jackson Co.) to
Berlin Center*!! to Alli­
Berlin Cross Roads* to
Berne*! to Summerfleld.
Berwick*!! to Tiffin.
Bethany* to Monroe.
Bevan to St. Marys.
Bevis to Mount Healthy.
Bidwell*!! to Vinton.
Bigsprings*! to Rushsylvania.
Birds Run*! to Cambridge.
Birmingham* (Erie Co.) to
Birmingham (Guernsey Co.)
to Cambridge.
Bishopville* to Chesterhill.
Black Fork (Jackson Co.)*!
to Oak Hill.
Blackfork* (Lawrence Co.)
to Oak Hill.
Black Hand to Newark.
Blacklick*!! to Columbus.
Blackrun*! to Frazeysburg.
Bladen* to Gallipolis.
Bladensburg* to Utica.

Caraghar to Metamora.
Carbondale* to Nelsonville.
Carbon Hill *!! to Nelson­
Carlisle (Noble Co.) to
Carlisle*!! (Warren Co.) to
Carmel to Hillsboro.
Carpenter*!! to Middleoort
Carrmonte to Dayton.
Carrothers*T+ to Attica.
Carthage!! to Cincinnati,
i Carthagena* to Chickasaw.
Bloomington to Sabina.
Carysville to Saint Paris.
Bloom Switch to Oak Hiil.
Cassella to St. Henry.
Blue Ash*!! to Pleasant
Cassels to Cambridge.
Casstown* to Troy.
Blue Ball to Middletown.
Castine*! to West Man­
Blue Creek to Otway.
Blue Rock* to Zanesville
Catawba* to South Vienna.
Boardman to Youngstown.
Catawba Island to Port
Boden to Cambridge
Bogart to Sandusky.
Cavett! to Van Wert.
Boneta to Medina.
Caywood* to Marietta.
Bono* to Curtice.
Cebee to Huntington, W.Va.
Bookwalter to Jeffersonville
Cecil*!! to PauldingBooth to Toledo.
Cedar Mills to Peebles
Boston (Belmont Co.) to
Center Belpre* to Parkers­
burg, W. Va.
Boston Mills!! to Penin­
Centerfleld to Leesburg.
Centerton to Willard.
Botzumtl to Peninsula.
Centerville (Gallia Co.) to
Boudesferry to Higginsport.
Oak Hill.
Boughtonville*! to North
Centerville*!! (Montgom­
ery Co.) to Dayton.
Bourneville* to Bainbridge.
Central City to Newark.
Bowdil to Massillon.
Central College to Wester­
Bowlusville to Springfield.
Braceville*! to Newton
Ceylon!! to Berlin Heights.
Chalfants*!! to Glenford.
Bradley* to Dillonvale.
Champion to Warren.
Bradrick to Huntington,
Champion Heights to War­
W. Va.
Brady to Cambridge.
Chandlersvllle*! to Zanes­
Brady Lake! to Kent.
Braffettsville to New Paris.
Charlestown to Ravenna.
Brailey to S want on.
Charm* to Millersburg.
Branch Hill*! to Loveland.
Chasetown to Fayetteville.
Brandt to Tippecanoe.
Chatfleld*!! to New Wash­
Brandywine to Bucyrus.
Brecon! to Lockland.
Chatham to Lodi.
Brice*!! to Pickerington.
Chattanooga! to Rockford.
Briceton*!! to Paulding.
Chauncey*!! to Athens.
Bridgetown to Cheviot.
Cherry Fork* to Winchester
Bridgeville to Zanesville.
Cherry Grove to Cincin­
Bridgewater Center to
nati (Mt. Washington.)
Cherry Valley to Andover.
Brier Hill*! to Youngstown.
Chesapeake* to HuntingBriggsdale*! to Columbus.
ton. W. Va.
Brighton (Clark Co.) to
Cheshire *!! (Gallia Co.) to
South Vienna.
Brighton!! (Lorain Co.) to
Chester* to Pomeroy.
Chesterfield to Cbesterhill.
Brlmfield to Kent.
Chesterland* to Chardon.
Brlnkhaven*!! to Danville.
Bristol (Perry Co.) to New
Chesterville to FrederickLexington.
Bristolville!! to Warren.
Chilo* to Felicity.
Broadacre*! to Steuben­
Chippewa Lake*!! to Me­
Broadway*!! to Marysville.
Churcbhill to Girard.
Broadwell to Amesville.
Circle Hill to Covington.
Brock to Versailles.
Claiborne*!! to Richwood.
Brokaw* to Beverly
Claridon to Burton.
Brokensword to Bucyrus.
Clarion* to Vinton
Brookfield to Sharon, Pa.
Clark* (Holmes Co.) to
Brooklyn to Cleveland.
Brook Park to Berea.
Clarksfield!! to Wakeman.
Broughton*!! to Paulding.
to East Liver­
Brown! to New Carlisle
Brownhelmt! to Amherst.
Clay Center* to Genoa.
Brownsville* (Licking Co.)
Clay Lick*! to Newark.
to Newark.
Claysville* to New Con­
Browntown to Sardinia.
Brunersburg to Defiance.
Clayton* to Brookville.
Brunswick* to Valley City
Clearport to Lancaster
Buchanan to Waverly.
Clifton* to Yellow Springs.
Buchtel*! to Nelsonville.
Climax! so Edison.
Buckeye City! to Danville.
Clintonville! to Columbus.
Buckeye Cottage to Rose­
Cloverdale*!! (Putnam Co.)
to Continental.
Buckeye Lake* to Hebron.
Cloverdale ( Wood Co.) to
Buckingham! to Corning.
Buckland*!! to WapakoCluff to Cincinnati.
Coalburg!! to Hubbard.
Buena Vista* to Vanceburg,
Coal Grove*! to Ironton.
Coalridge* to Caldwell.
Buford* to Sardinia.
Coal Run to Beverly.
Burbank!! to Lodi.
Ooalton*!! to Wellston.
Burghill*!! to Kinsman.
Cochranton to Marion.
Burgoon*!! to BettsvilleCoddingville to Medina.
Burkettsville*! to St.Henry
Coitsville to Youngstown.
Burkhart! to Wooasfleld.
Colebrook* to Orwell.
Burlington to Huntington.
Colerain* to Bridgeport.
W. Va
Coletown to Greenville.
Burton City*! to Orrville.
College Hill* to Cincinnati.
Burton Station*! to Burton
Collins*!! to BerlinHeights.
Bushnell to Conneaut
Collinsville*! to Seven
Byer* to Wellston.
Byhalia* to Mount Victory.
Colton*| to Liberty Center.
Byron to Yellow Springs.
Columbia! to Edon.
Columbia Center to Patas­
Cable*!! to Woodstock.
Cadwallader* to Freeport.
Columbia Park to Cleves.
Cairo! to Lima.
Columbia Station*!!
Calais* to Batesville.
Calcutta to East Liverpool.
Comet to Clinton.
California* to Cincinnati.
Conant to Spencerville.
Calla* to Canfield.
Concord to Painesville.
Cameron to Clarington.
Condit*!! to Sunbury.
Camp* to Piketon.
"Conesville*!! to Coshocton.
Campbell*!! to Ironton.
Congo*! to Corning.
Congress to West Salem.
Camp Chase*! to Colum­
Connorville* to Mt. Pleas­
Camp Dennison*! to Mil­
Conotton* to Scio.
Conover*!! to St. Paris.
Canaan to Creston.
Constitution*! to Marietta.
Oanaanville*!! to Athens.
Converse to Spencerville.
Canal Lewisville to Coshoc­
Cook* to Mount Sterling.
Cooney (Lawrence Co.) to
Oannelville*! to Roseville
Captinat to Bellaire.
Blaine* to Bridgeport.
Blairmont to Adena.
Blake to Seville.
Blakeslee* to Edon.
Blanchard to Dunkirk.
Blissfleld*!! to Warsaw.
Bloom Center to Lewistown.
Bloomer* to Covington.
Bloomfield to New Concord
Bloomingburg*!! to Milledgeville.
Bloomingdale* to Steuben­

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



2390 OHIO

iCounty Seat.

*Money Order Office.

Cooney (Williams Co.) to
Cooper to Republic.
Cooperdale*!! to Dresden.
Coopcsville* to Piketon.
Copiey* to Akron.
Cora to Gallipolis.
Corwin to Waynesville.
Costonia* to Toronto.
Cove*! to Jackson.
Cox to Adelphi.
Cozaddale*! to Loveland.
Cranberry Prairie to St.
Crawford to Carey.
Crayon to Urbana.
Creola*!! to McArthur.
Crescent*!! to St. Clairs­
Crescentville!! to Lockland
Crissey to Swanton.
Cromers* to Tiffin.
Crossenville to Bremen.
Crown City* to Gallipolis.
Crystal Springs to Mas­
Cuba*!! to Wilmington.
Culbertson to Ironton.
Cutler* to Marietta.
Cynthiana* to Bainbridge.
Dairy to New Martinsville,
W. Va.
Dalzell to Marietta.
Damascus* to Salem.
Danbury*! to Port Clinton.
Danville (Highland Co.) to
Darbyville to Mt. Sterling.
Darlington (Richland Co.)
to Bellvilie.
Darrowville* to Hudson.
Darrtown to Oxford.
Dart to Marietta.
Darwin to Pomeroy.
Dasie to Convoy.
Davisville to Jackson.
Dawn*! to Ansonia.
Dean to Ironton.
Deavertown* to Crooksville.
Decatur* to Russellville.
Declifl*!! to La Rue.
Deerfield*!! to Alliance.
Deer Park to Norwood.
Deersville* to Cadiz.
Delhi!! to Cleves.
Delisle to ArcanumDell to Marietta.
Dellroy*!! to Carrolton.
Democracy* to Howard.
Demos* to Belmont.
Denson to Morenci, Mich.
Dent to Cheviot.
Denver* to Waverly.
Derby*!! to Mount Ster­
Derwent*!! to Pleasant
Desoto to Georgetown.
Deucher to New Matamoras.
Deunquat*! to Sycamore.
Deweyville* to McComb.
Dexter*!! to Pomeroy.
Dexter City*!! to Caldwell.
Dialton to Springfield.
Diamond* to Newton Falls.
Dillies Bottom* to Moundsville, W. Va.
Dixie* to Shawnee.
Dixon*! to Monroeville,
Doanville* to Nelsonville.
Dobbston to Huntington,
W. Va.
Dodds! to Lebanon.
Dodgeville* to Orwell.
Dodsonville to Lynchburg.
Doherty to Summerfleld.
Dola*t! to Dunkirk.
Domerville to Defiance.
Donnelsville to Springfield.
Dorcas to Racine.
Dorset*!! to Jefferson.
Dove* to Beaver.
Dover Center* to Rocky
Dowling* to Perrysburg.
Downington to Pomeroy.
Doyleston*! to Rittman.
Drakes!! to Corning.
Dublin* to Columbus.
Dudley*! to Caldwell.
Duffy to New Martinsville,
W. Va.
Duke* to Peebles.
Dull to Ohio City.
Dumontville to Lancaster.
Dunbridge*!! to Bowling
Duncan Falls*! to Zanes­
Duncanwood* to Cadiz.
Dundas*! to McArthur.
Dundee*!! to Beach City.
Co.) to Kensington.
Dungannon (Noble Co.) to
Dunglen* to Mt. Pleasant.
Dunkinsville to Peebles.
Dunlap to Mt. Healthy.
Dupont*!! to Continental.
Durant* to McConnelsville.
Durbin (Clark Co.) to
Durbin (Mercer Co.) to
Duvall* to Ashville.
Dye to Marietta.
Dyesville*! to Middleport.
!Telegraph Station.

Eagleport to Malta.
Eagleville* to Jefferson.
Earley to Celina.
East Canton*!! to Canton.
E. Claridon*!! to Chardon.
E. Columbus* to Columbus.
E. Danville to Mowrystown
E> Fultonham* to Zanesville.
E. Greenville to Massillon.
E. Lewistown to Colum­
East Liberty*!! to Akron.
E. Monroe*! to Leesburg.
Easton*! to Doylestown.
E. Orwell*!! to Orwell.
E. Ringgold to Circleville.
E. Rochester*! to Minerva.
E. Sparta*! to Magnolia.
E. Springfield to Amster­
East Townsend! to Nor­
East Trumbull to Geneva
East Union to Orrville.
Eastwood* to
Ebenezer to New Paris.
Eckley to Wauseon.
Edenton* to Blanchester.
Edinburg to Ravenna.
Edison*!! to Mt. Gilead.
Edith to Lower Salem.
Egypt to Barnesville.
Eifort* to Oak Hill.
Elba*! to Caldwell.
Elery to Malinta.
Elgin*!! to Spencerville
Elizabethtown!! (Hamil­
ton Co.) to Cleves.
Elkton* to Lisbon.
Ellenora to Mt. Washing­
Ellerton to Miamisburg.
Ellet to Akron.
Elliott to Chester Hill.
Ellis*! to Dresden.
Ellisonville to Ironton.
Elliston* to Elmore.
Ellsberry to Maysville.Ky.
Ellsworth to CanfieldEllsworth Station* to Canfield.
Elm Grove* to Piketon.
Elmira*! to Archbold.
Elmville to Peebles.
Elroy to Ansonia.
Emerson* to Mt. Pleasant.
Emmett to Sherwood.
Empire*! to Toronto.
Enon*!! to Springfield.
Enterprise*!! (HockingCo.)
to Logan.
Epworth Heights to Love­
Era to Hollansburg.
Erastus to Cold Water.
Erhart*! to Medina.
Eris to Urbana.
Erlin to Fremont.
Ethel*! to Summerfleld.
Etna* to Pataskala.
Euclid*!! to Cleveland.
Eureka* to Gallipolis.
Evansport* to Stryker.
Everett*! to Peninsula.
Evergreen* to Gallipolis.
Ewington* to Vinton.
Excello* to Middletown.
Fairfax to Hillsboro.
Fairfield*! to Osborn.
Fairhaven* to College Cor­
Fairlawn* to Akron.
Fairpoint*!! to St. Clairs­
Fairport! to Painesville.
Fairport Harbor* to PainsvllieFairview (Fayette Co.) to
Washington, C. H.
Fairview* (Guernsey Co.)
to Barnesville.
Fairview (Highland Co.)
to Hillsboro.
Fairview Village to Rocky
Farmdale*! to Kinsman.
Farmer* to Bryan.
Farmers Station! to New
Farnham to Conneaut.
Farrington to Piqua.
Fay*! to Marietta.
Federal to Amesville.
Feesourg* to Georgetown.
Fern Bank!! to Cleves.
Fernwood *! to Steuben­
Fidelity to West Milton.
Fields to Elyria.
Fincastle* to Sardinia.
Firebrick*! to Oak Hill.
Fltchville* to New London.
Fivemile to Mt. Orab.
Fivepoints to Mount Ster­
Flat Rock*! to Bellevue.
Fleming* to Marietta.
Fletcher*! to Piqua.
Flint to Westerville.
Floodwood to Nelsonville.
Flora* to Pomeroy.
Florence (Erie Co.) to Ber­
lin Heights.
Florence (Madison Co.) to
Florida to Napoleon.
Fly* to Sistersville.
Folsom to Hillsboro.
Foot ville to Rock Creek.
Foraker*!! to Kenton.
Forestville to Mt. Washington.

t Express




Forgy* to New Carlisle.
Fort Jefferson to Green­
Fort McKinley to Dayton.
Fort Seneca* to Tiffin.
Foster*! to Loveland.
Fowler to Cortland.
Fowlers Mills to Chardon
Fox to Circleville
Frampton to Frazeysburg.
Frank*!! to Bellevue.
Greenup. Ky.
HYedericksdale* to Cald­
Freeburgtt to Louisville.
Freedom Station to Ra­
Freelandt to Zanesville.
Frenchtown (Darke Co.)
to Versailles.
Frenchtown (Ottawa Co.)
to Oakharbor.
Fresno*tt to Coshocton.
Friendship* to Portsmouth
Friendsvillet to Lodi.
Frost*! to Athens.
Fruitdale*! to Greenfield.
Fruithill to Cincinnati.
Fryburg to Botkins.
Fullertown to Chardon.
Fulton*!! to Cardington.
Fultonham*!! to Zanesville.
Funk*! to Wooster.
Gage to Gallipolls.
Gallia* to Oak Hill.
Galloway*!! to Columbus.
Gallup to Ilamler.
Ganges to Shelby
Garfield*! to sehrlng.
Gates Mills* to Chagrin
Gaysport* to Zanesville.
Geauga Lake*!! to Chagrin
Georgesville!! to West Jef­
Gerald to Napoleon.
Germano*! to Jewett.
Getaway to liuntiugton.
W. Va.
Goyers to Botkins.
Ghent to Akron.
Gibisonville* to Logan
Gibson*! to Quaker City.
GIddings to Jefferson.
Gilbert! (Darke Co.) to St.
Gilbert*! (Muskingum Co.)
to Zanesville.
Gilboa*! to Ottawa.
to Chllllcothe.
Gillford to Lisbon.
Gillivan to West Jefferson.
Gilmore* to Port Washing­
Glnghamsburg to Tippe­
canoe City.
Given! to Beaver.
Gladstone to Cedarville.
Glandorf* to Ottawa.
Glencoe*!! to Bellaire.
Glendale*! to Lockland.
Glenkarn!! to Hollansburg.
Glenmont to Killbuck.
Glenmore to Ohio City.
Glenn* to Vinton.
Glenrose* to Batavia.
Glenroy! to Wellston.
Glenwillow* to Bedford.
Glen wood* to PleasantCIly.
Glouster*!! to Corning.
Glynnwood to St. Marys.
Goes* to Yellow Springs.
Goldcamp to Ironton.
Golden Corners to Lodi
Gomer* to Elida.
Gordon*! to Verona.
Gore* to New Straitsviile
Goshen* to Loveland.
Graham to Woodsfleld.
Grand River* to Paines
Grandview* to NewMatamoras.
Granger to Shaw Center.
Grant to Kenton.
Graitot* to Zanesville.
Graysville* to Woodsfleld.
Graytown*!! to Elmore.
Greasy Ridge* to Ironton.
Green bush to Gratis.
Greendale*!! to Logan.
Greenford*! to Canfield.
Greenland to Frankfort.
Greensburg (Summit Co.)
to Akron.
Greensburg (Trumbull Co.)
to North Bloomfield.
Greentown* to New Berlin
Greers* to Brinkhaven
Grelton*!! to Malinta.
Groesbeck to Mt. Healthy.
Grover Hill*! to Haviland.
Guernsey* to New Comerstown.
Gurney ville to Wilmington.
Gustavus to Kinsman.
Gutman! to Wapakoneta.
Guysville*! to Athens.
Gypsum*!! to Port Clinton.
Hallsvllle* to Adelphi.
Hambden to Chardon.
Hamlet* to Batavia.
Hammansburg to North

Hammond Corners to Akron
Bammonasville* to Wellsville.
Hanging Rock*! to Ironton.
Hannibal* to New Mar­
tinsville, W. Va.
Hanover*! to Newark.
Hanoverton* to Kensing­
Harbor*! to Ashtabula.
Hardin to Sidney.
Harlem to Westerville.
Harlem Springs* to Car­
Harmony to Springfield.
Harner*t! to Rushsylvanla.
Harpersfield! to Geneva.
Harpersville* to Smitlifleld.
Harriet to Hillsboro.
Harris! (Ross Co.) to Balnbridge.
Harrisburg (Stark Co.) to
Harrisonville* to Pomeroy,
ilarrisville* to Cadiz.
Harshasville to Seaman.
Hartford (Guernsey Co.)
to Buffalo.
Hartford (Licking Co.) to
Hartford* (Trumbull ,do.)
to Orangeville.
Hartsburg to Continental,
tlartsgrove to Orwell.
Hartwell! to Lockland.
Haselton*! to Youngstown.
Hastings to Lucas.
Hatch to Piketon.
Havana! to Monroeville.
Haverhill* to Ironton.
Hawk*!! to McArthur.
Haydenville*!! to Nelsonville.
Hayesville* to Ashland.
Hazlewood- to Mason
Hegler to Milledgeville.
Hemlock*!! to Corning.
Hemlock Grove* to Pom­
Hendrysburg* to Barnesville
Hennings Mill to Williams­
Hepburn*!! to La Rue.
Herrick* to Mount Pleas­
Heslop* to Marietta.
Hessville to Lindsey.
Hibbetts* to Carrollton.
Higoy* to Waverly.
High Hill to Cumberland
Hillgrove to Union City.
Hinckley to Medina.
Hinton to Rockford.
Hiram* to Garrettsville.
Hoaglin to Van Wert.
Hockingport* to Cool ville.
Holden to Waynesfleld.
Holland*!! to Maumee.
Hollister* to Glouster.
Holloway*!! to Flushing.
Holmesville*!! to Mlllersburg.
Homer* to Utica.
Homerville* to Lodi.
Homeworth*! to Alliance.
Hooker*! to Lancaster.
Hopetown to Ohillicothe
Hopewell* to Mt. Sterling.
Hopkinsville to Morrow.
Horatio to Gettysburg
Houcktown to Mt. Blan­
Houston*!! to Sidney.
Howenstinel to Canton
Hughes! to Monroe.
Humboldt to Bainbridge.
Hume*!! to Lima.
Huntington to Wellington.
Huntsburg* to Burton.
Hustead* to Yellow Springs.
Hyattville to Delaware.
Iberia to Gabon.
Idaho* to Piketon
Iler*! to Fosteria.
Independence* to Brecksville.
Indiancamp to Cambridge.
Ingomar*! to West Alex­
Irondale*! to Wellsville.
Ironspot* to Roseville.
Irwin*!! to Milford Center.
Isle St. George* to Port
lsleta*! to New Comerstown.
Ithaca* to Arcanum.
Jacksonboro to Middletown.
Jacksontown* to Thornville.
Jacksonville*!! to Glouster.
Jacobsburg*! to Bellaire.
Jaite to Peninsula.
Jasper* to Piketon.
Java to Swanton.
Jaybird* to Peebles.
Jaysville to Greenville.
Jefferson (Wayne Co.) to
Jelloway to Danville.
Jep to Ironton.
Jerome to Plain City.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


Jerry City* to Cygnet.
Jerusalem*!! to Somerton.
Jewell*!! to Defiance.
Jobs*! to Nelsonville.
Johnsonville to Cortland.
Johnsville (Montgomery
Co.) to New Lebanon.
Johnsville (Morrow Co.) to
Jonestown to Ohio City.
Joy* to Stockport.
Jumbo to Belle Center.
Junction to Defiance.
Justus*!! to Beach City.

Kanauga*!! to Point Pleas­
ant. W. Va.
Karle to Montpelier.
Keene* to Coshocton.
Keith to Caldwell.
Kelleys Island*! to San­
Kelloggsville to Conneaut.
Kelsey*! to Bellaire.
Kemp!! to Lima.
Kenmore*! to Akron,
iveunard to Urbana.
Kennedy! to Pleasant
Keno to Pomeroy.
Kenwood to Adena.
Kerr* to Gallipolis.
Kessler to West Milton.
Kettlersvllle* to Botkins.
Key*! to Bellaire.
Kidron to Apple Creek.
Kieferville! to Continental.
Kilbourne* to Delaware.
Kile!! to Plain City.
Kileville* to Plain City.
Kilgore* to Scio
Kimball*!! to Monroeville.
Kimberly to Nelsonville.
Kimbolton*!! to Cam­
Kingman to Wilmington.
Kings Creek!! to Urbana.
Kings Mills*!! to Mason.
Co.) to Ashtabula.
Kingsville! (Montgomery
Co.) to Dayton.
Kingsway!! to Fremont.
Kinnikinnick to Kingston.
Kinsman Station!! to
Kipling* to Cambridge.
Kirby*!! to Forest.
Kirkersville Station to
Kirkwood! to Sidney.
Kirtland to Willoughby.
Kitts Hill* to Ironton.
Klee to Bellaire.
Klondike* (ColumbianaCo.)
to East Liverpool.
Knight to Cumberland.
Kossuth to Spencerville.
Krumroy to Akron.
Kuhn* to Summerfield.
Kyger* to Middleport.
Kyle to Monroe.

Labella to Huntington. W.
Lacarne*! to Port Clinton.
Ladd to Piketon
Lafayette (Madison Co.)to
La Fayette (Medina Co.)
to Medina.
Lafferty*! to Flushing.
Laings* to Woodsfleld.
Lake to Akron.
I.ake Fork to Jeromeville.
Lake Milton to Newton
Lakemore* to Akron.
Lakeside*! to Marblehead.
Lakeville*! to Loudonville
Lamartine* to Perryville.
l.amira*!! to Belmont.
Landeck to Delphos.
Landis to Gettysburg.
Langsville*!! to Middleport.
Lansing* to Bridgeport.
Laporte to Elyria.
Latchie* to Genoa.
Latham* to Piketon.
Lathrop* to Amesville.
Lattas to Frankfort.
Latty*!! to Paulding.
Laura*!! to West Milton.
Lawrence to Ironton.
Lawrenceville to Springfield
Lawshe*!! to Peebles.
Layland*!! to Killbuck.
Layman to Marietta.
Leavittsburg*!! to Waren.
Lecta* to ironton.
Lees Creek* to Sabina.
Leesville* to Bowerstown.
Leesville Cross Roads to
Leith* to Marietta.
Lemertil to Bucyrus.
Lemoyne*!! to Luckey.
Lena to St. Paris.
Lenox to Jefferson.
Leon*!! to Andover.
Leonardsburg*!! to Ashley.
Lerado* to Blanchester.
Leroy (Lake Co.) to Painesville.
Leroy* (Medina Co.) to
Letart Falls*! to Racine.
Levanna* to Ripley.
Money Order Office.

Lewis Center*!! to Worth­
Lewisville to Woodsfleld.
Liberty to New Lebanon.
Lightsville to Rossburg.
Lilly Chapel*!! to West
Limaville*! to Alliance.
Lime City*!! to Perrysburg
Limerick to Jackson.
Limestone!! to Oakharbor.
Lindale to New Richmond.
Linndalet! to Cleveland.
Linton to Wellsville.
Linworth*!! to Columbus.
Lippincott to Urbana.
Litchfield*!! to Medina.
Lithopolis*! to Canal Win­
Little Hocking*! to Park­
ersburg, W. Va.
Little Sandusky to Harpster.
Little Washington to Mans­
Little York (Montgomery
Co.) to Englewood.
Lockbourne* to Columbus.
Lockington to Piqua.
Lockwood to N. Bloomfield
Locust Corner to Amelia.
Locust Grove to Peebles.
Locust Ridge to Williams­
Loganville to Degraff.
Londonderry to Freeport.
Londonderry (Ross Co.)!
to Chillicothe.
Long to Greenville.
Long Bottom* to Ravenswood, W. Va.
Longley to Fostoria.
Longstreths* to Nelsonville
Loramie to Fort Loramie.
Lordstown to Warren.
Lore City*!! to Cambridge.
Lottridge to Coolville.
Loudon to Peebles.
Lovell! to Upper Sandusky
Loyal Oak to Barberton.
Ludlow to West Milton.
Ludlow Falls*!! to West
Lumberton to Port William.
Luttrell to Milledgeville.
Lykensil to Bloomville.
Lyndon*! to Greenfield.
Lynx to West Union.
Lyra* to Portsmouth.
Lytle!! to Waynesvllle.
Lytton to Delta.

Mack to Cheviot.
Macksburg*!! to Caldwell.
Macon*! to Winchester.
Madisonburg to Wooster.
Madison Mills*!! to Bloomingburg.
Madisonville*!! to Cin­
Magnetic Springs* to Richwood.
Magrew to Urbana.
Maholm to New Lexington.
Maineville to Loveland.
Malaga* to Woodsfleld.
Mallet Creek* to Medina.
Manchester*! (Summit Co.)
to Clinton.
Mandale*! to Oakwood.
Mantua Corners to Mantua
Maple Grove*!! to Tiffin.
Maple Heights to Bedford.
Mapleton to Canton.
Maplewood*!! to Jackson
Marathon* to Fayetteville.
Marble Cliff*!! to Columbus
Marcy to Canal Winchester
Maria Stein*t to Chickasaw
Mark Center*! toSherwood.
Marlboro to Alliance.
Marquand to Coshocton.
Marr* to Woodsfleld.
Marseilles to Upper San­
Marshal! to Hillsboro.
Marshallville*!! to Orrvllle.
Martel*!! to Caledonia.
Martin*! to Genoa.
Martinsburg* to Utica.
Masury* to Sharon. Pa.
Maud*!! to Mason. ■
Maximo*! to Alliance.
Maxville to Logan.
Mayfield Heights to Cleve­
Maynard*!! to St. Clairsville
Maysville (Allen Co.) to
Maysville (Wayne Co.) to
Apple Creek.
McCartyville to Anna.
McClainville to Bellaire.
McCuneville* to Shawnee.
McDermott*!! to Ports­
McDonald* (Trumbull Co.)
to Girard.
McDonaldsville to North
McGill to Payne.
McGoniglet! to Oxford.
McGuffey*!! to Alger.
McKay to Loudonville.
+ Telegraph Station.



McKinley Heights to Gir­
McLuney*! to Crookville.
McMorrau to Lewistown.
McZena to Loudonville.
Means* to Cadiz.
Mecca to Cortland.
Mechanicstown*! to Salineville.
Medway* to Osborne.
Meeker* to Marion
Meigs to McConnellsville.
Meigsville to McConnelsville.
Melbern*!! to Bryan.
Melmore* to Tiffin
Melrose*!! to Oakwood
Melvin* to Sabina
Mendon*! to Rockford.
Mentor*!! to Painesvilie
Mercer* to Mendon.
Mercerville* to Gallipolls.
Mermill*! to Portage
Mesopotamia* to North
Metz to Cuyahoga Falls.
Mexico to Sycamore.
Miamiville*! to Milford.
Middle Bass*! to Sandusky
Middlebourne to Quaker
Middlebranch*!! to Canton
Middleburg* (Logan Co.)
to East Liberty.
Midland* to Blanchester.
Midvale*!! to Uhrichsville.
Midway to Sedalia.
Mifflin to Mansfield
Millbury*!! to Genoa.
Miller* to Millersport.
Milier City*!! to Leipsic.
Millersport*!! to Huntington, W. Va.
Millerstown to St. Paris.
Millersville*!! to Helena
Midfield*! to Glouster.
Millport* to Kensington.
Millville to Hamilton.
Millwood to Howard.
Milnersville to Cambridge.
Milton to Newton Falls.
Milton Center* to Custar.
Miltonsburg*! to Woodsfield.
Mineral*!! to Athens.
Mineral Ridge*! to Niles.
Mineral Springs to Peebles.
Mineral Springs Station to
Minersville to Pomeroy.
Minford* to Portsmouth.
Mingo*!! to North Lewisburg.
Mittiwanga Beach*!! to
Moffitt to Gilboa.
Mohawk Village* to Coshoc­
Mohican to Loudonville.
Moline to Toledo.
Momeneetown to Toledo.
Monclova*! to Maumee.
Monday to Nelsonville.
Monnettp*! to Bucyrus.
Monroe Center to Conneaut.
Monterey* to Owensville.
Montezuma*! to Cellna.
Co.) to Pleasant Ridge
Montgomery (Licking Co.)
to Newark.
Monticello to Spencerville.
Montra to Jackson Center
Montrose to Akron.
Montville* to Chardou.
Moorefield*! to Piedmont.
Moorland to Wooster.
Moran!! to Hudson.
Morgan to Columbus.
Morgantown* to Piketon.
Morning Sun* to Camden.
Mortimer!! to Findlay.
Moulton! to Wapakoneta.
Moultrie*! to Minerva.
Mount Airy! to Cincinnati
Mount Carmel to Batavia
Mount Cory*!! to Rawson.
Mount Ephraim* to Cald
Mount Holly* (Clermont
Co.) to Amelia.
Mount Holly (Warren Co.)
to Spring Valley.
Mount Hope* to Fredericks
MountLiberty*!! to Centerburg.
Mount Olive to Felicity.
Mount Perry*!! to Glenford.
Mount PIsgah to New Rich­
Mount Sterling*!! (Mus­
kingum Co.) to Zanesville.
Mount Washington*! to
Moxahala*!! to Corning.
t Express Office.





Mulberry to Milford.
M unroe Falls* to Cuya­
hoga Falls.
Munson to Ohardon.
Muntanna! to Continental.
Murlln Heights to Dayton.
Mutual to Urbana.

Nankin*!! to Ashland.
Naomi to Wauseon.
Nashport* to Zanesville.
Nashville (Darke Co.) to
Nashville* (Holmes Co.) to
National Military Home*
to Dayton.
National Road*!! to Heb­
National Road Crossing to
Neapolis*! to White House.
Neel to Ripley.
Neffs *tt to Belleaire.
Negley*! to East Palestine.
Nellie* to Warsaw.
Nelson to Garrettsville.
Neptune to Celina.
Nettle Lake to Edon.
Neville* to Foster, Ky.
New Albany* to Gahanna.
New Alexandria to Mingo
New Antioch to Wilming­
New Athens* to Cadiz.
New Baltimore (Hamilton
Co.) to Harrison.
New Baltimore (Stark Co.)
to Hartville.
New Bavaria*!! toHolgate.
New Bedford* to Baltic.
New Berlin to North Can­
New Bloomington to La
New Bostonf to Ports­
New Burlington* (Greene
Co.) to Spring Valley.
New Burlington (Hamilton
Co.) to Mount Healthy.
Newbury to Burton.
New California to Plain
Newcastle*(Coshocton Co.)
to Danville.
New Cumberland*!! to
New Dover*!! to Marys­
Newell Run to Marietta.
New Franklin to Minerva.
New Guilford* to Warsaw.
New Harrisburg to Carroll­
New Haven (Hamilton Co.)
to Harrison.
New Haven* (Huron Co.)
to Plymouth.
Newhope (Brown Co.) to
Mount Orab.
New Hope (Preble Co.) to
New Jasper to Jamestown.
New Lyme* to Orwell.
New Market to Hillsboro.
New Marshfield*!! to
New Martinsburg to Green­
New Middletown* to Struthers.
New Milford* to Ravenna.
NewMoorefleld*! to Springfield.
New Petersburg* to Green­
New Pittsburg to Wooster.
New Plymouth*! to Logan.
Newport (Madison Co.) to
Newport (Shelby Co.) to
Fort Loramie.
Newport (Tuscarawas Co.)
to Uhrichsville.
Newport*(Washington Co.)
to St. Marys, W. Va.
New Richland* to Belle
New Rumley* to Scio.
New Salem*!! to Basil.
New Salisbury to Salineville.
New Springfield* to Colum­
New Stark to Jenera.
New Straitsville*t to Shaw­
Newton to Maryville.
Newton Falls*!! to Warren.
Newtonsville* to Batavia.
Newtown*!! (Hamilton
Co.) to Mt. Washington.
Newville to Bell ville.
New Weston*!! to Bur­
ketts ville.
New Westville to New
New Winchester! to Bucyrus.

Nicholsville to New Rich­
Nina to Oakharbor.
Noble* to Nottingham.
Nobleville to Pleasant City.
Norman to Newark
N. Auburn* to New Wash­
N. Bend*!! to Cleves.
N. Benton*!! to Alliance.
N. Bristol to Warren.
N. Creek*!! to Continental.
N. Dover*!! to Rocky River
N. Eaton*!! to Elyria.
North Excello to Middletown.
N. Feesburg to Georgetown
Northfleld* to Macedonia.
N. Georgetown* to Alliance
N. Greenfield to West
N. Hampton* to Springfield
N. Industry*!! to Canton.
N. Jackson*!! to Youngs­
N. Kenova* to Catlettsburg, Ky.
N. Kingsville*! to Ashta­
N. Liberty (Knox Co.) to
N. Lima* to Columbiana.
N. Madison* to Madison.
N. Randall!! to Bediord.
N. Ridgeville* to Elyria.
N. Robinson* to Bucyrus.
N. Royalton to Brooklyn.
N. Salem to Cambridge.
N. Star* to Osgood.
Northup* to Gallipolis.
Norwich* to Zanesville.
Novelty* to Chagrin Falls.
Nutwood* to Cortland.

Oakfleld* to North Bloom­
Oakgrove to Piedmont.
Oakland (Butler Co.) to
Oakley*! to Cincinnati.
Oak Shade to Wauseon.
Obetz Junction to Colum­
Oceola* to Nevada.
Octa* to Milledgeville.
Ogden! to Wilmington.
O hitown to Niles.
Okey to Gallipolis.
Okolona*!! to Napoleon.
Old Portage to Akron.
Oldtown to Xenia.
Old Washington* to Cam­
Olena* to Norwalk.
Olive Branch* to Batavia.
Olive Green (Delaware Co.)
to Sunbury.
Oiivesburg to Ashland.
Omar*! to Attica.
Omega*! to Waverly.
Oneida! to Minerva.
Ontario*! to Mansfield.
Oran to Fort Laramie.
Orange (Coshocton Co.) to
New Comerstown.
Orange (.Cuyahoga Co.) to
Chagrin Falls.
Oregon to Celina.
Oregonia*!! to Lebanon.
Oreton*! to McArthur.
Orient*! to Columbus.
Orland*! to McArthur.
Otsego* to New Concord.
Ottokee to Wauseon.
Outville*!! to Kirkersville.
Overpeck* to Hamilton.
Overton to Wooster.
Ovid to Columbus.
Owens*!! to Marion.
Ozark*!! to Beallsville.

Padanaram to Andover,
Padua to Fort Recovery.
Paint to Bainbridge.
Painter Creek to Gettys­
Paintersville to Jamestown.
Paint Valley to Millersburg
Palermo to Bowerston.
Palestine* (Darke Co.) to
Palmyra!! to Newton Falls.
Pancoastburg to New Hol­
Paradise Hill to Ashland.
Paris*! to Minerva.
Parkertown!! to Sandusky.
Parkman* to Garrettsville.
Parlett* to Hopedale.
Parma to Cleveland.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County Seat.

Parrott* to Jeffersonville.
Pasco to Sidney.
Patmos to Salem.
Patriot* to Gallipolis.
Patterson*! to Forest.
Pattersonville* to Minerva.
Pavonia*!! to Mansfield.
Pawnee to Lodi.
Pedro* to Ironton.
Pemberton*!! to Quincy.
Penfleld* to Wellington.
Peniel* to Gallipolis.
Pennsville* to Stockport.
Peoli* to New Comerstown.
Peoria*!! to Marysville.
Perintown*!! to Milford.
Perry*!! to Painesville.
Perryton to Dresden.
Pershing to Delaware.
Peru to Norwalk.
Petersburg* to East Pales­
Petroleum to Sharon.
Pfeiffer to Kenton.
Phalanx to Warren.
Phalanx Station*!! to War­
Pharisburg to Marysville.
Philadelphia X Roads! to
Philo*!! to Zanesville.
Philothea to St. Henry.
Phoneton* to Tippecanoe
PIckrelltown to West Lib­
Pierpont* to Jefferson.
Pikeville! to Greenville.
Piney Fork*!! to Smithfield.
Pisgah to Sharonville.
Pitchin to Springfield.
Pittsfield! to Oberlin.
Plainfield* to West Lafay­
Plainville*! to Madisonville
Plankton* to Sycamore.
Plants to Racine.
Plantsville* to Chester Hill.
Platform to Huntington,
W. Va.
Plattsburg*!! to South
Plattsville to Sidney.
Pleasant Bend*!! to Holgate.
Pleasant Corners to Colum­
Pleasant Grove (Belmont
Co.) to Mount Pleasant.
Pleasant Hill*! to Coving­
Pleasant Plain*!! to Mor­
Pleasant Ridge*! to Cin­
Pleasant Valley*! to Zanes­
Plimpton to Loudonville.
Plumwood to Plain City.
Poast Town* to Middletown.
Point Isabel to Felicity.
Point Pleasant* to Moscow.
Poland* to Struthers.
Polkadotte to Huntington,
W. Va.
Polo to Covington.
Poplargrove* to Peebles.
Portage Lakes to Akron.
Porter to Vinton.
Portersville* to New Lex­
Port Homer* to Wellsville.
Port Jefferson* to Sidney
Portland* to Ravenswood,
W. Va.
Port Union to Hamilton.
Poston* to Athens.
Potsdam* to West Milton.
Powell*!! to Worthington.
Powellsville to Portsmouth.
Power Point* to Lisbon.
Powers Station to Fayette.
Prall to Williamsburg.
Pratts Fork* to Athens.
Prentiss to Leipsic.
Pricetown (Highland Co.)
to Lynchburg.
Pricetown (Mahoning Co.)
to Newton Falls.
Primrose to Alvordton.
Proctorville* to Huntington, W. Va.
Prout to Sandusky.
Pulaski to Bryan.
Put in Bay*! to Port
Pyrmont to Brookville.
Quarry to Woodsfleld.
Raao to Swanton.
Raccoon Island* to Gallipolis.
Money Order Office.

Radcliff*!! to McArthur.
Radnor* to Delaware.
Ragersville* to Sugar Creek
Rainsboro* to Hillsboro.
Ramsey* to Dillonvale.
Randolph* to Atwater.
Rappsburg to Huntington,
Rarden*!! to Otway.
Rarigville to Columbus.
Rathbone to Delaware.
Ray*! to Jackson.
Rayland*! to Tiltonville.
Raymond* to Maryville.
Redfleld to Roseville.
Redlion to Franklin.
Red River to Gettysburg.
Reedsburg to Wooster.
Reedsville* to Parkers­
burg, W. Va.
Reesville* to Sabina.
Reily* to Oxford.
Reinersvillo* to McConnelsville.
Remington to Milford.
Remsons Corners to Me­
Rendville*!! to Corning.
Reno* to Marietta.
Renrock to Cumberland.
Reservoir to Barberton.
Revenge to Amanda.
Rex to New Carlisle.
Reynolds to Urbana.
Reynoldsburg*! to Pataskala.
Rhodesdale* to Smithfleld.
Rialto to Lockland.
Rice to Continental.
Richfield to Peninsula.
Richfield Center to Sylvania
Richland to Belle Center.
Richmond* (Jefferson Co.)
to Steubenville.
Richmond (Lake Co.) to
Richmond Center to And­
Richmond Dale* to Chillicothe.
Richville to Massillon.
Ridgeton*! to Bucyrus.
Rimer to Vaughnsville.
Rinard Mills* to New
Ringgold* to Malta.
Rio Grande* to Oak Hill.
Riverside to Dayton.
River Styx! to Wadsworth.
Rix Mills to New Concord.
Robbins to Beaver.
Robertsville*! to Minerva.
Robins to Byesville.
Rochester*! to New Lon­
Rock to Uhrichsville.
Rockbridge*!! to Logan.
Rock Camp* to Ironton.
Rockcreek Station*!! to
Rock Creek.
Rockland* to Parkersburg,
W. Va.
Rock Mills to Washington
C. H.
Rockport to Beaverdam.
Rockyhill to Jackson.
Rockyridge*!! to Oak Har­
Rodney* to Gallipolis.
Rogers*! to Lisbon.
Itolandus* to Ravenswood,
W. Va.
Rollersville to Helena.
Rome (Adams Co.) to
Vanceburg. Ky.
Rome*!! (Ashtabula Co.)
to Orwell.
Rome (Franklin Co.) to
Rome (Richland Co.) to
Rootstown* to Ravenna.
Roscoe* to Coshocton.
Rose Farm* to Crooksville.
Rosehill to Rossburg.
Roselms to Oakwood.
Rosemont*! to Canfield.
Rosewood*!! to St. Paris.
Ross* to Hamilton.
Rossmoyne* to Silverton.
Roswell* to New Phila­
Round Bottom* to Clarington.
Roundhead* to Belle Cen­
Rousculp to Lima.
Rowland to McConnels
Rowsburg to Ashland.
Roxabell*!! to Frankfort,
Roxanna to Spring Valley.
Roxbury* to Stockport.
Royalton to Lancaster.
Ruggles to New London.
Ruraldale to McGonnellville.
Rush to Greenville.
Rushmore* to Delphos.
Rush Run*!! to Brilliant.
+Telegraph Station.

Rushtown* to Portsmouth.
Russell (Geauga Co.) to
Chagrin Falls.
Russell*! (Highland Co.)
to Lynchburg.
Russells Point*! to Lake
Russia*!! to Versailles
Rutland* to Middleport

St. James*!! to Gallon.
St.Johns*!! to Wapakoneta
St. Joseph (Portage Co.) to
St. Louisville*! to Utica.
St. Martin* to Fayetteville.
St. Patrick to Fort Lormaie
St. Rosa to Chickasaw.
St. Stephen*! to Bloomvllle
St. Wendelin to St. Henry.
Salem Center to Pomeroy
Salesville*! to Quaker City
Saltair to Bethel.
Saltillo*!! to Roseville,
Samantha to Highland.
Samsonville to Oak Hill.
Sandhill to Sandusky.
Sandrun to Nelsonville.
Sandyville*!! to Mineral
Santa Fe*!I to Lakeview.
Santoy* to Corning.
Sarahsville*!! to Caldwell.
Sardis*! to New Martins­
ville, W. Va.
Savona*!! to New Madison
Sawyerwood to Mogadore.
Saybrook!! to Geneva.
Sayler Park*! to Cleves.
Sayre*!! to Corning.
Schumm to Willshire.
Science Hill to Cadiz
Scienceville* to Y oungstown.
Scioto Furnace*! to Ports­
Scioto Station to Columbus
to Ports­
Scotch Ridge* to Pemberville
Scott*!! to Haviland.
Scottown* to Huntington.
W. Va.
Scotts Crossing to Delphos
Scroggsfleld to Carrollton.
Sebastian to Chickasaw.
Sekitan* to Cleves.
Selma*!! to S. Charleston
Sentinel to Jefferson.
Seventeen* to Uhrichsville
Seward to Lyons.
Sewellsville to Barnesville
Shade* to Athens.
Shadeville! to Columbus.
Shadyside*! to Bellaire.
Shalersville to Mantua.
Shandon*!! to Okeana.
Shanesville* to Sugar Creek.
Sharline* to Youngstown.
Sharon to Caldwell.
Sharpeye to Greenville.
Sharpsburg* to Amesville.
Shauck* to Lexington.
Shawtown* to McComb.
Shay to New Matamoras.
Shenandoah to Shiloh.
Shepard*! to Columbus.
Sherodsville*!! to Bowers
Sherritts* to Ironton.
Short Creek* to Adena.
Shyville* to Piketon.
Siam* to Attica.
Signal* to Lisbon.
Silica to Syl vania.
Silo to Mantua.
Silvercreelt (Hardin Co.) to
Silver Creek (Medina Co )
to Wadsworth.
Simons*! to Andover.
Sinai to Waverly.
Sinking Spring* to Peebles.
Sitka* to Marietta.
Sixteen Mile Stand to Love­
Skeels Crossroads to Celina.
Slabtown to Lima.
Smiths Siding to Sylvania.
Sniders to Pickerington.
Sodom to Girard.
Solon*!! to Chagrin Falls.
Somerdale*!! to Mineral
Somerton*! to Barnesville.
Sonora*!! to Zanesville.
! Express Office.




Amherst to Amherst.
Bantam to Bethel.
Bloomfield to Ashvllle.
Bloomingville* to Laurelville.
8. Brooklyn to Cleveland.
Southington to Warren.
8. Lebanon*?? to Lebanon.
8. Lorain to Lorain.
8. Newbury to Burton.
South New Lyme to Orwell.
8. Olive*? to Caldwell.
8. Park*?? to Bedford.
8. Perry to Laurelville.
8. Plymouth to Milledgeville.
8. Point*t to Catlettsburg,
8. Salem* to Greenfield.
South Solon*tt to South
8. Warsaw to Lima.
8. Webster*tt to Oak Hill.
Southworth to Delphos.
8. Zanesville*?? to Zanes­
Spanker to Englewood.
Spargursville*? to Balnbridge.
Sparta* to Centerburg.
Specht to Carrollton.
Speidel* to Barnesville.
Spokane* to Warren.
Spore? to Bucyrus.
Soratt*t to Cumberland.
Springboro*t to Franklin.
Springdale to Lockland.
Springfield Center to Akron
Springfield Lake to Akron.
Springhill to W. Liberty.
Springlake to Montpelier.
Springville to Shreve.
Stafford* to Woodsfleld.
Standley to Holgate.
Stanleyville* to Marietta
Stantontown to Ashley.
Stanwood to Massillon.
Starr?? to Logan.
State Road to Warren.
Station Fifteen* to Denni­
Steece* to Ironton.
Steels Run to Marietta.
Stella to McArthur.
Stelvideo? to Greenville.
Steuben to Willard.
Stewart*ft to Athens.
Stewartsville* to Neffs.
Stillwater* to Uhrichsville.
Still Water Junction to
Stillwell to Killbuck.
Stockdale* to Waverley.
Stockton*f to Hamilton.
Storms* to Bainbridge.
Stout* to Vanceburg, Ky.
Stovertown to Zanesville.
Stow* to Cuyahaga Falls.
Straitsville to New Straitsville.
Streetsboro to Kent.
Strongsville*!?: to Berea.
Suffield* to Mogadore.
Sugar Grove*?? to Lan­
Sugar Ridge*tt to Bowling
Sugar Tree Ridge* to
Sulphurgrove to Dayton.
Sulphur Springs* to Bucy­
Summerford to London.
Summithill*? to Waverly.
Summit Station*!? to Pataskala.
Summitville*?? to Salineville.
Sumner* to Pomeroy.
Superior* to Ironton.
Surryville to Mount Grab.
Swan Creek to Gallipolis.
Swanders (Seneca Co.) to
Swanders (Shelby Co.) to
Swifts*?? to Beverly.
Sycamore Valley* toWoodsfleld.
Symmes Corners to Hamil­
Syracuse* to Pomeroy.

Tacoma*? to Barnesville.
Tadmor to Tippecanoe City
Tallmadge*? to Akron.
Tama to Rockford.
Tappan* to Dennison.
Tawawa to Sidney.
Taylor to Columbus.
Taylorsburg to Dayton.
Taylors Creek to Miamitown.
Taylorsville* to Mowry­
Ted to Bloomdale.
Tedrow to Wauseon.
Teegarden* to Lisbon.
Temperanceville*to Barnes­

Terrace Park*? to Milford.
Terre Haute to Urbana.
Texas to Liberty Center.
Thackery*!? to St. Paris.
The Bend to Sherwood.
The Plains* to Athens.
Thivener* to Gallipolis.
Thompson* to Madison.
Thurman* to Oak Hill.
Thurston*?? to Baltimore.
Tinney to Helena.
Tippecanoe*?? to Freeport.
Tipton to Haviland.
Tiverton to Buckeye City.
Tobasco*? to Amelia
Toboso*!? to Newark.
Tokio to Ohio City.
Topes Mills to Carrollton.
Torch* to Coolville.
Townwood! to Leipsic.
Tracy to Uhrichsville.
Trail to Wilmot.
Tranquility to Seaman.
Trebeins to Xenia.
Tremont City* to Springfield.
Triadelphia* to McConnelsville.
Trilby to West Toledo.
Trimble*? to Glouster.
Trinway*?? to Dresden.
Triumph to No. Bloom­
Trowbridge*?? to Elmore.
Trumbull to Geneva.
Tucson to Chillicothe.
Tunnel Hill*? to Warsaw.
Tuppers Plains* to Cool­
Tuscarawas* to Uhrichsville
Twightwee to Loveland.
Tyrrell*!? to Cortland.

Ulrlc to Racine.
Union? (Licking Co.)
Co.) to Englewood.
Union Furnace*?? to Logan.
Union Plains to Mt. Orab.
Unionport*? to Cadiz.
Uniontown (Belmont Co.)
to Flushing.
Uniontown* (Stark Co.)
to Akron.
Unionvale? to Cadiz.
Unionville*? to Madison.
Unionville Center* to Plain
Uniopolis*??to Wapakoneta
Unity to East Palestine.

Vales Mills* to McArthur.
Valley to Salem.
Valley Crossing?? to Col­
Vanatta* to Newark.
Vanburen*? to No. Bal­
Venedocia*?? to Delphos.
Venice (Butler Co.) to
Venice*?? (Erie Co.) to San­
Vernon? to Kinsman.
Verona*?? to W. Man­
Vernon Junction? to Shelby
Vickery*?? to Clyde.
Victoria* to For {Recovery.
Vienna to Warren.
Vigo*? to Chillicothe.
Villa to Springfield.
Vincent*? to Marietta.
Vine to Fort Recovery.

Wabash (Mercer Co.) to
Wade* to St. Marys, W.Va.
Waggoner Ripple to West
Wagram to Pataskala.
Wainwright* to New Phila­
Wakefield*? to Piketon.
Wales to Oak Hill.
Waldhonding*?? to Warsaw
Wallsburg to Georgetown.
Walnut Grove to Rushsylvania.
Walnutrun? to London.
Walton to Washington C.H
Wamsley*? to Peebles.
Warner*?? to Marietta.
Warnock*? to St. Clairsville.
Warpole to Harpster.
Warrensville* to Bedford.
Warwick*?? to Clinton.
Washingtonville*?? to Leetonia.
Waterloo* to Ironton.
Watson to Tiffin.
Wattsville? to Bergholz.
Wayland*? to Newton
Weaver Station to Green­
Webster to Versailles.
Weems* to Smithfleld.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

Weilersville*? to Smith ville.
Welcome to Killbuck.
Weldon to Sharon, Pa.
Wellman to Waynesville.
Wellsville Shop to Wellsville.
Welshfleld* to Burton.
Wengerlawn to Brookville.
W. Andover to Andover.
W. Austintown* to Youngs­
W. Bedford* to Dresden.
Westboro*? to Blanchester.
W. Canaan to Plain City.
W. Carlisle* to FrazeysburS
W. Charleston to Tippe­
canoe City.
W. Chester* to Sharonville.
W. Clarksfleld to Wakeman.
W. Dover* to Cleveland.
W. Elkton* to Camden.
Western Star to Wads­
Westhope to McClure.
W. Independence? to Fostoria.
W. Jefferson*? (Williams
Co.) to Montpelier
W. Lebanon to Dalton.
W. Leipsic?? to Leipsic.
W. Lodi* to Republic.
West Mecca to Cortland.
W. Middletown* to Mid­
W. Millgrove* to Rising
Westminster* to Harrod.
W. Newton to Harrod
West Point (Columbiana
Co.) to Lisbon.
W. Point (Morrow Co.) to
W. Richfield* to Peninsula.
W. Rushville*? to Rushville
W. Sonora*? to Lewisburg.
W. Toledo*? to Toledo.
Westview*?? to Berea.
Westvillet? to Urbana.
W. Wheeling to Bridgeport.
Wetsel to Middlepoint.
Weyers to Sandusky.
Weymouth to Medina.
Wheelersburg*? to Ports­
Whigville*? to Summerfleld
Whipple*?? to Marietta.
Whistler* to Kingston.
White Cottage*?? to Zanes­
WKite Oak (Hamilton Co.)
to Cheviot.
White Sulphur?? to Dela­
Whiteville to Metamora.
Whitfield to Miamisburg.
Whitmore to Fremont.
Wick to Andover.
Wickliffe*t? (Lake Co.) to
Widowville? to Ashland.
Wiggonsville to Bethel.
Wilberforce* to Xenia.
Wildare to Cortland.
Wilgus* to Ironton.
Wilkes ville* to McArthur.
Williams Center to Bryan.
Williamsfleid*?? to Ando­
Williamsport*?? (Morrow
Co.) to Mount Gilead.
Williamstown*?? to Dun­
Williston*?? to Curtice.
Willowbrook to Coshocton.
Willowdell to Osgood
Willow Wood* to Ironton.
Winameg to Delta.
Windham*?? to Garrettsville.
Windsor* (Ashtabula Co.)
to Orwell.
Winesburg* to Beach City.
Wingett Run* to New Matamoras.
Winkle* to Mowrytown.
Winona* to Salem.
Wintergreen* to Danville.
Winterset*! to Cambridge.
Wintersville to Steuben­
Withamsvllle* to Batavia.
Wolf* to New Comerstown.
Wolfcreek to Beverly.
Wolf Run* to Amsterdam.
Wood to Oxford.
Woodgrove to Cumberland.
Woodington*? to Green­
Woodlawn to Lockland.
Woodside to Bradner.
Woodworth to Youngs­
Worstville? to Payne.
Wyandot to Nevada.
Wynant to Fort Loramie.
Wyoming*?? to Lockland.
♦Money Order Office


Yellowbud to Kingston.
Yelverton to Belle Center.
Yoder to Lima.
Yorkshire*? to Osgood.
Yorkville*?? to Martins
Young Hickory to Cumber­

Bray* to Marlow.
Brent* to Sallisaw.
Briartown* to Porum.
Bridgeport*?? to Geary
Brock* to Ardmore.
Brocken to Quinton.
Bromide*?? to Clarita.
Brooken* to Quinton.

Youngs Corners to Medina.
Zaleski*?? to McArthur.
Zanesfleld*?? to Bellefontaine.
Zeno to Cumberland.
Zenz City to Fort Recovery.
Zimmerman to Xenia.
Zoar*?? to Bolivar.
Zoar Station to Mineral
Zoarville*?? to Mineral
Zone to Fayette.

Brooklyn to Seminole.
Brooksville*? to Shawnee.
Brown* to Durant.
Bruno* to Atoka.
Bryant to Henryetta.
Bunch*?? to Stllwell.
Burneyville* to Marietta.
Bushyhead*?? to Foyil.
Byng* to Ada.


Achille*?? to Durant.
Acme* to Rush Springs.
Adamson*? to McAlester.
Addielee* to Westville.
Addington to Waurika.
Akins* to Sallisaw.
Albany* to Durant.
Albert* to Fort Cobb.
Albion to Talihina.
Alden *to Carnegie.
Alderson*?? to McAlester.
Aledo* to Leedey.
Alfalfa* to Carnegie.
Allison* to Durant.
Alluwe*? to Nowata.
Alma* to Duncan.
Alpers* to Davis.
Alsuma*? to Broken Arrow.
Altona te Omega.
Amber*?? to Tuttle.
America* to Idabel.
Anderson* to Savanna.
Anthon* to Custer.
Antioch* to Maysville.
Apperson*?? to Burbank.
Ara* to Duncan.
Arch* to Hartshorne.
Arkoma* to Fort Smith.
Arlington to Prague.
Armstrong to Durant.
Arpelar* to McAlester.
Arta to Tonkawa.
Arthur* to Duncan.
Ashland* to Kiowa.
Atwood*?? to Allen.
Autwine* to Tonkawa.
Avant*?? to Barnsdall.
Aydelotte? to Shawnee.
Aylesworth*?? to Durant.
Bache* to McAlester.
Bailey* to Marlow.
Baird* to Duncan.
Baldhill to Morris.
Balko* to Beaver.
Banner* (Canadian Co.) to
El Reno.
Banner*? to Elmore City.
Banty* to Bokchito.
Banzet to Edna, Kan.
Barber* to Tahlequah.
Barnes to Selling.
Baron* to Westville
Bartlett to Henryetta.
Battiest* to Broken Bow.
Bearden* to Okemah.
Bebee* to Ada.
Bedwell to Poteau.
Bee* to Tishomingo.
Beland*? to Muskogee.
Bellemont to Prague.
Belleville to Ringling.
Belva*?? to Quinlan.
Belzoni* to Antlers.
Bengal*?? to Talihina.
Bentley* to Caney.
Berlin* to Sayre.
Bernice*?? to Fairland.
Berwyn*?? to Ardmore.
Bethel* to Garvin.
Big Cedar* to Heavener.
Blackburn*? to Cleveland.
Blackgum* to Vian.
Blackland to Foraker.
Blaine to Keota.
Blake* to Mangum.
Blanco *?? to Kiowa.
Bliss to Marland.
Blocker* to Crowder.
Blue*?? to Durant.
Blue Jacket*?? to Welch.
Bluff to Hugo.
Bly* to Nowata.
Boatman to Pryor.
Boggy Depot* to Caney.
Bokhoma*?? to Foreman,
Bomar* to Marietta.
Bookerta to Weleetka.
Boss* to Idabel.
Boswell*?? to Hugo.
Bowden*?? to Saoulpa.
Bowlegs* to Seminole.
Bowles to Marietta.
Bowring to Pawhuska.
Box (Cleveland Co.) to
Box*(SequoyahCo.)to Vian.
Boyd* to Beaver.
Braden* to Fort Smith.Ark.
Brady* to Wynne wood.
Braggs to Muskogee.
Braithwaite* to Bessie.
{Telegraph Station.

Cabaniss* to Stuart
Cade to Bennington.
Cairo *to Coalgate.
Calera*?? to Durant.
Cambria to Hartshorne.
Cameron to Poteau.
Camp to Hooker.
Campbell to Webbers Falls.
Canadian*?? to Eufaula.
Carbon* to McAlester.
Cardin to Picher.
Carlton* to Okeene.
Carpenter* to Elk City.
Carter Nine* to Shidler.
Cartersviile* to Bokoshe.
Carver City to Elmore.
Carwile to Ringwood.
Casey*?? to Maramac.
Catale*?? to Chelsea.
Catesby* to Shattuck.
Catoosa*?? to Dawson.
Cedardale* to Quinlan
Center* to Ada.
Centrahoma *? to Coalgate.
Centralia*? to Yinita.
Ceres? to Red Rock.
Cerrogordo* to Horatio.
Cestos to Vici.
Chance to Westville.
Chaney* to Gage.
Chant? to Keota.
Cheekf to Ardmore.
Chester* to Selling.
Chewey* to Westville.
Childres to Nowata.
Chism* to Byars.
Ghockle*? to Atoka.
Choctaw to Spencer.
Choteau*?? to Pryor.
Christie*? to Westville.
Cltra* to Allen.
Civet* to Pauls Valley.
Clarksville to Porter.
Claud*? to Duncan.
Claypool* to Waurika.
Clear Lake* to Laverne.
Clearview* to Weleetka.
Clemscott to Healdton.
Cleo to Cleo Springs.
Cleora*? to Afton.
Cloud Chief* to Cordell.
Cloudy* to Antlers.
Clyde*? to Medford.
Coalton* to Henryetta.
Cogar* to Minco.
Cold Springs*? to Roose­
Cole* to Blanchard.
Coleman*?? to Tishomingo.
Collinsville*?? to Tulsa.
Concho* to El Reno.
Conditville to Lindsay.
Connerville* to Mill Creek.
Coodys Bluff* to Nowata.
Cookson* to Park Hill.
Cooper to Shidler.
Corbett to Lexington.
Corinne* to Fort Towson.
Corn*? to Weatherford.
Corum to Comanche.
Cottonwood to Coalgate.
Council Hill*?? to Hitchita.
County Line to Duncan.
Courtney* to Ringling.
Cowden to Cordell
Cowlington* to Spiro
Cox City* to Marlow.
Crawford* to Strong City
Crekola to Muskogee.
Creta* to Eldorado.
Criner* to Purcell.
Cromwell*? to Okemah.
Crowder to Dustin.
Cruce* to Duncan.
Crum Creek to Clayton.
Cumberland* to Madill.
Curtis*?? to Mooreland.
Daisy* to Atoka.
Dale *?? to Shawnee
Dane to Fairview
Darwin* to Antlers.
Davenport*?? to Chandler.
Dela to Antlers.
Delaware*?? to Nowata.
Delhi* to Sayre.
Dempsey to Sayre.
Dennis* to Grove.
Denoya*? to Kaw.
Denver to Norman.
Devol*?? to Randlett.
Dewar to Henryetta.
Dibble to Blanchard
Dighton* to Henryetta.
Dillard? to Wilson.
Dixie* to Ringling.
Dodge*?to So Wesc City,Mo
Dombey* to Tyrone.
Dougherty*?? to Davis.
{Express Office.

Douthat* to Quapaw.
Dow* to Haileyville.
Doxey*! to Sayre.
Doyle* to Marlow.
Drake to Sulphur
Driftwood*!! to Burlington
Dunbar (Pushmataha) to
Dunlap*! to Woodward.
Durham* to Cheyenne.
Durwoodti to Ardmore.
Eagle Chief to Alva.
Eagle City*tt to Fay.
Eagletown* to Broken Bow.
Eakly* to Hydro.
Econtuchka to Shawnee.
Eddy*! to Lamont.
EdithJ to Freedom.
Edna* to Beggs.
Ego to Tishomingo.
Eldon to Tahleauab.
Ellerville to Tahlequah.
Elliott* to Colley ville, Kan.
Elmwood* to Beaver.
Emanuel to Watonga.
Emerson to Walter.
Emet to Tishomingo.
Empire City to Comanche.
Enos to Woodville.
enterprise* to Quinton.
Enville* to Marietta.
Eram*! to Morris.
Ervin* to Hugo.
Estella* to Vinita.
Ethel* to Antlers.
Etowah to Noble.
Eubank* to AntlerB.
Eucha* to Jay.
Eva* to Guymon.
Extendine to Lookeba.
Fairvalley* to Alva.
Fallis*!! to Wellston.
Fallon to Hugo.
Fame* to Eufaula.
Fanshawe* to Howe.
Farris* to Antlers.
Farry* to Alva.
Faulkner to Alva.
Fawn to Checotah.
Fay*tt to Watonga.
Featherston* to Quinton.
Feltt to Clayton, N. Mex.
Fern to Woodward.
Fewell* to Antlers.
Fillmore*tt to Tishomingo.
Finley* to Antlers.
Fisher to Sand Springs.
Fitzgerald to Woodward.
Fitzhugh*tt to Ada.
Fleetwood* to Terral.
Flint* to Siloam Springs
Floris to Forgan.
Fob to Madill.
Fogel* to Mena, Ark.
Folsom* to Coleman.
Fonda to Canton.
Forney* to Hugo.
Fort Sill*tt to Lawton.
Foster* (Garvin Co.) to
fauls Valley.
Fox* to Healdton.
Francis*!! to Ada.
Franks* to Stonewall.
Frisco* to Stonewall.
Frogville* to Hugo.
Gans*tt to Sallisaw.
Garnett! to Catoosa.
Garvin*!! to Idabel.
Geronimo*!! to Lawton.
Gerty* to Calvin.
Gibbon*! to Manchester.
Gibson Station*! to Wag­
Gideon*! to Tahlequah.
Gilbert to Wakita.
Gilmore to Poteau.
Glen Oak* to Nowata.
Glenpool*! to Jenks.
Golden* to Broken Bow.
Goodnight*! to Coyle.
Goodwater* to Idabel.
Gore to Webbers Falls
Gowen * to Hartshorne.
Goza to Marlow.
Grady* to Ryan.
Graham* to Ardmore.
Grand* to Arnett.
Grandfleld*!! to Frederick.
Grand Valley* to Hooker
Grant *t to Hugo.
Gray to Perry ton, Tex.
Gray Horse* to Fairfax.
Grayson* to Morris.
Greenfield*!! to Watonga.
Greenleaf* to Braggs.
Greenough to Forgan.
Griggs* to Texhoma.
Grimes* to Sayre.
Gypsy* to Depew.
Hallett to Jennings.
Hanson*!! to Sallisaw.
Hardesty* to Guymon.
Hardy*!! to Arkansas City.
Harjo to Maud.
Harmon* to Fargo.
Harrington to Hugo.
Harris* to Idabel.
Hattonville to Commerce.
Hawley to Nash.
Haworth*!! to Hugo.
Hayden* to Chelsea.
Hayward*!! to Lucien.
Haywood*!! to McAlester.
Hazel*! to Konawa.
Helen to Kingston.

Helsel to Lexington.
Hendrix*! to Aehille.
Hennepin* to Davis.
Herbert to Coalgate.
Herd* to Pawhuska.
Herring* to Hammon.
Hess to Elmer.
Hester*! to Mangum.
Hewitt*! to Wilson.
Heyburn* to Sapulpa.
Hickory to Sulphur.
Hochatown* to De Queen,
Hockerville*! to Pitcher
Hodgen*! to Heavener.
Hoffman *!! to Hitchita.
Hogshooter to Bartlesville.
Holliday*! to Faxon
Hollister*!! to Frederick.
Hollow* to Welch.
Homestead*!! to Okeene.
Honobia to Heavener.
Hoover* to Davis.
Howard to Mena, Ark.
H ox bar* to Ardmore.
Hoyt* to Stigler.
Hughes* !! to Red Oak.
Hulah to Pawhuska.
Hulen* to Lawton.
Humphreys*! to Altus.
Huskey* to Hugo.
Imo to Drummond.
Independence* to Custer.
Indianapolis*!! to Weather­
Indianola*!! to McAlester.
Ingersoll *!! to Cherokee.
Iona* to Wynnewood.
Jackson Switch to Broken
Jester* to Mangum.
Joplin to Quapaw.
Juanita to Dustin.
Jumbo* to Antlers.
Kanima*!! to Stigler.
Kansas* to Siloam Springs.
Karns Spur to Calumet.
Katie* to Wynnewood.
Keefeton*!! to Warner
Kellyville*!! to Sapulpa.
Kemp to Durant.
Kenefic*!! to Durant.
Kent to Hugo.
Kenton* to Boise City.
Kenwood*! to Salma.
Keokuk Falls to Prague
Keystone*!! to Mannford.
Kiamichi* to Tuskahoma.
Kibby to Woodward.
Kiefer*!! to Mounds.
Kildare*!! to Newkirk.
Kinta*!! to Quinton.
Kiowa to McAlester.
Komalty to Hobart.
Kosoma*! to Antlers.
Krebs*!! to McAlester.
Kullituklo* to Idabel.
Kusa to Henryetta.
Lacey to Hennessey.
Ladessa to Mangum.
Lamar to Dustin.
Lambert*!! to Cherokee.
Lane* to Atoka.
Langston* to Coyle.
Lark* to Kingston.
Laura* to Tuskahoma.
Laverty to Chickasha.
Lawrence* to Ada.
Leach* to Siloam Springs,
Lebanon* to Kingston.
Legate to Ardmore.
Lehigh*!! to Coalgate.
Lela*! to Glencoe.
Lenapah *!! to Delaware.
Lenna* to Eufaula
Lenora* to Carmargo.
Leon* to Marietta.
Leonard*!! to Bixby.
Leonel to Oakwood.
Lequire* to Keota.
Liberty* to Sallisaw.
Lima* to Seminole.
Lincolnville to Baxter
Springs. Kan.
Linn to Madill.
Little to Seminole.
Loaf to Adair.
Lockridge* to Edmond.
Loco*! to Camanche.
Lodi* to Red Oak.
Logan* to Knowles.
Lone Grove* to Ardmore.
Long* to Sallisaw.
Lookout* to Freedom.
Louis* to Gould.
Loveland*!! to Hollister.
Lowrey to Tahlequah.
Loyal*! to Dover.
Ludlow to Albion.
Lugert*! to Lone Wolf.
Lukfata to Broken Bow.
Lula*!! to Stonewall.
Lutie* to Wilburton.
Lyman to Shidler.
Lynch to Strang.
Lyons* to Stillwell.
Macomb*!! to Tecumseh.
Maguire to Noble.
Maple* to Sallisaw.
Marble City*!! to Sallisaw.
Marshall*!! to Lovell
Masham to Pawnee.
Mason* to Okemah,

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

1 County


Matoy to Bennington.
Maxwell* to Ada.
Mayfield *to Sayre
Mazie*!! to Wagoner.
McBride to Ft. Gibson.
McComb to Tecumseh.
McCurtain*!! to Keota.
McKey* to Sallisaw.
McLain to Webbers Falls.
McMann to Wirt.
McMillan* to Madill.
McQueen* to Gould.
McWillie*! to Helena.
Mead to Durant.
Meers* to Lawton.
Mehan*! to Stillwater.
Mellette* to Eufaula.
Meno to Ringwood.
Merrick*! to Meridian.
Messer to Hugo.
Mexhoma* to Boise City.
Micawber* to Paden.
Middleberg* to Blanchard.
Midlothian to Chandler.
Midway* to Reydon.
Midwell to Boise City.
Milburn*!! to Tishomingo.
Milfay*! to Stroud.
Millerton to Valliant.
Milo* to Ardmore.
Milton*! to Bokoshe.
Mitch* to Vian.
Moffet* to Fort Smith,
Monarch to Baxter Springs,
Monroe*!! to Howe.
Moodys* to Tahlequah.
Moorewood*! to Hammon.
Morse* to Okemah.
Moyers*!! to Antlers
Muldrow*!! to Sallisaw.
Murphy* to Pryor.
Muse to Talihina.
Mustang*!! to Oklahoma
Mutual to Sharon
Naples* to Chickasha.
Narcissa! to Miami.
Nashoba* to Antlers.
Natura! to Beggs.
Navina*! to Guthrie.
Needmore (Cleveland Co.)
to Noble.
Nelagony*+! to Powhuska.
Nelson* to Hugo.
Neodesha* to Wagoner
Newalla*!! to Oklahoma
Newby* to Bristow.
Newcastle* to Norman.
New Durwood to Ardmore.
Newport* to Ardmore
Nicoma Park to Oklahoma
Nicut to Sallisaw.
Nida to Tishomingo.
Niles* to Hinton.
Ninnekah to Chickasha.
Non* to Calvin.
Norfolk! to Yale.
Norge*!! to Chickasha.
North Miami! to Com­
North Muskogee to Wagon­
Noxie* to Coffey ville, Kan.
Nuyaka* to Beggs.
Oak Hill* to Idabel.
Oakhurst* to Redfork.
Oakland* to Madill.
Oaks* to Kansas.
Oberlin* to Bennington
Ochelata*!! to Bartlesville.
Ocina* to Carter.
Octavia* to Hatfield, Ark.
Odell to Idabel.
Oglesby* to Ochelata.
Oil City* to Wilson.
Oilton*!! to Cushing.
Okay to Wagoner.
Okesa*!! to Bartlesville.
Okfuskee* to Okemah.
Oktaha*!! to Checotah.
Oleta to Fargo.
Olive* to Drumright.
01ney*+! to Coalgate.
Onapa to Checotah.
Oneta*! to Broken Arrow.
Orienta*!! to Fairview.
Orion* to Fairview.
Orr* to Ringling.
Oscar* to Ryan.
Oswalt* to Ardmore.
Ottawa to Miami.
Overbrook* to Ardmore.
Owasso*!! to Tulsa.
Owl to Coalgate.
Ozark to Braggs
Page*!! to Mena, Ark.
Panama*!! to Spiro.
Panola to Wilburton.
Papoose to Wetumka.
Parker* to Stuart.
Park Hill to Tahlequah.
Parkland to Agra.
Payne* to Lindsay.
Payson*! to Meeker.
Pearson to Tecumseh.
Pearsonia*tf to Foraker.
Peckham*!! to Blackwell.
Peggs* to Hulbert.
Peno* to Fort Smith, Ark.
Pensacola*!! to Adair.
Peoria* to Seneca. Mo.
Pernell to Elmore City.
Pershing*!! to Pawhuska.
Pharaoh to Weleetka.
Phillips* to Coalgate.
Phroso* to Selling.
Pierce* to Checotah.
Money Order Office.

Pierceton to Tonkawa.
Pike*! to Marietta.
Pine Valley to Talihina.
Pink to Tecumseh.
Pittsburgh*!! to Hailey­
Platter*!! to Durant.
Pleasant Hill to Idabel.
Pollard* to Idabel.
Pontotoc* to Mill Creek.
Poolville to Ardmore.
Port* to Sentinel.
Praper to Mounds.
Prentiss to Sayre.
Preston*!! to Okmulgee.
Proctor* to Westville.
Prue*! to Osage.
Pulare to Sand Spring.
Purdy* to Lindsay.
Qualls* to Braggs
Quay*!! to Yale.
Rabit* to Miami.
Raiford* to Hanna.
Ramona*!! to Vera.
Randlett*! to Temple.
Randolph to Madill.
Range* to Guymon.
Rattan* to Antlers.
Ravia to Tishomingo.
Ray to Wagoner.
Ray City to Konawha.
Reagan* to Mill Creek.
Redbird*! to Coweta.
Redden* to Stringtown.
Redland*! to Spiro.
Reed* to Mangum.
Reeding*! to Kingfisher.
Rentiesville* to Checotah.
Rex to Wagoner.
Rhea* to Leedy.
Rich to Atoka.
Richardville to Hichita.
Richert to Heavener.
Richland* to El Reno.
Richmond to Seiling.
Ringold to Fort Towson.
Riverside* to Beaver.
Robbins* to Tahlequah.
Roberta* to Durant.
Rock Creek to Atoka.
Rocky Ford to Chickasha.
Roland*! to Sallisaw.
Roll to Cheyenne.
Romulus! to Tecumseh.
Rose* to Pryor.
Rosston*!! to Gate.
Rossville to Wellston.
Row* to Gentry. Ark.
Roxana to Marshall.
Royal* to Lindsay.
Rufe* to Valliant.
Russell to Mangum.
Russelville* to Quinton.
Ruthdale* to Delaware.
St. Louis (Pottawatomie
Co.) to Maud.
Sacred Heart* to Konawa.
Saddle Mountain* toMountain View.
Sageeyah* to Claremore.
Salem to Henryetta.
Salina*!! to Pryor.
Salt Springs* to Buffalo.
Sampsell* to Boise City.
Sand Creek* to Wakita
Santa Fe to Duncan.
Sardis* to Tuskahoma.
Savanna*!! to McAlester.
Sawyer*!! to Fort Towson.
Saylor to Sallisaw.
Schiegei to Cushing.
School ton to Okemah.
Schulter*!! to Henryetta.
Scipia*! to McAlester.
Scott* to Lookeba.
Scraper* to Tahlequah.
Scullin*!! to Hickory
Sedan* to Mountain View.
Selman*!! to Buffalo.
Seward*!! to Guthrie.
Shadypoint*!! to Poteau.
Shawueetown* to Idabel.
Shay* to Kingston.
Sherman* to Quinlan.
Sherwood to Broken Bow.
Shinewell to Idabel.
Short* to Van Buren, Ark.
Shrewder to Gould.
Sickles* to Lookeba.
Sid* to Jay.
Signet to Stillwater.
Silo* to Durant.
Simpson* to Mannsville.
Sinnett to Keystone.
Slick to Bristow.
Slim *to Valliant.
Smith ville* to Cove. Ark.
Sobol to Fort Towson.
Soper*!! to Hugo.
Southard*!! to O’Keene.
So. Coffeyville*!! to Cofleyville. Kan.
South McAlester to Mc­
Spaulding*!! to Holdenville.
Spavinaw* to Salina.
Speer*! to Hugo.
Speermoore* to Laverne.
Spencerville* to Hugo.
Sperry*!! to Tulsa.
Springer* to Berwyn.
Stafford* to Clinton.
Stanley*!! to Antlers.
Stapp to Heavener.
Star* to Keota.
Stecker*+! to Anadarko.
Steedman* to Allen.
Stella to Newalla.
Stidham* to Eufaula.
! Telegraph Station.

iStillwell*!! to Westville.
Stoneblutf to Haskell.
Story to Maysville.
Strang*!! to Pryor.
Stringtown*!i to Atoka.
Stuart*!! to Calvin.
Sturgis to Elk art, Kan.
Sugden*!! to Waurika.
Summerfleld* to Le Flore.
Summit to Muskogee.
Sumner*! to Perry.
Sumpter to Braman.
Sunset to Darrouzett. Tex.
Supply to Woodward.
Sutter to Poteau.
Sweetwater* to Erick.
Swink*!! to Fort Towson.
Sycamore to
City. Mo.
Sylvian* to Shawnee.
Tabler* to Blanchard.
Tabor* to Bristow.
Taft*!! to Haskell.
Tahona to Spiro.
Tallant* to Barnsdall.
Tamaha* to Vian.
Tangier*!! to Fargo.
Tar River to Picher.
Tatums* to Davis.
Tegarden* to Alva.
Teresita to Tahlequah
Terlton*!! to Mannford.
Texanna* to Checotah.
Thackerville*!! to Marietta
Thomasville to Heavener.
Three Sands to Tonkawa.
Ti* to Hartshorne.
Tiawah! to Claremore
Tidmore to Seminole.
Tiffin to Beaver.
Tiger! to Drumright.
Tillman to Grandfleld.
Titantic to Stilwell.
Todd*! to Vinita.
Tom* to Idabel.
Trail*! to Leedey.
Tribbey 1 to Shawnee.
Trousdale*! to Shawnee.
Troy*!! to Mill Creek.
Tucker* to Spiro.
Tullahassee*! to Porter
Tupelo to Stonewall.
Turkey Ford* to Grove.
Turley* to Tulsa.
Tuskha*!! to Atoka.
Tuskegee* to Okemah.
Tussy* to Duncan.
Utica* to Durant.
Valeria to Glencoe.
Valley* to Pawnee.
Vamoosa to Konawa.
Vanoss*!! to Ada.
Velma* to Duncan.
Verdigris*!! to Claremore.
Vernon* to Dustin.
Victor to Poteau.
Victory to Olustee.
Vinco* to Perkins.
Vining* to Jet.
Vinson* to Mangum.
Virgil to Hugo.
Virginia to Tonkawa.
Vivian* to Eufaula.
Wade* to Bennington
Wainwright*!! to Boyntoi
Walls to Keota.
Wamego to Asher.
Wann*!! to Dewey.
Wapanucka*!! to Clarita.
Wardville to Coalgate.
Warner*!! to Porum.
Warren* to Blair
Warwick*!! to Chandler.
Washita*! to Fort Cobb.
Washunga to Kaw.
Waterloo* to Edmond.
Watova* to Nowata.
Watson* to Cove. Ark.
Watts*!! to Westville.
Waubillau* to Stilwell.
Wayside* to Dewey.
Weathers to McAlester.
Webb to Lenora.
Webb City*! to Shidler.
Wekiwa* to Sand Springs
Welling*!! to Tahlequah.
Wells to Checotah.
Welty* to Castle.
West Tulsa*! to Tulsa.
Wheeless* to Boise City.
Whiteagle*! to Ponca City.
Whitefleld* to Stigler.
White Oak*!! to Vinita.
Whitesboro* to Talihina.
Williams* to Poteau.
Willis* to Kingston.
Willow View to Purcell.
Willzetta to Prague.
Wimer*! to Centralia, Kan.
Winchester* to Alva.
Witcher! to Edmond.
Wolco to Barnsdall.
Wooddale to Fairview.
Woodford* to Ardmore
Wright City*!! to Valliant.
Wybark*!! to Muskogee
Yahola* to Haskell.
Yanush* to Tuskahoma.
Yarnaby* to Aehille.
Yeager*!! to Holdenville.
Yewed*!! to Lambert.
Yonkers*!! to Wagoner.
Yuba* to Durant.
Zena* to Grove.
Zenobia to Clarita.
Zincville* to Quapaw.
Zita* to Healdton.
Zoe*! to Heavener.
Zula to Dacoma.
! Express Office.


Adams*!! to Athena.
Adrian* to Parma, Idaho.
Agate Beach* to Newport.
Agness*! to GoJdbeach.
Airlie*!! to Monmouth.
Albee* to Pendleton.
Alfalfa to Bend.
Algoma*!! to Klamath Palls
Alicel*t to La Grande.
Allegany* to Marshfield.
Aloha* to Beaverton.
Alpine*tt to Monroe.
Alvadore* to Junction City.
Anchor to Glendale.
Andrews* to Crane.
Anlauf* to Cottage Grove.
Antelope*t to Shaniko.
Antone* to John Day.
Applegate* to Centralpoint.
Arago* to Myrtle Point.
Ardenwaldt to Portland.
Arleta to Portland.
Ash * to Reedsport.
Ashwood*t to Shaniko.
Austin*!! to Prairie City.
Azalea* to Glendale.
Ballston*!! to Sheridan.
Barlow*t to Canby.
Bartlett*! to Wallowa.
Barton*! to Oregon City.
Barview*! to Tillamook.
Bates* to Prairie City.
Bay City*!! to Tillamook.
Bayocean*! to Tillamook.
Beatty*! to Bonanza.
Beaver* to Tillamook.
Beaver Creek! to Oregon
Beech Creek* to John Day.
Bellevue to Sheridan.
Bellfountain to Monroe.
Bell Station to Portland.
Berlin* to Lebanon.
Bertha to Portland.
Bethany to Beaverton.
Beulah* to Juntura.
Biggs*!! to Wasco.
Bingham Springs to Pen­
Birkenfeld*! to Clatskanie.
Blachly* to Junction City.
Blaine* to Tillamook.
Blalock*! to Arlington.
Blitzen* to Crane.
Blodgett*! to Philomath.
Blue River*! to Springfield.
Bly*! to Bonanza.
Boardman* to Hermiston.
Bolton to Oregon City.
Bonita* to Vale.
Bonneville*!! tc Troutdale.
Boring*!! to Gresham.
Boyd*! to Dufur.
Braymill to Klamath Falls.
Bridal Veil*!! to Troutdale.
Bridge*! to Myrtle Point.
Bridgeport* to Baker.
Bridgeview to Grants Pass.
Brighton* to Tillamook.
Brightwood! to Sandy.
Broadacres! to Hubbard.
Broadbent*toMyrt.le Point.
Broadmead to Sheridan.
Brockway* to Roseburg.
Brooks*! to Gervais.
Brothers* to Bend.
Brownlee* to Halfway.
Brownsboro*! to Eaglepoint.
Brownsmead*! to Astoria.
Bruce to Monroe.
Buell*!! to Willamina.
Buena Vista*! to Independ­
Bullards to Bandon.
Bullrun*!! to Sandy.
Burlington! to Portland.
Burnt Woods* to Philo­
Butte Falls*! to Eagle
Butteville to Aurora.
Buxton*!! to Banks.
Camas Valley*! to Roseburg.
Camp Sherman to Red­
Canary to Gardiner.
Cannon Beach* to Seaside.
Canyon City* to John Day.
Canyonville*! to Riddle.
Carnation* to Forest Grove
Carver to Oregon City.
Cascade Locks*!! to Hood
Cascadia* to Lebanon.
Casselare to Lebanon.
Cayuse* to Pendleton.
Cecil*! to Heppner.
Cedar Mill to Beaverton.
Celilo* to The Dalles.
Champoeg to Aurora.
Chapman*! to Scappoose.
Charleston to North Bend.
Chemawa*! to Salem.
Chemult! to Chiloquin.
Cherry Grove*! to Gaston.
Cherryville*! to Sandy.
Cheshire*! to Junction City.
Chitwood* to Toledo.
Clackamas*! to Oregon City
Clearlake to Salem.
Clem*! to Condon.
Clifton*!! to Astoria.
Cloverdale* to Tillamook.
Coburg to Eugene.
Cochran*!! to Banks.
Colton* to Molalla.
Columbia City* to St.

Cooston* to North Bend.
Corbett* to Troutdale.
Cornucopia*! to Halfway.
Cove* to Union.
Cove Orchard** to V amhill
Crabtree*!! to Lebanon.
Crater Lake to Medford.
Crawfordsville* to Browns­
Crescent*! to Bend.
Crescent Lake to Springfield.
Crow* to Eugene.
Crown Point to Troutdale.
Crystal to Chiloquin.
Culp Creek* to Cottage
Culver*!! to Madras.
Currinsville! to Estacada.
Curtin* to Cottage Grove.
Cushman*!! to Gardiner.

Dairy to Klamath Falls.
Damascus! to Oregon City.
Danner to Ontario.
Dawson to Monroe.
Days Creek*! to Riddle.
Dayville*! to John Day.
Dee* to Hood River.
Imbler*!! to La Grande.
Deer Island*!! to St.Helens
Imnaha*! to Enterprise,
Delake to Newport.
lone*!! to Heppner.
Delmar! to Marshfield.
Ironside- to Baker.
Denio* to Winnemucca,
Irrigon*!! to Hermiston.
Denmark*! to Bandon.
i Irving to Eugene.
Denzer* to Alsea.
Island City* to La Grande.
Depoe Bay to Newport.
Izee*! to John Day.
Detroit*!! to Mill City.
Jacksonville* to Medford.
Devitt* to Philomath.
Jamieson* to Vale.
Dexter* to Springfield.
Diamond*! to Crane.
Jasper* to Springfield.
Jefferson*!! to Albany.
Dillard*!! to Roseburg.
Dilley*! to Forest Grove.
Jennings Lodge* to Oregon
Divide to Cottage Grove.
Jewell* to Astoria.
Dixonville* to Roseburg.
Jordan Valley* to Caldwell.
Dolph*! to Grande Ronde.
Donald*!! to Aurora.
Donna to Springfield.
Kamela*!! to La Grande.
Keasey*!! to Veronia.
Dorena* to Cottage Grove.
Dothan*! to Glendale.
Keating*! to Baker.
Kelso to Sandy.
Drain*!! to Yoncalla.
Keno*! to Klamath Falls.
Drew to Riddle.
Kent*! to Shaniko.
Drewsey* to Juntura.
Dryden* to Grants Pass.
Kerby*! to Grants Pass.
Kernville to Newport.
Dundee*! to Newberg.
Durkee*!! to Huntington.
Kerry*!! to Clatskanie.
Kimberly to Condon.
Kingston! to Stayton.
Eagle Creek* to Estacada.
Kings Valley*! to Philo­
Eastside* to Marshfield
Eddyvllle* to Toledo.
Kinzua* to Condon.
Eight Mile* to Heppner.
Kirk to Chiloquin.
Elam*! to Philsmath.
Klamath Agency*! to Chil­
Elk Citv*! to Toledo.
Elkton* to Yoncalla.
Klondike* to Wasco.
Elmira* to Eugene.
Knappa*! to Astoria.
Ely to Oregon City.
Elmonica to Beaverton.
Lacomb* to Lebanon.
Empire* to North Bend.
La Fayette*!! to Dayton.
Evans* to Wallowa.
Laidlaw to Turnalo.
Evergreen Station to Port­
Lake* to Bend.
Lakecreek* to Eagle Point.
Lake Grove* to Oswego.
Fairvale to Portland.
to North Bend.
Langell Valley* to Bo­
Co.) to Gresham.
Fall Creek* to Springfield.
Langlois*! to Bandon.
Faloma to Portland.
Lapine*! to Bend.
Fargo to Aurora.
Latourell Falls* to Trout­
Fayetteville! to Shedd.
Ferndale to Freewater.
Laurel* to Hillsboro.
Fields* to Winnemucca.
to Crane.
Leaburg* to Springfield.
Fife*! to Burns.
Leland*!! to Glendale.
Fisher to Alsea.
Leneve* to Coquille.
Flora* to Wallowa.
Lents to Portland.
Florence* to Gardiner.
Leona* to Cottage Grove.
Foley Springs to Springfield
Lewis to Enterprise.
Follyfarm* to Crane
Lexington*! to Heppner.
Fort Klamath*! to Chilo­
Liberal! to Molalla.
Liberty to Salem.
Fort Rock* to Bend.
Lime* to Huntington.
Foster* to Lebanon.
Linnemann Junction*! to
Fox* to John Day.
Franklin to Junction City.
Linnton*!! to Portland.
Frenchglen to Crane.
to Eugene.
Friend*! to Dufur.
Logsden* to Toledo.
London to Cottage Grove.
Gales Creek* to Forest
Lonerock* to Condon.
Long Creek*! to John Day.
Galice to Grants Pass.
Lookingglass* to Roseburg.
Garden Home*!! to Mult­
Lorane* to Cottage Grove.
Lorella*! to Bonanza.
Garibaldi*!! to Tillamook.
Lostine* to Wallowa.
Gates* to Mill City.
Lowell*!! to Springfield.
Gateway*!! to Madras.
Lyons*!! to Mills City.
Gaylord*! to Powers.
Gearhart*!! to Seaside.
Macksburg to Aurora.
Gibbon*!! to Pendleton.
Macleay* to Salem.
Gladstone* to Oregon City.
Malheur*! to Baker.
Glenada*! to Gardiner.
Manhattan Beach to Tilla­
Glencoe! to North Plains.
Gleneden Beach to New­
Manning* to Banks.
Manzanita* to Tillamook.
Glenwood to Forest Grove.
Mapleton*!! to Eugene.
Glide*! to Roseburg.
Maplewood*! to Multno­
Goble*!! to Rainier.
Goldhill*!! to Centralpoint.
Marcola*!! to Springfield.
Goldson* to Junction City.
Marion*!! to Albany.
Goshen* to Eugene.
Marmot* to Sandy.
Marquam*! to Mt. Angel.
Marshland* to Clatskanie.
Grand View* to Madras.
Mayger* to Clatskanie.
Granite*! to Baker.
Mayville*! to Fossil.
Grass Valley*!! to Moro.
McCoy*! to Amity.
Greenburg to Tigard.
McCredie Springs*! to
Grizzly* to Madras.
Gunter* to Cottage Grove.
McEwan*! to Baker.
Gurdane* to Pendleton.
McGlynn to Eugene.
Gwendolen*! to Condon.
McKenzie Bridge*! to
Hamilton*! to John Day.
Meacham*!! to La Grande
Hammond*! to Astoria

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Hampton* to Bend.
Harbor*! to Brooklings.
Hardman*! to Heppner.
Harlan* to Philomath.
Hauser! to North Bend.
Hazeldale to Beaverton.
Hebo*! to Tillamook.
Helix*!! to Pendleton.
Helvetia to North Plains.
Hemlock* to Tillamook.
Hereford*! to Baker.
Hilderbrand to Bonanza.
Hilgard*!! to La Grande.
Hillsdale*! to Portland.
Hoaglin to Roseburg.
Holbrook*! to Portland.
Holdman* to Pendletop
Holland*! to Grants Pass.
Holley*! to Brownsville.
Home* to Huntington.
Homestead*! to Halfway.
Hopewell! to Amity.
Hopmere to Gervais.
Horton* to Junction City.
Hoskins*! to Philomath.
Hot Lake* to Union.
Houlton* to St. Helens.
Huber to Beaverton.
Hugo*! to Grants Pass.
Hullt* to Silverton.

A County Seat.

Money Order Office.

Meadow View! to Junction
Medical Springs* to Baker.
Mehama*! to Mill City.
Melrose* to Roseburg.
Merlin*!! o Grants Pass.
Metolious*!! to Madras.
Metzger*! to Tigard.
Midland*! to Klamath Falls
Miller to The Dalles.
Millican* to Bend.
Milo to Riddle.
Minam* to Wallowa.
Mission to Pendleton.
Mist* to Clatskanie.
Modoc Point!! to Klamath
Mohawk* to Springfield.
Mohler*! to Tillamook.
Montavilla* to Portland
Monument*! to Heppner.
Morgan*! to Heppner.
Mosier*ji to Hood River.
Mountaindale* to Banks.
Mt. Hood* to Hood River.
Mt. Tabor! to Portland.
Mt. Vernon*! to John Day.
Mulino*!! to Molalla.
Murphy*! to Grants Pass.
Narrows*! to Burns.
Nashville*! to Philomath
Needy to Aurora.
Nehalem* to Tillamook.
Nelscott to Newport.
Neskowin* to Tillamook.
Netarts* to Tillamook.
New Bridge*! to Halfway.
New Era*! to Canby.
New Pine Creek*! to Lakeview.
North Powder*!! to Haines
Nortons*! to Toledo.
Norway* to Myrtle Point.
Noti*!! to Eugene.
Oak Grove*! to Milwaukie.
Oakridge*! to Springfield.
O’Brien* to Grant Pass.
Ocean Lake to Newport.
Oceanside to Tillamook.
Odell* to Hood River.
Olene* to Klamath Falls.
Olex*! to Arlington.
Olney* to Astoria.
Opal City*! to Redmond.
Ophir to Gold Beach.
Orenco*!! to Hillsboro.
Oretown*! to GrandeRonde
Orient to Gresham.
Otis* to Grande Ronde.
Otter Rock! to Newport.
Owyhee to Nyssa.
Pacific City*! to Tillamook.
Palmer to Portland.
Palmer Junction* to Elgin.
Paradise* to Wallowa.
Parkdale* to Hood River.
Parkplace* to Oregon City.
Paulina*! to Prineville.
Pedee! to Monmouth.
Peoria to Shedd.
Perrydale*! to Dallas.
Phillips to Hillsboro
Phoenix*! to Medford.
Pilot Rock*!! to Pendleton.
Pine*! to Halfway.
Pinehurst to Ashland.
Pine Ridge to Klamath
Pioneer*! to Toledo
Pistol River to Gold Beach.
Plainview! to Shedd.
Pleasant Home! toGresham
Pleasant Valley*! to Baker.
Plush* ito Lakeview.
Port Orford*! to Bandon.
Post*! to Prineville.
Powell Butte* to Redmond.
Powell Valley! to Gresham.
Pratum* to Silverton..
Prescott*! to Rainier.
Princeton to Crane.
Progress to Beaverton
Prospect* to Eagle Point.
Prosper*! to Bandon.
Provolt* to Grants Pass.
Quinaby to Salem.
Quincy*!! to Clatskanie
Rainbow* to Springfield.
Range to John Day.
Reedville*!! to Beaverton.
Remote to Myrtle Point.
Rex* to Newberg.
Rhododendron*! to Sandy.
Richland*! to Halfway.
Richmond! to Fossil.
Rickreall* to Dallas.
Rietb*!! to Pendleton.
Ritter*! to John Day.
Riverside*!! to Juntura.
Riverton*! to Juntura.
Robinette*!! to Halfway.
Rockaway*!! to Tillamook.
Rockcreek* (Gilliam Co.)
to Arlington.
Rockford to Hood River.
Rockwood! to Hood River.
Rocky Point*(KlamathOo.)
to Klamath Falls.
Rogue River*! to Grants
Roosevelt Beach to Gar­
Rose Lodge* to Grandronde.
Rowena to The Dalles.
f Telegraph Station.



Rowland to Harrisburg.
Roy to Banks.
Ruch* to Medford.
Rufus*!! to Wasco.
Rye Valley*! to Huntington.
Saginaw*! to Cottage
St. Johns*!! to Portland.
Sams Valley*! to Centralpoint..
Santa Clara to Eugene.
Saunders Lake to North
Schefflin! to North Plains.
Scholls to Sherwood.
Scottsburg*! to Reedsport
Seal Rock* to Newport.
Sellwood* to Portland.
Selma*! to Grants Pass.
Seneca! to John Day.
Shaw*! to Aumsville
Sheaviile to Caldwell.
Shelburn*! to Scio.
Siletz*! to Toledo.
Siltcoos*! to Gardiner.
Silver Lake*! to Paisley
Silvies to Burns.
Siskiyou*! !to Ashland.
Sisters*! to Redmond.
Sixes to Bandon.
Southbeach to Newport.
South Forest Grove to
Forest Grove.
Sparta*! to Baker.
Sprague River to Klamath
Spray*! to Fossil.
Springbrook* to Newberg.
Springdale to Troutdale.
Springwater! to Estacada.
Stanfield*!! to Echo.
Stanley Station to Portland
Sublimity* to Stayton.
Summer Lake*+ to Paisley.
Summerville*!to La Grand.
Summit*!! to Philomath.
Sumpter*!! to Baker.
Sunnyside (Clackamas Co.)
to Oregon City.
Suntex* to Burns.
Suplee* to Prineville.
Susanville*! to Prairie City
Suver*! to Independence.
Svenson*! to Astoria.
Sweet Home* to Lebanon
Swim to Sandy.
Swisshome! to Eugene.
Sycamore to Gresham.
Sylvan to Portland.
Tablerock to Central Point.
Taft* to Newport.
Takilma*! to Grants Pass
Talbot to Albany.
Talent*!! to Ashland.
Tangent*! to Albany.
Telocaset*!! to Union.
Tenmile* to Roseburg.
Terrebonne* to Redmond.
Thornhollow* to Athena.
Thurston* to Springfield.
Tidewater*! to Newport.
Tiernan! to Gardiner.
Tiller* to Riddle.
Timber*!! to Banks.
Trail*! to Eagle Point.
Trenholm* to St. Helens.
Trent* to Eugene.
Troy*! to Wallowa.
Tualatin*!! to Sherwood.
Tumalo*! to Bend.
Twin Rocks to Tillamook.
Tygh Valley*! to Maupin.
Ukiah*! to Pendleton.
Umapine* to Freewater.
Umatilla*!! to Hermiston
Umpqua* to Sutherlin.
Unionvale to Dayton.
Unity*! to Baker.
Valsetz to Independence.
Van Horn to Hood River
Venator to Crane.
Veneta*!! to Eugene.
Verboort to Forest Grove.
Vida* to Springfield.
Viola to Estacada.
Voltage* to Crane.
Waconda*!! to Gervais.
Waldo*! to Grants Pass.
Waldport*! to Newport.
Walterville* to Springfield
Walton*! to Eugene.
Wamic*! to Maupin.
Wapinitia*! to Maupin.
Warraspring* to Madras.
Warren*! to St. Helens.
Warrendale*! to Troutdale
Warrenton*!! to Astoria.
Waterloo* to Lebanon
Watson* to Caldwell,
Wauna*!! to Clatskanie.
Wedderburn* toGoldBeach.
Welches* to Sandy.
Wendling*!! to Springfield.
Westflr!! to Springfield.
Westimber to Banks.
Westlake*! to Gardiner.
West Linn* to Oregon City
Weston*!! to Athena.
Westport*!! to Clatskanie.
West Portland to Portland.
West Side to Lakeview.
W. Stayton*! to Stayton.
W. Woodburn*!! to Woodburn.
Wheeler*!! to Tillamook.
Whiteson!! to McMinnville
Wichita to Portland.
Wilark* to St. Helens.
1 Express Office.



Wilbur*! to Sutheriin.
Wilderville* to Grants Pass
Wilhoit*! to Molalla.
Wilkesborot to Banks.
Williams* to Grants Pass.
Willows* to Arlington.
Wilsonville*!! to Aurora.
Wimer to Grants Pass.
Winberry to Springfield.
Winchester* to Roseburg.
Winchester Bayt to Reedsport.
Winlock*t to Fossil.
Wolfcreek*!! to Glendale.
Wonder* to Grants Pass.
Woods*! to Tillamook.
Wren* to Philomath.
Wyeth*!! to Hood River
Yachats* to Newport.
Yankton* to St. Helens.
Yaquina*!! to Newport.
Yoder to Molalla.


Aaronsburg* to Millheim
Academia* to Port Royal
Academy Corners* to Knox­
Acker to Newport.
Ackermanville* to Bangor.
Acme* to Mt. Pleasant.
Acotsa* to Boswell.
Adah* to Carmichaels.
land Co.) to Manor.
Adamsdale*! to Schuylkill
Adamstown* to Denver.
Adamsville*!! to Green­
Addingham*! to Clifton
Addison*! to Somerfleld.
Adelaide* to Dawson.
Admire to York.
Adrian* to Kittanning.
Advance to Indiana.
Aiken to Bradford.
Airville* to Delta.
Aitch* to Huntingdon.
Akeley*! to Warren.
Akersville* to Everett.
Alba*!! to Canton.
Albany* to Hamburg.
Albert to Wilkes-Barre.
Albrightsville* to East
Mauch Chunk.
Alburtis*!! to Emaus.
Aldan* to Clifton Heights.
Alden*! to Nanticoke.
Aldenville* to Honesdale.
Alderson*!! to Dallas.
Aldham to Phoenixville.
Aleppo* to Cameron, W.Va
Alert to Gap.
Alfarata to Lewistown.
Alford*!! to Montrose.
Alice* to Mount Pleasant.
Alicia* to Brownsville.
Alinda* to Landisburg.
Aline to Middleburg.
Allegheny to Pittsburg.
Alleghenyville to Mohnton.
Allemans to Houtzdale.
Allen* (Cumberland Co.) to
Allenport*!! to Roscoe.
Allens Mills* to Brockway.
Allensville* to Huntingdon.
Allenvale to Somerset.
Allis Hollow to Towanda
Allison* to Brownsville.
Allison Park*!! (Allegheny
Co.) to Sharpsburg.
Allport* to Morrisdale.
Almedia* to Bloomsburg.
Almont* to Sellersville.
Altenwald to Chambershurg.
Alton!! to Mount Jewett.
Alum Rock* to Emlenton.
Aluta to Nazareth.
Alverda to Barnesboro.
Alverton*!! to Scottdale.
Alvira to Allenwood.
Amaranth* to Hancock, Md
Ambersons* to Shippensburg.
Ambrose to Marion Center.
Amesville to Houtzdale.
Amity* to Washington.
Amsbry* to Cresson.
Andalusia*! to Holmesburg
Andersonburg* to New
Andover* to McConnellsburg.
Andreas*!! to Lehighton.
Angelica to Reading.
Anise to Schwenkville.
Anita*!! to Punxsutawney.
Annisville to Eau Claire.
Anselma*! to Phoenixville.
Ansonia*!! to Wellsboro.
Ansonville* to Curwensviile
Antesfort*! to Jersey Shore.
Antrim*!! to Wellsboro.
Appenzell to Stroudsburg.
Applebachsville to Quakertown.
Aqua to Chambersburg.
Aquashicola* to F almerton.
Aquetong* to New Hope.

Aram to Gettysburg.
Ararat*!! to Susquehanna.
Arbor to Red Lion.
Arbuckle to Union City.
Arcadia*!! to Glen Camp­
Areola* to Collegeville.
Ardara* to Traflord.
Arden! to Washington.
Ardsley! to Glenside.
Arensberg to Rices Landing
Argentine*!! to Parkers
Argus* to Sellersville.
Ariel*! to Lake Ariel.
Aristes* to Centralia
Arlington (Wayne Co.) to
Lake Ariel.
Armagh* to Johnstown.
Armbrust* to Youngwood.
Arnold City*! to Belle
Arnot*!! to Blossburg.
Arona* to Herminie.
Artemas to Cumberland,
Arters to Sunbury.
Arthurs to Clarion.
Asa to Bath.
Asaph* to Wellsboro.
Ashbourne*! to Jenkintown
Asherton to Sunbury.
Ashfleld* to Lehighton.
Ashville*!! (Cambria Co.)
to Cresson.
Ashville (Lancaster Co.) to
Askarn*! to Ashley.
Aspers* to Gettysburg.
Aston Mills! to Media.
Athol* to Boyertown
Atkinsons Mills to McVeytown.
Atlantic*!! to Greenville.
Atlas* to Mount Carmel.
Atlasburg* to Burgettstown
Atwood* to Rural Valley.
Auburn Center to Meshoppen.
Auburn Four Corners to
Audenried*!! to Hazleton.
Audubon*! to Norristown.
Augustaville to Sunbury.
Aultman*! to Indiana.
Austinburg* to Knovxille.
Austinville to Troy.
Avery to Tunkhannock.
Avon*! to Lebanon.
Avondale! (Luzerne Co.) to
Axeman to Bellefonte.
Axleton to Monongahela
Bachmanville* to Palmyra.
Baden*! to Freedom.
Bagdad to Leechburg.
Baggaley* to Latrobe.
Bainbridge*!! to Elizabeth­
Bair*!! to Spring Grove.
Bairdford* to Russelton.
Bairdstown! to Blairsville.
Bakers Station to Wash­
Bakers Summit* to Wood­
Bakerstown*! to Mars.
Bakersville* to Somerset
Bald Eagle to Tyrone.
Baldmount to Clarks Sum­
Balfour to Carlisle.
Balliettsville to Catasauqua
Balls Mills to Williamsport.
Bandanna to Hanover.
Banian to Madera.
Banksville to Pittsburg.
Bannerville to McClure.
Banning* to Smithton.
Barbours to Muncy.
Bard to Bedford.
Bareville*!! toNewHolland.
Barkeyville to Grove City.
Barnards to Dayton.
Barnes* to Sheffield.
Barneston* to Honeybrook.
Barnesville* to Mahanoy
Barnett to Saxton.
Barnitz* to Carlisle.
Barnsley* to Oxford.
Barree* to Petersburg.
Barren Hill! to Conshohocken.
Barry to Ashland.
Bart* to Christiana.
Barto*!! to Boyertown.
Bartonsville*! to Strouds­
Bartville* to Christiana.
Bastress to Jersey Shore.
Baumgardner to Lancaster.
Bausman* to Lancaster.
Baxter* to Brookville.
Bayne to Sewickley.
Beachdale to Garrett.
Beachhaven*!! to Berwick.
Beach lake* to Honesdale.
Beadling* to Carnegie.
Beams* to Jennerstown.
Bear Creek*! to White
Bear Gap* to Shamokin.
Bear Lake*!! to Corry.
Beartown* to Honeybrook.
Beatty*!! to Latrobe.
Beaumont to Dallas.
Beautiful to Chambersburg
Beaver Brook to McAdoo.
Beaver Center to Springboro.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Beaver Meadows*!! to
Beavertown (Huntingdon
Co.) to Huntingdon.
Beavertown*!! (SnyderCo.)
to Beaver Springs.
Beavertown*!!. (York Co.)
to Diilsburg.
Beaver V alley* to Catawissa.
Beccaria* to Houtzdale.
Bechtelsville*!! to Boyerstown.
Beckersville to Birdsboro.
Bedford Valley to Bedford.
Bedminster* to Perkasie.
Beechtree to Brockway.
Bela to East Brady.
Belden to Bedford.
Belfast* to Nazareth.
Belfry to North Wales.
Belknap to Dayton.
Bell* to Sipesville.
Bellegrove to Annville.
Belle Valley! to Erie.
Bells Landing*! to Mahaffey
Beisano* to Ebensburg.
Ben Avon!! to Avalon.
Bendersville Station* to
Bendertown to Benton.
Benezett* to Weedville.
Benfer to Beaver Springs.
Benningers to Slatington.
Ben Roy to Red Lion.
Bentley Creek to Elmira,
N. Y.
Benvenue to Duncannon.
Bergey* to Schwenkville.
Beringer City to Olintonville.
Berkshire Heights* to Wyomissing.
Berlinsville to Slatington.
Bermudian* to Diilsburg.
Bern*!! to Hamburg.
Bernharts* to Reading.
Bernice!! to Mildred.
Berrysburg* to Elizabethville.
Bertha to Burgettstown.
Berwinsdale*!! to Coalport
Best* to Slatington.
Bethany* (Wayne Co.) to
Bethayres*!! to Hunting­
don Valley.
Bethel* (Berks Co.) to
Myers town.
Bethel* (Mercer Co.) to
West Middlesex.
Bethesda! to Quarryvilie.
Betula* to Smethport.
Beyer to Plumville.
Big Cove Tannery* to
Bigler*!! to Philipsburg.
Bigmount to East Berlin.
Bigpond to Troy.
Bigspring to Newville.
Bilimeyer* to Marietta.
Bingen*!! to S. Bethlehem.
Bingham Center to Ulysses.
Binkley to Lancaster.
Bino to Greencastle.
Blrcnardville* to Montrose.
Birchrunville*! to Phoenix­
Bird in Hand*!! to Inter­
Birdville* to Natrona.
Birmingham*!! to Tyrone.
Bishop to Cecil.
Bittersville* to Red Lion
Bittinger to Hanover.
Bitumen* to Renovo.
Bixler to New Bloomfield.
Blackfleld to Garrett.
Blackgap* to Chambers­
Blackrock to Hanover.
Blacktown to Mercer.
Blackwalnut to Meshoppen
Blackwell!! to Wellsboro.
Blain City to Coalport.
Blainesburg to Brownsville.
Blainsport* to Denver.
Blairs Corners* to Ashland.
Blakeslee* to Stroudsburg.
Blanchard* to Beech Creek.
Blanco to Rural Valley.
Blandburg*! to Bellwood.
Blandon*!! to Reading.
Blawnox* to Sharpsburg.
Bloomfield to New Bloom­
field (Perry Co.)
Bloomingdale* to Shickshinny.
Blooming Glen* to Perkasie
Blooming Grove*toHawley.
Blooming Valley to Meadvilie.
Bloserville to Newville.
Blue Ball!! (Clearfield Co.)
to Philipsburg.
Blue Beil* to Ambler.
Blueknob to Portage.
Blythedale to Sutersville.

Bobtown*! to Point Marion
Bodines*!! to Ralston.
Boltz* to New Florence.
Bonnair to Glen Rock.
Bonneauville to Gettysburg
Bonny Brook to Carlisle.
Boone Station to Collingdale.
Booneville* to Loganton.
Booth Corner to Chester.
Boothwyn*! to Chester.
Boquet to Manor.
Bordell to Bradford.
Bossardsville to Strouds­
Boston*!! to McKeesport.
Bourne to Troy.
Bovard to Slippery Rock.
Bower Hill (Allegheny Co.)
to Bridgeville.
Bowers*!! to Topton.
Bowersville to Punxsutaw­
Bowmansdale*!! to Mechanicsburg.
Bowman Station to Bowmanstown.
Bowmansville* to Denver.
Boyds Mills* to Honesdale.
Boydstown to Butler.
Boyers* to Harrisville.
Boynton* to Salisbury.
Brackney* to Binghamton,
N. Y.
Bradenvillet! to Latrobe.
Bradford Woods to Mars.
Bradley Junction!! to
Brady! to Shamokin
Bradys Bend! to East
Braeburn*!! to New Ken­
Bragtown to Diilsburg.
Braman to Honesdale.
Branchdale* to Minersville.
Branchton*!! to Slippery
Brandonville*!! to Shenan­
Brandt* to Susquehanna.
Brandtsvilie! to Diilsburg.
Brandy Camp to Brockway
Brandywine Manor to
Brandywine Summit*!! to
West Chester.
Brave* toBlacksville.W.Va.
Braznell*! to Brownsville.
Breadysville! to Hatboro.
Breezewood to Everett.
Breinigsville* to Allentown.
Brent to Volant;.
Breslau! to Plymouth.
Bressler* to Steefton.
Briar Creek* to Berwick.
Brickchurch to Ford City.
Brickerville* to Lititz.
Brick Tavern! to Quakertown.
Bridesburgf! to Philadel­
Bridgeport Station to Lemoyne.
Bridgeton (Bucks Co.) to
Milford, N. J.
Bridgeton*! (York Co.) to
Bridgetown to Perkasie.
Bridgewater* (Bucks Co.)
to Bristol.
Brier Hill* to Brownsville.
Brillhart*! to York.
Brinkerton to Youngwood.
Brlsbin*! to Houtzdale.
Bristoria to Cameron, W.
Broad Axe! to Ambler.
Broad Ford*!! to Connellsville.
Broadtop City* to Saxton.
Broadway* to Shickshinny.
Brockport*! to Brockway.
Brockton* to Tamaqua.
Brockwayville*!! to Brock­
Brodbecks*! to Codorus.
Brodheadsville* to Strouds­
Brogueville* to York.
Brookdale to Hallstead.
Brookfield to Westfield
Brookland to Coudersport.
Brooklyn* to Hop Bottom.
Brooklyn Station to Downi ngton.
Brookside* to Jersey Shore.
Brookstoni *to Sheffield.
Broomall* to Media.
Broughton* to Castle Shan­
Brownfield* to Uniontown.
Brownhill to Cambridge
Brownsburg*! to Lambertvilie, N. J.
Brownsdale to Butler.
Browns Mills toGreencastle

Boalsburg* to State College
Boardman* to Madera.

Brubaker to Lititz.
Bruceton*! to Carrick.
Brunnerville* to Lititz.
Bryan to Dayton.

Money Order Office.

! Telegraph Station.

Bryansville to Delta.
Bryn Athyn*!! to Hunt­
ingdon Valley.
Brysonia to Gettysburg.
Buck to Quarryvilie.
Buckglen to Ringtown.
Buckhorn* to Bloomsburg.
Buckingham*!! to Doyles
Buckingham Valley* to
Buck Mountain*! (Carbon
Co.) to Weatherly.
Buck Mountain*! (Schuyl­
kill Co.)to Mahanoy City.
Buck Run!! (Chester Co.)
to Parkesburg.
Buck Run (Schuylkill Co.)
to Minersville.
Buckstown to Stoyestown
Bucksville* to Riegelsville.
N. J.
Buena Vista (Alleghany
Co.)*ito McKeesport.
Buena Vista (Butler Co.)
to Chicora.
Buena Vista (Fayette Co.)
to Vanderbilt.
Buena Vista Spring* to
Buffalo* to Washington.
Buffalo Mills*!! (Bedford
Co.) to Hyndman.
Buffalo Roads to Lewisburg
Bulger*!! go Midway.
Bullion to ClintonviUe.
Bunker Hill to Jonestown.
Bunkertown* to MifHintown.
Bunola*! to Elizabeth.
Burlington* to Towanda.
Burnt Cabins* to McCon­
Burrows to Kane.
Burtville* to Port Alle­
Bushington to Doylestown.
Bushkiil* to Stroudsburg.
Bushkill Center to Naza­
Buttonwood (Luzerne Co.)
! to Wilkes Barre.
Buttonwood* (Lycoming
Co.) to Blossburg.
Butztown* to Bethlehem.
Byberry Road to Hatboro.
Byers Station to Downingtown.
Byrnedale*! to Weedville.

Cabel to Shamokin.
Cabot*!! to Butler.
Cadis* to Owego, N. Y.
Cadogan*! to Ford City.
Cains* to Gap.
Calcium*! to Reading.
Caledonia to Weedville.
California (Bucks Co.) to
Callensburg* to Sligo.
Callery*! to Evans City.
Cain to Coatesville.
Calumet* to Youngwood.
Calvert* (Lycoming Co.)to
Calvin*! to Mt. Union.
Camargo to Quarryvilie.
Cambra* to Benton.
Co.) to Honey Brook
Camden* to Dravosburg.
Cameron*! to Emporium.
Cammal* to Jersey Shore.
Campbellvllle to Dushore.
Camptown* to Wyalusing.
Canadensis* to E. Strouds­
Canal to Cochranton.
Candor to Midway.
Cannelton*! to Beaver
Canoe Camp to Mansfield.
Canoe Creek* to Hollidaysburg.
Canoe Ridge to Punxsu­
Caprivi to Carlisle.
to Greensburg.
Carbon Center to Butler
Carbon Station to New
Cardale to Republic.
Caraington* to Philadel­
Carley Brook* to Honesdale.
Carlisle Springs to Carlisle.
Carlton* to Cochranton.
Carnot to Coraopolis.
Carnwath* to Curwensviile.
Carpentertown to Mount
Carroll to Loganton.
Carsonville to Halifax
Carter Camp* to Galeton.
Cartwright to Brockway­
Carversville to Doyles­
Carverton to Dallas.
Cashtown* to Gettysburg.
! Express Office.



Casselman* to Rockwood.
Cassville*! to Mt. Union.
Castanea*! to Lock Haven.
Castle Fin to Delta.
Cataractf to Renovo.
Catfish* to East Brady.
Cato to Snowshoe.
Ceases Mills to Nanticoke.
Cedar Creek to Allentown.
Cedar Lane to New Hol­
Cedar Run*!! to Jersey

Christmans* to Mauch
Christopher to Wilkesbarre.
Cnrome to Oxford.
Church to Knox.
land Co.) to Carlisle.
Churchtown* (Lancaster
Co.) to Honey Brook.
Churchville*!! (Bucks Co.)
to Newtown.
Circleville to Irwin.
Cisna Run to Landisburg.
Cito* to McConnellsburg.

Cedars* to North Wales.
Cedarvillet to Pottstown.
Cementonf! to Northamp­
Centennial* to Hanover.
Center (Allegheny Co.) to
Unity Station.
Center* (Perry Co.) to
New Bloomfield.
Centerbridset to New Hope
Center Mills (Adams Co.)
to Bendersville.

Clair to Saxton.
Clarence* to Snow Shoe.
Claridge*! to Jeanette.
Clarington* to Marienville. •
Clark* to Sharpsville.
Clarksburg* to Saltsburg.
Clarks Ferry to Duncannon
Clarks Green* to Scranton.

Center Moreland* to Tunkhannock.
Center Point to North
Centerport* to Hamburg.
Center Roadt to Conneautville.
Center Square*t to Norris­
Centertownt to Grove City.
Center Valley*tt (Lehigh
Co.) to Coopersburg.
Center ville*!! (Crawford
Co.) to Titusville.
Centerville to Newville,
(Cumberland Co.)
Centerville (Washington
Co.) to Brownsville.
Central to Benton.
Cereal to Irwin.
Cessna*)! to Bedford.
Cetronia to Allentown.
Ceylon to Carmichaels.
Chadds Ford*!! to Kennett
Chadds Ford Junction*! to
Kennett Square
Chalkhill* to Uniontown.
Challenge! to Brockway.
Chambersville*! to Indi­
Champion* (Fayette Co.)
to Mt. Pleasant.
to Millsboro.
Chanceford to Delta.
Chandlers Valley* to Sugar
Chaneysville* to Everett.
Chapel! to East Greenville.
Chapman to Selinsgrove.
Chapman Quarries*! to
Chapmans Station to Allen­
Chapmansville to Titus­
Charleston (Mercer Co.)
to Sharon.

Clarks Mills*!! to Stoneboro.
Clarkstown to Muncy.
Clarksville* (Greene Co.) to
Claussville to Allentown.
Clay* to Lincoln.
Clayhill to Greencastle.
Clayton*! to East Green­
Claytonia*! to Slippery
Clayville to Punxsutawney
Clear Ridge* to McCon­
Clear Spring* to Dillsburg.
Clearville* to Everett.
Clemo to Lake Ariel.
Cleona* to Annville
Clermont*!! to Smethport.
Cleversburg to Shippensburg.
Cliff Mine to Coraopolis.
Clifford* to Carbondale.
Clifton (Allegheny Co.) to
Clifton!! (Lackawanna Co.)
to Scranton.
Climax* to New Bethlehe ,
Clinton* (Allegheny Co..)
to Coraopolis.
Olintondale* to Mill Hall.
Cloe* to Punxsutawney.
Clovercreek to Martinsburg.
Clover Run to Mahaffey.
Clovertop to Somerfleld.
Clune to Jacksonville.
Cly*! to Goldsboro.
Clyde* to Johnstown.
Clymer*!! to Indiana.
Coal Bluff* to Monongahela.
Coal Center*! to Califor­
Coaldale (Bedford Co.) to
Coal Glen*to Brockway.
Coal Hill to Oil City
Coalmont to Saxton.
Coalridge to Wilkes-Barre.

Chatham Run*! to Lock
Cheat Haven*! to Point
Chelsea to Chester.
Cherry Flats to Wellsboro.
Cherry Ford Station to

Coalrun (Somerset Co.) to
Coaltown to Slippery Rock.
Coal Valley* to Wilson.
Coburn*!! to Millheim.
Cocalico to Lincoln
Cochranville*! to Atglen.
Cocolamus* to Mifflintown.
Cogan House to Williams­
Cogan Station* to Wil­
Cogan Valley!! toWIlliamsport.
Cokeburg* to Scenery Hill.
Cokeville*! to Blairsville.

Cherry Hill (Northampton
Co.) to Nazareth.
Cherry Ridge to Honesdale.
Cherry Tree*!! (Venango
Co.) to Oil City.
Cherry Valley to Burgettstown.
Cherry ville* to Slatington.

Cold Spring Station to
Colebrook*!! to Elizabethtown.
Colegrove* to Smethport.
Coleman* to Stoyestown.
Coleman Siding to Karthaus.

Chesterfield to Madera.

Colemanville to Millers ville
Colerain Forge to Tyrone.
Colesburg to Coudersport.
Coleville to Smethport.
Colfax! to Huntington.
Collamer* to Oxford.
Colley* to Dushore.
Collier to Fairchance.

Charlesville to Bedford.
Charmian*! to Fairfield.
Charteroak* to Petersburg.
Chase (Luzerne Co.) to Ply­
Chatham*! to West Grove.

Chester Heights*!! to Me­
Chesterville to West Grove.
Chestnut Level to Quarryville.
ChestnutRidge* to Browns­
Chest Springs* to Patton.
Cheswick*tl to Springdale.
Chewton to Wampum.
Cheyney*!! to West Ches­
Chickasaw*! to New Beth­
Chickies! to Marietta.
Childs*! to Carbondale
Chinchilla* to Clarks Sum­
Christian Springs to Naza­

Collomsville* to Jersey
Colmar*!! to Landsdale.
Colona to Monaca.
Columbia Cross Roads*!!
to Troy.
Columbus*!! to Corry.
Colver*! to Ebensburg.
Colwyn to Darby.
Colyer to Center Hall
Compass* to Parkesburg.
Concord* to Shippensburg.
Concord Station (Dela­
ware Co.) to Media.
Concord ville*!! to Media.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


County Seat.

Conestoga to Millersville.
Coneville* to ShingleHouse.
Congo to Boyertown.
Conifer*! to Brookville.
Conneaut Lake Park*!! to
Mead ville.
Conner to Boswell.
Connerton*! to Girardville.
Conoquenessing* to Evans
Conrad* to Coudersport.
Constitution to Delta.
Conway* to Freedom.
Cookportt to Commodore.
Cooks Mills! (Bedford Co.)
to Hyndman.
Cooks Run! to Renovo.
Coolbaugh to East Strouds­
Cool Spring (Fayette Co.)
to Uniontown.
Coolspring* (Jefferson Co.)
to Brookville.
Coon Corners! to Saegerstown.
Coon Island to Claysville.
Cooperstown (Butler Co.)
to Mars.
Co.)* to Franklin.
Copella to Bath.
Cora* to Mount Union.
Coral*! to Black Lick.
Cordelia to Mountville.
Corning to ■ East Greenville.
Cornwall*!! to Lebannon.
Cornwells Heights*!! to
Cornwell Station to Corn­
Corsica* to Summerville.
Cortez* to Ariel.
Corydon*!! to Warren.
Coryville* to Eldred.
Costello*!! to Austin.
Cottage to Petersburg.
Coudley* to Karthaus.
Coulters* to McKeesport.
County Line to Dalmatia.
Coupon* to Gallitzin.
Courtney*!! to Monongahela.
Covalt to Hancock. Md.
Cove Gap* to Mercersburg.
Coverdale to Castle Shan­
Cove Station to Saxton.
Covington*!! to Mansfield.
Covode to Punxsutawney.
Cowan* to Mifflinburg.
Cowanesque*! to Westfield.
Cowansville to Kittanning.
Cowley!! to Canton.
Coyleviile! to Butler.
Coyne to Old Forge.
Crabtree*!! to Latrobe.
Craigs Meadows to East
Craigsvillet! to Kittanning.
Craley* to Red Lion.
Cramer* (Indiana Co.) to
Cramer (Jefferson Co.) to
Cranberry* to Oil City.
Cranesville*!! to Albion.
Crates to Summerville.
Cream to Oxford.
Creamery* to Collegeville.
Creamton to Honesdale.
Creasy!! to Bloomsburg.
Creekside*!! to Indiana.
Creighton*! to Tarentum.
Crenshaw* to Brockway.
Cresco*!! to East Strouds­
Cressman to Quakerstown.
Creswell to Columbia.
Crooked Creek* to Wells­
Crosby*! to Smethport.
Cross Creek* to Burgettstown.
Cross Fork* to Galeton.
Crossgrove to McClure.
Crossingville to Edinboro.
Crosskill Mills to Myerstown.
Cross Roads to Elizabethville (Dauphin Co.)
Cross Roads (Northampton
Co.) to Bath.
Crossroads (York Co.) to
Crothers* to Claysville.
Crowl* to Shamokin.
Crown* to Marienville,
Croyden to Bristol.
Crozers to Media.
Crucible* to Rices Landing.
Crumlynne*+! to Chester.
Crystal Spring* to Everett.
Cuddy* to Cecil.
Culbertson to Chambersburg.
Culmervillet to Russellton.
Cumberland Valley* to
Cumbola*! to Philadelphia.
Cummingsville to Peters­
Cupola* to Honey Brook.
Curllsville* to Sligo.
Curry Run*!! to Mahaffey.
Curryville* to Martinsburg.
Money Order Office.

Curtin*!! (Center Co.) to
Curtin (Dauphin Co.) to
Curtisville*!! to Russellton.
Custard to Meadville.
Custer City*!! to Bradford.
'Cyclone* to Smethport
Cynwyd!! to Bala-Cynwyd

Daggett to Elmlre, N. Y.
Daguscahonda* to St.
Dagus Mines* to St. Marys.
Dahoga* to Wilcox.
Daisytown to California.
Dale! to Boyertown.
Daleville to Moscow.
Dallas City* to Bradford.
Damascus* to Honesdale.
Danboro* to Doylestown.
Darling* to Media.
Darlington*! to Beaver
Darlingtons Corners to
West Chester.
Darragh* to Herminle.
Dauberville* to Reading.
Davidsburg to East Berlin.
Davis to Bradford.
Davis Corners to Emlenton
Davis Station to Westfield.
Davistown to Waynesburg.
Davisville* to Hatboro.
Day to Clarion.
Deal! to Meyersdale.
Dean* to Cresson.
Deanville to New Bethle­
Deckard to Cochranton.
Deckers Point to Marion
Decorum* to Orbisonia.
Deegan* to Clintonville.
Deemston to Fredericktown.
Deep Valley* to Littleton,
W. Va.
Deer! to Palmyra.
Defiance* to Hopewell.
Degolia*! to Bradford.
Deibertsville to Slatington.
De Lancey* to Punxsu­
Delaney to Gallitzin.
Delano*!! to Mahanoy
Delaware Water Gap* to
East Stroudsburg.
Delhil to North East.
Delk to Mercersburg.
Dellville to Duncannon.
Delphi* to Schwenlcville.
Delroy to Wrightsville.
Dempseytown to Oil City.
Demunds Corners to Dal­
Denbo to Brownsville.
Dents Run* to Dubois.
Deodate to Elizabethtown.
Derbydown to Coatesville.
Derrick City* to Bradford.
Derrs to Benton.
Derry Church to Hershey.
Desire* to Big Run.
De Turksville to Pine Grove
Devault!! to Malvern.
Devon*!! to Berwyn.
Dewartfi to Watsontown.
DeYoung*! to Kane.
Diamond* to Titusville.
Dickerson Run*!! to Daw­
Dickeys Mountain to Han­
cock, Md.
Dickinson*! to Newville.
Dicksonburg! to Conneautville.
Dilliner* to Point Marlon.
Dillingersville to Emaus.
Dilltown* to Seward.
Dilworthtown to West
Dime to Leechburg.
Dimmsville to Millerstown.
Dimock* to Montrose.
Dingmans Ferry* to Mil­
Disston to Litltz.
Distant* to New Bethlehem
Doe Run to Coatesville.
Dolington* to Newtown.
Donaldson* to Tremont.
Donegal to Mount Pleas­
Donnally Mills to Millers­
Donohoe! to Latrobe.
Dora* to Punxsutawney.
Dormers to St. Clair.
Dornsife*!! to Herndon.
Dorrance to Nanticoke.
Dorseyville to Sharpsburg.
Dott* to Hancock, Md.
Douglassville*!! to Potts­
Doutyville to Shamokin.
Dow to Auburn.
!Telegraph Station.

Doylesburg* to Blairs Mills.
Doyles Mills to Port Royal.
Drake to Volant.
Drakes Mills to Cambridge.
Draper to Wellsboro.
Dresher*!! to Jenkintown.
Drifting* to Winburne.
Drifton*!! to Freeland.
Driftwood*!! to Emporium.
Drinker to Scranton.
Dromgold to New Bloom­
Drumore* to Quarryville.
Drums* to Hazleton.
Dry Valley Crossroads to
Dryville* to Kutztown.
Duboistown*! to Williams­
Dudley*! to Saxton.
Duetterras Station to Get­
Duffield to Chambersburg.
Duffryn Mawr* to Malvern
Duke Center* to Bradford.
Duncan to Wellsboro.
Duncansville* to Hollidaysburg.
Dundaff to Carbondale.
Dunkard* to Point Marlon.
Dunlevy* to Charleroi.
Dunlo*! to South Fork.
Dunns Station* to Waynes­
Dupont!! to Avoca.
Durant City to Kane.
Durell to Towanda.
Durham to Easton.
Durlach to Lincoln.
Dutch Hill* to Parkers
Dyberry* to Honesdale.
Dysart*! to Cresson.

Eaglepoint to Kutztown.
Eaglerock*!! to Tionesta.
Eagles Mere* to Hughesville.
Eagles Mere Park* to Du­
Eagleville (Centre Co.) to
Beech Creek.
Co.) to Norristown.
Earlington* to Souderton.
Earlville* to Boyertown.
East Altoona*! to Juniata.
East Bangor*!! to Bangor.
East Benton to Scranton.
E. Branch to Spartansburg.
E. Broad top to Orbisonia.
East Butler* to Butler.
East Canton to Canton.
E. Charleston to Mansfield.
E. Downingtown*! to
East Earl*!! to Blue Ball.
East Finley to Claysville.
E. Freedom*!! to Roaring
E. Hanover to Jonestown.
East Hanover Township to
East Hickory*! to Tionesta.
Eastlemon to Tunkhannoclt.
East Lewisburg to Lewis­
E. Liberty*!! to Pittsburgh
East McKeesport* to Wilmerding
East Millsboro*! to Fredericktown.
East New Castle!! to New
East Point* to Blossburg.
Eastrun to Marion Center.
East Rush to Montrose.
East Salem to Thompsontown.
East Sandy to Oil City.
East Sharpsburg to Roar­
ing Spring.
E. Smethport* to Smeth­
East Springfield*! to Girard.
East Texas* to Allentown.
East Titusville to Titus­
East Troy to Troy.
Eastvale! to Beaver Falls.
Eatonville* to Tunkhannock.
Eau Claire*! to Emlenton.
Eberlys Mill to Harrisburg.
Echo*!! to Dayton.
Eckley* to Freeland.
Economy!! to Ambridge.
Eddington*!! to Bristol.
Eddystone!! to Chester.
Eddyville to New Bethle­
Edella to Scranton.
Edelman* to Pen Argyl.
Eden to Lancaster.
Edenborn to Uniontown.
! Express Office.





Edenville* to St. Thomas.
Edgegrove to Littlestown.
Edge Hill*}} to Glenside.
Edgemont* to Media
Edgewood Park to Wilkinsburg.
Edgeworth} to Sewickley.
Edgwood to Yardley.
Edie to Somerset.
Edinburg* to New Castle.
Edison* to Doylestown.
Edmon* to Apollo.
Bdri*J to Avonmore.
Edwardsdale to Edwardsville.
Effort* to Stroudsburg.

Fagleysville! to Boyertown.
Fagundus to Tidioute.
Fairbank* to New Salem
Fairdale* to Montrose.
Fairhope (Fayette Co.) to
Belle Vernon.

Eightyfour* to Washington.
Elam to West Chester.
Elbon* to Brockway.
Elbrook to Waynesboro.
Elco* to Roscoe.

Fairoaks*} to Ambridge.
Fairplay to Emmitsburg,
Fairview (Butler Co.) to
Fairview to Harrisburg
(Cumberland Co.)
Fairview*!} (Erie Co.) to

Fountain Springs! to Ash­
Fountainville* to Doyles­
Fowlerville to Berwick.
Frampton to Clarion.

Fairview Village* to Nor­
Fairville* (Chester Co.) to
Kennett Square.
Fallentimber* to Coalport.
Falls*!} to Pittston
Fallsdale to Honesdale.

Franconia* to Souderton.
Franconiaville to Souderton
Frank* to Sutersville.
Frankfort Springs to Bur­
Franklin Corners to E dinboro.
Franklindale to Towanda.

Fallston} to New Brighton.
Falmouth* to Middletown.
Farmers to York.
Farmers Mills to Center
Farmers Valley to Smethport.

Franklin Forks to Montrose
Franklintown* to Dillsburg
Franklinville* to Tyrone.
Frankstown* to Hollidayburg.
Frazer*!} to Malvern.
Fredell to East Brady.
Frederick* to Schwenkville.
Fredericksville to Boyer­

Eldersville to Burgettstown.
El Dorado* to Altoona.
Eldredsville to Dushore.
Eleanor to Big Run.
Elgin*}} to Corry.
Elimsport* to Allenwood.
Elixir to Mahanoy City.
Elk Dale (Susquehanna Co.)
to Forest City
Elk Lake to Montrose.
Elkview*}! to West Grove
Ellenton*tt to Canton.
Elliottsburg*} to New
Elliottson to Carlisle.
Elliottsville* to Uniontown
Ellisburg* to Genesee.
Elm* (Lancaster Co.) to
Elmdale to Scranton.
Elmer* to Westfield.
Elm Grove to Dunbar.
Elmhurst*}} to Scranton.
Elmora* to Bakerton.
Elrama*!! to Elizabeth.
Elroy* to Souderton.
Elstonville to Manheim.
Elton* to Windber.
Elwyn*!! to Media.
Elyt to Doylestown.
Embreeville*tt to Coatesville.
Emeigh* to Cherry Tree.
Emerald* to Slatington.
Emerson to Everett.
Emigsville*} to York.
Emilie* to Bristol.

Fairhope* (Somerset Co.),
to Hyndman.
Fairmount (Lancaster Co.)
to Quarryville.
Fairmount City* to New
Fairmount Springs* to

F'armersville* to Akron.
Farmington* (Fayette Co.
to Uniontown.
Farragut to Montoursville.
Fassett to Elmira, N. Y.
Fay to New Wilmington
Fayette City*!! to Belle
Fayetteville*} (Franklin
Co.) to Chambersburg.
Fearnot to Klingerstown.
Feasterville* to Langhorne.
Federal* to Carnegie.
Felton (Delaware Co.) to
Felton*} (York Co.) to Red

Emmons* to Cherry Tree.
Emsworthtt to Avalon.
Endeavor*f to Tionesta.
Enders* to Jacksonville.
Energy to Ellwood City.
Enfield* to Chestnut Hill.

Feltsville to Minooka.
Feneiton*!} to Butler.
Fern to Ashland.

Englesville to Boyertown.
English Center* to Jersey
Enhaut*f to Steelton.
Enid* to Hopewell.

Ferndale* (Bucks Co.) to
Ferndale (Cambria Co.) to

Ennisville to Petersburg.
Enon Valley* to East
Palestine, O.
Snterline to Halifax.
Enterprise* (Warren Co.)
to Titusville.
Entlerville to Newville.
Entriken*!! to Huntingdon
Epton* to Finleyville.
Equinunk* to Hancock,
N. Y.
Ercildoun* to Coatesville.
Erdenheim* to Chestnut
Erdman to Millersburg.
Eriton* to Dubois.
Ernest*!! to Indiana.
Erneys to Harrisburg.
Erwinna* to Frenchtown,
N. J.
Eshbachf to Boyertown
Espy*tt to Bloomsburg.
Espyvillet to Linesville.
Espyville Station*} to
Essick to Picture Rocks.
Estella to Dushore.
Esterly* to Reading.
Esther to Midland.
Etters* to Goldsboro.
Euclid*}} to Butler.
Eureka to Lansdale.
Evansburg to Collegeville.
Evans Falls to Tunkhannock.
Evansville*!} (Berks Co.)
to Reading.
Evendale to Mifflin town.
Evergreen (Bradford Co.)
to New Albany.
Everson*! to Scottdale.
Ewingville to Carnegie.
Excelsior*! to Shamokin.
Exeter Borough to West
Expedit* to Ebensburg.
Exposition to Meadville.
Exton* to Downingtown.
Eyers Grove* to Millville.
Eynon* to Peckville.

Ferndale to Catasauqua
(Lenigh Co.)
Fern Glen*!} (Luzerne Co.)
to Hazleton
Fernridge* to Stroudsburg
Co.) to Landsdowne.
Ferris* to Harrisville.
Fertigs* to Oil City.
Fetterville* to Blue Ball.
Fields Station* to Williams­
Filbert to New Salem.
Filer to Stoneboro.
Finland to Pennsburg.
Firstfork* to Austin.
Fisher* to Clarion.
Fishers Ferry* to Herndon.
Fishertown*}} to Bedford.
Fisherville* (Dauphin Co.)
to Halifax.
Fiveforks to Waynesboro.
Five Points to Mahaffey.
Flatwoods to Dawson.
Fleetville* to Scranton.
Fleming* to Bellefonte.
Flemington* to Mill Hall.
Flicksville*! to Bangor.
Flinton * to CoalDort.
Flora to Punxsutawney.
Floreffe! to Elizabeth.
Florence* to Burgettstown.
Flourtown*! to Ambler.
Floyd to Franklin.
Folcroft*} to Darby.
Folsom* to Norwood
Fombell* to Zelienople.
Fontana to Annville.
Footdale to New Salem.
Force*} to Weedville.
Ford Cliff* to Ford City.
Fordyce* to Waynesburg.
Foreman to Everett.
Forestgrove* to Doyles­
Foresthill to Mifffinburg.
Forest Lake to Montrose.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


1 County Seat.

Forestville (Butler Co.) to
Slippery Rock.
Forks*!} to Benton.
Forkston to Meshoppen.
Forksville* to Laporte.
Fort Hill* to Confluence
Fort Hunter! to Harrisburg
Fort Littleton* to McConnellsburg.
Fort Washington*!! to
Fossilville* to Hyndman.
Foster Brook! to Bradford.
Foundryville to Berwick.
Fountain to Tremont.
Fountain Dale to Gettys­

Freedom to Emlenton.
Freehold to Youngsville.
Freeman to Reading.
Freemansburg*!} to Beth­
Freestone to Chambersburg
Frenchtown to Meadville.
Frenchville* to Karthaus.

Georgeville* to Marion
Germania* to Galeton.
Germansville*!! to New
Geryville to E. Greenville.
Gibraltar*! to Reading.
Gibson* to New Milford.
Gibson (Washington Co.)
to Bentleyville.
Gibsonia* to Mars.
Gideon to Somerset
Gifford* to Bradford.
Gilbert* to Stroudsburg.
Gilberton*!! to Mahanoy
Gilbertsville* to Boyertown
Gilfoyle* to Marienville
Gillett*!} to Elmira. N. Y.
Gillmor! to Bradford.
GInter* to Houtzdale.
Gipsy* to Glen Campbell
Glade* to Rockwood.
Glade Mills to Mars.
Gladwyne*!! to Ardmore.
Glasgow*!! (Cambria Co.)
to Coalport.
Glassmere*! to New Ken­
Glatfelters! to York.
Gleason to Canton.
Gleasonton* to Renovo.
Glenburn*! to Scranton.
Glencoe*! to Hyndman.
Glendale to Carnegie.
Glen Eyre*!! to Hawley.
Glenfleld*} to Sewickley.
Glenhope* to Madera.
Gleniron*! to Laurelton.
Glenloch*! to Malvern.
Glen Mawr Station to
Glen Mills*!! to Media.
Glenmoore*!! to Downing­
Glenn Carbon*! to Minersville.
Glen Olden*!! to Darby.
Glen Richey* to Curwensvilla
Glen Riddle*!} to Media.
Glen Roy to Oxford.

Freystown to Myerstown.
Freysville to Red Lion.
Fricks* to Lansdale.
Fricks Lock to Spring City.
Frledensburg* (Schuylkill
Oo.) to Schuylkill Haven.

Glen Savage to Hyndman.
Glenshaw*! to Sharpsburg.
Glenville*!! to Glen Rock.
Glenwhite" to Gallitzin.

Friendsville* to Montrose.
Frisco to Ellwood City.
Fritz to Allenwood.

Glenwillard* to Ambridge.
Glenwood to Nicholson.
Globe Mills* to Middleburg
Glyndon to Spartansburg.
Godard to Erie.

Fritztown to Reading.
Frogtown to New Bethle­
Frugality*}} to Coalport.
Fruitviile to Pennsburg.
Fullerton*} to Catasauqua.
Fulton to Shamokin.
Furlong* to Doylestown.
Furnace Run* to Kittaning.

Gold* to Ulysses.
Goodhope to Mechanicsburg.
Good Intent to Claysville.
Goodspring*!! to Valley
Goodville* to Blue Ball.
Goodyear* to Carlisle.
Goram to Delta.
Gordon*!! to Ashland.
Gordonville*!! to Inter­

Gabelsville to Boyertown.
Gahagen to Central City.
Gaibleton to Marion Center
Gaines*! to Galeton.
Galilee* to Honesdale.
Gallatin* (Allegheny Co.)
to Monongahela
Gallatin (Fayette Co.) to
Gans* to Smithfield.
Gapsville to Everett.
Gardeau to Emporium.
Gardenville* to Doylestown
Gardners to Bendersville.
Garland*!! to Youngsville.
Garman to Barnesboro.
Garrett Hill to Bryn Mawr.
Garretts Run to Kittan­
Garrison* to Burton, W.Va.
Garwood to California.
Gastonville* to Finleyville.
Gastown to Elderton.
Gatchellville to Delta.
Gates to Masontown.
Gatesburg to Tyrone.
Gayly to McKees Rocks.
Geiger to Somerset.
Geigers Mills* to Birdsboro.
Geistown* to Johnstown.
Gelatt* to Susquehanna.
Gem to McConnellsburg.
Geneva*! to Meadville.
George to McDonald.
Georgetown* (Beaver Co.)
to East Liverpool. Ohio.
Georgetown (LancasterCo.)
to Christiana.
Georgetown (Wayne Co.)
to Lake Ariel.
Money Order Office.

Gorton! to Winburne.
Goshen to Quarryville.
Gottshalls to Trevorton.
Gouglersville to Mohnton.
Gouldsboro*!! to Moscow.
Gowen City* to Shamokin.
Graceton* to Homer City.
Gracey to McConnellsburg.
Gradyville to Media.
Grafton*! to Huntingdon.
Grampian*!! to Curwensville.
Grand Valley*!! to Titus­
Grange* to Punxsutawney.
Granitehill to Gettysburg.
Grantboro to New Castle.
Grantham*!!to Mechanicsburg.
Grantville*! to Palmyra.
Granville*}} (Mifflin Co.)
to Lewistown.
Granville (WashingtonCo.)
to California.
Granville Center to Troy.
Grapeville*!! to Jeannette.
Grassfiat* to Winburne.
Graterford*!} to Schwenkville.
Gratztown! to Sutersville.
Gravity*!} to Lake Ariel.
Gray* to Boswell.
Graybill to York.
Grays Landing* to Mason­
Graysville (Greene Co.)*
to Waynesburg.
Graysville (Huntingdon
Co.) to Tyrone.
Greason*! to Carlisle.
Great Belt*} to Butler.
Great Bend*!! to Hallstead
t Telegraph Station.

Greble to Myerstown.
Greeley* to Port Jervis
N. Y.
Greenbank to New Holland
Greenbrier* to Herndon.
Greenburr* to Loganton.
Greene to Quarryville.
Greenfield (Mercer Co.) to
Greengrove to Jermyn.
Green Hill} (Chester Co.)
to West Chester.
Grcenmount to Gettysburg.
Greenock* to McKeesport.
Green Ridge to Oodorus
fYork Co.)
Greensboro*}! to Point
Greenspring to Newville.
Greenstone to Fairfield.
Greentown* to Moscow.
Greentree! (Allegheny Co.)
to Pittsburgh.
Green Tree to Lansdale
(Bucks Co.)
Green Tree} (Chester Co.)
to Malvern.
Green Village to Ohambersburg.
Greenville to Clarion
(Clarion Co.)
Greenville to Clymer
(Indiana Co.)
Greenwald* to Greensburg.
Greenwood to Millville.
Greggs* to Oakdale.
Greider to Carlisle.
Grierpoint to D uncannon.
Griffin to Masontown.
Grill to Reading.
Grimville* to Kutztown.
Grindstone* to Brownsville.
Groffs Store to Lancaster.
Grovania} to Danville.
Grover*! to Canton
Groveton*} to Coraopolis.
Guava to Benton.
Guernsey*} to Gettysburg.
Guilford Springs to Cham­
Guldens* to Gettysburg.
Gulf Mills} to Conshohocken
Gum Tree} to Parkesburg.
Guthriesville* to East
Guthsville to Allentown.
Guyaux* to Point Marion.
Guys Mills* to Meadville.
Gwendolen}} to Hickory.
Gwynedd* to North Wales.
Gwynedd Valley*!! to N.

Haas to Ashland.
Hackett to Finleyville.
Haddock to McAdoo.
Hade to Greencastle.
Hadley*}} to Greenville.
Hagersville* to Perkasie.
Hahntown to Ephrata.
Hallowell* to Hatboro.
Halls to Muncy.
Hallton*} to Ridgway.
Hametown to Shrewsbury.
Hamilton* to Puuxsutawney.
Hamlin (Lebanon Co.) to
Hamlin* (Wayne Co.) to
Lake Ariel.
Hammersley Fork* to Re­
Hammett to Erie.
Hammond to Tioga.
Hampden to Mechanicsburg.
Hampton* to East Berlin.
Hancock* to Reading.
Hanlin Station*} to Bur­
Hannah to Port Matilda.
Hannah Furnace to Port
Hannastown*to Greensburg
Haunasville to Cochranton.
Hanoverdale to Hummelstown.
Hanover Junction*} to Glen
Harbor Bridge to New
O £lStlG

Harbour Creek*!! to Erie.
Harding to Pittston.
Harford* to Hop Bottom.
Harlansburg to New Castle.
Harleigh* to Hazleton.
Harmarville*! to Oakmont.
Harmonsburg*} to Lines­
Harmony*}} to Zelienople.
Harnedsville*to Confluence.
Harper to Slatington.
Harrison City* to Manor.
! Express Office.


Harrison Valley*! to Westfield.
Harrisonville*t to McConnellsburg.
Harsliaville to Midland.
Hartleton* to Mifflinburg.
Hartley to York.
Hartranft to Norristown.
Hartstown*!! to James­
Hartsville*t to Hatboro.
Harveys* to Waynesburg.
Harveyville to Shickshinny.
Harwick* to Springdale.
Harwood Mines* to Hazle­
Hatchery to Mauch Chunk.
Hautot to Lansford.
Hawk Run* to Philipsburg.
Haws to Lewistown.
Hawthorn*!! to New Beth­
Haydentown to Fairchance.
Haydenvillet to Greensburg.
Hays Grove to Shippensburg.
Haysville*!! to Sewickley.
Hazel Hurst*! to Mount
Hazel Kirk to Monongahela
Hazen* to Brookville.
Hazzard* to Monongahela.
Heart Lake* to Montrose
Heathville*! to Summer­
Hebe to Herndon.
Heberlig to Newville.
Hebron to Coudersport.
Heckscherville* to Minersville.
Heckton Mills to Harris­
Hecktownf to Nazareth.
Hecla (Schuylkill Co.) to
Hecla (Westmoreland CoJ
to Mount Pleasant.
Heidelberg to Carnegie.
Heidlersburg* to Gettys­
Heilmandale to Lebanon.
Heilwood*! to Clymer.
Heistersburg to Brownsville
Helen Furnace* to Clarion.
Helfenstein to Ashland.
Helixville to Schellsburg.
Heller to Hanover.
Helvetia* to Dubois
Hemlock to Warren
Henderson to Sandy Lake.
Hendersonville* to Canonsburg.
Hendricks* to Schwenkville
Henningsville to Macungie.
Henrietta* to Martinsburg.
Hensel to Quarryville.
Hepburnville* to Williams­
Hepler* to Shamokin.
Hereford*! to Pennsburg.
Herman*! to Butler.
Herrick Center*!! to Forest
Herrickville to Towanda.
Heshbon* to Black Lick.
Hessdale to Strasburg.
Hetlerviile to Berwick
Heverly! to Coalport.
Hibbs* to ReDublic.
Hickernell to' Springboro.
Hickman* to Carnegie.
Hickory Corners* to Dal­
Hickory Grove! to Sus­
Hickoryhill to Oxford.
Hickox to Genesee.
Highflelds to Butler.
Higbhouse to Uniontown
High Rock*! to Delta.
Highville to Millersville.
Hillchurch to Boyertown.
Hillcoke to Republic.
Hillegass to Pennshurg.
Hiller* to Brownsville.
Billiards*!! to Butler.
Hills! to Canonsburg.
Hillsboro (Somerset Co.) to
Hillsdale* to GlenCampbell.
Hillsgrove* to Hughesville.
Hillside (Montgomery Co.)
to Jenkintown.
Hillside*!! (Westmoreland
Co.) to Derry.

Hoernerstown to Hummelstown.
Hoffman to Slatington.
Hogestown to Mechanicsburg.
Hokendauqua*!! to Catasauqua.
Hokes to Glen Rock.
Holbrook* to Waynesburg.
Holden! to Summerville.
Holicong* to Doylestown.
Holiday to Wellsboro.
Holland* to Langhorne.
Hollenback to Wyalusing.
Hollinger* to Lancaster
Hollisterville* to Scranton.
Hollsopple*! to Jerome.
Holmes*!! to Darby.
Holtwood*! to Quarryville.
Holtz to Red Lion.
Home*! to Marion Center.
Homecamp to Dubois.
Homeville (Allegheny Co.)
to Homestead.
Homeville (Chester Co.)
to Oxford.
Homewood*!! to Koppel.
Honeoye*! to Shingle House
Honey Grove* to Port
Honor to New Castle.
Hooker! to Chicora.
Hookstown* to Beaver.
Hope to Smithfield.
Hopeland* to Lincoln.
Hoppenville* to Pennsburg.
Hopwood* to Uniontown.
Horatio to Punxsutawney.
Hornby to North East.
Horning* to Castle Shan­
Horsham* to Hatboro.
Hortons to Glen Campbell.
Hosensack*!! to E. Green­
Host* to Womelsdorf
Hostetter* to Latrobe.
Housum*! to Chambersburg.
Howe to Brookville.
Hublersburg* to Bellefonte.
Hudson!! to Parsons.
Hudsondale to Weatherly
Huefner* to Fryburg.
Huey* to Sligo.
Huff* to New Florence.
Huffs Church to Boyertown
Huffs Station to Greensburg.
Hughestown! to Pittston.
Hull! to Coudersport.
Hulmeville* to Langhorne.
Hulton! to Oakmont.
Humbertson to Somerfield.
Hungerford*! to Shrews­
Hunkers* to Youngwood.
Hunlock Creek*!! to Shick­
Hunters Run to Mt. Holly
Hunterstown to Gettysburg
Huntersville to Hughesville
Huntington Mills* to Shick­
Huntsdale* to Carlisle.
Husband to Somerset.
Hustontown* to McConuellsburg.
Hutchins!! to Mt. Jewett.
Hyde*!! to Clearfield.
Hyde Park*! to Leechburg.
Hydetown* to Titusville.
Hynemansville to Allen­
Hyner*!! to Renovo.

Idainar to Marion Center.
Idaville* to Gettysburg.
Idetown to Dallas.
Idlewood!! to Carnegie.
Imler*!! to Bedford.
Imlertown to Bedford.
Independence* to Avella.
Indian Creek*! (Fayette
Co.i to Connellsville.
Indianola to Oakmont.
Industry*!! to Midland.
Ingleslde to Freeport.
Ingiesmith* to Everett.
Ingomar to Pittsburgh.
Ingram!! to Crafton.
Inkerman! to Pittston.

Hillsview to Ligonier.
Hillsville*! to Bessemer.
Hilltown* to Doylestown.
Hinkletown to Ephrata.
Hiram* to McConnelisburg

Iola to Millville.
Iona to Lebanon.
Irishlane to Shickshinny.
Irish Ripple to Wampum.
Irishtown to Hanover.

Hoadleys*!! to Honesdale.
Hobart to Hanover
Hobbie to Nescopeck.
Hoboken to Sharpsburg.
Hockersville to Hummelstown

Iron Springs* to Gettys­
Ironton to Coplay.
Irvine* to Youngsville.
lrvineton!! to Youngsville.
Iselin*+t to Saltsburg.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

Isle! to Slippery Rock.
Ithan* to Wayne.
Itley to Edinboro.
Iva to Strasburg.
Ivanhoe to Monongahela.
Ivyland*!! to Hatboro.
Ivywood! to Butler.

Jackson (Erie Co.) to Wa­
Co.) to Susquehanna.
Jackson Center*!! to Mer­
Jackson Summit*!! to El­
mira, N. Y.
Jacksonville (Center Co.)
to Howard
Jacksonville (Cumberland
Co.) to Newville.
Jacksonville (Dauphin Co.)
to Halifax.
Jacksonville! (Indiana Co.)
to Indiana.
Jacksonville* (Lehigh Co.)
to New Tripoli
Jacksonwald* to Reading.
Jacksville to Slippery Rock.
Jacobs to Three Springs.

Kendall Creek* to Bradford
Kenilworth to Pottstown.
Kennard* to Greenville.
Kennerdell*!! to Clintonville.
Kent*! to Indiana
Kenwood to Clymer.
Keown to Pittsburgh.
Keown Station! to Pitts
Kepner to Tamaqua.
ICernsville to Allentown.
Kerrmoor*!! to Curwens­
Kerrtown to Meadville.
Keys to Red Lion
Khedive* to Carmichaels.
Kifertown to Scottdale.
Kilgore to Sandy Lake.
Killinger to Millersburg.
Kilmer* to Port Royal

Joffre* to Burgettstown.
Johnetta*!! to Leechburg.
Johnsburg to Meyersdale.
Johnson City to Shamokin.
Johnsville* to Hatboro.
Joliett* to Tremont.
Jollytown* to Hundred, W.
Jonas* to Palmerton.
Jones Mills* to Mount
Jonestown*!! to Orange­
Jordan* to New Tripoli.
Jordan Valley to New
Josephine*!! to Black Lick.
Joyce to New Castle.
Julian*!! to Bellefonte.
Junction to Manheim.
.1 uneau*!! jto Punxsutawney
Junedale* to Hazleton.
Juniataville to Connellsville

Kimberton*!! to Phoenixville.
Kimble*!! to Hawley.
Kimmelton* to Stoyes­
Kinderhook to Columbia.
King of Prussia* to Norris­
Kingsdale* to Littlestown.
Kingsley*!! to Hop Bottom
Kingston*!! to Latrobe.
Kingsville to Summerville.
Kingwood to Rockwood.
Kinport*! to Cherry Tree.
Kintnersville* to Frenchtown, N. J.
Kinzers*!! to Gap.
Kinzua*!! to Warren.
Kirby* to Newtown.
Kirbyville to Fleetwood.
Kirks Mills to Rising Sun,
Kirkwooa* to Quarryville.
Kishacoquillas to Reedsville.
Kissimmee toMiddleburg.
Kistler to New Bloomfield.
Klahr* to Claysburg.
Klecknersville to Bath.
Kleinfeltersville to Myerstown.
Klinesville* to Hamburg.
Knauers to Reading.
Knob to Freedom.
Knobsville* to McConnelis­
Knousetown to Millerstown
Knowlton to Chester.
Knox*!! to Edenburg.
Knox Dale*!! to Brookville
Koonsville to Shickshinny.
Koontzville to Bedford.
Kossuth to Edenburg.
Kralltown to Dillsburg.
Kratzerville* to Selinsgrove
Kraussdale to East Green­
Kreamer*!! to Selinsgrove.
Kregar* to Ligonier.
Kreidersville to Northamp­
Kremis!! to Fredonia.
Ivresgeville* to Lehighton.
Kricks Mill to Womelsdorf.
Krumsville to Kutztown.
Kulp to Catawissa.
Kulpsville* to Lansdale.
Kumry to Qualcertown.
Kunckle to Dallas.
Kunkletown* to Palmerton.
Kushequa*! to Mount Jew­
Kylertown* to Winburne.
Kyleville to Delta.

Kammerer* to Mononga­
Kaneville to Oil City.
Kantner* to Stoyestown.
Kaolin* to Avondale.
Karns City*! to Chicora.
Kasiesville to Mercersburg.
Kaska* to New Philadel­
Katellen to Pen Argyl.
Kato* to Snow Shoe
Kauffman! to Greencastle.
Kaylor*! to East Brady.
Kearney* to Hopewell.
Kearsarge to Erie
Keating*!j to Renovo.
Keating Summit*!! to Aus­
Keech to Genesee.
Keefer to Sunbury.
Keefers to Chambersburg.
Keeneyville! to Wellsboro.
Keewaydin* to Karthaus.
Kegg* to Schellburg.
Kehler to Ashland.
Keiser* to Mount Carmel.
Keisters* to Slippery Rock.
Keisterville to New Salem.
Kelayres* to McAdoo.
Kellers Church* to Sellersville.
Kellettville* to Tionesta.
Kellyburg* to Williamsport
Kelly Crossroads to Lewisburg.
Kelly Point to Lewisburg.
Kelly Station*!! to Ford
Kellytown to Curwensville.
Kelton*!! to West Grove.
Kemblesville* to Newark,
Kempton*!! to Hamburg.

Laanna* to Stroudsburg.
La Belle* to Fredericktown.
Laboratory to Washington.
Labott to York.
Lackawaxen*!! to Hawley.
Laddsburg to New Albany.
Lafayette* to Mount Jew­
Lafayette Hill*! to Conshohocken.
Laflin*! to Pittston
La Grange to Tunkhannock
Lahaska*!! to Doylestown.
Lairdsville* to Hughesville.
La Jose*!! to Mahaffey.
Lake Cary*! to Tunkhan­
Lake Como* to Hancock
N. Y.
Lakemont* to Altoona.
Laketon* to Dallas.
Lakeville* to Hawley.
Lake Winola* to Factoryville.
Lakewood*!! to Hancock,
N. Y.
Lamar* to Mill Hall.
Lamartine* to Selinsgrove.
Lamberton* to New Salem
Lambs Creek* to Mansfield
Lamokin! to Chester.
Lamott! to Jenkintown.
Lampeter* to Strasburg.
Lanark to Coopersburg.
Landenburg*!! to Avon­
Lander to Sugar Grove.
Landingville*!! to Schuyl­
kill Haven.
Landis Store* to Bally.
Landstreet* to Hooversville
Lanesboro*!! to Susque­
Lanes Mills*!! to Brock­

Jacobs Creek*! to Smithton
Jacobs Mills to Hanover.
Jacobus* to York.
James City* to Kane.
James Creek* to Hunting­
Jamestown*!! to Portage.
Jamison* to Doylestown
Jamison City*!! to Benton.
Jarrettown*! to Ambler.
Jeansville*! to Hazleton.
Jeddo*!! to Freeiand.
Jefferson (York Co.) to
Jefferson Center to Butler.
Jefferson City to Knox.
Jeffersonville*! to Norris­
Jenners* to Boswell.
Jennersville to West Grove.
Jenningsville to Meshoppen.
Jersey Mills to Jersey Shore
Jerseytown to Bloomsburg.
Joanna*!! to Birdsboro.
Jobs Corners to Elmira,
N. Y.

•Money Order Office.

f Telegraph Station.



Langdondale* to Hopewell.
Langeloth* to Burgetts­
Langville to Brookville.
Lanse* to Winburne.
Lansing to Westfield.
Lapark to Paradise.
Laplume*!! to Factoryville
Lapps to Gap.
Laquin*!! to Towanda.
Larabeefl to Eldred.
Large* to Clairton.
Larimer*!! to Irwin.
Larksvillef! to Edwardsville
Larry ville* to Jersey Shore.
Larue* to Glen Rock.
Lash* to Herminie.
Lashley* to Hancock. Md
Latimore to Dillsburg.
Lattagrove*! to Mt. Union.
Lattimer Mines*! to Hazle­
Laubachs (Columbia Co.)to
Laughlintown* to Ligonier.
Laurel* to York.
Laureldale* to Reading.
Laurel Park to Mifflinburg.
Laurel Runt! to WilkesBarre.
Laurelville to Mt. Pleasant.
Laurys Station*! to North­
Lavansville to Somerset.
Lavelle* to Ashland.
Lavery to Edinboro.
Lawn*!! to Elizabethtown.
Lawsonham*!! to Rimersburg.
Lawsville Center to Hallstead.
Lawton* to Montrose.
Layton*!! to Perryopolis.
Leacock* to Leola.
Leaman Place*!! to Inter­
Leatherwood to New Beth­
Le Boeuf to Waterford.
Leek Kill* to Shamokin.
Leckrone* to Masontown.
Lecontes Mills* to Kart­
Lederach* to Harleysville.
Ledger to Gap.
Lee* to Shickshinny.
Leeper* to Clarion.
Leesburg!! to Volant.
Leesburg Station to Volant.
Lees Cross Roads*!! to
Leetsdale*! to Ambridge.
Lehigh Gap to Palmerton.
Lehigh Tannery to White
Lehman* to Dallas.
Lehnenburg to Easton.
Leinbachs to Reading.
Leiperville to Chester.
Leithsviile to Bethlehem
Lemon to Tunkhannock.
Lemont*!! to State College.
Lemont Furnace* to Uniontown.
Lenape*!! to West Chester.
Lenhartsville*!! to Ham­
Lenni Mills* to Media.
Lenover* to Parkesburg.
Lenoxville*! to Nicholson.
Leolyn*! to Canton.
Leona to Troy
Le Roy* to Canton.
Lester! to Darby.
Letort to Millersville.
Leviston to Hazleton.
Lewisberry* to Goldsboro.
Lewis Run*! to Bradford.
Lewisville* to Oxford.
Lexington to Lititz
Liberty (McKean Co.) to
Port. Alleghany.
Libertyboro to McKees­
Liberty Corners toTowanda
Liberty Square to Quarry­
Library*! to Flnleyville.
Lickdale*!! to Jonestown.
Lickingville* to Fryburg.
Light Street*! to Blooms­
Lima* to Media.
Limekiln* to Oley.
Limeport* to Emaus.
Limerick* to Schwenksville.
Limeridget! to Bloomsburg
Lime Rock to Lititz.
Limestone*! to Clarion.
Limestoneville to Milton.
Lime Valley to Strasburg.
Lincoln Piace*t to Hays.
Lincoln U niversity*!! to
Lincolnville to Union City.
Linden*!! to Williamsport.
Linden Hall*! to Center
Lindsey* to Punxsutawney.
Line Lexington* to Lans­
± Express Office.




Line Mountain to Shamokin.
Lineville*!! to Shippenville.
Linfleld*!! to Royersford.
Linhart* to Turtle Creek.
Linwood*! to Chester.
Lionville* to Downlngtown.
Lippincott to Waynesburg.
Lisbon to Emlenton.
Lisburn* to Mechanicsburg
Listie*! to Somerset.
Listonburg* to Addison.
Little Britain* to Oxford.
Little Cooley to Townville.
Little Gap to Palmerton.
Little Marsh* to Wellsboro.
Little Meadows* to Owego.
N. Y.
Littles Corners to Saegertown.
Litzenberg to Allentown.
Livermore*! to Blairsville.
LlanerchtJ to Upper Darby
Llewellyn* to Minersville.
Lloyd* to Wellsboro.
Lloydell* to South Fork.
Llyswent to Altoona.
Loag to Honey Brook.
Lobachsville to Boyertown.
Local to Castle Shannon.
Lochiel to Lewisburg.
Lochvale* to Glen Camp­
Lock No. 3* to Elizabeth.
Lock No. 4* to Charleroi.
Lockportf (Clinton Co.) to
Lock Haven.
Lockport Station* to Boli­
Lockville to Pittston.
Locust to Marion Center.
Locustdale*f to Ashland.
Locust Gap*!! to Mount
Locustgrovet to Hancock,
Locust Valley to Coopershurg.
Logania* to Duncannon.
Logan Mills to Loganton.
Logans Ferry}: to Parnassus
Logansport* to Ford City.
Loganville* to York.
London to Grove City
Londonderry to West Grove
London Grove* to West
Lonepine to Washington.
Longlevel to Wrightsvllle.
Longpond* to Stroudsburg.
Longrun to Avonmore.
Longsdorftt to Newville.
Longswamp to Allentown
Lookout* to Honesdale.
Loop* to Dayton.
Lopez*tt to Mildred.
Lorah to Sinking Spring.
Lorane*!! to Reading
Lords Valley* to Hawley.
Loretto* to Ebensburg.
Lost Creek* to Shenan­
Lottsville* to Sugar Grove
Loudon to Fort Loudon.
Lovelton to Meshoppen.
Lovely to Alum Bank.
Lowber* to Sutersville.
Lower Providence to Collegeville.
Low Phos to Uniontown.
Lowville to Union City.
Loyalhanna* to Latrobe.
Loyalsock to Mon toursville.
Loyalton* to Lykens.
Loyalville to Dallas.
Loysburg* to New Enter­
Lucinda*!! to Fryburg.
Lucinda Furnace to Fry­
Lucknow*t to Dauphin.
Lucky to Red Hon.
Ludlow*!! to Kane.
Lumber City*!! to Curwens ville.
Lumberville* to Lambertville, N. J.
Lundys Lane* to Albion.
Lurgan to Shippensburg.
Lusk* to Delmont.
Luthersburg*} to Dubois.
Luthers Mills to Towanda.
Lutzville* to Everett.
Luxor* to Greensburg.
Lycippus* to Pleasant
Lyles to Quarryville.
Lynch* to Sheffield.
Lyndell* to Downingtown.
Lynn* to Tunkhannock.
Lynnport*tt to New Trip
Lynnville* to New Tripoli.
Lyona to Mead ville.
Lyon Station*! to Topton.
Lyon Valley to New Tripoli.
Mabel to Ashland.
Macada to Bethlehem.
Macdonaldton* to Berlin.
Mackeyville* to Mill Hall.
Maddensville* to Orblsonia.
Madeira Hill to Mahaffey.
Madison to (Chester Co.)

Madison*! (Westmoreland
Co.) to Herminie.
Madisonburg* to Millbeim.
Madisonville to Moscow.
Madley* to Hyndman.
Mahanoy Plane*!! to Gi­
rard ville
Mahoning* to Kittanning.
Mahoningtown*!! to New
Maiden Creek*!! to Read­
Mainesburg* to Mansfield.
Mainland* to Souderton.
Mainville*!! to Catawissa.
Maitland* to Lewistown.
Malta to Dalmatia.
Maltby! to Wilkes-Barre.
Mammoth*! to Pleasant
Mamont* to Expo-t.
Manadahill to Hummelstown.
Manatawny* to Boyertown
M anchester*to MountW olf.
Mandata to Herndon.
Manifold* to Washington.
Manito to Latrobe.
Manns Choice*!! to Schellburg.
Mannsville to New Bloom­
Manoa to Bryn Mawr.
Manor Hill* to Petersburg.
Manorville*! to Kittan­
Manown* to Monougahela
Mantz to Tamaqua.
Mapleglen* to Ambler.
Maple Grove to East
Maplehill to Allen wood.
Maplelake to Moscow.
Maple Ridge* to Jerome.
Mapleton Depot* to Mapleton.
Mapletown* to Masontown
Maplewood*!! to Lake
Marble* to Fryburg.
Marburg to Hanover.
Marchand* to Punxsutawney.
Marguerite to Greensburg.
Maria to Woodbury
Marion Heights to Mount
Markelsville* to Newport.
Markes to Mercersburg.
Markham*}, to Media.
Markle* to Apollo.
Marklesburg Borough to
Markleburg Station to
Markleton*!! to Rockwood
Markleysburg* to Somerfield.
Markton to Punxsutawney.
Marlin! to Minersville.
Marple to Media.
Marsh* to Honey Brook.
Marshalls Creek to East
Marshallton to West Ches­
Marshbrook to Dalton.
Marshall* to Ralston.
Marshlands to Galeton.
Marshrun to Newport.
Marshs Store to Waynes­
Marshwood* to Jessup.
Marsteller* to Spangler.
Martha Furnace to Beliefonte.
MartieviUe to Lancaster.
Martin* to Masontown.
Martindale* to New Hol­
Martins Corner to Coatesville.
Martins Creek*! to Easton.
Marvindale to Mt. Jewett.
Marwood*!! to Butler.
Maryd* to Tamaqua.
Mascot* to Leola.
Mason and Dixon*! to
Masten*!! to Ralston.
Mastersonville* to Manheim.
Masthope*!! to Hawley.
Mateer to Vandergrift.
Mather* to Jefferson.
Mattawana*! to McVeytown.
Mattie to Everett.
Mausdale! to Danville.
Mawrglen* to Hughesville.
Maxatawny* to Allentown.
Maxwell to Fredericktown.
Mayburg* to Tionesta.
Mayport*!! to New Bethle­
Maysville to New Bethle­
Mayview! to Carnegie.
Maze to Mifflintown.
Mazeppa to Lewisburg.
McAlevys Fort* to Peters­
McCance* to Ligonier.
McCartney*! to Madera.
McCaslin to New Castle.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County Seat.

McClellandtown* to Ma­
McConnellstown* to Hunt­
McCoysville* to Port Royal
McCracken to Cameron,
W. Va.
McCrea* to Newville.
McCullochs Mills to Mifflin­
McElhattan*!! to Lock
McEwensville* to Watsontown.
McFord to Delta.
McGees Mills*tto Mahaffey
McGrann* to Ford City.
Mcllhaney to Stroudsburg.
McIntyre*!! to Indiana.
McKean* to Erie.
McKeansburg* toTamaqua
McKee to Roaring Spring.
McKees Half Falls to Bel­
li nsgrove.
McKinley* to Jenkintown.
Me Knightstown* to Get­
McLeans Station to Pennsburg.
McMichaels to Stroudsburg
McMurray to Canonsburg.
McSparran* to Quarryville.
Me'/ill to P'reeport.
McWilliams* to Timblin.
Meadow Lands*!! to Hous­
Mechanicsburg*!! (Indiana
Co.) to Homer City.
Mechanics Valley* to
Mechanicsville* (BucksCo.)
to Doylestown.
M echanicsville (Cl arionCo.)
to Clarion.
Mechanicsville (Lehigh Co.)
to Catasauqua.
Mechanicsville (Venango
Co.) to Grove City.
Meckville* to Myerstown.
Medixrun* to Weedville.
Mehoopany*! to Meshop­
Meiser to Middleburg.
Meiserville* to Selinsgrove.
Melcroft to Indian Head.
Melrose Park to Jenkin­
Mendenhall*!! to Kennett
Mendon to Scottdale.
Menges Mills*! to Hanover.
Meridian to Butler
Merion Square to Ardmore.
Merion Station*!! to Phila­
Merionville to Ardmore.
Merrittstown* to Browns­
Mertztown*!! to Topton.
Merwin to Apollo.
Messmore* to Uniontown.
Metal* to Fannettsburg.
Mexico* to Port Royal.
Mickleys to Catasauqua.
Middlebury Center* to
Middle Creek* to Beaver
Middle Lancaster to Zelienople.
Middleport*!! to New Phil­
Middlesex to Carlisle.
Middle Spring to Shippens­
Middleswarth to Middle­
Middletown( Westmoreland
Co.) to Youngwood.
Midvale (Franklin Co.) !to
Midvale (Luzerne Co.)! to
Mifflin Cross Roads to
Mifflinville* to Bloomsburg
Milan*!! to Athens.
Milanville* to Callicoon.
N. Y.
Milerun to Sunbury.
Milesburg*!! to Bellefonte.
Milesville to Webster.
Milford to Juniata.
Milford Square* to Quakertown.
Millbach to Richland.
Millbank to Ligonier.
Millbrook to Grove City.
Mill City* to Tunkhannock
Mill Creek!! to Hunting­
Milledgeville to Cochranton
Miner Run* to Cairnbrook.
Millers burg (Berks Co.) to
Money Order Office.

Millers Station! (Crawford
Co.) to Cambridge Spgs.
Millerton*!! to Elmira,
N. Y.
Millgrove (Columbia Co.)
to Catawissa.
Mill Grove to Nazareth
(Northampton Co.)
Millmont*!! to Mifflinburg.
Millport (Carbon Co.) to
Millport* (Potter Co.) to
Shingle House.
Millrift*! to Port Jervis,
N. Y.
Mill Run* to Connellsville.
Mills*! to Westfield.
Millstone to Brookville.
Miiltown (Allegheny Co.)
to Unity Station.
Miiltown! (Chester Co.)
to West Chester.
Mill Village*!! to Water­
Millville*!! to New Bethle­
Millway*!! to Lititz.
Millwood*!! to Derry.
Milnesville*! to Hazleton.
Milnor! to Greencastle.
Milton Grove* to MountJoy
Milwaukee to Scranton.
Mineral Point* to South
Mineral Springs to Clear­
Miners Mills*! to WilkesBarre.
Mines* to Williamsburg.
Mingo to Royersford.
Mingoville* to Bellefonte.
Minnequa*!! to Canton.
Minnick to Catasauqua.
Miola* to Clarion.
Miquont to Conshohocken.
Mitchells to Curwensville.
Mitchells Mills to Clymer.
Modena*!! to Coatesville.
Mohrsville*!! to Shoemakersville.
Mollenauer* to Castle Shan­
Molltown to Fleetwood.
Monaghan to Mount
Mongul to Shippensburg.
Monocacy to Birdsboro.
Monocacy Station!! to
Monroe* (Clarion Co.) to
Monroeville to Turtle
Creek (Allegheny Co.)
Monroeville to Foxburg
(Clarion Co.)
Montandon*!! to Lewis­
burg. ,
Montclare* to Phoenixville.
Montdale to Olyphant.
Montello to Wernersville.
Monterey* to Topton.
Monterey Spring to Blue
Ridge Summit.
Montgomery Ferry to
Montgomeryville to Lansdale.
Montsera to Carlisle.
Monument*!! to Beach
Moon Run*!! to Crafton.
Moores*! to Darby
Mooresburg*!! to Danville.
Moores Mill to Carlisle.
Moorestown to Bath.
Moorheadville* to N. East.
Moosic*!! to Old Forge.
Mooween* to Saltsburg.
Morann* to Houtzdale.
Moravia* to Wampum.
Morea Colliery!! to Frackville
Moredale to Carlisle.
Moreland to Muncy.
Morgan* to Bridgeville.
Morgantown* to Honey
Morrell to Tyrone.
Morrellvillet to Johnstown.
Morris*!! to Wellsboro.
Morrisdale*!! to Philipsburg.
Morris Run*! to Blossburg.
Mortonville*! to Coates­
Morwood* to Telford.
Moselem to Fleetwood.
Moselem Springs to Fleetwood.
Mosgrove*!! to Kittanning.
Moshannon* to Snow Shoe.
Mosiertown to Saegertown.
Mosserville to New Tripoli.
Mostoller to Stoyestown.
Mount ./Etna* to Myers­
Mountaindale* to Coalport.
Mountain Grove to Nescopeck.
Mountainhome* to Strouds­
Mountaintop*! to WilkesBarre.
t Telegraph Station.

Mountainville! to Allen­
Mountair to New Castle.
Mt. Alton*! to Mount
Mount Bethel* to Bangor.
Mt. Braddock*! to Dunbar.
Mt. Carbon to Pottsville.
Mount Chestnut to Butler.
Mt. Gretna*!! to Lebanon.
Mt. Hope!! to Manheim.
Mt. Jackson to New Castle.
Mt. Morris*! to Waynes­
Mt. Nebo to Quarryville.
Mount Oliver*! to Pitts­
Mount Pleasant to Edenburg.
Mount Pleasant Mills* to
Mount Pocono*!! to East
Mount Rock to Hanover
(Adams Co.)
Mount Rock (Cumberland
Co.) to Newville.
Mount Royal to Dillsburg.
Mount Top* to Dillsburg.
Mount Zion to Lebanon.
Mowersville* to Shippens­
Mowry* to Ashland.
Moylan*! to Media.
Muddycreek to Terre Hill.
Muddycreek Forks*! to
Muff to Dayton.
Muhlenburg to Shickshinny
Muir* to Tower City.
Mulberry to East Berlin.
Mummasburg to Gettys­
Muncy Valley*! to Hughes­
Munderf* to Brockway.
Munhall*!! to Homestead.
Munson*!! to Winburne.
MurdocksviUe* to Burgettstown.
Murrell to Ephrata.
Murrins ville to Clin ton ville
Murrysville* to Export.
Muse to Cannonsburg.
Mustard to Sutersville.
Mutual to Pleasant Unity.
Myersburg to Towanda.
Myrtle to Shingle House.
Naces to Hanover.
Naginey* to Reedsville.
Nantmeal Village to Potts­
Narvon* to Honey Brook.
Nashville to Spring Grove.
Natalie* to Mount Carmel.
Natrona Heights* to Na­
Nauvoo to Mansfield.
Nayaug to Scranton.
Nebraska* to Tionesta.
Nectarine to Harrisville.
Ned* to Littleton, W. Va
Needmore* to Hancock,
Neelyton*! to Orblsonia.
Neffs Mills* to Petersburg.
Neffsville* to Lancaster.
Neiffer! to Schwenkville.
Neiman to Glen Rock.
Nekoda to Millerstown.
Nelson*! to Elkland.
Nemacoiin* to Carmichaels
Neshaminy* to Doylestown
Neshaminy Falls!! to
Neshannock to West Middelsex.
Neshannock Falls to New
Nettle Hill* to Cameron,
W. Va.
Nettleton* to Ebensburg.
Neville Island to Pitts­
New Athens to Rimersburg.
New Baltimore* to Schellburg.
New Bedford* to New Cas­
New Berlinville* to Boyer­
Newberry town to Golds­
New Boston*! to Maha­
noy City.
New Bridgeville to Wrightsville.
New Britain*!! to Doyles­
New Buena Vista* to Schellburg.
New Buffalo* to Duncan­
Co.) to Shippensburg.
Newburg (Huntingdon Co.)
to Saxton.
Newburg (Northampton
Co.) to Nazareth.
New Centerville*! (ChesterCo.) to Berwyn.
Newchester to Gettysburg.
New Columbia*!! to West
New Columbus to Shick­
Newcomer to Uniontown.
New Danville* to Lancaster
New Derry* to Derry.
New Eagle* to Monongahela.
Newell*!! to California.
t Express Office.

New Era to New Albany.
Newerf to Smethport.
Newfleld* to Ulysses.
New Franklin to Chambersburg.
New Freeport* to Littleton
W. Va.
New Galilee*! to East
Palestine, Ohio
New Geneva* to Point
New Germantown* to New
New Grenada* to Three
New Hamburg to Fredonia.
New Hanover* to Boyertown.
Newhaven to Connellsville.
New Jersualem to Topton.
New Kingstown*! to
New Lebanon* to Sandy
New Lexington* to Rockwood.
Newlin to Catawissa.
New London* (Chester Co.)
to West Grove.
Newlonsburg to Export.
New Mahoning to Lehighton.
Newmanstown*! to Womelsdorf.
Newmansville* to Tionesta.
New May ville to New
New Millport* to Curwensville.
New Paris*! to Schellburg.
New Park*! to Stewartstown.
Newport (Lawrence Co.)to
Newport (Luzerne Co.) to
Newportville* to Bristol.
New Providence*!! to
New Richmond to Townville.
New Ringgold*!! to Tamaqua.
Newry* to Hollidaysburg.
New Salem (Armstrong Co.)
to New Bethlehem.
New Sheffield* to Woodlawn.
Newside* to Slatington.
New Smiths ville to Kutztown.
New Stanton*!! to Youngwood.
New Texas (Allegheny Co.)
Unity Station.
New Texas to Allentown.
Newton Hamilton*!! to
Mount Union.
Newtown (Green Co.) to
Mount Morris.
Newtown Square*! to Me­
Washington* to
Niagara to Forest City.
Niantic*t to Boyertown.
Nickel Mines* to Gap
Nlckleville- to Emlenton.
Nicktown* to Spangler.
Niles Valley to Wellsboro.
Ninepoints* to Christiana
Nineveh* to Waynesburg.
Nisbet*! to Williamsport.
Nittany* to Bellefonte.
Noble!! to Gettysburg.
Noblestown*! to Oakdale.
Nolo* to Indiana.
Nordmont*! to Dushore.
Normal to Lehighton.
Normalville* to Indian
Norrisville to Conneautville
North Bangor to Bangor.
North Bend*!! to Renovo.
North Bessemer*! to Ve­
North Bingham* to Gene­
N. Braddock! to Braddock.
Northbrook*!! to West
North Buffalo to Ford City.
North Coventry to Pottstown.
Northcraft* to Hancock,
North Fork to Westfield.
N. Glenside*! to Glenside.
N. Heidelberg to Womelsdorf.
N. Liberty to Grove City.
North Mills to Fredonia.
N. Mountain to Hughesville.
North Oakland to Chicora
North Orwell to Towanda.
North Penn to Tamaqua.
North Pine Grove* to Marien ville.
Northpoint*!! to Dayton.
North Sewickley toEllwood

North Springfield* to Gi­
North Star to Imperial.
North Towanda to To­
N. v'andegrift to Vandergrift.
Northville to Ripley. N. Y.
North Warren*! to Warren.
North Washington* (But­
ler Co.) to Butler.
North Water Gap*!! to
Norwood Station to Ridley
Nottingham*!! to Oxford.
Nowrytown to Avonmore.
Nuangola* to Nanticoke.
Nu Mine* to Rural Valley.
Nyesville to Chambersburg.
Oak Forest to Waynesburg.
Oak Grove (Westmoreland)
to Ligonier.
Oak Grove (Clearfield Co.)
to Winburne.
Oak Hall Station*! to Cen­
ter Hall.
Oak Hill to Oxford.
Oakland Mills* to Mifflintown.
Oak Lane! to Philadelphia.
Oakleaf to Shickshinny.
Oak Ridge* to New Beth­
Oaks*!! to Phoenixville.
Oakview* to CliftonHeights
Oakville*!! to New ville.
Obelisk* to Schwenkville.
Oberlin* to Steelton.
Obold to Bernville
Odin to Coudersport.
Ogden to Chester.
Ogdensburg* to Canton.
Ogle to Mars.
Ogletown* to Windber.
Ogontz* to Elkins Park,
Ohiopyle*! to Confluence.
Ohioville to East Liverpool,
Ohl* to Summerville.
Okiolo to Chester.
Olanta* to Curwensville.
Old Concord to Clavsville.
Oldframe to Smithfleld.
Old Line to Manheim.
Old Zionsville* to Emaus.
Oliphant Furnace* to Fairchance.
Olive burg* to Punxsutawney.
Oliver* to Uniontown.
Olivers Mills to WilkesBarre.
Olivet to Saltsburg.
Oneida*+ to Hazelton.
Onnalinda* to South Fork.
Ono* to Jonestown.
Onset* to Jonestown.
Opp* to Muncy.
Option to Hays.
Orange to l’ittston.
Orefleld* to Allentown.
Oregon to Brownstown.
Oregon Hill to Wellsboro.
Ore Hill* to Roaring Spring.
Oreland*!! to Jenkintown.
Orient* to New Salem.
Oriental* to Millerstown.
Oriole to Jersey Shore.
Ormrod to Coplay.
Ormsby* to Smethport.
Orrtanna*!! to Gettysburg.
Orson*!! to Carbondale.
Orviston*!! to Howard.
Orwell* to Towanda.
Orwig to Stewartstown.
Orwin* to Tower City.
Osgood! to Greenville.
Oshanter* to Curwensville.
Osterburg*!! to Claysburg.
Oswayo* to Shingle House.
Ottawa*!! to Turbotville.
Otto (Northumberland Co
to Herndon.
Ottsville* to Doylestown.
Outcrop* to Smithfleld.
Outwood* to Pine Grove.
Oval to Jersey Shore.
Overbrook (Allegheny) to
Castle Shannon.
Overbrook!! (Philadelphia)
to Philadelphia.
Overton* to New Albany.
Owensdale* to Connellsville
Oxford Church! to Phila­
Oxford Valley* to Langhorne.
Packerton*! to Lehighton.
Paintersville*!! to Lewistown.
Paisley to Carmichaels.
Pallas to Selinsgrove.
Palm*!! to Pennsburg.
Palo Alto! to PottsviUe.
Panic to Reynoldsville.
Pansy* to Summerville.
Panther* to Scranton.
Paradise Valley to Strouds­
Pardoe*!! to Mercer.
Paris to Burgettstown.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




k County Seat.

Parkerford*! to Spring City
Parkersglen*!! to Port Jer­
vis, N. Y.
Parkers Station to Parkers
Parkers ville! to W. Chest­
Parknill* to Conemaugh.
Parkland* to Langhorne.
Park Place*!! to Mahanoy,
Parkwood* to Indiana.
Parrish to Marienville.
Parryvilie*!! to Welssport.
Parvin to Mill Hall.
Passer to Coopersburg.
Patchen to Glen Campbell.
Patterson to Mifflin.
Pattonville to Lansdowne.
Paulton to Apollo.
Pavia* to Claysburg.
Paxinos*!! to Shamokin.
Paxons Corners to New
Paxtang! to Harrisburg.
Paxton* to Millersburg.
Paxtonvilie*! to Middleburg.
Peach Bottom (Lancaster
Co.)*!I to Port Deposit,
Pedora to Export.
Peely* to Ashley.
Pencoyd*! to Philadelphia.
Penfleld*!! to Dubois.
Penllyn*!! to Ambler.
Penmar* to Waynesboro.
Penn to Jeanette.
Pennline to Linesville.
Penn Run* to Clymer.
Penns Creek* to Middleburg.
Pennsdale* to Muncy.
Penns Park* to Newtown.
Penn Square to Norris­
Pennsville* to Scottdale.
Pennsylvania Furnace*! to
Penowa to Avella.
Penryn* to Manheim.
Peoples to Tremont.
Pequea (Lancaster Co.) to
Percy to Dunbar.
Perkiomenville*!! to Greenlane.
Perrysville*(Aliegheny Co.)
to Pittsburg.
Perryviile (Lycoming Co.)
to Williamsport.
Perry>ulle (Potter Co.) to
Perulack* to Port Royal.
Peru Mills to Port Royal.
Petes Creek to Port De­
posit, Md.
Petersville to Northampton
Petroleum Center* to Oil
Petrolia*! to Bruin.
Pettis to Cochran ton.
Pfouts Valley to Millers­
Philipston* to East Brady.
Phoenix to Dayton.
Pickering to Phoenixville.
Pigeon* to Marienville.
Pikes Creek to Nanticoke.
Pikesville to Boyertown.
Piketown* to Harrisburg.
Pine Bank* to Burton, W.
Pinedale to Auburn.
Pine Flats to Clymer.
Pine Forge*!! to Pottstown
Pine Glen* to Snow Shoe.
Pine Grove Furnace* to
Pine Grove Mills* to State
Pinehill to Berlin.
Pine Station* to Jersey
Pine Summit to MillvUIe.
Pineville* to Newtown.
Pinola! to Shippensburg.
Pipeline to Elmira, N. \
Pipersville* to Doylestown.
Pitman* to Mt. Carmel.
Pittock* to McKees Rocks.
Pittsfield*!! to Youngsville.
Pittsville* to Emlenton.
Plainfield* to Carlisle.
Plain Grove to Volant.
Plainsville*! to
Platea*!! to Girard.
Pleasant Corners (Carbon
Co.) to Lehighton.
Pleasant Corner (Lehigh
Co.) to New Tripoli.
Pleasant Gap* to Bellefonte
Pleasant Grove* to Rising
Sun, Md.
Pleasant Hall* to Shippens­
Pleasant Mount*! to Car­
Pleasantridge*! to McConnellsburg.
* Money Order Office.

Pleasantrun to Pennsburg.
Pleasant Valley* (Buck’s
Co.) to Quakertown.
Pleasant Valley (Westmore­
land Co.) to Irwin.
Pleasant View (Juniata Co.)
to Port Royal
Plowville to Birdsboro
Plumer to Oil City.
Plum Run* to Hancock,
Plumsteadville* to Doyles­
Plymouth Meeting* to Conshohocken.
Pocono* to E. Stroudsburg.
Pocono Lake*!! to Strouds­
Pocono Pines*! to Strouds­
Pocopson*!! to W. Chester.
Point* to Schellburg.
Point Pleasant* to Frenchtown, N. J.
Poland to Point Marion.
Polk*! to Franklin.
Pomeroy*!! to Parkesburg.
Pomfert to Slatington.
Pond Eddy*!! to Port
Jervis, N. Y.
Pond Hill* to Shickshinny.
Pont to Albion.
Poplar Run to Hollidays­
Portage Creek to Port
Port Clinton*!! to Ham­
Porter* to Dayton.
Porters Sideling*! to Han­
Portersville* to Zelienople.
Port Griffith to Pittston.
Port Kennedy*!! to Nor­
Portland Mills*! to Ridgway.
Port Perry* to Braddock.
Port Trevorton* to Selins­
Portvue! to McKeesport.
Potter Brook* to Westfield.
Pottersdale* to Karthaus.
Potters Mills to Center
Potterville* to Le Raysville.
Pottsgrove*!! to Milton.
Powder Valley to Emaus.
Powell*!! to Towanda.
Powelton* to Osceola Mills.
Powls Valley* to Halifax.
Poyntelle*!! to Carbondale.
Prescott* to Myerstown.
Prescottvillef to Reynolds­
President* to Tionesta.
Presto* to Bridgeville.
Preston Park*!! to Han­
cock, N. Y.
Pricedale* to Belle Vernon.
Pricetown to Fleetwood.
Prichard to Shickshinny.
Primos*! to Clifton
Primrose*! to McDonald.
Princeton* to New Castle.
Pringle to Kingston.
Proctor* to Hughesville.
Progress*! to Harrisburg.
Prompton*! to Honesdale.
Prospect* to Butler.
Prospectville* to Ambler.
Prosperity to Washington.
Providence Square *!



Rattigan to Chicora.
Raubenstine to Hanover.
Raubsville*! to Easton.
Rauch town* to JerseyShore
Ravine* to Pine Grove.
Rawlinsville to Quarryville.
Raymilton*!! to Sandy
Raymond* to Coudersport.
Rea* to Hickory.
Rebuck* to Herndon.
Rector* to Ligonier.
Redbanlc*!! to East Brady
Red Cross* to Herndon.
Red Hill*!! to Pennsburg.
Redington*! to Easton.
Redman Mills to Hays.
Red Raven to Oakmont
Red Rock* to Bradford.
Redrun to Denver.
Reed* to Indiana.
Reed* (Northumberland
Co.) to Shamokin.
Reeder to New Hope.
Reeders*!! to Stroudsburg.
Reeds Gap* to Mifflin town.
Reesedale to Kittanning.
Refton* to Strasburg.
Register* to Shickshinny.
Rehrersburg* to Womelsdorf.
Reidenbachs Store to New
Reidsburg to Clarion.
Reiffton* to Reading.
Reinerton* to Tower City.
Reinholds Station*!! to
Reistville to Myerstown.
Rendham to Old Forge.
Renfrew*!! to Butler.
Rennerdale* to Carnegie.
Reno*!! to Oil City
Renton* to Unity Station.
Retort to Osceola Mills.
Revere* (Bucks Co.) to
Frenchtown, N. J.
Revloc* to Ebensburg.
Rew* to Bradford.
Reward to Newport.
Rexmont* to Lebanon.
Reyburn to Shickshinny.
Reynoldsdale*!! to Alum
Rheems*!! to Elizabeth­
Rhone*t to Nanticoke.
Rice ville* to Union City.
Richardsville* to Brookville.
RIchboro* to Newtown.
Richey ville* to Brownsville.
Rich HiJito Quakertown.
Richlandtown* to Quaker­
town .
Richmond (ClarioD Co.) to
Richmond* (Northampton
Co.) to Belvidere, N. J.
Richmondale to Forest City
Richmond Furnace* to
Riddlesburg*! to Hopewell.
Ridgebury to Elmira. N. Y
Ridgewood to Parsons.
Rife to Millersburg.
Rileyville to Honesdale.
Rillton* to Irwin.
Rimer*! to Kittanning.
Rinely to Glen Rock.
Ringdale to Dushore.

Pugh town to Pottstown.
Pulaski*! to New Wilming­
Purcell to Everett.
Puritan* to Portage
Putneyville! to New Beth­

Ringgold* to Timblin.
Rising Springs!! to Spring
Riverside*! to Danville.
Riverton! to Lemoyne.
Ri verView to Monongahela.
Rixford* to Eldred.

Pyrra to Ford City.

Roadside to Waynesboro.

Quakake*!! to Mahanoy
Quecreek* to Somerset.
Queen*!! to Claysburg.
Queen Junction*!! to But­
Quentin* to Lebanon.
Quincy*! to Waynesboro.
Raccoon! to Burgettstown.
Radnor*!! to Wayne,
Rahns!! to Collegeville.
Railroad* to Shrewsbury"
Rainsburg* to Bedford.
Ralphton* to Stoyestown.
Ramey*!! to Houtzdale.
Ramsaytown*! to Brookville.
Randolph to Townville.
Ranshaw*! to Shamokin.
Ransom*! to Pittston.
Rathmel* to Reynoldsville.
t Telegraph Station.

Roaring Branch*!! to Ral­
Roaring Creek* to Cata­
Robbins Station to Irwin
Robertsdale*! to Saxton.
Robinson* to Bolivar.
Rochester Mills* to Marion
Rock*! to Pine Grove.
Rockdale! (Delaware Co.)
to MediaRockey to Red Lion.
Rock Glen*!! to Nescopeck.
Rockhill (Bucks Co.) to
Rockhill Furnace*! to Orbisonia.
Rockingham to Cairnbrook
Rockland*! to Emlenton.
Rockledge to Fox Cahse.
Rockport to Weatherly.
Rocksvillet to Langhorne
1 Express Office.


Rockton*! to Dubois.
Rockygrovet to Franklin.
Rodi* to Wilkinsburg.
Roelofs*tt to Yardley.
Rogerstown toConneilsville.
Rogersville* to Waynesburg.
Rohrerstown*!! to LanRohrsburg* to Orangeville.
Roler to York.
Rolfe to Johnsonburg.
Ronco*! to Masontown.
Ronks*!! to Intercourse.
Rose Bud to Coalport.
Rosedale*! to Kennett
Roseglen to Duncannon.
Rosemont*tt to Bryn Mawr
Rose Point*! to New Oastle
Roseville to Mansfield.
Roslyn*!! to Jenkintown.
Rossland to Pen Argyl.
Rossmoyne to Plumville.
Rosston* to Ford City.
Rossville* to Dillsburg.
Rothsville *to Lititz.
Rough and Ready* to Klingerstown.
Roundhill to East Berlin.
Round Top to Wellsboro.
Rouse ville*!! to Oil City.
Rouzerville* to W aynesboro
Rowenna* to Marietta.
Rowland*tt to Hawley.
Roxbury* (Franklin Co.) to
Shippensburg.Roy to Spring Grove.
Rovalton*f to Middletown.
Royer*! to Williamsburg.
Ruchsville to Coplay.
Rudy* to Schwenkville.
Ruffcreek to Waynesburg.
Ruffs Dale* to Scottdale.
Rumilla* to Telford.
Rummel* to Windber.
Rundell to Conneautville.
Runville* to Bellefonte.
Rupert*t to Catawissa.
Ruppsville to Catawissa.
Ruralridge to Russellton.
Rush* to Montrose.
Rushboro to Meshoppen
Rushland*tt to Newtown.
Rushville* to Montrose.
Russell* t to Warren.
Russell City to Kane.
Russellville* to Oxford.
Rutan* to Waynesburg
Rutland* to Mansfield.
Rutledge* to Swarthmore.
Ryde* to McVeytown.
Rye to Red Lion.
Ryersons Station to Cam­
eron, W. Va.
Ryot to Alum Bank.

Sabbath Rest to Altoona.
Sabinsville*tt to Westfield.
8abula*tt to Dubois.
Sackett* to Kane.
Sacramento* to Valleyview.
Sadsburyville* to Parkesburg.
Saegersville* to New Trip­
Safe Harbor*!! to Millersville.
Sagamore*!! to Plumville.
Saginaw to Mount Wolf.
St. Augustine to Patton.
Saint Benedict*! to Spang­
Saint Bonifacius* to Patton
Saint Charles* to New
St. Clairsville* to Bedford.
Saint Cloud to Washington.
Saint Johns* to Hazleton.
Saint Joseph* to Montrose.
Saint Lawrence* to Patton.
Saint Nicholas*!! to Mahanoy City.
St. Peters*!! to Pot.tstown.
Saint Petersburg* to Foxburg.
Salem (Clarion Co.) to
Salem (Snyder Co.) to
Salem City to Oil City.
Salemville* to New Enter­
Salfordville* to Schwenk­
Salisoury* (Lancaster Co.)
to Gap.
Salladasburg* to Jersey
Sally Ann Furnace* to Topton.
Salona* to Mill Hall.
Saltillo*! to Orbisonia.

Salunga* to Landisville.
Saluvia* to McConnellsburg.
Sanatoga*! to Pottstown.
Sandbeach to Hershey.
Sandiford to Philadelphia.
Sand Patch*! to Meyersdale.
Sandts Eddy to Easton.
Sandy Creek to Verona.
Sandy Ridge*!! to Osceola
Sandy Run to Freeland.
Sarver*! to Freeport.
Sassamansville* to Boyertown.
Saucona to Coopersburg.
Saulsburg* to Petersburg.
Saville to New Bloomfield.
Sawyer City to Bradford.
Saxonburg* to Butler.
Saybrook* to Sheffield.
Saylorsburg* to Pen Argyl.
Scandia to Warren.
Schadts to Allentown.
Schenley* to Freeport.
Schocks Mills to Marietta
Schoeneck* to Denver.
Schoffners Corners to
School House to Bellefonte.
Schubert to Womelsdorf.
Schultzville! to Scranton.
Schuyler* to Turbotville.
Schuylkill to Phoenixville.
Schweyers to Reading.
Sciota* to Stroudsburg.
Scotch Hill* to Clarion.
Scotland*! to Chambersburg.
Scotrun* to Stroudsburg.
Scrubgrass to Clintonville.
Scullton* to Roekwood.
Scyoc to Port Royal.
Seanor* to Scalp Level.
Searights to Uniontown.
Sebring to Blossburg.
Secane*! to Swarthmore.
Sedgwick to Gettysburg.
Seek! to Tamaqua.
Seelyville* to Honesdale.
Seemsville to Bath.
Seiberlingville to New Trip­
Seidersville! to Bethlehem.
Seiples* to Allentown.
Seipstown to Kutztown.
Seisholtzville to Pennsburg.
Seitzland* to Glen Rock.
Sells Station*! to Hanover.
Seltzer! to Minersville.
Seminole*! to New Beth­
Seneca* to Oil City.
Sensenig to Terre Hill.
Sergeant* to Kane.
Sesson to Wyalusing.
Sevenpoints to Sunbury.
Sevenstars! to Gettysburg.
Shade Gap*! to Orbisonia.
Shade Valley* to Blairs
to GreenShaft* to Shenandoah.
Shaftonf to Irwin.
Shamokin Dam* to Sun­
Shamrock to New Salem.
Shamrock Station**! to
Shanesville* to Boyertown.
Shanksville* to Somerset.
Shannondale to Summer­
Sharon Center* to Shingle
Sharon Hill*!! to Darby.
Sharpe to Hancock. Md.
Shartlesville* to Hamburg.
Shavertown* to Luzerne.
Shawanese* to Dallas.
Shawmut*!! to Brockway.
Shawnee-on-Delaware* to
Shawville* to Clearfield.
Shay to Ford City
Sheakleyville* to Sandy
Shearers Crossroads to
Sheeder* to Spring City.
Shehawken to Hancock.
Shelly*!! to Quakertown.
Shelocta*!! to Indiana.
Shenango*!! to Greenville.
Shepherdstown* to Mechan­
ics!) urg.
Sheppton*!! to Hazleton.
Sheridan*!! (Lebanon Co.)
to Womelsdorf.
Sheridan (Schuylkill Co.)
to Williamstown.
Sherman* to Deposit, N. Y

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




i County Seat.

Shermans Dale* to New
Shermansville to Linesville.
Sherrett to Kittanning.
Sherwood to Reynoldsville.
Shimerville* to Emaus.
Shindle to Lewistown
Shippingport* to Midland.
Shirleysburg*! to Orbisonia
Shoaf Works to Fairchance.
Shoenersville to Catasauaua.
Shohola*!! to Port Jervis,
N. Y.
Shoring* to Fredericktown.
Showers* to Clarion.
Shumans* to Catawissa.
Shunk* to Canton.
Shy Beaver* to Saxton.
Siddonsburg to Mechanicsburg.
Sideling Hill to Hancock,
Sidman* to South Fork.
Sidney* to Mahaffey.
Siegers ville to Allentown.
Siegfried! to Northampton.
Sigel* to Brookvillo.
Siglerville to Lewistown.
Sigmund to Allentown.
Sigsbee to Masontown.
Siles to Langhorne.
Silvara to Wyalusing.
to New
Silverdale* to Perkasie.
Silvermills to Everett.
Silverspring* to Mountville
Simpson (McKean Co.) to
Sinnamahoning*!! to Em­
Sinsheim! to Hanover.
Sipes Mill* to McConnellsburg.
Sittler to Lehighton.
Siverly to Oil City.
Six Mile Run* to Hopewell.
Sizerville*!! to Emporium.
Skinners Eddy*! to Laceyville.
Skippack* to Collegeville.
Slatedale* to Slatington.
Slateford* to Portland.
Slate Hill* to Delta.
Slate Lick to Freeport.
Slater Run*!! to Jersey
Slocum to Nanticoke.
Slovan* to Burgettstown.
Smithdale* to Sutersville.
Smithmill* to Houtzdale.
Smiths Ferry*! to East
Liverpool. Ohio.
Smiths Station* to Hanover
Smithville* to Quarryville.
Smock*!! to Brownsville.
Smokeless to Seward.
Smokerun*! to Madera.
Smoketown* to Bird in
Smullton* to Millheim.
Smyser Station to Seven
Snedeckerville*! to Troy.
Snow Shoe Intersection! to
Snyders* to Tamaqua.
Snydersburg* to Fryburg.
Snydersville to Allentown
(Lehigh Co.)
Snydersville* (Monroe Co.)
to Stroudsburg.
Snydertown*!! to Sunbury.
Sober to Millheim.
Soldier* to Sykesville.
Solebury* to Lambertville,
N. J.
Somerton*!! to Philadel­
Sonestown*!! to Hughesville.
Sonman* to Portage.
Sonora to Butler.
Soppitt! to Harrisville.
Soudersburg* to Lancaster.
S. Auburn to Meshoppen.
South Bend* to Apollo.
South Bethlehem*! to Beth­
S. Canaan* to Lake Ariel.
South Connellsville*!! to
South Danville!! to Dan­
South Easton! to Easton.
S. Gibson* to Hop Bottom.
S. Hatfield to Souderton.
S. Heights*! to Woodlawn.
S. Hermitage to Honey
S.Langhorne* to Langhorne.
S. Montrose*! to Montrose.
S. Mountain* to Waynes­
S. Oil City! to Oil City.
♦Money Order Office.

South Sharon to Farrell.
S. Sterling* to Lake Ariel.
SouthView*! to McDonald.
SouthTwhitehall to Allen­
Spangsville to Boyertown.

Strattonville*! to Clarion
Strawberry Ridge*!! to
Strawbridge to Hughesville.
Strickersville* to Newark.
Strinestown to Mount Wolf
Strobleton* to Fryburg.
Strodes Mills to Lewistown.

Speeceville to Harrisburg.
Speers! to Belle Vernon.
Spinnerstown* to Quaker­
Sporting Hill to Manheim.
Spraggs* to Waynesburg.

Strongstown* to Indiana.
Struthers! to Warren.
Studa to Avella.
Sturgeon*! to McDonald.
Suedberg*!! to Pine Grove.
Sugar Creek to Franklin.
Sugar Hill to Brockway.
Sugarloaf* to Hazleton.

Sprankle Mills*! to Punxsutawney.
Springbrook to Moscow.
Spring Church* to Apollo.
Spring Creek*!! to Corry.
Springet to York.

Sugar Notch*! to Ashley.
Sugar Run* to Wyalusing.
Sulphur Springs* to Bed­
Summerdale to Enola.
Summerhill*!! to South

Springfield (Bradford Co.)
to Troy.
Springfield (Fayette Co.)
to Indian Head.
land Co.) to Shamokin.

Summit (Cambria Co.) to
Summit (Crawford Co.) to
Summit City to Clintonville

Spring Garden to Allenwood.
Spring Glen* to Williams­
Springhope* to Schellburg.
Spring House* to Ambler.
Spring Mill*! to Conshohocken.

Summit Mills to Meyersdale.
Summit Station* to Auburn
to Green

Spring Run* to Blairs Mills.

Sunderlinville* to Westfield
Sunnyburn*! to Delta.
Superior*! to Derry.
Suplee*!! to Honey Brook.
Surveyor* to Clearfield.

Springs to Salisbury.
Springtown* to Quaker­
Sprlngvale! to Red Lion.
Spring Valley to Doylestown.
Sproul*!! to Claysburg.
Spruce Creek*!! to Tyrone.

Suttonscreek to Pittston.
Swales to Mifflintown.
Swam to East Berlin.
Swarts to Waynesburg.
Swartzville to Denver.
Swatara Station*!! toHummelstown.

Sprucegrove to Oxford.
Spruce Hill* to Port Royal.
Spry to York
Squaretop to Clarks Sum­
Stahlstown* to Ligonier.
Stalker* to Honesdale.
Standard to Allentown.

Swedeiand*!! to Norris­
Sweden Valley to Coudersport.
Swedeton to Scottdale.
Sweet Valley* to Shickshinny.
Swengel* to Mifflinburg.

Stanley!! to Dubois.
Starford* to Clymer.
Starjunction*! to Perryopolis.
Starlight*!! to Hancock.
N. Y.

Swiftwater* to Stroudsburg
Swoyersville to Luzerne.
Sybertsville* to Hazleton.
Sycamore*! to Waynesburg
Sygan to Bridgeville.
Sylvan* to Mercershurg
Sylvania* to Troy.
Syner to Palmyra.

Starners!! to Carlisle.
Starr* to Tionesta.
Starrucca*! toSusquehanna.
Stateline! to Hagerstown,
Stauffer* to Mount Pleas­

Tablerock* to Gettysburg.
Tafton* to Hawley.
Talmage* to Brownstown
Talmar to Benton.
Tanguy* to West Chester.

Steelville* to Christiana.
Steinsburg* to Quakertown.
Steinsville* to New Tripoli.
Stemlersville to Lehighton.
Stemton! to Northampton.
Sterling* to Moscow.

Tank to Nescopeck.
Tanners Falls to Honesdale.
Tannersville*! to Strouds­
Tarrs*!! to Mount Pleasant

Sterling Run* to Emporium
Sterrettania to Girard.

Tarrtown to Kittanning.
Tatamy*!! to Nazareth.
Tatesville to Everett.
Tayloria* to Oxford.
Taylorstown*! to Claysville.

Sterretts Gap to Carlisle.
Stetlersville* to Allentown.
Stevens*ti to Denver.
Stevens Point* to Susque­
Stevensville* to Wyalusing.

Teepleville to Cambridge
Tellar to Union City.
Templeton*!! to Kittan­
Tenmile* to Washington.

Stier* to Portland.
Stiles* to Coplay.
Stillwater*!! to Benton.
Stiltz to Glen Rock.
Stines Corner to New Trip­

Tenmile Bottom to Oil City.
Terrace*! to Homestead.
Terre Hill*! to New Holl­
Thatcher to QuakertowD.
Thomas*! to Finleyville.
Thomas Mills to Jerome.

Stockdale* to Roscoe.
Stoclcertown*! to Easton.
Stockton* to Hazleton.
Stonecnurch* to Bangor.
Stonedale to Sewickley.
Stonehenge to Chambersburg.

Thomasville*!! to York.
Thompson to Susquehanna
Thornbury! to W. Chester
Thorndale*!! to Coatesville

Stonersville* to Reading.
Stonington to Sunbury.
Stony brook! to York.
Stony Creek Mills* toReading.
Stonyfork to Wellsboro.
Stony Run* to Hamburg.
Stormstown to Port Matil­
Stormville to Stroudsburg.
Stottsville to Parkesburg.
Stouchsburg*! to Womels­
Stoughstown to Newville.
Stoverstown to York.
Stowe*!! to Pottstown.
Strabane* to Canonsburg.
Strafford*! to Wayne.
t Telegraph Station.


Thornhurst* to Scranton.
Thornton* to West Chester.
Three Tuns! to Ambler,
Thurlow! to Chester.
Tiadaghton*!! to Wells­
Tidal* to East Brady.
Tidedale to Homer City.
Time to Waynesburg.
Tlnicum to Frenchtown.
N. J.
Tiona*! to Sheffield.
Tipton* to Tyrone.
Tire Hill* to Scalp Level.
Todd*! to Huntingdon.
! Express Office.

Tolna to Shrewsbury.
Tompkins to Lawrenceville.
Tompkinsville to Jerrnyn.
Tomstown to Waynesboro.
Torpedo*! to Youngsviile.
Torrance to Blairsville.
Toughkenamon*!! toAvondale.
Townhill* to Shickshinny.
Townline to Shickshinny.
Tracyville to Ilonesdale.
Trade City* to Punxsutawney.
Trainer! to Chester.
Transfer*!! to Sharpsvllle.
Trappe* to Collegeville.
Trauger*! to Pleasant Uni­
Treichlers*!! to Siegfried.
Tresckow* to Hazleton.
Trestle to Unity Station.
TreveskynJ to Cecil.
Trevose*!! to Langhorne.
Trexler* to Kutztown.
Trexlertown*!! to Allen­
Trimills to Benton.
Trindle Spring to Mecbanicsburg.
Troughcreek* to Saxton.
Troutrun*!! to Williams­
Troutviile* to Sykesville.
Trucksville* to Luzerne.
Truemans* to Sheffield.
Truittsburg to New Beth­
Trumbauersville* to Quakertown.
Trunkeyvillet to Tidioute.
Trust to Gettysburg.
Tryonville* to Titusville.
Tuckertont to Reading.
Tullytown*!! to Bristol.
Tulpehocken* to Wornelsdorf.
Tunnel Hill* to Gallitzln.
Tunnelton*!! to Saltsburg.
Turkey City* to Foxburg.
Turnersville to Jamestown.
Turniphole to Foxburg.
Turtlepoint* to Port Alle­
Tuscarora*!! to Tamaqua.
Tusseyville to Center Hall.
Twin Oaks to Chester.
Twin Rocks!! to Ebensburg
Two Taverns to Littlestown
Tyler*!! to Dubois.
Tylerdalef to Washington.
Tyler Hill* to Honesdale.
Tylersburg*!! to Fryburg.
Tylersburg Station to
Tylersport* to Sellersvllle.
Tylersville* to Loganton.
Uhlerstown* to Frenchtown. N. J.
Uhlersville to Easton.
Uledi* to Uniontown.
UnderclifT to Etna.
Unicorn to Quarryville.
Union Dale*!! to Forest
Union Deposit* to Hummelstown.
Union Grove* to New Hol­
Unionville (Beaver Co.) to
Unionville (Berks Co.) to
Unionville! (Butler Co.) to
Unionville!! (Center Co.)
to Bellefonte.
United* to Pleasant Unity
Unityville* to Millville.
Universal*! to Verona.
Upland*!! to Chester.
Upper Bern! to Hamburg.
Upper Black Eddy* to
Milford, N. JUpper Hillville to E. Brady.
Upper Mauch Chunk! to
Mauch Chunk.
Upper Middletown* to
Upper Strasburg* to Shlppensburg.
Upton to Grecncastle.
Urban* to Herndon.
Urey to Glen Campbell.
Uriah to Carlisle.
Ursina*!! to Confluence.
Utahville*!! to Coalport.
Utica*!! to Franklin.
Uwchland to Downington.
Valencia*!! to Mars.
Valler*!! to Punxsutawney.
Valley Camp!! to New
Valley Forge*!! to Phoenlxville.
Valley Score! to Malvern.
Vallonia* to Meadville.
Van*! to Oil City.

Vanderbilt*! to Dawson.
Vandling* to Forest City.
Vandyke* to Mifflintown.
Van Meter* to Smlthton.
Vanport*! to Beaver.
Van Voorhis* to Monongahela.
Vanwert to Mifflintown.
Varden to Lake Ariel.
Venango*!! to Cambridge
Venetia* to Finleyville.
Venice to Hickory.
Ventland to Madera.
Venus* to Shippenville.
Vera Cruz*!! to Allentown.
Verdilla to Selinsgrove.
Verne to Reeds ville.
Vernfield* to Souderton.
Vernon* to Tunkhannock.
Versailles!! to McKeesport.
Vestaburg* to Frederickstown.
Vetera to Spangler.
Vicksburg*! to Mifflinburg.
Village Green! to Media.
Vincent to Spring City.
Vinco to Conemaugh.
Vinemont*!! to Sinking
Vintage* to Gap.
Virginia Mills to Fairfield.
Virginia Station to Mahaffey.
Virgin ville*!! to Hamburg.
Voganville* to New Holland
Vowinckel* to Marienville.
Vrooman to Titusville.
Waddle*! to Bellefonte.
Wagner* to Lewistown.
Wagontown*!! to Coatesville.
Wakefield to Quarryville.
Walberts*! to Allentown.
Walk Chalk to Kittanning.
Walkers Mills! to Carnegie.
Wallcertown to California.
Wall* to Wilmerding.
Wallace to Honey Brook.
Wallaceton*!! to Philipsburg.
Wallingford*!! to Media.
Wall Rose to Ambridge.
Wallsville to Scranton
Walnut* to Mifflintown.
Walnut-Bend to Oil City.
Walnut Bottom* to Newville.
Walnut Hill to Uniontown.
Walsall to Johnstown.
Walston* to Punxsutawney
Walters to Easton.
Waltersburg*!! to Uniontown.
Walton!! to Galeton.
Wanamakers*!! to New
Wanamie*! to Nanticoke.
Wapwallopen*!! to Nesco
Warble to Port Royal.
Ward* to Media.
Warfordsburg* to Hancock.
Warminster* to Hatboro.
Warren Center* to Owego,
N. Y.
Warrendale* to Mars.
Warrensville* to Williams­
Warren Tavern to Malvern.
Warrington* to Doylestown
Warrior Run to Ashley.
Warriors Mark*! to Tyrone
Warwick* to EIverson.
Washington Boro*! to Co­
Washington Crossing* to
Washingtonville*! to Dan­
Waterfall* to McConnellsburg.
Waterford (Westmoreland
Co.) to Ligonier.
Waterman* to Homer City.
Waterside* to Woodbury.
Water Street* to Peters­
Waterton to Shickshinny.
Waterville*!! to Jersey
Watrous to Galeton.
Wattsburg* to Union City.
Waukesha to Mahaffey
Waverly*! to Factoryville.
Wawa*!! to Media.
Waynesville to Halifax.
Weaverland to Terre Hill.
Weavers Old Stand! to
W eavers villetoCatasauqua.
Webster*!! to Donora.
Webster Mills* to McConnellsburg.
Wehr to Tamaqua.
Wehrum*!! to Ebensburg.
Weigh Scales to Shamokln.
Weiglestown to York.
Weikert* to Laurel ton.
Weisel* to Perkasie.
Weiser Park* to Womelsdorf.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


Weishample to Ashland.
Welcome Lake* to Hones­
Weldon* to Jenkintown.
Wellersburg* to Mount
Savage, Md.
Wells to Elmira, N. Y.
Wellsburg to Albion.
Wellscreek* to Somerset
Wells Tannery* to Hopewell.
Welsh Run to Mercersburg.
Welty to Pleasant Unity.
Wendel* to Irwin.
Werleys Corner to New
Wertzviile to Mechanicsburg.
Wescosville to Allentown.
Weskit to Kittanning.
Wesley to Grove City.
W. Auburn* to Laceyvllle.
West Belle Vernon to Bell
W. Bethlehem to Bethle­
West Bingham! to Ulysses.
West Bridgewater* to RoWest Brownsville*! to
West Burlington to Troy.
W. Oonshohockentl to Conshohocken.
W. Decatur* to Phllipsourg
W. Dublin to McConnellsburg.
West Earl to Brownstown.
W. Elizabeth*!! to Eliza­
West End to Berlin
W. Fairview*! to Harris­
West Finley* to Claysville.
Westford!! to Jamestown.
West Franklin to Canton.
West Freedom to Parkers
W. Hamburg to Hamburg.
West Hanover* to Palmyra.
W. Hickory*!! to Tionesta.
West Homestead to Home­
Westland* to Hickory.
West Leesport,* to Reading.
W. Leisenring* to Uniontown.
West Liberty to Slippery
Westline* to Mount Jewett.
W. Manayunk to Manayunk.
W. Middletown* to Avella.
West Millville to New
West Monterey*!! to Park­
ers Landing.
Westmoreland City* to
West Moshannon* to
W. Nanticoke!! to Nanti­
W. Nicholson to Nicholson.
Weston* to Nescopeck.
Westover*!! to Mahaffey.
West Pittsburgh*! (Law­
rence Co.) to Wampum.
W. Point*!! to N. Wales.
Westport.*!! to Renovo.
W. Salisbury* to Salisbury.
West Spring Creek to Corry
West Springfield*! to Conneaut. Ohio.
West Sunbury* to Butler.
W. Union to Waynesburg.
W. View! to Pittsburgh
Westville* to Brockway.
W. Warren to Nichols,N.Y.
West Whiteland* to Downingtown.
W. Willow*!! to Lancaster.
W. Winfield*! to Freeport.
Wetmore to Kane.
Wetona to Troy.
Wexford* to Mars.
Weyant to Claysburg.
Wharton*!! to Austin?
Wheatland*!! to Farrell.
Wheat Sheaf to Trenton,
N. J.
Wheeler ville*! to Canton.
Whitaker*! to Homestead.
White! to Scottdale.
White Bear to Birdsboro.
Whitedeer*!! to Allenwood
White Hall (Adams Co.) to
Whitehall (Montour Co.)
*! to Muncy.
Whitehorse! to Malvern.
Whiteley* to Carmichaels.
Whitemarsh*!! to Jenkin­
White Mills to Honesdale.
Whiteoak! Lancaster Co.)
to Manheim.
Whitepine* to Williamsport
Whitesburg to Kittanning.
Whites Corners to Westfield.
Whites Ferry to Tunhannock.
Money Order Office.


Whitesprings to Mifflin­
Whites Valley* to Hones­
Whitford*! to Downlngtown.
Whitford Station to Downingtown.
Whitney* to Latrobe.
Whitsett* to Perryopolis.
Wick* to Ilarrlsville.
Wicltboro to Kittanning.
Wickhaven* to Perryopolis.
Wiconisco* to Lykens.
Widnoon* to Kittanning.
Wila* to Newport.
Wilawana*!! to Waverlv.
N. YWilburton* to Mt. Carmel.
Wildwood*! to Mars.
Wilgus to Glen Campbell.
Willet to Indiana.
William Penn* to Conshohocken.
Williams Grove (Clearfield
Co.) to Philipsburg.
Williams Grove*! (Cumber­
land Co.) to Mechanicsburg.
Williamson*!(Franklin Co.)
to Chambersburg.
Williams Valley! to Johns­
Willock* to Hays.
Willow Hill* to Chambers­
Willow Street* to Lancaster
Wilmore*!! to Portage.
Wlimot to Wyalusing.
Wilpen* to Ligonier.
Wilson*!! to Clairton.
Wlmmers*!! to Lake Ariel.
Winburne to
Windham Center to Nichols,
N. Y.
Windom to Mountville.
Wind Ridge* to Cameron,
W. Va.
Windsor Castle! to Ham­
Winfield*!! to Lewisburg.
Wingate* to Bellefonte.
Wingerton to Waynesboro.
Winslow! to Big Run.
Winterdale* to Hancock,
N. Y.
Winterstown to Red Lion.
Wintersville to Myerstown.
Winton*!! to Jessup.
Wiota to Spring Grove.
Wireton* (Allegheny Co.)
to Ambridge.
Wishaw* to Reynoldsville
Wismer* to Doylestown.
Witmer*!! to Lancaster.
Wittenberg to Meyersdale.
Wolfsburg*! to Bedford.
Wolfs Store to Millheim.
Woodbine*! to Delta
Woodbourne*!t to Lang­
Woodcock to Cambridge
Wooddale to Scottdale.
Woodland*!! to Clearfield.
Woodlawn to Aliquippa.
Woodmont*! to Hatboro.
Woodrow* to Hickory.
Woodruff to Waynesburg.
Woodside* to Yardley.
Wood ville* to Carnegie.
Woodward* to Millheim.
Woolrich* to Avis.
Worcester* to NorthWales.
Worleytown to Greencastle.
Wormleysburg*! to Harris­
Worthington* to Kittan­
Worthville* to Summer­
Wortzville to Fairfield.
Woxall* to Schwenkville.
Wrights* to Port Alleghany
Wrightstown* to Newtown.
Wurtemburg to Ellwood
Wyano* to West Newton.
Wycombe*!! to Doyles­
Wyebrook*!! to Honeybrook.
Wylandville* to Washing­
Wyncote*t to Jenkintown.
Wyndmoor! to Chestnut
Wyomissing Hills to Wyomissing.
Wysox*tt to Towanda.
Yarnell* to Bellefonte.
Yates to Pittston.
Yatesboro*! to Rural Val­
Yeadon!! to Lansdowne.
Yeagertown* to Burnham.
Yellow Creek* to Hopewell.
Yellow House* to Boyertown.
Yerkes* to Collegeville
Yocum town to Goldsboro.
Yoe*l to Red Lion.
Yohoghany* to Sutersville.
Yorkana to Wrightsville.
York New Salem* to York
York Run* to Fairchanee
Youngdale*! to Lock Haven
Youngstown* to Latrobe.
! Telegraph Station.


Zehner to Freeland.
Zenith* to Nescopeck.
Zerbe*! to Tremont.
Zieglerville!! to Schwenkville.
Zion* to Bellefonte.
Zionhill* to Quakertown.
Zions Grove* to Ringtown
Zions View to York.
Zionsville*!! to Emaus.
Zollarsville to Marianna.
Zora to Emmitsburg, Md.
Zucksville to Easton.
Zullinger* to Waynesboro


Abbottrun*! to Pawtucket.
Adamsville* to Fall River.
Albion*!! to Woonsocket.
Allendale to Centerdale.
Allenton* to Wickford.
Alton* to Hope Valley
Anthony*!! to West War­
Arctic*! to West War­
Arkwright!! to Phenix.
Arlington! to Providence.
Arnold Mills*!! to Paw­
Ashton*!! to Pawtucket.
Auburn!! to Providence.
Barrington*!! to Warren.
Belleville! to Wickford.
Berkley!! to Pawtucket.
Block Island*!! to Newport.
Bradford*!! to Westerly.
Bridgeton* to Pascoag.
Canonchet* to Hope Valley.
Carolina* to Hope Valley.
Centerville*!! to West
Central Falls*!toPawtucket
Charlestown* to Wakefield.
Chepachet*! to Pascoag.
Clayville* to Phenix.
Conimicut*! to Providence.
Coventry*!! to West War­
Cowesett* to E. Greenwich.
Cranston!! to Providence
Crompton*! to West War­
Cumberland Hill! to Woon­
Davisville*! to East Green­
Diamond Hill to Paw­
Edgewood*! to Providence.
Escoheag* to Norwich.
Exeter* to Wickford.
Fiskeville*! to Phenix.
Forestdale*! to Slatersvllie.
Foster* to Danielson, Conn.
Foster Center* to Daniel­
son. Conn.
Georgiaville*! to Greenville
Glendale*! to Slatersville
Greene*!! to West War­
Greystone*t to Providence.
Hamilton* to Wickford.
Harmony* to Greenville.
Harris!! to Phenix.
Harrisville*!! to Pascoag
Hillsgrove*! to East Green­
Hope*!! to Phenix.
Hopkinton* to Ashaway.
Howard*! to Providence.
Hoxie*! to Providence.
Hughesdale to Providence.
Jamestown*!! to Newport
Kenyon*! to Westerly.
Kingston* to Wakefield.
Knightsvillet to Providence
LaFayette* to Wickford.
Lakewood! to Providence.
Lime Rock to Pawtucket.
Little Compton*! to Fall
River, Mass.
Lonsdale*! to Pawtucket.
Lymansville! to Providence
Manton!! to Providence.
Manville*!! to Woonsocket
Mapleville* to Pascoag.
Matunuck to Wakefield.
Melville!! to Newport.
! Express Office.



Middletown!! to Newport
Nasonvllle*!! to Slaterville.
Natick*!! to Phenix.
Nooseneck Hill to West
North Scituate* to Green­
North Tiverton to Fall
River, Mass.
Norwood to Providence.
Oakland*! to Pascoag.
Oakland Beach*! to East
Oak Lawn*t! to Providence
Olneyville*!! to Providence
Pawtuxet to Providence.
Peace Dale*! to Wakefield.
Perrysville to Wakefield.
Phillipsdale to Providence.
Pontiac*!! to Phenix.
Portsmouth*! to Newport.
Potter Hill* to Ashaway.
Quidnick!! to West War­
Quonochontaug toWesterly
River Point*!’! to Phenix
Riverside*!! to E. Provideuce.
Rockvilie* to Hope Valley.
Rumford to E. Providence.
Saunderstown* to Wickford.
Saylesville* to Pawtucket.
Shannock*! to Westerly.
Shawomet* to Providence.
Slocum*! to Wickford.
Stillwater* to Greenville.
Summit*!! to West War­
Tarkiln! to Slatersville.
Thornton*! to Providence.
Tiverton* to Fall River,
Tiverton Four Corners* to
Fall River. Mass.
Usquepaugh* to Wakefield.
Valley Falls*!! to


Walhim Lake*! to Pascoag.
Warwick*! to East Green­
Washington*!! to West
Watch Hill*!! to Westerly.
West Barrington*!! toWarren.
West Gloucester to Putnam,
West Kingston* to Wake­
Wood River Junction*! to
Hope Valley.
Woodville* to Hope Valley.
Wyoming* to Hope Valley.

Adamsburg* to Union.
Adamsrun* to Charleston.
Adrian* to Conway.
Alcolu*!! to Manning.
Allen*!! to Conway.
Allsbrook* to Loris.
Almeda to Varnville.
Alvin* to St. Stephens.
Angelus*! to Bethune.
Antioch to Camden.
Antreville*! to Abbeville.
Appleton*! to Allendale.
Arcadia* to Spartanburg.
Arkwright to Spartanburg.
Arlington* to Greer.
Ashepoo*!! to Walterboro.
Ashley Junction to Charles­
Ashton! to Hampton.
Atkins* to Mayesvihe
Awensdaw* to McClellanville.
Aynor*!! to Conway.
Badham* to St. George.
Baldock* to Allendale.
Ballentine* to Columbia.
Barksdale* to Laurens.
Barr to Lexington.
Barton*!! to Allendale.
Batesville to Greer
Bath*!! to Augusta. Ga.
Battlecreek to Westminster
Baxter to Batesburg.
Bayboro* to Loris.
I .eech Island to Augusta, Ga
Belvedere to N. Augusta.
Irnnson to Kingstree.
Eiethera* to Moncks Corner.
Bingham*!! to Latta.
Blacksburg*!! to Gaffney.
Blairs*!! to Union.
Blaney*!! to Camden.
Blenheim* to Bennettsville.
Bloomville* to Manning.
Blossom to Scranton
Blue Brick to Latta.
Bluffton* to Beaufort.
Blythewood*!! to Ridgway
Boiling Springs to Spartan­
Bonneau*!! to Moncks
Bookman* to Columbia.
Bordeaux*! to McCormick.
Borden* to Hagood.
Bowling Green* to Clover.
Bowman*! to Orangeburg.

Boykin*!! to Camden.
Bradley*!! to Troy.
Branchville*!! to Orange­
Brogdon* to Sumter.
Brunson*!! to Hampton.
Bucksport* to Conway.
Bullock’s Creek* to Sharon.
Burgess* to Conway.
Burton*! to Beaufort.
Cades*! to Lake City.
Calhoun*!! to Clemson
Calhoun Falls*!! to Abbe­
Callison* to Greenwood.
Campton to Inman.
Canadys! to Walterboro.
Carlisle to Whitmire.
Cartersville*! to Timmonivilie.
Cashs Depot to Cheraw.
Cashville to Woodruff.
Cassatt*!! to Camden.
Catawba* to Rock Hill.
Cateechee* to Norris.
Cayce*! to Columbia.
Central*!! to Clemson
Chappells*!! to Ninety Six.
Cheddar! to Williamston.
Cherokee* to Spartanburg.
Cherokee Falls*! to Gaff­
Chicks Springs to Piedmont
Chicora* to Moncks Corner
Clarks Hill*!! to Augusta,
Claussen* to Florence.
Clearwater*!! to Augusta.
Cleora* to Edgefield.
Cleveland to Traveller's
Clifton*! to Spartanburg.
Cohens Bluff to Hampton.
Cokesbury* to Hodges.
Cold Springs to Edgefield.
Colleton*!! to Walterboro.
Colliers* to Edgefield.
Conestee*! to Greenville.
Congaree*!! to Columbia.
Connors to Holy Hill
Converse*!! to Spartan­
Cool Spring to Conway.
Cooper* to Hemingway.
Coosawhatchie*! to Beau­
Cordesville* to Moncks
Cordova*!! to Orangeburg
Ooronaca* to Greenwood.
Cosby* to Furman.
Oottageville* to Walter­
Coward to Lake City.
Cowpens*!! to Gaffney.
Crescent* to Woodrun.
Creston!! to Elloree.
Crocketvillel to Hampton.
Cross* to Holly Hill.
Cross Anchor* to Woodruff
Cross Hills to Greenwood.
Crosskeys to Union.
Crouch to Saluda.
Cummings*! to Hampton.
Dacusville* to Easley.
Dale* to Beaufort.
Dalzell*!! to Sumter.
Dantzler to Holly Hill.
Daufuskie to Savannah,Ga.
Davis Station*! to Summerton.
Dawkins*! to Wlnnsboro.
Dentsville to Columbia.
Dongola to Conway.
Dorchester*! to St. George.
Dovesville*! to Darlington.
Drake* to Bennettsville.
Drayton*(Spartanburg Co.)
to Spartanburg.
Dunbar*!! to Clio.
Dunbarton*!! to Barnwell
Dyson* to Ninety Six.
Eadytown to St. Stephen.
Earle* to Aiken.
Early Branch*! to Hamp­
Eastover*!! to Columbia.
Ebenezer* to Florence.
Edgewold* to Columbia.
Edgmoor*!! to Rock Hill.
Edisto Island* to Charles­
Edmund*t! to Lexington.
Effingham*! to Florence.
Elko*t! to Williston.
Elliott*!! to Bishopville.
Enoree!*! to Woodruff.
Enterprise to Charleston.
Epworth* to Ninety-Six.
Eureka* to Aiken.
Fairforest*! to Spartanburg.
Fairmont* to Duncan.
Fair Play* to Westminster.
Fairview to Fountain Inn.
Fechtig to Hampton.
Ferguson! to Eutawville.
Filbert to Clover.
Fingerville* to Inman.
Floyd Dale*! to Dillon
Folly Beach to Charleston
Foreston* to Greeleyville.
Fork*!! to Marion.
Forkshoals to Fountain Inn
Fort Fremont to Beaufort.
Fort Lawn*!! to Lancaster.
Fort Motte*!!
to St.
Four Holes* to Holly Hill.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Longtown* to Ridgeway.
Fowler* to Kingstree.
Lowndesville to Abbeville.
Fox to Batesburg.
Lowrys*! to Chester.
Frogmore* to Beaufort.
Lucknow*! to Bishopville.
Gable* to Olanta.
Lugoff*!! to Camden.
Gadsden*! to Columbia.
Lumber*!! to Darlington.
Gaines* to Greenwood.
Galivants Ferry* to Marion
Luray*! to Estill.
Lydia*! to Darlington.
Gardners Corner to Yemassee.
Lykesland* to Columbia.
Garnett*!! to Furman.
Lynchwood to Bethune.
Gaston*! to Swansea.
Lyndhurst* to Barnwell.
Gifford*! to Estill.
Gilbert*!! to Batesburg.
McBee to Bethune.
Gillisonville* to Hampton.
McClellanville*!to Charles­
•Givhans! to Summerville.
Glendale* to Spartanburg.
McConnellsville* to YorkGlenn Springs* to Spartan­
Macbeth* toMoncksCorner.
Glymphville to Newberry.
Madden to Laurens.
Goldville*!! to Clinton.
Madison*!! to Westminster
Gough to Moncks Corner.
Mallory* to Latta.
GourdinI to St. Stephens.
Marietta* to Travellers
Govan*! to Olar.
Gowensvilie to Inman.
Marlboro to Bennettsville.
Grahamville to Ridgeland.
Marsblufl*!! to Florence.
Grays to Hampton.
Martin*! to Allendale.
Grays Hill*! to Beaufort.
Martins Point* to Charles­
Greenland to Barnwell.
Green Pond*!! to Walter- • Mauldin*!! to Greenville.
Maysville*!! to Sumter.
Green Sea* to Tabor, N. C.
Mayo*!! to Spartanburg.
Gresham*! to Marion.
Grover* to St. George.
Merritts Bridge to Aiken.
Gurley*!! to Loris.
Meyers Mill*! to Barnwell.
Guthriesville* to Yorkvllle.
Middendorf*!! to Cheraw.
Hagood*!! to Sumter.
Midland Park to Summer­
Hamer*!! to Dillon.
Hammond* to Conway.
Miley! to Hampton.
Hand*! to Conway.
Millettville* to Barnwell.
Hardeeville*!! to Savan­
Minturn! to Dillon.
nah, Ga.
Modoc*!! to McCormick.
Harleyville to St. George.
Monetta*! to Ridge Spring.
Harvin* to Manning.
Montclare* to Darlington.
Hattieville*! to Barnwell.
Monticello* to Winnsboro.
Hawthorn* to Ellenton.
Montmorenci*!! to Aiken.
Hayne! to Spartanburg.
Moore*! to Spartanburg.
Heinemann to Greeleyville.
Morris to Barnwell.
Helena* to Newberry.
Morrisville* to Andrews.
Hendersonville to Walter­
Moss to Edgefield.
Moultrieville*! to Charles­
Henry*!! to Hemingway.
Hilda to Barnwell.
Mountain Rest* to Walhalla.
Hilton to Chapin.
Mt. Caramel to McCor­
Hiltonhead* to Beaufort.
Hiotts*! to Walterboro.
Mt. Croghan to Chester­
Hobbysville to Woodruff.
Honeyhill* to Andrews.
Mount Holly*! to Moncks
Hopkins*!! to Columbia.
Horatio* to Hagood.
Horreil to Columbia.
Horry*! to Conway.
Mount Tabor* to Union.
Huger* to Moncks Comer.
Mountville*!! to • Green­
Hyman* to Scranton.
Irene to Lexington.
Mount Willing to Bates­
Irmo*!! to Columbia.
Islandton* to Varnville.
Mouzons to Kingstree.
Isle of Palms*! to Charles­
Mulligan to Furman.
Murrells Inlet* to George­
Iva to Anderson.
Jackson*! (Aiken Co.) to
Myers* to Charleston.
Myrtle Beach*!! to Con­
Jacksonboro*!! to Walter­
Jalapa to Newberry.
Navy Yard* to Charleston.
James Crossing to Colum­
Nebo to Marion.
Neeses* to Norway.
James Island! to Charles­
Nelson to Winnsboro.
Nesmith*!! to Hemingway.
Jamestown* to St. Stephen.
New Brookland* to Colum­
Jamison*!! to Orangeburg.
Jedburg* to Summerville.
Newmarket* to Greenwood.
Jefferson*!! to Bethune.
New Prospect to Inman.
Jenkinsville* to Winnsboro.
Newry* to Seneca.
Jennys to Fairfax.
New Zion* to Olanta.
Johns Island*!! to Charles­
Neyles to Walterboro.
Nimmons to Pickens.
Jordan*! to Summerton.
Nixonville* to Conway.
Jordanville to Conway.
Norris*tt to Central.
Norway*!! to Denmark.
Kathwood* to Augusta. Ga.
Kelton* to Jonesville.
Oakley Depot* to Moncks
Kemper*! to Marion.
Killian to Columbia.
Oakway to Westminster.
Kinards*!! to Clinton.
Oats to Lamar.
Kingsburg* to Pamplico.
Ogden! to York.
Kings Creek*! to Gaffney.
Oka tie to Savannah, Ga.
Kingville!! to Fort Motte.
Olars*!! to Bamberg.
Kirksey* to Greenwood.
Ora* to Laurens.
Kitchings Mills* to Aiken.
Osborn*! to Charleston.
Kline*!! to Allendale.
Osceola* to Waxhaw, N. C.
Kollock*! to Cheraw
Oswego* to Sumter.
Ladies Island to Beaufort.
Owdorns to Johnston.
Ladson*t to Summerville.
La France*!! to Clemson
Pacolet Mills*! to SpartenCollege.
Lake View*!! to Dillon.
Pages Mills! to Lake View.
Landp* to Chester.
Paimerville* to Andrews.
Lane* to Kingstree.
Paris to Greenville.
Lanford Station* to Wood­
Parkers Ferry to Charles­
Langley*!! to Graniteville.
Parksville to McCormick.
Lawtonville to Estill.
Parler to Elloree.
Leeds*t to Chester.
Parr*!! to Columbia.
Lees* to Denmark.
Parris Island* to Beaufort.
Lena*! to Estill.
Patrick*!! to Cheraw.
Leo* to Lake City.
Pattillo* to Walterboro.
Lesslie* to Rockhill.
Level Land* to Due West.
Pauline* to Spartanburg.
Faxville to Sumter.
Levys* to Savannah, Ga.
Peak*!! to Prosperity.
Lewis Turnout* to Chester.
Peedee*!! to Marion.
Liberty Hill* to Heath
Pelham to Greer
Pelion*!! to Wagener.
Lincolnville to Summerville
Pendleton*! to Clemson
Perry*!! to Wagener.
Little River to Conway.
Little Rock *!! to Dillon.
Pineland*! to Furman.
Livingston*!! to North.
Pineville* to St. Stephens.
Lobecot! to Beaufort.
Pinewood*!! to Sumter.
Lodge*!! to Smoaks.
Pinopolis* to Moncks Cor­
Lolo to Spartanburg.
Plantersville* to George­
Lonestar*! to Elloree.
Longcreek* to Westminster
Pleasant Hill to Heath
Long Ridge to Summerville.
Longs* to Conway.
Money Order Office.

t Telegraph Station.

Pleasant Lane* to Edgefield.
Plum Branch*!! to McCor­
Pocataligo to Beaufort
Pomaria*!! to Newberry.
Pontiac to Columbia.
Port Royal*!! to Beaufort.
Poston*!! to Johnsonville.
Pregnall*!! to St. George.
Princeton* to Honea Path.
Prioleau to Holly Hill.
Pritchardviile* to Savan­
nah. Ga.
Privateer to Sumter.
Providence to Sumter
Rains! to Mullins.
Ravenels*!! to Charleston.
Raymond* to Orangeburg
Red River to Rock Hill.
Reevesville*!! to St. George
Reidville* to Duncan.
Rembert*!! to Hagood.
Remleys to Charleston.
Renno* to Clinton.
Rhems* to Andrews.
Richburg*! to Chester.
Richland*! to Seneca.
Ridgeville*! to Summer­
Rimini* to Pinewood.
Rion* to Winnsboro.
Ritter*! to Walterboro.
Riverside* (Lancaster Co.)
to Lancaster.
Robertsville to Estill.
Rock to Pickens.
Rockton*! to Winnsboro.
Rodman* to Chester.
Roebuck*!! to Spartanburg
Round* to Walterboro.
Rowesville to Orangeburg.
Ruby to Chesterfield.
Ruffin*! to Walterboro.
Russellville* to St. Stephens
Saint Charles*!! to Sumter.
Saint Helena Island to
Saint Paul* to Summerton.
Salem* to Walhalla.
Salkahatchie* to Walter­
Salters Depot* to Kingstree
Samaria* to Leesville.
Sandridge to Holly Hill.
Sandy Run* to Columbia.
Sandy Springs to Clemson
Santee* to Charleston.
Santuck*!! to Union.
Sardinia* to Manning
Scotia*!! to Furman.
Scranton to Lake City.
Seabrook*! to Beaufort.
Sedalia* to Union.
Seiglingville to Allendale.
Seivern*!! to Wagener
Sellers*!! to Latta.
Septus to Clemson College.
Sheldon*! to Beaufort.
Shell* (Horry Co.) to Con­
Shelton*! to Union.
Shiloh* to Lynchburg.
Shirley to Furman.
Shoals Junction*!! to Don­
Silver*!! to Summerton.
Silverstreet*!! to Newberry
Six Mile to Pickens.
Slater to Travelers Rest.
Smlthboro* to Mullins.
Smiths Mills to Johnson­
Smiths Turnout* to Rock
Snelling to Barnwell.
Society Hill*!! to Darling­
Starr*!! to Anderson.
Steedman*! to Batesburg.
Stokes* to Walterboro.
Stokesbridge to Bishopville.
Stoneboro* to Heath
Strawberry* to Moncks
Strother*! to Union.
Summit* to Gilbert.
Sunnydale to Pickens.
Switzer* to Woodruff.
Sycamore*!! to Fairfax.
Syracuse! to Darlington.
Table Mountain to Easley
Talatha* to Aiken.
Tamassee* to Walhalla.
Tatum*! to Bennettsville.
Taxahaw* to Kershaw.
Taylors*!! to Greer.
Thickety* to Gaffney.
Thompson to Georgetown.
Tigerville* to Greer.
Tillman*!! to Ridgeland.
Tindal*! to Sumter.
Tirzah*! to Yorkvilie.
Toddville* to Conway.
Toney Creek* to Belton.
Townville* to Seneca.
Tradesville to Lancaster.
Trio *! to Andrews.
Troy*!! to McCormick
Tucapau*I to Spartanburg.
Turbeville* to Mayesville.
Ulmers*!! to Olars.
Valentine to Furman.
Vance*! to Eutawville.
Van Wyck*! to Waxhaw.
N. C.
Varntown to Walterboro.
t Express Office.

Vaucluse*!! to Graniteville.
Verdery*tt to Greenwood
Wallaceville* to Columbia.
Wampee* to Conway.
Wando* to Charleston.
Warrenville*!! to Granite­
Wateree* to Fort Motte.
Watts! to Abbeville.
Waverly Mills* to George­
Wedgefleld*tt to Sumter.
Weeks to St. George.
Weston to Columbia.
West Springs to Jouesville.
West Union*!! to Walhalla.
Westville*! to Kershaw.
Whitehall! to Walterboro.
White Oak*!! to Winnsboro.
White Pond*! to Williston.
White Rock*! to Chapin.
White Stone*!! to Spartan­
Whitney*! to Spartenburg.
Wiggins* to Walterboro.
Wilkins* to Beaufort.
Wilkinsville* to Hickory
Williams*! to Ehrhardt.
Willington*!! to McCor­
Wilson* to Manning.
Windsor*!! to Williston.
Witherbee to Moncks Cor­
Wolfton* to Orangeburg.
Woodford*!! to North.
Woodville to Pelzer.
Woodward* to Blackstock.
Yawhannah to Georgetown
Yonges Island*!! to Meggett.
Zion to Marion.

Academy* to Platte.
Adelaide to Conde
Ahnberg*! to Sinai.
Albee to Revillo.
Allen* to Belvidere.
Alsen to Beresford.
Altamont*!! to Goodwin.
Ames to Miller.
Appleby to Watertown.
Ardmore*!! to Edgemont,
Argonne*!! to Carthage.
Arpan* to Nisland.
Astoria*!! to Hendricks,
Athboy to Lemmon.
Athol to Redfleld.
Aurora Center to Stickney.
Avance* to Faith.
Bancroft*!! to De Smet.
Barnard*!! to Frederick.
Batesland* to Martin.
Bath*t to Aberdeen.
Beebe* to Ipswich.
Bemis*!! to Watertown.
Ben Clare! to Rowena.
Bergen to Southshore.
Berton to Howard.
Betts to Mitchell.
Big Spring to Alcester.
Bigstone City*!! to Millbank.
Bijou Hills* to Pukwana.
Bixby* to Faith.
Black Hawk*!! to Rapid
Blaha to Tyndall.
Bloomington to Geddes.
Boneita Springs* to Red
Booge*! to Garretson.
Bovee* to Geddes.
Box Elder* to Rapid City.
Bradley*!! to Garden City.
Brandt Lake to Wentworth
Brave to Vivian.
Brennan to Gordon. Neb.
Brentford*!! to Conde.
Bridger to Philip
Broadland*! to Huron.
Browns Siding to White
Bullhead* to McLaughlin.
Bullock to Camp Crook.
Burbank*!! to Vermillion.
Burch !lto Britton.
Burdette to Rockham.
Burdock to Edgemont.
Burkmere* to Faulkton
Bushnell*!! to Brookings.
Butler*!! to Bristol.
Canistata*!! to Salem.
Canning*!! to Blunt.
Capa*!! to Murdo.
Caputa*!! to Rapid City.
Oarlock* to Gregory.
Carter to Winner.
Cash* to Hettinger, N. D
Castle Rock* to Newell.
Cavour*!! to Huron.
Cedar butte to Belvidere.
Cedar Canyon* to Faith.
Center to Salem.
Centerpoint to Viborg.
Central City* to Deadwood
Chalkbutte* to Sturgis.
Chance*! to Meadow.
Charles City to Colton.
Cherry Creek* to Midland.
Chester*!! to Wentworth.
Cheyenne Agency* to Get­
Claire City*! to New Effing
Clarno to Winfred.
Clayton* to Emery.
Clearfield* to Colome.

Dahlberg Siding to Veblen.
Dalesberg to Centerville.
Dallas*!! to Burke.
Dalzell* to Wasta.
Danforth to St. Lawrence.
Dante to Wagner.
Deerfield* to Hill City.
Degrey to Pierre.
Dempster*!! to Toronto.
Denby to Gordon, Neb.
Dewey*!! to Edgemont.
Dog Ear Lake to Winner.
Dowling* to Philip.
Dunlap to Platte.
Duxbury to Mellette.
Eagle to Kimball.
Eagle Butte*!! to Dupree.
Eakin to Onida.
East Sioux Falls!! to Sioux
Edgemont*!! to Hot
Edson* to Faith.
Elbon* to Philip.
Ellingson* to Hettinger.
N. D.
Ellis to Sioux Falls.
Elm Springs! to Wasta.
Elrod*!! to Clark.
Englewood*!! to Lead.
Enning* to Sturgis.
Epiphany* to Farmer.
Erwin*!! to Lake Preston.
Eureka*!! to Hillsview.
Fairbank*to Onida.
Fairburn*!! to Hot Springs.
Fairpoint*to Newell.
Farley to Belvidere.
Farmingdale*!! to Rapid
Farwell to Artesian.
Firesteel*! to Timber Lake.
Foley to Watertown.
Folsom* to Farmingdale
Forestburg*!! to Artesian.
Forest City* to Gettysburg.
Fort Thompson* to Cham­
Frankfort*!! to Redfleld.
Franklin to Madison.
Fruitdale*!! to Nisland.
Fullerville to Mission Hill.
Gallup Siding to Ashton
Gayville*!! to Missionhill.
Glad Valley* to Isabel.
Goldwell to Glencross.
Goodwin*!! to Kranzburg.
Gopher to Isabel.
Gorman* to Gettysburg.
Govert* to Buffalo.
Grand Valley* to Morris­
Greenfield to Vermillion.
Greenwood* to Wagner.
Gretna to Roscoe.
Grindstone* to Philip.
Grosse* to Chamberlain.
Grover*!! to Hazel
Hamill* to Winner.
Hammer!! to New Efflngton.
Harding* to Bellefourche.
Harrington to Cody, Neb
Harrison* to Corsica.
Harrold*!! to Blunt.
Hay Draw* to New Under­
Hayes* to Midland.
Headlee Ranch* to Belvi­
Henry*!! to Watertown.
Hereford* to Sturgis.
Herreid*! to Pollock.
Hiland to Ortley.
Hilland* to Philip
Hlllhead*! to Veblen.
Hillside to Dimock.
Hisega to Rapid City
Holabird*! to Highmore.
Hooker*! to Viborg.
Hoover* to Newell.
Hoven*!! to Tolstoy.
Hub City to Vermillion.
Huffton* to Groton.
Ideal* to Winner.
Imlay! to Rapid City.
Imogene to Faith.
Inland* to Newell.
Interior*!! to Belvidere.
Iona* to Oacoma.
Iron Nation to Kennebec.
James* to Groton.
Janousek to Yanktown.
Joubert to Corsica.
Junius*!! to Madison.
iKadoka*!! to Belvidere.
Kampeska*!! to Watertown.
Karinen* to Buffalo.
Keldron*!! to Morristown.
Kenel to McLaughlin.
Keyapaha* to Winner.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Clough* to Sturgis.
Coal Springs* to Meadow.
Colman*!! to Wentworth.
Colton*!! to Lyons.
Como to Ahnberg.
Conata*!! to Farmingdale.
Cooper* to Sturgis.
Cottonwood*!! to Phillip.
Crandall*!! to Conde.
Crandon*!! to Redfleld.
Craven to Ipswich.
Creighton* to Wall.
Creston*! to Farmingdale.
Crocker*!! to Garden City.
Crowlake to Wessington
Cuthbert*!! to Letcher.

k County Seat.

Keystone*! to Hill City.
Kidder*!! to Britton.
Kimball*!! to Pukwana.
Kyle* to Belvidere.
Labolt to Stockholm.
Ladelle to Doland.
Ladner* to Bowman. N. D.
iLake Andes*!! to Geddes.
Lake Campbell to Brook­
Lake City*! to Veblen.
Lakeport to Yankton.
Lakeview to Crookston,
Lane *! to Wessington
Lantry*!! to Eagle Butte.
Laplant to Trail City.
Leslie* to Midland.
Lightcap to Isabel.
Lily to Bristol.
Little Eagle to McLaughlin
Lodgepole* to Lemmon.
Lone Tree to Dell Rapids.
Longlake* to Leola.
Lower Brule* to Reliance.
Lowry*!! to Akaska.
Loyalton*!! to Roscoe.
Lucas*! to Burke.
Ludlow* to Bowman. N. D.
Lyman* to Reliance.
Mahto* to McLaughlin.
Manchester to De Smet.
Manderson* to Gordon,Neb
Manila* to Midland.
Mansbridge to Armour.
Mapleleaf* to McLaughlin.
Marindahl to Yankton.
Marlow to Veblen.
iMartin* to Valentine.Neb.
Marvin*!! to Summit.
Mason* to Newell.
Mathews to De Smet.
Maurine* to Faith.
McKain to Brookings.
Meadow* to Bison.
Meckling*!! to Vermilion.
Melham*!i to WillowLakes
Midway to Baltic.
Midway to Irene.
Milesville* to Philip.
Millard* to Faulkton.
Millboro* to Colome.
Milltown* to Parkston.
Mina*!! to Tspwich.
Miscol to Timber Lake.
Mission* to Valentine, Neb.
Moe to Hudson.
Moenvilie* to Midland.
Molan to Menno.
Morefleld! to Sioux Falls.
Moritz* to Gary.
Morning Star to Menno.
iMound City* to Selby.
Murchison* to Buffalo.
Mystic*!! to Hills City.
Nahon to Aberdeen.
Nansen to Howard.
Naples*!! to Vienna.
Nemo*! to Lead.
Newark *!! to Britton.
New Holland to Corsica.
Nora to Alcester.
Norbeck to Cresbard.
Northville to Mellette.
Nowlin*!! to Philip.
Oelrichs*!! to Oral.
Oglala* to Rushville, Neb.
Okobojo* to Pierre.
Okreek to Carter.
Ola to Pukwana.
Olivet to Menno.
Onakato*!! to Tolstoy.
Opal* to Faith.
Oral*!! to Hot Springs.
Ordway*!! to Columbia.
Orland to Madison.
Ortley*!! to Waubay.
Osceola*!! to Bancroft.
Ottumwa* to Midland.
Owanka*!! to New Under­
Pactola*! to Rapid City.
Parade to Eagle Butte.
Parmelee to V alentine.
Paxton to Gregory.
Peever *!! to Sisseton.
Penville to Reeder.
Perkins to Springfield.
Phelps to Willow Lakes.
Piedmont*!! to Rapid City.
Pine Ridge* to Marsland,
Plana* to Aberdeen.
Plainview* to Marcus.
Platte *!! to Geddes.
Pleasant Ridge* to Lem­
Plumb to Scotland.
Poinsette to Lake Norden.
Polo to Orient.
Powell*!! to Philip.
Promise* to Mobridge.
Provo*!! to Edgemont.
Putney*!! to Claremont.
Quinn*!! to Wall.
Ramona*!! to Madison.
Randolph*! to Stratford.
Rauville to Watertown.
Ravinia! to Lake Andes.
Raymond*!! to Clark.
Rayville to Huron.
Red Elm to Dupree.
Redte* to Buffalo
• Money Order Office.


Richland to Elk Point.
Richmond to Aberdeen.
Ridgeview to La Plant.
Riverside to Mitchell.
Robey to White Lake.
Rochford*!! to Deadwood.
Rockerville to Rapid City.
Rockham*!! to Miranda.
Rosebud*to Valentine, Neb.
Roswelll*!! to Fedora.
Roubaix* to Deadwood.
Rowena*!! to Sioux Falls.
Rudolph to Aberdeen.
Rumford* to Edgemont.
Runningville to Vivian.
RunningWater*!!to Springfield.
Rutland*!! to Nunda.
St. Charles to Burke.
St. Francis* to Crookston,
Savoy* to Spearflsh.
Shadehlll to Lemmon.
Sheffield to Yale.
Shelby to Pukwana.
Sbindler*!! to Sioux Falls.
Silver City* to Rapid City.
Smithwick*!! to Hot
Sorum* to Strool.
South Shore*!! to Watertown.
Spain* to Britton.
Spink to Burbank.
Spottswood to Tulare.
Stamford*!! to Belvidere.
Stevens to Sioux City, la.
Stoneville to Sturgis.
Storla to Letcher.
Strandburg*!! to Revillo.
Strool*! to Bison.
Sulphur *to Newell.
Swan Lake to Viborg.
Tacoma Park to Columbia.
Tea!! to Harrisburg.
Templeton to Wessington
Terraville* to Deadwood
Thomas*!! to Hayti.
Thunder Hawk*!! to Lem­
Tilford*!! to Sturgis.
Trent*!! to Egan.
Trojan*!! to Lead.
Troy to Waverly.
Tuthill* to Cody, Neb.
Twilight to Newell.
Twin Brooks*!! to Mill
Unityville*! to Salem.
Vale* to Whitewood.
Van Metre*!! to Capa.
Vega* to Pukwana.
Verdon*!! to Ferney.
Vetal to Cody. Neb.
Victor*!! to Rosholt.
Viewfleld* to New Under­
Vilas*!! to Howard.
Virgil to Alpena.
Wakpala to Mobridge.
Walker to McIntosh.
Wanamaker* to Norris.
Wanblee* to Belvidere.
Ward to Elkton.
Wecota to Cresbard.
Wellington Center to Hum­
Wendte to Fort Pierre.
Westerville to Wakonda.
Westover to Murdo.
Weta* to Belvidere.
Wetonka*!! to Leola.
Wewela*! to Colome.
Wheeler* to Lake Andes.
Whitedeer* to Morristown.
Whitehorse! to Timber
White Owl* to Marcus,
i White River*! to Murdo.
Winfred*!! to Howard.
Winship to Ellendale, N.D.
Wist to Waubay.
Wososo to Valentine, Neb.
Zeli*!! to Rockham.

A. B. G. to Westmoreland.
Acorn to Madisonville.
Acton! to Corinth.
Adair to Jackson.
Aetna* to Centerville.
Afton*! to Greeneville.
Alberton to Lexington.
Alcoa* to Maryville.
Algood*!! to Cookeville.
Allardt* to Jamestown.
Allen Station! to Browns­
Allisona*! to College Grove
Allons* to Livingston.
Allred* to Livingston.
Almaville to Murfreesboro.
Alpine to Livingston.
Alto* to Sewanee.
Anderson* to Stevenson,
Andersonville* to Clinton.
Anes* to Lewisburg.
Angle to Westmoreland.
Annadel* to Wartburg.
Anthras* to Jeilico.
Antioch* to Nashville.
Apison* to Cleveland.
Appleton* to Loretto.
Arcadia to Gate City. Va
! Telegraph Station.

Arch ville* to Etowah.
Ardee to Clarksville.
Arlington*!! to Mason.
Armathwaite* to James­
Arp to Ripley.
Arrington* to Franklin.
Arthurito Cumberland Gap
Asbury to Knoxville.
Ashburn to Adairville, Ivy.
Ashport* to Ripley.
Ashwood* to Columbia.
Aspen Hill*! to Pulaski.
Austins Springs to Johnson
Bacons Ferry to Maryville.
Badgett to Friendship.
Bailey* to Collierville.
Bakerville* to Waverly.
Bakewell* to Soddy.
Band Mill! to Dyersburg.
Banner Springs* to James­
Bargerton to Lexington.
Barr to Ripley.
Barren Plain to Springfield.
Bartlett *! to Memphis.
Bath Springs* to Clifton.
Baugh*! to Elkton.
Bayne to Big Sandy.
Beacon* to Parsons.
Beans Creek*! to Huntland
Bean Station to Rutledge.
Bearden*! to Knoxville.
Beardstown* to Linden.
Bear Springs* to Dover.
Beasley to Lewisburg.
Beaverhill to Monterey.
Beech Bluff* to Jackson.
Beechgrove*! to Bellbuckle.
Beersheba Springs* to Coalmont.
Belle Eagle to Brownsville.
Belleview* to Nashville.
Bellsburg to Charlotte.
Belltown* to Tellico Plains.
Bellwooa to Lebanon.
Belmont to Manchester.
Belvidere*! to Winchester.
Bemis* to Jackson.
Bethel* (Giles Co.) to
Prospect Station.
Bigbyvllle to Columbia.
Bigcreek* to Bristol.
Biglick to Crossville.
Big Sanay*!! to Paris.
Bigspring* to Dayton.
Binfleld* to Maryville.
Binghamton*! to Memphis.
Birchwood* to Dayton.
Blackfox to Cleveland.
Block*! to Caryville.
Bloomingdale to Kingsport.
Bloomington Springs* to
Bluebank to Tiptonville.
Bluffton to Newport.
Boatland to Jamestown.
Bodenham to Pulaski.
Bogota* to Dyersburg.
Bold Spring* to Waverly.
Bolton to Memphis.
Boma* to Baxter.
Bon Air*! to Sparta.
Bon Aqua*! to Dickson.
Bone Cave* to Spencer.
Bonicord to Friendship.
Boons Creek to Johnson
Boonshill* to Petersburg.
Boothspoint to Dyersburg.
Bordeaux to Nashville.
Boston* to Franklin.
Box to Waverly.
Boy to Lafollette.
Boyds Creek* to Sevierville
Brace*! to Summertown,
Brackentown to Westmore­
Braden* to Mason.
Brady ville*! to Woodbury.
Branchville to Petersburg.
Bransford to Gallain.
Braxton * to Woodbury.
Breedenton to Decatur.
Brentwood* to Nashville.
Briceville* to Coal Creek.
Bride to Covington.
Bridgeport*! to Newport.
Brighthope to Greeneville.
Brockdell to Pikevllle.
Brodies to Parsons.
Brooks to Gallatin.
Brotherton* to Algood.
Browns* to Newport.
Brunswick*! to Memphis.
Bryant Station to Lewis­
Bryson! to Middlesboro,
Buchanan* to Paris.
Buckeye to Jeilico.
Buena Vista*! to Hunting­
Buffalo* to Waverly.
Buffalo Valley to Baxter.
Buford* to Lynnville.
Burem* to Rogersville.
Burlison* to Covington.
Burrville* to Wartburg.
Butlers Landing to Celina.
Bybee*! to Newport.
Byington*! to Knoxville.
Cades*! to Milan.
Cades Cove* to Maryville.
Cagle to Dunlap.
Cainsville to Lebanon.
Calderwood*!! to Mary­
Campaign* to McMinnville
! Express Office.




Campbells to Culleoka.
Campbellsville (Lynnville
P. 0.)t to Lynnville.
Campcreek to Greeneville.
Caneyspring* to Lewisburg.
Caplevllle*tt to Memphis.
Cardens Bluff* to Elizabethton.
Carlnger to Maryville.
Carlocksville to Murfrees­
Carpenters to Franklin.
Carroll to Jackson.
Carter* to Klizabethton.
Carters Creek*! to Colum­
Cartwright to Dunlap.
Castalian Springs* to Galla­
Catoosa* to Wartburg.
Cave* to Doyle Station.
Cavecreek to Loudon.
Cave Springs to Johnston
Cedar Chapel to Whiteville.
Cedarcreek to Greeneville.
Cedar Grove* to Milan.
Cedar Hill*! to Adams.
Cedar Springs* to Whitwell
Census to Decatur.
Center Town! to McMinn­
Cerro Gordo*! to Savannah
Chamberlain* to Kingston.
Chanute* to Byrdstown.
Chapmansboro to Ashland
Chaska* to Jellico.
Cherry to Henning.
Cherrys to Clarksville.
Chesterfield* to Lexington.
Chestnut Mound* to Car­
Chestoa to Erwin.
Chewalla*!toCorinth, Miss.
Chic to Dyersburg.
Chilhowee* to Maryville.
Chuckey*! to Limestone.
Churchton to Newbern.
Clairfleld*t! to Jellico.
Clarkrange* to Jamestown.
Clarksburg to Huntingdon.
Clayton to Union City.
Clearbranch to Erwin.
Clementsville to Celina.
Cliff Springs to Monterey.
Clifty*! to Sparta.
Clouds* to Tazewell.
Cloverport to Whiteville.
Clydeton to Waverly.
Coalfield*! to Petros.
Coble* to Centerville.
Coldwater* to Fayetteville.
Combs to Tazewell.
Comfort to Jasper.
Como*t to Cottagegrove.
Conasauga*! to Benton.
Concord*! to Knoxville.
Cook Place* to Monterey
Cordell to Oneida.
Corona* to Millington.
Corryton*!! to Knoxville.
Cortland to IJarriman.
Cortner* to Normandy.
Cosby*! to Newport.
Cottontown* to Gallatin
Cotula*! to La Follette
Couchville to Nashville.
Counce* to Savannah.
Cowenvilie to Hickman.
Coxburg* to Camden.
Crab Orchard*!! to Crossville.
Craigfleld to Franklin.
Craggie Hope*! to Kings­
ton Springs.
Crandull* to Damascus, Va.
Crawford*!! to Monterey.
Creek to Spencer.
Creston* to Crossville.
Crestview* to Summertown.
Cross Bridges to Columbia.
Cross Keys to Spring City.
Crump* to Savannah.
Cuba to Memphis.
Cuba Landing* to Waverly.
Cumberland Furnace*! to
Cummingsville* to Doyle
Cunningham* toCIarksville.
Cupp* to Jellico.
Currie to Dyer.
Curve*!! to Ripley.
Cypress* (McNairy Co.) to
Corinth, Miss.
Cypress Inn* td Florence.
Dancyville* to Stanton.
Daniel to Charlotte.
Daniels Landing* to Linden
Danville*! to Erin.
Darks Mill to Columbia.
Darwins to Dayton.
Davidson*!! to Wilder.
Daylight* to McMinnville.
Deer Lodge* to Wartburg.
Deermont to Oakdale.
Defeated* to Carthage.
Delano! to Etowah.
Delina to Petersburg.
Delrio*!! to Newport.
Denmark* to Jackson.
Densons Landing* to Tobel
Denver*!! to Waverly.
De Rossett* to Sparta.
Detroit to Covington.
Devonia to Harriman.
Dexter to Cordova.

Diana*!! to Cornersville.
Diflicult* to Carthage.
Dildays to Dover.
Dill* to Murray, Ky.
Dodson to Sparta.
Doeville* to Butler.
Double Bridges to Halls.
Double Springs*! to Cooke­
Dove to South Pittsburg.
Drummonds to Munford.
Duck River* to Centerville.
Duff*! to Lafoliette.
Duplex to Spring Hill.
Durhamville to Henning.
Dycus to Gainesboro.
Eads*! to Arlington.
Eagan* to Jellico.
East Jamestown! to James­
Eastlake*! to Chattanooga.
Eastland*! to Sparta.
Ebenezer* (Knox Co.) to
Edenwold* to Nashville.
Edgemoore* to Clinton.
Edith! to Ripley.
Eidson* to Kogersville.
Elgin* to Robbins.
Elkmont* to Maryville.
Elkton*! to Pulaski.
Elk Valley*!! to Jellico.
Ellendale* to Memphis.
Ellis Mills to Erin.
Elm Tree to Palmersville.
Elmwood* to Carthage.
Elora*! to Huntland.
Elpardo to Gainesboro.
Elva to Oneida.
Emmett* to Bristol.
Emorygap*!! to Harriman.
Enterprise to Mount Pleas­
Erie* to Sweetwater.
Erin*!! to Cumberland City
Ernestville to Erwin.
Euchee* to Spring City.
Eulia to Westmoreland.
Eurekaton to Whiteville.
Eva*! to Camden.
Evensville*!! to Dayton.
Fairfield to War trace.
Fairview to Kenton.
Fall Branch* to Jonesboro
Fallcreek to Shelbyville.
Fall Mills to Huntland.
Fallriver* to Lawrenceburg.
Farmers Exchange* to Hohenwald.
Farmington to Lewisburg.
Farner*!! to Ducktown.
Faxon* to Big Sandy.
Felker to Cleveland.
Finley* to Dyersburg.
Fishdam* to Bristol.
Fish Spring* to Elizabethton.
Flag to Greeneville.
Flag Pond* to Erwin.
Flat Woods* to Linden
Flintville*! to Fayetteville.
Flippin* to Ripley.
Florence* to Murfreesboro.
Floyd to Maury City.
Flynns Lick to Gainesboro
Forbus* to Jamestown.
Fordtown*!! to Kingsport.
Forest Hill*! to Collierville.
Fork Mountain*! to Coa
ForkRidge* to Middlesboro.
Fort Henry* to Dover.
Fosterville*! to Bellbuckle.
Fountain Creek! to Oulleoka.
Fountain Head*! to Galla­
Fowlkes*!! to Dyersburg.
Fox Bluff*! to Ashland City
Frankfort* to Wartburg.
Frayser to Memphis.
Fredonia to Clarksville.
French Broad* to Newport.
Fruitvale* to Bells.
Fullens to Limestone.
Fulton* to Henning.
Gainsville to Mason.
Galen to Lafayette.
G aliaway*! to Arlington.
Gann to Milan.
Gardner* to Martin.
Gentry to Baxter.
Georgetown* to Cleveland.
Germantown to Memphis.
Gernt to Oneida.
Gibson Wells to Humbolt.
Gibbs!! to Union City.
Gift to Covington.
Gillise's Mills* to Savannah
Giltedge to Covington.
Glass* to Obion.
Glenalice* to Rockwood.
Glendale* to Culleoka.
Glenmarv*t! to Robbins.
Glimp to Henning.
Goin* to Tazewell.
Golddust* to Ripley.
Goodrich*! to Centerville
Goodspring* to Pulaski.
Gordonsburg* to Hohenwald.
Gordonsville*! to Hickman
Gorman to Waverly.
Graham* to Centerville.
Grandview*! (Rhea Co.) to
Spring City.
Grant to Lebanon.
Grassy Cove* to Crossville.
Green Tree* to Sp»rt,s.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

a County Seat.

Greenwood* to Lebanon.
Grey to Livingston.
Grimsley* to Jamestown.
Groveland to Columbia.
Gruetli* to Coalmont.
Guild *to Jasper.
Guys* to Corinth. Miss.
Gwinn to Decatur.
Habersham*!! to Jellico.
Hackberry to Clarksville.
Hales Point to Ripley,
naley*! to Wartrace.
Halls Crossroads to Knox­
Hamble to Stayton.
Hamburg* to Savannah.
Hampton*! to Elizabethton
Hampton Station* to Guth­
Handleyton to Orlinda.
Hanging Limb to Living­
Harmony to Jonesboro.
Harms* to Fayetteville.
Harr to Bristol.
Harris*! to Union City.
Harrison* to Chattanooga.
Harrogate* to Cumberland
Hartford* to Newport.
Hartranft* to Middlesboro,
Hatchie to Whiteville.
Hathaway* to Tiptonville.
Haysville! to Lafayette.
Heard to Byrdstown.
Heiskell*! to Clinton.
Helena* to Jamestown.
Helenwood*!! to Hunts­
Heloise to Dyersburg.
Henderson Cross Roads to
Henry ville* to Summertown
Hickory Point*! to Clarks­
Hickory Withe to Somer­
Highcliff*! to Jellico.
Highland Park* to Chatta­
Hilham* to Livingston.
Hill to Columbia.
Hillsboro* to Manchester.
Hillsdale* to Hartsville.
Hillside to Sharon.
Hindscreek to Clinton.
Hinkle to Saltillo.
Hinkledale to McKenzie.
Hixson* to Chattanooga.
Holders Station to Sparta.
Holly Grove to Covington
Hoiston Valley to Bristol.
Holtland* to Chapel Hill.
Holts Corner! to Chapel
Hoop* to Tazewell.
Hopson* to Elizabethton.
Horner to Linden.
Houston to Waynesboro.
Howell* to Fayetteville.
Hunnicutt to Oakdale.
Hunt to Jackson.
Huntersville to Jackson.
Huron* to Luray.
Hurricane Mills* to Waver­
Hustburg to Waverly
Hyatt*! to Copper Hill.
Idaville to Atoka.
Idlewild*! to Bradford
Idol* to Rutledge.
India to Paris.
Indian Springs* to Blountville.
Inskip* to Knoxville.
Ipe* to Madisonville.
Ironsburg to Tellico Plains
Isabella* to Ducktown.
Island Mills to Bluff City.
Isoline*! to Crossville.
Ivy* to Madisonville
Ivyton to Livingston.
Jacksboro*!! to La Follette.
Jeannette to Decaturville.
Jearoldstown* to Limestone
Jefferson to Smyrna.
Jewell to Dresden.
Jimtown! to Nashville.
Jingo* to White Bluffs.
Joelton* to Nashville
Johnsons Grove to Bells.
Johnsonville*! to Waverly.
Jones* to Bells.
Jones Valley to Centerville.
Joppa* to Rutledge.
Jordans Springs to Clarks­
Junction City to Bruceton.
Juno* to Lexington.
Keathleyville to Kenton.
Kedron to Spring Hill.
Keeling* to Mason.
Kendricks Creek to Jones­
Kepler to Rogersville.
Kerrville*!! to Millington.
Ketchall* to South Pitts­
Kettle Mills to Columbia.
Kimmins*! to Hohenwaid.
Kinzel Springs*! to Mary­
Kirk to Collierville.
Kirkland to Eagleville.

* Money Order Office.

Kittrell to Murfreesboro.
Kizer* to Greenback.
Klondike* to Surgionsville
Kodak* to Sevierville.
Koko to Brownsville.
Kyles Ford* to Rogersville
Laager to Coalmont.
Laconia* to Somerville.
Ladds! to South Pittsburg.
Laguardo to Gallatin.
Lamont to Orlinda.
Lancing*!! to Wartburg.
Lane* to Newbern.
Latham to Dresden.
Laurel Bloomery* to Da­
mascus, Va.
Laurelburg* to McMinn­
Laurel Hill to Cookeville
LaVergne* to Smyrna.
Lavinia* to Milan.
Leach* to Huntington.
Leadvale* to White Pine
Leap wood to Finger.
Leas Springs*! to Rutledge.
Lee to Pikeville.
Lee Valley* to Rogersville.
Leinarts* to Clinton.
Leila to Bluff City.
Lenow* to Cordova.
Lenox*! to Dyersburg.
Leoma*! to Lawrenceburg.
Lex to Trenton.
Libertyhill*! to Rutledge.
Life to Lexington.
Light to Iron City.
Lightfoot to Ripley.
Lillydale* to Celina.
Linary to Crab Orchard.
Linton to Nashville.
Littlecrab* to Jamestown
Littlelot* to Centerville.
Litton* to Pikeville
Locke to Memphis.
Lodge to Jasper.
Lofton to Murfreesboro.
Lois to Lynchburg.
Lone Mountain*!! to Taze­
Lone Oak! to Clarksville.
Lookout to Chattanooga.
Lookout Mountain*! to
Louise! to Southside.
Louisville* to Maryville
Loyston to Maynardsvllle.
Lucy*! to Millington.
Luke to Jonesboro.
Lula* to Henderson.
Luther* to Rogersville.
Luttrell*!! to Maynardsville.
Lutts* to Savannah.
Lyles*! to Centerville.
Mack to Ripley.
Macon* to Somerville.
Malesus* to Jackson.
Manring* to Middlesboro.
Mansfield*! to Paris.
Manson* to Jamestown
Marlow*!! toOliver Springs.
Martel* to Lenoir City.
Martha*! (Wilson Co.) to
Martins Mills to Clifton.
Marvin to Bulls Gap.
Mascot*!! to Knoxville.
Match* to Columbia.
Matlock to Lenoir City.
Maxwell to Huntland.
Maydee to Osceola, Ark.
Mayland*!! to Crossville.
McAllisters Crossroads to
McBurg to Fayetteville.
McCloud to Rogersville.
McConnells*!! to Martin.
McCulley to Riceville.
McDonald*!! to Cleveland.
McEwen to Waverly.
McFarland! to Farner.
McGhee* to Madisonville.
Mclllwain to Camden.
McKinnon* to Erin.
McMillan to Knoxville.
McNairy*!! to Bethel
Meadorville to Lafayette.
Meadow* to Greenback.
Medon*!! to Jackson
Melville! to East Chatta­
Mengelwood* to Dyersburg
Mentor*! to Maryville.
Michie* to Corinth, Miss.
Middleburg to Bolivar.
Midland to Bell Buckle.
Midway*! to Mosbeim.
Mifflin to Henderson.
Milldale to Orlinda.
Milligan College* to John­
son City.
Mill Point to Blountville.
Mlio to Pikeville.
Milsfleld to Dyersburg.
Mineral Park to Ooltewah.
Minnicks! to Elbridge.
Mint* to Maryville.
Mitchell to Portland.
Mitchellville *! to Portland.
Mixie to Huntington.
Mobley* to Dover.
Mockeson to Lawrenceburg
Model* to Bumpus Mills.
Monoville* to Carthage.
Monroe* to Livingston.
Monteagle*! toTracy City.
Montezuma* to Henderson
Moody ville to Byrdstown.
Mooresburg* to Morris­

f Telegraph Station.

Mooresville to Lewisburg.
Mooring to Tiptonville.
Morgan Springs* to Dayton
Morley*! to Jellico.
Moss* to Celina.
Mountairy* to Dunlap.
Mountcarmel to Covington.
Mount Helen to Huntsville.
Mount Pelia to Martin.
Mt. Vernon* to Madison­
Mouse Creek to Niota.
Mouth of Sandy to Big
Mulberry*! to Lynchburg.
Nankipoo to Halls
Napier* to Summertown.
Nathan to Linden.
National Soldiers Hornet
to Johnson City.
Nauvoo to Dyersburg
Near York ville to York ville
Neboville to Dyer.
Neelys to Jackson.
Neptune* to Ashland City.
Neubert* to Knoxville.
Neva*! to Mountain City
New Castle to Whiteville.
Newcomb*!! to Jellico.
New Market*!! to Jefferson
City .
New Middleton* to Gor­
New Providence to Clarks­
New River*!! to Robbins.
Nicks Creek to Huntsville..
Nixon to Savannah.
Noah to Manchester.
Noeton* to Morristown.
Nonaburg to Athens.
Norcross to Oneida.
Norma* to Oneida.
Normal*! to Memphis.
North Chattanooga*! toChattanooga.
Nunnelly*! to Centerville..
Nutbush to Ripley
Oakdale*!! to Harriman.
Oakfleld*! to Jackson.
Oakgrove (Pickett Co.) to
Oakknob to Lafayette.
Oakley* to Livingston.
Oakville* to Memphis.
Oakwood to Clarksville
Obannon to Lafayette.
Obey City to Monterey.
Ocoee*! to Benton.
Odd Fellows Hall to Pulaski
Offutt to Clinton.
Oldfort* to Cleveland.
Oldtown to Cumberland
Olivehill* to Savannah.
Only* to Centerville.
Opal to Gallatin.
Orme* to South Pittsburg.
Orysa to HenDing.
Ostella to Cornersville.
Ottway to Rogersville.
Overall* to Murfreesboro.
Owlhollow to Winchester.
Ozone* to Rockwood.
Pace to Big Sandy.
Pall Mall*! to Jamestown.
Palmer* to Tracy City
Palmersville* to Dresden.
Palmyra*! to Clarksville
Paperville to Bristol.
Parker* to Parsons.
Parrottsville* to Newport.
Partlow to Gladeville.
Parville to Dyersburg.
Pasquo to Nashville.
Peach to Lawrenceburg.
Peakland* to Decatur.
Pearl City to Fayetteville.
Pearley to Millington.
Peeled Chestnut to Sparta.
Pegram* to Kingston
Pelham* to Monteagle.
Pennine to Spring City.
Perdue to Franklin, Ky.
Perryville*! to Parsons.
Persia* to Rogersville.
Peryear to Puryear.
Peters Landing* to Clifton.
Petros*! to Harriman.
Phelan! to Stanton.
Phillippy*! to Tiptonville.
Pierce Station* to Fulton.
Pigeon Forge to Sevierville.
Pinegar to Smithville.
Pinegrove to Greenback.
Pine Top* to Hornsby.
Pinewood* to Centerville.
Piney Flats*!! to Bluff City
Pinson*! to Henderson.
Pioneer* to Jellico.
Piperton to Collierville.
Pittsburg Landing* to Sa­
Plain View to Murfrees­
Plant to Denver.
Plato to Elizabethton
Pleasant Grove!! to Culle­
Pleasant Hill to Crossville.
Pleasant Point* to Loretto.
Pleasantville* to Center­
Pocahontas*!! to Middleton.
Polk*! to Troy.
Pomona* to Crossville.
Pope* to Linden

! Express Office.


Chapel Hill.
Porterfield to Woodbury.
Port Royal* to Guthrie.
Post to Huntingdon.
Postelle* to Ducktown.
Poteet to Livingston.
Povo* to Madisonville.
Powder Springs*! to Rut­
Powell Station* to Knox­
Prairie Plains to Manches­
Pressmans Home* to Rog­
ers ville.
Primm* to Centerville.
Proctor to Bells.
Pruden*! to Middlesboro,
Puckett to Eaglesville.
Quebeck* to Sparta.
Quito to Millington.
Raders to Mosheim.
Raines*! to Memphis.
Rainy to Pikeville.
Raleigh* to Memphis.
Ralston to Martin.
Rainer*!! to Seliner.
Randolph* to Atoka.
Rankins* to Newport.
Rasar to Maryville.
Rathburnt to Chattanooga.
Ravenscroft*! to Sparta
Ready ville to Murfreesboro
Reagan* to Lexington.
Reelfoot to Tiptonville.
Reliance* to Etowah.
Reverie* to M unford.
Rhea Springs* to Spring
Rheatown to Limestone.
Rialto to Henning.
Richard City*! to South
Richardsons* to Munford.
Richcreek to Lewisburg.
Rickman* to Algood.
Riddleton* to Carthage.
Ridgedale to Chattanooga.
Ridgetop*! to Green Brier.
Ridings to Erin.
Ridley to Columbia.
Right* to Savannah.
Ringgold to Clarksville.
Riverdale to Knoxville.
Riversburg! to Pulaski.
'Riverside* Hohenwald
Roan Mountain*! to Elizabethton.
Rockdale*! to Mount Pleas­
Rockford* to Maryville.
Rock Island*! to McMinn­
Rockvale* to Murfreesboro.
Rocky River to Spencer.
Roddy*!! to Spring City.
Roellen to Dyersburg.
Rogana to Gallatin.
Rogers Springs*! to Mid­
Roletta to McMinnville.
Rollins to Jackson
Rome*! to Carthage.
Rosedale to Petros.
Roslin to Harrlman
Rosser! to Huntingdon.
Routon* to Henry.
Rover to Eagleville.
Rowland* to McMinnville
Rucker to Murfreesboro.
Rudderville to Franklin.
Rugby* (Morgan Co.) to
Rugby Road*! to Robbins,
li uppertown to Hohenwald.
Ruskin* to Dickson.
Ruth to Savannah.
Ruthville to Martin.
Sadlersville* to Guthrie,
Sailors Rest* to Erin.
St. Andrews* to Sewanee.
St. Bethlehem* to Clarks­
St. Clair* to Bulls Gap.
St. Elmo*! to Chattanooga.
Sale Creek*!! to Dayton.
Saltillo*! to Sardis.
Samburg to Hornbeak.
oanford*! to Riceville.
Santa Fe*! to Columbia.
SaundersviUe* to Gallatin.
Sawdust Valley to Colum­
Seauatchie* to Jasper.
8erles to Hornsby.
Sewee to Decatur.
Seymour* to Sevierville.
Sharps Chapel* to Maynardsville.
Shawanee* to Cumberland
Shea* to Oneida.
Shell Creek* to Elizabethton.
Shellmound* to South Pitts­
Shepherd* to Chattanooga.
Sherwood*! to Winchester.
Shooks to Knoxville.
Shop Spring* to Lebanon.
Shouns*!!to MountainCity.
Sidona to Sharon.
Signal Mountain* to Chat­
Silertonll to Hornsby
Silver Creek to Lewisburg.
Silverlake to Mountain

Silver Point* to Cookeville
Silver Springs Station to
Silvertop to McEwen.
Sirenburg to Greeneville.
Sitka to Milan.
Slayden to Van Leer.
Smartt* to McMinnville.
Sobel* to Ashland City.
Soddy*! to Graysville.
Southall to Franklin.
Southport! to Columbia.
South Side*! to Clarksville1
South Tunnel* to Gallatin.
Speedwell* to La Collette.
Springcreek* (Madison Co.)
to Medina.
Springville* to Big Sandy.
Spurrier to Byrdstown.
Stainville* to Coal Creek.
Statesville* to Watertown.
Station Camp to Gallatin.
Stewart*! to Erin.
Stewarts Ferry to Nashville
Stiver ville to Culleoka.
Stokes to Friendship
Stonewall* to Gordonsville.
Stonypoint*!! to Surgoinsville.
Straight Fork* to Hunts­
Stribling* to Dover.
Stroudsville to Adams.
Sugargrove! to Westmore­
Sugar Tree* to Parsons.
Stilphura to Portland.
Summitville*! to Manches­
Sunrise to Centerville.
Swift to Savannah.
Landing* to
Sykes* to Hickman.
Sylvia* to Dickson.
Taft* to Fayetteville.
Talbott to Morristown.
Tallassee* to Maryville.
Talley* to Petersburg.
Talome to Woodbury.
Tarlton to Tracy City.
Tartar to Rogersville.
Tasso*!! to Cleveland.
Tatumville to Newbern.
Taylors Chapel to Somer­
Taylorville to Mount Pleas­
Teague to Toone.
Temperance Hall (Liberty
P.O.) to Liberty.
Templow to Hartsville
Tennemo to Caruthersville.
Tennessee City*! to Dick­
Tennessee Ridge* to Erin
Terrell* to Martin.
Tharpe* to Dover.
Theta to Spring Hill.
Thomasville* (Cheatham
Co.) to Ashland City.
Thompsons Station*! to
Spring Hill.
Thornburg to Jefferson City
Thorngrove! to Knoxville.
Tibbs to Brounsville.
Tigrett*! to Friendship.
Timothy* to Livingston.
Tipton*! to Covington.
Tobaccoport* to Bumpus
Tomscreek to Linden.
Tottys to Centerville.
Townsend* to Maryville.
Trade* to Mountain City
Treadway* to Rogersville.
Tremont* to Maryville.
Treswell to Dickson.
Triune to Franklin.
Trousdale to McMinnville.
Trundels Crossroads to
Tuckers Crossroads to Le­
Tucker Springs* to Cleve­
Tulipgrove to Nashville.
Turley*! to Jacksboro.
Turnersville to Cedar Hill.
Turtletown* to Ducktown.
Tusculum to Greeneville.
Twinton to Monterey
Twomey to Centerville.
Tyner* to Chattanooga.
Una to Nashville.
Unicoi*!! to Erwin.
Union to Brownsville.
Union Crossroads to Le­
noir City.
Unionville*! to Shelbyville.
Unity to Dukedom.
Uptonville to Mercer
Vale* to Hollow Rock.
Valley Creek*! to Jellico.
Valley Forge to Elizabethton.
Vanhill to Church Hill.
Vasper*! to Coal Creek.
Vaughtsville* to Mountain
Verdun to Oneida.
Vernon* to Centerville.
Verona to Lewisburg.
Victoria* to Whitwell.
Vildo* to Whiteville.
Waco to Lynn ville.
Waldensia*!! to Rockwood.
Wales*! to Pulaski.
Walland*!! to Maryville.
Walling*! to McMinnville.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County 8eat

Walnut Grove to Savannah.
Walterhill* to Murfrees­
Warren* to Somerville.
Warrens Bluff* to Lexing­
Warrensburg to Mohawk.
Washburn*!! to Rutledge.
Washington College*! to
Watauga*!! to Johnson
Watauga Valley* to Eliza­
beth ton.
Wayne to Ethridge.
Weavers Store* to Lafayete
Webster to Harriman.
Wellsville to Maryville.
West* to Medina.
Westbourne* to Jellico.
Westel*! to Rockwood.
West Fork to Livingston.
West Harpeth* to Franklin.
West Nashville! to Nash­
Westpoint* to St. Joseph.
Westport*! to Huntingdon.
Wetmore* to Etowah.
Wheat* to Harrlman.
Wheelerton to Elkton.
White to Memphis.
Whitehaven * to Memphis.
White Horn*! to Bulls Gap.
White House to Goodlettsville.
Whitesburg*!! to Russell­
Whiteside*! to Chatta­
Whitlock*! to Paris.
Whittens Stand to Iron
Whitthorne* to Milan.
Wilholte to Lewisburg.
Willette* to Hartsville.
Williamsport* to Columbia.
Willow Grove* to Celina.
Wilsonville to Hornbeak.
Windle to Livingston.
Windrock*to Oliver Springs
Winesap to Crossville.
Winfield*!! to Oneida.
Winona to Oneida.
Wirmingham* toLi vingston
Wolf Creek*! to Newport.
Woodford* to Clarksville.
Woodlawn* to Clarksville.
Woodstock!! to Memphis.
Wooldridge* to Jellico.
Worley to Chattanooga.
Wrencoe to Nashville.
Wynnburg*! to Tiptonville.
Yankeetown to Sparta.
Yell to Lewisourg.
Yellow Creek to Erin.
Youngblood to Liberty.
Yuma*!! to Wildersville.
Zach! to Camden.
Zenith to Jamestown.
Abbott*!! to Hillsboro.
Aberdeen* to Shamrock.
Aberfoyle to Wolfe City.
Abner to Terrell.
Abram* to Mission.
Acala to Fabens.
Ace* to Livingston.
Ackerly* to Big Springs.
Acme*t!(Hardeman Co.)to
Acton to Granbury.
Acuff to Lubbock.
Acworth* to Clarksville.
Adamsville* to Lampasas.
Addicks*! to Houston.
Addison*!! to Carrollton.
Addran to Sulphur Springs.
Adell to Weatherford.
Adkins*! to Lavernia.
Admiral* to Baird.
Adrian*!! to Vega.
Afton* (Dickens. Co.) to
Roaring Springs.
Agnes to Weatherford.
Agua Dulce*! to Alice.
Aguilares to Laredo.
Aiken to Lockney.
Air to Mason.
Airville to Temple.
Aken to Center.
Alamo Alto to Fabens.
Alba*!! to Emory.
Albert* to Blanco
Albion to Clarksville.
Alcino to Lockney.
Alderbranch to Palestine.
Aidine to Spring.
Aledo*!! to Fort Worth.
Aleman* to Hamilton.
Alexander*! to Dublin.
Alfred*! to Orange Grove.
Algoa*!! to Alvin.
Alief* to Houston.
Allamoore*!! to Van Horn.
Allenfarm*! to Columbus.
Alleyton*! to Columbus.
Alma to Rice.
Almeda* to Houston.
Almont to DeKalb.
Alpha (Dallas Co.) to Rich­
Alsa to Wills Point.
Alsdorf! to Ennis.
Altair*!! to Eagle Lake.
Alta Loma to Hitchcock.
Alta Vista* to Hebbronville
Altoga* to Princeton.
Altonia to San Augustine.
Ambia to Brookston.
Money Order Office.

TEXAS 2407

Bigfoot* to Devine.
Bighill* (Limestone Co.) to
Big Hill (Matagorda Co.)to
Birch to Lyons.
Birdville to Fort Worth.
Birome* to Leroy.
Birthright* to Sulphur
Biry to Devine.
Bivins*!! to Atlanta.
Black!! to Friona.
Blackfoot to Palestine.
Black Jack to Troup.
Blackoak to Pickton.
Blair!! to Merkel.
Blakeney to Clarksville.
Blanchard* to Livingston.
Blanconia* to Goliad.
Bland* to Belton.
Blandlake* to San Augus­
Bleakwood* to Kirbyville.
Bledsoe to Littlefield.
Bleiblerville* to Industry.
Blevins to Eddy.
Blewett* to Uvalde.
Bloomfield to Pilot Point.
Bloomington*!! to Victoria.
Blox* to Jasper.
Bluegrove* to Henrietta.
Bluffs to Bandera.
Bluff Dale*!! to Tolar.
Bluff Springs! to Austin.
Bluffton* to Llano.
Blum*!! to Riovista.
Blumenthal to Fredericks­
Bluntzer* to Mathis.
Blythe to Seagraves.
Boling! to Wharton.
Bolivar to Sanger.
Bomarton*!! to Seymour.
Bonanza to Emory
Bonita*!! to Nocona.
Bonner to Detroit.
Bono* to Cleburne.
Bonus! to Eagle Lake.
Bon Weir*!! to Newton.
Borden to Weimar
Bosqueville to Waco.
ABoston* to New Boston.
Bovina*!! to Friona.
Bower City to Pampa.
Bowser to Richland Springs
Boxelder* to Annona
Baby Head to Llano.
Boyce*! to Waxahatchie.
Bagby to Honey Grove.
Boyds Chappel to Hamlin.
Bagwell*!! to Detroit.
Boz to Waxahachie.
Baileyboro to Muleshoe.
Brachfleld to Henderson.
Baileyville* to Calvert.
Bracken*!! to New Braun­
Bakersfield to McCamey.
Bald Prairie* to Franklin.
Brad* to Strawn.
Balsora! to Bridgeport.
Branch to McKinney.
Bammel to Spring.
Branchville to Hearne.
Bankersmith* to Freder­
Brandon*!! to Hillsboro.
Breslau to Hallettsville.
Bannister * to San Augus­
Briar to Newark.
Brice* to Clarendon.
Banquete*!! to Robstown.
Bridgetown*to Burkburnett
Barbarosa to Seguin.
Briggs*!! to Bertram.
Barclay to Rosebud.
Brinker to Pickton.
Barker* to Katy.
Brisco to Wheeler.
Barksdale* to Camp Wood.
Bristol to Palmer.
Barnes* to Chester.
Brite to Marfa.
Barnhart*!! to Big Lake.
Britton*!! to Midlothian.
Barnum* to Chester.
Broaddus*!! to San Augus­
Bart!! to Cotulla.
Bartonville to Argyle.
Broadway to Howland.
Bassett*!! to Naples.
Brock to Weatherford.
Bateman to Red Rock.
Bronco* to Brownfield.
A Bates ville* to Uvalde.
Brookesmith*! to BrownBatson* to Saratoga.
Battle to Mart.
Brookston to Paris.
Baurs to Tomball.
Broome to Sterling City.
Baxter to Athens.
Browndel! to Jasper.
Bayou to Hemphill.
Bruceville*!! to Eddy.
Bayside* to Woodsboro.
Brundage*! to Big Wells.
Baytown to Goose Creek.
Bruni* to Hebbronville.
Bazette to Kerens.
Beatriz to Donna.
Brushy Creek* to Palestine.
Bryans Mill* to Marietta.
Beattie to Comanche.
Buck* to Livingston.
Beaukiss* to Elgin.
Buckhorn to Bell ville.
Bebe* to Gonzales.
Buckner to Weatherford.
Becton* to Idalou.
Bedford to Fort Worth.
Buena Vista*! to Ft. Stockton.
Beecaves to Austin.
Beech Grove* to Jasper.
Buffalo Gap*! to Tuscola.
Bee House* to Gatesville
Buffalo Springs* toBellevue.
Behmville to Walburg.
Buford to Clint.
Bula ts Sudan.
Belcherville*!! to Nocona.
Bulcher to St. Jo
Belfalls to Troy.
Buler* to Perry ton.
Belk to Paris.
Bellaire* to Houston.
Bullard*!! to Jacksonville.
Bell Branch to Italy
Bulverde to San Antonio.
Belmont* to Gonzales.
Bunger to Graham.
Belott to Crockett.
Burke*!! to Lufkin.
Burkett* to Coleman.
Benarnold*!! to Cameron.
Ben Bolt to Alice.
Burnell Switch to Kenedy.
Ben brook*!! to Fort Worth.
Burns! to Gainesville.
Benchley *!! to Bryan.
Burrow to Royse City.
Bend* to Lometa.
Bushland* to Amarillo.
Ben Franklin*!! to Cooper.
Bustamante to Hebbron­
Benbur to Mart.
Bennetts to Millsap.
Butler* to Oakwood.
Bennview to Edna.
Byrd to Bardwell.
Benoit* to Ballinger.
Byrds to May.
Benonine! to Texola.
Byron (Ellis Co.) to Bard­
Bentonville* to Alice.
Benvanue to Byers.
Cactus to LaredoBergheim* to Boerne.
Caddo*!! to Breckenridge.
Bergs to San Antonio.
Bering*! to Leggett.
Cain City*! to Fredericks­
Bernardo to Cat Spring.
Calallen*!! to Robstown.
Berwick to Jacksboro.
Calaveras! to Floresville.
Bess to San Diego.
Calf Creek* to Brady.
Bessmay*!! to Buna.
Call*!! to Kirbyville.
Best to Big Lake.
Calliham to Three Rivers.
Bethel to Malakoff.
Calllsburg to Gainesville.
Bettie*!! to Gilmer.
Call Junction to Kirbyville.
Beyer to Marion.
Camden*! to Livingston.
Beyersville to Taylor.
Carney Spur to Frisco.
Biardstown* to Paris.
Camilla* to Cold Springs.
Big Creek to Richmond.

Ambrose*! to Denison.
Amelia to Beaumont.
Ames* to Gatesville.
Ammansville to La Grange.
Anarene to Archer City.
Anchor!! to Angleton.
Ander to Goliad.
Andice to Florence
Andy to Jacksonville.
Angel City to Goliad.
Angeles to Pecos.
Angus* to Corsicana
Anna Rose* to Orange
Antelope* to Jermyn.
Anthony to Savoy.
Anti to Atlanta
Apolonia to Anderson.
Apple Springs*! to Groveton.
Aquilla to Whitney.
Arbala* to Sulphur Springs.
Arcadia*!! to Hitchcock.
Areola! to Houston.
Argenta to Mathis.
Argo to Mount Pleasant.
Argyle*!! to Denton.
Arlie* to Hollis, Okla.
Armstrong*! to Kingsville.
Arneckeville* to Cuero
Arnett to Gatesville.
Arnim to Wharton.
Arnold to Merit.
Art* to Mason.
Artesia Wells! to Cotulla.
Arthur City*!! to Paris.
Asa to Waco.
Ash (Houston Co.) to
Ashland to Gilmer.
Ashtola* to Clarendon.
Ashwood* to Bay City
Ashworth to Wills Point.
Atacosa* to Lytle.
Ater to Gatesville.
Atlas* to Howland.
Attoyac* to Chireno.
Atwell* to Putnam.
Aubrey*!! to Pilot Point.
Audubon to Alvord.
Augusta* to Grapeland
Austwell*!! to Tivoli.
Avoca to Stamford.
Axtell*!! to Mart.
Azle* to Fort Worth.

! Telegraph Station.

!ExpresB Office.



.^amp Allison to Junction.
Oampbellton*! ! to J ourdanton.
Jamp San Saba* to Brady.
Camp Springs* to Snyder.
Camp Verde* to Center
Candelaria* to Marfa.
Oandon*!! to Arlington.
Caney to Bay City.
Cannon to Van Alstyne.
Canutillott to El Paso.
Caps to Abilene.
Caradan* to Goldwaite.
Carancahua* to Palacios.
Carbon*tt to Eastland.
Carbondale* to Maud.
Carey*!! to Childress.
Carlisle* (Rusk Co.) to
Carlisle* (Trinity Co.) to
Carlos*! to Anderson.
Carlsbad*!! to San Angelo.
Carmona* to Corrigan.
Caro*!! to Cushing.
Carolina to Riverside.
Carpenter* to Lavernia.
Carroll to Eindale.
Carson to Bonham.
Carta Valley to Del Rio.
Casa Piedra to Marfa.
Cash*! to Greenville.
Cass* to Bloomburg.
Castell* to Llano.
Castolon to Alpine.
Castroville* to Lacoste.
Cavlness* to Paris.
Cawthon*!! to Navasota.
Cayote to Valley Mills.
Cedar Bayou* to Goose
Cedar Creek* to Bastrop.
Cedar Lake* to Bay City.
Cedar Lane* to Bay City
Cedar Mills to Gordonville.
Cedar Park* to Austin.
Cedar Springs to Reagan.
Cedar Vale to Kaufman.
Cedar Valley* to Austin.
Cee Vee to Childress.
Cego to Eddy.
Cele to Manor.
Cement! to Dallas.
Center City to Star.
Centralia*! to Groveton.
Central Park* to Houston.
Cestonowa to Falls City.
Chalk* to Paducah.
Chalk Mountain* to Wal­
nut Springs.
Chamberlin to Dalhart.
Chambersville to Melissa
Champion to Roscoe.
Chapman City to Thrall.
Chappel* to San Saba.
Charco* to Runge.
Charleston* to Cooper.
Charlie* to Petrolia.
Chat to Hillsboro.
Chatfleld* to Rice.
Cheapside* to Westhoff.
Cheek* to Beaumont.
Cheisa to Rockwall.
Chenango* to Angleton.
Cherokee * to San Saba.
Cherry to Clarksville.
Cherryspring to Fredericks­
Chicota* to Paris.
China*!! to Beaumont.
China Spring* to Waco.
Chinatl to Marfa.
Chisholm* to Terrell.
Chita to Groveton.
Choate to Kenedy.
Chocolate Bt you* to Alvin
Choice* to Ciuter.
Christine*! to Jourdanton.
Christoval* to San Angelo.
Church Hill to Henderson.
Circleville to Taylor.
Cistern* to Flatonia.
Citrusgrove* to Bay City
Clairemont* to Jayton.
Olairetta*!! to Hico.
Clara to Iowa Park.
Clardy to Paris.
Clareville* to Beeville.
Clarkson to Rosebud.
Clarkwood* to Corpus
Clauene to Levelland.
Clawson* to Lufkin.
Clay*fl to Somerville.
Clayton* to Carthage.
Clayton ville to
Clear Creek to League City.
Clearlake* to Wylie.
Clear Spring to New Braun­
Clegg to George West.
Olemville to Bay City.
Cleo to Junction.
Click* to Llano
Cliff* (Medina Co.) to La
Clifton by the Sea to
League City.
Climax to Princeton.
Cline*! to Uvalde.
Clinton*! (Hunt Co.) to
Clodine*!! to Richmond.
Close to Post.
Clute to Velasco.
Cobb* to Wills Point.
Cochran to Bellville.
Coesfleld to Dexter.
Coit to Kosse
Ooleyville to Childress.
Colfax to Canton.
Collegehill to De Kalb.

Collegeport*t! to Blessing.
College Station*!! to Bryan
Collinsville*!! to Whitesboro.
Colquitt to Terrell.
Colton to Austin.
Comal to New Braunfels.
Combes to Harlingen.
Combine to Seagoville.
Como*t! to Pickton.
Comstock*!! to Del Rio.
Comyn*!! to De Leon.
Concan* to Sabinal.
Concepcion* to San Diego.
Concho* to Paint Rock.
Concord*! (Leon Co.) to
Concord (McLennan Co.)to
Concord (Rusk Co.) to Mt.
Concrete to Cuero.
Cone* to Ralls.
Conlen* to Stratford.
Connor to Madisonville.
Content to Novice.
Converse*! to Schertz.
Conway*!! to Panhandle.
Cookes Point to Caldwell.
Cookville *11 to Mt. Pleas­
Copeville*!! to Farmersville.
Coppell*! to Grapevine.
Corbet* to Purdon.
Cordele* to Edna.
Corinth* to Denton.
Corley* to Redwater.
Coryell* to Gatesville.
Cost* to Gonzales.
Cotton Center to Hale
Cottondale to Paradise.
Cotton Gin to Teague.
Cottonwood* to Cross
Coughran to Pleasanton.
Courtney*! to Navasota.
Cove* (Chambers Co.) to
Craft* to Jacksonville.
Crafton* to Chico.
Craig to Henderson.
Crane to Odessa.
Cranes Mill* to NewBraunfels.
Creamer to Comanche.
Creath to Crockett.
Crecy to Groveton.
Creechville to Ennis.
Creedmoor* to Austin.
Creek* to Lovelady
Cresson*!! to Granbury.
Crestonio* to Hebbronville.
Crews* to Winters.
Crisp*! to Ennis.
Cross (Grimes Co.) to Iola.
Cross (McMullen Co.) to
Cross Cut* to Cross Plains.
Cross Roads to Comanche.
Crow* to Hawkins.
Crush to Sulphur Springs.
Cryer Creek to Barry
Crystal Falls* to Brecken
Cuevitas* to Hebbronville.
Culleoka to Princeton.
Cundifl to Jacksboro.
Cuney* to Jacksonville.
Cunningham* to Deport.
Currie to Wortham.
Curry Pool to Breckenridge
Ousseta to Marietta.
Cuthand* to Clarksville.
Cuthbert* to Colorado.
Cyclone to Rogers.
Cypress*!! to Houston.
Cypress Mill* to Johnson
Cypress Top to Houston.
Cyril to Henderson.
Dacosta* to Victoria.
Dacus* to Montgomery
Daffan to Manor.
Daisetta to Hull.
Dale*! to Lockhart.
Dalworth Park* to Grand
Danbury*!! to Angleton.
Danevang* to El Campo.
Daniel to Crockett.
Daphne to Winfield
Datura*! to Coolidge.
Davilla* to Bartlett.
Davy* to Yorktown.
Dawn* to Hereford
Dead wood to Carthage.
Deal to Panhandle.
Dean to Wichita Falls.
De Berry* to Elysian Fields
Deepwater! to Pasadena.
Delia* to Mount Calm
Delvalle* to Austin.
Delwin to Paducah.
Denning* to Chireno.
Dennis* to Weatherford.
Derby*!! to Dilley
Dermott* to Snyder.
Desdemona*! to Gorman.
Desert to Trenton.
De Soto to Lancaster.
Dessau to Austin.
Devers*!! to Liberty.
Dew to Teague.
Dewalt* to Sugar Land.
De Wees to Floresville.
Deweyville*! to Orange.
Dewville* to Nixon.
Dexter to Gordonsville.
Dial to Honey Grove.
Dialville*!! to Jacksonville.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Diboll*!! to Lufkin.
Ethel to Collinsville.
ADickens* to Spur
Etoile* to Chireno.
Dicy to Weatherford.
Eula to Clyde.
Euless to Arlington.
Dike* to Sulphur Springs.
Eulogy! to Kopperl.
Dilworth*! to Gonzales.
Dimple to Clarksville.
Eunice to Oak wood,
Dinero* to Mathis.
j Eureka* (Navarro Co.) to
Ding Dong to Killeen.
Direct* to Paris.
Eva* to San Diego.
Dirgin to Tatum.
Evadale* to Buna.
Divot* to Dilley.
Evansville to Jewett.
Evergreen* to Coldspring.
Dixie to Whitesboro.
Dixon to Greenville.
Everitt* to Cleveland.
Everman*!! to Fort Worth.
Dobbin*! to Montgomery.
Ewing* to Lufkin.
Dodge*!! to Huntsville.
Ezzell to Hallettsville.
Doole* to Melvin.
Faber to Eagle Lake.
Dora* to Sweetwater
Fairbanks*! to Houston.
Dorchester*!! to Sherman.
Fairchilds to Need ville.
Fairdale* to Hemphill.
Doss* to Fredericksburg.
Dothan* to Cisco.
Fairland*!! to Marble Falls.
Dotson to Gary.
Fairmont* to Hemphill.
Doucette*!! to Woodville.
Fairplay to Beckville.
Fairy* to Hico.
Dougherty! to Floydada.
Douglass* to Cushing.
Falcon to Zapata.
Fallon! to Mexia.
Douglasville* to Redwater.
Fannett* to Beaumont.
Dove to Grapevine.
Downing to De Leon.
Fannin*! to Goliad.
Downs to Waco.
Fargo to Vernon.
Doyle to Grosbeck.
Farmers Branch*! to Car­
Dozier* to Shamrock.
Drane to Barry.
Farmington to Howe.
Drasco to Winters.
Farnsworth ir> Perryton.
Farrar*! to Donie.
Draw to Tahoka.
Farrs ville* to Newton.
Dresden to Blooming Grove
Fashing to Karnes City.
Dressy to Cross Plains.
Dreyer to Yoakum.
Fastrell* to Rusk.
Fayburg to Blue Ridge.
Driftwood* to Buda.
Fazenda to Gilmer.
Fedor to Lexington.
Fieldton to Littlefield
Driscoll* to Bishop.
Fife* to Lohn.
Dryaen*!! to Sanderson.
Files to Itasca.
Dudley to Clyde.
Fink to Pottsboro
Duffau* to Hico.
Finlav to Sierra Blanca.
Dulin to Brownwood.
Finney to Plainview.
Dumont (Harris Co.)!I to
Fischer Store* to San Mar­
Dumont* (IGng Co.) to
Fiskville to Austin.
Fitzhugh to Austin.
Duncanville*! to Cedar
Flag to Muleshoe.
Flat* to Gatesville.
Dunlap* (Cottle Co.) to
Fletcher* (Hardin Co.) to
Dunlay*! to Hondo.
Dunn* to Snyder.
Flint*!! to Tyler.
Flomot* to Matador.
Duplex to Bonham.
Flora to Sulphur Springs.
Durango to Lott.
Florey to Andrews.
Durham* to Snyder.
Duster*! to Gorman.
Floyd*! to Greenville.
Foard City*! to Crowell.
Dwire to San Augustine.
Foncine to McKinney.
Foot to McKinney.
Eagle to Anahuac.
Fordtran* to Victoria.
Eagle Ford!! to Dallas.
Forest*!! to Wells.
Earth to Amherst.
Forsan* to Big Spring.
East Columbia! to West
Fort Chadbourne*! to
Fort Griffin* to Albany.
Easterly*!! to Franklin.
East Gate to Dayton.
Fort Hancock*!! to Fabens
East Hamilton to San
Fort McKavett* to Menard
Fort Prairie to Austin.
Easton to Tatum.
Fort Quitman to Sierra
Eaton to Franklin.
Ebony* to Brownwood.
Foster* to Rosenberg.
Echo! to Coleman.
Fowlerton*!! to Cotulla.
Eckert* to Fredericksburg.
Frances to Crystal City.
Ecleto to Nixon.
Francitas*!! to Edna.
Ector*!! to Savoy.
Frankell! to Ranger.
Edgar* to Cuero.
Fratt to San Antonio.
Edge* to Bryan.
Fred* to Silsbee.
Fredonia* to Mason.
Edgeworth to Rogers.
Edhube to Bonham
Freemound to Saint Jo.
Edith*! to Robert Lee.
Freestone to Teague.
Edna Hill to Dublin.
Frelsburg to New Ulm.
Fresno* to Houston.
Edom* to Brownsboro.
Edroy to Odem.
Freyburg to Schulenburg.
Egan*!! to Alvarado.
Friday to Groveton
Egypt*! to Glenflora.
Friendship (Bell) to Gran­
Elam to Dallas.
Friendship (Harrison) to
Elbert* to Throckmorton.
Elderville* to Longview.
Friendswood* to Alvin.
Eldorado Center to Dawson
Frio Town* to Pearsall.
Eldridge* (Colorado Co.) to
Eagle Lake.
Frosa* to Prairie Hill.
Electric City to Borger.
Fruitland*! to Bowie.
Elena* to Crosby.
Fruitvale* to Grand Saline.
Eliga to Killeen.
Fry to Bangs.
Elite to Lake View.
Frydek to Sealy.
Elk to Waco
Fulshear*!! to Richmond.
Elmaton* to Blessings.
Funston to Anson.
Elmdale to Abilene.
Fuqua! to Cleveland.
Furrh to Elysian Fields.
Elmendorf*!! to San An­
Elm Grove to Flatonia.
Gageby to Canadian.
Elmina*!! to New Waverly
Gail to Big Springs.
Elm Mott*! to Waco.
Elmo*!! to Terrell.
Gainesmore* to Bay City.
Elmont to Van Alstyne.
Garcias to Rio Grande.
Elmtown to Palestine.
Garden City to Big Springs.
Eloise to Marlin.
Gardendale*!! to Cotulla.
Elroy to Austin.
Garden Valley* (Smith Co.)
Elton to Spur.
to Lindale.
Elwood to Bonham.
Garfield to Austin.
Emberson to Paris.
Garner*!! to Mineral Wells
Emblem! to Sulphur
Garrett*! to Ennis.
Garza to Lewisville.
Emilee to Colmsneil.
Gasoline* to Quitaque.
Emma to Ralls.
Gastonia to Crandall
Emmet to Frost.
Gause*!! to Cameron.
Encinal*!! to Cotulla.
Gay Hill*! to Somerville.
Encino to Falfurrias.
Gem* to Canadian.
Engery* to Gustine.
Geneva* (Sabine Co.) to
Engle*!! to Schulenberg.
English (Red River Co.' to
Geneview* to Aspermont.
Genoa*!! to Harrisburg.
Enochs* to Littlefield.
George*! to Normangee.
Eola* to Miles.
Georges Creek* to Cleburne
Eolian* to Breckenridge.
Germania to Midland.
Era*! to Valley View.
Geronimo*! to Seguin.
Erath to Waco.
Gewhitt* to Borger.
Erna to Mason.
Gholson to Waco
Erwin* to Anderson.
Gibtown* to Perrin.
Eskota*!! to Trent.
Giles*!! to Memphis.
Estacado to Lorenzo.
Gill to Marshall.
♦Money Order Office.

! Telegraph Station.

Gillett* to Nixon.
Gilliland* to Truscott.
Gindale to Rogers.
Ginger* to Emory.
Girard*!! to Jayton.
Girvin*!! to McCamey.
Gist to Buna.
Givens to Paris.
Glade to Grapevine.
Gladstell* to Cleveland.
Gladstone to Huntsville.
Glazier*!! to Canadian.
Glen Cove* to Coleman.
Glendale*!! to Trinity.
Glenfawn* to Cushing.
Glenham to McDade.
Glenwood*! to Gilmer.
Glidden*!! to Columbus
Globe to Brookston.
Glory to Paris.
Gober* to Bonham.
Godley*!! to Cleburne.
Gold to Fredericksburg.
Golden*!! to Mineola.
Goldenrod to Louise.
Gold Finch to Devine.
Goldsboro*!! to Novice.
Golindo to Waco
Goodnight to Claude.
Goodrich*!! to Livingston.
Gossett to Mabank.
Gouldbusk* to Santa Anna.
Graball to Navasota.
Graceton*!! to Gilmer.
Granada to McCamey.
Grand Falls* to Barstow.
Grassland to Post.
Grassy ville to Giddings.
Grayburg*!! to Sour Lake.
Green*! (Karnes Co.) to
Green (Kaufman Co.) to
Green Hill to Mount Pleas­
Greenvine to Brenham.
Greenwood* to Decatur.
Gresham to Tyler.
Grice to Gilmer.
Griffiths to Venus.
Gx-igsby*! to Center.
Grimshaw to Graham.
Grosvenor* to Bangs.
Grow* to Paducah.
Gruene to New Braunfels
Grulla *to Rio Grande.
Guadalupe* to Victoria.
Guajillo to San Diego.
Guda* to Chilton.
GuerTa* to Hebbronville.
Guffey* to Beaumont.
Guion* to Bradshaw.
Gulf to Matagorda.
Gunsight* to Eastland.
Gus to Lexington.
AGuthrie* to Paducah.
Guy* to Needville.
Guys Store* to Centerville.
Hacienda! to Uvalde.
Hackberry to Schulenberg.
Hagansport* to Talco.
Hagerman*! to Pottsboro.
Hahn* to El Campo.
Hail to Dodd City.
Hainesville to Mineola.
Halesboro to Bogata.
Hall* to Richland Spring.
Hallsburg to Waco.
Halsell to Henrietta.
Halsted! to La Grange.
Hamby to Abilene.
Hamiltonburg to Three
Hammond*!! to Calvert.
Hamon* to Gonzales.
Hamshire*! to Beaumont.
Hancock*! to New Braun­
Hankamer* to Anahuac.
Hanover to Milano.
Harbin* to Dublin.
Hardin*!! to Liberty.
Hare to Thorndale.
Hargill to Raymondville.
Harkeyville (San Saba Co.)
to San Saba.
Harmon to Honey Grove.
Harriett to San Angelo.
Harrisburg*!! to Houston.
Harrold*!! to Oklaunion.
Hart* to Kress
Hartley*!! to Dalhart.
Haslam*!! to Joaquin.
Haslet*!! to Fort Worth.
Basse*!! to Comanche.
Hatcheil* to Ballinger.
Haw Creek to Fayetteville.
Hawkinsvillel to Bay City.
Hawley (Matagorda Co.)
to Blessing.
Hawley (Jones Co.)*!! to
Hawthorne to New Waverly
Heald to McLean.
Heath to Rockwall.
Hebron*!! to Lewisville.
Hefner to Goree.
Helbig to Beaumont.
Helena* to Karnes City.
Helmic* to Groveton.
Helotes* to San Antonio.
Hemming to Pilot Point.
Henly* to Blanco.
Hermleigh*!! to Snyder
Hester to Corsicana.
Hewitt*! to Waco.
Hext* to Menard.
Hickorycreek to Wolfe City
Hicks* (Lee Co.) to Rock­
! Express Office.


Hicksbaugh to Woodville.
Hidalgo* to McAllen.
High* to Brookston.
Highoank*** to Marlin.
High HOI to Schulenburg.
High Island** to Galveston.
Highland to Crosby.
Hightower** (Liberty Co.)
to Cleveland.
Hill City to Tolar.
Hillister* to Woodville.
Hillje to El Campo.
Hills to Paige.
Hills Prairie* to Bastrop.
Hinckley to Paris.
Hindes* to Charlotte.
Hinkles Ferry* to Brazoria.
Hiram to Terrell.
Hitchland to Graver.
Hoard to Mineola.
Hobbs to Rotan.
Hobby to Houston.
Hobson** to Falls City.
Hochheim* to Yoakum.
Hockley*!* to Waller.
Hodges to Abilene.
Hoen to Mount Calm.
Holder* to May.
Holliday*** to Archer City.
Holman to Weimar.
Holt to Richland Springs.
Homer* to Huntington
Honey Island* to Livings­
Hood (Cooke) to Myra.
Hood (Victoria) to Victoria
Hoover* to Pampa.
Hope to Yoakum.
Hornhill to Groesbeck.
Hornsby Bend to Austin.
Hortense* to Livingston.
Hot Springs to Sierra
Hot Wells** to Sierra
House to Richmond.
Houston Heights* to Hous­
Hovey to Alpine.
Howard to Waxahachie.
Howe*** to Sherman.
Howellville to Houston.
Howland** to Paris.
Howth** to Hempstead.
Hoxie* to Taylor.
Hoyt* to Alba.
Huckabay* to Stephenville.
Huffins to Atlanta.
Huffman*** to Crosby.
Ilufsmith*** to Tomball.
H ulver to Estelline.
Humphrey to Quinlan.
Hungerford*** to Wharton.
Hunt* to Kerrville.
Hunter*** to San Marcos
Hunters Retreat to Tom
Huntoon to Booker.
Hurlwood to Lubbock.
Hurnville to Henrietta.
Huron to Whitney.
Hurst (Coryell Co.) to
Hurst (Tarrant Co.) to
Fort Worth.
Hutchins*** to Dallas.
Hye* to Johnson City.
Hylton* to Sweetwater
Iago* to Wharton.
Iatan** to Colorado.
Iberis to Abilene.
Ibex to Albany.
Ike to Waxahachie.
Illinois Bend* to Saint Jo.
Imperial (Fort Bend Co.) to
Imperial* (Pecos Co.) to
Fort Stockton.
Inadale to Hermleigh.
Independence (Cherokee
Co.) to Jacksonville.
Independence* (Washing­
ton Co.) to Brenham.
India to Ferris.
Indian Creek* to Brownwood.
Indian Gap** to Hamilton.
Indio to Crystal City.
Inez*** to Edna.
Ingleside** to Aransas Pass.
Ingram* to Kerrville.
Iowa Colony* to Alvin
Ira* to Snyder.
Iraann to Rankin.
Ireland*** to Gatesville.
Ironton** to Jacksonville.
Isabel to Brownsville.*
Isla* to Hemphill.
Isom to Borger.
Ivan* to Breckenridge.
Ivanhoe* to Bonham.
Ives to Cleveland.
Izoro* to Lampasas.
Jackson (Van Zandt Co.) to
Jacobia to Greenville.
Jaipton to Jayton.
James* (Upshur Co.) to
Jamestown* (Newton Co.)
to Newton.
Jasmine to Victoria.
Jeddo* to Waelder.
Jennings to Paris.
Jericho*** to Clarendon.
Jester to Purdon.
Jiba* to Kaufman.
Jo Bailey to Roaring
Johnsville* to Stephenville
Johntown* to Bogata.
Joiner to Lagrange

Joliet to Lockhart.
Jolly** to Henrietta.
Jonah* to Georgetown.
Jonesboro* to Gatesville.
Jones Creek to El Campo.
Jones Prairie* to Cameron.
Jonesville*** to Waskom.
Joseph* to Waller.
Josephine*** to Nevada.
Josserand* to Groveton.
Joy* to Henrietta.
Joyce to Laredo.
Jud to Rochester.
Judkins to Odessa.
Juliff to Alvin.
Juno* to Del Rio.
Justiceburg*** to Post.
Kalgary* to Crosbyton.
Kamey to Port Lavaca.
Kanawha* to Detroit.
Karnack*** to Marshall.
Katemcy* to Mason.
Katherine to Kingsville.
Keechi* to Buffalo.
Keenan*** to Conroe.
Keene*** to Cleburne.
Kellyville to Jefferson.
Kelsey to Rosewood.
Kelton to Wheeler.
Keltys** to Lufkin.
Kemah** to League City.
Kemp City to Wichita
Kempner*** to Lampasas.
Kendalia* to Blanco.
Kendleton** to Beasley.
Kennedale** to Ft. Worth.
Kent*** to Van Horn.
Kentucky Town* to Whitewright.
iKermit** to Barstow.
Key to Lamesa.
Kickapoo to Livingston.
Kildare*** to Linden.
Kimball to Kopperl.
Kingsbury to Seguin.
Kingsland*** to Llano.
Kings Mill to Pampa.
Kingston** to Celeste.
Kinkier to Hallettsville.
Kiomatia to Detroit.
Kirby to San Antonio.
Kirk to Mart.
Kirtley* to Smithville.
Kirvin to Teague.
Kit to Irving.
Kittrell to Trinity.
Kleberg*** to Dallas.
Klondike*** to Cooper.
Knapp* to Snyder.
Knickerbocker* to San An­
Knight* to Livingston.
Knippa*** to Uvalde.
Knott to Big Springs.
Kokernot to Shiner.
Korville to Tomball.*
Kosarek to Bryan.
Kosciusko to Poth.
iKountze*** to Silsbee.
Kurten* to Bryan.
Lacasa* to Ranger.
La Fayette* to Pittsburg.
Lagarto* to Mathis.
Laguna* (Uvalde Co.) to
Lahey* to Brownfield.
Lajltas to Alpine.
Lake Creek* to Enloe.
Lake Dallas to Lewisville.
Lakeland* to Hull.
Laketon to Miami.
Lake Victor** to Lampasas.
La Marque*** to Galveston
Lamasco to Bonham.
Lane to Celeste.
Lane City*** to Wharton.
Laneport to Taylor.
Laneville* to Henderson.
Langtry*** to Del Rio.
Lanham to Hamilton.
Lanier* to Linden.
Lannius to Dodd City.
La Paloma* to San Benito.
La Reforma to Mission.
Lariat to Farwell.
Lark* to Groom.
Lasalle (Limestone Co.) to
La Sara to Raymondville.
Lassater** to Avinger.
Latch to Pritchett.
Latexo** to Crockett.
Latlum to Brenham.
La Tuna** to Anthony.
N. M.
Lavender to Groesbeck.
La Villa to Weslaco.
Lavon** to Nevada.
La Ward*** to Edna.
Lawrence*** to Terrell.
Lawson to Mesquite.
Lawsonville to Mount En­
Lazare* to Quanah.
Lazbuddie to Friona.
Leaday* to Talpa.
Lebanon to Frisco.
Ledbetter*** to Carmine.
Leesburg*** to Pittsburg.
Leesville* to Nixon.
Lefors** to White Deer.
Legion** to Kerrville.
Lehman*** to Lubbock.
Leigh*** to Marshall.
Lelat to Samhrock.
Lelia Lake*** to Clarendon.
Leming*** to Pleasanton.
Lemonville* to Grange.
Lena to Flatonia.
Lenora to Stanton.
Lenz to Kenedy

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Leo* to Slidell.
Leona* to Flynn.
Leon Junction*** to Gatesville.
Leon Powell to Big Lake.
Leon Springs to Boerne.
Lesley to Lakeview.
Levi to Lorena.
Levita* to Gatesville.
Lilac to Cameron.
Lilbert to Cushing.
Lillian*** to Midlothian.
Lincoln*** to Giddings.
Lindale*** to Tyler.
Lindenau* to Cuero.
Lindsay*** to Gainesville.
Lingleville** to Stephen­
Lipscomb i* to Higgins.
Lisbon to Dallas.
Lissie** to Eagle Lake.
Littlg* to Elgin.
Little Elm* to Frisco.
Little River*** to Holland.
Little York to Houston.
Live Oak Hill to Ellinger.
Liverpool*** to Alvin.
Lloyd to Denton.
Lobo** to Van Horn.
Lochridge to Houston.
Loco to Wellington.
Locust to Pottsboro.
Lodi*** to Jefferson.
Logan to Logansport. La.
Lohn** to Brady.
Lolita* to Edna.
Lometa*** to Lampasas.
London* to Junction.
Lone Camp to Santo.
Lone Cedar to Blooming
Lone Elm to Waxahachie.
Lone Grove* to Llano.
Long Branch** to Hender­
Longinott* to Seadrift.
Long Point to Burton.
Long Station to Kountze.
Longworth*J* to Sylvester.
Lonie to Childress.
Loop* to Seagraves.
Lopena* to Laredo.
Los Angeles to Cotulla.
Los Ebanos* to Mission.
Los Indios* to San Benito.
Los Saenz to Rio Grande.
Lou* to O'Donnell.
Louetta** to Tom Ball.
Loulynn to Tahoka.
Loveiace* to Hillsboro.
Lowake to Miles.
Loyal Valley to Mason.
Lucas to McKinney.
Luckenbach* to Cain City.
Luella* to Sherman.
Lumberton to Silisbee.
Lund to Elgin.
Lusk* to Woodson.
Lutie to Wellington
Luxello* to Schertz.
Lydia* to Avery.
Lynchburg* to La Porte.
Lyra to Strawn.
Lytton Springs* to Lock­
Mabelle* to Seymour.
Macdona** to Lacoste.
Macedonia (Liberty Co.) to
Mackay to Wharton.
Ivlacon to Winfield.
Macune* to San Augustine.
Madera Springs to Fort
Madero to Mission.
Madras* to Clarksville.
Magnet* to Wharton.
Magnolia** to Tom Ball.
Magnolia Beach* to Port
Magnolia Park* to Houston
Magnolia Springs* to Kir­
by ville
Mahl*t to Nacogdoches.
Mahomet to Bertram.
Mahon to Beckville.
Mallard to St. Jo.
Malta* to De Kalb.
Mambrino to Granbury.
Manchaca*** to Austin.
Manchester* to Clarksville.
Manhelm to Giddings.
Mankins* to Wichita Falls
Manning** to Huntington
Manvel** to Alvin.
Marcy to Rochester.
Margaret*** to Crowell.
Marie* to Bronte.
Marietta to Hughes Springs
Marilee to Gunter.
Mariscal to Marathon.
Markham*** to Bay City.
Markley* to Loving.
Marston to Livingston.
Martinez to San Antonio.
Martins Mills* to Murchi­
Martinsville* to Nacogdo­
Maryneal*** to Roscoe.
Maryville* to Muenster.
Massey to Abbott.
Massey Lake* to Palestine.
Masters to Woodson.
Matthews* to Eagle Lake.
Maud*** to Redwater.
Maudlowe to Victoria.
Maurin to Gonzales.
Maverick* to Ballinger.
Maxdale* to Killeen.
Maxev* to Brookston.
Money Order Office.

Maxwell*** to Lockhart.
Maynard* to New Waverly
Maysfleld* to Cameron.
McAdoo* to Crosbyton.
McClanahan to Marlin.
McCoy (Atascosa Co.) to
McCoy (Kaufman Co.) to
McFaddin*** to Victoria.
McKnight to Hedley
McLendons to Rockwall.
McMahan* to Lockhart.
McNary to Fabins.
McNeil*** to Round Rock.
McQueeny* to Seguin.
Mecca to Normangee.
Medill* to Blossom.
Medina* to Bandera.
Medina Lake to La Coste.
Meeks to Rogers.
Melon* to Pearsall.
Melrose to Nacogdoches.
Mendoza to Lockhart.
Menlow to Abbott.
Mentone to Pecos.
Mentz to Columbus.
Mercury*** to Rochelle.
Meredith to San Antonio.
Mereta* to Miles.
Merle to Lyons.
Mesa to Iola.
Meyersville* to Cuero.
Mickev* to Floydada
Mico to La Coste.
Middleton* to Centerville.
Midfield** to Blessing.
Midway to Lamesa.
Midyett to Elysian Fields.
Mikeska*** to George West
Milam* to Hemp Hill.
Milano*** to Cameron.
Milburn* to Mercury.
Mildred to Corsicana.
Mill Creek to Brenham.
Miller Grove* to Cumby.
Millersview* to Paint Rock.
Millett*** to Dilley.
Millheim to Cat Spring.
Millican*** to Navasota.
Millwood to Royse City.
Milton to Deport.
Minden* to Henderson.
Mineral* to Beeville.
Minerva** to Rockdale.
Mingo to Denton.
Mink to Magnolia.
Minter* to Deport.
Miranda City*** to Laredo.
Miriam to Hull.
Mission Valley* to Victoria.
Missouri City*** to Sugarland.
Moffat to Temple.
Moglia to Laredo.
Moline* to Lometa.
Monahans*+j to Barstow.
Monaville to Hempstead.
Monroe (Lubbock Co.) to
Mont* to Halletsville.
Montague** to Nocona.
Montalba* to Palestine.
Montell* to Camp Wood.
Monteola* to Kenedy.
Monthalia* to Gonzales.
Monticello to Mount Pleas­
Montopolis to Austin.
Moore*** to Pearsall.
Mooreville to Chilton.
Morales* to Edna.
Moravia to Schulenburg.
Morgan*** to Walnut
Morgans Point* to La Porte
Morrill*** to Alto.
Morris Ranch* to Frede­
Morse to Spearman.
Mortimer to Cameron.
Morton to Littlefield.
Morton Valley to Eastland.
Moscow*** to Corrigan.
Mosheim* to Valley Mills.
Moss Bluff* to Liberty.'
Mossville to Gainesville.
Mound* to Gatesville.
Mountain Home to Kerr­
Mountain Peak to Midlo­
Mount Selman*** to Jack­
Mount Sylvan* to Lindale.
Muellersville to Brenham.
Mulberry (Fannin Co.) to
Muldoon*** to Flatonia.
Mumford*** to Hearne.
Munger** to Hubbard.
Mungerville to Lamesa.
Muriel to Grapevine.
Murray* to Graham.
Myers* to Bryan.
Myrtle Springs to Wills
Nada* to Garwood.
Nancy* to Huntington.
Naruna to Lampasas.
Nash (Bowie)*** to Texar­
Nash (Ellis Co.) to Forreston.
Nashland to Beaumont.
Nat* to Cushing.
Natalia to Lytle.
Navarro** to Corsicana.
Navidad* to Edna.
Nazareth* to Tulia.
Necessity* to Breckenridge.
Nechamtz* to La Grange.
+ Telegraph Station.



Nederland***toPort Neches
Negley* to Clarksville.
Neinda to Hamlin.
Nelsonville to Belleville.
Nelta to Sulphur Bluff.
Nemo* to Glen Rose.
Nesbitt to Bremond.
Neuville** to Center.
New Berlin to Marion.
Newby*t* to Jewett.
New Canev*** to Humble.
New Gulf to Wharton.
Newharp to Alvord.
New Home to Wilson.
New Hope (Dallas Co.) to
New Hope (Jones Co.)[]to
New Moore to O’Donnell.
New Salem* to Reklaw
Newsome** to Pittsburg.
New Somerset to Somerset.
New Willard*** to Leggett
Neyland** to Greenville.
Nickel to Gonzales.
Niederwald to Kyle.
Nigton to Groveton.
Nineveh* to Oakwoods.
Nix to Lampasas.
Noack to Taylor.
Nobility to Leonard.
Noble to Honey Grove.
Noelette to Pampa.
Nolan* to Sweet Water.
Nolanville** to Killeen.
Nome*** to Sour Lake.
Noodle* to Merkle.
Noonday to Tyler.
Nopal* to Yorktown.
Norfolk to Overton.
Normanna** to Beeville.
Norse* to Clifton.
Northfleld* to Childress.
North Pleasanton*** to
Northrup*** to Giddings.
North Uvalde to Uvalde.
Norton* to Bronte.
Notla to Canadian.
Nottawa* to East Bernard.
Novice*** to Coleman.
Nubia to Merkle.
Nuecestown* to Corpus
Nugent* to Lueders.
Nursery** to Victoria.
Oakalla* to Copperas Cove.
Oak Cliff* to Dallas.
Oak Forest to Gonzales.
Oak Grove (Wood Co.) to
Oak Grove* (Bowie Co.) to
De Kalb.
Oakhurst** to Huntsville.
Oak Point to Cameron.
Oakville* to Three Rivers.
O’Barr to Beaumont.
O’Brien to Knox City.
Ocee to Crawford.
Ocker to Temple.
Odds to Thornton.
Oenaville* to Temple.
O'Farrell to Atlanta.
Oilton* to Hebbronville.
Okay to Killeen.
Okra* to Carbon
Ola to Kaufman.
Olden*** to Eastland.
Oldenburg* to La Grange.
Old Glory** to Sagerton.
Oletha* to Thornton.
Olin to Hico.
Olivia* to Port Lavaca.
Olmito* to Brownsville.
Omen to Arp.
Onalaska*** to Livingston.'
Opelika* to Murchison.
Oplin to Lawn.
O’Quinn to La Grange.
Oran* to Mineral Wells.
Orangefleld* to Orange.
Orangeville to Trenton.
Orchard** to Wallis.
Orient (Knox Co.) to Knox
Orient (Tom Green Co.) to
Orla* to Pecos.
Orlena to Marietta, Okla.
Orth*** to Olney.
Osage* (Coryell Co.) to
Oscar* to Temple.
Osceola*** to Itasca.
Ottine*** to Luling.
Otto*** to Mart.
Ovilla to Red Oak.
Owlet Green to Grand
Oxford* to Llano.
Padgett to Olney.
Palava to Sweetwater.
Palito Blanco* to Alice.
iPalo Pinto* to Minera
Paluxy* to Tolar.
Pancake to Gatesville.
Pandale to Del Rio.
Pandora** to Nixon.
Panna Maria* to Karnes
Panola to Logansport. La.
Papalote** to Skidmore.
Parhamtown to Walnut
Park (Bowie Co.) to Tex­
Park (Fayette Co.) to La
Parker* (Johnson Co.) to
Park Place to Houston.
t Express Office.


Parks! to Breckenridge.
Park Springs*! to Chico.
Parnell* to Estelline.
Parvin to Oelina.
Pasche* to Melvin.
Patilo to Lipan.
Patricia to Lamesa.
Patroon* to San Augustine.
Pattison* to Brookshire.
Patton to Valley Mills.
Pattonville*! to Paris.
Pauline to Mabank.
Pawnee to Kenedy.
Paxton* to Tenaha.
Payne Spring to Eustace.
Peach* to Winnsboro.
Pearl* to Gatesville.
Pearson to La Ooste.
Pear Valley* to Brady.
Pecangrove to Gatesville.
Pedigo* to Woodville.
Peede to Scurry.
Peerless* to SulphurSprings
Pelham to Irene.
Peniel*t to Greenville.
Penitas* to Mission.
Pennington* to Groveton.
Penwell to Odessa.
Peoria to Hillsboro
Percilla* to Grapeland.
Perieo*tt to Texllne.
Perry*!! to Riessel.
Perry Landing* to Brazoria
Perryville to Winnsboro.
Personville to Mexia.
Pert to Neches.
Peters*! to Sealy
Petteway* to Bremond.
PettlDone to Cameron.
Pettus*t! to Beeville.
Petty*!! to Honey Grove.
Phalba to Mabank.
Phelps*!! to Huntsville.
Phillips! to Borger.
Phillipsburg to Brenham.
Pickens Spur to Athens.
Pickett to Corsicana.
Pickwick* to Graford.
Pidcoke* to Gatesville
PIedmont*t U> Navasota.
Pierce*! to El Campo.
Pike to Leonard.
Pilgrim* to Smiley.
Pilot- Grove to Whltewright
Pinckney* to Livingston.
Pine* to Pittsburg.
Pine Forest to Pickton.
Pinenili*t to Henderson.
Pineland*t! to Brookland.
Pine Mills to Mineola.
Pinkston to Corsicana.
Pioneer*! to Cross Plains
Pipecreek* to Bandera.
Pirtle to Kilgore.
Pisek to Fayetteville.
Pittsbridge to Bryan.
Plaoedot! to Bloomington.
Placid* to Mercury.
Plains* to Brownrleld.
Plaska to Memphis.
PleasantGroveto Winnsboro
Pleasant Valley (Dallas Co.)
to Garland.
Pledger*!! to Wharton.
APlemons* to Panhandle.
Plum*! to La Grange.
Pluto to Itasca.
Plymouth* to Shamrock.
Poesville to Whitney.
Poetry to Terrell.
Pointblank* to Cold Spring.
Point Isabel*! to Browns­
Polar* to Snyder.
Pollok* to Wells.
Ponta*!! to Jacksonville.
Pontotoc* to Llano.
Pony to Ballinger.
Poolville*! to Perrin.
Port AransastoAransas Pass
Port Bollvar*t to Galveston
Porters* to Humble.
Porters Springs to Crockett.
Porterville*! to Pecos.
Portland*T! to Gregory.
Port O’Connor*!! to Seadrift.
Port Sullivan*! to Hearne.
Porvenir to Marfa.
Posey (Hopkius Co.) to
Sulphur Springs.
Posldeon to Gordon.
Postoak* to Jacksboro.
Postoak Point to New Ulm.
Potosi* to Abilene.
Pottsboro*!! to Denison.
Pottsville!! to Hamilton.
Powdetly*! to Paris.
Poyner to Frankston.
Praha to Flatonia.
Prairie Dell to Belton.
Prairie Hill (LlmestoneCo.)
* to Mt. Calm.
Prairie Lea* to Lullng.
Prairie Point to Forestburg.
Prairieville* to Kemp.
Prattville to Enloe.
Preston to Pottsboro.
Pride* to O’Donnell.
Primerat to Harlingen.
Primrose to Ben Wheeler.
Pringle to Stinnett.
Protlitt* to New Castle.
Progress to Muleshoe.
Progresso to Weslaco.
Prospect to Jacksboro.
Provident City to Louise.
Pruitt to Grand Saline.
Pueblo toMoran.
Puerto Rico to Mission.
Pumpvllle! to Del Rio.
Purley to Mount vernon.
Purmela* to Gatesville.
Pursley to Purdon.

Purves to Dublin.
Pyote*! to Barstow.
Pyron* to Hermlalgh.
Quail* to Wellington.
Quihi to Hondo
Rabb to Robstown.
Kagtown to Paris.
Rainbow* to Glen Rose.
Raisin to Victoria.
Raleigh to Frost
Ramirez to Benavides.
P.angerville*! to Harlingen.
Rankin (Ellis Co.) to Bardwell.
Ratcliff to Kennard.
Ratibor to Temple.
Rattan to Cooper.
Rayburn*!! to Cleveland.
Rayland to Vernon.
Raywood*! to Liberty.
Razor* to Paris.
Reagan Wells*! to Uvalde.
Reagor Springs! to Waxahachie.
Realitos*t! toHebbronville
Rector to Lewisville.
Red Barn to Rankin.
Redford to Marfa.
Red Hill to Linden.
Red Ranger to Rogers.
Red Springs* to Seymour.
Red Star to Plantersville.
Redwood to San Marcos.
Reedville! to Maxwell.
Reese* to Jacksonville.
Regency* to Goldthwaite.
Reily Springs* to Sulphur
Reliance to Bryan.
Renner*!! to Plano.
Reno (Lamar Co.) to Paris.
Reno to Newark.
Retta to Burleson.
Reynard to Grapeland.
Rhineland to Munday
Rhonesboro* to Big Sandy.
Ricardo to Kingsville.
Rices Crossing to Taylor.
Ridge (Mills Co.) to Mullin.
Ridge (Robertson Co.) to
Ridgeway*!! to Commerce.
Rio Frio* to Sabinal.
Riomedlna* to La Coste.
Ripley* to Mount Pleasant.
Riverby to Honey Grove.
Riverdalo to Goliad.
River view to Annona
Riviera*!! to Kingsville.
Roane* to Corsicana.
Roanoke to Denton.
Roans Prairie*! to Shiro.
Robbins!! to Jewett.
Robinson to Waco.
Rock Creek to Waco.
Rockett to Red Oak.
Rockford to Paris.
Rockhill to Prosper.
Rock Island*!! to Eaglelake.
Rockland*!! to Oolmesneil.
Rockwood to Santa Anna.
Rocky Branch to Naples.
Roddy to Mabank.
Rodney to Dawson.
Roeder to Mount Pleasant.
Roganville*!! to Jasper.
Roland to McKinney.
Roma* to Rio Grande.
Romayor* to Cleveland.
Romero*!! to Nara Visa,
New Mexico.
Romney *to Cisco.
Roosevelt* to Junction.
Rosalie* to Bogata.
Rosanky*! to Smithville.
Rosedale to Beaumont.
Rose Hill (Dallas Co.)
Roselawn to Irving.
Rosenthal to Lorena.
Rosewood*! to Gilmer.
Rosharon to Angleton.
Ross* to Waco.
Ross City to Big Springs.
Rosser*!! to Ennis.
Rosston* to Gainesville.
Rossvjlle to Poteet
Roswell* to Whitney.
Round M ountain* to John­
son City.
Round Timber* to Westover.
Rowden*! to Baird.
Kowiand to Nocona.
Roxana to White Deer.
Royalty to Barstow.
Royston to Roby.
Roznov to Fayetteville.
Ruby to Karnes City.
Rucker* to De Leon.
Rugby* to Bogata.
Ruldosa* to Marfa
Rulifftl to Orange.
Rumley to Lampasas.
Running Water to Plainview.
Rural Shade to Kerens.
Russell to Buffalo.
Rutersville* to La Grange.
Ruth (Concho Co.) to Eden
Rutledge to Round Rock.
Ryals to Conroe.
Rye (Liberty Co.) to
Rylie* to Mesquite.
Sabanno to Cross Plains.
Sabine*!! to Port Arthur.
Sabine Pass*! to Port

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




A County Seat.

Sabine Town* to Hemphill.
Sachse* to Garland.
Sadler*!! to Whitesboro.
Saginaw*!! to Fort Worth.
Salado* to Belton.
Salesvllle*!! to Mineral
Salineno to Rio Grande.
Salmon* to Elkhart.
Salona to Bowie.
Salt Gap to Melvin.
Saltillo*!! to Sulphur
Sambot to Abilene.
Samfordyce*!! to Mission.
Sample* to Westhofl
San Carlos to Edinburg.
Sanco to Bronte.
Sandflat to Lindale.
Sandoval to Thorndale.
Sandusky to Whitesboro.
Sandy* to Johnson City.
Sandy Point! to Angleton.
San Elizario* to Clint.
San Felipe*! to Sealy.
Sanford to Borger.
San Gabriel* to Thorndale.
San Jose* (Bexar Co.) to
San Antonio.
San Leon*! to Dickinson.
San Manuel to Edinburg.
San Patricio* to Mathis.
San Perlita to Raymondville.
Sansom to Uvalde.
Santa Cruz* to Premont.
Santa Elena* to Rio Grande
Santa Maria*! to Mercedes.
Santa Monica to Raymondville.
Santa Rita!! to Big Lake.
Santa Rosa to La Feria.
San Ygnacio* to Laredo.
Sapoak to Gordon.
Saragosa*! to Toyah.
Saraivo to Waxahachie.
Sargent to Bay City.
iSarita*!! to Kingsville.
Saron* to TrinitySaspamco*!! to Floresville.
Satin*!! to Waco.
Satsuma to Houston.
Sattler* to New Braunfels.
Saturn* to Waelder.
Savage to Ralls.
Savoy*!! to Bonham.
Sayers to San Antonio.
Sayersville* to BaBtron.
Scallorn to Goldthwaite.
Schattel*! to Devine.
Schoenau to New Ulm
Schoolerville to Hamilton.
Schroeder* to Goliad.
Scotland to Archer City.
Scottsvllleti to Marshall.
Scranton* to Putnam.
Scroggins* to Winnsboro.
Scurry*!! to Kaufman.
Seabrook*!! to La Porte.
Seale to Marquez.
Seaton to Temple.
Seattle* to Belton.
Sebastian* to Lyford.
Sebree to Jacksboro.
Security* to Cleveland.
Sedwick to Moran.
Segno to Livingston.
Segovia* to Junction.
Sejita* to Hebbronville.
Seiden to Stephenville.
Selfs to Honey Grove
Selma to Schertz
Senate to Bryson.
Serbin to Giddings.
Sexton to San Augustine.
Shafter* to Marfa.
Shafter Lake* to Andrews.
Shallowater* to Lubbock.
Shannon to Jacksboro.
Sharp to Cameron.
Sheffield* to Ozona.
Shelby to Fayetteville.
Shelbyville* to Center.
Sheldon*! to Crosby.
Shep* to Blackwell.
Sheridan*!! (Colorado Co.)
to Rock Island.
Sherley to Sulphur Springs.
iSherwood* to Mertzon.
Shield to Santa Anna.
Shiloh (Denton Co.) to
Shiloh (Limestone Co.) to
Shive* to Hamilton.
Sholar to Joaquin.
Sidney* to Comanche
Sikes to Greenville.
Silas to Timpson.
Silver* to Robert Lee.
Silver City (Navarro Co.)
to Purdon
Silver Lake* to Mineola.
Silver Valley! to Coleman.
Simmons* to Three Rivers.
Simms* to New Boston.
Simon to Laredo.
Slmonds to Dallas.
Siraonton*! to Wallis.
Simpsonville to Blessing.
Singleton*!! to Shiro.
Sion to Huntsville.
Sipe Springs*!! to De Leon
Sisterdale to Comfort.
SiveilsBend* to Gainesville.
Skellytown to White Deer.
Slayden*! to Gonzales.
Slide to Lubbock.
Slidell*! to Sanger.
Slocum*! to Elkhart.
Small (Van Zandt Co.) to
Smetana to Bryan.
Smithfleld*!! to FortWorth
•Money Order Office.

Smithiand* to Jefferson.
Smith Oaks to Sherman.
Smithsons Valley to New
Smithwick* to Marble Falls
Smyer to Lubbock.
Sneedville to Paducah.
Snook* to Lyons.
Socorro to El Paso.
Soda *to Livingston.
Sodville to Sinton.
Solms to New Braunfels.
South Bend*!! to Graham.
South Bosque to McGregor.
South Grape Creek to
S. Houston* to Harrisburg.
Southland*!! to Slaton.
Southmayd*!! to Sherman.
South Plains to Lockney.
South Sulphur to Commerce
Southton* to San Antonio.
Sowers to Irving.
Spade to Colorado.
Spanish Fort* to Nocona.
Sparenberg* to Lamesa.
Sparks to Holland.
Sparta to Belton.
Speeglevilie* to Waco
Spicewood* to Marble Falls
Spivey to Tenaha.
8plendora* to Cleveland.
Spofford*!! to Brackettville
Spring Branch* to Blanco.
Spring Creek* to Megargle.
Springdale* to Oueen City.
Spring Hill to Dawson.
Springlake* to Dimmitt.
Spring Valley to Moody.
Sprinkle* to Austin.
Spurger* to Woodville.
St. Elmo to Austin.
St. Francis (Zavalla Co.) to
Crystal City.
St. Francis!! (Potter Co.)
to Amarillo.
St. Hedwig* to Lavernia
St. Paul*! to Sinton.
Stacy* to Talpa.
Staff to Eastland.
Stafford (Fort Bend Co.)
to Sugar Land.
Staffords Ranch to Eagle
Stampede to Moody.
Stanley to Livingston.
Staples* to Martindale.
Starrville to Winona.
Steedman to Hagerman.
Steeles Store* to Bryan.
Steep Creek* to San Augus­
Steiner*!! to Whitney.
Sterley! to Lockney.
Sterrett* to Waxahacnie.
Stewards Mill* to Streetman.
Stewart (Cottle Co.)* to
Stewart (Rusk Co.)* to
Stieren to Gonzales.
iStiles* to Big Lake.
Stilson to Dayton.
Stith to Merkel.
Stockard to Eustace.
Stockman*! to Timpson.
Stock Yards Station to Fort
Stoneburg*t! to Bowie.
Stone City to Bryan.
Stoneham*!! to Navasota.
Stone Point* to Canton.
Stonewall* to Fredericks­
Stony to Ponder.
Stop to San Augustine.
Stowell*! to Beaumont.
Stranger to Reagan.
Streeter* to Mason
String to Heidenheimer.
StringPrairie*to Smithville.
Stryker to Corrigan.
Stubbs to Kemp
Sturgeon to Whitesboro.
8ublime*t! to Hallettsville.
Sullivan Camp to Breckenridge.
Summerfleld* (Castro Co.)
to Hereford.
Summerfield(Cherokee Co.)
to Ponta.
Sumner* to Paris.
Suniland to Three Rivers.
Sunnv Side* to Brookshire.
Sutherland Springs to
Swan*! to Tyler.
Swearingen*! to Paducah.
Swenson*!! to Aspermont.
Swift* to Nacogdoches.
Swiss Alp to Schulenburg.
Sycamore to Decatur.
Sylvan to Blossom.
Tabor* to Bryan.
Tadmor to Ratcliff.
Taiton* to Garwood.
Talty to Forney.
Tama to Killeen.
Tamego to Bertram.
Tamina to Conroe.
Tanglewood*! to Lexington
Tankersly* to San Angelo.
Tarpley* to Bandera.
Tarrant*!! to Arlington.
Tarzan to Stanton.
Tascosa*!! to Channlng.
Tavener to East Bernard.
Taylors Bayou to Beau­
Taylorsville to Red Rock.
Tazewell to Sulphur Springs
Tecula to Jacksonville.
t Telegraph Station.

Telegraph* to Junction.
Telephone to Bonham.
Telferner*! to Victoria.
Telico to Ennis.
Tennessee Colony* to Pal­
Tennessee Valley to Belton
Tennyson* to Bronte.
Terlingua* to Alpine.
Terry*! to Orange.
Texhoma to Texhoma.Okla.
Texla* to Orange
Texon to Big Lake.
Thalia* to Crowell.
Tharp to Conroe.
Thelma to Somerset.
Thicket* to Saratoga.
Thomas to Pittsburg.
Thomaston*!! to Cuero.
Thompson’s*!! to Rich­
Thompsonville to Waelder.
to Wichita
Thorp Spring* to Granbury
Thrift to Burkburnett.
Thrifty* to Bangs.
Thurber*! to Mingus.
Tidwell to Greenville
Tigertown to Honey Grove.
iTilden* to Three Rivers.
Time to Hemphill.
Tira to Sulphur Springs.
Tokeen to Lawn.
(Terry Co.)
Tokio (McLennon Co.) to
Tolbert*!! to Chillicothe.
Toledo* to Burkeville.
Tolette to Paris.
Tolosa to Kemp.
Tool to Mabank.
Topsey* to Lampasas.
Tornillo to Fabens.
Tours to West.
Tow* to LlanoTownbluff to Woodville.
Toyahvale to Toyah.
Tracy to Cameron.
Travis to Rosebud.
Travis Peak to Austin.
Trawick* to Cushing.
Tredway* to O’Donnell.
Trickham* to Santa Anna.
Trinidad*!! to Malakoff.
Trip to Mesquite.
Truby to Anson.
Truce to Newport.
Trumbull*! to Ferris.
Tucker (Anderson Co.) to
Tucker! (McCulloch Co.)
to Brady.
Tuckertown to Corsicana.
Tuleta*! to Beeville.
Tundra to Canton.
Tunis to Caldwell.
Tupelo to Rice.
Turlington* to Fairfield.
Turnersville*! to Gates­
Turney* to Jacksonville.
Tuxedo*! to Stamford.
Twin Sisters* to Blanco.
Twitty to Shamrock.
Tye*!! to Abilene.
Type to Elgin.
Tyson to Aquilla.
Uhland to Kyle.
Umbarger*!! to Canyon.
Union to Stockdale.
Upton* to Bastrop.
Urbana! to Shepherd.
Utley* to Bastrop.
Valdasta* to Melissa.
Valentine*!! to Marfa.
Valley Spring* to Llano
Valley Wells to Bigwells.
Valverde to Donna.
Van to Grand Saline.
Vance* to Camp Wood.
Vancourt* to San Angelo.
Vandalia to Clarksville
Vanderbilt*!! to EdnaVan Dyke! to Comanche.
Van Vleck*!! to Bay City.
Vasco to Cooper.
Vashti* to Bellevue.
Vaughan to Hillsboro.
Vealmoor* to Big Spring.
Ventura to Tomball.
Vera*! to Seymour.
Verdi to Pleasanton.
Veribest* to San Angelo.
Verona to Blue Ridge.
Vesey* to Clarksville.
Vickery to Dallas.
Victor to De Leon.
Victoria to Mart.
Vidauri* to Refugio.
Vidor to Beaumont.
Vienna to Hallettsville.
View* to Abilene.
Vigo Park* to Tulia.
Vilas to Holland.
Village Mills*! to Silsbee.
Vincent* to Big SpringsVineyard*!! to Jacksboro.
Vinton* to El Paso.
Violet to Robstown.
Virginia Point! to Galves­
Vista to Hamilton.
Vivian to Crowell.
Voca* to Brady.
Von Orrny*!! to Lytle.
Vontress* to Haskell.
Voss* to Valera.
Votaw*! to Livingston.
Voth*! to Beaumont.
t Express Office.


Youngsport* to Florence.
Wadsworth*!! to Bay City
Yowell* to Pecan Gap.
Wagner to Greenville
Ysleta*!! to El Paso.
Wagram to Mason.
Waka* to Perryton.
Zabcikville to Temple.
Waldeck* (Fayette Co.) to
Zack* to Bryan.
Zavalla*! to Huntington
Waldrip* to Brady.
Zephyr*!! to Brownwood.
Wall* te San Angelo.
Zorn to San Marcos.
Wallace to Canton.
Zuehl to Marion.
Wallisville* to Anahuae
Zunkerville to Kenedy.
Walnut Springs*!! to Mer­
Zyback* to Wheeler.
Walton to Athens.
Wamba to Texarkana.
Warda* to Giddings.
Ware* to Dalhart.
Adamsville* to Beaver.
Waring*! to Comfort.
Alpine to American Fork
Warren*! (Tyler Co.) to
Alton* to Hurricane.
Altonah* to Roosevelt.
Warrenton* to La Grange.
Amalga to Smithfleld.
Warsaw to Kaufman.
Arieth sto Cortez, Colo.
Washburn*!! to Claude.
Annabella* to Richfield.
Washington* to Navasota.
Antimony to Richfield.
Wastella* to Itoscoe.
Arthur to Garfield.
Watauga*! to Keller.
Asays to Panguitch.
Waterloo to Taylor.
Waterman*! to Timpson.
Aurora* to Salina.
Axtell to Centerfleld.
Water Valley*!! to San An
Watt to Mount Calm.
Bear River City* to Tremonton.
Waukegan*!! to Conroe.
Beaver Dam! to Brigham.
Waverly* to New Waverly
Wawaka* to Spearman.
Benjamin to Spanish Fork.
Wayland to Eastland.
Beryl!! to Cedar City.
Bicknell* to Loa
Wayside* to Happy.
Bingham Junction to Mid­
Wealthy* to Normangee
Black Rock*!! to Milford.
Blanding* to Monticello.
Webb (Tarrant Co.) to Ar­
Bluebell* to Roosevelt.
Blue Creek* to Tremonton.
Webb* (Webb Co.) to La­
Bluff* to Monticello.
Webberville to Manor.
Boneta* to Roosevelt.
Webster*!! to League City
Burinestert! to Grantsville.
Weches* to Alto.
Cache Junction*!! to Logan
Weesatche* to Yorktown.
Cannonville* to Panguitch.
Weir*!! to Jarrell.
Welcome*! to Industry.
Castlegate*!! to Helper.
Centerfleld* to Gunnison.
Weldon*!! to Midway.
Welfare*! to Comfort.
Centerville*! to Bountiful.
Wellborn*!! to Bryan.
Central* to Richfield.
Wellman to Brownfield.
Charleston*! to Heber.
Welview* to Eden.
Chester* to Moroni.
Wentworth to Canton.
Circleville* to Richfield.
'Wesley to Industry.
Cisco*!! to Fruita, Colo.
Westbrook*!! to Colorado
Clarkston* to Logan.
Clawson to Castledale.
Westfield* to Spring.
Weston* to Anna.
Clearcreek*!! to Mt. Pleas­
Westover*!! to Megargel.
Clear Lake*!! to Oasis.
Westphalia to Lott.
Westpoint*!! to La Grange
Cleveland* to Castledale.
Coal City! to Helper.
Wetmore*!! to San Antonio.
Collinston*!! to Brigham.
Wheatland (Dallas Co.) to
Colton*!! to Helper.
Wheelock* to Franklin.
Columbia to Price.
Consumers! to Helper.
White City* to San August­
Copperfleld to Bingham
Whiteface to Levelland.
Whlteflat* to Matador.
Corinne*!! to Brigham.
White Hall to Gatesville.
Cornish*!! to Lewiston
Whitehouse*!! to Troup.
Cottonwood to Murray.
Whiteland*!! to Meivin.
Cove Fort! to Beaver.
Whiterock (Hunt Co.) to
Croydon* to Morgan.
Whitfield to Plainview
Delle!! to Tooele.
Whitharrel to Littlefield.
Deseret* to Fillmore.
Devils Slide*!! to Morgan.
Deweyville* to Tremonton.
Whitson to Moody.
Dividend* to Eureka.
Whitten to Corsicana.
Dragon*!! to Vernal.
Whittenberg to Borger.
Draper*!! to Sandy.
Whon* to Santa Anna.
iDuchesne* to Roosevelt.
Wickett to Barstow.
Echo City* to Coalville.
Wied to Hallettsville.
Wiergate* to Burkeville.
Eden* to Ogden.
Wightman to Burkeville.
Elberta*! to Eureka.
Wilderville to Rosebud.
Elsinore*!! to Richfield.
Wilkins to Gladewater.
Emery* to Castle Dale.
Enterprise to St. George.
William Penn to Brenham.
Escalante*! to Panguitch.
Willow City* to Fredericks­
Ewell* to Helper.
Willow Grove to Moody.
Willow Point to Boonsville
Fairfield to Lehi.
Fayette* to Gunnison.
Willow Spring to Cold
Ferron* to Castle Dale.
Fielding* to Garland
Wilmer*!! to Ferris.
Fort Duchesne*! to Roose­
Wilmeth to Winters.
Wimberley* to San Marcos.
Francis to Kamas.
Winchell*!! to Mercury.
Fremont to Loa.
Windsor to McGregor.
Windthorst* to Scotland
Fruitland* to Heber.
Winfield*!! to Mt. Pleasant
Garden City* to Paris,
Wlnfree to Liberty.
Wink to Odessa.
Garland*!! to Tremonton.
Winkler* to Streetman.
Garrison* to Ely. Nev.
Witting to Moulton
Genola to Payson.
Wizard Wells* to Jacksboro
Glendale* to Panguitch.!
Woden* to Nacogdoches.
Glenwood*! to Richfield.
Wofford to Athens.
Gold Hill*! to Tooele.
Wokaty to Cameron.
Goodridge to Cortez, Colo.
Wolfforth to Lubbock.
Goshen*!! to Payson.
Womack to Clifton.
Granger to Murray.
Woodbine*! to Gainesville.
Grass Creek* to Coalville.
Woodbury to Hillsboro.
Grayson to Monticello.
Woodland* (Red River Co.)
Greenville* to Beaver.
to Detroit.
Grouse Creek* to Ogden.
Woodlawn*!! to Marshall.
Gusher* to Roosevelt.
Woodrow (Hardin Co.) to
Hanksville*! to Green
Woods to Teneha.
Hanna* to Duchesne.
Woodward* to Cotulla.
Harrisville to Ogden.
Wooster to Baytown.
Hatch* to Panguitch.
Worthing to Hallettsville.
Hayden* to Roosevelt.
Wrightsboro* to Gonzales
Heiner to Helper.
Henefer*!! to Coalville.
Yancey* to Hondo.
Henrieville* to Panguitch.
Yantis*!! to Alba.
Herriman to Riverton.
Yarboro*! to Navasota.
Hiawatha* to Price.
Yard to Palestine.
Hinckley *to Delta.
Yarrellton to Cameron.
Holden* to Fillmore.
Yates to Junction City.
Holliday to Murray.
Yellow Pine* to Hemphill.
Honeyville*!! to Brigham.
Yew to Honey Grove.
Hooper* to Ogden.________
Young* to Fairfield._______
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



i County Seat.

Howell to Tremonton.
Hoytsville* to Coalville.
Hunter to Magna.
Huntington* to Price.
Huntsville*! to Ogden.
Hyde Park* to Logan.
Ibapah* to Ely, Nev.
Indianola* to Fairview.
Iron Springs*!! to Cedar
Ironton to Provo.
Jensen* to Vernal.
Joseph* to Richfield.
Joy to Delta.
*J unction* to Richfield.
Kanab* to St. George.
Kanarraville*to Cedar City.
Kanosh* to Fillmore
Keetley to Park City.
Kelton*!! to Brigham.
Kenilworth to Helper.
Kingston* to Richfield
Koosharem* to Richfield.
Lake Point to Tooele.
Lake Shore to Spanish Fork
Lakeside*!! to Ogden.
Laketown* to Evanston,
Lake View to Provo.
Lapoint* to Vernal.
Lark* to Bingham Canyon.
Lasal* to Moab.
Latuda* to Helper.
La Verkin* to Hurricane.
Leamington* to Delta.
Leeds* to St. George.
Leeton* to Roosevelt.
Leota* to Vernal.
Levan* to Nephi.
Liberty to Ogden.
Lindonl to Pleasant Grove
Linwood* to Green River.
Locker by to Monticello.
Lofgreen* to Eureka.
Lucin!*! to Ogden.
Lund*!! to Cedar City.
Lynndyl*!! to Delta.
Maeser to Vernal.
Mammoth*!! to Eureka.
Manila* to Green River,
Mantua to Brigham.
Mapleton! to Springville.
Marysvale*!! to Richfield.
Mayfield* to Gunnison.
Meadow* to Logan.
Mendon*!! to Logan.
Midway* to Heber.
Mills* to Nephi.
Millville* to Logan.
Milton to Morgan.
Minersville* to Milford.
Modena*!! to Milford.
Mohrlandf! to Helper.
Mona* to Nephi.
Mountain Home* to Roose­
Mt. Carmel* to Panguitch.
Mt. Emmons* to Roosevelt
Mutual! to Helper.
Myton* to Roosevelt.
Nada* to Milford.
National to Price.
Neola* to Roosevelt.
New Castle* to Cedar City.
New Harmony* to Cedar
Newton*! to Logan.
North Ogden to Ogden.
North Salt Lake*! to Salt
Lake City.
Oak City* to Delta.
Oakley* to Kamas.
Oasis*!! to Delta.
Odell to Bountiful.
Ophir* to Tooele.
Orangeville* to Castle Dale.
Orderville* to Panguitch.
Orem City to Provo.
Ouray to Vernal.
Paradise* to Hyrum.
Paragonah* to Parowan.
Park Valley* to Brigham.
Peerless to Helper.
Peoa* to Kamas.
Perry to Brigham.
Peterson*!! to Morgan.
Pine Valley* to St. George.
Pintura* to Hurricane.
Plain City to Ogden
Pleasant Green to Magna.
Pleasant View to Ogden.
Plymouth*!! to Garland.
Portage*!! to Malad. Ida.
Porterville to Morgan.
Promontory* to Brigham.
Providence*! to Logan.
Prova Bench to Prova.
Rains* to Helper.
Randlett*! to Roosevelt.
Randolph*! to Evanston,
Redmond* Salina.
Redwood to Sandy.
Riverdale to Ogden.
Riverside* to Tremonton.
Rockville* to Hurricane.
Rolapp*! to Helper.
Roy*!! to Ogden.
Rubys Inn to Panguitch.
St. John*!! to Tooele.
Salem*! to Spanish Fork.
Santa Clara* to St. George.
Santaquin* to Payson
* Money Order Office.

Scipio* to Fillmore.
Scofield*!! to Price.
Sego* to Green River.
Sigurd*! to Richfield
Silver City*!! to Eureka.
Slaterville! to Ogden.
Snowville* to Tremonton.
Soldier Creek to Heber.
Soldier Summit*!! tollelper
South Jordan to Sandy.
Spring Canyon* to Helper.
Spring City*!! to Mount
Springdale* to Hurricane.
Spring Lake! to Payson.
Standardville* to Helper.
Sterling* to Manti.
Stockton*!! to Tooele.
Sugar House*!! to SaltLake
Sugarvllle to Delta.
Sunnyside*!! to Price
Sunset to Clearfield.
Sweetime to Helper.
Syracuse to Layton.
Tabiona* to Park City.
Ta)mage* to Roosevelt.
Taylorsville to Murray.
Teasdale* to Loa.
Thistle*!! to Springville.
Thompsons*!! to Green
Topliff* to Lehi.
Toquerville* to Hurricane.
Torrey* to Richfield.
iTooele*!! to Bingham
Trenton*!! to Smithfield.
Tridell* to Roosevelt.
Tropic* to Panguitch.
Troutcreek*! to Delta.
Uinta!! to Ogden.
Union to Murray.
Upalco to Roosevelt.
Upton* to Coalville.
Venice* to Richfield.
Vernon* to Eureka.
Veyo to St. George.
Vineyard to Provo.
Virgin* to Hurricane.
Wahwa Springs to Milford.
Wales* to Moroni.
Wallsburg* to Heber.
Wanship* to Coalville.
Warren to Ogden.
Washington* to St. George.
Watson*!! to Vernal.
Wattis* to Price.
Wellington* to Price.
Wendover*!! to Garfield.
Westpoint to Ogden.
Westwater*!! to Fruita,
W. Weber! to Ogden.
Whiterocks* to Vernal.
Widtsoe* to Escalante.
Willard*!! to Brigham.
Woodland to Kamas
Woodrow to Delta.
Woodruff* to Evanston,
Woodside*!! to Price.
Yost* to Albion. Idaho.


Adamant* to Montpelier
Addison to Vergennes.
Albany* to Orleans.
Alburgh Springs! to Swanton.
Amsden to Springfield.
Andover* to Chester.
Arlington*!! to Manchester
Ascutney* to Clarenont,
N. H.
Averill* to Island Pond.
Bakersfleld*to Saint Albans
Barnard* to Bethel.
Barnet*!! to St. Johnsbury.
Bartonsville*! to Chester.
Beebe Plain* to Beebe,
Beecher Falls*!! to Colebrook, N. H.
Belmont* to Ludlow.
Belvidere Center* to Hyde
Belvidere Corners to Hyde
Benson* to Orwell.
Berkshire* to Richford.
Berlin to Montpelier.
Binghamville to Saint Al­
Bloomfield to Island Pond.
Bolton*!! to Waterbury.
Boltonville*! to Wells
Bomoseen* to Fair Haven.
Bondville* to Manchester
Braintree*!! to Randolph.
Bridgewater* to Woodstock.
Bridgewater Corners* to
Bridport* to MIddlebury.
Briggs* to Woodstock.
Brookfield* to Randolph.
Brownington to Orleans.
Brownington Center to
Brownsville* to Windsor
Burke* to Lyndonville
t Telegraph Station.


Cabot* to Danville.
Calais* to Montpelier.
Cambridge*!! to Hyde Park
Cambridge Junction*!! to
Hyde Park.
Cambrldgeport* to Bellows
Canaan*! to Colebrook,
N. H.
Castleton*!lfto Fair Haven.
Cavendish*!! to Proctorsville.
Center Rutland*!! to Rut­
Centervale! to St. Johns­
Centerville to Hyde Park.
Central to Lancaster,N. H.
Charlotte*!! to Vergennes.
Chester Depot*! to Ches­
Chippenhook to West Rut­
Chittenden* to Rutland.
Clarendon to Rutland.
Clarendon Springs to West
Colchester*! to Winooski.
Concord*! to St. Johns­
Conlcut! to Bradford.
Corinth* to Bradford
Cornwall to Middlebury.
Coventry* to Newport.
Craftsbury* to Hardwick.
Cuttingsville*!! to Rut­
Danby*!! to Manchester
Derby*! to Newport.
Dorset* to Manchester Cen­
Duxbury to Waterbury.
East Albany to Barton.
East Alburgh!! to Swanton.
East Arlington*! to Man­
chester Center.
East Barnard to Bethel.
East Barnet*! to Saint
East Barre* to Barre.
E. Berkshire*!! to Richford
East Bethel* to Bethel.
E. Braintree to Randolph.
East Brookfield to Chelsea.
E. Burke* to Lyndonville.
East Calais* to Hardwick.
E. Charleston* to Island
East Charlotte to Burling­
E. Clarendon*!! to Rutland
East Concord*! to Saint
East Corinth* to Bradford.
E.Craftsbury* to Hardwick.
East Dorset*!! to Man­
chester Center.
East Dover* to Brattleboro
East Dummerston* to Brat­
E. Fairfield*!! to St. Albana
E. Fletcher*! to HydePark.
East Franklin* to Richford
E. Georgia* to St. Albans.
East Granville*! to Ran­
E. Hardwick*!! to Hard­
E. Haven* to Lyndonville.
E. Highgate*! to Swanton.
East Jamaica* to Jamaica.
East Johnson to Johnson.
East Middlebury* to Mid­
East Monkton to Bristol.
E. Montpelier*! to Mont­
East Orange to Barre.
East Peacham* to Danville.
East Poultney* to Poultney
E. Randolph* to Randolph.
E. Richford*! to Richford.
East Rupert to Manchester
East Ryegate*!! to Wells
E. Sheldon to St. Albans.
East Shoreham*! to Orwell.
E. Thetford* to Hanover,
N. H.
EastWallingford*!! to Rut­
Eden* to Hyde Park.
Eden Mills* to Hyde Park.
Elmore* to Morrisvllle.
Ely Station to Bradford.
Essex* to Essex Junction.
Evansville to Orleans.
Evarts!! to White River

Fairfax* to Saint Albans.
Fairfield* to Saint Albans.
Fairlee*!! to Bradford.
Felchville to Windsor.
Ferrisburg*! to Vergennes.
Fletcher to Saint Albans.
Florence*! to Proctor.
Forest Dale* to Brandon.
Fort Ethan Allen*! to
Franklin* to Enoshurg Fall*
! Express Office.



Garfield to Hyde Park.
Gassetts*!! to Chester.
Gaysville* to Bethel.
Georgia to Saint Albans.
Georgia Plain to St. Albans.
Gilman*! to Whitefleld,
N. H.
Glover* to Barton.
Grafton* to Chester.
Granby* to St. Johnsbury
Grand Isle*!! to Burlington
Graniteville* to Barre.
Granville* to Randolph.
Green River to Brattleboro
Greensboro*!! to Hardwick
Greensboro Bend*tto HardGroton*!! to Wells River.
iGuildhall* to Lancaster,
N. H.
Guilford to Brattlesboro.
Halifax* to Brattleboro.
Hancock* to Bethel.
Hanksville to Burlington.
Hartford*!! to White River
Hartland*!! to Windsor.
Hartland Pour Corners* to
Healdville*tt to Ludlow,
Highgate* to Swanton.
Highgate Center* to Swanton.
Springs*! to
Hinesburg* to Burlington
Holland to Derby Line.
Hortonville to Brandon.
Hubbardton* to FairHaven
Huntington* to Waterbury
Huntington Center* to
Hydeville*!! to Fair Haven
Inwood to St. Johnsbury.
Ira to West Rutland.
Irasburg* to Orleans.
Isle La Motte to Cham­
plain. N. Y.
Jacksonville* to Wilming­
Jeffersonville*! to Johnson
Jericho*!! to Burlington.
Jericho Center to Burling­
Jonesville*!! to Waterbury
Kimball to Barton.

N. Pomfret* to Woodstock.
North Pownal*!! to Ben­
N. Sherburne to Rutland.
N. Shrewsbury to Rutland.
N. Thetford*!! to Bradford
N. Tunbridge to Chelsea.
North Williston*! to Bur­
N. Wolcott* to Hyde Park.
Norton Mills*!! to Island
Norwich*!to Hanover.N.H.
Old Bennington to Ben­
Orange* to Barre.
Panton to Vergennes.
Passumpsic*!! to St.Johnobury.
Pawlet* to Granville. N. Y.
Peacham* to Danville.
Perkinsville* to Springfield.
Peru* to Manchester CenPittsfield* to Bethel.
Pittsford*!! to Proctor.
Pittsford Mills* to Proctor.
Plainfield*!! to Barre.
Plymouth* to Ludlow.
Plymouth Union* to Lud­
Pompanoosuc*!! to Han­
over, N. H.
Post Mills* to Bradford.
Pownal*!! to Bennington.
Pownal Center to Benning­
Putnamville* to Montpelier
Putney* to Brattleboro.
Quechee*! to Woodstock.
Queen City Park* to Bur­
Randolph Center* to Ran­
Rawsonville to Jamaica.
Reading to Windsor.
Readsboro*! toWilmington.
Ricker Mills to WellsRiver.
Ripton* to Middlebury.
Riverside to Burlington.
Riverton*!! to Northfleld.
Robinson to Brandon.
Rochester* to Bethel.
Rockingham to Bellows
Roxbury*!! to Northfleld.
Royalton*!! to Bethel.
Rupert*!! to Salem, N. Y.
Ryegate* to Wells River.

Lakeside to Wells River.
Leicester Junction*!! to
Lewiston* to Hanover,N.H
Lincoln *to Bristol.
Londonderry* to Chester.
Long Point to Yergennes.
Lowell*! to Orleans.
Lower Cabot* to Danville.
Lower Waterford* to Saint
Lunenburg* to Lancaster
N. H.
Lyndon*! to Lyndonville.
Lyndon Center* to Lyndon­
Mclndoe Falls* to Wells
Malletts Bay to Winooski.
Manchester* to Manchester
Manchester Depot*! to
Manchester Center.
Marlboro* to Brattleboro.
Marshfleld*!lto Montpelier
Mendon to Rutland.
Middlesex*!!to Montpelier.
Middletown Springs* to
Miles Pond*!! to St.Johnsbury.
Missisquoi*! to Richford.
Mdnkton* to Vergennes.
Monktonridge to Vergennes
Montgomery* to Richford.
Montgomery Center* to
Moretown* to Waterbury.
Morgan*! to Island Pond.
Morgan Center* to Island
Morristown to Morrisville.
Morses Line* to Swanton.
Moscow* to Waterburv.
Mount Holly*!! to Ludlow.

St. Albans Bay* to St.
Saint Jonnsbury Center*!
to Saint Johnsbury.
Saint Johnsbury East*! to
Saint Johnsbury.
Salisbury*!! to Brandon
Sandgate to Manchester
Saxtons River* to Bellows
Shaftsbury*!! to North
Sharon*!! to Bethel.
Sheffield* to Lyndonville.
Shelburne*!! to Burlington.
Sheldon*! to Saint Albans.
Sheldon Junction*!! to
Saint Albans.
Sheldon Springs*!! to Saint
Sherburne* Center to Rut­
Shoreham* to Orwell.
Shoreham Center* to Or­
Simonsville* to Chester
South Albany to Barton.
South Barre*! to Barre.
South Burlington! to Bur­
South Cabot to Danville.
South Dorset* to Manches­
South Hero*!! to Plattsburg, N. Y.
South Lincoln* to Bristol.
South Londonderry*!! to
South Lunenburg* to Lan-

Newbury*!! toWells River.
New Haven*! to Bristol.
New Haven Junction!! to
New Haven Mills to Bristol
Newport Center*!! to New­
Northboro! to Bradford.
North Calais* to Hardwick.
N. Clarendon* to Rutland.
North Concord*! to Saint
N.Craftsbury* toHardwick
North Danville to Danville.
North Duxbury! to Water­
North Ferrisburg*! to Ver­
N.Field Falls*to Northfleld.
North Hartland* to White
River Junction.
North Hero*! to Swanton.
North Hyde Park* to Hyde
North Montpelier* toMontpelier
North Peacham to Danville

S. Newbury*!! to Bradford.
S. Newfane* to Newfane.
S. Northfleld to Northfleld.
S. Peacham* to Danville.
S. Poultney to Poultney.
S. Randolph to Randolph.
S. Royalton*!! to Bethel.
S.Ryegate*!!toW'ells River.
Shaftsbury*!! to
North Bennington.
South Strafford* to White
River Junction.
S. Walden* to Hardwick.
South Wallingford*!! to
South Windham* to Chester
S. Woodbury* to Hardwick.
S. Woodstock*toWoodstock
Stamford to North Adams,
Starksboro* to Bristol.
Stockbridge* to Bethel.
Stowe* to Morrisville.
Strafford* to White River
Stratton to Jamaica.
Sudbury* to Orwell

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County


Sunderland!! to Manches­
Sutton* to Lyndonville.
Taftsville*! to Woodstock.
Talcville* to Bethel.
Thetford* to Hanover.N.H.
Thetford Center* to White
River Junction.
Tice to Derby Line.
Tinmouth to Rutland.
Topsham* to Bradford.
Townshend*! to Brattle­
Troy* to Newport.
Tunbridge* to Chelsea.
Tyson* to Ludlow.
Underhill*!! to Essex Junc­
Underhill Center* to Essex
Union Village* to Hanover,
N. H
Vernon*!! to Brattleboro.
Vershire* to Chelsea.
Waits field* to Waterbury.
Waits River* to Bradford.
Walden*!! to Danville.
Wallingford*!! to Rutland.
Wardsboro* to Jamaica.
Warren* to Northfleld.
Washington* to Barre.
Waterbury Center* to Wa­
Waterford* to St. Johns­
Waterville* to Johnson.
Websterville* to Barre.
Wells* to Granville, N. Y.
West Arlington to Man­
chester Center.
W.Barnet*to St. Johnsbury
West Berkshire* to Enosburg Falls.
West Berlin to Northfleld.
W.Brattleboro* to Brattle­
W. Bridgewater* to Woodstock.
W.Burke*!! to Lyndonville
W. CharlestonHo Newport.
W. Corinth* to Chelsea.
W.Cornwall to Middlebury.
W.Danville*!! to Danville.
West Derby to Newport.
W.Dover* to Wilmington.
W.Dummerston* to Brat­
W. Enosburg to Enosburg
West Fairlee to* to Brad­
Westfield* to Newport.
Westford* to Essex Junc­
West Glover* to Barton.
W. Halifax* to Brattleboro.
West Hartford*!! to White
River Junction.
West Lincoln* to Bristol.
Westminster* to Bellows
Westminster Station*! to
Walpole, N. H.
Westminster West* to Bel­
lows Falls.
Westmore to Barton.
West Newbury* to Wells
Weston* to Chester.
West Pawlet*!! to Gran­
ville, N. Y.
W. Rupert* to Salem, N.Y.
West Rutland*!! to Rut­
West Topsham* to Barre.
West Townshend*! to Ja­
West Wardsboro* to JaWest Woodstock* to Woodstock.
Weybridge to Middlebury.
Wheelock* to Lyndonville.
Whiting*!! to Brandon.
Whitingham* to Wilming­
Wilder*!! to White River
Williamstown*!! to Barre.
Williamsville* to Newfane.
Williston*! to Burlington.
Willoughby*!! to Barton.
Windham* to Chester.
Wolcott*!! to Hardwick.
Woodbury* to Hardwick.
Woodford to Bennington.
Worcester* to Montpelier.

Abbott* to Newcastle.
Abilene*!! to Keysville.
Accotink* to Alexandria.
Acorn to Kinsale.
Adams Grove*!to Drewrysville.
Aden to Nokesville.
Adial* to Lovingston.
Adner* to Gloucester.
Adria* to Tazewell.
Adsit*!! to Lawrenceville.
Advance Mills* to Char­
Afton*!! to Waynesboro.
Agnewville* to Occoquan.
Aily to Clintwooa.
Airpoint* to Roanoke
Money Order Office.

Ajax* to Chatham.
Alanthus* to Culpeper
Alberene* to Esmont.
Albin to Winchester.
Alcoma to Dillwyn.
Alden to Colonial Beach.
Aldie* to Leesburg
Alfonso* to Kilmarnock.
Alhambria to Amherst.
Alleghany*+! to Covington.
Alleghany Spring* to
Alleghany Station to Co­
Allens Creek* to Amherst.
Alliance* to Surry.
Allisonia*!! to Draper.
Allmondsville*!! to Glou­
Alloway to Wytheville.
Almagro* to Danville.
Alpha* to Dillwyn.
Alps to Bowling Green.
Alto* to Buena Vista.
Alton*! to South Boston.
Alum Ridge* to Floyd.
Alvarado*! to Abingdon.
Alvis to Brodnax.
Ambar* to Fredericksburg.
Amburg* to Wake.
Amissville* to Warrenton.
Ammon* to Amelia.
Amsterdam* to Troutville.
Andersonville* to Dillwyn.
Andover to Appalachia.
Ankum to Lawrenceville.
Annandale to Alexandria.
Ante* to Emporia.
Apple Grove* to Mineral.
Aqua* to Faiftield.
Arcadia* to Buchanan.
Arcanum* to Dillwyn.
Areola* to Leesburg.
Ark* to Gloucester.
Armel to Winchester.
Aroda to Madison.
Arrington*t to Lovingston.
Artrip* to Cleveland.
Arvonia*! to Ore Bank.
Asberrys* to Tazewell.
Ash burn*!! to Leesburg.
Ashby*! to Front Royal.
Aspen*!! to Phenix.
Assawoman* to Temperanceville.
Atkins*!! to Marion.
Atlantic* to Temperanceville.
Atlee*!! to Richmond.
Atoka to Marshall.
Attoway* to Marion.
Auburn to Warrenton.
Austinville*!! to Ivanhoe.
Avalon* to Heathsville.
Averett* to Clarksville.
Avon* to Waynesboro
Aylor to Madison.

Back Bay*!! to Norfolk.
Bacons Castle* to Smithfield.
Bacova* to Hot Springs.
Baden to Clintwood.
Bagby* to Bowling Green.
Baileys Cross-Roads to
Falls Church.
Ballsville* to Cumberland.
Baity* to Milford.
Banco* to Madison.
Bandy* to Richlands.
Bane* to Pearisburg.
Banner to Coeburn.
Barber* to Covington.
Barbours Creek*!! to New­
Barboursville*!! to Orange
Barcroft to Kosslyn.
Barhamsville* to Williams­
Barnetts* to Richmond
Barren Springs*! to Sylvatus.
Bartonville to Stephens
Basham* to Floyd.
Basic to Waynesboro.
Baskerville*!! to Union
Bastian* to Bland.
Basye* to Mount Jackson.
Batesville* to Crozet.
Batna to Culpeper.
Battery Park*! to Smithfield.
Bayford* to Nassawadox.
Baynesville* to Montross.
Bayview*!! to Cheriton.
Baywood* to Galax.
Beach* to Chester.
Beahm to Luray.
Beales to Montross.
Bealeton*!! to Remington.
Beamon* to Suffolk.
Bear Wallow* to War, W.
Beaverlett to Mathews.
Beazley* to Tappahannock.
Bedford Springs to Lynch­
Bee to Clintwood.
Beldor to Elkton.
Belfast Mills* to Lebanon.
Belgrade to Mt. Jackson.
Belinda* to Hailwood.
Bellamy to Clinchport.
Belle Meade to Front Royal
Bellevue* to Bedford City.
BellfairMills*to Fredericksburg
! Telegraph Station.

Bells Cross Roads* to Lou­
Belmont* to Orange.
Belona* to Powhatan.
Belroi* to Gloucester.
Belspring*!! to Radford.
Belvoir* to Marshall.
Ben to Covington.
Bena* to Gloucester Point.
Benhams*! to Bristol,Tenn.
Benhur! to Pennington
Benns Church* to Smithfield.
Bent Creek*toAppomattox.
Bent Mountain* to Roan­
Bentonville*!! to Front
Berea* to Fredericksburg.
Bergton to Broadway.
Berkley*! to Norfolk.
Bermuda Hundred* to Pe­
Berthaville* to King George.
Berton* to Eggleston.
Bertrand*! to Irvington.
Bestland* to Tappahannock.
Bethel Academy to War­
Beulahville* to Hanover.
Beverleyville* to Reedville..
Big Rock* to Grundy.
Binns Hall* to Richmond.
Birchleaf to Clintwood.
Biscoe* to Aylett.
Blackey* to Grundy.
Blackford*!! to Honaker.
Blackridge to Brodnax.
Blackwater* to Jonesville.
Blackwells* to Reedville.
Blackwood*!! to Norton.
Blairs to Danville.
Blakes* to Mathews.
Blantons* to Milford.
Bloom* to Winchester.
Bloomfield to Round Hill.
BlowingRock to Clintwood.
Bluemont*!! to Round Hill.
Blue Ridge*! to Montvale,.
Blue Spring Run* to Cov­
Bluff City*! to Pearisburg.
Bob White to Stuart.
Bohannon* to Mathews.
Boissevain*! to Pocahontas.
Bolar* to Warm Springs.
Bon Air*! to Richmond.
Bondtown* to Coeburn.
Bonney to Norfolk.
Bonny Blue* to Pennington.
Boonesville* to Charlottes­
Boston* to Culpeper.
Boulevard* to Richmond.
Bowers Hill*! to Ports­
Bowlers Wharf*! to Tappahannock.
Bowmans* to Edinburg.
Boxwood* to Martinsville.
Boyd Tavern* to Char­
Bracey*!! to La Crosse.
Bradshaw to Salem.
Brandy* to Culpeper
Brandywine* to BowlingGreen.
Brays* to Tappahannock.
Breckenridge to Eagle Rock
Bremo Bluff*!! to OreBank
Brentsville to Manassas.
Brewster* to St. Paul.
Brickhaven to Warrenton.
Bridges*! to Glouchester
Bridgetown to Machipongo.
Bridle Creek* to Indepen­
Brierhook to Dillwyn.
Briggs* to Berryville.
Brightwood* to Madison.
Brink* to Emporia.
Bristersburg to Warrenton
Bristow*! to Manassas.
Britain to Purcellville.
Broadcreek to Norfolk.
Broadford* to Saltville.
Broad Run* to The Plains
Broadwater*! to Exmore.
Brockroad* to Fredericks­
Brokenburg* to Fredericks­
Brooke*!! to Fredericks­
Brook Vale to Kilmarnook.
Browns Store* to Heaths­
Browntown* to Front
Brucetown* to Winchester
Bruington* to Walkerton.
Brunswick to LawrencevilleBryant* to Lovingston.
Buckhall to Manassas.
Buckhorn* to Holland.
iBuckingham* to Dillwyn.
Buckland to Warrentown
Buckles to Big Stone Gap.
Buckner*! to Beaverdam.
Buckroe Beach*! to Phoe­
Bucu* to Cleveland.
Buell* to South Norfolk
! Express Office.


Buena* to Rapidan.
Buffalo Lithia Springs*!!
to Clarksville.
Buffalo Ridge* to Stuart.
Buffalo Station* to Am­
Bula* to Columbia.
Bullbegger* to Temper­
ance ville.
Bull Run to Manassas.
Bumpass*! to Beaverdam.
Burdette*!! to Walters.
Burgess Store* to Reed ville.
Burke* to Fairfax
Burkes Garden* to Taze­
Burketown* to Weyers
Burnleys* to Charlottes­
Burnsville* to Warm Spgs.
Burnt Chimneys to Martins
Burr Hill* to Culpeper.
Bushy* to Urbanna.
Butterworth*!! to Dinwid­
Butts to Norfolk.
Butylo* to Urbanna.
Bybee* to Palmyra.
Byllesby* to Ivanhoe.
Caledonia* to Columbia.
Callahan to Covington.
Callands* to Chatham.
Callaville* to Lawrenceville
Callaway* to Ferrum.
Calverton*t to Warrenton.
Camp* to Rural Retreat.
Campbell*! to Charlottes­
Camp Creek* to Floyd.
Cana* to Mount Airy.N.C.
Oannadyt to Haysi.
Canova to Manassas.
Cap* to Hillsville.
Capahosic.* to Gloucester
Cape Henry*t to Norfolk.
Carbo*!! to Cleveland.
Cardinal* to Mathews.
Cardwell* to Goochland.
Caret* to Tappahannock.
Carloover* to Hot Springs.
Carrie to Cleveland.
Carrollton* to Smithfleld.
Carrsville*!! to Franklin.
C. arsonville* to Fries.
Carters Bridge* to Char­
Carters Mills to Mt. Airy,
N. C.
•Cartersville*! to Cumber­
Carterton*!! to Cleveland.
Carthage* to Floyd.
Carysbrook*! to Palmyra.
Casanova* to Warrenton.
Cascade*! to Axton.
Casco to Ashland.
Cash* to Gloucester.
Cassard to Speers Ferry.
Castleton* to Culpeper.
Catawba* to Salem.
Catharpin* to Manassas.
Catlett* to Warrenton.
Cauthornville* to Tappa­
Cave Spring to Roanoke.
Cedar Bluff*!! to Richland.
Cedar Springs* to Rural
Cedarville* to Front Royal.
Cedon* to Bowling Green.
Center Cross* to Tappa­
Centerville to Fairfax.
Centralia*!! to Richmond.
Central Point* to Milford.
Ceres* to Rural Retreat.
Chambersville to Winches­
Champ to McKenny.
Champlain* to Tappahan­
Chance to Port Royal.
Chancellor* to Fredericks­
Chantilly to Fairfax.
Chapel to Narrows.
iCharles City* to Rich­
Chatham Hill* to Marion.
Cheapside to Townsend.
Cherry Hill*!! to Quantico.
Chesapeake* to Cheriton.
Chesconnessex to Onancock
Chesterbrook to Falls
AChesterfleld* to Chester.
Chestnut Grove* to Farmville.
Childress* to Christiansburg.
Chilesburg* to Beaverdam.
Chiltons* to Montross.
Chisford to Montross.
Christ Church to Saluda.
Christie* to Virgilina.
Chuckatuck* to Suffolk.
Chula*! to Amelia.
Ohurchland* to Portsmouth
Church Road*!! to Peters­
Church View* to Urbanna.
Cifax to Bedford City.
Cismont* to Charlottesville
Clam to Parksley.
Clarkton*!! to Houston

Clary to Strasburg.
Claudville* to Stuart.
Clay Bank* to Gloucester.
Clayville* to Amelia C. H.
Clear Brook*! to Winches­
Clear Creek to Norton.
Clell* to Honaker.
Cliffield* to Tazewell.
Cliff Mills to Warrenton.
Clifford* to Amherst.
Cliffview to Galax.
Clifton Station* to Man­
Clinch* to Dungannon.
Clinchfleld*! to Cleveland.
Clinchport*!! to Gate City.
Clopton to Gloucester.
Clover Creek to Monterey.
Cloverdale*!! to Trantville.
Clover Ridge to Gate City.
Cluster Springs to South
Coaldon* to Richlands.
Coan* to Heathsville.
Cobbs Creek* to Mathews.
Cobham*!! to Charlottes­
Cochran*!! to Alberta.
Coffee* to Lynchburg.
Cohassett* to Fork Union.
Cohoke* to Westpoint.
Coke* to Gloucester Point.
Coldwater to Westpoint.
Cole* to Chilhowie.
Colemans Falls* to Big
Coles Point to Hague.
Colley to Haysi.
Collierstown* to Lexington.
Cologne* to Westpoint.
Colosse to Windsor.
Columbia*!! to Palmyra.
Columbia Furnace* to Ed­
Colvin Run to Vienna.
Comers Rock* to Elk Creek
Comet to Smithfleld.
Comorn* to King George.
Compton* to Luray
Concord Depot* to Lynch­
Concord Wharf!! to Exmore.
Conde* to Warrenton.
Conicville* to Edinburg.
Contra* to Walkerton.
Cooper* to Remlick.
Cootes Store* to Broadway.
Copper Hill* to Check.
Copper Valley to Radford.
Corbin* to Fredericksburg.
Cordova to Culpeper
Corn Valley to Honaker.
Cornwall* to Lexington.
Coulwood* to Cleveland.
Council* to Honaker.
Cove Creek* to Graham.
Covesville*! to Charlotteville.
Cowart* to Heathsville.
Craddockville* to
HavenCraig Healing Springs* to
Crandon* to Mechanicsburg.
Creeds to Norfolk.
Cresthlll* to Marshall.
Crickett Hill to Mathews.
Criders* to Broadway.
Criglersville* to Madison.
Crimora*!! to Waynesboro.
Cripple Creek*! to Speed­
Crittenden* to Newport
Crofton* to Palmyra.
Cromwell to Warrenton.
Cropp* to Fredericksburg.
Cross Junction* to Winches­
Cross Keys to Harrison­
Crouch* to Walkerton.
Crozet*!! to Charlottesville
Crystal Hill* to Halifax.
Cuckoo* to Mineral.
Cullen*!! to Drakes Branch
Cumnor* to Walkerton.
Curdsville* to Farmville.
Cypress Chapel* to Suffolk.
Dabneys* to Louisa.
Dahlgren to King George.
Dale Enterprise* to Harri­
Daleville* to Troutville.
Dandy to Yorktown.
Daniel* to Orange.
Danieltown* to Alberta.
Danripple to South Boston.
Daphna* to Broadway.
Dare* to Yorktown.
Pamplin City.
Darwin* to Clintwood.
Daugherty* to Onley.
Davenport* to Honaker.
David to Nokesville.
Davis Wharf* to Painter.
Dawn* to Bowling Green.
Dawsonville* to Stanardsville.
Dayton to Harrisonburg.
Deal to Petersburg.
Deep Creek to Portsmouth.
Deerfield* to Staunton.
Dehaven to Winchester.
DeJarnette to Milford.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

k County


Dejaplane*! to Marshall.
Delos* to Bowling Green.
Del Ray* to Alexandria.
Deltaville* to Wake.
Delton* to Draper.
ADenbigh*toN ewportN ews.
Denniston* to South Boston
Desha* to Tappahannock.
Deskins* to Grundy.
Detrick to Woodstock.
Dewitt*t t!> Dinwiddie.
Diana Mills* to Ore Bank.
Diascond*! to Toano.
Diggs* to Mathews.
Dilbeck* to Woodstpck.
Dillons Mills* to Boone
Dltchley to Kilmarnock.
Dixie to Mathews.
Dpdlyt to Heathsville.
Dodson* to Ferrum.
Doe Hill*! to Monterey.
Dogue* to King George.
Dolphin*!! to Alberta.
Don* to Orange.
Dona to Clinchport.
Dooley* to Norton.
Dooms* to Waynesboro.
Doran*! to Richland.
Dorchester* to Norton.
Downings* to Warsaw.
Dragon ville* to Westpoint.
Dranesville to Herndon.
Drenn to Galax.
Drewrys Bluff*!! to Rich­
Drill* to Honaker.
Driver*!! to Portsmouth.
Dry Fork* to Chatham.
Duane* to Doswell.
Ducat* to Colonial Beach.
Dudie to Warrenton.
Duet* to Madison.
Duffield*!! to Chinchport.
Dugspur* to Hillsville.
Dumbarton* to Richmond.
Dumfries* to Occoquan.
Dunavant* to Fredericks­
Dunbar*! to Norton.
Dunbrooke* to Tappahan­
Dundas*!! to Alberta.
Dunn Loring*! to Fairfax.
Dunnsville* to Tappahan­
Dutton* to Gloucester.
Duty to Cleveland.
Dwale* to Clintwood.
Dwight to Grundy.
Dye to Honaker.
Dyke* to Stanardsville.
Earlhurst* to Covington.
Earls to Blackstone.
Early to Hillsville.
Earlysville* to Charlottes­
East Falls Church* to Falls
East Leake* to Cartersville.
East Lexington*! to Lex­
East Stone Gap* to Big
Stone Gap.
Eastville Station*!! toEastville.
Ebony* to Brodnax.
Eckington* to Culpeper.
Eclipse* to Newport News.
Edgar* to Bowling Green.
Edgehill* to Colonial Beach
Edgerton*! to Lawrence­
Edom* to Harrisonburg.
Edwardsville* to Heaths­
Eggbornsville to Culpeper.
Eheart* to Orange.
Elainsville* to Stuart.
Elberon* to Dendron.
Elevon to Bowling Green.
Elk Garden* to Honaker.
Elk Hill*!! to Columbia.
Elko*!! to Richmond.
Elkwood* to Culpeper.
Ellard to Greenville.
Ellerson* to Richmond.
Ellet!! to Chnstiansburg.
Elliston*!! to Salem.
Elly* to Madison.
Elmington* to Lovingston.
Elmont* to Ashland.
Elsom to Westpoint.
Elway to Honaker.
Elwood* to Holland.
Emmerton* to Warsaw.
Emory*! to Meadowview.
Endicott* to Ferrum.
Enfield* to Hanover.
Epworth* to Hanover.
Era* to Ford.
Erica*! to Hague.
Esserville* to Norton.
Estes to Culpeper.
Ethel* to Warsaw.
EtlaD* to Madison.
Etna Mills* to Hanover.
Etta to Bowling Green.
Ettricks*! to Petersburg.
Evergreen*!! to Appomat­
EvergreenMillsto Leesburg.
Evington* to Lynchburg.
Exit to Suffolk.
Faber* to Lovingston.
Fairfax Station* to Fairfax.
Fair Port* to Reedville.____
Money Order Office.


Goodwins Ferry*! to Eggle­
Goshen*!! to Lexington.
Goshen Bridge to Lexing­
Graden* to Norton.
Grafton* to Yorktown.
Graham to Bluefleld.
Orangeville to Keller.
Granite Springs*f to
Grant* to Troutdale.
Grape to Parksley.
Grapefield to Bland.
Grassland* to Orange.
Gratton* to TazeweP
Graves Mill* to Wolftown.
Gray* to Jarratt.
Great Bridge to Norfolk.
Great Falls to Herndon.
Greenbackville* to Stockton, Md.
Greenbay*! to Meherrin.
Greenbush*!! to Accomac.
Green Cove*! to Chilhowie.
Greendale* to Abingdon.
Greenfield* to Waynesboro,
ween Lee*!! to Glasgow.
Green Spring Depot* to
Greenwich to Manassas.
Greenwood*!! to Crozet.
Gressitt* to Westpoint.
Griffinsburg* to Culpeper.
Grimes* to Winchester.
Grimstead* to Mathews.
Grinels* to Urbanna.
Groseclose*!! to Rural Re­
Grotons* to Temperanceville.
Grove*! to Williamsburg.
Grove Hill* to Shenandoah.
Forksville* to South Hill.
Guilford* to Bloxom.
Formosa* to Drakes Branch.
Guinea*!! to BowlingGreeu
Forshee to West Point.
Guinea Mills* to Cumber­
Fort Blackmore*!! to Dunland.
Gulvy* to Colonial Beach.
Fort Defiance*! to Staun­
Gum Fork* to Gloucester.
Fort Humphreys*! to Alex- i Gum Springs* to Gooch­
Gum Tree to Doswell.
Fort Mitchell* to Chase
Gwynn* to Mathews.
Fort Myer*! to Rosslyn.
AFort Myer Heights to
Hacksneck* to Keller.
Haddenfield to Wise.
Fortress Monroe*! to Phoe­
Hadensville* to Columbia.
Hadlock* to Exmore.
Foster* to Mathews.
Hagan*! to Rose Hill.
Fosters Falls*!! to Ivanhoe.
Halfway to Warrenton.
Fox* to Independence.
Hallieford* to Mathews.
Foxwells* to White Stone.
Hallsboro* to Richmond.
Franconia!! to Alexandria.
Halls Hill to Falls Church.
Franklin City*!! to StockHamburg to Edinburg.
ton, Md.
Hampden Sidney* to Farm­
Franktown* to N assawaville.
Handsom*! to Newsoms.
Fredericks Hall*!! to Min­
Hanger to Grundy.
Hansonville* to Lebanon.
Freeling* to Clintwood.
Happy Creek* to Front
Freeman* to Lawrenceville.
Freeport to Gloucester.
Harborton* to Onley.
Free Union* to Charlottes­
Harcum to Gloucester
Hardesty* to Front Royal.
Fremont*!! to Clintwood.
Hardings to Kilmarnock.
Friendship! to Damacus.
Hardware*!! to Scottsville.
Fugates Hill* to Lebanon.
Hardy* to Roanoke.
Fulks Run* to Broadway.
Hardyville to Wake.
Furnace* to Elkton.
Hare Valley to Exmore.
Fusee* to Clinchport.
Harless* to Christiansburg
Harman* to Richlands.
Harmony* to South Boston
Harmony Village* to Ur­
Gainesboro* to Winchester.
Gainesville* to Manassas.
Harpersvllle* to Newport
Gala*!! to Eagle Rock.
Gaits Mills*! to Lynchburg.
Harris Grove to Yorktown.
Gargatha to Bloxom.
Harriston*! to Grottoes.
Garrett* to Dillwyn.
Harry Hogan to Callao.
Garrisonville* to Fredericks­
Hartfield* to Urbanna.
Harts to Montross.
Gary* to Kenbridge.
Hartwood* to Fredericks­
Gasburg* to Emporia.
Gaylord* to Berryville.
Hatton*! to Scottsville.
Geer* to Charlottesville.
Havelock to Warsaw.
Genoa to Broadway.
Hawkinstown to Mt. JackGeorges Fork to Clintwood.
Gera* to King George.
Hawlin* to Culpeper.
Gether* to Bowling Green.
Hayes Store* to Gloucester
Gholsonville*! to Lawrence­
Hayfleld* to Gore.
Gibsons Station* to Cum­
Haymakertown* to Finberland Gap.
Gilmerton* to Portsmouth.
Haynesville* to Callao.
Gladehill*!! to Rocky
Haywood* to Madison.
Hazel* to St. Paul.
Head Waters* to Staunton.
Gladys*!! to Rustburg.
Healing Springs* to Hot
Glamorgan* to Wise.
Glass to Gloucester Point.
Healys to Saluda.
Heards* to Crozet.
Glenallen*!! to Richmond
Glencarlyn*toFalls Church. | Hebron* to Blackstone.
Glendies to Stafford.
I Heflin to Fredericks!.urg.
Glenford* to Abingdon.
Helmet to Tappahannock.
Glenita to Clinchport.
Hemp to Fredericksburg.
Glen Lyn*!l to Narrows.
Henry*!! to Bassetts.
Hepners* to Mt. Jackson
Glenmore* to Scottsville.
Herald* to Coeburn.
Glenns* to Saluda.
Herbert to Norfolk.
Glenora to Mineral.
Hewlett*!! to Beaverdam.
Glenvar*! to Salem.
Hickory* to Norfolk.
Hickorygrove to Manassas.
Glen Wilton*!! to Clifton
Hicks Wharf* to Mathews.
Globe* to Aylett.
Golansville* to Milford
Goldleaf* to Warrenton,
Hightown* to Monterey.
Hill to Clinchport.
N. C.
Gonyon to Reedville.
Hillsboro* to Purcellville.
Goodes!! to Bedf >i d City.
Hiltons*! to Gate City.
HiltonVillage*! to Newport
Goodloes* to Fredericks­
Hinnom to Montross.
Goods Mills to Harrison­
| Hinton* to Harrisonburg.
Goodview*!! to Roanoke.
Hiwasse* to Draper. ____

Fairview* to Clinchport.
Falls Milt !! to Graham.
Falmouth* to Fredericks­
Fancy Cap* to Hillsville.
Farmers Fork* to Sharps.
Farnham* to Sharps.
Farrington* to Ashland.
Fentress*!! to Norfolk.
Fern Cliff to Louisa.
Ferrell* to. Colonial Beach.
Fife* to Columbia.
Figsboro* to Martinsville.
File* to Bowling Green.
Finchley* to Clarksville.
Finchville to Fredericks­
Finecreek Mills* to Pow­
Finneywood* to Chase City.
Fishers Hill* to Strasburg.
Fishersville*!! to Staunton.
Fitchetts to Mathews.
Fitzhugh* to Lawrenceville.
Flat Gap* to Norton.
Flatridge* to Troutdale.
Flatrun to Culpeper.
Flatwoods to Coeburn.
Fleeton* to Reedville.
Fletcher* to Standardsville.
Floris to Leesburg.
Folly to Reedville.
Foneswood* to Montross.
Foraker* to Clintwood.
Ford*!! to Dinwiddie.
Fordwick*!! to Craigsville.
Forest * to Lynchburg.
Forestville* to Mount Jackson.
Fork Ridge! to Richlands.
Forks of Buffalo to Am-

f Telegraph Station.

! Express Office.



Hoadly* to Occoquan.
Hobson* to Suffolk.
Hockley to West point.
Hodges Ferry*t to Ports­
Hoges Store* to Pembroke.
Holcombs Rock*!! to
Holdcroft* to Williamsburg
Holladay* to Sulphur Mines
Hollins*!! to Roanoke
Holly Corner to Fredericks­
Holston* to Abingdon
Homeville*t to Waverly.
Honeycamp to Clintwood.
Hood* to Wolftown.
Hooes* to King George.
Hopeful* to Beaverdam.
Hopeton* to Parksley.
Hopkins* to Parksley.
Horners to Montross.
Hornsbyville to Yorktown.
Horntown* to New Church.
Horse Head to Heath svilleti,
Horsepen* to Tazewell
Horsey* to Temperanceville.
Hortons Summit* to Gate
Houchins to Cambria.
Howardsville*!! to Scottsville.
Howertons* to Tappahan­
Hourson to Fredericksburg.
Hubbard Springs*tt
Huddleston*!! to Altavista.
Hudgins* to Mathews.
Hudson Mill to Culpeper.
Hugh to Jenkins, Ky.
Hume* to Marshall.
Hunter Hall to Rocky
Huntly* to Front Royal.
Hupp to Timberville,
Hurley* to Grundy.
Hurt* to Gretna.
Hustle to Tappahannock.
Hyacinth to Callao.
Hylas* to Ashland.
Hyters Gap to Glade
Iberis to Kilmarnock.
Ibex to Clintwood.
Ideal* to Milford.
Igo* to Fredericksburg.
Ilda to Fairfax.
Imboden*!! to Big Stone
Independent Hill to Manas­
Index* to Colonial Beach.
Indian*t to Rlchlands.
Indian Neck* to Tappahan­
Indian Rock*!! to Bucha­
Indian Valley* to Willis, I
Inez to Louisa.
Ingram* to South Boston.
Ino* to Tappahannock.
Interior* to Pearisburg.
Ira* to Grundy.
Iraville* to Bowling Green.
Irish Creek* to Fairfield.
Iron Gate*!! to Clifton
Ironto*t to Shawsville.
Irwin*!! to Goochland.
Islandford*!! to Klkton.
Aisle of Wight* to Smithfield.
Ivanhoe*!! to Hillsville.
Ivondale to Sharps.
Ivy Depot to Charlottes­
Jahile to Cleveland.
Jamaica* to Urbanna.
James Store* to Gloucester.
Jamesville* to Exmore.
Jane* to Clintwood.
Jarratt*tt to Emporia.
Java* to Chatham.
Jefferson to Richmond.
Jeffersonton* to Remington
Jeffress* to Clarksville.
Jeffs* to Odd.
Jenkins Bridge* to Temperanceville.
Jennings Ordinary* to
Jerome* to F.dinburg.
Jeters ville*!! to Amelia
C. H.
Jewell Ridge* to Richlands.
John to Cleveland.
JohnsonsMill to Appalachia.
Johnstown* to Machipongo
Jones Store to Fredericks­
Joplin* to Manassas.
Joyner*!! to Capron.
Justisville* to Parksley.
Ka* to Dungannon.
Kayan to Reedville.
Keeling* to Danville.
Keene* to Charlottesville
Keezletown*!! to Harrisonburg.

Kelsa* to Grundy.
Kempsvilie to Norfolk.
Kendall Grove to Eastville.
Kennard to Warsaw.
Kents Store* to Columbia.
Kentuck to Danville.
Keokee* to Appalachia.
Kerns* to Pearisburg.
Kernstown*! to Winchester
Kerrs Creek* to Lexington.
Keswick*!! to Charlottes­
Kibler to Stuart.
Kidds Fork* to Bowling
Kimball* to Luray.
Kimballton* to Pearisburg.
Kimberling to Narrows.
Kinderbook* to Stanardsville.
AKing and Queen* to Westpoint.
Kingsford to La Crosse.
AKing William* to Walkerton
Kino to Tappahannock.
Kire to Pearisburg.
Konnarock*tt to Damascus
Kopp* to Manassas.
Kremlin to Warsaw.

Laban* to Mathews.
Lacey Spring* to Harrison­
Lackey to Yorktown.
Lady* to Gloucester.
Ladysmith to Milford.
Co.) to Shawsville.
La Fayette (Orange Co.) to
La Grange* to Culpeper.
Lahore* to Orange.
Lake to Heathsville.
Lakota* to Remington.
Lambsburg* to Hillsville.
ALancaster *to Kilmarnock.
Lance to Fredericksburg.
Lanesville to Westpoint.
Laneview* to Urbanna.
Lanexa*! to Richmond.
Lantz Mills* to Edinburg.
Lara to Heathsville.
Lantes to Montross
Lauraville to Milford
Laurel Fork*t to Hillsville.
Lawyers* to Lynchburg.
Leaksville to Luray.
Leatherwood* to Martins­
Lebanon Church* to Strasburg.
Leek to Coeburn.
Leda to Houston.
Lee*! to Goochland.
Leedstown to Colonial
LeehMll*+t to Yorktown.
Lee Master to Grundy.
Lee Mont* to Parksley.
Leesville*t to Altavista.
Lenah to Leesburg.
Lennig*! to Houston
Leon to Culpeper.
Leona Mines* to Penning­
ton Gap.
Lerty to Montross.
Lester Manor*t to Westpoint.
Level Run* to Gretna.
Lewinsville to Falls Church
Lewisetta* to Callao.
Lewiston to Fredericksburg
Lick Run* to Clifton Forge.
Lightfoot*! to Williams­
Lignum* to Culpeper.
Lilburn* to Powhatan.
Lillian* to Reedville.
Lilly to Harrisonburg.
Limeton*! to Front Royal.
Lincoln* to Purcellville.
Lincolnia to Alexandria.
Lindell to Meadowview.
Linden*f to Front Royal.
Lindsay*tJ to Charlottes­
Linville to Harrisonburg.
Lipps to Norton.
Lipscomb* to Waynesboro.
Lithia*!! to Buchanan.
Little Plymouth* to Westpoint.
Littleton* to Waverly.
Litton to Honaker.
Litwalton* to Lively.
Lloyds*! to Tappahannock
Locklies* to Urbanna.
Locust Dale* to Rapidan.
Locustgrove* to Orange.
Locust Hill* to Saluda.
Locustville* to Onley.
Lodge* to Heathville.
Lodi* to Meadowview.
Lofton* to Greenville.
Lois* to Warrenton.
Londonbridge* to Norfolk.
Loneash* to Pulaski.
Lone Fountain* to Staun­
Loneoak* to Martinsville.
Long Dale*! to Clifton
Long Fork to Grundy.
Long Island*!! to Brookneal.
Long Shoal* to Draper.
Long Spur* to Pulaski.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County Seat.

Loretto* to Tappahannock.
Lome* to Bowling Green.
Lorton*! to Alexandria.
Lottsburg* to Heathsville.
Love to Waynesboro.
Lovettsville* to Brunswick.
Lowesville* to AmhftrRt
Lowland (Wise Co.) to
Dungannon. •
Lowmoor*!! to Clifton
Lowry*!! to Bedford City.
Lucketts* to Leesburg.
ALunenburg* to Victoria.
Lurich*!! to Narrows.
Lydia* to Stanardsville.
Lyells* to Warsaw.
Lynch Station*! to Alta­
.Lyndhurst*!! to Waynes­
Lynnhaven*! to Norfolk.
Lynnwood* to Grottoes
Lyons* to Clintwood.

Mabe* to Clinchport.
Maconie* to Mt. Jackson.
Maces Spring to Gate City.
Machodoc* to Hague.
Macon* to Powhatan.
Madison Mills* to Orange.
Madison Run*! to Orange.
Madisonville* to Pamplin.
Maggie* to Newcastle.
Magnet* to Smithfleld.
Magnolia* to Suffolk.
Magotha* to Townsend.
Magruder to Williamsburg.
Maidens*!! to Goochland.
Major* to Troutdale.
Makemie Park*!! to Tem­
Mallow* to Covington.
Manakin* to Richmond.
Mangohick* to Hanover.
Mannboro* to Blacks tone.
Manquin* to Hanover.
Manry* to Wakefield.
Manteo*! to Dillwyn.
Maplegrove* to Colonial
Mappsburg* to Painter.
Mappsville* to Hailwood
March to Stanardsville.
Marengo* to La Crosse.
Margo* to Fredericksburg.
Markham*! to Marshall.
Marlboro* to Middletown
Martha Gap to Haysi.
Marvin* to Richlands.
Marye to Fredericksburg.
Mascot to Urbanna.
Mason to Emporia.
Massaponax* to Fredericks
Matoaca*! to Petersburg.
Mattoax*! to Amelia.
Mauzy to Broadway.
Max* to Galax.
Maxie to Grundy.
Maxwell* to Tazewell.
Maybury to Stuart.
May brook* to Newport.
Mayland to Broadway.
Mayo to South Boston.
McClung* to Warm Spgs.
McClure to Clintwood.
McCoy* to Radford.
McDowell* to Monterey.
McDufl* to Milford.
McHenry* to Fredericks­
Mclvor to Monroe.
McLean* to Falls Church.
McMullen* to Stanardsville
Meadow* to Richmond.
Meadow Mills* to Middletown.
Meadows of Dan* to Stuart
Meadville* to Houston.
Mears*!! to Bloxom.
Mearsville to Bloxom.
Mechum River*!! to Crozet
Meetze* to Warrenton.
Melita* to Ore Bank.
Meltons*! to Gordonsville.
Mench ville* to Newport

Michaux* to Goochland.
Middlebrook* to Staunton
Midland* to Warrenton.
Midlothian*! to Richmond.
Midvale*!! to Fairfield.
Midway Mills* to Scottsville.
Mila* to Reedville.
Miles Store to Mathews.
Millard* to Clintwood.
Millboro Spring* to Millboro.
Milldale to Front Royal.
Millenbeck* to Irvington.
Millers Tavern* to Tappa­
Miller Yard! to Dungannon
Millies to Fredericksburg.
Millwood* to Berry ville.
Mine Run* to Orange.
Minnieville* to Occoquan
Minor* to Walkerton.
Mint Spring*! to Staunton.
Miskimon* to Heathsville.
Mission Home* to Charlotteville.
Mitchells* to Culpeper.
Mobjack* to Mathews.
Modest Town* to Bloxom.
Moffats Creek* to Raphine.
Mohemenco to Powhatan.
Molusk* to Lively.
Monarat* to Galax.
Monaskon to Lively.
Moneta*!! to Roanoke.
Monroe Hall* to Colonial
Monrovia* to Orange.
Montague* to Tappahan­
Montebello* to Amherst
Montevideo to Harrison­
Montezuma to Dayton.
Montpelier Station* to
Montvale*!! to Bedford.
Moon* to Mathews.
Moores Store* to Mt. Jackson.
Moormans River* to Crozet
Morattico* to Lively.
Morrison*!! to Newport
Morrisville* to Culpeper.
Moseley*! to Powhatan.
Moss Neck* to Fredericks­
Motorun* to Mathews.
Mount to Fredericksburg.
Mountain Falls* to Ste­
phens City.
Mountain Grove* to Warm
Mountain Lake* to Pem­
Mount Airy* to Gretna.
MountcastleHo Richmond.
Mt. Clifton to Mt.Jackson.
Mount Clinton to Harrison­
Mt. Crawford*! to Harri­
Mount Gilead to Leesburg.
Mount Heron to Grundy.
Mount Holly* to Montross.
Mt. Landing* to Tappa­
Mt. Pleasant to Fredericks­
Mount Vernon on the Poto­
mac to Alexandria.
Mountville* to Purcellville.
Mt. Williams* to WinchesMouth of Wilson* toTrout
Mulch to Callao.
M unden*!! to Norfolk.
Mundy Point* to Kinsale.
Murat* to Lexington.
Murphy to Haysi.
Museville to Chatham.
Mustoe to Monterey.
Myrtle* to Windsor.

Nace*!! to Troutville.
Nahor to Palmyra.
Nain* to Winchester.
Nandua* to Painter.
Naola to Big Island.
Naruna*! to Brookneal.
Nasbie* to Coeburn.
Nash* to Lovingston.
Nasons* to Orange.
Nathalie*!! to Halifax.
National Soldiers Home*
to Hampton.

Merchant to Lawrenceville.
Meredith ville* to Law­
Merrifleld* to Fairfax.