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A ssista n t C ashiers D esig n a ted b y a *
A ab erg O laf, St. H ilaire, M in n .
•A a fe d t H e n ry , F o rd v ille, N . D .
A aly A. Y ., R au b , N . D .
•A a m o d t O. K ., S e a ttle , W ash.
• A a m o t A. J ., H o ffm an , M in n .
A a m o th H . C., V alley C ity, N . D.
A arn es O. A ., H o u g h to n , S. D .
*A a ro n Irv in . B risto l, T en n .
•A a s O. G., Ish p em in g , M ich.
•A a seth L . N ., G ayvllle, S. D.
A b b e tt W . G., G eorgetow n, K y .
A bbey E . C. J r ., G rover, Colo.
A b b o t A. B „ F a y e tte v ille . W . Va.
A b b o tt A. M ., T ecu m seh . O kla.
♦ A b b o tt B. F ., E ag le B end, M inn.
A b b o tt, O. O., M artin sv ille, In d .
A b b o tt E d w in K ., N o rth a m p to n ,
M ass.
• A b b o tt E . L ., C olum bus, O.
A b b o tt George A .,M uskegon,M ich.
•A b b o t, G. G .. B abylon, N . Y .
• A b b o tt H a rry A ., G ra fto n , W .V a.
• A b b o tt H . E ., E lm o re, M in n .
A b b o tt H . F ., T y n d a ll, S. D .
A b b o tt, H . S., O n tario , C al.
• A b b o tt J . S., Y u m a, Ariz.
• A b b o tt L. C .. L an sin g , M ich .
A b b o tt Sam upl, L a G range, N . O.
•A b eel V. W ., L an e, S. D .
A begg F ra n k , A lliance, N eb .
•A hegg K a te, B lak esb u rg , la .
A begg W alter, B lak esb u rg , la .
A begg W m „ K lrkvfile. Ia .
A bel A . E ., R o o sev elt, M in n .'
A bel A. G ., B an g o r, P a.
♦A bell B, K .. L e o n a rd to w n , M d.
A bell C. T ., O k lah o m a C ity , O kla.
A bel H . L ., W ay n e sb u rg .P a.
•A bels B. B ., H ic k m a n . N eb.
•A bercro m b ie C lara, S u lp h u r
. Springs, A rk.
A bercrom bie L. L .t T u lare, Cal.
•A b e rle F . E ., W o o d w o rth , N . D .
A berle G eo., Z eeland, N . D .
A b e rn a th y C arl, C o p p erh ill, T e n n .
• A b e rn a th y G eòrgie,
P ro sp e c t
S ta tio n , T e n n .
A b e rn a th y I. W ., N a y lo r, M o.
•A b e rn a th y J . A ., B o n h am , T ex .
• A b e rn a th y J a s . F ., G reen C astle,
M o.
A b e rn a th y J . H ., A ndrew s, N . C .
A b e rn a th y T . S., K a n sa s C ity ,
M o.
A b e rn a th y W . L ., P u la sk i, T en n .
•A b e rn a th y W . L . J r ., P u la sk i,
T enn.
•A b e rn e th y C. F .. C ircleville, O.
• A b e rn e th y E . H ., D e n v e r, N . C.
A b e rn e th y J. E ., K ing C ity , C al.
A bney F . S., B row n w ood, Tex.
A bney J . P ., G reenw ood, S. C.
• A b o tt O rra M ., O n ta rio , W is.
•A b ra h a m A. A ., O shkosh, W is.
A b ra h a m A . L ., W a tso n , 111.
• A b ra h a m P a u l, G a sto n , O re.
A b rah am so n L ero y , N ew A u b u rn ,
W is.
A b rah am so n R . L ., H ill C ity,
M inn.
•A b rah a m so n W . B .. Loom is, N eb.
•A b ram s A ., T allad eg a, A la.
♦A bram s R o y M ., G reen castle.
In d .
A b rig h t P . J ., M cC om b, M iss.
A b sh ier A . W ., L ib e rty , Tex.
A bshier T . I., F a y e tte v ille , A rk.
A ccola Jf L . P ., P ra irie d u Sac,
W is.
A chenbach. F . C., T a y lo r ville, 111.
•A cheson I. R ., H o o d R iv er, O re.
A chten F . P ., W etm o re, K an .
•A c h te n M rs, F . P ., W etm o re ,
K an.
A cker Jo h n C., B erw yn, P a.
A cker H . W .. P o r t W ash in g to n , O.
A ckerly C. A ., C uba, N . Y.
A ckerm an A. F ., P le a s a n t D ale,
N eb.
A ckerm an Geo. R ., S w an to n , O.
•A ck erm an G. M ., A in sw o rth ,N eb .
A ckerm an W m . A ., M t. V ernon,O .
A ckerm an n A . F .. N ew B ad en ,
A ckerm an n M . L ., E lk to n , M ich .
•A ckerso n C., K e y p o rt, N . J .
Ackley P . O ., O ttu m w a , Ia .
•A cks Ita le n e , D ah lg ren , 111.
Acks W m ., D ah lg ren , 111.
Acly O. R ., M ad iso n , W is.
Aeree C . W ., B ig R ock, T e n n .
•A eriteli! Jo se p h , B row n S ta tio n ,
N. Y.
' *Acton I. R ., Lovell, O kla.
A cton N.*A., Po n ca, O kla.
Acuii J . F .. M t. P le a sa n t, T e n n .
•A dair E . G ,, L ex in g to n , V a.
A dair E. T ., D a lh art, T ex.
•A dair G . H ., H a tfie ld , M o.
•A dair J o h n D ., P h ilad e lp h ia , P a .
Adair, R. L. H u n tsv ille , Ala.
•A dair R . WV, T oledo. Ia .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A d am C. J ., G u tte n b e rg , la .
A dam H e n ry J ., P o r t W ash in g ­
to n , W is.
A dam J . S „ D u n lap . K an .
•A d a m R . E ., D u n la p , K an .
•A d a m R . R ., W h ite C ity , K a n .
A dam T . B ., S a n ta M aria, Cal.
A d am ietz I. E ., B an d e ra , T ex.
A dam s A ., M o n ro v ia, C al.
•A d a m s A. C ., B altim o re , M d .
•A d a m s A lb e rt E ., C h am b ers,N eb .

•A d a m so n K . C ., M y stic , Ia .
A d am so n Z. H a p ev ille, G a.
A d a y A. O ., S hirley, A rk.
•A dcock H . J ., D a v e n p o rt, N e b .
•A dcock M a u d , H iw asse, A rk.
A dcock W m ., G reenw ood, In d .
•A d d a m s H . H ., H otch k iss, Colo.
•A d d e rto n Jam e s. L exin g to n .N .C .
•A d d ie L illian M ., A lta V ista, K an .
♦A ddington M . V ., M t. M o rris,
M ich.

A dam s A. J ., W yom ing, 111.
A d am s A lp h a, O x n ard , C al.
•A d a m s B . O., G ren ad a, M iss.
A dam s C. B., M onroe, N . C.
•A d a m s C. B ., D e lta , Colo.
•A d a m s C. C ., A u stin , M in n .
•A d a m s C. C.. C arro llto w n , P a .
A dam s C. G ., L o y a lto n , S. D .
•A d a m s C . H ., L a P lace, 111.
•A d a m s C . R .. C ap ac, M ich .
A d am s E ., R o sendale, M o.
A dam s E . A ., W allace, S. D.
A d am s E d w ard . C ham bers. N eb.
A dam s E . F ., C hicago, 111.
•A d a m s E . F .. G len E lly n , 111.
A d am s E . J ., P le a sa n t H ope, Mo.
A dam s E lm er. F a rm e rs B ran ch ,
•A d a m s E . M ., D e lav a n , W is.
•A d a m s E . K ., S abinal, T ex.
•A d a m s E . R .. SU verton, Ore.
•A d a m s F . A ., G alv a, 111A d am s F ra n k lin A ., M aplehlll.
K an .

A ddison A . H „ P eo ria, III.
A ddison W . A ., F o n ta n e lle , la .
A ddison W . M .. R ich m o n d . V a .
A d d ito n H . L., M anchester, N . H .
♦A ddy C. D ., C om o, Tex.
A d d y E . C .. B aldw in, G a.
•A d e T illie M ., Joplin,¿.M o.
•A d e lb e rg F . J ., G u tte n b e rg , N .J.

•A d a m s F red , L a n c a ste r, S. C.
A d am s F . W ., B an g o r, Me.
A d am s F . W ., F airv iew , M o n t.
•A d a m s G a y lo rd , H o q u ia m , W ash.
A dam s G. A ., F ra n k lin , Ga.
A d am s G . D ., L em o y n e, N eb.
A d am s Geo. E ., L eb an o n , In d .
A d am s Geo. H ., P le a sa n tv llle .N .J.
•A d a m s G a ry K ., L ockw ood, M o.
•A d a m s G. W ., G reensburg, In d .
A d am s H a rry , B ronson, Ia .
•A d a m s H . B ., P o rtsm o u th , O.
A d am s H e n ry G ., M arlb o ro ,M a ss.
•A d a m s H o w ard , M ap leh ill, K an .
A dam s H o w ard , P ery o p o lis, P a .
A d am s Irv in g , L in d en , A la.
•A d a m s Isab elle, U tica, O.
A d am s J . D ., G a rd e n a, C al.
•A d a m s J . E ., C ed ar H ill, T en n .
•A d a m s J . J ., G alen a, O.
•A d a m s J . J ., L a u re n s, S. C.
A d am s J . K ., P e tty , Tex.
A dam s J . M., L ockw ood, Mo.
•A d am s J . M a rtin , M a rtin , T e n n .
A d am s J . N ., A ltu s. A rk.
•A d a m s J . P ., H u m e, Mo.
•A d a m s J . P .. M onroe, Ga.
A dam s J. Q ., D a lark , A rk.
•A d a m s J . R .. Selm er, T en n .
•A d a m s J . S., G re tn a , Va.
A d am s K a rl R ., A lm a, M ich .
A d am s K . R ., B lackw ell, M o.
•A d a m s L . C., D a rd a n elle, A rk .
A d a m s L. H „ L a G range, Ga.
•A d a m s L o ra, N ess C ity , K a n .
•A d am s M . A ., L em o y n e, N e b .
A d am s M. C., C ulleoka, T enn.
A dam s, M . O. A lexander, N . D .

•A e c h te rn a c h t, H . D ., M a rsh a ,
•A ex P a u l B ., R ochester, N . Y .

•A delsich J o h n , Iro n to n , M in n .
•A d elm an J . H ., L y n d o ra, P a .
•A d en C. B ., P a ris, T en n .
A den J . F ., P aris. T en n .
A dkins E u sta c e, C eredo, W . V a.
•A d k in s G . F ., B erlin, M d .
A dkins H . D . L ., E lk h o m , W is.
•A d k in s J . B ., H o w ard , S. D .
A d k in s O. H ., Stephens, G a.
•A d k in s R ., B em en t, 111.
•A dkisson J . T ., Je w itt, Tex.
A dler L . O., P reb le , In d .
A d ria n L. E ., T re n t, T ex.
•A d ria n ce F lorence, O ostb u rg ,
W is.

•A g a th e r A lfons, K alispell. M o.
A gee W . P ., H ope, A rk.
A gler D . W ., C olum bus, O.
A gler M . M ., O hio C ity , O.
•A gnew O. L ., R o ck Springs, W yo.
A gnew G eo. A ., C e n tra l C ity ,
N eb .
A gnew J . P ., Crewe, V a.
•A g o p ian A ., B rookshire, Tex.
•A gotness N e lv in , M ed in o c k .N .D .
A h e m M. F ., T a u n to n , M inn.
A h e m T . G .. D u n n C en ter, N . D .
•A h lb o rn M a rg a re t, S m ith C en­
te r, K an.
A hlfs C . H ., P rin sb u rg , M in n .
•A h lg rim P . L ., B u rr O ak, M ich.
•A h lm a n n A . A ., B elleplaine,
M in n .
•A hlness C. N ,, B a th g a te , N . D .
•A h m a n n 0 . J ., R em sen, Ia ,
A hrens E . G ., R e a rd a n , W ash.
A hrens H e n ry J . B ., G lendale,
A riz.
•A h ren s J . D ., C om ing, Mo.
•A h ren s R u th B ., C h an d ler, A riz.
•A hrens R , E ., S t L ouis, Mo•A h ren s W m ., E d w a rd sv iile , 111.

•A lb au g h H . C ., M arsh all, M ich.
•A lb au g h M . J .. W oodsboro, M d .
A lber W m . J ., W ab a sh , In d .
A lbers A lb e rt F ., B endena, K an .
A lbers J . B ., C oldw ater, O.
•A lb e rs te tt M y ro n , D avis, 111.
•A lb e rt A llen K ., W oodstock, Va.
A lbert Jo se p h H ., S alem , O re.
A lb e rt M. F., P a y e tte , Id a .
• A lb e rts S teila, M o n tg o m e ry , Ia .
•A lb e rtse n H . J .. L ong P in e, N e b .
A lb e rtsen L. J ., P e k in , 111.
A lb e rtso n P . O ., C u y ah o g a Falls.O
A lbertson P earl E ., F rem ont, N eb.
•A lb ig J . W ., M cK eesport, P a.
•A lb in L. G., C harlestow n, W . Va.
A lbinson W m ., R am sey. N . J.
•A lbon G . N . J r., C arbondaie, 111.
•A lb re c h t C . N .,U n d erw o o d , N .D .
A lb re c h t G . J ,, B ro w n V alley,
M in n .
A lb rig h t A . E ., C ave C ity, A rk.
A lb rig h t, A . G ., H oxie, A rk.
•A lb rig h t, A. J ., M asillion, O.
•A lb rig h t C . H ., S an J u a n , T ex.
•A lb rig h t E . A ., E sth e rv ille , Ia .
A lb rig h t, V ictor E ., M ad iso n W is.
A lb rig h t W . J ., L a G range, Ga.
♦A lbro C. S „ Los Angeles, Cal.
A lcock C . H .. C ook. M inn.
A lden A m os H ., T a n n e rsv ille .N .Y .
•A ld en C. F ., C hicago, 111.
•A ld en F . A ., C hicago, 111.
A lden F. H „ R ed Lodge, M ont.
•A ld en G. R ., L aurel, M o n t,
A lden R a lp h P ., S pringfield, M ass.
A lden R oy, P in c kneyvllle. 111.
A ldenhagen H . G ., B edford, In d
A ld erm an A. H ., G reensboro, N.C.
•A ld erm an C . F ., P o rtsm o u th ,V a .
A lderm an F. L ., A thens, G.
A lderm an G . W ,, L a k e B u tler, F la.
A lderm an M . B.,
B ra d en tow n,
F la.
•A lderson C . F ., W ise, Va.
A lderson J . A .. N ash, O kla.
•A lderson M . E ..N a sh , O kla.
♦A ldinger B ,, H a rris, la .
A ldinger L. T ., P rim g h a r, Ia .
A ldrich B. W ., G o uverneur, N . Y .
•A ld ric h C arl J ., R osalie, N eb .
A ldrich C. R ., G reat Bend, K an.
A ldrich C. S „ Elm w ood, N eb.
A ldrich F. W .. W ilcox, P a .
A ld ric h G . B ., C ab e ry , 111.
A ldrich L. P ., Salem , Ore.
A ldrich O. D ., R osalie, N eb.
•A ld ric h W m . E ., F a irm o n t, N eb .
A ldridge T hom as. B eacon, N . Y.
•A ldw ell E . C ., S an F ran c isco ,C al.
A ldw ell W . L ., Acting, Sonora,T ex.
A le E d g a r S., V ineland, N . J .
A lex an d er A ., Jew ell, la .
A lexander A. O.. R hom e, T ex.
♦A lexander A lice H ., P o rtla n d .O re .
A lexander A. H ., IK a m ra r, I a .

•A h ren sfeld H . B ., Chicago,, IU. .
A i C . K ., H on o lu lu , H aw aii.
A lexander B. B ., B edford, M o.
A lexander B. H ., L a k e W ales, F la .
•A ichele W . F ., S helbyville, 111.
•A ik en A . M .. N ew Y ork C ity
•A le x a n d e r B. W ., Queen C ity, Mo.
•A lex a n d e r C. A ., P la tte v llle . W is.
N . Y.
A iken O. E ., G ra n d R apids, M in n .
A lexander C. B ., T ho m p so n s S ta .,
A iken H . K ., L au ren s, S. C.
•A d a m s M. P „ E n te rp ris e , A la.
•A lex a n d e r C. I., K a m ra r, I a .
A iken J . C ., O nalaska, W is.
A d am s M . R ., B ig F alls, M in n .
•A lex an d er C. Q... K a m ra r, Ia.
A iken J . E ., N ew C astle. P a.
A d am s O. J ., G o dfrey, G a.
A iken J o h n A ., S lip p ery R ock, P a . •A lex a n d e r C . V . , M ila n , T e n n .
•A d a m s M rs. O. J ., G o d frey , G a.
•A lex an d er E . M ., H illsboro, T ex.
A iken W . O ., P a ia , H aw aii.
A d am s O. R ., A rm in g to n , 111.
A ikin D . M ., S a ra to g a , In d .
A le x an d e r E.. P „ S alinas, Cal.
A d am s O scar, D a n a, In d .
•A lex an d er F. L ., K a n sa s C ity ,M o .
A lklns Irw in , W est L ib e rty , la .
A dam s O. W ., L o g an , U ta h .
•A lex a n d e r F . R ., O lney, T ex.
•A ik m an S. V .. M ario n , 111.
A dam s P a u l, L a M oure, N . D.
A le x an d e r
H . B „ W inchester,
A in la y H . L ., B ra d y , N eb.
•A d a m s P . H ., G reen p o rt, N . Y.
T en n .
•A d a m s P . L ., P itts b u rg h , P a .
A d am s R ic h ard J r ., C offm an, M o. A in sw o rth B ., N o rw a y , K a n .
•A lex an d er H . L .. C oncord, N . H .
A in sw o rth F ra n k , E x e te r, N eb.
A d am s R . B ., J e w e tt, Tex.
A lexander J . C ., A lm a, A rk.
A in sw o rth W . E „ M ason C ity, III
A d am s R . C., C en ter, T ex.
•A lex an d er J . F ., M u lb erry , A rk.
•A ire y G . A ., C hicago, 111.
•A d a m s R . C „ F ra n k lin , O.
•A le x a n d e r J . F .. A tla n ta , Ga.
• A irh e a rt W . E ., R oanoke, V a.
A dam s R . C., M anfred, N . D .
A lexander J . G ., J u d ith G ap,
•A isen b rey A. Z ., A lpena, S. D .
•A d a m s R . C. B ., A lb an y , N . Y .
M o n t.
A isenbrey K . T „ A lpena, S. D .
A d am s R . E ., L a m a r, Colo.
•A lexander J, G ., W inchester, N .H .
A isthorpe H . R .. C airo. 111.
A d am s R oscoe, T u lsa. O kla.
•A itch iso n B. R ., M t. P u la sk i, 111. A le x an d e r J r ., J . H . S cotland N eck,
•A d a m s R o y , K irk m a n , Ia .
A itchison R . J ., V irgil, K an .
N .C .
A itk e n M. H ., Crosw ell, M ich.
•A lex an d er J . K ., N ew Y o rk C ity ,
•A d a m s R . V ., C o m an ch e, T ex.
•A je r E . O ., B oyceville, W is.
N . Y.
A d am s R . W ., R idgew ay, S. O.
•A jev e d o W . J ., H a lf M o o n B ay , •A le x a n d e r J . P .f T ip to n v ille ,
A d am s S. W ., W esto n , G a.
C al.
T en n .
A d am s T . E ., S h a rp s burg, K y.
A lexander J . S., F ran k fo rd , M o .
•A k e A. E ., T a y lo r, T ex.
A d am s W . E . Low ell, A rk .
A ke E . O.. G len C am pbell, P a .
A d am s W . E ., S h ep h erd , M ich.
•A k e n h e ad W . H .. L yons, N . Y .
A lexander J . S., H a n co c k , M o.
A d am s W . H ., G asto n ia, N . O.
A le x an d e r J o h n V ..B oonsboro.M d.
•A d a m s W ilb u r, Sea B rig h t, ,N. J . •A k e r S. F ., A shton, K an .
•A lex a n d e r L. F ., B row nsville,K y.
•A d a m s W in n ifred , Ja m a ic a , la . ; A kers E a rl, T o p e k a , K a n .
•A lex an d er, M a ry , C ro p p e r, K y.
•A d a m s W . K ., M ilw au k ee, W is. ' •A k e rs J . S., LouisvUie, K y.
A lexander M . C ., M u lb erry , A rk.
•A k e rs M . E ., H a d d a m , K a n .
•A d a m s W m . M ., W au co m a, Ia .
A kerson O. W ., G ra n d R apids, A lexander O. V ., L ockney, T ex.
•A d a m s W . N ., T ig n all, G a.
•A lex a n d e r P . R ., St. H elena, C al
M in n .
A d am s W . S., L isb o n , N . D .
A lexander R. D .. K ingm an, In d .
A d a m s W . T ., S u m m erto w n , G a . A key J . N ., W in d so r. Colo.
A le x an d e r R . H ., C olem an, T ex.
•A k in H . O. R ., S h erid an , O re.
A d am s W . W ., M illersburg. O.
A lexander R . L ., M t. P elia, T e n n .
A k in R . W ., S u lliv an . In d .
A d am s W . Y ., E m o ry , T ex.
. A lex an d er R . M., O rleans, M inn.
♦A kins O ., O zark, A la.
A d am so n O. A ., B ole, M o n t.
•A k re W . H ., T h ie f R iv e r FaUs, A le x an d e r S c o tt, C h arlesto n . Mo.
•A d a m so n D . O. E v e rto n , M o.
•A lex an d er S. E ., B lo o m ington,
M in n .
A d am so n E . O., T a le n t, Ore.
In d .
•A lb a n J . C ., W estphaU a, K a n .
A d am so n J . E „ E v e rto n M o .




Alexander S. H., Colby, K an.
Allen Sanford, Millersburg. Ky. £
Alexander T . M ., Fergus Falls, Allen S. C.. Sharpsburg, Ky.
Allen S. H., Cumming, Ga.
M inn.
♦Alexander W. D ., T hom as, Okla. ♦Allen T. J., Sharpsburg, Ky,
Alexander T . W ., L a P ryor, Tex.
♦Allen Thos. W ., Paris, Ky.
A lexander V. J „ Nashville, Tenn.
Allen W. B., D ayton, Tenn.
Alexander W . B. Jr., Boyle, M iss. Allen W. F., Chanute, Kan.
Alexander W . E ., W aurika, Okla. Allen W. H ., P inetta, Fla.
Alexander W. F .. TlifC, Colo.
Allen W . H -.. Clinton. Mo.
Alexander W. J., H utchins, Tex.
Allen W. H ., W oonsocket, S. D.
♦Alexander W. O., Eldorado,Tenn. ♦Allen W. L ., Crosbyton, Tex.
Alexander Zilpah, Grove City,111. ♦Allen W . P., Powersville, Mo.
Allen W. P ., Shamrock-, Okla.
Alexander Z. R ., Elm o, M o.
Allen W. S., Georgetown, Miss.
♦Aley B. B., D enver, Colo.
♦Allen W. V., H arrison, Ark.
♦Alford, F. R., F o rt Scott, Kan.
Alford N orm an, M cCom b, Miss.
Allen W ilton W., Mansfield, Pa.
♦Allen Y. E., Churdan, la .
♦Alford O. F., Seneca, M o.
♦Allen Z oe,'M arm aduke, Ark.
Alford Roy T „ Albia, la .
♦Allendorf H. A., Sandusky, O.
Alfsen Carl, Lachine, M ich.
♦A! lens worth J. A., Braddock.
Alger H ow ard B rockton, M ass.
N. D.
Algyer H. M., T racy, Minn.
»Algyer R ., Spillville, la .
♦Allensworth M . R., Chillicothe.
Alison O. E „ Alm ira, W ash.
Aller P. C.. Drummond. Mont.
♦Alison M ilton, Selma, Cal.
Allersmeyer L. O.. Union, Mo.
♦Allan A. H.. W aihalla, N. D.
♦Allertson L. J., Pekin, IU.
Allan E . B„ Sheridan, Wyo.
Alley J. Friend, Pine Grove,W .Va.
♦Allan George, Chicago, 111.
♦Alley O. M ., Licking, M o.
Allan J. O., F t. Lupton, Colo.
Allgeier F. N., Shively, Ky.
Allan John. H arper, la .
Allhands B ernard, Gilmore, Ga.
♦Allanson E . A., W aukon, la .
Allin Jo u e tt, Copperas Cove, Tex.
♦Allard A. J., Buffalo, N . Y.
♦Allin T . D.. Chicago. 111.
♦Allard D. T ., St. Anne, 111.
♦Ailing N. D . N. Y. C ity. N . Y
♦Allard G. P ., F t. Dodge, la .
♦Ailing R. B., Buffalo, Wis.
♦Allard I. D ., E ureka, Cal.
♦Allington M ary, G retna, Neb.
♦Allardt F. A., Oakland, Cal.
Allbright F rank, Fredericktown, ♦Allis W. A., E rie, Pa.
♦Allison A. O., M cEwen, Tenn.
M o.
Allison Alvah. Good Hope, 111.
A llday D. H., A tlanta, Tex.
Allison O. O.. Pelican, La.
Allderdice H . E .. Rocky Ford,
♦Allison C. R ., Pennsboro, Mo.
♦Allison D avid, Ponca C ity, Okla.
Allderdice V ictor J., Coldwater,
♦Allison .E. C„ Rushvllle, Mo.
K an.
| .
♦Alldredge D. E ., Des M omes, la . Allison F. M., RushviUe, Mo.
Allison G. R.. M inor Hill. Tenn.
Alldredge H, D.. Vallonia, Ind.
♦Allison Irving, Om aha, Neb.
Alldrin O. V.. Bowbells, N . D.
♦Allison J . B„ Gardner, IU.
Allee H. P ., Olean, Mo.
Allee J . C.. Cambridge Springs.Pa. AUison J. E., Areola, III.
Allison J. E ., Peterson, la.
Allein R . C.. Yorkville, S. C.
Allison J . H., Cochranton, P a.
Allely R . M ., Sherrard, IU.
♦AUison J. H.. Orrick, Mo.
Allan A. A., Rhonesboro, Tex.
Allen A lbert B., Greenfield, Mass. Allison J. W., Kingsport, T enn.
♦AUison L. C., Boulder, Colo.
Allen A. B „ Vinton, la .
AUison O. O., Chester, W. Va.
♦Allen A. D., C anby, M inn.
♦Allison P . D ., SteubenvUle, O.
♦ A lla n A. J., M ilford, O.
♦Allison R. A., M uscotah, Kan.
Allen A. L., Gilmore C ity, la .
AlUson R oy L., Dellrose, Tenn.
Allen B., Oplin, Tex.
♦Allison W. B., New Orleans, La.
Allen B., Terrell, Tex.
Allison W. N ., Pennsboro. Mo.
Allen B. B., Sllverton, Colo.
AUison W ade S.. G ardner. IU.
Allen B. D ., Highland, Kan.
♦Alliton A. D.,Owosso, M ich.
Allen B. P ., Blufl City. T enn.
♦ A llm a n J. D., Rensselaer. Ind.
Allan o . E ., Richmond, Cal.
Allm an Wm. B., Kenmore, N . Y.
A llan Chas. G., Portland, Me.
AUnutt B.F.,CedarHiU,Tenn.
Allen Charles, Lohrville, la . ;
AUoway O. S „ Lucien, O kla.
♦ A lla n Charles G., Harrisonville,
♦Allphin H. G.,) Knox* C ity, Mo.
M o.
. -M
♦Allred Carm i, B oynton, Okla.
♦Allen C. H ., Berme, Mo.
AUred R. W.. Buhl. Ida.
♦ A llan c. L ., St. Louis MO.
Allshow E. F., P ortland, Ore.
Allen C. M., W ykofl, Minn.
AUyn C. G„ M t. Ayr, la .
♦ A llan Jr., C. T ., Kenbridge, Va.
Allyn E . G „ New H aven, Conn.
♦ A llan O. W-; Cullm an, Ala.
Aim J. T ., MayviUe, N . D.
Allen O. W .. Canadian, Tex.
Aimer Joseph J., A c tin g , HicksAllen D. B „ Arlington. la .
ville, N. Y.
♦Allen. D. H ., E dna, Tex.
Almon A. R „ D ecatur, Ga,
Allen E . F „ Lenoir, S. C.
Allan E lyah E ., Providence, R. I. A lnutt B. S., Evansville, Ind.
♦Alrick A. E ., W hite E arth . N . D.
Allan E. p .. T raverse City, M ich.
♦Alsaker Paul, Benson, M inn.
♦Allen E . R .. F airbury, Neb.
Alseth C. A., Lake P reston, S. D.
♦ A llan E . S., A cting, Hoberg, M o.
♦Alslp Grace. Ogden, IU.
Allan F. D ., Long P oint. IU.
♦Alsobrook O. R ., Alamo, T enn.
A lla n f . G., Holyoke. M ass.
Alsobrook W . R ., O uachita, Ark.
♦ A lla n G. A., Annandale, M inn.
Alsop B. H., New F ranklin, M o.
♦ A lla n G. A., M elstone, M ont.
Alsover N . B „ C harlotte, Mich.
♦ A lla n G. M ., Charleston, Mo.
Alsover W . G.. VermontvIUe, Mich.
Allen G. P ., Powersville. Mo.
A lspaugh I. E ., Am anda, O.
Allen H . C„ A m erican Falls, Id a
♦Alston iC. W ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦Allen H enry H ., M ilton, Mass.
♦Alston J. W ., H elena, Ark.
Alien H. L .. H oney Grove. Tex.
A ls n p j . c .. G rand SaUne. Tex.
Allen H . R.. Holdenville. Okla.
♦Alt F . W .. Jr., P ortland, Ore.
♦Allen H. S.. Hom er, N . Y.
A lt H arry J.. Effingham, IU.
A lla n H. W., Braddock, N. D♦Alt L. Eor Ban Francisco, Cal.
Allen J . A.. Milaca, Minn.
Alien W . C.. Forest Junction, Wis.
Allen J . O.. Hatfield, Ark.
Altendorf E. J., W est Bend, Wis.
Allen J . G., Steflenville, Mo
♦Allen M rs. J. G., SteffenvUle.Mo. A lter C. R . Parnassus, Pa.
♦Alter D. B., New Bloomfield, Pa.
A lla n J . G., In diana H arbor, Ind.
Alter I. B„ Rossville, Kan.
Allen J . H., K enton. O.
A lter I. R. Grand Island, Neb.
♦Allen J . H „ Edgefield, S. C.
Alter, J . T .. New Bloomfield, Pa.
Allen J . J., Scotia, Neb.
Altfllllsoh L. F., De Sm et, S. D.
Allen J . M., HumansvUle, Mo.
♦Althouse H . L., Reading. Pa.
A llan j . M ., Wakefield, Va.
♦Allen J. N orm an,N ew H aven.K y. Althouse W . J „ T urney, M o.
♦Althouse Zola M „ Turney, M o.
Allen J . P .. T renton. Neb.
♦Altm an B. D „ M ullins, S. C.
♦ A llan J . T ., W endell, N . C.
A ltm an W. W .. M oncks Corner,
A lla n J . w ., Oakdale. H I.
s o
Allen L am ar, Addison, Tex.
A ltiinger J . N., K ansas City. K an.
A lla n L if C ., Hurley. S. D :
♦Alvey J. C., Galveston, Tex.
Allen L. D ., Seneca. Kan.
Alvis Gordon. W innsboro, Tex.
♦Allen L. D ., W inona, M inn.
♦Alvison O. T .. Omaha. Neb.
♦Allen L., Lenora, K an.
♦Alvord F . R., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Allen Lon., Sojper, Okla.
Alward B. R „ Camden, Mich.
Allen L . R ., Adrian, M o.
Allen M assie C,, Bloomfield, Ky. Alward H . V., Tacom a, W ash.
Am acker W. K „ Kentwood, La.
♦Allen M . F ., W ilm ington, N . C.
a m jiT in e . C„ P rairie du Chien,
♦Allen M . W ., H am ilton, K an.
Allen N .. Repton, Ala.
♦Ambrose W. H ., M cAlester, Okla.
Allen O. G.. Somerville. N. J.
A m bruster A. D „ Camden, N. J.
Allen P ., H urley, D. 8.
Amel R . T „ D avenport, N. D.
Allen R . B.. U lster, Pa.
Am em ranF. R ., Goldspring. N . Y.
Allen R. O., P arm a, M o.
Amend W , A., Poy Sippi, Wis.
Allen R . E ., Berkeley Spgs., W.Va.
♦Amende Elsa, Ruff, Wash.
Allen R. E ., Provo, U tah.
F . R., Ruff, Wash.
♦ A lla n R . E ., W alla W alla, Wash.
Am er V. G., Toledo, IU. .
A llen R . G., R aleigh, N . C.
Ames E . F., Maryville,' Tenn.
A lla n R . S-JPeekskUl, N . Y.
Ames G. Q.. W aterloo, Wis.
♦Allen R . W „ Callao, M o.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Ames J . D., Hawley, Pa.
♦Ames 8. D., Keller, Va.
Ames W. H.. Berea. O.
Ames W. M ., Lewis, Wis.
♦Amick E . M ., M artinsburg,
W. Va.
Amick Geo., Scipio, Ind.
Amis L ., Fordyce, Ark.
Amlong S. R., Aledo, IU.,
A m m a n n Leo, Highland, IU .
Ammerman Gano, Cynthiana, Ky.
Ammerman Roy, Roswell, N. M.
Ammerman W. L., Mendon, O.
♦ Ammerman Wm., New Boston,
Ammons R. L., Beulah, Miss.
Amondson Andren, Rio, Wis.
Amos B. A .;:Bagnell, Mo.
Amos Ö. W „ W. Lebanon, Ind.
Amos E. G., St. ClairsvUle. O.
Amos H. C., Kimball, Neb.
Amôs J. B., Elba, Ala,
♦Amos Mabel, Scircleville, Ind.
♦Amrhein Nichols, Springfield, IU.
♦Amsberry D. P., Badger, 8. D.
Amsden F. C., Champaign, IU.
Amsden G. W ., Pewamo, Mich.
♦Amstutz D. E .,' Pandora, O.
♦Amstutz E . H., N apa, Cal.
A m stutz Ffed, Modoc, Kan.
Am stutz P. A., Pandora. O.
Amundson A. R ., Cambridge, Wis.
Amundson Albert,Rothsay,M inn.
♦AmundsÖn Carl, Clarem ont, S.D.
Amundson C. R., E ast Stanwood,
Amundsbn H. I., W inter, Wis.
♦Amundson L. M ., E . Stanwood,
W ash. '
♦Ander C. A., Kiron. Ia.
♦Apdera ,C. J., SplUville, Ia.
♦Anders J. Leidy, Norristown, P a.
Andersen A. E ., Wise, Va.
Andersen A. F., Mediapolis, Ia.
Andersen A. J., Grygla, M inn.
Andersen E . C., Lakefleld, M inn.
Anderson A., W aipahu, Hawaii.
Anderson A. A., Hastings, Mich.
Anderson A. A., Luverne Minn.
Anderson A. B„ K nox City, Mo.
♦Anderson Adolph, C anton, 8. D.
Anderson Adolph, M ontague,
♦Anderson A. B., Spencer, Ia,.
♦Anderson A. E., Gonzales, Cal.
Anderson A. B.. Heaton, N. D.
♦Anderson A. E ., Orion, IU.
♦Anderson A. F., M ountain Home,
♦Anderson A. F., P o rt Townsend,
Anderson A. F.. Jr., Elgin, Tex,
Anderson A. G., Fergus Falls.
Anderson A. H „ Noonan. N. D.
♦Anderson A. J., Oakland, Cal.
♦Anderson A. L., Midvale, U tah.
♦Anderson A. Lillian, HeathsviUe,
Anderson A. M ., Ewen, Mich.
Anderson A. M ., G rand M arias,
M inn.
♦Anderson A. N ., Charlsoh, N . D.
Anderson A. N.. Leland. IU.
Anderson A. N ., TUtonsvUle, O.
♦Anderson A. P., Arkon, N. Y.
♦Anderson A. P.. Newburg, N. D.
Anderson A rthur, M ooreland,
Anderson A rthur, Plainville.K an.
Anderson A. T ., Windom. M inn.
Anderson A. W ., Kansas C ity, MoAnderson A. W., Princeton, IU.
♦Anderson B. C., Falconer, N. Y.
♦Anderson B. E„ Foss, Okla.
Anderson C., Vermillion. S. D.
♦Anderson C. A., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Anderson C. A., Boone, Ia.
♦Anderson C. A., McGregor, Ia.
♦Anderson C. B., M ilton, N. D.
♦Anderson C. E., Wells, M inn.
♦Anderson C. E ., W ellsford, Kan.
♦Anderson Ö. E ., Line Springs, Ia.
♦Anderson Chas. A., Greenbush,
M inn.
Anderson G. F., A tlantic, Ia.
♦Anderson O. F., Pullm an, Wash.
♦Anderson O. G „ Oakdale, Neb.
Anderson C. H ., Glennie, Mich.
Anderson C. I., HamUton. O.
Anderson Claude F.,Pacific Jct.,Ia.
Anderson C. L., Ardmore. Okla.
♦Anderson C. L., Shaw. Miss.
Anderson C. O.. Carpinterla. Cal.
♦Anderson Dehner, Mesick, Mich.
♦Anderson D. F ., WUliamsport,
♦Anderson D . H ., G ranite Falls,
Anderson Earl. Hesperia. Mich.
♦Anderson E , C., Lake Norden,
8. D.
Anderson E . D„ Moroni, U tah.
♦Anderson E dw ard, Austin, Pa.
♦Anderson E dw .,Blrd Island,M inn.
♦Anderson Edw. R., Sandpoint,
♦Anderson E , E ., Grasston, M inn.
Anderson E . H., Popejoy, Ia.
♦Anderson E. J., Osceola, Neb.
♦Anderson EmeUe M . G., Gres­
ham , Ore.
Anderson E . M„ Mechanicsville,
♦Anderson E . M .. O ttum w a, Ia.

Anderson E . M ., Fergus Falls,
M inn.
♦Anderson E. M ., Douglas, N. D.
♦Anderson E . N ., Twin Valley,
M inn.
Anderson E . O., Charlotte, N. O.
♦Anderson Eppe, C hatham , Va. <
Anderson E . R.. Spokane, Wash.
♦Anderson E rnest C rary, N . D.
Anderson E. T., Burdick, Kan.
Anderson B. V., Parkers Prairie,
Anderson E . W ., Newport, Wash.
Anderson F. A., Deputy, Ind.
Anderson F. A., Westfield, Ia.
♦Anderson F . F „ Corinth, Miss.
♦Anderson F. M.. W ichita, Kan.
♦Anderson F . Ó., Trium ph. Minn,.
Anderson Fred, M itchell, Ora.
♦Anderson G. A., Brigham, Utah.
Anderson G. A., Bunnell, Fla.
Anderson Geo., Froid, M ont.
♦Anderson Geo. A., Lake Benton,
M inn.
♦Anderson G. C.. Bronson, Kan.
Anderson G. E., Galva, IU.
Anderson G. F.. Veblen, S. D.
Anderson, G. H., Almont, N. D.
♦Anderson G. H., M onrovia, Cal.
♦Anderson G. K., De Leon, Tex.
Anderson G. M„ Inwood, la .
Anderson Geo. W., Kouts, Ind.
Anderson G. W ., Ranier, M inn.
Anderson H., Canton, S. D.
Anderson H. A.. Grantsburg, Wis.
♦Anderson H. B., Granville, IU.
Anderson H. B., Carroll, Ia.
♦Anderson H. B., Frankfort, Mich.
Anderson H. C., Camilla, Ga.
♦Anderson H. Ò., H ector, Minn.
♦Anderson H. C., M arinette, Wis.
♦Anderson Helmer, NielsviUe,
M inn.
Anderson H enry, H anska, Minn.
♦Anderson H erbert, Franklin,
W. Va.
Anderson H . G., M akoti, N . D.
Anderson H jalm ar, Rush City.
♦Anderson H. J., W hitewater,
Anderson H. L., Knoke, Ia.
♦Anderson H. L., Thief River
Falls, M inn.
♦Anderson H. L., Ham m ond, Wis.
♦Anderson H. N., Corona, 8. D.
Anderson H. O., Chicago, I1L
Anderson H . R „ Gem, Kan.
Anderson H. R ., Stockholm, Wis.
♦Anderson J. A., Bayfield, Wis.
Anderson J. A., Bird C ity, Kan.
Anderson J. A., Lancaster; M inn.
Anderson J. A., M ilan, Minn.
Anderson J. A.. Pierpont, 8. D.
Anderson J. E., Dover, Ky.
Anderson J . E., Palm yra, Mo.
♦Anderson J. H., Negaunee. Mich.
Anderson J. H „ Oneida, IU.
Anderson J. H ., Greenback, Tenn.
♦Anderson J . I., Buhl, Minn.
Anderson J. L.. Beatrice, Neb.
Anderson J . M„ Astoria. Ore.
Anderson J . O., Montevideo, Minn.
Anderson John. Crump, Mich.
Anderson Joseph, Ong, Neb.
Anderson J. R ., Edmore, N. D.
Anderson J . S., Stanton, Ia.
Anderson J. T., Corydon, Ky.
♦Anderson J. W., Jr., Auburn, Cal.
Anderson J . W „ CentervUle, Miss.
♦Anderson J . W., Froid, Mont.
Anderson J. W., P artridge, Kan.
♦Anderson J. W ., M cIntosh, S. D.
Anderson K nute, E au Claire,Wis.
Anderson K. T „ Rock Island, IU.
Anderson L., Slayton, Minn.
♦Anderson L. A.. Sparta. Mich.
♦Anderson L. A., W hite Rock
S .D .
♦Anderson L. B., W interhaven,

♦Anderson L. C., Wausa. Neb.
Anderson L. D., Medford, Okla.
Anderson L. E., La Grange, Tenn.
♦Anderson L. L., Belpre, Kan.
Anderson L. L., 8t. Paul, Minn.
Anderson L. M„ H ettinger, N. D.
Anderson Louis, Bloomsbury, N .J.
♦Anderson LucUle Corydon, Ky.
♦Anderson L. O., Atwater, M inn.
Anderson M. A., Hope, Kan.
•A nderson M ary. Royal Oak, Mich.
♦Anderson M aurice, D eport, Tex.
Anderson M . E ., Coffee Creek,
M ont.
Anderson M . O., Ham burg, Ia.
♦Anderson M . T ., W ichita. Kan.
Anderson M. W., KeytesvUle, Mo.
•Anderson N. F., Commerce, Mo.
Anderson. N . O. Savage, M ont.
♦Anderson O. E ., T erry, M ont.
Anderson O. F., MoUne, IU.
Anderson O. J.. Fostoria. la.^.
♦Anderson O. L., Cloquet, M inn,'
Anderson O. M ., McAlffiter, Okla.
Anderson O. O., W allingford, Ia.
Anderson Oscar. Lamoni, la .
Anderson P. C., Hillsdale, Wis.
Anderson P . C.. Hammond. W tt.
Anderson P , E.. G rants ville. Utah.
Anderson Pickens, Clifton, Aria.
Anderson P . W ., Upperville, Va.
Anderson R . A ., Dongola, 111.
Anderson R . A., Lyle, Minn.

Anderson R ay, Green Forest,
Anderson R ay V., Lenox, la .
Anderson R. ß „ Royal, la.
Anderson R. C., Mercer, Mo.
*Anderson R. E., Davenport,
Anderson R. F., Slkeston, Mo.
♦Anderson R. H., H am pton, S. C.
♦Anderson R. M ., Carnnville, 111
♦Anderson R. O., Concordia, Kan.
Anderson R. O., M erkel, Tex.
♦Anderson R obert, A lbert Lea,
Anderson Roland, Milner, Ga.
Anderson R. P., Selma, Aia.
♦Anderson A. W., Spokane, Wash.
♦Anderson S., Storden, M inn.
Anderson S. B., Cookeville, Tenn.
♦Anderaon S. F „ RIdgway, Penn.
Anderson S. G., Woodruff, S. C.
♦Anderson S. H , Hillsboro. Tex.
Anderson Sidney, W rangell,
Anderson S. J., Centerton, Ark.
Anderson S. W., Hector, Minn.
♦Anderson T. A., Tempe, Ariz.
Anderson T. D., San Antonio, Tex.
♦AndersonThomas, Kennedy, Minn.
Anderson T. J., Wllkeson, Wash.
♦Anderson T . M ., Roy, M ont.
Anderson T . P ., W estm inster,S. O.
Anderson T. W „ Seale. Ala.
♦Anderson W. A., Nickerson, Neb.
♦Anderson, W. A.. Letcher, S. D
Anderson W. A., St. Paul, M inn.
Anderson W. O.,' Aumsville, Ore.
Anderson W. C.. H arrim an, Tenn.
♦Anderson, W. E ., Price, Urah.
♦Anderson W. G., Pocahontas, la.
Anderson W. G., Lincoln, Mich.
♦Anderson W. G„ Royal, la .
Anderson W. L;, M idvale, la.
♦Anderson Wm., Kealakekua,
Anderson W. P., Republic, Mo.
Anderson W. S., Leesburg, Fla.
♦Anderson W. T ., Chicago, 111.
Anderson W. T ., Leslie, Ga.
♦Anderton J. G., San Francisco,
♦Anderton R . H.,Chincoteage,Va.
♦Anding A. A., Opelousas, La.
♦Andler F., Galveston. Tex.
Andreae C. V., Avoca, M ich.
Andreae H. C., Volga, la .
♦Andreae L. V., Avoca, Mich.
♦Andreae Lloyd V., Avoca, Mich.
Andreas H. M „ El Paso. Tex
♦Andreas J. L„ El Paso, Tex.
Andreasen D. S., K arlstad. Minn.
♦Andreen A. B „ Salina, Kan.
Andres J. C.. Tinley Park, 111.
♦Andresen A. S., Ossian, la .
Andresen B. S.. Schleswig, la .
♦Andresen O. M ., Slayton, M inn.
♦Andrew A. V., Bloomington, 111.
Andrew F. A., Glencoe, 111.
Andrew K. M ., L aporte. Ind.
Andrew Samuel J.. Lexington, M o.
Andrew Thomas W., Philadelphia,
♦Andrew V. P „ A lbum ett. Ia.
Andrews A. B., M er Rouge, La.
Andrews A. C., New York City,
N. Y.
Andrews A rthur, Deal Island, Md.
Andrews C. C.. Oakwood. 111.
Andrews C. D.. Col wood. Mich.
Andrews C. M ., Bonlee. N . C.
♦Andrews E . A., Belgrade. Neb.
Andrews E. I., St. Paul. Neb.
♦Andrews E. L ., Hom er, M ich.
Andrews F. E .. M anchester. N . H.
Andrews G. H „ Raleigh, N. C.
♦Andrews G. R., M illerton, N. Y.
Andrews H., Kingsville, Tex.
Andrews H. H., Junior, W. Va.
•Andrews H. L., Orosi, Cal.
Andrews J. D., Proctorville, N. C.
♦Andrews J. E ., Broken Arrow,
Andrews Joseph, New York City,
♦Andrews J. W., Pensacola, Fla.
Andrews K„ Colby, Wls.
Andrews Karl, Stratford, Okla.
Andrews L. J., Lindstrom , M inn:
Andrews M . A., H artford, Conn.
•Andrews M . M ., Bay City. Mich
•Andrews O., St. Andrew, Fla.
Andrews O. H., Corry, Penn.
Andrews R. O., Clendenin, W. Va.
•Andrews R. D., Rock Falls, 111.
♦Andrews,R. P., Chapel Hill, N. C.
Andrews T. C.. Seagoville. Tex.
•Andrews W. A., M erit, Tex.
•Andrews W. C., Nephi, U tah.
Andrews W. P „ F o rt W orth, Tex.
’Andrews W. S., H artford, Conn.
•Andrews, Jr., W. T ., Spur, Tex.
Andrews W. V., Orosi, Cal.
Andrewson Carrie, Balsam Lake,
I Wis.
Andrlok E. W ., W heaton, Kan.
Andriano Max. St. Joseph, Mo.
Andrisen H . G., South Shore.
S. D.
•Andrisen A. M ., Starbuck, M inn.
Andrus A. H., Farm ington, Ky.
Andrus C. D., Crowley, La.
•Andruss F. E .. New York, N . Y.
Aney H. F., W are, la .
•Anfang C. E ., St. Paul, M inn.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Anflnson A., Decorah, la .
Angell E. B., Troy, M ont.
Angell R. L., Brawley, Cal.
Angell W. C., Providence, R. I.
♦Angenendt J. W., St. Louis, M o.
Anglea J. M., Edmond, Okla.
Angst Jo h n H „ Pine Grove, Pa.
Angus William, H annaford. N . D.
Aniba E. W., Crescent, Okla.
♦Anicker C. A.. Peoria, 111.
♦Ankeney John, Hagerstown, M d.
♦Ankeny, N., Pendleton, Ore.
Ankerman Fred, Alger, O.
♦Ankers F . C„ Mill Valley, Cal.
Annan B. L., Em m ltsburg, Md.
Annegers W. O., Princevllle, IU.
Annin R. A., M yrtle P oint, Ore.
Annis John D „ Colebrook, N . H.
Annis J . W., Osage, Ia.
Ansell M. L. Salamanca, N . Y.
♦Ansim B., New Tazewell. Tenn.
Ansley E. B., Anchorage, Alaska.
Ansley J. B., Osborne, Kan.
Ansley J. N .. Rushsylvania, O.
Anspach W. M ., Strausstown, Pa.
Anspaugh J. R., Gridley, Kan.
Anthony E . E., Comanche, Tex.
♦Anthony Geo. R., Jasonville, Ind.
♦Anthony H. E., San Diego. Cal.
♦Anthony H , L., Providence. R .I.
♦Anthony Roscoe, M iami, Fla.
Anthony W. H., F t. Recovery, O.
♦Anthony W. O., Blytheville.Ark.
♦Anthony, W. P., Princeton, Ind
♦Anthony Z. L., F t. Recovery, O.
Antle Orris, M annsville, Okla.
Antle R. F „ Medford, Ore.
♦Antle W infrey, M annsville, Ol^la.
, Anton Wm., E m barrass, Wis.
Antone F. A., Clarksville, Tex.
A ntony J. P ., Goodwin, S. D.
A ntony P. J., Munich. N. D.
A ntony M . T., W averly, S. D.
A ntrim H . H ., Freeport, 111.
Aos M artin, Barlow, N. D.
Apker B. M ., Chetek, Wis.
App H. W., Montoursvilie, Pa.
♦Appel A. M ., D annebrog. Neb.
Appel Chris., Dannebrog, Neb.
♦Appel R. G., Dannebrog, Neb.
Appel W. T., Unltyvllle, S. D.
♦Appelget J. Alan, M ooreland,
♦Appelgren A. V., W olf Point,
M ont.
A ppelt M . C., P ark Ridge, 111.
♦Applas B. B., Lim a. Ohio.
♦Apple W. M ., Red Oak, Ia.
Appleby A. C., Jefferson, Ga.
♦Appleby C. D., Buffalo. N . Y.
♦Appleby G. D, Jefferson, Ga.
Appleby J. D „ M t. Union. Pa.
Appleby S. C., Pulaski, Tenn.
Appleby Stephen, Tacoma, Wash.
Applegate C. R., Beverly, O
♦Applegate E . E ., W ood Lake,
Applegate G. W., Corydon, Ind.
A pplegate L. R., Wood Lake, Neb.
♦Applegate T. L.. Valparaiso. Ind.
♦Applegate Wallace, Keytesville,
Appleyard A. E., Jam estown, N.Y.
♦AJplejrard S. J., Saranac Lake.
Apt F. A., E ast Pleast. Plain, Ia.
♦Arbes, A. J., H ydro, Okla.
Arbuckle J. E., Glenville, W. Va.
Arbuckle T. E ., Yoder, Kan.
♦A rbuthnot M aude E ., Francisco,
A rbuthnot M . S., Bennington,
Arohbold D. V., Maokay, Ida.
Archer Alvah, Densmore, Kan.
♦Archer Carrie M ., Densmore,
Archer C. E.. Antlers, Okla.
Archer George P.. P restonburg.K y.
Archer Jam es, Hanover, Ind.
♦Archer J. F., Archer, Ia.
♦Archer N. S., Des Moines, Ia.
Archer R obt. L., H untington,
W. Va.
Archer V. D., E a st Rochester, N.
Archibald E. A., Eutaw , Ala.
♦Archibald J . A„ Morocco, Ind.
Archibald O. A., Albany, Ore.
Archibald Pierce, Morocco, Ind.
Archibald R .E., Lake George.N.Y
Archibald S. H., W est L iberty, Ia.
Archibald W. D., W est L iberty,
Arcularlus O. W.. W ashington.Mo.
Ardrey H. D., Dallas, Tex. >
Arduser O. A., Adrian. N. D.
♦Areke Fred, Sheboygan, Wis.
Arends Andrew, M elvin, 111.
♦Arens C. N ., Lake. Park, Ia.
A rgabright R . M ., D avenport,
A rganbright G. T., W aterville,
Argenbright J . L., Ionia, Mo.
Argersinger E . H „ Ju d ith Gap,
M ont.
Argetsinger G. L., Pipestone,
' M inn.

Argo A. A., T rezevant, Tenn.
Argo Geo. G., Clinton, 111.
Argo H. C., Cotton Plant. Ark.
♦Argo J. S., Trezevant, Tenn.
Ariail D. M ., Graniteville, S. O.
Ariail R. L., Willihgton, S. C.
♦Arker H. E „ F ayette, O.
A rm brust F . J., Omaha, Neb.
A rm entrout A. J.. New M arket,
♦Armestead Eldridge, M emphis,
Armfleld O. G., Elkin, N. C.
Armfleld W. J., Jr., Ashboro.N. 0 .
♦Armijo D. J., Albuquerque, N .M .
Arm lngton A. P.. Dixon, 111.
♦Armistead R. H.. Doon. Ia.
Armltage O. C., Greeneville.Tenn.
♦Armour M . D., Sterling, Colo.
A rm our Chas. H., Glenrock, Wyo.
A rm our W. K., W hite Bird, Ida.
Armsberger Avon. Oxford. Neb.
Arms P. L.. Larim ore. N . D.
Arm strong C. B., Welda, Kan.
Arm strong C. F., Leechburg, Pa.
♦Armstrong C. O.. Sunbury, O.
Armstrong C. V., Johnstown, O.
Arm strong D. S., Alba, Tex.
♦Armstrong E. E., Gardner, Kan.
♦Armstrong E. G., H olland, Tex.
Arm strong E. H., Gypsum. Kan.
Arm strong E. J., Ism ay, M ont.
♦Armstrong E . J., Wilsoncreek,
Arm strong E. L.. Calistoga, Cal.
Arm strong E . P ., H ailey, Ida.
Armstrong F . W., Trim ble, Mo.
♦Armstrong G. L., Almena, Wls.
♦Armstrong G. L., Molson, Wash.
♦A rm strong'H. E ., Donnelly, Ida.
Armstrong H. S., Ripley, W. Va.
♦Armstrong I. B., G reat Falls.
M ont.
Armstrong J. A.. Connellsvllle, Pa.
♦Armstrong J. G., Cleveland, O.
Arm strong J. K „ Newhebron,
♦Armstrong J. Q., Lake C ity, Ark.
♦Armstrong L. E ., Comfrey, M inn.
♦Armstrong L. G., Italy , Tex.
Arm strong L. W., Columbia, Ala.
Arm strong O. B., Adelphi, O.
Arm strong R. B., Carlsbad, N. M .
♦Armstrong R . F ., Colum bus, O.
Armstrong R. I., Farwell, NebArm strong R. S., W innebago, 111.
Arm strong R. W., Sallisaw, Okla.
Armstrong Scott, Creston, la . '
Arm strong Sterling, New Orleans,
Arm strong W. A., Galesburg, 111.
Arm strong W. D., Mingo Je t., O.
Armstrong; W. H., Lisbon, O.
Arm strong W .H ..B ordentow n.N .J
Armstrong W. J.. Canastota. S. D .
♦Armstrong W. J., Zion C ity, 111.
♦Armstrong Wm. T.; South River,
N. J.
ArmstrongW . N., Colo. City, Colo.
Armstrong W. R., Colorado Spgs..
Arm strong W. W., Glenflora, Tex.
Arm strong W. W ., P ark City.
U tah.
Arm strong William, Wisner, Neb.
Arnall J. H., Tennille, Ga.
♦Arnason C. W., Balaton, M inn.
Arnau, A. R.. Dublin, Ga.
A rndt E . F.. Winnebago, M inn.
♦Arneson A. P., Hankinson, N. D.
♦Arneson A rthur, Hay*ti,,S. D.
Arneson A. S., Barneveld, Wis.
♦Arneson C. B., Brinsmade, N. D.
Arneson H. A., Riverton, M inn.
Arneson Peter, W aterville, Ia.
♦Arnestad Caleb, Fessenden, N .D .
♦A rnett R. C., H untington, Tex.
A rnett W. E„ Morgantown,
W. Va
A rnett W. F., Steelville. Mo.
Am ey A. A., Clemons, Ia.
Arney R obert H ., TOms River,
N. J.
Arnhold F. W., W alker, Kan.
A rnholt F. W .,‘Hays, Kan.
Arnold A. R., T racy. Cal.
Arnold Bland, Lewisburg, Ky.
♦Arnold O. B., Livingston, Tenn.
Arnold C. R., Oxford, Pa.
Arnold E.. Massena, Ia.
Arnold E . Jr., Upland, Neb.
Arnold E. C., Geneva, Ind.
♦Arnold Edw ard, E den Valley,
M inn.
♦Arnold E. L., Newark, N. J.
Arnold F. A., Klemme, la .
Arnold F. B., Earlington, Ky.
♦Arnold F. L., Avoca, N. Y.
♦Arnold F. M. J r.. Clarion. Pa.
♦Arnold Geo. C., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Arnold G. W., Harbine, Neb.
Arnold G. W„ Romney, W. Va.
Arnold H. A... Albany, N. Y.
Arnold H arry A., Colfax, 111.
Arnold H arry L., Gary, Ind.
Arnold H. L., Keyser, W. Va.
Arnold H. M .. M onroe, Ga.
♦Arnold I. L., Jerico Springs,Mo.


Arnold J . C., Pisgah, la .
♦Arnold J. H., Clear Lake, M inn
♦Arnold M . L., Eldorado, Kan.
♦Arnold Nevlns, Trezevant, T enn.
♦Arnold O. L., Kirksville, Ky.
♦Arnold O tto, Evanston, Wyo.
♦Arnold R . O., Dillonvale, O.
♦Arnold R. L., Anaheim, Cal.
♦Arnold S. G., Saginaw, .Mich.
♦Arnold S. G., Browning, M o.
Arnold T. M ., Rainelle, W. Va.
♦Arnold T. S., Leon, Ia.
Arnold W. C., Eagle River, Wls.
♦Arnold W. D. I., Dubois, Pa.
Arnold W. E., E! Paso, Tex.
♦Arnot A. G., M alta, M ont.
♦Arnot A. J., Bismarck, N. D.
A rnot Charles, Scribner, Neb.
A rnot C. D., Glasgow, Mont.
A rnquist O. O., Pelican Rapids,
Arnsberger Avon, Oxford, Neb.
Arntz N. F., M aytow n, Pa.
A ratzen F. G., Serena, 111.
♦Aroeson G. B., H atton, N . D.
Aron E . J., Crete, Neb.
Aron J. J., Gothenburg, Neb.
Arons, J. C., Prairie Hill, Tex.
♦Arpin W. M., Clark, S. D.
A rrasm lth A. G.. Griswold, Ia.
♦Arrington C. A., M ilford. U tah.
A rrington R. C., Aline, Okla.
♦Arrington T. J., Vinita, Okla.
Arrowood J. M ., Kimball, M inn.
♦Arruda J., Hilo, Hawaii.
A rterburn F. H.. Lam ar, Neb.
♦A rterburn G. D., Floydada, Tex.
♦A rthur B ertha, Osborne, Kan.
A rthur Dwight, Hale, Mich.
A rthur E. E ., Cridersville, O.
A rthur J . D., Union, S. C.
A rthur J. H .. P ittsburgh.P a.
♦A rthur R. D., Cridersville, O.
A rthur T. R., Shellman, Ga.
♦Artm an Ervin, P ortland, Ind.
♦Arts J. C., Carroll, Ia.
A rtus H. E., Bassett. Neb.
♦Artz Charles, Upper Sandusky, O.
♦Artz C. J.. Burlington, la.
♦Artz R. O., Clifton Forge, Va.
A rtz R. O., Nassawadox, Va.
Arvesen A., Donaldson, M inn.
Arvesen C. B., Wegdahl, M inn.
Arveson N. B., Carbury, N . D.
Arveson T . L., H eim dal, N. D.
Asa A. F., Advance, Mo.
Asal E. P ., A ugusta, Wis.
♦Asal E., P., Avoca, Wis.
Asbell E. C., Townville, S. C.
♦Asbell H. T ., Cochran, Ga.
♦Asbury H. G., Hlgginsville, Mo.
A sbury R . P ., Sedalia, Mo.
Asbury V. N ., New port, Ind.
Asby 0 . L., Kingston, Ia.
Asch*C. H., Springfield, Minn.
Aschenbrener E. J.,P a rk Falls, Wis.
♦Aschenbrener F. P., L am bert,
M ont.
♦Aschenbrener L. J., P ark Falls,
♦Ascher H. L., U rbana, 111.
♦Ash Bert, Roberts, Wis.
Ash C. E., Palm erton, Pa.
♦Ash F. C., Des Moines, Ia.
♦Ash H. E ., Amboy, Ind.
♦Ash H. R., W ebster C ity, Ia.
Ash Wm. H., Roberts. Wis.
Ashbaugh J. F., Murdock. Minn.
Ashbaugh W. A.. Butler, Pa.
Ashbrook C. E ., Fairfax. Okla.
Jr., T . W., Philadelphia,
♦Ashby A. H., Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Ashby D. T ., W. F rankfort, 111.
♦Ashby G. L., St. Helens, Ore.
♦Ashcraft J. V., Portland, Ind.
♦Ashcraft R. B., Altheimer, Ark.
♦Ashcroft W. H., Morgantown,
W. Va.
♦Ashelford Gladys, Esmond, 111.
Asher D. O., Lawrence, Kan.
♦Asher E. J., New York City, N .Y .
Asher M . A., M urchison, Tex.
♦Asher W. L., Clarksville, la.
Ashford C. A., Watkinsville, Ga.
Ashheim A., Brownsville, Tex.
♦Ashlery L. M ., Sioux City. Ia. "
♦Ashley F. A., Big Rapids, Mioh.
Ashley H. N., Raymond, M inn.
Ashley I. H ., Hinsdale, 111.
Ashley J. W., McKinney. Tex.
♦Ashley Lee, Valdosta, Ga.
Ashley M. A. M., Portland, Ore.
♦Ashley R. E., L aporte City, Ia.
♦Ashley R. H... Gatesville, Wls.
♦Ashley S. M ., Boonville, ind.
♦Ashley W. II.. Carbondale, Ilk
Ashlock Roy, Stephens, Mo.
Ashmore J. L., Bladen, Neb.
Ashmore Lewis, Hinesville, Ga.
♦Ashpole R. E., Syracuse, N. Y.
Ashton C. M., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ashton C. M ., Patoka, 111.
Ashton G. M., Swedesboro, N. J.
♦Ashton J. E ., Lone T ree.Ia.
Ashton M. W „ New Sm yrna,Fla.
Ashton T. H „ Lobe Tree, la.
A shton W. E „ Rhinelander, W is.
Ashway D. Z., L em asters,: Pa.
Aske H. T ., Lanesboro, M inn.


♦Askegaard E.D.. Moorhead.Minn.
Askegaard Eugene, Comstock,
♦Askew E m m ett, Hogansville, Ga.
Askew Roy. Chipley, Ga.
Askins O. A.. Lakewood. 111.
♦Askobawer J M ., Livingston, 111.
Aslakson M., Milton, N. D.
Asman F. J., Marysville, O.
♦Asman J. F ., B ay C ity, M ich.
♦Aspinwall W., Buffalo, N . Y.
Assmann O. A., Stevens P oint,
♦Astle O. R., H aven, Kan.
Aston A. W., Meadowview, Va.
♦Astrauskas J. 0 ,, Chicago, 111.
♦Atchison C. R., S m ithfleld, K y.
♦Atchison G. T., D enver, Colo.
♦Atchley E. E., W illard, M o.
Atchly S. L., Sevierville, Tenn.
♦Athearn F. D., Krem lin. M ont.
♦A therton G. I., N orthum berland,
♦Atherton Helen. New Sharon, la .
Atkin William, Vero, Fla.
A rkins D. C., Jr., Vassar, M ich.
♦Atkins E, H., Bridgeport, 111.
♦Atkins E . L., Berlin, N. D.
Atkins H . B „ Waynesville, N . C.
♦Atkins R. E., Clarksville, Tenn.
♦Atkins Wilmer, Heflin, Ala.
♦Atkins W. B., Millsboro. Del.
♦Atkinson A. D., H artford, S. D.
♦Atkinson A. E ., Kosciusko, Miss.
♦Atkinson C., Sioux C ity, la .
Atkinson Chas., Creighton, N eb.
♦Atkinson C. L., Victoria, Va.
Atkinson D. W.. Jam aica, la,
♦Atkinson J. C.. M arlette, Mich.
Atkinson J. D., Astoria, 111.
Atkinson J. P.. League City, Tex.
Atkinson O, C., Stanton, Ky.
Atkinson R. L„ H artford, S. D.
Atkinson Thomas, Sterling, K an.
Atkisson B. D., Fellsmere, Fla.
♦Atmar J . W., Groveton, Tex.
A tor J. B., Stephenville, Tex.
A tteberry J. P., Farm ington, N .M .
A tterb u ry J. W. Jr., Madison, Mo.
♦Attletweed A. K., Beach, N. D,
♦Attinore G. S.,Newbern. N . C.
Attwood E. T., New Edinburg,
A tw ater A. W., Wilhams, M inn.
♦Atway C. C., Swifton, Ark.
Atwell R. E., Houlka, Miss.
Atwell W. J.. Zanesville, O.
♦Atwood A rth u r R., Cham plain,
N . Y.
Atwood D. H.. Clyde. Kan.
♦Atwood T . O., Placerville, Cal.
♦Auberle H. W ., Parkersburg, W.
♦Aue F . C., Sioux C enter, la .
♦Aufdemberge F. J., Lincoln, K an.
♦Auger A. J., W hite Bear Lake,
Aughenbaugh J., Kenny, 111.
♦Augustus E. L., Evansville, Ind.
Augustus W. O.. Paris. 111.
♦Augustyn G. W., Milwaukee,Wis.
Aukerm an O. E „ Spartanburg, Ind.
Auld H. M ., Keokuk, la.
Auld J. W., Red Cloud, Neb.
Aull John C., Pom aria, S. C.
Aulls M arion, Bucklin, Kan.
♦Aultm an Jr. I. R ., Donalsonyille.
♦Aune A. O., Battleview , N. D.
Aune Geo. D., D enton, M ont.
Aupperle S. A., Fellsburg, Kan.
Auracher John, Lisbon, la.
Aus Jacob, R utland, S. D.
♦Ausham C. M , C rystal Lake, la ,
Ausley D. M., Statesville. N. C.
♦Austerland A., New Rockford,
N . D.
Austerm iller R. W ., Holgate, O'.
♦Austin A. F., T orrington, Conn.
♦Austin C. M ., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
♦Austin C. P.. Beaver D am , Ky.
A ustin E. E., Frem ont, la .
Austin F. H., W atertow n, S. D.
A ustin F . L., Thom pson Falls,
M ont.
i »Austin George, Red Lodge, M ont.
♦Austin H. B., Carrollton, Mo.
♦Austin H. B., Taylorville, III.
A ustin Jas. C., Colburg, M ont.
Austin L. E . Beach, N. D.
♦Austin N . B., Krem lin, Okla.
A ustin N. S„ N orth Berwick, Me
Austin R. E., M ontour, la .
♦Austin Sadie E ., Granville, Mo.
♦Austin T . N ., Baltim ore, M d.
♦Austin Victor, Idaho Fails, Ida.
A ustin W . C., P ortland, Tenn.
♦Auten C. H ., Princeville, III.
A uten E. Jr., Princeville, 111.
♦Auten M. B „ Cass City, Mich,
♦Auten S. R ., M onica, 111.
A uthier Lawrence, E lk P oint, S.D.
A uthler R . N., Jefferson, S. D.
♦Avant B. S., M arfa, Tex.
♦Avenli E ., San Francisco, Cal.
A vent G. J., Jacksonville, Fla.
Avery E . J., Logan, la.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Avery E . L., M artinsville, Ind.
Avery G. B., Molson, Wash.
♦Avery Ira S., New London, Conn,
♦Avery N . H., New London, Conn.
Avis Em il, D ecatur. Ark.
♦Awerkamp, B.. Quincy, 111.
A w trey L. M .. Acworth. Ga.
Axford C. C., N orthrop, M inn.
Axm ear A rthur, W alker, la .
Axness A. J., Montevideo, M inn.
♦Axness H. J., M ason, Wis.
Axness O. M., Mason, Wls.
Axson C., Rocksprings, Tex.
♦Axtell A. W .. Chicago, 111.
Axtell E. L „ H arvard, 111.
♦Axtell H. O., Remer, M inn.
♦Ayars H. B „ M ow eaqua, III.
Ayars M. S„ Moweaqua, 111.
♦Ayoock E. H., Rockingham ,N .O.
♦Aycock J. R ., Pinewood, S. O.
Aycock R . N .. Smithfleld. N . O.
A ydelott S. T., Bellflower, Mo.
♦Aydt L. L., Dahlgren, 111.
A ydt O. O., Florissant, Mo.
♦Aye R. W ., Ambridge, Pa.
Ayer C. H., Elberfeld, Ind.
Ayer S. E .. M acon, Neb.
Ayers A. D .. Moundsville, W. Va.
♦Ayers C. B., W arren, Penn.
Ayers C. O., Ism ay, M ont.
♦Ayers C. H. Detroit, Mich.
Ayers F. A., H um boldt, la .
Ayers J. C., Dexter, N. Y,
Ayers M . L., Grassy B utte, N . D.
♦Ayers S, O., Centra! C ity. Neb.
Ayers W. L., Sioux C ity, la .
Ayers W . S., Dallas, S. D.
Aykens H . D., George, la .
♦Aylard H, E., M edina, O.
Aylesworth E . Z., Fredericksburg

Badger H. H., Amboy, 111.
B adgett C. C., Childress, Tex.
♦Badgley F. J.. Portland. Mich.
♦Badgley W. W., Springfield,Mo.
B adt J. Selhy, Wells, Nev.
Baechtel W. H., Willits, Cal.
Baer H. C., Bemldji, Minn.
♦Baer Ira B., St. Paul, M inn.
Baer W . F., Raùson, Kan.
Baertsch E arl, Conde, S. D.
B aertsch Orin, Dawson, N . D .
Baetjer W. T., Paonia, Cold.
Baetz F rank F .. W hite Havem , Pa.
♦Baetz H. M ., San Antonio, Tex.
♦Bagby E. E ., Green Ridge, Mo.
Bagby R. H., W ashington, D. G.
Bagdziunas C. J., Chicago, 111.
Bagdziunas J. 1., Chicago, 111.
Bage S. E., Holcomb. Mo.
Bager F. O., Wolsey, S. D.
♦Baggett B., Norm an, Okla.
Baggett J. A., Big Spring, Tex,
♦Baggett J. C.', Teague. Tex. •
♦Baggott G. P., Cobden, 111.
♦Bagley C. F ., Fayetteville, T enn.
Bagley L. S., Muskogee, Okla.
Bagley S.E., San Bem ardino.Cal.
Bagley W. G. C., Mason City, la .
Bagne N. B„ Gary, Minn.
♦Bagwell Miss Annell, Helen, Ga.
♦Bahde C.A., F rankfort, S. D.
♦Bahde H. W., St. Peter, 111.
Bahde J. O.. F rankfort. S. D.
♦Bahl B. M . M iss. W est Salem. O.
Bahler Ralph. W alnut Creek, O.
Baieeoi F. M ., Opheim, M ont.
Baile N athan H.,NewWlndsor,Md.
Bailer C. H.. Waseca. Minn.
♦Bailey A. E ., M acom b, 111.
♦Bailey A. G., Ottawa, Kan.
Bailey A. H ., Sheffleld/Pa.
♦Bailey A. K.. M ontgom ery, W.
Bailey, A rthur N., Spencerville, O.
♦Bailey B.. Hill City, Kan.
♦Bailey B. J., Enterprise, Ala.
♦Bailey Blanche, Osage City, Kan.
Bailey Charles A., Stoneham,

♦Baird H., Bishop HUI, 111.
Baird Henry, W ilmington, Del.
Baird H. E.. Miami. Tex.
Baird Ira F., Wellston, Ókla.
♦Baird J., E v erett, W ashington,
D. C.
♦Baird L. R., Dickinson, N. D
B aird N. P., D e W itt, Ark.
Baird Percy, Superior, Neb.
♦Baird R. W ., Ham burg, Ark.
Baird S. C., Jellico, Tenn.
Baird T. B.. York, Pa.
Baird Thos. C.. McKeesport, Pa.
♦Baird W. F., Woodlawn, Cal.
B aird W. I., Jam aica, 111.
B aird W. J., Lebanon, Tenn.
♦Baird W . N ., Salido, Colo.
Baird W. O.. Lascassas. Tenn.
♦Baird W. S., N orth English, Ia.
♦Baiz A. S.,*New York City, N. Y.
♦Bakeman D. H .. C u t Banx, M ont.
Baker A. D., Deer Creek, Minn.
♦Baker A. F., P rotection, Kan.
♦Baker A. I., W ym ore, Neb.
B aker A. L., F t. W orth, Tex.
♦Baker B. B., E ast Point, Ga.
Baker B. B„ Monticello Ind.
♦Baker B. Ò., Grass Valley, Ore.
Baker B. J., Petersburg, W. Va.
♦Baker B. K., Falls City, Neb.
B aker B. S., Americus, Mo.
♦Baker C., Iditarod, Alaska.
B aker C. A., Fontanelle, la.
♦Baker C, D., New York, N. Y.
♦Baker G. E ., Belleview, Ky.
B aker C. F ., Dover, O.
♦Baker C. A., Stockton, Cal.
B aker C. L., Colville, Wash.
B aker C. O.. Tilden. Neb.
♦Baker C. V., T ulsa, Ókla.
♦Baker E . C., Arcadia, Okla.

♦Baker M iss E dith, Clinton, Tenn.
♦Baker Elerd, Higbee, Mo.
♦Baker E . Q., New York City,
N. Y. •
♦Baker E. S., Bramwell, W. Va.
Baker E. S.. Noblesvllle. Ind.
♦Baker E thel, Lawrence, Ind.
♦Bailey O. F., Carmel. Ind.
Baker E. V., Selbyville, Del.
Bailey Clyde, Elk Falls, Kan.
♦Baker E. V., Bushnell, Neb.
♦Bailey C. S., C anastota, N . Y.
♦Baker E va 0 ., Lane, Kan.
Bailey C. W., Clarksville, Tenn.
Baker F. L.. Walden. Colo.
Bailey E. C.. Correctionville, La.
♦Baker Frances, Golconda, 111.
♦Bailey E. O., Browning, Mo.
Baker F. Ó., Stillman Vailey, 111.
Bailey E. G., E ufaula, Okla.
♦Baker Glenn, W abash, Ind.
Bailey E. H., Streator, IU.
♦Baker G. E., Michigan City, Ind,
Bailey E . H ., Tuskahom a, Okla.
Baker G. H „ Urbana, 111.
Bailey E . L ., Redding, Cal.
Baker O. L.. Oneida. Ia.
Bailey F. B., Neosha Falls, K an. ♦Baker'G.
Grand Junction, Ia
B aarm an C„ Grand Rapids.M ich.
♦Bailey F. J. G., Danielson, Conn. B aker Geo.Ó..
S., D etroit, Mich.
♦Baas Edw. D.. Beemer, Neb,
Bailey Fred, Bethesda, O.
B aker Guy, P lym outh, Ind.
♦Baas John H ., Orlando, F la.
♦Bailey F. W .. Caldwell, Kan.
H. D., Urbana. O.
Babb A. L., Pomona, Mo.
Bailey G. A rthur. Bancroft. Neb. ♦Baker
Babb C. L., Xenia, 0 .
Bailey G. A., NewUnderwood.S.D. Baker H. F., Loma, N. D.
H., Grantsville, M d.
♦Babb F. G., Yukon, Okla.
♦Bailey Jr., George Antwerp, N.Y. ♦Baker H.
H. J., W orthington, Ind.
Babb G. P ., Lovejoys Station,G a. Bailey Guy, St. Onge, S. D.
♦Baker H. V.. Americus, Mo.
Babh T . O., Fredonia, Kan.
♦Bailey H. B., Boston, Mass.
♦Baker Inez, New Sharon, Ia.
Babb W. E „ Bluff City, Kan.
Bailey H. C., Quitm an, Mo.
Baker Irving H., Bay City, Mich.
B a b b itt C. D„ Elwood. Ind.
Bailey J. B., Gary, Ind.
♦Baker Irm a, Gause, Tex.
B a b b itt C. J., Flagstaff, Ariz.
Bailey J. E., Coolville. O.
Baker J. O., Brownfield, 111.
Bailey J. G. H arper. Kan.
Baker J. H., Bozeman. M ont.
Bailey J . M., Decker, Ind.
B abbitt L. A., Northville, Mich.
♦Baker J. H., F ort Smith. Ark.
♦Babcock A.M., Honey Creek,Wis. Bailey J. T ., Rockwall, Tex.
♦Baker J. H.. N unda, N. Y.
Bailey J . W ., Macomb, 111.
♦Babcock F. E ., Clifton, 111.
B aker J. M ., K anaranzi, M inn.
Babcock G uy O., G rand Rapids, Bailey L. D., Scottsburg, Va.
Baker J. M.. Salvisa. Ky.
Bailey M. G., Memphis, Tenn.
J. M ., Powell, Wyo.
♦Bailey M yrtle, Cum berland City, ♦Baker
♦Babcock G. T., La Ju n ta , Colo.
Baker J. M., W hite City, Kan.
Babcock H. I., Chappell, N eb.
! Tenn.
Baker John P., W hite Lake, S. D
♦Babcock I. A., W innebago, Minn. Bailey Nelson, Wills River, Vt.
Baker Jno. W.. Crosbvton, Tex.
Bailey O. C.. K aty, Tex.
♦Baker J. R., Dagsboro. Del.
♦Babcock O. H ., G rand Rapids, ♦Bailey
P . B., Southport, Ind.
Baker K. P., Ashburn, Ga.
Bailey P. H., Saluda, N. C.
Baker L. A., New Richmond. Wls.
Babcock R . A.. P o tter. Neb.
♦Bailey Ray O., Diagonal, Ia.
♦Baker Leona, Chattanooga, O.
Babcock W. H.. W averly, la.
Bailey R. C., Browning, Mo.
Baker Leroy, New London, O.
♦Babin M . J.. White Castle. La.
♦Baker L. K., E ast Berlin, Pa.
B abst Jacob, Crestline, O.
Bailey R. M ., Kinsale, Va.
Baker L. W., Gibsland, La.
♦Baca J. O:, Fayetteville, Tex.
Baiiey R. O., Kiefer, Ókla. ,
♦Baker M. E., Rockford, 111.
Bach Blase, Bartelso, 111.
Bailey R. R., Diagonal, la.
♦Baker M . E., Kanaranzi, Minn.
Bach F. A., Lee, 111.
Baker M. F.,Glenwood City, Wls.
♦Bach J. E ., Victor, la .
♦Bailey U. U., Refugio, Tex.
Baker M. G.. Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Bach Otis M ., O ttaw a, 111.
Wm. J., Clinton, S. O.
♦Baker M .M ., New London, Conn.
♦Bachard A rthur, W alhalla, N , D Bailey
♦Bailey W. H., Algona, Ia.
Baker M urray M ., Minooka, 111.
Bachelder Chas. L., Saco, Me.
W. H., M ilburn. Okla.
Baker N. B„ Maplewood, Mo.
Bachelder J. A., Nome, Alaska, Bailey
Baiiey W. J., Clinton, S. C.
Baker N. F., Lucas, la.
Bachelier R. C.. Palm etto, Ga.
Bailey W. J., Casper, Wyo.
Baker N. R., W ashington, Pa.
Bachelor D. E ., Bigwells, Tex.
Baker O. E.. Brookviiie, O.
♦Bachm an C. L., Kinsport, Tenn. Bailey W. T., Greenwood, S. C.
♦Baker Glaf, M iami, Okla. :
♦Bailie Jas. G., Augusta, Ga.
Bachm an C. W.. S tate Center, la.
♦Baker R. A., Minden, La.
Bachm an G. C.. Throckm orton, Baily E gbert, Norristown, Pa.
♦Baker Ray, Princeton, Ky.
Bally H. T „ Splceland, Ind.
♦Baker R obert J., Denver, Colo.
♦Bachman R. C., Phillipsburg, ♦Baily Joseph, Spokane, Wash.
Baker Roy J., Grass Valley, Ore.
Baily Q. D., Table Grove, 111.
N. J.
Baily Richard L., Carmichaels, Pa. ♦Baker R. Q.., Coshocton, O.
♦Bachmann C. F ., Fowler, Colo.
Baker R. R., F ort Bidwell, Cal.
♦Baqhtle C. J., E aston, M inn.
♦Baker S., Ballinger, Tex.
Bain G. H ., McConnelsyille, O.
♦Bacigalupi J. V., San Jose, Cal.
Baker S. H ., Grants Pass, Ore.
♦Backdahl A. T ., Minneapolis, Bain J. H., Langdon, N. D.
Baker S. E ., Richwoods, Mo.
Bain Joseph J,, Arab, Ala.
M inn.
B aker S. E ., G rant, Neb.
Backer John W., Baltim ore, M d. Bain L ..E ., McGregor, Tex.
B a k e r. T . M.. Providence, Ky.
Bain Neil M ., Harrisburg, Ore.
♦Backes A. A.^ Langdon, N . D.
Baker T. W ., C hattanooga, O.
Backus Charles S., Ham pshire. 111. ♦Bain Neil M ,, H arrisburg, Ore.
Baker W. E.. Vincennes, Ind.
Bain W. W., Brandon, Ia.
♦Backus Irving, Madison, Wis.
♦Baker W. F.. Decorah, Ia.
Baines G. W. Jr., Alpine, Tex.
Bacon A. L., Boston, Mass.
♦Baker W. G., Steele, Mo.
Bair J. D., St. Paul, M inn.
Bacon George, Laurel, Miss.
♦Baker W. H.. Altamont. 111.
♦Bacon G. W ., Trenton. Ky.
B aker W. L., Monticello, Ky.
♦Baird B. T., M arshall, 111.
Bacon H. G., Sterling, Mich.
♦Baker W. N., M ountain Home,
B aird O. A ., A genda, K an .
Bacon H. N., Racine, Wis.
A j* k
♦Baird C. B „ Newland, N. C.
Bacon N . H ., Odum, Ga.
Baker W. P., E ast Berlin, Pa.
Baird C. H., M ataw an, N. J.
♦Bacon T . R ., Wills Point, Tex.
W. S.. W inters. Cal.
♦Bada Lena, Silver City. Ia.
Bakke B., Twin Valley, Minn.
Baird E. Ó., Ceres, Cal.
♦Badeaux H. R ., Lockport, La.
♦Bakke, B. J., H olt, M inn.
Badenhoop H., Brandywine, M d. ♦Baird E. C.. Ruskin. Neb.
♦Bakke C. O., Fertile, Minn.
♦Baird E. T.. Connehutville. Pa.
♦Bader A. F., Evansville, Ind.
♦Baird Geo. L., Oklahoma City, Bakken I. O., W hitetail, M ont.
♦Bader M ., Kennan, Wis.
Bakula J . G., Wilson, Wls.
Badger B. J., Calvin, Okla.

Aylward D. E .. Livjngston, 111.
Ayre J. W., M onticello, 111.
Ayres C. H ., Columbus, Miss.
Ayres E. H. Jr., Spring Hill, Tenn.
♦Ayres E, P „ H untington, Ind.
Ayres J. D., Lineville, Ala.
♦Ayres Leake, Gatesville, Tex.
Ayres L. T ., Aransas Pass, Tex.
Ayres M . U., Woodville, Okla.
♦Ayers R. G. ¡H utchins, Tex.
Ayres Jr. S., H utchins, Tex.
Ayres W. A., Bowie, Tex.
♦Ayres W . S.. Camden, N. J.
A yrnett Julian, Mem phis, Tenn.
♦Azaredo A. J.. Sacram ento, Cal.

Balch S. D., Los Gatos, Cal.
Balch W. F., Paris, Term.
Balcom H. V., Caney, Kan.
Bald H. K., B ayard, Neb.
B ald W. P., Nokomis, 111.
•B aldauf O. O., Benton, Ark.
♦Baldauf J. A., Reynoldsville, Pa.
♦Balderson B. L ., C ortland. Neb.
B alderston H.S.. Seward. Alaska.
♦Balderston, H . S. W rangell,
♦Baldock M . L ., Summer Shade,
♦Baldridge J. Jr., Ennis, Tex.
Baldridge J. S., Laredo, Mo.
Baldridge Lenny, M ilan, M o.
Baldridge R. M.. McKeesport, P a.
Baldridge V. E., Chico, Tex.
♦Baldwin B. R „ Clnclnnatus, N. Y
Baldwin C. H ., N . Y. C ity, N . Y:
♦Baldwin C. H ., N . Redwood,
M inn.
•Baldw in O. H ., Redwood Palls,
M inn.
Baldwin D. J., H ubbell, Neb.
♦Baldwin D. M., Knox, Ind.
Baldwin E. O., Adrian, Mich.
♦Baldwin P. A., F t. Scott, Kan.
Baldwin George L., Lena, 111.
Baldwin G. W.. De Kalb. 111.
Baldwin G. W.. Bremen. O.
Baldwin H ., Prineville, Ore.
Baldwin H. C., Liberty, N. Y.
Baldwin Jam es, Bad Axe, Mich.
Baldwin J. F., H am burg, la .
Baldwin N., Alachua, Pia.
Baldwin, J. M., M ontgom ery, Ala.
Baldwin Lee, Socorro, N. Mex.
♦Baldwin Leo, P ortal, N . D.
♦Baldwin L. W., Lena. 111.
♦Baldwin M iss N orm a, B axter
Springs, K an.
♦Baldwin P. P., Kemmerer, Wyo.
Baldwin P . P ., Freedom , Wyo.
Baldwin R.L., Breckinridge, M ich.
Baldwin S. T ., Kingm an, Kan.
♦Baldwin T harpe Conyers, Ga.
♦Baldwin W. E .„ D unn, N . O.
♦Baldwin W. E ., E. Downlngton,

Balsly T . W., Ludlow, Ky.
B alster H arry G., Petersburg, HI.
B altz G. F ., M lllstadt. 111.
B altz J. H ., W ashington, D. C.
Baly Henry. San Pedro. Cal.
Bam bach G. G „ Bethel, O.
Bambeneck A., Mansfield, S. D,
♦Bamberger E . F., M ount Vernon,
♦Bambrick T . T ., Chester. W. Va
♦Bamford R . S., Brown City,
M ich.
B anbury S. M ., B ritton, S. D.
♦Banck E . F ., W ilmington, N . C.
♦Bancker E. A. Jr., A tlanta, Ga.
Bandlow A. H ., H aven, Wis. •
Bandlow F . A., Theresa, Wis.
Bandon W. J., Lexington, Mo.
B andura A. J., Flensburg, M inn.
♦B andura A. J., Silver Lake.M inn
Bandy R. W ., Gleason, Tenn.
Bane H. R „ Dunning, Neb.
Bane John H ., Northfork. W. Va.
Bane R. S., Fredericktown, Pa.
Bane W . F ., Bluefield. W. Va
Baner H. O.. New Boston. 111.
♦Banfleld H. L., Austin, Minn.
♦Banfleld N. F., Austin, Minn.
♦Banfleld N. F., Jr., Austin. M inn.
B angert A. F.. Corfu, N. Y.
Bangneit F. C., Francis Creek,
B angert E . J., Holland, N . Y.
♦Bangert G. H ., Buffalo, N . Y.
♦Banister D. W., H axtum , Colo.
♦Banister H. H ., A uburn, M ich..
♦Banister T . S., Anderson, S. C
B anister W. L, Marks, Miss.
Banker C. A., Glendive, Mont.
B ankhead J. R.. Sulligent.Ala.
♦Banks C. G., Grace C ity, N . D.
♦Banks Jr. J, A., St. M atthew s,
S. C.

Banks Jam es, G ravette, Ark.
Banks J . H., Brazil, Tenn.
♦Banks John L.y Superior, Wis.
Banks J. N ., G ravity, la .
♦Banks L. T ., Minneapolis, M inn.
♦Banks T . L., Palm yra. Mo.
♦Banks W. B. Jr., Superior, Wis.
♦Baldwin W. M ., Albany, Ga.
Banks W. C., M illtown, Ga.
Bale Chas: E ., M anson, la .
♦B ankston J . R „ Anguilla, Miss. .
Bale J . H.. R uthven, la.
♦Banmiiler A. S., H arrisburg, P a.
Bales B., C hattanooga, T enn.
B annerm an J. A., Burgaw, N . O.
♦Bales W. A., Ellington, Mo.
Baxmerman W. C., E ltopia, W ash.
Balfour E . W., Evans. Colo.
♦Bannister L. S„ M ilbank, S. D.
♦Balfour Jos., Gadsden, Ala.
Banowetz F. E ., Lenapah, Okla.
Banowetz M . O., L enapah, Okla.
♦Balis R. B., Bradentown, Fla.
♦Bansbach A. H., St. Joseph, Mo.
Ball A rthur, Hays, Pa.
♦B anta C. W ., San Francisco.Cal.
Ball B. F ., W ebb C ity. Mo.
anta L. D., H arper, Kan.
♦Ball B. O., Cambridge, 111.
B anton J . G., Kinston. N. C.
♦Ball Chas. O., Detroit, Mich.
Banweil W. H ., Holbrook, N eb..
Ball O. M . Jr., B utte, Neb.
♦Banze W. E „ Halstead.- Kan.
♦Ball C. M ., Coloma, Mich.
B ar A. H ., Quincy, Cal.
♦Ball O. P ., Toluca, 111.
♦Bar H. H ., Quincy, Cal.
♦Ball E dgar, Floyd, Iowa.
♦Bar W. L., Oentralia, Wash.
Ball E. G.. Toluca, 111.
B arbash H . L., San Francisco, Cal.
Ball E. W., Farmersvllie. 111.
B arbar B. C., Ferdinand, Ida.
Ball F. D ., Creston, la.
♦Barbe J . M.t HarrisvUle, W. Va.
♦Ball Geo. T ., Caledonia, N . Y,
Barbee H . C., E . D urnam , N . C.
♦Ball G. O., Greentown, Ind.
Barbee J . H „ San Marcos, Tex.
Ball H. E ., W inchester, Mass.
Barbee J. M ., Occoauan. Va.
Ball H. F., Kensington, Kan.
Barber A. D ., Surgoinsville, Tenn.
Ball Jam es M . Richm ond, Va.
Barber A. F., C harter Oak, la .
Ball J. F., Bronwood, Ga.
A. G„ Lewiston, U tah.
♦Ball J. M . Jr., Richmond, Ya.
♦Barber A. K ., Keystone, Neb.
♦Ball J. O., Boise, Ida.
♦Ball Philiip M ., Breckenridge, B arber A. S., Schenectady, N . Y.
♦Barber C. A., Pittsfield, 111.
M ira .
♦Barber C. F., Spring Valley,M inn
♦Ball R. A., Greenwood, Miss.
♦Ball R. C , Craig, Mo.
B arber O. R., Fredericktown, Mo.
♦Ball R . E ., W indsor. Mo.
♦Barber E. C., Livonia, N. Y.
Ball S. N ., Thomasville, Ga.
Barber F. S., Onida, S. D.
♦Ball Tom, Huntsville, Tex.
♦Barber G. W., M cCrory, Ark.
Ball Wm. H. Coloma, Mich.
♦Barber H., Miltonvale, Kan.
Ball W. H., M organ, M inn.
♦Barber H. H., Minneapolis, Minn.
Ball W. S., New Liberty, Ky.
Barber Hiram , Ames, Kan.
Ball W. T „ Em poria, Kan.
Barber H. J., Cummings, Kan.
♦Ball W. W. Jr.. M aysville, Ky.
Barber H. W., Concordia, Kan.
♦Ballance Butler, Portsm outh, Va. Barber J. C., Eagleviile, Mo.
Bah Wm. W'., M apleton, K an
Barber J. E ., Franklin, Mass.
♦Ballance P . W., M arion, 111.
♦Barber John, Eagleviile, Mo.
BaUantine T. W ., W est B ranch. ♦Barber J. W., M aeclenny, Fla.
Barber J. W., Spring Valley,Minn.
Ballard C. P., W ashington C ourt Barber M. J., Providence, R. 1.
House, O.
♦Barber Oswald E ., M arquette,
Ballard D. C„ Richmond, Va.
M ich.
Ballard E. F., Cedar Hill, Tex.
♦Barber R . A., Ithaca, Mich.
♦Ballard E. R „ W inona, Miss.
Barber R. N., Burlington Je t., Mo.
♦Ballard Geo., Ashland, Ky.
♦Barber R. S., Weyauwega, Wis.
♦Ballard G. H., B arnum , la .
Barber R obert T ., W ahpeton,
N. D.
♦Ballard R. L., W est P oint, Miss.
♦Ballard T urner, C edar Hill, Tex. Barber W. H., E aton, Colo.
♦Ballard W. R., Galax, Va.
B arbor B. C . , Grangeville, Ida.
Balle L. G.. Laurens. S. C.
♦Barbour Geo. T., M aysville, Ky.
♦Ballenger B. L., Tryon, N. C.
♦Barbour K.M., N. Branch, Mich.
Ballenger W. L.. Richmond, Cal. Barbour W . G., Brunswick, Neb.
♦Ballentine A. W., M ontclair.N .J.
Barcalow L. D., Elizabeth, Minn.
Ballentine W. K., Middlesex, N.C. ♦Barclay A. D ., Burchard, Neb.
Ballew C. T., Hale. Mo.
Barclay B. B., Piedm ont, O.
♦Ballhorn A., Lake Park, la.
B arclay H. E ., A therton, M o.
Ballinger G., Helper, U tah.
Barclay S. A., San Antonio. Tex.
♦Ballinger J. J., Lewiston, M ont.
Bard F. E., Gowanda, N. Y .
Ballinger J. P., Bethel, Ky.
Bard H. O., H arrold, S. D.
♦Ballinger Mrs. J . P „ Bethel, Ky.
Bard R. G., Bristol, S. D.
¿''«linger R. H ., K aufm an, Tex.
♦Bard S. J., Collins, Mo.
♦Ballinger W. E., W est P oint, Ky. ♦Barden C. L., Ripley, N . Y.
Ballister F . E., Neenah, WIs.
Barden H. E „ Galveston, Tex.
Ballman R. H., St. Louis, Mo.
Bardon J . H., Morral, O.
Bajiou L. E. Jr., Storm Lake, la .
♦Bare E. F. Jr., Pierson, la.
Ballou R. N „ Chicago, 111.
♦Bare Em m a, McCutchenville, O,
Ballschmlder O. D., Sheboygan Bare I. H., Lancaster, Pa.
_ Falls, Wis.
Bare, J. L., M cCutchenville, O.
Ballstadt R C., Merrill, Wis.
Barfield W. M .. Lineville, Ala.
Balph Geo R. New Castle, Pa.
♦Barfield W. D.. Henning, T enn.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


♦Barfoot A. W. Jr., Lamesa, Tex. Barness Oscar, Bagley, Minn.
B argar C. M ., Smithfleld, O.
♦B arnett A. B., S anta B arbara,
Barge H H., Hoskins, Neb.
B arge^W m .. Belvidere, Neb
B arnett A. J, B .. Cuba. Mo,
♦Barger H attie, Duenweg, Mo,
♦B arnett C, B., Jonesboro, Ark.
♦Barger L., Eddyville, 111.
♦B arnett C. H., Cambridge, M d.
♦Barger S. L., Atwood, Tenn.
B arnett D. B., Harrisonville, M e.
Barger W. S., Eddyville, 111.
B arnett E. D., W estervelt, 111.
Bargeron M . W., Milltown, Ga.
B arnett G. M., Centerville, la .
♦Bargeron Robt., W aynesboro, Ga B arnett G. M ., Wever, la..
Barham C. L., Emeryville, Cal.
♦B arnett H. M ., Enfield, 111
Bark T. B., Sutherland, la.
♦B arnett G. E.. M artinez, Cal.
B arker A. B., H arper, Tex.
B arnett Joseph E „ Latrobe, Pa.
Barker C. A., Jr., Plaquem ine, La B arnett J . E„ Thornton, Tex.
♦Barker Charles L., M illburn, N .J. B arnett J . F., Palacios, Tex.
Barker O. L., Venus, Tex.
♦B arnett J.. Smyrna, Tenn.
♦Barker D. K.. M arion. Ala.
♦B arnett M . H ., W ashington, Ga.
♦Barker E arl A., Ordway, Colo. ♦B arnett N .S., Jr., Shawnee, Okla.
♦Barker E. G., Tulia, Tex.
B a rn ett R obert J., Ridgefield
Barker G. W.. B u tte Falls. Ore.
Park, N. J.
♦Barker H erbert, Bondville, 111. ♦B arnett R uth M ., Neosho, M o.
♦Barker H. B., F ay ette City, Pa. B arnett S. E., Idabel, Okla.
Barker H . G., Ridge Farm . 111.
B a rn ett V. N., Pontotoc, Okla.
♦B arnett W. J., Shawnee. Okla.
B arker J. B., Fairfax, S. C.
Barker J. H., Gary, W. Va.
B arker J. L., Honor, Mich.
B arney H arry W „ Sparta, Wis.
♦Barker J. T ., Dolliver, la .
Barney R. C., G ranite City, 111.
Barker L. V.. Stanwood. Mich.
B arnhart A. C.. Brushton. N. Y.
♦Barker M aude A., Olathe, Kan. B
arn h art F. M ., Kaycee, Wyo. .
♦Barker W. P „ P ittsburgh, P a.
arnhart J. K., Bellefonte, Pa.
Barker W. T .t W averly, Ky.
J. M .. Belle. Mo.
♦Barkham J . R., D etroit, Mich.
arnhart P. V., Flanagan, 111.
♦B arkhurst George, Bardstown ♦B
E ., Townsend, M ont.
♦Barnhill F. C., M arshall. Mo.
Barkl O. E ., W arner, S. D.
B., Ooffeyvilie, K an.
Barklage E ., St. Louis, Mo.
Barnlngham A. L., Vermontville.
Barkley F. L., Denver, Colo.
Barkm an A., E ast Tawas, Mich.
., New Oxford, Pa.
Barkm an W .E.. ArkadelDhia. Ark Barnitz J . W
F. C., M atador, Tex.
Barksdale T. J., W ashington, Ga. ♦Barnland
ont, W. Va.
Barksdale W. H „ Flem ingsburg Barns Thos. Fairm
E., Milford, Mass.
B arnt H. S., Sac City, la.
♦Barland T . G., Deering, N . D .
Barnum A. A., Albion, Ind.
Barley J. H., Hollenberg, Kan.
Barnum R. B., Afton, la.
Barlow A rthur, N ettleton, Mo.
R. E.. Driftwood, Okla.
♦Barlow C., N bttleton, Mo.
Barnwell W. C., Gilmer Tex.
♦Barlow C. L.. Monroe. Wis.
Baroch V. F., Hobson, M ont.
♦Barlow F. D., Lodgepole, Neb.
♦Barofsky A. H ., Ellsworth, Kan,
Barlow F. H., Cleburne, Tex.
♦Baron S. B.. Pella. Ia.
Barlow G. H., Corry, Pa.
♦Barlow Geo. W., Lodgepole.Neb.
B arr C. A., Am anda, O.
♦Barlow, J . E „ Ellisvllle, 111.
♦Barr Charles R., Pittsburgh. Pa.
♦Barlow J. O., Booneville, Ark.
♦Barr F. A., Crown Point, Ind.
♦Barlow John, Dum ont, fa,
♦Barr F. F., Anderson, Ind.
♦Barlow J. W., Monticello, Wis.
♦Barr M iss H attie, Star, Tex.
♦Barlow Lee, Balmorhea, Tex.
B arr J. A., Greenfield, Ia.
Barlow L. M., Des Moines, la.
♦Barr J. T ., Jr., W ayne City, 111
Barlow O. L ., Hom iny, Okla.
♦Barr John, W ayne City, 111.
Barlow R. A., Sidney. Neb.
B arr Joseph. Newell, S D.
Barlow R . J., Kenbridge, Va.
♦Barr N oble P ., Bruceville, Ind.
Barlow S. G., D um ont, la.
B arr R. D., Bruceville, Ind.
♦Barlow W. C., B ethany, Mo.
♦Barr R. I., New York City.
B arnard J . N., Dalevllle, Ind.
Barr R. W., Chattanooga. Tenn.
B arnard H . O., Dallas, Tex.
arr W. B., Clarksdale, Miss.
B arnard R. W., Selma, Ind.
B arr W. M ., Sanger, Cal.
B arnard T . R.. Island, Ky.
♦B arragar F. L., Sheldon. Ia.
♦B arndt Chas. A., Tuscola, 111. ♦Barrand
H. P ., New York C ity.
♦Barnes A. F., N . Y. City, N. Y. ♦B arratt Alfred,
Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Barnes B. C., Rockhill, S. C.
C., Sikeston. M o.
Barnes Cyrus W., Elizabeth, Ind. B a rrett C. A.,
W atford C ity, N. D.
♦Barnes C. E., Union, la.
B a rrett C. E ., Newm an, Grove
♦Barnes E. C., Evergreen, Ala.
♦Barnes E. D., Pontotoc, Okla.
♦B arrett E arl, Loveland, Colo.
Barnes E. F „ Bethesda, O.
arrett E. J., Lawrence, Neb.
Barnes E. T., Wilson, N. C.
♦B arrett E. N., Big Sandy, Mont.
Barnes Elm er. Cheneyville, 111.
♦B arrett E. R „ Sedalia, Mo.
Barnes F. L., Syracuse, N. Y.
B arrett Geo. A.. Brockton, Mass
♦Barnes F rank, Beaver D am , K y. ♦B
arrett G. B., Laura, 111.
Barnes G. H ., Baltim ore, Md.
♦B arrett Golden, Durango, Colo.
♦Barnes G. H., Philipsburg, Pa.
Barnes G. L., Jr., Girdletree, M d. B arrett H. N.. Peckville. Pa.
♦B arrett J. B.. Missouri Valley, Ia.
♦Barnes Glona. H artm an, Colo,
B arrett J. F., Dunlap, la.
♦Barnes Geo. H., H obart, Ind.
B arrett Jno. R „ Auburn, Ga.
Barnes H., B attle Creek, Neb.
B a rrett J, R., Dem orest, Ga.
Barnes H. B., Essex, Conn.
B a rrett J W., Winfield, Tex.
♦Barnes H. G., Eufaula, Okla.
Barnes H. L„ St. Thomas, N. D. ♦B arrett L. J., Okmulgee, Okla.
♦Barnes Irvine, So. Carrollton, Ky. B a rrett Thos., Agnew. Neb.
Barnes J . E., Fillmore, Mo.
♦B arrett W. E.,Des Moines, la .
♦Barnes J . F., Royston, Ga.
B a rrett W -J., Enid, M ont.
Barnes John H., Beaver Dam, Tty ♦B arrett W.W.. Sedalia^Mo.
Barnes J. H., Cropsey, 111.
Barrho W. J., P ort Allegany, Pa.
Barnes J . L.. Colfax, 111.
Barrick R ay, Byron, 111.
Barnes L. A.. Duluth, Minn.
B., Hillsboro, 111.
♦Barnes L. R., Boyne City, Mich. ♦BarringerJ.W.
E., Streeter, N. D.
♦Barnes L. R., Verden, Okla.
S., Gwinner, N. D.
Barnes L. W., W eston, la .
Van Horn, Ia.
Barnes Lym an, M alta, Mont.
B arron F. O., W ichita Falis, T ex .
Barnes N . S., Weldon, N. C.
Barnes R . A., P rairie Grove, Ark,
H. M ., Canton, 111.
♦Barnes R. C„ Straw berry P oint, ♦Barron
Barron R. D., Coopersburg. Pa. :
♦Barnes R. O., Salt Lake City. ♦BarronR. M ., M idland, Tex.
•B arron S. B., Chaffee, N. D.
♦Barnes R. L „ Norm an, Neb.
Barron S. J., Byron, Ga.
Barnes R. M., Memphis, Mo.
♦Barron Stanton J., Richardson,
♦Barnes R. T ., Chaffee, Mo.
Barnes R. W., Eutaw , Ala.
♦Barron T. E ., Fredericktown,M o.
Barnes R. W., Kam as, U tah.
Barron W. C., Kansas C ity, M o.
Barnes S. A., Eagle Grove, la .
B arron W. F „ Hop Bottom , Pa.
B arnesM rs. T . D., Carrizo Springs, B arron W .H ., Bowling Green, M o.
Barrow B. A., Ozan, Ark.
Barnes T . G., N atchitoches, La.
Barrow M . S.. Alberta, Va.
♦Barnes T. H., Bogalusa, La.
Barrow S. L., Blackstone. Va.
Barnes U. G., Ellington, Mo.
Barrows C. S.. Dodge, N . D.
Barnes W. A., Pasadena, Cal.
Barrows Geo. C., N orth E asto n .
Barnes W alter, Osawatomie, Kan.
♦Barnes W. J., Eutaw , Ala.
B arry Carlos, New London, Conn.
Barnes W. K., A lexandria, Minn.
B arry David, Johnstow n. Pa.
♦Barnes W. L., Jonesboro, La.
B arry Edw ard C., Chicago, 111.
♦Barnes W. M . Jr., Estill, S. O. Barry E. E., Clifton Heights, P a.
♦Barnes W. P ., W ashington Court Barry F. S., Sunset, La.
House, O.
♦Barry J. B., Beeville, Tex.
Barnes W. S., Tahlequah, Okla.
Barry Jam es K., R aritan, 111.
Barnes W. T.. Scooba. Miss.
Barry J . C„ L aF ayette, La.

B arry R obert D., Aliquippa, Pa.
B arry R. M., Erwin, Tenn.
B arry W. L., M arshall, Tex.
B arry Wm. T., Kelliher, M inn.
Barsby O. M ., Savonburg, Kan.
♦B arstad A. O., R ugby, N . D.
♦B arstad A. O., G uthrie, N . D.
Barstow E. L., W right, M inn.
Barstow R . W., Cromwell, M inn.
♦Barstow S. W.. Cromwell, M inn.
♦B arta Joseph, Ord, Neb.
♦Bartell P . A., Neillsville, Wis.
B artelm e John M ., Fisch Mills,
♦Bartels A., Inm an, K an.
B artels C. R „ St. Marys, Mo.
B artels E . A,, Ravenswood, W.Ya.
♦Bartels O. A., A lta Vista, la.
♦Bartels R. C., M errim an, N eb.
B artelt Fred, Sullivan, Wis.
♦Bartedt W . 7 ., H untley, 111.
♦Barter J. H., San Francisco, Cal.
♦B arth C. S., Havelock, la .
♦B arth L. J ., Broken Arrow, Okla.
B arth P. V., Sugar City, Colo
B a rth W. A., M etcalf, 111.
♦Barthel R. A., F o rt Clark, N . D.
Barthélém y E . N ., Hackensack,
M inn.
♦Barthélém y L. E ., H ackensack,
M inn.
B arth o let F., Yakim a, Wash.
♦B artholet J. J., Yakim a, Wash.
♦Bartholf C. L., Morrlce, Mich.
♦Bartholomeu A. F., L othair,
M ont.
♦Bartholomew C. M., A ustin, Tex.
♦Bartholomew C. D., Center Hall,
Bartholom ew O. A., Pom peys
Pillar, M ont.
♦Bartholomew Ira, Fairview, S. D.
Bar tie G. O.. Cleveland. Tex.
♦B artle W. O., Goose Creek, Tex.
Bartleson C. P., Beloit, Kan.
♦Bartleson L. M ., Sharpsville, Pa.
♦ B artlett Carolyn, M em phis.M ich
B a rtle tt E. A.. Memphis. Mleh.
B a rtle tt George E. E ., W est, Tex.
B a rtlett E. S., A tlantic City, N. J .
♦ B artlett G. E „ Malta. 111.
B a rtle tt H arris S., M eriden, Conn.
♦B artlett H. E ., Dahlgreen, 111.
B a rtlettH . T „ M ontgomery, Ala.
B a rtlett J . B., Derry, N. H.
B a rtlett J . E., New Martinsville,
W. Va.
B a rtlett R. W., Ventnor C ity, N .J.
♦ B artlette F. R.. Newport News.
B artley N . M . Bloomington. Tex.
B artley , P. B., Helena. M ont.
♦B artley W. G., Terry, M ont.
B artley W. 1., Pecan Gap, Tex.
♦B artling V. L., W aterloo, la .
Bartlow L. E „ Belgrade, Mo.
♦B artm an T. L„ Concordia, Mo.
B arto, L. R., T hom pson Falls.
M ont.
B arton A. A.. Bowlus. M inn.
♦B arton A. E ., M etropolis, 111.
B arton C. H., Ogden, U tah.
♦Barton O M ., Belfleld, N. D.
B arton G. A., Bluford, 111.
B arton George, Braceville, 111.
♦Barton H . C., San Leandro, Cal.
♦Barton H. G.. Gering, Neb.
B arton H ab ert W., M alakoff. Tex,
•B a rto n J. G., Longview, Tex.
B arton John A.. Two H arbors,


♦B arton Mrs. J. W., Oakwood
B arton Kirby, Parsons, Kan.
Barton N. P., Mercedes, Tex.
B arton Perle. Liberty Hille, Tex.
♦B arton Stella, Bluford, 111.
B arton W. A., Greenfield. T enn
Bartos J . A., W ilber, Neb.
Bartow F. D ., New York, N . Y.
♦Bartow R. V., Brunswick, Mo.
Barfeteson G. C., G rand Chain, 111.
♦Barts B. R., Bowdon, N . D.
♦Barz E . M ., A tkins, la .
Barze B. F „ Ontonagon, Mich.
♦Bash E arl, Leechburg, Pa.
Bash H. M.. Toledo. O.
Basham A. A., Cleveland, Va.
Basham C. E., Vernon. Tex.
Bashinsky L. E ., Troy, Ala.
Bashor C. C., Kelso. Wash.
♦Basinger Joseph, Eldorado, 111.
Basinger P. L., Adamsville, Tenn.
♦Basinger V. C.. Columbiana, O.
B askett T. S., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Baskin R. E ., Seymour, Tex.
•B ason W. E .. G raham . N . C.
Basore C. V., Bentley, Kan.
•B asore M rs. C. V., Bentley, K an.
Basore E. S., Klchl, Kan.
Bass Claude, W hite Plains, N. Y.
♦Bass E. E „ W illim antlc. Conn.
Bass H erbert L., Lynnville, Ind.
♦Bass H. L.. Ogden, la.
Bass Jam es R., Caddo Mills; Tex.
•B a ss Jas. E ., Bullard, Tex.
Bass L. A., Yoncalla, Ore.
♦Bass Neal, Decherd, T enn.
Bass S., Keller, Tex.
Bass S. H.. Munford, Tenn.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Bassel A. J., Temple,. Tex.
♦Bassett B., Brenham , Tex.
♦Bassett B. H.. Roswell, N. M.
Bassett Edwin, Madison, Mo.
B assett H. L., Oberlin, O.
B assett J. E ., Wheeler, W ash.
♦B assett L. R., O debolt. ia .
♦Bassett R. W.. Valley City, N .D .
B assett W. B „ H artford, Conn.
Bassett W. W., Aberdeen, S. D.
B assett W. W., Sacramento, Cal.
Bassette M. W., Interlaken, N. Y.
♦B ast E. P „ Laurlum , Mich.
B astar J . F., Colon, Neb.
B astar W. H., Forestvllle. Wis.
Bastien G. A., Grassrange. M ont.
B aston J. B., Thomson, Ga.
♦Basye A. G., Portersville. Cal.
Batcheider C. S., Peabody, Mass,
Batchelder John O., Leominster,
Batchelder J . R ., Climax Springs,
Batcheler O. B.. B ryantburg, Ia.
Batcheller C. E ., Fingal, N. D.
♦Batchelor J. B., Jersey, Ga.
Batchelor J. P.. Ringgold, La.
♦B atchler J. E ., W axpahatchie,
Y qx.

Batdorff E. M„ R udyard, Mich.
Batdorff M .D .M ., Richland, Pa.
♦Bate J. T., Louisville, Ky.
♦Batem an C. S.. Charleroi. Pa.
B atem an H. D ., Wilson, N. C.
♦Bates A. E.. Alkabo. N. D.
♦Bates A. E ., Grenora, N. D.
♦Bates B. F., Denver, Colo.
♦Bates C. S., Laurel. M ont.
Bates Chas. T., Roodhouse. 111.
♦Bates E . D., Bellingham, Wash.
Bates E. D., Chetopa. Kan.
♦Bates E dw ard, M orley, la.
♦Bates Francis E „ Providence,
R. I.
Bates F. H „ Albany, Ga.
Bates G. E .. Maywood, Neb.
Bates G. P „ Augusta, Ga.
Bates G. R ., M yrtle Creek. Ore.
♦Bates George W., Lebanon, Tenn.
Bates H. D., W aterville, Me.
♦Bates J. F., Miller, Ga.
♦Bates J. F., Rising C ity, Neb.
Bates John F., F o rt Deposit, Ala.
Bates Joseph. Shannon C ity, la.
Bates M . W., Beeville, Tex.
♦Bates O. M ., Shannon C ity, Ia.
Bates Ralph, A rrington, Kan.
Bates Richard, P ortland, Mich.
Bates W. E ., Shelton, S. C.
B ates Wm. H ., Lynn, Mass.
B atey J. G., Sm yrna, Tenn.
♦Bath M . M .. Oklahoma City,
B athgate J . B., Polo, Mo.
B atie A. R., Omemee, N. D.
♦Batsel M . P., Sacram ento, Ky.
♦B athum H . N ., E lm hurst. 111.
♦Battaglia G., San Francisco, Cal.
♦B atte L. J.. Brookville, Miss.
♦B attin S. H., Elizabeth, W. Va.
B a tts D. F., Macclesfield, N. C.
♦B atts J . W., Doerun, Ga.
B attson P aul, D utton, M ont.
B a tty E . G.. Providence, R. I.
B a tty H. C., Spencer, Neb.
B atz E., Sun Prairie. Wis.
B atzer H.*G.. Hazelton, ,N. D.
Batzer H. W., M orristow n, S. D.
B atzner V. A., Bovey, M inn.
♦Bauch A. E .. Clarkston, Wash.
♦Bauch T . C.. Sinton, Tex.
Baucom C. W., W ingate, N . G.
♦Bauder Estelle, Lockney, Tex.
Bauder John F „ Philadelphia. Pa.
Bauder R ay £.,f Taylorville, 111.
Bauder R. A., Eldorado. Neb.
Baudhuin E rnest. Sturgeon Bay,
Baudln A. N „ Houghton, Mich.
♦Bauer A. H., W irt, Okla.
♦Bauer A. J., Rockford, M inn.
Bauer Calix F., Underwood. N .D .
♦Bauer C. F., Underwood, N. D.
♦Bauer Chas F., Menominee, Wis.
Bauer C. T ., Fowler, Colo.
♦Bauer E. L., Arlington, M inn.
Bauer F. E ., Barnum , Minn.
Bauer, G. H .. Elcho, Wis.
♦Bauer Godfrey, New Y ork City,
N . Y.
Bauer H. A., Zell, S. D.
♦Bauer H. W., Cincinnati, O.
Bauer J . G., Bllssfleld, Mich.
B auer L. N. J . , Minneapolis, M inn.
Bauer M . R., Chicago, 111.
♦Bauer M . W., Fessenden. N . D.
♦Bauer P. E ., Judsonia. Ark.
Bauer T. H., Stewardson, 111.
Bauer W. J., Riga, Mich.
Baiierlein Louis, Camden, Ark.
Bauersfeld K. E.. Earleton, K an.
♦Bauersfeld Pearl L., E arleton,
K an.
--rrs'Bauersm ith S. M„ PittsD urgh, Pa.
Baugh W. P., Rogers, Tex.
Baugher Eugene. Fancy Prairle.Ill.
♦BaugherG. L., Fancy Prairle.Ill.
♦Baughm an O. H ., Hope, Ark.

Baughman C. W., Nashville, Ark.
♦Baughman L. E., Coshocton, O.
Baughm ann F. F., Taylorville, 111
Baugniet F . O., Francis Creek,
Baukol A. M Wlldrose, N. D.
Baum E . B., Gotebo, Okla.
Baum E. H., Garrison, Ia.
Baum S.. A villa. Ind.
♦Baum W. H., Batavia, O.
♦Baum W. R., Washington, D . O
♦Baum an A. P., Raleigh, N. C.
Bauman C. S., New Orleans, La.
♦Baumann E. W.. Castana. Ia.
♦Bauman John, Eau Claire, Wis.
♦Baumbach R. L., Chester, M ont.
Baum gaethner S. Jr., Herm ann,
♦Baumgardner I. E., Galva, Ia.
Baum gardt R. H., Farley, Mo.
B aum gart O. E ., Brenham , Tex.
♦Baum gartner Benj., Elgin, Ia.
♦Baum gartner F. R., St Louis.Mo
♦B aum gartner M. J., Strasburg.
N . D.
♦Baum gartner R. W., Lawler, Ia.
♦Baumeter J. A., Fairoaks, Cal.
♦Baur J., Manistee, Mich.
♦Baur J r R., Keokuk, Ia.
Bauserm an B. L., G rottoes, Va..
♦Baxley P. 3 ., Tallapoosa, Ga.
♦Baxter O. W., Irwin, Ia.
♦Baxter C. W., M ount Pleasant,
Baxter E . C., Harlowton, M ont.
B axter E. F. Chilton, Tex.
Baxter J. A., Irwin, la.
Baxter L. C., Buxton, Ia.
♦Baxter M. P., Lake Nebagamon,
Baxter Otho, Berclair, Tex.
Baxter Russell, Lake Nebagamon.
Bay GT, Jena, La.
♦Bay Earle, M orris, Okla.
Bay W. F., OdeBolt, Ia.
Bayard J. L., Jr.. Vincennes.Ind.
Bayard P. W., Lawrencevllle, I1L
Bayer John A., La Crosse, Wis.
Bayer T. IT., Clayton, Mo.
Bayersdorffer W. J., Shreveport,
♦Bayless G. O., Claremore, Okla.
Bayless H. L., Forest City, Pa.
Bayless L. E ., M urphy, N. O.
Bayless R. R., Commerce, Okla.
Bayless W. H. Jr., Blue Mound.
Bayley A. L., Alice, N. D.
Bayley E. J., John Day, Ore.
♦Baylis J. S.. Farmingdale. N . Y.
♦Baylis Louis, Oacoma, S. D.
Bayliss H. C., Rutherford, N. J.
♦Bayliss J. A., Russellville, Ark.
Baylor R. E., Graham, Va.
♦Bayly Taver, Clearwater. Fla.
Bayne J. C., Bagdad, Ky.
Bays L. B., W oodland, Miss.
Bays L. B., Houston, Miss.
B azata Charles,
H am tram ck,
Bazlen A. O.. Luxembourg, Wis.
Bazlen L. O., Rio Creek, Wis.
♦Beach C., Beattyvilie, Ky.
♦Beach D. A., Cedar Rapids, Neb.
Beach D. E., St. Petersburg, Fla.
Beach G. A.. Rockhill. S. C.
Beach I. R., Bronson, Kan.
Beach Joseph, Draper, S. D.
Beach W. M., Mesa, Ariz.
Beacham Chas., Farnham ville, Ia.
Beacham C. W., Colbert, Ga.
Beachy Richard, Esbon, Kan.
Beacom David, Pickford, Mich.
♦Beacon Ford,H ., Pickford, Mich.
♦Beadle F. D., Yale, Mich.
♦Beadle F rank L., Yale, Mich.
♦Beadle L. R., Beaconsfleld, Ia.
Beadle M . B., Norene, Tenn.
Beadles R. B., Fulton, Ky.
Beaghler J . L., Savannah, Mo.
♦Beaghler M . L.. Middle Point, O.
Bealrd R. F.. Claremont, 111.
♦Beakley R. N., Mercury, Tex.
Beal D. E., P o rt William, O.
♦Beal E. L., Alexis, 111.
Beal G. L., Verona, 111.
Beal I. C., Sodus, N. Y.
Beal L. P., Hudson, Mich.
♦Beal M. N ., Verona, 111.
♦Beal R. A.. Arm Arbor, Mich.
♦Beal W. C., Superior, Neb.
Beai W. M ., Sturges, Mo.
Beale E. C., Franklin, Va.
Beale H. ,8-, W averly. Neb.
Beall E . B.. Galion, O.
Beafi J. H.. Lenoir, N. C.
Beall Olln. Frostburg, Md.
♦Beall W. O,, Hamlin, Tex.
Beals D. S., Springfield, Ore.
♦Beals D. T ., Kansas City, Mo.
Beals F. L., Merna, Neb.
Beals W. M ., Jr.. Shedds, Ore.
♦Beam C., Cherfyville, N. C.
♦Beam E. B., Tomales, Cal.
♦Beaman R. P., Norfolk, Va.
Beaman W. W .. Troy, Pa.
Beamer B. D., Galax, Va.
♦Beamon A. M., Los Angeles, Cal.
Beamsley F. G., D uluth, M inn.
♦Bean C. D-. Andalusia, Ala.
♦Bean C ; L., Spencer, N . C.
Bean F . W., Francis, Okla.

♦Bean H. V. V., Tacom a, Wash.
Bean L. L„ F t. Meade, Fla.
Bean R. L., Camden, Me.
Bean R. R., Caledonia, Mo.
Bean W. S., Woodlake, Cal.
Bean W. T ., Nelsonvllle, O.
♦Bear W. L., Boise, Ida.
Beard A. L„ Morrlce, Mich.
♦Beard C. D., Harrisonburg, Va.
Beard Curtis J., N. Y. City, N . Y.
♦Beard F . K., Barre, Vt.
♦Beard G. E ., Yale, Mich.
Beard J. B., Jr.. Frederick, Okla.
Beard John S., Springfield, O.
Beard J . T., Cornelius, N. C.
♦Beard K. J., Sm ithsburg, M d.
♦Beard M. L., Cornelius, N. C.
♦Beard M . L., Littlefield, Tex.
♦Beard P . R „ Shelbyvllle, Ky.
Beard R. E.. Sm iths Grove. Ky.
Beard R. S., Littlefield, Tex.
Beard T. H.. Bowling Green, Ky
Beard W. H.. Falls City. Ore.
♦Beard W. R., Frankfort. O.
♦Bearden E ., D e Kalb, Tex.
Bearden R. H., Greer, S. C.
♦Beardln H. W.. S anta Rosa, Cal.
♦Beardslee H. G., Ovid, Mich.
Beardsley A. F „ Buckingham, 111.
Beardsley E. E.. P oint Marion, Pa.
Beardsley E. W., New Rockford.
N. D.
Beardsley F. D., D erry, N . H.
Beardsley G. B., Westcliffe, Colo.
♦Beardsley H enry S., Oberlin,
♦Beardsley I. M., Buckingham, HI.
♦Beardsley I. M ., Cabery, 111.
Beardsley L. P., Bagley, Wis.
Bearer M. D.. P atton, Pa.
♦Bearer P. T., P atto n , Pa.
Bearmore W. 8., M aquon, 111.
♦Bearse L. S., A ctuary, Boston,
Beasley A. B., Randleman, N. O.
Beasley A. P., Stam ps, Ark.
Beasley C. B., Beebe, Ark.
Beasley E. H „ Petersburg, Va.
♦Beasley E. S., Cochran, Ga.
♦Beasley F. J., Louisburg, N. O.
♦Beasley J. M., Mercury, Tex.
♦Beatson Ethel, Powers, Mich.
Beasley O. H., Cabot. Ark.
Beasley T. J., Mercury, Tex.
Beattie Chas. W., Arcadia, Mich.
Beattie J. T ., Elwood, 111.
♦Beattie P. J., New London, la .
B eattie R. L., Bartlesville, Okla.
♦B eatty O. N., Twin Falls, Ida.
♦B eatty F . J., T ipton, Ia.
♦B eatty H. C., Carrollton, 111.
♦B eatty Guy V., Canon, Ga.
♦B eatty P. D., P ittsburgh, Pa.
B eatty W. H., Duquesne, Pa.
♦Beaty, C. H., Altoona, Kan.
Beaty B. F., Union C ity, Ind.
♦Beaty O., H ahira. Ga.
♦Beaty R. T ., Lancaster, S. O.
♦Beaty W. A.. Jr., Florence, S. C.
♦Beau H enry S., Calvary, Wis.
♦Beau Jr., Odile, Larchm ont,
N. Y.
Beauchamp C. T„ Jackson, Ga.
♦Beauchamp H. J., Olga, N. D.
♦Beauchamp J. R., Memphis,
Beauchamp O. H., Pecos, Tex.
Beaulieu L. N., Chinook, M ont.
Beaulieu P. D., Austin, Minn.
BeaumannH.C.,Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
Beaumont B. N., Armour, S. D.
♦Beaupert J. E.. M ason, Nev.
Beavens I. E., Lavon, Tex.
♦Beavens W., St. Paul, M inn.
♦Beaver E. S., Hemlock, Mich.
Beaver Geo. A., Garland, Tex.
Beaver J. R., Godley, Tex.
Beaver R. B„ Hemlock. Mich.
♦Beavers Gladys, D ade C ity, Fla.
Beavers J. Leighton, Hillsboro,
T gx.
♦Beavers T . Clinton, D ade City,
Beazell F. R., Apple Creek. O.
♦Beazley E. C., Cherokee, la .
♦Beazley M arlin. W ashta, la.
Bebb F. C., Hinsdale, 111.
Bebout C. C., Greenwich, O.
Bechdolt C. D.. P ortland, Ind.
Becher L. E., Fennville, Mich.
♦Bechtel C. E ., Livingston, M ont.
♦Bechtel F. T ., T renton, N. J.
Bechtel G. H., L iberty, Kan.
♦Bechtel H. G., New York City.
N. Y.
♦Bechtel H. S., W akarusa, Ind.
Bechtel W. L., Massillon, O.
♦Bechter Allen L., Pierce, Neb.
♦Bechtold H. H., Bellaire. Mich.
♦Bechtold W. F., Ionia. Kan.
♦Beck A. R., Union, Ia.
♦Beck C. D., Renvilie, M inn.
♦Beck C. E ., Hopkins, M inn.
Beck C. Fred, Elysburg, Pa.
♦Beck Clara, Plain, Wis.
Beck F. L., G uthrie, Okla.
Beck H. B., L atonia Station; Ky.
♦Beck H. K., L ancaster, O.
Beck H. Lee, Isabel, 111.
Beck Jas. K.. Bloomington, Ind.
Beok J. C., Frost, Tex.
Beck J. M ., Janesville, Wis.
Beck L. Allen. Brighton, Colo.
♦Beck M., Jefferson, Wis.
♦Beck M . M .. Bourbon, In d .


200 9

♦ B e n n e tt W illiam , W ay n esb u rg .
B ell W . D ., S ardis, G a.
Beeson G . J ., F a rm in g to n , la .
♦B eck M . S., M axw ell, la .
B eeson H . A .. C o lu m b ia C ity , In d . B ell W . E ., M o n tg o m e ry , In d .
B eck M. T ., C ache J u n c tio n ,U ta h .
♦ B e n n e tt W . L ., N ew R o ck fo rd ,
♦B eck O. A.,- G reen F o rest, A rk .
N . D.
♦B eeson M . L ., B reck en rid g e, ♦Bell W . H ., Villisca, Ia .
B eck P a u l J .. G len R o ck . P a .
B e n n e tt W . M ., L isbon, Ia .
Bell W . L .. L o s t N a tio n . Ia.
M in n .
♦B eck R e tta . H a v a n a . K a n .
♦ B e n n etts S. C.. O ak lan d . Cal.
B egey G. A ., M a u d , O kla.
♦B eckel F . T ., So. B eth leh em , P a .
B ennew itz E . H ., F red e ric k , C olo.
Bell W . T ., M t. U nion. P a.
B eggs J . W ., W h itin g , I a
B ecken O. P ., H a lm a , M in n .
♦B ennew itz R ., W alco tt, la .
♦Be G ole W . A ., A nn A rb o r, M ich. Bell W . V ., H orse Cave, K y
B ecker A. D .. C olum bus. N eb.
enney J . H ., B reckenridge, Mo.
♦Bell W . W .. P ittsb u rg h , P a .
Beggs C h as.. K an sas C ity , M o.
♦B ecker A. E ., L in to n , N . D .
♦B ennie A. T ., G reen B ay , W is.
♦Bell Z. D „ G rafto n , IU.
B egland S . , G n a d e n h u tte r, O.
♦B ecker A. M ., H o ltv ille, C al.
B enning G . C ., M o n o u r. N e b .
Behles J . J „ G arriso n , N . D .
♦B ecker C . H ., K irk sv ille, M o .
B ensley B . L ., A lden, N- Y .
B ellenger H . B ., A ltus. O kla.
♦B ehling H . J ., W au to m a, W is.
♦B ecker D . G ., S teelto n . P a .
B ensley G . A ., B uffalo, N . Y .
♦B ellenger H . P ., M acon, G a.
B ehm C. H ., E v a n s C ity, P a .
♦B ecker F . O. J r., F o re s t P a rk , 111.
B enson A . V .. L o v e la n d , Colo.
♦B ellenger J . H ., A ltus, O kla.
B eh m W . H . J ., D a y to n , O.
♦B ecker F . F ., M ontlcello. Ia .
♦B enson C . C ., B elm ond, Ia .
♦B ecker F . G ., A lm a, M o.
♦B enson C arl. B a u d e tte , M in n .
B ehnke J . A ., D u b u q u e . Ia .
♦B enson E . C ., V ienna, 111.
B ecker F . W ., L incoln, 111.
B ellm an W . S., F lem ing, Colo.
♦B ehrens A. P ., P e ta lu m a , C al.
♦B ecker G . E ., B uffalo, N . Y .
B enson E . E ., P la m v ille, IU.
BeUows, D. G., Zion C ity, 111.
♦B ehrens H . W ., P e o ria , 111.
B ecker J . A ., Jo p lin , M o.
♦B enson F . O ., lo la . K an .
B ehrens L. P ., R edw ood C ity.C al. B elm an W . C., H a m m o n d , In d .
B ecker J . F .. E lk ad e r, la .
B enson F r a n k S., B o sto n , M ass.
♦B ehrens M . A ., D es P lain es, Ili. ♦Belshe O. H ., R ichland, M o.
B ecker Jo h n E ., W aterlo o , N . Y .
B enson G . O.. H a lsta d , M in n .
♦ B ehringer D . J ., R itzv ille, W ash.
B ecker J . R ., CobleskUl, N . Y.
B enson G .V ., C re ste d B u tte ,C o lo .
B elsley R a y J .. P eoria, IU.
B eh rm a n n A. J .. L em m on, S. D .
B ecker J . W ., M o n t Id a , K an .
♦B enson H . B .. Sioux F a lls. S. D .
B ecker L. C.. B elen. N . M.
B en so n H . L. C hicago, 111.
♦B eidler C. B ., S an A cacio, C olo. B elzer G . H ., S teedm an, M o.
B ecker L . E .. R ochester. M ich .
enson J . B., W in d o m , M inn.
B em an T hos. L ., Fenw ood. W is. ♦B
♦B eier D . J ., G olva, N> D .
B ecker L., W o o d lan d , W is.
♦B enson J . H ., P ierson, Ia .
♦Beilfuss C. H ., W ith ee, W is.
J . P-, H e rrin , IU.
B eilstein J . N ., W illiam sb u rg , Ia . ♦ R e m i s F . E ., F all R iver. M ass. ,
♦B ecker M . L ., M o n t Id a , K an .
B enson J . R ., H ed ley , T ex.
♦Bem is H . G ., In k s te r, N . D .
B eoker M. P ., C ed arb u rg , W is.
♦Bein Louis G ., D a v en p o rt, la .
J . W ., W a rth e n , G a.
B em ish Cliff, B utlerville, In d .
♦B ecker O tto T ., L in to n , N- D .
B ein h au se r L. L „ D ow s, Ia .
B enson M . F ., M cD a d e , T ex.
B eiseker C. J ., P le n ty w o o d , M o n t. B em ish E v e re tt. N o rth V ernon,
B eoker W . J ., H a m ilto n , O.
B enson M. P ., L aclede, Mo.
♦B ecker W m ., R iv erd ale, C al.
B eiter A. J ., G olva, N . D .
♦B enson M . V ., O km ulgee, O kla.
♦B em rick W . J .. S uperior, W is.
♦B ecker W . S., C arth a g e , O.
♦B eiter F a b e r. P o rta g e , P a .
B enson O. M ., L a Salle, IU.
♦B enbennick G . A .. B rem erton.
♦ B e c k e tt C . J ., A lb an y , N . Y .
B elto G. A ., M cIn to sh . M inn.
B enson P . A ., MohaU, N . D.
W ash.
B e c k e tt H . M „ O lath e, K a n .
♦B eitz H . J ., B uffalo, N . Y .
♦B enson P a u l, H eron L ake, Minn.
♦Benbow A. R „ F t. M adison, Ia .
♦B eckjorden O., F o re s t C ity , Ia .
B eitzel D. W „ D illsburg, P a.
B enson R . R ., N ickerson, N eb .
B eckler J . D ., Sycam ore, 111.
♦B eitzel H . C., P h ilad e lp h ia , P a .
B enson S. F ., P ierson, Ia.
B ench C has., Low M o o r, Ia .
B eckley H . F ., A m ble, M ich .
i ♦B elanger Z. J ., O klee, M in n .
B enson T . B .. B a rtle tt, T ex.
B ender A. H ., GlenvUle, M inn.
♦B eckiey S. D ., D allas, Tex.
♦B elcher E . H .. V ernal. U ta h .
enson T . W ., W a rth e n , G a.
Beokley W. S., N. Y. City, N. Y.
B ender E d w ard , H errick, 111.
B elcher E. R., P ly m o u th , M ass.
♦ B en tley D . C., A rcade, N . Y.
B ender E . M„ G etty sb u rg , P a .
♦B ecklund H . A ., L itchfield, M in n .
B elcher H . T ., C larem o n t. C al.
en tley J . H .. A da. O.
B eck lu n d L. R .. R ockcreek, M inn.
B elcher M e rto n , E u re k a , C al.
♦B ender H elen P ., B rad ley , S. D . B e n tle y J . M ., W ag o n M o u n d ,
♦B ecklund L . R ., W in th ro p , M in n .
♦B elcher T o lb y , G ru n d y , Va.
N. M.
B ender W . O.. O cean P a rk , Cal.
♦B ecklund R . B .. R ockcreek. M in n
♦B elden C. D ., Shields. N . D .
♦B entley R . H ., S alisbury, M o.
B enecker R . E ., C in c in n ati, O.
♦B eckm an H ., F re m o n t, N eb .
♦B elden R. A., S a n ta R osa, C al.
♦B entley R . J .. B igstone O ity .S .D .
B e n e d ic t E . E „ Io w a F a lls, I a .
B eck m an H e n ry , M orton. M inn.
♦B elding C. E ., O sakls, M in n .
♦B entley R . T ., G lasgow , M o.
B eck m an L. A ., H u b b a rd , Qre;
♦B eldo J o h n J .. N eg au n ee. M ich.
B en to n E . C.. C edartow n, Ga.
B ec k m a n M ey er,L ew isto w n ,M ich .
B enedict E. L.. P le a sa n to n , Cal.
♦B elger R . M ., B ru n so n , S. C.
♦B enton E . J - F la t R iver, M o.
B enedict G. E ., B ro c k p o rt. N. Y.
B eck m an W . F ., J a s p e r, In d .
B elgum H . S., A n telo p e, M o n t.
enton H . E ., L onoke, A rk.
B enedict Geo. M ., C hicago, III.
B eckm an W . H ., A lh a m b ra , 111.
B elgum T . A ,. C orona. S. D.
B enton H . H-., N o rc a tu r, K an .
B eck m an n , W. H . B eau fo rt. M o.
B elid eau W . H ., W olf P o in t, B en e d ic t H . W., C incinnati. O.
♦B enton H . T . J r., Seale. Ala.
B ec k m a n n A. C ., G erm an to w n ,
M o n t.
♦B enton J. E .. El Paso. Yex.
B en e d ic t R . L., A ldrich, M in n .
♦B elknap E . L „ U rb a n a , Mo.
N eb.
. _ .
♦B enton Jo h n B .,W a sh in g to n ,D .C .
B ec k m a n n R . J ., F e rd in a n d . In d
♦B elknap H . W ., B lue M o u n d . 111. ♦B enedict W . E .. K nox C ity Tex. ♦B entson E llen V .. H a x tu m . Colo.
Benesh E m il. C ed a r R ap id s, Ia.
♦ B e ck stra n d J . I., L itch field ,M in n .
B elk n ap p C. H ., M cIn to sh , S. D.
entz F re d , B erne, In d .
♦B enesh L . F ., T oledo, Ia .
♦ B eckw ith Q : B .. Cairo. IU.
B ell A. G ., C la re m o n t. M in n .
B en tz J. J .. M ound C ity, S. D .
♦ B e n ett H . G ., C h a th a m , V a.
B eckw ith Vere. E a u C laire, M ich
♦Bell A n n a K ., Seven M ile, O.
L. L., DiUsburg. P a .
B enfer E . W . P ., M cClure. P a .
♦B eckw ith W m . H .. C in c in n ati, O.
♦Bell B. H ., M arsh a ll. Tex.
B entzen H .. W arre n s. W is.
♦B enford J.W ., M t. Pleasant,M ich.
Bell B. M ., L am esa, Tex.
. E ., B akersfield, Cal.
♦B eddo D . F ., K a n a b , U ta h .
♦Bengel H . G ., Springfield, 111.
♦Bell C. B., M urfreesboro, T en n .
•B eddow . L. J ., C aledonia, M inn.
♦B erard E . W ., N orfolk, V a.
♦B engtson E . M., H a rv a rd . N eb.
♦Bell C D „ W illiam sp o rt, Md.
B eddow T . A ., C aledonia, M inn.
i P h ilip , N ew Y o rk C ity ,
♦Bell C. D ., E u g en e, M o.
B eddow W. E ., W au k o n , Ia .
♦B engtson F . O ., A itk in , M in n .
♦Bell C ecil R ., M id d le to w n , I n d .
B edell A . W ., G ra n d in , M o.
B erdahi, C . O., G a rre tso n , S. D .
Bell C harles E., Springfield, T enn. B enhara B. C.. M uscatine. Ia .
B edell L. E ., R om eo, Mich.
B erdahl J o h n , B ison, S. D.
B ell C larence, C arlsb a d , N . M . ♦B enham F . N ., J r., B rid g e p o rt.
B edell S., N ew Y o rk C ity , N . Y.
♦B ere L a m b e rt, C hicago, 111.
C onn.
♦B edford A. H ., W ash in g to n , D .C
erens J . V .. W ild R os& .W is.
Bell C. L ., Snover, M ich.
B edford A. S., L a k e N o rd e n , S. D.
B erentz J . W ., N ew M atam oras.O .
Bell C. R .. M achipongo, V a.
B enjam in J . J ., C am bridge, K an.
♦B edford O. D ., R ush m o re, M in n .
♦Bell O. W ., San F rancisco, C al.
B en jam in J.M .,W hlteP igeon,M ich. B erg A. M ., W eb ste r, S. D .
B edford O. W ., H u d so n , Ia.
Bell C. W ., S ta m fo rd , Conn.
B erg B . C .. H azel Green. W is.
B en jam in R oy, W ic h ita, K an.
B edford B. W ., F a y e tte . Mo.
♦B erg C larence, U nderw ood, N .D .
♦Bell D . C ., W ash in g to n , Ia .
♦B enkiser W . T ., B oston, M ass.
B edford L. D ., W aterlo o , Ia .
♦Berg C h rist, W aterville, W ash.
♦Beil D . H ., T a b o r, N . C.
♦B edford S. L ., P a ris , T ex.
♦Berg E dw in, B ra n d o n . M in n .
B edford, W . H ., Jan esv ille, Ia.
B ell E . M ., A m ericus, K an .
B erg E . E ., D ecorah. Ia .
B en n W . J ., K ennebec, S. D .
B edingfield I.H .. R ogersville.A la
♦Bell E . E ., P a d u c a h , K y.
B erg E v a n , D eer P a rk , W ash. *
B edle I. W „ S pokane, W ash.
♦Bell F . A ., L ew istow n, M o n t.
B erg H ., T aco m a, W ash.
M ich.
B ed n a r Jo h n , L u th er, Okla.
♦Bell F. C., L ex in g to n , K y.
B en n er A. H ., M cA listerville, P a. ♦B erg I. A ., G rand F o rk s, N . D.
B edon R . D ., G reenville, M iss.
B erg J . A ., G alesville, W is.
♦B enner D a le E ., G ibbs, M o.
B ell F . E ., L e L oud , K an .
B eduell M o n te, U p lan d , In d .
♦Berg J . A .. B a ttle M o u n tain . N ew .
B en n e t W a lte r M ., N ew Y ork
♦Bell F . F ., F o rem a n , A rk.
♦Bee C. W ., W inslow , In d .
B erg J . N ., N ew D iggings, W is.
B eebe C . S„ W akefield. N eb.
B erg J o h n , B elm ond, Ia.
♦Bell G . B ., H u d so n , W is.
B eebe O. C., S a lt L ak e C ity, U tah .
B erg J . W ., W h ea to n , M in n .
B e n n e tt A. A ., N ew H av en , M ich.
Bell G. H .. N ashville, A rk.
♦Beebe P h ilip S., Springfield,M ass.
erg M . J ., G alena. IU.
Bell G eorge J ., Cologne, Minn.
♦B eebe T . C ., H a rv e y , N . D .
B erg N . H ., B arn ey , N. D.
Bell G. H .. Glen wood Springs,C olo. ♦ B e n n ett A. B., G atesvllle, Tex.
B eebee Jo h n , M arn e , Ia .
B erg O. N .. P arshall, N . D .
Beech C. F ., P itts b u rg h , P a .
B erg P . A., Low ell. In d .
♦ B e n n ett A. L ., H a w a rd e n , Ia .
♦Bell H e n ry , M ansfield, T ex.
♦Beech O. L ., O larin d a, Ia .
♦B erge A. F ., E rsk in e , M m n .
B e n n e tt A. W ., P eoria, IU.
Bell H e n ry A ., F reelan d . P a.
♦Beech C u rtis, S ioux F alls, S. D.
O. H ., Stephen, M inn.
B ell H . K ., A lp en a P ass, A rk.
♦B eecham C. F ., F a rn h a m v ille , Ia .
♦B erge E . K ., M ax , N . D .
♦ B e n n ett B. L ., O elrichs, S. D .
B ell H . M ., T y ler, Tex.
B eecher O. W .t Y orkville, 111.
B erge L . A ., W a lto n , NeD.
♦B eecher F . E ., E l P aso , Tex.
B ergen F . G., Sum m erfleld, K an .
♦ B e n n ett E . A., N ew Y ork C ity.
B ell I. C ., M t. H am ill. Ia .
♦B eecher J . A ., D o u g h e rty , Ia .
♦B ergen G u y M „ M en o m in ee ,
N . Y.
♦Bell J . B ., Springfield, Term .
B eecroft O. S., B o n n er Springs,
B ell J . C.. W ilkes B arre, P a.
K an .
♦B ergen W . V ., H illsboro, O re.
♦ B e n n ett E d n a C ., Salem , M o.
♦Bell J . D ., C o lu m b ia, S. C.
♦B eecroft M a y , D e Soto, K a n .
*B erger G. B., F ran k lin , O.
B e n n e tt E. K ., P ly m o u th , Mich.
B ell J . E ., R ochester, 111.
B eede L . W ., T om ales, Cal.
B erger C hris. C orley, Ia .
Bell Jam e s E ., S even Mile, O.
♦Beekley W . S., Sharonville, O.
B erg er F . P ., C arro ll, Ia .
B e n n e tt F . P ., L a M oure, N . D.
B ell J e rry , M id la n d , A rk.
B eekm an W . G .. M iddleburg, N.Y
Berger H . C., Rembrandt, la .
B ell J . G ., N ant.icoke, Pa.
♦B eeler J . M., H a m ilto n , O.
B erger H . C-. W au sau . W is.
B e n n e tt G. B., O w atonna. M inn.
Bell Jo sep h M., C olum bia. S. C.
B eeler J . W ., K irbyville. Tex.
B erg er T . P ., C arroll, Ia .
♦Beeler P . F ., E a s t P e ru , Ia .
B erger W . B.. D enver, Colo.
Bell M. A ., P la to , M inn.
♦Beem W . B ., B a ta v ia , 111.
♦B erger W . H ., L incoln, IU. ♦ B e n n e tt H . J ., Clio, S. C .
♦Bell M . H ., W est M an sfield , O.
B eeim an J . I., P ly m o u th , O.
erger W . J ., D a n b u ry , Ia .
B ell M ille r S., M illedgeville, G a.
B eem an A. A ., E lid a, N . M.
B ergerson B. C .,.S ta rb u c k , M in n .
♦ B en n ett H . S., B rid g ep o rt, W ash.
B ell N o rm an J r ., N orfolk, V a.
B eem an A. M ., R a n d o lp h , Tex.
♦B ergerud H . K ., C olgan, N . D .
B eem an H . A .. C an an d aig u a.N .Y .
♦ B e n n ett J . H .. B row nsvU le.Tenn. ♦B ergeth H . J., P e n n , N . D .
♦B eem an J . H .. F o re st, Miss.
♦B erggren C. F ., Sw ea C ity, la .
B en n ett J . L ., C rooksville. O.
♦Bell O. W .. W illlston, N . D.
B eem er F lo y d D ., S c ra n to n , P a .
♦ B e n n ett Jo se p h N ., L eighton, P a . B ergh H . H ., T ow ner, N . D .
Bell P . T ., K en n a, N . M ex.
♦Been W a lte r J ., K en n eb ec, S. D.
B en n è tt Jo h n P . Y azoo C ity . M iss ; B ergh P e te r, D aw son, M inn.
B ell R . B .. L y n n H a v e n , F la .
B eenken G eo., B u ck in g h am , Ia .
B erglin J . O .. C hester, M ont.
♦ B e n n ett J . R. A ., A sto ria, Ore.
♦Bell R . H ., G risw old, Ia .
Beeres L .. K in g sto n , N . Y .
B ergling A. L.. A lb ert C ity , Ia .
B e n n e tt K . D .. P a rk R iv er. N . D .
♦Bell R . L., K n ig h tsto w n , In d .
B eers O. A .. A ledo, 111.
♦B erglund A ., B aldw in, N♦ B e n n ett L. E-, T rem o n t, 111.
B ell R . L ., M a u k . G a.
♦Beers C. E .. T iconderoga, N . Y.
erglund A . R ., Z im m erm a n .
♦Bell R a y O., R idgeville, S. C.
♦Beers C . M ., D e tro it, M ich.
C al.
♦Bell R . S., M t. U nion, P a .
♦Beers E . A ., T a llu la h , La.
♦B erglund W . E ., P ennock, M in n .
♦Beers R . A ., B rid g e p o rt. C onn.
♦B ergm an C. F ., F lorence, O re.
♦ B e n n ett M . E ., H a rt, M ich.
B ell R W ., T oledo, W ash.
♦Beers W a lte r W ., B altim o re, M d,
B e n n e tt N . H ., W a ln u t C reek.O al. B ergm an E . J ., B a rk R iver, M ich.
Bell Sue L ., H o llan d , K an .
B eery E d w in , G arw in, Ia .
♦B ergm an H . L-. N o rth B end. O re.
B ell S. S.. C row ell. Tex.
♦B eery R . E ., G um m ing, Ia .
B ergm an J . W .. Florence, O re.
B en n e tt R . E ., S t. V incent, M inn.
B ell T . E ., Io w a F alls, Ia .
B eery T h o s. P ., H arriso n b u rg , V a
*B ergm an W . W ., M okall. N . D*
♦B eery Z. A .. H a rd in , Mo.
ergquist A. C .,H arlo w to n ,M o n t„
♦Bell T . J .. C onw ay, S. C.
Beese H . E., D ru m m o n d , O kla.
B erg re n H . A ., V erm ilion, S. D .
Bell T h o m as R ., W . A lex an d er.P a. ♦ B e n n e tt S., Lisbon, Ia .
B eesem yer G .H .,H ollyw ood,C al.
B ergs J: P ., S t. Louis, M o,
B eeshy x| B „ B luffton. O.
B erg sc h n e id e rF re d .In dependence.
B e n n e tt W . H ., P o rtla n d , O re.
B ell W . B ates, O rbisonia, P a.
Beesley G. R ., N a to m a , K a n .'
M o.
B e n n e tt W . I., T rio n , G a.
B ell W . C ., H em p h ill, Tex.
Beesley J . L ., F ran cesv ille, In d .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


B erg sm an E ., N ew folden, M in n .
•B erg so n S., N ew Y o rk C ity , N .Y .
B erg stro m A. M „ A tla n ta , Ga.
B erg stro m O. E .. P ek in , N. D .
•B e rg stro m W . B „ E a g le B en d ,
M in n .
B erg th o ld J . S., F airv iew , O kla.
•B e rg th o ld R ., R eedley, Cal.
•B e rg u m B. P „ R io, W is.
B er gun d th a l W . C., M artin s F e rry , O.
B erk aw B. H ., F lem in g to n , N . J .
B erkebile H . F „ R ockw ood. P a.
•B e rk la n d A. K ., D e lav a n , M in n .
•B e rk le y A. J., E stellin e, S. D .
B erk le y H . F., W arre n sb u rg , Mo.
B erlin G. R ., K n o x , P a.
•B e rn a rd B . P ., M ay v ilie, W is.
B e rn ard F . P ., M aysville, W is.
B e rn a rd H ., P e ttib o n e , N . D .
• B e rn a rd H . C ., S p ringfield,T enn..
• B e rn a rd L. T ., P o r t A llen, L a.
B ern a rd W . L „ P o r t A llen, La.
•B e rn a rd s H en ry , W aunakee, Wis.
B ern er G. E ., M t. C arm el, P a .
•B e rn h a rd i G . W ., C ouncil Bluffs.
Ia .
•B e rn in g F . H ., R enville, M in n ,
B em s H . E ., Jaso n v ille. In d .
B erre y E . C., L u ray , Va.
B errid g e W ., W au sa, N eb.
•B e rrie J o h n , Spencerville, O .
•B e rry A . D ., N ew Y o rk C ity .
•B e rry A. H ., H indsville, A rk.
•B e rry A. M ., F a irb u ry , N eb .
•B e rry Bessie, S p ru ce P in e, N . C .
• B e rry C . B ., A rlin g to n , T ex .
•B e rry C. R ., H o p B o tto m , P a
•B e rry D ., G rand field , O kla.
B erry E . F .. R o ck lan d . Me.
B erry E . L ., S an g er, T ex .
B erry E . R ., B en to n v ille, A rk.
•B e rry F . L., G ran d Ledge, M ich.
B e rry F . L ., W est Salem , O.
•B e rry F . M ., A tla n ta , G a.
B e rry G. M.. C olum bia, S. C.
B e rry G . W ., M o rris, O kla.
B e rry J . A ., G ilb e rt, W . Y a.
B e rry J . D ., S ap u lp a, O kla.
• B e rry J . E .. M ed iap o lis, la .
B erry J . M., Oil C ity, P a .
B e rry Lee, P rie s t R iv er, Id a .
B e rry L . D ., C u sh in g , O kla.
• B e rry M . D ., O conto, N e b .
B e rry M. P .. C arth ag e. III.
•B e rry N . R., N ew S m y rn a, F la .
• B e rry P h eb e, R osed ale, In d .
B erry R . C.. P o m ero y , Ia.
• B e rry R . H ., W ash in g to n , D . C.
•B e rry R . H ., T u lsa , O kla.
B e rry S. G., A shley, 111.
• B e rry S ta n le y G., A shley, 111.
B e rry T . R ,, B arn u m , Ia .
•B e rry W . E ., B rig h to n , Ia .
B e rry W . E ., U rb a n a , O.
•B e rry W . F ., S an F ran cisco , C al.
B e rry W . M ilto n , Irv in g , 111.
B e rry W . W .. R om e. Ga.
B e rry W . W ., C raw fo rd , G a.
•B e rry h ill S. N ., W a te r V alley,
M iss.
B erry m a n W . F .. B lack fo o t. Id a .
B erry m a n W . J ., Scales M o u n d ,
•B e rsc h eid E . T ., R ochelle, 111.
•B e rso n W . G., B ro w n sv ille.T en n .
B e rt W a lte r G ., B eav er F alls, P a .
• B e rte l N . E „ N ew O rleans, L a.
•B e rte lsen A. J ., C ushing, Ia .
•B e rte ls e n A . N ., H o lstein , la .
•B e rte ls e n N . C., R u th to n , M inn.
B e rth e r M a r tin F ., M ad iso n , S. D .
B e rth o lf N els, W in te rse t, Ia .
• B e rto le tte W . J ., S h rev e , O.
•B e rtr a m H e n ry , R u tle d g e, M o .
B e rtra m N . H .. C am b rid g e Spgs.
•B e rtra m P a u l, S w eet W a te r, Tex.
B e rtra m R . H .. R u tle d g e , Mo.
• B e rtr a n d A .D ., S leepy E y e,M in n .
•B e rtra n d Irl, C learw ater, K a n .
•B e rts c h Ju liu s, F u lto n , S. D .
•B e rtsc h i J . W .. N au v o o . 111.
B erw ick J . W .. E unice, L a.
BeBore G. F ., N ew H o lla n d , P a .
•B esse T hos. 8.. P a ta sk a la . O.
•B essel N . R ., H a rv e y , N . D .
•B e sse r F . P ., F u lle rto n , C al.
Bessire J . B ., A gar, S. D.
B essom P h ilip E ., L y n n , M ass.
B essor P . N ., A tla n tic C ity , N . J .
B est C. A ., O conto. W is.
• B e s t C . H ., B o g ard . M o.
• B e s t E . B ., B ald K n o b , A rk.
B est H . M ., B an c ro ft, S. D .
•B e s t J . E ., M orocco. In d .
B este George. H a rtln g to n , N eb.
•B e s tm a n n H . F „ N ew R ic h lan d .
M inn.
B estu l R . J ., S c a n d in a v ia. W is.
B e th e a C . E ., W ilm in g to n , N . C.
B e th e a E . C ., M t. O live, N . C.
• B e th e a H . A .. L a tta , S. C .
• B e th e a H ., M cC o il, S. C.
• B e th e a H . S., C lio. S. C.
• B e th e a W . D ., L a tta , S, C.
•B e th e ll E rw in , D es A rc, A rk.
B eth k e H . A ., S tu ttg a r t. K an .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

B e tte n c o u rt M . J .,H a lf M o o n B a y ,
C al.
•B e tte n c o u rt M . T ., S a n F r a n ­
cisco, C al.
• B e tte n h a u se n A . W ., F ra n k fo rt.
B e tte n h a u s e n F . J ., P rin c e to n ,
N eb . •
B e tte rld g e F . C.. B u n ce to n , Mo.
B e tts A. J ., E m m e tt, Id a .
• B e tts A. L ., S an fo rd, F la.
• B e tts G. E „ Thom psonviU e,M ich.
• B e tts G . M .. A vis. P a .
• B e tts H . D ., C h ap p ell, N eb .
• B e tts P . T ., A th e n s, G a.
B e tts W . K ., M id d le to w n , D el.
•B e tz L. S., A rn o ld , N eb.
•B e tz M o lly , L a d d ra , Ia .
•B e tz P . T ., G rim es, Ia .
•B e u c h e r L. O., P o stville, Ia .
B eu n in g B. H ., A lb an y , M in n .
• B e u te l E . A ., L ak e E lm o , M n n .
B ev an C. J ., G enoa. 111.
•B e v a n s W . P ., M enard, T ex.
B e v e re tt A . J . M idland C ity, A la.
B ev erly D . F .. R o ck fo rd , M ich.
•B e v e rly M ab e lle C ., E llis, K a n .
B ev ln g to n J . L .. H lcksville. O.
•B e v in s C arl, P ik ev ille, K y .
B ev in s V . E ., P ik ev ille, K y.
•B e w y e r E ., N e w to n , Ia .
•B e x te n J . H ., O m aha, N e b .
B ey e a B . D „ P itts to n , P a .
•B e y e r E . E ., H o ricon, W is.
•B e y e r F . J ., D e tro it, M ich.
B ey er A. A ., G u th rie, O kla.
•B e y e r F . W ., P ek in , 111.
B ey er F . W ., R id d le, O re.
•B e y e r J o h n , A rrin g to n , K a n .
•B e y e r L. F ., Sully, la .
B ey le L . B ., H o t Springs, N . M .
B ey m er A . S „ P itts b u r g h , P a .
•B e y sch la g I. S., H a m b u rg , la .
B eyslegel G . O ., R om e, G a.
B ezier G . H ., S teed m an, M o.
•B e z o ier S. H ., M inneapolis, M inn.
•B h o m q u is t F . M ., S t.P a u l,M in n .
•B ia si E m il J ., D u b u q u e , Ia .
•B ib le V . E ., C azen ovia, W is.
B ib b D . T ., C arrab elle, F la.
B ib b J . T ., S a c ra m e n to . K y.
B ible G. A ., R aw lin s, W yo.
B ible J , M ., V erona, N eb.
•B ib le r O. F ., A rlin g to n , O.
•B ib o le t R . H ., E agle P ass, T ex.
B ibow P . F .. A nam oose, N . D .
B Ickal L . M „ D aw so n, Ia .
B ickel C. H ., Cook. N eb.
•B ickel W . J .. N e b ra sk a C ity . N e b .
B ickell A. C ., L in d say , O kla.
•B ick ell A llan L ., S an-L uis O bispo,
C al
•B ick ell E . C .. N u tle y , N . J .
B ic k e rt C. L ., M aso n , M ich .
B ic k ert W . J ., W ash b u rn , N . D .
B ickford E . H .. G reenfield. la .
B ick fo rd E. L .. N a p a, Cal.
•B ic k fo rd J . W ., P o rtla n d , O re.
•B ick in g W . W .. E vansville, In d .
B ickley D u n can , M eigs, Ga.
•B ic k le y F . W ., M exico, M o.
B icknell Ja m e s S., C lare, M ich.
B lcknell R . D ., O sborne, K an .
B iddlecom J . L ., H avelock, N eb.
B idgens J . R .. M ill H a ll. P a .
•B id le m a n G la d y s E m p ire , M ich.
B id n e S. O ., O beron, N . O.
Bidw ell C . E .,A lbion, In d .
B ieber E . P ., R ein b eck, Ia .
B ieb er F , A ., S t. Louis. M ich.
•B ie b e r J . P ., W au k o n , Ia .
•B ieb esh eim er W . J ., R einbeck, Ia .
B iechler C. E ., F ra n k fo rt, O.
Bledel W m ., W aterto w n , O.
•B ie h l A . H ., S an d u sk y , O.
•B ie h l C . C .. B rack enridge, P a .
B iek er F . M ., F e rd in a n d , Id a .
•B ie k e r J . H .. F e rd in a n d , Id a .
•B ie l C. C., S t. Louis, Mo.
•B iel W . J ., G ra n ite C ity , 111.
B ielenberg A. C ., T o ro n to , Ia .
B ielfeldt W . O .. T h o rn to n , 111.
B ien v en u A lb ert, St. M a rtin v ille ,
L a.
•B ien z H . F ., N ew B rem en, O.
B ier C. F ., Sw ea C ity , Ia .
B ierb au m F r a n k A ., A lton, 111.
B ierb au m J . H ., M arthasvllle.M o.
B ierk am p A . H ., D u ra n t, Ia.
B ie rm a n n E . H ., D a k o ta C ity ,
N eb .
•B ie rsc h w ale M. J ., F re d e ric k s ­
b u rg , T ex .
B ierschw ale, W ., F red e ric k sb u rg ,


•B ie rsd o rf H . C ., N apoleon, S. D .
•B iew en er F . W . J r., S acram ento,
C al
BlgDee H . L .. B ellville. O.
•B ig b e e M iss M . A ., C le arw a te r,
K an .
B igelow A. P ., O gden, U ta h .
B igelow C. A.. Iv a n h o e . O kla.
B igelow C. E ., M o u n ta in a ir, N . M .
B igelow C. G., A lbion, Mich.
•B ig elo w D . W ., F la n d re a u , S. D .
B igelow F . J ., L e o n a rd , K a n .
Bigelow Geo. F ., B ata v ia , N . Y .
B igelow H . C „ G ard n er, K an .

Bigelow Jas. T . F la n d re a u , S. D .
B igelow R . F ., C olfax, W ash,
B iggane J. W;,' E ly , N ev.
•B ig g an e W ., E ly , N ev.
•B ig g a r W . L ., Colville, W ash.
•B iggers W illiam , C arm i, 111.
*B IggerstaffC .E .,M cL eansboro.IU .
B iggs

J . c., H um e, Mo.
J . F „ D yersburg, T enn.
J .P . A rrow R ock. Mo.
T . A ., B a rn a rd .K a n .

Biggs W . E „ C arth a g e, Tex.
B lgham Chas., H ay n es, N . D .
B igham H . C., R am o n a. O kla.
•B ig h a m R., O villa, Tex.
•B ig h a m R. G ., C ed a r H ill, Tex.
•B ig le r H . E „ Sigel, 111.
B igler S. S., Slgel, 111.
•Bigley R . A., P o p la r Bluff, M o.
•B ig lin A. E ., C asper, W yo.
B iichly R udolf, H onolulu, H aw aii.
B ilbrough Geo., R em us, Mich.
B ilby A lva, E „ F a lm o u th , In d .
Biles A. J ., Sycam ore, G a.
B ilharz H . M., A udubon, la .
•B illh a rd t A., U p p e r S an d u sk y . O.
•B illiar Ju liu s J ., W ilcox, N eb.
•B illig N . L ., M c G ra th , M in n .
B illin g h u rst J . A ., M uskegon,
M ich.
B illings C. H ., M arshall, Mich.
B illings D ., M cF a rla n d , C al.
B illings G. N ., D elphos, K an .
B illings G eorge N ., D elphos, K a n .
•B illings H . H ., P in e Isla n d , M in n .
•B illings, J. H ., Springfield, M o.
B illings J o h n , Sm iley, Tex.
B illings R . C ., A tla n ta , Ga.
B illings W . G ., D avison, M ich.
B illingsley C ., S t. Jo sep h , M o.
•B illingsley J . C ., V onore, T en n .
•B illingsley W . H ., Belleville, K an.
B illm an C. S., D a y to n , O.
B ilim an E llsw orth, K aleva, M ich.
B illm an E lm er, C edar, M ich.
B illm an H enry, N. Y . C ity, N . Y.
B illm ire M . S., B altim ore, M d .
Bills H . A ., T exola, O kla.
B illstein W m . J ., B uckm an, M in n .
B illups W . M ., P aw nee R ock,K an.
•B ilsborough A. J ., L ittle R ock, Ia.
B ilsborough H . L ., C hew elah,
W ash.
•B in d b e u te l F . J., Ferguson, M o.
B in d e ru p F . O., P a lm e r, N eb.
•B in fo rd A . A ., C aldw ell, Id a .
B Inford B. J ., P ie rre S. D.
•B in g O. S., M an c h e ste r, Ia.
B ingham A . E ., Janesville. W is.
B ingham A .L .. N ew B rig h to n ,P a .
•B in g h a m C. E ., F allon, N ev.
B ingham D.- L ., In d ia n o la , M iss.
•B in g h a m G. W ., B arry , Tex.
•B in g h a m J . L ., N ew ton, M iss. *
B ingham Q. R ., C learlake, W ash.
B ingham W. G ., A dam s, W is.
Blnkle H i, H a rb o r B each, M ich.
•B inkley O. F .. C otulla. T ex.
B inkley J . M ., A v a n t, O kla.
B in k ley R ay , C ry stal, M ich.
•B in n ic k e r C. S., F e m a n d in a , F la.
B innlcker R . J ., T a m p a , F la.
•B in n in g N ellie A ., A tw ood, K an .
B inns B. G ., D onora, Pa.
B inns C. W ., N ew H olland, 111.
B inns D avid, M inneapolis, K an.
B inns O. W ., A dena, O.
•B in sa cc a A ttilio , S alinas, C al.
•B irc h F . A ., So. St. P a u l, M in n .
•B irc h J . A. J r ., M alv e rn , A rk.
B irc h J . H . J r ., B u rlin g to n , N . J .
B irch T . A ., T u r tle L ake, W is.
•B irchfield N . C ., L ong B each,
C al.
B ird C. A ., E llsw o rth . M inn.
•Bird G ladys, N ashville, K an .
B ird H . V., R y an , O kla.
B ird I r a W „ C ritte n d e n , K y.
•B ird Jessie, G oodm an, M o .
•B ird P.M .S., J r ., M t. Ja c k o n . V a.
•B ird ce ll F . J ., W ay n e to w n In d .
•B irdsaU C. J ., C larion, Ia.
B irdsaU H . W ., S o u th p o rt, In d .
•B ird sa ll L. S., P om ona, C al.
•B irdsaU W . J ., N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
B irdsong A. H ., T re n to n , Tex.
B irdsong J . W ., G reenvUle, T ex .
B irdsong M. S., T e rry , Miss.
Blrdw histeU J . M. B ., L aw rencebu rg , K y.
B irk e tt J . I., S te a m b o a t Springs,
B irk la n d E . A „ N o rth J a v a , N . Y .
B irk m e y e r A. J ., C hickasaw , O.
•B irk m ey e r N . E ., C oldw ater, O.
• B irn e y F . O ., C hicago, 111.
B irney F . W ., D enver, Colo.
B irnie G . H ., T a neytow n, M d .
B lrnie Jam e s, G reenville, S. C,
B irrel J . S.. P o rtla n d . O re.
B lsbee R . O. E a s t J o rd a n , M ich.
Bische] W . H „ A urelia. Ia .
B ischof C. J .. P inckneyville, IU.
B ischof J o h n , Zeeland, N . D .
•B ischof! L illian, W ash in g to n ,
K an.

•B isgood T hos. F ., Sag H arb o r,
N . Y.
B ish R . C ., O keene, O kla.
B ishop Alex, W illiam son, W . Va.
•B ish o p J r. A. F ., M in eral P t.,W is.
B ishop C. O., P e c u lia r, Mo.
B ishop O. W ., W alterboro, S. O.
B ishop D . T ., H a rtv ille , O.
B ishop E . B „ D w ight, K an.
•B ish o p E . L ., N ew Y o rk C ity
N . Y.
B ishop F r a n k C ., N a tic k , M ass.
•B ish o p G. J ., K an sas C ity, Mo.
•B ish o p G. J „ K an sas C ity, K an .
B ishop G. L .. B a rtle tt. N eb.
B ishop H e rm o n D ., W. H a m p to n
B each, N . Y.
B ishop J . C., G ra n d R ap id s.M ich .
B ishop Leon, R o n an , M o n t.
•B ish o p L. W. P ie d m o n t, S. O.
•B ish o p M adge, A nson, K an .
B ishop M . L ., F t. L e a v e n w o rth
K an.
B ishop O. B „ A dairs ville, Ga.
B ishop R . L ., Lowes, K y.
•BishoD S. O., A nson, K an.
•B ish o p T . M ., A lexandria, O.
B ishop T . R ., B ra n ch , A rk.
B isnop W . D .. C olony, K an.
•B ishop W . H ., L eR oy, N . Y .
B lshopp A . A ., K e n tla n d , In d .
•B ish o p p H a ro ld , C hico, C al.
BlsseU H ow ard, B uffalo, N. Y.
BisseU J . D ., C h arle sto n , 8. C.
B issinger W . C.. L om poc, Cal.
B isson Cam ille, H enderson, M inn.
•B isso n n ette G. L ., K errick , M in n .
B Itn e r C. H ., LIgonier, P a.
B ltte n b e n d e r H . H ., Shippensville,
P a.
• B itte rle y L . J ., L a p o rte C ity , Ia .
• B ittic k R . J ., F o rsy th , G a.
B ittin g N . K .. Sum m erville. Ga.
B ittm a n W . C., W am ego. K an .
• B ittn e r P . E ., G eneva Ia .
B ittn e r P . E ., M an c h e ste r, 8. D .
B ittn e r P e te r P „ M unger, M ich.
•B iv e n s E ., M arsh v ille, N . C.
B ivens H . W ., R u p e rt, W . Va.
B lvln W . T ., T herm opolls, W yo.
B ivins H . W ., C learw ater, F la.
B ixby C. E ., P o u ltn e y , V t.
B ixby L. H ., M o n tp elier, V t,
•B ix b y L. L .. L iscom b, Ia .
B ix b y R . O.. A ndrew s. Ind.
•B ix b y V. E ., MiUs, N- M .
Bixel Jo h n , B luffton. O•B ixler D . W ., B luffton, O.
•BizzeU J . J ., K in sto n , N . O.
•B je rk e n A. C ., D ra k e , N . D .
B je rtn e ss H . P ., F la x to n , N . D .
B jo n e H . C ., V erona, N . D .
•B jo re B. J ., F a rg o , N . D .
B Jorgaard O. E „ C yrus. M inn.
•B jo rk lu n d E ., St. P a u l, M in n .
•B jo rk lu n d E ., So. St. P a u l, M in n .
B jorlee A, H ., W elch, M in n .
•B jornson A.. N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
B jo rn so n J . A. T ., L a M o u re, N .D .
• B jo rn s ta d G ., A ud u b o n , M in n .
B jo m s ta d J . A ., G lendive, M o n t.
B lack A . P ., B lossom , T ex.
B lack B. R .. W.«0 L ib erty , O.
B lack C. E ., B am berg, S. O.
•B la c k C. W .. D a y k in . N eb.
B lack C has. G ., H am lin , W . Va.
•B la c k D . L ., B a th , M e.
•B la c k E . M ., F u llerto n , N eb .
•B la c k E lm er, E m inence, K y.
B lack E . O.. C olum bia. S. C.
•B la c k F . F ., B ow ling G reen, O.
B lack H . E ., GeyservUle. Cal.
•B la c k H . F ., D allas C ity , 111.
•B la c k H . 8., M y rtle P o in t, Ore.
B lack H om er, H u rd la n d , M o.
B lack J ., B reckenridge, Tex.
•B la c k J . A ., W ilm erding, P a.
•B la c k J . F ., C assville, M o.
•B la c k Ja m e s G., J e a n n e tte , P a .
B lack J . H .. Boise, Id a .
•B la c k J r. Jos. L .. M ilto n , D el.
B lack J. W ., H olly HUI, S. O.
B lack L. B., W aco, Tex.
B lack M . P ., M a y o d a n , N . C.
B lack N . P ., M in b u rn , Ia.
•B la c k R . E ., Confluence, P a.
B lack R oss. C oeur d'A lene. Id a .
•B la c k R . R ., T h o rn to n , T ex.
B lack S. F ., M a rie tta , O kla.
B lack T . H .. H iggins, T ex.
•B la c k W . E., B utler, M o.
B lack W . H ., D ecatu r, T enn.
•B la c k W . J ., S t. Jo h n s, M ich.
•B la c k a h y E a rl, O n tario , Ore.
B lack ard C harles M uldrow , O kla.
B la ck a rd E . A., P hénix, Va.
•B la c k a rd G reek, C ro c k ett, Va.
•B la c k a rd J . V. J r., M uldron,
O kla.
ea .
•B la c k b o u rn L ondon, W oodford,
W is.
•B la c k b u rn C. J ., H am m on. Okla.
•B la c k b u rn D ., D ry R idge, K y.
B la ck b u rn D . E ., A rlington, T ex.
B la o k b u m E . R ., L exington, K y.
•B la c k b u rn G . L ., B yron, Okla.
B la ck b u rn Leslie, E v e re tt. P a .
B la ck b u rn M . C ., L akem an, Mo.
B la ck b u rn S. H ., P ikeville, T enn.


♦ B lankenship B ., S e n a th , M o .
♦B lan k en sh ip F . H ., D allas, T ex .
♦B la n k e n sh ip G us S., Jac k so n ­
ville, Tex.
B lack er J o h n H .. C hillicothe, O.
B la n k en sh ip G . W ., A bin g d o n , V a.
♦ B lackford F . E ., S adorus, 111.
♦ B lackford F . R ., C h arlesto n , 111. ♦ B lan k en sh ip R . R ., B rock, N eb.
♦B lan kingship
M o o re,
M ila n ,
♦B lackley L. M ., A bion, T e n n .
B la ck m a n A. N ., M a n h a tta n , K an .
B lan k in sh ip C ., B a y Springs, M iss.
B la ck m a n E. L ., W artra c e, T en n .
B lan k in sh ip D . F .. P a to k a , 111.
♦ B lack m an E . T ., T w in V alley,
♦B lan k in sh ip G . S., T ro u p , T ex.
M inn.
B lan k s J . J ., T re z e v a n t, T en n .
B la ck m a n L . G ., E q u a lity , 111.
B lan k s L. B. J r ., C larksville, Va.
♦B lack m an S., D a v e n p o rt, la .
B lan k s W . D ., P e te rs b u rg , Va.
B lackm on B. W .. K in g sto n , Ga.
B lan n L. L „ O aktow n, In d .
♦B lackm ore E . T ., Leslie, M ich .
♦ B lan sit A. U ., M u lb erry , K an .
B la ck sh e ar R . I., P a n g b u rn , A rk.
B la n to n E . S., N e w p o rt N ew s, Va.
♦ B lacksto n D . H ., C an to n , M iss
♦B lan to n D . F .. P e rry , F la.
♦B lacksto n e B ., B ard o lp h . 111.
B la n to n G eorge, S helby, N . C.
B la ck sto n e W . II ., Isa b el, S. D .
B la n to n J .W ., F red e ric k to w n , Mo.
B lackw ell E . W ., C ooperstow n,
B la n to n W . B., Bells, T ex.
N . D.
♦B lasier U . D ., Je su p , la .
B lackw ell F . E „ P e n n in g to n , N .J.
B iasing O. R ., B erw ick, N . D .
B lackw ell J . A ., G ra n d M arais,
B iasin g C . R ., R u g b y , N . D .
M in n .
B la ttn e r G eo., W rig h t C ity , M o.
♦B lackw ell J. B ., C lay , K y .
♦B lauer W . E ., S a n Jose, C al.
B lackw ell J . C., P a rm a , Id a .
B la u v elt O. R ., C o n tin e n tal, O.
B lackw ell J . C., T ro y , P a .
♦ B lau v elt E . E., P a te rs o n , N . J .
♦B lackw ell W . A ., N o rth E a s t, M d
♦B laylock A ., H u n tin g to n , A rk.
B lackw ell W . F . C ., D u n g a n n o n ,
♦B leak ley B . J ., M a tto o n , 111.
♦B leavens W . B ., St. P a u l, M in n .
♦B lackw ell W . K . G oldfield, la .
B leck F . W „ W o lf P o in t, M o n t.
B lacow J . R „ A lv arad o , Cal.
♦B leckley E . E ., W ic h ita , K an .
♦B lacow R . A ., A lv a ra d o . Cal.
B ledsoe George W ., S t. E lm o, 111.
♦ B lades E . G.. P ocom oke, C ity, Md.
♦B ledsoe H . W ., C h o te au , O kla.
♦B lades W . O .. S t. M ichael, Md.
B ledsoe M „ L o n g L an e. M o.
B laine, C . B igler, S cenery H ill, P a .
B ledsoe W . W ., E a s t P rairie , Mo.
B la ir À. E ., G ra n d R iv e r, la .
B leecker L . J .. Lisbon, N . D .
B lair A. H ., W ak een ey , K an .
B legen J . E ., M in n eap o lis, M in n .
B la ir A . S., A bilene, K an .
♦B leger J ., Saxm an, K an .
♦ B lair B. B ., B low ing R ock, N .C .
B leeker I. B., A ckley, la .
B lair B. D ., W inona, M in n .
♦B leibler A. R ., D allas, T ex.
B la ir C . E ., Je n k in s, K y .
♦B leidt H . J ., C hicago, 111.
■Blair C oulson, T u rn e r, M ich.
♦Bless L . L ., V e n tu ra , la .
B la ir C. G ., A v a, M o.
B lessing W . C., H ellam , P a .
B la ir D . T .s O akville, T ex .
♦B leuler N o rm a n , S o u th B en d ,
B la ir E . R ., P a rk in , A rk.
In d .
♦B lair E . W ., G oldfield, N ev .
♦ B lew ett H . J ., K lem m e, la .
♦B lair H . D ., B u tte , M o n t.
♦B leyle G . A ., B o sto n , M ass.
♦B lair Jam e s, J r ., S c ra n to n , P a .
♦B lick E . E ., N o. H en d erso n , 111.
B la ir Ja m e s F ., B elto n , M o,
Blicke W . A ., B u cy ru s, O.
B lair J . A ., H y n d m a n . P a .
♦B lickenstaff L. A ., L a V erne, C al.
B la ir J . E ., M cN eil, A rk.
B lin k en b erg R . K ., M in n eap o lis.
B lair J . H ., L ouisville, Ala.
M in n .
B ia ir J . W ., B elto n , Tex.
♦B linn H . H ., M ario n , In d .
♦ B la ir J . W ., K en o sh a. W is.
♦Blish G. H ., N ew Y o rk C ity, N .Y .
♦ B lair L. B .. L o v elan d , Colo.
♦Bliss B elv a L., L aco n a, la .
♦ B lair M a ry , P a tric k s b u rg , In d .
Bliss E . E ., E lm C reek, N eb.
♦B lair R. O ., N e v ad a , O.
♦Bliss F lo ren ce, C ross T im b ers,
♦B lair R . E ., H o tch k iss, Colo.
M o.
B la ir R . R ., N ew Pro v id en ce, la .
♦Bliss F . R ., V e n tu ra , C al.
♦B lair R . W ., T ro y , M o.
♦B liss F . R .. D ov er, N . H .
B ia ir S., Jac k so n b u rg , W . V a.
Bliss G. A .. Cross T im bers, Mo.
B laisdeli B. D. B o sto n , M ass.
B liss L. E „ V an N u y s, C al.
♦BlaisdeU C . T ., L ong B ran ch ,
♦Bliss L . M ., E lm C reek , N e b .
N. J.
Bliss M. R ., S io u x C ity, la .
♦B lake A . W ., B o sto n , M ass.
♦Bliss P . P ., M cK enzie, N . D.
♦B lake A. W ., F a irm o u n t, N . D .
Bliss W . H .. D allas C ity, 111.
♦B lake B en, T h a tc h e r, A riz.
B litc h Geo. J ., W illiston, F la .
B lak e C. A ., C alam us, la .
♦B lizzard D . O., L in d en , T ex.
♦B lake D . T ., S alisb u ry , M o.
♦B locher H . G ., L lttle sto w n , P a .
B la k e E . B ., H u ro n , S. D .
♦B locher J . D ., M u llin v ille, K an .
B lake E . F ., Q uincy. K an .
B locher U . O ., G ran tsv ille, M d .
B lake H . D ., C am arg o , 111.
B lo ch w itz C. G., D insdale. la .
B la k e J . J .. M a n y , La.
B lo ch w itz W . J .. F rieslan d , W is.
B la k e M . E ., S to tts C ity , M o .
♦B lock O. A ., Louisville, K y .
B Îake P . H ., O rofino, Id a .
B lock R . A ., In d la n o la , 111.
B lake R . P ., W . F ra n k fo rt, 111.
B lockw ell W . D „ B ucklln, K a n .
♦ B lake W ild er B ., B o o th b a y H a r - .
♦B lo d g ett H . E „ G aylord, M ich.
bor, M e.
♦B lo d g ett H . E „ M arsh a ll, M in n .
♦B lake W . B ., B o o th b a y H a rb o r,
♦B loecher O. L ., W itte n b e rg , W is.
- M e.
B loedow E . G., A lfred, N . D.
B lakeiy A . L ., Isa b el, S. D .
B loedorn H . B ., K enesaw , N eb .
♦B lakely A deiaide, F . O gallah
♦B loem D ., Sheldon, la .
K an.
♦B loem , D elk o , A k ro n , la .
B lak ely A rth u r, N en zel, N e b .
♦B loem ker B. J ., S t. L ouis, Mo.
B lakely C. C ., P u rd u m . N eb.
♦B loker R . E ., L in d sey , O.
B la k eiy G . A ., C an m er, K y .
♦B lokm an H . E ., C alifo rn ia, M o.
B lakely G . H ., E n o ree, S. C.
♦B lom M ab e l H ., M ila n , M in n .
B lak ely G . W ., C la y to n , N . M .
B lom P . H ., B ellingham , M in n .
♦B lakely I. A ., P re s c o tt, A rk.
♦B lom gren Q., F o r t D odge, la .
♦B lakely R oss J ., O gallah, K a n .
B lom gren T . C., C am bridge, Minn.
B lakely R o y W ., O gallah, K an .
B lom qrfist A ., Acting, B u n ceton,
B lak em an C lay, K irksville. K y .
M o.
B lakeney C. T ., Jefferson, S. C.
B lo m q u ist E . V ., M inneapolis,
B lakeney J . C., C leburne, T ex.
M inn.
♦B lakeney T . A ., D u ra n t, O kla.
♦B lo m q u ist H , E ., M in n eap o lis,
♦B lakeney W . A ., M u sc a tin e , la .
M in n .
♦B lakeslee C lifford L ., R o ch ester,
B lo m q u ist W . C., B elt, M ont.
N . Y.
B lood C. P ., D ouglass, K a n .
B lakesley A. J ., W a te rb u ry , Conn.
B lood G. H ., P resto n , Id a .
♦B lakew ay V irgil, M id d le to w n , la .
♦B lood H . B „ K eo k u k , la .
B lakey J . M., N ash u a, N . H .
B lood H . T ., C en ter, Colo.
B lakey R . T ., E n n is, Tex.
♦B lood J . C ., G ray v ille, 111.
♦B lalock L. M ., Jo n esb o ro , G a.
♦B loom D . E ., S an b u ry , P a .
B lan ch ar E . O., H ood R iv er, O re.
B loom E . W ,, F ren ch to w n , N . J .
B lanchar J . C ., W indsor, W is.
B loom H . F ., E sco n d id o , C al.
B lanchard A. C.. M errim an, N eb.
♦B loom J . B ., P e ta lu m a , C al.
B la n ch a rd I. T ., W o o d lan d , N . G.
B loom J . V ., D e W itt, la .
B lanchard J. L ., B y ro n . O kla.
B loom M. E .. P in e Bluff, A rk .
B lanchard K a rl M ., C hillicothe,
B loom R alp h , A x tell, N eb.
M o.
B loom er F . W ., A lpha, 111.
B la n ch a rd M . A ., A m o rita, O kla.
♦B loom er J . H .. B elton. T ex.
B lan ch ard P . A ., M ad iso n v ille.L a.
B loom er L. O., A lden. M ich .
♦ B la n c h ett L. M ., S ta p le s, M inn.
♦B loom er M . C ., A lden, M ich.
♦Bland G. L.. W esto n , W . V a.
♦B loom er T . A ., Scottville, M ich .
♦B land H . O ., Jac k so n , M iss.
Bloomfield C. C„ S h elb y , O.
B land J . H .. C an to n . Mo.
B loom quist E . V ., M inneapolis,
♦B land J . W .. B lack sb u rg , V a.
M inn.
B land R . H ., D u p o n t, In d .
B losier A. W ., In d e p e n d en c e , K an .
♦B landen F . E ., K ingfisher, O kla.
Bloss R . S., S e a ttle , W ash.
♦B landford S, R ., B ran d y w in e,
Blossom C. H .. B u rt, la .
M d.
♦B lossom H . L., F rien d sh ip , N .Y .
B laney H . F ., C oaldale, P a .
Blossom R . S„ F e n to n . Ia .
B lank E . J ., R ipley, O kla.
♦B lankenheim B. M ., C hicago, 111. ♦B lossom W . R .. B elle P la in e , Ia .
♦ B la c k b u rn W . E ., B erry , K y . .
B la c k b u rn W . T . S., D ry R idg e,
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦B louch L . T ., E x e te r, N eb .
♦B lough C. P ., W ooster, O.
B lough I. W ., W aterloo, Ia .
♦B lough O ber, C aro, M ich.
♦B lough W . M., H e n d ley , N eb .
B lo u n t C . H ., D e ca tu r, Ga.
B lo u n t C . L ., W in to n , N . C.
B lo u n t H e n ry W ..W a y n e sb o ro ,G a
♦ B lount J . M ., C ad d o M ills, T ex.
B lo u n t W . T ., P lainview , A rk .
♦ B lount W . W ., T a m p a , F la .
B loxam V . O ., B u lp itt, 111.
B loxham F . W ., Sheldon, la .
B loyd H . E .. P o rtla n d , O re.
♦Blue, E liza b e th , P erry sv ille, In d .
B lue F. L ., F a irm o n t, N . G.
♦B lue L. G ., P e rry , F la.
♦B luhm A . R ., O ttu m w a , Ia .
♦B luhm F . L., K endallvU le. In d .
♦B lum E . L ., B u rk b u rn e tt, T ex.
♦B lum Geo. C ., F lorence, S. D .
♦B lum H . F ., T em ple, T ex.
♦B lum Ju liu s, L ong B each, C al.
B lum R ., C haleo, N eb
B lum berg H . J ., Seguin, T ex.
B lum e B. A ., M in o t, N . D .
♦B lum e H . W ., P a w n e e C ity N eb .
♦B lum enstiel A. L .. R o ck fo rd . Ia .
♦B iu m en th al H ., San F ran cisco ,
C al.
B lu n t A . B ., R an d a lia , Ia .
♦ B lu n t G . O., C harles C ity , Ia .
B lu n t L . W ., W inslow , 111.
B ly J . G., F a rm la n d , In d .
♦B ly R alp h , P lainfield, In d .
B ly sto n e F . T ., K e m p to n , In d .
B ly th e A. M ., G ays, 111.
B ly th e H . H ., E . Liverpool. O.
♦B oab J r., H y ., D e lta , U ta h .
B oal A. G „ P ittsb u rg , P a .
B o ard R . B .. M ena, A rk.
♦B oard V. H ., Jo n lin . M o.
B o ard m a n A . J ., A rcadia, M o.
B o ard m a n J . H ., Low ell, M ass.
♦B roadm an R . A ., H a rtfo rd , C onn
B oas J . E ., C u rtis, N eb.
♦ B o a tsm a r E m ilie, M o rrill, N e b .
B o a tsm a n J o h n , M o rrill, N e b .
♦Boaz D av id , F t. W o rth , T ex.
♦B oaz M ., H ope, In d .
♦B oaz N . I., H e n ry e tta , O kla.
♦B obean A . F .. B u rk e , N . D .
B obler H . O ., M o nticello, Wis.
♦ B o b b itt T . E ., W ak e F o rest, N .C .
♦B obo H . F ., F lorence, Tex.
♦B obo J . S., G untersv ille, Ala.
♦Bobo V. T., F lorence, Tex.
♦B occardo J . H .. G ilroy, C al.
♦B ocherding H . A ., N e w E n g la n d ,
N. D.
B ock L. H ., S teen , M inn.
B ock O. H ., P r a tt , K a n .
B ock P a u l, S chult, K an .
♦B ock P h ilip , C in c in n a ti. O.
♦B ockhaus H . W ., T ripoli, la .
♦B ockm an J . H ., B eloit, K an .
♦B ockw itz Jew el, R adcliff, Ia.
♦B ocock H . E ., S entinel, O kla.
B oddee N . J ., C reedm oor, N . C.
♦B odden F . X ., M ilw aukee, Wis.
Bode C. J ., K eokuk, Ia .
♦B ode L ouis, W aterloo, 111.
♦B odelson A - H ., D u n d ee, M inn.
♦B odine L. P „ L a m b e rtv ille.N .J.
B odine W .'H ., F lorence, N . J .
♦B odkin O scar, B ardw ell, K y.
B odley H . C., C h an u te, K an .
B odley H . L .. G allon, O.
♦B odum A . W ., G eorge, Ia .
♦B odum Louis, G eorge, Ia.
B odw ell W ilfred, S o u th N o rw alk
C onn.
♦Boe H a ro ld O ., Soldier. Ia .
♦Bbe H . O., O naw a, Ia.
B oeck E . C ., Isle, M in n .
♦B oeck E . L ., Isle, M in n .
B oeckh J ., L ansing, Ia .
B oedecker C. F ., A lgom a, W is.
B oedeker W . G ., M u rra y , N eb.
Boege C. A ., A naheim . C al.
♦B oeger H . W .. M orrison. M o.
♦B oehler E s th e r J ., C arroll, N eb .
B oehler L ouis. M eade, K an .
♦B oehm A rn o ld , O gden, la .
♦B oehm B. F., H a n k in so n , N . D .
B o eh m F . J ., C olum bus, N eb.
♦B oehm R . F ., M ercer. N . D ,
♦B oehm R . F ., H a rv e y , N . D .
B oehm ke G .. H ollan d , M inn.
♦B oeldt J o h n O ., H o w a rd s G rove,
W is.
♦Boelsche H . H ., In d u s try , Tex,
♦Boenecke A ug.. St. Louis. M o.
♦B oensch G. H ., A nselm , N . D .
B oerger F ra n k , M ilb a n k , S. D .
♦ B oerm er M. G.. K enosha. W is.
B o ern er C . G ., N o rth M ad iso n ,
In d .
♦B oerner F . W ., L ubbock, T ex.
♦B oesch F . J ., W h itn e y , Tex.
B oesch F . W ., A m boy, M inn.
♦B oesch J o h n , T ru m a n , M in n .
♦B oeschen E . J ., N a shville, 111.
Boesel A doloh. N ew B rem en, O.
♦ B o e ttc h eW m .,G o ld e n v a lle y ,N .D .
B o e ttc h e r L ouise M ., B u tte rn u t,
W is.
B o ettch e r R . B „ E a s t B e rn a rd ,
♦ B o e ttn e r G eo.W ., R ookport.M o.
♦B oeyink J o h n , S ioux C enter, Ia .
♦B oflnger G eo. H . M o n terey , C al.
♦B ogan O. C ., M cL ean. Tex.
B ogan F . J ., G len E lly n , 111.
♦B ogan R . L ., G allon, O.

B ogan W . E ., G ra n ite , O kla.
♦B oganw right, W . H ., Tiffin, O.
♦ B ogardus I. O., S e a ttle , W ash.
B o g art C. P ., New Y o rk C ity, N .Y .
♦B o g art F . C ., W arren , P a.
♦B o g art J . W ., M en d o n , 111.
♦B ogen S., H en d rick s, M in n .
♦B oger J . D ., M o rg a n to n , N . O.
♦ B o g e rt F . D.. P a te rso n , N . J .
B o g ert H e rb e rt C loster, N . J .
♦B oggess A . A ., G ainesville, T ex.
♦Boggess E .F ., H a rla n , K y.
♦Boggess, H . M., C arthage, Mo.
B oggess J . E ., M acon, M iss.
Boggess O. J ., S m ithville, M o.
Boggs F . H ., L a k e p o rt, Cal.
Boggs Geo. G ., C han d ler. Okla.
♦Boggs G ertrude, T ru m b u ll, N eb.
♦Boggs H . C., L a k e p o rt, Cal.
B oggs P e n d le to n , F ra n k lin . W .V a.
B oggs W . J ., F o rd C ity , P a .
B oggs W . R ., H addonfields, N . J.
Boggs W . S., S a n B ernardino,C al.
♦B ogk A. W ., M ilw aukee, W is.
B ogle J . P ., K a n sa s C ity , K a n .
B ogle W . E ., H id d e n ite , N . O.
B ogne S. B ., M ad d o c k , N . D .
B o gniard A. C., A shland, O.
♦B ogstie O. T ., A rlington, S. D .
♦ B o h an n an K . S., S ta n to n , K y.
♦ B o h an an S. D ., L iv in g sto n , T e n n .
♦B ohannon A n n a L ., R ushville,
In d .
B o h an n o n J .M ., G rovespring, M o .
B o h a rt J . M., A pache, O kla.
♦ B ohorink Jo h n , N ashville, 111.
B ohecker H . F ., A lliance, O.
♦B ohle G . J ., Leola, S. D .
B ohling J . G., F o rt P a y n e , A la.
♦B ohlke B ern a rd , R em sen, Ia .
♦B ohm an O. T ., M oline, IU.
♦B ohm er Anna N ., D av is, M o.
B ö h m er G . H ., D av is, M o.
B ohn O. L ., Lim eridge, W is.
♦B ohnson A. F ., C lin to n , Ia .
♦B ohnson J . L ., C linton, Ia .
♦B ohon H . O ., H a rro d sb u rg , K y
B o h r Jos. R .. W estp h a lia , M ich .
♦B ohrer M ercedes. P o tw in , K a n .
B ohrt H . E., F o u n ta in C ity, W is.
♦Boice W . B .. N ew Y o rk C., N . Y.
♦Boie E m il A ., M a n k a to , M in n .
B oie W . E ., A ppleton, M in n .
B oie E . O., E a s to n , M in n .
B ole F . J ., H an co ck , Ia .
B oies F . S., F airfield, Ia .
Boisseree P a u l, Spalding, N eb .
B oland E . J ., Springfield, S. C.
♦B oland E . W ., N e w p o rt, K y.
B o lan d J . F ., T u ck ah o e, N .Y .
♦B oland W . F .. R ed lan d s. C al.
B oland W . H .. W averly, M inn.
♦B oldh F . B ., H o lla n d , Ia .
♦ B oldt W . C ., E lm h u rs t, 111.
B olding J . F ., R ocky. O kla.
B olen O tto R ., C orvallis, M o n t.
B olen R . A ., U n ion C ity , O.
B olejack E . E ., B a ra d a , N eb.
♦B oler J . Mark, In d ia n G a p , T ex.
B oler Jn o ., S turgeon B ay. V\ is.
B oles A . H . J r ., B artlesville. O kla.
Boles C. F ., J ac k so n v ille , T ex.
♦Boles F . J ., G lasgow , K y.
♦Boles J . M ., G reenville, T ex.
Boles J . P ., M osheim , T enn.
B oles W . H ., C lev elan d . O kla.
B olew ine C. O ., S im pson. M in n .
♦B oley L . W ., W o rttd n g to n .W .V a .
♦B olger A., P o te a u , O kla.
B öiger J . M., B uckner, A rk.
♦B olger J . R ., B lack R iv e r F alls,
W is.
♦B olger P e rr y C ., P o te a u , O kla.
B olin, C . E . Sr., M ilto n , 111.
♦B olin C. B. J r ., M ilton, 111.
B olin F . H ., In d ia n a p o lis, In d .
B olin F re d H ., W illow B ra n c h ,
In d .
♦B olin H . J ., D ouglas. W yo.
♦B ohn S. T ., Sullivan, IU.
♦B oling W . F ., F rien d sh ip , T e n n .
B olinger E . W ., O range, C al.
♦B olifiger E v a L .. New Carlisle, O.
B olinger J . F ., S h elb u rn . In d .
B olken G. H ., H a tto n . N , D.
♦Boll W . H ., Y o rk , P a .
♦ B ollenbach C . L ., D e L a n d , 111.
*E. C . Bolles, B ellow s F alls, V t.
BoUinger Q. L ., Z alm a, M o.
B ollinger D . A ., M o u n d V alley,
K an.
♦B ollinger E . F ., M o u n d VaUey,


♦BoUinger L . H ., P io n eer, O.
BolU nger L. L ., S eym our, In d .
♦Bollm H . J ., D ouglas, W yo.
B ollm an H . O., Collinsville, Okla.
♦B oU m ann H . J „ C harleston, S. C.
BoUum A. W ., R ham e, N . D .
B ollum C. B ., O rtley, S. D .
BoUum K . M ., L ong Lake. M in n .
♦B olon W . D ., B eth esd a , O.
♦B olser C . M ., O yens, la .
♦B oisinger M . D ., C hatfield, M in n .
♦B olster C, A ., M a rm a rth , N . D .
B o lte A. F .. A tla n tic C ity , N . J .
B olt R . H ., O tte rb e ln , In d .
B o lte E . B., G ooding, Id a .
♦B olton A. O., B eU ngton, W . V a.
B olton C. D ., T ignall, Ga.
B olton Ö F ., S c ra n to n , K a n .
♦B olton D . B ., L ew iston, M o n t.
B o lto n F . E ., A lb an y , O.
B olton F . P .. A le x an d ria . L a.
B olton R . L ., BoorieviUe, M iss.


♦B olton T . E ., A m ericus, G a.
♦B olyn S. P .. M arlon, S. C.
♦B om berger P . H ., L ititz, P a.
♦B ona A. J ., S to c k to n , Oal.
B o n ar J . E ., A u b rey , T ex.
B o n d A. J ., R ussellville, M o .
♦B o n d B. A ., B iloxi, Miss.
B o n d B . C ., J u n c tio n C ity , K a n .
B o n d B. M ., H alsey, Ore.
B o n d E . G ., C ollins. M iss.
♦B ond F re d H ., G resh am , N e b .
♦B ond H . W ., B o sto n , M ass.
B o n d J . H ., Steelton, P a .
B o n d M . L ., B ran ch v ille. N . J .
B o n d P . P ., S a n ta A n n a, T ex.
B ond S. F ., Cross P lain s. T ex .
♦B ond S ta rn e r, O aktow n, In d .
♦B ond T ay lo r, Cross P lain s, T ex.
♦B ond W . E ., B lackw ell, O kla.
B o n d W . F ., Iro n d ale , M o.
♦B o n d reau x J . J ., S c o tt, L a.
♦B onds W . H .. Low ndesville. S. O.
B o n e B. B ., M o lin e, K a n .
Bone H . M., Crow ley, L a.
B o n eb rak e F . M., T o p ek a, K a n .
♦ B o n e cu tter J . L ., L e b a n o n , K a n .
B ones B . B .. M o lin e, K an .
♦B ones. C. H ., C lay C ity, 111.
♦B onesteel T ,, R o y al, N eb .
B onesteel V. C ., H u ro n , S. D .
♦B oney T. J ., M iam i, T ex .
B oney W. A., Io la, T ex.
B o n h am C has. T ., E llis, N eb .
♦B onham Elsie, E llis, N eb .
B o n h am C. L ., A y r, N eb .
♦B o n h am G u y F ., A y r, N eb.
B o n h am L . D ., C o rtla n d , N eb .
B o n h am L u th e r, F a lrb u ry , N eb.
B o n h am R . A ., R ow , O kla.
♦B oniface S. M ., St. P au l, K an
B onin J . O ., L o reau v ille. L a .
♦B o n n eau S. J ., P ly m o u th , C al.
♦ B o n n er J . M .. L ew isto n , Id a .
B o n n er J . W ., G ray, Ga.
B o n n er W . V., M ack s C reek, M o.
B o n n er W . IV., G reen sb u rg , In d .
B onner Z. D , San A ntonio, T ex
♦ B o n n e tt V erne, B irm in g h a m , la .
B o n n e t W . A ., E a g le P ass, T ex .
B o n n ey E d so n , P ittsfield , M ass.
B o n n ey H . F .. L ittle to n . N . C.
♦B onney H . L ., R o ssly n , Va.
♦ B o n n o itt J r. J . J .. C h arle sto n , S.
♦B onsall S., L ex in g to n , N eb .
B onsall W . T ., W h a t C heer, la .
♦ B o n stro m A. E ., H a n k s, N . D .
B o n stro m B. A ., B uffalo, M inn.
♦ B o n tad elli W illiam .P acific G ro v e
O al.
♦B onynge W . A ,, J r., L os A ngeles,
C al.
♦B onza Jo se p h , R av in ia, S. D .
B o n ze r F . L :, M o rristo w n , S. D .
B oock A . L ., N ew Ulm. M in n .
B oock J o h n W ., G ibbon. M inn.
B oock O. M ., Spencer, W is.
♦B oody O. H ., H a rt, M ich.
♦B oody K a te , A rlin g to n , K a n .
B ooker D. E .. H a rd in , K y
♦B ooker G eo. V ., T a m p a , F la.
B o o k er H . L ., A lbion, O kla.
B ooker L. H ., G re a t F alls, M in n .
B ooker T . F ., T e x a rk a n a , A rk.
♦B ooker W illis, P itsb u rg , O.
B o o k m an J . D „ R ic h ard s. Tex.
♦B o o k m an M rs. J . D ., R ic h ard s
B o o k o u t J . E ., M u rp h y , Tex.
♦Boom W S., E llendale, N . D
B o o m er W . L ., E lm a, W ash .
♦B oon Flossie G re e n to p , M o .
B o o n N o rm a n , B uell, M o.
♦B oone C. A ., H u n tin g to n , W . Va.
♦B oone D . H ., W ic h ita, K a n .
♦B oone D . M ., L ittle R ock, A rk.
♦B oone C. D ., C arrizozo, N . M ex.
B oone E d w in R ead in g , P a .
B oone H elen, M t. V ictory, O.
♦Boone H . S., H o llan d , Va.
♦B oone J . H ., D e W itt. A rk.
B oone O. B., O x ford, Miss.
♦B oone S. F ., M a rm a d u k e , A rk.
♦B oone T . E ., R ow esville, S. O.
B oone W . A ., P o n to to c , Miss.
B oone W . E ., D en to n , N . C.
♦B oone W . H ., M o u n t H ope, W .V a.
B oos O. J ., R o sem o n t, N eb.
Boose H . A ., Sunnyside, W ash.
♦Boose H . R ., Som erset, P a .
B o o ster J . J ., D illsboro. In d .
♦B o o th A . B ., H icksvllle, O.
B o o th B. V., D anville, V a.
B o o th G. L ., D anville, V a.
B o o th H . T ., B a ta v ia , N . Y.
♦ B o o th J . B ., T o led o , Ore.
B o o th J . H -, R o seb u rg , O re.
B o o th J . M ., F a rm e rv ille, L a.
♦ B o o th J . M ., W ash tu c n a , W ash.
B o o th W . T ., L o n d o n , O.
B o o tje r C. W ., A rm our, S. D .
B oo to n S. M ., W elch, O kla.
♦B oozer P a u l M .. M a rb le R o ck , la .
♦B ope F r a n k C ., L as V egas, N .M .
B o p p L . E ., H aw k ey e, la .
B o ra h J . E ., G rlnnell, K a n .
♦ B o rc h e rt A . B., M apleton, M inn.
B o rc h e rt F . W .. M in n e s o ta Lake,
M in n .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦ B o rc h e rt J o se p h , L a Crosse, W ls.
♦ B o rch ert, W . F . M apleton, M inn.
B orck M ., R ogers, M in n .
B o rd en E . W ., F a ll R iv e r, M ass.
B o rd en F r a n k H ., F a ll R iv e r,
M ass.
B o rd en O. C ., N e w V ienna. O.
B o rd en O. F ., M o n tro se, K a n .
B o rd en W . E ., G oldsboro, N . C.
♦ B o rd er A . W .. B oulder, Colo.
B o rd ers J . S., Ludlow , Mo.
♦B orders R . H ., M ilan, In d .
♦B ordew ich H a ra ld , O livia, M inn.
B o rd ew ich H . S., O livia, M in n .
♦B ordew ick C. J ., H a n co c k , M in n .
B o rd n e r G. D ., B u r r O ak, M ich.
♦B ordsen T . B ., E v a n sv ille , M in n .
B ordw ell C. H ., C orfu, N . Y.
B ordw ell F r a n k V ., A lam eda, Cal.
♦B orecky W. J ., W ilber, N eb.
♦B orek C ., Y u k o n , O kla.
♦B o rem an H . S., M id d le b o u rn e ,
W . Va.
♦B oren H u g h , S n yder, T ex.
♦B oren H . P ., D a rd e n , T en n .
♦Borg G . A ., C o k ato , M in n .
♦B org H . W ., Boone, la .
B orgel G . R ., Sealy, T ex.
♦B orgen T . P ., P o w ers L ake, N . D .
B o rg erd ln g Geo., N ew A lb a n y .In d .
B orgerding H . G ., B elgrade, M inn.
B o rg m an E . F „ L evasy, M o.
B o rg m a n H . P ., D e tro it, M ich.
♦B orgm an N a th a n , W ebster. W is.
♦B orgm eyer G. J ., D odge, N e b .
♦B orgstrom A. M ., U psala, M inn.
♦B oring G . E ., V erdi, M in n .
B oring J . W ., G lbsonvllle, N . C.
B oring L . J ., L a m a r, Colo.
B oring' R alp h ,
E liza b e th to w n ,
N . C.
B o rlan d J o h n J r.,Im la y City.M ioh.
♦B o rlan d N . F .. In a v e rn e ss, F la .
♦B o rlan d W ., Im la y C ity, Mich.
♦B orlang A. R ., W eb ster, M in n .
B o rlau g A. B ., K e nyon, M in n .
B o rm an C . C .. K a lid a , O.
♦B orn A ., C ollins, W is.
♦B orn H e n ry J r ., K e n to n , O.
B o rn e m a n J r., H . B ., B ison, S. D .
♦ B o rn h o lt A rn o ld, C olgate, N . D .
♦ B o rn h o rst H . A ., F o r t L oram ie,


B o ro u g h F . C. L aw renceville, 111.
B orough J .W .,N o rth B altlm ore.O .
♦B orow ski J ., G a ry , In d .
♦B o rro u m L ., B eeville, T ex.
♦BorsChell A . E ., G ra n d J u n c tio n ,
C olo.
B o rset W . F ., F o rest, O.
B o rtn e r H . W ., R ed k ey , In d .
B o ru m G eo. R ., B arro n , W is.
♦Bos M a r tin , G ra n d H a v en . M ich.
B o sa k E . A ., S c ra n to n , P a .
B osch A . H ., Jam e sto w n , M ich.
B oschen F ., N ew Y o rk C ity , N . Y .
B o sch ers H . C ., L incoln, M o.
♦B o sch ert Jo sep h, L a C rosse, W is.
Boss A. A ., J a c k so n , M o.
♦Boss C arl, W o o d b u ry , T e n n .
♦Boss F r a n k B ., N ew to n , N . J .
Bosse W . H ., M eadow G rove, N eb.
B o sserm an J . R ., C linton, 111.
B o st J o h n Q., F illm ore, 111.
♦B osta J ., L y n c h , N eb.
B o stick A. A ., A gency, Mo.
♦B oston P . T ., H a d ley , T ex.
♦B o sto n T . M ., E lk C ity , K a n .
B oston F . W ., H older, 111.
B ostw ick H . Id., F ra n k fo rt, N . Y.
♦Boswell C. W .. K ingstree, S. O .
B osw ell H . M., M oscow, T en n .
♦Boswell J r . T . H ., Rosw ell, N . M .
♦Bosw ell T . H ., R oseville, C al.
B osw ell S. W ., F o rsy th , Mo.
B o sw o rth C. M .. O klahom a C ity .
♦B osw orth N ell, E lgin, 111.
♦B ot J o h n H ., G h e n t, M in n .
B othw ell A. H .. R eynolds, N eb.
B othw ell C. H ., Sedalia, M o.
B o th w ell C h as. W ., P h ilad e lp h ia ,
♦B othw ell E . D ., O akland. Cal.
♦ B o tk in E . L., O sborne, K an.
B o tk in W . C ., L etch er, S. D .
B o tsfo rd I. G ., G ainesville, N . Y.
B o tsfo rd W . R ., Jam e sto w n , N .Y .
♦ B o tte n A . H ., B en tley , N . D .
B o tten fleld F . E ., N elson, N eb.
B o ttje r J . H ., P o tla tc h , Id a .
♦ B o ttje r M . C ., P o tla tc h . Id a .
B o tto m S. B ., L eb an o n , K y.
B o tto m field F . L ., E m le n to n , P a .
B o tto m fleld M . W ., O ak m o n t. P a
♦ B o tto rf H a rry W ., O w ensboro.
K y.
B o tts H a rry , P u n ta G o rd a , F la.
♦ B o tts J . H ., B u ck n e r, Mo.
♦ B o ttsfo rd W . B .. G reenfield. In d .
B o ttu m R ., A b erdeen, S. D.
B oucher G. J ., So. S ioux C ity, N eb.
♦B oucher J . B ., T h o rn e, N . D .
B o u ch er J . L ., D riscoll, N . D .
♦B oucher J e n n ie M ., S o u th Sioux
C ity , N eb .
B o u ck D a m o n I . R ice, M in n .
B o u d J . W ., N ep h i, U ta h .
♦B o u d in o t F . E .. E scondido, Cal
♦B o u d reau W . A ., Ew ing; M o.
B o u d re a u x A . L ., B erw ick, La.

♦B ougart C. A ., U rb a n a , 111.
B ouger, Acting, E . L. A ., G len
F lo ra, W is.
B oughm an H . C ., S tanford, K y.
B ouillon V. J ., S e a ttle , W ash.
B o u k er E . C ., L ynbrook, N . Y .
B oughner E . G., N ato m a, K an.
B o u k er J .F ., N ew Y o rk C ity , N .Y .
B ouley H . N ., A lbany, Ore.
B o u lto n S. S., T ow anda, 111.
B oulw are J . A ., Springfield, K y.
B oulw are S.O .,C am pbellsburg, K y.
B oun J o h n P .. K ah o k a, M o.
B ourgeois L . M .. C ovington, L a.
B o urhill Geo. B ., M oro, Ore.
B o u rk e Jas. A., C hicago, 111.
B ourke W . J ., S yracuse, N . Y.
♦ B ourland F . H ., C laredon, Tex.
B ourne D . D , L ondon M ills, 111.
B ourne E . D ., Taylorsville. K y.
B ourne E .W ., N ew B edford.M ass.
B o u rq u in A . L .. M adrid. N eb.

B ow m an J . H i. M eyersdale, P a.
B ow m an J . J .. B o n n e T e rre, M o.
B ow m an J . W ., M arlon, la .
B ow m an O. N ., O rangeb urg, S.C.
♦B ow m an P . W ., M an o r, Tex.
B ow m an R . L., B ellaire, O.
B ow m an S. R . Am es. O kla.
B ow m an V. K ., P u n ta G orda, Fla.
B ow m an V. K ., B ocagrande, F la.
♦B ow m an W . O., C ape G ira rd e a u .
♦B ow ne L. S., E u a C laire, W is.
B ow ron T hom as, B irm ingham .

B ow yer C. C., P t. P le a sa n t, W .V a.
♦Box D . E ., C a rro llto n , Tex.
B ox E . M ., C hildersburg, Ala.
B ox E . M ., N ew H ope, Ala.
B oyce J . W ., W in g ate, Tex.
Boyce S. N ., G astonia, N . C.
♦B oyce W . M ., D u n d e e, N . Y.
♦B oyd Bessie, N ew Bloom field.
M o.
♦ B o u rret A . W ., W est B end, la .
B oyd C. C ., B alm orhea, Tex.
B o u rre t O. E ., W est B end, la .
B oyd C larence, E sm ond, S. D .
Bousfield W . H ., A u b u rn , N eb.
♦B oyd C. L ., M iddletow n, N. Y.
♦ B outon G eo. R ., L ebanon, T enn. B oyd O. W ., Pam plico, S. Of
B ovingdon J . C ., O akland, O re. ♦B oyd D ixie, Lew isville, Tex.
♦B ow den A. B ., G ustine, C al.
B oyd D . S., O uray, Colo,
B ow den C has., B irch T ree, M o.
♦B ow den H . S., B irch T ree, M o.
♦B oyd E m m a, M o n tag u e , Tex.
♦B ow den J . S., Jam e sto w n , T en n . B oyd E . I., A lton, Mo.
B ow den M. E ., S p a rta n b u rg , S. C. B oyd E . J ., W arren , O.
B ow den P a u l A ., T hom son. G a.
♦Boyd E . M ., Y u b a C ity , Oal.
B ow den R . O., H a m p to n . S. C.
B oyd E . M., A u b u rn , N eb.
♦B ow den T . H ., S e a ttle . W ash.
B oyd E . W ., A rth u r. 111.
♦B ow der J . H ., G roesbesk, Tex.
♦Boyd F. A ., F o n d d u Lac, W ls.
B ow dle J . A ., W aynesfleld, O.
B oyd F . N ., W aUkill, N . Y .
B ow en A . W „ Sand P o in t, Id a .
♦Boyd F red . D odsonville, Tex.
♦B ow en C . G ., L ogan, O.
♦B oyd G. A . J r., N a t. Stock Y ds.,
Bow en, F . M eade, L ogan, O.
♦B ow en F . S., N ew Y o rk C ity .
♦B oyd G . B. J r., E a s t St. Louis.
B ow en J . A ., O neonta, Ala.
B ow en O. H ., M ontpelier, O.
B oyd G eorge S. D resden. T enn.
B ow en T ru m a n , W o rth , M o.
B ow en V. R ., G lasgow, Mo.
B oyd G . T .. Y u b a C ity , Oal.
♦Bow en W . G ., B ow m an, G a.
♦B oyd G . W ., L a n a rk , 111.
♦B ow en W . G ., C anon, G a.
♦Boyd H a rry S., P o rtla n d , M e.
♦Bow en W . S., O rch ard , N eb.
B oyd H . E ., T e rra C ela, F la.
B ow er A lfred L ., R om ulus, M ich. ♦B
oyd I. N ., C o lch ester, 111.
B ow er C. D ., F airview , O kla.
Boyd J . A., K earn ey , N eb.
B ow er E . G ., B ethel, M o.
B oyd Jac o b , W bbster, S. D.
B ow er E a rle E., W oodstock, 111.
B oyd J . F ., Iow a P a rk , T ex.
B ow er E . G .. B ethel. M o.
Boyd J . W ., M t. C arm el, S. C.
♦Boyd M . T ., L indale, Tex.
oyd M. V .. K noxville, T enn.
♦Bow er H . A., D elano, C al.
♦B oyd N o ra J ., G ra n d R iver, la .
B ow er J . D ., W aldo, 0 .
B oyd O. S., R oland, la .
♦Bow er J . N ., B irdsboro, P a.
B oyd R . H ., D e lan d , F la.
B ow er J . R . F ree to w n , In d .
B o y d R o b ert, D o th a n , A la.
♦B ow er N . W ., D arlin g to n , W is.
B oyd R . W ., L ondon, O.
B ow er O liver, N a tio n a l C ity , C al.
B oyd S. D ., H e n ry , S. D.
B ow er R . A ., J r .. T olono. 111.
B ow er W . V ., B akersfield, C al.
♦B ow erm an R a y C ., Q uincy, M ich
B ow ers A. H ., C oahom a, Tex.
♦Bowers A lb ert, Colo, la .
Bow ers C has. A ., W heeling. W .V a.
♦B ow ers C. H ., L a n a rk , 111.
Bowers C. O., M alcom . Ia .
Bow ers E . M ., P ry o r. Okla.
Bow ers E . M~ C larksville, Tex.
♦B ow ers E. w „ C larksville, T ex.
B ow ers G. C., Big R u n , P a.
B ow ers H . J ., T ra c y C ity , T enn.
B ow ers J . H ., B runsw ick. M d .
B ow ers, J . M ..H id alg o , 111.
Bow ers Joe. S a in t Jo , Tex.
B ow ers M errill, Le R oy, M inn.
B ow ers R . A ., C hildress, Tex.
♦Bow ers V. P ., P em broke. G a.
Bow ers W . V ., V am vtlle, S. C.
♦B o w ersett L. F „ M arshall. V a.
♦Bowes E ., C olusa, C al.
B ow ie N . B ., S w eet W ater.
B o w lan d E . G ., G enoa. O.
♦B ow bly E . F ., M o rg a n to w n , W .
♦Bowles A lm a, G arza, Tex.
Bowles B. A ., W ash in g to n . D . C.
B ow les G. M ., S an F rancisco, C al.
Bowles H orace G ., H arrison, O.
Bow les I. N .,S u m m e r S h a d e .K y .
B ow les R . E ., F orem an, A rk.
B ow les T . J ., G arza, Tex.
♦Bowlin N . W .. H edrick, Ia.
♦Bowling A. L.. P rin ce to n . W . V a
♦B ow lus G. R ., Io la , K an .
♦B ow m an A. R ., L eb a n o n , P a .
B ow m an B. S., D resden, K an.
B ow m an C. A ., C lyde, T ex.
♦B ow m an C. B ., Coon R ap id s, la .
B ow m an C. D ., B ishop, C al.
♦B ow m an C. D ., B ishop, Gal.
B ow m an O. D ., F ran k lin , W . Va.
♦B ow m an Clyde, A berdeen, S.D .
B ow m an C. P ., P a d u c a h , T ex.
B ow m an C. R . G reenup, 111.
B ow m an E . G., Id a G rove, la .
B ow m an E . M ., B y ars, Okla.
B ow m an E . T ., V anceburg, K y.
B ow m an E . W ., P a lm y ra , P a.
B ow m an F . L ., K in g sto n , Mo,
♦B ow m an F . R ., St. Joe, In d .
♦B ow m an G eo. F .,'G ra y v ille , 111.
B ow m an G. H ., F ro n t R oyal.V a.
♦B ow m an G eorge W -P a lm y ra , P a .
♦B ow m an H . C ., G elina, O.

♦B oyd W . A ., Syracuse, N . Y .
B oyd W . D ., C h rie sm an , T ex .
B oyd W . D .. M ercersburg, P a .
B oyd W . F ., Saguache,-C olo.
B oyd W . I., B ellevue, T ex.
B oyden A. L ., H am ill, S. D .
B oyden O. W .. Sheffield, 111.
B oyden S. F ., A nsley, N eb.
♦B oyden U . H ., M a ra th o n , N . Y .
♦B oye C. L ., C hicago, 111.
B oye E . A ., Sanger, C al.
♦B oyen A . N ., S an R afael. Cal.
♦B oyer B . A ., H em ple, M o.
♦B oyer E . W ., M uskegon, M ich.
B oyer J . F., Flnleyvllle, P a .
B oyer J . P ., R ock Springs, W yo.
B oyer R . E ., Creston,’ la .
B oyer R . M „ O skaloosa. Ia .
B oyer W . D ., C a n a l W inchester.


to y e tt E . L ., R ockford, Ala.
B o y e tt J . J ., Selm a, N . O.
lo y e tte D . P ., A hoskie, N . C.
B oyken W m ., T ito n k a , Ia .
B oy lan d Jam e s, A rlin g to n , 111.
B oyle H e n ry , K ansas C ity , M o.
toyle J . A ., E ricson, N eb.
loyle J . D ., P in e C ity, M inn.
Soyle J . O ., G reenville, Tex.
B oyte Louis W., Pacific Ju n c t., Ia .
B oyle M a rk , W h itte m o re , Ia .
B oyle M . E ., P ittsb u rg h , P a.
loyle Sam uel, J r., L ansford, P a.
loyles C. J ., O v erton, N eb.
loyles D .1 S., A lvo, N eb.
loyles F . C „ G reensboro, N . O.
B oyles F. R., A lvo, N eb.
B oyles T . G ., O verton, N eb.
B oyles W . C ., S axton, P a .
lo y n to n C. W ., P e Ell, W ash,
lo y n to n T. D ., T alledega, Ala.
B o y n to n W . S., B enn in g to n , V t.
B oys L. C ., In dependence, K an.
loys Lew is, W infield, K an.
loysen E ., B runsville, Ia.
B oysen Geo. W ., D ike, Ia.
Boyson flg N ., C edar R apids, Ia .
lo y te W . R.. D ickson. T enn.
B ozem an W . E .. M acon, G a.
B ozka J . F ., S hiner, Tex.
Ira a sc h W m ., D e tro it, M ich.
Ira b h a m J . L ., S eagraves, Tex.
Irabson. T . D ., G reenevile. T enn.
Irac e H . A .. L one R ock. W ls.
Irac k G eorge M ., St. P aul, M inn.

B racken F. A., E nid, Okla.
^Bracken Jos., Italy , Tex.
Bracken J. M „ Cum berland, O.
♦Bracken L. F., Twin Falls, Ida.
B rachen T . J., Toma, Iowa.
♦Bracken W ard, M oulton, Ala.
♦B rackett W. H., Olympia, Wash.
Brackin G. R., Montpelier, Ind.
♦B radbum Maude, Nebo, 111.
♦B radbury A. B., Elgin, M inn.
♦B radbury, C. H. Jr., Comfrey,
M inn.
B radbury L. T ., Paola, Kan.
Bradbury O. E ., Evanston, Wyo.
B radbury W. H ., Fairbanks, Ind.
♦B raddock B. B., Altus, Okla.
Braddock P . E ., A uburndale, Fla.
♦Braddock W. J., D aytona Beach.
♦Braden F . F ., C entralia, 111.
Braden L. G., Jefferson, Tex.
Braden R., Black Oak. Ark.
Braden Robert, M onette, Ark.
♦Braden T. G., C entralia, 111.
♦Bradfleld C. J., Barnesville, O.
Bradfleld G. E., Barnesville, O.
Bradfleld G.L.,W ynne Wood.Okla.
Bradfleld J., Daingerfleld, Tex.
♦Bradfleld J.Y ., Daingerfleld, T e x ..
B radford A. H „ M ountain Grove,
M ountain
Grove, Mo.
♦Bradford C. C„ Stockland, I1L
Bradford Charles.Montlcello.Minn.
Bradford C. L., Bonham, Tex.
♦Bradford C. P., Ittab en a. Miss.
Bradford C. S., Inverness, M ont.
Bradford D. H., Rising Sun, Ind.
Bradford E.. Sweet W ater, Tex.
♦Bradford F . D., Montlcello, Minn.
♦Bradford G. B., H am pton, Va.
Bradford G. C., Milford. Ky.
Bradford G. V., Sherrard, 111.
♦Bradford J. D., Barnesboro, Pa.
Bradford J. H., Uniontown, Ala.
♦Bradford O. C. Jr., A tlanta, G a.
♦Bradford R. C.. W estpoint, Va.
♦Bradford T. 0 ., Falm outh, Ky.
B radham R . A., Sum ter, S. G.
♦Bradham R . O.. Sum ter. S. O.
Bradlsh J . H., Hallock, Minn.
Bradley A rthur, Lam ar, Ark.
Bradley Edw., Poplar, M ont.
♦Bradley E. J., Cincinnati, O.
Bradley E . P ., Hutchinson, Kan.
♦Bradley Floyd, Newberry, N . C.
Bradley F. M., Oldfort, N. C.
♦Bradley G. O., Toledo, O.
♦Bradley G. O.. Weiser. Ida.
Bradley G. W „ Ireland, Tex.
♦Bradley H arry, Holton, Kan.
♦Bradley H . N., Charlestown, W.
Bradley Horace, Hondo, Tex.
♦Bradley H. T ., W athena, Kan.
Bradley J. A.. Geneseo, 111.
Bradley Jam es S., Boswell. Ind.
Bradley J . E., McCormick, S. C.
Bradley ,T. G., Twin Falls, Ida.
♦Bradley John F., Gallitzin, Pa.
Bradley J . M„ Liberty, Tenn.
Bradley J . O., Sedan, Kan.
Bradley J . T., Kansas City. Mo.
Bradley J. W., Spokane, Wash.
Bradley Jam es W., Rockport,
Bradley J . W .. Troy. S. C.
♦Bradley L. G., San Diego, Cal.
♦Bradley L. P., Georgetown, Ky.
Bradley Oliver B., N ortham pton,
Bradley R. H., Winfield, Kan.
♦Bradley R. R., W hitakers, N. C.
♦Bradley R. S., New H aven, Conn.
♦Bradley S. A.. Dyer, Tenn.
♦Bradley W. H ., San Diego, Cal.
Bradley W. L., Quanah, Tex.
Bradley W. M ., Hom estead, Fla.
Bradshaw A. H., La Belle, Mo.
♦Bradshaw Asa E ., Herndon, Va.
Bradshaw Charles, Com pton, 111.
♦Bradshaw E arl, Arvilla, N. D.
Bradshaw F. E „ Burnside, Ky.
♦Bradshaw F. O., N o rth Powder,
Bradshaw Geo. M .. W orthing, S.D.
♦Bradshaw I. E ., B arnett, Mo.
Bradshaw M. V.. Marlin, Tex.
♦Bradshaw R. H ., Ellsw orth, Kan.
♦Bradshaw R. M ., M cKee, Ky.
♦Bradshaw Vernon, Waldo, Kan.
♦Bradt Jo h n N ., Bothell, W ash.
Brady C. G„ Akron, la .
Brady C. L., Cody, Wyo.
Brady E. D„ Monmouth, 111.
Brady F. M., W orthing. S D.
Brady F rank, Crothersville, Ind.
Brady Lee, Kosse, Tex.
♦Brady L. R., Saugatuck, M ich.
Brady L. S., Syracuse, N. Y.
♦Brady O. J., Orrick, Mo.
♦Brady O. L., Round Rock, Tex.
♦Brady Roy E ., Roswell, N. M .
Brady R uby M ., M ountain Home,
♦Brady Jr. W. Gage, New York,
N. Y.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Brenton Clyde E., Dallas Center,
Bragdon A. M.. York Village. Me. ♦B ratt Chas. P., Bennet, Neb.
B ratt H. H., B ennett, Neb.
Bragdon J. H.. P ittsburgh, Pa.
B rents C. C., Tribbey, Okla.
B ratten W. E ., Snow Hill, Md.
♦Bragdon K. L., W aterloo, la .
F. R., W oodbury, Tenn.
♦Brager O. A., Fosston, Minn.
Brenza J. C., Chicago, 111.
♦Brauch A. C., Fargo, Okla.
Bragg A.. South Haven. Minn.
♦Breslin L. J., Mendocino, Cal.
♦Bragg D. A., Fitzgerald, Ga.
Bressler F. K., Genesee, Ida.
Brauch J. G.. Lakefleld, M inn,
♦Bragg F. S., M em phis, Tenn.
♦Brethauer G. H ., New H aven,
♦Brauch P. C., Prentice, Wis.
♦Bragg S. I., Petersburg, Va.
♦Bragg W. C., M oulton, Ala.
♦Braud Paul, Donaldsonville, La. ♦Brethouwer B., Oostburg, Wis.
♦Bragg W. E ., Lewistown, M o.
B rethouw er John, Oostburg, Wis.
♦B rahm stadt J. F., Kram er, Neb. ♦Braud P . L., Thibodaux, La.
♦Bretl F. J., Rice Lake, Wis.
♦Braid E . L.. Summerville. S. C. ♦Braun O. E., Pittsburgh, Pa.
B retney Chas. F., Lehighton, Pa.
♦Braun A. W.. St. Louis, Mo.
♦Brain R uth, Ollie, la.
♦B rett A. E ., Carlton, M inn.
Brainard D. E ., Ute, la.
♦Braun Hazel L., Salisbury, Mo. ♦B rett Fred, W hitehall, N. Y.
B rainard H . D., F airburn, S. D.
♦Braun Jos. A., Connersville. Ind. ♦B rett H. I., Boston, Mass.
Brainard K. K.. Durand. Wis.
B rett M . D., M arks, Miss.
♦Brainard Louise, Lone Rock, Wis. Braun P. C.. Lawrenceburg, Ind
♦Bretz Paul V., Carson City,M ich.
Braun J. R., Hecker, 111.
Brainerd A. G., H artford, Conn.
♦Bretzke D. R., Geronimo, Tex.
Brainerd C. L., M arquette, Mich.
Bretzke R., Geronimo. Tex.
Braun W. F., Edgerton, Kan.
Brainerd H. P., W aterm an, 111.
Brawner E. L., Lumpkin, Ga.
Brainerd L. J., Palm er, Mass.
♦Breulley W alter A., Blossburg,
B raithw ait T . S., Lake Norden, i
Bray A. B. C., Ronceverte, W. Va.
S. D.
Breunig J. H ., Rockville, M inn.
♦Brake J. D., Jacksonburg,W .Va.
♦Breunig L. O., Indianapolis, Ind.
Bray O. O., Senath, Mo.
Brakefleld W. E ., Fellsmere, Fla. ♦Bray R. D., L anark, 111.
♦Breuninger F. M„ Muskegon,
Braly H. R., Quitaque, Tex.
♦Bray W. W., Noblesville, Ind.
Bramble M. R „ Baltimore. Md.
Brevard H. L., W eatherford, Tex.
Bram blet C. R., F lat River, Mo.
♦Brevig N. J., Fargo, N. D.
B rayton J. W „ Poland, N. Y.
Bram blet W. K., Center. Mo.
Brevig S. B., F ortuna, N. D.
♦Brazeau E . J., Lena, Wis.
Bram hall, R. A. Belfast, Me.
♦Brew J. J., W alton, Neb.
Brazeau O. W.. Lena, Wis.
Bramlage B., Covington, Ky.
♦Brew Wm. J., Stam baugh.M ich.
B ram lett D. L., Simpsonville, S. O Brazier L. M ., Henley, M o.
BreWbaker L. E ., Bushnell, 111.
♦B ram lette E . L., Austwell, Tex.
Brewer A. L., Elm ore City, Okla.
♦Bramsche O. A., Delhi, M inn.
♦Breaux J. E ., Silver C ity, N .M ex. ♦Brewer C. A., R ichland Center,
Bramwell F rank C., G rants Pass, Breazeale M. T „ Mt. Olive, N. C.
L. G., Fennimoias, Wis. Brewer E. O.. Salt Fork, Okla.
♦Bramwell G. H „ Belleville, K an ' ♦Brechler
Brewer E . R., L iberty Center, la .
Bramwell W. K., Belleville, Kan.
O. L., E than, S. D. Brewer J. E ., Cardwell, Mo.
♦Branagan E. N., Huron, Mich. Breckenridge
Brewer J. H ., Slaton, Tex.
Ureckenrldge P „ Eakley, Okla.
B ranch E . J., Fulton, S. D.
Bredehoft C. M., Burlington, Okla. ♦Brewer J. J., Romeo, M ich.
♦Branch J. W., Egan. S. D.
Brewer J. M., W ake Forest. N. 0.
Branch L. H., Kingston, 111.
♦Breed Geo. S., Garden City, M o.
♦Branch L. L „ Pierre, S. D.
♦Brewer John, Harrodsburg, Ky.
Brand C. W., M ulberry, Ind.
Brewer N . C., Black Hawk, Miss.
Breed T. J., Gloster. Miss.
B rand E . O.. Hamlin, Tex.
♦Brewer R. C., Chelsea. Okla.
♦Brand F rank, Milwaukee, Wis. Breeding Geo. C., P harr, Tex.
Brewer R. G., Mamaroneck, N. Y.
B rand F rank J., Florence, S. C.
Breeding W. H., Edinburg, Ind. Brewer R. L., Bronte, Tex.
Brand W. O.. Belle Plalne, la .
♦Brewer R. P., Mamaroneck, N.Y.
Brandel E. W., Randolph, Wis.
♦Brewer Virgil R., W estervelt. 111.
Brandenburg R.G.,CedarHill, Tex. Breedlove,
W. T„ Rogersville, Mo. ♦Brewer W.A., L iberty Center, Ia.
♦Brandes A. O., Clifton, Tex.
Brewer W. L., Morrison, 111.
♦Brandes J. M„ Moscow Mills, Mo. ♦Breen E. G.. Hurley, S. D.
Brewer W. P., New Albany, Ind.
Brandes L. G., Troy, Mo.
♦Brewer W. R., Rockville, M d.
♦Brandon B. B., Flagstaff, Ariz.
♦Brewisholz H. K., Edgem ont, S.
♦Brandon J.A ., New Cumberland ♦Breen John, Mineóla, Tex,
W. Va.
♦Brewster F .L .,B axter Sp’gs.K an.
♦Breese O. V., Scottsbluff, Neb.
♦Brandon James, Dover, Tenn.
♦Brewster H. L., Hagerm an, Tex.
B randon J. E „ New Cumberland. Breese R . P., W aukesha, Wis.
Brewster O. S., Bay Shore, N. Y.
W. Va.
Brewton J . B.. Claxton, Ga.
♦Brandon O. R., Kenton, Okla.
♦Breeze John D., Dix, 111.
Brandon R. A., Greensburg. Pa.
Brlcher N. E., Theilm an, Minn.
♦Brefeld Clara, Aviston, 111.
Brandon T. J., Dover, Tenn.
Brick O tto J., Genola, M inn.
♦Brandson E . A., M ountain, N . D . Breheny T. P., A tlantic, la .
R. O., Bowdoin, M ont.
B randt A. B., Ham pden, N. D.
♦Bricker R . O., N ashua, M ont.
Brehm er O tto T ., A tlantic, la .
B randt Bernard, Avon, S. D.
Breidenthal M. L„ Kansas City, Brlckley J . A.. Uniondale, Ind.
B randt G. I., Greenbush, M inn.
Brickley E . M ., Carrizoza, N . M .
B randt Herm an, Forreston, 111.
Breidenthal W. J., Kansas City, Brickson Edwin, Adrian, Minn.
♦B randt J. B., Asheville, N . C.
♦Bridenbaugh J. L., Coleridge,
♦Brandt Jennie H., Grove City,
Breihan W. H ., Sylvan Grove.
M inn.
K an.
B randt Joseph L., M arietta, Pa.
Bridenbaugh U.G., Coleridge,Neb.
Breitbach Jacob, Peosta. Ia.
♦B randt J. Nissley, M arietta, Pa.
♦Breitenbach G. J., W ashington, ♦Bridenstine B. V., Iowa City, Ia.
♦B randt J . O., M orrison, M o.
Bridewell A. C., Forrest C ity, Ark.
B randt J. J., Williamsport, Pa.
Bridge A. F., Charlevoix, Mich.
B randt N evin J., Hagerstown, M d. ♦Breitenbach H . H ., P ittsburgh,
Bridge E . H., Seadrift, Tex.
♦B randt O. M., Fosston, Minn.
Bridge J . W., Helmville, Mont.
B randt P . K., N ew port, Pa.
Breitenstein H.. Rawlins, Wyo.
♦Bridge Robert, Charlevoix, M ich.
B randt R. O., Pilger, Neb.
♦Bridgeman H. J., D etroit, M ich.
♦B randt T. H., Tombstone, Ariz. ♦Breitweiser H. F., Sabetha, Kan.
Bridger A. D., Columbia, La.
B randt T. R., Tombstone, Ariz.
Breitzm an Chas. J., F ond du Lac, Bridger A. F „ Richland, la .
♦Brandvold G. O., F aribault,
Bridger H . C. J r., Bladenboro.N.C.
M inn.
♦Breker H. J . C., Pittsburgh, Pa.
♦Bridges B. C., Picton, Tex.
Bridges C. A., Cumby, Tex.
♦Brane N. O., Beggs, Okla.
Brelsford W. D., Philadelphia, Pa. Bridges C. H., Susanville, Cal.
Brannen G. A., B rayton, Neb.
Bridges F. E., Liberty, N. Y.
Brannen J. E., Westwood, N. J.
♦Bremer F . W .. Farm ington, ♦Bridges G. H., Vienna, 111.
B ranner C. E ., Swenson, Tex.
M inn.
Bridges H „ Paradise. Tex.
♦Brannon G. L., M idland City,Ala. ♦Bremer
R. M .,' G rand Rapids, ♦Bridges H. I., Sandersville, Ga.
Brannon H oyt, Dawsonvllle, Ga.
B rannon Howard R., Glenville, *Brem
er m ann H ., Cape G irar­ Bridges Lee, Talco, Tex.
W. Va.
deau, Mo.
Bridges W. H ., Sparks, Nev.
♦Brannon, Iv an I., Dawsonville, ♦Brenan
Bessie, Somerville, O.
♦Bridgewater Lee, Kingston, M o.
Brldgford M. E.. Joy, 111.
♦Brannon L. S., Newville. Ala.
♦ Brenchley F., New Orleans, La.
♦Bridgforth M iss M . A., G oldthBransom I. M ., Farm land, Ind.
Brendal J. P., D alton, M inn.
waite, Tex.
Branson C. C„ New Sharon, la.
♦Brendemuhl F. W., D unn Cen­ ♦Bridgham C. W., M t. Vernon,
♦Branson G. E ., Burleson, Tex.
ter, N. D.
♦Branson H. L., M itchell, S. D.
♦Bridgman L., W itten, S. D.
♦Branson J. A.. Sheridan. Ind.
♦Breneman H. B., Macksville, Bridgm an Chas. A.. Syracuse.N.Y.
♦Branson J. F., Wellington, O.
Bridgm an L. H „ Flint, Mich.
♦Branstool C. H., M aywood, Neb. Breneman
R. M„ Saxton* Pa.
BrldweU J . G., Belpre, Kan.
B ran t J. L., Boswell, Pa.
Brenem an V. Z„ New London, Ia.
♦Briebach Geo. A., Missoula.
♦B rant J. W ., Baker, M ont.
B rant W . W ., Baker, M ont.
M . F., Shawano, Wis.
Briedwell L. H., Am ity, Ore.
♦B rantner R. H ., No. Salem, M o. ♦Brener
L. M .,M inneapolis,M inn. ♦Briegel F. H., Lake Geneva, Wis.
♦Branum S. B., Hom ersville, M o. ♦Brenna
♦Brennam an F . E ., G rand River, Brietzke W m., Chicago, 111.
Braselton H. E., Roff, Okla.
♦Brigance J. O., Caddo, Okla.
Braselton J. O.. Braselton, Ga.
rennan Jam es Jr., Erie, Colo.
Briggle W. H.. Breckenridge, Colo.
♦Braselton J. R., W anette, O kla B
Brennan P. J., Denison, Tex.
Briggs E . C., Sutherland, la .
♦Braselton R. G., Braselton, Ga.
rennan Thos., Fountain C ity,Ind. ♦Briggs E . F.. N evada, la .
♦Brasfleld J . E., Garden City, Mo. B
B rennan W. A., Indianapolis, Ind.
Brashear L. F., H azard. Ky.
Briggs E . M., Grand Ledge, Mich.
♦Brasher E. B., Orrick. Mo.
Briggs F. H., Raleigh, N. C.
♦Brasher Ivan, M oravea, la .
Briggs F. W., Brandon, Vt.
Brennecke C. F „ Greenway, Ark.
♦Brasher W. L., M elcher, la .
Briggs G. D., E ast Aurora. N. Y.
♦Brasington C. N ., Bennettsville, Brennem an A., Elida, O.
♦Brenner R. P., T am arack, M inn. Briggs G. E ., Hum boldt, Ia.
Briggs Harry, Beallsville, O.
♦Brenner J. B., L a Crosse, Wis.
Braswell S. J., Fork, S. C.
♦Briggs H. L., Danville, Ky.
♦Brathoode M . N ., Reynolds,N.D. Brenner J. P ., Tam arack, M inn.
Briggs H arry L., Jam estown, N . Y.
Brenner W. D., Sm ithsburg. Md.
B ratrud E . O., Roscoe, S. D.
♦B ratrud E . T ., G rand Meadow, ♦Brenniman W. F., Riverton. Wyo. ♦Briggs H. N„ St. Joseph, Mich.
Briggs J . B., Franklin, Tenn.
B rent C. J ., Dodd City, Tex.
M inn.
♦Briggs J. D., Geneva, Ind.
B rent H. W., Otego, Kan.
B ra tt C. C., Garwin, la .


Briggs J. H., M ount Sterling, 111.
Briggs L. H .t Houston, M inn.
♦Briggs Ollie, Oak Grove, La.
Briggs R. A., Deweese, Neb.
♦Briggs William, Suffolk, Va.

♦Brockmann Helen, Freeport,
M inn.
Brockway A. T., Rockville, Ind.
Brockway C. M ., Fishers, Ind.
♦Brod Nellie, Boxholm, la .
♦Brode L. F., B ay City, Ore.
Brodd F . L., Cambridge, 111.
♦Broderick A. F ., New Y ork City,
N . Y.
♦Broderick J. J., Jr., New Y ork
City, N . Y.
Broderick T . J.. Nashville, Tenn.
Broders G. F., Stockton, la .
Broders H. T ., H artley, la .
B rodnax J . C.. W alnutgrove, Ga.
♦B rodt F. O., Bagley, Wis.
♦Brodt M . D ., Sibley, la.
Broeksm it J . S* Chicago, 111.
Broemmel Casper, L ittleto n , Colo..
♦Brog J. A., Kennewick, Wash.
Brogan O. J., T yler, Tex.
♦Brogan Jas., Freeland, Pa.
Brogger E .. Butterfield, Minn.
Brogmus J. H ., Boyden, la .
Brogmus R. O., A lta, la .
Brokaw C. L., K ansas City, Kan.
Brokaw C. L.. Kansas City, M o.

♦Brigham B. C„ Kingfisher, Okla.
Brigham Caleb L., Hudson. Mass.
Brigham C. D., W ater Proof La.
Brigham G. M ., M etam ora, M ich.
Brigham L. M„ Cuba, Kan.
Brigham R. W., M illbury, Mass.
♦Brigham W. L.,Dyersburg, Tenn.
♦Bright C. E ., W ashington, D. C.
Bright C. L., Jesup, la .
B right H. H ., M ildred, M ont.
B right J. C., Gonzales, Tex.
B right J. V., Flora, Ind.'
B right M arcus, F ort W orth, Tex.
♦B right M arcus Jr., F o rt W orth,
♦B right Oakley, Boswell, Ind.
B right W . M., Stanford, Ky.
♦Brightwell E . W ., Phoenix, Va.
Brigbtwell H. P., Charleston, W.
Brightwell R. T „ M t.Leonard, Mo.
♦Brightwell W. R., Pam plin, Va.
♦Briley W. L., Ellendale, N . D.
♦B rilhart D. G., L athrop, M o.
Brokaw C. W.. Stanwood, W ash.
Brill S. O., Lincoln, Mo.
Brokaw V. E.. Centerburg, O.
Brim O. C., Lesterville, Mo.
Broker A. L., Itasca, 111.
♦BrimhaU C. W „ Schaller, la .
♦Brokofsky J. J., L inton, N . D.
♦Brimmer T . A., Rawlins, Wyo.
♦Brombaeh C. B., M inneapolis,
Brindley E . W .. Mustang, Okla.
M inn.
Brindley V. M ., Collinsville, Ala. Brom er W m., Schwenkville, P a.
♦Bringhurst H. B., H ouston, Tex. Brom ley Charles O., Boulder, Colo.
♦Bringle W. K., Dover, Ark.
Brom ley L. M ., Iron C ity, T enn.
Bringolf G. H ., G rafton, la .
♦Bromley W m., U kiah, Cal.
Brink C. W .. Granville, la .
Bronken A. R., Colfax, Wis.
♦Brink C. W. Jr., Granville, la .
♦Bronleewe O. H ., Buffalo C enter
♦Brink L. L., Amboy, 111.
la .
Brink L. C.. New Bedford, 111.
♦Bronom J. M ., Cum by, Tex.
♦Brink N e tta E ., Granville, la .
♦Bronson C. E ., Heber, U tah.
B rink R obert H ., Verndale, M inn.
Bronson F. E ., Hornell, N. Y.
♦Brinkley E . G., Bayfield, Colo. Bronson W. H., Susquehanna, P a.
♦Brinkm an C. E ., W arsaw, 111.
♦Bronson Wm. H., O arbondale.Pa.
♦Brinkm an C. F., Omaha, Neb.
B ronstad O. A., Clifton, Tex.
B rinkm an F. W ., G reat Bend,
♦Brooder J. M ., Kane, Pa.
Brooder W. F ., Provem ont. M ich.
♦Brinkman H . A., Chicago, 111.
♦Broods J. A., Vandalia, M o.
Brinkm ann C. H ., Ohiowa, Neb.
♦Brook E. E ., A ntioch. Ill,
B rinkm ann H. F., Rosebud, Mo.
Brook J. E ., Antioch, 111.
Brinkm eyer H. H „ St. Marys, O.
Brook H. J., Goodland. Ind.
♦Brinsfleld W. C., Vienna, M d.
Brook W, B.,.BloUntsville, Fla,
♦Brinson Adam , N ewhebron, Miss ♦Brooke Edward, Deprue, 111.
Brinson R . A.. Willacoochee, Ga.
Brooke R. D., Valley, Wash.
B rintnall E., W inthrop, la.
♦Brooke Samuel, Jr., Annapolis,
♦Brinton Inez, Ellsworth, la .
M d.,
Brion S. W. Jr., Ewing, Neb.
Brookings F . C., Burke, S. D.
Brisbin H. T ., Omaha, Neb.
Brookings F. C., Lucas, S. D.
Brisbine T . M ., Jr., Artesian, S. D. ♦Brookings S. E., W arrenton, Va.
♦Briscoe E . F., W arren. O.
♦Brookins A. T ., Ionia, la .
B rister H. E ., Bogue C hitto, M iss.
♦Brooks A. D .. Oockeysville. M d .
B rister S. J., Dover, O.
Brooks A. M ., D anbury. Wis.
Bristol W. E., Oakfleld, Wis.
Brooks Byrd, Tucson, Ariz.
♦Bristow M iss C., Conway, N. Y. ♦Brooks B. S., McAlester. O kla.
♦Bristow Darwin, Eugene, Ore.
♦Bristow M attie, Union, Ky.
Brooks O. A rthur, M onroe, N . Y.
♦Bristow O tto, Abbeville. S. O.
♦Brooks C. E „ B urlington, la .
Bristow W. F., F airm ont, N. C.
♦Brooks O. E ., M ason City, la .
Bristow® J. O., M ullen, Neb.
Brooks C. J.. Middletown, O.
♦Britain Ross, Lankin, Tex.
♦Brooks C layton C., Glendale,
B rite A. G.< Larussel. Mo.
♦Brite E . F ., Larussel. Mo.
Brooks O. V., M ohawk, Ind.
♦B ritt C. S., Goldsboro, N . C.
♦Brooks D . S., Roxboro, N . C.
B rittain M . G „ L ancaster, S. C. Brooks E . A., Dedham , Mass.
♦B rittain R. S., St. Joseph, Mo.
Brooks E . G., W harton, Tex.
B ritting H. O., Williamsville, N .Y .
Brooks E . T ., E v an t, Tex.
Brittle S. C.. W arrenton, Va.
♦Brooks F . A.. Salem. Mass.
B ritton O. W .. Sioux City, la .
Brooks G. J., M etropolis, 111.
♦B ritton F . E ., Blue Hill, Neb.
Brooks J . C., Griffin, Ga.
♦B ritton G. E ., Jam estow n, N . Y.
Brooks J . F.. Pierson, la .
B ritton J. D„ Greeneville, Tenn.
Brooks J . S., P ittsburg, Pa.
♦B ritton L. T ., Cripple Creek,
Brooks J . W „ Burlington, la .
B ritto n Owen, D ayton. O.
♦Brooks J . W ., Clarem ont, Cal.
B ritton W. T., Seymour, Tex.
Brooks L. R „ Gray Court. S. C.
B ritts B. F „ Virginia, Minn.
Brooks Neville. Paris, Tex.
B ritts C. A., D uluth, Minn.
♦Brooks R. A., Bower Mills, Mo.
Briuns H. W., R upert, W. Va.
Brooks R . L., Ames, la .
♦Brixey H. W., M orrison, Tenn.
Brooks R. T., W estport, S. D.
Brizendine W. M., Girard. K an.
Brooks S. B., Greenville. Tex.
♦Broad G. R ., Golden, Colo.
S. C.< Cnattanooga, Tenn.
Broad R. Jr., Golden, Colo.
Brooks T ., Cabooi, Mo.
B roaddas John W., St.Joseph.M o.
. A., Chase C ity, Va.
Broadfoot B. C., Sidney, N. Y.
Brooks T. W., C hatsw orth, Ga.
♦Broadfoot C. H ., Sidney, N. Y.
♦Brooks W. H ., Jam esburg, N . J.
B roadhurst B. W .,C arrollton, Tex.
W. L., Bemidji, Minn.
B roadhurst G. W., S aratoga, Wyo. Brooks
Brooks W . P.. A thens, Ga.
Broadley J. C., Weir, Kan.
. T., Loganville, Ga.
♦Broadrick W. A., D alton, Ga.
Brooks W . W .. N otasulga, Ala.
B roadt M . S.,E.Downington, Pa.
♦Broadwater D. E ., Preston,
Brookshier J . D., Chillicothe. Mo.
M inn.
Brookshire J. D., Diamond, Mo.
Brock A. C„ Trafalgar, Ind.
Lois, Diam ond, Mo.
Brock A. R ., Rising C ity, N eb.
Broome S. C., Centerville, Tenn.
Brock A. T.. Clarksburg, Ind.
Broomfield, R ay Clearw ater,K an.
Brock O. B., Blanche, Tenn.
Broemmel Casper, L ittleton, Colo.
♦Brock C. L„ Jefferson, la .
Brophy F . J „ Carrolltown, Pa.
♦Brock E rn est R., Rising Sun,
Brophy J. J., Campus, 111.
Neb. jt
♦Brophy John W .,'N ia g ara Falls,
♦Brock F. W ., Clinton, Ky.
N. Y.
♦Brock J. H ., Iredell, Tex.
Brosius G. K „ Vermillion, S.. D.
♦Brock J. L., C enter, Ala.
Brosius J . Howard, Avondale, Pa.
Brock R. A., Moscow, Ky.
♦Brosius J . M.. Brookville. Pa.
♦Brock R. D., Columbia, M iss.
♦B rosnahan John, Chatsworth,111.
♦Brock S. C-, W aynesburg, Pa.
♦Brothers J. R.. Kosse, Tex.
Brock U. M ., Grapeland, Tex.
Brockenbrough B-„
L aF ayette, B rotherton C. G., G uthrie, 111.
♦B rotherton G. A., Gwinn, M ich.
♦B rotherton R. E., Guthrie, 111.
Brockhouse J . F.. Meredosla, 111.
Brothwell O.H., Bridgeport,Conn.
B rockm an A. D ., Kingsport, T enn
♦B rott R. L., York, Neb.
♦Brockman Jack. Vian. Okla.
♦Brough B arton, Nephi, Tex.
Brockm an J. E ., Woodruff, S. C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Brough John M., Biggs, Cal.
Broughton A. M., Sum ter, S. C.
B roughton E . M ., M eadowlands,
M inn.
B roughton G. E ., Brodhead, Wis.
Broughton H. L., Hudson Falls,
i N . Y.
♦Broughton H. S., New M adrid,
Brouillard H . E ., W apanucka,
♦Brouillette Stella, Salix, la.
Brous B. O., D alton, Neb.
Brouse A. H ., Riverside, Cal.
Brouse C. E ., Riverside, Cal.
Broussard F . S., Broussard, La.
Broussard J. O.. Abbeville. La.
Broussard O. A.. Abbeville. La.
♦Broussard P . L., Kaplan, La.
♦Broussard W. J., E rath . La.
Broward C. S., Tam pa, Fla.
Browder C. M., Buncan, Okla.
Browder J . M., Ja rra tt, Va.
Brower B. M.. Liberty, N. C.
Brower C. D ., Kimball, M inn.
♦Brower C. W .. Hackensack. N. J.
Brower H erm an, Ham ilton, Mich.
♦Brower Juliet H., H am ilton, Mich.
♦Brower J. M. Fullerton. Neb.
Brow itt John, Cincinnati. Ia.
Brown Alfred. Cincinnati, O.
♦Brown A. B.. Binghampton, N . Y.
♦Brown A. B., Lockney, Tex.
Brown A. D., Ennis, Tex.
Brown A. G., Greencastle, Ind.
Brown A. J., W apakoneta, O.
♦Brown A. L., Guadaloupe, Cal.
Brown Alexis, Mt. H ealthy, O.
Brown A. M„ Mohnton, Pa.
Brown A. M„ Eufaula, Ala.
♦Brown A. P ., Georgetown, Ky,
Brown A. R., Steam boat Sp’gs,
♦Brown A. R., W alnut Grove.Cal.
Brown Argyle, Dale, Ind.'
Brown B., Oneonta, Ala,
Brown Ben A., Pocahontas, Ark.
♦Brown B. B., N orth English, la .
Brown B. B., Lehigh, M ont.
Brown B. F., Preston, Okla.
Brown B. R., Campbell, Tex.
Brown O. B., G allatin, T enn.
♦Brown C. C., Le Claire, Ia.
Brown C. C., M organtown, W.Va.
♦Brown C. O., Cuba, N. Y.
Brown C. E., Milroy, Ind.
♦Brown C. E ., W ingate, Ind.
♦Brown O. F., Sidney, Neb.
Brown O. H., Anamosa, Ia.
Brown C. H ., Caney, Okla.
♦Brown C. H., Nevada, Mo.
♦Brown Caldwell H., Zanesville, O.
♦Brown Charles. Mt. Kisco. N. V.
Brown Chas. A., Groveland Sta­
tion, N . Y.
♦Brown Charles H., Monticello,
♦Brown Chas. W ., Spearflsb, D.S.
Brown Chester C.. Bernardsville,
N. J.
♦Brown O. J., Ham burg, Ark.
♦Brown C.J. Lesueur Center, Minn.
♦Brown C. J ., Kingsley, Mich.
Brown C. K.. H enrietta, Tex.
♦Brown Claude, Carnegie, Okla.
Brown O. O., E lberton, Ga.
Brown C. P ., Providence, R . I,
Brown C. R., Como, Miss.
Brown C. R.. Springer, N. M.
Brown O. S„ Aurora, Neb.
Brown O. T ., Pottsville, Pa.
Brown O. V., Lum berton, N. O.
♦Brown D. C., Redfield, S. D.
Brown D. D., P o rt Huron, M ich.
♦Brown D. E ., Anderson, S. C.
Brown D . F., London, Ky.
Brown D. F „ Hillsboro, 111.
♦Brown E . A.. M arquette, Mich.
Brown E . A., Roseville, O.
Brown E. A., Sacramento, Cal.
Brown E. C., Lakemills, Wis.
♦Brown E. C.. M t. Vernon, Mo.
Brown E dgar D., Clint, Tex.
♦Brown E. E ., H u tto , Tex.
♦Brown E . E ., Duncan, Okla.
♦Brown E. H ., A ctuary, {Attlesboro,
♦Brown ®. L., English, Ind.
♦Brown E . L., Newport, Vt.
♦Brown E rnest L., San Antonio,
Brow n E . R., K ennan, Wis.
♦Brown E . W., Genoa, 111.
♦Brown F . A., Muncie, Ind.
Brow n.F. B., M oultrie, Ga.
Brown F. E ., Vivian, S. D.
Brown F. H., W arroad, Minn.
♦Brown F. H., Ubry, Mich.
Brown F. L.. P atto n , Pa.
♦Brown F . M ., Tully, N . Y.
Brown F. M ., Des Moines, Ia.
Brown F. S.. Goodland, K an.
Brown F. S., W hite Castle, La.
Brown George, Zanesville, O.
Brown Geo, G., Cadillac. M ich.
♦Brown G. H ., H inton, la /.

♦Brown G. H., Springfield, Tenn»
♦Brown G. H ., Panhandle, Tex.
♦Brown G. M ., M odic, Ind.
Brown G. M ., Florence, S. C.
Brown G rant J., Flint, Mich.
♦Brown Guy. Cissna Park, 111.
Brown G uyW ., F ay ette City,Pa.
♦Brown G.W., Williamson, W. Va.
Brown G. W., W oodman, Wis.
♦Brown Grace W., Cooksville, IU»
♦Brown H „ Dover, Minn.
Brown H. A., Milford, Mass.
♦Brown H arry, D e Soto, Mo.
♦Brown H . C., Doming, N . Mex.
Brown H. G., M odena, Wis.
♦Brown H. O., Willisburg, Ky.
Brown H. C., H inton, la .
♦Brown H. D., M t. Carmel, S. C.
♦Brown H. E ., Gresham. Neb.
Brown Henry, N apa, Cal.
Brown Henry, Jr., Jersey City,
N. J.
♦Brown H enry M ., D etroit, Mich.
♦Brown H. F., Aberdeen, S. D.
Brown H . G., Richland, Mich.
♦Brown H. H., Texarkana, Tex.
♦Brown H. I., E gdar Springs, Mo.
Brown H. J., M arinette, Wis.
♦Brown H. J., Snyder. Okla.
♦Brown H. L., Stony Brook, N . Y .
Brown H. N.. Decatur. Miss.
Brown H. M., Garrett, Ind.
Brown H . R ., McAlester, Okla.
Brown H. W „ WindfaU. Ind.
♦Brown J . A., Keosauqua, Ia.
Brown J. Ashley, Roselle, N. J,
Brown J. A., M artinsville, Va.
♦Brown J. A., Rockport, In d .f
♦Brown James. Evanston. Wyo.
♦Brown J. B., Clifton, Ariz.
♦Brown J. B., M cRae, Ga.
Brown J. B., Uvalda, Ga.
Brown J. C„ Sparta. 111.
Brown J. O., Lake Geneva, Wis.
♦Brown J. D ., Brunswick, M d.
Brown J . D„ Gail. Tex.
Brown J . E., MackviUe, Ky.
♦Brown J. F., W inchester, Va.
Brown J. G., Magnolia. Ark.
Brown J. G., Odessa, Del.
♦Brown J. H .. U rbana, O.
Brown J . H., Floresville, Tex.
Brown J . J „ Cowpens, S. C.
Brown J. L .. Sweetwater. Tenn.
♦Brown J. M ., Ramsey. Ili.
♦Brown Jos.. New York C ity,N .Y .
Brown J. P., Florence, Ariz.
Brown J. Ray, Okmulgee, Okla.
♦Brown J. R., F ayette City, Pa.
Brown J. S., Greenview, 111.
♦Brown J . S„ Springfield, Tenn.
Brown John S., W alnut Grove.Cal»
♦Brown J . T „ Globe, Ariz.
Brown J. W ., M organ Mill, Tex.
Brown J . W „ P ortland. Ark.
Brown J . W., Springfield, Tenn.
Brown J. W ., Jackson, Ga.
♦Brown L. C.. W ichita, Kan.
Brown L. C., Nickerson, Kan.
Brown Lee, Em ery, S. D.
Brown Leon M., Burns. Ore.
Brown L. G., HarrisvUle, Pa.
♦Brown L. H ., Carlock, 111.
Brown L. J., Bloomingdale, Ind.
♦Brown L. K., Florence, S. C.
♦Brown L. L., Steam boat Springs.
♦Brown L ouisP.,W est Baden, In d .
♦Brown L. T „ Turlock, Cal.
Brown Lyle. Galveston. Ind.
Brown M. C., Utica. N. Y .
♦Brown M . F., Brunswick, Ga.
♦Brown M ilton F., D allas, Tex.
Brown M. J ., W hitehall. N. Y .
♦Brown M . L.. B ritton. Mich.
Brown M . L., Fairm ont, W. Va.
Brown M. R ., Onida, S. D.
Brown M . T ., Waynesboro, U tah.
Brown N. E ., Akron, N. Y.
Brown N. J., Church HU1. Md.
Brown N. M ., Ely, Kan.
Brown N oah L., Lowndes, Mo.
Brown O. E., KendaUvUle, Ind.
Brown O. E ., Gwinn, Mich.
Brown O. H ., Evanston, Wyo.
Brown O. H ., Farm ingdale, N. J .
♦Brown O. S., W. F rankfort, IU.
Brown Paul, Meridian, Miss.
Brown Perry, Sherwood, N. D.
♦Brown P. G., Sparta, IU.
Brown P. G., W est Chicago, IU,
Brown P . L „ Doland, S. D.
Brown R. A., Denver, Colo.
♦Brown R. A., Raleigh, N. C.
♦Brown R. A„ Richm ond, Mo.
♦Brown R. A., Arkansas City.Kan.
Brown R. A., W ashington, Ark.
Brown R. B., Idaho Spgs., Col.
♦Brown CecU, South Jackson­
ville, Fla.
♦Brown R ay E ., P atto n , Pa.
Brown R. E., Reliance, S. D.
♦Brown R. E ., Sioux City, Ia.
Brown R . E „ Garysburg, N . O.
Brown R . H., Augusta.Ga.
Brown R. H.. M arshall, JU.
Brown Ross, Miller, Neb.
Brown Richard, Clydepark, M ont.
Brown Roy, Hooppole, 111.
♦Brown R . S., Addison, N. Y.
♦Brown Ralph, Bristol, Vt.
Brown R. T., New M atamoras, O.
♦Brown Russell E., M urphysboro.


♦Brown R u th J., Garden Grove, Ia.

Brown R alph W ., Knoxville,Tenn.
Brown R . W., Bremond, Tex.
Brown S., Denton, M ont.
♦Brown Sada, Jr., Tiro, O.
Brown S. A.. Cissna Park, 111.
Brown S. B., P o rt Valley, Ga.
♦Brown 8. E ., D alhart, Tex.
Brown S. H ., Elgin, Kan.
♦Brown Jr., 8. <1 ., P ayette, M o.
Brown S. P ., Carencro, La.
Brown 8. W.. Auburn, Wash.
♦Brown T. R „ H um boldt, Minn.
Brown Valry, L iberty, Tex.
Brown W. A., Tiro, O.
Brown W. A., Bedford, Ind.
♦Brown W. A., W eaubleau, Mo.
Brown W . A.. G reat Falls, Mont.
♦Brown W. A., Dickinson, N . D.
Brown W. E „ Augusta, Kan.
Brown W. E., Gorden, Neb.
♦Brown W. F.. Gallatin, Tenn.
Brown W. G., Inglewood, Cal.
Brown W. G., Bowdon. Ga.
Brown W. G., Dubois. Pa.
Brown W. G.. Neenah, Wis.
Brown W. H., Bloomington, 111.
Brown W . H .. Clarendon, Ark.
Brown W. J., W adena, M inn.
♦Brown W. J., N . Y. City, N. Y.
Brown W. L., F rankfort, Ind.
Brown W. L., Rio Vista, Cal.
Brown Wm. E ., Boston, Mass.
♦Brown W . O., New Hope, Tex.
Brown W. T ., Sherm an, Miss.
Brown W . W.. GrangevUle, Ida.
♦Brownback R. L.. Tower Hill, 111.
♦Browne O. H „ Lakin, Kan.
Browne D.' H., Lakin, Kan.
Browne E . A., Crawford, Colo.
Browne E. H .. Kansas City, Kan.
♦Browne H . H., Knoxville, la .
Browne J . F „ Prosperity, S.C.
Browne K. L., Kansas City, K an.
♦Browne R obert F., F o rt Benton,
M ont.
Browne S. F., Hooper, Neb.
Browne V. B., M ay, Okla.
Browne W. H .. Greenville. Mich.
♦Brownell E . W., Seattle, W ash.
♦Brownell R. A., Omaha, Neb.
Brownell R. O., Schuyler, Neb.
Brownell S. A., Lowell, Ind.
Brownfield E arl, Hershey, Neb.
♦Brownfield T . J.. Cozad, Neb.
Brownfield V. R., Greenwood, Ark.
♦Browning Blance, Avalon, Mo.
♦Browning C. O., Lusk, Wyo.
♦Browning J. A., Jr., Hopkinsville,
Browning J . L., Frazeysburg, O.
♦Browning L. J., Vanleer, Tenn.
♦Browning M aud A., Frazeysburg,
Browning O. B., Blanchard. Okla.
♦Browning P aul, Greenville, 8. C.
Browning S. A., Avalon, M o.
♦Browning Walter, Pecos, Tex.
Browning W. H ., Jr., Pecos, Tex.
Browning W. L;, Alvin. Tex.
Brownlee O. E ., Garrison, Neb.
Brownlee J . E „ Bettendorf, la .
Brownlee J . I., Anderson, S. C.
♦Brownlee M arie, Richland, Okla.
Brownlee R. L., L ittle York, 111.
Brownlee R. S., Brookfield, Mo.
Brownlee Wm. A., St. Louis, M o.
Brownlie H. O., Long Grove, la.
Brownlie W. T., D avenport, la .
Brownlow J. F., Columbia. T enn.
♦Broyles A. N., Chula, Mo.
Brozich G. L.v E ly. M inn.
♦Brubacher I. O.. Fonda, la .
♦Brubaker A. A., Chicago, 111.
Brubaker G. R.. Bronaugh, Mo.
B rubaker H. J., New Carlisle, O.
B rubaker L. P „ Waggoner, 111.
♦Brubaker M ., Bigelow, Kan.
Brubaker N. A., Bigelow, Kan.
Brubaker W; A., Terry, Mont.
Bruce Abner, Bristow, Okla.
♦Bruce B. A., Cleveland, O.
♦Bruce Charles, Booneville, Ky.
♦Bruce D. M .. Dresden, Tenn.
Bruce F ran k E ., Lynn, Mass.
Bruce Jam es. Rolfe, la.
♦Bruce J. H ., Pickens, 8. C.
Bruce C. L., G arrettsville, O.
♦Bruce Norris, Piedm ont, W. Va.
Bruce O. C., Wills Point, Tex.
Bruce P., Hughesville, Mo.
Bruce R obert, Palm s, M ich.
Bruce Sydney, Seneca, 8. C.
♦Bruce William, Albany, N. Y.
♦Brucker E . H ., Columbia, 111.
♦Brucker W . A., Chicago, 111.
Bruckshaw J. J., D u Quoin, 111. i
♦Brudas Tollef, Lake City, S. D.
♦Bruder A. A., Redford, Mich.
♦Bruen Em ily M ., Eatonville,
Bruen N. J., Eatonville, Wash.
Bruenn H. A., W inchester, Ida,
♦Bruens H. A,, Elcrado, Okla.
♦Brueske R. R „ W imbledon, N.D.
B ruett W. M ., Stokes', N. C.
♦Bruhns E. M ., Hazen, N . D.
Bruiegger E . J., B ushton, Kan.
B rukardt R. M ., D aggett, M ich.
Brumbaugh D. E ,, Claysburg, Pa.
Brumbaugh E. E ., Rockford, 111.
Brumbaugh M. -G., M aitland, Mo.
♦Brumbaugh M. W ., Maitland.Mo.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Brum m el Henry. Choctaw, Okla.
Brum m er George', Cherokee, la .
B rum m erstadt J . L., A ltam ont,

B rum m ltt A.R.,New Carlisle, Ind.
♦B rum m itt Geo., Gleason, Tenn.
B nm dage B. B., Eugene, Ore.
Brundage C. L.. W esterville, O.
Brundage G. W., Auburn, Cal.
Brundage J. M., Andover, N. Y.
♦Brundage M. K., Russell, Kan.
♦B rundage B a y O., Kalamazoo,
M ich.
B runer C. L., B urns, K an.

Buchanan C. S.. New Haven, Mo.
♦Buchanan E . J., Kewanna, Ind
Buchanan G. W., Bland, Va.
Buchanan I.W .P ., Lebanon, Tenn.
Buchanan J. R., Amory, Miss.
1 Buchanan L. L., Tam pa, Fla.
♦Buchanan M . A., Grapevine, Tex.
♦Buchanan O. L., W est Milton,
♦Buchenau R., D alton, Neh.
Buchanan W. E ., M ount Union, la .
♦B uchanan W. J., D rayton, N . D.
Buchard H. H., Harlingen, Tex.
; *Buchard W alter, Wàynesville,
♦Buchenau H. E ., Denver, Colo.
Bucher H . M ., H ew itt, M inn.
Bucher I. C., Bendersvillè, Pa.
Bucher J . W., Lewisburg, Pa.
♦Bucher P. O., Bartlesville, Okla.
Buchholtz C. W ., Copperfield,
U tah.
: Buchholtz W . F .. St. Joe. Id a.


Buffington J. E ., Vinita, Okla.
Buffington J. W., H am let, Neb.
Buffington S. 8., M uncy, Pa.
♦Buffum F. M ., F lint, Mich.
♦Buford H. P ., Sumner. Miss.
♦Buford W. W ., Sheridan, M ont.
♦Bugbee George, Los Angeles, Cal,
Bugbee Perley R „ Hanover, N. H.
Bugg T. M., Vanduser. Mo,
Bugge Reidar, M arshfield, Ore.
Bugge S. M ., Bagley, M inn.
B uhrer E m ery, C hapm an, K an.
Buhler E . O., M cG rath, M inn.
Buhler F. S., Victoria, Tex.
♦Buhrm ester C, F., Chester. ID.
j Buie W. J.. Green Brier, Tenn.
Buist F. J., Cawker City, Kan.
Buker A. C., Greenwood, Wis,
Buker E . D., KUlbuck, O.
Bukey Charles A., Parkersburg
W. Va.
Bukey W. S., McPherson, K an.
Buland G. L.. Castlerock, Wash.
Bulechek R. E ., HiDs. Iowa.
♦Biiley Homer, Georgetown, Ind.
Buley L. J., W averly, N. Y.
♦Bulick H . M., Beaver, Okla.

♦Bruner D. D., Industry, 111.
♦Bruner H arry, Richland, Neb.
♦Bruner M innie E ., Conway, la .
♦B runett F . J., Renovo, Pa.
B urnett G. T .. Vera, Tex.
♦Bruning F red H., Bruning, Neb.
Bruning G. C., Bruning, Neb.
Bruning H. A.. Belvidere. Neb.
♦B runkhorst E. C., Blackburn,
♦Buchse L. H ., Bellaire, O.
;B runner J. F., M arkville, M inn. ♦B uchwalter C. F., Dalton. O.
♦Brunner Miss E . M ., Argyle, Buck A. W., Ebensburg, Pa.
Buck C. J., Em bden. N. D.
Buck Flora, Genoa, 111.
♦Brunny H . H ., Piketon, O.
♦Bulkley W . A., PhDadelphia, Pa..
i *Buck Geo., Tchula, Miss.
¡♦Bruno G. W., Oakland. Cal.
:Bull A. F., E vanston, 111.
Buck G. R., Lapeer, Mich.
♦Bruns E „ Raym ond, Minn.
♦Bull E dw ard, J r., New London,
; *Buck H. L., Nortonville, N . D.
Bruns F, M., Stryker, O,
Buck John C., W oburn, Mass.
iBruns L. A., Sunm an. Ind.
♦Bull F. R., Oklahoma, Okla.
♦Buck J. H., Delaware, O.
♦Bruns M ., Chancellor, 8. D.
i Bull H . A., W akita, Okla.
Buck J. T ., Heyworth, 111.
♦Brunschwiier J. I.. Sacram ento,
♦BuU L. C„ Tonkawa, Okla.
Buck L. Ja y , Emporia, Kan.
; CaL
Bull S. C., Brookhaven, Miss.
♦Buck L. P ., New York C ity, N.Y. B u ll W. J „ Zion City, ID.
B runsm an K. H ., Greenview, 111.
♦Brunson G. N ., H ettinger, N .D . ♦Buck N. A., Arlington, Ta.
Bullard F. M .. Jacksonville, Fla.
♦Brunson J. P., Parksville. S. C. ♦Buck N . B., Angora, Neb.
BuDard W. E ., Jackson, M ich.
Buck R. F. Corning, Mo.
B runt B. W „ Alcester, S. D.
♦Buffer Aloysisus, Utica, Neb.
♦Buck Roscoe, Springview, Neb.
♦B runt H. C.. Chandler, Okla.
♦Bullis F. M-, Sherburne, N. Y.
Brus Jos. J., D avenport, la .
Bullock A. G., Lake Geneva, Wis.
Buck Sanford W., Gaylord, Mich. Bullock A. S.. F o rt Sm ith, Ark.
A. M ., Driscoll, Buck S. H., Berlin, Neb.
BuDock E., Claxton.fGa.
N. D.
Bullock F , St. Andrew, Fla.
♦Buck Jr., S. H ., Berlin, Neb.
Bruse Geo., W ashington, Neb.
BuDock F. G., Denbigh. N. D.
♦Buck W alter W., Genoa, ID.
♦Brush Birchard, Osage, la .
♦BuDock G. S., Sacramento. Cal.
Buck W. L., Rowland, N. O.
Brush F. A ., S anta Rosa, Cal.
Bullock W. G., Cheney, Neb.
Buck W. McG., Mullins, S. C.
Brush T . H. Hackensack, N . J.
Buck Wm. H ., Jr., CockeysviDe, ♦Bulmer George, Edgeley, N. D.
♦Brass A. E ., Cedarburg, Wis.
♦B uis F . W., Germ antown, Neb.
M d.
♦Brussell Ada, Greenup, 111.
Bulson J . D., W orcester, N. Y.
Buckalew M . R.. L afayette, Ala.
B rast W m., Sleepy Eye, Minn.
Buckenberger E. H. Herreid, S.D. ♦Bultena J. H ., Lennox, S. D.
♦Bruton M ., W oodston, K an.
♦Bumgarner O. H. M arion, N . C.
Buckey C. P., Spencer, la.
B ruton V., W oodston, Kan.
Bum garner W. A., Annona, Tex.
Buckholz R . E „ Fifleld, Wis.
B ryan Jr., A. J., Florala, Ala.
♦Buckingham Anna, W ashburn. ♦Bump L. W., G reat Barrington,
B ryan A. L., Winnfleld, La.
B ryan B., Marshall, 111.
♦Buckingham C., Paintsville, Ky. Bum pass L. E ., FarmersviDe, Tex.
♦Bryan B. O., Alliance, Neb.
♦Buckingham C. H.. Blanchard- ¡Bunce G. W ., B utler, S. D.
B ryan O. A.. Sulphur. Okla.
Bunco Jam es H .. Mindenmines,
viUe, W. Va.
B ryan Chas. A., Paul, Ida.
Buckler O. O., Owings, M d.
B ryan D avid T ., Van Buren, Ark.
♦Bunce R. L., W ashington, Ia.
♦Bryan Davis, Rosedale, K an.
♦Buckley A. H., San Jacinto. CaL ♦Bunch A. B„ Kingston, Ark.
♦Bryan D. B., B ath, N . Y.
Bunch F. B„ Statesville, N. C.
Buckley C. H ., St. Paul, M inn.
B ryan D. W., Charleston. Ark.
Bunch J. W.. Arkadelphia, Ark.
Buckley J . R., Prairie City, la .
♦Bryan E dw ard 8., Coupeville, Buckley K. G., Ita ly , Tex.
Bunch W. L., Kingston, Ark.
Buncher H enry P ., W altham ,
Buckley W. G „ Roseland, La.
B ryan H . Y., Flom aton, Ala.
Buckley W. G., Amite, La.
B ryan J. A. Bryceland, La.
Bunday J. E ., Oakes, N . D
Bucklin H. F „ Brazil, Ind.
Bryan J. B„ Spencer, Ind.
♦Bunder H . M ., Concord, N . H.
♦Buckman E . A., Fordyce, Neb.
B ryan John E., Ozark, A rk .
Buckman E.E., Wilkes Barre, P a.
♦Bryan J. M ., Americus, Ga.
Buckm aster A.D., Linngrove, Ind. Bundhund N ., Goodridge, M inn.
♦Bryan L. C., St. Louis, Mo.
Bundridge J. W „ Moberly, Mo.
♦Bucknell R . E .. Decorah, la.
Buckner G. R ., W averly, Neb. ♦Bundridge V. E ., M oberly, Mo.
♦B undy O. F., Wells. M inn.
B ryan Newton T., Mechanicsville. ♦Buckner Ira, L uther, Mich.
N . Y.
Buckner Louis Jr.. St. Joseph, La. ♦Bundy H. T ., Drexel, Mo.
B ryan P . F., Gillsville, Ga.
Buckner N orm an, L uther, M ich. ♦B undy M . C., Cooperstown, N .Y .
B ryan P. M ., Grace, Ida.
B undy O. M., MechamcsvUle. Ia.
♦Buckner R alph, Mexico, Mo.
B ryan R. L., Glen Rose, Tex.
B undy O. W ., Swink, Colo.
Buokner S. J., Mexico. Mo.
♦Bryan 8. G., McAlester, Okla.
♦Bundy R. O., Colony, Kan.
♦Buckner T. E ., Canadian. Tex.
B ryan T . A., C larita, Okla.
Bungenstock H., Carrollton, Mo.
♦Bryan T ravis B., Bryan, Tex.
♦Buckwalter C. P., Pottstow n, P a. ♦Buning Albert, Falm outh, M ich.
♦Bryan W. O., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Bunker B. C.. Hudson, Wis.
Buckwalter P . M., Bisbee, Ariz.
B ryan W. G., Avery, Tex.
♦Budahn A. E ., Bloomington, Bunker P . J., Forsyth, M o.
♦Bryan William, S tu ttg art, K an.
♦Bunkley F . H., Seymour, Tex.
♦Bryant A., Williston. N. D.
Bunn F. E., Zebulon, N . C.
♦Budd Chas. E . Clinton, Okla.
Bunn Geo. F., Byron, ID.
♦B ryant B., M ilburn, Ky.
Budd G. M ., M ontevideo, Minn
♦B ryant Basil. Kopperl, Tex.
Bunn Joseph F., Springfield, ID.
♦Budd, R ., M ontevideo, M inn.
B ryant D. R ., Chicago, 111.
Budd W. M „ M ontevideo, M inn. Bunn W. O. SaDor Springs. ID.
♦B ryant D. T.. San Jose, Cal.
BunneD J . B., MiDburn, N. J.
♦B ryant F. C., Orangeburg, S. C. Budde J. P ., M t. Pleasant, la .
♦B unting H. W., Dagsboro, Del.
♦B ryant F. J., Gadsden, Ala.
B unyan R. E ., Pondcreek, Okla.
Budelier C. H ., W ilton Junction,
B ryant H. A.. Parsons, Kan.
Bunyan Wm. C., Berthoud, Colo.
♦B ryant H erbert, Osceola, Ark.
Buol F. M ., Quimby, Ia.
Budenz H. J., Indianapolis, Ind.
B ryant I. C., Maysville, Okla.
Budzyhski E ., New York City, B urbank A. G„ Cordova, Neb.
B ryant Jesse T., H ardyville, Ky.
♦Burbridge A .M ., Laurel, M iss.
♦B ryant J. H., lvicJcums, la .
Burch A. L., Belton, Mo.
Bue Sigurd, Crosby. N. D.
B ryant John C., Red Oak, la .
B urch H . W., Stilwell, Okla.
Bùech Chas., Low Moor, la .
Burch J . A., Cadwell, Ga.
B ryant J. W.. M itchell. 8. D.
Buechler K. H ., Bremen, N. D.
Buecking Geo. K., K ansas City, Burch M. M., H ayden, Colo.
♦Burch Nellie, Coffins, Ia.
B ryant L. E ., Grainola, Okla.
B ryant L. J., M ilburn, Ky.
♦Bueehler A. A., Freeburg, Mo. ♦Burch O. L., Chester, Ga.
B ryant L. S., F t. Branch, Ind.
♦Buegrig E da B.. M inier, ID.
B urch T. E ., Wewoka, Okla.
♦B ryant L. 8., H ebron, Ind.
Buehrig Charles. Minier. 111.
Burch W. C., CartervDle, Mo,
♦Bryant O. E., Clayton, 111.
Buehrig F . W.. M ason C ity. ID.
W. L., Woolsey, Ga.
B ryant R . F., Orangeburg, S. C.
Bm’chard C. H ., Willow Springs,
o u eu jti. c., Lone Tree, la .
B ryant S. A., Cushing, Okla.
Buell H . O., B urt. Ia.
♦Brydon J . C., Martinsville, 111.
♦B urchard W., W aynesville, M o.
Brydon J. I.. Martinsville. 111.
BueD H. O., H arrisburg, ID.
Burchell R. C.. Erie, ID.
B ry e P. E ., Charbonneau, N . D. 1 BueD O. P., K asota. Minn.
Burchinal H. C., P ittsburgh, Pa.
BueD Rollin, P otter. Kan.
Brygger A., Pouslsbo, Wash.
Burchinal L. L., Formosa, Kan.
B ryner F . G., C enter P oint, la .
Buenem an O. R., Defiance, Mo.
♦Bryson Jam es D., Chase C ity, ♦Buenneke W alter. M aynard, Ia. ♦Burchinal O. W ., Monroe, la .
B urekhardt John, N . Y. City,
Buerki J . E. Sauk City, Wis.
; N. Y.
Bryson J. M „ Owings, S. C.
♦BuerkI O. R., Sauk City, Wis.
H. C.. GrinneD, Ia.
B ryson J. Y., Reevesville, 8. C.
Buersmeyer C. J., WestphaUa, Mo.
E dw ard, Oxford Junction,
Bryson T. A., L iberty Hill, Tex.
Buersmeyer M . R., St. Thomas. ♦Burda
Bryson Thomas A., South Hill, Y a.
B urden Chas. F., Haynes, Ark.
♦Burden W. E., Sonora, Cal.
Bubb E . M ., Merrill, Ore.
Buescher W . F „ FreelandvDle,Ind ♦B urdett W. F., Boston, Mass.
¡♦Bubb U. S., Milton. Pa.
♦Buesching Chas. H ,, F t. W ayne B urdette J . L.. Mt. Airy.Md,
B ubert I. N ., M eadow, 8. D.
Burdic E. C., Herm an, Neb.
♦Bucek E. J.. Yoakum. Tex.
B uettner O. J.. Anderson, Ind.
♦Burdie L. D ., H erm ah, Neb.
♦Bucek F, Jr., Sealy, Tex.
Buffalo R. L., Junction City, Ark, Burdjck C. E ., Lostwood, N, D,
Bucek John, Moulton. Tex.
Bufle O. F, JacksonviDe, ID,
Burdick Chas., Baxter, l a .
♦Buchanan A. T ., M arion, Va.
♦Buffham F. S., Lohrville, la :
B urdick F . L ., Pulaski, N . Y.


Burdick N. A., A ctin g , Metolius,
•B urdick W. N.. Nantucket,M as*.
•B uren Leona, Leland, la.
•B urford E rnest, Cushing, Okla.
B urtord H. P., Cookville. Tex.
•B u rg A. H ., Akron, N . Y.
•B urg Eugene, Glen Jean, W . Va.
B urgauer D.. H o t Springs, Ark.

•B urnes L. J., New York C ity,
N. Y.
•B urnet E . P ., Ridgeland, S. O.
•B u rn ett B. R ., Jay, Okla.
B urnett C. H., Benjamin, Tex.
B u rn ett F. H ., Benedict, K an.
•B urnett George N ., H arvey, 111.
B urnett G. T ., Vera, Tex.
•B u rn ett Hal. L., Quincy. 111.
B urnett J.. Dum as, Ark.

Burge E . S., Chaplin, Ky.
•Burge S. D., Kewanee, 111.
Burgeois D. A., Cypress, 111.
•Burgeois D. A., Ullin, 111.
•B urger W. M .,C onstantine,M ich.
Burges C. W.. Jud. N . D.
•Burgess E . E ., Adams, Tenn.
Burgess Edward L., Plym outh,

B urnett J . D., Sparta, Ga.
•B u rn ett J. J., L ost N ation, la .
B urnett J . W „ Creal Springs, 111.
B urnett K. R., Scranton, Pa.
B urnett M. B„ Indianola, Miss.
•B u rn e tt M . B., M ound Bayou,
•B u rn ett O. H ., Lexington, Neb.
B urnett R. C.. Raleigh, 111.
•Burgess E. D. Jr., Cedar Rapids, B urnette B. F., Bowman, Ga.
•B u rn ette M . A., Augusta, Kan.
Burgess G. E ., Medora, N. D.
B urnham D. H ., Tyrone, Pa.
•Burgess G. R.. Louisa, Ky.
Burnham J . L., Lincoln, Neb.
•Burgess H ugh, Johnston C ity, 111
B urnham P . J.. Mechanicsburg, O.
•Burgess I. F., Bisbee, Ariz.
B urnham R. R .. D ustin, Okla.
•Burgess Jam es. Chicago, 111.
•B urnham W ., M echanicsburg, O.
Burgess J . E., P o rt Sanilac, Mien.
•Burnheim er C. W ., Breckenridge,
•Burgess Sadie, Clark. S. D.
Burgess T. L.. Pevely, Mo.
•B urns A. J., H orton, Kan.
•Burgess Tresa, Pevely, Mo.
•B u m s A. L., N. Y. City. N. Y.
B um s A. T ., W yandotte, Mich.
Burns Belle, Ohanning, Tex.
•B u rg ett S.! R .. Newm an, 111.
B urns O. J., New Cam bria. Kan.
•Burgie J.
Burns C. R., Kirklin, ln d .
Bürgin W. A., Darlington, Ind.
B um s E . R .. Pittsview . Ala.
Burhoe W. P ., W oburn, M ass.
um s Grace, New C am bria, K an.
•B urich F. S. , Silver Lake, M inn. •B
B um s L. G., Logan, W. Va.
Buringrud T . S., W aterville, la.
H ugh R., D etroit, Mich.
B urk C* F,
Burns Joseph, H oyt, Kan.
B urk S. J.. H arrison. O.
Burns J. P., Salina, K an.
B u rk art O Hanceville, Ala.
Burns J. R., C hautauqua, K an.
Burke E . O., feladwin, M ich.
•B u rk e Elizabeth, Im perial, Neb.
B urke E m m ett C.. Richm ond. Va.
•B urke E . N .. Saginaw, Mich.
•B urke E R., L a Grange, N . C.
Burke Geo., Thorp, Wis.
•B urke H . M-, W illits, Cal.
B urke I. L., E dgerton, O.
Burke J . E., Im perial, Neb.
B urke J. F ., S utton, Neb.
B urke J. V., P ortland, Ore.
B urke L. V., Dell Rapids, S. D.
•B urke O. S., S parta, M ich.
Burke R. L., A ppom attox, Va.
B urke Thom as N .. G rafton, Neb.
Burke T . J., Shaw, Miss.
•B urke W . A., N . Y. C ity, N . Y.
B urke W . J., Missouri Valley, la .
•B urke W. J.. W atertow n. M inn.
Burkee A. B.. B ranaon, Minn.
Burkee B. E ., St. Hilaire. Minn.
•B urkee E . 0.1 St. Hilaire, M m n.
B urket D. L., F t. Cobb. Okla.
•B u rk et Margaret, FortCobb.Okla.
•B urket R.. Findlay, O.
B urkett E. R .. Granger. Ia.
•B urkey Ohas. D ., H am burg, Pa.
B u rk h art Carl, B enton, IB*
B u rk h art C. L.. Oswego. 111.
•B u rk h art W . S.. M arion, 111.
•Burkholder A. C., H arrisburg,
•Burkholder O. J ., Sullivan, Ind.
B urkholder E. U.. SmithvUle, O.
•B urkholder G. R., Gregory, S .D .
Burkholder N orton, Spickard.M o.
•B urkland H. C., L ancaster, Mo.
B urkland R. L.. L ancaster. Mo.
Burklund N . E ., Stephenson,
M ich.
. ,, .
Burks F . M.. Chinook. Mont.
Burks F . M ., Zurich, M ont.
Burks J. B., P ilot P oint. Tex.
•B urks R. E., Bram an, Okla.
Burks W. H., Jr., Sullivan, Ind.
Burleson D. D., W arrior. Ala.
Burleson J. O.. M atador, Tex.
Burleson R . W ., San Saba, Tex.
B urlet C. L., Moneta, la .
•B urlet M . J., M oneta, la.
B urlet M . J-, W abasso, M m n.
•Burley B. L., Weiser, Idaho..
Burley Fred B.. L uverne M m n.
Burley J . D.. MoundsVttle.W. Va.
Burling John, W hite Plains. N. Y.
♦Burling L. H .. Green Lake. Wis.
Burlingam e C. H., Iow a Falls, Ia.
Pom eroy,

•Burlingam e H . 1., Bellingham,
. „j
•B urm an G., L atonia Sta., Ky.
•B urm eister A. F ., New Ulm,
B u rm e ister C. A.. Center Juno-

Burm eister H. W., G ratiot. Wis.
•B urm eister R . F., G ratiot, Wis.
Burm ister R . B., San Francisco,
•Burm ood H . P ., W ood R iver,
B urnam Paul, Richmond,_Ky.
B um am R . R.,. Richm ond, K y ..
♦B um ap A. M ., Chatfleld, M inn.
•B u m ap J. G-, Toledo, O.
♦Buraes C. C., St. Joseph. M o.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

•B urns L. S., A tlan ta, Ga.
Burns L. S., Buford, Ga.
•B urns M . L.. Goliad. Tex.
Burns R o b ert, Hillsdale, Okla.
Burns Robert, Silver Spring, M d.
•B urns R uth. N ara Visa, N . Mex.
•B urns R. W., Leonidas, Mich.
B um s W. H., Mansfield, 111.
•B urns W. Y., Mexico, Mo.
♦Burnside C. E., Seattle, W ash.
Burnside H . A., Thomson, Ga.
•B urnside J. D ., Jr., B eattie, K an.
Burnside W. E ., Silver C ity.N .M .
Burnsides L. C., N eedham , Ind.
•Burow Aug. F ., T able Rock, Neb.
Burpee H. S.. Rockford, 111.
•B urpee J. S., Jr., Oakland, Cal.
•B u rr E. R., Nashville, Tenn.
B urr Fred, Giltner, Neb.
•B urr Lem, Temple, Tex.
B urr W . J., Blue Rapids, Kan.
•B urrell C. R., K ansas C ity, Mo.
•B urrell F. R., S anta Clara, Cal.
Burrell F. R., Onamla. Minn.
•Burrell G. W ., W atkins, N. Y.
♦B urrichter H . F., L ost N ation, Ia.
•B urrill H . N ., U tica, N. Y.
B urrington C. H., Racine, M inn.
Burris Jesse, Sonoma, Cal.
Burris Wm. J., Newm an, Cal.
•B urris W. S., M itchell, Ind.
Burris W. S.. Franklinton, La.
B urrm ann W. O.. Davenport, Ia.

♦Burwell W. K., Churubusdo, In d .
♦B ury W alter fi., Roscoe. N . Y.
•Busbee E. R., Eldorado Spring,
Busbee J. D ., Lilly, Ga.
Busby J. R., Rose Hill, Ia.
•B usby L. S., Runge, Tex.
•B usby W. D., Claysville, Pa.
Busby W. F., Creston, la .
Busby W. T.. Salisbury, N. C.
•Busch B. W., Hartsburg, Mo.
Busch G. J., Schuyler, Neb.
•Busch O. J.. Jefferson. Mo.
Buscher F. J., Hingham, M ont.
Buscher Frank, Millerville, Minn.
•Buschleu J. P., Hardin, M ont.
•Buschm ann H. A., Poplar Bluff,
•Buschow A. A., Augusta, Kan
•Busdecker H. J., Lewiston,
M inn.
Buseher J. P ., Breckenridge,
M inn
•Busey O. B.. Urbana, 111.
Busey M. K., Mahomet, 111.
•Busey M . W. J r., M ahom et, 111.
Busey S. H ., Urbana, 111.
Bush G„ Alicia, Ark.
Bush C. E „ Liberty. S. C.
•Bush Clark, Ashland, Ore.
•Bush E. L., Butler, Ala.
Bush E. L., L a Hogue. 111.
•B ush E . L., M arion, O.
Bush F. L., Kanawha, Ia.
Bush G. B., Butler, Ala.
•Bush Geo. M ., Peoria, 111.
•Bush H enry, Caro, Mich.
Bush J. G „ Sundance, Wyo.
Bush John K., Seattle, Wash.
Bush J. W., Live Oak, Fla.
•Bush O. R., Glenville, W. Va.
Bush Oscar D., Tyrone, Okla.
Bush R. L., Horseheads, N. Y.
Bush R. M.. Cooperstown, N. Y.
Bush R. S.. M arion. N. Y.

Burroughs O. L., Springville, Ia.
Burroughs F.C., New Haven.Conn.
Burroughs H arry, Buffalo, Tex.
♦Burrow M . G., Tunica, Miss.
Burrow T . M ., Leedey, Okla.
•Burrowes H . S., K eyport, N. J .
Burrows E. H ., Topeka, Kan.
•Burrow s F. W ., Andover, N. Y.
Burrows J. W.. Ripley, N. Y.
•Burrow s Thomas, Quincy, 111.
•B urrus C. A., Lubbock, Tex.
Burruss F. M., Miami, Mo.
Burruss W . L., A nsted, W . Va.
Bursack E . S., W averly, M inn.
B urseth Olof, Binford, N . D.
•B urson G. E., Thomas, Okla.
B urson G. E ., E ureka Springs,
_Arfr•B urson J. M ., Des M oines, Ia.
•B u rt Buford L., Osage, Okla.
•B u rt Charles, P alatka. Fla.
•B u rt F. A., Mannington, W. Va.
B urt F rank, Capac, Mich.
•B u rt J. A., Ratcliff, Ark.
•B u rt Lucille. Goodells, M ich.
B urton A. W ., Cullm an, Ala.
B urton B. A., G ranada, M inn.
•B urton C. A., Clarendon, Tex
B urton C. E ., N iobrara, Neb.
B urton C. W ., H ayw ard, Okla.
B urton Jam es F., Ogden, U tah
♦Burton E. W ., R ochester, N. Y.
♦Burton Iden S., E ddyville, Ia.
•B urton J . P.,Queen C ity, M o.
•B urton L. M .. Greenville, Miss.
B urton R . E ., Sprace Pine, N . O.
Burton R. F.. Marion, N .C .
•B u rto n R . H ., Snyder, Okla.
•B u rto n Roy, Sandbom , Ind.
♦Burton V. S., Onley, Va.
Burwash T . G., T ab, Ind*
Burwell C. S., Meadville, Pa.
Burwell S. L.. Lexington. Miss.
•Burw ell W . E ., Rockford, In .

•B utler M rs. Jno. R., Lobelville,
•B utler Lewis; 1C .,W heatland,W yo.
Butler R. E.,i Nogales, Ariz.
su tle r R. M., Ringsted, Ia.
•B utler S. H., Canova, S. D.
•Butler T. F., San Anseimo, Cal.
Butler T . J.. Dublin, Ind.
Butler W. A., Franklin, Neb*

Butler W. A., Lutesville, Mo.
•Butler W. E .. W hittier, Cal.
Butlei W. E*. Marshfield, Ore.
Butler W. J., Pontiac, 111.
•B utler W. M., El Paso, Tex.
Butler W. O. Jr., Chlpley, Fla.
Butscher H. J., Boyd, Wis.
B utt C. H., Vaiden, Miss.
♦Butt C. W., Charlotte. N . O.
B utt H. A., Unadilla, Neb.
•B u tt V. I., Blairsville, Ga.
B u tt W. I., Butler, Ga.
B uttars A. H.. PeUston, Mich.
♦Butterfield B. K. G., Fresno.Cal.
•Butterfield Chas. F., Jam estown,
♦Butterfield E . M .. Knoxville, Ia.
Butterfield F. R., Hum boldt, Neb.
Butterfield J. J., Derby, Kan.
B utterly H. J., W ilburton, Okla.
B utterly H. J., H enryetta, Okla.
♦B utterw orth K., B utterw orth.
♦Buttle J . A., Provo, U tah.
B utton C. A. L a Center, Wash.
•B utton O. A., Uniontown. Wash.
B utton C. H., Golden C ity, Mo.
B utton E. D., Glasgow, M ont.
B utton M., Cellna, Tex.
B utton R. G., Iditarod, Alaska.
B utton Victor D., Minneapolis,
M inn.
•B uttrow P . W ., Laredo, Tex.
B utts A. F., Enid, Okla.
•B utts F. B., Boston, Mass.
B utts F. S.. Protection, Kan.
•B u tts G. R., Jam estow n, N. Y.
Bush Ula, Wolfe City, Tex.
utts Guy M ., Wesley, Ia.
♦Bush W. H .J l , McKinney, Tex. B
♦Butts J. O., Galexico. Cal.
Bush Wm. L., Denver, Colo.
Bush W. L., Columbus, Ga.
B utts Zelma L., Arp, Tex.
Bush W . L., Gainesville, Ga.
Bushart R. L., Hickory Valley, •B u tts Zelma L., Bishop, Tex.
Buttweiler H. E., M erricourt.N .D .
Bushaw W. A., Henderson, Mich. •B utz J. C., Galllpolis, O.
Butzloff F. L., Charlotte, Ia.
Bushey E . H „ St. M arys, Kan.
Butzow F. F., Loda, 111.
Bushm an O tto, Pemberville, O.
Bushong W.D., Morristown.Tenn. Buxton A. E ., Oflerle. Kan.
•Bushonville J. T ., Chicago, 111. Buxton C. B„ Alexandria. O
Buxton G. W., Keedysville, M d.
•Busick D. L., Green City, Mo.
•B uxton R. B., Johnstow n, O.
•Busick E . J „ Green City, Mo.
Buyea Fred L., Erie, Mich.
Busier R. E ., Emporium, Pa.
•Buzan W. P., Sayre, Okla.
•Bussard A. L., Jefferson, M d.
Buzick G. E ., B attle Ground. Ind.
•Bussard W. S., E lkhart, Ind.
Busscher A. J., Melrose Park, 111. Buzick W. A., L urray, Kan.
Buzzel A. R., Lyndon, 111.
Busse O. D ., M t. Prospect, 111.
•B yam D. E ., Jr., H ubbard, Ia.
•Busse H. E., Alton, 1U.
•Byam J. G., M inneapolis. Minn.
•Busse J . H „ Gray, Ga.
Byars G. O., Rome. Ga.
•Busse P. W., W ashington, 111.
Byce L. P., Doyon, N . D.
Bussel J. S., Rogerson, Ida.
Bussell J. W ., Jr., Lenoir City, Bye D. O., Fingal, N. D.
Bye O. L.. Long Siding, M inn.
Bye O. L., M ilaca, M inn.
Busselie L. H., Chariton, la .
•B ye S. A., Berthold, N .D .
Bussells C. L., Reedville, Va.
•Bussey C. H. Jr., Hutchins, Tex. •Byerley B. W., H um boldt, Kan.
•Byers J . A., Sloan, Ia.
Bussey C. H ., Hutchins, Tex.
•Byers J . H.. Cedar Falls, Ia.
Bussey E . H., Longview, Tex.
Bussey F . B., Hutchins. Tex.
Byers J. R., M inneapolis, M inn.
Bussey J. W., M organ, Ga.
Byers O. R., Coburg, Ia.
Bussey T . O., Boone Mill, Va.
•Bygland O. A., Lankin, N. D.
•Bussey W „ Edgerton, Wis.
•Bussey W. A., S tuarts D raft, Va. Byington C. E.. E xeter. N. H.
•Bylin E.. Tioga. N. D.
•Bussm an W. G., M ason, 111.
•Bussy A. C., Minneapolis, M inn. Bynum M. T ., W ebb, Miss.
•Bynum R. A., Farm ville, N. O.
Buster C. B.. E dina, Mo.
Bynum W. H., B aton Rouge, La.
B uster Jno. W., Tell, Tex.
•Byons A. R., Enloe, Tex.
Buswell A. C.. Blue E arth, Minn.
Byorum H. E., Minot, N. D.
•Buswell A. R., M eriden, Ia.
Byram F. O., Carnal, 111.
•B utala John. Sisseton. S. D.
•B yrd B. B... Burnsville. N. O.
•B u tch art W. B., Choteau.M ont. •B yrd C. E ., Columbia, S. C.
•B utcher Bessie L., Sedan, Kan. Byrd C. E., Pocomoke City, Md.
Byrd D. T., Fredonla, Ky.
B utcher H. R.. Chilhowee, M o.
•B utcher M ary C., Salisbury,Md. •B yrd J. P., Jr., Tulsa, Okla.
•B yrd N. J., Fredonia, Ky.
B utcher William, Scott, La.
•B utler A., Lone Tree, Ia.
•B yrd R. L., Pine Bluff. Ark. r
•B utler A. B., Sinton, Tex.
•B yrd S. H. W., Bridgewater, Va.
Butler Alfred, Beliefontaine, O.
Byrd T. R., Burnsville, N. O.
Butler A. M ., Campbell, Tex.
♦Byrd W. A., Edgefield, S. C.
•B utler C. A., Franklin, Neb.
B utler C. E ., Weeping W ater, Byrd W. F., Hiram . Ga.
Byrn M . W ., W inchester, Ark.
Byrne B. C., Vallejo, Cal.
♦Butler C. F., Olarinda. Ia.
•B yrne John, Axtell. Kan.
Butler C. H., W est Tulsa, Okla.
B utler D avid S., Camp Verde, Byrne John P., Republic, Pa.
•B yrne J. W., Brooksville, Ky.
•B utler D. B., M aple Lake, M inn. ♦Byrne S. J., W aterloo, Neb.
Butler, D . H.,Columbiaville,M ich. •Byrnes C. O., Bagwell, Tex.
Bym s R. H., Potsdam , N. Y.
•B utler Ella, G alatia, 111.
Byron J, D ., Roaring Spgs., Tex.
•B utler E . L., Oskaloosa, Ia.
•B utler F . B., Crothersville, Ind. Byron J . M., Janesville. Minn.
•Byron W. J., Shawnee, Okla.
•B u tler F . D., Toledo, O.
Bysom S. E ., Fosston, M inn.
♦Butler F . H., Hudson, Ind.
Bystrom O. A., M ilan, M inn.
B utler F. M ., Floydada, Tex.
•Byw ater P. D ., Riverdale, Mich.
•B utler G. H., Salt Lake City,
U tah.
•Cabeen F. E ., Aledo, 111.
B utler H. G., Longdale, Okla.
Cable Albert H ., S u n f l o w e r . Miss.
•B utler H. R., Laramie, Wyo.
•B utler H ylas M ., G reat Bend, •C able A. H ., M onm outh. 111.
C able A. L*. T oronto, Kan.
•C able W. E . Jr., New York City,
B utler J. C., Buffalo, Mo.
B utler J. E ., W aitsburg, Wash.
C adan Geo. R., Vallejo, Cal*
Butler J . H ., Needles. Cal.
B utler J . P .. Jr., New Orleans, La, Caddell J . L., Boaz. Ala.
Cade O. M ., Shawnee. Okla.
B utler John R., Lobelville, T enn

♦Cade H arry, M urrayville, 111.
Cadenhead M . E ., Carthage, Miss.
♦Cadmus H. L., New York City,
N. Y.
♦Cadmus Ira A., Passaic, N. J.
♦Cadogan L. F ., San Francisco,
♦Cadwell C. E ., Prescott, Wis.
Cadwell C. F., E lliott, la.
♦Cadwell Fred, Le Sueur,
M inn.
♦Cadwell L. R ., Ellsworth, Wis.
♦Cadwell Roy. Ocilla.Ga.
C ady George P., M ellette. S. D.
♦Cady H . L., Laurel, Neb.
♦Cady L. D., Utica. Mo.
♦Cafky Geo., Forgan, Okla.
Gafkey O. H ., Forgan, Okla.
♦Cage Jno., Stephen ville. Tex.
Oagle K. R., D e Ridder, La.
Cahalan A. B., Miller, S. D.
Cahen E. F., Fortvllle, Ind,
Cahill W. E., Moscow, Ida.
Cahill A. P.. D ayton, Wash.
Cahill D. M ., Coffeyville, Ran.
Cahill D. W. Chicago, 111.
♦Cahill John, Cherry, 111.
Cahill J . E ., W illard, Mo.
Cahill J. F ., Chicago, 111.
Cahill J. J., Imogene. la.
Cahoon H. A.. Lynn, Mass.
♦Cahoon W. S.. Pom ona, Cal.
Cain B. C., Pickton, Tex.
♦Cain Benson, Birmingham.Ala.
C ain Chas. W,, Bagley, la.
♦Cain E. J., W etum pka, Ala.
Cain E. J ., Chico. Cal.
Cain E . M ., Summit, Miss.
Cain I. D.. Helen. Ga.
Cain J. E „ Arbuckle, Cal.
Cain J. Fendall, Washington, D.O.
Cain J , H., Kosciusko, Miss.
Cain, J. N. Boynton, Fla.
♦Cain J. N ., Okeechobee, Fla.
♦Cain L. B., Springfield, Ky.
♦Cain Ralph H., Bagley, la.
Cain Thos. E ., Niles, M ich.
Cain W. R., Randolph, Neb.
♦Caine R . P., Fayette. Ala.
Calais J. H., Savannah, Ga.
♦Calanchinn E. P., Ferndale, Cal.
♦Calderwood E ., Charleston,
W. Va.
Caldow W. A., Lodi. Wis.
♦Caldwell B. H ., New Albany,
♦Caldwell J. D., Vivian, La.
Caldwell J . H., Hawkinsvllle, Ga.
Caldwell J. M ., Tecumseh, Okla.
♦Caldwell J. S., Chester. S. O.
Caldwell M ., Berry, Ky.
♦Caldwell Roy, Lehigh, Okla.
Caldwell R. A., Corsicana, Tex.
Caldwell R. E., Swanton, Neb.
♦Caldwell R. J., Morrison ville, Wis.
Caldwell W. A., Jacxson, Tenn.
♦Caldwell W. B., Baldwyn, Miss.
Caldwell W. C., Monango, N. D.
♦Caldwell W. L., Marksville, La.
Caldwell W. P., Drakesville, la.
Caldwell W. T.. Vivian. La.
Calef. A. B.. Estelline, S. D.
Caley J . R., Genoa, Colo.
Calfee A. E., Princeton, W. Va.
♦Oalfee Howard, Dexter, la .
Calfee J. S., St. Louis, Mo.
Calhoun S. B., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Calhoun J . A., Browning, Mo.
♦Calhoun J. H ., Clarendon, Ark.
♦Calhoun R. M., Browning, Mo.
Calkin Alonzo A., M onticello,
N. Y.
Calkins C. I., Sherwood, Ore.
Calkins R . H ., V anderbilt, M ich.
Calkins W alter, Applegate, Mich.
♦Calkins W. A.. Muskogee, Okla.
Call B ert, Alvin, 111.
♦Call N ath an , Roachdale, Ind.
Callagan R. J., Sheridan, 111.
Callaghan Paul A., W abasso.M inn.
♦Callahan A. H., D ayton, O.
Callahan Charles, Burlington,
Callahan Geo. M ., Beacon, N . Y.
♦Callahan L. E ., M into, N. D.
Callahan M . L., Golva, N . D.
♦Callahan P. H ., F lint, Mich.
♦Callahan R. P., Seattle, Wash.
Callahan W. A., Flinthill, Mo.
♦Calland G. E ., Summerfleld, O.
♦Gallant J. A., Spencer, S. D.
Callaway G. O., Stevensville, Md.
♦Callaway K. R ., Beckley, W. Va.
Callaway W. I., Stigler, Okla.
Callaway W. O., Cordell, Okla.
♦Callen F. J., Clanton, Ala.
♦Callen L ottie O., Willow Hill,

♦Callen P . P., M oravia, la .
Callendar M. E., Orting, W ash.
♦Calleson N . A., Y ankton, S. D.
♦Callihan S. G .. Artesian, S. D.
Callison J. J., Loomis, Cal.
♦Callison Irvin R., D ew itt, 111.
♦Callison J. O., Clarence, Mo.
Callison J. W., D ewitt, in.
♦Callison L. N., Jam esport, M o.
Canister F. E ., Silverton, Ore.
♦Calverley R. H.. Arriba, Colo.
Calvert D. B., Corbin. Ky.
’'C alvert E . B., Richm ond. Ind.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Calvert J . H ., Douglas, Ariz.
♦Calvert L. L., Stam ping Ground,
♦C alvert O. C. M iami, Okla.
Calvin C. W., Qulin, Mo.
♦Calvird A. E., Farm ington, Mo.
Oam bem F. J., Fredonia, Kan.
Cambem L. S., Erie, Kan.
Cameron A. B., Carlisle, Ark.
Cameron Bradner, W ashingtonville, N. Y.
Cameron C. E., E lliott, 111.
Cameron E. D., Sibley, 111.
Cameron D onald H ., Verona,N .J.
Cameron O. E ., Cookeville, Tenn.
♦Cameron P . L., A ttalla, Ala.
Cameron W. A., Downey, la .
Cam m day Zera, T errum , Va.
Camp E dw ard G., M iddletown,
Camp E . L., Reedy, W. Va.
Camp Frank, W est Union, la .
Camp H. C., Sylvester, Ga.
♦Camp Howard S., Chicago, 111.
Cam p I. M ., Lacrosse, Wash.
Camp M . A., Shiloh, Ga.
Camp O. C., Tarentum , Pa.
Cam p Russell, Tioga, Pa.
♦Camp W. H., Greenville. Tex.
Camp W ilbur L.. M ountain View,
C am pau E. B., Alto, Mich.
Cam pau E . B., M cCords, M ich.
♦Campau G. F., M cCords, Mich.
Campbell A. D ., Lake Stevens,
♦Campbell A. D ., Lemoore, Cal.
Campbell A. D . Jr., Graceville,
♦Campbell A. I., Denver, Colo.
Campbell A. M ., M ontesano,
Campbell A rthur D ., Milan. Mo.
♦Campbell A. V., San Antonio,
Campbell B. O., Lincoln, Neb.
Campbell B. R., Struthers, O.
♦Campbell C. A., Leavenworth,
Campbell C. B., Deerfield, Kan.
♦Campbell C. B„ Jacksonville,Fla.
Campbell O. L., Minneapolis,
M inn.
Campbell Claude P., Jacksonville,
M o.
♦Campbell C. R „ Bloomdale, O.
Campbell C. W., Norton, Kan.
Campbell D., B ennett, Colo.
♦Campbell D. P ., St. George, S. O.
♦Campbell E arl, Edinboro. Pa.
♦Campbèll E. B., R apid C ity,
Campbell E. F., Cleveland, Tenn.
♦Campbell E. J., Rolla, Mo.
Campbell E. R ., F o rt Dodge,la.
Campbell E . R., Spencer, S. D.
♦Campbell E . T ., O’Neill, Neb.
Campbell F . A., Lym an, Wyo.
♦Campbell Farris, New York
C ity, N. Y.
♦Campbell F. B., Canon City,Colo.
Campbell F. B., Derm a, Miss.
♦Campbell F „ Carrsville, Ky.
♦Campbell F. B., Caro, Mich.
♦Campbell Frances,
♦Campbell F . S., Superior, Wis.
Campbell F. W., Lascruces, N. M.
Campbell G. B., San Jose. Cal.
Campbell G. D ., San Antonio,
Campbell G. E .. Ireton, Iowa.
CampbellGeo. R.,L ibertyC enter.O .
Campbell Geo. W ., Jerseyyille, 111.
Campbell G. H ., Oquawka, 111.
Campbell G. N ., Kalam a, Wash.
♦Campbell G. S., Chicago, 111.
Campbell G. S., McDonald, Pa.
♦Campbell H. B., Clay Center, Neb.
♦Campbell H enry R,, Belton, S.C.
Campbell H. F.. Hlgginsville, Mo.
Campbell H. S., Carizozo, N . M .
Campbell H. T., St. Joseph, Mich.
Campbell Hom er W .. Rosebush.
♦Campbell Hulon G., Belton,S.C.
Campbell H. W., Fulton, W. Va.
Campbell J. A., Anadarko, Okla.
Campbell J. A., Superior, la.
♦Campbell J. A., Chesterfield, S.C.
♦Campbell Jas., W eatherford, Tex.
Campbell, J. B. Seattle, Wash.
Campbell J. C., Ordway, Colo.
Campbell J. E ., Vandervoort.Ark.
♦Campbell J. E ., Waupoca, Wis.
Campbell J. F., Manitou, Colo.
Campbell J. H., loia, Kan.
Campbell Jas. J., M ontgom ery.
Campbell J. L., Nashville, Tenn.
Campbell J. L., Clay Center, Neb.
Campbell John, G ettysburg, S. D
Campbell John A., Asheville, N .C.
Campbell Jos. C., Rochester, Pa.
Campbell J. T., Bradentown, Fla.
♦Campbell J. W ., Larue, O.
Campbell J. W ., Brunson, S. C.
Campbell J. W., Fairfax, S. C.
Campbell J . W. S., Freehold, N. J.
♦Campbell L. C.. Marion. 111.
♦Campbell L. F rank, La Grange,
♦Campbell M. F ., Belle Center, O.
Campbell . M, S., Collison, 111.

♦Campbell Mabel, Oxford, Ind.
♦Campbell M . M ., B ottineau,
N . D.
♦Campbell N . B.. Oakland, Cal.
Campbell O. F.. Bloomdale, O.
Campbell P . A., Peebles, O.
Campbell P. F .t H atch, N. M .
Campbell P . L ., Goliad, Tex.
Campbell P . W., College M ound,
♦Campbell Raym ond, Dallas,Tex.
Campbell R . B., Richm ond, Va.
Campbell R. C.. Monaco. Pa.
♦Campbell R. D., Beverly, M inn.
♦Campbell R. F ., Loup C ity, N eb.
Campbell R. H., Mt. Carroll, 111.
♦Campbell R. H., Ireton, la .
♦Campbell R. M ., Chicago. 111.
Campbell R oy E ., Alert, Ind.
Campbell R. R., Gibbs, Mo.
♦Campbell R. Y., Abingdon, 111.
♦Campbell Samuel, Philadelphia,
♦Campbell S. G., Mulvane, Kan.
Campbell S. J., St. Paul, Ark.
Campbell. T . H., Dum as, Tex.
Campbell V. B., McLeansboro, 111.
Campbell W., Sneed ville, Tenn.
Campbell W. A., Poteau, Okla.
Campbell W. C., Bucklln, Mo.
Campbell W. D., Cnesterfleld,
Campbell W. H., Elgin. Neb.
♦Campbell W. H ., Honolulu,
♦Campbell W. H ., M ullan, Ida.
♦Campbell W m., Appleton, Wis.
Campbell W .J., Beecher City, 111.
Campbell W. O., DeFunlak Sp’gs,
Campbell W. P., Fairgrove, Mich.
♦Campbell W. P., Omemee, N. D.
Campbell William S. W., Conshohocken. Pa.
♦Campbell W. R., M iddletown,
♦Campbell W. W „ Forrest C ity,
Cam per H. H., Berkeley, Cal.
♦Campion E . T .. Walowa, Ore.
♦Can J. O.. Louisa, Va.
C anaday O. B., Blythedale, M o.
♦Canady H . J., M t. Gilead, O.
♦Canaday O. D„ Coalinga, Cal.
♦Canan Christine, D rakesboro,
♦Cañar W ayne, M ondovi, Wis.
Canee J. F., Gatesville, Wis.
Candee W. E ., Forestville, N. Y.
Candee Wm. H., H untington Pk.,
Candler W alter T ., A tlanta, Ga.
Candor G. L., Aledo, 111.
Caneer A. A., Senath, Mo.
♦Canevaro N ., P ittsburg, Cal.
♦Oann W. C.. Horse Cave. Ky.
C annaday C. S., Southm ayd, Tex.
Cannady W. K., E a st St. Louis,

Cannard A. L., Green Bay, Wis.
Canning J. A., Albia, la .
Cannon A. B„ A nutt, Mo.
♦Cannon A. O., Alto, la.
♦Cannon A rthur, Deerfield, Mich.
♦Cannon C urtis, Foristell, Mo.
♦Cannon F. L., .Alice, Tex.
♦Cannon Gabriel, Spartansburg,
s. c.
Cannon H. D., Dewey, Okla.
♦Cannon H. T.. Newberry, S. C.
Cannon J. B., Spartansburg, S. C.
Cannon J . D., Toronto, Kan.
C annon J . R ., Arriba, Colo.
Cannon J. T., Foristell, Mo.
Cannon J . W., Cordele, Ga.
C annon J. W ., Sussex, Wis.
Cannon M. E., Deerfield, Mich.
Cannon N., Jr., Franklin, Tenn.
♦Cannon P elton, Poughkeepsie,
N. Y. ■
♦Cannon P . J., Salt Lake City,
U tah.
♦Cannon R. Q., Salt Lake C ity,
♦Cannon R. T ., Athena, Ore.
Cannon V. S., Huntsville, Ark.
♦Cannon W . R ., Elsberry, Mo.
♦C anterbury E . L ., Clarksville,
C anterbury R. H ., Fulbright, Tex.
Oantley S. L., Owensville, Mo.
♦Cantlon J., Clarksburg, Mo.
C anton Iver À., H artland, N. D.
♦Cantrell Rose B. D ustin, Okla.
C antrell G. C., B enton, 111.
♦Cantrell W. E.. Everton, Ark.
Cantrill C. E., Edinburg, 111.
Capesin E dw ard, Livermore, la .
♦Capizola M ichal, M ays Landing,
N. J.
♦Cappe W . R., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Cappellino C., Rochester, N . Y.
♦Capper A. F., Persia, la.
♦Capps D. W., Porter, Okla.
Capps E . W ., M ountain P ark,
♦Capps J. R ., Des M oines, la .
Capps J. W „ Haskell, Okla.
Capps J . W., Newville. Ala.
Capron H. S.. Champaign, 111.
♦Caraway J . P ., W adesboro, N . C.


C arberry P . J., M aribel, Wis.
♦Card L. P., F ort W orth. Tex.
C arden O. A., W hittier, Cal.
♦Carden F. B., Claremore, Okla.
C arden H. B. P., M arysville, Cal.
Carder C. M ., Rocky, Okla.
♦Carder C. R . Jr., H untington,
W. Va.
Carder L. G., E lkton, M inn.
♦Cardwell Bessie I..Jefferson C ity,
♦Cardwell E . S., Ohowchilla, Oal.
C arek C. O., T ouhy, Neb.
Carey Gail, Dow C ity, la.
Carey H. Z., Galveston^ Ind.
♦Carey J. L., Dilworth, Okla.
Carey L. N ., Barstow, Cal.
Carey M . D., Farmersville, 111.
Carey W. B., Salem, O.
Carey W. E ., Dilworth, Okla.
C arhart E. E., Panhandle, Tex.
♦Carhart H. L., Sheffield, la .
C arhart L. B., Sheffield, la.
♦C arhart R. R., Sheffield, la .
♦Carico W. N ., Coeburn, Va.
♦Carl C. W.. Jeromesville. O.
♦Carl L. S., P aton, la.
Carl M. S., Clara City, Minn.
Carl W. H., Jeromesville, O.
♦Carlberg M abel, A rapaho, Okla.
Oarlblom F . G., Cokato, M inn.
Carley J. R., G rand Forks, N. D .
Oarley W. T ., Raym ond, Ga.
Carley W. W., Geraldine. M ont.
♦Carlgren J. R ., Concordia, K an.
♦Carlin C. E „ Golden, 111.
Carlin L. E ., N orthbend. Wash.
♦Carlis W. W ., Carterville, M o.
♦Carlisle C. B., Pueblo, Colo.
♦Carlisle E. A., Kaufm an, Tex.
Carlisle H. J ., Edwardsburg, Mich.
♦Carlisle J. R., Downs, 111.
♦Carlisle O. E ., Lewisville, Tex.
Carlsen C. C., Loup City, Neb.
♦Carlson A. A., Carthage, S. D.
Carlson A. B., Cogswell, N. D.
♦Carlson A. J., Wing, N . D.
Carlson Albin, Smolan. Kan.
♦Carlson A. R ., Fairfield, la .
Carlson A. W ., Luck. Wis.
♦Carlson B. W., Gallitzin, P a.
Carlson C. A., Farm ington, M inn.
Carlson C. A., Laurens, la.
♦Carlson C. E ., Chicago, 111.
Carlson O. E ., B rantford, N . D.
♦Carlson O. F., M adrid. Ia.
Carlson C. H., New London, Ia.
Carlson C. J., Lanyon, la .
Carlson C. J., P atterson, Cal.
♦Carlson C. L., Randolph, K an.
Carlson C. M ., D oniphan, Neb.
Carlson O. W .. Oconto Falls,W is.
Carlson D. E „ Chicago, 111.
♦Carlson D. E .. M . Lanyon, Ia.
Carlson Edwin, Holm quist, S. D .
Carlson F. A., Dassel, M inn.
♦Carlson F . A., Galva, 111.
Carlson G. A., M arquette, Mich.
Carlson G. C., Madrid, Ia.
Carlson Geo. Gwinner, N. D.
♦Carlson Hilda, B ertrand, Neb.
Carlson Hilmer, K arnak, N. D.
Carlson Hugo, Seattle, Wasb.
Carlson J. A., P o rt Allegany, P a .
♦Carlson J. A., Sm ethport, P a.
♦Carlson J . E „ Boone, Ia,
Carlson J. F., Clary, S. D.
♦Carlson J . G. E „ Essex,la.
Carlson J. M ., Exira, Ia.
♦Carlson J. T ., Ochiltree, Tex.
♦Carlson J. W., M anor, Tex.
♦Carlson O., Tracy, Minn.
♦Carlson O. B., Coleraine, M inn.
♦Carlson Oscar, Kenedy, Tex.
♦Carlson P . A., Sheffield, Pa.
Carlson P . A., Athens, N . Y.
♦Carlson W. E .,' Germania, Ia.
Carlton Byrhl, Early, Ia.
Carlton C. C., Clearfield, la.
Carlton C. J ., W auchula, Fla.
♦Carlton O. S.. W auchula, F la.
C arlton H. L., M oore Haven, Fla.
C arlton J. E ., Ooulterville, 111.
C arm an I. N ., Stoutsville, Mo.
Carman J. L.. Marine City, M ich.
Carm any F, S., M y erst own. P a.
C arm ean P., Le Grand, Cal.
♦Carmean W. M ., Santa Cruz, Oal.
Carm er B. H., Pleasantville, N .Y .
♦Carmical R.. Leesville, La.
♦Carmichael O. T ., Blue Ridge,
Carmichael Geo., Rosemary, N.O.
Carm ichael J. D ., Utica, Miss.
Carmichiel D. F., M inneapolis,
M inn.
Carmody John, P erry, la .
♦Carmody M. E., Perry, Ia.
Carmody Thos., W hittem ore, Ia.
♦Carmody Thos.. Melrose. Ia.
♦Carnahan O., Randall, Kan.
C arnahan C. 0 ., H ettinger. N . D .
♦Carnahan Chas. W., Indiana, P a.
C arnahan F. H ., Ravenna, O. S
C arnahan R . B.. Ravenna, O.

•C arn ah an W . B., Readyville,
•C arnahan W . E ., Marion, Ky.
C arnahan W. E., Randall, K an.
Carne E dgar W .
V entura, C a l.
•C arneal M rs. M . Pi, D unnegan,
•Carnegie D. S., D etroit, M ich.
Carnes A rthur, Strang, Okla.
Carnes G. A., W inthrop, M inn.
Carnes J. C., Rinard, la .
Carnes J . E., Acworth, Ga.
Carnes J . N., Charleston, W. Va.
Carnes J. O., Freeport, O.
•C arney Estella, w estern. N eb.
C arney L o ttie. D undee, M ich.
C am s J. H., Chapm an, Neb.
•Caroline J . F., Pecos, Tex.
Carothers R . B.. Sulphur Spgs.,
•Carothers V. B.. Sylvester, Tex.
C arpenter A. J., Elkader. la .
•C arpenter A. R ., D unlap, Mo.
•C arpenter C. C., Kentwood, La.
•C arpenter O. C., Perrysville, Ind.
•C arpenter C. E., Durbin, W. Va.
C arpenter O. E ., Oklahoma, Okla.
Carpenter Chas.. Clark. S. D.
C arpenter C. W „ Maiden Rock
Carpenter C.W .,N.AttIeboro,Mass.
Carpenter D. B., Hallsville, Mo.
C arpenter E . F ., D arby, Pa*
•C arpenter E . W ., M arlboro.N . Y.
C arpenter F . A., Azusa, Cal.
•C arpenter F . A., Azusa, Cal.
•C arpenter F. E ., Hugo, M inn.
•C arpenter G hent, Belton, Tex.
•C arpenter H. C., Oklahoma C ity,
•C arp en ter H. M ., M ontieello.Ia.
Carpenter J. E.. W rentham , Mass.
C arpenter J. R., Tivoli; TeX;
•C arp en ter J. W ., D etrcit, Tex.
•C arp en ter K. B., Thom son, 111.
•C arpenter L. B .t M odesto. Cal.
C arpenter M . A., G astonia, N . C.
•C arp en ter O. Ö., N ewcastle, Ind.
•C arpenter R. B., Bellefourche,
S. D.
Carpenter R. J., Angola, Ind,
•C arpenter V. F ., Syracuse, Mo.
•C arpenter W. E ., Lineville, Ala.
Carpenter W . F., Manning, la .
C arpenter W irt, Starkville, Miss.
•C arp en ter W. S., W estervelt, 111.
Carr Ada, Los Angeles', Cäl*.
•C a rr A. C., Howe, Okla.
•C a rr A. W ., Porterville, Cal.
Carr Charles, 'W entzville, Mo.
C arr D. A., M ound Bayou, Miss.
Carr E. G., Morris, 111.
C arr E . M ., Wellington, Kan.
•C a rr F . O., W ichita, Kdn.
•C a rr F. S., M aysville. Ga.
C arr G. S., New Y ork C ity, N .Y .
•C a rr H. A., H ardy, la .
C arr I., H obbs, Ind.
•C a rr J. H.. W ellington, K an.
Cam J. O., Jr., F t. Ogden, Fla.
Carr J . O., M ineral, Va.
C arr Jo h n H., Philadelphia, P a.
C arr Josephus, Leesburg, Vd.
Carr J . S., St. Louis, Mo.
Carr J. W .. W est Chicago, 111.
•C arr L. A., W abash. Ind.
•C a rr L. E ., M inneapolis, M inn.
•C arr V. C., W ellman, la.
C arr Vincent, Fairlee, Tex.
Carr W . H .. Cook S tation. Mo.
C arraher L. B., Stam ford, N eb.
C arraw dy I. M cG ., Georgetown.
S 0
•C arre W. U., E l Paso, Tex.
•Carrel L. B., Greeley, Colo.
Carrell T. B., Greenup. 111.
•C arrick R. H ., H ardwick, U tah.
•Carrico E dna. F ancy F arm , Ky.
C arrier C. D ., Summerville, Pa;
C arrier E . K., Venice, Cal.
•C arrier J. O., V inton, la .
Carriere J. G., W ashington, La.
•Carrill A. H „ Baltim ore, Md.
Carrington E. E ., Caldwell, Tex.
•C arrington R. P ., M arquez, Tex.
•C arrison J r. H . G.. Camden. S. C.
Carrithers B. H ., Climax, Kan,
C arrithers E . G., Sullivan, Ind.
C arrithers G. T .. M erom . Ind.
•C arroll A. E ., Logansport, La.
Carroll B. H .. M erryville, La.
Carroll Effle, Oblong, 111.
Carroll F . E ., Leavenworth, K an.
Carroll John, Indiana H arbor,Ind.
Carroll J. R., Clarksville, Mo.
•C arroll P hilip S., University,
Carroll T . B., Jackson, T enn.
Carroll J. S., Brookville, Pa.
•C arroll W. C., Conway Sprmg,
, , _, .
Carroll W . J., Gfldford, M ont.
Carron R . P ., Bloomsdale, Mo.
O arruthers Claudia. Columbia, la .
•C ars Lucile, Neligh, Neb.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

•C a ry W. F., Welch, M inn.
C ary W. Leigh, M enahga, M inn.
Casady B. C., C antril, la .
Casady D. B., Cumming, Id.
C asady O. L., W atford, N. D.
Casburn F. N ., Ferris, 111.
Case B. F., Elko, M inn.
•Case Claude A., Camden on
Gauley. W. Va.
•Case C. D., F o rt Dodge, la.
Carson H . F ., Saltsburg, P a.
Case Chas. D., F t. Dodge, la .
Carson H . M ., G unter, Tex.
Case C. R ., K napp, Wis.
Carson H . S., Lyerly, Ga.
Case C. W ., M anchester, Mich.
Carson J. F ., P y a tt, Ark.
•CaseO . W. New York City. N .Y .
Carson J. F ., Yellville, Ark.
Carson John M ., M organtow n.K y. Case D. B., Vernon, N . Y.
•C ase D. F ay, Center, N. D.
•C arson John, Em erson, la .
Case E . F., Paden. Okla.
Carson Leonard, Flora, 111,
Carson L eonard. M ount E rie, 111. Case Fred S., Sault Ste. M ane,
•Case H . A,, Rochester, Mich.
•Carson R . B., B andon, Ore.
Carson R. M ., B athgate, N . D. •Case H. W ., Ansonia, Conn.
Case J. W., H astings, Fla.
Carson R. P ., Coalgate, Okla.
•Case Kihly, Paden, Okla.
Carson T . J,. Sparta, N . C.
•Case RUssell, Orland, Ind.
•C arson T . M ., Lavonia, Ga.
Case W. J.. Orland. Ind.
Carson V., H eidenheim er, Tex.
Casebier A. L., M cLouth, Kan.
Carson V. W ., B roughton, Kan.
•C arson W . A.. D ouds-Leando, la . •Casey Clifford B., Tuscola, Tex.
Casey D. E., Chester, Pa.
C arsten E . P ., Elm ore, O.
•Casey F. A.. Suffern. N. Y.
•C a rta n B ert, M ataw an, N . J.
Casey J. E ., Galion, O.
•C artenson H ans, E lk H orn la .
•Casey J. M.. Oglesby, Tex.
•C a rter A. B., Sacram ento, Cal.
Casey J. R., C entral City, la .
•C a rter A. B., Ripon, Wis.
Casey M . L.. Johnson. Neb.
C arter A. M .,.C o tto n P lan t, Ark. •Casey R. E ., Bells, Tenn.
Casey R. M„ Oglesby, Tex.
C a rter A. Q., D exter, M b.
C a rter A. W ., Dillwyn, Va.
Cash J. B., Chesnee, S. C.
•G arter B. A., Em ory, Tex.
C arter B. H ., Readyville, Tenn.
Cash J . J., Kaycee, Wyo.
•C a rter B. J., Jr., M eridian, M iss. Cashel O. L., Grover Hill, O.
Cashel M . J., St. Paul, M inn.
•C arter C. A., M cLean, 111.
Cashian Chas., Red Bay, Ala.
C arter C. B., Colbert, Okla.
•Cashion B. H ,, L ittle Rock, Ark.
C arter C. C., Hazlegreen, Mo.
Cashion M ., E udora, Ark.
•C arter' Cecil L., F riday H arbor,
•C ashm an P. H., Elm a, la .
W ash.
•Cashow Howard L., Seymour,
•C a rter C. M ., Berkley, la .
•Casinella W. L., Sparks, Nev.
•C arter E . A., Olustee, Okla.
Caskey J. E ., Fethune, S. C.
•C a rte r E . C., W aterville, W ash.
Caslavka M. A . , Olutier, la.
C a rter E dw ard, W arrenton, Va.
Casiow R. E., Yale. Ia.
C arter E lb e rt É ., Defiance, O.
•C a rte r E . L ., M onte Vista, Colo. Cason D. M ., Garfield, Ga.
•Cason John F., Lascassas, Tenn.
C a rter F . C., F ulton, K an.
•Cason O. E., Maywood, Mo.
•C a rte r F . E ., DeLeon, Tex.
•Casper A. G.. Milwaukee. WiS.
C a rter F . W ., Sharon Springs,
•Casperson E. 0 „ Iroquois, S. D.
•Casperson O. G., Glassboro. N . J.
C a rter George H ., Orleans, Ind.
Cass B. F., Westville, Ind.
Cass Edward L., Supenor, Wis.
■»C arter H. F ., B ar H arbor, M e.
Cass E arl M ., Sumner, Ia.
C arter J. C., Collinston, La.
•C a rter J. D ., B urlington Jet.,M o. Cass H enry E., Bismarck, N . D.
•C a rter J. H ., N ew York City, Cass L. R., Westville, Ind.
•Cassaday R. A., Plym outh, Mich.
N . Y.
•Cassady H. W., Palisade, Neb.
C a rter J. I., H ardin, M o.
•C assady L. M ., Jr., W hiting, la .
C a rter J. I.. M arshall. Tex.
Oassel A. T ., Palm yra, Neb.
Oassel Chas., Connersville, Ind.
•C a rter J. N ., LinneuS, M o.
Cassel J . R .. G rantsburg, Wis.
•C a rter Jno. Jr., M abank, Tex.
•Oassel John K., Long Pine, Neb.
•C a rte r J . O., Ahoskie, N . C.
C arter John T., Elm Grove, W.Va. Cassell M . B., Hope, N . D.
C a rter J. W .,G a te C ity, Va.
•Cassidy E. J., O ttaw a, 111.
C a rter J. W ., Silver C ity, N . M .
•C a rter J. W ., J r., M axton, N . C. •Cassidy H . P .. Red Lodge, M o n t.
Cassidy J. L., Arlington, 111.
•C a rte r K. O., D ayton, O.
Cassill S. K., Ovando, Mont-.
•C a rter Lew, M eridian, Miss.
C assity V. M., Purdin, Mo.
C arter L. T ., A tlanta, Ga,
Cassler A. E .. Hollsopple. Pa;
C a rter Lucian W ., Carroll, Neb.
Gassier J. E ., Hollsopple, Pa.
Casteel B. L.. Thompsonville. Ill;
•C a rter M arie, Tonganoxie, K an.
•Casteel F. H., Ravenwood, Mo.
C arter M . E .. W illiamstown, Ky.
Casteel J . S., Ravenwood, Mo.
•C a rter M . I., Perry, la.
•Casteel L. M ., Rock Island, 111.
C arter M . W ., Berkley, la .
•C arter N . R., H arrisonburg, La. •C astetter Roy E ., Cicero, Ind.
Castille L. T.. Opelousas, La.
•C a rter O. E ., Stella, M o.
•Castle L. H., San Mateo, Cal.
C arter P . F .. H arrisonburg, La.
•C astle M. B., Sandwich-, III,
•C a rter R obert Ltiling Tex.
Castle P. D., Chicago. 111.
•C a rter S. A., Fairview, U tah.
•C astle W. C,, Chicago, 111.
Castleberry R „ Salem, Ark.
C arter S. J., P a rro tt, Ga.
•Castledine 0 . O., Jeffers, M inn.
C arter S. V., Knoxville,. Tenn.
•Castles H. P., Starkville, Miss.
•C a rter T . B., Pulaski, Tenn.
C arter T. J., S partanburg, S. C. •C astner B yran, Holton, Ind.
•C astner Daisy, W alnut, 111.
C a rter T . J., F ulton. Ark.
•C a rter W alter, Monticello, Ark. C astner W, P., Holton, Ind.
Caswell C. A., F t. Atkinson, Wis.
C arter W alter, T ipton, Ind.
•Caswell J. H., Cleveland, O.
•C a rter W. B., L ancaster, Wis.
Caswell L. B. Jr., F t. Atkinson, Wis.
C arter W. E ., C arthage, M o.
C arter W. F., Blanehardville, •Caswell W. G.. Concord. N. C.
Catchpole L. J.. Pagosa Springs,
C a rter W . T ., W eatherford, Tex.
C ate C. R., Rossie, la ,
C artland G. S., Dover, N . H.
•C ate J . D., Morgan, Tex.
•C artm ill J. R., M attoon, 111.
•C artw right C. W ., Terrell, Tëx. Cate R. G., Morgan, Tex.
C artw right F.D .,A nacortes,W dsh. C ate W. G., W hite Springs, Fla.
Cater C. WU Clear Lake, Minn.
C artw right G. O., D elphi, Ind.
•C artw right O.C.,San Angelo,Tex. Cater L. F., Perry, Ga.
Cates C. H ., Gordon, Ga;
C a rty J. W. L ., Frederick. M d.
C artzdafner H . L., Upham , N. D . Cates E. W., Thomasville, N . C.
•C ates E. W. Jr., Thomasville,
C aruthers S. A., Kopperl, Tex.
N . C.
C arvel J. A., Orange Grove, Tex.
•C ates J. L., M aury City, Tenn.
C arver A. E ., Fairfax. M inn.
•Cates R . W .. Independence, Kan.
C athcart C. S.. Odebolt. Ia.
C arver A. E ., M ontross, Va.
Carver Chas. B. E lk Rapids, •C athcart E . C., Columbia. S. C.
C athcart E . O., Harrison, Ida.
C athcart J . A., Sidell, 111.
C arver L. O., Power, M ont.
C athcart J . W .. WInnsboro. S. C.
C arver Rodger, Dawson, Ga.
C athcart R. E .. Sadorus, 111.
C arver W. D ., H anover, Pa.
•C a th c art R. M., Anderson, S. C.
C arver W. P ., Racine, O.
C ath cart T . E ., Jarrettsville, M d.
•C arville John, Parnell, la .
CatherWood D. K., Jacksonville,
•C ary C. H ., Livonia, N.Y.
. ,
C ary J . W ., Cum berland C ity,
•C athey J. P ., P aragould, Ark.
y L. N ., G allup j N . M .
C athro F. W ., B ottineau. N . D.
ry L. W ., P lain C ity, O.
y T . M .. Chippew a Falls, Wis. C a tlett H . L.. Scottville, 111.
•C arson Chas. C., Brimfleld, 111.
•C arson D . B., P ittsburgh, P a.
•C arson E arl K., Cicero, Ind.
•C arson E lb., Yellville, Ark.
Carson F. L., W ichita, Kan.
Carson G. F ., M oore, M ont.
Carson G. M ., Bellflower, 111.
Carson H. B., Oklahom a, Okla.

C atlett R. L., Scottville, 111.
•C a tlett S. T ., Fairm ount, 111.
•Oaton A. J., Reno. Nev.
Caton W. H., Dover, N. C.
Catron J . W., Albany, Ky.
•C atron W. G., Kansas C ity, Mo.
Oattell W. M ., Follansbee, W.Va.
Catterall F. W., Galveston, Tex.
•C atterlin W. B., Butler, Mo.
•C attle R obert T „ Seward, Neb.
•C auby 0 . D., Frederick, Okla.
Caudill D. C.. Morehead, Ky.
•Caudill J. R., M orehead, Ky.
•Caudill W alter, M aud, Okla.
•Caudle Fred, Richmond, Cal.
Caudle O. W., Winfield, Tex.
•Caufleld Percy P., Oregon City,
•Caufleld Raym ond P ., Oregon
City, Ore.
Causey O. E ., M arked Tree, Ark.
C authan P . H., T rinity. Tex.
C authom P . H ., Molino. Mo.
Cavanagh W. W., Parsons, Kan.
Cavanaugh J . H „ Dighton, Kan.
•Cavanaugh L. E., Hazelton, Kan.
Cavanaugh John A., Goodhue
M inn.
Cavanaugh M . A., Montgomery,
Cavanaugh M. C., Hazelton, Kan.
Cavanaugh T., H arpers Ferry, la.
•Cavanaugh W. E., Gillespie. IU.
Cave B. W., Redlands, Cal.
Cave Chas.. St. Louis, Mich.
Cave J . G„ Persia, Ia.
Cavell W . L., Skaneateles, N . Y.
Cavenaugh A. L., Beulaville.N. C.
Oavender J. C., H obart, Ind.
Caverly W. H., Sharon Center., O.
Cavin H arry H ., Chicago, 111.
Oavin T . M .. Gorham , N . H.
•Cawley Alice, Bloomington, Ind.
•Cawley L. F., Conway, N. D.
Cawley W m „ Scranton, Pa.
•Cawood Thos., G ravette, Ark.
Cawthon H. L., D e Funiak Spgs..
Oayce M. P., Farm ington, Mo.
•C ayott W. N ., Stew art, M inn.
CazedeSsus E „ Baton Rouge, La.
CazeneUve J.F .,B ay St.Louis.Mlss.
Cecil D. W., M ountpleasant. Tenn
Cederlind M . F., K ennard, Neb.
Cely W. R., GTeenville, S. C.
•C enter Arva, Hazel Green, Ky.
Center J . L., W aldron, Ark.
•Cernosek Ignaz, W eimar, TeX.
•C ervenka M ary, Cedar Rapids,
Cessna H. B.. Bedford, Pa.
•Chadwick R. A. Jr., Brighton,
Chadduck. H. W.. Grafton. W. Va.
Chadwick R. E.. Ensley. Ala.
•Chadwick W. C., Newbern, N.C.
Chafey Clarence, P oint Pleasant,
N. J.
•Chaffe J. A., Austin, Tex.
Chaffee J . H.. V entura, Cal.
•Chaffee C. H ., Philadelphia. Pa.
Chaffee J. W „ St. Charles, 111.
Chaffee P. S., Beulah, N. D.
•Chaffin D avid. Moline, Kan.
•Chaffin F. C., Houston, Va.
Chaffin E. A.. Moline, Kan.
Chaffin R. E.. Seymour. Mo.
•Chaffin W. M .. Columbia, Tenn.
•Chaille J. C.. Otwell, Ind.
C halfant R obt. G „ South Bend,
•C h a ifo n t H. J., Garden C ity,K an.
ChaUgren C. A., Gowrle, Ia.
Chalmers Alfred, M inotola, N . J.
Chaioupka J. R.. Carson, la .
Chalstrom C. J.. Geneva, Ia.
•Cham berlain C. M ., Greenville,
Chamberlain C. W.,. Glendora,
Chambeflain E.M.,NeWberry.Mich.
Chamberlain F. E ., Clarendon,
Chamberlain F. S., New Britain,
•Cham berlain G., Hutchinson,
Chamberlain G. M., Phillips, Wis.
Chamberlain H . C., Greenville,
_ ,
Chamberlain H . M ., Salt Lake
City, U tah.
Chamberlain J. H ., Monroe C ity,
•Chamberlain John.Lexington.M o.
•Cham berlain L. A., Pittsfield,111Ohamberlain J. R.. Clarks, Neb.
•Cham berlain O. E ., So. Rockwood, Mich.
Chamberlain T. F., Brighton. 111.
Cham berlain T. F., Chicago, 111.
•Cham berlain W. L., Burnet, Tex.
Chamberlin O. O., Crescent City,
, Y| |
•ChamberliU D. E ., Chicago, In.
Chamberlin B. R.(Acting), Unadilla, N . Y.
Chamberlin J. C., B ayard, la.
•Chamberlin J . C„ E. Palestine, O.
Chamberlin M., Clarks, Neb.
Cham bers A rthur, Hudson, S. D.
Chambers C. B., Oelwelh, Ia.
Cham bers D. A., D etroit. Tex.

Cham bers Glen. Centerville, la .
»Chambers H arry, H olton Hack,
•Cham bers j . L.. Ridgeway, M o.
•C ham bers J. N „ Hepler. K an.
•C ham bers M rs. M . A., Talala,
•Cham bers O. C.. M adison, W.Va.
Chambers R. E ., Roberts, 111.
•C ham bers R. M ., Inola, Okla.
Cham bers R. S., Gonzales. Tex.
Cham bers 8. J., T alala, Okla.
Chambers W. P.. Mt. Moriah. Mo.
Chamblee J. C., Menlo, Ga.
•Chambliss J . C., Ashland City,
•Cham ness E ., B ennettsville,S.C.
•Oham ness J. O., El Reno, Okla.
Champ W . F., Lancaster, Ky.
Champagne B. D.. Shelby, Miss.
•Champine C. E.. Ceylon, Minn.
•Champion E. W., Riverside,
•C ham pion F. J., Cleveland, O.
Cham pion H. A.. Lake C ity, 111.
•Cham pion N. T ., Corsicana, Tex.
Champion U. 8. Penfield, Ga.
•C ham plin J. T ., Berryville, Ark.
Champlin R. A.. Sentinel, Okla.
Cham ski B. F., Gary, Ind.
Chancellor W, R., M idland, Tex.
Chancelor J. G.. Virgelle, M ont.
•Chancey J . R.. Hondo Tex.
Chandler A. B., Beaver Dam.Wis.
•C handler B. R., Marshfield, Ore.
•C handler C. C., Cassville, Mo.
Chandler C. C„ W est Plains, Mo.
Chandler C. S.. Liberty, Neb.
•C handler E., Abilene. Tex.
C handler F. T ., Chickasha, Okla.
•Chandler G. R., Lowell. Mass.
Chandler J. M., Parksley, Va.
•C handler L. E .. Buffalo. N . Y.
Chandler L. R., Antioch, Neb.
•C handler M . D ., Minneapolis,
M inn.
•C handler 8. E ., Springville, Ala.
•Chandler W. H „ Pennville, Ind.
•Chandler W. M., St. Louis, Mo.
•Chandler W. W .. Vacaville, Cal.
Chandler Zeke, Blairsville, Ga.
•Chaney O. G.. Horse Cave. Ky.
•C haney E . D., Rosedale, Miss.
Chaney G. W., Newell, la.
•C hangstrom J. A., Omaha, Neb.
•Channon C. F.. Rock Island, 111.
C hantland T . O., Leeds, N . D.
•C hapek H. L., Enid, Okla.
Chapin A. R., Brockwayville, Pa.
•Chapin E. L., Bear Lake. Mich.
Chapin G. L., Glasco, Kan.
C hapin M .'A ., W infred, 8. D.
•C hapin M . W.. H artford, Conn.
•C hapin R. D „ Sloan. Ia.
Chaplin L. L ., Georgetown, M ass.
C hapm an A. C., Glyndon, M inn.
•C hapm an A. G., Cadillac, M ich
Chapm an A. K., New York C ity,
N. Y.
C hapm an C. A., A lbert Lea, M inn
Chapman C. E „ R andall, Minn.
Chapm an C. L., Sheridan, Wyo.
C hapm an D. W „ Vienna, 111.
Chapm an E . C., Columbus, Miss.
•Chapm an F . A., Chesaning, M ich.
Chapm an Geo., Cadillac, Mich.
•C hagm an H . B., Spartanburg,
Chapm an H. E., Inm an. 8. O.
•Chapm an H. 0 ., Ontario, Cal.
Chapm an I. M ., W heeler, IQ.
Chapman J . H .. Salem, Va.
Chapm an J. H., Rensselaer, Ind.
Chapman J . L„ Farmersville, Tex.
Chapman J . L„ Garwood, Tex.
•C hapm an J. V., Bonham, Tex.
•C hapm an J. W., Buffalo, N. £>.
Chapm an, L. 8:, Lansing, M ich
•C hapm an L. T ., Uniontown, Ky.
Chapman L.W ., P oplar Bluff, Mo.
•C hapm an M . A., S tarr, 8. C.
C hapm an O. G., Alluwe, Okla.
•C hapm an OlUe, Alluwe, Okla.
C hapm an O. L., Columbia, N. C.
C hapm an P. S., Lincoln, Neb.
•C hapm an R. II., Celina. O.
C hapm an T . C., Salem, Va.
•C hapm an W. B., Lockhart, Tex.
Chapman W. G., Newberry, Fla.
Chapman W. H „ Liberty, S. C.
Cnapoten O. B., L iberty Hill, Tex.
•Chappell C. C.. M orenci. Mich.
•Chappell M argaret, Ulysses, Pa.
Chappell W. B., From berg, M ont.
•Chappelle R. W ., W averly, Va.
Chappie W. C., Fenwick, Mich.
C hard H . .1., Hillsboro, Wis.
Charles J. B., Jr., Stroud, Okla.
Charles U. G„ Hudson. Kan.
•C harlton R. M ., Christians burg,
Charter L. R. Jr., W. Union,W .Va.
Charters C. M„ Peru, Ind.
Charters H . F., E ureka, Cal.
•C harters Mary E., Ashton, IQ.
•C harters P . W., Ashton, 111.
Charters R . S.. Ashton. 111.
Chase A. B„ Covert, Mich.
•Chase C. C., H artford, Conn.
•Chase C. H., St. Louis, M o.
Chase Edgar, Ferguson, Mo.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

•C hase F rank B.. New Bedford. Chipman W. S., Lehi, U tah.
Chipman W. S., P leasant Grove
Chase F. W., Sun Prairie, Wis.
U tah.
C hase Geo. W., Gaines, M ich.
•C hipps F rank, M onroe, Ia.
Chase G. W. Jr., Gaines, Mich.
C hirhart Oliver, Sauk Rapids,
•Chase J. L. Jr., Des Moines, Ia.
M inn.
Chase Lee J., Schuyler Lake, N .Y . ChisenhaU M . B., Burleson, Tex..
•Chase R. L.. Des Moines, l a .
* Chisholm R. O., L akota, N. D.
Chase R. O., Page, Neb.
Chisholm T . A., F o rt Covingt
N . Y.
•C hase W. J., P eetz, Colo.
Chase W. L ., New Y ork C ity.N .Y . •Chism M . F ., Tompkinsville,Ky.
Chase W. W ., Lakeland, Fla.
Chisolm M . M., Estill, S. C.
•C hastain W. A., D avenport,O kla. C hittenden E. J „ Clatonia, Neb.
Chastian G. M ., M ontezum a. Ga. •C hittenden H. W.. Victor. Ia.
•O hastian J. L., Ballinger, Tex.
•C h itty O. M „ Olar, S. C.
C hatburo T „ Custer, Old.
C h itty J. H .. Norway, S, C.
C hâtelain F. G., Gienmora, La.
•C hivas Jam es A., Milwaukee,
•C hatham J. T ., Greenville, Ky.
Chladek F. F „ T yndall. S. D.
C hatham W. P ., K ennett, Mo.
Chm elka J. C., T hurston, Neb.
C hatterton H. T.. Admire, Kan.
Chm elka Jam es, T hurston, Neb.
C hattin J. B., M ountain Home, •C hoate B., E arl, Ark.
•C hoate Ben, E arl, Ark.
•C hauvin H. A., Raceland, La.
C hoate John, Tallahassee, Fla.
•C havous C. C., Allendale, S. C. •C holet G. A., Syracuse, N. Y.
•Cheairs R. G.. Sterling, Colo.
•C houinard Joseph, Osseo, M inn.
•Cheasbro B. D., W oodstock, 111. Chorn J. B., M ansfield, Tex.
C heasnutt M rs. À. P ., A ttapulgus, Chownlng V. K „ Okemah, Okla.
•Choynski H „ San Francisco. Cal.
Cheatham , J. B . M cCorm ick, S.C. Ohrisman A. B., K ansas C ity, M o.
•C heda Geo. A., San Rafael, Cal. Chrisman
H . P „ Prom ise City, la .
•Cheek T. E ., Durham, N. C.
Chrism an J. A., Green R iver,
•Cheek W . H ., D atto, Ârk.
•Cheely E . C., Hornick, la .
•Chrism an M aude, Prom ise City,
•Cheesm an W. H ., Clinton, Wis.
la .
•Cheffey W. H ., Smithfield, O.
Chrisman R.B., H enry, Tenn.
Chelf J. T .. Comanche, Okla.'
Arthur,' Benton, Mo.
•Chelm iniak Leanore, South
•Chrisney O. E ., Chrisney, Ind.
Bend, Ind.
., M aple Plain. M inn.
Chenault L, E ., Boulder, Colo.
Christen B ernhardt, Com ing, Mo.
Cheney A. N., Vader. Wash.
i Christen Chas. W., Roscoe, S. D.
Cheney C. H ., Boulder. Colo.
; C hristen D avid, Anselmo, Neb.
•C hristen E . G.. Lima, O.
•C heney M . A., L a F ayette, In d . •Christen W „ Roscoe. S. D.
Cheney R . R., Saybrook, lu .
•Christensen A. F., Frem ont, Neb.
Cheney T. H ., Sumner. Neb.
Christensen A. O., Fryburg, N . D .
Cheney W. M .. Hico, Tex.
•C hristensen O., Chicago, 111.
Cheney W. N ., Jackson, Miss.
Christensen O. W., Selma, Cal.
Chenoweth C. C., Hereford, Tex. Christensen G. F., Stevenson,
•Chenoweth E., Spartanburg, Ind.
Chenoweth G. ,B., Broken Arrow, •C hristensen Geo., Arco, M inn.
•Christensen H. H ., Jerom e, Ariz.
Chenoweth J.W .,M cCracken,Kan. •Christensen Hom er,Clarks Grove,
•Chenoweth S.E .,McCracken.Kan.
M inn.
CherrUl L. O.. Carthage, IU.
Christensen H. V.. Menlo, Kan.
C herry E. O., Bay, Ark.
Christensen J.P.,Pt.A ngeles, W ash.
C herry J. R., Dublin, Ga.
Christensen M ., Chester, S. D.
•Cherry L. L.. Scotland Neok.N.O. •C hristensen O., Chicago, 111.
Cherry W. R., Paris. Ark.
Christensen T.. Castle Rock. Colo.
Cheshire E. F., Oyster Bay. N.Y. Christensen W alter. Winside, Neb.
Cheshire W. B.. Luvem e, N. D.
•C hristensen W. M ., Granger.
•C hesnut H. F., Smithland, Ky.
•C hesnut W. J.. London, Ky.
Christensen W . M.,. Luck, Wis.
Chess W. A., Monrovia, Cal.
•Christensen W. T ., Buffalb.Mont.
Chesser Evelyn, T ruscott. Tex.
: Christenson D. J.. Otho. Ia.
•Christenson F. L., Necedah, Wis.
Chessman A. P., Fredonia, N. Y.
•Christenson, L . C., P ow hattan,
•C hester I. E ., Seneca, S. D.
Chestnut C. H. Jacksonville, Fia. •C hristenson L. P ,, New York
•C hestnut J . S.. Amarillo, Tex.
City, N. Y.
•C hestnut J.W ., Clay Center, Kan. •Christenson N. A., Grove City,
•C hestnut R. L., Clifton, Kan.
C hestnut W .. Gaylesvllle, Ala.
•Christerson C. E .. Kildeer, N . D.
•C h e stn u tt M rs. A. P., A ttapul­ •C hristerson N . A., R iverton,
gus, Ga.
Chew B., Pleasanton, la .
Christeson C. F „ Dixon. Mo.
•Christeson E . Z., Osceola, M o.
Chichester L. A., M idland, Mich. •Christeson W. C.. Dixon. Mo.
•Chick H. F., Vermont, 111.
C hristian O. G., Pavo, Ga.
•O hidester W. N ., H astings, M ich C hristian E . L ., New Bloomfield,
•Child C, E ., Grinnell, la .
Child W. C ., Belvue, Kan.
•C hristian E . M ., Aberdeen, S. D.
•Child W. D .. Nevada. la .
C hristian George S„ Noblesville,
•Childers Clay, New port, Ark.
Childers E . E ., U tica, 111.
C hristian J . B.. Eldorado. Tex.
•Childers E . C., Kingfisher, Okla. C hristian O. H., Stratford, S. D,
•Childers J. A., D alhart, Tex.
Christian W .L., Colum biana, Ala.
Childers, J. O., P ortia, Ark.
•C hristiani W. A., Glendive,
Childers L. M ., Elm er, Okla.
M ont.
•Childers M ay, P ortia, Ark.
Christians A.. L ittle Rock. Ia.
Ohüders M . K „ W oodburn, la .. Christians C. H.. D ougherty, Ia.
C hristians E ., S team boat Rock,
•ChiMers Ray, R antoul. Kan.
Childers W. W ., T ipton, Okla.
Christians F . L „ St. Paul, M inn.
ChUdress Edgar, Athens, Tenn.
Christiansen C. H.. Ryder, N. D.
Childress H. E ., Oaklamdpn, Ind.
•Christiansen J., W auneta, Neb.
Childress R. E „ Marshfield, M o.
Christianson E. N., Springfield,
Childs B. O., Senoia, Ga.
Childs O. C., Emerson, Neb.
Christianson E . R., Belden, Neb.
•Childs D. A., Columbia. S. C.
•Christianson J., Edgeley, N . D.
Childs H. C., Jenkinsburg, Ga.
•C hristie D. R ., R ound Prairie,
•Childs L. W ., York. Neb,
M inn.
»Childs N . M ., Opelousas. La.
•Christie F. F., D etroit, Mloh.
Childs R. C.. Gurdon. Ark.
Christie H. E ., El Paso. Tex.
•Childs W. E.. Vermillion. O.
•C hristilaw T . A., Coffee Creek,
M ont. ’
Chiles1H. E ., Itasca, Tex.
Chiles H . W., D elta, Colo.
Christoffersen L. C:, Ham lin, Ia.
Chiles J. H .. Rome, Ga.
C hristopher E. W .. Scranton.N .D .
Chiles W . D., E spañola, N . M .
Christopher Irby, Canton, Tex.
•Chilla J. J., W hiting. Ind,
Christopher N . B., Gaffney, S. C.
•Chilson T. N ., Galien, M ich.
Christophersen C. A., Knlerlm, la.
C hina W. T.. Lyons, Ga.
Christopherson B. L., Appam ,
•C hindlund Sophie, Gilman, la .
N. D.
Chinn Ches., Ord. Neb.
C hristy A. G., Reynoldsvine, Pa.
•C hristy A. W ., Slippery Rock, P a.
Ohiods R., New Kensington, Pa.
•C hristy Hallie, Scribner, Neb.
•ChiodoRaphael.New Kensington, •C hristy J. June, B onaparte, Ia.
C hristy John R., Am anda, O.
Chipley Wm. M., SykesvUle. Md.
Chronic B. J., M annford, Okla.
•C hipm an C. A., Homer, N. Y. Chronlster B.. Rosedale, Kan.
•C hipm an C. C., Amesbury, Mass. •C hrystal E . T ., T erra Alta. W .
•C hipm an B. L., Lehi, U tah.
Chipman W. S., American Fork, Church O. H ., Muncle, Ind.
U tah.
Church C. R ., Downey, CM.


Church C. R., W atts, Cal.
Church D. C., Fox Lake, Wis.
Church D. W ., Pocatello, Ida.
Church E . A., Boston, Mass.
Church E. H „ Corsicana. Tex.
•C h in ch G. A., Cleveland, O.
Church G. J., M artelle, Ia.
Church George L.. A lton. N. Y.
•C hurch, Ira J.. Clinton. Ind.
Church J . A., Chagrin Falls, O.
•C hurch M ae H., MarteUe, Ia.
Church R . O., B urbank, Cal.
Church W. F.. Salem, O.
Churchill E. D.. Chenoa. III.
ChurchiU H. G.. Endeavor. Wis.
•Churchhili L. C., Beverly, Neb..
•Churchill Loyal, Shelby, M ich.
Churchill Otho, Ham burg, N. Y.
Churchill W. H„, New Era, Mich.
•C hute M . L., St. Joseph, M o.
•Cilley J . L.. Hickory, N. C.
Cippera Jam es E ., N orth Liberty,
Cizek Joseph, Osmond, Neb.
Claassen C. W., Newton, K an.
Claassen D., W ellsburg, Ia.
Olabuesch E rnest, Pigeon, Mich.
•Olaeys A. H ., G hent, M inn.
Clagett J . P ., Bainbridge. O.
Clagg W . E ., Sheldon, Ia.
Claiborne E . C,, W ichita, K an .
•C lam pit F. J., M illington, Tenn.
Clancy O. F., Springfield, S. D.
•Clapham A. W ., Lawler, Ia.
Clapham W. R.. M utual. Okla.
•C lapp A. M ., W harton, Tex.
Clapp C. C., Galesburg, Mich.jMt
Clapp- E . D., W ashougal, W ash.
•C lapp E . G., Fargo, N . D.
Clapp E . S., Council, Ida.
Clapp H. C „ Carson C ity, Nev.
•C lapp H. H., Urookston, M inn.
•Clapp E R „ Clyde, O.
•C lapp L.S., New York C ity, N .Y .
•C lapp M . R ., Homer, Neb.
Clapper E. 0 ., Orchard. la .
•C lapper H. G., Le Roy, M inn.
Clapper H arry E ., H untsville, O.
•C lapper M . A., H artford C ity,
•Clapper M, L., Orchard, Ia.
Clapps J. R.. Des Moines, Ia.
C lark A. A., Blanchard, la.
•C lark A. B., Honolulu, Hawaii.
Clark A. C.. W est Louisville, Ky.
Clark A. D ., Colfax, Ind.
Clark A. L., Farm ington, U tah.
Clara: B. F., Denver, Colo.
•Clark B ethania M.. E lkhart, la .
Clark B. S., Roper, N. C.
Clark O. A., Gallon, Mich.
Clark C. E.. Poole, Neb.
C lark O. H ., Iberia, M o.
•C lark Charles G., N ew ton Cen­
ter, Mass.
•C lark C. J., Carnegie, Okla.
Clark C. K., Oriskany FaUs. N. Y.
Clark C. L., Newellton, La.
•C lark C. H ., Oorydon Ia.
C lark O. M ., M ontrose, M o.
•C lark C. M ., Spencer, Tenn.
•Clark C. M., Barnes, Kan.
Clark C. M., Dundee, N. Y.
C lark C. V., Ewing, III.
•C lark O. V., Paulding, O.
Clark David, Jr., Kenmore, N. D.
Clark D. C., Chadbourn. N. C.
Clark D. S., M arianna, Ark.
•C lark E. A., Poole, Neb.
•C lark E. B., Honolulu, Hawaii.
Clark E. O.. C larkton. N. C.
•C lark Edwin D., Yakim a, Wash.
•Clark E. E., Orrville. O.
Clark E. M„ Glenns Ferry, Ida.
Clark E. M., Roosevelt, N. J.
•C lark E. M-., D enver, Colo.
C lark E . Roland, M edina, N . Y.
C lark E . W., M ason C ity, Ia.
•C lark F . D ., H untington P ark ,
C lark
C lark
C lark
C lark
C lark

F . A., Pulaski, N.Y.
F . B.. Clarksburg, Mo.
F . H., BeUeville, Mich.
F. H., T raer, Ia.
F . H ., New Boston, M ich.
F. M ., Derby, Conn.
F. Pv, Renick, W. Va.
F. S.. McMinnville. T enn.
F rank, Lawson, Mo.
Fred, M arathon, Tex.
F . W .. Bames. Kan.

•C lark Genevieve, K rupp, W ash.
•C lark Geo. J., Springfield, M ass.
Clark George J., Elroy. Wis.
Qlark Geo. W., Corona, S'. D.
•C lark G. H., M arion, Ia.
Clark G. K ., Bigstone C ity, S. D .
Clark G. R „ Corpus Christ!, Tex.
Clark G. VA Cortland, N. Y.
•Clark G. w „, Ashley, Ind.
oiaris ueorge w ., j\ew Uastle, P a .
C lark H arry G., Q uasqueton, Ia.
Clark H. B„ Monroe, N. C
•Clark H . E ., M atoaka. W . Va.
•C lark H. F ., New ark, N . Y.
• C la r k H . G „ Akron, Ia.
Clark H. H ., W oodriver. IQ.
•C lark H . J., Bristow, Okla.
•C lark I. A., Petoskey, M ich.
•C lark I. E ., Noble, IU.

♦Clark Id a M ., Halltow n, Mo.
C lark I. P „ Heavener, Okla.
C lark J. A., W aynesville, M o.
Clark J . B., New Martinsville.
W. Va.
C lark J. B., Odern, Tex.
♦Clark J . E., Sturgeon Bay, Wla.
♦Clark J. F.. Jackson. Mien.
Clark J. G.. Nocona, Tex.
C lark J. H ., F o rt Davis, Tex.
♦Clark J. L., Eldorado Springs,
C lark J. M ., F reeport, 111.
C lark Jo h n M ., M aryville, T enn.
♦Clark John, Fayetteville, Ark.
C lark J. W .. E verett, Wash.
♦Clark Lawrence R ., Colfax, Ind.
♦Clark Lee E ., M artin, M ich.
♦Clark Leta, Eolia, Mo.
Clark L. G„ St. Helena. Cal.
♦Clark Lloyd B., Hiseville, Ky.
Clark L. M .. Pike, N . Y .
Clark L. M., Silver Springs, N. Y.
♦Clark M arion, St. Jam es, M inn.
Clark M. D.. Waldo, Ark.
C lark M . F., Young H arris, Ga.
C lark M . J.. Halltown, M o.
♦Clark M . R ., San Francisco, Cal.
♦Clark Nelle K., M anchester, la .
♦Clark O. B., Strong, Ark.
Clark O. J .. Blue E arth, M inn.
Clark O. M„ Chicago, 111.
Clark O. P.. Georgetown, 111.
Clark Oscar, Algood, Tenn.
Clark O. W., Ogden. Ia.
Clark O. W .. Reed C ity. M ich.
C lark P erry N ., Rogers, Ark.
♦Clark R. A., F o rt Bragg. Cal.
♦Clark Ralph, M arkesan, Wls.
d a r k RalDh A.. E lkhart. la .
C lark R . B., Tupelo, Miss.
♦Clark R . C., B rattleboro, Vt.
♦Clark R . E ., W ellington, Tex.
Clark R. J.. Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Clark R. N ., Ponca C ity, Okla.
C lark R obt. N ., S tu art, Va.
♦Clark R. T ., H errick. Ill,
♦Clark R. T ., L ockhart. Tex.
C lark R . W.. H um boldt. Neb.
Clark R. W., Shelbyville. Tenn.
♦Clark S. H., La Grange, Ky.
Clark S. R., Spalding, Neb.
d a r k T. C.. M uscatine, Ia.
♦Clark V. O., Falkville, Ala.
Clark W. B., Mahaffey, Pa.
C lark W . Dale, D enver, Colo.
C lark W. E ., D u rant. Okla.
♦Clark W. H ., Sioux Rapids, la .
C lark W hit H ., Monroe, Wash.
C lark W. J., Ashburn, Ga.
C lark W. M ., Baldwin C ity, Kan.
♦Clark W. N ., Brocton. N . V.
♦Clarke Addison A., Sistersville,
W. Va.
Clarke A. W ., S ault Ste. Marie,
♦Clarke C. R .. H elena. M ont.
♦Clarke D. T ., M cAlester, Okla.
♦Clarke F. L., Oklahoma, Okla.
♦Clarke F. W. Jr., Douglas, Wyo.
C larke Geo.K-, M a n h attan , M ont.
Clarke George D., Vassar, Mich.
Clarke H. A., Columbus. Neb.
Clarke H. W., Earlville, N. V.
Clarke I. D., PapUlion, Neb.
Clarke J. L.. Ennis, Tex.
Clarke J.T .,H arb o r Springs,M ich.
♦Clarke J. W., B antry, N. D.
C larke L. J., Eagle Grove, Ia.
C larke M. O., M adison, Wis.
Clarke M . B „ W est Plains. M o.
C larke P eter F., A tlan ta Ga.
♦Clarke R. M ., Kirwin, K an.
Clarke S. J., Newell, S. D.
♦Clarke S. M„ Rockport, Mo.
Clarke T . W. D.. Arctic. R . I.
C larke W ard B., Hill C ity, S. D.
♦Clarke W . J. Jr. H arbor Springs,
M ich.
♦Clarkson A. B., D um as, Ark.
♦Clarkson A. V. D ., Milwaukee,
d a rk s o n J . J ., W illiamstown, Pa.
Clarkson S. W ., A nn Arbor, Mich.
♦Clarno Ross, P arkers Prairie,
M inn.
Clary F. M., Fruitdale, S. Jf
♦Clary G ertrude, Liberty, 111.
Clary Ham m ond, Frederick, M d.
♦Clary M . B., Calvin, Okla.
Clary U. N., Prosper, Tex.
♦Olasen W m „ M ayer, M inn.
C latterbuck J . W .. G uthrie, M o.
C lauden D. H ., Pioneer. O.
Claudon A. B., F alrbury, 111.
♦ d a u d o n A. B., Jr., F airbury, 111.
♦Claudon J. H „ Meadows, 111.
♦Claudon N. J., F alrbury, 111.
Claunch W . A., Maypearl, Tex.
♦Clausen F. O., Okemah, Okla.
♦Clausen F . S., Oconomowoc, Wis.
♦Clausen Lucile. E ttrick. Wis.
♦Glauss R . W „ Charleston, S. C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Claussen A. D .. Laurens, Ia.'
Claussen H. F., E ttrick , Wis.
Claussen P. H „ R icketts, Ia.
Clavin C„ M ount Olive, 111.
Clawson C. W., Galveston, Tex.
Clawson F. O., Okemah, Okla.
♦Clawson Jam es. Gaston, Ind.
♦Clawson J . H., T renton, Mo.
Claxton F. B., F ayette. Ia.
♦Olay Harrison, Quincy, O.
♦Clay R. G., A tlanta, Ga.
Olayberg W. H ., Avon, 111.
Claypool B .E ., Montgomery, W.Va.
♦Clayton B'. G., Roxboro, N. C.
Clayton E. F „ Julesburg, Colo.
Clayton E . W „ Safford, Ariz.
d a y to n F. A., Lansdale, Pa.
C layton H. E ., Indianapolis, Ind.
Clayton J . E „ Milo. Ia.
C layton J . H ., Jefferson C ity,
♦ d a y to n R. A., H am burg, la .
♦Claywell J . A., M organton, N. C.
♦Cleary E. P., Momence, 111.
♦ d e a ry F . J., Grand Island, Neb.
♦Cleary J. P „ Odell, 111.
♦Cleary R obert, F arm er C ity, 111.
♦Oleary T .. Leesville, La.
Cleavenger C. 0 ., Spencer, W.Va.
Cleaver H enry Delaware City,Del.
♦Clegg B. A., Sacial Circle, Ga.
♦Cleghorn J. S., Summerville, Ga.
♦Cleghom Percy T ., Stockton, Cal,
Clemans F. M., Mechanicsburg, O.
Clemans Perry, H am ilton, Kan.
♦Clemens G. R., Marcellus. Mich.
Clemens R. A., Neillsville, Wis.
Clemens R. B., Beatrice, Neb.
Clemensen H ., Folsom C ity. Cal.
♦Clement C harlotte, W althfil.Neb.
Clem ent F. H ., Petoskey, M ich.
♦Clement H. C., Jacksonville. 111.
Clem ent Jam es, Reserve, La.
Clem ent P. E ., Elrod, S. D.
Clement S., Thorndale, Tex.
Clem ents C. C., M arengo, Ia.
♦Clements O. R., Copperas Cove,
Clem ents Frederick, Farm ington.
N. H.
♦Clements G. L., Elmwood, Neb.
♦Clements H. P ., Barney, Ga.
Clements J. A., P utnam , Tex.
♦Clements J. N., Shellman, Ga.
♦Clements Louise, Raytow n, M o.
Clements M. C., Larue, O.
Clements Sam W .,Uniontown, Ky.
Clem ents W. P .. C asa G rande,
♦Clemer R. O.. Clyde. Tex.
♦Clemetson E . R., Fairm ont,
M inn.
Clemmer J . D„ Benton. Tenn.
Clemmer W. E ., Chalybeate,M iss.
♦Clemmons J. Roger, Florence.S.O.
♦Clemons E. R., Ashland, 111.
Clendenin J. H ., Lake Forest, 111.
Clendenln W. F „ S parta, Ili.
Cleophas E ., K ensett. Ia.
♦Cleophas G. O., K ensett, Ia.
Cleophas H. R ., F orest C ity, Ia.
Cleveland D. O. C., McGehee,
Cleveland F . B., Addison. M ich.
♦Cleveland J. J r.. Ham ilton. Tex.
Cleveland John B., Kewanee, 111.
♦Cleveland J. L., Jr., Muskogee,
Clewer C. A., O yster Bay, N. Y.
♦Oleworth W. W.. Lowell, Mass.
♦Click C. N ., Kinsgton, Okla.
♦Click J. S., Elida, N. Mex.
♦Clidence T ravella R., Hillisburg,
Cliff Allen, Oak Creek, Colo.
Clifford C. T.. Clarksville. Mo.
♦Clifford Daniel P., Toledo O.
♦Clifford Jerry. Le Sueur, M inn.
♦Clifford M arion L., D am ariscotta,
♦Clifford S. R.. Eldorado, K an.
Clift J. L., No. Yakim a, Wash.
♦Clift J . T ., N orth Yakim a, W ash.
Clifton D. D., Larue, O.
Clifton M. S., Louisburg, N. C.
♦Clifton T. C., Newton, N. C.
♦Clifton W. R., Cabool, Mo.
Olighon S. F ., Princeton, W. Va.
♦Clinch C. E ., Elmwood 111.
Cllnekscales P. E „ Anderson, S. C.
Cline O. C.. Camden, Mo.
Cline O. T ., T ryon, Neb.
Cline E. L., Lincoln, Neb.
♦Cline F. O., W ashington Court
House. O.
Cline Howard, Westfield, N . J.
Cline J. A., Lincoln, Neb.
Cline J. A. Jr., Scottsbluff, Neb.
Cline Joseph, Roachdale, Ind.
CUne M . H., Lincolnton, N. O.
♦Cline M. O., Doylestown, O.
♦Cline P. N .. Corunna. M ich.
Cline S. F., Pittsboro. Ind.
♦Cline T . C.. Exline, Ia.
♦Cline T. W., B urr Oak, Kan.
Cline W. A., Thorntown, Ind.
♦Clingan F. E., G allatin, Mo.
♦Clingan W. N ., Delight. Ark.
Clinger F. F ., T opeka, Kan.

♦Clinton F. S„ Prairie du Chlen,
♦Clinton R. L., Putnam , Tex.
♦Clippard Leon, Jackson, Mo.
Clippard Leon, Advance, Mo.
Olizbe A. K., Amsterdam. N. Y.
♦Clizbe W. J., Quincy, Mich.
Cloak C. P ., Youngsville, P a.
Cloek Dow. Sayville, N. Y♦Clock E . R., Laurel, Ia.
Clock Roscoe C., Islip, N . Y.
♦Clodfelter P . L., Wilson, N . C.
♦Cloninger O. W.. Hickory, N. O.
Clonts J. E ., Eustis, Fla.
Clonts J. E ., W hite, Ga.
Cioos F rank, Torrington, Wyo.
Cloos H. C.. Lawrenceville. Pa.
♦Clopp J. W., Ligonier, Pa.
♦Close E. J.. Fhillipsburg, Kan.
♦Cloud O tto, Macy, Ind.
Cloud S. P.. W est Chester, Pa.
Cloud W. H., Pequot, M inn.
♦Clough O. W ., Holley, N. Y.
♦Clough F. G., ’M ason C ity, 111.
♦Clough Q. O., Ringling Okla.
♦Clouse A. S.. Plqua, O.
♦Clouser D. B., W ilklnsburg, Pa.
Clove A. O., Ottosen. Ia.
Clovis O. E.. Hundred, W. Va.
Clow C. W., Cavalier, N. D.
Clower J . M., Klondike, Tex.
Glower T. M ., Fivepoints, Ala.
♦Glowers G. E., Okemah, Okla.
♦Clowson D. W., P otter, Kan.
♦Clowson D. W., Potwin, Kan.
Cloyes F. H., Garden Grove, Cal.
♦Cluck J. C., Langley. Wash.
♦Cluny J . B., Windsor, N. C.
♦Clute Byron W., D etroit, Mich.
Clute E. F., Ballston Spa, N. Y.
Clute J. S., Cohoes, N. Y.
Clute William, Dundee, Mich.
Cluxton W. S., St. Francisville.Ill.
C lyatt Vernon, F ort Meade, Fla.
Clybum H. F., Kershaw, S. C.
C lybum I. B., Kershaw, S. C.
Clyde L. M., Conestee, S. C.
♦Clyette Marion, Hillsboro. Tex.
Clyne J. A., Maple Park, 111.
Clyne John T., Joliet. 111.
♦Coad A. L., Omaha, Neb.
♦Goad J. E arl, Norwood, O.
Coakley L. W„ Greensburg, Ky.
Coale W. N ., H avre de Grace, M d.
Coan R. Titus. Albion. N. Y.
Coan W. F., Clinton, la.
Coane E . H. Jr., Los Angeles, Cal.
Coapman L. N., KUbourn, Wis.
♦Coarson C. J., Marengo, 111.
Coats C. V., Granville, Mich.
♦Coats E. H., W est Plains. Mo.
♦Cobb A. E., Grafton, N. D.
Cobb A. J., C ottondale, Fla.
♦Cobb A. L., Blackstone, Va.
Cobb C. L., Rockhlll, S. C.
Cobb C. W.. MUton. Fla.
♦Cobb D. I., Stephen, M inn.
♦Cobb F. L., Newark, N. J.
Cobb G. D ., Schoolcraft, Mich.
Cobb G. L „ Wiggins, Colo.
♦Cobb J. R ., A toka, Okla.
♦Cobb L. B. Jr., Groesbeck, Tex.
♦Cobb L. L., Seminole, Tex.
Cobb M . F., York, S. C.
♦Cobb M ilo R ., E lkhorn, Wis.
Cobb O. B„ Allerton, Ia.
Cobb O. F., Jasper, Ala.
Cobb S. A.. Big Cabin, Okla.
Cobb Thos. H., Birmingham, Mich.
Cobb W. E., Pinetops, N. O.
Cobb W. P., E astm an, Ga.
Cobden A. B.. Troy, N. Y.
Cobel E arle L., Dem pster, S. D.
Cobel G. W., Brookings, S. D.
♦Cobel Iv an L., Brookings, S. D.
♦Coble R. W., Fletcher, Okla.
Coble S. F „ Paragon, Ind.
♦Coble Stella, New Augusta, Ind.
♦Cobler Geo. C., C onneaut Lake,
Cobler John G.,Ellwood City, Pa.
♦Cobler J. W., E aton, Colo.
♦Cobum A. A., Deadwood, S. D.
Coburn A. G>, Memphis, Mich.
C oburn H . H., Bogard, Mo.
♦Coburn H. L. Hackensack, N. J.
♦Coburn Jno. E ., New H aven,
♦Cochrane A. R ., Dem pster, S. D.
Cochran Ed., Shenherd, Tex.
♦Cochran F. F., Shedee, Okla.
Cochran, F . T ., Memphis, T enn.
♦Cochran H. B„ Columbia, Tenn.
♦Cochran J. L., Star, N. C.
Cochran J. W.. Elvaston, 111.
Cochran L. B.. Guernsey, Ia.
♦Cockran L. L., Lakewood, N. M.
♦Cochran M . E., Seymour. Mo.
Cochran N. S., M atthews, N. C.
Cochran S. B., Buffalo, Wyo.
Cochran S. H., CaseviUe, Mich.
Cochran W., Lorim or, Ia
Cochran W. B., M ountGilead.N.C.
Cochran W. S., A tlantic City.N.J.
Cochrane E. R., Keokuk, Ia.
Cochrane G.D., Charleston, W.Va.
Cochrane Geo. E ., Woodland,
Cochrane R. H., Tuscaloosa, Ala.
♦Cochriham E. L., W est Liberty,
Cocke C. D., Dawson. Ga.
♦Cockley J. H ., Albion, Ind.
Cockman R ay, T hayer, Mo.

Cockrell H . E .. Jarbalo. K an.
Oockrill D. G., Ferrelview. M o.
Cockrum J. B., Johnson, K an.
♦Cockrum L. B., Ontario, Ore.
Cockrum H . B., Ontario. Ore.
♦Coco Ellis S.. Bordelonville. La.
♦Coco E. S., Mahsura, La.
Codding C. H., Foraker, Okla.
♦Coddington A. M ., Lestershlre,
N. Y.
Coddington C. A., W est Orange,
N. J.
Coddington J . H., Caldwell, N. J.
Codington G. E., Auburn, Neb.
♦Cody A. J., Red Oak, Tex.
Cody J. M., Luverne, Ala.
♦Cody W. D., Missouri Valley, Ia
Coe E . J. S., Edgewater, N. J.
Coe B.. W „ Los Angeles, Cal.
Coe F . E ., Creighton, Mo.
♦Coe F . W., Blossburg, Pa.
Coe Geo. W., Woodbine, Ia.
♦Coe Geo. W., Woodbine, Ia.
Coe L. O., Wilson, N . Y.
♦Coe Loren W., Tarkio, Mo.
Coen C. W„ South Bend, Ind.
♦Ooenen Anthony, Tucson, Ariz.
♦Cofer B. S., Ohanute, Kan.
Cofer J. I.. Smithfleid. Va.
Coffee E. E., Pineville, Mo.
Coffee Roy, Paradise, Tex.
Coffel H. H.. Pennville, Ind.
Coffey A. B., Llthonia, Ga.
♦Coffey O. W.. Electra. Tex.
Coffey D. E., Fairfax, S. D.
Coffey D. W., Eli, Neb.
♦Coffey Ethel M., New Salem, Kan.
♦Coffey F rank, Lake City, Mich.
Coffey G. H., New Salem. Kan.
Coffey J. O., Queen C ity, Mo.
Coffey R. N., Odell, Tex.
Coffey Roy, Childress, Tex.
♦Coffey W. E .t Queen C ity, M o.
Coffey Wm. L., Nashville, Ind.
Coffey W. R., Dexter, Kan.
Coffleld T. R., Newcastle, Tex.
Coffin C. H.. Boise, Ida.
♦Coffin C. J., W ynne. Ark.
Coffin E. P., Sewickley, Pa.
♦Coffin H. M ., Los Angeles, Cal.
Coffin M. L „ Rawson, O.
Coffin P. Gardner, Catskill, N . Y.
Coffin R. W .t Itasca, Tex.
♦Coffin W. T., Mansfield, M ass.
Coffman A. D., Larrabee, la.
♦Coffman A, R., Orient, Ia.
♦Coffman B. B.. Schertz. Tex.
♦Coffman D. T ., Chehalis, Wash.
♦Coffman E. M .. Kellogg, Ia.
Coffman J. T., Beech Grove, Ky.
Coffman M., W oodstock, Va.
Coffman S. A., Schertz, Tex.
♦Coffman S. F., Bluford, 111.
Coffman T. E ., Deerfield, Mo.
Coffman W. E., Middletown, Va.
♦Coffy M. F., Bradyville, Tenn.
♦Cogan Tess E., Salomon, Kan.
Cogbum B. S., Neeses, S. C.
Cogbum T. Q., Norway, S. C.
Cogle Joseph E ., Screven. Ga.
♦Cogswell J . W.. Louisville. 111.
♦Cohn Bruno, Hallettsville, Tex.
Cohen Em anuel, Los Angeles, Cad.
♦Cohen L. E ., Chicago, 111.
♦Cohn Clifton W. Frankfort, In d
Cohn Louie, Laredo, Tex.
Cohoon R. S., Norfolk. Va.
Cohrs A. E., Dovray, Minn.
Coil W. H., Benton City, Mo.
Coile J. S., W interville, Ga.
♦Coiner Homer, Salem, Mo.
Ooit D., Beatrice, Neb.
Colt J. C., Denton, Tex.
Colbeck J. R., Superior. Wis.
♦Colberg J. R., Pecatonica, 111.
Colburn B. L ., Eureka, 111.
Colburn Byron L., Eureka, III.
♦Colburh Henry, McCune, Kan.
♦Colburn H. J., Pomeroy. Ia.
♦Colburn J. O., Collinsville. Okla.
♦Colby C. K., Grandm arsh, Wis.
Colby G. L., Orchard P ark, N . Y.
♦Colby J. R., Loyal, Wis.
Colby R. E ., L ittleton, N. H.
Colclough D. K., Sacramento, OaJ.
Colcord J. C., Newberg, Ore.
♦Cole A rthur, Nome, Alaska.
♦Cole B. R., Straw berry Point, Ia.
. *Cole B. W., Connersville, In d .
Cole 0 . A., Shinnston, W . Va.
♦Cole C. D.. N orth E ast, Pa.
Cole C. S., R utland, Vt.
Cole C. T . Jr., Des M oines, Ia.
Cole C. W.. Toledo. O.
Cole D. C., Shelby, N eb. jj
Cole D. E „ Ravenswood, W. Va.
Cole D. S., Walkerville, Mich.
Cole Edw. H., Brodhead, Wis.
♦Cole E . K., Berkeley, Cal.
Cole E. R., Crown Point, Ind.
♦Cole F. E „ Granville, N. Y.
Cole F . H „ Cuba, 111.
Cole F. M.. Ashland. Wis.
Cole F rank, M arblehead, M ass.
Cole G. L., M arion, Ind.
Cole G. R., Aspen, Colo.

•d o le G rady, Carrollton, Ga.
Cole G. W., C otton Valley, L a
Cole G. W „ B arnard. Mo.
♦Cole H arvey T. Jr., Corning,N .Y .
Cole H. A., Cody, Neb.
Cole H . C.. Carnegie, Okla.
♦Cole H. A., Brandon, Wis.
♦Cole H erbert R., Greenup, Ky.
♦Cole H . M ., Lagrange, Ind.
Cole I. C., Cousbatta, La.
Cole J. C., H olbrook ,Ariz.
Cole J . H ., Greenboro, N, O.
Cole J. M ., Union, Miss.
• *Cole John R., Chapel Hill, N . C.
Cole J. S„ Sterling City, Tex.
Cole Myron E., M artins Ferry, O.
♦Cole M . T ., Boynton, Okla.
Cole R. E „ Greensburg. La.
Cole R. J., Forsyth, M ont.
Cole R obt W., Barbourville, Ky.
♦Cole T ., Mansfield, Wash.
Cole W. A., Lam bert, Miss.
♦Cole W. B., M onroe, N. C.
♦Cole W. D., Paris, 111.
Cole W. E., Ashton, S. D.
Cole W. H „ Bryan, Tex.
Cole W. S., Newbem , Tenn.
Cole W. T., Greenup, Ky.
♦Colee Jas. A., St. Augustine, Fla.
♦Colegrove L. B., Taylorville, 111.
Coleman D. S., Vian, Okla.
Coleman D. T., K ent, Wash.
Coleman E . T ., Vevay, Ind.
♦Coleman F. E ., Anoka, M inn.
Coleman F. M ., Camp Hill,
Coleman F . S., W estgate, la .
Coleman G. W., Guin, Ala.
Colem an H. C., Chestertown, M d.
Colem an J. H ., New kirk, Okla.
♦Coleman J . W., P hlladeipha, P a
♦Coleman K. W., Beardstown, 111.
♦Coleman L. E .. Ellendale, N. D.
♦Coleman Leo. W estgate, la.
♦Coleman L. G., H ighland P ark,
Coleman Logan, Springfield, 111.
♦Coleman Nell, Sturgis, Ky.
♦Coleman R. I., F rankfort, S. D .
Coleman R. N., New Market, Ala.
Coleman T. C., Ridgeway, Va.
. Coleman T . T ., E astm an, Ga.
Coleman W. A., Denison, Kan.
Colem an, W. D „ Bamberg, S. C.
♦Coleman W. I., Jacksonville, Fla.
♦Coleman W. J., Peoria, 111.
♦Coleman W. S., Anniston, Ala.
*Coles R. A., G alena, Kan.
Coley A. E .. Goldendale, W ash.
♦Colgan D. J., W yoming, 111.
♦Colgan H. O., Donora, Pa.
Colgate E. J., Madison, Ind.
Colgrove M. H., Madison. S. D.
Colister P . O.. Elwell, Mich.
C olkett B. R., Cordova, Alaska.
C olkett E . E ., Raym ond. Wash.
Coll C. H ., Princeton, 111.
Coll E . B., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Colle E. A., Pascagoula, Miss.
♦Collett, C. H ., Raym ond, N eb.
♦CoUett W. O., Bladen, Neb.
Colley B. R., Lincolnton, Ga.
Colley S. J., Clintwood, Va.
Collie O. L., Luray, Tenn.
Collie J. W., C hatham , Va.
♦Collie V. A., L uray, Tenn.
♦Collier A. E., Fayetteville, Ark.
♦Collier A. M ., K lam ath Falls,
Collier O. A., Galax, Va.
♦Collier Hulon, Groom, Tex.
Collier J. M ., E llicott C ity, M d.
Collier J. N ., W hitney, Tex.
♦Collier Robt., M t. Sterling, Ky.
♦Collier S. J.; Amory, Miss.
♦Collin J. F., Lodi, Wis.
♦Collingwood H. C .,P ittsburgh,P a.
Collingwood J . H.. Plains, Kan.
♦Collins R. A., B arry, M inn.
♦Collins B. F., Shaw, Miss.
♦Collins C.,' New Orleans, La.
♦Collins C., Hebron, Neb.
Collins C. H ., V inita. Okla.
Collins Claude, Chicago, 111.
♦Collins C. M., Potsdam , N. Y.
♦Collins C. W., Shrewsbury, Pa.
♦Collins E. C., Columbus, Ind.
Collins Ed. E., H artington. Neb.
♦Collins E arl H., Jew ett, O.
Collins E. H „ Linesville. Pa.
♦Collins E . L., Genoa, Wis.
♦Collins E . M ., Denver, Colo.
♦Collins E. T ., Eldon, Mo.
Collins F. A., Houston, Tex.
Collins F. L., Barry. Minn.
Collins F rank, Sherbum , Minn.
Collins F rank, C anton, O.
Collins Fred. Milan. Tenn.
♦Collins F. W., Chicago, 111.
Collins George H., Jew ett, O.
Collins G. S., Munising, Mich.
♦Collins G. V., Clare, Mich.
♦Collins H. L., B ethany, Mo.
Collins Homer, Leonard, Tex.
Collins H. S., Wakefield. Neb.
Collins I. T ., Ellijay, Ga.
♦Collins Jas., New Straitsville, O.
Collins J. C., Knoxville, la .
Collins Jam es F.. Pittsburgh, Pa.
♦Collins Jas. H., Mexia, Tex.
♦Collins J. G., Chicago, 111.
♦Collins J. H ., Chariton, la.
Collins J. MT., Iona, M inn.
•Collins J. N .. Lovelady, Tex.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Collins J . S., Dover, Del.
♦Collins J. W . Jr., Tallahassee.Fla.
♦Collins L. C., Blackfoot, Ida.
Collins L. C., H unter, N. D.
Collins M . H., Clare, Iowa.
Collins M . J., Rush Springs, Okla.
Collins P. C.. Hillsboro. N. C.
♦Collins P . Q., Cobbtown, Ga.
Collins R , Varner, Kans.
Collins R. A., Penokee, Kan.
♦Collins R. A., Unadilla, Ga.
Collins R. F.. Bushnell, Fla.
♦Collins Theo., Odell, Tex.
Collins V. B., P lan t City, Fla.
CqIUiis W. H., Lovelady, Tex.
Collins Wilkie, Douglas, Wyo.
♦Collins W. J., Mexico. N. Y.
♦Collinson R . C., Devils Lake,
N. D.
♦Collis C. R., Polk, Neb.
Collis J. C., Chicago, 111.
Collmann O. C., George, la .
Coilner A. B„ Clarion, Pa.
♦Colman Shirley T ., D unkirk,.
N. Y.
Colman W. T ., Callao, Mo.
♦Coin D. M ., South Bend, Ind.
Colombo R . D., Fairfax, Okla.
♦Colquitt W. A., Cedartown, Ga.
♦Colson M . L., Seattle, W ash.
Colter W. A., Wiltshire, O.
C oltharp R. D., Vonore, T enn.
♦Colthorp O. G., Wheeler, Mich.
♦Colthorp O. G., Breckenridge,
Coltrane L. D.. Concord. N. C.
♦Colvard Rachel, Gordon, Tex.
Colvard R. E.. Gordon. Tex.
♦Colvig H ., Prescott, Ariz.
♦Colville John L., M cM innville
Colville I. E ., Kerhonkson, N . Y.
Colvin E. E „ Marysville, Wash.
Colvin Henry, Troy, N. Y.
Colvin N. M ., Fluvanna, Tex.
♦Colwell Wm., H., Paris. 111.
♦Colyer J. D., Rosedale, Kan.
♦Combert Annie, Dunnville, Ky.
Combs C. F.. Ganado, Tex.
Combs H. H., Shepherdsville, Ky.
♦Combs H. Lee, Columbus, M ont.
Combs H. R „ Clarence, Mo.
♦Combs H. W., Canon City, Colo.
Combs J . E., St. Joseph, Mo.
♦Combs J. N., Brawley, Cal.
Combs J. N ., Calipatria, Cal.
Combs P. L., Farm ersburg, Ind.
Conibs Reed B., Yorkville, O.
Combs Wm. E ., Haskell. Okla.
♦Comegys Claude, T hornton.
W ash.
Comegys Ralph, T hornton, W ash.
Comer J . A., Jarrell, Tex.
Comer J. H., Hominy, Okla.
Comer J. M ., Carlton, Ga.
Comer O. P., Howard Lake, Minn.
♦Comer P. W., Kemmerer, Wyo.
♦Comer W. M ., Greenville, W.Va.
Com fort K. G., W estville, Okla.
Common W. O., Sum pter, Ore.
Comnich T. W., Gaylord, Minn
♦Compton A reta, Marionville.M o.
♦Compton Eugene, New E gypt,
N. J.
Compton Geo. F., New E gypt, N.J,
Com pton H .M ., San Antonio, Tex.
♦Compton H. V., Salem, Ore.
♦Compton J. F., Lynnvllle, Tenn.
Compton Paul, H ardinsburg, Ky.
Com pton Jr. W. D., Scott, Ga.
Comstock A. L., Ansonia, O.
♦Comstock A. T ., Fargo, N . D.
Comstock F.A..S.Glens Falls. N.Y.
♦Comstock Gertie, Coopersvllle,
♦Comstock H urd, Evanston, 111.
Comstock Jr. R. J.. Rexburg,
♦Comstock T. M ., E kalaka, M ont.
Comstock W. E „ Auburn. Ia.
Conable O. F .f Fultonville, N. Y.
Cenarro C. T., W arren, Pa.
Conaway F. P.. Arcadia. O.
♦Condit F. M., Beardstown, 111.
♦Condit R. G., Spring Valley, Wis.
♦Condit T . K., Beardstown, 111.
♦Condit T. M cBearstown, 111.
Condon John O., Hancock, Mich.
♦Condon T. B., New H am pton, la.
Cone A. W., Maumee, O.
Cone L. P., Pine Apple, Ala.
♦Conely R. L„ Salt Lake City,
U tah.
Coney C. L., Unadilla, Ga.
Coney E . W., Hawkinsville, Ga.
Confer H. F., Johnstown, Pa.
Congdon H. F., Palo Alto. Cal.
Congdon O. G., Bushong, Kan.
Congdon T . B„ Newport, R. I.
Conger F. L., Galesburg, 111.
Conger H. W., Sacram ento. Cal.
Conger J. L.. Newark, N. J.
♦Conger W. F., M cK inney, Tex.
♦Congleton J. B., Stokes. N. C.
♦Conkey C. H., L a Grande, Ore.
Conkey W. P.. Pleasanton, Kan.
♦Conklin A. G., M ina, S. D.
Conklin C. C., M ina, S. D.

Conklin A. S., Delaware, O.
Conklin F. M .. Brownsdale. M inn.
♦Conklin H. A., Rockford, 111.
Conklin Jam es A.; Kilbourne, 111.
♦Conklin L. A.. H ubbell, Neb.
Conley M . F., Louisa, Ky.
Conlln J . T.. Cascade, Ia.
♦Conlon W. L., P ortsm outh. N .H .
♦Coon F. H.. Sacramento, Cal.
Conn F. N., Durand, Mich.
Conn G. B., Handley, Tex.
Coxm H. O., St. John, Wash.
Conn O tto M ., MUledgeville, Ga.
♦Conn R. E ., Lake W orth, Fla.
Conn Verne, Miami, Ind.
Connard Geo. S., D ecatur, 111.
Connell A. B., Chilton. Wis.
Connell Charles, Shelbyville. Ky.
♦Connell M . D .. Cresson, Pa.
Connell W. T ., Bargersville, Ind.
Connelly H. T., Upland, Ind.
♦Connelly J . J., R aton, N . M .
♦Connelly J. W., Bridgeport, Pa.
Connelly R. L„ Moore, Tex.
♦Conner A., Assum ption. 111.
♦Conner A. J., M alvern, Ia.
Conner A. M ., Sioux C ity, Ia.
♦Conner Don, Vandalia, 111.
Conner E.. Kirksville, Mo.
♦Conner E . S., Live Oak, Fla.
Conner H. B., Vldalia, La.
♦Conner H. W., M iller, S. D.
♦Conner J. M ., Leary, Ga.
Connor J. M ., Pacolet, S. C.
Conner J. R., Ratcliff, Tex.
♦Conner O. B., Albany, Ky.
♦Conner T .J., Prairie du Rocher.Ill.
Connet, M . R., Seneca, Kan.
C onnett C. H ., Seeley, Cal.
♦Connevey W. L., Bauxite, Ark.
Conneway W. L., E dna, Kan.
♦Oonniff M . G., Irvington, Ky.
♦Connley G. B., New York City,
N . Y.
Connolly Chas. L., Cherry, 111.
Connolly E. V., New Y ork C ity
N. Y.
♦Connolly, J. P . Bisbee, Ariz.
Connolly T. A., Fayetteville, O.
Connolly T. E „ Stockton, Cal.
Connolly Thos. H „ Danvers, Minn.
Connor A. R.. W oodstock, O.
♦Connor Chas. O., Enid, Okla.
♦Connor J. E ., M orris, 111.
Connor R. A., Auburndale, Wis.
♦Connors F. H ., Roseglen, N. D.
Connors J. F., A ctu a ry, Lowell,
♦Connors I. E ., M adison. T enn.
♦Conoby G. R., Dunseith, N . D.
Conoboy P . M ., D unseitn, N . D.
Conover H. V., Orion, 111.
Conrad D. E „ Lapel, Ind.
♦Conrad F . W ., L am bert, M ont.
♦Conrad J. A., Chicago. 111.
Conrad W. O.. Chicago, 111.
Conrad Wm. Y., Philadelphia, Pa.
C onrath J. J. H., Jefferson City,
Conrow Fred, Brookville, Kan.
Conrow J. W., E atontow n, N. J.
♦Conrow M ., Brookville, Kan.
Conroy Dan. W. Portsm outh, O.
Conroy R. R ., Hammond, N. Y.
♦Consley R. S., Alton, 111.
C onstant J. W., Cherokee. Okla.
O ontrym an C. L., Ogallala, Neb.
♦Converse A. B., Cresco. Ia.
Converse A. V., Sioux City, Ia.
Converse F. K., Palo, Ia.
♦Converse Norm a, Pawnee Rock,
♦Converse R. R., Hansboro, N . D.
♦Conway E. A., Shreveport, La.
Conway John, Tell City, Ind.
Conway J . W., Gordon, Tex.
♦Conway P. E ., Elm a, Ia.
♦Conway W m. P., New York C ity,
N . Y.
Conway W. A., Conway, Ia.
♦Conway W. F., Woodstock, 111.
Con well J. D., Oakm an, Ala.
♦Conwell O. U., Olbia, Ia.
Conwell Owen F ., Kinross, Ia.
Conwell W. S., Brownsville, Pa.
♦Conyers F. D., Muncie. Ind.
Conyne C. W. M onitos. Ore.
♦Cooert F. M ., Plainfield, Wis.
Cook A.A..S. Pittsburg, Tenn.
Cook A. L., M aquokeia. Ia.
Cook Algie D., Pineville. W. Va.
Cook A rthur, Kewanee 111.
Cook C. C.. Booneville, la .
Cook C. F., Westville, 111.
♦Cook C. H ., Bay City, M ich.
Cook Chas., Spencer, Neb.
♦Cook C. H., Salem, Ia.
Cook Chas. M ., M cGregor, Mich.
Cook C. S., Canton, N. Y.
Cook C. Z.. Danville, Ind
Cook D. W., Beatrice, Neb.
♦Cook E arl M ., N orth Chicago,

Cook E. F.. Rochester, Minn.
Cook E . L„ Chappells, S. C.
Cook E. L „ Ironton, Mo.
♦Cook Elsie, F t. Calhoun, Neb.
Cook E verett M.. Fall River, Mass.
♦Cook E. S., Pella, Ia.
Cook E. T., Conway, Mass.

♦Cook E vangaline, Plainfield, Ind.
Cook E . W., Lebanon, M o.
Cook F . J., Ada, M ich.
Cook F rank J., G rand R apids.
Cook F . M .. Hillsdale. Mich.
♦Cook F . W ., Cleveland, O.
Cook G. C., Carrollton. Ga.
♦Cook Geo. G., Cum berland, M d.
Cook G. T „ Clearmont, Wyo
Cook Guy, Carrington, N . D.
Cook G. W.. G uthrie Center, Ia.
Cook H . B., K lpton, O.
Cook H. B., Stigler, Okla.
♦Cook H . E ., Bucyrus, O.
Cook I. H., Chamberlain, S. D.
Cook I. L.. Oviedo, Fla.
Cook J. A., Las Animas, Colo.
Cook J. A., Le M ars, Ia.
♦Cook J. F ., Auburn, Cal.
Cook J . F „ McRae. Ga.
♦Cook J . H., Canajoharie, N. Y.
♦Cook J. M ., Concord, N. C.
♦Cook J. Milo, Veedersburg, Ind.
♦Cook J. T ., Yoakum, Tex.
♦Cook J. W., Shelby, Ia.
♦Cook L. L.. Spencer, Neb
♦Cook Mary, Blair, Neb.
♦Cook M . H ., Veedersburg, Ind.
Cook M .R..W hite House Sta.,N . J.
♦Cook R. A., Wilsali, M ont.
Cook R. E.. W ausa, Neb.
Cook R. N., Graham . N. C.
Cook R obert N ., Bardstown, Ky.
Cook R. V.. Nashville, Tenn.
♦Cook S. F., CowgUl, Mo.
Cook S. H „ Pleasanton, Tex.
♦Cook S. S., H elena. M ont.
Cook T . J., F o rt Payne, Ala.
Cook T . M ., Abbeville, Ga.
Cook T . T ., El Centro, Cal.
♦Cook W. A., Belle Vernon, Pa.
Cook W. D. F orest Miss.
♦Cook W. E ., Clear Lake, S. D.
Cook Wm. Jones, Pensacola, Okla.
Cook W. M„ Long Beach, Cal.
♦Cook W. M ., Portland, Ore.
Cook W. P.. F t. Calhoun. Neb.
Cook W. W., Clinton, la .
Cooke Charles B., Phlladelphia.Pa.
♦Cooke C. L„ Kiowa, Kan.
♦Cooke D ’A. P., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Cooke, F. T ., Tim pson, Tex.
♦Cooke F. O., San Francisco, Cal.
♦Cooke G. J., Indianapolis, Ind.
Cooke Geo. L .. Oklahoma. Okla.
♦Cooke J. C., M onango, N. D.
Cooke J . R „ St. Louis, Mo.
Cooke J. E ., Aulander, N. C.
Cooke J . W.. Carthage, Tex.
Cooke L. H ., Springfield, O.
♦Cooke L. P ., Brady, Tex.
Cooke N. G., F ulton, Ky.
Cooke R. B., W hitm an, Mass.
♦Cooke Roy, Marvell, Ark.
CookeS. K., K ansas City, Mo.
Cooke W. P., Boyd, Tex.
Cooke W. P ., Odenville, Ala.
♦Cooke W. R.. H azlehurst, Miss.
♦Cooksey R. G., Bowling Green,
♦Cooksey Rhea, K uttaw a, Ky.
Cookson C. B., Puxico, M o.
♦Cool G. E .. P latte, S. D.
♦Cool Grace, Moville, Ia.
Cool J . M., Drain, Ore.
♦Coolbaugh C. W.. Stockton, Kan.
♦Coolbaugh J. O., Stockton, Kan.
Coolbaugh S. J., Stockton, Kan.
♦Cooley Clif, M all Lake, la .
Cooley C. M ., Knoxville, Tenn.
♦Cooley C. M ., Lawn, Tex.
♦Cooley D. W., Houston. Tex.
Cooley W. F., Morris, Mum.
♦Cooley W. F. Jr., M orris, M inn.
♦Coolidage O. W., Savannah, Ga.
Coolidge Dolph, Colfax. Wash.
♦Coolidge H. E., L a Grande. Ore.
♦Coombe O. B.. Lakemllls. Wis.
♦Coombs P . E ., Long Beach, Cal.
♦Coombs W. P., A cting, Ohowchifia, Cal.
♦Coon E. D.. Herm itage. Mo.
Coon Elm er, Braggs, Okla.
♦Coon E . N ., Ashland, Wis.
Coon F. R„ Lordsburg, N. M.
Coon H. A., Charleston, Mo.
♦Coon J . H.. Milton. Wis.
♦Coon M ae, Shepherd, Mich.
♦Coon P. P., Princeton, Mo.
♦Coon S. W., Lordsburg, N , M.
Coon W. T .. Longmont. Colo.
♦Cooner M . G.. Bamberg, S. O.
Cooney H. T „ W oodstock, 111.
Cooney John H., Conemaugh, P a.
Cooney M artin J., Sherrill, Ia.
Cooney W, A., M ayetta, Kan.
♦Coonrod J. O., Winfield, Ia.
♦Coons A. J., Virginia, 111.
Coons J . A., Lebanon, Ind.
Coons W. M .. Goldfield, Ia.
Ooontz W. H ., FaJrview, W.Va.
Coop W alter, Valley City, N. D.
Cooper C. E., Lebanon, N. H.
Cooper Chas. H. E lk Grove. Oal.
Cooper D. C., Jr., Oxford, Ala.
♦Cooper D . N „ Youngstown, O.
Cooper D. N., Canon City, Colo.
Cooper E . E ., St. A nthony, Ia.

♦Cooper E . H „ Sharptown, Md.
♦Cooper Em m et, Lucas, Kan.
♦Cooper E. W ., Lee’s Sum m it, Mo.
♦Cooper E. W. Jr., Yazoo City,
Cooper Ezekiel, W ilmington, ©el.
Cooper ’F ran k L., E v erett, Wash.
Cooper F red C., Conway, la .
♦Cooper F. S., Sauk Center, M inn.
Cooper F. D., Wyoming, Pa.
Cooper F. H., Selma, Ala.
♦Cooper F. I., Chicago, 111.
♦Cooper Geo. D., D avid C ity.N eb.
Cooper Geo. H ., Greenfield, Ind.
♦Cooper Guy F., Riley, K an.
Cooper H. B., Cameron, Mo.
♦Cooper H. E „ Winfield. Kan.
Cooper H. J.. Aurora. 111.
♦Cooper J. A „ »Clarksdale, Miss.
Cooper J. A., -Clarksdale, Miss
Cooper J . C., B ogart, Ga.
Cooper J. D., Fordsville, Ky.
Cooper J . E „ Forreston, Tex.
Cooper J. H., R udy, Ark.
Cooper J . I„ Chicago, 111.
♦Cooper J. L., Birm ingham , Ala.
Cooper J. L., W aterloo, Ala.
Cooper J. P., Hollow Rock, Tenn.
♦Cooper J. R., Kem pton, Ind.
♦Cooper J. R., Parkersburg,W .V a.
Cooper Jos. S., C arey, Ida.
Cooper L. C.. Willis, Tex.
Cooper M . E ., Wiggins, Miss.
♦Cooper N ettie, Odon, Ind.
♦Cooper Ona, Burlington, Wash.
Cooper O. W., Oxford, Ala.
Cooper P . W ., M uncie, Ind.
Cooper R.A.,Redwood Falls,Minn.
♦Cooper R. G., Union, Miss.
Cooper R oy A., H eavener, Okla.
♦Cooper S. C., N unda, N. Y.
♦Cooper T. E., Mayesville, S. C.
Cooper T. J., Pasco, W ash.
Cooper T. M ., Lewistown, O.
♦Cooper Vernon O., Redfleld, la .
Cooper W. C., Pelham , Ga.
♦Cooper W. G ., Bethel, M inn.
Cooper W. H., L aurinburg, N. C.
♦Cooper W . S., Owosso, Mich.
♦Cooper W. W ., L am ar, Colo.
Cooperrider E. O.. Thornville, O.
♦Coots S. C.. Calhoun, Ky.

Corley Geo. O., E astlake, Colo.
♦Corley H . Jr., Terrell, Tex.
Corlis G . R., Anna, 111.
Corlis H. L., Brooksville, Ky.
Corliss B. R., St. Albans, Vt.
Corn J. D ., Sm yrna, Ga.
Cornelius Percy, M angum , Okla.
Cornell O. A., New York City,
n . y.
Cornell O. E ., Goshen. Ind.
Cornell Clair, Leith, N. D.
♦Cornell E. B., Owego, N. Y.
Cornell George. Central Valley,
N. Y.
Cornell H . O., B a ttle G round,
♦Cornell Ira H ,, Belleville, N. J.
♦Cornell J. J., Savannah, Ga.
Cornell J . W .. Albion. N. Y.
♦Cornell L., Amboy, M inn.
♦Cornell Lillian M ., W oodbum ,
Cornell W . J.. W interset. Ia.
♦C ornett J. D .. Jr., Toppenish,
C ornett S. E ., Speedwell, Va.
C o ram an C . R ., Ardmore, Pa.
♦Cornwall C. E., New 'Haven,
♦Cornwall E d ith E ., Downey, Ia.
Cornwall M. H .. Irvington, Ky.
♦Cornwall R. S., Sylvania, Ga.
Cornwall R. S,, T y Ty, Ga.
♦Cornwell E .K .,PIne Island,M inn.
Cornwell F. D., Capron. 111.
Cornwell G. W., Monticello. Ga.
Cornwell J. C ., Lodge Grass,
M ont.
Cornwell L. L., Pine Island, Minn.
Cornwell R. M., Eveletb, Minn.
Corona Louis, Philadelphia, Pa.
Corprew C. M ., DadeviUe, Ala.
♦Corr L. P ., Gloucester, Va.
♦Correll H. G., D etroit, M inn.
Oorrell Ira D ., H unt, 111.
♦Correll L. E ., Casselton, N. D.
Corrie G. H .. St. Francisville. 111.
♦Oorrie J. M ., St. Francisville, HI.
Corrigan Geo. M ., Grandville,
M ich.
♦Corrigan M ., Fargo, N . D.
Corrigan M. F., McMinnville, Ore.
♦Corry E. M., Cedar City, U tah.
♦Corse Miss G. P., Blessing, Tex.
Corse J . L., W ellington, Mo.
Corson Clarence. W ashington,D.C.
Corson C. O., Westville, N. J.
Corson Newton W „ Philadelphia,
P a.
Corson V. I., Juda, Wis.
Corson W . K., Toledo, O.
♦Cortelyou L. Jr., Parsons, Kan.
Corwin A. W „ St. Cloud. Minn.

Coover F.E.,N ew C um berland.Pa.
Cope C. E ., Beason, 111.
♦Cope Lilian, Cam pbellsburg.Ind.
♦Copeland F. O., Randolph, Vt.
Copeland G. W., Clinton, ,S. C.
Copeland O. B., Randolph, Vt.
♦Copeland R. M ., Vichy, Mo.
Copeland T . B., Livingston, Tenn.
Oopellar A. J., Omaha, Tex.
♦Copher C. A., Troy, Mo.
Oopithorn George, Ashippin, Wis.
♦Copland, E . P., M etropolis, 111. | Corwin E. D., M attituck, N. Y.
Corwin E. O., Greenport, N. Y.
Corwin F. W., Sag H arbor, N.Y.
♦Coplen K . N ., Garden Grove, Cal
♦Corwin M . M ., New York C ity.
♦Coplen K. N-, Tom bstone, Ariz
♦Copley B. W ., South Hill, Va.
N. Y.
Corwine H. D., F rankford, Mo.
Coplin H. R.. Kenesaw, Neb.
Cory A rthur S., Chehalis, Wash
♦Coppage E. M., S tanton, la .
♦Coppage J. H ., Church Hill, M d. Cory C. E ., E udora, Kan.
♦Coppedge W. T ., Halifax, N . C. ♦Cory C. E ., Talmo, Kan.
♦Cory Epes. Omaha, Neb.
Coppel C. E ., H avana, 111.
♦Cory F. E., Beliefontaine, O.
Copper W . B., Chestertown, Md.
♦Cory Glen G., E lkhart, Ia.
Coppes F . E ., Nappanee, Ind.
♦Cory H enry, Morristown, N. J.
♦Copple J, B.. M onroe, N. C.
♦Coppom E arl, Holbrook, Neb.
Coryell B. G., Chesaning, Mich.
Copsey R. R., York, Neb.
Corzine A. H.. Assumption, 111.
♦Corzine C. R., Dongola, 111.
C orb ett C. R., Chicago, 111.
Cosby A., Gilbert, Ariz.
C orbett E. R., P o rtland, Ore.
Cosgrove J. J., T itonka, Ia.
C orbett J . C., Chatsw orth, 111.
Cosgrove J. P ., Solon Springs,Wis.
♦C orbett P. D., New Hope, K y.
♦Cosgrove P . A., W averly, M inn.
♦Corbin C. C., Hailwood, Va.
♦Corbin C ourt G., New Harm ony,
Cosgrove P . J., MOlville, Minn.
Cosgrove P. R.. Kinsm an, 111.
Corbin I. M ., Sandborn, Ind.
Cosgrove W . A., V anderbilt, P a.
♦Corbin M . J., E rlanger, Ky.
♦Coshon H. L., Cincinnati, Ia.
♦Corbin S., Coppell, Tex.
♦Oosner H. M., F rankfort, Ind.
Corbin W ebb, Dryden, N. Y.
Cossing H . J., Louisville. 111.
♦Corbin W . J., D undee, M ich.
Costain A. H., Moorhead, Minn.
♦Corbit C. M ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Costello C. E ., Lindsay, Okla.
Corby A. C., New York C ity, N .Y
Corby J . C., Nesquehoning, Pa.
♦Costello J. D., Kellogg, Minn.
Costello John. Kellogg, M inn.
♦Corcoran C. L., Cleveland, O.
Costello J. P ., M inneapolis, M inn.
♦Corcoran J . E ., Lead, S. D.
♦Cordell A. N ., Chicago, 111.
♦Cordell B. P .. Lake B utler, Fla.
Costello M. L.. Raywick, Ky.
♦Cordell L. D ., W est Toledo, O.
♦Costello Nelle, M ay, Okla.
♦Corder Aldridge, Kansas C ity,
Costello T ., M ontrose, S. D.
♦Costello V. A., P e rth Amboy,
♦Corder E u la D ., W hite House,
N . J.
Costen C. C., McKenzie, Texrn.
Corder F . H., W hite House, Tenn.
♦Costen M. L., Princess Anne, Md.
Corder J. Stanley, Phillippi.W .Va.
Costin A. H ., Atkinson, N . O.
Cordes H . H ., W aterloo, la .
Costner J. A.. M t. Holly, N. C.
Cordts J. A., Overbrook, Kan.
♦Cote E . L., M innesota Lake
Core Daniel H., Ford City, P a.
M inn.
♦Core E. E ., Robinson, 111.
♦Cotham J. H ., A rkansas City
Core G. W.. Columbus Grove, O.
Core G. W., Vaughnsville, O.
♦Corey C. F., Southbridge, Mass. C othran T . J., Lelia Lake, Tex.
Corey Dewey, C alipatria, Cal.
Cotner F . B., L afayette, O.
Corey F. B., Greenport, N. Y.
♦Cotten C. D., Birm ingham . Al»
Corey G. H „ Boston, Mass.
♦Cotter C. C., Sacram ento, Cal.
♦Corey H. W., Bristow, Okla.
♦Cotter C. E ., W anette, Okla.
♦Corfe E . A., Union, la .
J . B„ Chicago, 111.
♦Corke R. D., Paisley, Ore.
♦C ottm an O. P ., Douglass, Kan
Corkill W. A.. Chester. S. C.
♦Cotton C. H ., Hitchcock, S. D.
♦Corley E. D ., E astlake, Colo.
C otton C. R., Denver, Colo.
Corley George, B rookport, 111.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

C otton E ., Miller, Kan.
♦Cotton F. W., Belleque, Pa.
C otton J. M ., Meno, Okla.
♦Cotton M amie, Meno, Okla.
Cotton N. L., Lone Rock, la.
♦Cotton R. V., Miller, Kan.
Cotton W. D.. Dardanelle. A rk
Couch A. R., W einert, Tex.
♦Couch E ., M t. Vernon, Tex.
♦Couch G. R. Jr., W einert, Tex.
Couch Howard, Eniden, Mo. ,
♦Couch Mrs. Howard, Em den,
♦Couch M . R., A nthony, Kan.
Couch, Q. C., Lubbock, Tex.
Couch R. O., Haskell, Tex.
♦Couch T. S., Avonmore, Pa.
♦Couch V: B., Lone Oak, Tex.
Couch W. T „ Lonoke, Ark.

♦Cowperthwait. C. C., Mt". H olly.
N . J.
Cox A. L., Glendale, Ky.
♦Cox Allen H ., Otterville, M o.
♦Cox A. M ., M t. Olive, N . C.
♦Cox A. P., Eldorado, 111.
♦Cox A udry, O’Brien, Tex.
♦Cox C. A., L ott, Tex.
Cox C. B., Harlan, Kan.
Cox C. B., Benton, Ky.
Cox Clarence, Seligman, M o.
Cox C. T ., Creedmoor, N . C.
Cox C. W.. Frem ont. O.

Cox E. B., Harlan, Kan.
Cox E. E., Cairo, 111.
♦Cox E. J., Vacaville,-Cal.
♦Cox Emm a, Osceola, Ark.
♦Cox E arl W., Darlington, Ind.
Cox F. O., Sm ithsburg, Md.
♦Coufal L. R., Howell, Neb.
Cox F rank E., S. Otselic, N . Y.
Coughlan D. J., F ort Dodge, Ia.
Cox F. W., A ttalla, Ala.
♦Coughlin R. T„ K entland, In d
Cox G. B., M alvern, Ark.
♦Coughran C. E ., Visalia, Cal.
♦Cox G. P., Wilmore, Ky.
♦Couglin Sylvia, Noonan, N. D.
Cox G. P., W est .Jefferson, N. C
Couk C. E., Jonesville. Va.
Cox G. W.. Xenia, 111.
Coulbourne E. R., M arion Station. Cox H. A., Burnside, Ia.
M d.
♦Cox H enry L., Hillsboro, 111.
♦CoUlehan W. C., Longmont,Colo. Cox H. M„ Arlington, Ore.
♦Coulson E. C., Chapin, 111.
Cox H. R., Bardstown, Ky.
Coulter E. C., Neosho, Mo.
♦Cox J. A.,Maryville, Tenn.
Coulter L. L.. Geneseo. Kan.
♦Cox J. E., Albuquerque, N- M.
♦Cox J. F., New Orleans, La.
Cox J . G., Otterville, Mo.
Coulter R. L., W ashington, la.
Cox J. J., Beagle, Kan.
♦Coulter R. S., Plains, M ont.
♦Coulter W. P., H untington, Ore. ♦Cox John C., Augusta, Kan.
♦Cox J. P ., Collinsville, Ala.
♦Coulthard R. A.. Benton, Wis.
Coumbe J. Robt., Blue River, Wis ♦Cox J. P., Smithfleld, Va.
Cox John T., Howe, Neb.
Council C. M ., Americus, Ga.
Council E . A., M orehead City, Cox J . W.. Madison Station, Miss.
Cox L. F., Thebes. 111.
N. C.
♦Cox L. P ., Wadesville, Ind.
♦Council K.. Gretna, La.
Cox L. W., F rankfort, Ind.
♦Counsell F. J., Williams, Ia.
♦Cox Lyle H., Kosshia, Ida.
C ountrym an C. L., Wallace. Neb.
Cox M. A., Rock Rapids, la .
C ountrym an E . J., Dixon, 111.
Countrym an R. A., M alta, 111.
♦Cox O. A. Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Counts J. A., Prosperity. S. C.
Cox O. A., Ketchum , Okla.
♦Counts R. B., M emphis, Tenn.
Counts W .A .,Little Mountain.S.C. ♦Cox O. R., Johnson City, Tenn.
Cox P . H., Birmingham, Ky.
♦Courreges E . J., Mineola, Tex.
♦Cox P. M ., New W ilmington, P a.
♦Coursey T . J., D ecatur, Miss.
♦Cox P. M .. B artlett, Tex.
Courson R. E ., Remsen, Ia.
♦Oourtaine W. H ., D etroit, Mich. ♦Cox R. F., Mansfield, Ohio.
Cox R . L., Polk, Neb.
♦Courtney G. B., Bagley, M inn.
♦Courtney H . W ., Konawa, Okla. Cox R . M.. A m herst. Va.
Courtney W. E „ R utherford, Tenn. Cox Roy, Springfield, Mo.
C ourtney W. H., W hitesburg, Ky. ♦Cox R u th A., T ro u t Dale, Va.
♦Courtright O. W „ Duncombe, Ia. ♦Cox T. A., Lincoln, 111.
Cox T . W., M illboro, Va.
Cox W. A., Longton, Kan.
♦Couser E . H ., Prineville, Ore.
Cox W. A., Ferris, Tex.
♦Cousey J. A., Parksley, Va.
♦Cox W. E., B artlett, Tex.
♦Cousins B. F., Lynchburg, Va.
♦Coutts Andrew, E vanston, Wyo. Cox W. H., Fairm ount. N. D.
♦Couturier J. L., New Orleans, La. ♦Cox W. J., Chicago, 111.
♦Couvillon Foster, M arksville, La. ♦Cox W. P., Heppner, Ore.
Cox W. T ., Dublin, Tex.
Coveil C. B., H em et, Cal.
Cox Zella, Sheridan, Ore.
Coveil G. E., W hitehall. Mich.
Covell L. E ., New London, M inn. ♦Coxsey W. G.. Green Forest,
♦Coventry C. E., Findlay, 111.
Cover J . B., Williamsburg. O.
♦Coverdale R . C., Havensville, ♦Coxwell T. F.. De Soto, M o.
Coyle E. P., Newcastle, Wyo.
♦Coyle H. B., E arl P ark, Ind.
Covey H arry H., Rem brandt, Ia.
♦Coyle Jas. P., Wellsville, N . Y.
Covey J. N .. G entry, Ark.
♦Covington Bettie, P ortland, M o. ♦Coyle L. Stanley, Chicago, 111.
♦Coyle, Pearl S., Braym er, Mo.
♦Coyle W. J., Sterling. Kan.
♦Covington C. A., Frisco. Tex.
Covington C. B., Marshville, N.C. ♦Coyner Orlando, Colfax, Ind.
♦Covington E . M ., College Grove, ♦Coyot C; D ., Burlington, Kan.
Cozad J . C., Decatur, Ia.
Gozad L. E ., Malcolm, Neb.
♦Covington F. F., Eudora, Ark.
♦Covington Hy. C., H ot Springs, ♦Cozad W. T., Shenandoah, Ia.
Cozart L, W., Wewoka, Okla.
♦Cozean W. B., Elvins, Mo.
♦Covington J. R., Hearne. Tex.
A. L., Milpitas, Cal
♦Covington J . W ., Rockingham,
Crabb Daniel, Delavan, 111.
N . O.
Covington L. S„ Rockingham,N.C. ♦Crabb Daniel, Hopedale, 111.
♦Cdvington M . L., Heavener, Crabb Jo h n A., Eminence. Ky.
♦Crabb W. W.. Delavan, 111.
♦Crabbe F. W., Jr., Edina, Mo.
Covington O. D., H avana, 111.
Covington R. L.. Hazlehurst.Miss. C rabtree B. R-, Ellenaale, N . D.
C rabtree J. H ., Beaver, Okla.
Covington W m „ Alvord. Tex.
Covington W. P ., Raeford, N . C. ♦Cracraft W. A., Charleston. W.Va
Covy Louis W., F la t Rock, Ind. Craddock D. P ., K annard, T ot.
♦Craddock O. W., Winnsboro, Tex.
Cowan E ., Ellen wood, Ga.
Craddock W. M ., Yantas, Tex.
Cowan F . R., Craig, Colo.
C raft B. E ., Swansea, S. C.
♦Cowan H. E ., H obart, N. Y.
Craft J . G., Hartwell, Ga.
♦Cowan H. R., Richland, Mo
Craft M. S., Jackson, Miss.
Cowan J. E ., Northom e, M inn.
♦Craft S. C ., Swansea, S. C.
Cowan M. D., Sylva, N. C.
C raft W. E .. Sidney, Ia.
Cowan W. H., Rogers, Ark.
♦Coward R., Grifton. N. C.
Oragun H. E ., Pem berton, M inn.
Cowch Quest O., Tuscola, Tex.
*Cragwick O. A., Ellsworth, Ja.
Cowden A. T .. H oratio, Ark.
Craig A. D.. Palm erton, Pa.
Cowell S. B.. W hitesboro, Tex.
Craig C. H.. Memphis, Tenn.
♦Craig C. H., Spring Lake, N. J.
Cowen D. T ., Flushing, O.
♦Craig C. L., Rogerson, Ida.
Cowen G. H., L am ont, Okla.
Cowen J. B., Bonners Ferry, Ida. ♦Craig C. O., Galena, Mo.
Cowgill N . W., Noblesville. Ind. Craig Dale, Fairm ount, 111.
♦Cowherd P . W ., Columbia, Va. Craig F. B., Corinth, Ky.
Craig George A., Middletown,
♦Cowie James, Kanopolis, Kan.
Cowiger Thomas, McGrew, Neb.
Cowing J . A., Homewood, 111.
•aig Geo. K ., W adesboro, N .C .
♦Cowing M. E ., W alsenburg, Colo.
big G. T ., P o rt A rthur, Tex.
Cowles A. O., D erby Line. Vt.
t>ig H arry, Memphis, Mo.
Cowles F . M ., W allingford, Conn.
■aig H. G., W est L iberty, O.
Cowles H. T „ Am herst, Mass.
,ig H . O., Gardner, K an.
Cowles W arren G., Flandreau,
aig H . W., Brookfield. Mo.
S. D.
•aig H . W .t T arpon Springs, Fla.
Cowles W. T ., Glens Falls. N .Y .
•aig J. E .. Mansfield, Mo.
Cowley G., Spencer, M iddletown,
ig J . J.. Illmo, Mo.
N . Y.
■aig J . L.. Cheraw. S. O.
♦Cowling C. C., Texarkana, Ark.

Craig J . M„ Paris, Mo.
*Craig J. R., Memphis, Tenn.
♦Craig J . vV., Selrpa, Ala.
Craig Lorenzo. Sandy Lake, Pa.
♦Craig LeRoy, Belvidere. N . J.
♦Craig L. W., E a st St. Louis, 111.
♦Craig L. w .. N ational Stock
Yards, 111.
♦Craig M aurice, Illm o, Mo.
♦Craig M . H-, Corinth, Ky.
Craig N. J.. Mansfield, Mo.
Craig R. A., M elstone, M ont.
♦Craig R. H., Pasco, Wash.
Craig R- R., La M anda P ark, Cal.
Craig V. T., E m m ett, Ida.
Craig W. B., Linneus, Mo.
Craig W. H., Clayton, 111.
♦Craig W. P., Danville, III.
Craig W. S* Tallulah. La.
Craig W. T., Ingom ar, M ont.
♦Crain A. J., Roff, Okla,
♦Crain C. B ., Iowa C ity, la .
C rain P . R ., Pattonvifie, Tex.
Crain, F. R., Vandervoort, Ark.
♦Crain Grace, Brookport, III.
C rain J. L., M anchester, Mo.
♦Crain J. N ., S tanton, Tex.
C rain N. J., Lometa, Tex.
Crain R. D., W inchendon. Mass.
C rain R . J., Rapelje, M ont.
Cralle A. A., Tappahannock, Va.
C ram blitt F. A.. Stockton, Cal.
♦Cramer A. O., C incinnati, O.
Cramer C. B., D etroit, Mich.
Cramer C. L., P ra tt, Kan.
♦Cramer E . F-, VentnorO., N. J.
♦Cramer F. E ., Bartlesville, Okla.
Cram er F. T .. Bloomfield. N. J.
♦C ram p to n E .M .. H artford. Conn.
Crandall A. L., Los Angeles, Cal.
Crandall A. P „ L ittle River, Kan.
Crandall C. w ., Fullerton, Cal.
♦Crandall D. E .. Vancouver,W ash.
♦Crandall E. B., M ilford, U tah.
Crandall F . E ., Red Oak, la .
♦Crandall G. P., Westfield, N. Y.
C randall H. B.. Salina, U tah.
Crandall H. W., W innetoon, Neb.
♦Crandall L. C., P ontiac, Mich.
♦Crandall W illiam T ., Norwich,
♦Crane E. L., Buffalo, 111.
♦Crane G arvin,G ardenC ity,M inn.
Crane G. H.. F ayette. O.
♦Crane L. G., E ast Chicago, Ind.
C rane W. C., Franklin, Tex.
♦Crangle John, Steen, M inn.
♦Crank Russell C., Louisa, Va.
♦Crank R. D., Odessa, Mo.
Cranston E . J.. T ustin, Cal.
Cranz Oscar H., Gordonsville.Va.
C rary C. 8.. Burlingame, Cal.
C rate Jas. S., O akhurst, Tex.
C rater Theo. F .’, New Comerstown, O.
♦Cratsenberg F. E., Decorah, la .
Craum er W. C., Towson, Md.
♦Crause Lydia, Kingston, 0 .
Craven A. F „ Hollister, Ida.
Craven F. J.. Dallas. Ore.
♦Craven E . L., Excelsior Spgs.,
M o.
Craven I. F., Ram seur, N. C.
Craven M. H.. Odell, 111.
C raven M . M ., Rector, Ark.
Craven W. B., Ardmore, S. D.
Craven W. G., Huntersville, N . O.
♦Cravens E . H ., Excelsior, Mo.
Cravens N . A., Silsbee, Tex.
Crawford A. F „ Breckenridge,
♦Crawford A. J.. D arby, Pa.
♦Crawford Anna, Wamego, Kan.
Crawford B. G., Grayville, 111.
♦Crawford B. L., Tolono, 111.
Crawford B. C., Sheridan, M ich.
Crawford C. C., M antorville, Minn.
Crawford E . C., Ducktown, Tenn.
Crawford Edm und, Castle Dale,
U tah.
Crawford E. J., Comstock, Neb.
♦Crawford E . L., Jasper, Mo.
♦Crawford E . L., Santa Ana, Cal.
Crawford F rank, Lihue, Hawaii.
♦Crawford Gladys, C entral City,
Crawford M rs. Grace, Pettigrew ,
♦Crawford H. C., Aubrey, Tex.
Crawford H. L., Hindsboro, 111.
Crawford I. D ., Beaverton, M ich.
Crawford J . L., Dothan, Ala.
♦Crawford J. L., Gamaliel, Ky.
♦Crawford J. L., Rossville, Tenn.
♦Crawford, J. M ., Superior, Wis.
Crawford Jo h n P .. T arentum , Pa.
♦Crawford J. R., Crandall. Tex.
Crawford J. S., B attle Creek, la.
Crawford J. T., D ayton, Tenn.
Crawford J . T. Jr., Pam pa, Tex.
Crawford Jno. W., Brownfield, 111.
Crawford Lee, Franklin, N. C♦Crawford M ary, Rosebush, Mich.
■¡Crawford Oris, M edford, Ore.
Crawford P . W., Chapin, la .
Crawford S. G., Sterling. Ifi.
Crawford T. B „ Jerm yn, Pa.
Springs, Mo.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

W. Ya.




Crawford W . B ., W est F rankfort,
Crawford W. O., New Holland, O,
Crawford W. H., Kingsport, Tenn.
Crawford W . M.,
Grove. O.
♦Crawford W. M ., Crawfordsville,
Crawford W. M., Leeds, Mo.
Crawford W. N., Berlin, Wis.
Crawford W. P ., Delhi, La.
♦Crawford W. T ., Alma, Ark.
Cray J . B „ Lime Spring, la .
♦Cray Winfield, Chester, la .
C ray W. W., Chester, ia .
Crays G. E „ Rossville, 111.

Crockett R. R ., Graham , Va.
C rockett S. A., Englewood, Tenn.
C rockett T. W., Yorktown, Va.
♦Croessmann V. G., Duquoin, IU.
C roft T. W., St. Thomas, P a.
♦Croghan H. M „ C am den, Ind.
♦Crohite Jas., N orth Zulch, Tex. Croley Jas. F ., AliceviUe, Ala.
♦Cromartie O. E .. Caldwell, Tex.
♦Cromer W. W., Newberry, S. C.
CromweU J. M., C yathlana, Ky.
♦Cron F. H., Eldorado, Kan.
Cronan F rank E ., lone, Ore.
♦Cronan H. F., Portageville, Mo.
Crone A rthur É ., Plainfield, N. J.
Crone D. D., Keota, la .
♦Crone F rank C., M errim an, Neb.
Crone F red H., Haigler, Neb.
Cronin J. P., H artford City, Ind.
♦Cronin Nellie, Ciare. Ia.
I Cronk A. P., Everly. Ia.

♦Grays Geo. E ., Alvin, 111.
♦Crays R. C., Windsor, 111.
♦Grays W. T ., Dieterich, 111.
Creager W. A., N orthfork, W. Va.
Creagh H. A., PollocksviUe, N.C. ♦Cronk G. D ., E verly, Ia.
♦Cronk Horace A., Norwalk, Wis.
Creamer J. M„ W abash, Neb.
Cronk W. A., Addison, N. Y.
♦Creamer M . V., W abash, Neb.
; Cronkleton G. G., B ayard, Neb.
♦Creamer M . S., Osborn, Mo.
; Cronland Albert, Cheyenne, W yo.
Crear William, Stillwell, 111.
Cronquist A. F., Erskine. Minn.
C reary J. E ., M em phis, T enn.
♦Creasy M. A., F ront Royal, Va.
Creath H. D., W ellington, Tex.
♦Crook J . T ., Ratcliff, Tex.
Creber W. H., Chicago, 111.
Crook John H., Champlain, N. Y.
Crecelius J. L.. St. Louis, Mo.
Crooke J . W.. Richmond, Ky.
: Crooks A. R., Crooks, S. D.
Crooks C. E., Goldendale, W ash.
♦Crecelius O. L., St. Louis, M o.
I »Crooks C. L.. UnioiivUle. Mo.
♦Crechton F. E ., Oakland, Cal.
Credicott C. M., Mapleton, Minn.
Cree S. H., R oaring Spring, Pa.
♦Crooks M . J., Crooks, S. D.
Creech Oscar F., N orm an P ark, ♦Crooks W. B., Benicia, Gal.
♦Oropley C. T ., W ashington, D C .
♦Creeden J. J., L a Farge, Wis.
♦Cropp C. L., Richwood, W. Va.
♦Creegan L. J., Blooming Prairie, Cropper L. B.. M oulton. Ala.
M inn.
! Cropper W. D., Burlington, Ky.
Cregan Thomas, Olga. N. D.
♦Creger M . S ., T ruro, la .
♦Crorey F. C., Carsonville. Mich.
Cregg C. E „ Enloe, Tex.
♦Crosby A. J., M ohawk, Tenn.
Crego F. O.. DeKalb. IU.
Crosby D. C., Elbing, Kan.
Creighton C. L., Encino, N. M . Crosby D. H., PhUipsburg, Pa.
Crosby George A., Bangor, Me.
♦Crosby H. C„ Leland, Miss.
♦Crenshaw E . W., B ryan, Tex.
♦Crenshaw J. B „ Newbern, Tenn. ♦Crosby H . D ., Fargo. N . D.
C rosby L. L., E verett, Wash.
C renshaw J . S., Cadiz. Ky.
Crenshaw N. H ., Guntown, Miss.
♦Crosby Paul, Turin, Ia.
Crenshaw R. T., Memphis, Tenn.
♦Crosby W . R ., Beloit, Wis.
♦Creps Chas. I., D ysart, Ia.
Crosland E . T., Bennettsville,
S. O.
♦Cresap W. A., T renton, Term.
Crosno Dial, Ina, 111.
Cress G. F ., Prescott, Ark. '
Cresse W adsworth, W oodbury, N. ♦Cross Adeline, Colwood, M ich.
Cross C. A., Dawson, N. D.
♦Cressey C. J., San Francisco, Cal. ¡Cross C. E .. Bangor. Mich.
Cross C. R ., G irard, Tex.
Cressey K. B., Sioux Falls, S. D.
Cressler S. O.. Lakevlew, Ore.
Cressm an S. F., Quakertown, Pa. C ro ss D eW itte, Calera, Ala.
Cross D eW itte, Colum biana, Ala.
♦Cresswell Omar, Potosi, Me.
Cross G. W., T intah. M inn.
♦OressweU R. C., F o rt Collins,
Cross I. M ., E p h rata, Wash.
♦Cross R. E ., T roup, Tex.
CresweU H., Penelope, Tex.
♦Cross R. L., Holdrege, Neb.
♦Creswell W. A., StephenvUle,
♦Cross Wm. B., Brownwood, Tex.
♦Crew Chas. C., E ndicott, Wash. Crossan A. W., Eldora. Ia.
♦Crossing J. A., Springfield, Tenn.
♦Crew F . W., Philadelphia, Pa.
Crossland Chas., Bowen, 111.
♦Crew T. N ., Chico, Cal.
Crossland L. C ., H atto n , W ash.
♦Crews A- B., M ontrose, IU.
♦Crews, C. M ., Spartanburg, 8. O. Crossley B. F., Dushore, Pa.
♦Crossley J. P ., Titusville, Pa.
Crews Jam es M .. Montrose, 111.
Crossman E. N.,WUliamston,Mlch.
Crews J. K., Dodsonville, Tex.
♦Cribbs F. A., Lynchburg, 8. C. ♦Crossman H arrold, M arion, N. D
♦Crichlow N . C., M urfreesboro, ♦Crossman 8. V., Edwardsvitte,
♦Crosson G. R .. Blanchester, O.
Crichton, R. M., Verona, N. D.
♦Crickmer,C.E.,Ronceverte,W .Va.
♦Crider E. P., Danville, Va.
♦Crider H. J., M aitland, Mo.
♦Crider J. W., Charleston, W. Va.
Crim C. W., W. Frankfort, IU.
Crim E. F., Henderson, Tex.
Crim W. C., PinehUl, Tex.
♦Crim W. C.. W .F rankfort. IU.
Crimmins Alvah.Charlevoix.M ich,
♦Crim m ins M argaret, Concordia.
Gripe Ellen N ., Urbana, Ind.
♦Crippen E dw ard, Oneonta, N . Y.
Crippen E m m ett. E lizabethtow n,
Crissman M . H „ Paonia. Colo.
Crist C. F., HuntsviUe, Mo.
Crist Chas. E „ Blanco, Tex.
♦Crist J. W ., Circleville, O.
Crist N. R., Dayton, Va.
Criswell O. M ., Arion, Iowa.
Criswell T. F.. B uckholts. T ex.
♦Crites W. E ., Spring VaUey, O.
C rittenden A. M., Milford, N. J.
♦C rittenden E. D., Kassori, M inn.
Crittenden F. H ., Burton, O.
♦Crittenden J. A., GreenviUe,
♦Crittenden L. G., M angum , Okla.
♦Critz C arlton E ., Vicksburg,
M ich.
Gritz F . L „ Scotts, Mich.
Critz F . L.. Vicksburg, Mich.
Critz Leo C . , Riverside, Ia.
♦Crocker Elm a, Seabord, N . C.
C rockett C. V., ShelbyvUle, Ind.
C rockett H. E „ Logan, U tah.

♦Crosson J. 8., Leesville. 8. C.
Crosswhite J. 8., CUnton, Okla.
Crosthw aiteC . 0 . ,D avidC ity,N eb.
Croswell O. J., Princess Anne. Md.
Croswhite J. H., W averly, Mo.
Crothers H. S., HamUton, Wash.
Crothers R. E ., Badger, 8. D.
C ro th ers 8. B.. H ayti, 8. D.
C rothers 8. L., A rthur, N . D.
Crothers W. D., Brady, Tex.
♦Grotty W. E., StephenvUle, Tex.
Crouch A. B., Baltim ore, M d.
Crouch 8. J., T hree Forks, M ont.
♦Crouch W. A. Saluda, S. C. .
Crouch W. E., Collins, Mo.
Oroughwell T . F., Taylor, Neb.
♦Crouse E. A., G ettysburg, Pa.
Crouse R. O.. B eattie. Kan.
♦Crouthamel T. A., Perkasie, Pa.
♦Crow B. J., Canby, Minn.
♦Crow O. 8., Lockwood, M o.
♦Crow C. B., Racine, O.
Crow E . B ., Raleigh, N. C.
♦Crow E. K., D avid City, N eb
♦Crow G. B., Ripley, W. Va.
Crow G. D.. W est. Tex.
♦Crow Geo. E ., New London, Mo.
♦Crow I, K., Point Marion, Pa.
Crow J . C.. Cobbtown. Ga.
♦Grow J . R., Charleston, Miss.
Crow M. B.. Qridley, K an.
Crow W. H ., Soddy, Tenn.
♦Crow W. L., Hagan, Ga.
Crow W. L., Stillmore, Ga.
Crowder J. L., Apex, N. C.

C ro w d e r J . R . S „ C hicago, IU.
C row der R . B ., H enderson, N . O.
C row der W . H .. J r ., S ullivan. I n d
♦C row dis C. O ., V andalia, M o.
♦C row e H . J ., B oone, Ia.
Crowe J . T .. M eridian, Miss.
C ro w e M alcolm , L os A ngeles,
C al.
♦C row e 8. V ., B ooneviUe, M iss.
C row e W m . S.. M anistlque, M ich.
CroweU A . H „ N ew ton, N . C.
Crow ell M. K „ S a c ra m e n to , Cal.
CroweU N . F ., S tu a r t . N eb.
♦C row ell S. P ., P e rry , G a.
♦CroweU T hos. 8., Y a rm o u th P o r t

M ass

♦Crow ell W m ., P a o la , K an .
C row ley C h as., Y u m a , Colo.
C row ley D „ Scappoose, O re.
♦C row ley F . J ., T o m ah , W is.
C row ley J . A., R a n d o lp h , N. Y.
♦C row ley J. A ., Y u m a, Colo.
C row ley J . B., W h e a tla n d , Mo.
♦C row ley J. 0 . E a s t C h atta n o o g a ,
T en n .
C row nover B. B „ B enedict. N eb.
; C row son M . C ;, H ig h P o in t, N . C .
C row son J r . W . J ., S u m ter .8 . C.
O ro w th er W. H ., S e a ttle , W ash.
¡C roxton E . M .. L a n c a ste r. 8. C .
;Croy H . H .. H ud so n , o .
;*C roy O tto W ., 8 t. Jo se p h , M o.
♦C rozier H . R ., O m aha, N eb.
C ruce H . P ., M ontlcello, A rk .
C ru ce J . L ., W eir, T ex.
C ru d in g to n O. C ., W arsaw , M o.
C ru d u p . T . H .. K ittre ll. N . O.
C ru ik sh a n k C . D ., B la k ele y ,
M in n .
♦C ruise A. Jo h n , M assen a, Ia.
♦C ruise J . E ., K e y sto n e , W . V a.
♦C rull L . E ., H u n tin g to n , In d .
C r u m C . W ., O lney, 111.
C r u m F ra n k , M o u n d s, O kla.
C ru m J . M ,, E ugene, M o.
¡Crum J . 8., B rew ton, Ala.
C ru m A. J ., K irkw ood, M o.
C ru m C. H., Quenemo, Kan.
♦C rum E . G., G a rn e tt. K a n
¡Crum Jn o . B ., V andalia, M o.
♦ C ru m b C ly d e B ., B urlingam e,
K an .
♦ C ru m b F . W ., E stherviU e, Ia .
C ru m b H e rb e rt D ., H a rv a rd , ill.
C ru m b J . B .. B urlingam e. K a n .
♦C rum bo B . R ., M onon, In d .
♦ C rum ly G lenn T ., C olby, K a n .
C ru m ly I . W ., R exford, K a n .
C ru m p W . B ., W y n n e W ood,O kla.
C ru m p W . O ., S u n b u ry , N . C.
C ru m p W . T .. W ag ram , N . C.
♦C ru m p W . W ., W yn n e, O kla.
♦ C ru m p to n M . C ., M aplesville,
C ruse J . S., H a rd in , Mo.
♦C ruse J . 8., P ilo t G rove, M o.
C ru tc h e r G. W ., H en d erso n , K y.
C ru tc h e r W . E ., V ine G rove, K y.
♦C rutchfield M. R ., T ren to n , K y,
C ru tte n d e n C. H ., In k s te r. N . D.
♦C ruzen A . L ., W a ln u t H ill, III.
C ruzen M. J „ O skaloosa. Ia .
C ru z en P . G ., D on n elly , Id a .
C ruzen W . E ., B ecker, M inn.
C ry s le r A. B ., O scoda, M ich.
G ry sle r O . W ., C ro g h an , N . Y .
C rysup J . T ., B a stro p . T ex.
C u b b ag e B . E ., W yom ing, D el.
C u b e rly W . F ., Vici, O kla.
C ucullu A llen, L y n c h b u rg , V a.
C u d d ih y E . F ., C alum et, M ich.
C u d d y O. H .. H e d ric k , Ia .
♦ C u d d y R oss P ., S t. L ouis, M o .
C udm ore R . T „ D e tro it, Mich.
♦C uerden H . M .. H a m ilto n , IU.
C u ffn e y W ., P r a tts b u rg , N . Y.
C u lb e rt O. L ., Ja c k so n , C al.
♦C ulbertson C .W .,ShelbyvU le,Ind.
C u lb e rtso n H . M., P a n o ra , la .
C ulb ertso n J . C.. P ip e r C ity, IU.
♦C ulbertson J . R ., L orain, 0 .
C u lb e rtso n L loyd G ., L ong Isla n d ,
K an.
♦ C ulbertson T . W ., G re tn a , N eb .
♦ C ulbertson W . R ., G reenville, O.
C u lb e rtso n W . W ., M iam i, F la .
O u lb re th J . A ., D u n n , N . C.
O u lb re th W . G ., Susanville, C al.
Cull A . L.. Oakland, N eb.
C ullen J . S., W h itte m o re . Ia .
C ullen R . J .. E a s t D u b u q u e , III.
CuUen R . T „ W e st T a m p a , F la .
♦CuUen W . O ., S an F rancisco,C al.
CuUer I. L ., C arey, O.
C uller J . W ., O rangeburg, S. C.
♦C ullers O. C ., Scandia, K an .
♦C ulley W ayne. M ullinville, K a n
CuUy O. L ., Saxm an, K a n .
♦C ulp F . C ., H enderson, T ex.
♦C ulp H . D ., C olum bus. O.
♦C ulp P . E ., B earden, A rk.
C u lp W . P . J r. E lgin, Tex.


G ulton C. S., W inters, Cal.
Culver Admon P ., G reat Barring­
ton, Mass.
•Culver A. E ., Laurel, Del.
Culver C. V., Clayton, Mich.
Culver H. J „ Garden Grove, la .
Oulwell W. S., H enrietta, Tex.
Oumberford E . Y., St. Joseph, M o.
•Cum m ing C. M ., Sugar Grove,
Cum m ing T . C ., B ridgeport, Conn.
•Cum m ing W. N .t W atsonville,
•C um m ings A. B., N ashville,Tenn.
Cum m ings C.E., Blue R apids,K an.
Gummings C. L., Effingham, K an.
•Cum m ings E . B., Effingham,
•Cum m ings E . F., Cannelton, Ind.
Gummings E, Q. Frederick, S. D.
Cummings Ira. Carson City. Mich.
•Cum m ings Ira, H ubbardston,
•Cum m ings J. 0 ., Gower, M o.
•Cummings J. E., Blaine, Kan.
Cummings Leo. P., Chicago, 111.
•Cummings R. E .. Colfax, la .
•Cum m ings W. A., D avis C ity. Ia.
•Cum m ings W. J., S tockett.M ont.
•Cum m ins A. R., M adisonville,K y
•C um m ins C lark L ., Brainerd,
M inn.
Cum m ins Guy, Oregon, Mo.
•Cum m ins H., Woodsboro. Tex.
Cum m ins H. M ., lone, Ore.
Cummins J. C., Sidney, O.
Cummins L. M ., Clearm ont, M o.
Cum m ins R. S., Y orktow n, Ind.
Cummins W. N., Eddyville, Ky.
Cum m ins W. T ., Blanchard, N. D.
Cummiskey F. J., Llsmore. Minn.
Oum pton J. P., Laverne, Okla.
Cundall F. W., Chesterfield, IÜ.
•C undy J. H ., M arshfield, Wis.
Cunningham A.. Evergreen, Ala.
CunninghamA.M., Arlington. Tenn.
•C unningham B. A., Somerset, Pa.
Cunningham C. A., Cresson. P a.
•C unningham Chas., Roxton, Tex.
•C unningham C. T ., E dna, K an.
•C unningham D. W ., P alo P into,


Cunningham F . C., Lima, O.
Cunningham F rank, F o rt S cott,
•C unningham F . R „ Lewistown,
M ont.
•C unningham F . R. N ., Hopewell,
Cunningham G. M.. Woodson, 111.
•C unningham G. T ., Salem, Ark.
Cunningham H., Tarkio, Mo.
C unningham H ., F air Play, M o.
•C unningham H. L., Clarksburg.
W. Ya.
Cunningham H . S., Hom estead,
Cunningham Jas., Fairfield, Pa.
Cunningham J. B., Irw in, Pa.
Cunningham J . H „ W estm inster,
Cunningham J.M ., Loveland,Colo.
•C unningham J. N „ Ogdensburg,
N . Y.
Cunningham J . R ., Apex, N. C.
C unningham J . T ., W orland,
Cunningham J . W ., Sanford, N. C.
Cunningham J. W .,■ W arren, Ind.
•C unningham K ., W inner, S. D.
•C unningham Miss L. J., Kingstree, S. C.
•C unningham L. M ., Prescott,
Cunningham L. O., Arlington, Ga.
Ctmningham M. J., Bisbee, Ariz.
•Cunningham P . V., St. P eters­
burg, Fla.
•C unningham R. B., A tlanta, Ga.
•Ctm ningham R. E ., Richm ond,
Cunningham R . R., Corcoran, Cal.
•C unningham S. R., Princeton,
•C unningham S. S., Centerville,
C unningham W. H ., Alm yra, Ark.
Cunningham W. J ., Rulo, Neb.
Cunningham W .W „Lewistow n.Pa.
C unterbury R. H ., H im tsville, Ala
•G uppies S. B., Melrose. N. Mex.
C upps E . L., Gerlane, Kan.
•C ürby R. B., E. Liverpool, O.
•C urd C. S., Greenville, Ky.
•C urd Elm er, M t. Juliet, Tenn.
Curell Randal, Nashville, Tenn.
C url F . W ., M eade, K an.
C url V. B., Sumner, Okla.
Curless J . A., Swayzee, Ind.
•C u rran J. S., San Francisco, Cui.
C urray l. T ., Lebanon, Mo.
•C urrey Bradley, Nashville, T enn.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

•C urrie M . D ., New Y ork C ity,
N . Y.
Currie T. S., Big Spring, Tex.
Currie W. F., Montello, Wis.
C urrier D. S., Colebrook, N . H.
•C urrier E. B., Salix, Ia.
C urrier E . W., No. Redwood,
M inn.
Currier J . W.. Salix, la .
•C urrin O., D allas, Tex.
C urry A. B., Kildeer, N . D.
C urry A. R.. Belcher, La.
C urry B. V., Ahnena, K an.
C urry E . C., W hite Sulphur
Springs, W. Va.
C urry E . H.. Campbellsville.Tenn.
•C urry Eugene, Breckenridge.Tex.
•C u rry Jas. H., Farwell, Tex.
•C u rry J. W., Hartsells, Ala.
Curry L. W „ Vernal, U tah.
Curry W. B., Beason, 111.
•C u rry W. R., Chandler, Okla.
C urtis A. C., S tuart, Ia.
•C urtis A. E ., San Francisco, Cal.
•C urtis A. G.. Loda, 111.
C urtis A. L.. Castlewood. S. D.
•C urtis B ert, Princeton, Tex.
Curtis C. H., Osage City, Kan.
•C urtis C. J., Osage City, Kan.
Curtis C. W „ Colton, Cal.
C urtis Don E ., M alden, Mass.
•C urtis E. D „ Denton, Tex.
Curtis Floyd, Meriden, Conn.
Curtis Fred. Pollard, Ala.
C urtis F. W „ D unlap, Iowa.
Curtis G. A., W est Fork. Ark.
•C urtis H. J., D erry, N. H.
C urtis H. L., Hume, Mo.
C urtis H . R., Rossville, Ind.
•C urtis H . W., New Franklin, Mo.
•C urtis John, Fairmont-, Neb.
C urtis Ira V., Willow Hill, 111.
C urtis J . M .. W ayne, Okla.
C urtis L. A., Fairview, M ont.
C urtis L. B., Holcomb, M iss.
C urtis Lee J., Byers. Tex.
•C urtis Louise, Bunn, N. C.
C urtis Lloyd, Pine River, M inn.
•C urtis P. E., Los Gatos, Cal.
•C urtis R. A., Muskegon, Mich.
Curtis, R . M., Jasper, Tex.
Curtis T. A., Princeton, Tex.
•C urtis T urner, Twin Falls, Ida.
•C urtis W. H., W arrenton, Ya.
Curtis W. L., Ahoskle, N. C.
•C urtis C. von A., Wessington,
S. D.
Curtis Z. B„ L ittle Rock. Ark.
Curtiss C. A.. Saline. Mich.
C urtiss S., Downers Grove. 111.
•C usack H. C., No. Bend, Neb.
•Cuscaden F. A., Omaha, Neb.
Gusenbary J. D., H ydro. Okla.
•Cushing C. L., Logan. Kan.
•Cushing E . E ., Fairview, M ont.
CushlngS. W „ Groveton, N. H.
•Cusick Clyde F., Allendale, 111.
Cuslck H. B., Albany, Ore.
Cusick J. H ., Mooresville, Mo,
Cusser W. L., Belding, Mich.
•Oustis T. M .. M artinsville. Ill
•C u tb irth D. J., Valley Mills, Tex.
•C uthbertson F . A., P ittsburg,
C utler A. C., E ldorado. Kan.
Cutler F. A.. Pana, 111.
•Cutler H. O., W ebster City, Ia.
•C utler R. L., Blandinsville, 111.
Outshall Allen. T hree Springs, Pa.
•C utshall J. H ., Gilman City, M o.
•C u ttin g C. V., Concord, Mich.
•C u tts G., Grove City, M inn.
•O zapran A. F ., G aylord, M ich.
Czonstka X. A., Chicago, 111.
D aane Gilbert, L., G rand R apids
•D abbs O. H ., Tupelo, Miss.
D abbs E . S., Garland, Wyo.
D abbs M . E ., M eridian, Kan.
•Dabezies H., New Orleans, La.
D abney Conway, C rystal Springs,
•D abrasky J . G..Baltim ore. M d.
•D achroth Jr. George, Nauvoo, 111.
•D acus J. C., Dardanelle, Ark.
•D adson B. I., New Y ork City,
N. Y.
Daeges M. J., Tem pleton, la .
•Dafler J. P., Brookville, O.
•D afoe E. E ., New Rockford.N.D.
D afoe’F rank, Tecumseh, Neb.
Dagefoerde M . J., Stoddard, Neb.
•D ag g ett A rthur, M inotola, N. J.
•Dagnon D. J., Gays Mills, Wis.
Dague J. W ., Ellsworth, Pa.
•D ahl A. M ., Langford, S. D.
•D ahl C. O., Baldwin, Wis.
Dahl C. T., Madelia, Minn.
•D ahl G. J., Lake Preston, S. D.
D ahl H. A., Gering, Neb.
•D ahl H. A., Pekin, N. D.
D ahl H. A., Norfolk, Neb.
•D ahl H. C., Kenm are, N. D.
•D ahl H. G., Fergus Falls. Minn.
Dahl H. L. J., Parshall, N. D.
•D ahl H. M„ Lake P ark, Minn.
D ahl J. A., Trail, M inn.
D ahl L. V., Alkabo, N . D.
D ahl M . E ., Twin Valley, M inn.
D ahl Oscar, G uthrie, M inn.
•D ahl Peder P ., G rafton, N. D.
D ahl P. P., Hawley, M inn.
•D ahl P. W., N orm a, N. D.
D ahl S. E ., Douglas, N . D.
•D ah l T . G., D rayton, N. C.

•D ahleen O. A., M aynard, M inn.
•D ahier E , E . Ohlman. 111..
•D ahlgren A. B., Hector, M inn.
Dahlgren F. E ., Alvarado, M inn.
Dahlgren, John, Missoula, Mont.
D ahlin Elmer, Selah, Wash.
Dahling Fred, Reynolds. Ind. .
D ahlquist A. G., Holmes C.,M inn.
D ahlquist William, Fairm ount,
N. D.
D ahlsten E dw ard B., Carlos,
M inn.
D ahlstrom O. H ., P arkers Prairie,
M inn.
D ahlstrom O. F ., So. St. Paul,
M inn.
Dahlvang B. J., ODheim, M ont.
Dahm s 4 . R., Brooklyn Wis.
Dahms W. J., Akely, Minn.
Dahn W. H „ Minneapolis, Minn.
Dail. L. D.. M agnolia, N. O.
•D ailey A. P., Lockport, 111.
Dailey John O.. Tocsin, Ina.
Dailey W. P .. Em m et, Neb.
D aily J. W., Em erald, Neb.
•D airs Lela Frances, Venus, Tex.
D aily L. A., N apavine, Wash.
D aily L. D., Milfcrd. Ia.
•D aily M. E ., Emerald. Neb.
D aily M . Z., E lk River. M inn.
Daimwood W. H .. Rolstown. Tex.
•D aker J. B., Lyndonville, N . Y.
•D akin B. B., Billings. M ont.
•D akin H erbert L., Cherry Valley,
N. Y.
•D akin W. J ., H annibal, Mo.
•D alager A. B., Austin, M inn.
•D albey O. P ., H ot Springs, S. D.
Dalbey H. E ., Fairfield, Ala.
•D aiby L. W., Driggs, Ida.
Dale F. L., Fayil, Okla.
Dale H. C., Eminence, Ky.
Dale H. C., Rushville, Neb.
•D ale Homer, Lebanon, Ind.
•D ale I. F., Prentiss, Miss.
•D ale John H ., Augusta. Ark.
•D ale J. L., New York C ity, N . Y.
Dale J. W „ Clearwater. Kan.
Dale O. G.. Madison, Minn.
Dalen S. S., Perley, M inn.
Daley E. E., W rightsville, Ga.
•D aley O. M .. Blue Mounds, Wis.
•D aley Sever, Denver Colo.
•Dalezal W. J., Wahoo, Neb.
Dalgliesh J. J., Grundy Center, Ia.
•D ali C. H., B attle Creek, la.
Dallman B. J., Trum an. Minn.
•Dallm eyer A. P., St. Charles, Mo.
Dalon M. A., Indianola, Neb.
D alquist G., Saco, M ont.
Dalrym ple Ira B., Grand R apids,
Dalrymple M. G„ Carthage, N. C
•D alrym ple R. C., Carthage. N . O.
D alton O. F.. Glendale. Ariz.
D alton E. A., Le Mars, la.
D alton G. L., Germania, Ia.
•D alton Henry, Burns, Ore.
•D alton Lola, Yirgil, Kan.
Dalton M . P., Killeen, Tex.
Dalton O. T„ W yatt. Mo.
•D alton R. B., Le M ars. Ia.
•D alton R. B., Struble, Ia.
•D alton Thos., Bethany, 111.
•D alton W. B„ St. George, Kan.
•D aly Chas. A., Tryon, Neb.
Daly Kerfoot W., Charleroi, Pa.
Daly M . J., New Butler, Wis.
D aly P. B., Amber. Ia.
Daly T., Cold Spring, Ky.
Daly T. J.. San Pierre. Ind.
D aly W. E ., Kansas C ity, Mo.
D aly W. E., Buffalo, Okla.
Dalziel Wm. R., Chicago, 111.
D am an A., Napoleon, O.
•Dam eron, L. T ., M acon, Mo.
•D am eron W. L., Huntsville, Mo.
•D am ler W alter, Sun Prairie, Wis.
Dammrow A. F., Treynor, Ia.
Damon C. M., F ort Pierre.S. D
Dam on F. B., Honolulu, Hawaii.
•D am on K. K., F o rt Pierre, S. D.
•D am peer M arion,CrystalSprings,
•D am rell E. M ., 'Shelbyville, Mo.
•D am ron W. S., Konawa, Okla.
Dam rcw Chas., Roca, Neb.
Damsehen A., W estport, M inn.
D am uth S. R., Thurm ont, M d.
Dana H. C., Kewanee, 111.
Danbenbis E., Santa Cruz, Cal.
Danborn Alfred. Stanton. Ia.
•D ancer Leva, Stantonville.Tenn.
•D ancer P. O., Stockbridge, Mich.
•D ancy F. L.. Tarboro. N. C.
•D ane H. O., Elsinore, Cal.
Danelz H . A., Benson, M inn.
D anforth B. A., Deer Creek, 111.
Danforth B. H., Blencoe, la.
D anforth, J. A., Y ankton, S. D.
D anforth J. C., M inonk, 111.
D anforth W alter A., Bangor, Me.
•Daniel A.G., Hughes Springs.Tex.
•D aniel A. M ., Annona, Tex.
•Daniel C. G. Jr., Vandalia, Mo.
Daniel C. W., Church Hid, Tenn.
Daniel O. W., Russellville, Ind.
DanielE. B., P arkton. N. C.
Daniel E B., Toyah, Tex.
•D aniel Elsie, Kiefer, Okla.

•D aniel H. H ., Lithonia, Ga.
•D aniel I. L., Pawhuska, Okla.
Daniel J . B„ Ludowlci, Ga.
Daniel I. C., Kansas, M o.
Daniel J. F., P o tts Cam p, M iss..
•Daniel J . M., Bedford, Va.
Daniel R. H., Monticello, Fla.
•D aniel R. W., W innsboro, Tex.
Daniel Will, Vandalia, Mo.
•Daniel W. I., Angie, La.
•D aniel W. I.. Franklinton. La.
Daniel W. J., M arianna, Fla.
•Daniel W. T., W averly, Va.
•D aniels A. L., P la tte C enter, NebDaniels C. E „ Lehigh, la .
•Daniels O. E ., Gage. Okla.
•Daniels C. M „ Grand View, Tex.
•Daniels Dora. Harm ony, M inn.
•D aniels H. K., Swift Falls, M inn.
•Daniels H. W ., Kiefer, Okla.
•D aniels J. S., Yersailles, Mo.
Daniels John L., Buffalo, N . Y.
Daniels J. M ., Greenville, 111.
Daniels O. E ., Oollbran, Colo.
Daniels Roy M ., Hancock, M d.
Daniels R. W.. Harm ony, Minn.
•Daniels S. H.. San Frandsoo.Cai.
«Daniels S. L., M oran, Kan.
•Danielson A. A., Craig, Neb.
•Danielson Carl. Fairfield. Ia.
•Danielson L. C., Big Lake, M inn.
•D ankers F. J., Madison, Neb.
•D ann Raym ond G., Rochester,
N. Y.
D annatt E. G., W estside, la .
•D anley G. M ., York, Neb.
D annenburg N. B., Chelsea. Okla.
•D anner H arry, Blanchard, Ia.
•D a n t F. L.. L e b a n o n , Ky.
D antzler F. C., Holly Hill, S. C.
D antzler J. P., Cameron, S. C.
•D anuser Jos. F., Arcadia, Wis.
Darbee R. S., New York City, N.
D arbom e J. B., Oberlin, La.
Darby A. D., M artinsburg, W. Va.
•D arby P. W.. Buffalo. N. Y.
•D ardean C. H ., Sunset, La.
D are E. M ., Bonnie. 111.
Darknell R. M„ W averly, Wash.
•D ari C. H., H ookerton, N. C.
D arling L. L., Philadelphia, Pa.
•D arling W. H „ W heaton, I1L
•D arlington M .P.,K ennett Square,
D arm stadt J. R., Chicago, 111.
D arnaby B. M ., A cting, Lexington,
•D arnall H., M arlow, Okla.
D arnall O. È ., San Diego, Cal.
•D arnall W. A., Marlow, Okla.
•D arnell G. C., Arapaho, Okla.
Darnell Raym ond. Akin. 111.
D arneider H. J., Cascade, Wis.
•D arnieder H. J., St. Cloud, Wis.
D arrenger W. W. Jr., Hugo, Colo.
Darow R. F., Osage, Ia.
•D arsey E. O., Claxton, Ga.
Darsow, F. W., M ankato, M inn.
•D arst W arren, W arsaw, Ind.
. D art B. L„ Myton, U tah.
D art W. L., Barker. N. Y.
Darwin J. A., Cooper, Tex.
Dasenbrock Jennie B., Prairie
Home, Neb.
Dasher M., Moorefleld, W. Va.
Dashiell W. H., Baltimore, Md.
Daskam W. R.. Antigo, Wis.
•D aspit J. A., Houm a, La.
Daubenspeck A. W., Mullens.
W. Va.
Daubenspeck A. W., Pineville, W.
•D aubenspeck Roy, Mullens, W.
•D aubney M . W., Centralia,
"W "3 sh

•D augherty B. H., Hodgenville,
D augherty C. E „ Clarkshill, Ind.
D augherty Ë. H. Ludlow, Ky.
•D augherty F. W., Grove C ity.
D augherty H. P., Campbell, M o.
D augherty H. S., Highland, Ind.
•D augherty J. A.. Carterville. M o.
Daugherty' J. A., Redkey. Ind.
•D augherty J. C., Greeley, Neb.
D augherty J. E ., Danville, Ohio.
D augherty J. R.. Indiana. Pa.
D augherty M.S.,Washington C.H..
•D aughtridge J. A., Battleboro,
N . C.
•D aughtridge J. A., Rocky M ound
N. C.
•D aum ont E . B., Louisville, Ky.
Dauphinee A. B. Philadelphia, Pa.
D avant W. M., Savannah. Ga.
•D avenport C., Brooklyn, Ind.
•D avenport C. E ., Equality, 111.
•D avenport E. W., N. Y. City,
N . Y.
Davenport H. W., Valentine, Neb.
•D avenport J . C., Roanoka. Va.
•D avenport J. E ., Woodbury,.
Davenport J. E. M ., PinevilIe,N.O.
•D avenport Jas. F., Greenville,S. C.
•D avenport J. M ., Palestine, Tex..
D avenport M . A., Gates, N. C.
Davenport O. R., Spring, Tex.
D avenport R. J., Sabinal, Tex.
D avenport S. S., Lester, Ia.
•D avey Jos. J., Townsend, M ont..

David A. B., Calhoun, Ga.
♦David C. E.. Calhoun, Ga.
(David O. 8.. M agnetic Springs, O.
Davidson Charles, E ast B ernstadt,
D avidson E . A., Reardan. Wash.
Davidson E . R., New Rockford,
N. D.
♦Davidson G. B., Victoria, T er.
♦Davidson G. 8., Graf, Neb.
♦Davidson Jean. H ardy, Ark.
♦Davidson J . E. J r., Hem pstead,
N. Y.
♦Davidson J. H., P ittsburgh. Pa.
♦Davidson J . M„ P restons burg, Ky.
D av id so n J. M ., W heaton, Mo.
♦Davidson J. V., G rant City, Mo.
♦Davidson M abel, M arion, la.
Davidson M . M ., Middletown.
♦Davidson M aude R., W heaton,
M o.
Davidson N . M .. Graf, Neb.
♦Davidson Roscoe, Hereford, Tex.
♦Davidson R. B., Poison, M ont.
Davidson R. O.. Yeoman. Ind.
D avidson R. L , Kandiyohi, M inn.
Davidson R. V., Gadsden, Ala.
D avidson W., Covington, Okla.
D avid so n W. B „ H artford, Conn.
Davidson W. G., D ayton, O.
Davidson W. J.. New Virginia, la.
Davidson W. S., Bozeman, Mont.
Davidson W. S., Willlston, N. D.
♦Davidson W. T ., P ittsb urgh, P a.
♦Davies A. L. B., Ellensburg,
♦Davies A. M., Silver Creek, Neb.
♦Davies C. H ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦Davies Jr. C. J., K erm it, N . D.
'♦D avies D avid, N ew port, Ky.
Davies Donald,Green, Kan.
Davies E. J., Lansford, Pa.
♦Davies G. R „ Bessemer. Ala.
D avis Guy, M arrowbone, Ky.
Davies G. W ., Inm an, Neb.
Davies H. M., Delphos, O.
Davies J . J., Culpepper, Va.
Davies J. L., Dixon, 111.
♦Davies L. F., Seattle, Wash.
Davies W. A.. Lorain. O.
♦Davies Wm. I., Youngstown. O.
♦Davis A., Newcastle, Tex.
♦Davis A. D., Spokane, Wash.
♦Davis A. G., Harrisburg, 111.
Davis Aden Jr.,M arlonStatlon,M d.
Davis A. J.. Sewal. Ia.
Davis A. L., Burlington, N. C.
♦Davis A. M.. Salem. Va.
Davis A nna L., W orthington, O.
Davis A. R.. Garland. Tex.
’D avis A. R., LeRoy, N . Y.
D avis A rthur, D rum right, Okla.
Davis A. S.. M endenhall Miss.
Davis A. V,. Ridgefield, Conn.
Davis B., Sylva, N. C.
♦Davis B arker J.. L a Grange, Mo.
Davis B. E ., Speer, 111.
♦Davis B. E., Defiance, O.
♦Davis B. F ., G ranby, M o.
♦Davis B. G., Beverly, O.
D avis C., Arbela. Mo.
♦Davis C. A., Elgin, 111.
D avis O. A ., Independence, M o.
D avis Chas. A., Thorndale, Tex.
Davis C. B., Am ltyville, N. Y.
Davis C. C., Lexington, Term.
♦Davis C. E ., Glasco, Kan.
♦Davis C. E ., D anbury, N . C.
♦Davis C. E ., W alnut Cove, N . O.
Davis C. E., M illarton, N. D.
♦Davis C. H ., Jena, La.
D avis C. J., Madisonville, Tex.
1Davis C. J., Rockym ount, Va.
♦Davis C. L. San Francisco. Cal.
♦Davis C. M ., Chatom , Ala.
♦Davis C. O., Tippecanoe C ity, O.
♦Davis C. P., Bristow, Okla.
Davis C. R., Frankford, Del.
Davis C. S., Brashear, Mo.
Davis C. T ., Erlanger, Ky.
'♦D avis C. W., Doran, M inn.
Davis D. E.. Monongahela, Pa.
♦Davis D. Horace, W infred, S. D.
Davis D. J., Taylor, Pa.
Davis D avid S., Chicago, 111.
Davis E . A., Bethel, Vt.
;Davis E . C., Cave City, Ky.
♦Davis E . F., Stockton. Cal.
♦Davis E . Garland, Richm ond,Va.
♦Davis E . H., Hendersonville,N.C.
♦Davis E. J.. M ilton, Ore.
Davis Elias, Camden, N. J.
♦Davis E. L., Crawfordsville. Ia.
Davis Ellison H., W oodbury, N . J.
Davjs Elmer, Ravenden Springs,
♦Davis E . M ., R ural R etreat. Va.
♦Davis M iss E . M ., Spiritwood,
N. D.
Davis E. P.. Dalton, Ga.
♦Davis E. S., Oak Hill, O.
♦Davis E ula E ., Graford, Tex.
♦Davis E v ah B., Reger, Mo.
Davis E . Y.Z., Steam boat Springs,
Davis F. B „ Hanson. Ia.
♦Davis F. H., Aurora, Mo.
Davis F. H., Blue E arth. Minn.
Davis F. H .. H obart. Ind.
♦Davis M iss F. J., Burns, Kan.
Davis F . J ., L ittle Valley, N . Y.
’Davis F . L., Burwell, Neb.
■♦Davis F . L., Abingdon, Va.
'Davis F . L „ Sugar, Ida.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

D avis
D avis
D avis

F. M ., M cClusky, N . D.
F. M ., New Haven, 111.
F. P., D unkerton, Ia.
F . R ., Casnovia, M ich.
Fred E ., K intyre, N. D.
F . V ., South W ilmington,

♦Davis F. W ., H arvey, 111.
Davis F . W., Keokuk, la .
♦Davis F. W.. P atoka. 111.
Davis G. B., N. Salem, Ind.
♦Davis G. O., Auburndale, Fla.
D avis G. D., Olaremore, Okla.
Davis G. E.. Alvord. Ia.
Davis G. E ., Green City, Mo.
Davis G. F., Reger, Mo.
♦Davis G. J., Lewistown, M ont.
♦Davis Glenn, M ount Vernon,
♦Davis G. L.. Kokomo, Ind.
♦Davis G. P ., Lecompte, La.
Davis G. R.. Keyser, W. Va.
♦Davis H arcourt W., New ton
C enter, Mass.
♦Davis H arry P., M anassas, Va.
♦Davis Hazel, Orrville, O.
D avis H . C., Donna, Tex.
♦Davis H. O.. Morganfleld, Ky.
♦Davis H . E .. P o rt Jefferson, N . Y.
Davis H . H., Rossburg, Ohio.
Davis H. L.. A urora, Mo.
♦Davis H. L., Cheyenne, Wyo.
Davis H. M ., Jena, La.
♦Davis H. P., Viroqua, Wis.
♦Davis H. R.. Pem berton. N. J .
♦Davis H. S., Childress, Tex.
♦Davis H. S., Napa, Cal.
♦Davis H. T .. St. Petersburg, Fla.
♦Davis H. V., Stella, Neb.
Davis H arry W .,Federalsburg,M d.
Davis I. D., Elkton, M d.
Davis I. E., Leesburg, O.
D avis Ivan, Kingwood, W. Va.
D avis J. A., Waycross, Ga.
♦Davis J. A., Pittsville. Md.
♦Davis J. A., St. M atthew s, S. C.
D avis Jack, L ancaster, Tenn.
♦Davis Jay, Unionville. Mo
Davis Jno. B., Hudson Falls, N.Y.
Davis J. Bruce, Reedsville, Pa.
♦Davis J. B., H artsville, S. C.
Davis J. D.. Sterling, Okla.
♦Davis J. E ., Frost, Tex.
♦Davis J. E ., Holdenville, Okla.
Davis J. E ., Pesotum , 111.
♦Davis J. É., R otan. Tex.
Davis J . E., Talapoosa, Ga.
♦Davis J. F., M arianna, Fla.
Davis J . H.. W ilmington, N. C.
Davis J.H .,Jr.,L ong B ranch, N . J.
♦Davis J. M ., Athens, Ala.
Davis J. M. Jr., Forney, Tex.
♦Davis J. M ., Hastings, Neb.
Davis J. O., Evansville, Ind.
Davis J . O., Geary, Okla.
Davis J. S., Greeley, Colo.
Davis J. W.. Enunclaw, W ash.
♦Davis K., E. H am pton, N . Y.
Davis K. I., Gouldbusk, Tex.
Davis L. A., Cyril, Okla.
♦Davis L. A., Sugar, Idaho.
♦Davis L. A. Greenville. Pa.
♦Davis L a Vere, Cambridge, Kan.
♦Davis L. B., Hagerstown, Ind.
♦Davis L. E ., Cyril. Okla.
♦Davis L. H ., Beckley, Wash.
Davis L. H., Samson, Ala.
♦Davis L. J.. M arlin, Tex.
Davis L. L.. Geddes. S D.
Davis L. N., Ashland, Ky.
♦Davis L. P., Palacios, Tex.
Davis L. P., Thomaston, Ga.
Davis M. A., P ittsville, Md.
♦Davis M ary A., Rock Hall, M d.
♦Davis M. G.. Kalamazoo. Mich.
D avis M . P., M orehead, Ky.
Davis M. T., Aurora, Mo.
Davis M. T., Covington, Tex.
♦Davis N. A., W alla W alla, Wash.
♦Davis O. B., Hillsboro, W. Va.
♦Davis O. L., Owosso, Mich.
♦Davis Olney, Hillsboro, Tex.
♦Davis O. M ., Robinson, 111.
Davis O. T.. Cairo, Ga.
Davis P., Tiptonville, Tenn.
♦Davis P . A., New Florence, M o.
Davis R . A., Plano, Tex.
♦Davis R. A., N evada, la.
Davis Ray, Newcastle, Ind.
Davis R. B. Jr., Rocky Mount.N.C.
♦Davis R. C., Asheville, N. C.
Davis R. G., P asadena, Cal.
♦Davis R. Ü ., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Davis R. F., Oakland, Ia.
♦Davis R. H., Richmond, Va.
D avis R . K., Oskaloosa, la .
Davis R. L..Mount Vernon. Wash.
D avis R. O., Balfour, N. D.
♦Davis R. O., Strasburg. Mo.
Davis R obt. W., Fountain In n
s o.
Davis R. R., Iron C ity, Ga.
D avis Richard S., Webb, la .
D avis Roy, Newcastle, Ind.
♦Davis R. V., Antioch, Cal.
Davis R. W „ W eatherford. Tex.
♦Davis M iss S. E .. Houlton, Me.
Davis S. H „ Doran. Minn.
Davis S. J., C houdrant, La.
D avis S. M ., Rule, Tex.
♦Davis S. M., Rich Hill, Mo.
D avis T . A., Golva, N. D.
D avis T . G., Greenville. S. C.
Davis T. G., Mansfield, Tex.
♦Davis T. J ., Marlon, Ia.

Davis T . L., Selling, Okla.
D avis T . L ., P ark Springs, Tex.
D avis T. T., Y ates Center, Kan.
♦Davis. U. L., W ortham , Tex.
Davis Virgil, Fowler, Colo.
Davis V. W., Fstirbank, Ia.
Davis W. A.. Roberts. Idaho.
Davis Wm. A., Ambler, Pa.
Davis W. A., SpringVllle, N. Y.
Davis W. B.. Asheville, N. C.
♦Davis W. O., Stockton, M o.
Davis W. E ., Jackson, Ky.
Davis W. G.. M arietta, Okla.
♦Davis W. H., Reeds, Mo.
Davis W. H., Utica, Ky.
Davis W m .J.,Y arm outhport,M ass.
Davis W. J., Lansford, Pa.
Davis W. J.. Malden. Mo.
Davis W. J., P ortal, Ga.
♦Davis W. L., Smithville, Tenn.
D avis W. N ., Sasser, Ga.
♦Davis W. O., Omaha, Tex.
Davis W. R.. Bluford. 111.
♦Davis W . R ., L am ar, Neb.
♦Davis W. R ., Rockym ount, Va.
D avis W. R., Smithfleld, 111.
Davis W. Scott, Granton, Wls.
♦Davis W. T., M arshall, N. O.
Davis W. T., Brigham, U tah.
D avis W. T ., Edison, Ga.
Davis W. W ., M ankato, M inn.
Davis W. W., Sum m erton. S. C.
Davis W. W . M., Chicago H ’ts., 111.
Davison E. L., W ichita, Kan.
Davison G. M., Sea B right, N. J.
♦Davison Geo. N ., Jam aica, 111.
♦Davison H. L..W apello, Ia.
♦Davison H. M ., Scottsbluff, Neb.
♦Davison J. T ., Elkland, Mo.
Davison R. L., W apello, la.
♦Davison S. E., Hemingford, N eb .
Davison W. S., Minonk, 111.
Davisson B. M.. Janelew. W. Va.
Davisson H . E „ Clarksburg,
W. Va.
♦Davolts L. G., Berwyn, Neb.
♦Daw Ola M ., Roseville, Ohio.
Dawdy R. E., Hoqulam , Wash.
Dawe Henry, San Luis Obispo,
Dawes A rthur. Broughton. 111.
♦Dawes Lina, Willow Springs, M o.
♦Dawes R. L., Evansville, Ind.
Dawes T. B., Blairstown, N. J .
Dawes W. R., Chicago, 111.
♦Dawkins E. I., Jackson, Ky.
Dawson A. H ., Afton, Okla.
Dawson C. K., Ponca C ity, Okla.
♦Dawson C. L., Berkeley Springs,
W. Va.
Dawson C. L., P onta, Tex.
Dawson D. S., Meeker, Okla.
♦Dawson E. B., Dawson, Tex.
♦Dawson Edw in C.. New H aven,
♦Dawson E . W ., Persia, Ia.
Dawson Geo. E ., Brillion, Wis.
♦Dawson George E., Dover, Del.
Dawson G. W., Clintonville, Ky.
♦Dawson H arry B., Carrizozo,
N. M .
Dawson H. E., Stockett, Mont.
♦Dawson J. C., F airbury, 111.
♦Dawson J. F., G rant C., M o.
Dawson J. L., G rant City, Mo.
♦Dawson M . H ., Richmond, Va.
Dawson M. O., Arapaho, Okla.
Dawson S. W „ Arena, Wis.
♦Dawson Wm. Jr., New M adrid,
D ay Addison H , New York City,
N. Y. .
♦Day A. J.. Risingsun, O.
D ay A. J., R uby, Alaska.
♦D ay C. C., New London, O.
Day D. P., D atto, Ark.
♦Day E. L., Kiester, M inn.
D ay E . V., Joplin, M ont.
D ay F. E ., E astland, Tex.
♦Day F . P ., Em poria, Kan.
D ay Glenn S., Andrew, la .
D ay H arry, Lowell, Mich.
Day H. C., Auburn, Me.
D ay J D., Dallas, Tex.
♦Day Jno. T.. Milledgeville, Ga.
Day L. C., Muscatine, Ia.
♦Day Louise E ., Bares City, Ia.
Day M . F., Sacred H eart, M inn.
♦Day Ralph, Los Angeles, Cal.
Day R. A., Oshkosh, Neb.
Day Rufus, Fillmore, U tah.
Day S. S., Trenton, Mo.
D ay V. J., Clinton, Mo.
♦D ay W . E., Prom ise City, la.
Day W. F „ Sellersville, Pa.
♦Day W. L., Fargo, N. D.
♦Day W. M . G., Rockwood, Pa.
Daylor Thomas., Revillo, S. D.
Dayton A. H., N augatuck. Conn.
♦D ayton F. E ., Salinas, Cal.
D ayton F. T ., Tobias, Neb.
D ayton R. B., P t. Jefferson. N.Y.
Deacon Jos. E ., Bordentown, N. J.
Deacon W. B„ Zanesville, O.
Deacy J. E „ Lawson, Mo.
Deaderlck J . F „ Lexington, N. G„
♦Deakins S. L., Pikeville. T enn.
♦Deal R. L., Monticello, Ark.
♦Deal W. D., Taylorsville, N . C.
D ean A. S., Rutledge Pine, M inn.
Dean A . S., Sandstone, M inn.

2 025

♦Dean B. D., San Francisco, Oal.
♦Dean C. H ., Oskaloosa, Ia.
Dean D. E „ Falls Village, Conn.
♦Dean D. W., M aben Miss.
Dean E. M., Canton, S. D.
D ean F. A., Holdredge, Neb.
♦Dean F. C., Roswell, N. M .
D ean G. E ., Falm outh, Mass.
♦Dean H. P., Lim a, O.
♦Dean J . A., P ortland, Ark.
D ean J. B.. M ason, Mich.
Dean J . F.. Berea, Ky.
D ean J. H ., Kearney, Neb.
D ean J. H ., Russellville. Tenn.
♦Dean J. M ., W inston-Salem ,N.C.
♦Dean' John F., Cove, Ore.
♦Dean J. R,, Mansfield, S. D.
♦Dean Lauren, E m m ett, Ida.
Dean M. H „ Addison. Pa.
D ean R. L., N o rth English, Ia.
♦Dean Roy M ., Palm er, Kan.
♦Dean S. J., Arkadelphia, Ark.
♦Dean W alter, Franklin, N . O.
Dean W. E .. Richardson, Tex.
Dean W . H., Rose Creek, Minn.
D ean W. L., Duchesne, U tah.
D ean W. W., Adams, M inn.
♦Deane Albert. M atthew s, Mo.
Deane Coll, E ureka, Cal.
D eans E . G., Stantonsburg. N . O.
D eans O. F., Alma, Kan.
♦Dear T. S.. Novinger, Mo.
♦Dearborn G. J., Am herst, Va.
♦Dearden Jam es D., F all River,

♦Deardorff Iowa, M alvern, Ia.
Dearing O. W., Taylor. M o.
♦Dearing F. M ., Northfleld, Vt.
Dearing J. F., Green Castle, M o.
Dearing W . J., A tlanta. Mo.
De Armond R. R., Independence,
♦D earth Geo. L., G rand Ridge, 111.
D eary W. A., Bloomington, Neb.
♦Deas R. R., Sanford, Fla.
D eas W. M ., A rcadia. La.
♦D eaton E . A., Waco, Tex.
D eats P . K., Graham , Tex.
Deavenport B. H., Denton, Tex.
D eavenport W. H., Okolona, M iss.
♦Deaver D. D., Rogers, Ark.
♦Deaver J. E ., Paris, Mo.
Deaver J . P., Springdale, Ark.
♦De B erry A. A., San Angelo, Tex.
Deblieux Beny, Plaquem ine, La.
♦De Boer C. G.. Arlington, S. D .
D e Bolt C. C., Chanute, Kan.
♦De Bord B. W., Princeville, 111.
D e Bower E . F., D ane. Wis.
♦De Bower T . I., Dane, Wis.
♦D ebrecht E . F., O’Fallon, M o.
De Broux Geo. G., D enm ark,Wis.
D e Brule D. H ., Hookerton, N. O.
De Buhr. Amos, L ittle Cedar, la .
De B uhr H. J., Aplington, la.
de Carie John É.. Mlles City, Mont.
♦December Jr. Joe, Nordheim , Tex.
Deck S. M .. Leesport, Pa.
Deckard O. D.. Richfield, Pa.
♦D eckard S. S., M arysville, P a.
Decker B., E lyria, Kan.
Decker R. E.. Mound City, Mo.
Decker S. A., JohnsonvilJe, 111.
Decker V. A., Hawley, Pa.
♦Decker W. B. Cassopoiis, M ich.
Decker W. D., Bristol. Oolo.
D e Cook, John J., D em otte, Ind.
Dedrich G. A., W aterville, O.
Deegan John, Prior Lake. Minn.
♦Deeke Marie, Beecher. 111.
Deemer L. V., Brookville, Pa.
♦Deen T . W .. Ardmore. Oida.
Deener J . H.. Searcy, Ark.
♦Deering Geo. A.. Reeder, N . D.
Deeter R. A.. Greens Fork, I n d .,
Deets C. T., Odessa, Wash.
Deever R. M ., Edmond, Kan.
♦Deffenbaugh O. L., LeRoy, 111.
de Figueiredö V. L., San Francisco
D e Foe E . M .,N ew Tazewell.Tenn.
D é Foe O. L., Friendsvillè, Tenn.
De F orest Chas., Ralston, Neb.
♦Defosset L. J., San Luis Obispo.
D e F rance J. G., Richardton, N .
De Frees J . K.. Troy, O.
De Frehn Geo. H „ Pottsvllle, P a .
♦Defries C. C., Ontario, Ore.
♦De Gabriele M . G.. Negaunee.
Degen Charles, Chaska, M inn.
♦De Gravelies W. D., P atterson
De G root A. W.. Absarokee.M ont.
♦deGuiscard A. K., N . Y. C ity,
N. Y.
Dehlendorf L. E.. St. Louis. Mo.
Dehm er C. F., Columbus, Ind.
♦Dehn C. L., Columbia, 111.
♦Dehn L. J., Ute, Ia.
Dehn Louis, Columbia, £11.
Dehning O. H., Chicago, 111.
♦De H on R. L., Caney, K an.
D ehority Chas. C., Elwood, Ind.
♦Deible R. A., M arienville, P a.
Deibler D . O., Pierce, Neb.

Deichm an, M ark W ., Saegerstown
Delhi J . D „ W apello. Ia.
*Deike H. C., Steelton, Pa.
D eist Cecil M ., Crystalsprings,
Deltrick E. D, W atsontow n, Pa.
*De Jard in G. W., Stayton, Ore.
*De K alb J. E ., Boulder, Colo.
De K ay C. P., Florida. N. Y.
D e K ay C. W., Laramie, Wyo.
*De Kee, C. O., Stillmore, Ga.
Dekle 0 . B., T am pa, Fla.
♦Dekle L. B., M etter, Ga.
Deklotz Lewis. Newhall. Ia.
*De Koekkoek J., Edgerton, M inn
Dela H u n t B. V.. Milwaukee,
Delahoyde Edwin, Exira. Ia.
D eL aire T . H .. St. Regis Falls,
N . Y.
D e L and E a rlfi.. W hite H eath, 111.
♦Delaney D. D., Amidon, N . D.
♦Delaney D. D „ Taloga, Okla.
D e Laney E . S., Havelock, N . D.
Delaney F . G., Taloga, Okla.
Delaney G.f H urdland, Mo.
♦Delaney R. W ., Shevlin, M inn.
♦Delaney V., H urdland, Mo.
D e Lange F. G., M arm arth, N . D.
♦De Lano A. W ., Otsego. Mich.
De Lano E . W „ Allegan, Mich.
De Lano K. B., Canastota, N. Y.
D e Laperriere H. P ., Hosch ton
De Lap J ,xO.. Norris City. 111.
♦De L ash m u tt H. A., Perry, Okla.
de L ash m u tt W. R ., W ashington,
D. O.
D elatour B. C.. Lewellen, Neb.
D e Laune E . A., Lockport, La.
♦De Laune L. J., Rayne, La.
♦Delaune P. P ., Thibodaux. La.
♦Delavan N ., T abor, Ia.
Delcher W. J., Baltim ore, M d.
D elehant J. B., M erna, Neb.
D elery Albert. Donaldsonville,
♦Delery J. C., New Orleans, La.
♦De Hon Denlase, Caney, Kan.
Delhommer E. E., New Iberia.L a.
♦De Lisle L. B., Portageville, Mo.
de Lisle F. F., Oakland, Cal.
Delk, J . W ., Glennville. Ga.
Dell A. T., Shakopee. Minn.
Dell Elm er, W alden, N. Y.
♦Dell L. C., G retna, Neb.
D e ll R. L., Shakobee, M inn.
Dell S. O., Alachua, Fla.
D elm an E tta , Minco. Okla.
♦Delo R. B.. Elm ira. N. Y.
♦De Loach A. B., Texas C ity. Tex.
D e Loach J. L., H agan, Ga.
D e Loach W. H ., Scotia, S. O.
D e Lon O’. J., Russiaville, Ind.
De Long Alton. Foosland, 111.
♦De Long C. H., F ithian, 111.
De Long E. B„ Sadorus, 111.
♦De Long S. H „ Marion, O.
D e Longcham ps J.,A ntonito,C olo.
D e Longcham ps, J. C., Cripple
Creek, Colo.
Delony Isaac W., Tuscumfoia, Ala.
Delorme Noel. Red Lake Falls,
M inn.
D e Loy W. R.. Glendale. Ore.
D e Lozier R. A., Adair, Okla.
Delph R . W .. Louisville, Ky.
Delventhal E . L.. W arrenton, Mo.
Delzell C. M., Cherokee, Okla.
D em an Caroline, B urbank, S. D.
♦Deman E . E ., Ponca, Neb.
♦De M arais Josie A., St. M arys,
K an.
♦D em ent L. T ., M yrtle P oint, Ore.
Demers W . A., Rice Lake, Wls.
Dem ing A. B. C. Jr., H opkinton,
♦Doming C. P ., Evergreen, Ala.
♦Deming J. B., Amenia, N. Y.
♦Doming Paul, Jerom e, Ariz.
♦Demltz H. C.. Grand Rapids,
♦Demmler J. H ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
D em orest A. J., F orest Grove,Ore.
♦De M ots, W. E ., Glasgow, M ont.
♦Demple O. A., Sheridan. Wyo.
♦Dempsey E . A., New Wilson,
♦Dempsey J . T ., Toledo. O.
♦Dempsey W. J., Branford. Fla.
D em pster E. J., Geneva, Neb.
♦D em uth F . J., Lebanon, Mo.
♦Denaro L. F., Charleston, S. C.
D enault A. B., Jam estow n, N.D.
♦Denby F. L., St. Louis, Mo.
Dencker G., Delm ont, S. D.
♦Dendy J., G ranbury, Tex.
♦De Nelsky I. A., Des M oines, la.
Denew ith G. B., Poskin, Wis.
Denger J. P ., G alt, Ia.
Dendy Julian, G ranbury, Tex.
D e Neene J. E ., M urray, U tah.
♦Denham A. D., M ulberry, Fla.
♦D enham J. E ., Thermopolis.W yo.
♦D enhart C. A., Marcus. Ia.
Den H erder C. J.. Zeeland, Mich.
Denholm Geo. A., Tonganoxle,
Denio C .,C ., Lakeview, Ia.
Denise G. A., Freehold, N, J.
Denison J. 0., H artford, Wis.
♦Denison J. P., H artford. Wls.
Denison L. H ., Friend, Neb.
Denison L. M .. Lancaster, Cal.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Deupree C. O., Indianapolis, Ind.
♦Denison L. M ., Palm aale, Cal.
Deuser J . C. Jr., Raymond, Neb.
Denison L. W ., Tam pico, 111.
Deussen C.. San Antonio. Tex.
Denison M . H., Buffalo. N . Y.
♦ D eutm eyer F. H., Dyersvllle, Ia
♦Denison N. N., Boston, Mass.
♦De Veny Lee. Pleasantville. Ia.
Denison W. A., Cathay, N. D.
♦Devery Oscar, W. Ardmore,Okla.
Denison W. F., Alpena, Mich.
D enkm ann B. C., B ound L ake, ♦Dever C. S., Winfield, Kan.
♦Deverell C. J., Pueblo, Colo.
Devereux Frank, Jacksonville.
D enkm ann J., Lake P ark, Ia.
♦D enkm ann W alter, Round Lake
Devereux P. K., Purcell, Kan.
M inn.
♦Deverhill P . G. H., Honolulu,
♦Denman E . G., Osborne. K an.
♦Denman F rank, Alda, M ont.
D enm an F rank H., Petalum a, Cal. ♦De Vey D. W., Aberdeen. S. D.
Devllbiss Edwin. Walkersvllle.Md.
Denm an F. M., P lttsford, MlCh.
♦Denman Geo. H ., Irvington, ♦Devilbiss W. B ., O ttaw a. Kan.
Devine D. D., A lbert Lea, Minn.
. N. Y.
♦Denman G. H ., Jr. Irvington, N .J. Devine J. V.. Oconto. Neb.
D enm an J. S., H ay Springs, Neb. Devine M . F ., P leasant C ity, O.
♦Devine R. R. E ., Las Vegas. N.
♦Denman W. C.. Auburn. N. Y.
D enm ead H. K., M arshalltown, Ia .
Denneson E . W ., K em pton, N .D . D evlin A. V., Cascade. Ia.
D ennett George E ., Brookville, Devoe E. E., Lebanon, Neb.
♦Devore R. E ., G ulfport, Miss.
Denney F . W ., Daykln, Neb.
Dew E . R ., Spring Hope, N. C.
♦Denney J . D„ Milan, Tenn.
♦Dew F . W., C anastota, N. Y.
D enney J. H ., Arcadia, Okla.
Dew W. C., Goldthwaite, Tex.
Denney J. W ., Sham baugh, Ia.
D e Waele C. H., Roscommon,
Denney W . G„ Millerton, N. Y .
Denning O. E., Ligonier. Ind.
♦De W ald H arold L ., Philm ont,
♦Dennis B. C,, R otan, Tex.
N . Y.
Dennis H. B., Chambersburg, 111. ♦Dewald
R., Freem an, S. D.
♦Dennis H. E., Rogersville, Mo.
De W all H. H.. Correll. Minn.
♦Dennis H. F ., Champaign, 111.
B., Buffalo, Okla.
♦Dennis J. M ., Caddo Mills, Tex. Deweerd R.A. O.,
Byron Center,
♦Dennis Oscar, Chambersburg, 111.
♦Dennis T. H., San Antonio, Tex. ♦Deweese, J. C., Golden City, M o
Dennison E . H ., Downing, Mo.
Wees Ora, Reedy. W. Va.
♦Dennison M ., W innebago, 111. ♦De
♦Dewees W. A., W aterloo, Ia.
Dennison W. M., Onslow, la .
Deweese H. A.. Pawnee, 111.
Denniston C. W ., Ardoch, N. D.
♦Dewey Ada N., Harm on, 111.
♦Denny H. H., Pomona, Cal.
Dewey Fred G., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Denny H. W ., Hickory, Pa.
Dewey F. P., Georgetown, Colo.
♦Denny Irving, Harveyville, Kan. ♦Dewey
J. W., No. M anchester,
Denny J . A., Jr., Armstrong, Mo.
D enny J. M.. Vancouver. Wash.
. D., Toulon, 111.
D enny O. S., M arion, Ky.
Dewey R . A.. Schoharie. N. Y.
Denny S. C., L ancaster, Ky.
Densel D. F., M oab, U tah.
D e Wilde J., Prairie Farm , Wls.
D ent C. C., Salem, Mo.
De W itt A. K.. Plym outh, Pa.
Dent L.. Salem, Mo.
D e W itt B. T .. W eaubleau, Mo.
♦Dent T. P ., Salem, Mo.
W itt C. O., Bluford, 111.
D enton A. A.. Grenola. Kan.
♦De W itt F. B„ Griswold, Ia.
D enton C. S., H aw orth, Okla-.
itt M. E „ Portersvllle, Cal.
♦D enton J. A., M em phis, Tenn.
♦De W itt M. H., Hillsboro, Tex.
D enton W ade H., Jay, Okla.
W .H.,Chattanooga,Tenn.
♦Denton W. B„ Grenola, Kan.
De Wolf H arry, Menasha, Wls.
Denton Wesley, Butler. Mo.
♦Dexter, O. R., N ashua. Ia.
D enver M . E ., Kirk, Colo.
♦D exter John C., F itchburg, Mass.
Denzler C. I.. Marengo, la .
D exter R . C., St. Johns, Mich.
♦Denzler John, Peoria, 111.
Dexter W. A., Toledo, la.
♦DepeW D. A.. Corry, Pa.
♦Dey J. B., Jr., Norfolk, Va.
De Pledge H. G., Colfax, W ash.
♦Dey W alter H., Carllnvllle, 111.
♦Deppe C. D ., Nem aha, Ia.
♦Dey W. I., N , Y. City, N . Y.
♦Deppe F. W., Meredosla, 111.
V. B., W ashington, D. O.
Depue L. M ., M inneapolis, M inn. ♦Deyber
♦Deymonaz F. J., Brooks. Minn.
D e P u y G. L., Milford, Tex.
♦Deyo E . Marie, Lyford, Tex.
De P uy P . J.. Nunda, N. Y.
Deyo R. F., Lyford, Tex.
D e P u y R . M ., Eldridge. N . D.
D equaine C onstant,N ew Franken, Deyoe J. B., Schuylervllle, N. Y.
Deyoe W. J., Springport. Mich♦Deragisch J.A . Jr.. Ram ona, S.D. De Young D. A., Prairie View,
♦Derby Carl O., Portland, Mich.
♦Derby C. W „ Riverside, Cal.
♦De Young E . G., P rairie View,
Derby L. M.. W est Alexandria. O.
♦De Rem er Verne E .. W aukesha. ♦De Young H. J., Prairie View,
♦Derflinger L. J., C edar Rapids, De Young J. F., Orange City, Ia.
Dezell H arry A., St. Paul, M inn.
Derge P. A., Lebanon, Kan.
♦Dial Ms F., Columbia, S. C.
D erington A.H., D eer Creek,Okla. ♦Dial Glen, Bartlesville, Okla.
D erlngton T. M., Milan, Kan.
Dial J. F.. Batavia. O.
D erington W. T.. Hunnewell, Knn. ♦Dial T . H., Columbia, S. C.
♦D era A. D., Winnemucca., Nev. ♦Diamond M . P., Columbus.
M ont.
♦De Rouchey M . G., Hoven, S. D.
♦Dible W illiam T .. Verona, Pa.
♦Derr Louis. B attle Creek, Ia.
Dlbreli A., Leesburg, Va.
Derrick G. W.. E verett, Pa.
♦Dice H. G., Cuyahoga Falls, O.
D errick L. G., Prescott, Ariz.
Dice L. A., Corsica, S. D.
♦Derrick W. C., Johnston, S. C.
Dick C. D.. Manawa, Wis.
♦Derrlckon W. B., Selbyvllle, Del.
D errough O. J., Thomasboro, 111. ♦Dick F . M ., E dgerton, Mo.
Dick Geo. K., Culbertson, M ont
Derrough J . H., Indlanola, Ia.
♦Derwacter J. B., H untington, W. Dick G. L.. Charleston, S. C.
Dick G. T., S t. M atthews, Ky.
♦De Saussure D. B., A tlanta, Ga. ♦Dick H enrietta, L abette, Kan.
♦Deselm W. D., Cambridge, O. Dick J. B., L abette, Kan.
Dick Jno. P ., H ot Springs, Ark.
Desenberg G. T ., Norwalk, Ia.
♦Dick Jno. T., New Holland, O.
♦Desing A. C., E lkhorn, Wls.
Dick Lloyd U., Herminie, Pa.
Desloge F . R., St. Louis, Mo.
♦D esm arteau A. M ., D am ar, Kan. ♦Dick M. L „ Mechanicsburg, P a.
♦Dick M attie, Claypool, Ind.
♦Despres Irving B., Elm a, Ia.
♦Dick P. S.. Portland. Ore.
Despres S. B., Elma, Ia.
Dick T. H., Somerton, Ariz.
Dessel H. A., Calm ar, la .
♦Dick W. H., Byron, Neb.
♦Dessel Louis, Calm ar, Ia.
♦Desobry L. G., B ast St. Louis, 111. Dicken W. A., Albany, Ky.
♦Desobry L. G., N at. Stock Yds., Dickenhorst R. H., Heber Springs
♦De S utter A. A., M innesota, Dickens C. W.. Bellalre. O.
W. B., D othan, Ala.
M inn.
Dlckerman F. R., Bristol, Vt.
♦De T ar H . E „ Wellsvllle. K an.
Dickerson A. T.. Southold, N. Y.
♦D etering C., P ortland. Ore.
Dickerson F. R., Riverton, 111.
♦D etert R alph, Calhoun, Mo.
♦D etjen H enry, Manitowoc. Wls. ♦Dickerson H . C., Homerville, Ga.
♦Dickerson I. R.. Atkinson, Neb.
♦Detling J. H., W inona, Wash.
Dickerson J. G., Amelia C. H., Va.
♦Detlof Chas. F., M ax, N. D.
♦De Tredille J. C., W alterboro, Dickerson W. W.. Lynchburg,Va.
♦Dickes J . P.. Aurora. 111.
s. c.
Dickey A. D., M atew an. W. Va.
♦D etrich Jack, C hapm an, Kan.
♦Dickey D. D., Leavenworth,
♦D ettm ann H. C., Judson, N . D.
Detw iler Benj., Royersford. P a.
♦Dickey E ., Corona, N. M .
Detwaller W . T., Millard, Neb.
♦Dickey J. D., Sunset, Tex.
Detwiler Hbrace, Columbia, Pa.
♦Dickey F . W., Chewelah, W ash
Deubler H. E.. Pine Bush, N. Y.
♦Dickey W. D., Chicago. IU.
♦Deubler R. O., Scranton, Pa.
Dickey W . E ., Lone Oak. Tex.
Deuel A rthur, W ayland, Mich.

♦Dickinson A. H ., H untington,
W. Va.
Dickinson B. C., Troup, Tex.
Dickinson C. C., E ast Smithfield. Pa.
♦Dickinson C. A., M oran, K an.
Dickinson C. S., Appleton, Wis.
♦Dickinson G. L, Kellerton. Ia.
Dickinson Geo. R ., Bernalillo,
N. M.
♦Dickinson G. R., G rants Pass,
♦Dickinson J . A., Fulton. Mo.
♦Dickinson John A.. M t. Victory,
Dickinson J. F ., M em phis, T en n .
Dickinson J. H ., M eadville, M iss.
Dickinson John L., Charleston,
W. Va.
Dickinson L. U.. Lincoln. Ala.
Dickinson R. G., M cRae, Ark.
♦Dickinson T . O., Glasgow, Ky.
♦Dickinson W. A., Camilla, Ga.
Dickinson W. E .. F u lle rto n ,N .D .
♦Dickinson W. H., W oburn, Mass.
Dickinson W. H., Helena, Mont.
♦Dickinson W. S., G raad Forks,
N. D.
,~i T
♦Dickman E . W., Garnaville, Ia.
Dickm an F. W., L ost N ation, Ia,
Dickman J. H ., M ountain Lake,
Dlckmann A. B., F o rt Scott, Kan.
♦Dickmann E . R., Oshkosh, Wis.
♦Dickson Alma J., Maxwell, Ia.
Dickson B. S., Columbus, O.
♦Dickson C. E ., Collinsville, Okla.
Dickson D. C., Leetonia, O.
♦Dickson D. R.. Bentonville, Ark.
Dickson H arry, Turin, Ia. L
♦Dickson H . B .f P ortland, Ore.
♦Dickson H. H ., Union, Ore.
Dickson J. B.. McDonough, Ga.
Dickson J. E., Bellbuckle, S. D.
♦Dickson M . J.. Fulda, M inn.
Dickson N . W., Maxwell. Ia.
♦Dickson R. J., Scimonauk, 111.
♦Dickson T. H., Columbus, O.
♦Didier Louis H., Puente, Cal.
Didra, H. C., Waseca, Minn.
Diebolt A. Jr., Plqua, Kan.
♦Dieckmann R. J., Lowden, Ia.
Diederick J. A., W alterboro, S. C.
Diefendorf H ., -Vliets, Kan.
♦Dieflenbacher P.D., Havana, 111.
♦Diehl C. A., Des Moines. Ia.
Diehl, D. L., Tipton, la.
♦Diehl E. J., Polo, 111.
♦Diehl H. P., M arion, Pa.
Diehl John W., P o rt Chester.
N. Y.
Diehl R. D., Hummelstown, Pa.
DIehm H. H., Akron, Pa.
DIekelmann H. G., Horicon, Wis.
Diel H. F., Noble, 111.
Dieleman A. A., M anville, W'yo.
♦Diemert John P., Sanborn, N. D.
Diercks F . H., Sioux Rapids, Ia.
Dierdorff Lee H., Fresno, M ont.
Dierker Louis, Emm a, Mo.
♦Dierking A. C., Sweet Springs,
♦Dierking O., Emm a, M o.
♦Dierking C. H., A lta Vista, Kan.
Dierking H. F ., A lta Vista. Kan.
♦Diers Bert, Sheridan, Wyo.
Diers T. C., Sheridan, Wyo.
Diesdorff I. E ., D avenport, Ia.
♦Diesel C. H „ Carllnvllle. 111.
♦Diesel E tta , M illstadt, 111.
Diestler H. A., Racine, Wis.
D ieter Leonard, Vail, Ia.
Dieter V. A.. Naperville. 111.
Diethelm J. A., Victoria, M inn.
♦Dietrick M ., Jr., Clay Center,
K an.
_ |
Dietz A. V., Lawrenceburg, Ind.
♦Dietz E. D., Hollywood, Cal.
Dletze Jr. F., New Orleans, La.
Dieudonne E .. Janesville, M inn.
♦Diffenbaugh L. L., M ondak,
M ont.
_ , ,
♦Dlffenderffer J. L., Lebanon, Mo.
♦Diffendorfer T. R., Zanesville,
Diffie A. W., Hugo, Okla.
♦Difflne Emil, Buffalo. N. Y.
Dight John H., Duluth, Minn.
♦Dikeman M rs. A. W., Middlegrove. 111.
Dikeman A. W., Middlegrove.
♦Dilcher Chas. S., Allentown, Pa.
Dildine W. O,, Pawhuska, Okla.
♦Dill Glenn V., Oakes, N. D.
Dill J . C.. Buchanan. Va.
Dill W. I., M t. Holly. N. J.
Dillard A. C., Clio, Ala.
Dillard A. J., Gustine, Tex.
♦Dillard B. A., M arietta, Okla.
♦Dillard Clarence, Herrin, 111.
D illard H . E ., Dilley, Tex.
♦Dillard J. H ., Nashville, Tenn.
Dille F. B., Monango, N. D.
Diller H. H „ Morrowville, Kan.
♦Diller L., Cleveland, Minn.
♦Dilley C. E ., South H aven, M ich.
Dilley H. O., Northfield, Minn.

Dilling E . W ., Fletcher, Okla.
♦Dillistin E . E ., Bridgeport, Conn.
Dillm an F. E ., T raer, Kan.
Dillman W. L., Medicine- Lodge,
Dillon D. W ., St. M ary’s, W. Va.
♦Dillon J. B„ Bassetts, Va.
Dillon J. G., Buskin, Neb;
Dillon N . L., Devol, Okla.
Dillon O. V., Geary, Okla.
♦Dillon P . J.. Hudson. M ich.
♦Dills A. B., Arm ington, 111.
♦Dilworth J. C., D etroit, Mich.
D im ery T. H>., Aldington, Okla.
Dim m ick H. K.,M anganese,M inn.
♦Dimmick I. C., Manganese,
M inn.
Dimmick M. H „ Apple Blver, 111.
♦D lm m itt Fred, O ttum w a, la,
Dimmock E . J., H iaw atha. Kan.
♦Dinger C. W ., E au Claire, Wls.
Dinges Dib., Alexandria, Tenn.
Dlngley F. W., Algona, la .
♦Dings Jno. H., Reynolds, 111.
♦Dingus H. W ., M ound C ity, Kan.
Dinkins Jam es, Gretna, La.
♦Dinsmoor A. W., Laconia. N. H.
Dinsmore E. B.. Wessington, S. D.
Dlnsmore S. M„ Coral, Mich.
Dinsmore W. T ., Riverside. Cal.
♦Dinsmuke B. W ., Woodville,
♦D intelm an C. H ., PinckneyviUe,
Dinwiddle E.W.,. Gr. June., Colo.
♦Dinwiddie H . A., Charlottesville,
♦Dinwiddie H . E ., Charlotteville,
♦Dinwiddie M . L.. Alexandria, Va.
♦Dionne E., Lena. Wis.
♦Dippel J. H., Evansville, Ind.
♦Dippel W. H., E ast H am pton,
N. Y.
Dirks R. W., Auburn, Neb.
Dirks W m „ Fordyce, Neb.
♦D im berger C., New H am burg,
M o.
♦D irst W. F ., Minooka, 111.
♦Discher M . O., Mobile, Ala.
Disharoon F . H., Robertsville.M o.
♦Disharooa R. W ., Villa Ridge,
M o.
♦Disher H. M .. Olmstead, N . D.
♦Disher O. L., M endon, O.
Dismuke E. A., Woodville, Tex.
Disney B.W ., Zumbro Falls, Minn.
♦Dlspaux J. T„ San Francisco.Cal.
Diss W. T ., W ray, Colo.
Dissmore Geo. A., Des Moines, la .
Dissosway W. A., W atervllet,N .Y .
♦Distler M iss J. C ., C arrollton Ala,
♦Ditgen W. F., Andale, Kan.
Ditz G. A., Fryburg, Pa.
♦Di Vail H arvey, M ontfort, Wis.
♦Diver J . E., St.Francisville, 111.
♦D iver W. L., Guernsey, Wyo.
Dix R. S., Crawfordsville. la .
♦Dixon Anna B., Holder,, IK
♦Dixon Arnold, Provo, U tah.
♦Dixon B., Altam ont. Kan.
Dixon B. S., Anadarko, Okla.
♦Dixon O. H., Florence, S. O.
Dixon C. L., Cloquet. Minn.
Dixon C. W., M am m oth Spring.
Dixon E ., D alton, Wis.
Dixon Earl, Masontown, W. Va.
Dixon E. M., Thompsonvilie.Mioh.
Dixon E . R ., San M ateo, Cal.
Dixon F . G., Memphis, Tenn;
Dixon Geo., Ronneby, M inn.
Dixon H arry F., EllavUley Ga.
Dixon H. A*., H averstraw ; N.Y.
Dixon Howard O., W estern P ort,
M d.
♦Dixon Jam es P., B enton Harbor,
Dixon. J . D.. Provo. U tah.
♦Dixon J, M ., Stoutsville, Mo.
♦Dixon J. O., Battleground, Wash.
♦Dixon Jos; R., Fairfield, Ala.
♦Dixon M eade, Rockbridge, 111;
♦Dixon M . J., H annah, N . Dak.
Dixon M. J., Stewartville, Minn.
♦Dixon N . D., M inneapolis, M inn.
Dixon R. B., W est P oint, Ga.
Dixon R. C.. A rkansas City, Kan,
♦Dixon R. E ., Dalton-, Wis.
Dixon R. W., Butler, Pa.
Dixon Seth G., Dundee, Mich.
Dixon S. W., Vienna, S. D.
Dixon W. A., Union, Okla.
♦Dixon W. C„ Richland. Ga.
♦Dixon W . O., Lindsay, Okla.
♦Dixon W. R., L a Farge, Wis.
Dlxson R . C., Presho, S. D.
♦Doan E . H., Coatesville, Pa.
D oar Elias, Summerville, S. O.
Dobbin G. I., Overly, N. D.
Dobbins D. E ., Upland, Calif.
Dobbins G. H ., Black M ountain,
N. C.
Dobbins T. M., Roscoe, Tex.
♦Dobbs H erb ert H ., L a Salle,
♦Dobie S. L., P ortland, Ore.
♦Dobie S. M ., M athis, Tex.
Dobrusky R. C., D um ont, la .
♦Dobson Edwin, Hooker, Okla.
♦Dobson B. M ., Hemingford, N eb.
♦Dobson H arvey W ., M ilburn,
D obyns L ero y , H llliard s, O.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Dobyns V. A., Ava, Mo.
Dock J. A., Centralia, Kan.
Docken B.. Holt, M inn.
♦Docken Cl, H olt, M inn.
♦D ockstader H. J., Big Sandy,
M ont,
♦D ockstader W. D., M artiney,
Doctor Chas. D., E lizabeth. N. J.
♦Dodd C. M ., Bloodland, Mo.
D odd C. M ., N orthview, Mo.
♦Dodd E . L., Camden, Tenn.
D odd Guy, Niwot, Colo.
D odd Horace, Chatsw orth, Ga.
♦Dodd M rs; Horace, C hatsw orth,
D odd J. B-., Ideal, Ga.
♦Dodd J. B., New Y ork City,
'N . Y.
Dodd Lewis K., Bloomfield, N . J.
♦Dodd O. E ., Willow Hill. 111.
D odd O. W., Lake Zurick, 111.
D odd Roger, Kissimmee. Fla.
D odd T . M ,, Orange, Tex.
D odd W. St, Abingdon, Va.
Doddridge H. G.. Lyons, Kan.
Dodds O. V., Calhoun, 111.
Dodds D. G., Stroud, Okla.
Dodds F. E.. Carriers MUls, HI.
♦Dodds J. A., H ettinger, N. D.
♦Dodds J. O., Roscoe; la .
♦Dodds J. M ., N am pa, Ida.
♦Dodge A. R., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Dodge H. O., Ravenna, O.
Dodge I. E ., Lancaster. Cal.
Dodge N A., San Francisco, Cal-.
♦Dodge T. E „ Albany, Tex.
Dodge W. A., Warsaw, 111.
Dodge W . L., Callicoon, N. Y.
Dodson A. R., H um boldt, Tenn.
Dodson Floyd E., Crookston, Neb;
♦Dodson F. E ., Crookston, Neb.
Dodson J. M.. Chillicothe. Tex.
♦Dodson L. D., Science Hill, Ky.
Dodson L. J „ Lorena, Tex.
Dodson M . A.. Science Hill, Ky.
Dodson W. E . M ., Rex, Ga.
Doebel Geo. A., Norway, la .
Doehonde P. E ., Independence. La
Doepse Paul, W anda, Minn.
♦Doerfel W m „ H am m onton, N . J;
♦Doering E . B., Lodi, Cal.
♦Doerner F. J., Graceville, Minn;
♦Doerr, Jr. H. C.. Two H arbors,
M inn.
Doerr H. L. F .. Carmine, Tex.
Doffing Chas., Hastings, Minn.
Doggett E . E „ Higgins, Tex.
♦D oggett W. F., Chicago, 111.
♦Doherr O tto, Selby, S. D.
D oherty C. H., Grove, Okla.
♦D oherty H . O., Burlington, Okla.
♦D oherty Jam es, Ridgway, 111.
♦D oherty J. F., Litchfield, Neb;
D oherty J. G., Lódgepoie, Neb.
D oherty Jno. J., Dwight, 111.
D oherty Joe T ., L athrop, Mo.
♦D oherty Roger, New Orleans, La.
♦D oherty R. P ., Kingsville, Tex.
D oherty T. L., El Centro, Cal.
Dohogne Leo, Kelso, Mo;
♦Doize H. O., New Orleans, La.
♦Dokken Adolph, Kindred, N . D.
♦Dokken G. T ., Nome, N . D.
♦Dokken H. G., Esm ond, N . D.
♦Dokken L. G., Parker, S. D.
Dolan J. J., Prairieburg, la .
♦Dolan M. B., D urand, 111.
♦Dolce M . J., Spalding, Neb.
Dolen H. A., Okemah, Okla.
♦Dolen J. L „ Randolph, Neb.
♦Dolezal O. M ., San Pierre, Ind.
♦Dolf A. C., Apache, Okla.
Dolhofide F. E „ Amite, La.
♦Doll J. H ., Beatrice, Neb.
♦Dollinger. Geo., Stillwater, Okla.
♦Dollins G. B.. Benton, 111.
DoUlson A. A., Fairplay. Colo.
Dolm an C C,, M inneapolis,M inn.
Dolph E . W., Scranton, Pa.
♦Dolphin John K., Ryan, la.
♦Dolson C. B„ Franklin, Pa.
Dolson E. S„ McCune, Kan.
♦ Dolson H. I., McCune, Kan.
♦Dolson J. E ., M cCune, Kan.
♦Domeier H. C „ Sleepy Eye, M inn.
♦Dominick R. L., K ansas City,
♦Domingo F. J., Weeping W ater,
Donaghey John, T renton, Tex.
♦Donahoe J. A., Bedford, Pa.
Donahoe M . H., Ridgeland, Wis.
D onahue F rank H., Lake A rthur,
N. M .
♦Donahue O. S., H arlan, la.
Donald A. J., Garrison, la .
D onald E. C., Donalds, S. C.
Donald H. L., Rebecca, Ga.
♦Donald M . N ., M orristown,N.Y.
♦Donald W m., N. Y. City, N. Y.
Donaldson A. L., W hite Bird.
Donaldson C. J., Sheldon, Mo.
Donaldson E. A., Rosebud, Tex;
Donaldson J . L „ Bicknell, Ind.
Donaldson J . W ., Moody, Tex.
Donaldson R . F., Statesboro. Ga.
♦Donaldson W. H ., Tulia, Tex.
♦Donaldson W . R., Bicknell, Ind.
♦Donart' J . H „ Stillwater, Okla.
Donhost Geo., Jonesville, Ind.
Donegan C. H.. Seguin, Tex.
♦Doneíson H. M ., Cedar Vale,

♦Donhowe A. T ., Randall, la .
Donhowe John. Story C ity, la.
♦Donhowe M elburn, Story City,
♦Donia J. A-., Zeeland, M ich.
Donkle O. W., F t. Atkinson, Wls;
♦Donley T. Cl, Oxford, Kan.
Donlin C. E., Hopkins, Mo.
Donlin P. E ., Green Isle; M inn.
Donlin’W. J ’., Castana, la.
D onn W. O., N. Y. C ity, N . Y.
D onnally J. P., Sulphur M ines, Va.
Donnally J. P ., Louisa, Va.
♦Donnell J . L., Festus, M’o.
Donnell W. R., Festus, Mo.
Donnell W . R. Jr., Hfllsborb, Mo.
♦Donnenwirth F . E., Bucyrus, O.
D onner Fred T ., Sandusky. Mich;
Donoho Clarence, Seaford; Del.
♦Donohue C. W ., A-bsarokee,
M ont.
Donohue R. J,, Palm yra, Wis.
♦Donovan C. M., Orrick, Mo.
Donovan C. R., N.Yakim a,W ash.
♦Donovan E . J., M owbray, N .D .
♦Donovan H. D ., Kirkwood, M o.
D onovan H . W., New York, N.Y.
Donovan J . B.. Laceyville, P a.


Dougherty O. E ., New M arket,Ia.
♦D ougherty T . Fi, Lilly, P a.
Dougherty T. L., Cromwell, la .
Dougherty W. B., Norfolk, Va.,
Dougherty W.F.,Glenwood, Minn.
Doughty E dm und, A urora, N. Y
Doughty E . E., Troy, Kan.
D oughty Horace, M artha, Okla.
♦D oughty S. L., Mesa, Ari'z.
Doughty T. W .,Arm strong, la .
♦D oughty W- J-, K ansas City, M o.
Douglas C. B., Versailles, O.
Douglas D. F., W. Milton, O.
Douglas E. L., Oblong, 111.
♦Douglas E. O.k Genterton, Ark.
Douglas Francis, Wilkes-Barre,
Douglas F. E., Torn Bean, Tex.
♦Douglas G. T ., Berkeley, Cal.
Douglas H. E. Catlin, 111.
Douglas F. W., Woodsfield, O.
Douglas H. O., Oberlin, Kan.
Douglas J . F., Tutw iler, Miss.
♦Douglas J . P., Jacksonville. Tex.

♦Douglas J. Q., Alma, Ga.
♦Douglas L. R., Rhome, Tex.
Douglas N. L., Sterling C ity, Tex.
Douglas T. M.. Madison. Ga.
♦Douglas W. E „ New York City,
Doolan Jas. P., Savannah, Ga.
N. Y
Dooley C. J., Rockville Center, ♦Douglas Wm., Grover, Colò.
N. Y.
Douglass C. C'., Chesterfield, S'. C.
Dooley F. M ., Chicago, 111.
Douglass C. H., Angola, Ind.
♦Dooley G. L., Blue River, Wis.
♦Douglass E. B., T albotton. Ga.
Dooley H. R., E . St. Louis, 111.
♦Douglass Geo. L., Hom er C ity,
Dooley J. E ., Idabel, Okla.
♦Dooley J. H., Leeds, N. D.
♦Douglass M iss H., Payson, U tah.
Dooley J. H ., Stouts\dlle, Mo.
♦Douglass H . A1., Eagle Lake, Tex.
Dooley J. H., W yocena, Wis.
Douglass H . E .. Burlington; K an .
♦Dooley M arie, M arshall, Ind.
♦Dooley Roy, Crossett, Ark.
Douglass H . W., L am ont, Kan.
Dooley S. H., Pardeeville, Wis.
Douglass J. K „ NeoSho. Wis.
Doofin J. E.,M organtown. Ky;
Douglass J . S., Gonzales, Tex.
Doolittle B. G., Tekonsha, Mioh.
♦Dovglas, L. B ’. College Corner.
Doolittle E . R .. M adison. Tenn.
♦Douglass L . B. College Corner,
D oolittle J. G., Foster, Mo.
Douglass R. W., Marcus, S. D.
Doolittle L. L., Woolstock, la .
♦Doom L. N., New Carlisle, O.
Douglass W. J., Halfway, Ore.
♦Doornink W . F ., Kalamazoo, ♦D outhit Eugene, Konawa; Okla.
Dove L, C;, Kingstree, S. C.
♦Dopheide Geo. F., Dedham , la , Dove S; E ., H untley, M ont.
♦D oran B. E ., York, Neb,
Dovenspike C. A., L atour, M o.
♦Doran H arry, Burwell, Neb.
Dover C. Eli Sikeston, Mo.
♦Dovey Geo. O., P lattsm outh,
Doran W. S., Toppenish, Wash.
♦Dorcas Olga G., M onroe, W ash.
Dow A. R., Geneva, 111.
Dorchester C. B., Sherm an, Tex.
♦Dow Giles, Stoughton, Wis.
Dorger H. J., Cincinnati, O.
♦Dow H. E ., N o rth Adams, Mich.
Doris C. A., Dixon, Ky.
Dow H . R ., Champaign, IU*.
♦Doris Carl, Dixon, Ky.
♦Dorman O. W., F reeport, 111.
♦Dow O. W., Pearl City, IU.
Dorminey J. D„ Fitzgerald. Ga.
Dow Robe, Stoughton, Wis. Is.
♦Dow Robe Jr., Stoughton, W
♦Dorminey* R. F ., Nicholls, Ga.
♦Dow R . W., P lym outh, Wis.
D orn A. A., Colorado, Tex,
Dorn A. H., Sanborn, Minn,
♦Dorn August, Stockbridge, Wis. ♦Dowdell J. D ., Beaver, Pa.
Dowdell W. C.. Talladega, Ala.
Dorn George. Sedalia, O.
Dowden F. R., Gruver, la .
D om acker L., T uttle. N, D.
♦Dowden P . j j l Ossining, N. Y.
D om an H. W., Labaddie, Mo.
Dowell B. G., N ow ata, Okla.
D om bluth Paul. Cuero, Tex.
Dorabos J. L.,Grand H aven, M ich. Dowell Chester, Lindsay, Cal.
♦Dornbush W. L., Pollock, S, D. ♦Dowell T . G., Tuckerm an, Ark.
D orney J. W., Strawn, Kan.
DoweU W. C., Lone Oak, Tex.
Domon R . A. New A lexandria,Pa. Dowis G. E ., Blackwell. Okla.
Dorr J. W., Pensacola, Fla,
♦Dowis M . A.. Rosebud, Tex.
♦Dorr W. H., W alla W alla, Wash, D owl and W. F., Benton H arbor,
Dorrance D. J.. Camden, N.Y.
Dorrier W. S.. Scottsvllle. Va.
♦Dowlen L. A., Wolfe City. Tex.
Dorris W. R.. O’Fallon. 111.
♦Dowler F . T., Wheeling, W. Va.
Dorsett L. W.. Sayre, Pa.
♦D orsett M . M ., Siler City, N , C. Dowling A. L., Leslie, Mich.
Dowling Eugene, Yreka, Cal.
♦Dowling J . R., Ozark, Ala.
♦Dorsey A. L ., Greenfield, la .
♦Dorsey Am anda E., Medill, M o. Dowling J. S., Larchm ont, N . Y.
Dowling S. H „ Clayton, Ala.
Dorsey Jas. B., Cushing, Tex.
Downes M; L., Stevensville.Md.
Dorsey Warfield, Govans, M d.
Dorsey W. M ., Taylorsville, Ga. Downey J . F.. Arlington, Ind.
Downey- Jno. J., St. Joseph, MO.
Dorsey W. W., Odenton, M d.
♦Downey Jos,, Jr., Chester town,
Dorweiler L. C., Chokio, Minn.
♦Dorwin John, Hudson, Wis.
M d.
Downey T. P., FUlda, Minn.
Dorwin S. C., Springfield, 111.
♦Downey V. H., Langdon, la .
♦Doshiel F. M ., Roscoe, Tex.
Downey W. E ., Jordan, M inn,
Dosseth O. C., Plaza, N. D.
Downie C. E , Collyer, Kan.
Dossett C. F.. Keene, Neb,
Downie R. N 1., Melrose, N. M .
♦D ossett N . M ., Keene. Neb.
Downie W .W .,H arrington. W ash
Dostal J . A., Protivin, la .
Downing C. E., Carbondale, Pa-.
♦Dostal W. O., Protivin, la .
Downing D. L., P ainter, Va-.
♦Doster J . A., Lum ber City, Ga.
Downing E. B., Cashion, Oklav
♦Doster J. W ., Lyerly, Ga.
♦Dotson B. A.. St. M arys W. Va. ♦Downing E. H., St. Louis; Mo;
Downing E . W., Lane, S. D.
Doty E zra C., MIfflintown. Pa.
Downing G; S., New York C ity.
D oty G. B., Rochester, M inn.
N . Y.
D oty H. C., Hudson, Ind.
Downing J . A., Scott, O.
♦D oty H . C;, Rochester, K an.
♦Downing Jas., Corbin, Ky.
D oty H. D., Cunningham, Kan.
♦Downing J. W., New Y ork C ity,
D o ty J. R ., Labelle, Fla.
N. Y.
♦Doty R. E .. Pullm an, Wash.
Downing J . W., Piketon, O.
♦D oty R . W ., Miffintown, Pa.
Downing O. G., Reeding, Okla-.
D oub P. B., Battleboro, N. C.
♦Downing R. A., Hugo, Okla.
D oucet Rem y L., Iota, La.
♦Downing R. J., Hanford, Cal.
Doud A. L „ Douds-Leando, la .
Downing R. V., Norman, Okla.
Doud M. G.. Brawley. Cal.
♦Downing V. C ^ Osborn, Mo.
Douds D. W., Plumville, Pa;
♦Douds W. W., Beaver Falls, Pa. ♦Downing W . E;, Tulsa, Okla.
Downs Charles, Carl Je t.. Mo.
Dougan D*. C., Ford City. Mo,
♦Dougan R. J., Arkadelphia, Ark. Downs C. M ., B aton Rouge; La.
Downs H. E ., Hugoton, Kan.
♦D ougherty Ed., Bettendorf; la.
•D ougherty Frank, Bolivar, N; Y. Downs J . P., Edgewood, Tex.
♦D ougherty Jam es, Rock Lake. ♦Downs, Jr; P. L., Temple, Tex-.
Downs Ross W ., H untington,N .Y .
N . D.
D ougherty John D ., W ynne ♦Downs T . P ., Beloit, Kan.
♦Downs W . D;, St.Charles, la.
Wood, Okla.
♦D ougherty J; E ., W estgrove, P a. Dows Roy A., Osceola, la .
♦Dowson Joseph; M iddletown, IU.
Dougherty J; L., L iberty, Mo.

♦Doyle B. O., Long Pine, Neb.
♦Doyle F . A.. Clear Lake, S. D .
♦Doyle G. E ., Page, N. D.
Doyle G. N „ T unkhannock, P a.
Doyle J . C., Dyersburg, Tenn.
Doyle L. M ., Santa Ana, Cal.
♦Doyle M. E., Cuba, Wis.
Doyle N ., M inneapolis, M inn.
Doyle S. J., G reat Falls, M ont.
D oyle S. J., P oteau, Okla.
Doyle W. H ., Newark, Tex.
Doyle W. H ., PlattevlUe, Wls.
♦Doyle W . O,. H untsville. Mo.
♦Dozier L. B., Flovilla, Ga.
•D ozier L. M ., Mexico, Mo.
Dozier N , B., Nashville, N . C.
D ozier W . A., Flovilla, Ga.
Draeger H . E ., Sequin. Tex.
♦Draeger J. E ., R ed Lake Falls,
M inn.
♦Dragoo F . O., P arker, Ind.
Dragoo N. F., Fairfax, Mo.
♦D rahota Theo., Jackson, M inn.
Drake B. T., Bellingham, W ash.
D rake Chas. Newlin, Tex.
♦D rakeO . F., M ankato, Kan.
D rak e'E . E ., Sm ethport, P a.
♦D rake G. W., W arsaw, M o.
D rake, H. A. Radcliffe, la .
Drake Jam es, Campton, Ky.
Drake J . E „ Griffin, Ga.
D rake J . J., Olive Branch, 111.
D rake J. O.. W eldon. N . C.
♦D rake Jos. C., Greenwood, Ind.
D rake J. R .. W ym an, la .
♦D rake M . B., C hestnut, 111.
♦Drake R. A., Griffin. Ga.
Drake S. F., W inchester, Tex.
♦Drake W alter, Henning, Tenn.
D rake W. B. Jr., Raleigh, N . C.
♦D raper A. P., Lebanon, Mo.
♦D raper C. C., Lebanon, Mo.
♦Draper C. F ., Kingsburg, Cal.
D raper F . B.t Adams, Neb.
D raper G. A., Ellettsville, Ind.
D rath F . H., H erndon. Kan.
D ray to n L . M „ Orchard, Neb.
D rayton Sam ’l, Jersey City, N. J .
♦Dredla E dw ard. Crete, Neb.
Dreesen L. C., Lanesboro. Ia.
D refold O. F ., W orland, Wyo.
♦D reher G. C., M ilwaukee, Wis.
D reher L . S„ St. M atthews, S. C.
♦Dreier L. H ., Goliad, Tex.
D reiling A. A., Victoria, Kan.
♦Dreiling A. H ., Ellis, Kan.
♦Dreiling A. H ., W alker, K an.
Dreiling A. J., Victoria. Kan.
♦D reim an E . W .. Vincennes, Ind.
♦D rejor T . A., Omaha, Neb.
Dressel A. W ., Metaline Falls,
W ash.
Dressel B. D „ Chicago. 111.
Dresseil T . L., C incinnati, O.
Dressen William. W aupaca, Wls.
Dresser R . E ., H arper, Kan.
♦Drew A. T ., Seattle, W ash.
Drew Charles E., B unker Hill, 111.
Drew O. H., Highmore, S. D.
♦Drew E . M .. Carson, ia .
Cal F . C.. San B ernardino.
Drew F . H ., T om ah, Wis.
D rew F. M ., Ansonia, Conn.
♦Drew G. A., Cam bridge, Ida.
♦Drew H. R ., Joliet, 111.
Drew L. M ., F air H aven, Vt.
♦Drew R. J., Highmore, S. D.
Drew W . D.. Midvllle, Ga.
♦Drewelow W. A., Wesley, Ia.
Drewry W . H., Ivor, Va.
♦Drews F . A., W aterville, M inn.
Drews O. A., Munich, N. D.
♦Drexel Jo h n L ., Garwin, la.
Drexler C. A., Howard. S. D.
Dreyer A lbert, A plington, la .
Drie8sen J. H ., Marion, Wis.
•D riftm yer A. F., Frem ont. Ö.
♦D rinkw alten M . I., Zumbro,
Falls, M inn.
D ring A., Paw nee Rock, K an.
D ring Joseph, O akland, Cal.
♦Driscoll J. L., Boise, Ida.
Driscoll M. C., Yoakum , Tex.
Driscoll P., Em ery, S. D.
Driscoll R . H., Lead, S. D.
♦Driskill E. D.. B aird, Tex.
♦DriskUl F. L.. Baird. Tex.
D river E . E . Osceola, Ark.
D river F rank, Indianapolis, Ind.
♦Driver J. J.. Benjam in, Tex.
Drqege H. F., H am burg, M inn.
Droege H. H ., D unkirk, N. Y.
♦Drogseth A. P ., Brainerd, M inn.
♦Drolet L. H ., K ankakee, 111.
♦Drolet R. G. K ankakee, 111.
Drone Marlon, Ridgway, 111.
♦Drost H. J., A ustin, M inn.
♦Droste E . L., Om aha, Neb.
♦D ruhan R. J., New Orleans, La.
Drumheller F. D ., Thurm ond.
W . Va.
Drum m er A. G., So. D ayton, N. Y.
♦Drum m er G. A., Buffalo, N. Y.
Drum m ond F. O., Richm ond, Va.
♦D rury C. M., Girard, Pa.
♦D rury J. H .. T roy, O.
Drushel S. G.. E dna, Tex.
Drussell A. M .. Roscoe. S. D.
♦Drwenski L., Chicago, 111.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



♦Dry A rthur, Madison. Mo.
♦D rybread J. F ..E d in b u rg , Ind.
Dryburgh M. L„ Fordville, N. D.
♦D ryden M ae, Plainville, Kan.
Dryden N. N., Eagleville, Tenn.
Drysdale R. G., Tobias, Neb.
Duba F. E .. Bellfourche. S. D.
♦D uba R. L ., Bellefourche, S. D.
D ubach M . R .. Simla, Colo.
D u B ard J. D.. M arked Tree, Ark.
♦Dubes E . E ., Arm our, S. D.
♦Dubois Adelaide K.. Liberty,
Dubois Ohas. L., Highland, N.. Y.
D u Bois Jr. J . O., Ashville, Ala.
♦Du Bois J . F., Petersburg, 111.
Du Bois P. K „ Glassboro, N. J .
♦Du Bois Sm ith, Liberty, Ind.
♦Du Bois W. B., PIqua, O.
♦Du Boise E. W ., Coldwater.MIss.
D ubord Jos., A ctin g , Horace, N .D .
Du Bose C. D., Roseboro. N. C.
♦Du Bose J. S., Tenaha, Tex.
D ubrouillet F . V., St. Louis, Mo.
Dubrouillet T. A., Linn, Mo.
♦Du Buisson O. H., M ontclair,
N , J.
D uchateau A. H . A., D aggett,
D ucker E . G., Bach, Mich.
D uckett O. D„ Greenwood. S. C.
D uckett Plum er, Cornelia, Ga.
D uckett T. A., Clayton, Ga.
♦Duckhorn G. J., Gladstone, N . D.
Duckies W. L., Edwardsville, 111.
♦Duckwail Guy, Van Buren, Ind.
DUckwall J . W .,B unker Hill. Ind.
♦Duckworth R . T.. Boone. Ia.
♦D uckw orth W. B., St. Clair, M o.
Duclos A. J., Rayne, L a .,
♦Ducos O. B., C u t Off, La.
♦Ducote W arren S., C ottonport,
♦Ducrest M., St. M artinsville, La.
♦D udacek E . N ., Pukw ana, S. D.
♦Dudek A., Clarkson, Neb.
♦Dudek Adolf, Clarkson, Neb.
D udek F ra n k Jr., Rogers, Neb.
♦Dudley A. H ., Roanoke, Va.
Dudley B. F., Utica, Miss.
D udley E lam , Ozona, Tex.
D udley F rank, Crandall, S. D.
D udley G. W., W. Salem, Wis.
Dudley H. H „ Concord. N. H.
♦Dudley L. H ., W ashington, Va.
♦Dudley R. W., Norfolk, Va.
Dudley W. K „ Pueblo, Colo.
♦Dudman W. E ., M acom b, 111.
D uea M . C., Hills, M inn.
D ue Gustav, Sandbom , Ind.
♦D uelbert E . C. W ellington, Mo.
Duer P . C., Charlotte, la .
♦Duerre A. J., Buffalo, N. Y.
Duerre M. T., Plainview, Minn.
*Duerrw aechter B. C., So.German­
town, Wis.
Duerrw aechter P . G., So. German­
town, Wis.
♦Duerson B. A., Louisville, Ky,
♦Duff W. H ., Plumerville, Ark.
♦Duff W. H., Neosho, Mo.
♦Duffelmeyer H. J., Joplin, Mo.
♦Duffat G. E. F „ Los Angeles. Cal.
♦Duffey A. C., Cambridge, O.
Duffey F . A., Bum ettsville, Ind.
Duffey J . O., Jr.. Burnettsville,
Duffield H . E ., Paxton, 111.
Duffleid W. H., Lima, O.
♦Duffy E . J., Caledonia, M inn.
♦Duffy J . E ., Redondo Beach, Cal.
♦Duffy J. P., H albur, Ia.
♦Duffy J. T ., M angum , Okla.
Duffy M. J., P atch Grove, Wis.
Duffy W. F. San Francisco, Cal.
♦Dufney J. A., Somersworth, N .H .
D ufty J . R., Merrill, Mich.
D ufty W. J., Owendale, Mich.
♦Dufur A. E., B urbank, Cal.
Dufur F. E., Lorimor, la .
♦D ufur Oma E . M ., Lorimor, Ia,
D ugan B. L., H arrisburg, Neb.
Dugan C. A., Decatur, Ind.
D ugan F. I., Louisville, Ky.
Dugan G. B., Dodge City, Kan.
Dugan H enry, Aberdeen, Miss.
♦Dugan Nellie, Ute, Ia.
Dugan P. B., W est P oint, Miss.
D u G ard T . M ., Thomson, 111.
♦Dugas H. G., Paincourtville, La.
Duggan A. H ., Scotland, Ga.
♦Dugger C, A., Lawrencebürg,
♦D ugstad O. S., Anamoose, N . D.
♦D ugstad E . A., Toope, M inn.
♦Duis E rnest G. J., G othenburg,
Duis J. H ., Flanagan, 111.
D uke C. E., Clarendon, Tex.
D uke C. E ., Tulia, Tex.
Duke G. H., Hotchkiss, Colo.
Duke John P., P alouse/W ash.
D uke Lee. C arthage, Tenn.
♦Duke S. W., M ena. Ark.
♦D ukehart G raham , P ortland, Ore
Dukes A. S., Unionville, la .
Dukes C. C., M ilan, Ga.
D ukes C. D ., St. George, S. O.
♦Dukes L. B „ Victor, Colo.
Dukes M . E ., Victor, Colo.
♦Dukes R. F., Georgetown, 111.
♦Dukes W. H „ Rockville, Ind.
Dukes W . J.. Ridgeville, S. C.

♦Dulaney J. N ., Bryan, Tex.
♦Duling B. R., Goldsboro, M d.
Dull H. H., Hooversville. Pa.
♦Dull R. C., Monroe, Mich.
♦Du M ars H . E ., Bloomington, 111.
♦Du M ars Ralph E ., Trivoli, 111.
D u M ars Russell P.. Trivoli. 111.
D um as C. F., Waco, Tex.
♦Dumas J. S., Waco, Tex.
Dum ay A. M., W ashington, N. C.
Dumm D. G.. P atto n . Pa.
♦D um m ett G. A.. Currie. M inn.
Dum m Wesley I., Cheyenne, Wyo.
Dunagan L. F., Friendship.Tenn.
♦Dunahugh R . W., Clyde, Kan.
D unaw ay B. E ., Orrville, Ala.
Dunaway O., Chickamauga, Ga.
♦Dunaway J. E ., Jr., Orrville, Ala.
Dunaway, J . P., Vale, Ore.
D unbar Alex., Pittsburgh, P a.
D unbar A. L., Golden, Tex.
D unbar C., Lyons, O.
D unbar D avid, Lynn. Mass.
♦D unbar J. B., Campbell, Tex.
Duncan A. C., Mt. Gilead, O.
Duncan C. C., Areola, Mo.
Duncan C. E „ Glouster, O.
D uncan O. E ., Sciota, 111.
♦Duncan C. W., Scottsville, Ky.
♦Duncan E ., Glouster, O
Duncan E . B., Bakersfield, Cal.
♦Duncan E. R.. Windsor. 111.
Duncan F. R „ Browning, Mo.
Dimcan George L., Creston.W ash.
♦Duncan L. J., Randolph, Ia.
D uncan L. W., Muskogee, Okla.
Duncan P. F., Duncanhnon, Pa.
♦Duncan R. B., Essex, Mo.
♦Duncan S. E ., Floyd, Tex.
Duncan S. P., Bladen, Neb.
Duncan S tuart, La Salle, 111.
Duncan Susan, Maysville, Mo.
Duncan W. A., Bremen, Ga.
♦Duncan W. A., Picher, Okla.
Duncan Wm. Jr., M ilroy, M inn.
♦Duncan Wm. F., Asheville N. C.
Duncan W. H., Loyalton, Cal.
D uncan W. Stewart, Duncannon,
Dunckley W. H., P ortland Ore.
D undas H. F., Nashua, M ont.
♦Dundas S. O., W atford, N. D.
Dunegan J. W., Stevens P oint.
♦Dunfrund E ., Blomfleld, Ia,
Dungan W. P. Jr., Elizabethton,
♦D unham A. E ., Meadville, Pa.
Dunham B. M ., Altoona, Kan.
♦Dunham C. R., New York, N.Y.
♦Dunham O. V., Norwood, O.
Dunham E. C., Morrow, O.
♦Dunker J. L., Quincy, 111.
Dunker W. J., Grandmound, Ia.
♦Dunkle W. G.. Sioux City, Ia.
D unlap A. C., St. Frances, Ark.
♦Dunlap Alex Jr., Lexington, Ky.
Dunlap A. M„ Gleason. Tenn.
Dunlap B. H ., La Feria, Tex.
D unlap B. H., Harlingen, Tex.
Dunlap E. M., Jacksonville, 111.
♦Dunlap H. E ., Randolph, Neb.
Dunlap H. E ., Willcox, Ariz.
Dunlap H.W .,HollandPatent,N.Y.
Dunlap H. W., Remsen, N. Y.
Dunlap John B., M uncy, Pa.
Dunlap J. V., Cordele, Ga.
Dunlap R. C„ Macon, Ga.
♦Dunlap Jr. R. D.. Clarksville,Ark.
♦Dunlap R. P., Bells. Tenn.
Dunlap R. S., Greenville, W. Va.
Dunlap S. C. Jr., Gainesville. Ga.
♦Dunlap W. E „ E. Liverpool, O.
Dunlap W. E., Tulare, Cal.
♦Dunlap W. G., Abingdon, 111.
♦Dunleavy F . J., Ellsworth. Me.
Dunlevy W. T ., New W ashington,
Dunlop G. Wm., Jefferson, Ia.
♦Dunmire Clarence, South Fork,
Dunn A. C., Bullochville, Ga.
♦Dunn A. I., San Simon, Ariz.
♦Dunn A. W., F t. Stockton, Tex.
Dunn B. W., Richmond, Mo.
♦Dunn Byron, Lincoln, Neb.
D unn Clarance, Van M eter, Ia.
Dunn E. E „ Myrtle. Minn.
♦Dunn E. W., Beardstown, 111.
Dunn F. I., Bolckow, Mo.
♦Dunn F. L., Tulsa. Okla.
♦D unn F. M ., Point, Tex.
D unn Geo., Alexander, Ia.
D unn Jr. Geo. F., Hoytville, O.
♦Dunn G. F., Advance, Mo.
♦Dunn H. C., Terrell, Tex.
D unn J. A., M odesto. Cal.
D unn J. B. H., Baltimore, Md.
♦Dunn J. O., Newville, Ala.
♦Dunn J . 0., Bellevue, Ia.
Dunn J . C., Lena, 111.
♦Dunn J . M., Chillioothe, Mo.
D unn J. R., Dawson, Tex.
♦Dunn L. B.. Onaga. Kan.
D unn Leo A., Casper, Wyo.
♦D unn LoUis, Galesburg, Mich.
♦Dunn M . W., Elba, Ala.
D unn N. H „ Hastings, Neb.
D unn P . B. Jr., Shelbyville, Mo.
♦Dunn P. J., Adrian, Mich.
D unn P. J., Orient, S. D♦Dunn Thos. F., Carthage, 111.
♦Dunn W. F.. Alexander. Ia.
D unn W. P .. San Simon, Ariz.

D unn W . T ., Altoga, Tex.
Dunnam S. E „ Quinlan, Tex.
Dunnegan J . M., Bolivar, Mo.
♦Dunning Joseph Spalding, Neb.
♦Dunning P . R., Valley Junction,
♦Dunphy E. M ., Cass Lake. M inn.
♦Dunscomb G. H., Chicago, 111..
Dunscom b Thos.. Olarkton. Mo.
Dunsing J. W ., E ast Chicago, Ind.
Dunson W. H ., Austwell. Tex.
♦D untley H. C., Falsen, N. D.
♦D unton A. G., Riceville, Ia.
D unton H. O., Townsend, Va.
♦Dunton L. H., Arcadia, K an.
D unton L. H ., D avid, la .
♦D unton Lynn, Townsend, Va.
Dunton W. S., Oak Hill, Mo.
Dunwell W. K., Southam pton,
N. Y.
♦Dunwiddie N . E ., Arlington

Heights, 111.

♦du Parc Chas., San Francisco,
D uphom e Marcel, H arper, Kan.
Duplelx P . R., Youngsville, La.
Dupre A. L., Opelousas, La.
Dupree Chas., M aud, Tex.
Dupree R. B., Waco, Tex.
Du Pree W. L., W oodstock, Ga.
D upuy A rthur F., Minden, La.
D u p u y E . L,, Corsicana, Tex
♦Duquerorn F. M .. Charleston,
s c.
D urand E. E., Green Ridge, Mo.
Durand F. A .,Junction City, Kan.
♦Durand W. E ., Redmond. Ore.
D urant A. F „ Columbus, O.
♦D urant E . A.. Rawlins. Wyo.
D urban G. A., Aiken, S. C.
D urbin D. L., M cClure, O.
Durbin Fred, Malvern, la .
Durbin L. Zoe. M cClure. O.
♦Durbon Vassar, Junction City
♦Duren G. M ., Lakeview, T enn.
Durfee Joseph. R ockport, Mo.
Durfee J. E ., F t. Summer, N. M .
♦Durfee J. E ., Rockport, M o.
Durham C. M„ W hiteland, Ind.
♦D urham G. S., M obeetie, Tex.
D urham J. Ernest, Russellville
D urham Lee, Brentwood, Cal.
Durham M., Coopersville, Mich.
♦D urham O. E ., Okeene, Okla.
D urham T . E ., Amarillo, Tex.
♦D urham T . R., Chattanooga.
Durham W alters, Raleigh« N. C,
Durham W. A „ Galatia, 111.
Durham W. M., Comanche, Tex.
D urham W. N ., Mobeetie, Tex.
♦D urian Roy, Wellman. Ia.
D urkee Guy F., W inston, Mo.
Durkes S. A.. F ranklin Grove, 111.
Duriand B. C., Chester, N. Y.
Durling S. C.. W adsworth, O.
Duroe C. R „ Jeffers, Minn.
♦D urrance B. L., F o rt M eade,
- Fla.
♦D urrance C. P ., W auchula, Fla.
♦D urrett D. W., Richmond, Va.
D urrett J. B.. Maysville, Ky.
D urrie F red B., Saratoga, Wyo.
♦Durst H . M ., Waukegan, 111.
D urst J. H „ Monroe, Wis.
♦D urst L. J., Centerville, Tex.
Durvee J . F.. Suffern, N. Y.
D uryee J . M .. Oak Park, 111.
♦Dusenberry R. F., Marengo, 111.
Dusenbery J., Ludlow, Mo.
♦Dushane F. M„ Baltimore, Md.
♦Dues L. E., New Cambria, Mo.
D usterberry F. T„ Centerville,Cal
♦D utch V. L., Madisonville, La.
♦D utcher E . N., Cortland, O.
D u T oit D. W., Chaska, M inn.
Dutsch R . H .. Covington, La.
♦ D utt J. George, Bigwells, Tex.
D utton A. B., Williford, Ark.
D utton F. E., M anchester, Ia.
D utton F. W., Pittsfield, Mass.
♦D utton Gilbert, Knoxville, Ia.
♦D utton G. M ., New Florence,Mo.
♦D utton H. F., M artinsville, Ind.
D utton J . S., B utte, Mont.
D utton O. W.. Grand Jet.. Ia.
♦D utton P . E ., Grand Junction,
♦D utton W. A., M anchester, Ia.
♦Du Val E. T .. Richm ond. Va.
♦Duval J. T ., Gloucester, Va.
D uvall O. S., Lindsay, Okla.
Duvall G. W., Cheraw, S. C.
Duvall Homer, Butler. Mo.
♦Duvall J. H., Belle Plaine, Kan.
♦Duvall Jno. S., Monessen, Pa.
♦Du Val J. T., Gloucester, Va.
♦Duvall S. G.. Frederick, Md.
Duvell W. H., M arling, Mo.
♦Duwe J. F., N atom a, Kan.
♦Dvorak F. J., Ceda» Rapids, Ia .
Dvorak Joseph, Bruno, Neb.
Dvorak Joseph, Stillwater, Okla.
Dvorak J. R.. M antador, N. D.
Dvorsky G. W.. Iowa City, Ia.
♦Dwehus A., Rockville, Neb.
Dwehus E., Rockville, Neb.
*Dwelle C. H .. Northwood. Ia.
D w erlkotte Jos., M arysville, K an.
Dwier Geo. W., D arby, Pa.
Dwiggins Chas •J., Petersburg,
T enn.
* D wight L. C lark, Bakersfield,Ca1.

Dworak E . J ., D avid C ity, Neb.
D w orak S. F., Ord, Neb.
♦Dwyer A. B., D ent, M inn.
*Dwyer C. A., Houston, Tex.
Dw yer F. R., Bradford, O.
♦Dwyer R. J.. Marseilles, 111.
Dwyer T. R., Willow C ity, N. D.
D yal C. D., St. Cloud, Fla.
♦Dye A. E ., Roundup, M ont.
♦Dye D. P., Kershaw, S. C.
♦Dye E . C., Gannvalley, S. D.
♦Dye H. L.. Macedonia. Ia.
D ye J . R ., Chester, S. C.
♦Dye S. G., Ogden, U tah.
D ye Samuel W., Oronoco, Mo.
D yer D. A., Culver, K an,
D yer E . H ., W ashington, D . C .
♦Dyer H. L., Spencer, W . Va.
D yer H. W., A ustin, Nev.
♦D yer Jack, Centrahom a, Okla.
D yer J. H ., Provtncetown, M ass.
♦Dyer J. H ., W inston Salem, N. C.
♦Dyer J. H ., Purcell, Okla.
D yer J . M ., Sumner, Miss.
♦Dyer R . E ., Ellensburg, W ash.
Dyer S. R., Grimes, la .
♦Dyer T. H .. A lbany, Ky.
Dyer, W. M ., M iam i, Okla.
D yer W. O., Milladore, Wis.
♦Dykem an D . W., E v erett, Wash.
♦Dykes R. A., Whitwell. Tenn.
♦Dykhouse, J. T ., L ittle Rock. la .
D ym Em anuel, P ittsb u rgh, Pa.
Dyreng P . P „ M anti, U tah.
♦Dyreng R . P ., M anti, U tah.
♦Dyrlund C. M „ P ortland, Ore.
♦D ysart, E arle S., Hallsville, Mo.
•D y sa rt W. R.. Ribon, Wis.
Dyson J. R., W ashington, Ga.
Dyson R. G., No. Em poria, Va.
D y ste G. M ., Iroquois, S. D.
Eaches A. D „ Phcenixville, Pa.
Eadie Benjamin, Hanover, 111.
♦Eadie J., Hanover, 111.
E ads George, Farwell, Tex.
E ads J . D„ W arrensburg, Mo.
♦Eads M abel, Ashland, Ky.
E agan J . R.. Darien. WiB.
♦Eagan L. E ., Italy , Tex.
♦Eager F. J., Onida, S. D.
♦Eager Leonard P ., Evansville,
♦Eagle E . R., Quenemo, Kan.
♦Eagle H. L. Delano, M inn.
Eagle W. M ., Quenemo, Kan.
Eagles H. B„ Owensboro, Ky.
♦Eagleson Bernice. Parkersburg,
Eagleson R. M ., Parkersburg, 111.
♦Eagon H . H., Newcomerstown.O.
♦Eakin J. G., L ittle Rock, Ark.
Bakins E . R., M cLean, Tex.
Eakins Guy O., Duffau, Tex.
»Eames E . H .. Georgetown, Tex.
E ardley A. E ., Carrizo Spgs., Tex.
♦Barl E. H., Sterling, o .
E arl W. L., Larned, Kan.
E arle Lee, Orion, Mich.
E arle L. M., Cashton, Wis.
♦Earll Vern C., Idaho Springs,
Earls W. F „ Salt Lake City, U tah.
♦Early A. E ., Centralia, Mo.
E arly C. B., W illiamson, W . Va.
E arly H . A., Cambridge, Ia.
Eam shaw . F. W „ Okeana, O.
♦Easley H. L., Auburn, 111.
Easley J. D., M ontpelier, La.
Easley J . R „ New Canton, IU.
Easley M. T „ F air Play, Mo.
♦Eason Carrie E ., Robstown, Tex.
♦Eason C. E ., San Benito, Tex.
E ast J. L., A ltavista, Va.
♦East J. M ., South Boston, Va.
E ast T. J., Bridgeport, Wash.
♦Eastby J. M ., Sinar, S. D.
E asterday C. F., Vandalia. 111.
E asterday J . E .. Ramsey, 111.
E asterday O. R., P ortland. Ind.
E asterday P . R ., Lincoln, Neb.
E asterlin Jr. J.B ., M ontezum a,G a.
E asterling A. G.. PersonviUe, Tex.
E asterling C. E ., S u lp h ur, Okla.
Easterling D avid, H am let, N . O.
♦Easterling R . D ., GlennvUle. Ga.
♦Easterwoon H om er L., M erkel,
♦Eastham N. L., Mt. Carmel, 111.
♦Eastin D. P ., Lexington, Ky.
E ast in M ark B.. Sturgis, Ky.
♦Eastling Geo. L., Bisbee, N . D .
E astm an A. W., Mllnor, N, D.
E astm an C. S., Cambridge, 111.
E astm an H. O., Mitchell, Neb.
♦Eastm an M. G., Crawford. Neb.
E astm an R. H „ W ilmot, S. D.
♦Easton A. C., Quinter, Kan.
♦Easton C. M., Herscher, 111.
♦Easton C. S., Oxford, N. C.
Eastwold Martin, Malakoff, Tex.
E aton A. G., Montpelier. Vt.
Eaton A. T.. Olean, N. Y.
E aton Cyrus A., New Berlin, P a.
♦Eaton E. C., Herm an, Minn.
E aton F . R., Kalamazoo,i Mich.
E aton G. A.. Princeton, Minn.
♦Eaton G. D ., M idway, N . D.
♦Eaton Henry, Bryan, O.
♦Eaton H. R „ Boone, Ia.
E aton H. S„ Wood River, Neb.
Eaton J . E., Arlington, Kan.
♦Eaton R. C., Duqouin, IU.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

E aton W . G„ Robinson, IU.
Eaves F. M .. E dgar Springs, Mo.
Eaves J . S., Lovlngton, N. M.
E bbs C. J.. Marshall. N. C.
♦Ebeling H., Glencoe, Minn.
Ebellng J . F., Wheeling, W. Va.
♦Ebenreiter C. H ., Sheboygan.Wis.
E b erh ard t A., New Leipzig,
N. D.
E berhardt E . G., Salina, Kan.
♦E berhart Floyd, Gilman C ity,
E berhardt Fred F., Salina, R an.
E berhardt G. E „ Llndsborg, Kan.
♦E berhardt H arry, M ilaca. M inn.
E berhardt Jos., Chicago, 111.
Eberle G. A., Comanche, Okla.
Eberly Chas., Mechanicsburg. P a.
Eberly J. W., Strasburg, Va.
♦Eberly John, David City, Neb.
E bernau T . C., F ond du Lac. Wis.
Ebersole J. T., M inneapolis, M inn.
♦Eberspacher J . C., Shelbyville,
E b ert E . C., Brenerton, Wash.
E b ert T. P ., Lovelocks, Nev.
♦E bert Wm. T ., E a st E ly, Nev.
♦Eberting Corwin, Hoquiam ,
E berts C. H., W arwood, W . Va
Eberwein W. J., Sheridan, Ind.
♦Ebner G. W., San Francisco, Cal.
♦Ebright H. L., MiflUn, Pa.
E by A, F.. Howard, Kan.
♦Eby A. J., H olt. Mo.
E by A. M. Hazleton, Pa.
E by H . W ., Colony, Okla.
E by J. G., Portage, Pa.
♦Eby S. H., Greencastle. Pa.
♦Eccless W. W „ Clear W ater,
M inn.
Eccleston J. Y„ Oakland. Cal.
Echelbarger Fred, P rairie D epot,
Echoh M . L., Woodville, Ga.
Echols H ubert, M arlinton, W. Va.
♦Echols W. W., Synder, Tex.
Eck Chas. F ., M iamisburg, O.
♦Eck J. B., Lowell, O.
E ckart G. R ., MarysvUle, Cal.
E ckart J . P., G uttenberg, la .
♦E ckart O. B „ Guttenberg, la .
Ecker H. E., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Eckerle P. F., L anark, 111.
♦Eckert Chas. J., S anta Fe, N . M.
E ckert E . J „ D etroit, Mich.
Eckes W. F., W ahpeton, N. D.
Eckfeld O. F., Unionville, M ich.
♦Eckford C. G., Greenville, Ga.
Eckford Jam es, Chouteau, Mont
E ckhardt A. H., Menomonee FaUs,
♦E ckhardt A. L., Johnson C ity,
E ckhardt Geo. W ., Pacific Grove,
♦E ckhardt Gus, Sanderson, Tex.
E ckhardt O tto, D avenport, Ia.
E ckhardt R. C „ Taylor, Tex.
♦E ckhart H. L., Wheeling, W. Va.
E ckhart L. A., L etts, Ind.
♦E ckhart Opal, L etts, Ind.
♦Eckler F. R., Elyria, O.
Eckles A. H., Hopkinsville, Ky.
♦Eckley B arbara,W indham ,M ont.
♦Eckley M . D., W indham , M ont.
Eckley W. L ., W indham , M ont.
♦Ecklofl C. L., W ashington, D. C.
Eokloff John C., W ashington, D.C.
Ecklund E . O., Conrad, Ia.
Ecklund O. F., Newton, Ia.
♦Eckm an C. H .. Coyle, Okla.
E ckm ann C. S., Grenora, N . D.
♦Eckstein Alex., Jasper, Ind.
♦Eckstein W m., Home, Kan.
♦Econome G. D., T arpon Springs,
♦Ecroyd E . T ., Pierce C ity, M o.
♦Eddelmon A. O., Lodi, Cal.
E ddington A. R ., M ontezum a,
♦Eddington Gladys F ., M onte­
zum a, Kan.
♦Eddlns T. J.. SlideU, La.
♦Eddins Thos. S., Demopolis, Ala.
Eddlem an R. A., Estelline, Tex.
♦Eddlemon A. O., Lodi, Cal.
E ddy A. E ., Brookpark, M inn.
Eddy Geo. H. Jr.. Fall River,M ass.
E d d y I. J., M ikado, Mich.
E ddy Ira, HavensviUe, Kan.
♦Eddy S. L ,, P ortland, Ore.
E ddy W. H., Boyden, la .
E de C. H ., Orofina, Ida.
♦Edelen E. G., HughesviUe, M o.
♦Eder L. G., Hammond, Ind.
♦Edgar C. H., Jackson, M ich.
E dgar Roy, A rkport, N. Y.
E dgar W. A., Ashley, Pa.
Edge J . H., Summerville. Ga.
♦Edgerton H . L., Grovespring,M o.
E dgington E . W ., Spokane, Wash.
♦Edison A. F ., G rand Rapids.
M ich.
♦Edkins P . J., St. Vincent, M inn.
Edlefsen J. N ., P ortland, Ore.
♦Edlefson W . F., Boston. Mass.
Edlund G. L., Canova, S. £>.
E dm an H ., MUnor, N. D .
Edm inster B. H ., Forsyth, M ont.
♦Edmison J. R., Divide, 111.
♦Edm ister R. A., Cody, Wyo.
Edm iston F. B.. Richview, III.
Edm lston W. A., Brownsville, Pa.
♦Edm ond W., Clarem ont, M inn.
Edm ond W. L., Waco, Tex.

♦Edmonds C. J., Lebanon, Ky.
Edm onds E . C.. Spur, Tex.
Edm onds T . M ., N orris C ity, IU.
Edmonds W arner, Chula Vista,
Edmondson A. C.t Marion, O.
Edm ondson A. T .. H anna, Okla.
Edm ondson E . A., Muskogee,
♦Edmondson E dna M .. M ilton, Ta.
♦Edmondson Geo., F alrbum , Ga,
Edmondson R. D ., M orven, Ga.
Edmondson W. F., MUton. Ia.
♦Edmonson E m m a, Republic,M o.
Edmonson Lou, Republic, Mo.
Edmonson W. P ., Sibley, M o.
Edm onston C. W „ W ashington,
D. C.
Edm onston T. E ., Lam onte, Mo.
♦Edmund F. S„ ThomvUle, O.
E dm und G. H., E astover, S. O.
♦Edm unds C. H., Knoxvile, Tenn.
Edm unds H. E„ Y ankton. S. D.
Edm unds H . L.. Gardiner, Ore.
♦Edm unds W. M .. G rand Forks,
N . D.
♦Edmundson D. V., Birm ingham ,
Edm undson H arvey, Roosevelt.
♦Edquist E . D „ Dassel, M inn.
Edrington Files, Oscepla, Tex.
♦EdsaU E . S., Bozeman, M ont.
EdsaU J. R.. Nichols, N. Y.
Edsall T. D., Ham burg, N. J .
♦Edson C. F.. E ureka. Cal.
♦Edson F. H ., Austin, M inn.
♦Edson R. R., M ontpeiier, Vt.
E dw ard E . E ., Chester, Ga.
Edw ard J. C., Chester, Colo.
♦Edward J. W., Vaughnsville, O.
♦Edward Phelps, Paw huska, Okla.
♦Edwards A. Jr., Rockville, N. Y.
E dw ards Alfred, S anta B arbara,
♦Edwards A. V., New Y ork City,
N. Y.
♦Edwards B. F., Jr., Oakland. Cal.
Edwards O. B., Royal Oak, Mich.
Edwards C. B., Lam ar, Mo.
♦Edwards C. C., Jeanerette, La.
Edw ards C. W ., A ltam ont, Kan.
♦Edwards D ora, Ben F ranklin,
♦Edwards E . E ., New B ritain,
Edwards E . H „ W aynetown, Ind.
♦Edwards E . L., Ludington, Mich.
Edwards F . L., So. Rockwood,
Edw ards F . Z., Sherm an, Tex.
Edwards G. C., South Range,Mich.
♦Edwards G. H ., Atchison, Kan.
♦Edwards G. M., Union Sp’gs, Ala.
Edw ards G. W ., H arrodsburg, Ky.
♦Edwards H. D ., Petersburg, Fla.
E dw ards H . G., N ational C ity,
Edwards Hom er P ., Roosevelt,
U tah.
Edw ards I. N „ L a Kem p, Okla.
♦Edwards J. A., Buffalo, N. Y.
E dw ards J . B.. Hiwasse, Ark.
♦Edwards J. B „ M orris, Okla.
Edwards J . C., Morrisvfile, Mo.
Edw ards J . M., Dansville. N. Y.
Edw ards John M ., Grimesland,
N. C. ■
Edwards J. P ., Rockbridge, M o.
Edw ards J . R.. C entralia. Mo.
♦Edwards J.S .,S anta B arbara.C al.
♦Edwards J. W., U pton, Ky.
♦Edwards M rs. M attie, BooneviUe.
♦Edwards M. A., Peru, Ind.
♦Edwards O. P ., Eclectic, Ala.
♦Edwards O. P ., Leipsic, O.
Edwards Russell S., RussellviUe,
Edwards T . J., H am ilton, M ont.
Edwards W. A., W eston, W. Va.
♦Edwards W alter, Calum et. Mich.
Edw ards W. C., Lonetree, N . D.
Edwards W. C., Kewaunee, Wis.
♦Edwards W . L., Cleburne, Tex.
Edwards Wm. M„ Portage, Wis.
Edw ards W. R., Adams, Tex.
♦Efferty F . W., Norwood, M inn.
Effertz F. J., W aconia, Minn.
EHertz J . S., BeUe Plaine, Minn.
Effing B. E ., Ridley P ark, Pa.
Effing E . H., Parkesburg, Pa.
♦Effing Gerald, Swarthm ore, Pa.
Efflnger J. G., Neuburg, Ind.
Efromson J. O., Tyrone, N . Mex.
♦Egan D. B., New London, Wis.
E gan M. A., Beach, N. D.
Egerm an J., Shawm ut, M ont.
Egerton C. B., Ironton, O.
♦Egertson Sever T ., EstherviUe, la .
Egge A. L.. Hibbing, Minn.
♦Egge S. J., H ibbing. M inn.
♦Eggen C. S., New Efflngton,
S. D.
Eggen Carston, New Efflngton
S. D.
♦Eggen G. J., Florence, S. D.
Eggen N. E ., Fargo, N. D.
Eggen P. F., Sedan, Kan.
Eggensperger A. R ., R uthton,
M inn.
♦Eggerichs F . A., Roswell, S. D .
♦Eggers E . S„ P ittsburgh, P a.


Eggerss H. G., Lawrence, Neh.
♦Eggert Albert, D avenport, Ia.
♦Eggert A. O., H um boldt, S. D.
♦Eggert F. S.. Ackley, la .
E ggert M . f l., Hansen, Neb.
♦Eggland M . M ., R oland, la .
♦Eginton G. B., Storm Lake, Ia.
♦Eglin M iss Annie, Ocean Spgs.,
Eglin B., NorthvlUe, N. Y.
♦Eglin B. L., G ranada, M inn.
Egly A lbert, GrabUl, Ind.
♦EgneU O. J., P axton. IU,
♦Ego R . W .f Christine, N . D.
Egstad Ingral. Cameron, Wis,
Ehinger E . X ., D ecatur, Ind.
Ehle Thos. D., Dodson. Mo.
♦Ehlen W. J., N o rth Bend, Neb.
Ehler Wm. F ., Decker, Mich.
Ehlerding O. H „ Cincinnati, O.
♦Ehler W. H. J., New York C ity ,
N . Y.
E hlers E. C., A ctin g , Boone, Ia.
♦Ehlers Edwin, St. Paul. Minn.
Ehlers F. G., Plym outh, Ia.
Ehlers H arry O., England, Ark.
Ehlers H. H., Memphis, Neb.
♦Ehlers H. J .f Plym outh, Ia.
Ehlers M . F., Shabbona, Mich.
♦Ehlers M . J., Shabbona, M ich.
♦Ehlers Ö. W., Y orktow n, Tex.
♦Ehlers W. R ., Nehling, Neb.
♦Ehr E. P ., M inot, N . D.
Ehrecke W m., P leasant Prairie,
E hred F . W ., Courtenay,' N . D.
♦E hrhardt J. B., E hrhardt, S. O.
Ehrich Geo. H ., Kankakee, IU.
♦Eichelberger T . S., Akron, O.
♦Eichelman G. C., Rochester. N. Y.
♦Eichenberger W. J., MacksviUe,
E ichenberger W. J., Radium ,
Eicher E. J ., W ayland, la .
Eichin Karl, Olney, 111.
♦Eichner Fred, South Bend, W ash.
Eick J. H., F ay ette C ity, Pa.
E lckm an M.. Gregory, S. D.
♦Eide A., Beaver Creek, M inn.
♦EidemiUer H . E ., Tippecanoe
C ity, Ohio.
♦Eidman A rthur, BelleviUe, IU.
♦Eidson, C. W., E aton, O.
Eidson V. R.. W ard. S. O.
♦Eighmey P . W., W aterloo, Ia.
♦Eikena M . O., Sisseton, S. D.
♦Eiland C. C., Jr., Baker, Fla.
EUber Roland, P o rt Hope, M ich.
E ilbert Louis, W inona, Wash.
♦EUerman F . W., OrovUle, Cal.
Ellers Herm an, Oshkosh, Wis.
Eim ers Wm. R ., Trom inald, M inn.
♦Einspanjer E. T., F t. M adison,Ia.
Eisenbach H. O., Butler, O.
♦Eisenbach Julian, San Francisco,
♦Eisenbach W. W „ B utler, O.
E isenbrandt Henry, Peotone, IU.
♦Eisenhart E . R., Culbertson, Neb,
♦Eisenhower A. B., K ansas C ity.
♦Eisenlohr F. W., M otley, M inn.
Eisenm ayer C. W „ Trenton, IU.
Eisenm ayer H. C., Lebanon, IU.
Elser J . M., Nebraska City, Neb.
♦Ekblod W. A ., St. P aul, M inn.
♦Ekern E . C., Ellsw orth, Ia.
♦Ekeroth J . A., Essex. Ia.
Ekiss C. L., D alton C ity, 111.
E km an Khute.M inneapolis. M inn.
E kstam J. E ., M arathon, Ia.
♦Bkstedt C. E ., A ltona, IU.
E kstrand B. JL, Virginia, M inn.
Elam A. G., Perry, Mo.
Elam H unter, Union City, Tenn.
Elam O. M ., Ashland. Kan.
Elbel H. E ., South Bend, Ind.
Elbin H arry, Cameron, W. Va.
♦Elbin J . I., Cameron, W. Va.
♦Elby M iss Annie J., C ourtland.
♦Elder Claude, Victor, M ont.
E lder J. L., Salem, Ky.
♦Elder John Jr., New Castle. Pa.
♦Eldred O. H., Carrollton, IU.
♦Eidred J. J., Carrollton, 111.
Eldred John L., OarroUton, IU.
Eldredge C. G„ WUdwood, N. J.
♦Eldridge Carleton, M iddletown,
♦Eldridge S. L., G racem ont, Okla.
♦Eldridge W. E „ Fulton, M ich.
Eldridge Jr., W. T ., Sugar L and,
Elem ents T ., Roytown, M o.
♦Elertson H ., R iver Falls, Wis.
♦Elfstrom C. E ., Roger, N . D.
Elias M artha, Chicago, 111.
♦Eliason S. G., Montevideo, M inn.
♦Elkins D. O., Stringtown, Okla.
♦Elkins L. R., W aynesville. M o.
Elkins O. O., Stringtow n, Okla.
Elkins R. L., Pineora, Ga.
Elkins S. J., Nixon. Tex.
Elledge R. C., Butler, Okla.
Ellefson D. R ., GUlett Grove. Ia .

Elleraas A., Gary, M inn.
Ellerbrock F . W .. Y etter. l a .
♦Eilerthorpe A. F., Bentley, Mich♦Eilerthorpe Fred, W. Croswell,
♦Ellerton H . H., D etroit, Mich,
*Ellertson T., M illbrook, II
♦Ellery S. W., M iami, Ariz.
Ellery W. J., Miami. Ariz.
E llet Charles, May Held, Cal.
E llett E. O.. Denver. Colo.
♦Elliff W. T .. M ackinaw . 111.
♦Elling N . O., San Diego, Cal.
E llinger'A . E-, Noble, Okla.
Ellinghouse O., San Francisco,
Ellingson A. S., N orthwood, N. D.
Ellingson M . B., Ironton. M inn.
♦Ellingson N ettie E., Rugby, N .D .
♦Ellingson O. W ,, Shelly, Ida.
♦Ellingson T hos., A rm strong,M inn.
♦Ellington Jas.. Moorefleld. Ky.
♦Ellington J. E ., Queen C ity, Tex.
Ellington R . D., Portageville, Mo.
Ellington W . P ., H om beak, T enn.
E lliott A. Hayes, Auburn. W. Va.
♦Elliott A. E ., Los Angeles. -Cal.
E lliott A. G„ Corsicana, Tex.
E lliott A. J., Webster, Tex.
E llio tt B urr, E dgerton, Mo.
E llio tt B., Odessa, Mo.
♦Elliott B. G., Verdón, S. D.
♦Elliott C. B., Owensboro, Ky.
E llio tt C. F., W innsboro, S. C.
♦Elliott C. H.. M assena, N . V.
♦E llio tt^.Claude H-, Crookston,
E lliott O. P., Amarillo. Tex.
E llio tt E. C., Sunrise, Ky.
E llio tt E . E., Compton, Cal.
♦E lliott E . G., Beam an, la .
E lliott E. G., Verdon, S. D.
E lliott E. H., Sublette, Kan.
♦Elliott E . L., Castle, Okla.
E lliott E. M., Spooner, Wis.
♦Elliott F . C., W ashington C ourt
House, Q.
E llio tt Felix, Kingwood. W . Va.
E llio tt F . T ., Jr., G rand M eadow,
M inn.
E lliott H . F ., A tlanta, Mloh.
E lliott, Jr., H . W ., Sulphur, K y.
♦Elliott Helen, M iddlebury, Ind.
E llio tt H., Clarkston, W adi.
E llio tt J . A.. Laura, 111.
E llio tt J . A., Des Moines, la .
E llio tt Jesse D ., Bolivar, O.
E llio tt Jam es H ., Hallowell, K an.
♦Elliott J. E ., W are Shoals, S. C.
♦Elliott J. G., M inatare, Neb.
E llio tt J . W., Jacksonville, 111.
♦Elliott J. W., M etropolis, 111.
♦E lliott J. W., Tahoka, Tex.
♦Elliott L. F.. W atson, 111.
E llio tt L. M ., E kalaka, M ont.
♦E lliott M. B„ Alba, Mo.
E llio tt T ., Castle, Okla.
♦Elliott T . H ., Newcastle, Neb.
E lliott W. G., Aurora, la .
E lliott W. J ., Cedar Rapids, la .
E lliott Wm. P., Copland, Kan.
E llio tt W. S., W ilburton, Okla.
♦Elliott W. T ., Keller, Va.
Ellis Alonzo, W hitehall, 111.
Ellis A. B., Lubbock, Tex.
♦Ellis A rthur C., Petalum a, Cal.
♦Ellis A. W „ D elm ar, Del.
Ellis B ert, H artville, M o.
Ellis B. F., Okolona, Miss.
Ellis B. J., L am ont, Wash.
Ellis O. F., Marshfield, Mo.
Ellis C. H., Sturgis, Ky.
♦Ellis C. L., M arcus, la.
Ellis C. ©., Douglas, Ariz. .
♦Ellis C. W., Springville, N . Y.
♦Ellis D. H ., Greene, la .
Ellis 'Elmer, Indiana, Pa.
Ellis E . B., W aurika, Okla.
Ellis E . H ., Columbus, Kan.
Ellis E. I.. Tekam ah, Neb.
♦ Ellis F. B., Pleasanton, K an.
Ellis F . V., Ohugwater, W yo.
Ellis Geo., Frem ont. Mo.
♦Ellis George, Jr., Houston. Tex
♦Ellis G. R. Jr.. M um ford, Tenn
Ellis Grover, M cCaulley, Tex.
♦Ellis G. W ., Oakland, Cal.
Ellis H . A., W averly, N. Y.
♦Ellis H. B., Greenwood, S. G.
♦Ellis H . P , Chiekasha, Okla.
Ellis H. R ., H azlehurst, Miss.
Bins Howard, New Florence, Mo.
Ellis I. L., Silex. Mo.
Ellis J. B., Grover, N . C.
Ellis J . C., Millsboro, Del.
Ellis J . F., Exchange, Pa.
Ellis J. F ., Davis, Okla.
Ellis J. G., W arrenton, N . C.
♦Ellis J. H ., Honolulu, Haw au.
Ellis J . L. B.. Kiowa, Kan.
Ellis J . M., Cropper, Ky.
♦Ellis L. C., Lubbock, Tex.
♦Ellis J. S., Shawnee, Okla.
Ellis Jno. T ., Colum bus, Ga.
Ellis J. P.. High Hill, Mo.
♦Ellis L. C., Lubbock, Tex.
Ellis L. H ., Silver C ity, N . M .
Ellis L. J., Glencoe, Ky.
Ellis L. J ., M ountain Grove, Mo.
♦Ellis M. A.. W hitehall. 111.
♦Ellis M . M ., M anassas, Va.
♦Ellis M . S., Glencoe, K y.
E llis M . W ., Brandsville, M o.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Ellis M. W ., Charles City. la .
♦Ellis O. J., Idaho Falls, Ida.
♦Ellis Poe, H olland, Mo.
EUis R. B., Cam pbellsport, Wis.
E llis Samuel, Buffalo,.N. Y.
Ellis S. W alnut Ridge, Ark.
♦Ellis S. M., Delmar, Del.
Ellis S. T „ Napoleon, Mo.
♦Ellis T. B., Hendersonville, Tenn.
♦Ellis T . M.f W ynne. Ark.
Ellis, W . E ., Glasgow, Ky.
Ellis W . P ., F urm an, S. C.
♦Ellis W. R ., Waseca, M inn.
Ellis W. T ., Turners Falls, Mass.
♦Ellison B. H ., Augusta, Ga.
♦Ellison E. L., Cadiz, O.
Ellison George, H inton, la .
♦Ellison t . V., Carlisle, la .
Ellison L. A., Ada, Okla.
Ellison L. E „ L ayton, U tah.
Ellison S. E ., Fountaintow n, Ind.
♦Ellison W m ., Fairm ount, Ind.
♦Elliston C. F.. Willlamstown, Ky.
♦Elllston Milton, J r ., Mortonsville, K y.
Ellston J. C., E xeter, M o.
Ellsworth F. B., Rigby, Ida.
Ellsworth F . W ., Vesper, Wis.
E llsw orth G. B., Rushville, Neb.
♦Ellsworth G. L., Vesper, Wis.
E llsw orth H . ,J.. Jim s Falls, Wis.
♦Ellsworth S. A., W orcester, Mass.
Ellsworth W. H., Ellisville, Miss.
♦Ellwein F. H., New Salem. N. D.
Elm er D. N., Richmond, Ind.
♦Elmore C A., Hoisington, Kan.
Elm ore C. M ., Kirwin, Tex.
♦Elmore D . V., T opeka, Kan.
Elmore F. P.. Topeka, Kan.
♦Elmore Gordon, P ilot P oint, Tex.
Elm ore H . C .. Carson. Va.
Elm ore J. O., M cCracken, K an.
Elmore J . W., Lancaster, Ky.
♦Elmore W. C.. Brownsville, Ore.
E llett A. M ., Chillicothe, Mo.
E lrod W alter, Rison, Ark.
Elsberry-G . F,, Egeland. N . D.
♦Elsea F . J., Findlay, O.
Elsem ore T . S., Petersburg,
E isner A. J., R am ah, Colo.
Elson F . O.. Unionville. Mo.
♦Elston B. E ., Spartansburg, Pa.
♦Eivin L. F ., Indianapolis, Ind.
E lvington B. B., Nichols, S. C.
♦Elwell E . W ., Am herst, Mass.
♦Elwell G. D.. Atchison, Kan.
Elwell J. Le Roy, Bemidji, M inn.
♦Elwell J. S., Kaw, Okla.
♦Elwing C. H .. Milwaukee, Wis.
♦Ely F . E ., M adison, N. J.
♦Ely J. B.. Pewaukee, Wis.
E ly K enneth, F t. W ayne, Ind.
♦Ely Lulu, Anthon, la.
♦Ely Roy O., H earne, Tex.
E ly R . T ., Angora,' Neb.
♦Ely S. C ., M orrison, 111.
♦Ely Sims, Jr., Phoenix, Ariz.
♦Elzea M . L., Vandalia, Mo.
♦Em bree T . G., L ittle Rock, Ark.
Em bree W. L., Hillsboro, Tex.
♦Em bry F. G., M ena, Ark.
E m bry Jacob, T rinity, Tex.
♦Em bry R. T ., Lancaster, Ky.
♦E m bry U ra, Lubbock, Tex.
♦Em bury O. W.. Holyoke, Mass.
♦Emerine Jr., Andrew, Fostoria.O.
Emerson C. L., England, Ark.
Emerson C. L., San Jacinto, Cal.
Em erson C. N., Owensville. Ind.
Em erson C. W .. Brush, Colo.
Emerson E. B., Briggsdale, Colo.
♦Emerson H . M ., G reat Falls,
M ont.
„ _
Emerson J . A.. W arrensburg, N. Y.
Emerson John D.. M ethuen, Mass.
♦Emerson J. L., Gainesville. Fla.
Em erson S. R .. Redding, la .
E m ery C. A„ Honesdale, Pa.
Em ery E . M., Millsboro. Pa.
♦Em ery E rm ina M ., Romulus,
M ich.
E m ery G. F., Chicago, 111.
♦Emery H. C., Ashland, Ore.
♦Em ery Joseph, T hom aston, M e.
♦Em ery J. R., Seneca, Kan.
♦Em ery M . O., Reliance, S. D .
♦Em ery N . O., Minneapolis, Kan.
E nery P . A., T ennant, la .
Em igh E . S.. R oy, W ash.

♦Emmons O. J., Springville, la .
♦Emmons R. O., H ilbert, Wis.
Em pey Geo. W., Hinckley, M inn.
Empson C. M ., Lakeside, Neb.
♦Emrick Clarence, Prague, Okla.
♦Emry C. U., Fairfield, la .
Em sley James, Gower, M o.
Emswüer. C. H., Klrkersville, O.
♦Emswiler C. Louise, Kirkersville,
Enderle E ., Watkins, M inn.
Enderle Henry J., Plummer.M inn.
E ndicott A. B „ Pomona, Cal.
E nders R . W „ P ortland, Tenn.
♦Endres A. A., Ellendale, M inn.
♦Enerson F. J., Omaha, Neb.
E nestvedt C. C .. Belview, M inn.
♦Eng A. E ., Rothsay, M inn.
♦Engberg A. G., Cambridge, Minn.
Engberg P. J., Braham , Minn.
Engebretson A. 1.. Deerlng, N . D.
Engebretson G. M„ Albee. S. D.
Engebretson H. A., Olearbrook,
M inn.
Engebretson 1. M., Lowry, Minn.
Engebretson John, Kenneth,M inn.
Engebretson Ole. Voltaire, N. D.
Engel A. W.. Esmond. N. D.
♦Engel H arry, New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
Engel J . F., Chandler, M inn.
♦Engelbach Fred, Arenzville. 111.
Engelbert J. A., Bronson. Minn.
♦Engelbert W. E., New Ulm.
Engelbrecht E ., Bay, Mo.
Engelbrecht H. J.« S anta Monica,
Engelhardt J. J., Intake, M ont.
EngelhornM..Churchs Ferry, N. D.
♦Engels A. M ., Plevna, M ont.
Engels J. A., G hent, M inn.
Engelstad C- R-, Shelby, M inn.
♦Engelstad E ., Shelly, Minn.
♦Engen R . E ., Tolna, N. D .
Enger Olaf, Form an, N . D.
Engesather J . O., Petersburg.N.D.
Engh Erland, C anton, Wis.
♦Engh Geo. L., Dillon, M ont.
♦Engh J . H., Gonvick, M inn.
Engh P. P .. M cCanna. N . D.
♦England A. L „ Tooele, Utah.
England C. S., Axtell, Neb.
♦England H . M.. Lamberton.M Inn.
♦England J. B., Rifle, Colo.
♦England J. F., M urdo, S. D.
England J . S., Decaturvllle, Tenn.
♦England L. B., Commerce, Tex.
♦England Lloyd, L ittle Rock, Ark.
Engle Chas. L., El Reno, Okla.
♦Engle F . S., Ashland, Ore.
♦Engle H. E ., Fairm ont, W. Va.
Engle J. D., Ochelata. Okla.
♦Engle W. E ., Johnstown, Pa.
Engle W. J., H arbor Beach, Mich.
♦Engleby T. L., Roanoke, Va.
♦Engleman F. G., Rockaway,
N. J.
♦Engleman G. A „ Litchfield. Neb.
Englet A. O., Belmont, M ont.
Englin Theodore, Darfur, M inn.
♦English B. F ., Mayfield, Kan.
English Geo. O., Robeline, La.
English G. F., W athena, Kan.
English J. C., Kansas City, Mo.
♦English R. M ., Telluride, Colo.
English V. O., Covina, Cal.
English W alter, Columbus, O.
♦Englund E . M ., Oakland, Neb.
♦Englund H. M „ Wessington
Springs, S. D.
E nglund W. M ., Holloway, M inn,
♦Engquist J. B., Shell Lake, Wis.
E ngauist O. T., H arcourt, la.
♦Engquist Wm. A., Minneapolis,
M inn.
♦Enneking J. E ., Brookville, Ind.
♦Ennest Harley, Posen, Mich.
E nnest W. H., Posen. Mich.
Ennis John, Sioux City, la.

E nnis J . W.. Pocomoke City, M d.
Ennor E . E., Elko, Nev.
Eno, G. B.. D unbar, la.
Enochs E. A., Yardaman, Miss.
♦EmiCh D . J., Baltim ore, M d.
♦Enochs Jno. R.. Wilson, Ark.
Em ison H . A., Vincennes. Ind.
♦Emison J. C., New York City, E ngquist J. E ., Minneapolis,
M inn.
N . Y.
♦Enright C . M ., Bushnell, S. D.
Emler C. F., W alcott, la .
Chas. S., Piniele, M ont.
Emley H. L., H untington, Ind.
♦Ensigh A. R., Stapleton, Neb.
♦Emley W. G., Ogden, U tah.
Ensign A. W., H ailey, Ida.
Emmerson Charles, Albion, 111.
Ensign R. A., Hudson, 111.
Emmerson Lena, Edm ond, Okla.
Bnsminger E . G., Morrison, la.
♦Em m ert A., Dallas Center, la .
Wm.. Rockwood,
E m m ert B. A., Marysville, Q.
E m m ert L. S., D allas Center, la .
Ensw orth A. C., W aterford, Pa.
E m m ert S. B.» Dallas Center, la .
Ensw orth G. B., W arren, Pa.
E m m ett E. E ., Lincoln, Neb.
E m m ett R . F., Arapahoe, Neb. Entw istle Amos, Nunn, Coio.
nyart R etta, Agency, la .
E m m ett W. G., Belle H eaven, Va. ♦E
E n y art W atson N ., Agency,la.
E m m inga J. J.. Golden, 111.
♦Emmons H arry, Emm ons, M inn. ♦E nyeart Alice, M arsland, Neb.
Enz G ottlieb, Guymon, Okla.
Em m ons J. J-, GallUP. N . Mex.
Eofl A. E., Findlay, O.
Emmons J . S., Pennville, Ind.

E pler G. O., Dooley, M ont.
♦Epes G. H ., Blackstone, Va.
E ppeland E. A., St. Jam es, M inn.
♦Eppelsheimer D., Griswolfl, .
Epperson E . L., T erlton, Okla.
Epperson F . M„ Eddyville, la .
Epperson H. C., Advance, In d .
♦Epperson O. W., Neosho, M o.
♦Epperson Roy, Aspen, Colo.
Eppes W. H., Tazewell, Tenn.
Epps E. C„ Kingstree, S. C. '
E pps W. D ., Cades, S. C.
E rb E . E.. E. Greenville, P a.
♦Erbele M artin, Forbes, N . D.
Erbele M artin, Kulm, N. D.
Erbes O tto, Oentralia, 111.
♦Erckert G. E . L., Kenmore, N .Y .
E rdahl A. M ., Rake, la .
♦Erdahl Andrew, Dickinson, N. D
♦Erdahl Carl, Frost, M inn.
Erdewyk F . Van, Breda, la .
♦Erdle R. N.. Silver Creek, N. Y.
♦Erdm an Susie, P ark Falls, Wis.
♦Erdm an Vera V., E lk Falls, Kan.
Eresch C. P.. Beloit, Kan.
♦Eresch Geo. F., Beloit, Kan.
E rhard Chester, B astrop, Tex.
Erichsen H. R.. Green Bay, Wis.
♦Ericksen A rthur, C edar Falls, la .
♦Ericksen H arry, Boelus, Neb.
♦Ericksen M rs. H ., Boelus. Neb.
♦Erickson A. C., M ontevideo.
M inn.
Erickson A. E., Alden. M inn.
Erickson A. F „ Racine, Wis.
♦Erickson A. H.. Pem berton,M inn.
♦Erickson A. H., L a Crosse, Wis.
♦Erickson Albert, New Windsor.

♦Erickson A. M ., Buxton, la .
Erickson C. E ., Green Valley,
M inn.
Erickson C. M ., Willow River,


♦Erickson E . E ., Freda, N. D.
Erickson Elm er V., Dalbo, M inn.
♦Erickson E. N„ Clarissa, Minn.
Erickson F. W., N . Branch, M inn.
♦Erickson H. E., Petersburg, N.D.
E ricsson H . M„ Upham , N. D,
♦Erickson H. O., Sentinel B utte,
N. D.
Erickson H. S., D etroit. Minn.
♦Erickson Id a A.. Nelson, Minn.
♦Erickson J., Cosby, N . D.
Erickson J. A., Clerm ont, la ,
♦Erickson J. A., Jam estown, N. Y.
Erickson Jam es, B ryant, S. D.
Erickson J. H ., Clinton, Minn.
Erickson John, Rockland, Wis.
♦Erickson John, Clayton, Wis.
♦Erickson M . L.,'Lake City, M inn.
Erickson O. C., A rthur, la.
Erickson O. H „ Reeder, N. D.
Erickson O. S.. Rosholt, S. D.
Erickson, P . C., Brewster, Neb.
Erickson O tto, Franklin, Minn.
Erickson R. E „ Browntown, Wis.
Erickson 8. A., Crookston, M inn.
♦EricKson S. B., Mlnneota,
Erickson W m., P lenty wood, M ont.
♦Erickson W. W., Strool, S. D.
♦Ericson A. W „ Cambridge, Minn.
♦Ericson C. E ., El Campo, Tex.
♦Ericson C. F., Chicago, 111.
Ericson G. M., Rush City, Minn.
Ericson W. S., Red Lake Fails.
M inn.
Erikson Vera F .f Naper, Neb.
*Erlander J. C .# Anoka. M inn.
Erling O. O., Minneapolis, M inn.
E rnst J. Wm., Hagerstown, M d.
E rnster H . J.. Deer Wood. MinnJ
E rnstm eyer J. F., Hayland, Neb.
Erozim A. E ., Ravenna, Neb.
♦E rratt I. H., Cheboygan, Mich.
♦Errington 8. H., N apa, Cal.
Erskine C. B„ Cimarron. Kan.
Erskine R. L., Highland P ark,
E rsted O. C., Donnell, M inn.
♦E rtsgaard A. F „ Peever. S. D.
E rvin A. C„ Starkville, Miss.
♦Ervin C. V., Greenwood, Miss.
E rvin J. H ., W est P oint, Miss.
Ervin M . W ., Crawford. Miss.
♦Ervin Jr. N . B., Gibsonburg, O.
Ervin W. D ., Sharon Springs,
E rvin W. S., Loogootee, 111.
Erving H . W ., H artford, Conn.
E rw in A. D., Snyder, Tex.
Erw in A. W ., Cambridge, la.
♦Erwin Gadwallader, Greensboro,
♦Erwin G. D., Sparta, Team.
Erwin R. E., Scranton, la .
Erwin R . G., Ballinger, Tex.
♦Erwin W. A., Villa Grove, 111.
Erw in W. H., Urich, Mo.
Erw in W . R.. Fairfax, M o.
♦Esau P . D.. F rankfort, S. D.
♦Esbensen Geo., M ondovi, Wis.

Escher W. V., Oelwein, la .
♦Escobar Chris., Richmond, Cal.
Escude Jules, Mansura, La.
Esdohr F . H ., Chicago, 111.
Esenstad Oscar, S tar Prairie, Wis.
E sgate A. T ., Phoenix, Ariz.
Eshelm an J . H .,E lizabethtow n,Pa.
Eshelman S. C., Persia, la.
*Eskins R. E ., Charleston. W . Ya.
♦Eskridge A. 0 ., Thomasville,
N. C.
♦Eskridge Forrest, Shelby, N. C.
♦Eslick M ark, Pulaski, Tenn.
Eslick M organ.Fayettevllle.Tenn.
♦Esm ay George, Fullerton, Cal.
Espenson William, Frazee, Minn.
Espeseth A., McClusky, N. D.
Espey E . D ., Georgiana, Ala.
Espey E. D., M cCullough, Ala.
♦Espy B ert, Longview, Tex.
E sp y C. J., Donald, Ore.
E spy D. A., Mills, N. M.
Espy Glenn D ., M agazine, Ark.
Esser H enry H., H artford, Wis.
Essig Chas., N. Y. City, N. Y.
♦Esslinger A., Cincinnati. O.
Esslinger L. J., Vollmer, Ida.
Essm an J. H ., Bourbon, Mo.
E stabrook H. A., San Francisco
♦Esteinsen G. A., Sherman, S. D.
E sterak J. F., Bellville, Tex.
♦Esterdahl H. A., W hitehall, Mich
♦Estes A. H.. Dallas, Tex.
Estes C. E .. F airp o rt, Mo.
♦Estes Effie, Augusta, 111.
Estes E. L., Mendon, Mich.
Estes F. E., Athens, Mich.
♦Estes G. L., St. Augustine, Fia
Estes G. W.. Clever. Mo.
♦Estes Id a L., Clever, Mo.
♦Estes J. G., K ahlotus, Wash.
♦Estes Milton, Sidney, la.
♦Estes V. M ., Eubank, Ky.
Estes W. H ., Livingston, Tenn.
Estes W. P., Opdyke, 111.
E stin J . S., Grape Vine, Tex.
Estill T. B., Bridgeport, Neb.
♦Estler H. W ., New York City,
N . Y.
♦Etchells J. C., Tucson, Anz.
Etchells J . E., BIddeford. Me.
E theridge R. B., Manteo, N. C.
♦Ethridge A. F., Greenwood. S. C.
♦Ethington J. W., Corcoron, Cal.
♦E tner L. S.. Orbisonia. Pa.
♦E tnire H. G., Knoxville, 111.
E tz O. W .. Hom ell, N. Y.
♦Etzel G. A., Clear Lake, la .
E tzel R. I., RayvUle, La,
♦Euans J. S., W atseka, 111.
♦Eubank B .P.. Bowling Green.Ky
E ubank N. H., Vanleer, Tenn.
E ubank P . H ., Richmond, Va.
♦E ubank S C.. Kilm arnock, Va.
E ubanks A. H., Josephine, Tex.
Eubanks C. E ., Elko, Ga.
E ubanks G. G., Ashland, Ore.
Eulass C. C„ Lebanon, O.
♦Eulenstein Alvin H untingburg,
♦Eustace E .. Wakefield, Kan.
E ustiee A. J.,C uha, Wis.
♦Euston Geo. F.. PrinevUle, Ore
♦Evans A. D. Corpus, Christi,Tex.
E vans A. H., W illiamsburg, la.
E vans A. M ., Alvord, la .
♦Evans A. M ., Amelia C. H ., Va.
♦Evans A. W., Ebensburg, Pa.
E vans A. W.. Mt. Olive. Miss.
E vans C. C., W est Fork, M ont.
E vans C. D., Ottum wa, la .
♦Evans Chas., Alvarado. Cal.
♦Evans Clyde, Olive Hill, Ky.
Evans Clyde J., Chapel Hill
Evans C. N.# Johnson, Minn.
Evans C. R., Baltim ore, Md.
Evans Clarence, Paris, Mo.
Evans D. G., N acora, Neb.
E vans D. J., Granville, N. Y.
E vans D. J., Jr., M illington, Mich.
Evans D. R., Bellefourche, S. D.
Evans D. W., K ansas City, Mo.
E vans A. M ., Alvord, la .
Evans E. A., Olive Hill, Ky.
Evans E . J.. Kingston, Pa.
♦Evans Elm er, E arly, la.
♦Evans E . L., Millington, Mich.
♦Evans E. O., Clinton, Wis.
Evans E . R .. Lobo. Kan.
♦Evans E. R .. W. Frankford, 111
♦Evans F. G., Youngstown, O.
Evans F . J., Fergus Falls, Minn.
Evans F. P .. Colorado Spgs.. Colo.
E vans F ran k R., Covington, Ky.
♦Evans G. C., A tlanta, Ga.
E vans Geo. W., Lennon, Mich.
Evans G. W ., Lohrville, la .
Evans G . W ., Selma. N. C.
♦Evans H i, P ittsburgh, Pa.
Evans H. B., Canby, Ore.
Evans H . D ., Bonne T erre, M o.
♦Evans H . D ., K ansas C ity, Mo.
Evans H. E ., T alpa, Tex.
Evans H. J., Delta, Pa.
♦Evans H. H.. Ottum w a. Ia.
Evans J. E ., Brush Creek, Tenn.
E vans I. W ., Bonham, Tex.
Evans J . C., W arrenton, Ga.
♦Evans J. D .. Paw huska, Okla.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Evans J . E „ Cedar Falls, Ia.
♦Evans J. E ., Earlington, Ky.
E vans Jennie E ., A c tin g , Adding­
ton, Okla.
Evans J . M„ Berlin, N. J.
♦Evans J. N., Liberal, Kan.
♦Evans J. O., Fairburg, Neb.
Evans John A., Bel Air, Md.
E vans Joshua Jr., W ashington,
D. C.
♦Evans K athien, D e Ridder, La.
Evans L. A.. Leasburg, Mo.
Evans L. D., W inner, S. D.
♦Evans L. H ., Beaverton, Ore.
♦Evans L. E .. El Paso, 111.
♦Evans L. L., Jr. American Falls.
♦Evans Lois, Republic, Kan.
E vans L. S., Adairville, Ky.
♦Evans Lucy, Oxford. Ind.
Evans M. D., Garland, U tah.
Evans M. H., Oakland, la .
♦Evans N. G., New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
Evans O. O., Jackson, O.
Evans P . C.. Marion, S. C.
Evans P aul H ., Owatonna, M inn.
Evans R. R., Proctor, Tex.
E vans.R obt. M ., Lexington. Okla.
♦Evans R. T ., Ogden, U tah.
♦Evans R. W.. Bradford. Pa.
E vans T. C., Smithfleld, N. O.
♦Evans T. G., Scranton, Pa.
Evans T. L., Beaman, la.
Evans U. G., So. Solon, O.
Evans Virgil, Stoutland, Mo.
♦Evans W ., Alma. Wis.
♦Evans W. D., Huntsville, M o.
♦Evans W. E., Lockwood, Mo.
♦Evans W. E.. Steelvfile, Mo.
Evans W. H., Mt. Pleasant, Ia.
♦Evans W. H ., Vinton, O.
♦Evans W . J.. Cando, N. D.
♦Evans W allace, Potosi, Mo.
♦Evans W. L., Shubert, Neb.
♦Evans Wm. O., Lascruces, N.
E vans W. M., Centerville, Ia.
Evans W. M.. Huntsville. Mo.
E vans W. R., Malad City, Ida.
♦Evans W. T ., Cuyahoga Falls, O.
E varts G. S.. R uthton. M inn.
Evelând A. J., Fostoria, Mich.
♦Eveland C. H., Fostoria, M ich.
Eveleth N. P.. K ennebunk, Me.
Evens A. E ., Williamstown, Mass.
Evens H. E ., Bismarck, M o.
♦Evenson B. E .. M ulhall, Okla.
Evenson E. S., Underwood, M inn.
Evenson F. N ., M cLeod, N . D.
Evenson O. B., Shindler, S. D.
Evenson T . A., Ham berg, N . D.
E verett C., Nashville, Ga.
♦E verett D. J., Longview, Tex.
♦E verett H. M .. Carlton, Tex.
E v erett I. W. El Monte, Cal.
E verett J. B., Newsoms, Ya.
♦E verett N.W ., W inchester, K an.
E v erett W. A., Cottonwsod, Tex.
♦Everette Beulah, Leslie, Ark.
Everingham Geo. E ., Sebewaing,
__ __ __ _
♦Everingham W. R., Klinde.M ich.
E verltt C. A.. Slidell, La.
E v eritt Geo. W., Columbus, Wis.
♦Everly E arl, Greenville, Ky.
♦Everm an Nellie, Burlington, Ind.
E vershade P . J.. H ouston, Tex.
Eversm an Henry, Effingham, 111.
♦Eversmeyer F. L., Haw k Point,
M o.
, „ . ,
Eversm eyer H. H ., H aw k Point,
♦Eversm eyer W. H ., G ranite City,
Eversole Charles, Booneville, Ky.
Eversole M. A., Goodland, Kan.
Eversole R . C., London, Ky.
Eversole W . S., Hyden, Ky.
♦Everson E. J., Stoughton, Wis.
Everson A. T.. Bowesmont, N. D.
Everson L. E.. Fall River, Wis.
Everson W m., Alma, Neb.
E verts J. M- Baileyville, Kan.
E verts 3 . W., Virden, 111.
Eves C. M., Millville, Pa.
♦Eves R. G., Paterson, N . J.
Evie L. L., Ross, N . D.
E vje O. L., V ananda, M ont.
Ew ald C. F., Levering, Mich.
♦Ewald G. F., N . Y. C ity, N . Y.
♦Ewell A.- R., Brockton, Mass.
♦Ewell John, Abbeville, La.
Ewen E . L., Milford, la.
♦Ewens M . L., M okane, M o.
♦Ewers C. C., Viola, Wis.
Ewin Geo. W., Villa Grove. 111.
Ewing A. B., E ldorado, Kan.
Ewing A. B., Sulphur Spgs., Tex.
Ewing E ., New Castle, Colo.
♦Ewing E . P ., Findlay, O.
Ewing E. W., Yampa, Colo.
♦Ewing Fred, Chauncey, Ga.
Ewing H. G., Browning, M ont.
Ewing H. J., Parks, Neb.
Ewing J. C.. M anhattan, Kan.
Bwing J, L., Weston, O.
♦Ewing J. R., Abbeville, Ga.
Ewing M . M ., Platteville, Colo.
Ewing W. L., Fulton, Mich.
Ewing W. L., Leonidas, Mich;
Ewing W. L., Vicksburg, Mich.
Ewing W. W ., Buckner, Mo.

Ewins G. E.» Oarlock, 111.
♦Exner F. G., M ilwaukee, Wis.
Exon John J., W heeler, S. D.
♦Exum K. L., W averly, T enn.
E yer Wilson, Dickinson, N. D.
♦Eykelhoom L. D., Denver, Colo.
♦Eyler Thos. A., Springdale, Pa.
Eynon A. B., Scranton, Pa.
EysenbachS.W .,Tunkhannook,Pa,
♦Eyteheson N athan,D uluth,M inn.
Ezell J. W., Ham lin, Tex.
Faaborg S. C., Medicine Lake,
M ont.
♦Faas C. E ., Coldwater, Mich.
F aber Gilbert, Mendota, 111.
F ab ra Hilm ar, Boerne, Tex.
Face W. H ., H am pton, Va.
Facinelli V. J.. Rock Springs, Wyo.
♦Faeder N athaniel, New York
C ity, N. Y.
♦Fagan Geo., Larchwood, Ia.
Fagan F rank F., Rocky M ount,
N. O.
Fagan J. J., Phoenix, Anz.
Fagerlie I. F.. Clarkfleld. Minn.
Fagerstrom A. W., W orthington,
♦Fagerstrom E . E ., W orthington,
M inn.
Fagerstrom O. W., N o rth Branch,
M inn.
♦Fagg F.-W ., Anadarko, Okla.
Fagg R- L., Blacksburg, Va.
♦Fagin Olin, Amelia, O.
Fagley E . J., Reading, O.
F agstad T ., C athlam et, Wash.
♦Fahey T . L., M arion, O.
Fahnestock G. C., C incinnati, O.
♦Fahringer S. F., Hellam, P a.
♦Fahy M. E ., Camden, Ark.
F air A. P., Hudson, Wyo.
♦Fair A. W., G ettysburg, O.
♦Fair Dolly, W alnut Cove, N. C.
♦Fair J. C., Calhoun C ity, Miss.
F air J . H., Alden. Kan.
F air Jam es H., H ardy, Neb.
F air N. M., Mankato, Kan.
F air W. T ., W ray, Colo.
♦Fairbank Bert, Forest City, M o.
Fairchild C E „ Elgin, 111.
♦Fairchild H. R ., St. P aul, M m n.
♦Fairchild L. B., Shubuta, Miss.
Fairchild M . D., Reno, Nev.
♦Faircloth W ., Denver, Colo.
Fairey F. W., KIngstree. S. C.
Fairfield Chas. S., Gardena, N . D.
Fairhead Jam es, Syracuse, Neb.
♦Fairlam b Frederick, Philadelohia, P a.
♦Fairley P aul D ., Greenfield, O.
Fairm an E. S., Montlcello, Miss.
Fairm an J. D., W estfall, Ore.
♦Fairm an W. E ., Goldthwaite.Tex.
♦Fait John C., Illiopolis, 111.
F ajen H. P ., Stover, Mo.
Falconer Allen, M agdalena, N .M .
♦Falconer R. H .. Aberdeen, W ash.
♦Falck S. J., U nity, Wis.
Faler A. L., L atah, Wash.
♦Falger Wm., Modesto, Cal.
Falk F. C., Braham , M inn.
Falk Geo. L., Iow a C ity, Ia. Falk H . R. E ., Stratford, S. D.
F alk John A., Saronville, Neb.
♦Falkenberg R. C., King City,
Falkenbury A. H., Susquehanna,
p a<

♦Falkenheiner F., Vidalia, La.
♦Falkins F rank E ., Lynn, Mass.
♦Fall A rthur E ., P o rt Clinton, O.
Fall H. P., Chireno, Tex.
Fall Jam es H., Greenville, Va.
♦Fall M . C., Chireno, Tex.
♦Fall Wm. R., N orth Vernon, In d .
♦Faller J. C., Difion, M ont.
♦Fallett C. E ., Fairchild. Wis.
Fallon B., Lenora, Kan.
Falls A. N ., Dardanelle, Ark.
♦Falls 0. F ., Rising Star, Tex.
Falls G. S., M iddleton, Tenn..
Falls J . R „ Central. S. C.
Falor T. L.. Richwood, W. Va.
F alter Joseph, Ironton, O.
♦Faltin Albert. Comfort. Tex.
♦Fambro H. P., Rock M art, Ga.
♦Fannin H. G., Apalachicola, Fla.
♦Fanning M. E., Gleason, Tenn.
♦Fannon L. A.. M t. Savage, M d.
Fansler R. L., N orth j Crandon,
♦F ant Geo., W eatherford, Tex.
F ärber Earl, Hoxie. Kan.
Fardal E. G., Stanhope, la.
♦Färber E . M ., D exter, M inn.
Fargo H. B., Deerfield, Wis.
♦Faria F. S., Hollister, Cal.
Farias G. P., Laredo, Tex,
F ariday F . A., Creston, Ia.
Faris J. W.. Buhl, Ida.
Faris W, E ., M ancos, Colo.
♦Farish V. T ., M orrillton, Ark.
Fariss I. J.. Giddings, Tex.
♦Fariss R. H ., Corvallis, M ont.
Farland R. A., Clarksburg, W. Va.
♦Farley E. S„ Farley. Mo.
♦Farley H . H „ Rossville, Tenn.
♦Farley J. G., Birmingham, Ala.
Farley J. W „ Farley, Mo.
♦Farley M . C., M oultrie, Ga.
Farlow B. B., Ellerbe, N . O.

2 031

Farlow W .. Star, N. C.
Farm er C. B., Allendale, S. C.
♦Farm er F. H., Birm ingham , Ala.
F arm er G. E., M artin, Tenn.
♦Farm er H. L., Sioux RaDids. Ia.
Farm er H. S., Farm er City, 111.
♦Farm er J. D., Seattle, Wash.
Farm er J. M„ Linn Creek. Mo.
Farm er L. R., Louisville, Ga.
♦Farm er M . B., Flaxton. N. D.
♦Farm er M . M ., Blackfoot, Ida.
♦Farm er R. L., Alvord, Tex.
F arm er R. D., Adams, T enn.
♦Farm er R. S., Louisville, Ga.
Farm er W. M., Wilson, N. C.
♦Farm ington E . S., Glasgow,
M ont.
Farnham E . A. J r., Butler, Ind.
♦Fam ham W. B., Rochester, N. V
♦Farnlcorn J. J.. Meadville. Pa.
♦Farming Jas. F., Chili, Wis.
♦Farnsworth A. A., Greseo, Ia.
F arnsw orth C. E .. Cleveland, O.
♦Farnsw orth E. D„ Newark, N. J .
Farnsw orth F. J., Buekhannon,
W. Va.
Farnsw orth R. L., New H artford,
♦Farnsworth W. S., Holden, Mo.
Farnum F. E ., Woonsocket, R . I.
F arquhar A. É ., W inchester, Ind.
F arquhar L. H ., Orient, Ia.
F arquhar R. B., Orient. Ia.
Farquharson F. P.. Savannah. O.
♦Farr J. D., G rand Rapids, M ich.
♦Farr S. A., Viroqua, Wis.
F arr Thos. B., Smithfleld, U tah.
F arr W. A., Robbinsdale, Minn.
F arrand F . H., Griggsville, 111.
♦FarrandP. D ., Valparaiso, la d .
♦Farrand R. P ., Griggsville, 111.
♦Farrar Claire, Springdale, Ark.
♦F arrar D. I., Braym er, Mo.
; F arrar F. L., Newark, S. D.
; *Farrar Geo., Edm ond, Okla.
!F arrar Glenn, Loma, M ont.
: F arrar G. R., Abington, Mass.
¡ F arrar R . P., Menfro, Mo.
F arrar S. F., Braym er, Mo.
F arrar W. H., Fredericktown, M o
F arrar Xerxes, London. O.
♦Farrell E. M .. Oakland, Cal.
♦Farrell Ellen M ., Joliet, M ont.
♦Farrell G. B., Billings, M ont.
♦Farrell H. B., Vernon, Tex.
♦Farrell H arvey, Paragould, Ark.
♦Farrell J. E ., W aseca, M inn.
♦Farrell J. E ., Tonganoxie, K an.
Farrell Thos., Iowa C ity, la .
♦Farrell W. W., Chicago, 111.
F arren C. C., R ural Valley, Pa.
♦Farrens John H., H untley, M ont.
F arrer J . T., Provo, U tah.
F arrier J . W ., Hillm an, Mich.
♦Farris C. A., Valley Junction, Ia.
Farris F rank. Conway, Ark.
♦Farris J. W., A rvada, Colo.
♦Farris L. A., Norwich, Kan.
Farris N. I.. Norwich. Kan.
Farris R. 0-, Kelso, Tenn.
Farrow J., H illyard, Wash.
♦Farry J. A., Albert Lea, M inn.
F arthing L. M ., Valle Cruces,N.O.
F arthing W. H., Odin, 111.
♦Farver T. G., Augusta, Ga.
Farwell H enry L-, M ontpelier, Vt.
Farwell L. C., Du Bois, Neb.
Farwell W .E ., D alhart, Tex.
♦Fase D. S., Papillion, Neb.
♦Fast J. M ., Hazen, N. D.
♦Faster E . H., Strasburg, 111.
Faster Henry, Jr., Strasburg, 111.
♦Faubion Grady, Llano, Tex.
Faubion J . W., A nthony, Kan.
♦Faucett H. R., B rent, Ala.
♦Faucett J. E ., Los Angeles, Cal.
F aucett J. G., T renton, Tenn.
♦Faudoa Juan, San A ntonia, Tex.
F aught Clyde, Tishomingo, Okla.
♦Faught J. E ., Sapulpa, Okla.
♦Faught L. S., O akharbor, O.
Faulk C. R., Danville, Ga.
♦Faulk J. H., Chipley, Fla.
F aulk T. P.. Athens. Tex.
♦Faulkenberry T . F., Lonejack,
M o.
Faulkner H. C,„ Anita, Ia.
F aulkner H. R., A shtabula. O.
♦Faulks Robert, Vincennes, Ind.
♦Faüst E. H., Crawford, Ga.
♦Faust H anno.New Braunfels,Tex.
♦Faust R. J . J r., New Y ork C ity,
N . Y.
F au st W alter, N ew Braunfels,Tex.
F aust W. M ., Bethlehem, Ga.
F aust W . R.. Penbrook. Pa.
Fauteck F. W., Downey, Ga.
F auth G. A., Aurora, 111.
♦Faux E. L., M oroni, U tah.
F a veil P. F., Chippewa Falls, Wis.
♦Faw cett A. L., Bellingham,
F aw cett B. A., Nevada, la .
Faw cett T. G., M ount Airy, N C.
F aw cett W . A., Atkins, Ia.
♦Fawler T. W ., Jayton, Tex.
Fawner C. C., Seligman. Mo.
Fay E. M., Elm ira, N. Y.
♦Fay H. É ., Langdon. N. D .
♦Fayle W. J., M uscatine, Ia.
Fead E. F., Yale, Mich.
Feagin L. M ., Colmesneil, Tex.
Fear J . T., Dunmore. Pa.
♦Feam ley Gordon, D etroit, Mich.
Fearon H . D., Oneida, N . Y.


Fears J . H., Campbell ton, F la.
F easter C. M., Carthage, Ark.
•F easter S. J „ Palm yra, Mo.
F eather M . C.. Parsons. W. Va.
*Feather M . O., Parsons, VVi Va.
•F eatherm an H . A., P hilipsburg,
•F eath ers C. W., B ottineau, N . D .
F eathers W. C„ Troy, N. Y.
•F eatherston F. N ., Ridgely.Tenn.
FeatherstonW . H.. Decherd, Tenn.
•F echner W . J., Stanton, N eb.
F echt H. J ., Highland, Wis.
•Feeback A. L., L atour. Mo.
•Feeley J. J., Ham ilton, N . Y.
•Feeley Jr. J. L., Kenyon. M inn.
•Feelhaver O. T ., H am pton, Neb.
Feely O. W ., M odesto, 111.
F een aty R. S., Ferndale, Cal.
Feeney R. B., Fayetteville, T enn.
•Feerick H erbert, Milwaukee,Wis.
•F ehlm an A. E ., Geneseo, 111.
•Fehrenbach F . A., T erre H aute,
•Fehrenkam p B. Ct, M oulton, Tex.
Feibel "Michael, Cincinnati, O.
Feick H. W „ Avalon, Pa.
Feig H . C., Raymond. M inn.
Feik B. J., Mendota. 111.
•Feil C. G., Buffalo, N. Y.
•F eir A. B., Bemidji, M inn.
•F eist J. A., Spearville, Kan.
Felberg, F. H ., Bushneil, S. D.
•F eld h ak e J . A., Effingham. 111.
•Feldm an A. E ., Downsville, Wis.
•Feldm an H . O., H ow ard Lake,
M inn.
Feldm an S. H ., Downsville, Wis.
Feldm an W. J., Chicago, 111.
•Feiger A. H ., Norfolk, Neb.
Felix A. G., Philadelphia, P a.
Felix W . L., Bigfork, M ont.
•F elker R. J., Ram ona, S. D.
Fell L. C.,Goliad, Tex.
Fella J. C., Chrisney, Ind.
•Fellay Chester B., M adison, K an
Fellay B. F., Madison, K an.
•Fellay G. F ., Lam ont, Kan.
•Fellenbaum R., M t. Joy, Pa.
Feller J . L., W oodstock, Va.
•Fellows D orr S., D ryden, N . Y.
Fellows F . O., Lyman, Wash.
•Felm lee C. B., Thompsontown,
•Felm ley J . S., Griggsvllle, 111.
•Felsch D. W ., St. Louis, Mo.
F elty G uy E ., Wolfe City. Tex.
F elt F. E ., Hennessey, Okla.
F elt F . E., Jam estow n, N. Y.
•F elto n J . H ., Doyle, T enn.
Felton Roy M ., H ydro, Okla.
F elts B. R.. Arcadia. La.
F elts Loren. H arrisburg. 111.
Felty, Guy E .. W olf City. Tex.
Fender 1. O.. Inverness, Fla.
•F en d er R. W ., F o rt W orth, Tex.
•Fenderson L. B., Saco, Me.
Fendorf C. E ., Tuscum bia, M o.
Fenelon J. J., Pollock, S. D.
Fenlon T . J., B utte, M ont.
Fenn F. C., Rochester, N . Y.
•F enn H. W ., Malden, Mass.
Fennell H. M„ Marfa, Tex.
Fennell J . M.. Gainesville. Fla.
•F enner H. A., M ilbank, S. D.
•F enner H. W ., Dupree, S. D.
Fenno F rank W., G ardner, Mass.
•Fennessy Florence P., Avon, 111.
•F en sterm ak er J.W .,B altIm ore.O .
F enton C. L., W inchester, O.
•F en to n F. L„ Croswell, Mich.
F enton E. L., Durbin, W. Va.
F enton I. A., M eridian, Ida.
Fentress G. W ., Greenville, K y.
Feragen J. O., Carlyle, M ont.
Ferch C. F „ Odessa, Minn.
Ferdun C. M ., Lodi, Cal.
Ferebauer John, Soda Springs,Ida.
Fergus E. C., Goodwell, Okla.
•Ferguson A. C., Algona, la .
Ferguson A. E „ Englewood, Colo.
Ferguson A. W ., Greeley, Colo.
•Ferguson A. W., Ripley, W. Va.
Ferguson C. H., B utler, N. J.
Ferguson O. N ., Nebo. K y.
•Ferguson E . B., H am ilton, O.
•Ferguson E . G., Beaver Falls, P a.
Ferguson E . N ., Springfield, M o.
Ferguson F . C., E ast Orange, N . J .
Ferguson, M. F., Allcevllle, K an.
Ferguson G. A., Peeksklll, N. Y.
Ferguson H. B., Langdon, Kan.
•Ferguson H. G., Goodwell, Okla.
•Ferguson H . J., M onte Vista,
Ferguson H. W.. Alpine, Tex.
Ferguson I. S.. Savannah, Ga.
Ferguson J . B., New Orleans, La.
Ferguson J . C., Clearwater. Neb.
•Ferguson Jean, Cayuga, Ind.
•Ferguson Jessie L.,Aliceville.Kan.
•Ferguson Jonh, M arshfield, Ore.
Ferguson K. J., Gloucester, Mass.
Ferguson R „ Carnegie, Ga.
•Ferguson R . H ., M ontpelier, Id a.
Ferguson R. V., M eridian, Tex.
Ferguson S. C., Richland, Ind.
•Ferguson S. K., Quanah, Tex.
Ferguson W. L.. S.Greenfield.Mo.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

•Ferguson W. P ., Sprlngvale, M e.
•Ferguson W . W., Turlock, Cal.
Ferlng O tto, B arton, N. D.
Ferm an K ent C „ Cedar R apids,la.
•Fernseil F., Strasburg. O.
Fernseil J. A„ Strasburg, O.
Feron Thomas. Sherm an. Cal.
Ferrell M., Carterville. 111.
Ferrell N . E ., Winifred, M ont.
Ferrell W. D.. Lebanon. T enn.
•Ferrell W. M ., M ontvale, Va.
•Ferrens W. G., New York C ity,
N . Y.
•F errey R. R., Columbia C ity,Ind.
•Ferrili O. H ., Laurel, Miss.
•F errili W. L „ Buffalo. Ky.
Ferrili T . M.. McLain, Miss.
Ferrili T . M ., Lucedale, Miss.
•F errin A. H.. Salford. Ariz.
F errin A. W., M ontpelier, U tah.
•F errin F. H ., M antorville, M inn.
•F errin H. B .. F orest Grove, Ore.
Ferrin L. A., M eriden, la.
Ferring F. S.. Farley, la .
Ferring N . J., Bellevue, la .
Ferris A. H., Princeton. 111.
•F erris Bessie D ufur, D iagonal,la.
Ferris C. E ., W inchester, Ind.
Ferris D. V., Diagonal, la .
•F erris H. B., Dighton, Kan.
Ferris J. W., Waxahachie, Tex.
Ferris M. B., Spencer. N. Y.
Ferris S. H., Carthage, 111.
•Ferroggiaro F. A., San Francisco,
F erry F. N., Pauline, Neb.
•F erry Jr., R. C., Akron, Colo.
F erry R. K., Hope, Ind.
•F erry W. C., Oil City, Pa.
•Fescher P. J., H artley, la .
•Fessenden E . B., Providence, R .I.
Fetscher C. O., Chicago, 111.
F ette Fred, M eriden, M inn.
Fetzner J., Colome, S. D„
•F etzner Vivian, Colome, S. D.
Fey W alter, Sequin, Tex.
•Feulner, J. G., Chicago, 111.
F eutz E. A., R ush Hill, M o.
•Few er W . H., Bird Island, Minn.
•Few k John J., Alpena, S. D.
Ficenec O. J., Wahoo, Neb.
Fich H. J., Rich F ountain, Mo.
F ichter A. W., Randolph, la.
•F ichter H. J., Randolph, la .
•F lchthorn Fern, Milledgeville. O.
•Ficken A. F ., W ilton June., Ia.
•Flcken R. C., Benson, 111.
Ficken Theo., Benson, 111.
•F ick ett G. E ., Boston, M ass.
•Fickinger W. J., Chicago, 111.
•Ficklen Boyce Jr., W ashington,
Ficklen F . H., W ashington, Ga.
•Fiddick R. A., Osage, Ia.
•Fiehler A. H ., Eudora, Kan.
•Field D. F.. Phillips, Me.
•Field E . E ., P atoka, Ind.
•Field G. A.. Mackinaw, 111.
Field G. C., D am ar, Kan.
Field H . H.. Phillips, Me.
F ie ld M arsh a ll, D illon, M o n t.

Field P . E ., Gower, Mo.
Field R . B., Leavenworth, Wash.
•Field S. Jr., Calvert, Tex.
•Field T. R., Denver, Colo.
•Field W . A., Augusta, Ky.
•Fielder A. B., P lain City, O.
Fielder E . M ., SparMU, N . Y.
Fielder John S., Lexington, Tenn.
Fielder S. O., Villa Rica, Ga.
Fields A. W „ Portageville, Mo.
Fields Chas. P., Sadieville, Ky.
Fields G. C., Anguilla, Miss.
Fields Jam es W.. B arry, Tex.
Fields Jno. A., B arnard, M o.
Fiene P . F., C harter Oak, la .
Fierce J. E ., Beaconsfield, Ia.
•Fiero G. R., Savage M o n t.
•Fieselm ann S. J., Avoca, Beb.
•Fieweger R . J., M enasha, Wis.
Fife L. R., Omalaska, Tex.
•F ife M atthew, Palestine, 111.
•Fife W C., San Francisco, Cal.
•F ifer F . M ., Staunton, Va.
•Fifer P . T ., Staunton, V a.
•F lier T. A., Medford. Ore.
•F igard Silas, Seward, Neb.
Figenskau J. C„ Oslo, Minn.
Figge Jennie C., St. Louis, Mo.
•Figge M arcelitte, Ossian, Ia.
•F ighter C. F., Mansfield, O.
Figi J . J., New Glarus, Wis.
File P . H., Ringwood, Okla.
•Filek August, Chicago, 111.
Filip F rank, Cedar Rapids, la .
•Fillis J. S., Hitchcock, S. D.
Fillman Scott, Reidsville, N. C.
Filson E . H., Galesburg,Kan.
Fim an. C. F., E lk River. M inn.
F inch C. B., Clinton, Okla.
•F inch D. R., Sum atra, M ont.
•F inch E. W., Birmingham, Ala.
Finch F. E ., F ayette, Ia.
Finch G. C., Longview, Tex.
•F inch J. L., Cheyenne, Okla.
Finch J. W., Francisco, Ind.
•Flnoh M.. W ray, Colo.
•Fincher B. H ., F o rt Valley, Ga.
•Fincher B. W ., Am ity, Ark.
•Fincher Forest, Tallasee, Ala.
Fincher F. W., P entw ater. Mich.

F in c h e r J . W ., H u m b le . T ex.

Findlay J. A., Gilford, Mich.
•Findley H. G., St. Clairsville, O.
•Findley R. E ., Akron, O.
Findley J. R., M axeys, Ga.
•Findley W. W., Gordonville, Tex.
•Findling Byron, H obart, In d .
Fine J . E „ W allace, Ind.
Finegan Chas., Hyannis. Neb.
Finegan W. M ., Thedford, Neb.
•F in erty Florence E ., Twining,
M ich.
F inerty John J., Twining, Mich.
•Fingel C. C„ Colorado Springs,
•Finger Charles, Hondo, Tex.
Finigan E . H .. Syracuse. Neb.
F ink C. H ., Lind, Wash.
F ink E dw ard, New Palestine. Ind.
•Fink Geo. L., Fostoria, O.
Fink George W., Crows Landing,
Fink H erbert E., Greenfield, Ind.
Fink J. M„ Jonesboro, Tenn.
F ink L. O.. Newport. Neb.
•F in k P. M., Jonesboro, Tenn.
Finkbiner R. R., Medicine Bow,
Finklsiher H. W., Kilmaugh, M ich
Finks H. F., Clinton, Mo.
Finks W. A., M ena, Ark.
Finks W. L.. Calhoun, Mo.
•Finlayson Donald, Sault Ste.
M arie, M ich.
•Finlayson R. L.,Sbinnston,W .Va.
Finlayson W. R., Vilhsca, ia .
Finley B. E., P am pa, Tex.
•Finley E. G., N. WUkesboro.N.C.
Finley E. P.. Byesville, O.
•Finley E. S., Quinlan, Okla.
•Finley G. U., H obart, Okla.
Finley H. M.. Malta. G.
•Finley L. E ., Clarinda, Ia.
•Finley Roy, Tipton, Mo.
•F inn Anne M ., W ashington, Pa.
•F inley S. A., McConnelsvllle, O.
Finley Thos., Holly Springs, Miss.
Finnegan F. F „ Denhofl, N. D.
Finnell Thos., Blair, Neb.
Finney C. W „ Eldon, Ia.
•F inney G. D., Neosha Falls, K an
•F inney K. C., Eldon. Ia.
Finney R. P ., Sumner, Wash.
Finney W. S., W est Newton, Pa.
Finshet O. H., Hayfleld, M inn.
Flnseth K. A., N erstrand, Minn.
Finseth M. B.. Driscoll, N. D.
•F inseth O. A., Osla, M inn.
Finsthw ait F., Cherry Tree, Pa.
Pippin J. E ., Columbus, O.
•P iq u et O. R ., H oney Grove, Tex.
•F ir A. F., T uttle, N . D.
•Firchow W. R., Kenosha, Wis.
Firebaugh C. C., W indsor, 111.
Firebaugh W. C., Lexington, Va.
Firestone J. B., Spencer, O.
Firestone S. V., W akarusa. Kan.
•F irst F. J. Casey, 111.
•F irth J. I., Phillipsburg, N. J.
Fisbeck F. C„ T erre H aute, Ind.
•Fisburne C. N ., Charleston, S. C.
•Fisch H. N ., M uenster, Tex.
Fisch P eter, Oyens, Ia.
•F ischback P . S., Paynesville,
M inn.
Fischer A. E ., M t. Olive, 111.
Fischer Alonzo G., E lm hurst, 111.
•Fischer A. H ., C lutier, Ia.
Fischer Arnold, D enm ark, Ia.
•Fischer C. H ., St. Louis, Mo.
•Fisher Earl, H iaw atha, Kan.
•Fischer F. E ., Wamego, Kan.
•Fischer Genevieve, Kinross, Ia.
Fischer G. G., Milwaukee, Wis.
•F ischer George H ., L om bard, 111.
•Fischer H . A„ W ashburn. N . D.

•Fisher F . D ., Rock C ity, 111.
•Fisher F. F ., H artford, Conn.
•Fisher F. H., Douglas, Ariz.
Fisher F. L., New York C ity, N .Y •Fisher F. M ., Lewisville, O.
Fisher Geo. H., Hillsboro, 111.
Ffeher H. A., Menasha, Wis.
•F isher fi. C.. Bowersvllle, O.
Fisher H. W., Emporia. Kan.
Fisher Id a E., Hebron, Ind.
Fisher Irwin, Philadelphia, Pa.
F isher J . B., Gassaway, W . Va.
•Fisher John H ., T arrytow n, N . Y.
•Fisher J. H., Spencer, Ohio.
Fisher J . H., Waco, Neb.
Fisher Jos. L., Morgan C ity, L aFisher J. M ., Cincinnati, O.
Fisher J . T., Laurium , Mich.
Fisher Julian, Carthage, Tenn.
•Fisher J-. W. H., Balfour. N. D Fisher J . W., Brunswick, Me.
•Fisher L. E ., Lisbon, O.
•Fisher M . L., Spencer, N . Y.
•Fisher O. L., Enid, Okla.
•Fisher O. O., M illersburg, O.
•Fisher P . A., Stanford, Mont.
•Fisher P. S., Sullivan, Mo.
•Fisher R. E., Ryan, Okla.
•Fisher S. G., K ennett, Mo.
•Fisher S. G., Cedar Point, K an .
Fisher S. G., K ennett, Mo.
Fisher S tuart T., Princeton, Ind.
Fisher T. H ., E. Liverpool, O.
Fisher V. W., Hudson, Mich.
•Fisher W. G.. Grand R apids,W is.
•Fisher W. Merle, Chicago, 111.
•Fisher Wm. M., H ardin, 111.
Fisk C. A., Amarillo, Tex.
•Fisk E.. Winfield, Tex.
Fisk F. F., Malone, N. Y.
Fisk V. W., Curlew, Ia.
Fiske F. E .. Richland C enter.
Fiss W. A., Fairfax, Minn.
Fister H. A., K utztown, Pa.
Fitch A. A., Royalton, Minn.
Fitch A. E ., Boston, Mass.
•F itch C. B., Brewton, Ala.
•F itch C. Otis, Norwalk, Conn.
•F itch E . V., H untington, Ind.
•F itch J. P „ Oshkosh, Wis.
•F itch N orm a, Tom ah, Wis.
•F itch R. G„ Laram ie, Wyo.
•F itch R. O., W inchester, Ky.
•F itch Sarah, Columbiavi]le,Mich.
•F ite J. A., Houston, Tex.
F ite W. M„ S tatham , Ga.

Fitgem eyer C. H., Pemberville, O.
F itting F. H., Dexter, la.
•F itto n D. W., Ham ilton, O.
•F itto n H. B., Mt. Vernon, Ind.
F itts C. O., Belmond, Ia.
F itts, H. R ., Luthersville, Ga.
•F itts J. H., Jr., Tuscaloosa, Ala.
•F itz C. G., Lam b, Mich.
F itz F. W., Lamb, Mich.
Fitz M . A. H .. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Fitz Gerald D. J., B utte, M ont.
•F itzgerald D. J ., Livingston,
Fitzgerald D. O., Taft, Tex.
Fitzgerald E. F.,Covington, Okla.
•Fitzgerald E . J., Blackwell,OklaFitzgerald E . M ., M eriden, Kan.
•Fitzgerald Gerald, Sweet W ater,
•Fitzgerald J., Outlook, M ont.
•Fitzgerald J. E ., Shawnee, Okla.
Fitzgerald L ittleton, Jr., Williams­
burg, Va.
Fitzgerald Paul, Louisville, Neb.
Fitzgerald R. L., Fisk. Mo.
•F itzhugh J. G., M cKinney, Tex.
Fitzpatrick C. R., W arrenton, Ga.
F itzpatrick C. S., Helena, Ark.
Fitzpatrick Jno., Falm outh. Mich.
Fischer H. B., Pittsfield, N. H. Fitzpatrick John, San Francisco,
Fisher J. B., Akron, Colo.
F itzpatrick John, Lake C ity.
•Fischer J. Ö., Geneseo, 111.
•Fischer J. O.. Glen Ullin, N .D . •F Mich.
itzpatrick J. P ., Glen Campbell,
•Fischer J. J.. Quincy, 111.
•Fischer Jos. Ö., M onaca, Pa.
•F itzp atrick M aude. Benld, 111.
•Fischer J. S., Strasburg, N . D.
W. A., Bedford, Va.
•Fischer K athryn, Sm ithton, Pa. Fitzpatrick
•Fitzsim m ons H . O., Casper, Wyo.
•Fischer L. M ., Kewanee, 111.
F itz Simmons Roy, Conception
Fischer O. H., Dwight, N. D.
Junction, Mo.
Fish C. W., Porter, Okla.
Fitzw ater A. H., Goff, Kan.
Fish F . S., Farrell, Pa.
•F jelstad P. A., M ontague, M ont.
Fish J. L., Sistersville, W. Va.
•Fjosee N. E., Conrad, M ont.
Fish M erton R., W hitew ater, Wis. A.
J Flaa, Boyd, Minn.
Fish R. L.. S tar City, Ark.
Wm. J., Terry, M ont.
Fishbaugh E. C., Shenandoah, Ia. Flack B. A., Enterprise,
Fishbum e I. M., W alterboro, S. C. Flack L. W ., Linden, laKan.
Fishel Simon, Granby, Mo.
Fishel W . E., Dow City, Ia.
•Flack T. S., Sweet W ater, Tex.
Fisher A. C.. Trevorton, Pa.
•Flagg F . S., H artford, Conn.
•Fisher, A. F ., H ouston, Tex.
•Flagg Gould B., Burwell, Neb.
Fisher A. L., Bowersvllle, O.
Flagler G. S., Westfield, N. Y.
Fisher Alva, W heatland, Mo.
Flaherty Daniel, Maple Lake. Minn.
Flaherty J. J., Orland, Cal.'
Fisher B., Devils Lake, N . D.
Flaherty R . J.. Dixon. Neb.
Fisher C. A„ Gotebo, Okla.
•F isher C.C., New York City, N.Y •F lake G. C., Coal Hill, Ark.
Flake S. H ., Leming, Tex.
•Fisher C. E ., C harlotte, M ich.
Flanagan E. H., Drakesboro, Ky.
Fisher C, V., Blackfoot, Ida.
Flanagan F.A., F ort Benton,M ont.
Fisher D. H., New Paris, Ind.
Flanagan John, Cincinnati. O.
•Fisher E . A., M ayer, Ariz.
•Flanagan J. F.. Oconomowoc
Fisher, E. A., Boonton, N. J.
Fisher, E. B., Morristown, Tenn.
•Flanders C. A., Longmont, Colo.
Fisher E . E ., Levis, Kan.
Flanders F. B„ Noble, 111.
Fisher, E. P., Bardwell, Ky.
•Fisher, E . P., E ast Downington, Flanders L. J., Rockledge, Ga.
•Flanders L eta. S„ Sum m it, Ga.
P a.

Flanders S. J.. Sum m it. 6 a .
♦Flandry L. A.. Jr., Labadievllle,
Flanelly Edw ard.Ludington.M ich.
♦Flanery Chas.. G uthrie C enter,
la .
F lan ary M . E ., D ryden, Ya.
♦Flanery S. J., Marysville. Cal.
♦Flanery W . M ., Alvord, Tex.
♦Flanigan J. S., Penns Grove, N . J.
♦Flannigan J . C., S tu art, Neb.
Flannigan J. M., S tu art, Neb.
Flannigan J . M., W alpole, 111.
♦Flatberg O. E ., Fergus Falls,
M inn.
Flatley A. H ., Stockbridge, Wis.
Flatley J. B., Greenleaf, Wis.
F la tt F . P., Stantonviile, Tenn.
♦Flauding J. E ., P ortland, Ind.
♦F lau tt W. J., Somerset, O.
♦Flavea D. L., Maplewood, Mo.
♦Flaxheard J . D., Sm ith Centre,
Fleagle H. S., Buckeye, la.
♦Fleck R obt. W., H untington, Pa.
Fleckenstein J. D., Sioux Falls,S.D.
♦Fleece J . B., N. Salem, Ind.
Fleenor N. J., M endota, Va.
Fleetwood H., W averly, Va.
Fleetwood J.W ., Boykins, Va.
Fleetwood R.G.,Thomasville,Ga.
Fleischer F . J., Prescott, Wash.
Fleming A. E ., Bowdon, Ga.
Flem ing B urt, W. Lebanon, Ind.
Fleming O. E., B u rn t Prairie, 111.
Flem ing C. E ., Campbello. S. O.
♦Fleming E . R., Em erald, Wis.
Flem ing E . T.. Enid. Okla.
Flem ing Eugene J., St. Clair
Heights, Mich.
♦Fleming F. F., D etroit, Mien.
♦Fleming G. B., K lttanning, Pa.
♦Fleming Geo., R oyal Oak, M ich.
♦Fleming G. M., W arren, Ind.
Fleming H arvey, W est Point, Ga.
•Flem ing' H. E., Nickerson, Kan.
♦Fleming H. V., Emerald, Wis.
Flem ing J . D „ A tlanta, Mo.
Flem ing J . L., Spartanburg, S. G.
♦Fleming J. 0 ., Erwin, Tenn.
Flem ing Jno. P ., Archer C ity, Tex.
Fleming Morris, Paris, Tex.
Flem ing O. Jay , Grafton, W. Va.
♦Fleming R. J., Cedar Bluffs. Neb.
Flem ing R. M., Bement, 111.
♦Fleming R. V., W ashington, D.C.
Flem ing T. F., Cartersville, la .
♦Fleming Thomas, Findlay, 111.
♦Flem ing T . S., Columbus, Ga.
♦Fleming W., D etroit, M ich.
Fleming W. S., Emerald, Wis.
♦Fleming W. P.. Burlington, la.
Flem m ing C. F., Renwick, la .
♦Fleniken Laura, Mansfield, La.
Flenniken H. W.. Olin, la.
♦Flenniker W., W. Amarillo, Tex.
♦Flent H. G., Hynes, Cal.
♦Fleshman G. A.. Galt, Mo.
♦Fletcher Anna, Hustisford, Wis.
♦Fletcher B ertha, Wells. M inn.
Fletcher Carl P ., Akron, Colo.
Fletcher F . L., Morganville, Kan.
♦Fletcher H. E ., Sault Ste. M arie,
F letcher J . L „ Chelsea, Mich.
Fletcher J. S.. L a Ja ra. Colo.
♦Fletcher J . W.. Greenfield, Ind.
♦Fletcher L. M., Hope, N. M.
Fletcher N. T ., Gibson, N. C.
♦Fletcher P. M ., Freedom, Pa.
♦Fletcher R. M.. Indianapolis,Ind.
F letcher S. H., Lebanon. Va.
♦Fleury H. R., M organ C ity, La.
♦Flick B. L., Salem, O.
♦Flick E. H., Springfield, O.
Flick L. T ., Harrisonburg, Va.
♦Flickinger Allen, Canfield, O.
♦Flickinger Geo. C., Erie, Pa.
♦Flickinger W. H., Latrobe, Pa.
Flleth H. G., W ausau, Wis.
Flinders A. C., P latte, S. D.
Flinn A. W. Donnybrook, N . D.
Flinn T. P., Hernando. Miss.
F lint O. R., Leedey, Okla.
F lint Chas. W., Denm ark, la .
♦Flint C. W ., Frazer, M ont.
F lin t E. P., Dickens. Ia.
♦Flint Henry, Richmond, M inn.
F lin t H. W ., Cozad, Neb.
♦Flint I. C., Utica, N. Y.
F lin t J. P ., Farm ington, Me.
F lint L. R., Rosston, Okla.
♦Flint W. G., Rosston, Okla.
♦Flippen L. B., Carthage, Tenn.
Flippin J. F., Claremore, Okla.
F litoraft W. Z., Woodstown, N .J.
F littie G. J., Brookings, S. D.
♦Flo P eter, Bricelyn, M inn.
Floberg A. P., Rockford, 111.
♦Floberg A. R., Rockford, 111.
Floersch C. E ., M an h attan , Kan.
Flohr A. J., Bellevue, Ky.
Flom G. A., Kenyon, Minn.
♦Flom Gehard, Zohl, N . D.
Flommersfeld, F. W., Verona,
Flood E dw ard S., M inota, N . J.
Flora, J. D., Los Angeles, Cal.
Florance C. N„ Herndon, Va.
Florance Edw„ Hum boldt, Minn.
Florance S. R., Red Cloud, Neb.
♦Floreen A. R ., Chicago, 111.
♦Florry C. S., Spring Grove, Pa.
Flory G. D., El Paso, Tex.
Flory W. H ., Mt. Clemens, M ich.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Flotree R. F., Albion, Neb.
Flournoy, J . F ., J r., C anton, Miss.
Flournoy N. L., Millington, Tenn.
Flournoy R. E „ Louisville, Ala.
Flournoy Thos., H arrisburg, Ark.
Flowers Dale S., A lbany, Mo.
♦Flowers E. A., M arlin, Tex.
Flowers F. O., T roy, O.
Flowers H . F ., Sandia, Tex.
♦Flowers H. L. Granger, Tex.
Flowers H. P., Hillsboro, Md.
Flowers John, D othan Ala.
Flowers Jno. W.. Columbia, K y.
♦Flowers R. C., Chadwick, 111.
♦Flowers W. C., Haynesville, La.
Floyd C. B., Eudora, Kan.
♦Floyd C. W ., Vergennes. 111.
♦Floyd G. M ., Haskell, Okla.
Floyd J r„ J . T., Clayton, Ala.
Floyd O. E „ Vergennes. 111.
♦Fluetsch J. A., Coalinga, Cal.
Flum erfelt O. A., Old F ort, O,
♦Fluth R., Herrick, S. D.
♦Fly Mabel, Purdy, Mo.
F lynn Chas. E ., Vale, Ore.
Flynn D avid M ., Princeton, N . J.
Flynn F. J., Potosi, Mo.
Flynn J . E ., P ark Rapids, Minn.
♦Flynn J. J.. Louisville, Ky.
♦Flynn M aria, M auston, Wis.
Flynn T. G.. Buhl, Minn.
Flynn W. E., Marauez. Tex.
F lythe L. W ., Conway, N . O.
♦Foard A. G., Lenoir, N. C.
♦Fobes H. J., Kinsm an, O.
Fockele Fred F., W averly. Kan.
♦Fockler Jam es H ., M iddleton,
M ich.
Fodnes O. L., W alker, M inn.
Foeste Otto, Sheboygan, Wis.
F oft E . C., W oodward, Ia.
Foft S. F., W aukee, Ia.
Fogh O., Shelbyville, Tenn.
♦Fogh V. P .. New York C ity, N .Y .
♦Fogle H . N ., Lancaster, Mo.
Fogler H. R ., St. Elm o, 111.
♦Foglesong E. M., Hooker, Okla.
Fohl D. C., W ilm ington, Cal.
Foight P . R., E xport, Pa.
♦Foil L. J.. Mt. Pleasant. N. C.
F okesO . O., Del Rio, Tex.
♦Fokes E . N ., E ureka, Cal.
♦Folda Abin, Clarkson, Neb.
♦Folda B ertha, Schuyler, Neb.
Folda Jaroslor, Schuyler, Neb.
♦Folda K. J., Schuyler, Neb.
Foley Andrew, Rock Lake. N. D.
♦Foley Ernest, New York C ity,
N . Y.
Foley J. B., Georgetown, Colo.
Foley J. D., Luvem e, N . D.
Foley F . M ., A ctin g , Ryan, Ia.
♦Foley J. O., W yndmere, N. D.
Foley R. P ., Richy, M ont.
♦Foley T. F., Denison, Tex.
♦Folger C. M ., Easley, S. C.
♦Folk Samuel Jr., T am aqua, Pa.
Follansbee O. L., Eufaula, Okla.
F ollett Darwin, Coloma, Wis.
Follett E. F., Vacherie, La.
F ollett L. C.. Sabin, M inn.
Follin M . G., W inston Salem,N.C.
♦B’ollis M . V., M endora, N. D.
♦Folmar A rthur, T roy, Ala.
Folm ar F rank P.. Troy, Ala.
♦Folmar Em ory, T roy, Ala.
Folse E . B„ Oak Ridge, La.
Folsom D. S., H artford, Ala.
♦Folsom R. 0.. Cedar Rapids, la .
♦Folsom W . E „ Algonac, Mich.
♦Folsom Y. E ., Ariton, Ala.
Folts F. D ., Henning, Tenn.
Foltz M . H., Square B utte, M ont.
Foltz P . E ., H obart, Okla.
♦Folz J. W., Evansville, Ind.
F onda A. M ,, Guernsey, Wyo.
F onda J . W „ Luray, Mo.
F onda R. M ., M onona, Ia.
F onda W. C., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Fondren J . T.. Forrest City, Ark.
♦Fondern R ay B., Strafford, M o.
♦Fondrie G., Benton, Wis.
Fones W. H ., Fowlkes, Tenn.
Fontaine, E. L., Brandenburg,K y.
Fonville W alter, Bernie, Mo.
♦Foote C. E ., Iowa Falls, Ia.
♦Foote O. L., Alamosa, Colo.
Foote C. W., Fallon, Nev.
Foote H. S„ San Anselmo, Cal.
Foote J . B„ H ot Springs, Ark.
Foote L. A., Silver Creek, N . Y.
Foote R. A., Jackson. Ala.
♦Forbes C. M ., Lebanon, Ind.
Forbes F . J., Greenville, N. C.
Forbes J. S., Clintonville, Pa.
Forbes S. J., Marshall, Minn.
Forbes T. B., Carrollton, Ky.
Forbes W. P., H ackett. Ark.
Forbis R. F., New H am pton, Mo.
Forbush C. H „ Sptingfield, Vt.
♦Forbush Salome C., Frederic,
♦Force F. A., Howard, Kan.
♦Ford A. P ., San Antonio, Tex.
Ford A., Rusk, Tex.
Ford D. F., Loving, Tex.
Ford E. A., W aldo, Kan.
Ford Edwin E ., New Harm ony

F ord E. E., Chicago, 111.
♦Ford Elaine, Coatsville, Mo.
♦Ford E lm er E., D etroit. Mich.
Ford E. R., Akron. N. Y.
♦Ford F . E ., C hardon, O.
Ford F red L., Albemarle, N . C.
F ord Glenn W ., Coatsville, M o.
Ford Guy, Sayre, Okla.
Ford H. C., Pavo, Ga.
F ord H. C., Willow. Okla.
F ord H . E ., K eats, Kan.
F ord Jam es M ., Oliver, Wis.
F ord J. E ., Sundance, Wyo.
Ford L., Roby, Tex.
Ford L. S., W yaconda, Mo.
Ford M . J., W heatland, N . D.
♦Ford Press, Providence, Ky.
F ord R. L., Goodrich, Mich.
Ford T. A., Taylorsville, Miss.
♦Ford Vena, Venango, Neb.
F ord W. A., Grubbs, Ark.
F ord W. J., Chehalis, Wash.
Ford W. J., Fredericksburg, Va.
♦Ford W. R ., Williams town, Mo.
♦Ford Z. W.. Siloam Springs, Ark.
♦Fordham B. B. Dublin, Ga.
♦Fordyce John, B u ttern u t. Wis.
Fore D . A„ Roxobel. N. C.
Fore C. P., W ayland, Mo.
♦Foreman A. K., Chicago, 111.
Forem an Chas., W ard, S. D.
♦Forem an C. A., Pittsfield, 111.
Forem an C. M., Freeport, N. Y.
Forem an C. R., Doyline, La.
♦Foreman Gerhard, Chicago, 111.
♦Forem an L. C., W ard, S. D.
♦Forester O. F „ Devine. Tex.
Forester W alter J., Duquoin. 111.
♦Forgan Jas. B., Jr., Chicago, 111.
♦Forgan R obert, New York C ity,
N. Y.
♦Forgerson A. E ., Kim ball, Neb.
Forgey F ran k R., San Gabriel,
Forgy H. S., New Carlisle, O.
Forkenbrock F . J., Adrian, M inn.
♦Form an A. B., Burnsville, W. Va.
Form an M . W., Springville, Ala.
♦Form an S. A., Alham bra, Cal.
♦Form anack F . A., Howard, S. D.
F orm by V. M ., M oran, Tex.
♦Fom berg E bba, Lindsborg, Kan.
♦Forney H . G., P ilot M ound. Ia.
F orrest F . 0 ., Pullm an, W ash.
F orrest W. G., Tehuacana, Tex.
♦Forrester H. G., D othan, Ala.
♦Forrester H . K ., W alnutgrove,
Forrester K. L., Dothan, Ala.
♦Fors C. A., Sunfleld, Mich.
Forsaith S. L., Brunswick. Me.
Forsberg C. J., K arlstad, M ian.
Forsberg N., S trandburg, S. D.
♦Forsburg P aul G „ Strandburg,
S. D.
Forsee G. W., Owenton, Ky.

♦Fosnaugh A., Lane, 111.
Fosnaugh L „ Lane. 111.
♦Foss C. E ., Lake P ark, Minn.
♦Foss H. F., Missouri Valley. Ia.
♦Foss J. R., Magdalena, N . Mex.
Foss L. E., Henry, S. D.
Foss O. T „ Cottonwood Lake, N. D.
Fossen Theo., Carlisle, M inn.
Fosshage I„ M ount Horeb, Wis.
♦Fossum A. E ., Herreid, S. D.
♦Fossum C. J., G rantsburg, Wis.
♦Fossum E va Y.. Box Elder, M ont.
♦Fossum G. A., W alcott, N. D. ♦Fossum O tto R..Albert Lea.M inn,
Foster A. D., Pine Bluff, Ark.
Foster A. E ., Cato, N. if.
♦Foster A. E ., F o rt Cobb, Okla.
♦Foster A. jpg Santa Cruz. Cal.
Foster A. J., K eota, Okla.
♦Foster A. M ., Monticello, 111.
♦Foster A. R., Summer, 111.
Foster A. T ., Moline, 111.
F oster A. W., Evansville, Ind.
♦Foster C. A., W averly, Kan.
Foster C. C.. Roswell. Ga.
♦Foster O. H.. Concord, N . H.
F oster C. W., H ouston, Tex.
♦Foster E . M ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦Foster F. A., Bartlesville, Okla.
Foster F. H „ Claremont, N. H.
♦Foster F. M., D rum right, Okla.
♦Foster F . S., Birmingham, Ala.
Foster G. A., Pollock, La.
♦Foster G. L., Lowell, Ind.
Foster Glen, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
F oster C. Hays, Stanford, Ky.
♦Foster H. G., Owego, N. Y.
Foster Howard, Peck, Mien.
Foster Hugh, Union Springs, Ala.
♦Foster H. W., Francesville, Ind.
Foster Ira D„ Ladoga, Ind.
Foster J. A., Danville. 111.
♦Foster John, Springfield, M o.
Foster Joseph L., Boston. M ass.
♦Foster J. L., Baldwinsville, N. Y .
Foster John, Cushing, Okla.
♦Foster J. H., Roswell, Ga.
Foster J. W., Ridge Farm , 111.
♦Foster L. 0., Pennsboro, W. Va.
♦Foster Mack, W aynetown, Ind.
♦Foster O. W., Chickasha, Okla.
♦Foster P aul, Christiansburg, Va.
Foster P . J., Booneville. Miss.
♦Foster Ray, Peck, Mich.
F oster R. E „ Springfield, Ky.

F oster S. J., Cedar City, U tah.
♦Foster Staten, Harwood, Mo.
F oster W. J., Olympia, Wash.
Foster W. M., Plano, 111.
Foster W. P., Jonesville, La.
Foster W. T., Gorham, Kan.
Fotheringham W. S., Bay C ity,
♦Fouch B. L., Williams, Cal.
♦Fouche C. W., Plano, Tex.
♦Fougerousse F . N ., New Albany,
♦Forsee W. T ., Owenton, Ky.
♦Forshay D. R., A nita, la .
♦Foulks J. C., Eldorado, K an.
Forslind M artin, Greenland, Mich. Foulks E. L., Deming, N . M.
♦Forster B. D., N. Y. City, N . Y. ♦Foulks R, L., F o rt W orth, Tex.
♦Forsyth F . D ., Athens, O.
♦Founds W . G. New M artinsville.
F orsyth Geo. W., F ro n t Royal,
W . Va.
♦Forsyth G. M., Madison, Mo.
.♦Fountain I. O., Good Hope, O.
♦Forsyth Joseph, P oint Pleasant, F ountain J . A., Oakfield, Ga.
N . J.
Fountain J. O., Kountze, Tex.
F orsyth J . E ., Cairo, Ga.
F ountain R. F., South River, N. J .
F ouquette D. E ., St. Cloud, M inn.
Forsyth John B., N. Y. City, N.Y, ♦Fouts A. L., W. L afayette, O.
♦Forsyth P . ML, Cylon, Wis.
Fouts C. B „ Dillon vale. O.
♦Forsythe A. J., Pierce C ity, M o. Fouts O. H ., Stockport, O.
Forsythe Joseph, G rand View,Ind. Fowler C. N ., N orthcote, M inn.
♦Forsyth M. R., Dixon, 111.
Fouts M. O., Independence, Ia.
♦Forsyth N . E ., H ouston, M inn.
♦Fouts P. M., Sterling, Colo.
♦Forsythe E . L.. M inneapolis, ♦Fowkles V. L., South Boston, Va.
M inn.
Fowler A. G., Peshtigo, Wis.
F orsythe R. J., Neligh, Neb.
Fowler C. C.. Roswell, Ga.
♦Fort A. L., Collegepark, Ga.
♦Fowler O. C., Sioux City, Ia.
♦Fort A. T ., Jr., L um pkin, Ga.
F ortenberry J. D., Smithville, A rk.
♦Fowler C. N ., Kennedy, M inn.
F ortin Herm an, Salix, la .
Fowler D. A., Duncan, Okla.
F ortner C. A., Crosby, Tex.
♦Fowler D. E., Marble Falls, T ex .
♦Fortner C. L., Seneca. Mo.
♦Fowler Miss E ., Andrew, Ia.
F ortner F. E ., M oro, Ore.
♦Fowler E. A., A tlanta, Ga.
F ortner F . R., Wasco, Ore.
Fowler E . M ., Smyrna, Del.
F ortner J. H ., M arfa, Tex.
F ortner L. J.. W hitesvüle. N. Y. Fowler E . P ., Celina, Tenn.
Fowler F. B., Crandall, Tex.
F ortney Tillm an, Bowdon. N . D.
Fowler F. J ., Munfordville. Ky.
Fowler H. F., Vacaville, Cal.
♦Fortnum A. H ., Ripon, Wis.
Fowler J. J., Livonia, M o.
F ortson F. S., Tignall, Ga.
♦Fortun A. T ., Viroqua, Wis.
♦Fowler J‘. F., Houston, Tex.
F ortune A. H „ Bloomfield, la .
Fowler J. T., Arcadia, Kan.
F ortune E . R., Vincennes, Ind.
♦Fowler M.' E ., Ames, Ia.
♦Fortune S. P ., M em phis, Tenn.
♦Fowler R. F., W arrenton, Ga.
Forw ard I. F., Gladstone, 111.
♦Fowler R. F., Graham , Tex.
Forw ard J . W ., Edgewood, Ia.
Fowler T . H., No. Bend, Neb.
Foscue F . W ., Trenton. N. C.
♦Fowler W alter, Slaton, Tex.
♦Fowler W. M ., Stockton, Cal.
Fowlkes L. O., Keystone, W. Va.
♦Foscue M . W ., Trenton, N. C.
♦Fosdick F . A., Sious Falls, S. D. Fox Beman O., G rand Junction,
♦Foshay Sarah London M ills, 111
♦Fox Charles, M iam i, Okla.
Foshee R. H ., Red Level, Ala,
Fox C. S. W.. Catawissa. Pa.
Fosher M. E. Houstonia, Mo.
Fox C. W. Jr., New Orleans, L a.
♦Posher O. W., Houstonia, Mo.
♦Fox Edgar, M adlsonville, K y.
♦Fosholdt M. Lizzie, Rudd, Ia.
♦♦Fosholdt C. W., Courtenay,N .D . ♦Fox E. E ., Columbus, O.
Fox F. E . S., W hitely. Ind.
Foskett B. A., Lorain, O.
F oxF . L., Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.
♦Foskett C. J., Concord, Cal.
♦Fox Florence M ., Des M oines, Ia.
F oskett L. D„ Crookston, Minn.



Pox P. J., Wheeling, W . Va.
Pox G. R ., A nthony, R an.
Pox H. A., Allendale, 111.
Pox H. B., Elverson, Pa.
•F ox H. L., M orehouse, M o.
•Pox Hester, Ackerm an Miss.
Fox H arry J.. D etroit, Mich.
Fox Henry, Bridgeport, O.
Fox H. R ., M arquette, Mich.
F ox Jam es, Albion, Neb.
•P ox J. Jr., Albion, Neb.
•P ox J. C., Philadelphia, Pa.
Fox J . E., Rookwood, Tenn.
•Fox P. M ason, Elm er, N . J.
Fox R. L„ Brandon, Miss.
F ox R . S. S., Dolores, Colo.
Fox W . D., Lewisburg, Tenn.
•F o x W. T., Atchison, Kan.
•Foxcroft F. O.. N. Y. City, N. Y.
Foxw orthy J . E., F t. Myers, F la.
•F o y Hum phrey, E ufaula, Ala.
Foy J . E., Lexington, N. C.
•Foy M . J., Springfield, M inn.
Foy W. L., Ashland, Va.
F raas J. E ., Crown P oint, Ind.
•F ra h m Alvin, Snyder, Neb.
•F rah m Robert, Snyder, Neb.
Frain H. E., Fulton, Ind.
Fraizer D. C., Billings, Okla.
•F rak er, W . H., Delta. O.
•F raley G. A., Oakland, Md.
Fram e George, Newm an, 111.
•F ram e O. P ., Gassaway, W . Va.
Fram e W. R., W aukesha, Wis.
F ram pton A. T ., A rtesia, Cal.
F ram pton J. M ., Charleston, S. O.
Frana, F. J., M almo, Neb.
France E. L., Elma, W ash.
France H. A.. Rawlins, Wyo.
•F rance O. J., Gackle, N . D.
France W. H., Montesano, W ash.
•Francescld IS., Fresno, Cal.
Francis Carl, Marble Falls, Tex.
Francis C. D., S anta Monica, Cal.
F rancis E . J.; Elvins, M o.
•Francis F. H .. Pittsfield, Mass.
F rancis G. J., Cook, M inn.
•Francis P. T., Davis, Okla.
Francis Richard, Herculaneum ,
Francis W. C., Purdon, Tex.
•F rancis W. N ., Sallisaw, Okla.
Francisco A. S., Slope C enter,N .D .
Francisco G. S.. Dexter, Mich.
Francisco H. C.. M arshall, Mo.
Franck E. C., L anark, 111.
F ranck R. R ., A thens, Pa.
Francke A. E ., Milwaukee, Wis.
•F ran ey C. H ., Bakersfield, Cal.
•F ra n ey F . W ., M arengo, la.
F raney T. M., Perrysburg, O.
•F ran g E . L., Bigtim ber. M ont.
•F rangm an O. W ., Lawrenceburg,
F rank A. C., Lindsey, O.
•F ra n k A. K., M aryville, Mo.
•F ra n k E.. Luray, Va.
•F ra n k E. A., Union City, Ind.
F rank G. C., Ligonier, Pa.
•F ra n k G. H., Newport. Pa.
•F ra n k H . M ., Jeffersonville, Ind.
F ran k J. M ., F rankton, Ind.
F rank Nelle M ., Petersburg, Ind.
•F ra n k R. L., Russell, Kan.
F ra n k W. C., W oodlake M inn.
F ran k W. G., Okawville, 111.
•F ra n k W. M ., W ichita Falls, Tex.
•F ra n k e A. R ., Goliad, Tex.
•F ran k e T. F ., E yota, M inn.
•F rankenburger B. E „ Rio, 111.
Frankenburger C. E ., Rio, 111.
•Frankenfeld E . W., Lander, Wyo.
F rankland J. C., Rochester, N . Y.
Franklin B. G.. H am burg, la .
•F ran k lin E ., Floresville, Tex.
Franklin G. A., D erm ott, Ark.
•F ranklin G. C., Bone Gap, 111.
•F ran k lin J. D ., Sorum, S. D.
•F ranklin J. O., Glensboro, Ky.
•F ran k lin L. D ., Pocatello, Idaho.
•F ran k lin M . W ., Addington,Okla.
F ranklin W. C., W inters, Tex.
•F ranklin W. D ., N ew port News,
Franklin William E ., Sutersville,
F ranklyn E., Em erado, N . D.
•F ran k ly n G., E m erado, N . D.
F ranks C. T .. L aurens, S. C.
•F ran k s D. W ., Pioche, Nev.
•F ran k s G. L., M ontour, la.
•F ranks G. W ., Hiawassie. Ga.
F ranks G. W ., Pioché, Nev.
•F ran k s R . A., Lexington, Okla.
Franques Lloyd, Church Point,La.
F ran tsch y R ay, Orangesville, 111.
F ran tz A. E ., Nazareth,. Pa.
F ran tz A. H.. Friend, Neb.
•F ra n tz Eula, Paw paw , 111. .
F ran tz Fred, Crescent C ity, Cal.
F ra n tz H . K., Eagle, Neb.
F ran tz L. N ., H untington, W. Va.
F ran tz S. D., Mullens, W. Va.
•F ran tz W. E ., W hittier, Cal.
•F ran z A., Henderson, Neb.
Franz C. F ., Goodrich, N . D.
•F ranze 0 . J., Ryder, N . D.
Franzen A. W .. Bensenville, 111.
•F ranzen E .. Funk. Neb.
Franzen H . H., Roselle. 111.
Franzen L. A., Funk, Neb.
Franzer Elm er H ., Isabel, 111.
•F ra sa J. I., Virginia, M inn.
•F rasch George J., Bremen, O.
Frase P . M.. Clinton. O.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Fraser Brad, Clinton, Ark.
Fraser Donald, Johnstow n, N.Y.
•F raser F. R ., Honokaa, Hawaii.
•F raser G. N ., Sisterville, W. Va.
Fraser H. W „ Georgetown, S. C.
Fraser J . A., Twin Bridges, M ont.
Fraser J . D„ P ittsburgh, P a.
Fraser Ned, M onette, Ark.
Fraser R. L., W alterboro, S. O.
F raser R obert, Rolla, N. D.
Frasier C. A., Silver Creek, Neb.
•Frasier J. P., St. Clairsville, O.
•Fra.udt C aletta, Eagle, Wis.
F rayser M . H ., H arrisburg, Ark.
Frazee Charles E .. Jersey City,
N . J.
•F razee F . W ., New York, N . Y.
Frazee George B ., Somerfleld, Pa.
•F razer E. L., Mt. P leasant, Mich.
Frazer H. S.. Mahnomen. Minn.
•F razer W . E .. M iddlesboro. Ky.
•F razey R ena F.. Oantril, la .
•Frazier A rthur, Meridian, Ida.
•F razier C. F., Des Moines, la .
Frazier Craig, T rum an, Ark.
•F razier D. S., New W averly,
•Frazier F . J., Knox, N . D.
Frazier H. N., Magnolia, la.
•F razier H. O., Gooding, Ida.
•F razier J. A., Hawkinsville, Ga.
Frazier J . L .. Union. Ky.
Frazier Jno. W., Hillsboro, Ind.
Frazier L. D., Verndale, Minn.
•Frazier M . L., M em phis, Tenn.
Frazier O. L., Davis City, la .
•Frazier T. C-. M ilton. Ore.
Frazier W . C „ Gilmer, Tex.
Frazza J. G„ Garfield, N . J.
Frazzinl F., Denver, Colo.
Freas B. D., Berwick, Pa.
Freas W . H ., So. P ittsburg, Tenn.
Frebel F. B., Coteau, N . D.
•Freeh A. E., Columbus. O.
Frede Leo. Lagrange. Tex.
•Fredeking W. T ., H inton, W. Va.
Fredell O. G., A rthur, la .
•F rederick S. B., St. Paul, M inn.
Frcderichs J . F.. N. Y. City, N. Y.
•Frederick C. E .. Upper Sandusky,

•F rederick C. M . Callaw ay, N eb.
•Frederick E . E ., Callaway. Neb.
•Frederick F. H., Lock H aven, Pa.
Frederick F rank. Riverside, 111.
Frederick John. Jr., Callaway, Neb.
Frederick O tto, H anna, Wyo.
Frederick W. N .. Canton. O.
Frederickson S., Okabena, Minn.
•F redine E. C.. Geddes. S. D.
F redine F. I., M aynard, M inn.
•F redine H. W., P latte, S. D.
•Frederick O. W ., D unkirk, O.
Fredrick J. R., M cC urtain, Okl.
Fredricks O., Crookston, Minn.
•Fredrickson A rthur,
M ont.
•Fredrickson C. W ., Essex, la .
•F ree A. H ., Bainbridge, O.
•F re e E . B., Plains, Tex.
Free R. L... Doerun, Ga.
Free W .H., Abilene, Tex.
Freeberg, F . O., Mercer, N. D.
Freeberg Victor, Montevideo,
M inn,
Freeborn Mr., San Antonio, Tex.
F reeborn S. D ., San Antonio, Tex.
F reebum C. C., K inbrae, Minn.
Freed E. W ., W orley, Ida.
Freed H. M., W akarusa. Ind.
•Freed O. F ., Hillsdale, Mich.
•F reed Sylvane, Trenton. Tenn.
Freed W . H., New Freedom , P a.
•F reeland E . W ., Seneca Falls,
N . Y.
F reeland H. W., Kingm an, Kan.
Freeland W. O., Selma. Cal.
F reeland Wm. L., Salem, N. J.
•F reem an A. B., Briggsdale, Colo.
•F reem an A. W-. K enton. T enn.
Freem an C. E „ Sabinal. Tex.
•F reem an C. R., Raeford, N. C.
•Freem an C. Y., Lexington, Ky.
Freem an E. B., Orange, N. J.
•F reem an E lliott, Dickinson, N .D .
•Freem an E. W., Jackson, Miss.
Freem an F .P .,R utherfordton,N .O .
Freem an G. A., Cylinder, la .
Freem an G. B., Mansfield, Mo.
•F reem an G. O.. Mansfield, Mo.
Freem an G. W., Elk Point, S. D.
Freem an H . A.. Spencerport.N . Y.
Freem an H. C., Gillham, Ark.
Freem an H. R., F o rt W ayne, Ind.
•F reem an J . A., W . Union, W. Va.
•Freem an J. E ., D ecatur, III.
•F reem an J. E ., Dublin, Ga.
Freem an J . N., Prospect, O.
Freem an J. W heeler, Harlowton,
M ont.
•F reem an L. C., A nadarko, Okla.
•Freem an O. S., Upham , N. D.
•Freem an K. F ., Shelby. Ia.
Freem an R. W., Senoia. Ga.
Freem an W., M axbass, N . D.
Freem an W. A.,- Conway, S. C.
•Freem an W. C., Chicago, 111.
Freem an W. L., Oil C ity. Pa.
Freem an W. H ., Jr., M t. Juliet,
- Tenn.
•F reem an W . S„ Spokane, W ash.
Freer C. A., Okmulgee, Okla.

•Frizzell L., Benton, Ky.
Freer George R ., Ashland. O.
•F reer John R.,Saranac Lake,N.Y, •F roehlick A. B .,Jackson,W is.
Froehlich D. E., Shawneetown, 111.
Freerks E. M., George, Ia.
•Froehlich Geo., A m herst, Neb.
•Freese B., Ogden, 111.
Froehlich W. H., Jackson, Wis.
Freese J. H., Monee, 111.
•Froelich C. M .. Saybrook, 111.
Freese Leo, Ogden, 111.
Froling R. G., M apleton N. D.
Freiberg A. H.. New Albin, la .
Freiburger F. L., F t. W ayne, Ind. From e August. Jr.. H o w a r d s
Grove, Wis.
Freise H. W.. Schaum burg, 111.
•Frelland S. E ., Cunningham , From ke H. A., G rover, S. D.
From m K arl, Faulkton, S. D.
Frels O. G., Welcome, Tex.
Fronk Melvin, Iola. Kan.
French A., Senatobia, Miss.
W. N., L a Grange, 111.
•F rench A. D .. Glenwood. Ia.
•Froscher «N., Titusville, Fla.
Frost C. E „ Athens, Ala.
•F ro st H . C., H ealdsburg, Cal.
French B. F., Honey Creek, Ia.
•F ro st Ira, Trenton, N. J
French C. W., Stanton, Mich.
•F ro st R., Dozier. Ala.
•F rench C. W., Utica. O.
F rost R . G., Birch R un, Mich.
French Earl, Competition, Mo.
Frost W. A., Hackleburg, Ala.
French E . A., Keokuk, Ia.
•French E. W., Woonsocket, R .I. •Frostrom Edythe, Bristow. Neb.
•F rench M rs. Fanny, Lisle, N . Y. Frostrom John, Bristow, Neb.
•French Fred, Tonkawa, Okla.
French F red C.. H utchinson,K an. •Froxler Geo., Bellbuckle, Term.
•F rench G. F., F o rt Branch,Ind. Fruechte F . H., Eitzen, Minn.
French Germ an, Jr., Tonkawa, •Fruge Sullivan, Basile, La.
F ruin M . E ., Coyle, Okla.
Frutchey J.. Deford. Mich.
French G. H.. Littlefork, M inn.
Fry A. E., Zearing, Ia.
French H. A., Glenwood, Ia.
•F ry A. M ., Hope, Kan.
•F rench Harlan, Naylor, Mo.
F ry F. B., Corydon, Ia.
French H arry D ., Lisle, N . Y.
F ry I. Oliver, Bainbridge, Pa.
French H. P., Martinsburg, Mo.
•F rench H . S., Modesto, Cal.
French H . S., Hansell, Ia.
F ry J. A., Lovell, Okla.
French J. L., W ashington, D. C. F ry J. G., Bristol, Tenn.
•French Leonard, Hum eston, Ia. F ry J. G., Bristol, Va.
French Leslie, Escanaba. Mich.
F ry J. G., Clifton Forge, Va.
•F rench M attie M ., Honey Creek, F ry J. H ., T urkey, Tex.
•F ry J. M ., Henderson, Tenn.
•F rench M . L., Brownfield, Tex. •F ry J . R., Jam estow n, Pa.
•F rench Paul, Merom, Ind.
•F ry J. T ., G rants Pass, Ore.
•French R. M ., Beckley, W. Va.
•F ry L. B., Ladonia, Tex.
French T. J., Camden, Me.
•F ry L. L., Wapello, Ia.
French T. N ., W anette, Okla.
F ry R. D., Gorman, Tex.
•French W. S., Stanton, Mich.
F ry T. I., Frem ont, Mich.
Frentz T. R ., Oshkosh, Wis.
F ry T. M„ Princeton, W. Va.
Frentzel O. A., Altona, Neb.
•FTy W. R., Conemaugh, Pa.
Frenzel J.P ., Jr.. Indianapolis, Ind. Fryberger J . E., Phillpsburg. Pa.
Frere Wm. C., Franklin, La.
F rye Besse, Acting, Oak Grove,
•F rerich J. H., Poplar, M ont.
Frerlchs A. H., Brush, Colo.
Frye B. L., M ason, O.
Frerichs F. B., Sterling, 111.
Frye C. E ., W addy, Ky.
Frerlchs H. J., Wellsburg, la .
Frye C. J., Rodm an, Ia.
Frerichs H. W.. Lorton, Neb.
•F rye Clifford, Newark, O.
Frerichs R. F., Sterling. Neb.
Frye D. H., Richwood, W. Va.
Frerichs Theo., Talmage, Neb.
•F ry e Wm. L., Dixon, 111.
•Frerichs T. S., Talmage, Neb.
•Fuchs A lbert C., New York
•F reshw ater Allie, Cisne, 111.
City, N. Y.
Freshw ater T. L.. Cisne, 111.
E m m itt, Pflugerville, Tex.
•Fresko D. W-, Sarles, N. D.
Fuchs F. Pi, Evansville, Ind.
Fretwell W. F., New Hope, Va.
Fuchs H enry, Douglas, Minn.
F reund Chas., Seymour, Wis.
W. C.. Colfax, Wash.
Freund Geo. U., Cole Camp, Mo. •FudgeG.
A., M ountforest, Mich.
•F revert W arner, Lindenhurst, Fuehr
A., T urner, Mich.
N. Y.
•Fuelle M ax, W ayside, Wis.
Frevert W. C., Holyrood, Kan. •Fuessle
R. B., Chicago, 111.
•Frew D. E ., Ell wood City, Pa.
•F ugate J. H., Binger, Okla.
Frey A. W „ Mingo, la.
F ugate M. L., Adairville, Ky.
•F rey E . F., Stephenville, Tex.
Fugate P . A„ Aberdeen, Ida.
Frey E . W ., Gowen. Okla.
•F ugate S. M ., Binger, Okla.
Frey F. F., M cLeansboro, 111.
•F uglaar C. J., Scobey, M ont.
Frey H. H ., Bluff Dale, Tex.
•Fuglie A. C., Parshall, N . D.
Frey J. W., Stephenville, Tex.
Fuglie C. A., Coal H arbor, N. D.
Frey O. J., Ocheyedan, la.
•Fuglie M . R., Coal H arbor, N .D
Freym an I. I., Portage, O.
Fuglie O. D., D um ont, M inn.
Freym ann P ., Holy Cross, Ia.
Fuhrm an E . F., Roundup, M ont.
Freytag G. H.. Elgin, N . D
ukuda F. T ., Seattle, Wash.
•F rey tag W. E.. Graham . Mo.
F uley H arry, Cable, Wis.
•F rick Adam, Portsm outh, O.
G. E .. Wrightsville, Ga.
•F ric k A. C., W ayzata, M inn.
Fulford R. C., Georgiana, Ala.
Frick E . S., M arshall, M inn.
Fulgham Ivy, Brownsboro, Tex.
Frick J . J., York. Pa.
Fulghum O. E ., W olcottville
•Frick S. C., Virgelle, M ont.
Fricke C. A., G retna, La.
M. A., A tlanta, Neb.
Fricke George H., Round Top,Tex. Fulk
Fulkerson C. E., Hollansburg, O.
•F rickland V. D., Ahoskie, N . C. Fulkerson
F. M., Augusta, Ky.
Fridley A. W., Anna, O.
Fulkerson G. E ., M edicine Lake,
•F ried Leo, Buffalo, S. D.
M ont.
•F ried William, Buffalo, S. D.
Chas. L „ Dunkirk, O.
•Friedeboch J. K.. Plainview. Neb. Fulks
Fullbright C. S. Hendersonville,
N. C.
Friedei Jos. C., H am tram ck.M ich. Fullenwider J . E., Mechanicsburg,
•Friedley C. J., Bellevue, O.
Friedley G. W., Bellevue, O.
Fuller A. D., Camsteo, N. Y.
•Frierson A. P ., Knoxville, Tenn.
•Fuller A. D., Russell, Kan.
•Fuller A. W., Oronogo, Mo.
Fries F. W., New Athens, III.
Fries L. A., Toronto, S. D.
Fuller O. H., Oxford, Mich.
Fuller C. M ., Mountville, S. C.
• Friesen P. F., Hillsboro, Kan.
Friesen P. L., Henderson, Neb.
Fuller D. E ., Clyde, O.
Fuller F. H ., Lawrence, Mich.
Friész A. L., Brunswick, Mo.
•Frim odig C. H „ Houghton, Mich. •Fuller G. C.. F o rt Pierre. S. D.
Frink S. G., Tipton. la.
•Fuller G. G., Honolulu, Hawaii.
•F uller H . B., Sebastopol, Cal.
•F uller H . C., C entral Square,
Frisbee H. F.. Hancock, Minn.
•Frisbee H. H., Hudson, S. D.
Fuller H. D., W inchester, Va.
•Frisbie C. A., Goodell, Ia.
•Fuller H. E ., Ladonia, Tex.
Frisbie E. C., Redding, Gal.
•F uller H. F., Boston, Mass.
Frisbie H. L., Norwich, Conn.
•Frisbie Julia E ,, Oskaloosa, •Fuller I. L., Early, Ia.
Fuller J . F., H anna City. Ill.
•Fuller J. H ., Aberdeen, Wash.
•Frisch H. J., Johnson, M inn.
•Fuller L. G., Corcoran, Cal.
•Frisch H. L., Stover, Mo.
Fuller L. L., A c tin g , W illiamson,
Frisvold J. A., Rushford, M inn.
N . Y.
•F ristoe J. D., Miami, Mo.
Friswold Seval, Cooperstown, N. D. Fuller Louis W.,WhiteCloud,Mich
Fuller N. P., North East, Pa.
•F riteher Glenn F., Buhl, Ida.
*FullerR. C., Beach, N. D.
F rith W. B., W heetley, Ark.
•Fuller W. A,, Ringwood Okla.
F ritz A. J ., Calvary, Wis.
Fuller Y. S., Bernice, La.
F ritz Carl, Vandalia. Mich.
•F ritz John C., Ann Arbor, Mich. Fullerton L. W.. Medicine. Lodge
•F ritz M ., M ellott, Ind.
Fullington F.G.,Milford Centre,o.
•F ritz M ary E ., Atkins, Ia.
•Fullwood W. N., Dallas, Tex.
•F ritzson Fritz, Sioux City, la.ä
Frizzell J. E ., W averly Hall. Ga. Fulm er G. T ., Athens, Wis.

Fulm or M. A., Anaconda, Mont.
F ulner P . J., Allendale, S, O ..
F ulp George V., Kemersville, N.O.
Fulton Anna J., Talmage, Kan.
Fulton B. H., Formoso, Kan.
♦Fulton C. L., Burlington. la.
♦Fulton E. C., Salisbury, M d.
♦Fulton Floyd K., Pocatello, Ida.
Fulton H. O., Columbia. Tenn.
Fulton H . S.. Stewarts town. Pa.
♦Fulton H. W.. A tlantic, la .
♦Fulton J. E ., P ittsburgh, P a.
Fulton J. H., W alnut Cove, N. O.
Fulton Jno. R., W aukegan, 111.
Fulton J. W ., D e W itt, Ark.
Fulton R. I., Clearfield, Pa.
♦Fulton R. O., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Fulton W. B., Union City, Pa.
Fulton W. L., M urray, Ky.
♦Fulton W. T., Philadelphia, M iss
F ultz W. J., Bushnell, 111.
Funck, Joseph, Kenosha, Wis.
F unda Geo., London, Minn.
Fundm an Paul, W illamlna, Ore.
♦Funk B ertha, Ransom , Kan.
F u n k B. M .,:F rancetas, Tex.
F u n k C. D., Grenora, N. D.
F unk 0. E., Carver, Minn.
F unk C. J., Sterling, Colo.
♦Funk Clyde, Snyder, Tex.
♦Funk E . B., Piper City, 111.
F unk E. B., W arsaw. Ind.
♦Funk E . R ., G reat Falls, M ont.
F unk E arl V., Birm ingham , la .
♦Funk G. E ., Doniphan, Neb.
♦Funk H. W., Phoenixville, Pa.
F unk John B., M illtown, Ind.
♦Funk L. E ., Bakersfield, Cal.
♦Funk L. R., Anaconda. Mont.
♦Funk R. O., Carver, M inn.
F unk R. W „ O ttum w a. la .
♦Funke H. A., W ichita, Kan.
♦Funke L. O., Orofino, Ida.
Funke L. P., St. Leo., M inn.
♦Funke S. C., St. Leo, M inn.
Funkey W. J . J r., E ast Chicago.
♦Funkhouser C. E., Creston, Wash.
Funkhouser, E .P ., Columbiana,O.
Funkhouser G. A., Jr., Dayton. O.
♦Funnell W. F ., H untlngton.N .Y .
Funston G. E ., Ram ona, S. D.
♦Fuok J. J., Alpena, S. D.
F uqua A. S., Hereford, Tex.
♦Fuqua E ., Amarillo, Tex.
♦Fuqua H. E ., Amarillo, Tex.
F u q u ay K. M., Idabel, Okla.
♦Fuquay L. G., Evansville, Ind.
Furbee Guy S.,M annington,W .Va.
Furbee W. H., N evada, Mo.
Furber R. C., Hopkins, Mich.
F urch es H u n ter, Coltewah, Tenn.
♦Furey N . K ., D e Kalb, Tex.
♦Furgerson J. S-, D eport, Tex.
♦Furlow A. B., Brookhaven, Miss.
Furm an B., Marsland, Neb.
F urnas T. C., W ayside, Kan.
♦Furness G. B., M urphysboro, 111.
Furnish A. L., Golden Pond. Ky.
F urnish T . L., Lockport, Ky.
F u rrer E. D., E aston, 111.
♦Furrer E. V., E aston, 111.
♦Furrh W. K ., Elysian Fields, Tex.
Furrow E. H., Cedar Rapids, la .
F ü rst M. C., Adair, la .
F ü rst Paul. San Jose, Cal.
Furtw ängler L. E ., Greensburg, Pa.
Fussell R.. Media. Pa.
Fussell W. W., D ecatur, Ala.
F utch A. A., H am pton, Fla.
F u tral W. J., Glenwood. Ga.
Futrell W. B., C lyo, Ga.
♦Fuzzard F . W., M iami, Fla.
♦Fye Theo., Louisville, Ky.
♦Fyfe J. C., Council Grove, Kan.
Fyfe P eter, Covington, Tenn.
Fyffe O. A., Sumner, 111.
♦Fystrom E . J., Cayuga, N . D.
G aarder A. C., Footville, Wis.
Gaarder L. H „ New Albin, la .
Gaare Jos., Perley, M inn.
♦G abbert H. A., N ew London, la .
G abbert W . H., Dearborn, Mo.
Gabel Wm. A., Frem ont, O.
♦Gable A. E ., Libby, M ont.
Gable C. H „ Mountville, P a.
♦Gable F ran k A., Shamokin, Pa.
♦Gable G. R „ Eveleth, M inn.
Gable S. L. Jr., W agner, S. D.
Gabriel Ç. E ., Payson, 111.
♦Gabriel Fred, M arysville, O.
♦Gabriel Fred, Ostrander, O.
♦Gabriel M arguerite H ., Payson,

•Gabrielson A., Galesburg, 111.
Gabrielson F. A., C rystal L ake,la.
Gabrielson Rush, C rystal Lake,
♦Gaddis C. B., T hree Rivers, Tex.
Gaddis J. A., W etum pka, Ala.
Gaddis Jno. W., Fairview, 111.
♦Gaddo J. L ., Lehigh, Okla.
Gaddy W. M ., Lake View, S. C.
Gadient W alter A., New Albany,
Gadson F. P ., Ocala, Fla.
♦Gaebler I. F .. "Winside, N eb.
Gaffey P hilip M ., San Pedro.. Cal
Gaffield Avery, Sixlakes, Mich.
Gaffney J. J., C rystal Falls,M ich.
♦Gaffney R . M., Bingham ton,
N. Y.
Gafford R. C., Minneapolis, Kan.
♦Gafvert P., Portersville, Cal.
♦Gagé A rth u r H ., Pasadena, Cal.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Gage C. H., Janesville, Wis.
Gage E . C., Pauls Valley, Okla.
♦Gage E. S., Nashua, N. H.
Gage Geo C.. Frem ont, Neb.
Gage H. M., Hope, N. M.
Gage J . O., Ree Heights, S. D.
Gage Robert. Chester, S. C.
Gage T . C., Aberdeen, S. D.
Gage T . E ., G roton, S. D .
Gagg K. A., Durango, Colo.
♦Gagnon A. W., Campbell, Neb.
♦Gagon W. D., Blackfoot, -Ida.
Gahm J. J., Johnston City, 111.
Gaida N . A., Holdingford, M inn.
♦Gail H. E ., Toledo, O.
G ailbreath W. M „ Gainesboro,
Gailey John R „ KaysviUe, U tah.
♦Gainer Ohas. D ., W hiting, Ind.
♦Gaines E. P ., Ansley, Neb.
Gaines H. G., Severance, Colo.
♦Gaines H. N .. M itchefi, S. D.
Gaines L. T ., Iuka, Miss.
♦Gaines R. C., C entral, S. C.
♦Gaines R. R., Central, S. C.
♦Gaines S. S„ Louisville, Ky.
Gaines T. C., Middletown,, Ky.
♦Gaines T. P., Dogden, N . D.
♦G aither B. F., M ontrose, M o.
♦G aither O. E ., C hilton, Tex.
♦Gaither R. M., M aysville, Ky.
Gaither W . G. Jr., Elizabeth City,
N. C.
Gake L.G., Beaver Crossing. Neb.
G alarneault J. B., Aitkin, Minn.
Galaway W. O., Banks, Ore.
G albraith A. E ., Charleston,W ash.
♦G albraith H. H ., Clarkfleld.M inn.
♦Galbraith S. L., Anniston, Ala.
Galbraith W. D.. Hebron. Neb.
Galby A. T., Chetek, Wis.
♦Gale Ada, Oregon. 111.
Gale C. M., Oregon, 111.
Gale Charles W., Norwich, Conn.
♦Gale F. R., Leedey, Okla.
♦Gale H. F., H unter, N. D.
Gale J. H., Farm ingdale, S. D.
♦Gale J . M., E aton, O.
♦Gale W. B., Fowlervllle, Mich.
Gale W. B., Groton, N. Y.
♦Gale William, Cum berland, Ind.
Galeeska H . H .. Dinwiddie. Va.
Galener S. C., Eldorado, 111.
♦Galernault T ., St. Cloud, M inn.
Galltz W. J.. Niles Center. 111.
♦Gall C. E ., St. Paul, M inn.
Gall C. H ., W essington Springs,
S. D.
Gall E . A., M enno, S. D.
♦Gall E. A., St. Edw ard, Neb.
Gallagher C. F ., Freedom, Wis.
Gallagher E. K., Somerset, Pa.
♦Gallagher H. E ., Taylorville, 111.
Gallagher J . A., Cheboygan, Mich.
Gallagher J. F., O’Neill, Neb.
Gallagher V. B., Wylie, Tex.
♦Gallahger W. J., Sterling, III.
G allaher G. B., Lafollette, Tenn.
♦Gallaher J. J., M cKinney, Tex.
Gallaher W. B.. Sabina. O.
G alland H. G., Irene, S. D.
♦Gallaway R. C., Galax, W. Va.
♦Gallegly C. L „ Erick, Okla.
Galleher W. B., Delaware, O.
♦Gallemore J. R ., F ayette, Mo.
Gallemore N . O., Fairland, Okla.
Gallia E . L., Sealy, Tex.
Galilean J. H., Cairo, 111.
♦G alnvray E dgar, H ickory Valley,
♦Gallogly J. E ., Dix, Neb.
Galloway A. F., Clarinda, la .
Galloway C. B., Brooksville, F la.
Galloway Frank, Macedonia. la .
♦Galloway F rank K., Hollywood,
Galloway H . A., Bentley, N. D.
♦Galloway H ow ard S., M angham ,
Galloway J . A., Plainville, Ga.
♦Galloway J. B „ Towson, M d.
Galloway Jno. R., Norwood, Colo
♦Galloway L . D., Sentinel. Okla.
♦Galloway R.W .,W est Plains, Mo.
Galloway W. C., B urnet, Tex.
Galloway W. E„ Ellendale, Minn.
Galloway W. F., Murfreesboro,
Gallup Frederic L., Ypsilanti,
♦Galphin J. B ., C am eron, S. C.
G alt E . F., Geyser, M ont.
G alt R . P., Silver City, la.
Galt William, Canton. Ga.
♦Galtes F. J., Bakersfield, Cal.
•G alvin Eugene, N. Y. City, N. Y.
Galway C. M., Pocahontas, Va.
Galway W. H ., E ast R adford, Va.
♦GalyeanAlan, W est L ebanon,Ind.
♦Galyon A. P., Faxon, Okla.
Gamble A. W., F airm ont, Minn.
Gamble E . A., Alfred. N. Y.
♦Gamble E thel J., Oriska, N . D.
Gamble H. L., Scurry, Tex.
♦Gamble M iss Lucy, W est Jeffer­
son, N. C.
♦Gamble J. R., Centerton, Ark.
Gamble N orm an B., B arnw ell,
S. C.

Gam ble R. T ., Downing, M o.
♦Gamboni A., San Francisco. Cal.
Gambrell J. C ., W are Shoals, S. O.
Gambrill A. L., Chowchilla, Cal.
Gambs L. S., Sm ithland, la .
♦Game E rnest O., Cohoes, N . Y.
Gamm F . W., W atertow n, Wis.
Gammill B. D., H aslet, Tex.
Gam m on J. H ., M ill Shoals, 111.
♦G andrud E . A., Hazel Run,
M inn.
♦Gandy F. J., Churubusco, Ind.
G andy W. S., S tate Line, Miss.
♦Gangware E. B., Sandusky, O.
♦Gangwer Russell R ., W eatherly
♦Ganhier Carl, Williston, N . D.
♦Gann F. U „ Buffalo, Mo.
♦Gannaway J. W ., Charleston,

♦Gannon E. J., Jr., Dallas, Tex.
♦Gannon J. C., M ilbank, S. D.
♦Gannon M. A., W hite Cloud,
♦Gannon P. L., M ilbank, S. D.
Gannon R .W ., W hite Cloud, Mich.
Ganoe George W., H outzdale, Pa.
Gans Erie, Red Bluff, Cal.
♦Gans F. N., P oint Marion, Pa.
♦Gans J. C., Cheyenne, Wyo.
♦Ganson N., Oak Park, 111.
♦Ganssle C. S., St. Thomas, N . D.
G ant J. C., Jr., Sugar C reek, Mo.
G an tt Fred, Forem an, Ark.
♦Gantz F. W., Gregon, 111.
♦Gantz J. S., Houston, Pa.
♦Ganz S. C.. Phoenix, Ariz.
♦Garaghan J. E ., Fall Creek, Wis.
♦G arard C. B., E lvaston, 111.


♦G arnatz A. P ., A uburn, la .
♦Garner A. F., Moody, Tex.
♦Garner J. B., Cedartown, Ga.
♦Garner J . W ., A storia, Ore.
G arner R. E ., L yndon Station,W is.
Gam er, T . R ., Rockwell, N . C.
G am er W. S. Ozark. Ala.
Gam es A. L „ Regan, N . D.
♦G arnett Jr. H. T ., T appahannock, Va.
G arn ett M . R ., N ow ata, Okla.
G arnett R. B., Hill City, Kan.
G arney C. T., H ardin, M ont.
♦G arrard O. M ., Green way, Ark.
♦G arretson H. M ., Chicago; 111.
♦Garretson J., Bushnell, 111.
G arratt T. I., P reston, Minn.
G arrett A. W .. Dublin, Ga.
♦G arrett B. L., Bowling Green, Va.
♦G arrett C. G., Tulsa, Okla.
♦ G arrett C. R., M ontrose, S. D.
G arrett Geo. W., Orwlgsburg, P a.
G arrett H. C., Erick, Okla.
G arrett Irene, Momence, 111.
G arrett I. W., Taylors, S. C.
♦G arrett J. C., Goodlettsville,
♦G arrett J. L., K enton, Tenn.
♦G arrett Jam es T „ Georgetown,
G arrett J. T ., H urricane, W. Va.
G arre tt Jr.. L. W., Desloge, Mo.
G arrett M . O., Waukomis, Okla.
♦G arrett W. H ., San Augustine,
♦G arrettson J., Bushnell, 111.
G arrettson R . F., M ichigan C ity,
Garrick A. T .. Norway, S. C.
♦Garrison C. H..Cottonwood Falls,
♦Garrison D. C., M organtown,
W. Va.
♦Garrison D. L., Mill Shoals, 111.
Garrison D.. St. Joe. Ark.
♦Garrison E.W ., Shickshinny, P a.
Garrison Floyd B., Ellenville.N.Y.
Garrison F. S., Sumas, Wash.
Garrison H ugh, Hollis, Okla.
Garrison J. F., Abilene, Tex.
♦Garrison M . F., Cleburne, Tex.
Garrison N.W., Three Rivers.Mich.
Garrison T. B., N orth Powder,Ore.
G arst F rank L., Stanford, 111.
♦Garst Mrs. M. K.. Stanford, 111.
G arth A. L.. Union City, Tenn.
Garth G. E. J r., Trenton, Ky.
G arvey C . F „ Ballantine, M ont.
Garvey F. R., Ferryville, Wis.
Garvin F. H., Omaha, Neb.
Garvin R. D., National Stock Yds,

G arbade H. B „ McBee, S. C.
♦Garbee BeHe, Billings, Mo.
Garber D. B .. M arkle, Ind.
G arber Geo. D . No. M anchester
♦Garber H. B., Quaker City, O.
Garber J. A., Timberville, Va.
Garber L. M., Bellville. G,
Garberson J. S., A rthur, Neb.
♦Garberson, L. D., Sibley, la .
G arborg A., Conway, Wash.
♦Garceau H. H., Crosby, Minn
♦Garcia F. N., Eagle Pass, Tex.
G arcia J., W ailuku, Hawaii.
♦Garcia M. M., Laredo, Tex.
♦Gard E. Leroy, M illersburg,
Gard W.W., Newark, O.
Gardiner C. B., Norwalk, O.
♦Gardiner H . N ., Rosalia, Wash.
G ardiner J. B., W ichita, Kan.
Gardiner J. R., Bouton, la.
G ardiner S. L.. Valley Center, Kan.
Gardiner W. J., Hagerm an, Tex.
Gary B. F., Sparks, Ga.
G ardiner W. J., Longbeach, Cal.
♦Gary C. W., Galveston, Tex.
Garding John, Struble, la .
♦Gary G. G., Winfield, Kan.
Gardner A. R., Sandy, U tah.
G ary H. L., Poulan, Ga.
Gardner A. S„ Scottsville, Ky.
♦Gary Lewis E ., Chicago, 111.
♦G ardner B ert, Aurora, Mo.
♦Gary L. M ., Victoria, Va.
♦Gardner Bessie, Spanish Fork, ♦Gary R. C., Henderson, N . C.
U tah.
Gary T. W., Bartow, Fla.
♦Gardner C. A., W est F rankfort, Gary W alter W., D oniphan, M o.
Gary W. E., W heaton, 111.
♦Gardner C. W., Ree Heights. S.D. Gasche F. W., Dresden, O.
♦Gardner E dna, Orleans, Neb.
Gaskill D. B., W hitakers, N. C.
Gardner E. J., Valparaiso, Ind.
♦Gaskill G. W., W hitakers, N. C.
♦Gardner E . W ., Paragould. Ark. Gaskill I. E „ Kansas City, Mo.
♦Gaskill John W., Huntsville, Ark,
Gardner F. M., Eagle, Ida.
♦Gaskin F. J., Columbia, S. D.
Gardner F . M., E. Liverpool, O.
Gaskin H. B., Blounstown, Fla.
Gardner F rank. Leitchfleld. Ky.
♦Gaskin Richard, Cim arron,N .M .
♦Gardner G ertrude, Beason, 111. ♦G aspar A. E., Loretto, M inn.
♦Gardner Gordon, New England, Gass C. L., Ringgold, Tex.
N. D.
Gass Philip, Belleville, 111.
G ardner G T ., Grifton, N . C.
Gassaway L. D., Annapolis, Md.
♦Gardner H. B., New York C ity. ♦Gasser W. F., Reinbeck, la.
♦Gardner Holmes, Leitchfleld, Ky. Gasser W. W., Gladstone, M ich.
G ardner H . C., Newark, N. J.
G ast B. H ., Prospect, O.
♦Gardner H. M., Chicago, 111.
G ast F . W., Bridgm an; M ich.
Gardner, H. P., Scottsville, Ky.
G astineau C. R., Farnam , Neb.
♦Gardner H. W., Beaum ont, Tex. ♦Gaston E . L ., M eridian, Miss.
Gardner J. A., Pulaski, Ga.
Gaston I. L„ Columbus, Miss.
♦Gardner J. A.,Elizabethtow n,K y. Gaston J. M ., Beech Grove, Ind.
Gardner J. A. M ., Aiken, S. C.
♦Gaston L. B., Janelew, W. Va.
♦Gardner Jessie B., New Ply­ Gaston L. C., Repton, Ala.
m outh, Ida.
Gaston 8. C., Sims, 111.
G ardner J. F., Belfield, N . D.
Gaston W. G., New York C ity
♦Gardner J. R., Jesup, Ga.
N. Y.
Gardner J . T. Jr., A nniston, Ala.
♦Gatch L. W., Los Angeles, Cal.
Gardner J. W , Draper, Va.
Gates Alvin, Riley, Kan.
♦Gardner L. L., H annah, N. D.
Gates A. O., Pacific Grove, Cal.
♦Gardner L. M ,, G rand Rapids,O. ♦Gates A. W., Omaha, Neb.
Gardner R. D., Homer, Mich. .
Gates G. O., Burlington, Colo.
♦G ardner S. G., Farm ville, N. C. Gates G. W., Loogootee, Ind.
Gardner T. W., Neosho Falls, Kan. Gates Geo. W., M arble Rock, la .
Gardner W. D., Granger, Tex.
Gates H. C., Canton, Pa.
Gardner W. M.. Centerville. S. D.
Gates H. C., Ladora, la .
G ardner W. P ., E rlanger, Ky.
♦Gates H. P „ Chicago, 111.
♦G ardner W . S., C linton, la.
Gates J . N., Davis City, la .
♦Gardner W . W., Scottsville, Ky. Gates Joel S., Superior, Wis.
jGardner W. W. W ichita Falls. Tex. Gates P . D., W auwatosa, W is.
♦Gares W. C., Columbus, O.
Gates W .H.,M ilton J unction, Wis.
Garfield D. A., Albion, Mich.
Gates W . P . K., Wakefield, K an.
♦G aritty J. N ., C orsicana, Tex.
♦Gates W. W.. Chicago. 111.
♦G arity K atharine, Sullivan. Wis. G atley A. 8., W ashington. D. C.
♦Garland Jas, Allen, Tex.
G atlin J. C., Creswell. N. C.
♦Garling Alice, Superior, laG atton L. A.. Crane, Mo.
♦Gatz W. J., Belle Plaine, M inn.
Garlinghouse O. C., Vera, Okla.
♦Gaugh A ttie, Williamstown, K y.
♦Garlinghouse M ., Vera, O kla.
Gaugh J . L., Wilmore, Ky.
Garlock H. J., Maxwell, la .
Gaugh H arrold, Willisburg, K y.
Garlough J . H., Jeffersonville, O.
♦Gauhier Carl, W illiston, N . D .
Garm O. C., Beardstown, HI.
Gaukel E . A., Red Oak, la .
Garm J. E. Joplin, Mo.
Gaulding R. M „ Brandon, Tex.
G arm any W. P .. Marlboro, N . Y. ♦Gault F. D., D etroit, Tex.
Garm en C. J., Elm a, la .
G ault J. C., Shinglehouse, Pa.


2 036

Gault J . L., Burns, Ore.
Gault J . M„ Jonesvllle, S. C.
G ault Z. S., St. Peter. Minn.
Gaumer G. H., Gypsum. Kan.
*Gaumitz Cari, So. St. Paul, M inn
♦G aum nitz Carl, St. Paul, M inn.
G aunt C. M„ Mound City, 111.
G aunt J. R., Reserve, N. M .
♦G aunt Stacey A., M onroe, N . Y.
G au n tlett H. W., Gold Beach,
Gause E . N ., M ound C ity, K an.
Gause F. A., L aotto, Ind.
Gausm an A. L., H am pton, Neb.
G ausm ann Chas. F ., DiUsboro,
♦GauthierA. C., St. M artinville, La.
♦G authier Dennis. M ansura, La.
G authier H . G., Garden, M ich.
G au th u n O. O., Jr., N u n d a .S . D.
♦Gavere H ., M into, N . D.
♦Gavic Edw ., Glenwood C ity, Wis.
Gavin Foster, Russellville, Ala.
Gavin W. H .. Valley Jtm ction. Ia.
G av itt S. B., Lyons, N . Y.
Gay A rthur E ., Cam p Point, 111.
♦Gay C. E., Starkville, Miss.
♦Gay F . N.. Galesburg, 111.
♦Gay I. J., San Francisco, Cal.
Gay J . L., Berea, Ky.
Gay J . W., Scottsboro, Ala.
Gay R. L., Zwolle, La.
Gayer D. E.. M onmouth, 111.
G ayler W. A., Cusseta, Ga.
Gayley J. S.. Jenkintow n, Pa.
♦Gaylord Bess, W inthrop, Ia.
G aylord C. W „ Sodus, N . Y.
♦Gaymon O. P., Sarles, N. D.
♦Geach E . L., G ratiot, Wis.
♦Geach H . 'Ll.,' G ratiot, Wis.
Gean B ernard, T alihina, Okla.
♦Gear G. R ., Guym ou, Okla.
♦Gearhiser H . S„ Waldo. O.
G eary E . C., New M arket, Va.
♦Geary F. L., Seneca, Kan.
Geary G. R „ Mt. Jackson, Va.
♦Geary John R., Cleveland, O.
G eatley M . P ., Cataw issa, M o.
Gebelin J. J., G ary ville, La.
Gebhard J. G., St. P aul, M inn.
♦G ebhardt O. E .. Bucyrus, O.
G ebhardt F. W ., Juneau, Wis.
G ebhardt W m ., F orest Green,M o.
♦G ebhart C. L., Ham ilton. O.
G ebhart F. J.; M arblehead, O♦Geddes J. J., Chicago, 111.
♦Geddes W . H ., Chicago, 111.
Geddy J . M., Toano. Va.
Gedge L. H ., Frostproof, Fla.
Gee Knox, W altonville, 111.
♦Gee L. G., Lawrenceville. til.
♦Gee R. C., F o rt W orth, Tex.
Gee W. E ., Rexburg, Ida.
Geer H. R., Free Soil, Mich.
♦Geerdes G. H ., W ellsburg, Ia.
♦Geery W. A., Coatsville, M o.
Geeseman E . E .. Buda. 111.
♦G ehant H. W ., W . Brooklyn, 111.
G ehant O. L., W . Brooklyn, 111.
♦G ehlbachE . H ., Cleveland, Ohio.
♦Gehmann W. M ., Jr., P hila­
delphia, Pa.
Gehner H . H ., Bowler, Wis.
G ehr G. R ., W estm inster, M d.
Gehr S. W ., Conneaut Lake, Pa.
G ehr es F . W ., Badger, M inn.
♦Gehrig D. W., Dubuque, Ia.
♦Gehrig H . A., Dyersville, Ia.
♦Gehrke H. H ., M anaw a, Wis.
Gehrs H erbert, M arine, 111.
Gelb F . W ., Marysville, P a.
♦Geibel C. W., Henderson, K y.
Geiger A nton C., Bayard, Iowa.
♦Geiger A. T ., Tacom a, W ash.
Geiger Daniel A., W arren, O.
Geiger E . R., Salem. S. D.
Geiger H. U., Flora, Miss.
Geiger J. L., Newburg, M o.
♦Geiger M ay, Millersville, Pa.
Geiger R. B., St.M atthews,S.C.
♦Geil A. L., G reat Bend, Kan.
* Gels F rank, Jr., BrookvUle, Ind.
♦Geise H. O.. Clark. S. D.
♦Geise R obert, B axter, Ia.
♦Gelse R . W., Oakland City, Ind.
Geiselman Forrest, K ew anna.Ind.
♦Geismar Alex., W oodward, Okla.
♦Geissing C. H ., F arm ington, Mo.
♦Geist E ., M alinta, O.
Geist E. T., Joliet, 111.
Geist H enry, M alinta, O.
♦Gelbach L. L., Ellwood C ity, P a.
Gelbach W . H ., W aynesboro, P a.
♦Gelivix J. M .. T hayer, K an.
♦Geller R . N ., Los Angeles, Cal.
Gellerman Fred, Gavour, S. D.
♦Geizer L., Eutaw ville, S. C.
♦Gemberling H . B., Aurora, M o.
♦Gemmel J. M ., Independence, Ia.
Gemmill W. J., B road Ripple, Ind.
Gendron J . E „ Somerville, Mass.
♦Genesen Samuel, Chicago, Hi,
Gensemer E . G., Cuyahoga Falls,
♦Gensley G. E ., D avenport, Ia.
G entem annF . fi., O ’Fallon, M o .
G entrup W m., W estpoint, Neb.
G entry A .'S., W ann., Okla.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

G entry Claud, H ale Center, Tex.
G entry Cooper, W heatley, Ky.
G entry E. L., LeRoy, Kan.
G entry E . M ., Clem entsville.N.D.
♦G entry M . C., W heatley, Ky.
♦G entry R. E ., Sonora, Ky.
G entry R. T ., Sonora, Ky.
♦Genzler R. J., M ilwaukee, Wis.
♦Georg W. C., Milwaukee, Wis.
George A. W ., Elkin. N. C.
George B. H ., Kildare, Okla.
George B. O., Berryville, Ark.
George Oarl E ., Dellrose, T enn.
George C. F., E sparto, Cal.
George Earl, Tucum cari, N. M.
George E rnest, Kokomo. Ind.
George Fred, W alnut Grove, Mo.
George H. V., Ola, Ark.
♦George H. Vf? D enver, Colo.
George H. W., Mantee, Miss.
George J . A., Lenox, Ia.
George J . H., Alderson. W. Va.
♦George L. V., Kildare, Okla.
George W. B„ Lee's Sum m it, Mo.
George Wm. J., Bishop, Cal.
George W. L., M ars Hills, N. C.
♦George W. M ., Belmore, O.
♦George W. Roy, Lenox, la.
George W. S„ W atkins, N, Y.
George W. T., W essington Spgs.,
G ephart C. T „ Valley Falls, Kan.
♦Gerard Sanford C., Dover, N. J.
Gerber E . J., Wellsville. Pa.
♦Gerber George, Jasper, in d .
G erber Gideon, Craigsville, Ind.
Gerber H . C., Baltic, O.
♦Gerber H. L., Welcome. M inn. ,
♦Gerber M rs. L. W ., W y att, Ind.
Gerber Louis W., W yatt, Ind.
Gerber N. H ., Baraboo, Wis.♦Gerber S., Baltic, O.
♦Gerber W. C., D ayton. O.
♦Gerberick F. L., Vinton, la .
Gerdes I. A.. Wesley, Ia.
♦Gerdes J. H ., W ilm ington, N . C.
♦Gerding F. A., Ottawa, 111.
Gerding W. J., M inot, N. D.
Gere F. J., New Milford. Pa.
♦Gere J. E ., Syracuse, N . Y .
G eren S. B., Holdenville, Okla.
Geren W. A., W etum ka, Okla.
♦Gergen A. N ., H astings, M inn.
Gergen A. N ., Hastings, M inn.
Gergen B. G., Randolph, M inn.
Gergen, M . N ., P erth, N. D.
♦Gergen R. H ., B rantford, N . D.
G erhard F. W., Plankinton, S. D.
♦G erhard H. T ., P lankinton, S. D.
♦G erhardt V. A., Sanish, N. D.
♦G erhart H . L., Newm an Grove,
Gerlach G. L., H arrison, Neb.
♦Gerlach J. L ., Harrison, Neb.
♦Gerlach W. G., Viola, Wis.
Gerlich Wm. R., W est, Tex.
Germ an G. A., Lohman, M ont.
Germ an H. S„ Carleton, Mich.
♦G erm any R . C., L afayette, Ala.
G em ert S. G., Taylor, Tex.
Gerowe W . L., Roxbury, N . Y.
♦Gerrish J. H ., Frisco, Tex.
G errv B. P.. Conway, N. H.
G erstbauer J. L., M ishaw aka,Ind.
♦Gertsch, H. A., M onroe, Neb.
Gerwigh C. M ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦Gerwig G. H ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦Gesell R. M ., Hawick, M inn.
♦Geslin M . G., G randy, M inn.
♦Gesme Clifford, Paynesville,
M inn.
♦Gesme R ay N ., B arrett, M inn.
Gesterling E . G., Bellingham.
M inn.
Getchel E. C., Rib Lake, Wis.
Getchell C. P ., Wales, N. D.
G ettier Vogel, Collegeview, Neb.
♦G ettle W . S., S tu ttg art, Ark.
G etty O. W ., Piedm ont, W. Va.
G etty H. T., New W ilmington, P a.
G etty J . O., Grantsville, Md.
G etty F . R., Omaha, Neb.
G ettys S. C., Bostic, N. C.
♦Getz J . O., Newton, Kan.
Getz L. N.. E llicott City, Md.
Geyer A. R ., M iddletown, Pa.
♦Geyer O. O., E a st Orange, N. J.
♦Geyer G. E ., Hansboro, N . D.
♦Geyer H . O., D ubuque, Ia.
♦Geyer N . O., Chicago, 111.
GfeUer W. T ., Alleman, Ia.
♦Ghegan G. L.. New Y ork C ity,
IS .

X .

Ghio J. B., W ellston, Mo.
♦Ghio V. A., Texarkana, Tex.
♦Ghiselli F . E ., W ashington, D. C.
♦Gholson R alph K., Broughton,

♦Gianola F . J., E l Centro, Cal.
Giardinelli Silvio, Philadelphia.
P a.
Gibb C. E ., Jennings, Kan.
Gibb R. J., Cottönwood, M inn.
Glbbes W . M. J r., Columbia, S.C.
♦Gibbins H. V., W ashington, D.C.
Gibbon W. O., Stockdale, K an.
Gibbons F . A., Miller, Mo.
Gibbons John, Am esbury, Mass.
Gibbons T . A.. P ittston. Pa.
Gibbs Alan A., Hancock, Wis.
♦Gibbs A. T., Montclair, N. J.
♦Gibbs Carl, Chattanooga, T enn.
♦Gibbs C. D ., L a F ayette, 111.
♦Gibbs C ount, Farley. Ia.

♦Gibbs D. I., Stewartstown, Pa.
♦Gibbs Earl, Commerce, Okla.
♦Gibbs F. D., Monroe, La.
Gibbs F rank C., Oatlettsburg, K y.
Gibbs G. A.. Homerville. Ga.
Gibbs G. A., Farley, Ia.
Gibbs George, Green Bay. Wis.
Gibbs J. E., Clay City, 111.
♦Gibbs J . W., Hanceville, Ala.
Gibbs L. T., Kosse, Tex.
♦Gibbs M cF., Glenwood, Ark.
Gibbs M. D., Alton, la.
♦Gibbs N. A., Norwich. Conn.
♦Gibbs R. I., Cornelia, Ga.
Gibbs U. S.. Peru. Kan.
♦Gibbs W. W. Jr., Los Angeles,
Glbeaut H. E „ Mechanlcsville. la.
♦Gibson A. H., New York, N . Y.
Gibson A. K.. Mason, 111.
♦Gibson B. K., Mitchell, Ga.
Gibson C. E „ Birds, 111.
Gibson C. E., Clinton ville, Wis.
♦Gibson Claire, Kalamazoo, Mich.
♦Gibson E. A., Girard, 111.
Gibson, E . C., Illiana, 111.
Gibson E. H., S anta Maria, Cal.
Gibson E. P., Decatur, Tex.
Gibson F . D., Gibson, N. C.
♦Gibson F rank, D urant, Okla.
♦Gibson F. W., M aquoketa, la .
Gibson G. B., Clover, Va.
Gibson G. D„ Zurich, Kan.
Gibson G. H., L ittle Sioux. Ia.
♦Gibson H ., Lindsborg, Kan.
Gibson H. J.. New Lisbon, Wis.
♦Gibson J . B., Blair, Neb.
Gibson J. Chester, Wilmington,
♦Gibson J. E.. Greer. S. C.
Gibson J. H., Somerset, Ky.
♦Gibson J. H ., Blair. Neb.
Gibson J. K „ Stanton, Tenn.
Gibson John, Clarion, Pa.
Gibson J. S., Arroyo Grande, Cal.
Gibson J. T.. Flovilla. Ga.
♦Gibson J. W., M t. Vernon, 111.
Gibson J . W., Ridgely, Md.
♦Gibson M rs. L. O.. Statesville,
N . C.
♦Gibson M aude. Ridgely, M d.
♦Gibson M . C., San Francisco,Cal.
♦Gibson M . R., W heaton, Mo.
♦Gibson R. A., Cisco, Tex.
Gibson R. B., Crowell. Tex.
♦Gibson R. I., Elsberry, Mo.
Gibson R. H ., Goldsberry, Mo.
♦Gibson R. S., Mansfield, O.
Gibson S. M., Calvert,, Tex.
♦Gibson W arren, LittleFalls,M inn.
Gibson W. P., Takom a Park, M d.
♦Gidden E. L., T hornton, Tex.
♦Giddens B. J., Plainfield, Ga.
Giddings C. J ., Visalia, Cal.
♦Giddings O R., Shepard, M ont.
♦Giddings F. H ., Loma, M ont.
Giddings R. C., M issoula, M ont.
♦Giddings W. R ., H ebron, 111.
Giddings W. W., Newman, Cal.

♦Gilbertson H enry, B ry an t, S. D„
♦Gilbertson P. H., Sharon, N. D.
Gilbreath J. E., Alba, Tex.
Gilchrist R. B,, Charleston, S. OGildemeister Carl, San Antonio..
♦Gildersleeve C. E „ Crookston,
Giles Eugene.SaltLake City, U ta h ..
Giles J., Omaha, Ga.
Giles J ., Richland, Ga.
Giles S. L., Chapel HU1, Tenn.
Gilham R. W .. Renton, Wash.
♦Gilkeson A. H ., W arrensburg.
Gilkeson E . M ., Parkersburg,
W. Va.
Gilkison B. F., D enm ark, Kan.
Gilkison R. C., Bellmont, 111.
♦Gill B. F., Jr., Allensville, Ky.
♦Gill F . H ., Levering, M ich.
Gill F. I., Seattle, Wash.
Gill F. R., Limon, Colo.
Gill J., H untland, Tenn.
Gill N. T., Reedsburg, Wis.
Gill O. F., Petersburg, Tenn.
Gill R. P., Newberg, Ore.
Gill T. J., Laurinburg, N. C.
Gill T. W.. Tillar, Ark.

Gillaham W. W., Gilbertsville, Ky„
Gillam M. B„ Windsor, N. C.
G111am W. B „ Lewistown. 111.
Giles O. E., Bangor. Me.
Gilles W. F., M ontgom ery, M inn.
Gillespie Albert, Selmer, Tenn.
Gillespie A. M ., Hillsboro. N.M .
♦Gillespie C. W., Franklin, Ky.
Gillespie C. R., Stephen, Minn.
Gillespie D. W., Lagro, Ind.
♦Gillespie E. H., Sudlersvtlle. Md.
Gillespie E arl T ., Plainville, K an..
♦Gillespie E. V., B rushton, N.Y
Gillespie J. A., Carlton, M inn.
Gillespie J. D., Dallas, Tex.
Gillespie J. E ., Stillwater, M inn.
Gillespie J. H ., Jam eson, M o.
Gillespie J. M ., Cornelia, Ga.
♦Gillespie John, Trafford, Pa.
Gillespie O. W., McConnelsville.
Gillespie R. S., D ayton, Tex.
♦Gillespie W . E ., Greenriver.
U tah.
Gillespie W. L., Albany, N . Y.
Gillespie W. T., Tazewell, Va.
♦Gillett J. E., Union City, Pa.
Gillett R. A., W hitewright, Tex.
♦Gillette L. B., Towanda, Pa.
♦Gillette W. W., W auchula, Fla.
♦Gilley H. C., Paducah, Tex.
♦Gillham O. E ., F t. W orth, Tex.
♦Gilliam J. M ., Forrest C ity, Ark.
♦Gilliam Leon, Haskell, Tex.
Gilliam R. A., M ontvale, Va.
GiUlan W. A.. Kendallville. In d .
♦Gillies R. D.. Cando, N. D.
Gilligan T. F., Aurora, Colo.
♦Chilian O. E ., Pomeroy, O.
♦Gillilan L arry, M agnet, Neb.
♦Gideon S. B., Hartville, Mo.
Gilliland C. C., Sherwood. N. D.
♦Gideon W. H.. Baltimore. M d.
Gilliland J. L., L a Ju n ta , Colo.
Gidley A. J., Lytle. Tex.
♦Gilliland J. S., Good W ater, Ala.
Giebel E. Nelson, Wis.
♦Gillis C., S u tter Creek.Cal.
♦Giebel V. A., Nelson, Wis.
Glllls E. J., Beaum ont, Cal.
♦Giedt I. E., Lehr, N. D.
GiUis F. M .. Wishek, N. D.
G iedt John J., Kulm, N. D.
Gillman B. W., Auburn, Mich.
♦Giedt Theo. H., Ashley, N. D.
GUlman G. J., Kansas City, Kan.
♦Giedt T . H ., Kulm, N. D.
♦Gillmore J. F., D urand, Wis.
♦Giedt T. H ., Zeeland. N . D.
♦Gillooiy R. B., Charleston, M o.
♦Giesch C. A., Kansas City, Kan. ♦Gillott E. G., Dawson, M inn.
Giese E. F., New York City, N . Y. Gillum C. E., Jackson. La.
Giese Wm. H., Limon, Colo.
♦Gillum W. G„ Jackson, La.
Gieseking F., Altam ont, 111.
GUlum W. W.. B arnett. Mo.
Gieser G. B., Percy, 111.
GUman D. C., P ortland, Mo.
♦Giesselbrecht F. V., Woodstock, Gilman H. J. E ., Chicago, Ind.
Gilman J. H.. Miami, Fla.
♦Giffln J. L., H untsville, Ala.
Gilman P . N .,E ast Islip, N . Y.
♦Giffln O tto, St. Clairsville, O.
♦Gilmartin T. A., Wilmerding, P a.
♦Gifiin R. E., Fowler, Cal.
Gilmer H. G., N orton, Va.
♦Gifford Chas., Salem, S. D.
♦Gilmer T. A., Lebanon, Va.
♦Gifford E . J., St. P aul, M inn.
Gilmore H arry, Hysham , M ont.
Gifford E. L., Hopkinton, Ia.
♦Gilmore H. L., Algona, Ia.
Gifford F . J.. Saranac, Mich.
♦Gilmore R. A., Jefferson, S. D.
♦Gifford George, Schenectady, Gilmore W. G., Brundidge, Ala.
N. Y.
Gifford H . I., Yale, S. D.
iilpatrlc G. H., P utnam , Conn.
Gifford J. H „ Salem, Mass.
rUpin Austin, Neoga, IU.
Gilbert C.. Jasper, Fla.
Gilpin C. F., Centreville, Kan.
G ilbert C. C., L a F ayette, Ga.
Gilpin W. R ., K aty, Tex.
Gilbert C. E „ Foreston, Minn.
Ulroy F rank, Belvidere, 111.
G ilbert E. C.. Gans. Okla.
Hazel, Quincy, Kan.
Gilbert F rank G.. P leasant Lake
ilson C. A., Frederick, Md.
iilson J . W.. Valdez, Alaska,
G ilbert H. F., Lenora, Okla.
rilstrap E . S., Callao, Mo.
Gilbert H. R.. Liberal. Mo.
Grilstrap W. K., D urant, Okla.
Gilbert J. A., T aiban, N . Mex.
SUtner A. Jr., Wamego, Kan.
Gilbert J. E ., Carbon, Tex.
Giltner A. T ., Hurdsfleld, N . D.
Gilbert J. H., Dillon, Mont.
Giltner F. P., Joplin, Mo.
♦Gilbert J. S., Maywood, Neb.
Gimmestad Oscar, Belview.Minn.
♦Gilbert L. E ., Milaca, M inn.
indorff N. C., Dubuque, la.
♦Gilbert L. M ., Anadarko, Okla.
Inette M. M., Florence, Kan.
Gilbert L. W.. Glencoe. Minn.
Catharine, Laporte City,
Gilbert M . M.', Bonita, Tex.
Gilbert R. E ., Skiatook, Okla.
J . B., Reed City, Mich.
♦Gilbert R . L., Ridgefield, Conn.
Gingrich M . E., Lancaster, Pa.
♦Gilbert R. N ., N am pa, Ida.
ingrtch M. H., Middletown, Pa.
G ilbert W. A., C hristiana, Pa.
Sinter Grace, Dillsboro. Ind.
Gilbertson A. H ., M inneapolis,
In te r John S., Tyrone, Pa.
M inn.
ipe P ark R., Pershing, Ind.
Gilbertson A. H ., P ortland, N . D.
ipson A. W., Cambridge, Ida.
Gilbertson Am anda, R ib Lake,
Siraud L. B., New Orleans, La.
rirdley B. C., M idland, Tex.
G ilbertson O. M ., B antry, N . D.
rlrdner Charles, CainesvUle, Mo.
Gilbertson E . H., F in ley , N. D.


•Gish J . N., E. Stroudsburg, Pa.
*Gish Samuel F., M inneola, K an.
G ish W. H., Slatlngton, Pa.
♦Gish W. M ., Peoria. 111.
♦Giss A. T ., Haskins, O.
♦Giskaas O. J., Gary, M inn.
♦Gist C. T ., M an h attan , Kan.
♦G ist Reavis, H um boldt, Neb.
G ist Miss Sadie, Carlisle, S. C.
♦Githens C. W ., Coffey, Mo.
♦G ittlnger L. B., Chariton, la .
Giveen Chas. I„ Brunswick, M e.
■Given W. O., Bluefleld, W. Va.
Given W . S., B ritton, S. D.
Givens C. E „ F ayette. Mo.
♦Givens Essie, Springfield, S. O.
Givens H enry, Providence, Ky.
Givler W. M., Naperville, 111.
•Gjerdingen W. H ., Silva, N . D.
Gjolme H. K.. P latte. S. D.
♦Glad J. H. M cGregor, M inn.
♦Gladden O. A „ Owosso, M ich.
Gladden G. E ., Lucas, O.
G ladden Gladys, Baraga, Mich.
Gladding J. D . D., El Segundo,
-♦Gladieux E . G., Chillicothe, M o.
Gladney D. W ., Lewisville, Ark.
G ladney J . W ., Gainesville, Tex.
Gladwin O. C., Lam ont. Ia.
♦Glahn M . J., Cushing, Okla.
Glancey E . J., H arrisburg, Pa.
♦G landt P eter W., E lkhom , Neb.
♦Gians H. J., B lunt, S. D.
Glanville F. J., Lancaster, Wis.
♦Glarum M . L .. Plaza, N . D.
♦Glascock C. H „ League C ity, Tex
♦Glaser K. B., Blissfleld, Mich.
♦Glasgow A. N ., Barnesville.Minn.
Glasgow H . L., Robersonville,
N . O.
Glasgow L. M .. Corwin, Kan.
Glasgow W . C., Alvarado, Tex.
♦Glashagen P. C.. Chicago. 111.
♦Glaskln W. H., K ansas City. Mo.
•Glaskin W. H ., Jr., M anzanola,
♦Glass B. H., Campbellsport, Wis.
♦Glass C. T ., Seattle, Wash.
Glass G. W „ Marlin, Tex.
♦Glass J. B., M cLean, Tex.
♦Glass R ay G., Comanche, Okla.
Glass W. J.. Inkster. N. D.
♦Glasscock L. V., Parkerville,
♦Glassock J. R ., McAllen, Tex.
♦Glasser N orm an E ., Gaylord.
♦Glazier E arl, Kiel, Okla.
Gleason J . E., Norton, Kan.
♦Gleason J. S., Chicago, 111.
♦Gleason Jules, M asonville, Ia.
♦Gleason Nellie, Pulaski, Ia.
♦Gleason P. L., Hadley, M ich.
♦Gleason P . R., Corona, Cal.
♦Gleason Wm. F., Chicago, 111.
Gleaves C. W., W ytheville. Va.
G leghom A. H ., M orris, 111.
Gleghom G. A., Franklin, Ark.
Gleim Charles.WUllamsport, Pa.
Gleissner P . N ., Abilene, Kan.
Glem m estad M ., Tyler. M inn.
Glen Henry, Ottum wa, Ia.
♦Glendening R. E ., Geneva, Ind.
♦Glendenning G. E .. H artshorne,
Glennan Michael, Norfolk, Va,
♦Glenn Anna E ., Ponce de Leon,
♦Glenn B. P., Los Angeles, Cal.
Glenn C. V., Ong, Neb.
♦Glenn D. A., Olathe, Kan.
Glenn H. G., Harrisonville, Mo.
♦Glenn Kue, M eriden, Kan.
Glenn R. E ., K ansas C ity, M o.
Glenn R .E . Jr., Kirkmansvllle, Ky.
♦Glenn R. I., Oltn, Ia.
Glenn T ucker, Larue, Tex.
Glerum F. F ., Linden, Mich.
Glerum G. A., E v art, Mich.
Glessman W. F., Springfield, Neb.
♦Glossing D orothea M .. Hudson.
♦Glessing E m m a R., El Paso, 111.
Glezen H. T .. Cheboygan. Mich.
♦Glldden C. W.. Susquehanna. Pa.
♦Glines G. W., Selma, Cad.
♦Glines J. L., S anta Maria, Cal.
♦Glinski Jno. G., Stevens P oint,
Glo8 E . H ., B artlett, 111.
Glos G. W., Elgin, 111. ■
Gloudemans P. A., L ittle Chute,
♦Glover J. J., Russellville, Mo.
Glover J. T „ K irkland, Tex.
♦Glover Lewis N .. Berryville, Va.
Glover R. E ., Prem ont, Tex.
Glover R. Lee, Hurlock, Md.
Glover W. L.. Orangeburg. S. C.
Gluesenkamp W .F.,St.Peter,IU .
♦Glump H arry S., New Harm ony,
Glynn E dw ard W., Saginaw, M ich.
Gnagey S. C., W est M ilton, O.
♦Gobble H . L., Billings, Okla.
Goble A. L.. Riley, Kan.
Goble E. S., Victorville, Cal.
♦Goble H arold, Riley, Kan.
Goble M onte J., Cincinnati, O.
♦Goblirsch A. F., Rawson, N. D.
Goblirsch A. J., Cobden, M inn.
Gochenour R. S., Craigsville, Va.
♦Gock A. J., San Francisco, Cal.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Gocke V. E ., Kingwood, W. Va.
»Gochenour L. W ., D uluth, M inn.
Godbee L. B., Vidalia, Ga.
♦Godberson, J. P . Gibbon, Neb.
Godbey C. F.. Claremore. Okla.
G oddard D., D unavant. Kan.
Goddard H. P ., McKenzie, N. D.
G oddard H . P ., Moffit, N. D.
G oddard H. P „ Sterling, N. D.
Goddard H. P .. Wing, N. D.
Goddard W . C., Grace City. N. D.
♦Goddard W. M ., Richmond, Va.
G oddard W m., Sardis, O.
♦Godding C. A., Burns, Kan.
Godfray D. E., Tolona, 111.
Godfrey C., S taunton, 111.
Godfrey Chas. L., T aunton, Mass.
Godfrey D. E., Philo. 111.
Godfrey F . L., Lahoma, Okla.
Godfrey H . J.. Sidney, N. Y.
♦Godfrey O. L., Colo. Springs,Colo.
Godfrey P. E ., Ortonville, Minn.
♦Godfrey R . I., Ortonville, Minn.
♦Godfrey Roy C., M eade, Kan.
Godfrey S. G., Cheraw, S. C.
♦Godwin A. M., Grand Rapids,
♦Godwin E lbert, M elbourne, Ark.
Godwin Jam es. Fincastle. Va.
♦Godwin R. K., Urich, Mo.
♦Goebel A. F., Kansas City. Kan.
Goebel J. S„ M arietta. O.
♦Goebel W. G., Jacksonville, 111.
♦Goebell Sue E ., Pine Grove, Pa.
♦Goeddeke George, Roselle, 111.
♦Goehing Theo., Frohna, Mo.
♦Goehner, H . F., Seward, Neb.
♦Goehring J. J., W hitetail, M ont.
♦Goelz Herm an, Hoboken, N . J.
Goepfert R. D., W atertow n, S. D.
Goeppinger C. H., Boone, Ia.
GoerlngC. H., Moundridge.Kan.
♦Goering D. J.. Moundrldge, Kan.
♦Goerke V. H., Burr, Neb.
♦Goeson J. L.. Northw ood. N. D.
G oesttch A. E ., D avenport, Ia.
♦Goethe P. C., Palisades. Colo.
♦Goetsch A. E ., Lake P ark, Ia.
Goettsch R. M .. Renwick, Ia.
Goetz Fred, Cadott, Wis.
Goetzm an C. A., M inneapolis,
M inn.
♦Goetzman L.B..Shawneetown,Ill.
Goff O. H ., Sheridan, Ind.
Goff George A., Salt Lake City
U tah
Goff George, W alnut, Kan.
♦Goff I. A., H ay Springs, Neb.
Goff J . T., Arkoe, Mo.
♦Goff L. R ., Fontanelle, Ia.
♦Goff M . C., Anaheim, Cal.
♦Goff R. J., Oazenovia, N . Y.
Goforth W. A., Garvin. Okla.
♦Goggans J. G., Live Oak, Fla.
♦Gogsetter W. A.. Underwood,
N. D.
♦Goheen J. J., Lawler, Ia.
Gohen Chas. M ., H untington, W.
Gohl W. H ., Kewanna, Ind.
♦Gohn C. S., Alton, M o.
Goitz J. P., P ark, Kan.
Gold E . J. A., Chipago, 111.
♦Gold E . S., Bigstone C ity, S. D.
1 *Gold J. Douglas, Browning,
M ont.
Golden C. H ., M erton, Wis.
Golden H . M., Mohawk, N. Y.
Golden W. B.. Athens, O.
Golder Allen T ., Brule, Wis.
Goldfinch A. K., Southport, N.O.
Golding Charles, Frederika, Ia.
♦Golding H. A., New York City.
N. Y
♦Goldman F. E „ New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
Goldsm ith C. H., W estm inster,

s. c

Goldsmith E. F., Atmore, Ala.
♦Goldsmith E. F.. M emphis, Tenn,
♦Goldsmith G. M .. Stone M ount­
ain, Ga.
♦Goldsmith L. H., Skowhegan.Me.
Goldstein S., M arianna, Ark.
♦Goldston A. B„ Goldston, N . C.
♦Goldthwaite F. W., M arengo, Ia.
Goldtrap A. C., Regent, N. D,
♦Golightly G. B., Hico, Tex.
♦Golightly T . H ., Brookport. 111.
♦Goll Carl M ., Ludlow, Mo.
Golson F. M., M arianna, F la.
Golson J. F., Sylacauga, Ala.
♦Gomes F. P., Jr.. Newm an, Cal.
♦Gomperty Alice, Berkeley, Cal.
♦Gonder C. G., Boswell, Pa.
♦Gonder Jennie B., Boswell, Pa.
Gondolf L. H., Ransom, 111.
Goniea D. J., River Rouge, Mich.
Gonser A. W „ Ashley, Ind.
Gonsoulin G.. P atterson, La.
Gonzales Enrique, Taos, N . M .
♦Gonzalez C., F t. M eyers, Fla.
♦uooon A. G.. Bellflower. 111.
Gooch D. R., Jr., Bellflower. 111.
Gooch J. A.. Yum a, Tenn.
Gooch R. L., M ontgom ery C ity
Good A. H., Jenera, O.
Good E. E ., Stillwater, Okla.
♦Good H . D ., Farm land, Ind.
♦Good I. I., Norwalk, Ia.
Good J. O., Pine K not, Ky.
Good Joslah, Marion, Kan.
Good J . B., Lowry City, Mo.
♦Good J. E ., M arion, Kan

♦Good M . E ., Jenera, O.
Good O. M.. Peru, Neb.
♦Goodahl J., R em brandt, Ia.
♦Goodale B. B., Angola, Ind,
Goodbar Ohas. L., Crawfordsville,
Goodbread E.M.,Macclenny, Fla.
Goodding R. E „ La P lata, Mo.
♦Goode G. B., Riohondo, Tex.
Goode H. L ., Riohondo,1Tex.
♦Goode J . N„ Milo, la .
Goode T ., Poteau, Okla.
♦Goode W. S., Menomonee Falls,
♦Goodell O. W ., Beaver Crossing,
Goodell D. E „ T am a, la .
Goodell H . S.. Livermore. Cal.

Gorey W . F ., South


Gorgas W. L „ H arrisburg, Pa.
♦Gorham D. E ., W arroad, M inn.
Gorman H. P., Forrest City. Ark.
♦Gorman M ary, Dogden, N . D.
♦Gorman P . A. Waco, Tex.
♦Gorman S. E ., Belvidere, 111.
♦Gormican J. L., Fond du Lac,

♦Gorsuch L. E ., Leoti, Kan.
Gorton A. E ., Kokomo, Ind.
Gosch A. L., Flora, Ore.
Gosch George, P leasant Hill, M o.
Gose O. L., Pleasantville, Ia.
Gose G. C., Castlewood, Va.
♦Gosen B. J., Rhineland, Mo.
Goshorn E rnest O., Clay City, Ind.
Goslee Ethel, Flora, Ind.
Goodell Leon S., Broadland, S. D. Goslee J . G., Carrollton, Ky.
Goodenow C. P., Berlin. Mich.
Gosler N., Matfield Green, Kan.
Goodhue W. S., Vinton, Ia.
♦Gospodar S. F., Stanley, Wis.
♦Goodin F . E ., Benton, 111.
Goodin J . T., Lovelocks, Nev.
Goss Geo. W.. Lewiston, Me.
♦Goodjohn B. M ., Delmar, Ia.
♦Goss W. L., Dover, N . H.
Goodjohn F . P., Delmar, Ia.
Goss Wm. A., Dover, N . H.
Goodknight J. H., M onte Vista, Gossett J. D., Topeka, Kan.
H. A., Clitherall, M inn.
♦Goodlad C. E., Planklnton, S. D. Gosslee
♦Gosslee R. W., Menahga. M inn.
♦Goodlad R. H.. Stlckney. S. D.
Gossling J . E., Philadelphia, P a.
Goodiett KobeenGlo.y
Gossom J. H ., Oakwood, Okla.
♦Gotivalds M . A., Inza, Mo.
♦G ott E . R ., Warsaw, N. Y.
Goodloe S. B., Cordova, Tenn.
♦Gottlieb H. S., New York, N . Y.
♦Goodman A. F., Concord. N . C. ♦Goues
T. S., Calera, Ala.
♦Goodman E . L ., K ennett, M o.
♦Goodman E . M ., Clarksburg. Gouger H. E ., Robstown, Tex.
A. L.. Baltim ore, Md.
W. Va.
Goodman F. A., Hohenwald. Tenn. Gough Newell, M issoula, M ont.
Goodman F. G., Orr, Okla.
♦Goodman F rank, L ittle Rock, Gould G. L., Glenbum , N. D.
Gould H . S., New Y ork C ity, N .Y .
Gould L. A., E ureka, Kan.
Goodman J . N., Mertens, Tex.
Gould L. M ., Zebuion, N. C.
Goodman O. C., Elmo, Tex.
♦Goodman S. W., Posey ville, Ind. Gould N. J.. Helena, Mont.
♦Goodman W. R .. Greenfield, la . Gould W. E., Kewanee, 111.
Goodnight L. E ., MiChigantown. Goulding C. E., Lowell, Mass.
♦Gouldman D. G., Fredericksburg,
♦Goodnow C. D ., G illette, Wyo.
Gouldman J.F .,Jr.,F rederioksburg.
Goodrich Chas. L., L uth«:, Ia.
Goodrich C. S., Goff, Kan.
Goodrich L. G., Valley Falls, Kan. ♦Gournay C. A., Eunice, La.
Goodrioh L. J., Toppenish, Wash. Gouze Frank, Chisholm, M inn.
Gove August, Linn, Mo.
♦Goodrich Louis, Kilgore, Neb.
♦Gove S. G., Ottum w a, la .
Goodrich Luke, Eugene, Ore.
Goodrich L. D.. P ortland, Ore.
♦Gove S. G., Linn, Mo.
♦Gove Sidney, O ttum w a, Ia.
Goodridge G. W., Penobscot, M e.
Gover W. B., Fairfield, M o.
Goodridge John, M ontross, Va.
Goodrum C. G.. Gladwin. Mich.
Goodrum T. M., Newnan, Ga.
Goodsell C. W.. G arretson, S. D . ♦Gowdey R. R ., Tarkio, Mo.
Gowdy G. H., Campbellsville, K y.
♦Goodson H. L., Gilmer, Tex.
♦Goodspeed J. G., Hopkins, M inn. ♦Gowdy G. L., Campbellsville, Ky.
Gowdy L. A., Enfuld, 111.
Goodwill H;, R uston, La.
♦Gower S. N ., Grayson, Ga.
D. R „ Elsmore, Kan.
Goodwin A lbert R., Biddeford.Me. ♦Goyette
Goyette Nannie, Elsmore, Kan.
♦Goodwin, E . A., Biddeford, Me. ♦Graaff
ldred F., Bellevue, Ia.
Goodwin G. G., Alham bra, Cal.
♦Grabiel J. W ., W orthington, O.
♦Goodwin G. H ., Gypsum, Kan.
Bailey, Mich.
♦Goodwin H. F.. L aporte City, Ia.
Goodwin M . L., K ennebunk, Me.
Morgan, Minn.
Goodwin P, B. W., Richm ond, Va.
♦G rabruck H. J., P anam a, 111.
Goodwin R. A., T abor, S. D.
N. D.
♦Goodwin R. L., Forest. Miss.
♦Grace A. P ., Vienna, Ga,
Goodwin T . A., Verona, Miss.
♦Goodwin W. W., W inchéndon, Grace Clarence, Superior, Wis.
♦Grace G. B.,M ount Vernon,W ash.
Goodwine A . F., Scott C ity, Kan. Grace W. H., Osyka, Miss.
Gracey Glen M ., Holstein, Ia.
Goodwine D. E., Arm strong, IU.
Gracey J . S., Newville, Pa.
♦Goodwine U. S.. Potom ac. Ill
♦Googe L. W.. Allendale. S. C.
Gookln E. L., Charlton, la .
Gookins N ora B., Napoleon, Ind.
♦Goom Austin, Ripley, Okla.
Goosen A. J., Selz, N. D.
♦Goozee W. H., R udyard, M ont.
♦Gorby H . C., Pineville, W. Va.
♦Gorder C. J.. R udyard. M ont.
♦Gorder M . J., Granville, N . D.
♦Gorder O. M .. Thomas. S. D.
♦Gordhamer F rank, Bowman,
N. D.
♦Gordham er W. E ., Rham e, N . D.
Gordon O. A. Richland, Tex.
Gordon C. H.. Richm ond. Va.
♦Gordon Chas. A., Pine Bluff, Ark.
♦Gordon Claude, Penokee, Kan.
Gordon D arius G.. Cross Plains,
♦Gordon E . L „ Greeley, Colo.
♦Gordon H. E ., M cKeesport, Pa.
Gordon H. J., Custer, Mich.
♦Gordon Howard, Leavenworth,
Gordon I. M ., Pfiotm ountain.N .C .
Gordon J. F., New M adrid, M o.
♦Gordon J. W ., Columbus, O.
♦Gordon L. U., St. Clair, Mich.
♦Gordon O. O., Colum bus, K an.
Gordon R obt. Jr., Helena, Ark.
♦Gordon S. S.. Astoria, Ore.
♦Gordon T. A., Hillsboro, N . C.
♦Gordon T. T ., O’Fallon, 111.
Gordon W. C., Marshall, Mo.
♦Gordon W. D., Charleston, S. O.
♦Gordon W. T ., Eugene, Ore.
Gordy W. S., Jr., Salisbury, Md.
Gore D. A., Leipers Fork, Tenn.
♦Gore R . R., Idabel, Okla.
♦Gorenflo A. S., Biloxi, Miss.
♦Gores F. H., W adena, M inn.
♦Gores M . H ., H arvey. N . D.

♦Gracey W. M., Covington. Tenn.
G raddy H . O., A tlanta, Ga.
♦Graden N. J., St. Paul, M inn.
♦G radtke T . E., Yakim a, W ash.
Gradert, G ustav, Lyons, la .
♦Grady F. J., Bisbee, N. D.
G rady J. W., Roanoke, Ala.
G rady O. J., Saukville, Wis.
Graeber G. C., Shamokin, Pa.
Graening William, Denver, la .
Graeter W. A., Dillon, Mont.
♦Graf A. T ., Streeter, N. D.
G raf B., C anastota, S. D.
G raf G. E., Alliance, Ohio.
Graff Geo. W., Laurel, M ont.
Graff H. C., Granville, la .
♦Graff I. O., Kloten, N. D.
Graff W. P.. Blairsville. Pa.
Gragg E verett. Lucerne, Ind.
Gragg O'. O., N ara Visa, N. M .
♦Gragg W. M .. N ara Visa. N . M .
Graham A.A..Blue Mountain.Mlss.
♦Graham A. G., Folsom City, Cal.
♦G raham A. W., Larim ore .N . D.
♦Graham C. B., Estherville, Ia.
♦Graham C. C., Huntersville, N.G.
G raham C. D ., Fairview, Kan.
Graham C. G., Colorado Spgs.,
G raham Chas., M yra, Tex.
Graham C. H., Douds-Leando, Ia.
G raham D. F., Ju n tu ra, Ore.
Graham Douglas, Pem broke, K y.
Graham D. W., Bolton, Miss.
Graham E . A., Stone M ountain,
G raham E. G., C layton, Del.
G raham E. D ., Springboro, O.
Graham F . B., Florence, K an .

203 8

♦Graham F rank. Rich-wood. O.
♦G raham G. E ., Albion, Neb.
Graham G. W., Jr., W alter. Okla.
G raham H. A. W ., Canby, Ore.
♦G raham H. R., W hittem ore,
G raham H. T ., Keokuk, la .
♦Graham Jam es, Chula. Mo.
Graham J . A., Bismarck. N. D.
G raham J. B., Rock Falls, la.
♦Graham Jesse, Farwell, Mich.
Graham J . G., Tarklo, Mo.
G raham J. H .. Dorchester, Tex.
♦Graham J. L., C layton, Del.
G raham J. L., L ancaster, Ohio.
Graham J . p ., Ruston. La.
♦Graham Lee, Gainesville, Fla.
G raham L. N ., Alexis, 111.
G raham L. O., Gobleville, Mich.
♦G raham M . J., E lk C ity, Ohio
G raham M . J., Wells, M inn.
Graham M . W .. Freeport. 111.
Graham J. EL, Dorchester; Tex.
Graham O. P., Union Grove, Wis.
G raham P. R.. Spencer, la.
Graham Sanford. Buckhannon,
W. Va.
Graham S. A., P o rt Huron. Mich.
Graham S. A., Salisbury, Md.
♦Graham S. J., H inton, W. Va.
s. S., Brady, Tex.
Graham w. A., Sidney, O.
^ a h a z n W alter, Regan, N . D.
am W. F ., M inatare, Neb.
Graham W. L., Hensel. N. D.
Graham W. L., Masontown, Pa,
G raham W. R ., F ountain, N . O.
G raham W. T., Laurel, Neb.
G rain F . R., Vandervoort, Ark.
Gram H. W., M orrison, 111.
Grainger C. S.. W ilmington. N. C.
Grainger J. V., Jr., W ilmington,
♦Graliker T. F., D ecatur, Ind.
, Clinton w ., Menominee,
M ich.
G ram ann H enry, Adams, Neb.
Gram bau G. W., Rogers, Mich.
Gramelspaoher G., Jasper, Ind.
Gramley S. W „ Mlllhelm, Pa.
Grämlich H. W ., Kenton, O.
Gram m er F . L., Pleasanton, Neb.
♦Gram m er J. F., Batesville, Ark.
Gramzow Lillian L., Reeseville.
G ranberry W. D., Grapeland, Tex,
G ranby Jam es W.. Naples. N. Y.
♦Grandpre L. J., Green Valley,
M inn.
Grangaard M. O., Roger, N. D.
G rangaard O. F., R othsay, M inn.
Grandsen I. J., Flora, N. D.
♦Grange W. F.. Lisbon, N. D.
Granger A. H ., Phillipsburg,K an.
♦Granger A. J .. Salix, la .
Granger W., Gracemont. Okia.
♦Granger W „ Valley Mills, Tex.
Granm ng M ae A.. P ortland. Ore.
♦G rant Anna, K asota, M inn
G ran t B. H ., Sbatham, Ga.
G rant Carl A., McPherson, Kan.
G rant C. F., Highland P ark. HI.
G rant C. L „ Jackson. Mo.
♦G rant David. Chicago, 111
♦G rant D. R., M ontrose, Colo.
G ran t Fred, M attoon, 111.
G ran t F . P ., San Fernando, Cal.
♦G rant G. E ., Marshall, Mich.
♦G rant H. C., Bullochville, Ga.
G rant H. M ., Bozeman, M ont.
♦G rant H . R „ Louisville, Ky.
G ran t J. A., Farm ington, M inn.
(3-rant J. A., Pioneer, O.
♦G rant J . H ., Coudersport, Pa.
G ran t J. R ., Tupelo, Okla.
G ran t M . D., Clarksville, M ich.
G rant M. J.. L ittleton. N, C.
G ran t R. K., Rich Square, N . C.
♦G rant R obert D „ Clayton, N , Y.
G rant R . P., Clayton, N. Y.
G rant Rufus, M t. Vernon. 111.
G ran t T . H „ F ulton, M o.
♦G rant W. C.. S anta Rosa, Cal.
♦G rant W. H „ E a st Tawas, M ich.
♦G rant W. N ., S anta B arbara, Cal.
♦G rant W. S., Chana, 111.
G rantham E. G.. Larkinsville. Ala.
♦G rantham K. H ., Sharon, Okla.
G rantham T. V., Johnstow n. Colo.
♦G rantier S. D., Banks, N. D.
♦G rantland H . E ., Colorado, Tex.
Granville P . N „ Galesburg, 111.
Granzow H. W „ Edm ond, Okla.
♦Grape A. J., Baltim ore, M d.
G raper H . F., F o rt B ranch, Ind.
G rapy H. G., Princeton, Ind.
G rashüis D ., C lara C ity, M inn.
♦Grashuis W. D ., C lara C ity,
M inn.
Graslie J . B., Vienna, S. D.
Graslie J. H., Spring Valley, Wis.
♦Grasmon H . E „ Fairfax, Minn.
♦Grass H . W. Jr., L a Crosse, K an,
Grass T. J.. Griffl thsville, W . Va.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Grassi Benjam in,New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
♦Grassman V. L., B a ttle Creek,
M ich.
G rater J. W., N appanee, Ind.
G rau M . J., Chicago, 111.
G rau R. E ,, Acting, Moville; la.
Graupner W . F., Des Plaines, III.
G ravatt C. C., Terril, la.
Q rav att O. H „ H ardwick. Minn.
♦Graven I. L., M inneapolis, M inn.
Gravenor J . T ., Albany. Wis.
♦Graves A. E ., Strom sburg, Neb.
Graves A. M., Clarksville, Tex.
Graves C. C., Mansfield, Ark.
♦Graves C. M. J r., Norfolk, Va.
♦Graves E. F., Albany, Wis.
Graves E. N.. Ashton, S. D.
Graves E. W „ Douglas, Arts.
G raves E . W., Poplar Bluff, Mo.
♦Graves E . W ., Vergennes, Vt.
Graves F red H ., Rockdale, Tex.
Graves G. C., Hartsells, Ala.
Graves G. T .. Cameron, Tex.
Graves H. A., Quincy, M ich.
Graves H . B., P achuta, Miss.
G raves H. W., Peabody, Kan.
♦Graves I. R ., Longstreet, La.
♦Graver J. C., Ham m ond, Ind.
Graves L. A „ Bennington. Vt.
Graves L. S., Chokie, M inn.
G raves Paul, Devon, M ont.
Graves R. I., Celeste, Tex.
♦Graves W. A., Springdale, Ark.
♦Graves W. C., Alva, Okla.
Graves W. S., W est P alm Beach,
G raveson Anton, Askov, M inn.
♦G rayett W arres S., Piqua, O.
♦G ravette E va M.. G ravette. Ark.
G ravseth H . H ., R oth, N. D.
♦G ravseth I. E ., R oth, N. D.
G ray A. C., Vernon Center, M inn.
Gray C. B., Casey, la.
♦Gray C. H., Dixon. 111.
♦Gray Chas. W ., Greene, N. Y.
G ray O. M ., Canton, Kan.
Gray C. M., S t. P etersburg, Fla.
♦Gray D. B., Newtown, Ind.
Gray D. N ., Maroa. 111.
G ray Doy, Beaverton, Ore.
♦Gray D. W ., Louisville, Ky.
♦Gray E . F., G osport, Ind.
G ray F. H .. F riar P oint, Miss,
Gray Gentry, St. Joseph. Tenn.
♦Gray Glen O., Duchesne, U tah.
Gray H. B.,Rock Lake, N. D.
G ray H. B ., Glenm ont, O.
G ray H erbert, W eaverville, Cal.
G ray H . L., Spring Green, Wis;
G ray Ira O., Mansfield, Mass.
♦Gray John H ., Lim a, N . Y.
G ray J. I.. T urner, Ore.
♦Gray J. L., Beaverton, Ore.
♦Gray J. M., California, Mo.
Gray K. C., Madison, Me.
♦Gray L. A., Sioux Falls, la .
♦Gray L. L., Hedgesville, M ont.
G ray L. O., M anderson, Wyo.
♦Gray M ., Leechburg, Pa.
G ray O. C., Gadiz, O.
Gray O. E., P latteville, Wis.
G ray R. B., K enton, T enn.
Gray R. M., Otwell, Ind.
Gray S. P., Covington, la d ,
Gray T. S., Augusta, Ga.
♦Gray W. A., Lincoln, Neb.
♦Gray W. A., New Y ork City.
G ray W . E ., G raym ont, Ga.
G ray W. E ., Neches, Tex.
Graybiel W m., T hree F orks,M ont.
♦Graybill Em m a G„ Tipton, la .
Grayblll J . G„ Manheim, Pa.
♦Grayer Albert N ., Philadelphia,
♦Grayson C. C., Richland, Tex.
♦Grayson Lilley C .,M ountainC ity,
T enn.
♦Greamba F . R ., W ashfucna,
Greason A. W., Newark., N . J.
G reaves C. L., Preston, Ida.
Greaves O., Preston, Idaho.
Greaves Joseph, Kingsville, Mo.
♦Greaves R. A., Cum by, Tex.
Gredell G. C., PoplarviUe, Miss.
G reear I. J.. Riner, Va.
G reear John F., T ro u t Dale, Va
♦Greek Ford, Kunkle, O.
Greeley G. E ., M arlboro, Mass.
Green A. E ., Florence. Minn.
♦Green A. H., B attle Creek, Mich.
Green Alah, M cDonald, Kan.
♦Green B ettie, Ellenboro, N . C.
Green B. F., Central City, Ky
♦Green B. L.. Rolfe, la .
♦Green C. E., Hebron, Neb.
♦Green Cora, Perryville, Ky.
Green C. Wiimer, Surry, Va.
♦Green D. E ., Springfield, O.
♦Green D avid O.. Yates. Mo.
Green E . A., Kell, 111.
Green E . E ., Franklin, T enn.
Green E . E ., Rosebud, Tex.
Green B. J., M ountain Grove,Mo.
♦Green E. 0-, Marceline, Mo.
Green E . P ., Helena, Okla.
Green E. R., Gilroy, OaL
♦Green G. C., Astoria, 111.
Green Geo. S., Naylor, Mo.
Green G. G., L ittle River, Kan.
♦Green G. O.. Albion, 111.
♦Green Guy, Clayton-, Ga.

Green Guy E., Lincoln, Cal.
♦Green BE. A., E tna Mills, Cal.
♦Green H. J., Enid, Okla.
♦Green I. J., Rock Island, 111.
Green J. A., Pow natan P oint, O,
Green J. O., Onaka, S. D.
♦Green J. E ., Bellaire, O.
♦Green J . J., Alexandria, Va.
Green J. K., Kesley, la.
♦Green J. M. W., Fredericksburg,
♦Green, J. R., Lake Charles, La.
Green J. W.. W auneta, Neb.
Green L. E.. Vernon, 111.
Green Leonard, Coloflats, Colo.
Green L. L., Booneville, Ark.
Green L. L., Oroville, Cal.
♦Green Louise, Bingham Canyon,
U tah.
♦Green Louis W., Waukomis,
♦Green M . J., Kesley, la.
♦Green M. M ., Turlock, Cal.
♦Green N. L., Gadsden, Ala.
♦Green N. Y„ B attle Creek. Mich.
♦Green, O. F. F ort Jones, Cal.
Green P. H.. Willow, Cal.
Green R. C„ W alton, Ky.
♦Green R. H., Whigham, Ga.
Green R. J., Trenton, Mo.
Green R. L., Greensboro, Fla.
Green R. M., Alexandria. Va.
♦Green T. A., Phoenix, Ariz.
Green T. F., Valley, Neb.
Green T. L., Scottsbluff, Neb.
♦Green T. P., Belton, Mo.
♦Green T urner, Lawrenceburg,
Green Vance, Byers. Kan.
Green W. B„ F airbum , Ga.
Green W. H „ Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Green W. I., Mena, Ark.
Green W. M., Burr Oak, Kan.
G reenblatt J. M ., Denver, Colo.
Greene C. E.. Tallula. 111.
♦Greene C. L., Vernon, Tex.
Greene D. A., Bakersville, N. O.
♦Greene D. W., Lakeport. Cal.
♦Greene E. B„ Sheldon, N. D.
Greene E . S'., Beloit, Wis.
Greene F. A., Lakeport, Cal.
♦Greene F . A. Providence. R . I.
Greene F. T.. Wapella, 111.
Greene H. K., Laurel, Del.
Greene H. L.. R utland, N. D.
Greene H. R.. Bozeman. M ont.
Greene J. B., Opelika, Ala.
Greene J . O., Mt. Sterling, Ky.
Greene R. W., Kane, 111.
♦Greene T. E ., Wapella, 111.
Greene W. E. Jr., Junction City,
♦Greene W. L., P lan t City, Fla.
Greene W. W., Carsonville, Mich.
♦Greenebaum F. J., Chicago, 111.
♦Greenebaum John, Chicago, 111.
Greenebaum Mi H., Pontiac, 111.
Greenebaum W. J., Chicago, 111.
♦Greenebaum W.W .. Pontiac, 111.
Greenfelder F. A .Chesanlng.Mich.
♦Greenhalgh R., Cowles, Neb.
Greenhalgh W . F., Cazenovia,
♦Greenholz Wm., W alnut Grove,
M inn.
Greening E. J ., Grand Meadow;
Greening J. N ., Picher, Okla.
Greenland Oscar, Binford. N. D,
Greenleaf D. W., Tekamah, Neb.
Greenleaf H. C., Centerville, la .
Greenleaf J. T., Seattle, Wash.
♦Greenlee C. A., Stanberry, Mo.
Greenlee J. A., Caledonia. 111.
♦Greenlee M aude, Charleston,
Greenlee W. F., Dunning, Neb.
Greenlee W. G., Belvidere, III.
♦Greenman C. D., Norwich, Conn.
Greeno E. E „ Staples, Minn.
♦Greeno R. E ., Staples, M inn.
♦Greenon L. J., Goshen, Ind.
♦Greenough F. W., Marshall, 111.
♦Greenwald H. C., Ricketts, la .
Greenwald L. J. Anoka, Minn.
Greenwald, W. A., Falls City.Neb.
Greenwaldt A. F., Coon Rapids, la .
Greenwaldt Wm., Welcome.Minn.
Greenway H. L., McCaysville, Ga.
Greenwood A. T ., Colwell, la.
Greenwood G. E ., Lakemills. Wis.
♦Greenwood G.H., Spokane.Wash.
Greenwood Jno., Geneseo, 111.
♦Greer B. J., Pontiac, Mich.
Greer J. C., Martinsville, Va.
♦Greer J. F., Provo, Utah.
♦Greer J. W., McDonough, Ga.
Greer W alter E., Belton, S. C.
Greer W. N., Harleton, Tex.
Greer W . R „ Charleston, S. C.
♦Grefstad Oscar, H um boldt, la.
Gregerson E. S., Elk Mound, Wis.
♦Gregerson H., Stanley, Wis,
♦Gregerson S. W., Breslau, Neb.
Gregg A. A., W est Jefferson, O.
Gregg Clifton, De Kalb, Mo.
♦Gregg E. H., Kansas City, Mo.
Gregg E. M., Napoleon, O.
♦Greeg E . R.. Rusk, Tex.
♦Gregg E. W., Harrisburg, 111.
♦Gregg John S'., M edicine Lake,
M ont.

♦Gregg Ji R „ California, Pa.
♦Gregg J . W., W averly. O.
♦Gregg L. B., Clovis, N. Mex.
♦Gregg R. B., Jefferson, Tex.
Gregg S. E ., Independence, Mo.
Gregg W. J r.. San Francisco, Cal.
♦Gregoire H. O., M arshall, M inn.
Gregory A. W., Morristown, N . Y.
♦Gregory C. L., Rice Tex.
Gregory E. C., Edwards, Nt Y.
Gregory Edgie, Tiline, Ky.
Gregory F. H., Halifax, N. C.
Gregory H. J., Fountain, Mich.
Gregory H. R., D ecatur, 111,
♦Gregory I. S., New York City.
♦Gregory J. F., D urant, Okla.
♦Gregory J. F., Glenwood Springs,
Gregory J. M .. H arrisville. N . Y.
Gregory John M ., Tonopah, Nev.
Gregory L. I., R utherfordton, N .
♦Gregory N. J., Mayfield, Ky.
Gregory R „ Perry, 111.
Gregory R . A., Scranton, Pa.
♦Gregory R. C., Puyallup, Wash;
Gregory R. H., Quinlan, Okla.
Gregory R. H., Soiling, Okla.
Gregory, W. J.. Manistee, Mich.
Gregory W. L., Viriglina, Va.
Greguson O. L., Fairview, S. D.
♦Greider Elza L., St. Elmo, 111.
Greig Bruce, Gustine, Cal.
Greig G. P., Delcambre, La.
Greig T. A., Scotia, Cal.
Greiner A. J., Stetsonville, Wis.
♦Greiner W. S., H art, Mich.
♦Greinke A. J., St. Jam es, Mo.
♦Greitl J. L., McOlusky, N. D.
♦Grennell E . B., Okeene, Okla.
♦Gresham J. W., Ashland. Miss.
Gresser C. E., Rossville, Kan.
Gresser E. S.. Topeka, Kan.
Gressler F. J/, H ubbard, la .
♦Grest J. J., Valley City, N . D.
Grest J. J., M ott, N. D.
Gretem an N., St. Lucas. Ia.
♦Greve H. A., Beardstown, 111.
Greves J . H., N orth Bend, Ore.
♦Gribble J. T., Sylva, N . C.
Grice E. P.. Charleston, S. C.
Gricer John L., Cocoa, Fla.
Grider A. P., Leonard. Tex.
♦Grider Neal, Indianapolis, Ind.
♦Gridley G. C., Libertyvllle, 111.
Gridley J. S.. Libertyvllle. 111.
♦Gridley Lillian M., Lodi, O.
Gridley Nelson D ., Cincinnati-, O.
Griepentoog G. F., W hite, S. D.
Grier B. W., Hartwick, Ia.
Grier G. E., Iowa City, Ia.
Grier Park, Vancleve, Ia .
♦Griese Leon E., Plym outh, Wis.
♦Griesenbeck H. G., B astrop, Tex.
♦Griess H. C., Sutton, Neb.
Griess W. F., Sutton, Neb.
♦Grieve Clare, C entral City, Neb.
♦Griffen W. G., Sheridan, Wyo.
♦Griffin B. F., Saginaw, Mich.
Griffin C. A., Crawfordville, Ga.
♦Griffin C. A., H am ilton,-Ga.
Griffin C. B.. Chapel Hill. N.
Griffin D. B„ New Augusta, Miss.
♦Griffin E. A., Maxbass, N. D.
Griffin E. A., Newberry, S. C.
♦Griffin E. E „ Edmond, Okla.
♦Griffin E. Floyd, Oyster Bay, N.
♦Griffin E . H.. Griffin, Ga.
Griffin E. L., Morehouse, Mo.
Griffin E. L., W atonga, Okla.
Griffin E . P., Gosneyville, Mo.
♦Griffin F. S., Masonville, la.
♦Griffin George A., Sonora, Cal.
Griffin G. C., Clark. S. D.
Griffin G. S., Hayesviile, Ia.
Griffin H. F „ Riverside, Ia.
♦Griffin J., Bogata, Tex.
Griffin J . A., Tam pa, Fla.
♦Griffin J. Hollis, Gloucester,Mass.
Griffin J. I., Murfreesboro, N. O.
♦Griffin J. R., Blooming Grove,
Griffin Linwood. M eridian, Miss
Griffin L. M ., M oundville, Ala.
♦Griffin M. M.. Harrisburg; Ark.
Griffin M. R.. E lizabeth City, N.C.
♦Griffin M'. S., Loyal, Wis.
Griffin Norman, G rant Park, 111.
Griffin R. D., D avid City, Neb.
Griffin R. D ., Garrison, Neb.
Griffin Thos. D., H ardy, Neb.
♦Griffin Victoria, Riverside, Ia.
Griffin W. I., Viola, Wis.
Griffin W. W., Newbern, N. O.
Griffing M. H ., Danbury, Conn.
Griffin E . A., W ann, Neb.
♦Griffith A. C., M adison, W. Va*
Griffith A. H., Downsville, N.Y.
Griffith C. A., Brownstown. 111.
Griffith C. L., Ada, Okla.
♦Griffith C. M .. Visalia, Cal,
♦Griffith O. Q,, Meyersdal®, Pa.
♦Griffith D. C., Plumville, Pa,
♦Griffith D. S., Lakeview. Mich.
Griffith E . A., H am ilton, M ont.
Griffith E. C., Hoopeston, 111.
Griffith E. C.. P arkers Landing,


♦Griffith E zra E . .H untsville,Tenn.
Griffith George P.. Jefferson, Ore.
♦Griffith H ., Olivia, M inn.
♦Griffith H . A., S. P ittsburg, Tenn.
Griffith H. N.. Shannon. 111.
♦Griffith I. L., M aypearl, Tex.
♦Griffith I. W ., Houston, Tex.
♦Griffith J. B., Palm er, Tex.
♦Griffith J. E ., Cashm ere, w ash.
Griffith John J., Dolgeville, N . Y.
Griffith J . L., Cumberland, Md.
♦Griffith Jno. L „ Beaum ont, Tex.
Griffith J. M„ Conroe, Tex.
♦Griffith L., Delphi, Inn.
Griffith L. B.. Palm er, Tex.
Griffith M . F., Crawfordvfile, Ga.
♦Griffith N . L., Oliver Springs,
. ,
♦Griffith O. K., Damelsville, Ga.
Griffith R. C., Danielsville, Ga.
♦Griffith T . O., Bogalusa, La.
♦Griffith T . T ., Gaffney, S. C.
♦Griffith W alker, Conroe, Tex.
Griffith W ilfred, W illiamsburg,
Griffith W. S., New York City,
N . Y.
♦Griffith W. Y., Lawson, M o.
Griffith Z„ Thomasville. N. C.

♦Gross A. S.. Pawnee Rock, Kan.
Gross George Jr., Doland S. D .
♦Gross G. H ., Pacific, Mo.
♦Gross G. H ., Waldo, Kan.
Gross H. O . Manilla. Ind.
Gross L. M ., Elwood, Ind.
♦Gross W. E ., Burlington. N. D.
Grosscup A. J., N am pa, Ida.
Grosser F. A., Chicago, 111.
Grosser W . F.. F orest Park. til.
♦Grossman M ary, Argos, Ind.
Grosvenor R. L., D ecatur, Neb.
♦Groskruger W. W., Gaza, la.
♦Grosz Fred G., Lehr, N. D.
♦Grotewohl L. W ., Esthersvfile, la
♦Groth E . E ., Seattle, Wash.
G roth H enry, M anitow oc, Wis.
♦Groth L. J., Elgin, la .
♦Grothe E . C., H arrold, S. D.
G roustal J. M ., Dolliver. Ia.
G rout A. H.. W ausau, Wis.

Griggs H . E ., Neteong, N . J.
♦Griggs I. O.. Ingraham ,111.
♦Grigsby E arl. Pittsfield. 111.
♦Grigsby H. F., Texarkana, Ark.
♦Grigsby H. F., Texarkana, Tex.
♦Grigsby H. L., Dickson, Temi.

Grove H. A., Circle, M ont'
♦Grove J. H., New E gypt, N. J.
Grove Ray, Summersville, Mo.
♦Grove S. A., F rankford. Ind.
♦Groven H. B., Badger, M inn.
Grover G. O., O ttaw a, 111.
Grover H arley S., Lisbon, N. D.
♦Groves D. A., Crawfordsville.
♦Groves E thel, Loraine, 111.
Groves G. N .. Groesbeck, Tex.
♦Groves H. C., E lkhart, 111Groves H arold C., Williamsville,

♦Grim O. W ., Orange, Ya.
Grim Lee R., W inchester Va.
Grimes E . E .. Snyder, Tex.
Grimes J. F rank, Oakland, Ely.
♦Grimes M rs. J. H ., Tolti, Ky.
Grimes J. H ., Tolu, Ky.
♦Grimes J. R., Colesburg, la .

Groves J . Q., Dubois, P a.
♦Groves M abel, Palom a, Ili.
Groves S. S., P lym outh, 111.
♦Groves W. L., Lexington, M o.
Groves W. M., Corder, Mo.
Groves W. M ., Petersburg, 111.
♦Grow Guy L., T rinity, Tex,

Grimes J. W., W ashington, Pa.
Grimes J. W ., W . Alexander, P a.
Grimes L. L.. Steubenville. O.
♦Grimes R. M ., Salem, Ky.,
♦Grimes S. E ., Ashland, Kan.
♦Grimes T urner T ., W illiamston,
N. C.
Grim et J. F., M ount Hope, W. Va.
♦Grimley I. C.. Kutztown. Pa.
Grimley O. P.. Kutztown. Pa.
Grimm Geo. J.. Lamberton.M lnn.
♦Grimpe E dw ard, W arsaw, 111.
Grimshaw H. A., Sarles, N. D.
•'G m nstad O. O., Brewster M inn.
Grinde H. S., Sheyenne, N . D.
Grine John. P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦Grinnon L. J., New York C ity
N . Y.

Growcock M arion, Kimmell, Ind.
Grubb A. J., Brimson, Mo.
Grubb Lewis, Athens, 111.
Grubbs A, K.. Pittsburgh, Pa.
♦Grubbs F. H., N orth Muskogee,
Grubbs H. N„ Argyle, Wis.
♦Grube B. A., M uenster, Tex.
♦Grube H. G.. W atertown, Wis.
♦Gruber G. C., Clayton. 111.
Gruber G. W ., H untley, M inn.
♦Gruber J. H.. Astoria. 111.
Gruen F. W., Dayton, O.

♦Gripman R. B., D etroit, M ich.
♦Grisham Loree, Columbus, Kan.
♦Grlss J . L., Toledo, O.
♦Grissmer W. A., Brookston, Ind.
Grissom B. F., GrlfflthvBle, Ark.
Grissom R. B., Toledo, 111.
♦Griswold A. R., Guilford, Colo.
Griswold Chas., Guilford, Colo.
Griswold Chas., Ham ilton, N . Y.
Griswold D. H., C hattanooga.
♦Griswold D. P ., Gordon, Neb.
Griswold Earl, Cerro Gordo, 111.
♦Griswold H. G., W est Haven,
♦Griswold H. H .. W hitehall. 111.
Griswold H. T .. Chicago, 111.
♦Griswold Lee, Cedar Springs,
Griswold R. J.. Albion. Pa.
G rity E . K., R uth to n . M inn.
Grizzel J . C., Nlangua, Mo.
Grizzell J. W., Salisbury, Mo.
Grob Fred, Fallon, Nev.
Grob John A., Deepwater, Mo.
♦Grochow R. C., Underwood, N .D
G rodhaus Geo. H .. E lm Grove,
W. Va.
♦Groe T. O., Northwood, la.
♦Groeltz F. A., Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Groeschel O. G. Stam baugb, Mich.
Groff, H. C., Victor, Mont.
♦Groff R. H ., H axtum , Colo.
♦Grofton J. J., Junction C ity, Ark.
♦Grogan B., M urray. Ky.
Groh F rank, Appleton, Wis.
Groh W . C., St. Nazianz, Wis.
Grohosky S. T., Scotia, Neb.
♦Groinger M iss E lla, Newsome,
Gronen T. M., T erra Bella, Cal.
G ronstai B. A.. Spirit Lake, Ia.
Groo Richard, Montpelier, Ida.
Groome J. P., Newport. Del.
Grooms H, L., Fountain Run,K y.
♦Grooms R. B., F ountain R un.K y.
♦Groos A., San Antonio, Tex.
Groos W., Kyle, Tex.
Groover S. C., Statesboro. Ga.
♦Groover S. E ., Statesboro, Ga.
♦Gropengieser F. J., Onida, S. D.
♦Groos Ferdinand, San Antonio.
♦Gros A. L.. F o rt Plain. N. Y.
♦Groschen F. L., M ound. M inn.
Grose J. T. Fayetteville, W. Va.
♦Groskreutz H. A., F lanagan, 111*
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


♦Gruenhagen E . H ., Gibbon.M inn.
Gruenig Wm. W., Mullen, Neb.
♦G ruett A., Merrill, Wis.
♦G ruettert H enry W. Jr., Areola,
_ ,
Grundy E . J., Highland P ark. 111.
‘Grünewald A. H ., Milwaukee,
Grut H. N .. Chicago. IB.
‘G ra t J. H., Salt L ake C ity, U tah.
Grutza F. J., Milwaukee, Wis.
Grutzmacher C. A., Onaga, Kan.
♦G rutzm achei' H. A., Onoga, Kan.
Gruver B. C.. Clermont. Ia.
Gruver D. T ., Palisade, Neb.
Gruver W. E ., C layton, I a.
Gruver W. T ., P o rt Wing, Wis.
Gruwell H . C., Wilsall, M ont.
Grytness C. P., Ambrsoe, N. D.
♦Guay J. E., W hitehall, N . YGuddall J., Sedro Wooley, Wash.
Gude W. G., L a F ayette, Ind.
♦Gudgel E arl, F arragut, Ia.
»Gnrifi'er Miss Estelle. Bakersville,
♦Gudmundson C. O., A shtabula,O
♦ Guedeznann A., Oxnard, Cal;
♦Gueno G. J ., Houm a, La.
G uenther Edw.. W heatland, la.
♦G uenther E . W., Versaifies, M o.
♦Guenther T. P., Eldora, Ia.
Guerin J. H ., Sweetgrass, M ont.
♦Guerin J. S., Biddeford, Me.
Guernsey A. M., Charlestown,Ind.
♦Guernsey H. V. .Clear Lake, W ash.
♦Guernsey M . C., T hom aston,
G uerra F . D „ Riogrande, Tex.
♦G uerra G. A., Riogrande, T er.
G uerrettaz A. J., C entralia, 111.
♦G uerrant T. C., Danville, Va.
♦Gu&sman L„ W ebster C ity, Ia.
♦Guess Neal, M arion, Ky.
♦Guess R. E ., Rogers, Tex.
Guest A. W, Rochelle, IB.
♦G ugerty Thom as, Belm ont, Wis.
♦Guggenheim S. E ., Philadelphia.
Guggenmos F . A., D annebro,
Guglsberg W. H., Gibbon, Minn.
Gulbord J . W .. P lattsburg, N . Y.
♦Guibord P . A., P lattsburg, N . Y.
Guidroz J . E ., New Roads, La.
♦Guier M rs. J. B., Omaha, Ark.
Guier J . B.. Omaha. Ark.
♦Guiggan G. J., M innesota Lake,
M inn.
Guild C. H., MedaryvBle, Ind.
Guild E. B., W alton, N. Y.
Guild H. L.. Bern. Kan.

GuilfoU E. J., Rensselaer, N. Y.
Guilliams, C. C.. St. Charles,. Ia,
GuBlott Leo. NapoleonvUle. La.
♦Guin A. H ., M onterey, Va.
Guin C. L.. Mt. Cory, O.
♦Guinn Grace, M ilan, M o.
Guker G. G.. Red Bud, IB.
Gulbranson G. E.* A lbert City, la .
♦Guldner R. L., Ellsworth, K an.
♦Gulker W. E ., Hennessey, Okla.
n T. TV/firvnPiitnnliS TVTillll.

Guyer J . J ., Buffalo Center. Ta.
♦Guyer W. H., Fairfield, Ia.
♦Guyton M . W., M oncks Com er,

s c

♦Gwaltney H. O.. Gordonsville.
G w altney J. F., Gordonsvfile,
_ .
Gwaltney J- H., Poseyville, Ind.
Gwaltney J . J., Tiptonville, Tenn.
Gwin E. E „ Shoshone* Ida.
Gwyn C. R., Zebulon, Ga.
Gwyn L. S., M em phis, Tenn.
♦Gulick F . M ., Orange, Cal.
Gulledge, D. K., Goodman, M iss. Gwyn R. W ., Northwilkesboro,
N . C.
♦Gulledge Glenn B., M arion, IB.
Gwynn P . H ., Leaksville, N . C.
GuBett C. A.. Carbondale, IB.
GuBette W. F., Deer Lodge, Mont. ♦Haabesland J., Paso Robles, Cal.
♦Haabesland J., San M iguel, Cal.
GuBich R. E ., M alden, W ash.
♦Haag J. E ., Ftedonia, N. D.
♦GulBckson A. L., E gan S. D.
Gullickson Geo. C., Spring Valley, ♦Haag R. E., D e Soto, Wis.
M inn.
♦Gullickson J. G., E gan, S. D.
♦Gulliksen John, Chicago. IB.
H aaker H . L „ So. San F ran­
Gullixson Felix. R utland, Ia.
cisco, Cal.
♦Gum A. P ., M onterey, Va.
♦H aarby M . M ., F t. Bragg, Cal.
Gum G. W., Keyesport, IB,
H aarer J. W., Lansing, Mich.
♦G umbart L. F., Macomb, 111.
♦Haas Geo. J., D etroit, M ich.
♦Gumble A. J.. F la t Rock. IB,
Haas G. F., M inatare, Neb.
H aas G. J., D etroit, M inn.
♦Haas G. R., Oregon. 111.
♦Gumm ert John, M izpah, M inn.
♦H aas John J „ Holly, M ich,
Gumo John, Claire City, S. D.
♦Haas L. H ., Independence; Mo,
Gump A. F „ Trotwood, O.
G unby F., Buffalo, Kan.
♦Haase C. W ., H am pton, Ia.
Gunckel W. H ., Toledo, Ohio.
H aase Geo. H., Emerson, Neb.
Gund W . L ., Marcus, Ia.
abberstad O. M..Lanesboro.Minn,
Gundeifinger H. E ., H azelton, Ida. H
♦H abedank A. A., Ada, M inn.
♦Gunder Chas., Coolville, O.
T . E ., Rossville, HI.
♦Gunderman E thel, Percival, Ia.
♦H aber J. R ., Holyoke, Colo.
♦Gunderman L. E ., Percival, Ia.
J. A., M alcom, Ia.
♦Gunderson C. E ., Alexander, N . ♦HaOermann
M . H.. Cassville.W 1 s
Gunderson Gilbert, H itterdal. ♦H ackam ack D avid, New T ruxton
M inn.
Gunderson G. C., Alexander, N .D . H ackbarth R ichard, Richfield,
L, ,
Gunderson G. L., Iola, Wis.
♦Gunderson H. A., KiBdeer, N. D. H ackett E dw ard F;, Passaic, N . J.
Gunderson H. P., Hawley, M inn. H ackett G. B., Vicksburg, M iss.
Gunderson J. E ., Kildeer, N . D.
♦H ackett Jas., Shirley; Ark.
♦H ackett J . D .. New Y ork City,
. Y.
♦Gunderson J. P ., Form an, N . D . ♦HNackett
J. W., Chicago, 111.
Gunderson M . A., Aneta, N. D.
ackett N ., Owenton, Ky.
♦Gunderson M . G „ Silverion. Or. ♦H
ackett R. K., G rants Pass, Ore.
♦Gunderson O'. E ., F orest City, la . ♦H
Hackl P . J., M arm arth, N . D.
♦Gunderson O'. G., Roseau, M inn. H
ackm an A. J., Oldenburg, Ind.
♦Gunderson R. H ., Claire C ity, H
ackm ann E . F ., Chesterfield, M o.
S. D.
G. I., T roy, Kan.
♦Gunderson Rose, Colfax, Wis;
H ackney J . E ., Opelika, Ala.
♦Gundert H . D ., Tolstoy, S. D.
J., Palm etto. Fla.
Gundiing V. G., Wheeling; W . Va.
Gun dry A. D., G rand Blanc, M ich
♦Hackwitz E., Farm ingdale.N . Y.
Gunkel J . L., Casselton. N. D.
♦H ackworth S. V., V alliant, Okla.
Gunn J. H., OttervBle, Mo.
♦H adderton B. B., Roby, Tex.
♦Gunn R. B.. Pulaski, Va.
♦Gunnell Harold, Evanston, Wyo. HadeUcb R. G,, BoonviBe, M o.
♦Gunnels Jno. W. Y ates Center, ♦Haddock C. O., Harrison, O.
H aden H. H ., Dickson, Tex.
K an.
H aden T. G., Cairo, Mo.
♦Gunning Thos. H., Trego, Wis.
♦Haden W. C., E l Paso, Tex.
♦Gunnia R . H ., San Diego, Cal.
C. G., Cheyenne, W yo.
♦Gunnison Geo. I., Orient, S. D.
Gunsaules Wm., Stroudsburg, Pa. H adley E. F., Mooresville, Ind.
♦Hadley F . B., Cambridge, 111.
♦Hadley L. D., Eldorado, Kan.
♦Gunstrom G. R ., Granville, N .D . ♦Hadley L. S., Glen Elder, Kan.
♦Hadley S. H ,, Sharon, Pa.
G unter D. E ., Buna, Tex.
♦G unter O. C., Saluda, S.. C.
G unterm ann Wm., Calexico, Cal. ♦Haeberle Oscar, O ttaw a, IB.
G im ther O. V., New York, N . Y. ♦Haefler Ray, Cuyuna, M inn.
Gunz L. A., Oshkosh, Wis.
♦Haehnle C., Cincinnati, O.
Gunzel C. R., Wilsonville, Ore.
♦H aertel A. O., Stevens Point,W is.
Gunzenhauser C., Rowley, la .
H aertel F. F., Rudolph, Wis.
Haesemeyer C. H .. Stanwood, la .
♦Haessler H . P., Deshler, Neb.
Gurley E. C., M arietta, Ga.
H afdahl T. O., Beltram i, Minn.
H afer A., Alturas, Cal.
Hafele N orm an, Cannelton, Ind.
Gurney A. J., W est Union, la .
H afner J. W., Tontogany, O.
G urr A. E ., Douglas, Alaska.
H agam an G. P., Boone, N. C.
♦Gurtner Beatrice H.,Brownstown, H
agan B. M.. Christiansburg.Va.
♦Guse F . J., Spokane, Wash.
Geo. L., St. Augustine, IB.
G ust M iss Sadie, Carlisle, S. O.
H agan M. C-, Madison, Wis.
G ustafson C. G., Spring Lake, ♦Hagan
Thos. A., Champaign, IB.
M inn.
Hagans C. B., Ipava, 111.
♦Gustafson G. M ., Ada, M inn
♦Gustafson W. S., B a ttle Lake, ♦Hagedon Jay, H arbor Beach,
M ich.
M inn.
Hagedorn H . C., New Y ork C ity,
♦Gustavus Audy, Ballinger, Tex. ♦Hagel E . H ., M ount Sterling, IB.
♦Gutel E . I., Odell, IB.
H agem an A. B.. Elgin, N . D.
Gutefius F. A., W est Palm Beach, H
agem an A. C., New York City,
N. Y.
Gutheinz Alfred, Scranton, Pa.
W L., Cincinnati, OG uthm ann H. A., Murdock, Neb. ♦Hagen A. F.
C., Holloway, M inn.
Guthrie E. E., Norwalk, Ia.
H agen A. T ., Clarem ont, S. D.
♦G uthrie G. C., W est Point, IB;
H agen J., G rafton, N. D.
♦Guthrie Lelia, Nebo, IB.
Hagen Louise T ., Bay, N- D.
Guthrie L. R.. Row lett, Tex.
M . N ., Fargo, N. D.
♦G uthrie W. L., CrossviBe. Tenn. ♦Hagen
Hagen Oluf, Lawton. N. D.
♦Hagen W. G., Johnstown, Pa.
♦Hagene Olaf, Black E arth . Wis.
Gutig Charles, LouisvBle, Ky.
Hagenstein P. C., Pinedale, Wyo.
♦G utm an J. F., M onroe, M ich.
H ager F. JM Paris, 111.
G utm ann W. G., Monroe, Mich.
H ager L. S., Madison, Ala.
♦G utteboe N . H., Junius, S. D.
♦Hager Mrs. L. S., Madison, Ala.
Gutz H. P.. Sfelby, S. D.
Hager S. R., Fairview, M ich.
♦Guy A. B., CantrB, Ia.
♦Hager W. L., Jefferson C ity, M o.
G uy E . C., Newland, N . C.
H agerm an C., Ludington, Mich.
♦Guy E. F., Jasper, Ala.
H agerm an H . L., Superior, Wis.
G uy F. A., Carleton, Neb,
♦H agerm an J.C.,Bartlesville,Okla.
Guy F. L., Oak Grove, Mo.
♦Hagerman J . F., Stanford, Mont.
G uy Harold, E astville, Va.
Hagerm an M . A., Bessemer, M ich.
♦Guy H. E ., M cAlester, Okla.
♦Haggard Jerre. Albuquerque,
Quy J . W ., StatesvBle, N. C.
N . M.
♦Guy M . F .. Nassawadox, Va.


H aggart F . R ., St. Paul, N eb.
H aggart H. S.f Janesville, Wis.
♦Haggblade E. T ., Bronson, la .
Hagge H. D., Beaver, la.
H aggerty H. J., Bradford, Pa.
Haggreen P. W., P oint Arena, Cal.
*Hagm an M eta K ., Reeseville,
♦Hagmann J.J., M t. Vernon, N .Y .
♦Hagner R. D., W ashington, D.O.
Hagood F. S., La Grange, Mo.
Hagood H. C.. Easley, S. C.
♦Hagood R. B., Cooper, Tex.
Hague W. C., Alachua, Fla.
♦Hahn E. A., Lyons, N. Y.
♦Hahn E dw ard F., W akarusa, Ind.
H ahn E . R „ Osborne, Ran.
H ahn F. C„ St. Louis. Mo.
♦H ahn Jacob, Seymour, Wis.
H ahn John G., Meshoppen, Pa.
♦H ahn J . W „ Muscatine, la.
♦H ahn O. E ., Ortonville, M inn.
H ahn W. C., No. Freedom, Wis.
♦Hahn W. H., Reedsburg, Wis.
H ahne Samuel, Schaller. Ia.
♦Haid D. W., Berger, Mo.
H aig A. D.. Bloomfield, Ind.
♦H aight H. O., Oakley. Ida.
♦H aight H. L., Woodbine, Ia.
♦H aight J. F., Pawling, N. Y.
H aight J. Y., Oakley, Ida.
H aight W alter F., Millbrook, N.Y.
Halgler G. H „ Hayesvflle, N. C.
♦Haite C. C., Rolla, Kan.
♦Hailey, M rs. C. E ., W hiteville,
♦Haill A. W., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Halil H „ St. Louis, Mo.
♦Hain G. R., Cedar, Kan.
♦Hainer F. C., Columbus, Kan.
♦Hainer J. P., Sioux C ity, Ia.
Haines A. C., New Market, N. H.
♦Haines Blair M ., Romney, W. Va
Haines O. A., W averly, Neb.
♦Haines D ana Dee. Edwardsville, Kan.
Haines D. S., Edwardsville, Kan.
♦Haines Ella K., Seymour, 111.
♦Haines E . R., Decorah, Ia.
♦Haines E . T ., Blackwell, Okla.
♦Haines Guild, Swayzee, Ind.
Haines H. B. Tam aroa, 111.
Haines H. L., Mullica Hill, N. J.
Haines J. C., Seymour, 111.
♦Haines Leslie, K intyre, N . D.
Haines M ., Lum, Mich.
♦Haines R. A., Augusta, Kan.
Haines W. A.. Staunton. Va.
♦Haines Will., E vanston, Wyo.
♦Haines W. M ., New York City,
N . Y.
H ainltne G. W., Eldorado Springs,
H air D. C., Ambrose, N. D.
♦Hairston. J . F., Tlmpson, Tex.
Haislip F. L., Ham ilton. N . C.
H ajicek R. F., Chicago, 111.
♦Hakel A. J., Dwight, N eb.
♦Haker S. P., Tioga, Pa.
H albe George, Dorrance, Kan.
H alberson W. F., B randt, S. D.
H albert E. C., Licking, Mo.
♦H aldem ah M ark P., Pine Grove.
♦Haldeman W. S., Akron, Ind.
H alderm an Jacob F.,Paw nee City,
Halderson Corty M ., Valders, Wis.
♦Hale. A. J., Cass Lake, M inn.
Hale A. T „ Richmond, Ind.
♦Hale B. J., Middletown, Conn.
Hale C. A., Yates Center, Kan.
Hale Chas. H., San Leandro, Cal.
♦Hale C. R.. Bluffs, 111.
Hale F rank, Cooperstown, N. Y.
♦Hale G. H., Bingham ton, N. Y.
♦Hale G. W., Inez. K y.
♦Hale H arvey M ., Parkton, M d.
H ale H enry R.„ W innetka, 111.
Hale, N. A., Mayfield, Ky.
♦Hale R. P., Blodgett, Mo.
Hale W. A., Martinez, Cal
♦Hale W. A., Lebanon, Tenn.
♦Hale W. J., Meredosia, 111.
Hale W. M„ Inez, Ky.
♦Hales Leonard, Ewing, Neb.
H aley C. H., H uddleston, Va.
♦H aley E . L., Haleyville, Ala.
Haley J. H., Haleyville, Ala.
H aley M . L., M innewaukan, N .D .
H aley N. J., Devils Lake N. D.
♦Haley W. B., Louisiana. Mo.
♦Haley M rs. W. C., Berea, Ky.
♦Haley W. W., Jr., H ayw ard, Cal.
H alferty C. D., Jr., Cashmere,
♦Halfleld L. B ertha, Russell
Springs, Ky.
♦Halgren Ross M ., Oxford, Ind.
H alk R . E ., Cherry Valley, Ark.
♦Hall A. A., P ittsburg, Tex.
Hall A. F., Grygla. M um .
Hall, A. F. Hawick, M inn.
♦Hall A. F., Ridgewood, N. J.
H all A. H ., Andrews, Tex.
H all A. J.. Mason, Mich.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Hall A. J., Sweet W ater, Tex.
♦Hall Alfred, Flem ington, M o.
♦H all A nnie, C lever, M o .

H all Chas. A., Renovo, Pa.

H a ll C . B ., D u v a ll. W ash.

♦Hall C. G., Cleveland, Tex.
♦Hall C. H., Red Oak, la .
Hall C. L., Tabor, Ia.
♦Hall O. M ., Susanville, Cal.
♦Hall C. M ., Waxahachie, Tex.
Hall O. Richard, F airm ont, W .Va.
♦Hall C. S., Auburn, W ash.
H all Chas. A., Centerview, Kan.
Hall Chas. S., Scottdale, Pa.
H all C. T., Mound City, Mo.
♦Hall D. A., H nutington, W. Va.
♦Hall D ora P., Cedaredge, Colo.
♦Hall D. R., C hautauqua, Kan.
Hall E „ Flem ington, Mo.
Hall E., Roseland. Neb.
H all E . A., Osceola Mills, Pa.
Hall E. D„ W etum ka, Okla.
♦Hall E . G., M offat, Colo.
♦Hall E . J., Big Rock, Tenn.
H all E. M ., Escondido, Cal.
♦Hall E. M ., Escondido. Cal.
Hall F. A., Pullm an, W . Va.
Hall F. B.. M urphysboro. 111.
Hall F rank D., Nyssa, Ore.
Hall F. D.. Escondido, Cal.
♦Hall F. H. M iddleburg, N. Y.
♦Hall F. K „ Shelby, O.
♦Hall F . M ., Hoilister, Mo.
♦Hall F. P., Fayetteville, Ark.
Hall F rank L., Crawford, Neb.
H all F. S., Baxter Springs, Kan.
♦Hall F. V., Baldwin C ity, K an.
Hail F. W., Malta, Mont.
♦Hall F. W., Bridgeport, Conn.
♦Hall Fletcher, Porum , Okla.
♦Hall G. B., Alliance, O.
H all Geo. B., Ashland, Okla.
H all Geo. C., Burgin, Ky.
H all G. C., Mt. Holly Springs. Pa.
♦Hall G. C., New York C ity, N . Y.
Hall G. D.. Fowler. Kan.
H all Geo. H ., Springbrook, Wis.
Hall G. F., Quincy, Mass.
Hall G. H., Campbell, Mo.
Hall G. S., Ashland, Mo.
♦Hall, Glen, South B oardm an,
♦Hall H. A., Bladen, Neb.
H all H. A., N orthum berland, Pa.
♦Hall H arley, H artford C ity. Ind.
H all H arry, Maywood, Neb.
Hall Hawley, Lewisville, Ind.
♦Hall H. B., Beaver C ity, Neb.
♦Hall H. B., Deming, N. M .
♦Hall H. C., L a Jara, Colo.
H all H arry E ., Virginia City,
M ont.
H all H. J., R iverton, Wyo.
Hall H. J., El Cajon, Cal.
Hall H . L., Opelika, Ala.
♦Hall I. E ., Ames, Okla.
♦Hall I. H ., Jr., Soperton, Ga.
H all Irving F., Springranch, Neb.
♦Hall I. T., H ettinger, N. D.
♦Hall I. V.. Duvall. Wash.
H all J. A.. E v art. Mich.
♦Hall J. C., K ansas C ity, M o.
Hall J . C., Fairm ont, W. Va.
Hall J. C.. Rocheport, Mo.
♦Hall J. D., Plym outh, 111.
Hall J . E „ Soperton, Ga.
♦Hall J. ^., Owasa, Ia.
H all John E., Meredosia, 111.
H all J . F., Vincennes, Ind.
Hall J . H., Newton, Ga.
H all J. M., Ithaca, Neb.
♦Hall J. M ., Peoria, Ariz.
♦Hall J. W., Royse C ity, Tex.
H all J. W . L., New Boston, Tex.
H all L. C.. Milledgeville, Ga.
♦Hall L. Ella, Pullm an, W. Va.
H all L. F., Ochiltree, Tex.
♦Hall L. J., Healdsburg, Cal.
♦Hall Minnie, W orthington, O hio.
♦Hall M . G., Delton, M ich.
H all M . O., Clever, Mo.
Hall N. C., Olin, Ia.
Hall O. C., Bay M inette, Ala.
H all O. D.. Cardwell. Mo.
Hall P. L.. Farm ingdale.N. Tt.
Hall Ralph, Neola, la .
♦Hall R. A., P o rt H enry, N. Y.
H all R. G., Lerna. 111.
H all R. H ., Lum ber City, Ga.
♦Hall R obert, Oneonta, N . Y.
♦Hall R. S., New ton, Ga.
♦Hall R. T ., Riner, Va.
Hall R. V., Hanford, Cal.
♦Hall R. W ., Lexington, Tenn.
H all Ralph, Edgeley, N. D.
♦Hall Stella M .. Hollis. K an.
♦Hall T. M ., Dublin, Ga.
♦Hall T . R., Buckhannon, W. Va.
♦Hall T. Q., Los Angeles, Cal.
H all V. A., Bladen. Neb.
Hall W. A., Yadkinville, N. C.
H all W. A-> Ontonagon, M ich.
Hall W. C., Columbus Junction,
♦Hall W. D „ Chesnee, S. C.
Hall Wm. H., Beaver Dam , Wis.
♦Hall W. R ., Bedias, Tex.
♦Hall W . R., P etalum a, Cal.
♦Hall W. R., Quapaw, Okla.
♦Hall W. S., W infred, S. D.
♦Hall W. S., Indianapolis, Ind.
H a ll W . S., F re e p o rt. N . Y.
♦ H a lla d a y E . H .. F a rin a . 111.
♦H allan O. E ., Sp rin g G ro v e .M in n
♦H allberg A. A.. M a p le P la in .
M in n .

Hallbom G., Chicago, 111.
♦Hallen E. G., Clear Lake, Wis.
Hallenbeck F. S., Hudson. N. T.
Hallenbeck John, Saugerties.N.Y.
Hallenberg H., Carson, N. D.
♦Haller Anthony, Mt. Clemens,
♦Haller C., Blair, Neb.
♦Haller Leuz F., Zap, N. D.
H aller L. F., Wheeling, W. V .
Haller W. K., Ashdown, Ark.
♦Halleran C. V., Pittsburgh, Pa.
H allett C. L., Cape Charles, Va.
♦H alleit Chas. P., Winsted, Conn.
H allett F. D.. W insted, Conn.
♦Halley A. M ., Charing, Ga.
♦Halley A. S., Rapid City, S.D.
H alley Jr., Jam es, Keystone, S.D.
H alley J. A., Joakum , Tex.
Halley O. T ., Brownfield, Tex.
Halley R. H.. L a Plata. M d.
H alliday C. F., Parker, Ind.
♦Halliday J. H.. P oint Arena, Cal.
Halligan T. H., Starke, Fla.
Hallln A. B„ Cambrige, Minn.
H allm an K. E ., Glenwood. Ark.
Halloran J. E ., M ow bray, N . D.
♦Hallowell W. G., Philadelphia,
♦Halls J. R ., Youngstown, O.
H allstein H. A., Zellenople, Pa.
♦Hallstein O. E ., Varina. Ia.
Hally Joseph C., M cH enry, 111.
Halm huber George, Frankfort,K y.
♦Halphen R obt. P ., St. M artinville, La.
♦Halpin J. J., E . St. Louis, 111.
♦Halsey G. E „ New York City,
N. Y.
Halsey T. M .,N ew Y ork City,N.Y.
♦Halstead T . H., Sioux City, Ia.
H alstead Wm., Wilcox, Neb.
♦H alterm an H arry, M t. Vernon,
♦Halverson A. E ., Forest River,
N. D.
♦Halverson A. E.. Roseau. M inn.
Halverson A. H., Burlington, N .D .
♦Halvorson Albert. Clear Lake,
♦Halverson A. O., B randt, S. D.
♦Halverson L.B. Flandreau, S. D.
Halverson H. G., M ilton, N. D.
Halverson J . B., Stanley, Wis.
♦Halverson J. O., Lisbon, N . D.
♦Halverson Orpheus H. E ., Fairview, N. D.
Halverson W. F.. B randt. S. D.
Halvorsen J. A.. H artland. M inn.
Halvorson C. N ., Bruce, S. D.
H alvorson C. N ., Castlewood, S.
♦Halvorson C. O., Beach, N . D.
H alvorson H. N ., Clear Lake, Ia.
Halvorson M artin, Wanamingo,
M inn.
H alvorson Nels, Crosby, N . D.
♦Halvorson S., M cH enry, S. D.
♦Halvorson T . N ., Dallas, Wis.
♦Ham A. P., Edgeley, N. D.
Ham M. L., Morven, N. C.
Ham achek A. W ., Algoma, Wis.
H am aker H. H., Sweetsers, Ind.
H am ann W. C., Keystone, Ia.
♦H am blen K. S., Belton. Tex.
♦Hamblen R. E ., Clayton, N. M.
H am bleton J. B., T uttle, Okla.
♦Hambleton S.. E aston. M d.
♦Hambley H. M ., Merced, Cal.
Ham blin G. C., W inthrop, Ark.
♦Hambrick G.T., Georgetown, Ky.
♦Hambrick Sallie, Bradley, Okla.
H am bright H. G., Marshfield,Wis.
H am bright J. E., Perry, Ia.
H am bright R obert, Avinger, Tex.
♦H am by M. E .. Hugoton. Kan.
♦Hamel J. H., Zurich, Kan.
Ham el S. A., Indianola, Miss.
♦Hamer T . W., Dillon, S. C.
Ham er W. H., M adison, Kan.
H am ery Geo. T , Gonvick, M inn.
♦Harnes C. W.. Gaffney, S. C.
Hamill M. F., Parkesburg, Pa.
H am ilton A. C., Parkville, Mo.
♦H am ilton A. H., Augusta. Ark.
H am ilton A. S., Galesburg, 111.
H am ilton B. E ., R obert Lee, Tex.
Ham ilton C. A., H um phreys, Mo.
♦H am ilton C. E „ Aberdeen, Miss.
Ham ilton O. E ., Fresno. Cal.
Ham ilton Claud. Gore. Okla.
Ham ilton C. W., W estboro, Wis.
H am ilton D. H., W ynne, Ark.
♦H am ilton F. D., L iverty, Mo.
H am ilton F.G., W enatchee, W ash.
H am ilton Foster, Ensley, Ala.
♦H am ilton F rank, F t. Gibson,
Ham ilton G. L „ Ambridge, Pa.
H am ilton Guy, W hitewright, Tex.
♦H am ilton H. B., Parkville, Mo.
Ham ilton H ., Remington, Va.
♦Ham ilton H . M., Pauls Valley,

♦Hamilton I. S., Hillsboro, Ind.
Ham ilton J . A., Marissa, 111.
♦Ham ilton J . A., New Wilson,
H am ilton J. B„ Vienna, Ga.
Ham ilton J. B.. W etonka, S. D.
Ham ilton J. F., Cordele, Ga.
♦Hamilton J. R., Terrell, Tex.
♦H am ilton Ju llett, Decatur, Neb.
H am ilton J. W., Rio Vista, Cal.
Ham ilton M. H., Normal., 111.
♦Hamilton N. B., D ecatur, Ia.
H am ilton Oscar O., Stockwell.Ind.
H am ilton O. C., F la t Rock, 111.
♦Hamilton R. B., Bishop, Tex.
♦Hamilton R. D., Ringgold, Tex.
Ham ilton R. R., Am oret, Mo.
H am ilton R. T „ Sand Lake, Mich.
♦Ham ilton T., Anatone, Wash.
Ham ilton T. M., Chester, Pa.
Ham ilton Thos. R., Dalton, Mo.
Ham ilton V. H., E ast Liberty, O.
♦Hamilton W .C.,Birmingham,Âla.
Ham ilton William, Clinton, Mass.
♦Hamilton W. J., C anton, N . Y.
Ham ilton W. K., G uthrie Center,
Ham ilton W. P.. Townsville. N.O.
Hamlen J. E., Vallejo, Cal.
Ham ler J , A., Summerfield,.Kan.
Ham ley A. J., Dunellen, N. J .
Ham lin F. H., Holcomb, N. Y.
♦Hamlin F. N.. Gardiner, Me.
Hamm E. S., Pecatonica, 111.
H am m L. R., H enrietta, Tex.
♦Ham mack H . E ., Springerton,
Ham m ack J . E., Springerton, 111.
♦Hammack M. B„ J r., Sturgis, Ky.
H am m an P. D., Butler, Ind.
Ham m arberg C. H., M ilaca.M inn.
♦H am marlund H. D ., Janesville,
♦Hammedian B. R. L., M adison,
♦Hammel C. A., Clay Center, Kan.
H am m an Z. M ., M adrid, Ia.
♦Hammel E . J., Eldorado, Kan.
Ham m el P. D., M iltonvale, Kan.
Hamm«* C. A.. Allendale, Mo.
Ham m er Ed., Hillsboro, Wis.
Ham m er E. O.. Litchfield, Minn.
Ham m er J. A., Allendale, M o.
♦Hammer J. A., Galesville, Wis.
Ham m er J. G.. Jenkins, M inn.
♦Hammer O. R., Coweta, Okla.
Ham m er P. R., Pem berton, M inn.
Ham m er Robt., Hillsboro, W. Va.
♦Hammer W. A., D ecatur, 111.
♦Hammerel E . M ., W atkins, M inn.
Ham m erschm idt À. E.. Sycamore,

♦Hammes E. A.. M adison. M inn.
♦H am m ett A. C., Greenville, S. C .
♦Hammock Geo. H., Roby, Tex.
♦Hammock M anye, Hartsville,
♦Hammon F. E dith, A tlanta. Neb.
Ham m on M . W ., West Farm ington. O.
Ham m ond A. A., M arthaville, La.
Hammond A. H., Orr, N. D.
♦Hammond Chas., Basehor, Kan.
Hammond C. A.. Stockton. 111.
♦Hammond O. A.. T able Grove.IU.
♦Hammond C. A., H artsville,Tenn.
Ham m ond C. C., Des Moines,
N. Mex.
Hammond C. C., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Ham m ond Chas. M., Fredericks­
burg, Ind.
Ham m ond E. D ., Grove, Okla.
Ham m ond E dgar J., Oxford, M d.
Ham m ond F rank, New York City.
Ham m ond H. J., Jr., Texline, Tex.
Ham m ond J. T ., J r., Lake Village,
Ham m ond J. T. Jr., L ittle Rock,
Hammond L. G., Reed City, Mich.
♦Hammond Ray, Stephens, Ark.
Ham m ond R. H ., Adair, 111.
Hammond R. S., Argonla, Kan.
Hammond S. S., B ath. Mich.
♦Hammond T. C., San Diego. Cal.
Ham m ond T. O.. Helena, M ont.
Hammond W . B., Bonifay, Fla.
H am m ond W. B.. Yonkers. N.Y.
Ham m ond Wm., Colesburg, Ia.
Hammond W. L., Ludlngton.Mich.
Hammond W. T. S., Los Angeles,
Ham m ons A. T., Payson, Ariz.
H am pe H. T ., Rock Rapids, Ia.
♦Hampil S. O., Beaum ont, Tex.
♦Hampson R. B., Riverside, Cal.
H am pton A. H.. W inchester, Ky.
♦H am pton C. E., Algood, Tenn.
♦H am pton E . G.. Clyde. Tex.
H am pton M. B.. W hite Sulphur.
Springs, Mont.
H am pton W. E ., Ponca City,
♦Ham re
T., Gra ":3 Falls,M inn.
♦Hamrick J. W.. Villa Rica. Ga.
Ham sher C. F., Los Gatos, Cal.
♦Hamsher S. B., D e Graff, O.
♦H am street C. S., Clear Lake, Ia.

♦ H a n b y J . W ., M esq u ite , T ex.
H a n ce T h o s. 0 ., N iles, M ich .
H a n c h J o h n P ., Sherw ood, W is.
H a n c h e r H . F ., C aldw ell, O.
H a n c h e tt G. M „ F t. M adison, la .
H an co ck B . L ., O w enton, K y .
•H a n c o c k C. P ., O ’Neill, N eb.
H an co ck F . M ., A lton, K an .
♦ H ancock H . D ., P e n d e r, N eb.
H an co ck J . E ., M o n tez u m a , In d .
H an co ck Jesse, M onessen, P a .
♦H ancock J . G ., A th en s, G a.
♦ H ancock M . H ., C oulee C ity ,
W ash.
H an co ck R . K ., T e k a m a h , N eb .
♦H ancock T . F ., D e tro it, Mich.
H an co ck T . M., L acon, 111.
♦ H a n c u ll Iris, W illiam sb u rg , P a .
♦ H a n d C. F ., P h ilad e lp ld a , P a .
H a n d C. M .. P a d u c a h . K r .
♦ H a n d b e rg P e te r,Ish p e m ln g .M lch .
H a n d e r A. E .. P e rry . Tex.
♦ H a n d e v id t N els, J r ., E d m o re,
N. D.
H a n d le y O L ., R ichw ood, O.
H a n d le y D . B „ B ro cto n . 111.
♦ H andley J. J ., M ilw aukee, W is.
H a n d le y L. A ., R ichm ond, In d .
H a n d le y M. C., S te p to e , W ash .
H a n d s J . H ., S a n d u sk y , Mich.
H a n d sc h y F .F .,B e llin g h a m ,W a sh .
H a n d y F . G., W illm ar, M inn.
♦ H a n d y J . E ., P assaic, N . J .
H a n d y Jn o . R ., L oveland, Colo.
♦ H a n d y Jn o . T ., M a rio n S ta tio n ,
M d.
H a n d y R . A ., D e n v er, Colo.
♦H anel E . E ., S ta n to n , N eb .
H a n e l E . E ., T a b le R o ck , N eb .
H a n es E . A ., O tta w a, K an.
H a n e s H . J .. R ich m o n d , In d .
♦ H an es R . S.. O tta w a . K a n .
♦H anes T h o s., W estfield, la .
H a n e y Jo h n , Sem inole, T ex.
H a n e y O. W ., O artersville, G a.
H a n e y V. V ., A sher, O kla.
♦ H a n f C h e ste r D ., F a ll R iv e r, W is.
H a n fo rd E . T ., M iddletow n, N . Y .
H a n fo rd Geo. B ., E a s t Islip , N . Y .
H a n fo rd H . W ., O akesdale, W ash .
H a n g e n C has. P ., W ellington, K an .
H a n g er, L . E „ Sellersburg, In d .
♦ H anisch O scar, W au p u n , W is.
♦ H anley B. A ., K o k o m a, In d .
♦ H a n le y W m ., Jerse y v ille , 111.
H a n k e n A. B „ T im b er L ake, S.D .
H a n k erso n F . H ., L a Crosse, W is.
H a n k e y W . L ., W ilm erding, P a .
♦ H a n k in s E . E ., M cF all, M o.
H a n k in s E . H ., R ay v llle, Mo.
H a n k in s E v a rt, F inchville, K y .
♦H an k in s H . C ., R ay v ille, M o .
H a n k in s J . C ., B o u ld er, Colo.
♦H an k in s L. B ., A lta m o n t, M o.
♦ H a n k in s R . H .. W arre n . A rk.
H a n k s A lpheus, E m h o u se. Tex.
H a n k s C. W ., P a le stin e, Tex.
H a n k s R . W ., R ed w ater, Tex.
H a n k s W. F., P o w e rs L a k e . N .D .
♦ H an ley B. A ., K okom o, In d .
♦ H an ley J . R ., W eav er, M in n .
♦ H an ley M. J .,B o w lin g G reen, K y.
H a n le y W m . F ., L o g a n sp o rt, In d .
H a n lo n F r a n k , A d am s, M ass.
♦ H anlon H . E „ G alesburg, 111.
H a n ly F . E ., B illings, M o n t.
H a n ly L. F ., C lear L ake, S. D.
♦ H a n n C harles. B altim o re, M d .
H a n n C h as. K ., Sparrow s, M d .
H a n n C. I., B u rlin g to n J e t., Mo.
H a n n a B. S., R ay m o re, Mo.
♦ H a n n a C. B ., E p w o rth , la .
♦ H a n n a E a rl. W ood L ak e, N eb .
H a n n a Geo. W ., C lay C en ter, K a n .
♦ H a n n a J . W ., T ark lo , Mo.
♦ H a n n a M arg aret. R o a c h d a le .In d .
H a n n a P . S., C o lem an , M ich . ,
♦ H a n n a W . £>., W infield, la .
H a n n afo rd R .G .,M t.V em o n .W ash .
H a n n a h F . C .. B erlin. N . H .
H a n n a h J . W .. A pache, O kla.
♦ H a n n a h N . H ., F o s te r, K y .
H a n n a h s H . W ., A dam s, N . Y .
♦ H annah s R . G ., W aterto w n , N .Y .
♦ H a n n a n Jo e, M ad ill, O kla.
H a n n a y J . K ., E d iso n , W ash .
♦ H a n n a y J . K ., J r ., E d iso n , W ash .
♦H annel C. A ., C lay C en ter, K a n .
♦ H a n n e r O. A ., C a n to n , O.
H a n n e r H . M ., D a v id C ity , N eb .
H a n n o n W . F ., H am ei, M in n .
♦H an n u m E . O., Soldier, K an .
♦ H a n n y A ., R osw ell. N . M.
♦ H anover S., M cG regor, Tex.
H an o v er W . V ., M cG regor, T ex.
♦ H a n ra h a n C. T ., C h arlo tte , la .
♦ H an sch L. R ., W ishek. N . D .
♦H anscom E . F ., B o sto n , M ass.
H anscom e C . M .. N ico llet, M in n .
H ansel C. C., M onterey, Va.
♦H ansell A. J .. A tla n ta . G a.
H a n se n A. K ., Sh erm an , S. D .
♦H ansen A. W ., C lin to n , la .
H a n se n A . W ., S hoshone, Id a .*
H a n se n C has. M., E llsw o rth , W is.
♦H ansen E a rl C ., C u ste r, S. D .
H an sen G eo. O ., S an R afael, C al.
♦H ansen H . E ., S t. P a u l, N eb.
H an sen H en ry , N ew L ib e rty , la .
H a n se n I. E ., F a rg o , N . D .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H a n se n Jam e s, F o r t B en to n ,
M o n t.
H an sen , J . E ., C ry s ta l L a k e , la .
♦H an sen J . F ., N o . L o u p , N eb .
H a n se n K. C., B a ttle L ake, M inn.
H a n se n L ., R ussell, M in n .
H a n se n L ., L o u p C ity, N eb.
♦H an sen L. A ., M a c k a y , Id a .
H an sen L ily M ., C hicago, 111.
♦H an sen L . P ., R ussell, M in n .
♦H an sen M. J ., L a k e B en to n .M inn.
H a n se n Ole, C o u lte r, la .
♦H an sen O. L ., E p h ra im , U ta h .
H a n se n R . L ., G lover, N . D .
H a n se n T . S., C ap a , S. D .
H a n se n U hl, G oodrich, Colo.
H a n so n A. B ., C am b rid g e. M in n .
H an so n A b ra h a m . H a tto n , N . D.
♦H an so n A lvin, K a n aw h a , la .
♦ H a n so n A . M ., L a n e sb o ro .M in n .
H an so n A. M ., S t. Jam e s, M inn.
♦H anson A. N ., O ldham , S. D .
H a n so n A. P ., F e rtile, M inn.
♦ H an so n A . W ., L eeds, N . D .
H a n so n B. M ., L akeville, M in n .
H a n so n C. A .. C allender, la .
♦H an so n C. A ., P la z a , N . D .
♦H an so n C. E ., B odi, la .
♦H an so n C . E ., W est U n ion,
M in n .
H a n so n C. M ., C u rrie, M in n .
♦H an so n Ernest, W ahoo, N eb.
♦H anson E . A ., B enson, M in n .
H a n so n E . A ., D e ca tu r, N eb.
H a n so n E . G ., N io b e, N . D .
♦H anson E . J .,B rec k e n rid g e ,M in n .
♦H an so n E . L ., T h o m p so n , la .
♦H anson E . W ., E lk M o u n d , W is
H a n so n E lm er B .. F e rtile , M in n .
H a n so n E lm e r G ., H itte rd a h l,
M in n .
H a n so n F . F ., A berd een , S. D.
♦H an so n F re d S., E lg in , la .
♦H an so n G . E ., W a te rto w n , 8. D .
H a n so n G. L .. O ran, la .
♦H an so n H., P a rsh a ll, N . D .
H a n so n H ., W ab ek , N . D .
♦H an so n H . A ., L itch field , M inn.
♦H an so n H . C ., A lb e rt L ea, M in n .
♦H an so n H . C ., D ooley, M o n t.
♦H anson H . C .. O stra n d er, M in n .
H a n so n H . L ., M ek in o ck , N . D .
♦H an so n H . L ., P ro sp e r, N . D .
H a n so n H . M ., H o w ard , 8. D .
♦H anson H . M ., N ew folden, M in n .
H a n so n H . N ., K rem , N . D .
♦H an so n H . O ., L itch v ille. N . n .
♦H an so n H olger, G rayling, M ich.
♦ H an so n H o w ard , D ra p e r, S. D .
H a n so n H . S., P oison, M ont.
♦ H a n so n Irv in g E ., W au p aca, W is.
♦H an so n Iv e r, W alh alla , N . D .
H a n so n I. F ., W ash b u rn , W is.
♦H an so n J a s . M ., C ro o k ston,
M in n .
H a n so n J . M „ D av ey , N eb.
♦H anson J . O ., C en terv ille, 8 . D .
♦H an so n L eo., C a rtw rig h t, N . D .
H a n so n L e o n a rd , B u x to n , N . D .
H a n so n L. V ., Scobey, M o n t.
H a n so n M arius, G rayling, M ieh.
♦H anson M elv in , C ooperstow n,
N . D.
♦H an so n M . N ., T a y lo r, W is,
♦H an so n M . O., R ussell, M in n .
♦ H an so n O . D ., R e p u b lica n C ity,
N eb.
♦H an so n O. E ., L an sfo rd , N . D .
H an so n O scar, W ahoo, N eb.
♦H anson P . A .. T ow ner, N . D .
♦H anson R . D ., P rie s t R iv e r, Id a .
♦H an so n R . M „ C hicago, 111.
♦H anson T . B ., N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
H a n so n T h o s., N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
H a n so n T . S., N o rth w o o d , la .
♦H anson W . I., R edw ood, N . Y .
H a n so n W . L ., C h u rc h s F e rry ,
N . D.
H an ssen H e n ry , K an sas C lty.M o.
H a n stin e G. B „ W hite W a te r.K a n .
♦ H an zlik H . N ., W onew oc, W is.
♦H ap p el T . K .. T re n to n . T en n .
H a p p e rs e tt H . G ., M a to a k a . W .
♦H aralson H . H ., B o n ita. Tex.
H a ra lso n J . L ., D onalsonville, G a.
♦ H a rb a u g h G. E .,W e llin g to n ,K an .
H a rb e r W . E ., Sem inole, O kla.
♦ H a rb e rt E . E ., T ao s, N . M ex.
♦ H a rb e rt E . J ., B enedict. N eb .
H a rb e rt R . P ., D in u b a , C al.
♦ H a rb e rts G . D ., G ru n d y C en ter,
la .
H a rb e so n B., A u g u sta, K y.
Harbin L. D „ B urleson, T ex .
H a rb iso n C. H .. M asontow n, P a .
H a rb iso n F . L ., G reenville, M iss.
H a rb rid g e 8. M ., R acin e, W is.
♦ H a rb u c k F ra n k , W heeling,W . V a .
♦ H a rc o u rt G . M ., S an A n to n io,
♦ H a rc o u rt L .Y ., W ea th e rfo rd , Tex,
♦ H a rd a o re R . B ., Los A ngeles, Cal.
H a rd a w a y J r., J . S., N e w m an ,G a.
H a rd a w a y J . W ., ShepherdsvU le,
K y.

H a rd e b ec k W . A ., L a to n ia , K y.
H a rd e e B. H ., C leveland. M iss.
H a rd e m a n H . H ., T a tu m , T ex.
H a rd e n C . E ., C h am b ers, N e b .
H a rd e n E . A ., L ogan, la .
♦H ard en E . E .. H o ltv ille, C al.
♦ H a rd e n W . G ., B ran ch v ille, N . J .
♦ H ardenbrook G uy, A lbion, In d .
H a rd e r B. E ., B aker, Ore.
♦ H a rd e r G eorge, K e y sto n e , la .
♦ H a rd e r R o b t. M ., K e y sto n e , la .
H a rd e r W . J ., R e d W ing, K an .
♦ H a rd e sty C. J ., M t. E d e n , K y .
H a rd e sty E . M„ W eston, Mo.
H a rd e sty J . A ., M ario n , In d .
H a rd e sty R . R ., W a y n e sb u rg , P a.
♦ H a rd e sty W . 8., J o h n s to n C ity ,
H a rd ie J n o , C hicago, 111.
♦H ardig Geo. P ., C in c in n ati, O.
H a rd in C. S., A ltoona, A la.
H a rd in E . C.. M onm outh. 111.
♦ H ard in G u y A ., B ra n d e n b u rg ,
K y.
♦ H ard in G . F ., H a n n a , O kla.
♦ H ardin J . B . Spur. T ex.
♦ H ard in K . M ., E ld o ra , la .
H a rd in W . T .. Cisco, 111.
H a rd in g B . W ., G allitzin, P a .
H a rd in g C . A ., B aldw in, la .
H a rd in g C . E ., Sac C ity , la .
H a rd in g C hester, Jefferson C ity ,
♦ H a rd in g C. J ., P ittsfie ld , M ass.
♦ H arding C. R ., L a G ra n d e . O re.
♦ H arding C. T ., L ahgford, 8. D .
H a rd in g F . R ., L angford. S. D.
H a rd in g G. B ., O n ta rio , Cal.
H a rd in g H a rry C ., O sceola, W is.
H a rd in g H . N ., Cass L ake, M inn.
♦ H ard in g R . H ., W in d b e r, P a .
♦H arding W m . B ., W ash in g to n ,
N . O.
♦ H ard in g W . H ., M eadow G rove,
N eb.
H a rd in g W . T „ E m p o ria, V a.
♦ H ard in g er E ., T in ley P a rk , 111.
H a rd in g e r T . S., G reen C ity, Mo.
H ard iso n B. F ., R idgely, T enn.
♦H ardsog D . S., M uncie. In d .
H a rdw ick W . M., D a lto n , Ga.
H a rd y A. H ., E d ith , T en n .
H a rd y C. R ., W ea u b le a u , M o.
♦ H a rd y D u d ley , T a c o m a , W ash.
♦ H a rd y E d w in , B uckholts, T ex.
H a rd y F r a n k S.. E m p ire . M ich.
H a rd y L aw son, B arw ick, Ga.
H a rd y L. E.. R ushford. N. Y .
H a rd y R . D ., A m elia C , H ., Va.
♦ H a rd y 8., H a m lin , Tex.
♦ H a rd y T . F ., M t. P le a sa n t, T ex.
♦ H a rd y V. E ., C e d a r H ill, Tex.
H a rd y W . G ., W inchester, V a.
H are A. C ., N ew Y o rk C ity , N . Y .
♦ H are J . M ., B ry a n , Tex.
H a re Jr., Jo h n , P e n n s G rove, N .J .
♦ H a re S ta n le y H „ S tep h en , M in n .
H a rfo rd F . W ., Springfield, O.
H a rg a d in e H . W „ F red e ric a . D el.
H a rg a n R . R ., H odgenville, K y.
H a rg e tt W . L ., H ig h P o in t, N . C.
H argis C. B ., N a sh , Tex.
♦H argis H . L ., K ingston, G a.
H arg is N . C ., C in c in n ati, la .
H argis Thos., H u n tsv ille , A rk.
H a rg le ro a d W . B ., J r., H olstein,
N eb.
♦ H argrove A. H ., Suffolk, Va.
♦ H a rg ra v e C. E ., Suffolk. V a.
H a rg ra v e J . W ., Y o rb a L in d a,C a l.
♦ H a rg ra v e R . W ., C a rrin g to n ,
N. D.
H arg ro v e J . N ., V ienna. G a.
♦ H arine M a ry . B agley, la .
♦ H a rin g to n W. J ., M ag n o lia, A rk.
H a rk e r F ra n k , R idgeville, In d .
♦ H a rk e r V ida, O saw atom ie, K an.
♦ H a rk e y D . A ., T u p elo , M iss.
♦ H a rk e y O tto , San S aba, T ex.
♦ H a rk e y R . L ., Ola, A rk.
H a rk e y T . G ., S alado, T ex.
H ark ln so n R .. A n tio c h . Cal.
♦H arkison T . S. .W illow C ity ,N .D .
H ark less D. J ., P a u ld in g , O.
H a rk n e ss A. S., Q u arryvllle. P a .
H a rk n e ss O. N ., B eeler, K an .
H a rk n e ss E d ., C hico, C al.
H ark so n H a ra ld . S olvang, C al.
♦ H a rla n C . A ., B u rn s, Ore.
H a rla n C . C. Springfield, S. D .
♦ H a rla n C. E ., R enovo, P a.
H a rla n C. W ., Cleves, O.
♦ H a rla n F . M ., W ilm ington, O.'
H a rla n H . V ., D ell R ap id s, S. D.
♦ H a rla n T . K ., O ttu m w a , la .
H a rla n W . A ., H eb er, C al.
H a rla n W . M .. S ta m fo rd . Tex.
H a rla n d 8. P ., P a lm y ra . Va.
H a rle F r a n k J ., C leveland, T en n .
♦H arle F . J ., C leveland, T e n n .
H a rle y A . M ., H o u sto n , M iss.
♦H arley B. T ., Elw ood, 111.
♦H arley Chas,, G rand G orge, N .Y .
H a rle y - D u d ley , M artin sb u rg ,
W . Va.
H a rlin J . C., G ainsville. Me.
H a rlin W . T .. W e s t P la in s, Mo.

204 1
H arlin g , C. B ., Sedgw ick, K a n .
♦ H arling H . B ., Sedgw ick, K a n .
H a rlin g J . D ., W o o d la n d , Cal.
H a rlin g W . H ., E dgefield, S. C.
♦H arlow E u g e n e B ., K in g m an ,
K an .
♦H arlow W a tt. R ison, A rk.
♦ H arm eier Irv in , C am b rid g e C ity ,
In d .
H a rin e r R o y , P lu m C ity , W is.
♦ H a rm e r W. M ., D odge C e n te r,
M in n .
H a rm e s L. D ., H o u sto n , Tex.
♦ H arm on A . C., K noxville, T e n n .
♦ H a rm o n D . B ., L a k e C harles, L a .
♦ H arm o n E . V ., Y re k a , C al.
H a rm o n F . C., Shellrock, la .
♦ H arm o n F . J ., N e w p o rt, A rk.
♦ H arm on H . N .. M arshall. M inn. .
♦ H a rm o n H . N ., G lendive, M o n t
H a rm o n J . T ., A llen. O kla.
H a rm o n M . A ., C hicago, 111.
♦ H arm on M y rtie B ., B elleville,
W is.
H a rm o n W m . W ., M enom m ee,
M ich .
_ j
♦H arm onson G . W ., F illm ore, C al.
H a rm s B .. M cP herson, K an.
♦ H arm s H . H ., W h itin g , In d .
H a rm s H . J ., B ru n sv ille, la .
H a rm s H . M., D eshler, N eb.
H a rm s J o h n J r ., R iverdale, 111.
H a rm so n R . N ., H azen,' N . D .
H a m a g e l M „ F a rm in g to n . Ia .
H a rn e d H al., D aw sonsprlngs. K y .
H a rn e d W . L .. W oodbridge. N .J .
H a rn e r H e n ry C., L a n c a ste r, P a .
H a rn e ss G eo. T ., So. C h a rle sto n .
W . V a.
. . .
H a rn e y J . B ., B ra d fo rd , 111.
H a ro ld G . O ., B rew ton. A la.
♦ H arold O. J ., C orning, A rk.
♦ H aro ld R . A ., L om a, N . D .
H aro ld so n H , F „ B rookings, S. D.
♦ H a ro v e r G. T ., H e n d erso n , Ia .
H a ro v e r M. C.. H en d erso n . Ia .
♦ H arover M . G ., M an c h e ste r, O .
H a rp e r A . P ., L a F o n ta in e , In d .
♦ H a rp e r C has. J ., B eresford, S. D .
H a rp e r C has. M ., M exico, In d .
H a rp e r E. L ., Ocilla, G a.
H a rp e r F . J ., L ogan, K an .
H a rp e r G eorge, V illa R ica, G a.
♦ H a rp e r H . C ., H urlo ck , M d .
H a rp e r Jesse B „ Y a rd le y , P a .
♦ H arp er Jn o . E ., E u rek a , 111.
H a rp e r J . W ., H o t Springs. V a.
♦ H a rp e r L ee L ., G lasgow , M o n t.
H a rp e r M> L., E u rek a , 111♦ H arp er O. A ., R ec to r. A rk.
H a rp e r R . C ., R o y n er, T ex.
♦ H arper S. F., T im m onsville, S. O .
♦ H a rp e r W . H ., E c to r, T ex.
H a rp e r W . L ., H a rriso n , M ich .
♦ H arp o ld M ., R acine, Ohio.
H a r r a F . C .. C alifo rn ia. M o.
H a rre l N . D ., Lew isville. A rk .
H a rre ll E . M ., R h in e, G a.
♦ H arrell E . W .. A nson. Tex.
H a rre ll H . L ., C o lq u itt, G a.
♦ H arrell J . A ., E a s tm a n , G a.
♦ H a rre ll J . J ., C arm i, 111.
♦ H arrell O. M ., G ra n d V iew , T e x .
♦ H arrell R . S., Sandersville, G a.
H a rre ll S. C., M aypearl. T ex.
♦H arrell S. O., B loom ington, I n d .
H a rre ll W ., H a rre ll, A rk.
♦ H arrelson T . M ., N e w a rk , A rk .
H a rre n J . C ., F ree p o rt, M in n .
H a rre n N . J .. H oldingford. M in n .
♦H arries J . W., R en to n , W ash.
H a rrill E . E ., E llin b o ro . N . C♦H arrill H . H ., R u th e rfo rd to n ,
N.- C.
H a rrlm a n F . H ., H a v erh ill, M ass.
H a rrim a n L. J ., Fow ler, C al.
♦ H a rrim an O. H ., N ew Y ork C ity ,
N . Y.
♦ H a rrim a n W . H „ T e rra A lta .
W . V a.
H a rrln g to n C .. Siloam S prings,A rk.
♦ H a rrin g to n C. C ., C orona, C al.
H a rrin g to n D a v id , T ippecanoe,


♦H arrin g to n D . C „ C alum et, M ich .
H a rrin g to n D. L., B laine, K an .
♦ H a rrin g to n E .F .. H a rtfo rd . C onn.
♦ H a rrin g to n E . M ., L ittle R ock,
H a rrin g to n E a rl W .,D a k o ta ,M in n .
H a rrin g to n J.C .. A naconda, M o n t.
♦ H a rrin g to n J . P ., W en tw o rth , S.
H a rrin g to n M . D . , ‘G lazier, T ex. *
♦ H a rrin g to n R. M ., L a th ro p , M o .
H a rrin g to n T „ C olusa. Cal.
• H a rrin g to n W ,G .,L eadviile, Colo
H a rrin g to n W H ., F a rm in g to n ,
N . M.
♦ H a rrio tt R . C. , T e rre H a u te , I n d .
H a rris A llan A.., C h estertow n, M d.
H a rris A. L ., D ucor, C al.
H a rris A. L., O neida, 111.
♦ H a rris A . W„ H a rris , Mo.
H a rris B. B ., K e m p to n , 111.
H a rris B . C., Lew is, Ia .

H a rris B. M „ P a rk C ity, M oot.
H a rris B. S., D im ondale. M ich.
♦ H arris B. T ., A sh b u rn , G a.
H a rris C . D ., A n n a, 111.
♦H arris C . S., C lin to n , la .
♦ H arris-C has. V ., N e m ah a , N eb .
H a rris D a v id J ., C hicago, 111.
H a rris D . K .. Jolley, la .
♦ H arris D . P ., R icíd an d s, V a.
H a rris E . B.. H e len a . O kla.
H a rris E . C „ P ie d m o n t, A la.
H a rris E . E ., L e g g e tt, Tex.
H a rris B . F .. S to c k to n , Cal.
H a rris E . H . J r ., S edalia, M o .
H a rris E . R „ H a m p to n , Ga.
H a rris E . S., E a to n R ap id s. M ich .
♦ H arris E . W ., D aisy , M o ,
H a rris E . W ., D u b lin . T ex.
H a rris E d w a rd , R o se b u rg , M ich .
H a rris F . B ., W ic h ita, K a n .
♦ H arris F . H ., B elvidere, N eb .
H a rris F . J ., SaltviU e Va.
♦H arris M iss F lo rid a, E to n , G a.
H a rris F r a n k M ., P rin ce to n , Ip d .
H a rris F . R., A lb u q u erq u e, Ñ .
M ex.
H a rris F . W ., A lliance, N eb.
H a rris Geo. E ., W ad e n a , M inn.
♦H arris G . E ., J r ., S an A n to n io ,
T ex.
♦H arris G . C .. H u tc h in so n , K a n .
H a rris Geo. H ., D u ra n t,-O k la .
H a rris G. M., L uzern e, P a .
H a rris G. O ., P rin c e to n , K a n .
♦ H a rris M rs. G. O ., P rin c e to n ,
K an.
H a rris G . W ., P in e R iv e r, M in n .
♦ H arris G eo. W ., O ak esd ale.W ash .
♦ H arris H e rm a n , In m a n , S. C.
♦ H arris H . K ., T routvU le, V a.
♦ H a rris H . K„, A n tw e rp , 0 .
H a rris H . M., G rinnell, la .
H a rris H . R ., S eab o rd , N . C.
H a rris I r a F .. N a sh u a , N . H .
H a rris J a s . D ., M in eó la, Tex.
H a rris J . D .. D ialville. T ex . ‘
H a rris J . E ., O a k lan d , Me.
H a rris J . F ., D u ra n d . 111.
♦ H arris J . J ., O ak lan d , la .
H a rris J . M „ H o lt, Mo.
♦H arris J . M .. Noxapater, M iss.
♦ H a rris J . P ., Lew is. Ia .
H a rris J . P .. O xford, N . C.
♦ H arris J . P ., M a rk s, M iss.
♦ H arris L aw rence, B ay b o ro , N . C.
♦ H arris L aw ren ce, O rie n ta l, N.C.
♦ H arris L . E ., M ilan, Mo.
H a rris L . F ., D o v er, G a.
♦ H arris L. F ., D e n h a m Springs, L a
♦ H arris L. I., G ra y m o n t, 111.
H a rris L . F ., D e n h a m Springs, L a.
H a rris L. W ., E ld o ra , Ia .
♦ H a rris M. J . , A lb em arle. N . C.
♦H arris N e ttie E ., V alen tin e, N e b .
H a rris O. V oorhies, la .
♦ H a m s P . J ., P o r te r , O kla.
H a rris R . B ., O eean p ark , C al.
H a rris R . D ., M elbourne, A rk .
♦H arris R . E ., P le a sa n to n , N eb .
H a rris R . E ., M t. V ernon, S. D .
H a rris R . F ., S ed alia, Mo.
H a rris R . J ., S t. E d w a rd , N.eb.
H a rris R . L „ B loom ing G rove,T ex.
♦H arris R . L ., D allas, Tex.
♦ H arris R . R ., R om e. G a.
H a rris S. B ., A n tw e rp , O.
♦ H a rris S. 8., B lack sto n e, Va.
♦ H arris T . C „ O xford, N . C.
H a rris T . G „ W oodcliff, G a.
♦ H arris T . G ., L im a, O.
H a rris T heodore, V ersailles, K y.
H a rris W . B ., W auseon, O.
H a rris W . D .. W ilto n J u n c tio n , Ia .
♦H arris W . E ., D en iso n , T ex.
H a rris W illiam . W o o ster, O.
H a rris W m „ S an B ern ard in o , C al.
♦H arris W . F ., A rcad ia, O kla.
H a rris W . J ., R eno, Nev.
H a rris W . N „ T u r tle L ak e, N . D .
♦ H arris W . S., M eb a n e , N . C.
♦H arriso n A . A ., S ikeston. M o .
♦H arriso n A. D .. G ainesville. M o .
H a rriso n B o y k in .C oolidge, G a.
H a rriso n C ro c k e tt, F u lto n , M o .
♦ H arriso n C. B ., M ilan, T en n .
H a rriso n C. F „ Springfield, O.
H a rriso n C. H ., R u tla n d , V t.
H a rriso n C. M „ A m o ry , Miss.
H a rriso n D . B ., D ow ns, K an .
H a rriso n D . B .. R osedale. O kla.
H a rris o n D . H ., G o ld th w a ite
T ex.
H a rriso n D . R .. E ld o n , M o .
H a rriso n E d w in , G reenfield, Mo.
♦H arriso n M iss Effle, L e n o ir City,
T en n .
♦H arriso n E . R ., N ash v ille, T e n n .
H a rriso n G. 0 „ C ortez, Colo.
H a rriso n H . G ., D es A rc., M o.
H a rriso n H . K ., R ea d in g . P a .
H a rriso n J . A ., E u p o ra , M iss.
♦H arriso n J . A ., A uxvasse, M o.
H a rris o n J . D ., D an v ille, V a.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦ H arriso n J . B ., O range, Tex.
♦H ardison Jas. E „ S t. M ichaels,
M d.
♦H arriso n J . H ., Ih d ia n o la , N eb .
H a rriso n J . H ., R a v e n n a , N eb.
♦H arriso n J . J ., T u c u m c a ri, N .M .
H a rriso n J . R „ M ilan, T enn.
H a rriso n J . S., B re n h am , Tex.
♦H arriso n J . S., H a rriso n , G a.
H a rriso n Jo se f V.i H a rtfo rd , A la.
H a rriso n L. D., W h itin g . K a n . •
H a rriso n L. H ., C olum bia. N . C.
H a rriso n L. R., H o t S u lp h u r
Springs, Colo.
♦H arriso n O. T ., C lin to n , M in n .
H a rriso n O. W „ K e n sin g to n ,
M inn.
H a rriso n P . S., H ughesville. Md.
H a rris o n R . G .. W illiam sto n . N . O.
♦H arriso n W a lte r G ., N ew A lb a n y
In d .
H a rriso n W . H ., K rem m ling. Colo.
H a rriso n W . N ., L a v o n ia , Ga.
♦H arriso n W . N „ S to o k to n , Cal.
H a rriss, M . W ., G o ldston, N . O.
♦ H a rro d Geo. T .. S o u th Solon, O.
H a rro d E . P . , H a rro d , O.
♦H arro ld C . M . R idge F a rm , 111.
H a rro ld F .-E ., D e c a tu r, 111.
H a rro ld H-. H .. E d d y v ille, Ia .
♦ H a rro ld R ose, G ra ssy B u tte ,N .D .
H a rro u n A rth u r E ., Ired ell, T e x .
♦ H a rry A rth u r, W ellston, O.
♦ H a rry O. R ., H om e, K a n .
♦ H a rry S. C.. H om e, K an.
H a rry V irgil M ., R alsto n , O kla.
♦ H a rsch O. F .. P e o ria . 111.
H a rse im E . J ., Secor, 111.
♦ H a rsh D . E ., L o g an, O.
H a rs h H . F ., O reston, Ia .
H a rs h a H o y , P o rte r, O kla.
♦ H a rsh a W . N ., H askell, O kla.
H a rsh a w E . B ., G rove C ity, P a.
♦ H arsh aw G. L ., C lovis, N. M ex.
H a rsh b a rg e r, C. C„ Q uim by, la .
H a rsh b a rg e r C. L ., M ilton, W . V a.
♦ H a rszy J . A .. E . S t. L ouis. 111.
♦ H a rt B . H ., W arsaw , M o.
♦ H a rt C ., R ig b y , Id a .
H a r t C. S., D u n d e e, F la .
H a r t E . G., B rookeland, Tex.
♦ H a rt E . K .. A lbion, N . Y.
H a r t E . L. J r ., S t. Jo se p h . Mo.
♦ H a rt F re d E ., S o u th B end, In d .
H a r t G . D ., A lm o n t, Mien.
♦ H a rt G ene, C lin to n , M o.
♦ H a rt H . M „ S a n A nto n io . T e x .
H a r t H . V ., W a sh in g to n , P a .
♦ H a rt J e a n , P ie rc e to n , In d .
♦ H a rt J . F . t D es M oines, 'l a .
♦ H a rt J . R ., M t. P le a sa n t, Tex.
H a r t L . E ., Pinole. C a l..
♦ H a rt L ouise, S h e rm a n , N . Y.
♦ H a rt Ö. A .. V olin, S. D .
H a r t R . W ., C u n n ingham , K a n .
H a r t S am uel J r., C a rro llto n , M iss.
H a r t S. O ., Jack so n , M iss.
H a r t T . L ., F a y e tte v ille , A rk.
H a r t V ., G ross P la in s, T ex.
H a r t W . A ., C arso n , N . D ,
H a r t W . H .. S alem . S. D .
H a r t W a lte r O.. B reekenridge.M o.
♦ H a rt W . S „ H oU y H fil, S. C.
♦ H a rte R . G ., H in ck ley , M in n .
♦ H a rte r F red , E rie, P a .
H a rte r O. N ., W en o na, 111.
♦ H a rtg ro v e W . H ., O quaw ka, 1-11.
♦ H a rth e R. C ., H e rin g to n , K a n .*
♦ H a rtin g Jo s., L ex in g to n , K y.
H a r t je O'., C onw ay, A rk.
♦ H a rtk e L. J ., M o u n t Olive, 111.
♦ H a rtle O. L ., C o v ington, O.
♦ H a rtle y A. L ., M t. M o rris, P a .
H a rtle y H . O .. S to ck to n . M o.

H a rtsig E . G., W arre n . Mich.
H a rts o c k F . C ., W aynesville, O.
♦ H a rtso e L ela, C ardw ell, M o.
♦ H a rtso e L ela, M onet.te, A rk.
♦ H a rtso o k H o w ard , M aq u o n , 111.
H a rtso u g h H . W „ N orw ood. O.
H a r tt J . W ., S traffo rd , Mo.
H a rtu n g C has. M ., M o u n t V er­
non. l a .
H a rtu n g E . J ., A n ah eim . C al.
♦ H ä rtu n g H . B ., V an H o rn , Ia .
H a rtu n g R .R ., M cL aughlin. S. D
H a rtw e ll N . E ., L usk, W yo.
H a rtw e ll W . H .. S an F rancisco,
O al
♦H a rtw ic h J . W ., N ew ell, S. D .
H a r t w ick F ra n k , V ernon C enter,
M in n .
♦ H a rty A. W ., A llegan, M ich .
H a r ty J .. P u k w a n a . S. D.
♦ H a rtz A. C ., A lb e rt L e a , M in n .
H a rtz o g A. E ., P la to , M o.
H a rtz o g L. T ., A llendale, P a .
H a rv e y A. H ., U rich, M o.
H a rv e y A.- J ., M echanicsville,
N . Y.
♦ H a rv e y A rth u r L ., O ak P a rk , III.
H a rv e y B. T „ E ldon, Mo.
♦ H a rv e y C. B „ H a rilm a n . T oun.
♦H arv ey C. O., Flagstaff, A riz.
♦ H a rv e y O. C ., W illiam s, A riz.
H a rv e y C. O ., K alispell, M o n t.
H a rv e y O. W ay n e, F airfield, Neb.
H a rv e y D. N „ M onticello, Ga.
♦ H arv ey D . Z., A m azonia, M o.
H a rv e y E „ Zionsville, In d .
♦ H a rv e y E . C ., B elvidere, 111.
H a rv e y E . C lyde, V alera. T e x .
H a rv e y E . L ., V erden, Okla.
H a rv e y E lsw o rth , M ario n . In d .
♦ H a rv e y E rn e st, M eadville, M o.
H a rv e y F . B ., M o b erly , M o.
H a rv e y F ., E a s t R ad fo rd , V a.
H a rv e y F . P ., P o rtla n d , A rk.
H a rv e y Geo. C., C onstantine.M ich.
H a rv e y G eo. G ., J r ., G ovington.
T en n .
H a rv e y H . H „ K ellyville, O kla.
H a rv e y H ow ard, B eth an y , N eb.
♦ H a rv e y H e n ry R .. F oxburg, P a .
H a rv e y J . A ., W iljistpn, F la.
H a rv e y J . B., V anceboro, N . C.
H a rv e y J . N ., C hester, M o n t.
♦ H a rv e y J u d d E „ M an h a tta n . I a
H a rv e y Louis, W ellesley, M ass.
H a rv e y M. S .. C oudersport. P a .
H a rv e y Q. W ., Sunset, Tex.
♦H arv ey R . R ., D e Leon, T ex.
H a rv e y W . G ., H a rv e y , Ia .
♦ H arv ey W . H ., G reenw ood, S. C.
♦ H arv ey W . ,H-, M cD a d e , Tex.
H a rv e y W illis. M cD ade, Tex.
♦ H arvey W o rth , C o tta g e G rove,
H arw ell J . E ., M ansfield, G a.
H arw ell J . T ., H enderson, T enn.
♦H arw ell J . W .. C ovington, Ga.
♦H arw ell L. B. J r.. St. P a u l, Va.
♦H arw ood C. J ., G reeley. N eb.
H arw ood J . M ., P u lask i, T en n .
♦ H arw ood J . M. J r ., P u la sk i,T e n n .
H arw ood M . F ., S tra w b e rry
P o in t. Ia .
H a sb ro o k R . H ., Inez. Tex.
H asb ro u ck I. O.. Am es, Ia .
H ascall F r a n k A ., G oshen, In d .
H asegaw a H .. Seattle. W ash.

♦ H a ste d t R . L „ C olum bus, T ex.
♦ H astin g C arl, P e te rsb u rg , T e n n .
♦ H astings J ., D ijp m e tt, T e x .
♦H astings J . C ., W inslow , III.
H a stin g s P . A ., W ashin g to n , In d .
♦H astings R . G ., P o r t Gibson,M iss.
♦H aswell C .I..P o rt A ngeles.W ash.
♦ H a tc h H . j . , L ogan, U ta h .
H a tc h J . A „ H arlem , M ont.
♦ H a tc h J . E ., L ong B each, O al.
H a tc h Jam e s R ., R osendale. W is.
♦ H a tc h Lizzie, W oods C ro ss.U tah .
♦ H a tc h P e rr y , M a h a sk a , K an.
H a tc h W . K ., Willow, G ai.
♦ H a tc h W . T., Sioux C ity , Ia .
♦ H a tc h e r W a ite r, P ik ev ille, Ky*
♦ H a tc h e tt C ., ¡8,a u to , Tex.
H a tc h e tte V. E ., C hesnee. S . O.
H a tfie ld G. E ., So. W est C ity , M o .
H atfield L. S., P itsb u rg . O.
♦H atfield W alter O.. G reenfield.
In d .
♦ H a th a w ay F . A ., P re sc o tt, A riz.
♦ H a th a w a y G eo .,Ish p em in g ,M ich .
H a th a w a y Geo. O .. Sheldon, 111.
♦ H a th a w ay H . C ., H u m e, HI.
H a th a w a y J . C .,B ro o k s to n , T ex.
♦ H a th a w ay L . E ., Springboro, O.
♦ H a th a w a y N . C., N ew B edford,
M ass.
H a th c o a t M . A ., H a rriso n , A rk .
H a th o rn W . R .. A le x an d ria , L a.
♦ H athew ay E . &., D ew ey, Okla.
H a th w ay J . O., W aterto w n , N . Y .
♦H atleberg H . O., W inger, M in n .
H a tle r E . C ., H u g o to n , K a n . 7
H a tle r M . W aldo, S ta rk C ity , M o.
♦ H a tle r T. O ., N eosho. M o.
H a tle s ta d H . O., R ay , N . D .
H a tle y V., H o llad ay , T enn.
♦ H a tt V erna, P la tts m o u th , N eb.
H a tta w a y C. H ., A vera. G a.
♦ H a tte n L. R ., B u ch a n a n , N. D .
H a tte n W . P „ F u llerto n , N eb.
♦ H a tte u h a u e r H . O ., C ouncil
B luffs. Ia .
H a tte r H . W ., D eep R iver, Ia .
H a tte r L. W ., M illersburg, Ia .
H a tte rsc b e id H . C ., C ed a r Bluffs,
N eb.
♦ H a tte ry W ilber. C hicago, 111.
H a tto n A. E ., H eath sv ille, Va.
H a tto n E . A ., Dei R io, T e x .
♦ H a tts ta e d t W . O. J ., Chicago,111.
♦H au b rick J . 8 ., S t. P a u l, M in n .
H a u c k Geo. L ., W oodlake, M in n .
♦H audenschild F . C ., K enton. O.
H audenshield J . R ., W est M id d le ­
sex, P a.
H a u en ste in G. J .. H a ttie s b u rg ,
♦H auenstein W . J ., C h a rlo tte ,
M iqh.
H aufe T . J ., M ario n , W is.
♦H auff B jorn, Snohom ish, W ash.
♦H aug O scar, H olm an, W ls.
H a u g a n G . O., A rnegard, N . D

♦ H au g an O laf A ., M a rtin d a le ,
M o n t.
H augen H . J ., B rinsm ade, N . D .
♦H auge C. F .. A berdeen, S. D.
H a u g e I. J ., B lackduck, M in n .
H auge J . M ., H ardw ick, M in n .
H auge L . J .. A shby, M inn.
♦H auge N . J ., Jo p lin , M inn.
♦H auge O. E .. M adison, M inn.
♦H auge P ., D ennison, M inn.
♦ H asen jaeg er A . C„ M arthasyllle, H a u g en J . O .. G lenw ood, M inn.
H a u g en O. S „ S ta n le y , N . D.
H asen jaeg er F. L.. F ra n k fo rt, 111. H a u g en S. I., W ash b u rn , W is.
H au g er O. C., A storia, S. D.
H askell A. M ., C arth a g e, S. D .
H a u g h G . B ., C le ar Spring, M d .
H askell D. C., M endota. 111.
♦H aughey N ., D elphi, In d .
H a skell F . H ., P rin ce to n , 111.
H a u g n t W . B ., B lacksviile, W .V a.
♦H askell F . P ., R oslyn, N . Y .
♦ H a rtle y J . B ., B atesb u rg , S. C.
H askell W . W ., Saw telle, Cal.
♦ H a rtle y J . L ., M ingo, Ia .
H au g lan d I . C ., W arw ick, N . D .
♦ H a rtle y M cK ., B atesb u rg , S. C . ♦H askens O. M ., H a rla n , K y.
H a s k e tt C larence, C harlottesville, ♦ H augland W . C ., F o re st C ity , Ia .
H a rtle y R . D .. -Evansville, W ls.
♦H auk G. M ., D en v er, Oolo.
H a rtle y R . L „ S to c k to n , Mo.
H a s k e tt J . C., S tra u g h n , In d .
♦H auk J . L ., St. Louis, M o.
♦ H a rtle y R o b t., C in c in n ati, O.
♦H aum erson E . J ., Jan esv ille, W is.
♦ H a rtle y W ., B atesb u rg , S. C. ♦ H a s k e tt M . O ., S trau g h n , In d .
a u n F . E ., K noxville, T enn.
♦ H a rtle y W . C ., B a x te r Springs,
H a sk in s B . L ., N ew Y o rk C ity , H a u p t F . H ., R itzville, W ash.
K an.
♦ H a u p tm a n E . T ., A rth u r, Ia .
N . Y.
H a rtle y W . M ., B olckow , M o.
H a u sa m W .J., A rlin g to n H eig h ts,
♦ H a rtm a n A. G S W oodville, O.
♦ H a rtm a n C. E ., S t. M ary’s, P a .
♦H askins C. D ., M a rtin , T enn.
H a rtm a n D. B .,-M t. W olf, P a .
♦H askins D e w itt, C h a tta n o o g a , H ause C. D ., F a y e tte , O.
♦ H a rtm a n E . P .. L a k e View. Ia .
H a u se lt E . G ., O rlando, Fla.
O kla.
H ask in s Geo. A ., C incinnatus, ♦ H ausen W m ., B oyer, Ia .
H a rtm a n F . D ., F reehold, N . J .
N . Y.
H a rtm a n G . A ., N e k o m a, N . D . - ♦H aslacker A. B „ M oorefleld, ♦H auser A . A ., H a rtfo rd , W is.
H a rtm a n G . A ., P e n d le to n , Ore.
W . Va.
H a u se r B . A ., R ubicon, W is.
♦ H a rtm a n H . V ., B ro d h e ad , W is. ♦H asler Charles. O range, N . J .
H a u se r E a rl R ., Polo, M o.
H a rtm a n H . W ., H a x tu m , Colo.
H a sla m C. O ., M arshallville, G a. H a u se r J . A ., P la tte C enter, N eb.
H a rtm a n J . F ., Scottsville, K a n . ♦H asper A bel, F la t R ock, 111.
H a u sm a n n F , W „ Chicago, 111.
H a rtm a n J . L., M ifflintow n, P a.
H ass A . R ., T lngley, Ia .
H a u sn e r M a tth e w , M e ta , M o.
H a rtm a n Jo h n ,. Ju n c tio n C ity , H ass C. E „ C ushing Ia .
H a u sn e r S. F ., M e ta , M o.
♦H ass H . J . H ope, K an.
K an .
♦ H a rtm a n J . W ., C en tra lia , .Kan. ♦H ass J . M ., T a re n tu m , P a .
H a v em a n n F . G ., M olalla, Ore.
H a ss J . W ., N ew Y ork, N . Y .
H a v en G. A ., C hatfield, M inn.
H a rtm a n P . G ., H o n e y B rook, P a . H asse W m . H ., M ilw aukee, W is.
a v en J . R ., D enison, T ex.
♦H assell T heo., W illiam ston, N .G . H
H a rtm a n S id n ey J ., Oley, P a.
♦ H a rtm a n W m ., S tites, Id a .
♦H assebrock J . H ., S t. P e te r, 111. H a v e n R . E ., C la y to n , N . Y .
A . G ., New Y o rk C ity .
H a rtm a n n C. A ., C ollinsville, III. ♦H asselbusch E , C ., C larence, la . ♦HNavens
. Y.
H a rtm a n n F . L ., A u g u sta, M in n . ♦ H a sse n stab A. F ., R edw ood F a lls,
♦H avens E . A ., Providence, R . I .
M inn..
H a rtm a n n W . F .. T u ttle , N. D .
H a s le tt -H arry, L oyal, W is.
H a rtn a g e l A . G., N ashville, 111.
Ha8Singer H .H ., E liza b e th v ille .P a. ♦ H a v e r C harles, T lngley, la .
H a rtn e ss J . S.. S h aro n , S. C.
♦H averbeck J . T ., M in ste r, O.
H assm an B. R ., A itk in , M inn.
H a rtsfle ld J . L ., A venger, T ex.
♦H averfleld H . B „ Salineville, O.
H asso ld O. M ., H o a g lan d , In d .
H a rts h o rn R . R „ P e rr y s b u rg . O.

♦ H a v e rm a n R . E ., N ew P h ilad e l­
p hia, O.
♦H av ilan d A . J ., T rav e rse C ity,
M ich.
♦ H a v ila n d K . W ., H o p e, N . D .
♦ H a v n e r H e ttie , D an v ille, A rk.
H a v n ie H . W ., K em p, Tex.
*H aw e J . R . V ., C lev elan d , O.
♦H aw es E . G .. T h o m so n . G a.
♦H aw es W . D ., E lb e rto n , Ga.
♦H aw k H . W ., R o y , W ash.
♦H aw k J . W ., D es M p in es, l a .
♦H aw k V ernon, R ep u b lic, O.
H aw k e B. L .. H eb ro n , O.
♦ H aukens L. B ., A lta m o u n t, M o.
♦H aw kenson O. J ., P o rtla n d , Ore.
H a w k e s T. W ., M acon, Ga.
H a w k in s A. C., E lgin, 111.
♦H aw kins A. S., P h ü ip p i, W . Va.
H aw kins B ailey, C arm el, In d .
H aw kins Cay, H o lly G rove, A rk .
H aw k in s C. 0 ., N e w p o rt, Ore.
H aw k in s C. O., Toledo, Ore.
H aw k in s E . H ., O xford, A la.
♦ H aw kins E . R .. A sh m o re, 111.
♦H aw kins G eo. M ., M id la n d , P a .
♦H aw kins J . D ., T exlco, HI.
♦H aw kins Jesse J ., H o lly G rove,
A rk.
H aw k in s J . M., B ru m ley , Mo.
H a w k in s J . W ., L a m a r, A rk .
H aw k in s J . W . C u rry ville. M o.
H aw k in s L . E ., S h in n sto n . W . V a.
H aw k in s L. N ., V ienna, M o.
♦H aw kins O. B ., C urryville, Mo.
H aw k in s P . E ., R o x to n , T ex.
H a w k in s R . W ., C hicago, 111.
H aw k in s S. B., M ulberry, A rk .
H aw kins T . M ., Sebree, K y .
♦H aw kins T . W ., H o lliste r, C al.
H aw k in s W . J .. M aren g o , In d .
H a w k in s W . W ., M o u n ta in C ity ,
H aw k in so n A . E ., M a rio n , K a n .
H aw k ln so n O. E ., M a rq u e tte ,K a n .
H a w k in so n T . W „ W alk er, la .
♦H aw ks A . W ., P h oenix, N . Y .
H aw k s C. W .S h elb u rn e PaU s.M ass.
♦H aw ley A . H ., A bbeville, A la.
H aw ley C has. J r., R ed C reek, N . Y .
H aw ley H „ D elan o , Cal.

Hawley H. A., Camarillo, Cal.

H aw lik P . H ., S ilv er L ak e, M in n .
♦H aw n L . R ., O h ick ash a, O kla.
♦ H aw o rth H . D ., C oncord, C al.
H a w o rth H . E ., C h allis, Id a .
H a w o rth J. P ., W estv ille, 111.
♦ H aw rey H . M ., W aterlo o , la .
•H a w s N . W .. L ogan, U ta h .
H a w th o rn B. J „ T im p so n , T ex.
H a w th o rn e D . H .. A n th o n , la .
H a w th o rn e D . M ., C am b rid g e, O.
♦ H a w th o rn e J . D ., R ed fo rd , M ich .
♦H aw ver A. L ., M ilm ine, 111.
H a w x h u rst G .W .,F alls C hurch. Va.
H a y A b rah am ,, B rookville, O.
H a y d en E . P., B altim o re , Md.
H a y d e n H a y w a rd , Owasso, O kla.
♦H ayden H o w ard , E liz a b e th , P a .
H a y d e n J . A ., W av e rly , T en n .
H a y d e n J .R .,A rk a n s a s C ity, K a n .
♦H ayden L., M om ence, 111.
H a y d e n M . M ., B risbane, N . D .
H a y ec k A. A ., B ra in a rd , N eb .
♦H ayek L y d ia, B ra in a rd ,N e b .
H a y es A r th u r , L ew isville, T ex .
H ay es A . J ., C ro sb y , M in n .
♦H ayes B ., M u llen , N eb .
H ayes C. D ., Iro n to n , O.
H ayes C. E „ L a m o n t, la .
H ayes C. W „ B oyceville, W is.
♦H ayes-D av is J.,C o lo ra d o Springs,
♦H ayes E . O ., S ard in ia, O.
H ayes F . P „ C restline, O.
H ayes Geo. H ., E a s tp o rt, M e.
H ayes H . G., H a stin g s, M ich.
H ayes H . H ., O tta w a , K an .
♦H aye? Id a , N ew L isbon. W is.
♦H ays I r a L., C ouncil Bluffs, la .
♦H ayes J . H ., B oonville, N . Y.
H ayes J . J ., L ouisville, K y.

♦Hayes Jas. K., Bishop, Cal.
♦Hayes Joel L., Catonsville, Md-

♦H ayes J . R ., C restlin e, O.
H ayes J . W ., V eedersburg, In d .
♦H ayes O lin P ., D e n to n , Tex.
H ayes R . M ., D ru m rig h t, O kla.
H ayes R . U ., C lin to n , N . Y .
H ayes W . A ., L a Crosse, K an .
H ayes W . J ., D e tro it, Mich.
H ayes W . R ., O ak H ill, W . Va.
H ayes Z. C„ E lb e rto n , Ga.
♦H aylm an C. H ., U nion, W . V a.
♦H aym aker I. P .,B eech G ro v e,In d .
H a ym ond E a rl, W ald ro n , In d .
R ay m o n d N . E ., W arsaw , -Ind.
H aynes F . M ., H a zle h u rst, G a.
H aynes G. W „ F re m o n t. O.
♦H aynes H . L ., P o c a h o n ta s, A rk .
H aynes H . L.. R am sey , 111.
H aynes H . M ., S a n ta R osa, N . M .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦ H ay n es H . T ., Spencer, S. D .
H a y n es H . V ., W ash in g to n , D .C .
H a y n es Jn o . E ., O ilto n , O kla.
H a y n es K . T ., L a k e la n d , F la.
♦ H ay n es P e a rl, W aterlo o , A la.
H a y n ie H . W ., K e m p , Tex.
H a y n ie L. M ., N elson, M o.
♦H aynie W . J ., Irv in g to n , V a.
H a y s C. E ., S c ra n to n , A rk .
♦H ays C. E ., M rs., S c ra n to n , A rk.
H a y s C . H „ P itts b u rg h , P a.
H a y s F . S., E u b a n k . K y .
♦H ay s H . A ., C arb o n d ale, 111.
H a y s H o race, E liz a b e th to w n .K y .
H a y s J . M ., M ilw aukee, W is.
H ay s J . R „ M ckee, K y .
H a y s J . T „ A m ity , Mo.
H ay s J . W „ E lm C ity, N . C.
♦H ays L. J ., S a lt L a k e C ity , U ta h .
H ay s L. W „ P resto n , K an.
H ay s P . C „ P o p la r Bluff, Mo.
H a y s P . J „ S co tlan d , Tex.
♦H ays R . O ., P la n o , Tex.
H a y s R . G „ W hitehaU , N . Y.
H a y s S. C„ A rm stro n g , la .
H a y s W m ., C arb o n d a le , 111.
H a y s W alter, L oogootee, In d .
H a y s W . B., A u b u rn , T en n .
H a y te r E u g en e, D allas, O re.
♦ H a y te r T . N ., V erm ilion, S. D .
H a y u n g s F . W ., C am as, W ash .
H a y w a rd O . G „ A ltoona, K an .
H a y w a rd C has. F ., H opew ell, Va.
♦ H ay w ard E . B ., W o o d lan d , Cal.
♦ H a y w ard G. H ., M o ra n , T ex. j
H a y w a rd G. L ., R olla, K an .
H a y w a rd H . G „ G len Cove. N . Y.
H a y w a rd H . G ., H u g o , Colo.
H a y w a rd L . W „ M an ito u . O kla.
H a y w a rd M . D ., B o o n to n , N . J .
♦ H a y w ard S. D ., U nionville, Mo.
H a y w a rd T . E ., B each . N . D .
♦H ayw ood A. E ., A rcadia, N eb .
H ay w o o d C. F ., H allsville, T e x .
H a z a rd E . W ., Salem , Ore.
H a z a rd J . I . .G eo rg eto w n , S . C.
♦H azard J r. J . I., G eorgetow n, S.O.
♦ H azard J . W ., H o u sto n , T ex .
H a z a rd L. H ., O oqnille, O re.
♦ H a z ard T . R ., C aldw ell, O .
H azell S. R .. A sh lan d . Mo.
♦H azelrigg C. T ., M t. S terlin g , K y.
♦ H azelto n H .W .,C ouncil B lu ffs,la.
♦H azelto n T . K ., E u stis, F la .
♦H azen C has. A ., L arim q re, N . D .
H a ze n O. A ., L arim o re, N . D.'
♦H azen W . E ., Law rence, K an .
H a ze n W . G ., A b b y v ille, K a n .
H a zle b u d A . F ., S t. M a ry s, M o.
♦ H a z le tt C. S., B oone, la .
H a z le tt J . M., D ry R u n , P a .
H a z z a rd E . C., P la c e n tia , Cal.
H a z z a rd E . N ., L a k e Charles, L a.
H a zz a rd W illiam , P eo ria, 111.
♦H ead R . D ., O w ensboro, K y .
H e a d R . D .. D e K alb , Mo.
♦ H ead in g to n J . L .,W . M ansfield, O.
H e a d la n d E . H ., L itch v ille, N . D.
H ead lee I. B „ P o to si, Mo.
♦H ead rick D . E ., A n u tt. M o.
♦ H ead y W . C ., W h itley v ille, T en n .
♦H eal H . C ., B ellingham , -Va.
♦H eal P . E ., B ellingham , W ash.
H e ald A. J ., R ich m o n d , C al.
♦H eald E d w in , M u n d a y , Tex.
H eald H . B., C an to n , 111.
H e ald P . E .. C hester. V t.
H e ale y F . H ., E n c a m p m e n t, W yo.
H e aly E. S., G len b u m . N. D.
H e a n e y A rth u r J ., T o w n er, C olo.
♦H ean ey C. E ., T o w n er, Colo.
♦ H ean ey P . H ., G lenfield, N . D .
H e an e y F ra n k J ., G lenfield, N . D .
H e ap Jo s. W ., M elville, La.
H e ard , C- G ., L o gan, 111.
H e a rd J. P ., V ienna, G a.
♦ H e a rd L . B .. Thom psonvllle.111.
♦ H eard L. P ., T em ple, Tex.
♦ H e a rd N ellie M ., L o gan, 111.
H e ard P . E ., E lb erto n , Ga.
♦ H earin A lbina, C lay , K y .
H e a rtn C. E ., C lay, K y.
♦ H e a rn D . H ., S alisb u ry , M d .
♦ H earn E . W ., M arsh all, O kla.
H e a rn H . D .. M arshall. O kla.
H e a m e E b en , Snow H ill, Md.
♦H earn e J . B ., G atesv ille, T ex.
H e aro n J . M ., Salu d a, N . C.
H e a r tt E . J ., B ab y lo n , N . Y.
H e asle t C. V .. C linton, K y.
H e a te r G u y E ., Yale. la .
H e a th A . C., M o n tezu m a, la .
H e a th C has., Y ak im a, W ash.
H e a th E . C., R ed o n d o B each, Cal.
H e a th F . B ., N ap o leo n , ,N. D .
♦ H e a th F . P ., P lain w ell, M ich .
H e a th G a rd n e r.N e w C an aan ,C o n n
♦ H e a th H - P .. M aco n . G a.
H e a th R . E ., S tockbridge, M ass.
H e a th T . W ., K in sto n , N . C.

H e a th W . B., Io n ia . M ich.
H e a to n E ., C raig, Mo.
♦ H e a to n E . R „ Y a n k to n , S. D.
H e a to n F . J ., B rooks, la .
♦ H eato n -Geo. E ., C ra ig , M o.
H e a to n H . E ., Jeffersonville, In d .
♦ H eato n J . M ., B rooks, la .
H e a to n W . E ., Y a n k to n , S . D .
♦H eavilon R . M ., F ra n k fo rt, In d .
H e a v n e rC .W ..B u c k h an n o n ,W .V a
♦ H e a v n er J . G. G., W eston, W .V a.
H e h a l E ld a n R ., A m idon, N . D .
H e b a rd F . S,, C hicago, 111.
H e b a rd G. F ., K noxville, 111.
H ebel C. M. S., L ouisville, K y.
H eb erlin g C has., C im a rro n , K an .
♦ H eberllng H en ry , E a sto n , 111.
H eb erlin g J . H ., E a s to n . 111.
♦H eberling R . W ., E a sto n , 111.
H e b e rt J . A ., V an B uren, M e.
♦ H ech t F re d W ., D a y to n , O.
H e c h t L ouis, C. W ., O v e rla n d ,M o .
H e c h tm a n A . P „ Osseo, M inn.
♦H eck H . H ., C arey, O.
♦H eck T h eo ., W inona, M in n .
H e ck a m a n E d w a rd , B rem en. In d .
H e c k a th o rn J . S., M oscow , Id a .
H e ck e r D aniel, L y n n , In d .
♦ H eck er G. J ., G irard . O.
H e ck e r H ., O eyserville, C al.
♦ H e c k er W . A ., H o o p e r, Neb.
H e c k e rt A . T „ P in e G rove. P a .
♦ H eckert K . E .. M illersburg. P a .
H e ck m a n A . E ., S to n y R idge, O.
H eck m an O. H ., H ic k m a n , N eb.
♦ H eckm an J . H ., W akeeney, K a n .
H e c k t O. T .. B loom field, N e b .
H e c to r F . C ., W a ln u t. la .
♦H edahl S. G .. A lam o. N . D .
H e d d o n F . M ., W o rcester. M ass.
♦H edelund G eo. T ., B lair, N eb .
H e d en E . A ., Qgem a, W is.
♦H edgcock E . E ., N elson, N eb .
H edge C. W .. W h iting, K an .
♦H edge F . L ., Ib e ria , M o.
H edges A . W ., C linton. In d .
♦H edges E . M., H earing, la .
H edges S. S., W ellsburg, W. Va.
H edglin ß . R ., E ddyvllle, N eb.
♦ H e d g p e th B. L „ O zark, M a
H e d g p eth D. F .. O zark. Mo.
H e d m a n V. A ., S t. P a u l, M in n .
♦H edrich J . H .. T iskilw a, 111.
♦H edrick B . C .. S a n ta P a u la , C al.
H e d ric k C. B ., A lan reed , T ex.
H ed rick G . C .. B eckley, W. Va.
♦H edrick H . H ., L exington, N . O.
H e d ric k R ex V .. B u ck n e r. M o.
♦ H e d w o rth O. A ., R om ney, In d .
H e ed G eo., W est C h este r, P a .
H een C harles J ., D u n n C en ter,
N. D.
♦H eeney E liza b e th . L eona, K an .
♦H eenig T h eo ., D e c a tu r, N eb.
H eepe W . J ., A kron, O.
H e er H . W ., P o rtsm o u th , O.
H e eren J . B ., M onroe, W is.
♦H eesem an M . G ., H o lly H ffl.S.C .
H e e th C . M .. T hom asville, G a.
H efferan T . W., G rand „ R apids,
M ich.
H efferlin C. H ., L iv in g sto n , M o n t.
♦ H efferm an W m . G ., W ash in g to n ,
In d .
H e ffe rn a n M . O ., N o rw a lk , W is.
♦H effernan T . H ., S to c k to n , Gal.
♦H effernan W . A .. Lovilia, la .
H efferm an P . A ., M o n ti. Ia .
H efferm an W . A ., S h e rb u rn .M in n .
♦H efflngton C . L ., TelUco P lain s,
T en n .
Heflfington R . L., R icevllle, T enn.
H effner J o h n S., D uncom be, Ia.
♦H efke F . E ., G ladw in, M ich .
H eflebow er D . C., B ucyrus, K an.
♦H efley H ., H a rtsh o rn e , O kla.
H efley H . M.. C am eron. T ex.
H efley J . A ., W oodland M ills,
T enn.
H eflin J o h n W ., F le m in g sb u rg .K y .
H e fty T . C., N ew G larus, W is.
H egem an A . A ., B lack M o u n ta in ,
N . C.
H egem an H . C., R oslyn, N . Y .

H egness A ., B eresford. S. D.
♦ H eg stad P a u l B., R an ier, M in n .
♦ H egstrom G. J ., O verly, N. Ds
♦H ehl W . J ., B erw ick. P a.
♦H ehner O. M .. G ra n ite C ity , Ills.
♦H eidbreder W . A ., Q uincy, 111.
H eidel E. L ., B elgrade, M o n t..
H e ld em an c W . G., M ayw ood, 111.
♦H eien E m il, F arm e rsv ille . 111.
♦H eien W . A ., M o u n t Olive, 111.
H e idenreich P . G., H a zle to n , P a .
H elges E . D ., B iglervtlle. P a.
♦H eigl B e rn a rd S., W in sted , M in n
H ell J . F ., W heeling, W . V a.
H eil P ., W eto n k a, 8. D .
♦H eil W illiam H ., E a s to n , P a .
♦H eiland O . G ., P a n o ra , la .
H eilig H . B . . R ozel, K an .
H eilig H . O., L acoste. Tex.
♦H eilig R e tta , R ozel, K an .
H eilig R . W ., D ’H a n is, T ex.
♦H eiliger H . P ., P ly m o u th ,' N eb .
♦H eim C. B., M arco. In d .
H e im D . W ., S ham okin, P a .
♦H eim F . L ., W yom ing, M in n .
H e im J . H ., M o n to u r F alls, N . Y .
H e lm a n n C. W ., F a irfa x , M inn.
♦ H eim an n G u stav , L os A ngeles,
H eim cke W a lte r, G raceville,
M in n .
H e im e r G . A ., T oledo, O.
H eim erdinger E . J ., S an D iego.
C al.
H ein A. H ., B rookfield, 111.
♦H ein A rth u r, T h e d fo rd , N e b .
♦H ein Sophia, G ra fto n , Ia .
♦H einberg M . J ., P en saco la, F la .
H em e E . A ., M t. C lem ens, M ich .
♦H eine F . A ., S y lv a n G rove, K a n .
H ein e J . H o w ard , F re m o n t, N e b .
♦H einen A. B ., H a stin g s, M in n .
H ein en A. P ., L o c k h a rt, M in n .
H einen Jo h n , H a stin g s, M inn.
H e in en R . J ., H a lb u r, Ia.
♦H einer B. W., M organ, U ta h .
H ein er C harles, M o rg a n , U ta h .
H eini F . J ., Jackso n v ille, 111.
H einrich E . G .. B u rt, N . D .
H ein rich O. P . A ., W est P la in s
M o.
♦H eins H . H ., Chicago, 111.
♦H einz E . A ., G iltn e r, N eb.
♦H einz E . N ., C hicago, 111.
H einz J . A ., F e so tu m , 111.
♦ H einzelm ann W. J .,M a rtin , N .D .
H eiple J . R ., G ridley, 111.
H eise H e n ry S., P a la tin e , 111.
H eiser J n o . E .. H a m ilto n . O.
♦H eiser R . M ., W au k o n , la .
H eisey E . M ., Farm ersville, O.
♦H eisinger E d w a rd . O sbkosh.W ls
♦H eiss G. M.. M eridian, Miss.
♦H eisserer M iss O. B ., B en to n , M o
♦ H e itm a n F . B ., S p a rta , W is.
H eitsh u sen J . G ., C onroy, la .
H e itsm an J . B .. N ew Sharon, l a . ,
♦H elberg E m il, M iles C ity , M o n t.
H elberg H . J ., F a irm o n t, O kla.
H elberg V. A ., M cG regor, N . D .
♦H elb ert E . P ., A shland, O.
H eld A lb e rt A ., T ru m b u ll, N e b .
♦H eld G eo. A ., S t. L ouis, M o.
♦H eld J . J .. F a irm o u n t, N . D .
H e ld t J r. C ., O gden, la .
♦ tle ld t C, A ., E v an sv ille, In d .
♦H elfrich L . L ., C a rth a g e, 111.
H elfrlck A. C., Belleville. P a .
♦H elgersen T . H .. C a n to n , S. D .
H elgerson M . L ., B o ttin e a u , N .D .
♦H elgerson O scar, M iles C ity ,
M o n t.
H elgeson E . H . E ., M adoc, M o n t.
H elgeson H . A ., O snabrock, N . D.
H elinski T. M., Chicago, 111.
H eike H . H .. N ekoosa, W is.
♦H ellam s H . M ., T errell, T ex.
♦H eiland B. A ., P erley, M in n .
♦H eiland H a rd in , A rgyle, M in n .
♦H eiland H e rm a n H ., K a th ry n ,
N. D.
H e lia n d J . A ., Solon Springs, W is
H e ila n d O. J ., W illiston, N . D .
♦ H eiland O. P ., K ilb o u rn , W is.
H ellberg W . F ., A nam osa, Ia .
♦H ellerkson H . B ., E d m o re, N. D

♦H eger G eorge, M in o t, N . D .
H eger J .. F o re st R iver, N . D .
H egerle J . V., S t. B onifacius.M inn.
H egge J . !.. M addock, N . D.
♦H egge O luf D ell R ap id s, S. D .
♦H egge P . J ., C ash to n , W is.
H egge S. N ., W h iteh all, W is.
♦H eggen M . S., S later, la .
H eggen T O , R enw ick, Ia .
H eggie N . J .. S onom a. Gal.

♦H ellen C . W .. H ebbronville, Tex.
H ellen Geo., S to n y B rook, N . Y .
H ellen H . H „ Solom ons, Md.
H eller A. J ., M ilford, Ia .
♦ H eller E ., W ap a k o n e ta , O.
H eller F . D ., Jerseyville, 111.
H eller F . M., A rgo. 111.
♦H eller P a u lin e , A p p le C reek, O.

♦H eggie R . L „ C harleston. Mo.
H e g in b o th a m G. B „ H olyoke, Còlo.
H egland T . O., M oCallsburg, Ia .
♦H egler E . C., C rescent C ity, Cal.
H egnes C. T ., B altic, S. D .
H egnes H elm er, L ake A ndes, S. D .
♦H egnes O. M ., O w atonna, M in n .

♦H ellerud O. S., T w in V alley,
M in n .
♦H ellie J . C ., A m idon, N . D .
H elling C lifford, H a n sk a , M in n .
H eilm an J o h n , P ilo t G rove, Ia .
H ellw eg O. F ., P ierce C ity , M o .
♦H elm G. B ., R ifle, Colo.
♦H elm Ja c o b . J a v a , S. D.

-3 t


♦H elm K . E ., T u lsa , O kla. :
♦H elm M . G ., S tree te r, N . D .
H e lm N . S., B e n to n , 111.
♦ H elm b rech t L . A ., E n g lish , In d .
H e lm e r E . B ., D u b o is, W yo.
H e lm e r F . H „ Jac k so n . M ich.
H e lm e r J . F ., P h elp s, N. Y .
♦H elm er M . C ., Iro n R iv er, W is.
♦H elm ers J . A ., C in c in n ati. O.
H elm ick B. B., C am pbell, N eb.
♦H elm ick H elen , B ellflow er, 111.
H elm ick J . B ., C onnell, W ash.
♦H elm ick L. P ., F u ld a , M in n .
♦H elm icks E . J „ D eerfield, W is.
H elm in g G . J ., M o tt. N . D .
H elm s H . A ., A n n isto n , M o .
♦H elm us C ., E l P a so , T ex.
H e lp m a n J . B ., N o rth p o rt. W ash.
♦H elppie O ., Sebeka, M in n .
H e lq u ist A. S., C hicago, 111.
♦ H elq u ist O. A ., O m ah a. N eb .
♦H elscher H . A ., Sig o u rn ey , la .
♦H elscher L. W ., Salina, K an .
♦H elscher J . W „ K eo ta, la .
♦H elsley G . A ., W ellsb u rg , W .Y a.
♦ H elt M o rto n , S t. B ernice, In d .
H e lto n R e tta , C an a d ia n , Tex.
H e ltsley J. H .. V erm illion, 111.
H elw eg F re d C ., S u th erlin , Ore.
♦H elw ig A. W ., A lm a C enter, W is.
♦H em b o rg C. B ., D a y to n . Iow a.
♦H em b o rg E len o ra, N ew W in d ­
sor, 111.
H e m b re e J . B ., H o n e y G rove, T ex.
H e m en o v e r F . E ., D esh ler, N eb.
H e m en w a y J . G.. U llin, III.
♦H em en w ay L . I., LiBeral, M o .
H e m e te r G . S., Sem in ary , M iss.
H e m m in g e r T . F ., H aw k in sv ille,
G a.
♦H em in g w ay A . J ., Io n ia , M ich.
♦ H em in g w ay C. G ., N e w a rk . N .J .
♦H em in g w ay L. L ., N ew H a v e n ,
C onn.
♦H em in g w ay R . R ., G a ry , In d .
♦H em ingw ay S. R ., R ed lan d s. C al.
♦H em ler J . A ., T a n e y to w n , M d .
♦ H em m y A . R ., J u n e a u , W is.
♦H em p A . B ., W im b led o n , N . D .
H e m p elm an O. H ., M arth asv ille ,
M o.
H e m p h ill C. E .. F lo ra, 111.
H e m p h ill D ., B u ck g ro v e, la .
♦H em phill F . G ., B u ckgrove, la .
H e m p h ill S. A ., N ash v ille, K an .
H e m p ste a d C. S., N ew Salem , P a .
H e m ric h F red , L in to n , N . D .
H e m stre e t M . C ., O n c o n ta, N . Y •
♦H en as A . A ., S an F ran cisco , C al
♦H e n a tsc h H a rry , B loom fleld.N eb.
H e n a tsc h W . G.. S crib n er, N eb.
♦H en ck en F . L ., C la y to n , M o.
♦H en ch m an Susan, E a s t Jaffre y ,
N. H.
H e n d ee A. F ., Sloan, la .
H e n d erlid e r C . G .. P itts b u rg , K a n .
H en d erso n A. H ., S tev en s P o in t,
W is.
H e n d erso n A. F ., E h r h a r d t, S. C.
H e n d erso n A .H . J r ., C ry s ta l L a k e ,
H en d erso n A . M ., S to ry C ity , la .
H en d erso n Axel, B oxholm , la .
H e n d erso n C. R ., N u c la, Colo.
H e n d erso n C. S., G irard v ille, P a .
♦H enderson C . V ., P a rso n s, K a n .
♦H en d erso n D . S., C h a tta n o o g a ,
T en n .
H e n d erso n E . L „ C ed arto w n , Ga.
♦H enderson F o x ., J r., T ro y , A la.
♦H en d erso n Guy O ., D ru m rig h t,
O kla.
H en d erso n H a y d en , E lk o , N ev.
H e n d erso n H . B „ C heyenne, W yo.
H e n d erso n J . C ., H o ra tio , A rk.
♦H en d erso n J . H ., A le x a n d e r C ity,
A la.
H en d erso n J . H ., E l P aso , T ex. ,
H e n d erso n J . H ., E n n is, Tex.
H e n d erso n J .M ., C en terp o in t, In d .
♦ H enderson J . R .. L os Angeles,
C al.
♦ H e n d e rso n L a m b e rt. E lk o , N ev
♦H en d erso n M . E ., Spicer, M in n .
♦H en d erso n M . L ., E g a n , S. D .
H e n d erso n J r ., M.V., H aw k ey e, l a
H en d erso n N . R ., C ow en, W . Va.
♦H en d erso n N . R .. V illa R ic a. G a.
H en d erso n O. B ., K n oxville, T en n .
♦H en d erso n P . H . H alls, T e n n .
♦ H en d erso n P .P .,V a n A lsty n e ,T e x .
H en d erso n R . A ., R o d n ey , la .
H e n d erso n R . C., M an ch ester, O.
H e n d erso n S. J ., L y o n s. G a.
H e n d erso n T . E „ A n d alu sia, A la.
♦ H enderson T . M ., S a v a n n ah , O.
♦ H en d erso n T . O .. C ra n d all, T ex .
♦ H en d erso n W . C ., A u b u rn , In d .
♦H en d erso n W . C ., S h e rid a n , W yo.
H e n d erso n W . E ., P e rry , A rk.
H en d erso n W . H .. N ew b ern , N . C.
H en d erso n W . M ., B o g ard , M o.
H en d erso n W . M.. W Usey, K an .
♦ H en d o n E . M ., C aldw eli. Id a .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦ H e n d re y B . A ., B igelow , A rk.
♦ H e n d ric k Z . C., H a rd in sb u rg ,
K y.
♦H en d rick s A . B„ R ed H ook, N .Y ,
H e n d ric k s A . H ., C h arin g , G a.
H e n d ric k s E d g a r, M ad iso n , 111.
H e n d ric k s G eo. A ., B everly, 111.
H e n d ric k s G. G., R ichm ond, U ta h .
H e n d ric k s G. W ., G alena, Mo.
H e n d ric k s H . G .. B risto w . O kla.
H e n d ric h s, Irl., T rim b le, T e n n .
H e n d ric k s M a tt , C u b a, W is. i
♦H en d rick sen W . S., H ancock.
M ich.
H en d ric k so n B „ M edina, O.
♦ H en d rick so n C has. B ., F red erick ,
M d.
♦H en d rick so n E . W .,N ew L ondon,
M in n .
H e n d ric k so n H . S., R io, W is.
♦H en d rick so n J . H ., K e y p o rt.N . J.
H en d rick so n J . W ., T e nnyson. Ind.
H e n d ric k so n S. C., G ra n d F orks,
N . D.
H endrickson J r., W ., L ong B ran ch ,
N . J.
♦H endrie C . C .. D e n v er, Colo.
♦ H e n d rix H . C.. N ew F reed o m , P a.
♦H en d rix H . J .. B aro d a, M ich.
♦ H e n d rix J . M., C oncord, N . C.
♦ H en d rix R o y , L ane, K a n .
H e n d ry H . E ., B rid g ew ater, la .
H e n d ry M. E. T ilto n . Ga.
♦ H e n d ry J r ., J . E . F t. M yers. F la.
H e n eg h a n T . C ., W e st C oncord,
M in n .
H e n e m a n T . C ., M inneapolis,
M in n .
♦ H en erey C . S., E h r h a r d t, S. C.
♦H engel M a ry K ., C abool, M o.
H en g elb ro k J . D ., N ew port, K y.
H e n g st G. C ., L ogan, O. >
H en k el E . C ., Savage, M in n .
♦H e n k e lm a n , A . E ., B ison, S. D .
H en k in g H . H .. Gallipoli». O.
H e n ley O, A ., O live B ra n ch . M iss.
♦H enley E . A ., O km ulgee, O kla.
H e n ley H o w ard E ., C a rth a g e , In d .
♦ H en ley R. L ., W ilm in g to n , N . C.
H e n n J . P ., S tra s b u rg , N . D.
H e n n S. C., P ao n ia, Colo.
♦H enne F ran c is, Gypsum, K an.
♦H en n eb erg er W . A ., B oonsboro,
♦H ennessy E . W .. M cP h erso n .


H e n n essy J . R ., D eckerville.M ich.
H e n n e y F . J ., H o rto n . K an .
H en n ig A . T ., O shkosh, W is.
♦H en n ig ar H , C ., G lennie, M ich.
H e n n in g A. J ., Eldorado, W is.
♦H enning S. C ., E . R and o lp h .
N . Y.
♦H ennings O. F ., D ickinson, N .D .
H en n in g sen F . C ., A ckley, la .
♦H en o ch sb erg C ., M em p h is,T e n n .
H e n re tta H e n ry , Leeds, N . D .
H e n ric k s E . R .. G ilead, N eb.
H e n rik sen O ., A rgyle, M in n .
H e n ry A . E ., C atoosa, O kla.
H e n ry B. Z. G ood W a te r. A la.
H e n ry C. C. A ltus, O kla.
H e n ry C has. J .. K a n sa s C ity , K a n ,
H e n ry C. E ., B ushnell, IU.
H e n ry C. E „ N a v a so ta , Tex.
H e n ry C has. D ., M o n terey , C al.
H e n ry C. M., R edfield, S. D.
♦ H en ry D . B ., R ussellville, A rk.
H e n ry D . H ., C orona, N . M .
H e n ry D . S., Jac k so n , K y .
♦ H e n ry E ., G erm a n to w n , O.
♦ H e n ry E . A ., A nn ville, P a .
♦ H e n ry E . J ., W . A le x an d ria , O.
♦ H en ry E . R ., L a k e C harles, L a.
H e n ry F . P ., B rash ear, M o.
♦ H e n ry F . S., M cC ool J u n c tio n ,
N eb .
H e n ry G. E ., M ortons G ap, K y.
♦ H en ry H . D ., L oveland, Colo.
H e n ry H . D .. C linton. S. C.
H e n ry H . E ., E a s tT r o y , W is.
H e n ry H . G., C am p P o in t. 111.
H e n ry J . C .. J u n c tio n C ity , O.
♦ H en ry J . E., C onnersyille, In d .
H e n ry J . E ., M illville, N . J .
H e n ry J o h n D ., B erlin, Md.
H e n ry L a c y G .. A n n a d a, M o.
H e n ry L . D ., P e rry , Iow a.
H e n ry M . H ., H ic k o ry F la t. Miss.
H e n ry P . D ., O akland, T enn.
H e n ry P . W ., L a n c a ste r. Tex.
H e n ry R . D ., D aw son, P a.
H e n ry R o b e rt, V olga. S. D.
H e n ry R . W ., D ubach, La.
H e n ry U . S. G ., Pofisford, M in n .
H e n ry W , E ., S tr a tto n , N eb .
H e n ry W . F .. M ecosta, Mich.
♦ H e n ry W . M., V olga, S. D.
H e n ry W . S., Jefferson, W is.
♦ H e n ry W. T ., H elena, O kla.
H e n ry W . W .. C om ing, A rk.
H ^ n sc h e lA . W ., F rio n a, T ex.
H en sch en , H . S „ C hicago, 111.
H ensel G. W ., S trasb u rg , P a.
H enslee C arl W ., H aw ley, Tex.
♦H enslee C. W ., H ernleigh, T ex.
H enslee W . E „ C om er, Ga.
♦H ensleigh F . V ., C larinda, la .

♦H ensley A. D ., B a y C ity , Tex.
♦H ensley B eatrice, K eyesport, 111.
H ensley C. F .. B urlington, W yo.
H ensley F . D ., A tw ood, K an.
♦H ensley R eed, ‘ P le a sa n t P lains,
H en sley W . H „ H earn e. Tex.
♦H enslin F . E., M arkesan, W is.
H e n so n O. W ., N ew W ilson, O kla.

H e rro n A . P „ O a k lan d , Miss.
H erro n B. D ., M t. V ernon, O. ‘
♦H erron E d n a R .. C raw fordsville
H erron F . B „ M adill, O kla.
H erron F . W ., C linton. W is.
H erro n L. B „ L as A nim as, Colo.
H erron W . B ., H unnew eU , M o.

H en so n G . N ., C a n to n , N . O.
♦H enson H e n ry , W oodw ard, Okla.
H enson Jam es, 'P o p la r Bluff, M o.
♦H enson T . W ., P o p la r Bluff, M o.
H enson W . V ., L ovelady, Tex.
♦H enss L . C., W a y la n d , la .
♦H en sto rf R. O.. F a rra g u t, la .
H e n to n E . M.. D enver. Mo.
H e n tz G. E ., Peebles, O.
H enze L eR o y A .. N ickerson. N eb.
♦H enze N . E ., P o r t W ashington,
W is.
♦H epner A rth u r, D e c a tu r, A rk.
H e p n er A. S., H ern d o n , P a.
H erb C layton E „ V alley View. P a.
♦ H erber J . P ., O klahom a C ity ,
O kla.
H e rb e rt D. J ., Jac k so n , O.
H e rb e rt H e n ry , N ew ton Falls, O.
H e rb e rt H . G „ B ound B rook, N . J.
♦ H e rb e rt H . M ., H am m o n d , La.
H e rb e rt V. E ., O xford, K an.
♦ H e rb e rt V. E ., Fow ler, K an.
♦H erbin L. A ., Jam estow n, K an.
H e rb s t A ., H ereford, Tex.
♦H ercock R . J .. C hicago, 111.
♦H erd J . H ., B row erville, M in n .
H e rd J . T .. P o s t, Tex.
H e rd e r E ., N o rth P le a sa n t, Tex.
H e rd e r F . D .,- M a n d a n , N . D .
♦ H e rd e r G., P o r t L a v a c a, Tex.
H e rg e rt B ., O lim tz, K an .
♦H eringer H ow ard, R io V ista, Cal.
H e rita g e H . L., Jesu p , Ga.
♦ H erklotz C. C ., M cK eesp o rt,
P a.
♦H erm an F . P ., B rookings, S. D .
♦H erm an H . S.. B rin sm ad e. N . D .
H e rm a n Jo h n F ., B oone, la .
H e rm a n J . H ., Boone. Ia .
♦ H erm an R . E ., N ew H a ven,C onn.
♦ H erm an W . J ., Spearville, K an .
♦ H erm ance T hos. L .,H o lto n ,M ich .
H e rm a n n J . F ., T e n strik e , M inn.
H e rm a n n J . L ., T exas C ity , Tex.
♦H erm ann R oy, W averly, la .
♦H erm anson B ., G lenburn, N . D.
♦ H e rm e te t G eo, R ., R ushville, 111.

♦H erschel Allen, M onticello, G a.
♦H ersee D a v id E ., B oston, M ass,
H ershberger E . E .. Tiffin, O.
H ershberger K ., P e y to n , Colo.
♦H ershberger W m .W ., E v e re tt, Pa.
♦ H e rsh n er H a ro ld , H ood River-.
H erstein B ernie, V a llia n t, O kla.
♦H erstein Sam L ., V allian t, Okla.

♦H erm sen L i. H ., N eoia, Ia .
H e rn d o n C. B .. D ry d e n , Va.
♦H erndon C . W ., Leflore, Okla.
♦H erndon H e n ry , F ra n k lin , Tex.
H e rn d o n M. E., K ings M ountain,
N. C.
♦H erndon P . D ., K ings M o u n tain ,
N . C.
H e rn e tt C harles, B u m sta d , N. D.
♦H ernlem A. F ., R ed W ing, M in n .
H erold J . M. J r ., W eb ste r Springs,
W . Va.
H e ro ld L . F ren c h , R ichw ood,
W . Va.
♦H erold M illard. Sum m ersville,
W . Va.
H erold O. F ., B loom field, In d .
♦H erold P . A. S um m ersville,W .V a.
H erold P . O., A n th o n y , K an.
♦ H erom an J . B ., B a to n R ouge, La.
♦H eron F . A .. Buffalo, N . Y .
♦ H err E . B., C h atsw o rth , 111.
♦ H err F . E ., L a n c a ste r, P a.
H e rr F ra n k H ., C h atsw o rth , 111.
♦ H e rr J . E llsw o rth , S trasb u rg , P a .
H e rr J . F ., R ich lan d , Ore.
♦ H err S. H ., C h atsw o rth , 111.
H errell E . E ., W ash in g to n , D . O.
♦ H erren B . D ., A m ber, Ia .
H e rre n F ra n k , F illm ore, 111.
H errew ig C arl, W onew oc, W is.
H e rric k E . R ., G lenw ood, Ia .
H errick G eorge B ., Shelbyville, 111.
H errick H . B.. L itchfield. 111.
♦ H errick H . E ., C hicago, 111.
♦H errick J . M.. M oorhead, M inn.
♦H errick K . E ., G lendive. M o n t.
H e rric k L. L ., C oncord, C al.
♦H erriff R u th E ., D o n ip h a n , M o.
H e rrin C has. W ., D u n la p , M o.
H e rrin J o h n , H e rrin , 111.
♦ H errin M . K ., B ra d en to w n , F la.
H e rrin g A . E ., M a ta d o r, Tex.
H e rrin g J . H ., H a rro ld , Tex.
H e rrin g J . L ., G adsden, A la.
♦H erring M . B ., P rin ce to n , Tex.
♦H erring N elle, W etu m k a, O kla.
♦H erring P e rry , P alm er, N eb.
H e rrin g Sam J r ., C o u rtla n d , M iss.
♦ H e rrin g V . B .. V ldalla, Ga.
H e rrin g W . B ., M oss P o in t, M iss.
♦ H errin g to n A. J ., W aynesboro,
G a.
H e rrin g to n O. E ., G orm an. T ex.
H errin g to n D . C ., G ra in V alley.
M o.
H e rrm a n G . W ., W ic h ita, K a n .
♦ H e rrm an J . A ., R ochelle, 111.
H e rrm a n n A. D ., W in n e tk a , 111.
♦ H e rrm an n W m ., S a n F ran cisco ,
H e rrm a n n W . J .. W arm Spgs.,
♦ H erro d B . A ., P itts b u rg h , P a .

H e rt L. F „ C alifornia, Mo.
H e rt W. L „ S tillw ate r, O kla.
♦H ertenstein B . H ., N ew B aden.
H e rte rt C. N ., H a rtin g to n , N eb.
♦ H e rte rt V. C., H a rtin g to n , N eb.
♦H ertz Theo., C onw ay, O.
H ertzer W . L., Tiffin, O.
H ertzog H e rb e rt. B entleyville, Pa.
H e ru m A ndrew , R an d a ll, M inn.
H erum O scar, C arpio, N . D.
H ervey A. C., Rice, T ex.
H erw ig P . T .. Sherw ood, M ich.
H erzberger K ., P e y to n . Colo.
H erzfeld H., A lexander C ity , A la.
H erzog E dw in, D e tro it, M ich.
♦Herzog F . A., M a n ta d o r. N . D .
H erzog J . A., Sleepy E y e , M inn.
♦H eselton C. C „ W hitesville, N .Y .
♦ H esk ett R . C ., B eth esd a , O.
H esla S. H „ W h ite E a rth , N . D .
♦H eslet Jam e s K ., B u tte , M ont.
H esnard A. T „ H erm osa, S. D.
Hess A. C ., .W ild R ose, N D .
♦Hess C. K ., D esM oines, Ia .
♦Hess D av id . D el N o rte , Colo
♦Hess E . A ., D elm ar, Ia .
♦H ess E . O., M an c h e ste r, 111.
♦Hess F lo y d M ., P o rtla n d , P a .
H ess G. F .. Cairo, W . Va.
♦Hess H a rry , B u rb a n k , S. D .
H ess H . H „ In te rc o u rse . P a.
♦H ess H . H ., U nio n to w n , P a .
♦Hess H . L., A shland, O.
Hess J . C.. A lva. O kla.
♦Hess J . N ., C larksburg. W . V a.
♦Hess J . P „ C ondon, Ore.
♦Hess Lelea, P ly m o u th , In d .
♦H ess M a rg a re t, D illsboro, I n d .
♦Hess O. C ., C airo, W . Va.
H ess R aym ond, D up o , 111.
H ess R . B ., T u ck ah o e, N . J .
♦H esse B. I., F resno, C al.
Hesse C. K ., L ittle Sioux, la .
H esselden J . W ., W agon M o und
N. M.
H esselm an H . V .. G olconda, 111.
♦H estekin C ., B uffalo Springs.
N. D.
♦H ester C. F., B ry a n , O.
H e ste r J . B., T ry o n , *N. C.
♦H ester J. C ., P ensacola. F la.
♦H ester J . T ., Irw in , 111.
H ester N . F ., N aponee. N eb.
H e ste r T . O ., W io ta , Ia .,
H eston J o h n F ., K an o rad o , K a n .
♦H eston, L. F .,, K an o rad o , K an .
♦H eston M . M ., K an o rad o , K an.
H e th erin g to n W . W ., A tchison,
K an.
H e tla n d E . J „ V alley Springs, S. D .
H e tla n d T . J ., C a rte r, M o n t.
H e tric k D . M .. M ifflin, P a .
♦H etrick, H . J ., W h itn ey , N eb.
♦ H e tte n b a u g h R . B ., F ra n k lin , P a .
H euer W illiam , D av en p o rt, la .
H euer W m ., H oytville, O.
♦H eun G. R ex., B onesteel, S. D .
H e uring M. H ., R ogers, M inn.
H euser C. P ., P a lm y ra , In d .
H eustcos A .L .,B ennettsville, S.O.
H eustess J . E „ H artsv ille, S. 0.
H euston W . A ., A gra, O kla.
H evenor W . A .. S alam anca, N .Y .
♦H ew ell A. E .. O neonta, N . Y .
H e w e tt E. M., Sanford, Me.
H ew ett Thom as, P e n A rgyl, P a .
H ew ett W . K ., H am ilto n , Ga.
H ew it H . D ., H ollid ay sb u rg , P a.
H ew itt C . A ., N a ssau . M inn.
H e w itt O. R , N a ssau , M in n .
♦ H e w itt C h este r A ., W in te rh a v en ,
F la.
H e w itt H . H ., A lton, 111.
H e w itt S. E ., Jennings, F la .
♦ H ew lett B. C.. L ester, Ia .
H e w lett S. B ., N ew ville, P a.
♦H eye W . J ., C ibolo, Tex.
H e y er W . A ., S um ner, la .
♦H eyle C. E .. R ockville, M o.
H eyle W . E ., R ockville, Mo.
♦H eym an Roscoe, Ju n ctio n , T ex .
H e y m an n J . A ., C aledonia. M in n .
♦H ey m an n S. C ., C h attan o o g a ,
H e y n em a n W . J ., D e rry , P a .
♦H eys O. O ., G lyndon, M inn.

♦H eyser R . L ., O lo v erp o rt, K y .
♦H eyser R . Lew is. C lo v e rp o rt,


H eyw ood C. F a y , C oncord, Mass.
H eyw ood O. M ., K in ty re , N . D .
H ezel A. J ., Z e e la n d , N .D
H ia tt A . M., B ro d h ead , K y.
♦ H ia tt B . D ., B ellefontaine, O.
H ia tt C. A ., B lu e M o u n d , K an .
H ia tt E .J ., W ilm in g to n , O.
H ia tt R . S., M odoc, In d .
H ib b le r O. S.. L eo n ard , Mich.
♦ H ib n e r E . W ., H u n tin g to n , W .V a
H ib sb m an J . H ., E p h r a ta . P a.
♦H ice R . C., B rooksville, F la.
♦H ick O . W ., L ew iston, M inn.
H ic k en W . P ., F lo o d w ood, M in n .
♦H ickenlooper T h o s., A lbia, la .
♦H icker A. E .. W olf P o in t, M o n t.
H lckerson F . H ., C h arlo tte , T en n .
H ick erso n W . P .. J r ., M anches­
te r, T en n .
H ick ey Jam e s P ., C am p g ro v e, 111.
♦ H ick m an C . F ., L ib e rty H ill,
T ex.
♦ H lokm an E . P .. W in d so r, Colo.
H ic k m a n F . R ., M id d le b o u rn e ,
W . Va.
♦ H ickm an H . K ., B runsw ick, M d .
H ic k m a n J . O., H a n fo rd , Cal.
♦ H ickm an L . G ., B loom , K an .
♦ H ickm an P . V ., J r ., L a m p a sas,
H ic k m a n W . E „ W in d so r. Colo.
H ic k m a n n E . B ., S t. E liza b e th ,
M o.
♦H ickm ann W . R ., S t. E liza b e th .
M o.
H ick o k G . N ., A u ro ra, Ore.
H ick o k M . E ., N ew U lysses, K an .
H icks A u stin , G re a t N eck, N . Y .
H icks B. B., S c ra n to n , P a.
H icks B . F ., B reslau , N e b .
♦H icks B. P ., D u ra n d , M ich.
♦H icks C . T ., H a m le t, N . O.
H ick s E d n a , M id w ay , K y .
♦H icks E . D .. P re s c o tt. W ash. •
♦H icks E th e l I., B lu e jac k e t, O kla.
H icks H . G . O live H ill. K y .
H icks J . E ., Stilesville In d .
H icks J . M., N ew ton, 111.
H icks J . R ., C h an d ler, T ex.
♦H icks M a ttie , B eech, la .
H icks R . A ., C am bridge C ity, In d .
H icks R . T .. P ittsfield . 111.
♦H icks S. J ., B onnie, 111.
H icks T. J ., H ig h la n d F alls. N . Y
♦H icks T . M ., Salem . O re.
H icks W . A ., C a rp e n te r, S. D .
H icks W . A ., L ittle R ock, A rk.
♦H icks W . B., B luefleld, W . Va.
H icks W . C.. J a v a , S. D.
♦H icks W. L ., H e n rie tta , N . O.
H icks W . L „ C liffside. N . O.
♦H icks W. P . T a h le q u a h , O kla.
♦H icks W . P ., M o n eta . Va.
H id la y W . H ., B loom sburg. P a .
♦H ieb E dw in . K u lm . N . D .
♦ H le b e rt D .G .. M o u n tain L ake,
M inn.
H ie b e rt J . D .. C h o te au , O kla.
H ie b e rt P . G ., S to rd en . M in n .
♦H iel H . L ., E rie , N . D .
♦H lerholzer E . J ., Celina, O.
H ie sta n d A. J ., E a to n , 0 .
H ie sta n d J . W., P e k in . In d .
H ig b u m C . O ., A lam o, N . D .
H igdon C. M., B ro o k h av en , Miss.
H ig g in b o th am , E . H ., L an sin g , N .


♦H igginbo th am H . P ., P a rlier, C al.
♦H ig g in b o th am J . A., P a rlier, C al.
H iggins A . L., B row nsville, M in n .
H iggins B. A ., P aw n ee, 111.
H iggins C. J .. D e tro it, Mich.
♦H iggins C. M ., S a v a n n a, 111.
♦H iggins C. R ., A sto ria , O re.
♦H iggins H azel, M ilto n , la .
H iggins H . G., B aldw in. N . D.
♦H iggins M . A ., M a n ito u . O kla.
H iggins M . J ., M ila ca , M in n .
♦H iggins R . D ., Y atesv ille, G a.
H iggins R . S., D a n v ers, M ass.
♦H iggins T. W ., N eoga. 111.
♦H igginson J . P ., E llsw o rth , P a .
H iggs P . A ., S h aro n , P a.
H igh B . A ., P a c o le t, S. C.
H igh F . N ., O m aha, N eb .
H igh S. J ., T upelo, Miss.
♦H igh W . H ., S a n F ran c isco , C al.
H Igham J . O ., B elfry, M ont.
H ighberger R . L ., S h a rp sb u rg , Md.
H ighley O has. C ., M alv e rn . P a.
♦H ighley Lee, N ew M eadow s. Id a .
H ight O. R ., D a lto n C ity , 111.
H lght E . W ., A ssu m p tio n , 111.
H ight J . F ., C av e Spring, G a.
H ig h t J . J .. H a n fo rd , C al.
♦ H ight K ., A ssu m p tio n , 111.
H ight W m ., M t. A ub u rn , 111.
H ig h t W. D ., M exia, Tex.
H ightow er E . W ., F t. W o rth ,T e x .
H ightow er H . O ., E u fau la, Okla.
♦H igntow er J . D ., M cD o n o u g h ,
H ightow er J . F ., B ru n d id g e, A la.
H igley C. M.. V illard . M inn.
♦H igley J n o . H ., B eau m o n t, Tex.
H igm an H . W ., K ittita s , W a s h .
H ikes J G., B uechel, K y.
H ilb ert E . R ., W ic h ita, K an .
Hllblsh L. W .. Lewis, K an.
H ilblsh M y ron C., B risto l. In d .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H llb ra n t S. O., A rg e n ta , 111.
♦H ild C. E ., F re e p o rt, P a .
♦H ild H . W ., W illiam sb u rg , la .
H ild W . A ., B rack en rid g e, P a .
H ild a h l A llen. L y o n s. S. D .
H ild e b ra n d F . A , M onroe C en ter,


H iller O. A ., A lam osa, Colo.
H iller Sam uel, K ah o k a, M o.
♦H illeren O . J .. D e G raff. M in n .
♦H illesheim F . H ., M adeira. M in n .
H ille stad T h o s., D o lliver, Ia .
♦H illgren O. W .. S tu a rt. Ia .
H illgrew W . J ., H o b a rt, In d .
♦HiU house C . H ., S ylvester, G a.
♦ H illiard A. A ., A ttic a , K an.
H illia rd A. J ., F re e p o rt, K a n .
H illia rd B . H ., S alem , N . J .
♦ H illiard Jo se p h , W heatfleld, In d
♦H illiard W . C. C orsicana Tex.
H illiker C . W ., C arl J u n c tio n , M o.
♦H illin Jo e, P ry o r, O kla.
HilUx C harles H .. W eaton. Mo.
H illm a n R . P ., Los A ngeles, C al.
H illm a n W . G ., D elta, Colo.
H ills C. E .. N ew B altim ore, M ich.
♦H ills E . S.. S a lt L a k e C ity, U ta h .
H ills F . P ., D elaw are. O.

H Irt F r a n k J ., L enox, M ien.
♦ H irt M. H ., W oolstock, Ia .
♦H iscock R a y B ., A n n A rb o r,
M ich.
H ise H ow ell, C olo rad o S p r’gs.Colo.
H ise S. R ., G e n try , Mo.
H iser O. L.. L e x in g to n , 111.
H isey, J . R .. W inona, W . V a.
H issen W. S., L oudonville, O.
♦ H ite B. W,, T im b er ville, V a.
H itc h V ern o n A .. V ien n a, Md.

H ild e b ra n d R . M ., H agood, S. O.
H ild e b ra n d T . E ., In d ia n a , P a.
H ild e b ra n d T . L ., C olum bia C ity,
In d .
H ile A n th o n y , C urw ensville, P a .
H itc h c o ck F . H ., F e n to n , M ich.
H ile J . W ard , Scalp Level, P a .
♦ H itchcock G. N ., S t. Louis, Mo.
H ilem an J . N ., W ay lan d , la .
H itc h c o ck H a rry , E ln o ra , In d .
H ilem an O. C .. R ow lesburg,
♦ H itchcock H . L ., C o v in g to n , G a.
W . Va.
H itchcock O. J ., H a velock, N e b .
H iler H e n ry E .. B ro c k p o rt N . Y .
H itc h c o ck W . O ., O k ato n , S. D .
H lles J . B ., F o ste r, K y.
H itc h c o ck W . H ., G a lla tin , T e n n .
♦ H ilfert E . C ., A ppleton, W is.
H itc h in g s C. E ., S a ra so ta , F la.
H ilg a rd R . W ., Belleville. 111.
H itc h n e r S. H ., B rid g eto n , N. J .
♦H ilgedick G. W ., H a rts b u rg , M o.
H iteshew W. B .. R obinson, 111.
♦H ilger D . J ., G e rald in e, ‘M o n t.
♦H ilm o L ., A urelia, la .
H itt E . I., T u llah o m a , T e n n .
H ill A . G .. C o al H ill, A rk.
♦H ills G. E ., N ew B altim ore.M ich. H itt M. M., Id a h o Fails, Id a .
♦H ill A . L .. D e F u n ia k Springs, ♦H ills H . E ., C leveland, O.
H itz A dolph, A lh a m b ra , 111.
F la .
H ills L. K ., M iles C ity , M o n t.
H itz e m a n n A. P ., E lm o, M o.
H ill A. L ., V ernon, C al.
♦ H illsk o tte r V. J ., O sceola, W is.
H itz e m an n O. H .. S w anviile,M inn.
H ill A lvia, S to tts C ity, Mo.
♦ H illsm an L e ila C ., L iverm ore, ♦H ix B . H ., T u sc u m b ia , M o.
♦H ill A . W ., B u rlin g to n , V t.
K y.
ix J . H ., P a n h a n d le , T ex.
♦H ill B . C ., C hino, C al.
H lllstro m H . A ., Belle P la in e , H
♦H ix J . R ., B luffton, In d .
H ill B. H ., Sasser. G a.
M inn.
ix N . O ., A b e rn a th y . T ex.
♦H ill B. M ., G lazier, T ex.
H illy er B ., M t. C alm , T ex.
♦H ixon J . R ., B iuffton, In d .
H ill B. O., Jerom e, Id a h o .
H llsinger J . C.. T o ro n to . O.
♦H ixson A. B ., H illsboro, Ia .
H ill C. D ., C om ing, Cal.
H ilto n A. P .. D ublin. Ga.
H ixson G. V ., C layton, K an .
H ill C. E „ M inneapolis; M inn.
♦H ilton G. E ., L o g a n sp o rt. In d .
♦ H iznay J . M ., W ilkes-B arre, P a .
H ill O. R ., S ullivan. 111.
♦H ilton H . O ., N een ah , W is.
H lelle O. S.. M ercer, N . D.
♦H ill C. S., Im p e rial, C al.
H im e H . H .. B asin. W yo.
♦ H je lt O scar, R olla, N . D .
H ill C . W ., F o rsy th . G a.
♦H im es Alice, W . M ilto n , O.
H Jerleid C. M ., T a y lo r, W is.
H ill D . L ., L o rd sb u rg , N . M .
.H im e s E . K .. N o rm a n , O kla.
H je rle id G . L ., B la ir, W is.
H ill E a rl, D ra k e s C reek , A rk .
H im es G . E ., L aw ler, la .
♦H ill E d ., M iller, M o.
H im ley C. G ., R o ck lan d , W is.
H ill E . E .. L o leta, Cal.
TTim si V. SÎÏ P le v n a . M o n t.
♦H ill E lv e n a H .. K a w k aw lin,
H je rle id H . C „ D ecorah, la .
M ich .
♦H jerleid R . C ., D ecorah, Ia .
H ill E . M., C h eco tah , O kla.
H oadley H . A .. W a te rb u ry , C onn.
H ln c h m a n Louis, W o lc o tt, In d .
♦H ill E v a 1., C olon, M ich .
oag A. E ., W in th ro p , N . Y .
H in d O. B. Y ., G lobe, Ariz.
H ill F . A ., R om e, la .
H oag C. L ., S h e rid a n . W yo.
♦ H in d J a p h e th , B ad A xe, M ich.
H ill F . O ., M o n tro se, M o .
Geo. F .. O ssining. N . Y .
H in d e J o h n K ., C olum bus, Ga.
H ill F . D ., B a th , Me.
♦ H in d e L y d ia M ., Q u an b a, M in n . ♦H oagland E d n a , M ed fo rd , O kla.
H ill J r., F . E ., F airfield, T ex.
H oagland E. C. J r .. P ro sp e c t, K y
H in d e R . H ., Q uam ba, M in n .
H ill F ra n k , A sh aw ay . R . I.
H oban J . R ., H eartw ell, N eb .
♦ H in d erk s C. W ., Im p e rial, C al.
H ill F . M ., A sh aw ay , R . I.
H o b a rt G. A .. K insm an. O.
♦ H ln d e rk s J . T ., F re e p o rt, 111.
H ill F r a n k W ., P a sa d e n a , G al.
obbins J . W ., M adison, W is
H in d le y L evi, M illville, N . J .
♦H ill G eo. A ., A rdock, N . D .
♦H obbs C ., R osw ell, N . M .
H indorff A. E ., N ew ton, la .
H ill G. R ., P re s to n , M d .
♦H obbs H . H ., E u g en e, Ore.
H ill G eorge S.. M a rtin sb u rg , W . H in d s G. E ., K e n t, O.
H obbs L. D ., J o h n sto n C ity , 111.
♦H obbs L. L ., C hicago. 111.
♦ H inds J . H „ L ena, 111.
H ill George T ., Tuskegee, A la.
♦H obbs R . C ., H o b a rt, O kla.
♦H inds J . P ., N ew ton, 111.
♦H ill G eorge U ., B u tte , Mont.
H o b b s W . K ., H a m m o n d , M o.
H in d s L. F „ S a n ta C ruz, Cal.
♦H ill G race. E lw ood, la .
H ill G u y W ., D a h ito n , N . Y .
H o b b y E d w in , D allas. T ex .
H in d s W . S „ B aird , T ex.
H ill G. W ., S om erset, K y .
♦ H o b d y J . L ., E l C e n tro , C al.
H in d s W . W .. B u llard , T ex.
H ill H e rm a n A., T oledo, O.
H o b e re ch t H ., E a g le C ity , O kla.
♦H ill H . E .. V irden, III.
♦ H o b e re c h t R . T ., W ato n g a, O k la.
H ln e F . B., K insley, K an.
♦H ill H . H ., A u ro ra, In d .
H in e G. M., A vonm ore, P a .
H o b lit A. L ., C arlinville, 111.
♦H ill H . L ., C u th b e rt, G a.
♦ H oblit E . M .. B loom ington, HI.
H in e I r a E ., Mantua, 0.
H ill H . W .. E a rlh am , la .
♦H iner W ible., W e st L a fa y e tte . H o b lit H . K ., B loom ington, III.
H ill Isa ac . Concord. N . H .
H o b lit J . E ., L incoln. 111.
In d .
♦ H in e rm a n A . O ., H u n tin g to n . ♦H oblitzell W . H ., S kidm ore, Mo.
H obson C. B., S an F rancisco, Cal.
W . Va.
H ill J . A ., Im b o d e n , A rk .
H ines C. E ., S ta n d in g R ock, A la. H obson E . M ., M arsh all, In d .
H ill J . B ., S pringtow n. Tex.
H ines E . F ., O ak P a rk , 111.
♦H obson G- L ., R ic h lan d , la .
H ill J . C ., Packw ood, la .
H ines F . E „ G reenw ich, O.
♦H och F . L., D e Soto, Ia .
H ill J . O ., L eesb u rg , In d .
♦H ines H . H ., N aples. Tex.
H och W . C.. D elta, O.
♦H ill J . F ., N a tc h ito c h e s, L a.
♦H ines J . B ., O kla. C ity , O kla.
♦H o ck ad y A ., F u lto n , Mo.
♦H ill J . F ., W . C h ester, P a .
H ines L . J ., W o o d b u ry , K y .
H ockenbeam er P . A ., L o g a n sp o rt,
H ill J . H .. S m ith C enter, K an .
H ines M. M., S to n ln g to n , 111.
In d .
H ill Ju lie n H .. R ichm ond. Va.
H ill J .N ., J r., L a k e P ro v id en c e ,L a. H ines N . C ., C ary , N . C.
♦H ockensm ith, J . M ., B artle sv ille,
♦H ines R . D ., Jackso n v ille, O re.
HIU J . S., C harleston, W . V a.
O kla.
H ines T hom as, C onklin, Mich.
H ill J . S., M o n tro se, Colo.
H o ck er E ., L a m p a sas, T ex.
H ines, W . M . R ogerson, Id a .
H ill J . W ., R o ch e p o rt. Mo.
H ocker J . O., B a rn a rd , Mo.H in k le H . H .. H ugo, O kla.
♦H ill L eo n a L., L a th a m , Mo.
H ocker J . H ., H u sto n v ille , K y.
♦H ill, L im ie, C ab o t, A rk.
H ocker P . S., C am argo, O kla.
H ill L . W „ L aw ren ceb u rg , In d .
H in k le R o b e rt, Saltillo, T e n n .
H ocker R . M.. L e b a n o n J u n e ., K y
H ill M. E ., B rig h to n . T en n .
H in k ly H . J ., Steen, M in n .
♦ H ocker W . D ., H u sto n v ille , K y.
♦H ill N a o m i L ., K id d er. M o.
♦ H in m a n G. A ., G reybull, W yo.
♦ H o c k e tt H . A ., N e w b e rry , F la .
♦H ill N ew ell H ., T a y lo r Springs, ♦H in m an H . C ., C lyde, N . Y .
H o c k e tt J . M ., C olfax, Ia .
H in m a n J . W., Clyde, N . Y .
H o c k e tt W. F ., D a y to n , O.
♦H ill N . P ., A da, O.
H odgdon F . T „ H a n n ib al, Mo.
H ill O. B .. R ich m o n d . Va.
H in n a n t F . E ., S u m ter, S. C.
odgdon R . L ., P a u llin a , Ia .
H ill O. G.. W ab a sh , In d .
H in n a n t G . L ., M t. V ernon, Tex.
H odge A . J ., M az e p p a, M in n .
♦H ill O. T ., A rcad ia, In d .
H in n a n t J . L ., E u tau sv ille , S. O.
H ill O tto , D a v e n p o rt, la .
H in rich s F . J .. P e o to n e . 111.
H ill P . S., H alifax , P a .
♦H odge A . S., M a z e p p a , M in n .
♦H ill R a y , A rcadia, N eb .
H odge E . O., S an D iego, Cal.
H ill R . B ., E u re , N . O.
♦ H insdale S. J ., R aleigh, N . C.
H odge C. R ., Jam e sto w n . N . D.
♦H ill R o b t. E ., B o sto n , M ass.
H in sh aw E . B ., M ilb u rn , O kla.
H odge F r a n k A .,H a m m o n d ,M in n .
H ill R o d n ey , P a rk e r, S. D .
♦H inshaw G ., B rig h to n , Colo.
H odge J . M., W ad ley . A la.
H ill S am u el L ., H a m m o n d , L a.
H in te rm a n W . C.. E n te rp ris e , O re
H ill S tep h en B ., K aw k aw lin .M ich. ♦ H in te rth u e r W. H ., N eenah, W is.
♦H ill T . J o h n , C am b rid g e, la .
♦ H in to n G eo. H ., R eedville. V a.
H o d g e J . W ., B ailey to n , T e n n .
H ill T . Y ,, H a lle ttsv ille, T ex .
♦ H in to n H . H ., L a d y sm ith , W is.
♦H odge P . D ., L ew istow n, M o n t.
H ill V . D ., Conw ay, A rk..
H in to n J a s . P .. H a n n ib al. Mo.
H odge R . J ., M urphysboro, 111.
H ill W. A ., T h re e R iv ers Tex.
H odge R . V ., Toledo, O.
H ill W a lte r, A lex an d ria, La.
♦H odge W . A ., Toledo. O.
♦ H in to n J . S., F t. L a u d e rd a le
H ill W . E „ Selm a. Ia.
♦H odge W . G ., P in e C ity , M in n .
F la .
♦H ill W . F .. V a n d erg rift. P a .
H odgens W . B ., W ister, O kla.
H in to n W . A .,Sadieville, K y.
H ill W . F ., E d d y , Tex.
♦H odges B ., A del, G a.
♦ H in tz E . A .. C hicago, 111.
H ill W . O ., L ex in g to n , O re.
H odges B. S., H odges. S. C.
H ill W . S., Elw ood, la .
H odges C has. H ., E n d ic o tt, N e b .
♦ H in zm an I. V ., R ipley, W . V a.
H ill W . S.. U p p e r M arlb o ro , Md.
♦H odges D . J ., T ecum seh, M ich .
H io tt A. T ., H a rleyville, S. C .
H ill W . T ., L a th a m . Mo.
♦H ipp N . E ,, N o v a , O.
H ill W .W ., P itts b u rg h . P a .
♦H odges E . A ., B atesville, A rk.
H lm l E . F ., A p p le to n C ity, M o.
♦H ill Z elm a, C isne, 111.
♦H odges G. C., Jr.,G reenw ood,S .C .
H irons J . D., Waltonville, 111.
H U land E rlin g , W ax ah ach ie, T ex.
♦H odges H . G ., M o rg a n sto w n ,
♦H irsch J . M ., C an n e lto n . In d .
♦H ille C. R ., W ak een ey , K an .
W . V a.
♦H irsch R . W., T o m b all, TeX.
H iU eary W . M „ S ta u n to n , Va.
H odges J. B ., H a m ilto n , A la.
♦H illem an H . G ., S h eboygan Falls, H irsch Sol., M oline, 111.
♦H odges J . B .. G uin, A la.
♦ H irsch V. A ., M ed fo rd , W is.
W is.
H irsch e C laudius, H u rrica n e , U ta h ♦H odges J . O ., E rw in , S. D .
H ille m a n n M. T .
Sh eb o y gan
♦H irschfeld H . W ., W in o n a . M inn. H odges J . H . S., A yden, N . C.
Falls, W is.
H odges J . M ., W estm o rela n d ,
H irschfleld M o rris, A u stin , T ex.
♦H iller H ellen, O m ega, O kla.
H irsh b erg E . J ., C h o u te a u , M o n t.
H ille rH . J ., N ia g ara F a lls, N . Y .

204 6
♦H odges P . E „ Jack so n v ille, F la .
H o d g ln I. A ., S o m erto n , O.
H o d g k in J . M., W in c h este r, E y .
H o d g so n G . D ., B ronson, T ex.
H o dgson G . P ., C o lu m b ia, Va;
♦H odson C . M „ Sidney, M o n t.
♦H odson O. W .. N . Y . C ity , N . Y .
H oech J . W ., S h an lk o , O re.
H o efen er F . H .. M in d en , l a .
H oefer A. J .. M ay v iew , M o.
H o efer D an iel, H igginsville, M o .,
A cting.
♦H oefer F . A ., S a n ta B a rb a ra , C al.
♦H oefer O. H ., B a ttle C reek , la .
♦H oefer W m ., H igginsville, M b.
♦H oefle C haSy H ig h la n d , 111.
H oefllch R . K ., M aysville. E y .
♦ H o eft E . A ., C hicago, 111.
H oeg em ey er O. G ., C olum ons.


H o eg h W illiam , E lk h o m , la .
H o e h n H , F ., W itt. 111.
H o e k stra G. S., M eekling. S. D .
H o e k stra H ., P a n a m a , 111.
♦H oel A . G ., C o o p ersto w n , N . D .
H oel C. B .f E v e le th , M inn.
H o d I . H ., C o n g er M in n .
♦H oel O .N ., A lden, M in n .
♦ H o erer S. F .. C a n to n , M o .
♦ H o e rn e r W y n n , L ew isburg, O.
H o e rr C. O., M an k a to , M inn.
H oesch en R . J ., B ro w erv ille.M in n .
♦H oese A- W ., Z ap , N . D .
H oese W illiam , S p en cer, S. D .
♦ H o e tte r A lm a, B elg rad e. M in n .
H o fe r A . W .. C ochrane, W ls.
H off E . A .. Y p silan ti. N . D.
♦Hoff O scar F ., A n e ta, N . D .
H off O tto P ., A u d u b o n , M in n .
♦H off Snow den. B altim o re. M d.
H o fla rd N . A ., W o o d b u m . O re.
H offer C. A ., S a n ta R osa, Cal.
♦ H o ffh in e O . E ., C asp er, W yo.
H o ffm an A. J ., N o . A dam s, M ich .
♦H offm an C . C .. N ew C arlisle.
In d .
, £
♦H offm an C . F ., L ib eral. K a n .
H o ffm an C . H ., W in am ac. In d .
♦H offm an C ro m er, M ech an icsv ille,
N. Y.
♦H offm an E . A ., R a n d o lp h , N e b .
♦H offm an E . M., D w ig h t, 111.
♦H offm an F . F ., O gem a. M inn.
H o ffm an G . A ., B erlin. P a.
H o ffm an G. J ., H o k a h M inn.
H o ffm an J . H ., M ay to w n , P a .
♦H offm an J o h n , Sw eet Springs,
M o.
♦H offm an J o h n , L a n sfo rd , P a .
♦H offm an J . J .. D allas, S. D .
♦H offm an J . S., O k lah o m a C ity ,
O kla.
H o ffm an J . W ., M illersburg, P a .
H o ffm an L. M . J r ., D allas. N . C .
H o ffm an M u rra y . C o lu m b u s, O.
H o ffm an N . A ., S a n D iego. T ex .
H o ffm an N . C., M urray , la .
H o ffm an N , W ., S o u th F o rk , P a.
H o ffm an S. F., H u d so n , S. D .
H o ffm an T . R ., B ayonn6, N . J .
♦H offm an T . W ., M a rio n , W is.
♦H offm an W . A ., L in co ln , K a n .
H o ffm an W . k , B urw ell, N eb.
H o ffm an W m ., R a d d iff, la .
H o ffm an n E . L ., B azile M ills, N eb.
♦H offm an Jn o . J r ., G ra n d H a v e n ,
M ich .
♦H o ffm aster J . W ., K ings, 111.
H o ffm eister G-. F ., H o lla n d P a te n t,
N. Y.
♦H offten C a rl C ., B uffalo, M inn♦H öfling H . G ., Iren e , S. D .
♦H o fm an n L. M ., W infield, la .
H o fm a n n V. F ., H a v elo ck , N eb .
H o fm e iste r E . 0 ., C hancellor, S. D .
H o fs te tte r J . F .. F ran b fo rt.M ie h .
♦H ogan O ., S p u r, T ex.
H o g a n E . G ., J o in e r, A rk.
♦H ogan F . W .. C lin to n , M ich .
♦H o g an G . B „ P a d u c a h , T ex.
H o g a n G eorge W ., T u ttle , O kla.
H o g a n J . H ., D es M oines, la .
H o g a n J a s . H ., K e rric k , M in n
H o g a n M . E ., C h a p e l H ill, N . G.
♦H o g an M . M ., V illard , M in n .
H o g a n R . C ., R osew ood, Tex.
♦ H o g an R . D ., D ry R id g e. K y .
♦H o g an S. W .. M illv ille. N . J .
H o g a n T . L ., M o re h ea d , K a n .
H o g a n W . F ., S a v a n n a h , Ga.
H o g a n W . J .. B o liv ar. N Y .
♦ H o g an cam p S. S., B ard w êll, K y .
♦H oge A. W ., C am b rid g e. M d .
♦H oge C . K ., S ta u n to n , Va.
H o g e E u g e n e E ., F ra n k fo rt, K y .
♦H öge H . J .. H a m ilto n . Va.
H o g elan d H . B ., N ew to n . P a .
♦H ogen D onnes, T w in V alley,
M in n .
♦H ogenson T e n a . E th e l, M o .
H o g en so n T ob ias, S tew artv ille,
M in n .
♦H ogg A . N ., P h ila d e lp h ia , P a . ,
H ogg C. J ., M elrose, W is.
H o g g J . B ., G e rald in e, M o n t.
H o g g a rd J . N ., L ew isto n , N . C.
H o g g e E a rl, H e a lth , T ex .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H ogge L. H ., O dd, V a.
H ogle Sf H ., B u rr O ak, M ich.
♦H oglünd J . C ., S t. C roix Falls'.
W is.
♦H ogrefe K .F ., B a ttle C reek, N e b .
♦ H o g sett C. W ., A ltu s, O kla.
♦ H o g sett S. C„ V ernon, Tex.
♦ H o g sett S. L „ M arlinton, W . V a.
H o g sta d L . B ., N o m e, N . D . ♦ H o g u e 'A d a M ., Hemet, C al.
H o g u e A . W ., S e a ttle , W ash.
♦H ogue1B., M arshall, 111.
H o g u e E d w a rd , B arn es, K a n ,
♦ H o g u e M ilto n , B ro o k sto n , T ex.
♦H ogue R . F .. Scio. Ohio.
H o h l J . G ., P rag u e , N eb .
♦H o h n E . A ., M ary sv ille, K a n .
H o h n H . A ., M ary sv ille. K a n .
♦H oiberg V ., A skov, M in n .
♦H oien S. C ., R in g sted d , la .
♦H oing L . J"., H u n tin g b u rg , In d .
H o k a n so n H e n ry , D e lft, Minn.
♦H oke G . D ., Shiro, T ex.
♦H oke H , E .. E . L a s V egas,
N. M.
♦H oke H . E ., R a to n , N . M .
H o k e J . C„ M errill, la .
H o k e J . W ., G ra n ite F a lls, N . O .'
♦H oke L . E ., K a n sa s C ity , K an .
H o k e L. E ., K a n sa s C ity , K an .
H o la d a y , C. B ,, E ste llin e , Si. D .
H o lb e rt F ., Sussex, N . J.
H o lb e rt G . S.. N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
♦ H o lb e rt H . M ., P lain v iew . N e b .
♦Holbert H . P ., Lees S um m it, M o.
♦Holbert T . M ., Sussex, N . J .
H o lb ro o k B. F .. O w en ton. K y.
H o lb ro o k C arey , H a rtfo r d , A rk .
H o lb ro o k G . R ., H u n tin g to n , A rk.
H o lb ro o k B . H .. H a rtfo r d C ity
In d .
♦H o lb ro o k J . B ., O w enton, K y.
♦H olbrook J . H ., N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
H o lb ro o k M . J ., W hitesville, K y .
♦H olbrook R . B ., F r o n t R oyal, V a.
H o lco m b B ru ce, F a y e tte v ille . A rk.
♦H olcom b E . M -, L a G ran g e, O.
H o lco m b E . S., B ro k e n B ow , N eb .
H o lco m b G . C ., R oanoke, Va.
H o lco m b H . A ., W ellin g to n . T ex.
♦H olcom b L . E ., M esa, A riz.
♦H olcom b M ario n , K londike, Tex.
H o lco m b e T . B .. O ates, S. C .
H o ld a h l A. E ., W a n n a sk a , M in n .
H o ld a h l T . B ., R o seau , M in n .
♦H olden A. R ., W ash in g to n , D . C.
♦H olden B. P ., C la rk sb u rg , W . Va.
♦H o ld en D e W itt, W illow , O kla.
H o ld en J . F ., B lue R idge, Ga:
H o ld en R . H ., W h ite , S>. D ,
H o ld en R . W ., H oneoye F alls,N .Y .
H o ld en . W . B .. Salem , W . Va.
♦ H o ld er A . B ., L ain g sb u rg , M ich .
H o ld er, W . R ., S tillm ore, G a.
♦H olderness M . E ., S t. L ouis, M o.
H o ld h u sen J . F ., C olum bia, S. D .
H o ld in g T . E „ W ak e F o re st, N . C.
♦HoldsWorth W . S., Watertown,
M ass.
♦H ole J . O ., F arm ersv ille, T ex.
♦H olem an C. L ., O p tim a, O kla.
H o lem an G . A ., A nsley, N eb .
H olen H . P .. T h o m as, S. D .
H o lg er H ., E lb a , N eb.
H o lid a y A . L ., G randview , la .
H o h e n T h eo . A ., J a s p e r, M in n .
H olifleld, K . L ., B ro o k p o rt, 111.
♦H olig R . J .. B row erville. M inn.
♦H olke D. H „ H igginsville. Mo.
♦H oll H . W .. P esotum , III.
H o lla n d A. D ., E llen to h , G a.
♦H o llan d Alice, G reenw ood, A rk.
H o lla n d A m brose, R a y , M in n .
♦H o llan d B arn ey , , W ea th e rfo rd ,
H o lla n d B . M ., L aw n, T ex.
H o lla n d C . W ., A ndover. M ass.
H o lla n d E . R ., D es M oines. Ia .
H ofland H . E .; C hillicothe, O.
♦H olland H . L ., Los Angeles, C alif.
H o lla n d H . M ., Suffolk, Va.
H o llan d G. N ., F a lls C ity, N eb.
H o lla n d J ., Poolvifle, Tex.
♦H o llan d J . D „ N ashville, Ga.
H o lla n d , J . P . C otto n w o o d , 111.
♦H o llan d J . R ., B ronw ood, G a.
♦ H o llan d L aw rence, Poolvifle, T ex
H o lla n d L . M ., B u m p u s M ills,
T en n .
♦ H o llan d L y la, B u m p u s M ills,
H o lla n d P a u l, H o llandale, Miss.
H o llan d R .E .,B u m p u s M ills,Tenn.
H o llan d R . L .. C alv ert C ity, K y.
H o lla n d T h o m as; L ow p o in t, 111.
H o lla n d W est, B rin k m a n , O kla.
H o lla n d W . E .. A chille. o k la .
H o lla n d W . T ., S a n ta F e. T en n .
H oflem an E . T .. C enterville. TexA
H oflem an F . S., Seneca, S. C.
♦H o llen b ack H . D ., R oanoke, 111.
H o llen b eck S .B .,B a in b rrd g e , N .Y .
H o lle r P . R ., V a n H o rn , l a .
♦H ollerich P e te r. S prin g v alley , 111.
H o lley A. W ., F o r t G aines, G a.
H olley J . L ., C o rin th , M iss.
H o lley J . M ., L a C rosse. W is.

♦H olley W . H ., W innsboro, Tex.
♦H olley W . W „ C o u sh a tta . L a.
H o llid a y A. O*, F axson, O kla.
H o llid a y C . M .j W ashin g to n .
O kla.
♦H olliday J . W ., R ed W ing, M inn.
H ollim an D . E ., T a rry to w n , G a.
H o llin g sw o rth C . A ., K irk lin , In d .
H ollin g sw o rth D . R ., G uerneville,
C al.
H o llingsw orth G . B ., N essem er,
H o llingsw orth I. R ., Sunset, T ex.
H ollingsw orth L ., A m ber, Okla.
♦ H ollingsw orth N ., F ro st, Tex.
•H ollingsw orth N ., Irene, Tex.
H o llingsw orth T ., M adlll, O kla.
H ollin g sw o rth W . L ., Lincoln, A la.
H o llin g to n W . A ., F in d la y , 0 :
♦H ollinshead J . A ., P o r t C lin to n , O.
H ollis Carl, W arren , A rk.
H ollis D . K ., U v a ld a, G à.
H ollis F . J ., W estp o in t, T enn.
H ollis G. C., E agle P ass, T ex.
H ollis W . H ., M cL o u d , O kla.
♦H ollister H . J ., Baldwin,- M ich.
H o lliste r R . E ., L eo ti, K a n .
H ollom on C leve, M aso n H all,
T en n .
♦H ollopeter H . B .. L a D ue. M o .
H o llo ran J. S.. C ornw all. N . Y .
♦H olloran J . S. J r ., C ornw all, N .Y .
♦H ollow H . O., S ullivan, M o.
H oflow ag A . D ., W elch, O kla.

♦ H o lt A . F ., M o n ro v ia , C al.
H o lt D . E .. W heeler, T ex.
♦H o lt E . C ., O snabrock, N . D .
H o lt E . V., T u c k e rm a n , A rk.
♦ H o lt F . B ., N ew H a v en , C onnH o lt F . H ., R ockville, C onn.
♦H olt F . M ., G u rd o n , A rk.
H o lt F ra n k , P o r t C linton, O . .
♦H o lt G race, U n io ntow n, K an.
♦ H olt H . C.. P a sa d e n a , Cal.
H o lt J . A-.. Gage, O kla.
H o lt L. A ., S tevensville, M o n t.
H o lt L. E ., U niontow n, K an.
H o lt R . B ., S to n in g to n , Colo.
H o lt R . C., J r ., R ay n e , L a.
H o lt S'., Springfield, Colo.
♦ H o lt W . A ., P o rtla n d , O re.
♦ H olt W . E ., M inneapolis, M inn.
H o lt W . H ., E llsw o rth , K an .
♦ H o lt W . R .. B uffalo. W yo.
♦ H o lta n L. A ., Z u m b ro ta , M in n .
♦ H olte O liver, U p h a m , N . D .
H o lte R a lp h A ., S tanfield, Ore.
H o lte n J . F .. E d n a . K an.
♦H oltgrew e F re d H ., Jo h n so n ,
N eb .
H o lth a u s F . J ., Seneca, K an.
♦H olton J r., A. E . Y adkinville.
N . O.
H o lto n A . W .. W o rth a m , T ex.
♦H olton, M elv in S., B ejou, M inn.
♦ H olton W . A .. Sidell, 111.
H o lto n W m . E ., M o u n t V ernon,
In d .
H o lto rff E . H .. C hicago, III.
♦H oltschneider G ., R ic h F o u n ta in ,
H o ltz C. L. V ., N e w a rk , O.
♦H oltz H . T ., W ishek, N . D .
H oltzclaw B; C. P e rry , Ga.
♦H oltzclaw E .t P e rry , Ga.

♦H ollow ay A . H ., S alisbury. M d.
♦H ollow ay C. M ., K e n tla n d , In d .
♦H ollow ay E . T ., G eorgiana, A la.
H ollow ay E . T ., W ing, 111.
H ollow ay J . B ., L ag ran g e T ex.
H ollow ay J . F.,. E clectic, Ala.
♦Holloway" J . F ., F lo rala, A la.
H ollow ay J . S., K oshkonong, Mo. ♦H oluba H . H ., S t. G eorge,K an.
H ollow ay W . E ., D e tro it. T ex.
♦H olum G ilbert, B oyd, M in n .
H ollow ay W . J ., D u rh am ; N . C.
H o lu m Isa ac . T ra c y , M inn.
H ollow ay W . L ., B erlin, Md.
♦H olycross F . R ., M ary sv ille. O.
♦H ollow ay W . W ., W ing, 111.
H blze L. C .. R iesel, Tex.
H ollow ell E . D ., B rush, Colo.
H olzinger D. J ., A n n aw an , 111.
H olly E . D ., S uisu n C ity, Cal.
♦H olzinger G. A ., A n n aw an , 111.
♦Hofly E . H ., E liza b e th to n , T enn. ♦H olzinger H . E ., G eneseo, 111.
H olly O. E „ L archw ood, la .
H olzinger W . H .. Geneseo. IU.
H olly R . P ., G reenw ood. N . Y.
H olzm an C harles, Jero m e, A riz.
♦H ofly W . P ., N ew Y o rk C ity H o lzm an n W . H ., B edias, Tex.
N . Y.
H o lz w arth W . H ., F o r t W ayne,
H o lly d a y H e n ry , E a sto n , Md.
In d ,
H olm , A . S., T w in V alley, M in n . H o m an L. W .. So. B en d, W ash.
H o m a n W . F ., O ntario. Ore.
H o m a n n A. C ., B allinger, Tex.
♦H olm H ., E lb a. N eb.
H olm M a rk , E lb a, N eb.
H olm V ictor, H a y s, K a n .
H o m e r A. R ,. L ogan. U ta h .
♦H olm an G. G ., G ainesville, Tex.
H om er W . H ., R irie, Id a .
H o lm an J . C., Sharpsvflle, In d .
H om er W . N ., B oston, M ass.
H o lm an P . W ., G lasgow . K y.
H o m e y e r C. W ., B u rto n , T ex.
♦H olm an R . J ., Springfield^, T en n . H o m m an D. F .. Silverlake. In d ,
♦H olm an T hos., Lenox, M o.
♦H om or F lo ra, B ism arck, IU.
♦H olm an T . P ., C o rin th , M iss;
H on C. C., H igbee, Mo.
H o lm a n W . E ., R ansom vflle. N . Y. ♦ H o n a k e r O. M ., P o r t R oyal, K y.
H olm berg D a v id , W enatchee,
H o n a n J . B ., St. M ary s, K an.
W ash.
H o n a n J . J ., E d in a , M o.
H olm en J . O . E ., K enyon, M in n .
H o n e J . M ., C y g n et, O.
H olm es A . L „ L yons, Ia ,
♦ H o n erk am p A . A ., S t. L ouis, M o.
♦H olm es A . W ., M id d leto w n ,
C onn.
♦H oneyw ell W . W ., D elhi. N . Y .
♦H olm es B e rth a , P alco, K an .
H ong P . B ., W illm ar, M inn.
♦H olm es B. F ., S ham rock, Tex.
H o n ib s W . A ., G lenw ood, M o.
HolmeS C. A ., D es M oines, Ia .
♦H olm es C harles, W ich ita, K an . H onke M. L ., B u tte . N eb.
H olm es C has. E ., W rig h tsto w n , ♦H onke F . L ., B u rlin g to n , Ia.
♦H onkom p O. E .. G raceville.M inn.
N . J.
H olm es C. J ., J r ., B ronson. M teh.
H olm es E . H „ M ontclair, N . J .
♦H ood A . B .. Connellsvlfle, P a .
H olm es F . G ., O sage C ity , K a n .
H ood C. J .. C om m erce, Ga.
H olm es F . P ., N eche, N . D.
H ood E . A ., G reenleaf, K an.
H olm es G . W ., S antee, N e b .
♦H ood E d g a r, A liceville, A la.
H olm es H . B ., V ivian, S. D.
H ood F . B ., P a rk e r, Colo.
♦H olm es H . T .. S to c k to n . C al.
♦H ood F . R ., L ucas; Ia .
H ood G . P ., M o reh ead C ity . N . O.
H olm es H e n ry L., O range, N . J .
H ood Jam e s, A llen, K an.
H olm es H e rb e rt, Yazoo C ity ,
H ood J o h n D ., S u m m it, N . J .
M ass. ;,
H olm es H orace,'D olton, III.
Hood K . R ., M o rg an C ity , La.
H olm es H o race, S o u th H ollan d , Hood P e rc y , F e rn d a le , W ash.
H ood S. L ., Savage, M o n t.
♦H olm es J .A .,S te a m b o a t R o ck .Ia . '‘H ood W . B ., C oahom a. Tex.
H olm es J . D ., R ich m o n d ville, N .Y . Hood W . F ., F a irc h ild , W is.
"H oogner C. B ., W akefield, N eb.
H olm es J . E ., K low a.K an.
Hook C. E ., O tta w a, IU.
♦H olm es J . E ., R an d a lia , Ia ,
•=Hook E . L ., C olfax, W ash.
♦H olm es J . E ., P o u ltn ey , V t.
►Hook N . G ., M an c h e ste r, O.
H olm es J . W ., A ra n sa s P a ss, T ex. ►Hooker J ., L ovington, N . M ex.
H ooker J o h n , S c o ttsb u rg , In d .
H olm en M. E .. E u re k a . K an .
►Hooker L y m a n H ., F ram in g h am ,
♦H olm es M . E ., F o rsy th , M o n t.
M ass.
♦H olm es M . M ., O lean, N . Y .
♦H olm es O liver W ., E d m o n d ,K a n . Hook M . O.,. P a d u c a h , T ex. .
H ooker O. M „ A urora, N . C.
H olm es R . E ., B ushnell, N eb.
H ooker R . E ., L a m a r, Colo.
♦H olm es O. W ., B ronson, M ich.
H olm ees R . J ., P a rk R iv e r. N. D . H ooker R . E ., Springfield, Colo.
♦H olm es W . E ., S a c ra m e n to , C al. H ooker W alter, B lanchard, Ia .
H ooker W . R ., N okesville, Va.
H olm es W . R ., C otesfield, N eb ’.
Hooks G uy, D u n n , N . C.
H olm es W . R „ E n te rp rise , Ore.
H olm gren A. F ., Lincolnville, K an. Hooks P . E .. Ita s c a , T ex.
H o lm q u ist W . C ., S ebeka, M in n . ►Hooks P . T ., L adonia, Tex.
♦H o lm stro m A . T ., B ad g e r. M in n . Hooka R . O., M erten s, Tex.
H ölscher A. O ., G ra n g e r, M in n . •Hooley H . C.. N . Y . C ity. N . Y.
►Hooper J r., A. B ., A lbertville,A la.
♦H olsing R . G ., D u n b a r, P a .
Hooper A. B.. A lbertville. A la.
♦H olst D , F ., P rin ce to n , Ia ,
H ooper C. G., S h erid an , Mo.
H o lset G. V., N apoleon, N . D.
♦H olshouser J . B ., F ra n k lin , T e n n . H ooper J . G ., R o ck p o rt, Tex.
Hooper J o h n R ., B altim ore, Md.
H o lste n R . H ., D odge, N eb.
♦ H olstine R . M ., M o n tg o m ery , Hooper L. A , B luefleld. W . V a.
Hooper L. W ., T e x .M a rb le Falls,
W . Va.
Hooper S abin. B oyne C ity . M ich.
H o lstla w H . D„. Iu k a , 111.
►Hooper W . S.. L a n c a ste r. K y.
♦ H olstlaw Lois T ., Iu k a , 111.

H oopingarner M . W ., B ay C ity,
Hoopm an J. A., Byesville. O.
Hoopm an M . B., Cambridge; Ö.
Hoopm an P . E .. Buffalo. O.
♦Hoornbeck A nna B., Eli en ville,
N . Y.
Hoornbeck F. B.. Ellënville. N.Y.
*Hoot H. P ., Chicago, III.
Hooten W. J., C en ter Hill, Fla.
Hooton D. F., Bamberg, S. C.
♦Hoots C. H.. M attoon, HI.
♦Hoover C. F., Brighton, la.
Hoover C. F.. N um a, la.
Hoover C. W., R lttm an, O.
♦Hoover Dewey, D urand, 111.
Hoover E arl T ., Benton. Ia.
Hoover Geo. W., E aton, Ind.
Hoover Harold, Middleburg, Ind.
Hoover J. A.. Cum berland, M d.
Hoover K. W., M acon, IU.
Hoover L. E ., Vinland, Kan.
Hoover L. W ., P ortland, Ind'.
Hoover L. W ., H avanna, Mo.
Hoover M. P., Cayuga, Ind.
♦Hoover N. L., Benton, Ia.
Hoover R. A., Moorhead. Miss.
Hoover R. W.. Holtville. Cal.
Hoover S tanton E., Croton, O.
Hoover Mrs. W. H.. E aton, T enn.
♦Hope I. E ., L ittle Sioux, Ia.
♦Hope L. L., Vale; Ore.
Hopewell J.. E., Linden, Ind.
H opka F . T., Bluehill, Neb.
Hopkins B. P „ Grainfleld, Kan.
Hopkins E . C., Fisher, M inn.
♦Hopkins E . R.. Columbus. Miss.
♦Hopkins E . W ., Sterling, Colo.
♦Hopkins G. M ., SinclairvUle; N.
Hopkins J . A., Rockport, Ind.
H opkins J. M„ Ashland, Ky.
Hopkins John H. Jr., Galesville,
M d.
Hopkins J. T. C. Jr., P o rt Deposit.
♦Hopkins L. P., Palo Alto, Cal.
Hopkins O. S'., Hickory, Miss.
Hopkins R. J.. Tlonetsa. Pa.
♦Hopkins Scott, W ashington C.H.,
Hopkins T . J., W enona, 111.
Hopkins W. L., New York' C ity,
N. Y.
♦Hopkins W. S., Auxvasse, M o.
Hopkins W. W., Bel Air, Md.
H opp F. T., Beaum ont. Kan.
♦Hoppe B. H. E ., Smithville, Tex.
H opper B. M„ Oakdale, Pa.
H opper C. M ., Sumner, M o.
H opper E . B., Ness City, Kan.
Hopper G. W., BrinSmade. N. D.
H opper H ugh, M arion Je t., Ala.
Hopper J. W., Jerm yn, Tex.
Hopper W. W., K nights Landing.
♦Hoppln C. E ., Northfleld. Minn.
Höppler H ., Seatonville; 111.
H ops F ran k W ., W ashington, 111.
Hopson E. N., Paterson, N. J.
Hopson G. I., Bluejacket, Okla.
♦Horacek M arie, Brainerd, Neb.
♦Horak J . E.. D uluth, Minn.
H oral G. A., Fairfield, Ida.
♦Horan F rank, Heartwell, Neb.
Horan W. J., Dawson. N. M .
♦Bord Merle, D eputy, Ind.
H ord W . R.. T ebbetts, Mo.
♦Hordie W. A., Victoria, Va-.
♦Hordin J. B., Spur, Tex.
♦Horgsom D. N., Commerce, Tex.
H orland K arl, Grenora, N. D.
♦Horland K arl, Outlook, M ont.
H orm ann E ., St. Louis, Mo,
H orn Andrew G., Denver, Colo.
Horn Dewey D., Bonanza, Ore.
H orn F. A., Loami, 111.
H orn F rank M ., Catasauqua, Pa.
Horn J. F.. New Berlin. III.
H orn O. H., Bejou, M inn.
Horn K. M ., W ellington, Tex.
H orn W. S., Crowley, Tex.
♦H om aday R. B., Plainfield, Ind.
♦Hornbeck A. D., Monon, Ind.
Horabeck. J . A „ Romney, Ind.
♦Hornby C. J., Crawford, Neb.
♦Hornby F. H ., New York City
N . Y.
♦Home A. M ., Boston, Mass.
Horne C. A., Haverhill, Mass.
Horne O. G., El Centro, Cal.
H om er Albert, E arl. Ark.
♦Horner E- L , Superior, Neb.
♦Homer H . N ., D avis, Okla.
H om er O. F.. M edaryville, Ind.
♦Horner S. C., Bartlesville, Okla.
H o m er W. C.. Monon, Ind.
Horner William R., York, Pa.
Horney C. A., Brewster, Kan.
♦Horney F. E., Tulsa, Okla.
Hom ey S. F „ L ittleton, 111.
♦Homey V. A.. L ittleton, 111.
Hom ing E. F., Brooklyn, Mich.
H ornsby Lee, Electic, Ala.
Hornsby S. M ., Seaford, Va.
Hornsey R. W., Blackwell, M o.
H oraung C. F., Norwalk. Wis.
Horsey T . C.» Greensboro. M d.
H orst D. W., Norwalk, Cal.
♦Horst Frank, Elgin, Neb.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H orst H . M .. H um m els tow n. P a.
H orst J. S.. Cincinnati. O.
♦Horter Thomas W., Philadelphia,
♦H ortley F'. M .. Centräliä. Okla.
H orton A. D.. Hawarden, Ia.
♦H orton A. W ., Northwilkesboro,
N . G.
♦H orton C. Howard, M antón,
H orton C. M., F t. Pierce. Fla.
H orton C. M „ Belton, S. C.
H orton H. A., H eath Spring. S. C.
H orton I. F „ Mantón, Mich.
H orton Ira J.,N ew York C ity.N .Y .
♦H orton J. S., H aw arden, Ia.
H orton J . B„ B attle M ountain,
Horton L. T ., Aurelia, N . D.
♦H orton L. W.. Tonapah, NeV.
H orton S. S„ M artinsburg, Pa.
♦Horvin T. M., K ennard, Tex.
♦Hoscheit E . J., Peru. 111.
Hosea A., Pikeville, N . O.
♦Hosford Alex., M enomonie, Wis.
♦Ho8ford F. H .. Lebanon. N. H.
Hosick J. I., Rockport, Ky.
♦Hosick W. R ., NéWcomerstoWn,
Hosig W. G., M auston, Wis.
Hoskin F. J.. W est Bend. Ia.
♦Hoskins O. J., Newberg, Ore.
Hoskins D, T., E. Las Vegas. N.M.
Hoskins H. E ., W ilm ington, 0 .
Hoskins J . P., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Hoskins J. W.. Hustonvilie, Ky.
♦Hosier C. H ., Pawnee, Okla.
Hosier W. F., Findlay, O.
♦H oslett J. L.. Green Bay, Wis.
♦Hosley F . Z», Reading, Pa,
Hosmer F. W .. Turlock. Cal.
♦Hospers W. H., Orange C ity, la.
♦Hoss A. B., So W est City, Mo,
Hoss Adolph, Peru, 111.
Hoss Charles, Corona, Cal.
H ostbjor Em il, Rosholt, S. D.
H osterm an F. E „ Springfield, O.
H ostetler is. W., Henryvtlle, Ind.
H ostetler J. C., The Dalles, Ore.
H ostetler L. G„ Lovlngton, III.
H ostetter A. K., Lancaster. Pa.
♦H ostetter A. M.. Lindsay, Cal.
♦H ostetter W . A., Lewellan, Neb.
♦B ostettler E . M., Bluffton, 0 .
Hostm an H. W „ P lym outh, Wis.
H ostutler Verne, Hollis, Okla.
♦Hosz W. D„ Portsm outh, O.
♦Hotaling Chas., Fond d u Lac,
♦Hotaling H. D., Ponca C ity,
Hotchkiss E. H., St. Igoace, Mich.
♦Hotchkiss H. G.. Seattle, Wash.
♦Hotm an Wm„ Fayetteville, Tex.
♦H ott C. B., Keyser, W. Va.
♦H ott F. E ., Clyde, Kan.
♦H ottony Elenor, Dwight, Neb.
Houck C. S., Hawley, Pa.
HouCk G. O., O ..»it m an, Okla-.
♦Houck M ., Glenville, M inn.
♦Houck R. C., G ra ite Falls, N. C.
Houda V. F.. Kimball, S. D.
♦Houdek G. H., M unden, Kan.
Houdek, H. H'., Brookston, M inn
♦Houg É . M .. Clerm ont, Ia.
Hougan H. M ., Mohall, N. D.
Hougen E. O., Wheelock, N . D.
Hougen L. S., W ilmot. S. D.
♦Hougen W.O., W olf Point, M ont.
Hough C. A., Nashville, Mich.
♦Hough C. C„ Council Bluffs. Ia.
H ough Chas. E ., Bridgeport,
♦Hough Chas. E ., Palm erton, Pa.
HougH C. F., Mulvane, Kan.
♦Hough G. E., Carthage, Mo.
Hough J . W „ Shenandoah. Pa.
Hough O. G., Kerkhoven. Minn.
♦Hough W. B., Council Bluffs, Ia.
Houghten T. Ö., Redford, Mich.
♦Houghtoö F . M ., Stamford,
♦Houghton F rank, Boston, Mass.
Houghton H. C. Jr., Red Oak, la .
Houghton Paul, Clarem ont, Cal.
Houghton S. C.. H am pton, Neb.
♦Hougbum O. A., Eugene, Ore.
♦Hougland Isis, Henryville, Ind.
♦Houglum R. O., M oorhead.M inn
H ouk C. E ., Ironwood, Mich.
♦Houkom Omer, Blair, Wis.
Houle P . J ., Hugo. Minn.
Houn8hell A. B„ Crockett, Va.
House E . W., Kingsville, Tex,
♦House H. B., St. Paul, M inn.
House J. H ., W inder, Ga.
House J. S.. N. Y. City. N. Y.
♦House R. G., M iddletown, M d.
Housel C. E., Bergen, N. Y.
Housel J . P., Montgomery. Pa.
♦Housel W. H.. Naples. N. Y.
Housel W. S., Holley. N. Y.
Houseman J . F.. Bradshaw, Neb.
♦Houser D. 8., Rosebmg, Ore.
♦Houser F red N ., Stoneboro, Pa.
♦Houser J. R., Anniston, Ala.
♦Houser M. H ., Jesup, Ia.
Houser T N., Stoneboro. Pa.
♦Houser Wm. J., Rochester, N. Y

Houseworth C. H ., Bellaire; K an.
Housh G., Moweaqua, 111.
♦Housholder Isaac,Black Lick, P&.
♦Housman W. J., Davenport, la .
H ouston A. Y., Tina. Mo.
Houston F. L., Ryan, la.
♦Houston Fred. Marysville, O.
♦Houston H. A., Muskogee, Okla.
H ouston H. H .. Bixby, Okla.
H ouston J . C.. Denver, Colo.
♦Houston J. C., Selmer, Tend..
H ouston J. D ., Vivian, La.
♦H ouston J . R ., Lavernia, Tex.
H ouston, J. W. Kirkwood, 111.
H ouston Russell. Hebbronville,
♦Houston R uth, Checotah, Okla.
♦Houston S. C., S tanton, Tex.
H ouston W .F.,Newburyport,M ass.
H outa J. G.. Plainfield, Ia.
♦Houze J . B.. E. Enterprise, in d .
Hovden P., Wheeler, Wis.
Hove John S., B artlett N. D.
Hove J . J., Hayward. Minn.
♦Hove Magalene, H ayw ard, M inn.
Hovey E . W., Challis, Id a.
♦Hovey L aura F . C., Forest City,
♦Hovey T . G., New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
Hovland Ohas., Leonard, M inn.
Howard A. J ., Billings, Mo.
Howard A. S., Lexington, Neb.
♦Howard A. W., H eadrick, Okla.
Howard C. B., Freeborn, Minn.
♦Howard C. G., Vian, Okla.
Howard C. L ., Evansville, Ind.
♦Howard E . B., Oxford, N . C.
♦Howard E. H., E ast B rady, Pa.
Howard E . H ., Ionia, Kan.
Howard E. S., Van Buren, Ind.
Howard F. J ., Dearing, Ga.
♦Howard F. T., Zanesville, O.
Howard Fred, Atwood, Kan.'
Howard G. A. J .. Los Angeles. Cal.
Howard Ira C.. Seaman, O.
Howard J1. B., Judson, N . D.
Howard J. D., W ashington. D. C.
Howard J. H .. Danville, Ark.
♦Howard J. K., Arab, Aia.
Howard J. N ., Athens, Ala.
Howard John, Jacksonville, Tex.
♦Howard John Jr., Yonkers, N. Y.
Howard J, R., Wrens. Ga.
Howard J, T .. Rogers, Ark.
Howard L. B., C oushatta. La.
Howard Leo, Sherbum , Minn.
♦Howard Oscar R.. E l Reno, Okla.
Howard R. D.. P atterson, Ga.
♦Howard R. H., F airbury, 111.
Howard R. S., Portland, Ore.
♦Howard Russell, Cherryvale,
Howard S-. J ., Cherryvale, Kan.
H ow at R obt., W ashington O. H.,
H ow bert W. I., Colorado Sp’gs,
HoWden R. C.. Belfast, N. Y.
Howe A. C., L afayette Colo.
Howe A. F., Buchanan, Mich.
♦Howe B. C., Auburn, Neb.
Howe C. D .. W orden, M ont,
Howe C. O., Summerfleld, Mo.
Howe Charles R., Spencer, Ia.
♦Howe O. R. Spencer, la .
♦Howe E. G., Gardena, N. D.
♦Howe Em il, W abasso. M inn.
Howe F. A., Orange, M ass.
Howe F.W ., Cherry Valley, 111.
Howe H. C., H illyard, Wash.
Howe J., Arco, Minn.
♦Howe J. A., M ontclair, N. J.
♦Howe J. E ., Greenfield, Ia.
Howe J . F., Ionia. Mo.
♦Howe R ., A tlanta, Tex.
Howe R . N., Lake Ariel, Pa.
♦Howe T. J „ Gotebo. Okla.
Howell B. B„ Uniontown, P a.
♦Howell B. F., Riverhead. N. Y.
♦Howell C. A.. Winfield, W . Va.
Howell O. B ., Seattle, Wash.
Howell E . A.. H ardin. Mont.
♦Howell E . S., Verona, O.
♦Howell F . A., Bloomington, 111-.
Howell F. W., Sulphur, Okla.
Howell H. B., Riverhead, N. Y.
Howell H . W., Powell, Wyo.
Howell Ivie E., W aldo, Ark.
♦Howell J. C., F t. Gibson, Okla.
Howell L. A., Honesdale, Pa.
♦Howell M. A., Cromwell. Ia.
♦Howell M . H ., New Y ork City;
N . Y.
HOwell R obt. W ., Trenton, N . J.


Howell T . E ., B auxite, Ark.
Howell V. J., Kirksville, Md.
Howell W. B ;, Alton, Kan:
Howell W. R .. Wills P oint. Tex.
Hower H. H.. Danielsville, Pa.
♦Howerton Philip, Corpus Chflstl,
♦Howery G. O., D arlington, W is.
♦Howes L. W., Williamsburg, Ia.
Howes M. P., Fredericktown, O.
♦Howes R av C.. Wyoming, N. Y.
♦Howeth J. M ., TUghman, M d.
♦Howey S. T ., Vine Grove, Ky.
Howick C. H., Celina, O.
♦Howison J . W „ Bogata, Tex,
♦Howison, Thos. J r., Clovis, Cal.
Howland Chas. M.. P leasan t
Valley. Okla.
♦Howie C H .. Oxford. Ala,
H ow lett F. A., Gregory, M ich.
♦Howser O. L., Bognell, Mo.
Howze T. A., Palm etto. Fla.
H oxton W. W ., St. Louis, M o.
♦Hoy Clarence F., M cH enry, 111.
H oy John M ., W oodstock. 111.
♦Hoy W. J., Salam anca, N. Y.
H oy W. P., H untley, ill,
H oyer E . J., Tea, S. D.
Hoyer E . M .. M arine, 111.
Hoyer G. E.,. New York City,
N. Y.
Hoyer R. O., Clarence, Ia.
♦Hoyle L. A., W innett, M oht.
♦Hoyland Charles, Leavenworth,
♦Hoyne G. D ., M cIntosh, M inn.
♦H oyt A. M ., Independence, M o.
H o y t C. R ., Thayer, Kan.
H oyt E. S.. Griggsvllle, 111.
♦Hoyt G*. W ., P ortland, Ore.
♦H oyt H. B., Nederland, Colo.
♦H oyt H om er J.. H anford, Cal.
H rabak F. C., Howell, Neb.
♦Hroch C. B., WUber. Neb.
♦Hruskovich J. S., W hiting, Ind.
♦H ruza J. W., Livingston, M ont.
♦H uard Geo. A., P rairie du Ohie'n,


H ubbard O. E ., Royal Oak, Mich.
H ubbard C. R., H unter, Kan.
♦H ubbard D. W., H artford, Conn.
♦H ubbard F . E ., Plaquem lne, La.
H ubbard F. I., Amherst, O.
H ubbard Geo. L., Commerce, Ga.
H ubbard H enry A., M inneapolis,
M inn.
♦H ubbard J. H., Keystone, Okla.
♦H ubbard J . P., A shtabula, O.
H ubbard L. C., Sylvania, O.
H ubbard L. H ., Tenino, W ash.
Hubbard Philip P ., Litchfield,
♦H ubbard R. J., Scranton, Pa.
H ubbard W m . A,, Lake C ity,
M inn.
♦H ubbard W. F ., E lberton, Ga.
H ubbell, Edwin S. Elgin, 111.
Hubbell H. B., M aquoketa, Ia.
♦HubbellW .R., Falls Village.Oonn.
H ubbs O J. Jo hnson Creek, Wis.
♦H ubenkaJ F., Rogers, Neb.
♦Huber A.O., Evansville, Ind.
♦HuberA. T ,, Dodgen, N . D.
♦Huber B. J., Salisbury, M o.
Huber C. ., W ebster, Fla.
♦H uber C. J , Shakopee, Minn.
H uber F. A., Blair, Okl.
H uber F. B„ Nilwood,
♦Huber F. Ev, D um ont, la .
♦Huber F. E ., Salem, S. D.
H uber F. L., Quinton, Okla.
♦Huber F. R., Holden, M o.
H u b e r G. C., F ree b u rg , 111.
♦ H u b e r George, L izto n . In d .
H u b e r H . O., L akeview , Q.

Huber J . A., Harvel, 111.
♦Huber J. B., Weiner, Ark.
H uber J. H., Athens. Ga.
♦Huber Louise M ..Lahcaster, N.Y.
H uber L. P., Secaucus, N. J.
H ubert J. B.. Parm a. Mich.
H ubm er G. H „ St. Clair, Minn.
Huck W. F.,. Reynolds, N . D.
♦Huck W in., Johnston C ity, 111.
♦H dckaby J. R., T renton, Tenn.
♦Huckins Mauriee, Francis, O kla.
H uckstaedt G.O.,Rock Island,111.
H uddle J. E .. Ivanhoe, Va,
♦Huddle M . H,, Ivanhoe; Va.
♦H uddleston E « A lbany, Ky.
Huddleston H. L., B urlington,Ind.
♦Huddleston R. R., Ralls, Tex.
Huddleston T. A.. Oskaloosa, Kan.
♦Hudelson C. M ., Hughson, Cal.
Hudelson J . A.. Pom ona, K an.
H udgen W . L.. A ltam ont. K an.
♦Hudgens H. A., Goreville, 111.
Hudgens J . B„ Goreville, 111.
Hudgens Jo h n A., Pelzer, S. C:
♦Hudgins M iss G ladys, M ooresville. Mo.
♦Hudgins J . B„ P ortsm outh, Va.
Hudkins Charles, Wilbur. W ash.
♦Hudson A. E ., La ton, C&l.
H udson C. E ., R oberts, M ont.
Hudson C. H ., Bremen, Ga.
H udson O. W ., Dillon, M ont.


»Hudson E . R., Sanger, Cal.
♦Hudson E. R., W aterbury, Conn.
Hudson P. Or., Charleston, 111.
H udson Prank, Pawnee, Okla.
♦Hudson F. W., Memphis, Mo.
♦Hudson G. P ., D enver. Colo.
♦Hudson H . E ., S ánta M onica,
H udson H. G., Blanchester, O.
H udson I. D., M etz, Mo.
Hudson I. J., Pearsall, Tex.
Hudson J. P .. Charleston. W. Ya.
H udson J . H ., Capron, Okla.
Hudson J . O., Bates City, Mo.
Hudson J . R., Middleton, Mich.
Hudson J . R., Memphis, Mo.
Hudson J. R ., Sidney, M ich.
♦Hudson Lee, Americus, Ga.
♦Hudson M . P., Lawrence, Kan.
♦Hudson O. H., M onett, Mo.
H udson Ora, W eatherby, Mo.
Hudson P. L.. Avoca, Wis.
H udson R. F .. Louise. Tex.
♦Hudson W ayne W., M iddleton,
H udson W. C., P ine Bluff, Ark.
H udson W. P., Plain City. O.
H udspeth A. T., M arshall, Ark.
H udspeth Jas., A toka, Okla.
♦H udspeth N ora, Rule, Tex.
♦H udston J . W., Denver, Colo.
Hudtloff W. E., W ausau, Wis.
H uebert G. B., Reedley, Cal.
♦Huebert H. R., Lindsay. Cal.
♦Huebner E . D .. Wever, la .
Huebsch I. E., W amnandee, Wis.
♦Huebsch W. P ., Le M ars, la .
H uenergardt G. J.. Lehigh. K an.
H uenlnk D. W., Sheboygan, Wis.
H uenink Wm., C edar Grove, Wis.
H uesbach J. E ., Waumandee.W is.
♦Huesing W. B., Cincinnati, O.
H u e tt F. E ., M acom b, Okla.
Huey F. S., E ureka, Mo.
Huff C. E ., Mellott, Ind.
Huff D. H., Woolstock, la.
Huff E. E., Thomas, Okla.
Huff P. C., Lam ar, S. C.
♦Huff F. N., P lenty wood, Mont.
Huff F. P ., Rockwell City, la.
Huff H. D ., Jordan, M ont.
Huff Jn o . J.. Sanger, N . D.

Hughes J. G., H obart, Okla.
Hughes J . G., Morganville, Kan.
Hughes J. W ., Gibson. Gä.
Hughes Leo, Sparks, Okla.
♦Hughes L. W., Bochito, Okla.
Hughes M . J., Glendive, M ont.
♦Hughes Jno. J.. Jr., Haynes.Ark.
Hughes R ay G., Cozad, Neb.
♦Hughes R. H ., St. Paul, M inn.
♦Hughes R. L., N evada, Mo.
♦Hughes R. L.. R apid C ity, S. D
Hughes R. M.. Greer, S. C.
Hughes S. F., Topeka. Kan.
Hughes Wallace. South Fork, Pa.
Hughes W. A., Clifton, Tenn.
Hughes W. J., Berthold, N. D.
♦Hughey G. E ., Statesville, N . C.
Hughey J. W .. E lkton, Tenn.
♦H ughston M . L., Crowell, Tex.
♦Hugill F ran k S., Clarksburg, W.
♦Hubes Jos., Bells, Tex.
♦Huhn John E., Douisviue, K y.
H uhn W. C., No. Freedom, Wis.
H uie G. W. M ., Riverdale, Ga.
Huie N . D., A rkadelphia, Ark.
♦Huie W . L.. A rkadelphia Ark.
♦Huisman J., Hudson, S. D.
Huizenga J. A.. Rock Valley, la .
♦H ukari Oscar, Frederick, S. D.
Hukill F. W .t H inton, Okla.
♦Hukill R . V., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Hulce W. W., Eagle Lake, M inn.
Hulehan Owen E ., Deer River,
M inn.
♦Hulen C. M ., Clark, Mo.
Hulen S. P., Clark, Mo.
♦H ulett L. T ., Augusta, M ich.
♦H ulette A. A., F rankfort, Ky.
Hull D. J., Newell, S. D.
♦Hull G. N ., Granville, N . Y.
♦Hull H. C.. D ayton, O.
H ull H erbert R ., Kirwin, K an.
Hull I. L.. Cordell. Okl.

♦Hull L. D .. Arcadia, M ich.
Hull Lloyd E .. Cross Plains, Wis.
♦Hull M . W., Conyers, Ga.
Hull R. C., Genterview, Mo.
Huller J. M ., St. Bernard, O.
Hulm e J. H ., D rum w ight, Okla.
♦Hulmes Geo. H ., Independence,
H ulsart John, M anasquan, N . J.
♦Huff L. E ., Greenfield, Ò.
Hulse Jonas J.,U pper Sandusky,O.
♦Huff N ora, M ellott, Ind.
♦Hülse Jr. S., Tenafly, N . J.
Huffaker H. F.. Palm er. Tex.
Hulshizer W .S.L am bertville.N .J.
Huffaker L. D.. Richards. Mo.
Hulsey I. A., Bunker, Mo.
♦Huffer 1. L., Coffeen, 111.
Hulsey L. J., Covington, Ga.
Huffington R. M ., Tombali, Tex. ♦Hultgren A. G., St. Paul, M inn.
♦Hufflngton W. K., Grenada, Kan. H um ason, H . B., S t. P aul, M inn.
♦Huffman A. McG., Rockford, 111, ♦H um ber E . E ., L um pkin, Ga
Huffm an C. A., Bippus, Ind.
H um ber R . T., J r., R ichland, Ga.
Huffm an F. E., Hepler, Kan.
♦Humble Elvin, Rushford, M inn.
♦Huffman H. M., Latrobe, Pa.
H um e G. E ., O xnard, Cal.
♦Huffman G. T .. Newcastle, Va.
♦Hume Roger S., M inneapolis,
M inn.
H uffm an J. D., Caruthersville.M o. H um e T . H ., St. Ansgar, la .
Huffm an J . E., Shelby ville, Tenn. H um e W. C., Lewiston. M o.
Huffm an R. B., T roy, Ind.
Huffm an R. E ., Richm ond, Okla. Hum es E. O., B unkerhill, Kan.
H uffm an R. E ., New Augusta, ♦H umiston Jr., E . N ., F ayette, l a
Humlong R. G.. Germ antown, Ky.
Huffm an W. H. Jr., H ugoton,Kan. ♦Hummel F. S., New M adrid, Mo.
♦Hummel H. A., Swineford, Pa.
H uffm an Y. B.. Aurora, Neb.
♦Hummell Carl, Shellrock, la .
Hufford A. D ., Bremen. O.
H um m ert Edw ., M orrison, M o.
♦Hufford E . A., Bremen, O.
H um m ert V. J .. Breese, 111.
Hufford J. E .. H itchita Okla.
Hum m ler Frank. Scranton. Pa.
Hufsm ith C. L., Palestine, Tex.
H um m rich Geo. L., Halfway
Hugelen E . L., Grenora.
M ich.
H ugg J. E., H um phrey, Neb.
♦Hum phrey A. S., Shawano, Wis.
♦Hugg M. C.. H um phrey, Neb.
H uggett M . C., G rand Rapids, H um phrey B. W ., W alford, la .
M ich.
Huggins D. O., Hemingway, S. O. H um phrey C. H „ BamesvUle, Ga.
Huggins Geo. H ., Columbia, S. C. H um phrey Dudley, Galeton. Pa.
H um phrey F. J „ Warsaw, N. Y.
H um phrey F. W.. Shawano, Wis.
Huggins R. C „ Lam ar, S. C.
H um phrey H. A., Chatham, N. Y
♦Huggins W. H.. Vernon, Tex.
♦H um phrey O. M ., Denison, Kan.
H ugh V . , F airbury, 111.
Hughes A rthur C., Fairhaven, Vt. Hum phreys A. B., Gadsden,
Hughes A. C., Salinas, Cal.
♦H umphreys G. W ., Cohoes, N.Y.
♦Hughes A. H ., NashviUe, Ark.
H um phreys John R., Oregon City,
Hughes B. B., Norristown, Pa.
Hughes B. I., Rome, Ga.
H um phreysW .D .,Tarrytow n,N .Y .
Hughes B urnett, Richm ond, Mo.
Hughes B. W., MedicalLake,W ash.
♦H um phreys W. R ., Philadelphia,
♦Hughes C. B., Cisco, 111.
♦Hughes C. F., Stilwell, Okla.
♦Humphries E. D., Sac City, la .
Hughes C. H., Mansfield, O.
♦Humphries R. L., Converse, S. C.
Hughes C. K., Greencastle, Ind.
♦Humphries W..B. Jr.,S an ta Rosa,
♦Hughes C. L., M eridian, Miss.
N. M.
. «Hughes D. E ., Prairie City, Ore.
♦H um phry C. M ., Amarillo. Tex
Hughes D. E., Mertzon, Tex.
♦H um phry E lm er B., Dwight,
Hughes Dwight, Charleston, S.C.
K an.
' ’T j I
♦H um phry G. O., Oakland, Cal.
♦Hughes E . B., H am ilton, O.
♦H um ston O. R .. Danville. Ind.
♦Hughes E . F ., Ronan, M ont.
H uncker E. F., St.Charles, Mo.
Hughes E. H., Columbia, Ky.
H und J. W., Paxico, Kan.
Hughes E . T ., G retna, Neb.
♦Hundley F rank M ., Fowlerton,
Hughes F. B., Sunny vide. Cal.
Hughes George H., Gandy, Neb.
H ungate J . M.. W arsaw. 111.
Hughes G. O., Sanger. Tex.
♦Hughes H ., Jr., Cicero, 111.
♦H ungate L. C., Van Hook, N. D.
Hughes H., Roff, Okla.
♦Hungerford Dora, St. Paul, Ind.
♦Hughes H . G., Shawnee, O.
H ungerford H. J., Burlington, la .
♦Hughes H. W., P ortland, Ore.
Hungerford W., St. Paul, Ind.
♦Hughes H. Y., Plainview. Tex.
Hüngerpiller P. P.. Elloree, S. C.
♦Hughes J. A., M ineóla, Tex.
H unke E dw ard. Guttenberg. N. J.
Hughes J . D., Quanah. Tex.
Him ker T . J., W heatland, Okla.
Hughes J. F.. St. M arys, Ga.
unker W . K ., W heatland, Okla.
Hughes J . G., Bevier, Mo.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H urlburt F. T., Condon, Ore.
H urlburt H. H., Tully, N . Y.
♦H urlbut R. W., W aterbury,Conn.
♦H urlbut S. S., Ferris, Tex.
♦H unnicutt R. T., Del Rio, Tex.
Hurley A. W., Pawhuska, Okla.
Hunoldstein C., D urant, Miss.
♦H unsaker J. B., Columbus, Kan. ♦Hurley J. E ., Sedalia, Mo.
Hurley Jas. J., Ladd, 111.
Hunsberger A. R ., Hope. N. J.
♦Hunsicker J. L., WiUiamsport, O. ♦Hurley Leon S., Seaford, Del.
H ursh C. M ., D enver, Colo.
Hunsicker O. A.. M orland, Kan.
♦Hurst A. S., New Y ork C ity,
Hunsicker T. C., Dalton, O.
N.' Y.
♦Hunsinger E . J., Columbus, O.
H urst G. A., Winslow, Ind.
♦Hunsucker N era, M edora, Ind.
Hunsucker R. S., Lockesburg.Ark. H urst J. M .. Jr.. Pelham , Ga.
H urst Simpson, Oilton, Okla.
♦H unt A. D„ Lincoln, Mo.
♦H urt O. L.. Burnside, Ky.
H u n t A. F.. Cresson. Pa.
♦H urt E . E ., Clifton Hill, Mo.
♦H unt Alfred T., Scranton, Pa.
♦H urt F. R., Halls, Tenn.
H u n t B. C„ Columbia. Mo.
♦H urt F. W., Chisholm, Minn.
H unt B. D., Geneva, la.
H urt Joseph M., Blackstone, Va.
H unt C. B. W asta, S. D.
♦H urt Pauline, Lewistown, O.
♦H unt C. D., Lexington, N. C.
H u rt W. H., Kilmichael, Miss.
H unt C. F., South Haven, Mich.
♦Husak F. J., Clutier, la.
H u n t C. F., Thomson, Ga.
♦Husband N. O., Harlowton,
H u n t C. L.. Brownsburg, Ind.
M ont.
♦H unt Clifford, N. Y. City, N. Y.
H usband W. L., Ava, 111.
H unt O. M .. Bradshaw, Tex.
H u n t D. Eugene. W indham .M ont. ♦Husbands J. D., M inneapolis.
M inn.
♦H unt Jr., D. C., Oxford, N. C.
♦Huse F. A., Warsaw, M o.
H u n t D. N.. Strong City, Okla.
♦Husemen L. E ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
♦H unt Edna. Montrose. Colo.
H usenetter C. W., Am herst, Colo.
♦H unt F. N ., Cromwell, Ind.
H uset E . O., Radium , M inn.
♦H unt Fred, Barnesville, O.
Hush G. B., Raymond, O.
H u n t E . W., Olney, Tex.
♦Huskey M. G., Gaffney, S. O.
H u n t Glen S., Hanks, N. D.
Husman H. A., Ohlman, 111.
♦H unt H. C., Los Angeles, Cal.
Husm an H. N., Hoffman, 111.
♦H unt H. V., W ashington, D. C.
♦Huso S. O., Cottonwood, M inn.
H u n t I. L.. Lubbock, Tex.
Huss A. W., Columbus, N . D ,
♦H unt J. C., Bowie. Tex.
♦H unt J. J., H untington Beach,
♦Huss J. W., U rbana, 111.
♦H unt J. W „ Sulphur Spgs., Tex. ♦Hussey G. C., Lyons, Ga.
Hussey H. O., Bucksport, Me.
H unt Ni B„ Denver, Ind.
♦Husted H. C., W interset, la.
♦H unt Ocie. Bradshaw, Tex.
H usted W. D„ Mansfield. Pa.
♦H unt O. R., Clarksville, Mo.
H usting John, Ionia. Ia.
♦H unt R. K., Ramsey, 111.
Huston C. R., Bland ins ville, 111.
H u n t R. L., Ranger, Tex.
H uston C. S.. Baring, Mo.
♦H unt Stella H ., Gallatin, M o.
♦H unt T. D., G rand Saline, Tex. ♦Huston F rank, Carmichaels. Pa.
Huston F. S., Otis, Colo.
H u n t T. S.. L a Moure. N. D.
H uston F. T., Custer, Okla.
H unt W. A., Henderson, N. C.
H uston Guy, Blandlnsville, 111.
H u n t B. L., Corning, N. Y.
H uston J. C.., Denver, Colo.
♦Huston J. E ., Blandinsville. 111.
H u n t W. D., Pem berton, N. J.
♦Huston Ö. J., Greenwich, O.
H unt W. E ., Mayville, Mich.
Huston P. H., Cedar Rapids, Ia.
H unt W. H., Laingsburg, Mich.
Huston R. B„ Salem, Neb.
H u n t W. H „ Saranac, Mich.
♦Huston R. W.» Selma, Ala.
H unt W. L., St. Paris, O.
♦Huston S. E., W harton, O.
♦H unt Wm. J., Bayonne, N. J.
H u n t Wm. W., Columbus, Ga.
H uston W. S.. M arshall. Mo.
H unter A. C., Versailles, Ky.
H unter Bazel, St. Francis, M inn. ♦Huszovszky Julius, Johnstown,
H unter B. B., W ebster, Pa.
H utchcraft Chas., Belle Prairie.Ill.
H unter O. F., Mukwonago, W in
H unter O. H-., M ounds ville, W.Va. Hutcherson G. C., Athol, Kan.
H unter C. H ., Elizabethtown, ♦Hutcheson F . C., W ilburton,
♦H unter C. M .. Grandfleld. Okla. Hutcheson J. C., Edinburg, Va.
Hutcheson J. D „ Springtown, Tex.
H unter C. M., Lexington, Ga.
H unter C. M .. Alamogordo, N .M . ♦Hutcheson R. G., Adrian, Ga.
♦Hutchings M attie, H alls Sum­
H unter C. O., H artford, Ky.
m it, Kan.
♦H unter C. S.. S taunton, Va.
♦Hutchins Amabel, Albion, III.
♦H unter C. V., K ennett, Mo.Hutchins Charles, Davis, Okla.
H unter D. R., New Madrid, Mo.
♦Hutchins C. W ., Davis. Okla.
H unter E. B., Sunbury, Pa.
H utchins G. S.. Shubert. Neb.
♦H unter E . J ., Roxton, Tex.
♦H utchins W. H.. Senath, Mo.
H tm ter E. T „ Beardstown, 111.
Hutchinson D. H., Argonia, Kan.
♦H unter F. B., A tlanta, Ind.
Hutchinson B. B., Allentown, N .J.
H unter F rank, Mansfield, La.
Hutchinson E. G.. Phoenix, N. Y .
H unter F. T ., Fordyce, Ark.
H unter Geo. M ., M anes, Mo.
Hutchinson G., Fairbanks, Alaska.
H unter G. M., Rockville, Md.
♦Hutchinson H. C., Cleveland, O.
H unter H., T am pa, Fla.
♦H unter H. B., Swanville, M inn. Hutchinson H. G., Gay, Ga.
H unter H. F ., Lewisburg, W. Va. Hutchinson J. E., Kewaunee, Wis.
Hutchinson J. F.. Union, Ore.
H unter H. H., Upton, Wyo.
H unter H. K., W ater Valley, Miss. ♦Hutchinson Jno. W., Milledgeville, Ga.
H unter H. P., E lberton, Ga.
♦H im ter J. A. Jr., Gastonia, N . C. Hutchinson Q. W., Ipswich, S. D. •
Hutchinson W. F ., W interhaven,
H unter J. C., Van Horn, Tex.
♦H unter J . D ., M ontgom ery City,
Hutchinson W. J., Fennville,
H unter J.E .T ., Newport News, Va.
Hutchison C. B., Temple, Tex.
H unter J. G., Clerm ont, Ga.
♦Hutchison C. C., Bowie, Tex.
♦H unter J. K., Russellville, Mo.
H unter J . W., Reynoldsville, Pa. H utchisen C. M ., Wakeeney, K a.
Hutchison E. Y „ Mineral P oint,
H unter L. H., Guide Rock, Neb.
♦H unter L. L., Castle Rock, Colo.
Hutchison G. G., Lake City, la .
H unter Louis R., Boston, Mass.
♦H unter W m., Henderson, N. C. Hutchison Harold. Brandon, Colo.
H unter W. D., Gary, Ind.
H u n ter W. E ., Ham m ondsport, ♦Hutchison John, Wesley, Ia.
Hutchison L. M., Cullison, Kan.
N. Y.
H untington B. G., Columbus, O. ♦Hutchison R. M ., Albuquerque,
N . M.
H untington C. E ., Longbeach,
Hutchison R.O.. Rockwell City, l a .
H untington E . C., Cumberland, ♦Hutchison T. W., Pinole, Cal.
Hutchison W. D., Andalusia, Ala.
H untington H. D ., Broken Bow, ♦Hutchison W. T ., Jam esnort. Mo.
H uthsteiner W. F., Tell City. Ind.
♦Hutsen F. W., Hidalgo, 111.
H untington H. G.f Onawa, la.
H untington William, Verona.N.D. H utson W. L., Apple Springs, Tex.
H untley A. O., No. Bloomfield,O. ♦H utt L. F., Pine Bluff, Ark.
♦H untley H. G., M orven, N . C. H utto R. W., Cordell, Okla.
♦H untley M urray B., Elroy Wis. H u tto R. W., Norm an, Okla.
H utton F. L., Newport, Neb.
Huntoon C. H „ Mill Valley, Cal.
H utton L. L., Sugar Grove, Va.
Huntoon J . E., Sacram ento, Cal.
Hunziker H. W., M ichigan City. ♦H utton W. J., M anila, Ark.
H utton W. P., Greensboro, N . C.
H utton W. R „ Huntsville, Ala.
♦Hupp O. R., Oakesdale, Wash.
H utton W. W., Bellbuckle, Tenn.
H upp H. G., Somonauk, 111.
Hutzell E. E., Hagerstown, Md.
H upp J. E., Laporte, Ind.
H utzier J . F.. Butler. Pa.
♦Hupp W. B., M arshall, M o.
Hux C. A.. Dowagiac, Mich.
H urd A. L., Pearl City, 111.
Huxtable E. C., Phillips, Neb.
H urd J. W., Cave Springs, Ark.
♦Hyames Fred, Dighton, Kan.
♦Hurd T . D.. Riverside. Cal.
♦H urd W. N ., Cave Springs, Ark. H y a tt A. G., Pennington Gap, Va.
Hunley Geo. W., G arnett, Kan.
♦H unnicutt N. W ., Centerville,


♦H y att J. R., W ichita Falls, Tex.
♦ H y att R. V., M idland, Tex.
H y a tt W'. A., H ealdton, Okla.
♦H ybbert C. W., Reedy, W. Va.
♦H ybskm ann E . W ., Vermillion,
K an.
H ybskm ann P . H., Vermillion,
H yde Alvan, W are, Mass.
♦Hyde Blanche, Higgins, Tex.
♦H yde O. H ., Higgins, Tex.
H yde Chas. M ., Corning, N . Y.
♦Hyde E . H .. Inza. Mo.
♦Hyde F . J., Franklin, Tenn.
♦Hyde Geo. W., Boston, Mass.
H yde L. C., Visalia, Cal.
♦Hyde L. G., Brookings, S. D.
♦Hyde L. K., N ew Y orkC ity.N . Y.
H yde U. H ., Buchanan, Va.
H ydel S. M., W illiston, N. D.
Hydle O. L., Reserve, M ont.
H yer Henry, L ittle Falls, N . J.
♦Hyers G. A., Holyoke, Colo.
♦H yett J. W., Silverton, Ore.
♦H yke R . C ., Lewiston, Ida.
H ylton H. I., Gresham, Neb.
H ym an S. L., Hobgood, N . C.
H ynes W. E.. ToUey, N. D.
H yre C. E ., W agon M ound, N .
♦H yry Chas. G., New Y ork Mills,
, M inn.
Hyslop J. A., Swissvale. Pa.
♦Ibach H. F ., Alma, Wis.
Ibach P au l B., Peckham , Okla.
Ibach S. P.. Alma. Wis.
Ice E . S., Clarksburg, W. Va.
♦Ickes C. S., F o rt Collins, Colo.
Tckler L. H ., St. P aul, M inn.
♦Iddings F. R., Red Oak, la.
Iden A. M ., E tn a Green, Ind.
♦Iden M ary A., E tn a Green, Ind.
Idol F rank, Robinson, Kan.
Idol V, A. J.,: High Point, N. O.
Idol W. C., High Point, N. C.
Idovoog A rthur, G alata, M ont.
Iehl E. A.. Melvin, 111;
♦Iehl W. O., M elvin, 111.
♦Iffland J. C., Sylvania, O.
♦Igou J. W ., Liberal, Kan.
♦Igou T . N ., M ason C ity, la .
Ihnen G. B., L a Prairie, 111.
Ihnen G. B., La Prärie, 111.
Ikeler F rank, Bloomsburg, P a.
♦Ilift Z. W ., Lecom pton, K an.
Ilsley Willi am .N ew buryport,M ass.
Im el F. L., Fairland, Ind.
Tm M asche E. C., Cedar P oint,
♦Immel John A., Chicago, 111.
Im m el Joseph P ., Chicago, 111.
Im m el P . M ., Sykeston, N . D.
♦Immell E . D., Helena, Okla.
Immerghfck Fred, Denver, Colo.
Im sdahl t l . O., Brooten, Minn.
Im us E. N., D avenport, W ash.
♦Inabinet A. D., Bowman, S. C.
♦Inabinet O. E ., Orangeburg, S. C.
♦Ingalls B. M;, Sheldon, 111.
Ingalls J. A., Kingsley, la.
Ingalls J., H artford, Mich.
Ingalls J. R., Bushnell, O.
Ingels A. D.. H orton, Kan.
♦Ingels C. C., Gallipolis, O.
Ingels J . C., Gallipolis. 0 .
♦Ingham G. E .. Wisner.
♦Ingham H. S., Newkirk, Okla.
♦Ingham J. D., Bristol, Tenu.
♦Ingham 'Rolla T ., Clinton, 111.
Ingle J . A.. Grand View, Tex.
♦Inglee W. B., New Y ork City,
N. Y .
♦Ingles Wm. Jr., E ast Radford,Va,
♦Inglish Douglas, L am ar, Mo.
IngUsh Wm., Chilhowee, Mo.
♦Ingm an J. W ., P o rt Ghester.N.Y.
Ingold A. M., Morganton, N. C.
♦Ingold H. A., Newton, Kan.
Ingraham A. G., Chicago. 111.
Ingraham C. H., La H arpe, 111.
♦Ingraham W. L.. Chicago, 111.
♦Ingram A. S., New York City,
N . Y.
♦Ingram Cla rance, Lebanon, Ore.
Ingram E. W., E atonton, Ga.
♦Ingram F rank, Cleves, O.
♦Ingram H. J., Brawley, Cal.
♦Ingram H. L ., Earlsboro, Okla.
Ingram Howard, L am ont, Okla.
♦Ingram J . C.. Milledgeviile, Ga.
♦Ingram J. W., M cPherson, Kan.
♦Ingram M iss Lizzie, Annada,_Mo.
♦Ingram L ulu,W .,R ussel Springs,
♦Ingram R. E ., So. Boston, Va.
Ingram Robert, Russell S p'gs,K y.
Ingram T. R., Lewes, Del.
Ingram W . A.. Jackson. Tenn.
Ingram , W. M ., Rice, Tex.
Ingvaldson H., Fessenden. N. D.
Ingvaldson H ., Heim dal, N . D.
Ingwersen 0 . J ., W yom ing, la .
Inhelder B. J., Foster, Neb.
♦Inkster J . J., D avenport. W ash.

 1 3 0
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Inm an A. W ., Fillmore, Ind.
Inm an C .E ., P lattsburg, N. Y.
Innes Charles A., Canton, Pa.
♦Innes F . W., W ilkes-Barre. Pa.
Innes Thos. F., Ashcreek, M inn.
♦Innis E . E ., M eade, Kan.
Inskeep B. V., Kitzm iller, M d.
♦Inskip H. A., Andover, N . Y.
♦Irby E., Boswell, Okla.
♦Irby H. H . Blackstone, Va.
Irb y W. S., Kenbridge, Va.
Ireland B. R.. Lexington, Mo.
Ireland C. H., W ashburn, 111.
Ireland C. O., Amityville, N. Y.
♦Ireland C. S.. U rbana, O.
♦Ireland J. E ., Galena, M d.
♦Ireland Rozella I., M iddlebourne,
W. Va.
♦Ireton O. W ., P ay ette, Ida.
Irick G. B„ Boone, la .
Irish C. J., Kellogg, la .
Irish C. M ., Lorain, O.
Irish Edw. S., Denver, Colo.
Irish Ira E .,N o. Brookfield, M ass.
♦Irish Rolon T., Placerville, Cal.
Irish W. S.. New York City, N . Y.
Irvin Alexander, W ashington, Ga.
Irvin E . F ., Sinclairville, N . Y.
Irvin Eugene, Reidsville, N . C.
Irvin F . P ., Piqua, O.
♦Irvin G. H., Blanchester, O.
Irvin John, Broughton, 111.
Irvin M . F., Guntersville, Ala.
Irvin O. J., Loretto, Neb.
♦Irvin R. E „ Jam eson, Mo.
♦Irvine B. W., Hinsdale, III.
♦Irvine F . C., E vans C ity, Pa.
♦Irvine J . C., A lbany, Ore.
Irvine R. C., L ittle Rock, Ark.
♦Irving J. H ., M orrillton. Ark.
Irwin C. Findlay. Sandersville.
Irw in C. R., N orth Fairfield,.0.
Irwin F; W ., Oakley, Kan. j
♦Irwin J. B., W adswbrth, O.. '
Irw in L, M„ Avella, Pa.
Irw in M. H.. Coal Creek, Tenn.
♦Irwin N ora B., Y orktown, Ind.
♦Irwin O. L., Clinton, La.
Irw in Oscar H ., Huntingdon, P a.
♦Irwin Verney, Kirklin, Ind.
Irw in W. A., Belle Plaine, la .
♦Irwin W. J.. H am ersville O.'
♦Irwine H. L., Em m etsburg, La.
Iruw inx R . A., Helena, Mo.
Isaacs C. R., Rockdale, Tex.
♦Isaac F . M ., W ashington, D. C.
Isaacs J. E ., G ravel Switch. Ky.
Isaacs S. E., Thompson, la.
♦Isaacs V. V., Stanton, N . D.
Isaacson M . E ., M urphy, Neb.
♦Isaak O tto, Kulm, N. D.
♦Isaak W. J., Odessa. Wash.
Isackson Dena, Berlin. N. D.
Isam inger A. O.. Arena, N , D.
Isbell C. L., Logan, la.
Isbell T., Munday, Tex.
♦Isbell T . B., Englewood, Tenn.
Isenbarger C. W., Lacrosse. Ind.
♦Isenberg M abel R., Ojai, Cal.
Isenburg C. Ray, Ashton, Ida.
♦Isensee H.W ., K arnes C ity, Tex.
Ish H. G., Helena, M ont.
Ish H. Grady, Lewistown, M ont.
Isham W. C.. Burlington, Vt.
♦Isham O. M ., Buffalo Gap, S.D.
♦Isham W. C., Hooker, Okla.
♦Isley M ilton, H olt, M o.
♦Isom W. L., S partanburg, S. O.
♦Israel C. E., Clarksburg, W. Va.
♦Israel J. G., D ayton, Wash.
Isted Charles, Eustis, Fla.
Iverson A. F ., Popejoy, la .
Iverson A.O., W estbrook, M inn.
♦Iverson Benj., Souris, N. D.
Iverson E dw ard Atchison Kan.
Iverson E . O., A ltam ont, S. D.
♦Iverson E. U.. Hardwick, Minn.
♦Iverson G. A., B andt, S. D.
Iverson Iver, N orth wood, la.
♦Iverson J. H., Lake City, M ich.
♦Ives A. G.. Scranton, Pa.
Ives F . H., Lake City, Fla.
Ives S. A., Harrellsville, N . C.
♦Ives S. C., Bethel, N. C.
Ivey H. D .. Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Ivey Ja s„ Barnesville, Ga.
♦Ivey J. H., Talladega, Ala.
♦Ivey J. T., Luverne, Ala.
♦Ivey L. O., Los Angeles, Cal.
Ivey M . L., W arwick, Ga.
♦Ivey T. E ., Jr., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Ivie G. G., Leaksville, N . C.
Iv y G. J., H untington, Tex.
Iw ert F. J., Loraine, N. D.
Izard H. R., Danville, W. Va.
♦Izard J. J.. V an Buren. Ark.
♦Jaaksi John, Ishpem ing, M ich.
*Ja b e Anna, Tam a, la .
♦Jack A .3R.. Fresno, Cal.

Jack C., Jr., Hillsboro, Ore.
Jack C. C., Chillicothe, O.
Jack C. L „ Hinckley, M inn.
♦Jack L. McK., Portsm outh, Va.
♦Jack R. C., Newton, 111.
♦Jackman A. Duane, Lake Forest,
Ja c k m a n E . E ., G rant, Neb.
Jackm an J. W., Silver Creek, Neb.
Jackm an R. P ., El Reno, Okla.
♦Jacks Fred, Kingm an, Kan.
♦Jacks F . W., Duquoin, Kan.
Jackson A. D., Mexico, Mo.


Jacobson P . J., F t. Y ates, N ; D.
Jacobson S., W akonda, S. D.
Jacobson S. A., Moose Lake, Minn...
♦Jacobson V. B., H ajerm an, N .M .
Jacoby M . W .„Seneca Falls, N . Y.

Jacox L. 0., F o rt Morgan, Colo.
Jacquem ln C. N., Oskaloosa, Kan.
Jacques F. A. Jr., Alexandria.Neb,
Jacques Geo.‘ M,:, Uncas, Okla.
♦Jacquot N . R., M erna, Neb.
♦Jadwin A., Chicago, 111.
Jadw in B., Chicago, 111.
♦Jaebker F. W., D ecatür, Ind.
♦Jackson Albert, T hom aston, Ga. ♦Jaeckels John M ., H ilbert, Wis.
♦Jackson A. M ., Berryville, Ark. Jaedicke G ertrude E ., H anover,
Jackson A. M cB., B aton Rouge,
♦Jaedicke G. F., H inton, Okla.
Jaedicke O. L., H inton, Okla.
Jackson B. I., Ariton, Ala.
Jaeger C. W., W estby, Wis.
Jackson B. O., H am burg, Ark.
♦Jaeger G. E ., San Diego, Cal.
♦Jackson C. A., Gentry, Mo.,
♦Jaeger W. A., Fostoria, la .
♦Jackson O. A., Dewey, 111.
Jaeger W. H ., L esueur Center*
Jackson C. E.. Dewey, 111.
M inn.
♦Jackson C. R ., Lebanon, S. D.
Jaffa J . J .. Roswell, N. M.
Jackson E. B„ Marion, 111.
♦Jackson E. F., Rogers, Ark.
♦Jackson E . J.. Columbus. Wis.
♦Jaggar H. P., Oakley, Kan.
Jaggar S. M ., Russell Springs,
Jackson E. R., Blanchard ville. Wis.
Jackson F. C.. Menomonie. Wis.
Jaggar V., Oakley, Kan.
Jackson F. G., Enloe, Tex.
Jagger M ., W orthington, Mo.
♦Jackson F rank, Woodruff, Kan. ♦Jagger M abel I.,Russell Spring
♦Jackson G. A., Chicago, 111.
K an.
♦Jackson G. H., W arren, Pa.
Jackson G. W., Dayton. Wash. * ♦Jaggie L. F. Eagle Pass, Tex.
♦Jackson H. J ., Pocatello, Ida.
Jagoe A. L., Okoona. Miss
♦Jackson H. E., Milton, W, Va.
Ja h r Simon, W ilton, N. D\.
Jackson H . T ., Belgrade, Neb.
Jahraus R obert Frederick, S. D.
Jackson Isaac. Uniontown. Pa.
♦Jallo Ada, Cesso, M inn.
Jackson Jr., Jos., M aryville, Mo. Jam es Alex.....New London, Mo
Jackson Jam es, Monticello, Ark. ♦James C. A Indianapolis, Ind.
Jackson Jam es, W oodstock. Minn. ♦James Chas. H., Philadelphia, P a.
Jam es C. L., Archie, M o.
Jackson J . C.. Granville. Tenn.
Jackson J.L .,B o n n er Springs. Kan. ♦James D. F .t Ipswich, S. D.
Jackson J . L.. Sum m it. Miss.
Jam es David, M ontfort. Wis.
Jackson J. Miller, Kenova, W.Va. ♦James E . A., Boston, Mass.
♦Jackson Jno. M ., D yer, Tenn.
Jam es E . C., Gower, Mo.
Jackson L. P.. W est Chester, la .
♦James E . E ., M onterey, Cal.
Jam es E arl, Clem ents, Kan.
Jackson L. V., M occasin, M ont.
Jam es E . F., Ringling, Okla.
Jackson M . C ., Elon College, N.C. Jam es F. M ., Hitchcock, S. C. .
♦Jackson M . W ., Bowman, S. C. Jam es F. V.. D enm ark. S. C.
Jackson Naam an, Logan, W. Va.
♦James F rank, H artsborne, Okla.
♦Jackson N . B axter, Nashville, Jam es H enry, Abilene, Tex. .
Jam es H inton, LaUrinburg, N. C.
♦Jackson O. D ., H untington, ♦James H untington, K ankakee,
W. Va.
Jackson P . S., Peterm an. Ala. ♦James Ira, Braym er, Mo.
Jackson R. A.. Lebanon, S. D.
Jam es J . B., Slater, M o .,
♦James J. B., O ttaw a, K an . 1
Jackson R. C., Manilla, la.
♦James J. J., Moulton, la.
Jackson R. F ., C ity P oint, Va.
Jam es J . L., Thornton, la .
♦Jackson Russel T ., P o rt H uron,
Jam es L. D.. Pennsboro, W. Va.
Jackson T . F., D ahlonega, Ga.
♦James M . B., Sutton, W. Va.
♦Jackson Theo. C., H untington,
♦James M . D., Greer, S. C,
♦James P aul L.; Thornton. Ia.
♦Jackson W alter, B arnard, Kan.
es P. M ., Chandler, Ariz.
♦Jackson W. B., Medford, Ore.
♦James R. L., C ity P oint, Va.
♦Jackson «W. B., T erlton, Okla.
Jam es R. N„ Gibson, Tenn.
♦Jackson W. E „ BentonviUe, Ark. Jam
es S. Jr., Springville, Ia.
Jam es Thos. A., Sprague, Neb.
Jackson W. L., W inder, Ga.
es W. H., Greenville, Tex.
1Jackson W .R. P „ Monroe City.Mo. Jam es
W. T., Kilmarnock, Va.
Jackson W. W., Americus, Kan.
Jam es W. W., Belton. Tex.
♦Jacob C. H ., W aukesha, Wis.
Jam eson 0; C., Sac City, Ia.
Jacob G..|Plainview, Tex.
♦Jameson C. S . , L ittlefo rk ,’M inn.
♦Jameson Frank,- Danville, Pa.
Jacobi G. tt., EastliGrand Forks, ♦Jameson F., Danville, Pa.
Jam eson J. A., Fleming, Colo.
Jacobs A. C., Ollie, la .
♦Jameson V. L., Judsonia, Ark.
♦Jacobs A. H., G uttenberg, la .
♦Jameson W. J., Sidney, N.Y.
Jacobs A. W ., H artford, Conn.
Jam ison W. C.; Caddo, Okla.
Jacobs E. B.. Alba, Mo.
♦Jamison W. C., D urant, Okla.
Jacobs E. B ., Carthage, Mo.
Jacobs E . F ., Lima, 111.
♦Jamieson B. S., Covington, T enn.
Jam ieson Charles T ., Wellington,
Jacobs F .P ., Bridgeport, Ala.
Jacobs F; W „ San Jose, 111.
Jamieson G uy M ., Crystal, N . D.
Jacobs Geo. O., Raiford, Fla.
♦Jamieson H. C,. M adison, Wis.
. Jacobs G. L ., Waco, Ga.
Jacobs H. ,G., Scottsboro, Ala.
Jam ieson H. P., Poynette, Wis.
Jacobs H anry, Lennox, S. D.
Jam ieson J. J., Shullsburg, Wis.
Jacobs H. A., Doon, la.
ieson Sidney* Norfolk, N , Y.
Jacobs John N ., Doylestown, P a. Jam
♦Jamison A. E ., Sherm an, Tex.
Jacobs L. W., F ayette. Mo.
♦Jamison A. W „ Prosper, Tex.
Jacobs M . A., Beaver Dam , Wis.
Jam ison B. M ., Angelton, Tex.
♦Jamison. B., S. Covington, T enn
♦Jacobs Philip, Hays, K an.
Jam ison B. U., E lizabeth.1Colo.
♦Jacobs R . A., Scottsboro, Ala.
Jam ison D . R.. Aberdeen. M d.
Jacobs S. W., Motley, Minn.
Jam ison E . D ., Knox C ity, Tex.
♦Jacobs' Verna, Arrowsmith, 111. Jam ison H . N ., Newburgh, N.. Y.
Jacobsen C. C.. Mapleton, la .
Jam ison John W., R ich H ill, M o.
♦Jamison J. W., Blacksville,
W. Va.
Jacobsen 0 . F., W ashington, D.C.
Jam ison N . E ., Fairm ont, W. Va.
Jacobsen I., Larrabee, la.
Jam ison S. M .. Apollo, Pa.
♦Jacobsen J. C., D anbury, la .
♦Jacobsen Jam es O., E lk H orn, la . ♦Jamesson W . W ., Dillon, M ont
♦Jacobsen Laura, R uthton, M inn. Jam isom W. T., D ayton, Texas.
Jâcobsen W m ..Jr„Luverne, M inn.
Jacobson Andrew, Alexandria,
Jam ouneau W. H., E ast Newark,
M inn.
N .J .
♦Janasco J. J., Cascade, M ont.
Jacobson Chas. M .,R enfrow , Okla. ♦Janda Joseph J., Chicago, 111/
♦Jacobson C. O., Dazey, N . D.
Ja n d a V. H., Kewaunee, Wis,
Jacobson G. J., Walürn, N . D.
Janes A. F., Graford, Tex.
♦Jacobson H . G., Ryegate, M ont Janes D. T., Leroy. Tex.
- '
Jacobson H . P .. T hornton, la .
♦Jandrain R., New Franklin, Wis.
♦Jacobson K. E ., Canton, S. D
♦Janes H . V., Pell C ity, Ala.
Jacobson L. A., W ibaux, M ont. ♦Janeway F .H ., Collinsville, Okla.
♦Jacobson L. A,, B ryant. S. D.
♦Jankowski Clara, Ashton, N eb.
♦Jacobson M . G., B uxton, N . D . * Jankow ski Joseph, Ashton, Neb.
Jacobson P . J.V, Gilman, la .
Jans H . G., Oldham, S. D.

J a n s W m .F re d o n ia, N . D .
Ja n s e n A . H ., E d g e rto n , M in n .
♦Jan sen A . J .. D a v e n p o rt, l a .
J a n se n G . A ., T ro sk y , M in n .
J a n s z e n A . G ., C ibolo, T ex.


♦ Jen k in s W m . O ., C e n tra l C ity ,Colo.
♦Jen k in s W . R „ O skaloosa. K an .
Je n k in s W . W ., /A c tin g , H o p k in s­
ville; K y . |
♦ Jen k in so n A ., R o ck fo rd , la .
J e n k s A. P ., L o g a n sp o rt, In d .
J a n u a r y F . P „ H asw ell, Colo.
J a n z e n A b ra h a m , M o u n ta in L ak e,
♦ Jen k s C. N ., B oonville. N . Y .
J e n k s C. P ., T rego, Wis.
M in n .
J e n k s F ra n k . K n o b n o ste r. Mo.
J a n z e n O. N ., H azen , N . D .
J a p s o n R o y , B ig L ak e, T ex .
J e n k s F . T .. M inong, W is.
J a q u a J . A ., P o rtla n d , In d .
J e n k s H . A .. P h oen ix v ille. P a .
J e n k s R . M., L o yal, W is.
Ja q u e s A. E „ P oseyville, In d .
J e n k s R . S „ S t. C lair M ich .
♦Jen k s W . L ., M an n in g to n , W .V a.
* Jaq u es M ., U rb a n a , 111.
♦ Jen n ey C . B ., E n d ic o tt, N . Y.
* J a q u ith B . R ., Seiling, O kla.
♦Jen n in g s A: L .,'P a rs o n s, T e n n .
♦ J a q u ith W . H ., N ew Y o rk C ity .
J e n n in g s C . B ., V ero, F la.
J a rb o e J . I., W ash in g to n , D . C.
Je n n in g s C. H ., W hiteflsh, M ont.
J a rb o e W . H ., N ew alla. O kla.
n in. g s D . A ., F la to n ia , T ex.
J a r chow L. J ., F re d e ric k s b♦Jen
u rg ,la
.Jennings E .. J u n c tio n , 111.
*J a r go J o h n , P re s to n , la .
J a r m u th L . T ., S t. L aw ren ce, S. D. Jen n in g s H . B „ D a v e n p o rt, N eb.
♦Jen n in g s H . W ., M arsh a llto w n ,
J a r m u th W . H . H e ro n L ak e, M inn.
la .
J a r n a g in H . B ., Sneedville, T e n n .
Je n n in g s J ., P a rso n s, T enn.
♦ Ja rn a g in W . N ., C hicago, 111,
J e n n in g s J . J ., C olum bus, O.
♦Jennings J . L ., C leveland, Tex.
Ja ro le m a n J . L ., M u sk o g ee, O kla.
Jen n in g s J . L ., S t. P a u l. V a.
J a r r a t t B. F i, S to n y C reek, V a.
J e n n in g s J . M ., W innsboro, S. C.
J a r r a t t M. E ., B atesville, Miss.
Jen n in g s J . W ., S a n A u gustine,
♦ J a r r a tt R . B ., F in c a stle, V a.
J a rre ll R o b e rt, J r ., G oldsboro, M d.
J e n n in g s M . B ., T a lla d e g a Spgs.,
J a r r e tt J . W ., D over, A rk.
♦ Ja rv is C. L ., S ig o u rn ey , la .
♦ Jen n in g s M. M ., D a v e n p o rt, N eb.
n in g s P . L ., O k la h o m a C ity ,
J a rv is D . G ., T ro y , 111.
O kla.
*Jarvi% F . B., Litchfield, M ich .
Je n n in g s R . A .. P ip e r C ity 111.
♦ Ja rv is F . E ., W esto n , W . V a.
Je n n in g s S. A ., M ansfield, O.
♦ Ja rv is F . E ., W infield, K a n .
♦ Jen n in g s T . W ., C h ip p e w a F alls,
♦ Ja rv is Gl L ., W infield, K an .
W is.
♦ Ja rv is J . J ., K eller, Tex.
♦Jen n in g s W . C ., L u b b o ck , Tex.
J a rv is M. F ., W infield, K an .
♦ Jen n in g s W . H ., E liz a b e th C ity ,
J a rv is M . T ., B irm in g h a m , M ich
N . C.
J a rv is R ussell, K esw ick, la .
Je n n in g s W . T ., B ois D ’A rc, Mo.
J a r v is W. I., M illington. M d.
n is o n F . J ., M a rq u e tte , M ich.
J a s p e r C. M ., P la n o , Tex.
J e n n is o n H . S., H ealy, K an.
♦ Jasp er G eo. F ., Q uincy, 111.
r e tte J . M ., N icholls, G a.
J a u d o n J . E ., S a v a n n ah , G a.
J e n r e tte N . P ., T a rb o r, N . C.
♦ Ja y D . V ., C la ire m o n t, T ex . t
♦ Jen sen A. E .. R ip p e y , la .
♦ Ja y F red , A in sw o rth , N eb .
Jen se n A. L „ W heatfleld, In d .
♦ J a y W . C ., B e a u fo rt, S. O.
J en se n A. W ., M a rq u e tte , N e b .
♦ Ja y W . D ., Jo n esb o ro , In d .
J e n se n C. D ., C lem ehts, M inn.
♦ Ja y n e C lin t, C o v in g to n , O kla.
e n se n C. D ., P e rry , O kla.
J a y n e I . A ., B elm o n t, W is.
♦Jen sen C . W ., C le arb ro o k , M in n .
J a y n e S. C., B erw ick, P a .
n s e n D . P .. R ichfield, U ta h .
J a y n e s O. B ., W in th ro p , W ash .
♦Jen sen E liz a b e th , G ra e ttin g e r,Ia .
♦ Jay n es N o rm a n , H u m p h re y s,M o .
♦Jen sen E z ra , G a rla n d , U ta h .
♦ Jen sen G u y F ., H a llid a y , N . D .
♦Jensen H a rry , E l R eno. O kla.
J e d la n J o h n W ., C icero, 111.
♦ Jen sen H . T ., L u c k , Wis.
♦Jeiferds O. M ., N ew Y o rk C ity
♦ Jen sen J . G ., R e d L a k e F alls,
N . Y.
Jeffers C. W ., W h eelin g , W . V a.
M in n .
J e n s e n J o h n B igspring, N e b .
♦Jeffers H . A ., W ash in g to n , D . C.
Je n s e n J . P ., G oodridge, M in n .
♦Jefferson H . H . K ., B irm in g h am ,
Jen se n J . S.. Fo xhom e. M in n .
A la.
Je n s e n L ., C learbrook, M in n .
Jefferso n P h ile tu s , F e d e ra lsb u rg ,
♦Jen sen L. W ., Sheffield, 111.
M d.
♦Jen sen M . E ., Jo p lin , M o n t.
Jefferso n W . F ., A lb a n y , G a.
J e n se n M . P ., C h ap p ell, N e b .
Jeffe ry J . C., H an co ck , Mich.
J e n se n M. P „ C ro ck ett, T ex.
♦Jeffrey F re d , M artin sb u rg , N eb.
Jen sen N .. B oelus, N eb.
♦Jen sen P e te r, L e x in g to n , N eb.
Jeffre y G eorge S., Sloan, la .
♦Jen sen R . C ., G a rd n e rv ille , N e v .
J e n se n T . W -, T em p le, O kla.
Jeffre y O. M ., B a s s e tt, N eb .
Jen se n Y al., M in d en , N eb.
Jeffrey W . J ., S c ra n to n , P a .
J e n s e n Y. C.. E llio tt. N . D.
Jeffries D aniel. C h in co teag u e Isle,
Je n so n A. H ., E d g e rto n , W is.
♦Jen so n G . W ., F a rg o , N . D .
♦Jeffries H o m e r. R u ssell, Id .
♦Jenson H e n ry , C ooledge, Tex.
♦Jeffries M e r ritt, K a n sa s C ity .
♦Jenson H . W ., K a th y rn , N . D .
M o,
Jen so n J . A ., O h a tsw o rth , la .
Jeffry es Ell, T rin id a d . Colo.
Je n so n J . H ., F e to n ia , Id a .
Jeffu s T o m , D e p o rt, T ex.
J e n s o n J . M ., C lifton, T ex.
J e n s o n N e al, E s ta n c ia , N . M .
Jeg lu m C larence, A d am s, N . D .
♦Jen so n O. P ., B arsto w , T ex.
J e h n W . E ., G lid d en , W is.
Je n so n R . M ., G ra n d F o rk s,N .D .
Jelin ek A lb e rt, M u n d e n , K a n .
♦Jenson S y lv ia, R iv e rto n , W yo.
♦Jelin ek F ra n k , K it C arso n , C olo.
♦Jen so n T . C ., C raw ford, Tex.
Jelin ek F red , H ilg er, M o n t.
♦Jenson W . E ., N icollet, M ih n .
Je lin e k H . V ., W ilb er, N e b .
♦ J e n sta d A n to n , P la z a , N . D.
♦Jelin ek M . F ., B ow bells, N . D .
♦Jeppesen F . J ., Ironw ood, M ich.
Jelin ek W m . A., B o n esteel, S.D .
♦ Jep p esen S. T ., O gden, U ta h .
♦Jellison C. R „ W ilson, K a n .
J e p se n H . C ., G ooselake, la .
Jelliso n R . W ., M o n ro e , W ash .
J ep se n J . P .. D ike. la .
♦ Je rn ig a n B ., B atesv ille, A rk.
J e n e re tte N o a h H ., H a m le t, N . C.
♦ Je rn ig a n G. S., N e w p o rt, A rk.
♦ Jen k in s B e rth a , W y o m in g , D el.
J e rn ig a n H . W ., M cC rory. A rk.
J e n k in s B lanche, Jo p lin , M o .
J e rn ig a n W . W ., N e w a rk , A rk.
♦Jen k in s B . L ., S p okane, W ash .
♦Jen k in s C. D -, B o koshe, O kla.
Jern ig in J . D ., C om m erce, T ex.
♦Jen k in s O. M ., Osage, O kla.
J ero m e C. A ., P lainfield, C onn.
Je n k in s E . L ., G a rd e n C ity , S. D .
♦Jero m e L u cy , L o n e W olf, O kla.
Je n k in s E d w a rd , Ja iq e sto w n , M o .
J e ro m e T . G ., K en ly , N . C.
♦Jen k in s E . L .. T ild e n . N eb .
♦Jero m e T . G ., R osehill, N . C.
J e rre ll E . J ., C ape May'; N . J .
♦ Jen k in s G le n n D .,H u m b o ld t,N e b .
J e r ts o n J o h n O ., G ra e ttin g e r, la .
J e n k in s G. E ., C hillicothe, la .
J e rtso n L. A .; H azel R u n , M in n .
♦Jen k in s G . L ., M a la d C ity , Id a .
♦Jesk e M. E „ A u ro ra 111.
Je n k in s J . A ., D a w n , M o.
Jesm e r F red . N ew B rig h to n ,
♦Jenkins J . F ., C arth a g e , S. D .
M in n .
J e n k in s J . J .. S iler C ity , N . C.
J e sse J . R ., M exico, Mo.
Je n k in s L . E ., Sw aledale, la .
♦Jessee B. E ., S a n ta M aria, Cal.
♦ Jen k in s L . W ., S an F ran c isco ,
Jesse p h W a rd , E dw all, W ash.
C al.
♦ Jessu p T h eo d ore. Chicago, 111.
Je n k in s M . O ., B ig S a n d y , M o n t,
♦ Je ste r G . P ., G ra n ts P ass, O re.
J e n k in s O. O ., j B o koshe, O kla.
♦ Je ste r H . C ., C o rsican a, T ex.
♦Jen k in s R . L ., M ay sv ille, N . C.
J e s te r, H o m e r, O xford, K a n .
♦ Jen k in s R . R ., L ak ev iew , M ich .
J e te r W . W ., B osw ell, O kla.
Je n k in s T . B .. Jo p lin , Mo.
J e t t F . C ., ReeVille, Y a.
♦Jen k in s T . C., R a v e n n a . O.
♦ J e tt H . B „ M a r ie tta , O.
♦ Jen k in s U .I., B u ck h a n n o n .W .V a.
♦Jew ell E . F ., Sebastopol, C al.
♦ Jen k in s U . W ., H o p k in sv ille, K y .
Jew ell E . H ., M a n is tiq u e , M ic h .
.♦ Jen k in s Y. B ., S a v a n n a h , Ga.
Jew ell H . L ., O tta w a, K a n .
J e n k in s W . E.» P re s to n , Ga.
Jew ell J . L ., M a rin g o u ih , L a.
J e n k in s W. L ., C h arlo tte , N . C.
♦Jew ell R . A .. C linton. K y.
Je n k in s W . M ., SU ltan, W ash .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

J e w e tt E A .. F erg u s F a lls, Minn.
J e w e tt M. G., M ilford, N. H .
♦ Je w itt N elle, Skiatook, O kla.
♦ Je w itt N oel, Osgood, M o.
♦Jew son G eo. A ., B irnam w ood,


Jezesk i J . A ., M inneapolis, M inn.
Jin n in g s J . A ., E d g erto n , O.
Jo ac h im D . M.. G reenw ay, S. D .
♦Job Zephin, JButte, M o n t.
Jo b es H . C., K a n sa s C ity, Mo.
Jo ce T hom as, C restó n , 111.
J o estin g G. A ., A lton, 111.
♦Jaffray C. P ., M inn eap o lis,M in n .
Jo h a n n a b e r W . F ., R ockford, la .
Jo h an n e s A. F ., W illis, K an .
Jo h an n e s E . C., N icollet, M inn.
♦Jobannesen W. L ., C hicago, 111.
Jo h a n s e n A. C ., E num claw , W ash.
♦ Johansen H . T ., N ew Y o rk C ity ,
N . Y.
Jo h an so n C . J ., W illow L ake, S. D .
J o h a n tg e n F . H ., D a nsville, N .Y .
Jo h n , V. H ., O r andón, W is.
♦Jo h n aso n W .O ., M arq u ette, Mich.
Jo h n es Jo se p h H ., H ig h sto w n .N .J.
♦Johns C. E ., N oblesville, In d .
J o h n s E . F ., C hickasha, O kla.
♦Johns G eo.. Jefferson, la .
♦Johns J . S., A u b u rn , C al.
Jo h n s W. S., A thens, G a.
Jo h n sen C. J ., D onovan, 111.
♦Johnsen F . S., D ono v an , 111.
♦Johnsen O. P ., D o n a v an , 111.
♦Johnson A. A ., Jo hnsonburg, P a .
♦Johnson A. B .. C am as, W ash.
♦Johnson A da, H a rtla n d , M in n .
Jo h n so n A dolph, K ackley, K an.
♦Johnson A n n a B ., B ussey, la .
♦Johnson A n ita V ., Stockw ell,
In d .
♦Johnson A . B elm ont, M o n t.
Jo h n so n A ., G ardar, N . D.
Jo h n so n A. A ., W arren . M inn.

♦Johnson C. E ., G alesburg, 111.
♦Johnson C. E .. V incennes, In d .
Joh n so n O. H ., T hom ab, O kla.
Jo h n so n C. H ., W av e la n d , In d .
♦Johnson C . J ., R o d m a n , G a. »
♦Johnson C. J ., K a rls ta d , M in n .
Johnson C. L ., B atesville, In d .
Jo h n so n C. L ., A rn e tt, O kla.
Johnson C. L ., S tockholm , S. D .
♦Johnson C. L ., H ain es, O re.
♦Johnson C. L. A ., L ouisville, K y.
♦Johnson C. M ., D es M oines, la .
Johnson C. M ., C ra fto n , P a .
♦Johnson C . O ., B o rd u la c , N . D .
Johnson O. O., P o n c a C ity , O kla.
J o h n s on C. P ., W h ite R ock, S. D .
Jo h n so n C. R ., M erino, Colo.
Jo h n so n C. S„ P la tts b u rg , N . Y .
♦Johnson C. T ., E llaville, G a.
♦Johnson C. T ., T re n to n , F la .
♦Johnson C. V ., S m ithfield, N . O.
Joh n so n D . B ., Sioux Falls, S. D
Jo h n so n D. C.. Ellinw ood. K a s .
Jo h n so n D. D ., Coggon, la .
♦Johnson D. G., H aw ley, M inn.
♦Johnson D . H ., U psala, M in n .
Jo h n so n D . W ., M illen, G a.
Jo h n so n D. W ., O lsburg, K an.
Jo h n so n E ., R ichey, M o n t.
♦Johnson E . D ., V alera, Tex.
Jo h n so n E . H ., Sharon, N . D .
J o h n so n E d w a rd A ., N o rth L oupe,
N eb.
♦Johnson E . E ., K e ttle R iv e r,
M in n .
♦Johnson E . E .. S h e rb u rn , M in n .
♦Johnson E in er, O glesby, 111.
Jo h n so n E . J ., Stanhope, la .
Jo h n so n E lm er, S teven sville.M ont.
Jo h n so n E lm er, M o n terey , In d .
♦Johnson E lm er D ., N ew B erlin,O .
♦Johnson E rn e st, M a rq u e tte , K a n .
Johnson E „ V olin, S. D.
Jo h n so n E . A ., B ussey, la .
Jo h n so n E . C ., B uffalo, O kla.

♦Johnson E a rl C ., G ra n d R ap id s,
M ich.
♦Johnson E .C .,J r ., G arfield,W ash.
Jo h n so n A. C., W h ittie r, Cal.
E . G .. W ate rto w n , N . Y .
♦ Johnson A. D ., H a rtfo rd , C onn.
Jo h n so n A . E ., M orrisonville, 111. Jo h n so n E , H ., S terling, N eb.
E . J ., M ab el, M in n .
J o h n so n A. E ., P ro sp ect, O.
♦Johnson A. E ., W adena, M in n . , ♦ Johnson E . J ., S tephen, M in n .
Jo h n so n A. E ., W ash b u rn , N . D . Jo h n so n E . J ., N orw ood, 111;♦Johnson L . E ., S tanhope, la .
Jo h n so n A . E ., G reensburg, K an.
♦Johnson A . F .. F o rt M organ,C olo. ♦ Johnson E . L., H a rtfo rd , A la.
♦Johnson E . L ., B elleville, K an .
Jo h n so n E . L ., P la in s, M ont.
♦Johnson A. F ., M elb y , M in n .
Jo h n so n E . L .. W olbach. N eb .
Jo h n so n A . G ., Chicago, 111.
Jo h n so n A. G ., Lyons, N eb.
♦Johnson E . M ., Bloxom , Va.
♦ Johnson A . G., H a rm o n y , M inn.
Jo h n so n A. G ., N ew Effington.S.D . J o h n so n E . M „ H ig h la n d , O.
♦Johnson E . N ., C orsicana, T ex.
Jo h n so n A. H .. D ahlen, N . D .
♦Johnson E . O .. R ose C re d i. M in a.
♦Johnson A. J.,, S ta n to n , la .
♦Johnson E . P ., Shelby, M ich.
Jo h n so n A . J ., Irv in g to n , 111.
J o h n so n E . R . A noka, N eb .
Jo h n so n A. J ., T olna, N . D ,
♦Johnson O. A .. G ra n ite Falls, ♦ Johnson E .V ., L aw ren b eb u tg .K y .
♦Johnson E . W .. M ecffanicsburg.
M inn.
♦ Johnson A. J ., L arson, N . D .
Jo h n so n E . W ., N e w m an G rove.
♦Johnson A. L ., O xford, O.
N eb .
♦ Johnson A lvin, O m aha, N eb.
Jo h n so n F ., T upelo, Miss,
Jo h n so n A. M ., D aw son, M in n .
♦Johnson F . A ., D a v e n p o rt, la .
♦Johnson A. N .,' M edicine Lake, ♦ Johnson F re d A ., K a rls ta d ,
M in n .
M o n t.
♦Johnson A. N ., Sheyenne, N . D .
♦Johnson F . A ., C an to n , S. D .
Jo h n so n A . O., B uckley, W ash.
♦Johnson F . D ., A rtesian , S. D .
Jo h n so n A . P „ B lue R idge, Ga.
♦Johnson F ra n k , R ockw ell, la .
♦Johnson F ra n k L ., B urlin g to n , N .
J o h n so n A. R ., H om er, L a.
♦Johnson A . R ., K alispell, M o n t.
h n so n F ra n s , Sw edeburg, N eb.
♦ Johnson A. R ., D onnybrook,
Jo h n so n F . E ., C a tta ra u g u s, N .Y .
N. D.
Jo h n so n F . E ., H u m b o ld t, S. D .
Johnson F . H .. K alispell, M o n t.
♦Johnson A . S., B stelline, S. D .
♦Johnson A . S., N ew B ethlehem , J o h n so n F . M ., Polo, 111.
Jo h n so n F . O., C o u rtla n d , K an .
♦ Johnson A ug. J ., S ta n to n , la . ■ Johnson F . P ., M a rtin d a le , T ex.
J o h n so n A. V ., C leburne, K an .
♦Johnson F . S., M inn eap o lis,M in n
♦Johnson A. W ., F a irm o n t, M inn. Johnson F . S., K rem lin, M o n t.
Jo h n so n A . W ., A nson, T ex.
Jo h n so n F . W ., A ledo. 111.
J o h n so n A .W ., C raw fordsville.Ind. Jo h n so n F . W .,B reckenridge,M m n.
♦ Johnson A . W .. L a b o lt, S. D .
♦Johnson G ., Leeds, N . D .
Jo h n so n G eo. A ., G rygla, M in n .
J o h n so n B ., M ansfield, La.
J o h n so n B. E .. N orm a, N . D .
♦ Johnson G . A ., C a n to n , K a n .
Jo h n so n B. F ., H arlingen, Tex.
♦Johnson G eorge, S h rev e p o rt, L a.
Jo h n so n B . J ., D a lto n , M inn.
♦Johnson G u st, C olfax, N . D .
J o h n so n B . L ., E y o ta , M in n .
♦Johnson G . A., T olley, N . D .
♦Johnson B . L ., Ith a c a , N . Y .
♦ Johnson G . L ., Stockholm , S . D .
♦Johnson C ., F airfax . S. O.
Joh n so n G . M ., K irk la n d , W ash.
♦Johnson G. O ., R obbinsdale,
Jo h n so n C . A ., S p a rta , M ich.
J o h n so n C arl T ., F alu n , K an.
M inn.
. . .
♦Johnson G . R ., W heetley, A rk.
♦ Johnson C. C ., B axley, G a.
♦Johnson G. R ., B loom ing Präm ie,
J o h n so n C ecil C ., PaoU, In d .
M in n . n TXT T o lr o t r f o n r il'l * A
Jo h n so n C. D ., L eeton, M o.

♦Johnson C. E ., C arson, N . D .
Jo h n so n C has. E .,G reen Castle.M o.
Jo h n so n C larence, C harleston, Mo.
♦Johnson C ly d e , S pokane, W ash.
Jo h n so n C.. C lear L ake, W is.
Jo h n so n C harles, H allock, M inn.
♦Jo h n so n C. C., J r ., G ate C ity.V a.
Jo h n so n C. D ., .L iberty, In d .
♦Johnson C. D ., N e w p o rt, N . H.
♦Johnson O. E ., C arson, N . D .
♦ Johnson C. E ., G ary , In d .
J o h n so n C has. E .. N o ra . N eb.

♦Johnson G. W .. M isso u ri V alley,
Jo h n so n H . A ., G reenw ood, N eb.
♦ Johnson H . A ., N o rto n , K a n .
♦ Johnson H . A ., H o u sto n , Tex.
♦Johnson H a rry , Cornell, 111.
Jo h n so n H a rry O ., H elvey, N eb.
Jo h n áo n H e n ry , L a fa y e tte , M inn.
J o h n so n H ira m , F o u n ta in . Minn.
♦Johnson H o w ard , W est Jefferson,


«Johnson Hugh, Scotland Neck,
N. C.
Johnson H. A., Scandia, Minn.
Johnson H. A., Swift Palls, M inn.
Johnson H. A., Ulen, Minn.
Johnson H. C., New Brockton,
Johnson H. E., New Richland,
Johnson H. E ., Northwood, N . D.
Johnson H. E ., Prosper, N . D.
«Johnson H.E.,W allaW alla, Wash.
Johnson H. F., Jam estow n, N. Y.
Johnson H. G., Purdln, Mo.
«Jonnson H. G., M adera, Cal.
«Johnson H. H., A tlanta, Ga.
Johnson H. H ., Ordensburg, Wis.
Johnson Hom er L., Boise City,
Johnson H. M ., Jonesboro. Ark.
Johnson H. M„ Orlinda. Tenn.
«Johnson Howard, Wilsonville,
Johnson H. P „ Everson, Wash.
Johnson H. S., Litchfield, M inn.
«Johnson H. W., M abton, Wash.
«Johnson I. A., Florence. S. D.
Johnson Inger A., Bristol, Wis.
Johnson Ingral, Hickson, N . D.
Johnson Julius C., Almira, Wash.
Johnson J., Jr., Geneva, Ala
Johnson J. A., Kerm an, Cal.
Johnson J. A., A tw ater. Minn.
«Johnson J. A., Kensington, M inn.
Johnson J. A., Greenwood, Ind.
Johnson J. A., Rohrs, Neb.
Johnson J . A., Sanborn, la.
«Johnson J. B., Oakland, M inn.
Johnson J. B., W atts, Okla.
Johnson J. C., Almont, Mich.
«Johnson J. C., Buffalo, Okla.
Johnson J. D., Hollis, Kan.
Johnson J . Dawson. Boyce. La.
«Johnson Jessie D., Boise C ity,
«Johnson J. E., Roseau. M inn.
Johnson J. E ., Broadlands, 111.
«Johnson J. E ., M anlius, 111.
Johnson J . E., SandersvlÙe, Ga.
«Johnson J. E-., Ely, M inn.
Johnson J. E., Sheyenne. N. D.
Johnson J . F.. Florence, Ala.
Johnson J. G., Bowbells, N. D.
«Johnson John, Cass Lake, M inn.
«Johnson John A., M arietta, M inn
Johnson Joseph H ., Lakewood.
N. J.
«Johnson J . H ., Newfolden, M inn.
«Johnson J. H., Alamo, Tenn.
Johnson J . J., Kerkhoven, Minn.
Johnson J . J „ Wahoo, Neb.
Johnson J . L „ Kennewick, Wash.
«Johnson J. L., Shell Lake, Wis.
Johnson J . M., Lawrenceburg, Ky.
«Johnson J . O. E., Northwood, l a .
«Johnson J. P., McCool, Miss.
«Johnson J. P., Holstein, Neb.
Johnson J. R.. D urham , Mo.
Johnson J. R ., Lapeer, Mich.
Johnson J . R., Ronceverte, W.Va.
Johnson J . S„ A shbum , Ga.
Johnson J. S., M arion, S. C.
Johnson Julius C., Almira, Wash.
Johnson J. W.. Mallard, la .
«Johnson J. W., Osborn, Mo.
Johnson J. W., P atrio t, Ind.
«Johnson K ate, Warsaw, Mo.
Johnson K. F., Graysville, Tenn.
«Johnson K enneth J., Ambrose,
N. D.
Johnson K. O., M t. Sterling, Wis.
«Johnson L. A., Henning, Minn.
♦Johnson L. D., Moore, Tex.
«Johnson L . E., Clearwater, Fla.
Johnson L. E., Dendron, Va.
«Johnson L. E .. E veleth, M inn.
Johnson L. F.. Geneva, Neb.
Johnson L. G., Carthage, N. Y.
«Johnson L. H., Hatfield, Ark.
Johnson L. H., Nelsonvllle, Wis.
«Johnson L. J., Shepherd, Tex.
Johnson L. L., Jackson, Minn.
Johnson L. O.. Granite Falls.Minn.
Johnson Lewis P., Ashley, N. D.
Johnson L. R., E aston, Minn.
«Johnson L. S., Verdón, Neb.
«Johnson L. S., Topeka, Kan.
«Johnson Lou T ., San Pedro, Cal.
Johnson L. V„ Randolph, Kan.
Johnson L. W., Geneva, M inn.
«Johnson L. W., Lime Spring, la .
«Johnson L. W., W estpoint, Neb.
Johnson M., Beach City, O.
Johnson M., New Berlin, O.
«Johnson M . A., Starbuck, M inn.
«Johnson M . E ., E lk Point, S. D.
«Johnson M . F., W ebster C ity, la .
«Johnson M. L., Bowdon, Ga.
Johnson M R., Olsburg, Kan.
«Johnson M . S. A., Oswego,M ont.
«Johnson M ilton, D ecatur, 111.
«Johnson M innie W., M cH enry,
N. H.

 1 3 1
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Johnson M yrick, Llano, Tex.
«Johnson M yrtle E ., Lucas, Kan.
Johnson N ., Ellsworth, la .
Johnson N . A., Cedar, M inn.
«Johnson N. E., M onm outh. 111.
Johnson N. H.. Frem ont, Wis.
Johnson N. L., B atavia, 111.
«Johnson N. P., Wildwood, N . J.
«Johnson Odin, Lake Norden,
S. D.
Johnson Oscar, B urr Oak, Kan.
Johnson O. H., Kane, Pa.
«Johnson O. H., Livermore, la .
«Johnson O. H ., Sylvania, O.
«Johnson O. M ., Erie, Kan.
Johnson O. N., Toronto, S. D.
Johnson O. O., St. Olaf, la .
«Johnson O. V., Sutherland, Neb.
«Johnson P., Sheridan, Ark.
«Johnson Paul, E. G rand Forks,
M inn.
Johnson P . A.. N ew port, N . H.
Johnson P . E ., Petersburg, N . D.
«Johnson P . H ., M onroe. N . O.
Johnson P. M., Aurora, Minn.
«Johnson P . R., Terril, la.
«Johnson Q. J., Oplin, Tex.
Johnson Quay V., Jenks, Okla.
«Johnson R. A., Ravinia, S. D.
«Johnson R. D., Belvidere, S. D.
«Johnson R. F., H untley, Neb.
«Johnson Rena V., Highland, O.
Johnson R. G., Enid, Okla.
Johnson R. H ., Ocilla, Ga.
Johnson R. H., Bismarck, M o.
«Johnson R. J., Herm an, M inn.
«Johnson R. J., W oodworth,N .D .
Johnson R. L., Holyoke. Colo.
«Johnson R. M ., Waycross, Ga.
Johnson R. M ., Moline, 111.
«Johnson R obert, M inneapolis,
M inn.
«Johnson R obert, Kansas C ity,
Johnson Robert, Solomon, Kan.
Johnson Roy, St. Louis, M inn.
Johnson R. T., H untley, Neb.
Johnson R ay T ., Williams, la.
«Johnson R uby W., Gladstone, 111.
«Johnson R . W., Sumner, Neb.
Johnson S. A., Hillsboro, N . C.
«Johnson S. A.. Frem ont, Wis.
«Johnson Sam, Chaseburg, Wis.
Johnson S. E ., Cornell, 111.
Johnson S. L., Muscatine, la . '
Johnson S. M ., Buffalo, N . Y.
Johnson S. P., Chicago, 111.
«Johnson S. P., P anam a, Neb.
«Johnson S. T ., Harlowton, M ont.
Johnson Theodore, Rosalie, Neb.
«Johnson Toilef, Flandreau, S. D.
Johnson Thos., Merkel, Tex.
Johnson T . E., Eldred, M inn.
Johnson T. F., Denton, Md.
Johnson T. G., Deer Creek, M inn.
«Johnson T . H., Sioux Falls, S.D.
«Johnson T . L., Aulne, Kan.
Johnson T . N ., Santo, Tex.
Johnson V. F., Evansville, M inn.
Johnson, V. A., W. Burlington, la .
Johnson V. L„ Center City, Minn.
Johnson V. L., Shelton, Neb.
Johnson V. L., Sumner. Neb.
Johnson V. O., Aulne, Kan.
Johnson W. A., Churubusco, Ind.
Johnson W. A., W inton, M inn.
«Johnson W. A., Wewako, Okla.
Johnson W alter A., Chicago, 111.
«Johnson W arren, St. Louis, Mo.
«Johnson Willis, W est P oint, Ga.
«Johnson Winnie, Blue M ound,
«Johnson Wm. Lake Butler, Fla.
«Johnson W. A., O ttaw a, 111.
«Johnson W. A.. Paso Robles. Cal.
Johnson W alter B., Cambridge,
M d.
Johnson W. B.. Climax, Ga.
«Johnson W. B., Anthony, Kan.
Johnson W. C., Jr., Barre, Vt.
Johnson W. E., Hogans ville. Ga.
Johnson W. E ., Colorado Spgs.,
Johnson W. F., Rockford, M inn.
«Johnson W. H ., Jacksonville, Fia.
Johnson W. H., Monette, Ark.
Johnson Wm. H., Jacksonville,
Johnson W. H ., Sturgis, S. D.
«Johnson W. J., Selma, Cal.
'Johnson W. J., Big Lake, M inn.
Johnson W. J., W hite Bluffs,
«Johnson W. J ., Duluth, Minn,
«Johnson W. L., Alto Pass, 111.
«Johnson W. L., Beulah, Mo.
Johnson W. L., Ashley, N. D.
Johnson W. L., York, N . D.
«Johnson W. O., M asontown, Pa.
Johnson W. P ., Bond, Ky.
«Johnson W alfréd, Falun, Kan.
Johnson W . S., Del Norte, Colo.
«Johnson W. S., Holyoke, Colo.
«Johnson W. S. W ilmington, N . C.
Johnson W. S., N ettleton, Ark.
Johnsone C.W., Ellensburg, W ash.
Johnston Amos R., Jackson, Miss.
Johnston A. D., Cheyenne,- Wyo.
Johnston Alex. J., B utte, M ont.

Johnston, A. M ., Freeport, Pa.
«Johnston O. B., Gladewater, Tex.
Johnston C. C., Meadville, Pa.
«Johnston C. M., Monmouth, 111.
Johnston D; W.. W eleetka. Okla.


Jones C. S„ Marcellus, Mich.
Jones O. V., P o rt O’Connor, Tex.
Jones D. E ., Cisco, Tex.
Jones D. E., Rising Star, Tex.
«Jones D. L., Sparta, Wis.
«Jones D onna V., M arcellus,
«Johnston, E . L , Kewanee, 111.
M ich.
Johnston E . L., Seibert, Colo.
Jones D. P., Hastings, Neb.
«Johnston F. R ., G arden C ity,
Jones D. Willis, Reading, Kan.
«Jones EfiSe J ., Reading, Kan.
«Johnston G., M cRae, Ark.
«Jones E ., Joaquin, Tex.
Johnston G. H ., Argusvüle, N . D. Jones E. B., Mt. Pleasant, O.
Johnston George H., Wales, N. D. «Jones E . C., Hugo, Okla.
«Johnston H. A., Jacksonville,Fia.
«Jones E . D .. Rutherford, T enn.
«Johnston H. C., Conway, Ark. Jones E . E ., C harlotte, N . C.
«Johnston H. N., Byron, 111.
Jones E . E., Suffolk, V a.
«Johnston H. C., Aledo, IÜ.
Jones E. F., Sorum, S. D.
Johnston I. H., Charleston. 111.
Jones E . H., Celeste, Tex.
Johnston Ira W., M cKees Rocks, Jones E ben J., Oak Hill, O.
«Jones E . L., Callahan, Fla.
Johnston J . A., Charleston, S. C.
«Jones E . L., Jr., P urdin, Mo.
Johnston J . D., Seymour, la .
Jones,. E. R., N o rth M ankato,
«Johnston J . E ., Pleasureville, Ky.
M inn.
Jones E. S.. Pine Level, N. C.
Johnston J . F., New W aterford, O. Jones E arl T., Wasco, Ore.
Johnston J . M., Bradley, S. D.
Jones E . T .. B a rtlett. Tex.
Johnston J. T., Im perial, Neb.
Johnston J. T ., W est Allis, Wis.
Jones E. V., Fayetteville. Ga.
Johnston J. W., Jr., Stateboro, Ga. «Jones E. W „ Brooklyn. Ia.
«Jones F. A., Newport, Ark.
«Johnston J. W .. Oakwood, 111.
Jones F. A., Ruskui, Neb.
Jonnston L. C., Tuskegee, Ala. «Jones F. B., Boley, Okla.
Johnston L. H., New York City, Jones F. B., Carnegie, Okla.
N. Y.
Jones F. C„ Boston, Ga.
«Johnston M ae, Zephyr, Tex.
Jones F . D.. Steele, N. D.
Johnston M. H., Cordova, Ala.
Jones F rank J., Maxwell, Neb.
«Johnston Nell, Seibert, Colo.
Jones F. P., Jr., Beverly, N. J.
Johnston R . J., Laona, Wis.
Jones F. R., M anhattan, 111.
«Johnston R obert E ., Henderson, «Jones F. R.. M artinez, Cal.
Jones F rank S., Bainbridge, Ga.
Johnston R.W ., Montezuma, Ind.
«Jones G. A., G ranbury. Tex.
«Johnston R. W ., Naples, S. D.
«Jones G. A.. Robinson. 111.
Johnston T . E., Spencer, N. O.
Jones G. A., H arrisburg, Neb.
Johnston W ., Eureka,.K an.
«Jones G. E ., Los Angeles, Cal.
Johnston W ard, Rifle, Colo.
«Jones G. G., St. Paris, O.
«Johnston W., Rifle, Colo.
Jones G arrett S., Rahway, N . J.
Johnston W. A., Anatone, Wash.
«Johnston W. G., Rock Island, 111. ♦Jones H. B„ Grawn, Mich.
Jones H. B., Wayne, Neb.
«Johnston W. J., Inverness, M ont. «Jones H. C., Martinsville, In d .
Johnston W. L., Zephyr, Tex.
Jones H. C.. Tuscola, 111.
Johnston W . M., Burchard. Neb.
Jones H. C., Gray, Okla.
«Johnstone Alex,. Ashley, N- D. «Jones H. O., Tolar, Tex.
«Johnstone E. C.. M andan, N . D. «Jones H . Clarke. Baltim ore, M d .
Johnstone C. A., Ashley, N. D. «Jones H. C., Leachville, Ark.
«Johnstone D avid, Chicago, 111.
«Jones H. D„ M ayetta, Kan.
Jones H. E., Revillo, S. D.
«Johnstone G. H ., D etroit, Mich. «Jones H. E „ Weston, O.
Johnstone T. K., Newberry, S. C. «Jones H . E., W enatchee, Wash.
Johntz J. E., Abilene, Kan.
Joiner C. J., F o rt Lauderdale, Fla. Jones H erbert. Chicago, 111.
Joiner W. B., D elray, Fla.
«Jones H. H., Salamonia, Ind.
Joiner W. L., Orange, Tex.
«Jones H. J., W hiteville, N. C.
«Jolley J. M ., Jackson, Miss.
«Jones H. J., T abor. N . O.
JonesiH. K., Jr., Valley View,Tex.
Jolley P . Y., A toka, Okla.
«Jones H. L,, Oakland, M d.
«Jollyl, Jr., A. H ., Scenery H ill,Pa. Jones H, O., H arrington, W ash.
Jolly E. R., Haileyville, Okla.
Jones H. O., Lima. O.
Jolly G. N ., C rystal City, M o.
«Jones H . P ., Brookland, Ark.
Jolly W- D„ Fairfield, Ky.
Jonas Geo. J., Carney, Okla.
Jones Howell, Van Tassell, Wyo.
«Jones H. «., Friendsville, T enn.
Jonas H. O., H um boldt, S. D.
«Jones Hugh, Houghton, S. D . i
«Jones Alexander. Hackensack, Jones H ugh, Joaquin, Tex.
N . J.
«Jones H. W., Delaware, O.
«Jones Althis, Greenville, Tex.
«Jones H. W., F airbum , Ga.
«Jones A. B„ Los Angles, Cal.
♦Jones I. E ., Oxford, Ia.
Jones A. C., Batesburg, S. C.
Jones I. P., Beulah, Mich.
Jones A. E „ Shelbina, Mp.
Jones A. H., Grawn, Mich.
«Jones Ira, M ound C ity, Kan.
Jones J. A., Rule, Tex.
«Jones A. L., Loveland, Okla.
Jones J. A., Irwin, Pa.
«Jones A. L., C am bria, >Wis.
«Jones Jas. B., Dublin, Ga.
Jones Alva, H a y d en , Colo.
«Jones Jas. B., M alad City, Id a.
Jones A. M., Hemphill, Tex.
JonesJ. B„ Asotin, Wash.
Jones A. M., Milford, 111.
Jones J. C., H askins, Ia.
«Jones A. O., P ortland, Ore.
Jones J. C., O ttaw a, O.
«Jones J. O., S eadrift, Tex.
Jones A. R., Hagerstown, Ind.
Jones J. E ., Aquilla, Tex.
Jones A. Y., Brinson, Ga.
«Jones J. E „ Kellogg, Ida.
«Jones Byron. G alt, Mo.
«Jones J. E ., Topeka, Kan.
«Jones B. E ., N unda, N. Y.
Jones B. F rank, W est Hazelton, «Jones J. E ., Pensacola, Okla.
«Jones J . E ., Verden. Okla.
Jones B. L., Roanoke, Tex.
«Jones J. E ., Milwaukee, Wis.
«Jones B. M., Browntown, Wis.
«Jones Jesse J. Oregon. M o.
«Jones B. R., Racine, Wis.
Jones J . G., T hurm ont, M d.
Jones B. R., Smithville, Ga.
«Jones J. H., T rinity. Tex.
«Jones B. T.. Colfax, 111.
Jones J. H ., P ittsburg, Pa.
«Jones B. W., Churchville, Va.
Jones Jno. H . P , T atum , N . M .
♦Jones Charles D .. W anatah, Ind.
Jones J . *L„ H enry, 111.
«Jones Chas., Pocahontas, Ark.
Jones Chas. B., Breda, la.
Jones Jno. W., No. M iddleton,
Jones Custer, Cannel City, Ky.
Jones C. A., G rand Pass, Mo.
Jones John L., Waterloo, la .
«Jones C. B„ Eminence, Ky.
Jones J. M ., Crewe, Va.
Jones, C. C., Starr, S. C. \
Jones-J. M., Puyallup, Wash.
Jones C. E „ Medina, O.
Jones Jno W., Oak Hill, W. Va.
«Jones C. E ., Bryan, Tex.
«Jones J. O., Wolfe C ity, Tex.
«Jones Cecil, Bunker, M o.
Jones John. Parnell, Ia.
«Jones C lara E ., W ashburn, Mo. Jones J. P., Crawfordsville, la .
«Jones C. G., Van W ert, la .
Jones J. R., BarboiAville, Ky.
Jones C. H „ Brookfield, Mo.
«Jones J . R., W eatherby, Mo.
«Jones O. H ., Rend, 111.
Jones Jam es S., St. Edw ard, Neb.
Jones Chas H.. Piedm ont. Mo.
Jones J . S., Red Springs, N. C.
«Jones Chester W., Shinnston,
W. Va.
Jones J . S., Wymore, Neb.
Jones C. I., Dora, Ala.
Jones J. T ., Gunnison, U tah.
«Jones O. J „ M atthew s, Ind.
Jones J. T. L., Berryville, Va.
Jones C, L „ Valdosta. Ga.
Jones Jas. W ., C entraha, P a.
«Jones C. M ., Agàr, S. D.
Jones J. W., Gunnison, U tah.
«Jones O. M ., Crewe, Va.
Jones J. W., New York C ity, H .Y .
«Jones C. O., Hyannis, Neb.
Jones John W.. Shawnee, Okla.
Jones C. P ., Hanson, Ky.
«Jones J. W., Sparta, Wis.



*Jones L., M ountain Home, Ark.
*Jones Lavine, H am pton, la .
♦Jones L. D., Montlcello. Ky.
♦Jones L. G., New York, N . Y.
Jones L. H., W estern. Neb.
Jones L. H.', P ark Hill, Okla.
♦Jones Lester, W ichita Falls, Teas'.
♦Jones Lewis, W ymore, Neb.
Jones L. M .. Pasadena. OatJones Lyle L., Parkersburg, W.
Jones L. M ., E ton, Ga.
Jones L. P., Lake Crystal, Minn.
♦Jones L uther, Okla. O ity, Okla.
Jones M artin , D e Lam ere, N . D.
Jones M . A., F rem ont, Ind.
♦Jones M. B„ F ayette, la .
Jones M. E., Denison, la ,
Jones M illard F., B attleboro.N .O .
Jones M illard F., R ocky M ount,
N . C.
Jones M . G., Loveland, Okla.
♦Jones M . H., W ake Forest, N . O.
Jones May S., H artline, W ash.
Jones M . P., Rend, 111.
Jones M. S.. Aledo, T e x
Jones N. C., D e Sart, N . D.
Jones Ned, W orthington, M inn.
♦Jones N. S., Blue Ridge, Tex.
♦Jones O. E „ W illiam sburg, la .
♦Jones 0 . E ., London, O.
Jones O. G., Kalispell, M ont.
♦Jones O. I., Cambria. Wis.
Jones Owen L., W aukesha, Wis.
♦Jones O. R., E verest, Kan.
Jones O. T., Sum ner, 111.
♦Jones Paul, Linn, Mo.
♦Jones Paul, A tlanta. M o.
♦Jones P . W., Albany, Ga.
♦Jones P. W., New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
Jones R . A., N . ’B ennington, V t.
Jones R. A.. Storm Lake. la .
♦Jones R. A., Superior, Wis.
Jones R . B„ De Soto, Mo.
♦Jones R. O., W est Concord,
M inn.
♦Jones R . D., M adison, K an.
Jones R obt. R., W hite River, S. D.
♦Jones R . E ., Oshkosh, Wis.
Jones R. G. C., W yalusing, P a.
Jones R . H., E verest, Kan.
Jones R. H ., C allahan, Fla.
Jones R. H., N orth, S. C.
♦Jones R. J., W arrenton, N . C.
♦Jones R. J., W innetown, Neb.
♦Jones R . L., C entral Square, N.Y.
Jones R . L „ H annaford, N. D.
♦Jones R. M ., H ighland P ark ,
♦Jones R oy O., B randon, Tex.
♦Jones R oy F., H arris, Kan.
Jones R alph Lloyd, M ason C ity,
Jones R alph R ., Sprague, Wash.
♦Jones R uby. S tratton, Colo.
Jones S. A., Clovis, N . M .
Jones S. B., Philadelphia, M o.
Jones S. F ., Sweetwater, Tenn.
♦Jones S. H ., H illyard. Wash.
Jones Stephen M ., Leonardtown,
M d.
♦Jones S. T ., New Y ork City,
N. Y.
Jones T. G., Burlington, Tex.
♦Jones T . G., U rbanna, Va.
Jones T . J., W hitesburg, Ga.
Jones T . M.', H yattsville, M d.
Jones T. R.. W ardner, Ida.
♦Jones T . S., Colum biana, Ala.
Jones T . Wallace, O heritoa, Va.
Jones V. D., Bagwell, Tex.
Jones W alter, Turon, Kan.
Jones W . A., A ppalachia, Va.
Jones W. A „ Lehigh, Okla.
♦Jones W. F , Wihrtot, S. D,
Jones Wm. O., Louisburg, K an.
♦Jones W. Clark, F arnam , Neb.
Jones W. G., H untsville, Tex.
Jones W. D ., W aukegan, 111.
♦Jones W. E ., M acon, Mo.
Jones W. G., W estville. Okla.
Jones W. H „ Black R iver Falls,
Jones W. H., Lecompte, La.
Jones W. H., Scranton, Pa.
♦Jones W. H ., Millsboro, P a.
♦Jones W. H., S treator. 111.
Jones W. H .. W ashburn, M d.

♦Jones W. H .. Greenback, Tenn.
Jones W. H., Groesbeck, Tex.
Jones W illiam E ., Alham bra, Cal.
♦Jones W . I., Colorado Springs,
♦Jones W. J., W est L afayette,Ind.
♦Jones W . P ., H attiesburg, Miss.
♦Jones W. P ., Otsego. M ich.
♦Jones W. P ., M obridge, Pa.
Jones W. R ., Littlestow n Pa.
♦Jones W. W., San B enito, T ex .
Jones W. W., San Francisco, C al.
Jones W. W., E thel, M o.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Jones W. W., Seattle, W ash.
Jons W m.. Ogden, la .
♦Jordan A. C., Stoutsvllle. Mo.
Jordan Alton L., South Mills,
N. C.
Jordan A. N., Dunlap. la .
♦Jordan C. B., Pecos, Tex.
Jordan O. C., Forney, Tex.
Jordan C. E ., Palo Alto. Cal.
Jo rd an C. F., Ouray, Colo.
Jordan C. G.. Belden, Neb.
♦Jordan D. W ., Norfolk, Va.
Jordan E . R ., Knoxville, la .
Jordan F. H ., Thom aston, Me.
Jordan Geo., York, Pa.
♦Jordan G. W ., Bamesvllle. Ga.
♦Jordan H arry TV, Lucas, Kan.
♦Jordan H . R., Eufaula. Okla.
♦Jordan J. G., H azlehurst, Ga.
Jordan J . H ., H in to n ,W . Va.
♦Jordan J. Ji, Sentinel B u tte
Valley, N. D.
♦Jordan J. J., H inton, W . Va.
♦Jordan J. P,, Pine Bluff, Ark.
Jordan J. P ., Jam estow n, K an.
Jordan J. S., Blountsville, Ind.
*J ordan J. T „ Cleburne, T e x
♦Jordan J. T ., T roy, Tex.
Jordan J. W., T albotton, Ga.
Jordan M . D., Antlers, Okla.
♦Jordan N. B., Quincy, Fla.
Jordan O. O., St. Joseph, Mich.
Jordan O. P., Pulaski, Va.
Jordan P . E., Portales. N . M.
Jordan R . E., South Boston, Va.
Jordan W .B., Jr., P ine Plains,N .Y .
♦Jordan W-. B., H inton, W. Va.
♦Jordan W m., M cC urtain, Okla.
Jorden T . E ., Jacksonville, Fla.
Jorgensen H., M ount Hope, Kan.
♦Jorgensen J.F ., M punt H ope,K an.
Jorgensen J . L., Staplehurst, Neb.
Jorgensen V. A.. D raper, S. D.
Jorgensen W alter, Colgan, N. D.
♦Jorgenson F . P ., NeiHsville, Wis.
♦Jorgenson G. T., Garske, N. D.
♦Jorgenson T ., W alters. M inn.
♦Jorn Chris B., Oberlin, Kan.
♦Joseph J . D „ W hite W ater, Kan.
Joseph W- P-, R avinia, S. D.
♦Joseph A. B., Newmari, Cal.
♦Joseph W. F., M ontgom ery, Ala.
♦Joslln E . A., W ebster, Mass.
♦JoSlyn E. E .. W aterbury, Vt.
♦Josselyn F . L „ Rochester. Minn.
Jost E . O., New London, Wis.
Jo st H. H .. E ast St. Louis. 111.
♦Jostm anh F . A., Steeleville, 111.
♦Jourdan E . B., Salion, O.
♦Jourenal W ., Silver Spring, M d.
♦Joutz C. R., Silverlake, Ind.
Jow ers A. W., Cooledge, Tex.
Joy A lta M .. Silver Lake, Kans.
Joy Benjamin, Boston, Mass.
Joy Jam es, O tter Lake, M ich.
♦Joy W. R ., D etroit, M ich.
♦Joyce J. C., S tuart, Va.
Joyce P . A., South Bend, Ind.
Joyce W . J., San Marcial, N. M.
Joyner A. C.. Am herst. Va.
Joyner Jno. F., Nashville, Tenn.
Joyner W. E ., Eldorado, Okla.
Joyner Wm. F., F ranklinton, N . C.
♦Jozwin Vincent, Chicago, 111.
♦Jucker J. A., Offerle, Kan.i
Ju c k e tt O. H .. Nisland, S. D.
♦Judah W. R., Lincoln, Neb.
♦Judd F. U., Melvem, Kan.
Ju d d H . M ., Bethel, Conn.
Judd J . M., Lakin, Kan.
♦Judd W. H ., New B ritain, Conn.
Judge Thos. A., Holyoke, Mass.
Judkins R. D.. Long Beach, Cal.
♦Judson F . W ., San Francisco,
•Judson F . W .. W aterbury, Conn.
Judson G. B.. D etroit, Mich.
♦Judson G. B., H ighland P ark,
M ich.
Judson Wm. H ., Rhinebeck, N . Y.
Ju d y C. A., Forestburg, S. D.
♦Judy E m m a E ., Burlington, Colo.
♦Judy H . D., F ayetteville, W. Va.
•Ju d y J. K., Goodwine, 111.
♦Judy L. A., Mound City, Mo.
Ju d y O. L ., M oulton, Ala.
♦Juergens G., D anforth, 111./
♦Jukes H . P ., Bellingham, W ash.
♦Julian C. N ., B arrim an, Tenn.
JuUar S. S., Rapidan, M inn.
♦Julienne F. J., Jackson, Miss.
♦Junell L. E ., Sulphur Springs,
Jung August, Cain C ity, Tex.
♦Jung L. M ., W inona, M inn.
Junge Jo h n N ., M anistee, M ich.
Jungkunz J.. F., Bristow, la .
Jungkunz L. R., Freeport, 111.
Jungling H. R ., Bridgeport, O.
♦Junkin F, H.. Lake Charles, La.
Junkins D. E ., Union City, Pa.
Junkins R. W ., P ortsm outh, N .H .
♦Jurey C. G., Paris, 111.'
Jurgem eyer L. H ., Germ ania, la .
Jurgens F. T., Petersburg, 111.
♦Jurgensmeier W. H ,, Evansville,
Ju ry Alfred, C ottage Grove, Ore.
♦Jury J. W., Lucas, S. D.
Ju s t W. F., Frazee, Minn.
Justice A. S., Camden, Tenn.
Justice C. L., Roy, N . Mex.
Justice George S., Pedricktow n,
N . J.
♦Justice W. R .,\C hanute, Kan.

Karley A. A., Dupree, S. D.
Justice W. H.. Idalia. Colo.
♦Karlson W alter, Kingsley, la .
Ju stin F. H., PlattsDurg, N. Y.
♦Karls R oy E ., Omaha, Neb.
JustissW . R., Howland, Tex.
K arnes C. R., Covington, Va.
♦Kaap Albert, Green Bay, Wis.
♦Kaas H . O., Three Rivers, Mich. ♦Karns G., H untington, Ind.
Kama S. B., Benton, Pa.
♦K abaner A., Livingston, 111.
K arper Charles S., Mercersburg,
Kabel Philip. Winchester, Tnd.
♦K aberna John, W agner, S. D.
K arpf H. C., M orrill, Neb.
♦Kable G. W., O ttaw a, O.
♦Karr Jam es, Drexel, M o.
♦Kabler Hazel S., Spivey, Kan.
♦K àrr M . E ., Foosland, IU.
K abler L. L., Spivey, Kan.
♦Kacena W. M ., Cedar Rapids, la . K arr P. W., BrownvlUe, Neb. ,
♦K arraher J. F., Cypress, IU.
K adderly H . V. Joseph, Ore.
♦K arraker E arl, Dongola, IU.
Kadel A. W „ Keswick, la .
♦K arraker E. L., Jonesboro, IU.
Kadel J . A., Rock Falls, 111.
Kaem per Wm. L., Collinsville, 111. K arraker Ira O., Jonesboro, 111.
K arraker T. N„ Mounds, IU.
* Kaerlcher G. J., Brocton, 111.
♦Kagey I. B., W eyers Cave, Va.
Karrenbrock Fred, Moscow Mills,
Kagey N. I., W eyers Cave, Va.
♦Karsch,. G. H., F la t River, Mo.
•K agim oto S. Hilo, Hawaii.
K arsten Louis, Oxford, la.
Kagy C. B„ F t. Gibson, Okla.
K arsten O. L., Winfield, la .
♦Kagy J. D., Van Buren, Ark.
♦Karsten P aul Jr., Fredericks­
burg, Va.
Kahl G. J., Burr, Neb.
K arstens E. J., Avoca, la.
K ahla E . E.. Saco, Mont.
K arw and E . 0 ., Hazel, M inn.
♦Kahle A. L., Ottawa, O.
♦Kash C. A., Rock Rapids, la .
Kahle F. G., O ttaw a, O.
Kasl F. W ., Exeland, Wis.
♦Kahle G. W., Ottawa, O.
Kasling R. M.. Hughes Springs,
♦Kahle H ., New Orleans, La.
♦Kasner A. C.. Foley, M inn.
K ahler C. H., Braidwood, 111.
♦Kasner A. H., Avoca, la .
Kahler C. H., W ilmington, 111.
♦Kahler LeRoy, Indianapolis, Ind. ♦Kass O. E ., M edicine Lake,
M ont.
K ahler W. E., Freeland, Pa.
♦Kassler G. R., W ashington, Ind.
Kahlke A. C., Seattle, Wasn.
K ahm ann W .H., Washington,Mo. K astein Ben., W aupun, Wis.
♦Kasten Oscar, MUwaukee, Wis.
K asten R. S., Cape Girardeau,
♦K ahn Albert, Rayne, La.
Kahn Simon, Raceland, La. *
♦K aster R . W., AUerton, la .
Kaldera J . C., Centerville, Wash.
K atenkam p C. W., W estport, M d.
Kail J. R., Scio, O.
♦K ather C. A., N apa, Cal.
♦Kaller E. H ., Naperville, 111.
Kaiser C. R., Stronghurst, 111. K aths H. A., Potwin, Kan.
K atterjohn C. A.. Henderson.K y.
♦Kaiser E. L., M onett, Mo.
♦K attler John, F ort Plain, N. Y.
♦Kaiser J. W., Columbus, O.
♦K atz Feldie, Cincinnati, O.
Kaiser R. M ., W alton, la .
♦Katzenbach G. A., Trenton, N . J.
♦Katzenback R. L., Lovell, Wyo.
Kaiser W. B., L a H arpe, 111.
♦Kauflelt D. H., Ronceverte, W.Va,
Kaiser, W . C., Needles, Cal.
♦K aisersatt J . A., Montgomery, ♦Kauffman A .F . Jr., K enedy, Tex.
♦Kauffman A. W., D etroit, M ich.
Kauffman F . G„ Garden City.
K akac John, Cresco, la.
♦K akac John. Cresco. la.
♦K alahar B ernard A., Linwood, Kauffman F . H., Meherrln, Va.
M ich.
♦Kauffman H attie M ., Polk, O.
♦Kauffman Jess, HiUsboro, Wis.
K alahar Jas. A., Frédéric, Mich.
Kauffman J. S., Polk, O.
K alahar L. P ., Linwood, Mich.
♦Kalbfleisch C. E ., M artistique,
Kauffman, O. B., Osborn, O.
Kalbfleisch G. H.. W esthope, N.D. K aufm an E . M ., M oneta, Cal.
♦Kaufman E. W., M adras, Ore.
Kalbfleisch R. S.. Tekoa. Wash.
Kaufm an H. S., Canton, O.
K albuc L. A., Kuna, Ida.
♦Kalbus Carl D., Ellendale, N. D. K aufm an Karl, Shawmut, M ont.
♦Kaldenbaugh Henry, New P hila­ ♦Kaufm an J. J., Parker, S. D.
♦Kaufm an M ., Wood, ,S. D.
delphia, O.
♦Kallander, J . A., Bessemer, Mich. K aufm an R. Ö., Winslow, Ariz.
♦Kallenberger C. E ., E dna, Kan. Kaufm an R. O., Helena, Mont.
♦Kaufm ann A. D., H aven, K an.
♦Kallis B., Chicago, 111.
Kallis Leo, Chicago, 111.
Kaufm ann O. F., Rushcenter.K an.
Kaufm ann Ed., Davenport, la.
Kallm eyer A. S., Glasgow, Mo.
«Kaufm ann O.. Sheboygan, Wls.
♦Kallus F. C., Ennis, Tex.
Kaul George E., Faribault.M inn.
Kalscheuer C. F., St. Paul, M inn. ♦Kaune, A. W. Santé Fe, N . Mex.
♦Kalscheuer L. E ., St. Paul,M inn. ♦K ausrud O. C„ Menomonle, Wls.
Kalscheuer H . M ., St. Paul, M inn. ♦Kautsch J. A., Lohman, Mo.
Kalseim A. E ., Randall, la .
♦Kavalec Emil, Omaha, Neb.
K alt J . P ., F ond du Lac, Wls.
L. F., Brainard. Neb.
♦Kalton M. E., Glenwood, M inn. Kavalec
R . J., M onte Vista. Colo.
♦Kambe C. A., Milwaukee, Wis. Kavalec
Kavalec Emil, Brainard, Neb.
K am be E . C., M enomonee Falls, ♦Kawai S., Seattle, Wash.
K ay A. H ., Camden, 111.
♦Kamerer F . D., Union C ity. Pa. Kay D. C., Morland, Kan.
♦Kam iner J. E ., Lexington, S. C. ♦Kay E. E., D urand, Mich.
Kam inski E . S., M errim ac, Neb. Kay L. D., Morristown, N. J.
♦Kamla M . J., R ayalton, M inn.
K ayler C. H., Dewey, Okla.
Kamm A. J., Reese, Mich.
Kaylor H. S., Bostwick. Ga.
Kam m an R. F.. Spearfish, S. D.
♦Kaylor Thos., Indianapolis, Ind.
K am m ann F. W ., Sioux C ity, la . Kayser A. F., Moscow, O.
Käm m erer W./A.. St. Louis, Mo.
♦Kayser C. F ., Goldendale, Wash.
♦Kämmerer Wm. F., New York Kayser E. W ., El Paso, Tex.
City, N. Y /
Kayser H. W., Sioux City, la.,
K am pa J. S., Grenville, S. D.
Kaz C. F.. Gackle, N. D.
♦K am pfer J. W., Clarington, O.
Keach B.. Markleville. Ind.
♦Kam pmeier A. G.. Tripoli, la.
Keach O. W., Orothersville, Ind.
K am prath O. R ., Bakersfield, Cal.
C.W., M anchester, la .
•K am rar J. R., W ebster City, la. ♦Keagy
E. M., Mitchell, Ind.
K andutsch F . J., P ark Falls, Wis. Keane
E. E., WhartonV O.
K ane E. W., Dundee, M inn.
♦Kear M. H., W harton, O.
♦Kane J. H., B atavia, N. Y.
B., W harton. O.
♦Kane M argaret, Greensburg,
Kearney C. E ., Dravosburg, Pa.
Kearney L. C., Sioux C ity, la.
K ane McKinley, M adras, Ore.
K earns Clarence E ., Iron River,
Kane M. H., Wickllfle, Ky.
K ane P. E., Odell, 111.
♦K earns T. C., Bradford, Pa.
Kankerlik Wm., Canby, Minn.
♦Kearns W. F., New Y ork City,
•K an n R. W., Foxholm, N . D.
N. Y.
♦Kanne A. F., L a F ayette, Ind.
K eary M . H., Currie, M inn.
♦Kannenbery L. W., Renville, ♦Keas C. W., Berlin, M d.
M inn.
♦K eating C. A., Wallace. Ida.
Keaton J. J ., Milan, Tenn.
Kannow Paul H ., Keystone, Neb.
♦Keber Alaid, M t. Angel, Ore.
Kapitzky E. P., Strasburg, O.
♦Kaplan E ., Verdel, Neb.
Keber J . J., Mt. Angel, Ore.
♦Kaplinger H arlan S., Springfield, Keck Chas. G., Freeport, 111.
- Mass.
♦Keck C. P., Sedalia, Mo.
♦Keedy D. D., Keedysville, M d.
Kapp D. F.. S tate College. Pa.
♦Kapp E dith, M ontgom ery, Mich. ♦Keeble W. R., Abilene, T e x
♦Kapsa Jos., Chicago, HI.
Keefe M. H., Longview, 111.
♦Karandjeff, H . D . G ranite C ity, Keefer, J. A., Shoshone, Id a.
♦Keefer Julius, Pana, 111.
K archer L. J., B attle Creek.Mioh. Keefhaver A. C., W hite Salmon,
Karchner J . A., Colon. Mich.
♦Keegan E . G.,Chandler, Okla.
Karel F rank L., Chicago, IU.
KareB G. F „ W inner, S. D.
Keegan T . M ., Rochelle, 111.
♦K arker Coral, W ebberville.Mich. Keegan T . R., Lawton, Okla.

Keeler F . H „ Buchanan, N. D.
Keeler G. T „ Chicago, 111.
Keeler H. T „ Auburn, N. Y.
♦Keeler J. H., Jr., Yonkers, N .Y .
Keels D. W., Smoaks, S. O.
♦Keen A. F., Fairfield, 111.
Keen L. L., Brldgton, Me.
K een L. P., Brewton,' Ga.
♦Keen M ary, Onarga, 111.
♦K eenan J., Le Roy, 111.
♦Keenan J. J., New Y ork C ity,
N . Y.
K eenan L. C., Le Roy, HI.
♦Keenan S. A., Ames. la .
♦Keener C. L., Letcher, S. D.
Keener J . L„ Dlerks, Ark.
Keeney E . V., Chicotah, Okla. w
Keeney H enry T ., Saugerties.N. Y.
♦Keeney W. S.. T rinidad. Colo.
♦Keep E . H ., New Orleans, La.
Keep T. S., W ashougal, Wash.
♦Keepers M. M„ Dennison. O.
Kees C. J., Woodville, Miss.
Kees E . A., Expansion, N. D.
Kees W. C., Ollie. M ont.
♦Keesy Chas. F., Lakefleld, M inn.
♦K eethler J . L „ Newark, Mo.
♦K eeton 0. H., W illiamsburg, Ky.
K eeton M . J., M ildred, Kan.
Keever G. F., Mooreland, Ind.
Keezel E . F., W inter Park, Fla.
♦Keffer R. S., Ligonier, P a.
Keggin T . E ., H enryetta, Okla.
Kehler H . A., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦Keho M ary I., K irkland, 111.
Kehoe M.. Silver City, la.
♦Kehoet S. F., Lakeville, M inn.
Kehrer A. J., Norwood, M inn.
Seidel L. A.,New York C ity.N .Y .
Keifer F . S., Kenmore. O.
♦Keightley W. B., Cornishville,
♦Keil F. W., Woodville, O.
♦Keil J. 8., Brownell, K a n .
♦Keim A. E ., Erie, Pa.
♦Keim E. A., Evansville, Ind.
♦Keim Thos. F.', Bethlehem, Pa.
Keiser E. L„ Coraopolls. Pa.
K eister J. R., Salem, Ya.
K eith Alex., Sturgeon, M o.
K eith A. A., Bayfield. Col.
K eith A. B., Dahlonega, Ga.
K eith A. D.. Tolesboro, Ky.
K eith D. B.y Ida, La.
♦K eith F ran k S., Palm er, Mass.
♦K eith J. E ., Ridgefield, Wash.
K eith L. B„ Colman, S. D.
♦K eith M . F., L a F ay ette, La.
Keith W. E ., Crofton, Ky.
♦Keithly E . A., Center, M o.
Keithly E . W „ Cento*, Mo.
♦K eitt Clyde. H ubbard, Tex.
♦Keitzer O. B., M onterey, Ind.
♦Kelch L. R., Nelsonville, O.
♦Keldson I. E ., Tillamook, Ore.
♦Keiehan W. C., Staples, M inn.
Kell J . H., W alnut Hill, 111.
♦Kell L. A., Shields, Kan.
Kell W. E ., Shields, K an.
Keller Adam, Carlisle, Pa.
♦Keller-A. E ., Fennimore, Wis.
Keller A. M., W ilm ot, Ark.
♦K eller'A rthur T., Blodgett, Mo.
Keller C. B. Jr., Stroudsburg, Pa.
♦Keller C. H., Avoca, M inn.
Keller D. K., C enter Hall, Pa.
♦Keller E. B., Glen Rock, Pa.
Keller E. R., Clarkson, Ky.
Keller F.B., Schuylkill Haven, P a.
♦Keller F. E.. Winamac, Ind.
♦Keller F . P ., W illiamsburg, P a.
Keller Fred, Cheyenne Wells,
Keller Fred, H adar, Neb.
♦Keller H . C., Shinglehouse, Pa.
♦Keller J. E ., Indianapolis, Ind.
♦Kefier H. W., Hebron, N. D.
Keller I. N., Georgetown, Tex.
Keller J. E ., Indianapolis, Ind.
♦Keller L. P., Feton, Del.
♦Keller M . H., Wilmot, Ark.
Keller N . H., Deep River, la.
Keller O. H.. W inamac. Ind.
♦Keller O. M., Lawrenceburg. Ind.
Keller R. B.. Beliefontalne, O.
Keller R. H. O., Gilcrest, Colo.
t *Kelier Rose, Corydon, Ind.
Kefier W. E ., Jersey City, N. J.
♦Keller W. L., M onroe, Ind.
♦Keller W. M., Palestine, Tex.
Keller W . W „ Tiffin, O.
Kelley A. S., O lanta, S. O.
Kelley A. W., Barnegat, N . J.
♦Kelley Qu A., Alvarado. Tex.
Kelley E. L., J r., H araln, Mont.
Kelley F . D., Narrows, Va.
♦Kelley F ran k , G ladbrook. Ia.
Kelley Guy, Cham berlain, S. D.
♦Kelley H. B... Los Angeles Cal.
Kelley Jam es. Penfield. 111.
Kelley J. E ., M ount Vernon, Ind.
Kelley J. P., Johnson, Neb.
Kefiey J. S., E stancia, N . M .
♦Kelley L. C., W ichita, Kan.
♦Kelley L. F., Marshall, Wis.
♦Kelley L. W ., Fullerton, Cal.
♦Kelley M . O.. W atonga, Okla.
♦Kelley P. C., W aynesboro, Ga.
Kelley Strond, Timpson, Tex.
.♦Kelley W. B., W hitesburg, Ga.
Kelley William, P erry, Kan.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Kelling H . A.. Brenham . Tex.
♦Kellner E ., Galveston, Tex.
Kellner E . F . Jr., Superior, Ariz.
♦Kellogg A. L., Seaton. 111.
Kellogg D. D., C ortland, O'.
Kellogg Geo. A., L akota, N . D.
♦Kellogg G. L., Oklahoma C ity,
♦Kellogg J. B., G reat Falls, M ont.
♦Kellogg J. F ., Avon, N . Y.
♦Kellogg L a F ayette, Seattle,
Kellogg P . L „ Stanley, Kan.
Kellogg S. T., Hastings-upon-Hudson. N. Y.
♦Kellogg W. M ., T raverse City,
Kellom F . P., W inchester. N. H.
♦Kellow H . A., South Range,
M ich. '
Kells L. L., Sauk Genter, Minn.
♦Kelly A. H., Tlonesta, Pa.
Kelly A. J „ Conrad. Mont.
♦Kelly B. F., Charleston, 111.
♦Kelly B.. R., G othenburg, Neb.
Kelly Charles M ., Ipswich, Mass.
♦Kefiy D. L., Lyons, Mich.
Kelly E. C., Montloello, Ga.
Kelly E . E „ Opp, Ala.
Kelly E. J.. Effingham, Kan.
♦Kefiy E rnest S., Saltsburg, Pa. Kelly F . A., Jasper, Tenn.
♦Kefiy F „ Oscoda, Mich
♦Kelly F. R.. Rocky Ford, Colo.
Kelly Fred W. G., Dallas, Tex.
♦Kefiy G. S., Burlington, Ky.
♦Kelly H. H .. A ltam ont, 111.
♦Kelly Hom er J., Orion, Mich.
Kelly H. R., Dim e Box. Tex.
Kelly H. T „ Taylorsville, N. C.
Kelly I. S., Alexandria, Ind.
♦Kelly J. O., D avis, Okla.
Kelly J . A „ Lebanon. Ky.
Kelly J . C., W ichita, Kan.
Kefiy J. F., B ritton, S. D.
Kelly J . H.. Tlonesta, Pa.
♦Kelly J. J., Clifton, Ariz.
♦Kelly John, Sturgis, S. D.
♦Kelly John H .. E lkhart. Ind.
Kelly J . M., Ayrshire, la .
K elly Joseph A., B ernard, Ia.
Kelly J. S., Jefferson, Okla.
♦Kelly L.. Opp, Ala.
Kelly LÎ P.. Neosho, Mo.
♦Kelly M. J., Silver City, N. M.
♦Kelly M . L., H arían, Ky.
Kefiy M . J., St. Paul, Kan.
♦Kelly M yrtle, Steele C ity, Neb.
Kelly P. J., Yukon, Okla.
Kelly Q. B., Bingham Canyon,
U tah.
Kelly R . A., Georgetown, In d.
Kelly R . A., Black Lick, P a.
Kelly R. O., M ayo, Fla.
Kelly R. W ., Bristol, Tenn.
Kelly R . W ., Peru, Neb.
♦Kefiy S. T ., Jr., Kearney, M o.
Kelly T. R., Amidon, N. D.
Kelly T. S., Neosho Rapids, Kan.
K elly T . T., Richmond, Kan.
Kelly Vincent, G raettinger, Ia.
Kelly W ., Ortonville, Minn.
Kelly W. E ., M etcalf, Ariz.
Kelly W. B.. Lockhart, Tex.
♦Kelly W. F., Hanford, Cal.
Kelly W. L „ Alda, M ont.
♦Kelly W. M ., B ritton, S. D.
Keim E lm er F., Chanhassen,
M inn.
♦Kelp O. E ., Nashville, Ind.
Kelsay W. C. H obart, Okla.
Kelsey E. M„ Sterling, Colo. ,
Kelsey T. H., Roseville, Cal.
♦Kelso Jas., Jr., Bellevue, Ia.
Kelso John, Bellevue, Ia.
♦Kelso J. A., M cKeesport, Pa.
Kelso L. H ., G retna, Kan.
♦Kelson C. A., Scott City, Kan.
Kelson O. H ., Lake P ark. M inn.
Kelson M artin, New Ham pton,
K elting R. W ., Spooner. Wis.
K eltner J. C., Creal Springs, 111.
K eltner R ay S., Garber, Okla.
Kemerley A. H ., Carey, O.
♦Keffierer W. A., Jeannette, Pa.
♦Kemmerer L. S„ Lehighton, Pa.
♦Kemp A. P ., Chicago, 111. /
Kemp Fred, M inden C ity, Mich.
Kem p F. W., Sioux City, Ia.
Kemp H. C., Minneapolis, Minn.
Kem p H. W ., Bally, Pa.
♦Kemp J. T., Lexington, Okla.
♦Kemp K. A., Cumming, Ga.
♦Kemp O. A., Bellflower, Mo.
Kemp O. G., Oto, la .
Kem p R. H., Key West, Fla.
Kemp W. C., W ichita, Kan.
♦Kempe A., Cape Girardeau. Mo.
Kem per A. H ., W alnut Grove,
Kem per C. E., Marshall, Va.
♦Kemper E . P., Aberdeen, S. D.
Kem per H. L „ San Luis Obispo,,
Kem per Ira, M onterey, Ky.


Kem per J . N., F rankllnton, Ky.
K em pf Emil, Frem ont, M ich.

♦K ent O. A., St. Louis, Mo.
♦K ent O. H ., Boston, Mass. ’

K em pf J. F., Conrad, M ont.Kem pner R. L.. Galveston, Tex.
♦K em pster Julia, Hillsdale, 111.
♦Kenady R. H., Indianapolis, Ihd.
K enan D. W., Cameron, 111.
Kendall A. M.. Dallas, Ga.
Kendall A. O.. Ozawkle, Kan.
Kendall B. M ., Gregory, S. D.
K endall D. A., W illard, K an.
♦Kendall D. R., Chicago, 111.

Kent R. L.. W rightsville, Ga.
♦K ent S. S., Omaha, Neb.
K ent W. G., Utica. Mo.
K ent W. T ., M ineral Springs, Ark.
K enter George T., Passaic, N. J.
K enw orihy C. W ., Perkins, Okla.
♦K enworthy Thos., New York
Kenyon A. M ., P ilot M ound. Ia.
Kenyon C. E ., Weiser, Ida.
Kenyon C. H., New H am pton, la .

y Kem per Roy S., E. St. Louis, 111. K ent R. E ., El Paso, Ark.

♦Kendall E . E . Jr., Redlands, Cal.
Kendall E. L.. Bluffs, 111.
Kendall F. X ., D elta, Ia.
Kendall G. W.. Stam ford. N. Y.
Kendall H. E ., Monson, Mass.
Kendall J. H ., Amboy, Ind.
Kendall L. J., Lamoille, 111.
♦Kendall M . E .s Amo. Ind. f
Kendall N. F., Grafton, W . Va.
K endall Willis B., M anchester,
N. H.
Kendell J ., Covington, O.

♦Kenyon D., Gary, S. D.
♦Kenyon G. A., Norm al, 111.
Kenyon H . H ., Beulah. N.. D.
♦Kenyon J. V., Belgrade, M ont.
K enyon R . R., Freeport, Mich.
♦Kenyon U. S., Marcellus, N . Y.
♦Kenyon W inifred,Freeport,M ich.
♦K ephart Geo. M ., Rock River,

Keplinger C. W „ Canton, O.
Keplinger M . B., Franklin, 111. 1
Keppel W in., M indoro. Wis.
♦Kepper Jas. H., New Orleans, La.
♦Kendig A. L., Chugwater, Wyo. ♦Kepple C. W., Valier, M ont.
Kendrick M iss Cora, Zachary, La. Kepple D an, Brandon, S. D.
Kendrick J. M., K nobnoster, Mo.
Kepple M . A ., N ashua, Ia.
Kendrick J. P.. Gatesville. Tex.
Keppy F rank O., Donahue, Ia.
♦Kendrick P . S., Albany, Tex.
♦K eran Otho H ., Lockwood, Mo.
Kendrick R. M ., Plains. Tex.
K eran U. S., Lockwood, Mo.
Kenefic E. B„ W abasha, Minn,
K erbaugh Jas. E ., Viola. Wis.
♦ileneflck R. E., Dell Rapids, S.D. ♦K erbet E ., Stanton, Neb.
Kennard E. S., Rum ford, Me.
K ennard G. B., Anderson. Tex.
K erby J. H ., Olay C enter, Kan.
K erby M . D., Cascade, Ida.
Kercheval J. E ., Sheridan, Ind.
♦K ennard J. H ., Batesville, Ark.
K ennard R. O., Jr., Wellston.Mo. ♦Kerchner T. C., Mifflintown, P a.
♦Kerker J. H., D avenport, la.
♦Kennard W. J., Yeoman, Ind.
♦Kennedy A. J., Cocoa, Fla.
♦Kennedy A. K. V., L iberty, Ind. Ketley A. F.. Red Hook, N. Y.
Kennedy A. S., Due W est, S. C
♦Kerley Dimple, Simpson, 111.
♦Kennedy A. S., Plainvlew, Minn. Kerley D. R., Simpson, 111.
♦Kennedy A. W ., Kansas City, ♦K erm an E . F., Lim a, O.
K ern C. D., M acedonia, 111.
Kennedy C. E ., New Brighton. Pa.
K em Chas. S., Oakville. Ind.
K ennedy D. C., ComersvIlle.Tenn. ♦Kern F . S., Llbertyville, 111.
♦Kennedy D. É ., Landisburg, Pa. K em Geo. A., R ichardton, N . D.
♦Kennedy E. H., Pittsfield, Mass. Kern George, New York City,
N . Y.
Kennedy E. M„ Blackstock, S. C.
♦Kennedy Fannie
Cedar K ern G. F ., D ayton, O.
K em J . W.. Opdyke, 111.
Bluffs, Kan.
♦Kern M . L., Opdyke, 111.
Kennedy F . C„ Valley, Neb.
Kennedy F . P., Chateaugay, N. Y. K ern R . G., Lake Elmo, M inn.
K ern R . W ., Vassar, Mich.
Kennedy G. A., San Francisco,
♦Kern M rs. S. D., Hickory, M o.
♦Kennedy G. G„ Deepwater, Mo. K em W . H „ Silverlake, Ind.
♦K em aghan G arnett, Arlington,
K ennedy H arry, Carlisle, Ky.
Kennedy H „ F rankfort,’ Kan.
♦K erndt B ertha L., B ird C ity,K an.
K ennedy H. B., A tlanta, Ga.
♦Kennedy H.O.,Com ers ville,Tenn. Kerndt C. M., Lansing, la .
Kennedy H. E ., Okmulgee, Okla. ♦Kerner C. P., Rolette, N. D.
Kernodle M . T ., Wolbach, Neb.
Kerns S. D.. Hickory. Mo.
K ennedy H. H ., Reno, Nev.
Kerns W ilbur. Onargo, 111.
Kennedy H. J., F o rt M adison, Ia. ♦Kerom M argaret, M alden, Wash.
Kennedy H. S. Cedar Bluffs, Kan*,
Kennedy H. V., E lton, La.
err A. H „ Burgettstow n, Pa.
♦Kennedy H. W ., F air P lay, M o. K
Kerr A. P „ Galllpolis, O.
Kennedy J . D., Oconto, Neb.
♦Kerr Durbin, S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
K ennedy J. E ., M acon. Mo,
♦Kerr P . C., Kamiah, Ida.
K err C. C., Cave in Rock. 111.
♦Kennedy J. G., E ntiat, Wash.
♦Kerr F . M ., C u t Bank, M ont.
♦Kennedy John L., Jr., M cCor­ ♦Kerr H . Gordon.Okanogan.W ash.
mick, S. C.
K err H. Gordon, Pateros, W ash.
K ennedy J . S., A tlanta, Ga.
♦Kerr Hom er H., Wing, N. D.
K ennedy J. S., Center, Tex.
K err H. J., Okanogan, Wash.
Kennedy, J. T „ Kennedy, Ala.
♦Kennedy J. T ., Leeton, Mo.
K err Ira J., Palo P into, Tex.
K ennedy Lynn, Rifle, Coio.
K err J. H., R usk, Tex.
Kennedy Leroy, Kensington, Kan. ♦Kerr J. M ., Porterville, Cal.
K err J. W. P., Staunton, 111.
♦Kerr Nellie, E arlham , Ia.
Kennedy L. F., Bancroft, Iowa.
K err R. C., Mercer, P a.
♦Kennedy L. B., Laram ie, Wyo. K
err R. E ,, F uquay Springs, N . O.
♦K ennedy O. E ., MarTon. O.
W alter, Orion, 111.
♦Kennedy P. J., Muskogee, Okla. ♦Kerr
C.. Newburg. Mo.
K ennedy P. K.. C arthage, N . C. ♦Kerr W.
W. O., Spiro, Okla.
♦Kennedy R obt. D ., Stamford,: ♦Kerrigan
J. W ard, E m m itsburg,
M d.
K ennedy Ross., F ruitland, Ida.
Kerrigan P . J., Greeley, Neb.
Kennedy S. G.. Vernon, Ala.
♦Kennedy Sybil, Stewartsville.M o.
♦Kersey M ., Greenville. 111.
♦Kennedy T. M., Bucyrus.O.
Kerslager E . A., Ingram , Wis.
Kennedy W. A., Pom ona. Cal.
♦Kerste R. C., Sandusky, O.
K erstetter D. O., New Tripoli.
♦Kennedy W. B .^L ittle Rock, Ark.
♦Kennedy W. L., Rosebud, Mont. ♦Kersting E . J., H enryetta, Okla.
Kennedy W . P., L iberty, Ind.
♦Kescher Wm., A lbert City, Ia.
♦KennedyW . S., Kensington, Kan. Keshner E. P., E. St. Louis, 111.
Kennem ur R. S., Nunez, Ga.
♦Kenner F. E ., Columbia City, Kesler A. J., Edgeley, N. D.
Kesler J. A., Overbrook, Kan.
K enner W. V., Genoa, Neb.
♦Kesling W. A., W alton, Ind.
Kennerly H. M .. Batesville. Ark. Kesner C. J.. Arm ada, M ich.
Kenney A. P.. W aunakee, Wis.
♦Kesselus H. J., Bastrop, Tex.
Kenney A. R., M arcus, Ia .
Kessey O. B., Springfield,' Ore.
Kenney F . M ., Olympia, W ash.
♦Kessler F. P ., Sac C ity, Ia.
♦Kessler L. A., Jeffersonville, O.
Kessler V. E., Skidmore, Tex.
♦Kenney G. H., Elkhom , Wis.
Kenney J. H ., Cushing, Okla.
K ester C. H.. Valler, Mont.
K enney W. C., Towson, M d.
♦Kensel M earl, San Gabriel, Cal. ♦Kester E . L., Harwood, M o.
♦K ent E . V., New Brunswick, N .J. ♦Resting G ustave, Kansas City,
K ent J. P., G arrett, 111.
K etcham C. H ., A cting, D etroit,
♦Kent L. A., Goodland, Kan.
♦Kent M . H., Marshfield, Miss.


K etcham F. A., B rasher Falls,
N . Y.
♦Ketcham F* I., New Y ork O ity,
N. Y.
♦K etcham L. S., Toledo, O.
K etchersid Jo hn M ., Hope, Kan.
♦Ketcherside, H. V.. Longbeach,
♦K etchum E arl V., Schenectady,
N . Y.
♦K etchum I. W., Owensmouth,
♦K etchum I. W., Pasadena, Cal.
Ketchum , Serenus D., Edm ore,
K ettenhofen J. F., Oconomowoc,
♦K etterer Tillie, Charleston, M o.
K ettler E. H.. W atkins, la .
♦Kettlewell G. P., Calistoga, Cal.
K ettn er J. O., Elgin, M inn.
Keup F, A., Columbus, N. D.
K ey A. R., Sanford, Fla.
♦Key K. O., Fayetteville. Ark.
K ey R. C., Lagrange. Ga.
K ey T . A., W hitesboro, Tex.
K ey W. T ., D urand, Ga.
K eyes A. M ., Holbrook, N eb.
Keyes D avid, ButtzviUe, N. D.
Keyes Geo. D., Algonquin, 111.
Keyes G. H. J r „ Winslow, Ariz.
♦Keyes Irene, P latte, S. D.
♦K eyes N . C.. W orcester, Mass.
Keys B. J.. W orland, Wyo.
Keys S. W ., Glade Spring, Va.
♦Keyser C. A% E dw ardsburg,
Keyser E. W., Delta, Pa.
♦Keyser M ., Moundsville, W. Va.
Keyser Nelson B., Reading, P a.
Keyser W. C., Schellberg, Pa.
♦K huen C. A., Saginaw, Mich.
KIbbe H . E „ Winfield, Kan.
♦Kibbe V. C,, Henry, Neb.
K iburtz Carl. Monroe, Mich.
Kicklighter C. W., Glennville, Ga.
♦Kidd D. E., WaUace, W. Va.
♦Kidd F. F., Beckley, W. Va.
Kidd F. T ., Hartwell, Ga.
K idd G. A., Oelwein, la .
Kidd Geo., Brownwood, Téx.
♦Kidder W. J., W hite B ear Lake,
M inn.
Kldwill J . R ., Gassaway, Tenn.
♦Kiecker John A., M arietta, M inn.
Kiéfer F, E ., Portsm outh, O.
♦Kiefer L. H., Granada, Colo.
Kiefer Willis G., Hazelton, la.
Kiefier Geo. N., Onawa, la .
Kiefier Jo h n B.. Hagertown, Md.
Kiefier J. P ., E a st D ubuque. 111.
K iehlbauch E . J., Avon, S. D.
♦Kiehlbauch Wm.,' Avon, S. D.
♦Kielmann W. A., Kicksville,
N. Y.
♦Kienholz M .. Scott ville. M ich.
K ieninger W. M ., W ittenberg.M o..
♦Kienker Orlando, Freloar, MO.
♦Kierman E. S.,1Aurelia, la.
K iernan G.Augustine, Sag H arbor,
N. Y.
♦K ienbaum Erw in, Sandusky,
Kienberger G., Rich Hill, M o.
♦Kienzle F. G., G reat Bend, Kan.
♦Kierman E . M ., Green Isle,
M inn.
♦Kieser A. G„ P rairie du Chien,
♦Kiesler C. A., Perryville, M o.
♦Kiesler C. P., Perryville, Mo.
Kiesler J. H., Perryville, Mo.
Kiess H. E., Bucyrus, O.
Kiessling D. O., Crockett, Tex.
♦Kiest G. C., Lincoln, 111.
K ilt W. M. W atkins, N. Y.
Kiger J. J., T he Plains. Va.
K iker C. H ., Sargent, N eb.
♦Kiland A. M ., Rugby, N . D.
Kiland J . T., Hillsboro. N. D.
K ilburn A. P., Charleston. W. Va.
K ilburn H . B., F t. Fairfield, Me.
Klldea B., New L othrop, Mich.
Kile F. M., S tu art. la .
Kile Geo. M ., DeSoto, la .
♦Kiler W . C.. O ttaw a, Kan.
Kiley O. M ., D e Pere, Wis.
Kiley W. J., Cullom, III.
Kilgore G. H.. W inder, Ga.
Kilgore J. O., Spread. Ga.
♦Kilgore M . I., H errington, Kan.
♦Kilgore M artyr, Union, Okla.
Kilgore M ., Goodland, Ind.
Kilian L. E.. Milwaukee, Wis.
♦Kilkenny John P., H orton, Kan.
Kill Richard, M ilwaukee, Wis.
K illam William, H ettick, 111.
Kille J. G., A ttica, Kan.
KUlebrew W . T.. Dresden, Tenn.
♦Killen. M. A., Monona, la .
♦Killian M . C., Ream stown, Pa.
Killion E. E ., Plainville, Ind.
Klllough Roger, Gause, Tex.
K illpatrlck W . L., Mt- Sterling,
:a Ky.
K illian J. A,. Marshfield, M o.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Kilmer A. C., Cobleskill, N. Y.
♦Kilmer N- K., South H aven, Kan.
♦Kilnne H. L., Niles City, M ont.
K ilpatrick A. C., G arland, N. C.
K ilpatrick C. W „ Adrian, Minn.
K ilpatrick E. D., Leflore. Okla.
K ilpatrick H. T .. A tlanta. Ga.
K ilpatrick J. M ., A cting. Ducktown, Tenn.
Kilroy T. Leslie, Lonaconing, M d.
Kim ball Edw. P., M alden. Mass.
Kimball F. D., E ureka, U tah.
♦Kimball H . G., New York City,
N. Y.
Kim ball L. W ., Clinton, Mioh.
Kim ball Owen A., Sunbury, O.
♦Kimball P . J., M echanicsburg.O.
♦Kimberley C. W ., Collins, la .
♦K im berton W. L., Bourbon, M o.
K im berlin Geo. P ., P leasant Hill,
♦Kimberlin W. L., Sullivan, M o.
K im beny C. D., Bellevue, Mioh.
Kim berly H. H ., H am pton. Va.
♦Kim ble Floyd, T u ttle, Okla.
♦Kimble S. C., Cam den, N . J.
♦Kimble S. F .. M ulvane, Kan.
Kim brough Chas. Y., M ineral, Va.
Kim brough E . F., New Meadows,
Kim brough Emory, Clarksville,
♦Kim brough J. F., Mem phis.
Kim brough R. S„ Mesquite, Tex.
Kimbrough S. A., Colfax, W ash.
Kim brough S. M., Itta b en a, Miss.
Kim ery W alter. Nolensville. Tenn.
♦K inder R. E., Le Roy, 111.
♦Kimm C. B., Biscay, M inn.
K im m M . G., Biscay, M inn.
♦Kimm D. D ., Iowa C ity, la .
Kim m R. D ., Blairstown, la .
Kimmel Geo. C., E lk P oint, S. D.
Kimmel N. C., Gratis, O.
Kimmel R. Q., Elkville, 111.
Kimmell J. C., Cromwell, Ind.
Kimmons Fred. Bowling Green, O.
♦Kimsey C. C., Cornelia, Ga.
Kim sey Leslie, H ayden, Colo.
♦K inard J. C., Smoaks, S. C.
♦Kincade A. W., Gage, Okla.
♦Kincaid F . E ., Bristow, Neb.
Kincaid G. M„ F arm er City, 111.
♦Kincaid R. L.. M ulhall, Okla.
Kincaid W . J ., W hite Bluffs,Wash.
K incaid W. P .. Summervile.W .Va.
K incaid W. R.. M ulhall, Okla. .
♦K incannon J. H., Kiowa, Okla.
K incannon J. H., Kusa, Okla.,
Kincey. H. M .t Ashford, Ala.
♦Kinch G. V., Chesaning, Mich.
♦Kincheloe M . B., Hardinsburg,
K inder B. E „ Bishop, Tex.
♦K inder F. P., W aitsburg, Wash.
K inder W eb, Lawrenoeville, 111.
K indig B. H., Benson, 111.
Kindig O. C., W aterloo, la.
Kindley U ther, G ravette, Ark.
K indred H. J.. Tim ber Lake, S. D.
Kindscher J . J., Beloit, Kan.
Kindschi B. G., Lincoln Valley,
N. D.
Kindschi C. I., P rairie du Sac.Wis.
KlndwaU F. A.. W ynot, Neb.
King A. A., W alla W alla, W ash.
King Jr. A. C., Orchard, Neb.
♦King A. H ., H ouston, Tex.
King A. K ., E tn a , Pa.
King A. S., C hanute, Kan.
♦King B. A.. Sulphur Springs.
King B ertha L., Olive Hill. Ky.
♦King B. H.. Q uinton, Okla.
♦King B. J.. A tlanta, Ga.
♦King Burson B., M iddleton, N .Y .
King O. A., T illar, Ark.
King G. D ., Crossville, Ala.
King C. D., Oakville, la .
King C. H., DeKalb, Miss.
♦King C. H ., Artesian, S. D.
♦King C. P ., C ape Charles, Va.
♦King C. S., Sacram ento, Cal.
♦King C. W., Chicago, 111.
King D. F rankX Jr., Leaksville,
N . O.
King D. W., Page? Kan.
♦Kings D. W., Coraopolis, Pa.
K ing E . D., Childersburg, Ala.
King E. A., M ulberry, Tenn.
♦King E . I., Freeland Park, Ind.
King E . W., Bogata, Tex.
King F . J., Kings, 111.
King F rank B.. San Francisco.Cal.
♦King F red W., Deerfield, M ich.
King F.W .. Winfield. Kan.
♦King G. A., Blue E arth, Minn.
♦King G. C., Forest City, N . C.
♦King G. O., Albany, Tex.
King G. C.. Morrison, Tenn.
King G. D., Clarkston, M ich
King G. &., Thom aston, Ga.
♦King H., Bloomfield, la .
King H. F., Hondo, Tex.
♦King H . T ., Elbridge. Term.

♦King H. W., Winfield, Kan.
♦King I. B., Denver, Colo.
King Irvin E ., Mongo, Ind.
♦King J. A., W ayne. Okla.
K ing J. A., Caney. Kan.
King Jas. S., James,¡Ala.
King J.' D., New Madison, O.
King J . G., Arcadia, Fla.
King J. H., Sterling, Colo.
King John, H atley, Wis.
♦King John H., W est Point, la.
King John L., Cincinnati, O.
♦King L. A., Chicago, 111.
King L. M„ Jonesboro, Ga.
King Louis, Sweet Springs, Mo.
K ing M . H .,' Woodland, Ga.
♦King Miss Orene, Stithton, Ky.
♦King M rs. De Kalb, Miss.
♦King O. L., Prince Frederioktown. Md.
♦King O. W., Meeker, Okla.

♦Kirby M . H., Smiths Grove, Ky.
♦Kirby T. W-, Blue Springs, M o.
Kirby W. F., Tucum cari, N . M .
♦Kirby W. J., Amboy, 111.
♦Kirby W. J., Hallstead, Pa.
Kirby W. V., Arvada, Wyo.

♦Kircher O tto C., Pleasant Hill,
Kirchhain, Y. H., Cedar Key, Fla.
Kirchhofl W .H., F ranklin Park,IU .
♦Klrchhofler F. H ., Medical Lake,
♦Kirchman August, Cicero, 111.
♦Kirchman, F rank, Jr., Chicago,
♦Kirchman Jr. F. J., Winner, 8. D.
♦Kirchman W. H., Wahoo, Neb.
Kirchner R. T., St. Clair Heights,
Kirk C. C„ Lyons, Ind.
Kirk David, Niagara, N. D.
♦King P aul C., New M adison, O.' ♦Kirk F. R., Sioux C ity, la.
♦Kirk Fred, Collierville, Tenn.
♦King Phehe D., Humeston, la.
♦Kirk G. A., Jr., Jacksonville.Fla.
♦King R. B., Hollis, Okla.
King R . C., Greenwood, Miss.
Kirk G. H., Winifred, M ont.
King R. H.. Prim ghar, la.
♦Kirk G. L., Garvin, Okla.
♦King R. L., Charleston, 111.
♦Kirk L. D., Lyons, Ind.
♦King R. L., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Kirk L. T., Ellsworth, Kan.
King S. A., Concord, Ga.
Kirk M. H., M agna, Utah.
♦King S. C., Ensley. Ala.
♦Kirk R. E., B artlett, Tex.
♦King S. H. Jr., Tulsa, Okla.
Kirk Sennett, G arnett. Kan.
♦King T. B., Deshlen, O.
♦Kirkbride A. W., Farrell, Pa.
King Thomas O., Chicago, 111.
Kirkbride H. S„ H ildreth, Neb.
King T . C., W hite Plains, Ga.
♦King T. F., Muskogee, Okla.
Kirkbride J*. W., Bostwick, Neb.
King T. E., Marion, Va.
Kirkbride R.C., Bloomington.Neb.
♦King T. M., Pennington Gap, Va. ♦Kirkeberg Enoch, Cumings, N .D .
King T. W., Spring Green, Wis.
♦Kirkham D. I.. Olive Branch. 111.
King Victor J.,E astham pton,M ass. ♦Kirkham F. F., Brownsville, Tex.
King W. D., McEwen, Tenn.
♦Kirkham F. T., Brownsville,
King W. D.. Frederick. Okla.
♦Kirkham W. B.. Olive B rancb.Ill.
King W. R., Conger, Miss.
Kirkhus John, M ooreton, N. D♦Kingdon E . W., Cullom, 111.
Kirkland H ugh N., New York
Kingdon F. B., Monroe, la.
City, N. Y.
♦Kingdon R. O., Monroe, la.
K irkland R. R., Paducah, Ky.
Kingery C. M„ Chadwick, 111.
K irkland John, Nichols, Ga.
Kingery H. W., Tilden, Neb.
♦Kirkland V. A., Conewango
Kingery J. F., Orient, la.
Valley, N. Y.
Kingm an Wm. 0 ., T aunton, Mass. ♦Kirkland Z. W., Nicholls, Ga.
Kingsbery A. C., Montrose, S. D. ♦Kirkman W. N., E dgerton, Mo.
Kingsbery H . C .. H artford. S. D. ♦K irkpatrick Ada, Charlestown,
♦Kingsbury a . n ., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Kingsbury H . A., Washington, Kirkpatrick O. C., San Angelo.Tex.
Kirkpatrick G. O., M ankato,Kan.
Kingsbury J. C., Clearwater, Fla. ♦K irkpatrick H ., Reagan, Tex.
K ingsbury L. A. New Pranklin. K irkpatrick H. F., M orley, Mo.
♦K irkpatrick Jessie L., New Rich­
Kingsbury Paul E., Reinbeck, la.
mond, Ind.
K ingsbury V. O., Tempo, Ariz.
Kirkpatrick J. H.. C anton^N . 0 .
♦Kingsbury V. V.,Henryetta,Okla. ♦K irkpatrick J.J.,M cA lester,O kla.
♦Kingsbury W. C., Friendship, Kirkpatrick L. A., M arietta. Okla.
N. Y.
K irkpatrick L. D., Bridgeport,
♦Kingsley A. R., Formoso, Kan.
Kingsley E. G., Franklinville, Kirkpatrick P., Tompklnsvllle.Ky.
N. Y.
K irkpatrick R. R., Bogue, Kan.
Kingsley F. D., Townville, Pa.
♦Kirkpatrick R uth, Mullin, Tex.
Kingsley F. R. Jr., Minden, Neb.
♦K irkpatrick R. S., Menlo, la .
Kingsley G. P „ Norman, Neb.
K irkpatrick W m .,New Richmond.
♦Kingsley J. E., Windom, Kan.
Kingston A. C., Chilton, Wis.
Kirkpatrick W. B., Linden, Wis.
Kingston Wm., Honey Creek, Wis. ♦Kirksey W. S., Birmingham, Ala.
Kinkead W. Q., Bloomingburg, O. ♦Kirkwood A. H., Petroleum, Ind.
Kinm an Sallie B„ Russell, Ky.
♦Kirkwood T . W-. L ittle Rock.
K innaird H. H., Sapulpa, Okla.
Kirley W. J., Doylestown, Wis.
Kinnaird J . W., Edmonton, Ky.
Kirlin O. M„ Milton. Ind.
.Kinnaird W. A., Valley Junction, ♦Kirn J. K., L ancaster, O.
Kirsch M ., D ecatm , Ind.
♦K innard J. S.. Starkville, Miss. Kirschner C. J „ Hazleton, Pa.
♦Kinne H. L., Winona, Minn.
♦Kinne J. H., Kenmore, N. D.
Kirschner Jno. J., No. KansasOity,
K inneberg T. P., F ort Ransom,
N. D.
Kirscht, H. E.. Hanover, Minn.
Kinney Amos L., Silverwood, ♦Kirscht Pauline, H anover, M inn.
♦Kirwan J. H.. Juanita, N . D.
Kinney A. L., Clifford, Mich.
♦Kiser Chester R., Clayton, N. M.
♦Kinney C. A., D etroit, Mich.
♦Kiser W. M ., P ittsburgh, Pa.
Kinney O. L., Kansas City, Mo.
♦Kishler W. J., St. M arys, O.
♦Kinney E dith A., Clifford, Mich. Kispert George J., Jefferson, Wis.
♦Kinney E dith A.. Silverwood. ♦Kispert W. A., Jefferson, Wis.
Kissinger G. A., Milwaukee, Wis.
K inney H. N., M ountain View. Kissinger J . H.. Hecla. S. D.
K istler A. W., Noel, Mo.
♦Kinney J. D., Bay City, Mich.
K istler C. E., Carroll, O.
Kinney R. P „ Crossville, 111.
K istler Charles, Longm ont, Colo.
♦Kinsey, Alma R., Gnadenhutten, Kistler I. A., Royal Center, Ind.
♦Kistler John A.. Carroll, O.
Kinsey B. W., W hitham , Mo.
♦Kistler, M . S., E. Stroudsburg,Pa.
♦Kinsey Elmer. New Philadelphia. K istler W. F., Blackwell, Okla.
K itch A. S., Rocky Ford, Colo.
U .1 U O V J JLJ, V» <| v i a y
A liti,
K itch E . S„ Plym outh, Ind.
Kinsey G. B., Brighton, Colo.
K itch W. E ., Bloomer. Wis.
Kinsey H. S., Arcadia, Neb.
Kitchen A. B., V idette, Ga.
♦Kinsey O. O., M arietta, O.
Kitchen F rank, D unkirk, M ont.
Kinsm an J. O., M anawa, Wis.
♦Kitchen E . J7, M ayville, Mich.
♦Kinsman R. T ., Lam ar, Colo.
Kitchens C. W „ Gough, Ga.
K intzing Reese, Lockhaven, P a
Kitchens T. L., Mitchell, Ga.
Kinyon C. J., Owatonna, Minn
♦Kite A. P., Stanley, Va.
Kinzie C. F., Palouse, Wash.
K ite George R., Norristown, Pa.
♦Kipp R. C., Winchester, Ida.
Kiteley R ae H ., Longmont, Colo.
Kippe E ., Burroak, la.
♦Kittlesen Clifford, Frazee, M inn.
Kippes J. C., Ellis, Kan.
K ittelson G., Borup, M inn.
Kippen Daniel, Ham ilton, N. D.
K itterm an J. R., Shirley, Ind.
* K irby Alva, F ayette, Mo.
K itterm an R. F., H ay Springs,
K irby H. O., W oodbum , Ky.
K irby Hom er H „ Buffalo Gat ♦K itterm an V„ Shirley, Ind.
♦K ittinger R uth, Island, Ky.
♦K ittle F rank, M argaretville.N .Y .
Kirby J. M ., W estminster. Te:
♦K ittleson Clifford, Frazee, M inn.
Kirby J. J., Momence, 111.
K ltto S. H., Oakland, Cal.
K irby J. R., Sachse, Tex.
K lttredge C. D., F o rt Lauderdale,
♦Kirby L. B., Calexico, Cal.
♦Kirby L. O., Hibbing, Minn.
K ittrell H. G., M t. Pleasant, Tenn.
♦Kirby L am a V., Corona. Cal.
K itts J. E ., M ead, Cal.

•Kitzberger P., New Ulm, Minn.
♦Kiursod A. N. S., Chester, S. D.
K iv ett G. J., M artinsville, Ind.
Kivley G., Appleton, M inn.
Kixmiller L. J., Carlisle, Ind.
Kizer C. G., Baldwyn, Miss.
Kizler John J., Hillsboro. Kan.
Klzzla C. A., Delight, Ark.
♦Kizziah W. D., Spencer, N. C.
Kjeldgaard Carl, Bigspring, Neb.
Kjellercn M. A., Rockford, 111.
♦Hjelson A. V., Gothenburg, Neb.
•Kjelson Nils, Sheboygan, Wis.
K jelstrup K rist, Underwood, N.D.
♦H jelstrup L. N., Wabek, N. D.
K jenstad O. J., Hayti. S. D.
Klabo E ., Chicago, 111.
K landt G. J., Beardsley, S. D.
♦Klapmeyer H. B., Kansas City,
♦Klapp I. J., Argyle, M inn. '
Klappenbach Richard, Johnson
City, Tex.
Klassen H. J., Inm an, Kan.
•K la tt H. J., Ravenna, Neb.
K latt L. R., Tripp, S. D.
Klaus H. P., Green Bay, Wis.
Klauss L. G., Pittsburgh, Pa.
♦Klawan Leona, W heaton, M inn.
Klawon Fred H., Sioux Falls,
S. D.
*Klee H. F.. Olean, N. Y.
•Klees C. W., Berlin, Md.
♦Hleespie, W., Davis, Cal.
•Klefsaas G. A., Lawler, Minn.
♦Kleiman Henry J., Grand R ap­
ids, Mich.
Klein Alfred H., Oak Park. 111.
•Klein A. H., Morehead City.N.C.
•Klein A. O., Bralnard, Neb.
Klein D. G.. Sanborn, Minn.
•Klein H. O.. La Crosse, Wis.
♦Klein J. M., Fallon, Mont.
Klein L. D.. Zenda, Kan.
Klein M. J., Ossian, la.
•Klein Morris, Los Angeles, Cal.
Klein N. C., Cresbard, S. D.
Klein P. L., Queen City, Mo.
•Klein T. H., Pella. Ia.
•Kleindinst G. G., Buffalo, N. Y.
♦Kleiner N. P., Boyd, Wis.
♦Kleinheins Adolph, Marshfield,
Kleinmann, W. V., Lebanon, Wis.
Kleis Otto, Sheldahl, la.
♦Kleiser W alter W., Lebanon, Pa.
Kleist C. H.. W olcott. Ind.
♦Kleman Henry, Ada, Mich.
Klepper Frank, Heizer, Kan.
Klepper W. J., Inza, Mo.
Kleppln C. A., Frankfort. S. D.
Klesert J. A., River Forest, 111.
Kiev H. N., Clifford, N. D.
Kleven W. R., Sebeka. Minn.
Klevesahl H. C.,San Francisco,Cal.
Kliebenstein L. F., Kingsley, Ia.
♦Kliewer F. G., Cordell, Okla.
Kliewer H. B., Cherokee. Okla.
•Kliewer J. H., Fairview, Okla.
Klindt G. A., Cassville, Wis.
Klinkenberg R. C., Portal, N. D.
Hlimowicz Geo. F., Chicago, 111.
Kline C. H., Pottsville, Pa.
Kline C. F „ Lansford, Pa.
Kline C. L.. Williamstown. Kan.
Kline F. A.. P o rt Jefferson, N. Y.
•Kline M . H., Williamstown, Kan.
Kline Newton, P ottstow n, Pa.
Kline P . E ., Cincinnati, O.
Kling J. Henry, New Salem, N. D.
•Klingelhofer Louis W., W aunakee, Wis.
•Klinger Ethel V., Haviland. O.
Klinger H. H „ Monroe, S. D.
Klinger S. B., Haviland, O.
•Klingler H., Custer. Okla.
♦Klingler L. E., Lenexa, Kan.
•Klingseis J. J., Dedham, Ia.
♦Klingsmith F.. A.,New York City,
n Ty .
♦Klinker V., San Francisco, Cal.
•K lintberg M arie L., Saronville,
Klipfel A. A., W apakonta, O.
Klippert W, A., Denver, 111.
•K fisart E . HOssian. Ia.
Klise Paul E ., H am ilton, M ont.
K litten Caroline, Kennewick,
•K litzke G. O., Nicollet, Minn.
Klobe J. F., Glencoe,, Minn.
•Klock F. L., St. Bonifacius.Minn.
•Klocksiem F. W., Laporte, Ind.
Klocow F. D., Ormsby, Minn.
Kloeckner John, Iron Ridge, Wis.
•Kloeckner Peter, Iron Riage.Wis.
•Kloepfer G. J., Buffalo, N. Y.
Kloepper R. E ., New Braunfels,
♦Kloese Henry, Chicago, 111.
♦Kloppenstein E . J., Gridley, 111.
Kloffenstein H enry, Zellenople,
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Kloke A. R „ Gross, Neb.
Kloke L. G., Spencer, N eb.
Kloman A., Snaronville, O.
♦Kloos L. R.. Donnelly, Minn.
♦Klooz Ernest, Guymon, Okla.
Klopp L. C., BemvUle, Pa.

•Knowles R. H., Topeka, Kan.
♦Knowls O. C., Kirkland, Tex.
♦Knowlton A. C., E aton Rapids,
Knox A. H., Krum , Tex.
Knox C. E., Tupper Lake, N. Y.

Klossner R. H „ Edinburg, Tex.
♦Kloster Hallvard, Story City, Ia.
♦Klostermann F., Ashton, Ia.
Kloth F. F., Norwood. Minn.
♦Klotz E. O., E. Dubuque, 111.
•Klove G. A., Nevada, Ia.

Knox G. A., Monticello. Ark.
♦Knox Geo. A., L ittle Rock, Ark.
♦Knox G. G.. Salt Lake City.
♦Knox G. N., Ontario. Cal.
Knox H. C.. Milledgevllle, 111.
♦Knox H. L., Needham, Ind.
♦Knox J. A., Statesville, N. C.
Knox J. C.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Knox J. F., Rotan, Tex.
Knox John, Richland, Okla.
K nox J. R.. Gladewater, Tex.
Knox J. W.. Sarasota. Fla.
Knox J. W., Chappell, Nebr.
♦Knox Lea, Coyle, Okla. ,
Knox M. C., Speed, Kan.
♦Knox R. F. J., W estmoreland,
Knox T. E., Coyville, Kan.
♦Knox T. S., Jackson, M inn.
Knox W . D., Cincinnati, O.
♦Knudsen F. N., Kanawha, Ia.
♦Knudsen O. S.. Lanesboro, M inn.
Knudson Andrew, Galesburg, N.D.
Knudson A. B., Wolverton, M inn.
Knudson A. C., D etroit, Minn.
♦Knudson B., Jackson, M inn.
♦Knudson B. L., Genoa, Neb.
Knudson O. A., Gunwald, Ia.
Knudson C. A., Williamson, Ia.
Knudson E . W., Jewell, Ia.
Knudson I. L., Harlowton, M ont.
♦Knudson Jessie A.. Gunwald, Ia.
^Knudson L . M ., Michigan, N. D.
♦Knutila Wm., Cloquet M inn.
♦Knutson A. J., Hendricks, M inn.
♦K nutson C. A., Savage, M ont.
♦K nutson C. M., Climax, Minn.
♦K nutson C. O., Brooten, Minn.

Kluczny F . R., Ivanhoe, Minn.
♦Klugh C. E., Greenwood, S. C.
♦Klugh W. F., Spartanburg, S. O.
♦Klusmeier J . V., La Grange, Mo.
♦Klutho Jos. H., Breese, 111.
Kluver H. A., Burlington, N. D.
Knaack G. E„ H artley, Ia.
♦Knack L. J., Custer, Okla.
Knapp A. H „ Genoa. N. Y.
♦Knapp A. P., Genoa, N. Y.
Knapp Chas. F., Big Lake, Minn.
Knapp C. M., Rolla, Mo.
K napp C. W., Springvalley, 111.
Knapp D. J., Sodus, N. Y.
♦K napp D. P., Ensley, Ala.
•K napp F. M ., Ida, Mich.
♦Knapp K. K., Concordia, Kan.
♦Knapp L. J., Evanston, 111.
♦Knapp L. E., Moundsville.W.Va.
K napp O. W., Stanley, Ia.
Knapp Robert, Sheridan, 111.
Knapp S. A., Ames, Ia.
Knapp W. E.. Milford, O.
.Knappenberger Frank, Earlsboro,
Knappenberger H. O., Penalosa,
♦Knauff W. A., W aterville, M e.
♦K nauft B. F., St. Paul, M inn.
K nauft M. R.. St. Paul, Minn.


Kohlbry L. S., St. Louis, M o.

♦Kohler F. A., Wishek, N. D.

♦Kohler F. W., Boulder, Colo.
Kohler W. H., Mahanoy City, P a.
Kohlhaas F. J., Calumet, Mich.
Kohlhase E. J. W., Mizpah, M inn.
•Kohlhepp E. O., Jersey C ity,
N. J.
Kohm an R obt. R., D anforth, 111.
♦Kohlmeyer R. A. C., Courtenay,
N. D.
♦Kohn W. H., M ontgom ery, Ala.
♦Kohnhorst E. F., Louisville, Ky.
♦Kohring L. H., Pemberville, O.
♦Kohrs E. A., Burlington, Ia.
♦Kolander L. A., Lakefleld, M inn.
Kolar Jr., A. J., Chicago, 111.
Kolar F. J.. Silver Lake, M inn.
♦Kolb J. H., Denver. Colo.
Kolb Jo h n P ., Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Kolb 0 ., Ashdown, Ark.
Kolb O. V., St. Leo, M inn.
♦Kolb W. C.. McGregor, Tex.
Kolb W. F., Cincinnati, O.
Kolbe H arry, New York, N. Y.
Kolbe O. H ., Swanville. M inn.
♦Kolbe Paul, Bird Island, M inn.
♦Holden J., W estby, M ont.
Kolden L. S., Nielsville, Minn.

Kolhei Alex, Cottonwood, M inn.
♦Kolhei I. L., Cottonwood, M inn.
Koll H. P., W alnut, Ia.
Koll O. J.. St. Cloud. Wis.
Holler J., Butterfield, M inn.
♦Kolling J. L., P leasant U nity, Pa.
♦Kollmer Rose, P ark Falls, Wis.
♦Kolmer A. L., Waterloo. 111.
♦ K oI d H. S.. Greenville. O.
Kolset A. H., W hite Rock, S. D.
Kohlsrud O. G., W aterville, Ia.
♦Kolsrud Thos. F., Dalbo M inn.
Kolstad H. J., M cHenry, N . D.
Kolstad Otto, H artford, Conn.
Knauss Geo. G., Mansfield. Wash.
Kolstad T. Ada, M inn.
Knecht A. B., Chicago, 111.
Kolstad T ., W alters, Minn.
K nutson E ., Graceton, M inn.
♦Knecht W. A., Wamego, Kan.
Kolter L. J „ W apakoneta. O.
Knechtges J. W., Grafton, O.
K nutson E. J., Bucyrus, N. D.
Knutson I. N., Coon Valley, Wis. Kolterman Geo. W., Golden
Kneedler W. H ., Lebanon, Pa.
City, Mo.
K nutson O. J., Arvilla, N. D.
Kneeland F. W., Kanopolis, Kan.
K nutson Wm., W estbrook, Minn. ♦Koltes G., W aunakee, Wis.
♦Kneeland M . A., Clerm ont, Ia.
A. J., New H am pton, Ia.
♦Knutson W. M. Graettinger, Ia.
♦Kneer Edward. Peoria. 111.
Kobelin Guy E ., Pompeys Pillar, Konichek H. F., Bowdon, N. D.
♦Kneip H. J.. Albany, N. Y.
Konigmacber C.,Council Blufis.Ia.
♦Kneisel John, New York City,
M ont.
Kober Jesse O., L aporte City, Ia. ♦Konrad C. C., Oshkosh, Wis.
N. Y.
♦Knerl O. N ., B urbank, S. D.
Kobs A. E., M ountain View, Okla. Konrad Jr., W. J., Apoleton, Wis.
♦K onstant M artin, M arvin, S. D.
K nettle L. N., Pomeroy, Wash.
Koch A. A., Maplewood, Mo.
Kney E. O., Madison, Wis.
Konz Paul, Stanton, Tex.
♦Koch H. H., Monango, N . D.
Koogle C. E., Williamsport, Md.
♦Knlckerbocxer O. J ., Fairfax, la . •Koch H. J., D etroit, Mich,
Koogler H. W., De Graff, O.
♦Knickerbocker H. C., Fowlerville. •K och J., D etroit. Mich.
♦Kooiman Wm., Edgerton, M inn.
Koch Louis. Highland, 111.
♦Kooker J. A., Dawson, N. D.
Knickerbocker W .H., E lkhart.Ind. ♦Koch M . C., New Ulm, Tex.
Kooman C. S., Clymer, N. Y.
♦Koch O. T ., Osceola, Wis.
♦Knievel W. T., W estpoint, Neb.
Koon L. A., Terrill, Ia.
Koch R. W., Allenton, Mo.
♦Koon W. M., Minneapolis, Minn.
♦Koch W. A.. Wausau, Wis.
♦Knifley J. S., Columbia, Ky.
♦Koch William, Harrisburg, Neb. ♦Koonc S. L., Tabor, N. C.
Knight A. H., Zanesville, Ind.
♦Koons F. S., New York City,
♦Kochan H. C., M aysville, Mo.
Knight C. D., Coatsville, Ind.
N. Y.
Kochan O. D., Maysville, Mo.
♦Knight C. W., F ort Deposit, Ala.
♦Koons Miss S. L., Ham let, N . C.
♦Kochanski C. A., Chicago, 111.
♦Knight D., Quinton, Okla.
Koons V. D., Batavia. Ia.
Kochka N. F., Chicago, 111.
Knight D. W., Dudley, Ga.
Kock A rthur. Amsterdam , N. Y. Koontz H.,NewMartlnsvllle,W.Va
K night E rnest, R andlett, Okla.
♦Koontz W. J., Rqssville, Ia.
•K ock H. F., Marion. S. D.
K night F. J., Aurora, 111.
♦Koeurek G. R., Dim » Box, Tex. Koontz W. T., Shenandoah, Va.
♦Knight G., Clearwater, Fla.
♦Knight Gearry L., Zanesville, ♦Kodytek F. J., E ast Bernard,Tex. Koonze C., Long Prairie. M inn.
♦Koop A. L., Brainerd, M inn.
Koefod E ., Joplin, M ont.
♦Kooy P. J., Highland, Ind.
♦Knight Geo. A., University PI., ♦Koegel Frank, Boonville, Ind.
E. V., Gonzales, Tex.
K oehinstadt L. E ., Hilger, M ont. Kooecky Joseph, Chicago, 111.
♦Koehler A. F., H ettinger, N. D. Kopka W. F „ Halliday, N. D.
Knight G. L., Nicholasville, Ky.
Koplln M. R.. Hoopeston, 111.
♦Koehler F. F., Lockland, O.
♦Knight Geo. L., Portland. Me.
K night Geo. M ., Oxford, Miss. - Koehler G. D., Whitehouse, O.
Koehler Geo. L. H., Texas City, ♦Kopp Chas. L., Prim ghar, la.
K night H. B., Woodsville, N. H.
♦Koppang A. A., P ortland, N. D.
K night H. B., W ellman, Ia.
♦Knight H. J.. Grass Lake, M ich. ♦Koehler P. J., Woodlake, Minn.. ♦Koppers M ary, Fowler, Kan.
♦Koppleman C. F., Petersburg,
Koehler R. H., Plym outh, Wis.
♦Knight John W., Jackson, Mich.
Koehler W. H. A., M ound, M inn.
♦Knight J. W.. Chicago, 111.
♦Korb Fred, Slaughters, Ky.
♦Koehn G. E ., Springfield, 111.
♦Knight Karl, F ort Atkinson, Ia.
Korndorfer J. B., New York C ity,
♦Koehn H. H... Aurora. S. D.
♦Knight R. C„ Boykins, Va.
N. Y.
Knight R. E „ Alliance, Neb.
♦Koehring H. J., Richmond, Ind. ♦Korner V. B., Goodland, Ind.
K night T . R., Hazlehurst, Ga.
♦Kornman B., Hardwick, M inn.
♦Koelling Em m a. Farina. 111.
K night W . F.. Whaleyville. Va.
♦Kornman E . O.. Rochester, Pa.
Koelzer A. J., Jordan, M inn.
Knight W. S.. Jam estown, Ky.
Korns J. A., Mt. Victory, O.
Koenecke F. H., Ceylon. M inn.
K nightly W. T., Hayward, Cal.
♦Koeneke E. W., Herkimer, Kan. ♦Korpela J. N ., M unising, Mich.
Knifands Belle. Roberts. 111.
Koeneke H. W., Parsons, Kan. •K ortendick W. B., Pecatonica, 111.
K orthauer F. H., Chicago, 111.
Koenig E. M ., Milford, Neb.
Knipp H. A., Ellinwood, Kan.
Kosanke A. L., Weyauwega, Wis.
Koenig H. G., Blackburn, Mo.
♦Knirihm W . F., Vincennes, Ind.
♦Kosar James, Nevinville, Ia.
Koenig J., Inola, Okla.
♦Knisel D. C., Aberdeen, S. D.
Koser E. ¡3., Medicine Lake, M o n t.!
Kniseley W. H., Frankford, Mo.
Koennecke Albert, Fredericks­ Koske H. A., Gillett, Wis.
Knisely O. T„ Butler, Ind.
Kossel J. L., Redgranite, Wis.
burg, Tex.
♦Knitch F . E ., Sturgeon Lake,
Koepchen W. J., New York City, ♦Kosta J . R., Fairfax, S. D.
M inn.
Kostelecky Anthony, Dickinson,
N. Y.
♦Knobel F . X ., River Falls, Wis.
N. D.
Knoblauch E. W „ Metamora, 111. Koepke G. F .t Elmore, Minn.
♦Koepnick A. A., Bancroft, Neb. ♦Kosterman E. D., Racine, Wis.
♦Knoble F. S., K ittanning, Pá.
K otas Adolph, N aper, Neb.
♦Koepsell P . F., Canova, S. D.
♦Knoedler H. J.. Zanesville, O♦Kotilinek B. B., International
♦Koerness N. S., Lily, S. D.
♦Knoertzer J . S., Alma, Mich.
Falls, M inn.
Koerper H. H., Auburn, Pa.
Knoff F. B„ Madison Lake,Minn.
♦Knoflf Geo. W., Fergus Falls, K oerth Otto, Fredericksburg, Ia. Kotilinek Joseph Jr., Chicago
Heights. 111.
Koesling Fred J., T arentum , Pa.
M inn.
Kotouc Otto, H um boldt, Neb.
Koester F rank, Outlook, M ont.
Knoll C. H., Poland, Ind.
♦K ottas E dw ard, Geyser, M ont.
Koester H. A., D ubuque, Ia.
Knoll Geo. A., Fleetwood, Pa.
Kouba A. V., Verdigre, Neb.
♦Koester L. L., Outlook, M ont.
Knoll L. J., Lebanon. Kan.
♦Kouba R. E ., Verdigre, Neb.
Koester Wm. L., Buffalo, N. Y.
Knoop Chas. W., Waterloo, Ia.
Koudele Jr., F rank, Weston, Neb.
Knorpp M. M„ P leasant Hlll.Mo.
K out A. L.. Nashua. Ia.
K oetter J . W., Belgrade, Minn.
K norr W. O., Cleveland, O.
♦K outzky R. H., Winner, S. D.
Kogan Jas. K., M acon, Ga.
K nott C. B., Bristol, S. D.
♦Koger E arl L.. Shamrock, Tex.
♦K nott C. W., Bristol, S. D.
K ovanda R. A., Table Rock, Neb.
Koewing A. J., Treloar, Mo.
♦K nott M ., Urbana, 111.
•K ovar A. V„ Schuyler, Neb.
Koger W. F.. Clio. S. C.
Knowles. A. L., Bloomburg. Tex.
♦Kohl Clarence, Riegelsville, Pa. Kovar J. A., Boyer, Ia.
♦Knowles E . F., Armstrong, la .
Kovar Louis F., Lidderdale, Ia.
♦Kohl H. A., Sheboygan, Wis.
♦Knowles L. F., Flom aton, Ala.
Kowaleski R. J., Chicago, 111.
♦Knowles L. W., New York C ity, Kohl H arry, Centralia. 111.
•Kowalski J r.. A. J., Chicago, 111.
♦Kohl J. C.. So. St. Paul. M inn.
N. Y.


♦Kozacik Jr., M . E ., Indiana
H arbor, Ind.
♦Kozel W. M ., M ontgom ery,
'M inn.
Krabill A, J.,,.W adsworth, O.
Kracke G. H., Crete, III.
K rad well L. J., Corliss, Wis.
Kraem er C. M., Plum m er, Ida.
♦Kraem er C. M ., Worley, Ida.
K raem er L., St. Louis, M o.
♦Kraem er M . J., Green wald, M inn.
K raem er W .L.,G ranite Falls,Minn.
K raft A. H., Vassar, Kan.
♦K raft H. C., Sturgis, Mich.
K raft M ilton, Ravenna, Mich.
K raft William F., Menomonie.Wis.
♦K raft Wm. F. Jr., Freeport, N.Y.
♦Krage W. A., Columbia, S. D.
♦K rahl D. D., H ouston, Tex.
♦K rajic F. J., Chicago, 111. i
K ral F. L.. E l Campo, Tex.
♦Krall J. L.. Iowa City. Ia.
K ram ar W. B„ M attoon, Wis.
K ram er A. F., Cobb, Wis.
K ram er Albert, Altura, M inn.
K ram er Anton, Lucan, M inn.
K ram er Chas., Florence, Tex.
K ram er F. E., New Straitsville, O
K ram er F. H., Sedalia, Ind.
K ram er F rank, M arion, N . D
K ram er G. W., Sacram ento, Cal.
K ram er H.G..Elizabeth, C ity, N.C.
♦K ram er H. G„ Vesta. M in n
K ram er L .D .,C anal W inchester, O
K ram er Oi H., Alton, 111.
K rajner O tto P.. Holland, Mich.
K ram er T. H „ M innesota Lake.
M inn.
K ram er W. H.. T hree Oaks, Mich.
Kram m e F. J. Jr., Moselle, Mo
♦K ram pf H. M ., Allegany, N . Y
♦K ram ph A. C., N o rth P latte,N eb.
K raner J. G., Pickerington. O.
Kranzfelder E., Bloomer, Wis
♦Krapfel W. R., Centerville, fa
K rapp H arvey E ., Cincinnati, O.
K rasa Adolph J., Chicago, III.
K ra tt R. E ., Sheldon, N. D
♦K ratz Wm. G., SchlesingervUle,
K rause A. G., Bruce, Wis.
K rause B. F „ La Crosse, Kan.
K rause J. Jacob, Chicago, 111.
K rause H. A., Anaheim, Cal.
K rause O tto, Reedsburg, Wis
K rauskopf H. C., Philadelphia.Pa.
K rautkrem erH ., Hankinson.N.D
K team er J . H „ Ada, Kan.
Kream er Newton, Jewell, Kan.
♦Krebs A. H., Albany, M in n ."
Krebs Ferdinand, Breese, 111,
♦Krebs J . C., H anover, Pa.
Krebs J. M.. Carlyle, 111.
♦Krebs T. E ., E. St. Louis, 111
♦Krebsbach A. J., Adams; M ich.
♦K rebsbach E . E ., Terrace, M ont.
Krebsbach N. J., Kongsberg,
K rebsbach P . M ., Terrace, M ont
Krebsbach W. T., Reeder. N. D.
Kreeger J . R., Swineford, P a.
♦Krehbiel A. J., Cullison, Kan.
Krehbiel D. C., Reedley, Cal
Krehbiel L. P.. *Halstead, Kan.
♦Krehbiel P. H.. M oundridge.Kan.
K reider J. G., Lebanon, P a.
Kreider J . W ., Lecom pton, Kan.

♦Kriz O. F., G arner, Ia.
Kriz F. H ., Hopkins, M inn.
Kriz F. O., M ilwaukee, Wis.
♦Kroger J. P., Alvord, Ia.
♦Kroeger Eleanor. S taunton, 111.
♦Kroeger F. C., D avenport, la .
Kroeger J. L., Lake B enton, M inn.
K roehnke F. L. Spragueville. fa.
♦Kroeker H . J „ Henderson, Neb.
K roeker J. J., Henderson, Neb.
♦K roetch J . J „ Plum m er, Ida.
Krog W. C., Stillwater, M inn.
Krog W. C., Vader, Wash.
♦Krogen A. O., F ountain, M inn.
♦Krogen Nick, Cashton, Wis.
Kroger F. A., Trium ph, M inn.
Kroger W. W ., Philipsburg, M ont.
Krogfoss O. J., Granville, N . D.
♦Krohe A. A., Beardstown, 111.
K rohn C. H „ N orth Mllwauuee,
K roken A. J., T ro u t Lake, M ich.
♦Krom S. R., Livingston, M ont.
K rom er E . S., Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Kromschinski J., New London,
Kron A. W ., Litchfield, Minn.
K ronberg G. E ., K ennard, Neb.
♦Kronenberg B. J.. Kim ball, M inn.
♦Kronenberg B. J., South Haven,
M inn.
♦Kronenberg F ., San Francisco,
Krook F . H., New Ulm, Minn.
Krook, L. B., New Ulm, M inn.
K ropp G. A., Carbon Hill, Ala.
K rostue H. A.. W aubun. Minn,
Krouss L. L., Lowry, S. D.
K rout E rnest, P arkton, Md.
K routh G. S., Iowa City. Ia.
K routh L. B., Sharon, Okla.
♦K rueck G. H ., So. Milwaukee,
♦Krueger C. G., W ausau, Wis.
Krueger C hristian, Blue Island,
Krueger F., Tim m er, N. D.
♦Krueger F. C., Princeton, Wis.
♦Krueger H. W., Princeton, Wis.
Krueger J. W., Erwin, S. D.
Kruel L. G., W ashington, Mo.
♦K ruetzkam p Fred, Covington,
K rug Geo. S., Hanover, Pa.
K rug O.. F., T hornton, Ark.
Kruger Jno. D. C.. St. A nthony
♦K ruger R. H ., P o rt Huron, Mich.
Krugler C. H ., Redford, Mich.
♦Krull W m., Sprague, Neb.
♦K rum lauf W. E .,' C anton, O.
♦Kruse F rank. Denver, Colo.
Kruse J . D., L ittle Rock, la .
♦Kruse J. W ., Silver C ity, Ia.
K ruse L., M ineola, Ia.
K ruzan J. A.. W arrensburg, 111.
Krzykowski Frank, Chicago, 111.
Kuchem an O. C., M aquoketa, Ia.
Kuckuck C. E ., W ilton, Wis.
♦Kudej John C., Waukee, la.
♦K udrna L. J., Wahoo, Neb.
♦Kueffer, R. J., Alexander, Kan.
♦Kuehl R ay C., D enver, Colo.
♦Kuehl R. J ., G rundy Center, Ia.
K uehlthau Louis, W est Bend, Wis.
K uehn E . P., Seymour, Wis.
Kuenzl W. H ., Clyman, Wis.
Kugler W. H ., Harm on, 111.
♦Kuhl Edw in M . , P erry, Ia.
♦Kuhl Edw., Texarkana, Ark.
Kuhl Hugo, Eldridge, la .
♦Kuhl L. A., H arlan, Ia.
K uhl M. J., Osmond, Neb.
♦Kuhl N. V., Defiance, Ia.
Kuhl N. V., Defiance, Ia.
Kuhl P . E .. Lincoln, 111.
Kuhl R. A., St. M artin, M inn.
♦Kuhl W. P., Lincoln, III.
♦Kuhle S, A., Salem, S. D.
♦Kuhlm an A. G., Lester P rairie
M inn.
K uhlm an H. H. Gam avillo, Ia.
K uhlm an H . H., New Knoxville,O.
K uhlm an J. D. G., Uehling, Neb.
K uhlm an J. P ., Castle Shannon,
K uhlm ann W. H .. Chester. Neb.
♦Kuhn D. A., Victoria, Kan.
♦Kuhn E. W., Buffalo, N. Y.
K uhn H. H., Waldoboro, Me.
♦Kuhn H. L., Valentine, Neb.
K uhn H. W., California. Mo.
K uhn L. H., Zillah, Wash.

♦Kreigh H. D., B atavia, Ia.
K reikenbaum J. A., W est P oint,Ia.
Kreiling G. W., Forest C ity, 111.
♦Kreisle M . J., Tell City, Ind.
K reitner E . R., Dunm ore, Pa.
♦Kreitzer C. C., Ellsworth, 111.
Krem bs E. A., Merrill, Wis.
K rem er H. F „ Dyersville, la .
K rem er H. F., Falsen, N. 5>.
♦Kremer J. M „ M adalia, M inn.
Krem er John K., Lewisburg, Pa.
♦Kremer N. J., E den Valley, M inn.
♦Kremer P. Ö., Tim ber Lake, S. D.
Krenrick W. A., Massillon, O.
Krenz, J. F., Douglas, M inn.
Kresslef I. L., Bangor, Pa.
♦K retchm an L. O.. Hankinson.
N. D.
K retzinger J. T., Chestnut, 111.
♦Kreuscher D. C., D eW itt, Neb.
♦K reuter B. L., M cPherson, K an.
♦K reutz Delm a M ., H arvard, Neb.
K reutzer C. J., New Albany, Ind.
Krezek M. J ., Toledo, Ia.
♦Krick E . V., San Francisco, Cal.
Krick G. H., Shenandoah, Pa.
♦Kuhn M . H ., Lincolnton, N . O.
K rick J. A., Casselton, N. D.
Kricker George E ., P ortsm outh, K uhn O. A., Knowles, Wis.
K uhn S. E ., Shelby, O.
♦Kuhn S. H., Evansville, Ind.
Kriebs George, E lkport, la .
♦Krieschbaum O. F ., L eiters Ford, ♦Kuhn W illiam B., Shelby, O.
Kühne G. W., Lawrence, Kan.
♦Krieschbaum C, F ., Lewisville, K uhnhenn L. F., Belmont, Wis.
Kuhnm uench C. J., Milwaukee,
Kriechbaum T. W .. B urlington.Ia.
K uhns R. B., Hillisburg, Ind.
Krieg John, Thrall, Tex.
K uhrtz L ., Chester, 111.
Krieger J. E., Donnellson, Ia.
♦Krieger Jos. W.. New H am pton, ♦K ukkola Emil, Finlayson, M inn.
K ulp V. B., Telford, Pa.
' Kum le E . J., Alexander, 111.
K riener L ., Junction C ity, Ky.
K um m A. R., Simcoe, N. D.
K rier A. J., E th an , S. D.
Kumm H. B., P ittsburg, Kan.
♦Kriger R, J;, K ent C ity, M ich.
K um pf J. F., Conrad, M ont.
♦Krikac V. Jr., Comstock, Neb.
Kunaw S, J., E verton, Ark.
♦Kring Frances, Bixby, Okla.
K under C harles L., H arrisburg,
♦Krippene B. J.. Oshkosh, Wis.
S. D.
K ristensen G. K., W heaton, Minn.
♦K ristser Jr.; J. S., Taylor, Tex. ♦K undert E . H ., Hague, N . D.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

K undert H. E ., Brainerd, M inn.
♦K unetka John, W eimar, Tex.
♦Kuning Chas. C., Cedar Rapids,
Kunkel O tto E ., Ganado, Tex.
♦Kuney J. P., Three Lakes,, Wis.
♦Kunkle B. E., Hazleton, Pa.
♦Kunkle E . T ., Stroudsburg, Pa.
♦Kunkle Wm. C., Edwardsburg,
♦Kunning G. A., New Bremen, O.
K uns E. E-, McPherson, Kan.
Kuns R. S., Broken Bow, Neb.
Kunz H. N.. Columbia. 111.
♦Kunz J. A., Minneapolis, Minn.
♦Kuper I. H., Johnson, Neb.
Kupers Carl, Helix, Ore.
♦Kupfer W. H., Dallas. S. D.
K upka E. M ., Vining, Ia.
♦K upka L ottie, Vining. Ia.

♦Lagergren A. A.,St. Cloud, M ihn.
♦Lagerquist B. L., Brainerd, M inn.
♦Lagomarsino J. S., V entura, Cal.
Lagrandeur H. J., Somerset, Wis.
La Grange D. H ., Candor, N . Y.
La Grange O. D., Deering, N. D.
♦La Grave C. L„ Seattle, Wash.
Lahey J. J., Mitchell, S. D.
Lahm R. G., M elvina, Wis.
Lahmer G. A.,NewPhfiadelphia,0.
♦Lahmer G. M ., New Philadel­
phia, O.
Lahr E. V., Bismarck, N . D.
♦Lain D. L., P leasant Hill, Mo.
♦Lain J. L., Cleburne, Tex.
♦Laing J . A., Ludowici. Ga.
♦Laing Robert, Duquesne, Pa.

Laingen J. E ., Berlin, N. D.
Laingen P. T., Odin, Minn.
♦Laingen T. P., Odin, Minn.
Lair C. B.. Greenfield, O.
K uratli David, Hillsboro. Ore.
Lair I. N., W ilmington, O.
Kurfees F. W., Vafina, N. C.
♦Laird B. R., Fedora, S. D.
♦Kurka J. E „ Philip, S. D.
♦Laird Ellis, Colfax, Wash.
♦K urrle W. C., Burlington, Ia.
♦Laird H. A., M ount Ayr, Ia.
♦K urt M . F., Cascade, Ia.
♦Laird John P., New York City,
K urth A. H.. Minot. N. D.
N. Y.
♦K urth H. R.. Hutchinson, Minn. ♦Laird J. T . Jr., Freehold, N . J.
♦K urth R. W., Lufkin. Tex.1,
♦Laird M. B., Oberlin, O.
♦K urtz F. J., St. Louis, Mo.
K urtz Jam es L., Connellsvüle, Pa. ♦Laird R. R., Culver. Kan.
♦Lake D. F., H averstraw , N. Y.
K urtz J . W.. Knox, Ind.
Lake H. H., Central City, Colo.
♦K urtz Gail H .. Forest. O.
Lake J. F „ Shenandoah, Ia.
Lake Nora B.. Cherry Creek, N.Y.
K urtz M. L., W yaconda, Mo.
♦Kurz G. A., New York City, N.Y. ♦Lake W. E ., New York City.
Kusch Fred, Craig. Ia.
♦Lakenmacker B. W ., H ouston,
Kuske N. C., Buffalo Lake, Minn.
♦Lallier Frank, Piper, Kan.
♦Kuske R. L., Olivia, Minn.
♦Kusler A., Mercer, N. D. ...
♦Lallman A. H.. Beemer. Neb.
Kusler H. E.JW ishek,,N . D.
Kuss C. R., Gary. Ind.
♦Lallum Anton, B ottineau, N. D.
K üster J. B., Chamois, Mo,
La Lone G. W .. M inneapolis,
K uttenkuler W. P., Tipton, Mo.
♦Lamar B. M ., Eudora, Ark.
K uykendall D.F.,Cumberlarid,Md. Lamar C. W., Peifisacola, Fla.
K uykendall M . V., Muleshoe, ♦Lamar Geo. W., Bald Knob, Ark.
Lamar G. B„ St. Augustine, Fla.
Kuykendall T. R.. Sanderson,Tex. ♦Lamaster H. P., H errin, 111.
♦Kvam Evald. M inot. N. D.
Lamb E rnest. Newsome, Tex.
♦Lamb Ernest, P ittsburg, Tex.
Kvennes A. C., Middle River.Mlnn.
K vitrud E . E., Groton, S. D.
Lamb G. F., M ichigan, N. D.
Lamb H arry, Callaway, Neb.
Kyes H. L., Fedora, S. D.
Lamb J E., Montrose, Ia.
♦Kyle A rthur, Ardmore, Okla.
Lamb J. H., New Castle, Pa.
♦Kyle, H. H., Celina, Tenn.
♦Lamb, O. M . Dilworth,- M inn.
Kyle Jam es, Goldsboro. N. C.
Lamb T. G„ Smyrna, Tex.
Kyle J. M., Sardis, Miss.
Lamb W. L., Toledo, O.
♦Kyle T. D., Xenia, O.
Lambdin S. J..Jefferson City,Tenn.
♦Kyle Wm. Ivan, W hitewater, Wis. ♦Lambdin W. T. Jr., Lewiston,
Kyler W. E., Corvallis, Ore.
Kyriakopoulos N ., Chicago, 111.
Lambe A. G., Coldwater, Kan.
K ysar O. A., G ravity, Ia.
Lambe C. B.. Belle Plaine, Kan.
Kyser Lewis, Grenola, Kan.
♦Lambe E. H., L am otte, Ia.
Kyser W. M ., Grenola, Kan.
Lambe T. J., L am otte, Ia.
K ytle A. S., Rennesaw, 111.
♦Lambert F. H., M cCloud, Cal.
Laas H. J., W eimar, Tex.
Lam bert F . J., Beaverville, 111.
Lam bert G. C., Bethel, Minn.
Lam bert,H. C., Kansas City, Mo.
Laas L. A., Maxwell, Tex.
♦L abarthe A., New Orleans, La.
♦Lambert H., Ashton, S. D.
Lam bert H. P „ R oundup, Mont.
L a B rant A. M .. Banks. N. D.
♦Lambert J. H ., Covington, La.
Le Clair. K ansas City,
♦La B rant Grace, Palo Alto, Cal.
♦Labre R. H., Bark River, Mich.
♦Lambert L. K., M clntire, Ia.
♦Labudde F. A., Oshkosh, Wis.
♦Lambert O. W., Roimdup. M ont.
Lacaff W. F., Kansas City, Mo.
Lam bert P. H., M ohall, N . D. ■
♦Lambert Q. E „ Kirkland, Wash.
Lacey C. A., Keota, la.
♦Lambert W. F., Charleston, Miss.
♦Lacey Louis J.. Kinmundy, 111.
Lam berton C., Franklin, Pa.
Lacey O. F., M ore, Ark.
♦Lacharite J. A., Assumption, 111. Lamberton C. M., Oil City, Pa.
♦Lackey C. H., Tom Beam. Tex. ♦Lamberton G. J., Franklin, Pa.
Lambertson W . S., Belding, MIoh.
♦Lackey R. L., Ovalo, Tex.
♦Lackland H. W ., Lordsburg, ♦Lambie M. A., Hastings, Mich,
Lambie W. S., Schenectady, N. Y.
N. M . ♦Lamer W. F. E ., Cobden, 111.
Lackland W. R., Morton, 111.
Laming J. C., Tonganoxie, Kan.
Lackore C. H., Hayfleld, Ia.
♦Lamkin V. V„ A lexandria. La.
Lacombe J . L., Eunice, La.
♦Lamm F. T., Canute, Okla.
♦Lacy B. R. D., St. Joseph, Mo.
Lam m H . H., Canute, Okla.
Lacy E . G., Houston, Va.
♦Lamm T., G.. W atertown. Tex.
Lacy John, Byrdstown, Tenn.
Jr. , Chas., H iawatha,
Lacy J . F„ Hull, 111.
Lacy J . J., Owingsville, Ky.
♦Lacy J. T ., Jr., South Boston, Va. ♦Lammers Alphonse, H artington,
Lacy L. G„ Syracuse, N. Y. '
Lammers Alphonse, H artington,
Lacy S. E ., Blanket, Tex.
Lamon G. T., B um et, Tex.
♦Ladd J. W., Portland, Ore.
♦Lamont M . K., Eland, Wis.
L add R. L., Hym era, Ind.
♦Lamoreaux R. S'., Arlington, Ore.
L adner F . O. A., Nordheim, Texas. La M o tt V.J., San Jose, Cal.
La Mountaine H. J.. Utica. Mich.
La Dow S., Sylvania, O.
♦Lamphere A., Palouse, Wash.
♦LaDuke A. C., Eden, Tex.
Lad wig W. F., Vergas, M inn.
♦Laesch O. A., Saginaw, Mich.
Lamp F. A„ Langford, N. D.
L a F ar W. H., Charleston, S. C.
Lampe E. H., W arren, Pa.
Lam port E. E ., Neenah, Wis.
Laffer N orm an E . D., Hooper. Lam pert L. A „ W est Union.Minn.
♦Lamport W. W., Chicago, 111.
Lafferty Chas., Camden, N. J.
♦Lampland Charles, Reeder, N. D
♦Lafferty Pearl, Princeton, 111.
Lam pley H. J r., Eufauia, Ala.
L a Fleur R. C.. Basile. La.
L ancaster A. A., M ountain View,
♦La Folette L. G., Darlington,
♦Lancaster Chas. Hugo, Okla.
♦La Follette J . E., Darlington.Ind. L ancaster E d ith E ., M t. Washing­
Lafon L. A., Laredo, Tex.
ton, O.
♦Laffoon J. L., Sioux City, Ia.
L ancaster F , G., M arceline. Mo.
L a Forge F. G., Brazilton, Kan. ♦Lancaster G. E . M arceline, Mo.
Lage H. C., Paullina, Ia.
Lancaster G. W., Castalia, N. C.



M inneapolis, L atham J. R., New London, Conn.
L atham L. E ., w - ,e rt, Kan. .
M inn.
♦Lathrop A. D„ Jackson, Mich.
Larsen A. C., H avre, M ont.
♦Larsen B enjam in L., W est Salem, ♦Lathrop C. F., A rm ada, MiCh.
Lancaster L. W.. Y etter. Ia.
L athrop H. C., Willimantic, Conn.
♦Lancaster W. G., Laurens, S. C.
♦Larsen E . A., Muskegon, M ich. L athrop L. L., La Farge, Wis.
♦Lance H . E ., Roseville, 111.
Larsen F. O., Sylvan Grove. Kan. L athrop W. T.. Plankinton, S. D.
Langemo P . C., Kelliher, M inn.
Lance J. W.. T able Grove,. 111.
♦Latim er H. N ., O strander, O,
♦Larsen H. L., Fryburg, N. D.
♦Langen B. P.. Glasgow, M ont.
Latim er J. A., Grantvllle, Ga.
♦Langenberg P aul H ., W althill, ♦Larsen L. C., Ladysm ith, Wis.
♦Lance W. E ., Table Grove, 111.
♦Latim er J. D., Nichoiasvllle, Ky.
♦Larsen P. L „ Velva, N. D.
Lancefleld Lynn, M cM innville,
Latim ore O. F ., Tellico Plains,
♦Larsen William, Reedley, Cal.
Langer John, Eldred. 111.
Langer, P. M inden, Ia.
♦Larsen W. T ., Chicago, 111.
L and G. L., Ridgway, 111.
♦Langerhans F. F., Webb City, Larsh H. G., San Francisco, Cal. ♦Latindress N, E ., Red L ake Falls,
L and H. C.; Omaha, 111.
M inn.
♦Larson A. A,, Laurel, Neb.
♦Land H enry, Johnsonville, 111.
♦La T ourette John, Covington, Ind.
Langert A. M ., Chicago, 111.
Larson A. B., Egan, S. D.
♦Land W. H .. Om aha. 111.
Latshaw C. W., Fostoria, O.
♦Langes E dw ard, M ankato, M inn. ♦Larson A. B., Florence, M inn.
L and W. H., Tucson, Ariz.
Latshaw Henry, P ottstow n. Pa.
♦Larson A. F., Grimes, Ia.
L a tta J. G., Dyersburg, Tenn.
♦Langfltt J . H .,W est Union,W .Va. Larson A. H ..G rafton, la .
L and W. M ., W averly, Va.
♦L atta O. C., Dodd City, Tex.
Langfltt S. W., W est Union.W .Va
Larson A. L., Herm iston, Ore.
Lande, L„ J., Leal, N. D.
♦Lattig M . 1., Nevada, Ia.
♦Landeen O. W ., Alexandria, Langford A. S., W hitehouse, Tex. Larson Albert, Big Valley, Wyo.
L attim er J . H., W esthope, N. D
♦Larson Alberc, Barlow, N. D.
♦Langford, Cleo Vista, Mo.
M inn.
♦Latto F. E., Uhrichsville, O.
Larson Air., WeyerhauSer, Wis.
Landeene N . E . C arrington,N . D. Langford E., Bamesville, Ga.
O. A., Sutherland. Neb.
Landenberger H . L., T rem ont, Pa.
Laubach Alfred, N ortham pton,Pa.
Langford G. E., P ittston, Pa.
Larson A. Melvin, Scarville, Ia.
♦Laubenheimer H. C. W ., Chicago,
L ander A. W., New Hope, Tex. Langford G. E ., McAllen, Tex. • ♦Larson A. P., Argyle, Wis.
Langford H. G., Meansville, Ga. Larson A. R., K etchikan, Alaska.
♦Lander, E . A. W heeler. W ash.
♦Laubenstein G. E ., Gresham,
Larson B. P .. F t. Dodge, Ia.
L anders L. W ., M arion, La.
♦Langford J. H., Aubrey, Tex.
Landes C. H., Dodge City, Kan.
Laubenstein L. G., Gresham, Wis.
Langford M., Reidsville, Ga.
Larson C., Troy. Ida.
♦Landes W. H „ Newport, Ark.
►Lauber, A. L., Burkettsville, O.
Langford, W. B., Normangee, Tex. Larson C. E., P ayette. Ida.
Landesco A. A., Cincinnati, O.
Langguth E lm er P., Maywood,
♦Larson C. E ., Sandstone, M inn. Lauber, O. A. N odaway, Mo.
Landess E. A., Polk, Ia.
Lauby N . M ., Nezperce, Ida.
♦Larson O. H., Laurel, M ont.
Landess J. B., Fayetteville. Tenn.
Lauderdale R . J., Sledge, Miss.
♦Larson C. L., Wildrose, N . D.
L andgraf Andrew, M inneapolis, Langham G. E ., Anderson, Ga.
♦Langland C. M„ Spring Grove, ♦Larson C. O., New H artford, Ia. Lauderdale W., Yale, Okla.
M inn.
Lauenstein Carl, Evansville, Ind.
Larson C. P., Eleva, Wis.
►Lauer A. A., Sublette. 111.
Larson D. J.. Concrete, N. D.
Landhuis J . B., Hospers, la .
Lahgley Jam es C., Langley,W ash. Larson Dethleff, Cumings, N. D.
Lauer R. O., Dover, Pa.
♦Landis A. H., Lancaster, Pa.
Laufenburger A. E., M inneiska,
Landis A. W., Covington, O.
♦Langley J. W., Wibaux, M ont.
M inn.
Larson E . E ., St. Paul, M inn.
Landis B. S., W innsboro, La.
Langlie M., Lake Preston, S, D.
Laufier H. Z., Delmont, Pa.
♦Larson E. E ., Clintonville, Wis.
H augen Geo. R., Sanger, N. D.
Langlois A. G., Milwaukee, Wis.
♦Larson, E ..J. Bergen, N. D.
♦Landis Charles W ., B uchanan,
►Laughead G. E., Dodge City.K an.
Langmack J. P., Canby, M inn.
Larson Emil, H axtum . Colo. *
►Laughlin A. F ., N orthport. N .Y .
♦Larson Emil, E ldred, M inn.
Landis George, Doylestown, O.
♦Langrall H. B., Hebron, 'M d.
♦Larson E dw ard T., Sargent, Neb. Laughlin A. P., K anona, Kan.
Landis H. D.. Seward. Neb.
Laughlin A. W - Bamesville. O.
♦Larson E . W., Chicago, 111.
Langs Squire, Jeddo, Mich.
♦Landis H. B., Berlin, Pa.
►Laughlin F., M etam ora. O.
Langsdorf J . S. G.. Vancouver, ♦Larson E. W., Ericson, Neb.
►Laughlin G., A ltam ont, Kan.
♦Larson Fred, Dazey, N. D.
♦Landis R. F., Halifax, Pa.
►Laughlin Jean, Em m etsburg, Ia.
♦Landis Wm., Lake C ity, Kan.
Laughlin O., Orleans, Ind.
Larson G. B,, Pendroy, M ont.
Langston A. D.. Lioeville, Ala.
L andm ark A., P erth, N . D.
Laughlin P. A., Barton, Md.
Langston D., Mt. Enterprise, Tex.
♦Larson G. B., Landa, N. D.
♦Landolfl E. F., Albuquerque, N.
Laughlin P, E ., K ansas C ity, M o.
Larson G. N.. Altona. 111.
♦Larson Grover, M ount Vernon, Laughlin Robert, E m m etsburg.Ia.
Langworthy S. C., Buffalo, Wyo.
♦Landolt E . A., Alham bra, 111.
Laughlin R. E „ Bridgeport, 111.
Langworthy W. E., Seward. Neb.
Landram B. S.. Florence, Ind.
Laughlin S.. Yamhill, Ore. .
♦Lanham Leslie, Gravel Switch,
L andram John, Kingston, Okla.
Laughner J.T .F ., W hitestow n.Ind.
♦Larson Harold, Viborg, S. D.
►Laumann H. C., St. Bonifacius,
L anham Leslie, Corbin, Ky.
Larson H. A., Meltonville, Ia.
Landro N. N., Stady, N. D.
M inn.
Larson Helen, Ligoniër. Ind.
L andrum J. G., L andrum , S. O.
♦Launer L. A.. G rants Pass, Ore.
Landrum J . M., Luxora, Ark.
Lanier O. E ., Avon Park, Fla.
♦Larson, Hjalm ar,W endell, Minn. Laurie J. M., W inbum e, Pa.
♦Landrum M . Lester, M ountain Lanier E. B., Downs, 111.
♦Lauritzen R . A., P lenty wood,
♦Larson H. J., Appleton, M inn.
View, Mo. ,
Lanier I. E., Linden, Tex.
M ont.
♦Larson H. L.. K ansas C ity, Kan.
Landrum M. L.. M ountain View, Lanier J. F „ Galena, Kan.
♦Lauson G. L., Livingston, M ont.
Larson H. T ., DeGraff, M inn.
Lanier J. N., Harrison, Ga.
A. C.. P o rt Clinton. O.
Lanier W. C.. Pembroke. Ga.
Lautenschlager F. A., Trenton,
Larson Ira J., Leonard, N. D.
Landsborough W. L., Skagway, ♦Laning G. C., Columbus, O.
Alaska T erritory.
Lam ng L. D., Petersburg, 111.
♦Lauters H arry L ., P t. W ashing­
Larson J. A., Cokeville, Wyo.
L andstrom E. I., Oakville, Wash. L ank J. M ., M ilton, Del.
ton, W is.
; ,
: Larson Jam es, H alstad, M inn.
L an d t E. W., Pasco, Wash.
Lank J. T., Lewes, Del.
*Lautzenheiser P., Hudson, M ich.
Larson Jesse V., Cambridge, Ia.
♦Lane C. H ., Dresden, Kan.
♦Lankford R. M., Tifton, Ga.
♦Lauvitzen F. B., Salinas, Cal.
Larson J. I., Fessenden, N . D.
♦Lane D. E ., Whigham, Ga.
L anneau B. R., Duncan, Ariz.
♦Lavell A. A., Jr., Shell Lake, Wis.
Larson J. N ., Ericson, Neb.
Lane E . A.. M idland, M ich.
♦Lannon J. P., Saunemln, 111.
♦Larson, L. B. Brockway, M ont. Lavender J. E „ M cKittrick, Mo.
♦Lane G. W.. C anton, 111.
Lannon P. H., Saunemln, 111.
Lavender W. R .. Jonesburg, Mo.
; Larson Leonard, Dazey, N. D.
Lane H. B.. Saluda, N. C.
♦Lanouette J. L. E ., Fairview.
♦Lavens J. R ., Bradford, Pa.
Larson L. M., Louisburg, Minn.
N. D.
♦Laver G. G., Carlton, Ore.
♦Larson L. M .. Vienna. S. D.
Lane H. B., Fredericksburg, Va.
L anouette L. P., E. Fairview.N.D
Larson Levi C.. Clintonville. Wis. Layering C.E., H untington Beach/
♦Lane H. D.. Oskaloosa. Ia.
; Larson Louis, D anbury, Ia.
Lane H. H., M anchester, Ga.
♦Lansdowne Anna, Centertown,
Lavery I. S., Lavery, Pa.
♦Larson L. S., N erstrand, M inn.
♦Lane H. R., Sparks, Ga.
W. H., Sidney, M ich.
Lane J. F ., Seattle, W ash.
♦Lansing C. B., Rhinebeck, N . Y.
L avin J. M .. Gorham , N . H.
; Larson N . J., Bergen, N . D.
♦Lane J. R., Hoxie, Ark.
♦Lansing C. G., Chaser Kan.
♦Lavinia W . B., Chicago, 111.
♦Lane L a Verne, Moscow, Ky.
Lansing F rank M ., Brighton,M ich. ! Larson O. H ., Twodot, M ont.
Law A. J., Morocco, Ind.
Larson Oliver, Lily, S. D.
Lansing J. F „ Ritzville, Wash.
♦Law A. L., St. Paul, M inn.
Larson Ô., Spokane, Wash.
♦Lane L. A., Regent, N . D.
Lansing J. H ., C anaan, Conn.
♦Lawburg Jam es C., Milford, Ind.
Lane L. P., Westfield. Mass.
Larson R obt., Strom sburg, Neb. ♦Lawe G. R., Quanah, Tex.
♦Lane L. V., Henning. 111.
: Lansmg J. H., Chase, Kan.
♦Lawhead Miss C. L .,Frankfort,O .
! »Larson Ros,6, Linn Grove, Ia.
Lane O. M .. Berwick, 111.
L an tz'J. S., Reedsville, W. Va.
j *LarSon S'. L:, Cum berland, W is. L aw head Clyde, A rnett, Okla.
Lane O. W., Newburn, N. C.
Lantz W. C.. Wellman. Ia.
♦Larson Thomas, Hayfield, M inn. Lawhead J . E., Union Star. Mo.
♦Lane Ray, Indianola, Ia.
L antzky A. C ., Dubuque, Ia.
: »Larson, V. B. M anistique, Mich. ♦Lawhead Leal, Sidney, 111.
♦Lane, Russel, Roxobel, N . C.
: *Lanver C. O., Richfield, Pa.
| Larson William C., Cushing, Wis. Lawhon J. K., Jourdanton, Tex.
♦Lane R. H., M t. Sterling, Ky.
Lawler D. W ., Casco, Wis.
Larson Wm. I.. Tioga, N. D.
♦Lanyon A. H.. Pittsburg, Kan.
Lawler E. F., Genesee, Pa.
: L a Rue C. A., Foss, Okla.
Lane T . L., Y um a, Ariz.
! Lanyon A. K., Pittsburg, Kan.
Lawler J. J., L angdon,'Ia.
Lane W. A., Indianola, Ia.
♦Lanyon S. H., Mulimville, Kan. La Rue H. A., Columbus, Kan.
Lawler Jr., John, Petalum a, Cal.
Lane W. E „ Towanda, Pa.
i Lanz Theo. S., Florala, Ala.
♦Lane W. H ., Talladega, Ala. .
Lapham E. H.. Northville. Mich. I *La Rue S. R., Rhonesboro, Tex. ♦Lawler Jr., John, P etalum a,
♦Lane W. J., Newport, Neb,
♦Lapping R ay C., Hardinsburg, ; Larzelere J . B., Zanesville, O.
Lawler J . T., Camden, Ala.
L asater I. P., Jonesboro, N . C.
♦Lane W. L., Fountain, N . C.
Lawler M . A., R oulette, P a.
♦Lane W. T. Jr., Jonesboro, Ark. ♦La P lan t R. I., Rochester, M inn. Lasater I. P., Sanford, N. C.
♦La Selle F. G.. Julesburg. Colo. ♦Lawler S. T ., Casey, Ia.
♦L aPrade J . C.. Tulia. Tex.
♦La Selle R. J „ Rhinelander, Wis. Lawler T . B., Laporte, P a.
♦Laner R. E ., Center, Colo.
Laram ore G. D., H anna, Ind.
Lawless J. A., Columbia, S. D.
Lash E. M., Rialto. Cal.
♦Laney D. H., Tam pa, Fla.
Lawless M. E., Vermilion, O.
Lash J. H ., Allendale, 111.
Laney J. W., M onroe, N. C.
♦Larbig W. P., New York City
Lawless S. G., Liberty. 111.
Lashley C. G., Davis, W. Va.
♦Laney R. D., Ellsworth, Kan.
N. Y.
A. E., Wabeno, Wis.
♦Larcade H . D., Opelousas, La.
♦Lawrence M iss B., Irwinville,
; *Lashley R. H ., Girard, Kan.
Laney, R. G., M onroe, N . C.
Laroade L. J., Opelousas, La.
Lashley T. B., Cumberland, Md.
♦Lanford J. M ., Ardmore, Okla.
Large F. A., Rock Valley, Ia.
■»Lashm ett Thos., E ast Prairie, M o Lawrence O. E ., K ansas C ity, K a n .
Lang Adam, Kahoka, Mo.
♦Large H arry, Protection, Kan.
Lawrence C. O., Union, la.
♦Lang, A. H.,- Lake Wilson, M inn. LargUliere E . W.. Soda Springs, Lashuay A. M., Rudolph, O.
♦Lawrence J. D., M cBee, S. C.
Laskey C. L., Grand Rapids, O.
♦Lang Q. G., Kahoka, Mo.
♦Lawrence E .J., Beaver Dam ,W is.
♦Larimer H. F., M onongahela, Pa. ♦Laskey G. L ., M ilan. M ich.
Lang F. C., Punxsutaw ney, Pa.
Laskey W. J . , A ctin g , M ilan, ♦Lawrence E. R ., New York City,
♦Larimore M . A., Avoca, Ia.
Lang F. E., Sylvia, Kan.
N. Y.
L arkin A. M., Newport, Ky. |
Lawrence E . S., York, Neb.
♦Lang F. P., Kahoka, Mo.
Lasley W. M., Lyons, Kan.
F. H ., Grandfield, Okla.
Lang Geo. F., Baltimore, M d.
Larkin O. O., New Richmond, O.
♦Lawrence G. L., Sari Francisco,
Lang Geo. L., Minneapolis, Minn.
Lassalle J. A., Springdale, Pa.
Larkin J. H ., Dorchester, Ia.
♦Lassen A. C., P o rt H uron, M ich.
Lang, H. H., Truesdale, Ia.
Lassiter E. A., New Market, Tenn. Lawrence H . C., Lake Odessa,
Larned W m . H., Haigler, Neb.
Lang J. E., Carthage. Mo.
♦Lassiter W. C., Jackson, NYC.
u.fl.pnha.rriifirfi Flovd.Grand Blanc,
Lang K ate L. S., Beverly, Kan.
Lawrence H . F., Cameron* Mo.
Lasswell Lyhn D., W axahachie,
iVLlCll •
Lang R. C., T renton, Fla.
Lawrence H. G., Gladwater, Tex.
♦La Roche J. S., Ocala, F la. g g
Lang Wm., W ilton Junction, la .
♦Lawrence H. R ., F t. Stockton,
♦La Rocque Fred H „ M anteno, 111. Latchaw R. R ., Id a Grove, Ia.
Lang W. P ., Cleveland, T enn.
Latchem Edwin) Wilson, Pa.
La Rocque Henry, Manteno. 111.
Lawrence H . S., M arshalltow n, Ia.
Lateer N . V., Paxton, 111.
♦Larrick I. W ., Stonington, III.
♦Langan A. H., Irvine, Ky.
J. A., W ynne W ood,
Langdon J. V., Mlsslonhlll, S. D,
♦Latendresse F. -J,,- Overly, N . D.
♦Larrick L. T ., Lenora, Kan.
Lange C. E., Murdo, S. D.
♦Lawrence J . C., New York City,
♦Latham A. W., Mansfield, Ia,
Larrison Earl. Mabton, Wash.
Lange E . A., Kempner, Tex.
N. Y.
L atham Clarence. P lym outh.N. C.
Large G. W . , Plains, M ont.
♦Lange E. H., N. Vernon, Ind.
L ancaster Hallie, Oorinth, Ky.
Lancaster L, W. .Lake City, la .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Lange F J-., Helena, M ont.
♦Lange F. K., Llano, Tex.
Lange G. H., Lake City, M inn.
♦Lange J. F., Oakland, Cal.
♦Lange T. H., Eagle B utte. S. D.


♦Lawrence J . C.i Marshall, Minn.
Lawrence J. J., M ooreton, N , D.
Lawrence J. W.. Jr., Oceanpark,
Lawrence K. E ., Monrovia, Cal.
♦Lawrence L., Yisalia, Cal.
Lawrence M . F., Irwinville, Ga.
Lawrence R., New Burnside, 111.
♦Lawrence R. G., Thorpe, Wis.
Lawrence Y. E ., Sarben, Neb.
Lawrence W. J., Merrill. la.
♦Laws A. M ., Broken Arrow, Okla.
Laws C. N ., R apid City, S. D.
Laws F rank M ., Versailles, Ind.
Laws L. L., Alex, Okla.
Laws S. M ., Pocasset, Okla.
Laws T. J., Blanchard, Okla.
Laws T. W .. Milan, Ind.
♦Lawsha E . G., Wonewoc, Wis.
♦Lawson A. V., Houston, Va.
Lawson F. E., W alworth, Wis.
♦Lawson F . M ., K etchikan
♦Lawson G. A., H ahira, Ga.
♦Lawson H enry, E ast Liberty, O.
♦Lawson H. W ., Ollie, M ont.
♦Lawson H. W ., Calhoun Falls,
n s. c.
Lawson J. A., W oodlawn, Pa.
♦Lawson Jno. D., Milan, M ich.
Lawson J. P ., Coffee Springs, Ala.
Lawson L. H „ Lyle, Wash.
Lawson L. J., Jr., Greensboro,
A la.
♦Lawson O. O., Avery, Tex.
♦Lawson Roy, Newton, Tex.
Lawson W. E., Crowley, La.
♦Lawson W. H., Bellingham,Wash.
Lawson W. S., Avery, Tex.
♦Lawther R. E ., Oelwein, la .
Law ton H. M„ Gardiner, Me.
♦Lawton W . B „ Petoskey, Mich.
♦Lawyer B. F., Baldwin, N. D.
♦Laxson Arra D., Earlville, la .
Laxson Carl M ., Earlville, la .
Lay Gilbert, St. Clair, Mo.
♦Laycock C. W., D etroit, M ich.
Laycock R. E„ Ursa. 111.
♦Layden T. H., Forney, Tex.
♦Layfield P. H ., Chipley, Ga.
♦Laylin R. W ., Columbus, Ohio.
♦Laym an E. S., Chicago. 111.
L aym an G. W ., M onroe, Va.
♦Layne A. J., F la t R iver, M o.
L ayne E ., Nolanville, Tex.
♦Layne Geo. L., Buhl, Ida.
L ayne K.. Cuba, 111.
♦Layne O. E ., Clarksville, T enn.
L ayne W . B., Clilton City, Mo.
♦Layten John, Mackinaw, lU.
♦Layton E rnest, Yellville, Ark.
L ayton E. M.. Bishopville, Md.
L ayton W. B., Scranton, Pa.
Lazenby J. M ., Leary, Ga.
Lazenby W. S., Harlem , Ga.
♦Lazarus C. A., Rushville, N . Y.
Lazier R. A., Lompoc, Cal.
Lea A. O., New Richland. M inn.
Lea E . D., Clifton Hill, Mo.
Lea Charles, Rosenberg, Tex.
♦Lea Larena, L am bert, Miss.
♦Leach A. O., D unsm uir, Cal.
♦Leach O. E .. Fredericksburg, la .
♦Leach C. E ., Davison, Mich.
♦Leach C. F., Jacksonville. 111.
Leach D „ Ubly, Mich.
Leach E . W., M atthews, Ind.
♦Leach G. M ., Ubly, M ich.
♦Leach J. A., Smithfleld, Pa.
Leach Ja s. A., C ynthiana, Ky.
♦Leach J. B., H iddenite, N . C.
Leach L. S., Green Cove Springs,
Leach R obt. H .,W aterbury, Conn.
Leach R obt. L., Adel, la .
♦Leach Veva, Bonesteel, S. D.
Leach W . S., Benwood, W . Va.
Leachey A. A., W aukee, la .
Leak Jam es T ., Lizton, Ind.
Learn H enry L., M t. Carmel, Pa.
L eam an C. G., W heaton, M inn.
Leam an H . O., W hitm ire, S. C.
♦Learner Vida M ., Wakefield, N eb.
Leam on W. T ., Greenfield, Ind.
Lear C. L., B urton, Neb.
L ear Louis K ., Seattle, W ash.
L ear W. I „ Ewing, M o.
L earm ont W. H .. Yale. Mich.
♦Leary W. D ., W ilm ette, 111.
L eary W. I., Creede. Colo.
Leas H. K „ W aterloo, Ind.
Leas L. D., W est M anchester, O.
♦Leasure F . A., L a Cygne, K an.
L eatherm an J. N .. Rensselaer,
L eathers F. T., W indsor, Va.
L eathers H. H ., Mooresville. Ind.
L eathers W, V., H olland, Va.
Leatherw ood J . D„ Merit. Tex.
Leatherwood M . E ., Council
Grove, Kan.
♦Leatherwood Pearl,
Grove, Kan.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Leavell J . A., Fulton. Mo.
♦Leavell J. R., St. Louis, M o.
Leavenw orth F., Dallas. Pa.
♦L eavitt F . A., St. Paul, M inn.
♦L eavitt H. A., Rosholt, S. D.
L eav itt R. E ., Purcell, Okla.
Le B aron A. J., S anta Rosa, Cal.
Le Baron C. A., Valley Ford, Cal.
♦Leber A. R „ Pacific. Mo.
Lebey V. W., Savannah, Ga.
L ebkicker J, E ., R eading, Pa.
Le Blanc J. G., Abbeville, La.
Le B lan cJ. H ., H untington, W.
♦Le Blanc, J. I., Plaquem ine, La.
Le Blanc L. L ., Paincourtville, La.
♦Le Blond J. P .. Celina, O.
Lebo, J . I., M acon, 111.
♦Lebold C. J., Bolivar, O.
Le Bold F ran k D., Concrète,Wash.
Le Bourveau C has. L., W hite
R iver Je t., Vt.
L e B reton L. E .. Arabi. La.
♦Le Bus R. L., Tulsa, Okla.
♦Lecklieder H. T ., Greenville, O.
Leckrone M . S., Glenford, O.
♦Leclair A. E ., Gurley, Neb.
L edere E.. Central City, la .
♦Le Coste A . R., C harleston, S. C.
♦L gibetter O. D ., Cave in Rock,
♦L edbetter C. D., Elizabethtow n,

♦Ledbetter J. A., M ontgom ery,
L edbetter J. H., Perry, Okla.
♦L edbitter J. R., Orosi, Cal.
L edet C. A., Houm a, La.
Ledford L. H .. Tennille, Ga.
♦Lettin, P. L., Stonefort, 111.
♦Le Doux F . J., Atchison, Kan.
♦Le D uke E . M .. Tintonville.Tenn.
Lee A. J., Cannon Falls, M inn.
Lee A. P., New York City, N. Y.
♦Lee A rthur, Graceville, Fla.
♦Lee, B ert H. Oslo, M inn.
Lee B. F rank, M endota, Mo.
♦Lee O. A., Garbondale, 111.
♦Lee Carl R., Cleveland, O.
♦Lee C. E ., Volga, S. D.
Lee C. H „ Hillsdale, Kan.
Lee C. H., Jr., Falm outh. Ky.
♦Lee C. N ., Briston, Okla.
Lee Cutlar, Frem ont, N. 0.
Lee D. D ., Verona, M o.
♦Lee E . A., New York C ity, N. Y.
♦Lee E . C., Oswego, M ont.
♦Lee E . E ., Louisville, Ky.
Lee E . G., A ttalla, Ala.
♦Lee E . J., Marion, O.
♦Lee E. L., Red Wing, Minn.
Lee E. M.. Glendale, Cal.
♦Lee Geo., Los Angeles, Cal.
Lee G. R „ W atseka, 111.
♦Lee G. R., Bysham, M ont.
Lee G. T„ V an Buren. Mo.
Lee Hans, Oakes, N. D.
Lee H arry, Browerville, Minn.
Lee H. C., Sylvania, Ga.
Lee H . L., Oxford, Neb.
♦Lee Hugh, Louisburg, Kan.
Lee Jas. D., P urdon, Tex.
Lee J. B., Em erson, Ark.
♦Lee J. B., New Hope, Tex.
Lee J . F., Royston, Ga.
Lee J. H .. Harveyville, Kan.,
Lee John M ., Black Diam ond,


♦Lee J. R., F t. Gaines, Ga.
Lee L . B., W atertow n, Fla.
Lee L. M„ Grand Junction, Tenn.
Lee M . L., M oultrie, Ga.
Lee O. E ., Oswego, M ont.
♦Lee P . M i, Ogden, U tah.
Lee R . A., R ound Prairie, M inn.
♦Lee R . C., Brawley, Cal.
Lee R obert E ., Shinnston, W. Va.
♦Lee R . I.. Minneapolis, M inn.
Lee R obert A., Poneto, Ind.
♦Lee R obt. M ., Thermoplis, Wyo.
Lee S. B., Gilbert, la .
Lee S. K., Gwinner, N. D.
♦Lee Selmer, H artland, M inn.
♦Lee Theo. L., M inneapolis, M inn.
♦Lee W . B.. W adsw orth, O.
Lee W . B., Rochester, Tex.
Lee W. E „ Long Prairie, Minn.
Lee W . H., Avoca, N. Y.
Lee W. S., Barnesville, Minn.
Leean O. C.. loia, Wis.
Leece Jam es R., O rton ville,
♦Leech J. A., Smithfleld, Pa.
Leech W. S., Smithfleld, Pa.
♦Leedy A. E ., F rém ont, O.
♦Leef J . D., Alham bra. 111.
Leek F. A.. South M ound, Kan.
Leeper F . E ., Stites, Ida.
♦Leeper H. S., Chandlerville, 111.
♦Leeper S. M .. Grove C ity, O.
♦Lees Howard E ., Frem ont, Ind.
♦Leet H . H ., Erie, P a.
♦Lefaivre F. H ., Clayton, N. Y.
♦Le Favour, C. D ., M arion, Ind.
♦Le F avour J. H ., M arion, Ind.

♦Lefavre W. O., Boston, Mass.
♦Lefebvre E . J., Plaquemine, La.
♦Lefevér C., Milmine, 111.
♦Leflel F. B., Newcastle. Va.
♦Leffel F. B., Nassawadox, Va.
Lefferdink C. S., Calumet, la.
♦Leffler J. W., Baltimore, Md.
Leffler Wm. A., H avre de Grace,
M d.
♦Lefmann O. H., Gerald, Mo.
Lefor N . A., Lefor, N. D.
♦Lefstad M aybell, Wheeler, Wis.
♦Leftwich J. R., St. Joseph, Mo.
♦Leftwich W. H., Dallas, Tex.
♦Legendre P . F., Thibodaux, La.
♦Legg G. R ., Fortuna, Cal.
Leggett A. T ., Magnolia, Miss.
Leggett Jno. M .. Sedley, Va.
Leggitt O. E ., Hutsonville, 111.
Leggitte N. B., Belzoni, Miss.
Le Gost A. F., New York City.
Legris T. A., Kankakee, 111.
♦Le Gros W. W., Chicago, 111.
Le Grow F. S., Athena, Öre.
Lehm an E. L., Needville, Tex.
♦Lehman E dgar O., Nappanee,
♦Lehman F. A., Manchester, Mloh.
Lehm an F. P., Gettysburg, O.
Lehm an G. A., Saline, Mich.
♦Lehman J. H., Crown Point, Ind.
♦Lehman L. L., Versailles, O.
Lehm an Max, Circle, M ont.
Lehm an M . W., Lee, Mass.
♦Lehman O. C., Payne, O.
♦Lehman R. S.. Newville, Pa.
♦Lehmann E. E ., Schleswig, la.
♦Lehmarm E. L., RosenbergVex.
Lehm ann W. F ., Sanish, N. D.
♦Lehmberg D. F., M ason, Tex.
♦Lehne W .E., Springfield, 111.
Lehnen S. E., N orth Liberty, la.
Lehnhard W. W., M onett, Mo.
Lehr John C., Foley, Ala.
Lehr J. M ., Shullsburg, Wis.
♦Lebr L. P., E tna, Pa.
Lelbenguth J. H., E. Mauch
Chunk, Pa.
Leichhardt D., Jeffersontown.Ky.
♦Leichtfuss E . W ., Milwaukee,
Leick G. H ., Grand Rapids, N. D.
Leidig W. L., Lenora, Kan.
Leigh B. V., Clinton, N. J.
Leigh Frank, Anniston, Ala.

Lenker L. G., Bram an, Okla.
Lennard H R., M etam ora. Ind.
Lennartz Henry, Cellna. O.
♦Lennert E . H., Chicago, 111.
♦Lenney J. E ., Potsdam , N . Y.
Lenon J . F „ L ittle Rock, Ark.
Lenox John. Jetm ore. Kan.
♦Lenox L. T ., M ountain View,Cal.
♦Lentell J. M., Wilsey, Kan.
♦Lenton H erbert N., Stewartville,
Lents C. M., Ninnekah, Okla.
Lentz C. A., E. Palestine, O.
Lentz E. A., Blackwell. Okla.
Lentz J. G., St. Pauls, N. C.
Lentz J. C. G„ Stella, Mo.
♦Lentz L. L.. San Antonio, Tex.
Lenz Geo., Chicago, 111.
Lenz G. Franklin, Newport News,
♦Lenz Susie B„ Ellsworth. Minn.
♦Lenzinger R. G., Hickson, N. D.
♦Leon E . G., R andall, M inn.
♦Leonard A. H ., Falco, Ala.
Leonard A. L., Jr., Jeannette. Pa.
Leonard D. A., Calexico, Cal.
♦Leonard E. B., Ram seur, N . C.
Leonard Fred, Bentley. Mich.
Leonard H. D., Leadville, Colo.
Leonard H. G., Bridgeport, Tex.
♦Leonard J . B.. Newton, N. C.
♦Leonard J. R.. Brandon, Vt.
♦Leonard J. S., Pensacola. Fla.'
Leonard Roscoe. D ayton, la.
♦Leonard Roy E., Spartanburg,
S. C.
Leonard S. W., Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Leonard W. C., Leslie, Afrk.
Leonard N. H., Trappe, M d.
Leonhard A. M„ Trenton, 111.
Leonhardt M artin. New C astle,
Leopold D. J., Lebanon, Pa.
♦Le Page, L. F., W alhalla, N. D
♦Lepeska, A. W.. Lonsdale, M inn.
L ephart G. A., Ansonia, O.
Lepisto Victor, Wakefield, Mich.
Lepper H. W.. W innett. M ont.
♦Le Prince A. E., Charleston, S. O.
Leps T . D., Keyser, W. Va.
Leraas A. L.. B arrett, M inn.
Leraas Jr., J. J., Charlson, N. D.
♦Lerberg E . 6 ., M akoti, N . D.
♦Lerce A. O., M adison, S. D.
♦Lere P. E ., Pem bina, N . D.
Lermo G. O.. Prosper, M inn.
♦Le Roy Geo. M ., Livingston
M anor, N . Y.

♦Leighnlnger E.A..W .Lafayette„0 •
Leighton E.A., Somersworth, N.H♦Leighton H. A. Minneapolis1
♦Leighton Royle, M organ Hill.
Leighton William, Mount Hope,
♦Le Roy R. D„ Mohawk. N. Y.
Leimbach A. H., Vermillon, O.
Lescher H. G.. G reat Falls, Mont.
Leimbrock C. H. O.. Gilliam,Mo. Lesesne John W., Summerton.S.C
♦Lesesne N. D., Klngstree, S. C.
Lein M. B., Fergus Falls, Minn.
♦Lesher H erbert, Adelphi, O.
Leinenkugel M . J., Radisson,
Lesinger J. W., Cedar Rapids, la
♦Leske O. E ., M artin. N. D.
♦Leslie B ertha J., Camel C ity, K y.
♦Leinwander Jacob, Marshfield,
♦Leslie Clyde, Ewing, M o.
Leise F. A., W ynot, Neb
Leslie D. D., H ouston, Tex.
Leise Henry, Liscomb, la.
Leslie E. M., Convoy. O.
Leise W. M ., Manly, la.
♦Leslie Elda, Blue M ound, 111.
♦Leiser W. H ., Danzig, N. D.
Leslie F. W ., Van Wert, O.
Leishman R. A., Wellsville, Utah. ♦Leslie Keith, Coquille, Ore.
Leisk D. T .. Milwaukee, Wis.
Leslie L. C., Morley, Mo.
♦Leissner Eleanor, Floresville,Tex. ♦Leslie R. B., W ashington, Pa.
♦Leist Jno. E ., Amanda, O.
Leslie W. C., Osgood, Ind.
♦Leist L. A., Circleville, O.
Leslie W. F., M oorcroft, Wyo. i
♦Leisy H arry E ., Wisner, Neb.
♦Lesniewski N . E .. Thorp, Wis.
Lesser Clyde T ., Ridgway, Pa.
Lester B. M ., Boonville. Mo.
Leisy I. O.. Wisner. Neb.
Lester C. B., Silverdale, Kan!
Leitch Benj., Havelock, la.
♦Leitch Geo. H ., P ittsburgh, Pa. Lester E. P., Cameron, Tex.
♦Lester J. G., Massillon, O.
♦Leitnaker C. C., Basil, O.
Leitnaker W. H., Basil, O.
♦Leitner J . D., A tlanta, Ga.
Lester M iss K. M ., Cedarville.
Leknes B„ Russell, Mlnn.
Leknes I., Bricelyn, Mlnn.
Lester W alter A., Bingham pton,
Lekve C. O., Beltrami, Minn.
N . Y.
♦Leland Rodney M ., W estboro, Le Sueur N. P.. Nashville, Tenn.
♦Lemay L., Plainview, 111.
♦Letcher J. R.. Danville. Ky.
Lemburg F. W „ Mason, Tex.
Letford W. E ., Johnston, Colo.
eth J. P., Horace, Neb.
Lem enager A. L., Ashkum, 111.
♦Lett E . K., M arquand, Mo.
♦Lemenager A. L., Ashkum, 111.
W. A., Plym outh, Neb.
♦Leming J. E ., F o rt Smith, Ark.
Leu John A., Highland, 111.
Lemly, John, Tilden, Neb.
Leuschel Paul, Wallace, Ida.
Lemme F. A., Winona, Mlnn.
Leuschner Edm und, O tto, Tex.
Lemmich S., Thompson, N. D.
♦Leusman C. J., A lbert Lea, M inn.
Lemmon S. P., Augusta, 111.
♦Leuthauser A. J ., Beemer. Neb.
♦Lemmon W. H., Selma, Cal.
♦Leuther N. A., W anda, M inn.
Lemoine L. A., Cottonport, La.
♦Leuty D. E ., D etroit, Mich.
♦Lemon B. P ., Achille, Okla.
euty J. W., Percy, la.
♦Lemon H. Y., Kansas City, Mo. Leuzinger
A. O., W ebster, M inn.
Lemon J . H., Parker, Kan.
Leuzinger J. F., Stanton, M inn.
Lemon J. K., Rolfe, la.
R . G., Cleveland.N.D.
♦Lemon R. W,, Chapman, Kan.
Lemon W. S., Friendship, Ind.
Le Valley C. J.. Sheffield, la .
Lem penau G. W., Bellaire, Kan. Levan W. F., Coplay, Pa.
Lende Henry, Appleton, Minn.
♦Levang C., W ecota, S. D.
♦L’Engle O. S., Jacksonville, Fia. Levang E . I., W ecota, S. D.
L enhardt L. F., Carnesville, Ga.
Levee A. O., M adison, S. D.
L enhart G. A., Hazelton, N. D.
♦Levee F. L.. Madisonville. Tex.
♦Lenhart H. R., S tuart, Iowa.
Levensaler L. S.. Thom aston. Me.
L enhart W. E., Eagle Lake, Tex. ♦Leverone J. B., Vineland, N . J.
♦Lenich Grace, Union City, Ind. , ♦Leverton G. E ., Cordell, Okla.

Levesque H . L.. Superior, W yo.
•Levi E . M ., Mem phis, Tenn.
•L evick H . Z., Berlin, N. J.
♦Levine J . M ., Birm ingham , Ala.
•Levorsen C. O., Pierpont, S. D.
•Levsen J. H ., Doland, S. D.
•L evy Isaac, Corsicana, Tex.
•L evy Roy, Chilton, Tex.
Levy S., Natchitoches, La.
Lewandowski J . J., Chicago, 111.
•Lewellen J. D., Epes, Ala.
Lewellen P. R., Gaylord, Kan.
•Lewellen W. B„ Laddonia, Mo.
Lewellen W. R., Epes, Ala.
•Lewellen P . R., Gaylord, Kan.
•Lewellyn E rnest, Carrollton, K y .
•Lewer M. W „ Spokane, W ash.
Lewerenz C. O., Culbertson,
M ont.
Lowers H „ Reno, Nev.
Lewey W alter, Carm en, Okla.
Lewin A. H .. Miles, Tex.
Lewis A. B., Memphis, Term.
Lewis Anna, Onaga, Kan.
Lewis A. D., E stes Park, Colo.
Lewis A. D., Tower City, P a.
Lewis A. M ., W eedsport, N. Y.
Lewis A. W .. Woden. la.
Lewis B. F., Peach Orchard, Ark.
Lewis B. M ., Dublin, Ga.
Lewis B. W „ P ittsburgh, Pa.
•Lewis.C. A., Jam esport, Mo.
•Lewis Carl' D., Ralls, Tex.
•Lewis Carl H ., A tlanta. Ga.
Lewis C. B., Keneflc, Okla.
•Lewis O. H ., Adrian, Mich.
•Lewis C. H., H arpster, O.
Lewis Charles, Valentine. Neb.
Lewis O. J., M eridian, Tex.
Lewis C. L.. Stovall, N. C.
Lewis C. R .. M illersport, O.
Lewis D. A., Carrier, Okla.
•Lewis D. B., Glendale, Ky.
•Lewis D. C., Roselle, N . J.
Lewis D. H., D uluth, Minn.
•Lewis D. J.. W illiamsburg, la .
•Lewis B., Zenda, Kan.
Lewis Edgar. F o rt Pierce, Fla.
Lewis E. E „ Franklin, Ga.
•Lewis E . F „ Mendota, 111.
Lewis E. S., M agdalena, N. Mex.
Lewis E . S., Philadelphia, Pa.
•Lewis E. W ., Aledo. 111.

Lewis Samuel D., Newport, N . H.
Lewis S. R ., M arseilles, 111.
•Lewis S. R „ Osceola, Mo. ,
Lewis S. W .,; Hum eston, Ia.
Lewis T. E., Lebo, Kan.
Lewis T . J., Elwood. Ind.
Lewis Victor. Kline, S. C.
Lewis W . A., B atavia. Ia.
•Lewis W . E „ W ilkes-Barre, Pa.
Lewis W. H., Bessemer, Ala.
Lewis W. H .. Paola, Kan.
Lewis W. J., Am sterdam , O.
Lewis W. L „ Tulsa, Okla.
Lewis W. P ., Aynor, S. C.
•Lewis W . P., Ironton, O.
Lewis W. R., W ashington, D. C.
•Lewis W. R ., Lebanon, O.
Lewis W. S.. M idlothian, Tex.
Lewis W. W „ H arlan, Ky.
•Lewison E . B.. G ary, S. D.
Lewter W. A., Ham m on, Okla.
Lexvold H. H ., Ihlen, M inn.
•L ey Gus A., Perry, Okla.
Ley R . W., W ayne, Neb.
Leyson H. J., Gooding, Ida.
•Leyson H. J. Jr., Gooding, Ida.
L ’Heureux H . M ., Campbell,
•L ia O. B., Wildrose. N . D.
•Libbey, Faye, Coffeen, 111.
•Libbey, N. B., E ureka, Cal.
Libby H. F.. Pittsfield. Me.
Libel L. A., W athena, Kan.
•L ibs J. P ., Adrian, M ich.
Llchius M. W., Steelvllle, Mo.
L ichtm an Benjamin, A m sterdam ,
. N . Y.
•L lchty B. 0., A lham bra, Cal.
L ichty E „ H am lin, Kan.
•L ichty Gladys, Ham lin, Kan.
L lchty J. C., Sabetha, Kan.
•L ichty J. N ., Toledo, Ia.
Licky H . B., Holmesville. O.
•Lldberg A. H ., Red Wing, M inn.
•Liddell R. H., Camden, Ala.
Llddle M. H.. Canfield, O.
Liddy J. R. E ., Helena, M ont.
•L ide A. F., Elloree, S. C.
♦Lidia A. D ., Strawn, Tex.

•Lewis F. R., Lompoc, Cal.
Lewis F red B.. RushviUe. O.
•Lewis Fred L., Neche, N . D.
Lewis G. A.. Ashley, Mich.
Lewis G. E ., New York City, N . Y.
•Lewis G. E ., New York C ity,
N . Y.

Lledholm Aron. Grove City. Minn.
•Liedle H. J., Eureka, S. D.
Lienberger Wm., T ustin, Cal.
•L ien C. E., P latte, S. D.
Lien C. H.. Sum m it, S. D.

Lewis G. E „ Tallahassee, Fla.
•Lewis G. P „ D ecatur, 111.
Lewis G. T., Bells, Tenn.
Lewis Guy, Richfield, U tah.
Lewis H . A., M arion, S. C.

Lierboe, R. T., T urtle Lake, N .D.
T,iflrma.nn w . C ., Newkirk, Okla.

Lewis H. B., Charleston, W . Va. ,
Lewis H. C.. Elizabethville, Pa.
•Lewis H . C., Greenville, Ky.
Lewis H arry E ., H arlan. Ia.
•Lewis Ira, Bridgeville. Del.
♦Lewis J. A., C arriers M ills, 111.
Lewis J . A„ St. Louis, Mo.
Lewis Jo h n B., Englewood, N . J.
Lewis J. C., B ay C ity, Tex.
•Lewis J.iE ., De Kalb, 111.
Lewis J . H „ Factoryvllle, Pa.
Lewis J. H., Osceola, Ia.
Lewis J . L., H arpster, O..
Lewis J . M., Gloucester, Va.
Lewis Jos. P ., Carrick, Pa.
Lewis Jas. P ., Industry. Kan.
Lewis J . Q., Clinton, 111.
Lewis J. R., Libby, M ont.
Lewis Jo h n T ., Hailwood, Va.
Lewis J . W.. Strong, Kan.
•Lewis K arl R., D inuba, Cal.
•Lewis Leslie, Atwood, 111.
♦Lewis M rs. Lou, Clarence, M o.
Lewis Lloyd N ., Bedford, la•Lewis, L. R ., Asherton, Tex.

♦Lien E . E .. M assena, Ia.
♦Lienard O. F .. Eskridge, Kan.

Liess F rank, Mokena, 111.
•Liesveld G. B., Bennet, Neb.
♦Liesveld M . T . S., Hickm an, Neb.
Liffrig A. F., Mazeppa, Minn.
•L iga S. O., Louisville, Ky.
Ligaard O. H ., Lawler, M inn.
•L iggett H . J., Rosalia, Kan.
L iggett Geo., U tica, Neb.
♦Liggett Jas. K ., H um boldt, Neb.
Liggett J . L., Morrison, Okla.
L iggett Odell, Ostrander, O,
L ight D. O., Chrisman, 111.
•L ight F . J., Chrisman, 111.
L ight G. O., Paragould, Ark.
L ight J . F., W inona, Kan.
•L ightcap J. S., N orth Judson,
•L ightfoot J. O., W iota, Ia.
L ightner Chas. O., Englewood, O.
L ightner IJ. A., D unbar, W. Va.
L ightner M . N ., D uncannon, P a.
L ightner S. W., H arper’s Ferry.
W. Va.
•L ightner W. H ., Green Valley,111.

•Lewis L. W ., Los Angeles, Cal.
•Lewis M ars, Norfolk, Va.
Lewis M . E ., Conlee, N. D.
♦Lewis Minnie, Viola, 111.
•Lewis M. D., Bedford, la .
Lewis M. H., Clarence, Mo.

•Ligón B. A., Robstown, Tex.
Ligón G. L., Red Oak, Tex.
Ligón J . H., MoKenney, Va.

Lewis M . J., Avoca, Tex.
•Lewis O. H ., Pinehurst, Ga.
Lewis O. L., Plevna, Kan.
Lewis Paul. Cloverport. Ky.
Lewis P au l B., Brooklet, Ga.
•Lewis Percy E., Lewisville, M inn.
Lewis P . T., Sheridan, Ark.
•Lewis R. A., Frankford, Del.

T.iking O. W.; Caneyville, Ky.
•Lile Thos., Leighton, Ala.

Lewis R . A., Lexington, Tenn.
Lewis R . A., Marion, Mich.
•Lewis R. A., Sabina, O.
Lewis R. C., Long Beach. Cal.
Lewis R . L „ Blgtimber, Mont.
•Lewis R. W., Shirley, Ark.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

•Ligón R . M.. Carthage, Tenn.
Likins, L. V. Harlan* Ind.

Liles R . D.. Aurora, Mo.
LUes S. E ., McCaU, S. C.
•L ilienthal J. W., Jr., San F ran­
cisco, Cal.
•L ilja E. H., G raceton, M inn.
Liljedohl G. J., Essex. Ia.
•Ldllard E . W., Canton, Me.
Lillard, J. O., Wewoka, Okla.
Llllard J. W., Canton, Mo.
Lillard J. W.. Decatur. Tex.

Lllley E. Mi. California, Pa.
•Lilley G. H ., M arion, K an.
Lilley J. D., JamesvUle, N . O.
•Lilley T . J., Whitelwright, Tex.
•Lillibridge R. C.. Delavan. Wis.


•L indquist W . A., BarhesvUle,
•L indrud J . R ., Cochrane, Wis.
•L indsay A. 0., Honesdale, Pa.
Lindsay A. R „ Tllden, 111.
•L indsay C. L., Lebanon, Ind.
L indsay D. O., Kahului, Hawaii.

Lillie L. F., Avon, 111.
•Lillie O. A.. H artford, Conn.
•L indsay E . D., Cooperstown,
Lillis M.. Masonville, la .
N . Y.
•Lillistown Vernon, Parksley, Va.
Lindsay E . E ., Robinson, 111.
•Lilly E . G., Waco, Tex.
Lindsay G. D„ T urtle Creek, Pa.
•Lindsay J . S., Camden, S. C. \
Lilly J. F., Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Lindsay P aul O., Lexington, Va.
•L illy J. S., Athens, W. Va.
•L indsay Jas., Jr., Leadville, Colo.,
•L illy W. F., Angelica. N. Y.
•L indsay R . A., Rowley, Ia.
Lilyquist W. A., B arton, N . D.
Limbocker C. I., Independence, Lindsay R. F., M t. P leasant. Tex.
U ndsay R. O.. Bemis, S. D _
Mo•L indsay W. C., W atford C ity,
Limes L. J., M ercer, M o.
N. D.
Liming M . D., M t. Orab, O.
Lindsay W. L., Bridger, M ont.
•Lim ing O. B., M t. Orab, O.
Lindseth A. S., Appleton, Minn.
T.imlng W. S.. Hamersville, O,
•L im roth j^E ugene, Rockwood, Lindsey A. S., Dixon, S. D.
•Lindsey F . T ., Streetm an, Tex.
Lindsey H. F „ F rankfort, Ky.
•Lincoln E . C., P ark Rapids, Lindsey J. H., Scotland. Ark.
R. L., Lilesville. N . C.
M inn.
Lincoln D. H,. Marion, O.
Lincoln J . H ., Bowling Green, Lindsey S. P „ Corning, Ark.
•Lindsey Vernell, Stockville, N eb.
Ohio. *
Lincoln John W., Mifflmburg, Pa. •Lindskog J. O., M inneapolis,
M inn.
Lincoln M innieE„Green M ountain, Lindstrom A. J., Rock Island, IU.
Lindstrom B. A., H am ar, N. D.
•Lincoln R . E „ Fergus Falls,Minn. •L indstrom E rnest, M arquette,
•Lincoln R. S., D etroit, Mich.
Lindstrom O. F „ Lindstrom .M lnn.
Lincoln Wm., Birdsboro, Pa.
Lindstrom Ole, Clayton, Wis.
•L ind Albert. Hillsboro, Wis.
•L indstrom S. S„ Seattle. W ash.
Lind Alvin V., Dover, N . D.
•L ind C. H., Lake Wilson, M inn. •Lineback W . L „ Slloam Springs,
L ind Herm an. M almo. Neb.
•Lineberry Geo., Stilesville, in d .
•L ind Leonard, Norwood, O. •
Lind Oscar E ., W estbury, M m n. •L ing E . E ., N ew York C ity, N . Y.
•Lingafelter E. C., Toledo, O.
•L ind W. E .. Hillsboro. Wis.
Llngamfelter J . T., Elkins. W . Va.
Lingard T. G., Mount Horeb, Wis.
•L indahl F. W., Coggon, Ia.
Lingle G. C., Cisco, Tex.
♦Lindahl H. T ., G ilbert, M m n.
•Lingle H arold L., Paoli, In d .
•LindaU Wm., Bay P o rt, M ich.
Ltngren J . H ., Bruno, M inn.
•L indam an W . J ., Ocheydan, Ia.
L inhardt J . A. N., Lohman, Mo.
•L indberg A. C., F t. Dodge, Ia.
Lininger J. H „ Harrisville, W . Va.
•Lindberg A., G rand M arais,
Link H . M„ E xeter, Neb.
M inn.
„ „ ^
•L indberg E. H „ St. Peter, Minn. L ink Howard R „ P uente, Cal. w . S„ McMinnville. Ore.
•Lindberg R. C., Florence, Wis.
•L inke A. J., Argo, 111.
L indblad A. S., Chicago, 111.
•Linke Nancy, B assett, Neb.
Lindburg A., EsSex, Ia.
Llnley' Charles, Atchison, Kan.
Linde A. A., De Forest, Wis.
Linn C. F., Linnsburg, Ind.
•L inde C. A.,”De F orest, W is.
•L inde Edw. M ., Beresford, S. D. •L inn D. C., Landis, N . C.
Linde Julius E ., R apid C ity. S.D. •L inn O. G., Kim ball, Neb.
T.irm R. S., Shoshone, Wyo.
•Linden, O. N . H aien, N . D.
Llnnell C. G., Finley. N. D.
•Llndell A. V., Topeka, Kan.
•Linnell O. G., St. P aul, M inn.
Lindell C. E „ Windom, Kan.
Linnem an B. J., Covington. Ky.
•Lindell Leroy L., W oodhull, IU. Linney G. B., Osceola, Mo.
L indem an H. G., Glasston, N . D. •Linney J. M ., H ardin, M o.
•L indem ann E . F., B artlett, Tex. Linnig J. J., Peru, 111.
Lindemann J. G., T erre H aute, •Lins H. H ., Spring Green, Wis.
Llnscott Sidney S„ Holton, Kan.
Lindem ann L. 0 ., Redstone,M ont. •Linsley F . D., Sausalito, Cal.
L intner Charles, Ironton, O.
Lindem ann W. F., Pierce, Colo.
Lindem ann Wm. F., Viroqua.Wis.
•L intner J. O., Potwin, Kan.
•Linden C. G., New Haven, Ind. L intner J. V., Lone Elm , K an.
Linzee R. S„ Duquoin, 111.
Linden N ., Hazen, N . D.
U nville C. B., Edina. Mo.
•L indenau O. C.. Lem ont. 111.
•Linville C. E ., Skidmore, M o.
Linville W. S.. Skidmore, Mo.
♦Linder Clyde, Carrollton, 111.
•Linwell E ., Ray, N. D.
Linder C. H „ Linby, la .
•U o n A., Galveston. Tex.
•L inder D. A., Prosser, Wash.
Lion A. F., Wildwood. N . J.
•L inden D . E „ Osborne, Kan.
•U n d e r H . A „ H edrick, Ia.
•Lionberger D., Sesser, 111.
•L ipke B„ Chicago, 111.
•L inder Hi* J., Sheridan, Wyo.
•L inder Jinnie, Willacoochee, Ga. •Lipkev E . R-. Uniondale. Ind.
•L ipp F . M ., H ardin. M ont.
Linder L. E „ Plaza. N* D.
Linderson O. E ., Clear Lake, Wis. •U ppincott C. S., New York C ity,
N. Y.
Llnderson R. A.. Lockrldge, Ia.
•L ippincott D. R .. M oorestown,
Lindgren A. T „ Klngsburg. Cal.
Lindgren C. H ., W ashburn, Wis.
Lindgren C. T „ Roxbury, Kan.
•L indhjem A. E ., Minneapolis,
M inn. v
U ndinger W . J ., Pascagoula, Miss.
Lindke A. F., Richm ond, Mich.
Linke R. W ., St. Paul, M inn.
Llndler J . P ., Saluda, S. C.
Llndley A. J., D uncan, Neb.
Lindley O. E ., Georgetown, III.
Lindley G. W., Sharon, Kan.
Lindley J. B., Chrism an, 111.

L ip p i« N . S., New H aven Conn.
Lippold J. H .. Cum berland. M d.
♦Lippold L. W.. Cum berland, M d.
Lipscomb A. L „ N orth Zulch, Tex.
Lipcomb J. E ., Celina, Tex..
Lipscomb J. W., M arm aduke, Ark.
Lipscomb J. W ., Fentress, Tex.
•Lipscom b R . H .. Como, Mijw.
Lipscomb R. S„ Gaffney, S. C.
♦Lipscomb W . B., San Anconio,

L ipton J. J., Preem ption, IU.
•L ipton Robt., Id a Grove, Ia.
•Lisco F red T., Lisco, Neb.
Lindly J . M„ Winfield. Ia.
U ndm an E. J.. F o rt W ayne. Ind.
Lindner G. A., Clifton Springs, Lis cum C. E „ Center Moriches.
N. Y.
N . Y.
•Lisenby A. W „ D othan, Ala.
U ndo F rank G., Shafer, Minn.,
•Lisenby C. C„ W eldon. 111..
Lisenby N . R., T am aroa, IU.
Lindquest E. L„ W aterloo, Neb.
Lteiakowski W. J., Toledo, O.
•L indquist A. E „ Gowrie, la,*
Lindquist A. H ., Almelund. M inn. •Lisle H. H „ Butler, Mo.
•L indquist O. E ., Tacom a, W ash.| •L ist Geo. H ., Jr.. W heeling, W .
U n dquist Enoch, Twin Brooks, List L. C., Frankenm uth, M ich.
List M., Yorktown, Ia.
S. D.
List R . J .. Scranton. N. D.
L indquist F. W „ Gowrie, Ia.
L indquist G. A., Langford, S. D. •L ister F. K., New York C ity.N .Y .
L isterud Henry, Sawyer, N. D.
•L indquist G. V., Rolla, N. D.
•L indquist Lydia, Almelund,M inn. L itaker O. M ., ThomasviUe, N .C .
Litchfield A. B „ Swanquater, N .C .
•L indquist L. H., Galva, IU

Litchfield E . T ., Flanagan, 111.
Lftel J . E., Albany, Wis.
Lltel J . F ., Jr., Oregon, Wls.
♦Litsey E. C., Lebanon, Ky.
L ittell A rthur, Texhom a, Okla.
L itton W. T ., Kendrick, Okla.
L itterle Oscar, Tooele, U tah.
L itterst A. C.. Metuchen. N. J.
L ittig, H. F., New England, N. D.
L ittle A. S., Petersburg, Pa.
♦Little C. E ., Laurel, M<L
L ittle Chas., Forest, La.
L ittle C. R ., M obile, AlaL ittle O. W ., C rab Orchard, Neb.
♦L ittle D. R., M arietta, Ga.
L ittle E ., Pulaski, 111.
♦Little E . A., Hancock, M d.
L ittle G. C., Newton, N . O.
L ittle H. W., Uvalde, Tex.
L ittle H ugh G., Prairie City, la .
L ittle J. A*. Oakboro, N . 6 .
Little' Jno. S., Rushville, 111.
♦Little Leo, D ecatur, Ga.
L ittle L. H., Linden, Ind.
L ittle L. W ., Darlington, Ind.
L ittle O. E., Haverhill, Mass.
♦Little O. E ., Haverhill, Mass.
L ittle Ralph, Blackford, Ky.
L ittle W. F., T ryon, N. C.
L ittle W. P., Columbus, O.
♦Little W. P., Raleigh, N. C.
L ittle W. P., Wilder. Tenn.
L ittle W . W., E arly, la .
Littlefield A. H ., P arker, Ariz,
Littlefield E . F ., Boston, Mass.
♦Littlefield J . E ., Columbia, Tenn.
♦Littlefield T. D., Sacram ento, Cal.
♦L ittler F. A.. D unkirk, Ind.
L ittleto n E dgar, Fairfax, Ya.
L ittleton H. A.. Bloxom, Va.
♦L ittleton M . S., Ipava, 111.
♦Littlepage E. E., Girard, IU.
♦Littrell Lloyd, Powell, Wyo_
♦Litz Fred, Delmont, S. D.
♦Litzenberg R. G., M urdo, S. D.
Livdahl Carl, Dadson, M ont.
Lively Ivo. W ., Jam esport, M o.
Lively R. H Luray, Kan.
♦Lively T. C. Jr., Hedley, Tex.
Livengood Y.W., Waynetown, Ind.
L iver Jo h n I., E lk h art, Ind.
Liverm ore R . H ., Pem broke,
- N. C.
L ivem ash G. H „ Necedah, Wis.
♦Livingston A., Charlevoix. M ich.
Livingston Alex., Sfiohomish.Was.
♦Livingston A. W . P ortland, Ore.
Livingston F. G.. Peterboro, N. H.
Livingston J . N., Carlsbad, N. M.
Livingston W . M„ Monroe, la .
L izotte A. B., Zahl, N . D.
♦Llewellyn J. F ., Madisonville,
Lloyd E. H .. Toulon, 111.
♦Lloyd H. W „ Toulon, 111.
Lloyd J. L., Farm ers burg, Ind.
♦Lloyd J. M ., Q uitm an, Tex.
Lloyd J. W ., Toledo, O.
Lloyd Ross H ., Wilkes Barre, Pa.
Lloyd T. B., Em porium , Pa.
♦Lloyd T. H ., P aragould, Ark.
Lloyd Wm. E ., Cleveland, M inn.
♦Lloyd W . H ., E verett, Pa.
♦Loamis R. F., Forest Grove, Ore.
♦Loar, T. J., G rafton, W. Va.
♦Loats M . R .. M anchester. M d.
Lobaugh C. H., Blue Island. IU.
♦Lobaugh O. M ., Blue Island. IU.
Lobaugh P au l M ., Woodward,
LobdeU L. F., Muir, Mich.
♦Lobdell W ard. Tribim e, Kan.
♦Loberg Cora, Pingree, N . D.
Lobley J. W., F rankfort, Kan.
♦LocateU A., L., St. Louis, M o.
Loeey Vernon, Edmore, Mich.
♦Loch A. B„ Detroit, Mich.
♦Lochman G. H ., W inchester,
Lo ebner F. A., Milwaukee, Wis.
Lochrie A. J., Deer Lodge, Mont.
Locbrie S. C., M cIntosh, S. D.
Locke C. E ., E thridge, T enn.
Locke F . C., K ent, la .
♦Locke I. E ., Golman, S. D.
L ockhart Adam .W adesboro.N.C.
L ockhart C. E ., Ridgway, P a.
♦Lockhart C. X ., W atertow n,
S. D.
L ockhart J . L., D urham , N . C.
L ockhart J . M., Camden, Tenn.
L ockhart S. G., M ontrose. Ark.
Lockin Sam ’l H., Red W ing, Minn.
♦Lockridge D. H .. Downs. Kan.
Lockway John G., M ataw an,
M inn.
Lockwood Cecil, Keystone, Ind.
Lockwood C. L ., W ashington,
♦Lockwood F. H .. H um boldt, la .
♦Lockwood F. M„ Kankakee, IU.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Lockwood H. F „ Central City, la .
♦Lockwood H. J., Westfield, N.Y.
Lockwood R. S„ Ossining, N. Y.
♦Lode T . T ., C ulbertson, M ont.
Lodermeier C. V., St. Joseph,
M inn.
♦Lodge A. H-, Bowling Green, O.
♦Lodge E . 0 ,, Lewes, D e l..
Lodoen I. N., Alvarado, Minn. *'
♦Lodoen N. R., Alvarado, M inn.
Loe E . O., M adelia, M inn.
♦Loe Isham , Rochester, Tex.
♦Loeb C. F., U rbana, IU.
♦Loeb N orm an A., T rem ont, Pa.
♦Loeffler E. A.. Mason. Tex.
LoChwing A., L ittleton, Colo.
♦Loekle O, J., Peru, IU.
♦LoeUke W . F ., Alton, 111.
♦Loepp, A. C., Okabena, M inn.
Loewen H . J., Goessel, Kan.
Loewen I. J., Bessie, Okla.
♦Lofborn R alph W., Geneva, 111.
♦Lofgren G., K arlstad, M inn.
Lofgren G. A.. Hoffman, M inn.
Lofgren L„ Ulen. Minn.
Lofgren O. M ., Starkw eather.N .D .
Lofiand C. E ., Oskaloosa. Ia.
♦Lofstrom A. H ., Kimball, Minn.
♦Lofswold G. W ., Chester, S. D.
Lofthus O. E., Kloten, N. D.
L ofthus O. J., Beardsley, Minn.
♦Loftin E. B.. W arsaw, N . C.
♦Loftin W. A., Idabel, Okla.
Lofton W arren E ., Waco, M o.
♦Loftsgordon H ., M adison,’ Wis.
Loftsgordon H erm an J., M adison,
Lbftus R . P., D e Soto, Wis.
Loftus Thomas. Lexington, Ind.
Logan C. L., N orden, Neb.
♦Logan C. W., Norden, Nebr.
Logan E . A., H appy, Tex.
♦Logan E . A., Red Lodge, M ont.
♦Logan H . IVt., Avoca, Wis.
Logan H. Z., South Milwaukee,
♦Logan J. A ., Leedey, Okla.
Logan John A., Tropico, Cal.
Logan John. Columbus, M ont.
♦Logan J. W., T raer, Ia.
♦Logan Lee C., Haigler, Neb.
♦Logan Louise B.. Bedford, K y.
Logan L. H ., P etersburg, Mich.
♦Logan R . A.. Rawlins, Wyo.
♦Logan R. H ., N orthom e, M inn.
♦Logan W., Toledo. 111.
Logan W . G:, Belgrade, Neb.
Logan W. H., Laddonia, Mo.
Logan W. P ., Belgrade, Neb.
Logue J. M ., Lansing, Kan.
.♦Lohman L. V.,Jefferson City,M o.
Lohm an W. J., Parlier, Cal.
Lohm ann J . H .. Hastings, Neb.
♦Lohm ann R . W ., M oorhead, Ia.
♦Lohmar B. W., Minneapolis,
M inn.
♦Lohm ar W. L., W atertow n,M inn.
Lohmiller C. J., Delano, Minn.
LohmuUer J . B., Centralia. Kan.
Lohmuller O. V., B eattie, Kan.
Lohn Lewis, Fosston, Minn.
Lohoefeher H. H., Aullville, Mo
♦Loboefener Verna, Aullville, Mo.
Lohoefener W .F., Concordia, Mo.
♦Lohr E . E ., MonticeUo, IU. ♦Lohr L. A., M agnolia, M inn.
♦Lohr R alph, Upland, Neb.
♦Lohsen C. B.. Keansburg, N . J.
♦Loken H abbert, W anam ingo,
M inn.
♦Lokken O. O., Irene; S. D.
♦Lokstad H. J., Ross, N. D.
Lomas D. B., Villisca, Ia.
L om atch C. F ., Patricksburg, Ind.
♦Lomax C. S., Sargent, Neb.
Lomax H.;- Broken Bow, Neb.
Lom ax H . W ., Laclede, Mo.
♦Lomax J. C., Broken Bow. Neb.
Lom bard E . P., Ligonier, Ind.
Lom bard E. P ., Topeka, In d .
♦Lomen E. M ., Ryder, N. D.
Lomerson J . L., PhUlipsburg.N.J.
♦Lommen S. N ., Grandin, N. D.
Londergan S., M arcus, Ia.
London D. B., W hite Deer, Tex.
♦London John R., RockhUl, S. C.
Lonergan J . D ., Lilly, Pa.
Loney E. J., Powers, Ore.
Long A. C., ShelbyvUle. Ky.
Long A. J., Elysian, M inn.
Long B. F.. Barney, Ga.
♦Long C. A., Holdrege, Neb.
♦Long C. E ., W hite Springs, Fla
Long Chas. E ., H ouston, Ark.
Long C. F .. Judsonia, Ark.
Long C. W., Osakis, Minn.
♦Long C. W., M anchester, Okla.
♦Long D. M.. Frederick; Okla.
Long E. B., Charlestown, Ind.
Long E. G., Roxboro. N. C.
♦Long E verett, Hindsboro. 111.
Long F rank L., Braggadocio, Mo.
♦Long George, San Francisco,

Long Geo. E ., Cherokee, la.
Long G. W „ Lipscomb. Tex.
♦Long H. W., Council Grove, Kan.
Long I. L., SelbyvUle, Del.
♦Long J. CaruthersviUe, Me.
♦Long J., Mt. Vernon, Tex.
Long J. A., PowersvUle, Mo.
Long J. A., Haw River, N. G.
Long Jas. J., CaruthersviUe, Mo.
Long J. B., Cleburne, Tex.
Long Jam es C., ConnellsvUle, Pa.
Long J. CL Parsons, Tenn.
Long J . R., Bryson City, N. C.
Long John W., Petersburg, Va.
♦Long L. E., Finley, N. D.
♦Long M . D.. Columbus Grove. O.
♦Long R. A., Johnson C ity, Tenn.
Long R. B., Commerce, Tex.
♦Long R. O., Hollywood, Cal.
Long R. F., Hendersonville, Tenn.
Long R. F., Springfield, Ten».
Long T. L.. Vega, Tex.
♦Long T. L., Taylorville, 111.
Long W. F., Roxboro, N. G.
♦Long W. L., Bremen, Ga.
Long W. P., Hasse, Tex.
Longan D. E ., Houstonia. M o.
'Longan F. W., Lincoln. IU.
♦Longan H. A., Houstania, Mo.
♦Longfellow, J. F., Bedford, Ia.
♦Longjienry A. L., H ew itt, M inn.
Longino G. F., Jr., Collegepark.
♦Longmire Wayne, Lafollette,
♦Löngmoor J. J., Rosebud, Tex.
♦Longnecker F. C.. Pleasant HU1,
♦Longpre D., Missoula, M ont.
Longwell T. C., Sparta, Wis.
Longwell W. H., Paw Paw,M ich.
Longworth Edw., Prescott, Wis.
Longyear W. D., Los Angeles, Oal.
Lonker W. A., Ashland, Kan.
Lonning J. E ., Thor, Ia.
♦Lonsdale Persis G., Sauk Rapids,
M inn.
‘Lonson Albin, Callaway, M inn.
Lontz C. F., Mifflinburg, Pa.
♦Look Wm. M ., De Smet, S. D.
♦Lookingbill, J. G., P erth, N. D.

♦Lorge F. J., Remsen, Ia.
♦Loring A. M., llliana., IU.
LorkowsM E ., Farwell, Neb.
♦Loring Bruce, Valparaiso, Ind.
♦Lorshbough A. A., Fargo, N. D.
♦Losee A. R., H untington, W. Va.
♦Losensky E . L., M oose Lake,
M inn.
Losey W. A.. Hagerm an, N . M.
L othm an W. H .. Shattuck. Okla.
Lotsch Jos. M ., New York City.
L ott Henry, L ott, Tex.
L o tt H . M ., Saybrook. IU.
L ott M ., Hahira, Ga.
L ott M. T „ Elmwood, IU.
♦Lott W. F., Dubois, Pa.
♦Lotter E . H., M oberly, Mo.
L otter H, J., M oberly, Mo.
L ottes L. H „ Altenburg, Mo.
Lotz F . C., Charleston, S. O.
Loubek R. B., Freda, N. D.
Loucks Asa, Trent, S. D.
Loucks Charles H.. Scottdale, Pa.
♦Loucks Jam es G., San Pedro,
♦Loucks W. H. Jr., T rent, S. D.
♦Loud.C. S., Albion. Mich.
Louderback A. J „ Valparaiso, Ind.
Louderback C. C., Stanley, Va.
LoudermUk H. L„ Maywood, Mo.
♦Loudon J. A.. N. Yakima, Wash.
Loudon J. D., College Springs, Ia.
Loudon R. D., Utica, Minn.
Loügh F. L., Remington, Ind.
♦Loughary H . W ., Goldendale,
Loughery A. J.* Edinburg, Ind.
♦Loughery H. K., S anta Rosa, Cal.
♦Loughlin J. G., Devon, Kan.
♦Loughney E thel F.. Spooner. Wis.
Loughorn E..„ New Diggings, Wis.
♦Louisburg, C, W. Salem, N. J .
Louise H . L uis, Eagle, Wis.
♦Lounsbury J. M .,, W itt, IU.
Lounsbury R. A.. Albion. Ida.
Loutzenhiser H. O.. Kirkm an, Ia.
♦Love C. M .. Stewartstown. Pa.
Love E. C., Chandler, Okla.
Love F. M., Smithville, Tenn.
♦Love Gordon, M arianna. Ark.
-Love R. M .. Pauls Valley, Okla.
♦Love W. L., Douglass, Kan.
Love W. P ., St. Johns, Ariz.

♦Loomer E . A., Mitchell, S. D.
Loomis A., Redfleld, S. D.
♦Loomis F. E., Chicago, 111.
Lovejoy G. H.. F lint, Mich.
Loomis G. E ., Berthoud. Cplo.
Loomis J. C., New Britain, Cohn. Lovel B., Cam bria, IU.
Lovel W. Royalton. IU.
Loomis P . B., Jackson, Mich.
♦Lovelace C. B., Bangs, Tex.
Loomis P. W., Cresbard, S. D.
Lovelace F. C.. La Center, Ky.
Loomis R. P., Seattle, Wash.
Lovelace J. O., Canadian, Okla.
♦Loomis W. G„ Redfleld, S. D.
♦Lovelace O. R ., Mitchell, Neb.
♦Loonah T. W ., Lismore, Minn.
Lovelace W. H ., Maxwell, Cal.
Looney E . M ., A tlanta. Ga.
Loveland A. M., Oberlin, O.
♦Loveland H. W., Oakdale, Pa.
Loveless Geo. R . B., ClarkshiU,
Looney H arry F., Jordan Valley,
Lovell Chas. F ., Nashville, Tenn.
♦Looney J. W., Spencer, W. Va.
♦LbveU E arl R., Anacortes, Wash.
♦Looney R. L., Decherd Tenn.
LoveU George, Scheneyus. N. Y.
Looney R . T ., Tishomingo, Okla.
♦Lovell L. W., Monticello, Ia.
Loop A. E., Belvidere, IU.
♦Lovenburg E . L., M adrid, Neb.
♦Loop C. D.; Belvidere, IU.
Loop E. J., Cotter, Ark.
♦Lovett F rank, E astland, Tex.
♦Loosbrock Leo A., Lismore, L ovett G. B., Cheyenne, Okla.
M inn.
L ovett G. D., M anchester, O♦Loose C, F., Oldham. S. D.
♦Lovett R. H., Chicago, 111.
Lovik Ole, Larson, N. D.
Loving C. M ., Greybull, Wyo.
Loving J. G., Ooalgate, Okla.
Loving J . G., Henderson, Ia.
Loose I. A.. Thurm an, la .
♦Loose L. T., Napoleon, O.
Loosen Franz H., Okarche, Okla.
Loving S., Pierce. Pam plin, Va.
♦Loots John W., Palm er, Ia.
♦Lovinggood C. M ., Acworth, Ga.
Loper W. H., Cameron,, W. Va.
♦Lopezde Leon R., San Antonio, ♦Low A. C., Norwood; Ga.
Low E. W., Pauls Valley, Okla.
♦Loppnow A. R., Oconomowoc, ♦Low J. W., W ashington, D. C.
Low P . E ., Gridley, 111.
Lorang P . J., Burley, Ida.
♦Low R. R., San Saba, Tex.
Low R. W., Quitm ann, Tex.
Lord A. B., Eagle B utte, S. D.
Lord A. H., Honeoy§, N . Y.
♦Low W. H., Alba, Tex.
♦Lord E . K., Em poria, Kan.
Lowder M. N „ E lkland, Mo.
♦Lowdermilk H. A., Willcox, Ariz.
♦Lord F. C., P ark River, N. D.
Lowdermilk T. J., Judsonia, Ark.
♦Lord Geo., Sumner, Neb. (
Lowe A rthur, W orthington, Ind.
Lord H arry, Cando, N. D.
♦Lord H. K „ Sanford, Me.
♦Lowe C. F., M ontpelier, Vt.
Lowe C. R., McMechen, W. Va.
♦Lord J. H „ Noble, La.
♦Lowe D. C., Sioux Falls. S; D.
Lord J. S., FaUs City, Neb.
♦Lord Lester, D anbury, Neb.
Lord L. A., Irvona, Pa.
Lowe H arry L., Allen, Wis.
Lord Orin, EUsworth. Wis.
♦Lowe J. D ., Harrellsville, N. C.
Lowe J. H., Roberta, Ga.
Lowe J . M., Paragould, Ark.
Lowe J . W ., Chaseburg, Wis.
Lord R . F,. McCool Junct., Neb.
Lord S. J.. DubUn. Ga.
LoWe J. W., W rensnall, M inn.
♦Lowe M. J., Bradford, Pa.
Lord W. H., Foley, Mihn.
Lord W. S., Greenwood, Del. Lowe Nellie. Locke. N. Y.
Lowe O. O., Cass Lake, M inn.
Lorenc F . A,, Loma, Neb.
♦Lorence G. W ., D uluth, M inn. Lowe R . A.. La Moure, N. D.
♦Lorenz G. B., Sacramento, Oal. ♦Lowe R . J., Blue Springs. Mo.
♦Lorenz Henry, Columbus, O.
Lorenz J. H., San Antonio, Tex. Lowe S. E ., M alone, Tex.
Lowe Samuel H., Fitchburg,M ass.
♦Lorenz J. H., Stockdale, Tex.
Lorenz W. H., Lodi, Cal.
Lowe W. E., De Leon, Tex.
♦Lowe W. H ., San Jose, Cal.
♦Lorenzen A. B., Denison, la .
♦Lowe W . JEL, Jr., W ashington
♦Lorenzen B. L., H artley, Ia.
♦Lorenzen C. P., Vail, Ia.
♦Löwe W. M ., Jasper, M inn.
Lorenzen J. K.. Fulton, 111.



M acdonnell J. S. Pasadena, Cal.
♦M acdonough Jas., New Y ork
C ity, N . Y.
Mace E . D ., Spearville, Kan.
♦M acEachron, S. A., Grinnell, Ia.
M acFarlane, W. C., L a Salle, 111.
♦Luke R . J., Sweetgrass, M ont.
Lower C. M .. Ontario, Wis.
♦Macferran,. .C. S. Chicago, 111.
♦Lower D. O., Collegeview, Neb. L uke W. L., Bradford, la .
♦Maoferran H ., Topeka, Kan.
Lower R. A.. Valparaiso. Neb.
♦Mac Gillivray N . D ., Brem erton,
Lukes C. N., Miles City, Mont.
Lowery C. O., Rockport, Tex.
Lowery W. A., New Boston, Tex. Lukins H. W ., Streator, 111.
Macgregor H . S., D uluth. M inn.
♦Lowman A. O., Smithville, Mo.
W. B., New Orleans,
Lukken M . A.. Elbow Lake, M inn.
♦Lowman J. A., Bixby, Okla..
♦Lull L. R.. Cordova. Neb.
♦Lowman Nellie, Bussey, la.
M aeham er D.. L., Belleville, Kan.Lowman W. H.,Timmonsville,S.C.
♦M achamer E. E ., Fulton. 111.
Lyle C. A., Carrollton, Ga.
♦M aehamer L. G., Belleville; Kan.
Lumley W. C. F ., Beaver C ity, Lyle D. M., Glen Elder, Kan.
achart Joseph, L ankin, N. D.
♦Lyle E . C.. M agnolia, Ark.
Lowman W. H .. Bussey, la .
Lumm S. F., Lebanon,. Mo.
Maohemehl W. F.. Bellville, Tex.
Lyle I. D ., W right, Ia.
Lowndes J. M ., Lander, Wyo.
♦Lumpkin J. J. Jr.. M eridian, Tex. ♦Lyie R. B., Movilie, Ia.
M achen Bruce, Savanna. 111.
♦Lowrey A. M., F t. Madison, la .
L una A. M., Piedm ont, Mo.
♦M acintosh Robt., D eertrail, Colo
Lowry Andy, Lucerne, M o.
L una L uther, W alnut, Miss.
♦M acIntyre, A. D ., Joliet, 111.
Lowry A. B.. Princeton, Mo.
M acIntyre Charles, Lake Linden,
Lund Alfred, Norcross, M inn.
Lyles W . A., W illiston, Tenn.
Lowry B. W., Paris Crossing, Ind
Lund, A rthur, Riverside, Wash.
M ich.
♦Lowry G. D., Denver, Oolo.
Lund A rthur, T onasket, W ash.
Mack E. E.. Canton, O.
♦Lund A. E ., St. Paul, M inn.
♦Mack Egil, Seattle, Wash.
Lund C. A., Vining, Minn.
L ym an E . F., Jr., Belm ar, N . Y. Mack E. J., Atkinson, Neb. ■
♦Lowry G., Shelburn, Ind.
Lund C. O., W arren, 111.
M ack G. J., T hunder Hawk, S. D.
Lyman F . W., Tracy, Ia.
Lowry J.B .F ., Chattanooga, Tenn. L und C. M ., Darlington, Wis.
♦Lyman, W. H ., M ontevallo, Ala. ♦Mack J. J.,. New Prague, M inn.
Lowry J . H., Smithfield. O.
Mack John J., Middleport, N. Y.
♦Lowry John._ Lucerne. Mo.
L ym an Wm. B., Bellville, N . J. M ack W. E ., Banning, Cal.
♦Lowry J. P ., M eeker, o k la.
♦Lund E . F ., Darlington, Wis.
Lowry J . W. Seymour, la .
Lund E. O.. Bricelyn, Minn..
♦M ackay J . J., Madison, S. D .
Lund J. C., Thor, Ia.
M acK ay J. W .,Creve Coeur, M o.
Lynch C. P.. Morgan City, La.
♦Lund J. M ., Toliey, N . D.
M ackay Wm. O., M inonk, 111.
Lowry M arvin, L a F ay ette, Ky. L und M . C., Dallas, Tex.
♦M ackenzie A. R ., Grassrange,
♦Lynch Glen, Olin. la .
Lowry R. B., La Crosse, Wis.
♦Lund P eter S., T hor, Ia.
M ont.
L ynch H. B., Sylvania, Ga.
Lowry R. D., Valley H ead, Ala.
L undahl A rthur, N iagara, Wis.
Mackenzie G. F., Grand Rapids,
♦Lynch J. J., Pender, Neb.
♦Lowry R. Q., Bedford City, Va. ♦Lundberg B. I., D ayton, Ia.
♦Lowry R. W., Seymour, la.
Lundberg Carl, Chicago, 111.
M acRenzie J. C., C arter, Okla.
Lowry S N., Marcellus. Mich.
♦Lundberg C. F., Moline, 111.
♦M acKerroll A. J., Lake Linden,
Lynch M. E.. Fisher, 111.
♦Lowry W. J., La Crosse. Wis.
M ich.
H iI
Lynoh S. H., Adrian, Ga.
Lowther Jam es W ., Bellwood, P a.
♦Mackey Aurilla, Savanna, Okla.
Lynch S. H ., Bountiful, U tah.
Loy Paul P ., M ounds. Okla.
Lundberg Herm an, W ayne, Neb.
♦M ackey F. B., Cordova, 111.
♦Lundberg T. A., Polk, Neb.
ackey J. C „ Cordova, 111.
C. F., Shepherdstown, M
♦Lundberg R . H., Chokio, M inn. ♦Lyne
Mackey J . R ., Sigourney, Ia.
W. Va.
, „
Loyd B. P., Social Circle. Ga.
♦Limde Norm an, Ray, N . D.
Maokey John T „ Camden. S. C.
Lovd J. T-, Ellenton, Fla.
♦Lunder G. H .. Slayton, M inn.
♦Lyngstad H. O., K ram er, N. D. M ackie W m. A., New Bedford,
♦Loyd W. D., Mansfield, Ga.
Lundgren D. W., Ophiem, 111.
♦Loyd W . E., Osmond, Neb.
♦Lundgren E sther M ., W uasa, Lynlp B. F., A lturas. Cal.
♦Lubbers Ira, Cedar Grove, Wis.
♦M ackintosh Arnold, Newton
N eb.
L ynn A. J., H aubstadt. Ind.
Lubiens R. O.. St. Ansgar, la .
♦Lundgren L . A., P o rt Wing, Wis.
C enter, M ass.
♦Lynn F. H., Penn Van, N. Y.
♦Lubke A. E .. Killdeer, N . D.
Lundien E. M... Dayton, Ia.
Mackley A. P .. Desloge, Mo.
♦Lynn H. C., Ottum w a. Ia.
♦Lucas B. F., Biggs, Cal. '
♦Lundin H . W., Hoffman, M inn.
♦M ackovets Anton, Pocahontas,Ia.
Lucas C. A., Newport. Va.
♦'Lundine Agnes, Oneida, Ia.
M ackprang J.H .,CedarBlufls.Neh.
L ynn J . A., Arcadia, Okla.
♦Lundine Agnes, Ryan, la.
*M acLauchlan J. D., Blossburg,
Lynn J . W., Bristol, Tenn.
♦Lundine Agnes L., Delaware, Ia.
Lucas D. S., Clieck, Va,
♦Lundine H arry, Greeley, la .
♦M aclean J.G .,M inneapohs, Miim.
Lucas Erich, Seward, Alaska.
M ac Leod A. A., Plainville, Conn.
♦Lynn R. A., Alexander, Va.
CLucas E. H.
♦M acLeod,K. E ., Dresden, O.
L ynn R . E ., M arble Rock, ia.
Lucas E. L., Kosciusko„Miss.
L undquist A. H ., Powers Lake, L ynn R obt., M agnet, Neb.
♦M acom Fred, Poplar Bluff, Mo.
♦Lucas J. A.,, Edgewood, Tex.
N . D.
Lundquist C. J., Gresham, Ore.
Lucas J. H.,, Stonewall, Okla.
Maoomber F . A., N ortham pton,
♦Lucas J. H.,, Charleston, S. C.
L undquist G. F., G rand M arais,
g ,
Lynn S. H., Redfleld, Kan.
Lucas M . A ., Clarksville, Ark.
♦M acomber H . W., New Y ork
M inn.
Lundquist H. E ., N ashua, M inn. Lynne Lars, Elbow Lake, M inn.
Lucas W. B.„ Hoisington, Kan.
C ity, N . Y.
♦Luce G. E. Luverne. N . D;
L undquist O. H ., Adams, N .,D .
♦Lynner Ingall, Clarkfield, M inn. ♦Macon K. L., Comanche, Tex.
♦Limdsgaard C , Ruskin, Neb.
♦M acpherson A. B., Springfield,
♦Lynott G. E ., Louisiana, M o.
Lundsten D. B ,, H utchinson,
Luce Stephen C. Jr.. Tisbury.
♦M acrae Irene O., So. P ittsburg,
M inn.
♦Lyon C. W ., Dallas, Tex.
„ ,
♦Lyon D. E ., Lyons, Neb.
Luchinger L.. Lam bert, M ont.
M acy E . B., Lynnville', Ia.
Lyon F. M ., H obart, N . Y.
Luchsinger P . F ., Columbus, Neb, L undt H arry, Gladbrook, Ia.
Lundvall Carl E., Denver, Colo.
L ucht W alter, Eldridge, la.
♦M acy Holland, Green, Kan.
♦Lyon G. S., Falls C ity, Neb.
Lundy C. C., Cooper, Ia.
Luck F red W., W aupun, Wis.
M adden A. C.. Dixon, Cal.
♦Lucke E . J., Baltim ore. M d.
Lyon J . M., Burnsville, N. 0.
♦Lucke H. W., New Y ork C ity, ♦Lundy Gabriel, Eckm ann, N . D.
Madden Clinton, Clarksville, O.
Lyon J. M., Pontiafc, 111.
N. Y.
Lyon John, Newm an Grove, Neb. ♦M adden E . C.. W heeler. Ore.
L uckenbach W. F., W ilkes-Barre, ♦Lundy Jessie M., Cooper, la .
♦M adden L. J., Haynesville, La.
♦M adden R. L., M emphis, Tex.
♦Lyon R. B.. Burnsville. N. C.
♦Lundy L. O., El Campo, Tex.
♦Lucore M .. Hugo, Colo.
Madding J . D., Bridgeport, 111.
Ludebuehl H. W., Pittsburgh, P a.
Maddock A. R.. Lorain, O.
Lyon W . L., W indsor, N. C.
♦Ludeking J . C., W aukon, la .
♦Lundy P . W., Ness City, Kan.
Ludeking S. W ., W aukon. Ia.
Maddocks S. T ., B ooth Bay
♦Lyons A. J., Areola, 111.
L undy W. H., Freeman, Mo.
♦Ludeman H. G., M ilford, Ia.
H arbor, M e.
Luneburg, A. J.. Creighton, Neb. Lyons D. B., Holly, M ich.
Ludem ann J. J., Cleves, la.
M addox O. O.. Chipley. Ga.
Lunger Roscoe, Gibbon, Neb.
L uder W. J.. M arkham . Tex.
♦Maddox E ., L a Due, Mo.
♦Lungren P. W., M onterey *M um . ♦Lyons Jr., Jno. B . Brook, Ind.
Maddox E . A. Somerville. Tenn.
Lyons J . C., fiowerston, O.
T.nnn A. D., Nocona, Tex.
M addox F. E ., Snow Hill, M d.
Lyons J. M ., Lowell, Ariz.
♦Lunt T. D., Dunkirk, N. Y.
Ludlow J . B., Rushm ore. Minn.
M addox H. G., Ripley, O.
L udtke F. W ., H utchinson.M m n.
M addox O. O., Ringgold, Ga.
♦Lyons J. R., Bixby, Okla,
♦Lupien H. I., Forbes, N. D.
Ludwlck F. L., E ast Brady, Pa.
♦M addox R. H., Conway, Ark.
Lyons L.. Albany, 111.
♦Luppen Conrad, P ort Angeles,
Ludwick Id a M., Dunkirk, O.
M addox R. H .. La Due, M o.
♦Ludwig A. A., Lowell, Mass.
M addox T . F ., Mayfield, Ky.
Lyons T . D ., Leona, Kan.
♦Lupton A., H artford City, Ind.
♦Ludwig A. R.. New Braunfels
♦M addux Samuel, Lawton, Okla.
Lyons W . H „ Stockton, Cal.
L upton P . L.. Mount A uburn, Ia.
Lusby O. D .. Glendale. Cal.
Ludwig C. P ., Dallastown, P a.
♦Maddy W. H.. W ellington, Kan.
Lysle Geo. B., Claysville, Pa.
Ludwig F. A., Crosby, M inn.
♦Lystad A., Benedict, N . D.
♦Ludwig F. A., G arvin. M m
M adigan Edward, Dunkirk.N.Y.
L ytle W. H .. Sparks, M d.
Lusch E . F., Dubuque, la .
M aack Albert, Crown P oint, Ind. Madigan F rank. Wallace, Kan.
♦Luse R. W., Shawn, Pa.
Madigan J . M., Dunkirk, N. Y
♦Lushear F- H .. Newark, N . J.
♦Ludwig W. C.. Benton, 111.'
Madigan Thomas, M aple Lake,
Maakestad N. F „ Omemee. N. D.
♦Lusk, J. H arrisburg, III.
♦Ludwigsen J., Osnabrock, N. D.
M inn.
L ueckC. D., Netawaka, Kan.
Madill R. J.. South Haven,Mich.
M aas Henry, Rockport, Ind.
♦Lusseir Chas. N ., Moscow, Ida.
M aas M . Vander, Plainwell, Mich. M adland A. O.:, Filer, Ga.
Lussler, V. A.. Lead, S. D
Madler John J., Hilbert, Wis.
♦Lutenbacher L. J., Goliad, Tex. ♦Maass Fred G., H artford, Wis.
♦Lueck O tto. N etaw aka, Kan.
♦M abev D avid, Bountiful, U tah. ♦Madore W. S., H yndm an, Pa.
♦Luedke C. F.. W ebster, S. D.
P orter, Clinton, Ark.
♦Lutes W. H ., Royal Center, Ind.
♦Luedtke E . E .t Oreston, Neb.
M adry S. L., W ilson, N. C.
♦Mabry J. L.. Humansville. Mo.
♦Luedke W. Q., W inona, M inn. L uth C. F.. Aurora, M inn,
Madsen Alma, K im ballton, la .
Luedtke H. W., Oreston, Neb.
MacAUister W .D.,Arkansas City, ♦Madsen Carl, Omaha, Neb.
♦Luehrs George E .. Kankakee. 111. ♦Luther F. A., Piper City, 111.
♦M adsen E . L., Belmond, Ia . J
♦Luthy A. R ., Cincinnati, O.
♦M acArtney, F o rt Covington, Madsen L. G.. Cotesfleld, Neb.
♦Lutnes Ole, Fertile, M inn.
♦Lueke M eta R., Napoleon, M o.
♦M adsen R. A ., Brigham, U tah.
- N . Y.
Luton OIM.. E ctor, Tex.
♦Luelf O. J.. W arrenton, Mo.
♦M adsen Roy, Morristown, S. D.
M acartney R .H ., Cheney, W ash.
♦Luts M elvin, Lutesville, M o.
♦Luers F. H .. Springfield, 111.
♦Madson Herm an, Royal, Ia.
Lutsey J. E., Zachow, Wis.
L uetke O. W., Graceville. M inn.
M adson L. S., Arlington, S. D.
♦Lufkin F. A., W ailuku, Hawaii.
M adson M . Jr., Goehner, Neb.
Lugeanbeal E . E ., E lk C ity, Kan
M acD onald G. O., Highwood, M adson O. W., Slifer, la.
♦Lugeanbeal Peari, E lk City, K an. L uttrell John, Melrose, la .
♦M addux Samuel, Lawton, Okla.
♦Lugg C. H., Knoxville, Pa.
MacDonald H. C.. Seattle, W ash. Maedgen W. L., Troy. Tex.
♦Lutz D. H ., Seattle, Wash.
Luhm an G.G..Howard Lake,Minn. L
M acD onald H. D .. Cripple Creek, M aehlm ann F. J., O ttoville, O.
♦Luhman H. C., Ridgeway, Ia.
♦M aehlm an M argret, Ottoville, O.
L utz F. A., Hamler, O.
♦M aehr J. W ., Orlando, Okla.
♦M acdonald K.. Buffalo, N . Y.
♦Lutz H . L., Wolford, N . D.
Luhring J. A-, F rankfort, Ills.
♦M acDonald, R . D ., Stillwater, ♦Maerckleta F. M ., Danzig, N. D.
Luidens H. J., Holland, Mich.
♦Maeroklein H. J., H artford, Conn.
L utz J . A., Ashland, O.
L uitbly L. B., Rubio. Ia.
♦MacDonald R.L.Mancelona.Micm ♦M aersch F. P ., Sheboygan, Wis.
♦Lyddon J. D., Irvington, Ky.
Lukanitsch Leo. J.. Sisseton, S.D.

Lowe W . T.. Eagleville. Tenn.
♦Lowell M . J., Le Roy, Mich.
Löwen C. A., Anela, N . D.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦Luke John D ., R ay City, Ga.
Luke K. G., Sweetgrass, M ont.
Luke R. G., Cecil, Ga.

L utz O. C. G., W yandotte, Mich.
L utz S. J., P o rt Angeles. Wash.
♦Lutze R obt., Cleveland,. Wis.
Luxford Chas. W., E lberta, M ich.
L ybrand J. C., New Brookland,
s. o.
L yddone C. B., W ashington,D . C.
L yder J . W .. D uluth, Minn.
Lydlck D. E., F t. W orth, Tex.
Lyell A. M., Greenville, Miss.
♦Lyeth L. W., Augusta, G a.
Lyford J. H ., Fairdale. N. D.

M aertz J . B., New Prague, M inn.
Maffry C. R., Macon. Mo.

M allery J. E .. Pierre, S. D.
M alloch C. W .. Escanaba, M ich.
♦M allery Anna, Morrowvfile, Kan.
M ailey M . B., Sykestön, N . D.
♦M allonee F . E .. Peru, Kan.
♦M allory F. J., Wellborn, Fla.
Mallonee J. F ., Arlington, M d.

M arquart A. A., Chicago, 111.
♦M anning N. P.. Ringgold, Ga.
M arquette Charles, Kendall, Wis.
Manning R. D., A lpharetta, Ga.
Marquis C. E., Jefferson, Ia.
Manning S. W., Keosauqua, Ia.
♦M anns J. W., Cason, Tex.
l Marquis F . H., Mansfield, O.
♦M arr A. R., Tulsa. Okla.
M anny F. H., Timewell, 111.
♦M anor L. J.', Nashua, M ont.
M anorgan J. A.. Manville, Wyo.
♦M arr C. J., Boothbay H arbor,
♦M anring E. W., W inston, Mo.
M allory J. W ., M anchester.Okla
♦Manry H. C., Norfolk. Va.
♦M arr Jam es J., Formoso, Kan.
M allory M . N ., Page, N . D.
M anry L. B., Dodge, Tex.
arr N. S., Bismarck, N . D.
Malloy D. C., Castalla, la .
♦M arr R. A., Union, Ore.
♦M alloy E. E ., C ast alia, Ia.
M anry L . C., Edison, Ga.
♦M arrey L. R.. Seneca, Wis.
♦Malm B. W „ Phillips, Wis.
M ansberger Wm., Goldsboro, Pa. ♦M arriner C. H., High P oint, N. C.
♦M alm H. J ., Sanborn. N. D.
M ansell M. E., Mineola, Tex.
♦M arriott E . D., Leeds, N . D.
Manser F. H „ Dale, Wis.
M arriott Wm.. Baltimore, M d.
Magill G. A.. Kelly, Kan.
M alm Louis, Eckelson, N . D.
Manser F. H ., Hortonville, Wis. M arrs F. P., Harlowton, M ont
♦M aglott, G. W ., Bellville, Ohio. Malm Louis, Sanborn, N. D.
Mansfield A. L.. HUlsboro, N. H. ♦M ars H. J., W abasha. M inn.
Magness M . C., Oak Grove, La.
♦M alm W. F.. Alvarado. M inn.
C. 0., Donnellson, 111.
♦Marsau J . C., D ysart, Ia.
Magnuson D. E.. Chapman. Neb. M alm ar E. S.,New York City.N.Y. Mansfield
♦Mansfield Carl. Shellrock. Ia.
Marscher W . F., Beaufort, S C.
♦M agnuson E . G., N . Branch, ♦M almberg B. W., Rio, 111.
♦Mansfield F . S., Donnellson, 111. M arsden J., Englewood, Kan.
M inn.
♦M almberg H . A., Fertile, M inn. ♦Mansfield F. S., Tyler, Tex.
♦Marsey J. H., Lewistown, M ont.
♦M agnuson H . M ., Geraldine, Malmrose V. A., St. Jam es, Minn.
♦Manfleld H. B., Boston, Mass.
♦Marsh Aldeo. Sistersville. W. Va.
M ont.
M alone B. G., Loganville, Ga.
♦Mansfield J. C., Muncie, Ind.
M arsh Alto, Gordon, Ala.
Magoris G. C., Tolna, N. D.
M alone O. O., M ercer. Tenn.
Mansfield S. B., Carbondale, Colo.
♦M agoun C. M .. Sioux C ity, la .
♦Malone Chas. J., M etam ora, O. Mansfield W. A., Otsego, Mich.
M agowan I. S., Gordon, Neb.
♦Marsh Miss Altie, Red Springs,
♦Malone J. C., Charleston, W. Va.
♦Mansfield. W. F.. Desloge. Mo.
M agruder A. R., Ripon, Cal.
N. C.
♦Malone J. M., Havelock. Neb.
♦Manson F. S„ Jr., Kenbridge, Va.
Claude E., H ot Springs,
M agruder B. H .. P o rt Gibson.Mlss. Malone M. C., W aldron, Ark.
♦Manson W. G., Murfreesboro, M arsh
Magruder, C. H „ Coshocton, O.
♦M alone R. W ., Burlington, N .C .
M agruder G. H.. Rome, Ga.
♦Marsh C. O., Philippi. W. Va.
Malone W. T., El Reno. Okla.
Mantonya E. L „ Utica. O.
♦M agruder J. M ., P t. Gibson,
Maloney J . J „ H eron Lake. Minn.
♦M antz B. S., New York City,
M arsh C. W. E ., Hawkinsville,
Maloney P . E., Commerce. Tex.
N. Y.
M agruder S. A., P o rt Clinton, O.
Manwaring F . P., Mentone, Ind.
M agruder, Wm. D ., Brunswick, ♦Malowney R obt. J ., Chester, Neb. ♦Mapel N ancy M ,, Hazel Green, M arsh F. H., Allentown, Pa.
G. A., P arker, Ariz.
Malsbary W.A., So.Charleston,O.
M arsh George, M ahom et, 111.
M aguire E ., Pullm an, Wash.
M apel O. E .. Grandfleld, Okla.
altby H. R., Long Beach, Cal.
Marsh H. G., Minden, Nev.
♦M aguire J. P., New York C ity, ♦M
N . Y.
alugen K athleen, Greenville, M apes Chas. H., Spring Valley,
M aguire T . F ., Greenville, N . C. ♦MMo.
N. Y.
Marsh J. A., Constantine, Mioh.
Maguire W. A.. Vail. Ia.
♦Mapes C. W., Reno, Nev.
I Marsh J. G.. H aslett, Mich.
M alugen S. J., Greenville, Mo.
Mapes E. F.. P o rt Jervis, N. Y.
Marsh J.H ., New Lisbon. Wis.
M ahaSey E . B „ Madera, Pa.
M arsh J. L., Owensville, O.
M aly Stanley, C edar Rapids, Neb. M aphis F. D., Strasburg, Va.
♦Mahaffey J. C., Cherry Tree, Pa.
♦Maple A. L., Deming, N. M.
M arsh M . E., M elbourne, Fla.
♦M ahalley L. W .f K lam ath Falls, ♦M ammoser J. T ., Chicago, 111. ♦Maple E. D., Sullivan, Ind.
Marsh O. H., Oliver, Ga.
Marsh O. M., Sayre. Okla.
Maple R. C„ Glasford, 111.
♦M ann W. B., Jacksboro, Tex.
Mahaffey O.H.,SulphurBluff,Tex.
arsh S. S. Newark, N . J.
♦Mahaffey S. A., Sterling C ity, Te. M anahan J . B., Camden, Del.
arsh W. E ., Chicago, 111.
♦M ahan S. E ., W illiamsburg, Ky. ♦M anatt S. E ., Los Angeles, Cal.
arainette T. A., San Luis,
♦M anchester B .B .,Providence,R.I. ♦MObispe,
♦M ahin C. F ., Kokomo, Ind.
Archie, L ittleton, W.Va.
♦Mahin, M rs. L ottie E .,H aw thorn. Mandel F. C.. Sum m it, 111.
A., Omro. Wis.
Marshall A., Bear Lake, Mich.
♦M anderfeld A. A., New Ulm, Marble
B. C., Ocean C ity , N. J.
Mahin W . C., H aw thorn, Fla.
M arch A. T ., El Reno, Okla.
Marshall B. M., Georgetown, O.
♦M ahl Chas. J., H artford, S. D.
Marshall Byrd, Renick, Mo.
Manderfeld H. H., St. Paul, Minn.
M ahl W . A., W inona. M inn.
arch D. A., E ast Berlin, Pa.
Marshall Chris, Nashville, Mich.
Mandevllle C. H. W., Providence, ♦M
arch Geo., Winamac, Ind.
M arshall O. C ., D ayton. Pa.
' M
♦M ahlam Nels, Fingal, N . D.
March W. F., Lawrence, Kan.
M ablandt F . C„ Beckemeyer, 1 1 1 .
M arconi Roy, Blanket, Tex.
Marshall C. H., Pottsvffie, Pa.
♦M andull Lela, Kimball, Neb.
♦Mahler S., Moore, Okla.
♦M arcott C. C., Oconto Falls, Wis. ♦Marshall D. B.. Lincoln, Kan.
♦Maneill J. W ., Cisco, Tex.
M ahlin J. C., Smithfleld. Neb.
M arcus B. K., New York City, ♦Marshall Dean, Syracuse, Neb.
♦M angan J. T ., Chicago, 111.
♦M ahlke E rnest, Sidney, Neb.
,N . Y.
♦Marshall E dna, Serena, 111.
♦M ahlum N . M .. Franklin. M inn. Mange D. G., Lowell, Mich.
♦Marshall, E . J., E ureka, Kan.
M angelsdorf F. A., Atchison, K an. Marcus B. L „ Muscoda. Wis.
♦M ahon F . J., T urton, S. D.
♦Marshall F. A.. W alnut Creek,
♦M anger Erling, Alamo, N . D.
♦M ahon R. H ., M artin, Tenn.
Marcusen C. R., Price. U tah.
M angold E . H.. G retna, Neb.
M ahon R. W ., T roy, Tenn.
Marshall Frank, Chatham , Va.
M angold Geo. M ., Bennington, Marden W. E.. St. Anne. 111.
M ahon W m., Hillsboro, Ore
Marshall G. K., Ralston, Okla.
♦M ardis D. V., M ilan, Mo.
Marshall G. M., Bradford, Vt.
M ardis D. V., No. Salem, Mo.
M angold John C., Elkhorn, Neb.
♦M ahone E . H ., H am let, N. O.
Marshall H. A., Greene, N. D.
Mares R. A., W heatland. N. D.
♦M ahone Powell, W illiamsburg. ♦M angold R., Kingston, Ia.
M a rette Geo., Orr. M inn.
Marshall H. B., Burnsville. W .V a.
a rett V. S., Queen City, . Tex. M arshall H. D., Geneva, N. Y.
♦M ahoney J . D., D uluth, M inn.
M angold W. B., H untington, Ia. M
Marshall H. E., W am pum , Pa.
C. B„ Caribou. Me.
♦M ahoney Rose C., M aynard,
♦M anguih C. M ., M illtown, Ga. Margesson
argarve L. C., Herrin, 111.
M arshall H. G., T erral, Okla.
M angum O. P ., Chesterfield, S. C. M arguerat
Dow, Sycamore, O.
M ahoney T . J., N o rth P ortland,
♦Marilley L. F., Carthage, N. Y. M arshall John, W ebberville, Mich.
M angum C. V.. Groveton. Tex..
arina Clyde, Exline, Ia.
♦Marshall J. D. M ., C hattanooga,
♦M ahoney W ., Cedar, K an.
♦M angum M aude, Braxton, Miss. M
M arin E . F., Patterson, La.
M ahoney W. P., H eppner, Ore.
M angum W. H., Weldon, Tex.
arshall J. E ., Baltim ore, M d.
M ahony C. P ., Galena, 111.
Mangum W. P., Braxton, Miss.
♦Marion A. G., Colfax, Wash.
Marshall J. H., S pirit Lake. Ida.
Mangum W . R.. Stem, N. C.
M arion W. C . . Wadley. Ga.
M arshall J. K.,Hillsboro, W. Va.
♦M ahony H . E ., M aquoketa, Ia. Manier E. C.. Versailles. O.
♦M ark Leo L., E lk P oint, S. D. Marshall J . L., Douglas. Neb.
M ahony J. L., Farley, Ia.
♦M anix Ursula, Augusta, M ont.
M arkell Geo. C., St. Johnsville ♦Marshall J. M ., Hazel, Ky. i.
♦M ahony M . F.. E nterprise. Ore.
Manley G. N„ Canaseraga. N. Y.
N. Y.
♦Marshall J. S., Blairsville, Pa.
M ahony P . J., O ttaw a, 111.
♦M anley L.. R., Sioux C ity, Ia.
♦M arker A. T ., Greenville, O.
Marshall John T .t Panam a, Neb.
M ahr R . L.. Manito. 111.
Manley W. B„ Belfast, N. Y.
♦M ai R. O., Greenwood, Del.
♦M anlove Lucy, Wilkinson, Ind.
♦Marshall L. A., Chippewa Falls.
M ailey G. H ., New Y ork C ity, , Manly N. I., Elbrldge, Tenn.
WisN. Y.
| Manly W. H., Birmingham, Ala.
M arkey L. T ., Greeley. Kan.
♦M arshall L. O., G reat Falls
♦Main D. M., Luverne, Minn.
M arkham H. J., Mio, Mich.
M ont.
♦Main Wm. A., New York City, ♦M ann A. H., Virgil, S. D.
♦M arkham H. W .. Lake City Marshall L. M ., R a y City, Ga.
N . Y.
♦Mann C. J., Junction City, K an.
M arshall Lucille S.. Carbon. Ind.
M ainaus E . O., Appalachia, Va.
♦M aim Clyde, H onea P ath. S. O. M arkham J . 0., Paragould, Ark.
♦Marshall L. W „ F o rt W orth, Tex.
♦M ainaus, W. L., Appalachia, Va. ♦M ann D. P., Colmesneil, Tex.
J. G., T urton, S. D.
Marshall Louis. Versailles. Ky.
♦M ainous A. G., Appalachia, Va. Mann F rank. Brownton, Minn.
♦Markham P. R „ Sherman, Tex.
♦Marshall M aud, T erral, Okla.
Maine E . L „ M anchester, 111.
♦Mann F. R., Tiffin, o.
N., K enna, N. M.
M airens H . J., L a P lata, M o.
♦Mann G. M., Penelope, Tex.
M inn.
♦Marshall A. C., Bunkie. La.
M airner Charles, Ceresco, Neb.
Mann H . L„ Flushing, Mich.
M arkham T. U.. Chapin, 111.
♦M arshall O. L .,C hapel Hill,Tenn.
♦Maish W. W., Des Moines. la .
♦M ann H. W .. Paris. Ky.
♦M aitland H. W., P t. Huron, M ann J. E ., Locust Grove, Okla. ♦M arkham W. S.. Durham . N. O
♦M arkitan J. V., Bruno, Neb.
Marshall O. W., Elkton, S. D.
M ich.
♦ M a rk ita n L . J., Verdigre, Neb Marshall P. P „ Oran, Mo.
M aize Fred S., Russellton, Pa.
Markland Avery, Cheviot, O.
Marshall R. D., Sevlerville. Tenn.
♦Major Bruce, Kaysville, U tah.
♦M ann J. C.. Wellington, M o.
♦Markland W. L., Armstrong, Mo ♦M arshall R. P., Denver, Colo.
♦Major C. W „ Ith aca, N. Y.
♦M ann J. S., Linnton, Ore.
M arkle Ja y E ., So. St. Paul, M inn ♦Marshall R. J., Stevens Point,
♦Major E. A.. Clinton. Mo.
M ann J. W., H yannis, Neb.
M arkley L. D. Keota, Colo.
M ajo r F . Lee. Brinkley. Ark.
M ann M . G., T arboro, N . C.
♦Markley June. W abash. Ind.
Marshall R. M., Grantsville.W . Va.
♦Major J . M., W are Shoals, S. C.
Mann Paul, Hebron, N. D,
M arks H. S.. Kimbal. Kan.
Marshall, R. S., Portsm outh, Va.
Major J . W ., Grandview, Mo.
Mann R. H.. Shumway, 111.
♦Marshall S. J., M anito, 111.
Marshall Samuel,W est Chester,Pa.
Major R . E ., W indsor, Mo.
♦M arks J. J., Glennie, Mich.
♦M ann R . S., Newnan, Ga.
M ajors E . E ., Orchardville, III.
♦M arks M . L., Personville, Tex.
Marshall T. C.. Alma, Mo.
♦Majors J . M„ Luxora, Ark.
♦M ann R. S., Holgate, O.
M arks W. S., Kimbal, Kan.
Marshall T. W., Reedpoint M ont.
M ann Scott W., Wells River, Vt. M arley A. R., Gosport, Ind.
♦M ajors W. D .. Ripley. Tenn.
♦M arshall T. Z., Kenyon, M inn,
Makee A. H ., Noonan, N. D.
Mann S. M„ Linnton, Ore.
Marley J. W., Oswego, Kan.
♦Marshall V. S., Brookville, O.
Malach O. W „ Sublette, 111.
M ann W. H ., Virgil, S. D.
Marley L. W „ Colome. S. D.
♦M arshall W. A., Gilmer, Tex.
Mann W. F., Lake Benton. Minn. M arlin A. M ., W yanet, 111.
Malchose H . A., Ayr, N. D.
Marshall W. B„ Greenville. O.
♦M ann W. J., Roanoke, Ala.
Malchow W . G.,l W ilder, Minn.
♦M arlin R. L., Eureka, Kan.
Marshall W. L., W adesboro, N. 0.
M arlin W. R., Glencoe, Okla.
♦M alcolm A. E ., Pittsfield, Mass. ♦M annasm ith C. A., Kellerton, Ia.
M annhalter John ,Julesburg, Colo. Marlow T. M„ New Florence, Mo.> Marshall W . S., Leon, Kan.
♦M alcolm G. A., Chicago, 111.
♦M arston W. F., Ainsworth, Ia.
Malcolm Geo. W., Nisland, S. D. M anning A . P.. South Pasadena,
Marlow W. H., Highland. Md.
♦M asterm an Lois, B lythe, Cal.
♦Marlowe B. E., Charlotte. Ia.
Malcolm Om ar J., G reat Falls,
Manning A. V.. Pineville, Mo.
Mamell R. O., Nebraska City.Neb.
M arnet J. E ., Galva, Ia.
♦M alcolm W ebber, Oakhill, K an. ♦M anning E . M ., M atthew s, Ga.
♦Marston W. P. J r., Lake C rystal,
Marple G. A., Tina, Mo.
♦Maley J. F., E lkader, la .
Manning E verett. Pineville, Mo.
♦M arple N. A., McMechen, W. Va. M arten A. J., Schaller, Ia.
♦M afia J. A., Salt Lake C ity, U tah, M anning H. W ., Tiff C ity, Mo.
♦M anning J. E., A tlanta, Tex.
M alin H. A., Joplin, Mo.
M arquand C. R., Chamois, Mo.
M artens E. J., Menlo, Ia.
M anning J. M ., Economy, Ind.
♦Mall W. A., Belle Plaine, la .
M arquardt A. E ., Sauk City, Wis. ♦Martens F. C„ Oakland, Cal.
Manning J. M.. Dilworth. Minn.
M all W. L ., Aurora. S. D.
♦M arquardt R. C., Pierce, Neb.
Martens H. A;, Buhler, Kan.
M anning M. E „ Spur, Tex.
♦M arquardt W. H., Addison. HI. Martens M. G.. Anchor. 111.
M allard E . F.. Shallotte. N . C.
M agdanz A. F., Pierce, Neb.
M agdsick C. C., Charles City; la.
♦Magee B. L ., Plevna, M o.
Magee Carl E ., Plevna, Mo.
♦Magee F. H., F t. Davis, Tex.
♦Magee F. M., New H am pton, Mo.
♦Magee F. P ., Dansville, N. Y.
Magee J . S., New H am pton, Mo.
Magee J . T., New Cambria, Mo.
,M agee O, B., Bogalusa, La.
Magee T . H ., Braddock, N . D.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


M artin A. A., A ltavista, Va.
M artin Jr. Alex., Eugene, Ore.
M artin A. H.. Elizabethtown, Pa.
»M artin A lbert, Laredo, Tex.
M artin Alex. Jr., Eugene, Ore.
»M artin A. S.. Chicago, 111.
»M artin Blanch, Willisville, 111.
M artin B. C., Delaware, Okla.
M a rtin B. F ., Dodge C ity, Kan.
M artin B. H „ F o rt W orth, Tex.
»M artin C. E ., W arren, Ark.
M artin C. E ., D ecatur, Tex.
M artin C. E ., F o rt Valley, Ga.
M artin C. H ., Woodward, Okla.
M a rtin Chas. G., Bedford, la .
M artin C. J .. Luvem e. Minn.
»M artin C. M .. Moscow, Kan.
»M artin Carrie E ., Plym outh, Ind
»M artin D. B., Cooperstown.N.D.
M a rtin D. H .. Coffeyville. K an.
M artin D. L., Marameo, Okla.
»M artin Estell, Auxvasse, M o.
M a rtin E . T ., G alchutt, N . D.
»M artin E . H ., Edm ond, Okla.
M artin B. J „ Craig, Neb.
»M artin E . L., W aynesboro, Miss.
M artin B. M.. H untington. Ind.
M artin E m ry, Bloom, Kan.
M a rtin E . 8., Alston, Ga.
M artin E . 8., M artinton, 111.
»M artin E. W ., P entw ater, M ich.
M artin F . C ., Johnstow n, P a.
M artin F . E., Iroquois, 111.
»M artin Frances, M orehead, Ky.
M artin F ran k F „ Greenville. S. C.
M artin F . G., Chippewa Falls, Wis.
♦M artin F . L., Sacram ento, Cal.
M a rtin F . L., Snyder, Okla.
»M artin F. R., Thurm ont, M d.
»M artin G. H ., Hazleton, P a.
M a rtin Gay, C astor, La.
»M artin Geo. L., W abash, Ind.
»M artin G. O.', H uron, 8. D.
M artin G. R ay, Farlington, K an.
»M artin Geo. A., Dousman, Wis.
.»Martin G. P ., St. Paul, M inn.
»M artin G. P., M onticello, 111.
»M artin Geo. W.. Darlington.W is.
»M artin H ., Parsons, W. Va.
M artin H. A., E lkhart, Kan.
Martin H . D., Bedford, Ind.
M artin H . E ., Gillette, Ark.
M artin H. E., W aukegan, 111.
Martin H. G„ W arren, Ark,
M artin H. H ., Crosby, N. D.
»Martin H. H „ Los Angeles. Cal.
»M artin H. J., B ay C ity, M ich.
»M artin H. 8., Wheeling, W . Ya.
M artin H . T ., Saline, M o.
M artin H . W ., A tlanta, Ga.
M artin I. B-. Abilene. Kan.
»M artin J. C., Thomasville, Ala.
M artin Joseph, Standish, M ich.
M artin J. D ., Florence, Miss.
»M artin J. E ., Salem, 111.
»M artin J. E ., Snyder, Okla.
M artin John C., Salem, 111.
M artin John C., Pryor, Okla.
»M artin Jo h n D., W est Tulsa,
»Martin J. F „ Odessa. Mo.
»M artin J. H., Gainesville, Ga.
»M artin John H., N ew H olland.Pa.
M artin J . K., L ittle Falls, Minn.
»Martin J . L., Ashdown, Ark.
M artin J. L ., Bromide, Okla.
»Martin J . R., Carter, S. D.
M artin J. S.. V inita, Okla.
M artin J . W ., Oakesdale, Wash.
»Martin Jam es. F lint, Mich.
M artin J. McO.. Conway, S. O.
»Martin Joseph. Hillsville, Va.
»M artin Julia, Jones, Okla.
»M artin Kirke, Ely, Nev.
M artin L. B., Ozark, Ala.
»M artin L. B., Toledo, O.
M artin L. E., Bowling Green, Va.
M artin L. G.. Braddyville, la .
»Martin L . G., Gilmer, Tex.
♦M artin L. J ., E ast T roy, Wis.
M artin L. R., Natchez, Miss.
M artin L. T., Bennington. Okla.
»M artin Lycia, R avanna, M o.
Martin M., Mason, Tex.
»M artin M . A., Seward, Alaska.
M artin M. A „ W agoner. Okla.
»M artin M . B., Alston, Ga.
M artin M . G.. Deloit. Ia.
M artin M . L., Severn, N . C.
»M artin N . G., Coatesville, Pa.
♦M artin M iss N ell H ., Burlington,
»M artin N . M ., Holcombe, Wis.
M artin P aul. Quitm an, Ark.
»M artin P . O., Newton. 111.
»M artin R ay, Pekin, Ind.
»M artin R ay, Rushcenter, K an.
Martin R . A. R.,MountClalre,Neb,
♦M artin R . O., F t. W orth, Tex.
M artin R. G.. Carrollton, Mo.
M a rtin R . J .. N orth Creek. I£. Y.
♦Martin R . M.. Florence. Ala.
»M artin R. S., Lynn, Ind.
M artin R . 8.. Williston, S. C.
»M artin Sam uel, A ugusta, G a.
♦Martin T. H „ Gordo, Ala.
Martin True, W oodstocla, O.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

»M artin T . T ., M ullins, S. O.
M a rtin T . W ., Lin wood, Kan.
M a rtin V. J., C arpenter, Ga.
M artin V. P., M oab, U tah.
M artin W . A., Earlville, 111.
»M artin W ade, Lincoln, Neb.
M artin W. B., P ukw ana. S. D.
M artin W. O., Branchville, S. C.
M artin W. C., Cove, Ark.
M artin W . D., Auburn, Ala.
M artin W. E .. F lint, Mich.
»M artin W. H., Danville. 111.
»M artin W. E ., Rockport, 111.
M a rtin W .'H ., Gassville, M o.
MartlnvW. H.. Ritzvllle, W ash.
»M artin W. M., Mason, Tex.
M artin Wm. P., Adams, Mass.
»M artin W . P ., M artinton, 111.
M artin W. P., Cross Hill, S. C.
M artin W . R .. Lipan, Tex.
»M artin W. S., Boise C ity, Okla.
»M artin W. V., F reeport, 111.
»Martin W . W ., Brookfield. Mo.
M artin W. W ., Indian Gap, Tex.
Mairtindale A. T ., Gaylord, Mich.
Martine H. B., Newburgh, N. Y.
»M artine J. C., New York C ity,
N . Y.
m J
♦M artinson C. A., Deer Wood,
M inn.
. ._
»M arttila M . A., Frederick, S. D.
M arty Henry, H ot Springs, S. D.
M arty Isabella, Longford, Kan.
»Marty Oliver, Longford, Kan.
»M artyr E . M ., Slater, Mo.
M artz A., Greenville, O.
M artz F. M .. Arcadia, Ind.
»Marvel A. D ., H astings, Neb.
M arvel O. S., Akron, O.
M arvel J. W ., Hastings, Neb.
»Marvin C. J., St. Charles, 111. _
Marvin E. H „ BaldwinsvUle. N.Y.
M arvin E . L ., Joliet, M ont.
»M arvin E. M ., B a ttle Oreek.Mich
•M arvin H. S.. Delhi, N. Y.
M ar vis R.W .,Cam pbellsburgt In d .
M arx Phil., T ehachapi. Cal.
»M ary Geo., Jr., Oconto, Neb.
M aryott F. H., Hooper, Neb.
Masengill C. H., Blountville. Tenn.
»Masenhimer S. G., M anchester,
M d.
- ^
»Maser V. W., Dickinson, N . D.
»Mashek F. W ., Lldgerwood, N.D.
»Mashino W . F., Ham m ond. Ind.
»Masingill Byron, Heber Springs,
• Ark.
»Mason A. O., H artford, Conn.
M ason Albert, St. Charles, S. D.
M ason A. G., Morganfield, M o.
»Mason A rthur P ., Gouverneur
N. Y.
»Mason B. E ., St. Charles. S. D
Mason C. B., Menard, Tex.
♦Mason O. N ., Trenton, Mo.
Mason D. K.. Marlon, Ala.
»Mason E. E ., W ebster City, la .
M ason E. W ., Lake P ark, Ga.
M ason F. G., Attleboro, Mass.
»Mason Gladys, 'Somerset, Ky.
♦Mason G. S„ Greeneville, Tenn.
Mason H .E ., Meadow Grove, Neb
»M ason H. W., Sedalia, M o.
»Mason J. C., M ontfort, Wis.
»Mason J . E ., Medina, O.
M ason J. N ., M elvin, Tex.
M ason Ja y R., Idaho Falls, Ida.
M ason John T ., A cting, Hancock
M d.
Mason J . W .. New Truxton. Mo.
M ason L. A., B ertha, M inn.
M ason M e rrett C., Alva, Okla.
»Mason M. P., Castlerock, W ash.
»Mason O. N ., M elvin, Tex.
»Mason R . A., Kem m erer, W yo.
Mason R. L.. Bradford, Pa.
M ason R. P ., New Plym outh
M ason R. T ., Albia, Ia.
M ason Thomas, M cM innville
„ „
♦Mason T . S., W ashington, D . O
»Mason W. J., Beatrice, Ala.
Mason W. L., Keene, N. H.
Mason William, Norwich, N. Y,
M ason W. W ., W aterford. O.
Massey B. F „ Ellsinore, Mo.
»Massey E . Thos., M assey, Ind.
»Massey E . T ., Chestertow n, M d
»Massey G. A., Vona, Colo.
♦Massey G. T ., Jerom e, Ida.
M assey J. L.. Hartwell, Ga.
»Massey J. W., L a F ayette, Ga,
Massey O. D.. Alderson, W . Va.
»Massey T. C., Tekoa, W ash.
Massey W. O., M orrillton, Ark.
Massie F . L., Vernon, Tex.
Massie H. M ., Kevil, K y .,
Massie W . M., F o rt W orth, Tex.
Massies M . E., Massies Mill, Va
»M ast D. M ., Pequot, M inn.
M ast H. T ., Nacogdoches, Tex.
M ast R. H ., Coquille, Ore.
»M astalir A. J., Pierce, Neb.
M asten F. L., H arrington, Del.
»M asten J. M ., San Francisco
i „
M asters O. C., Drexel, M o.
M asters Chester D ., Petoskey
M ich.

»M atthiessen II. C., Cottonwood,
M asters C. L., Braddock, Pa.
M asters F . A., C anton, M inn.
Ida• '
»M asters G ertrude L., H arrisburg, M a ttice W. J., A nacortes, W ash.
»M attingly m , Lagrange, Tex.
»M asters G. F., L a M oure, N ..D . »M attingly J. M ., Owensboro, Ky.
»M asters J . N ., Independence, M attinson M . C., Porterville, Cal.
M attison A. F., Honea p a th , S. O.
»M asters P . M ., K ansas C ity, M o. Mattlson H. N., Chelsea, Vt.
»M asters V. H ., Sioux Falls, S. D. »M attison H., M ount Hope, K an.
»Mattison O. N., H opes P ath , S .C .
»M asterson M . E . Astoria, Ore.
»M astin Howard G., Ulysses, Pa. »M attison R . R., Tacom a. W ash.
»M attison Wm. R ., Storden,
M atchett W. F.. Pierceton. Ind.
M inn.
»M atejka J. C., Wallis, Tex.
»M attke A. J., Van Hook, N. D.
M atheny J. C., M onterey, Va.
»M attley A nita W., Kingsdown,
M ather R. A., Groton. S. D.
M ather V. T .. C arter. M ont.
♦M attocks E . E ., Atchison, K an.
M attox F. L., Big Island, Va.
»M athers F. U., Adrian, Mo.
M athes J . E ., Conway Springs. M attson John H ., K ettle River,
M inn.
»M atzke H . C., D uluth, M inn.
»M athew C. F., T allula, 111.
atzke H. H ., E dgerton, M inn.
Mathew E zra. Sterling, 111.
»M atzke H. J., M ilford, Neb.
»M athew G. H ., Bristow, Neb.
»M athews D . L., Cambridge Spgs., M atzke W. G., Shickley, Neb.
»M au B. A.. W. Salem, Wis.
»M au C. W., P rairie Farm , Wis.
»M atthews E m m a, Kenly, N . C.
»M au R. F., Ashland, 111.
♦M athews G. W ., Denver, Mo.
»Mauer M ., Sherwood, Wis.
»M auer W. G., Fennim ore, Wis.
Mathews H. M., Floyd, Tex.
»M atthew s 'Jas., New Y ork C ity,
»M auershan A. C., Edon, O.
N . Y.
M auk A. P .. B ritton, Tex.
Mathews J . F .. N orthport, Mich.
M athew s L. L., W enatchee, Wash. M auk D. J., Franklin, Tex.
Mauk H. B„ Buena Vista. Ga.
»M athews M . K., Quinter, Kan.
»M athews R. E ., Dodge C ity, K an M auk W. G.. Reedsville, Ga.
Mathews T. M., Bunkie. La.
M auldin A rthur, Kem p, Tex.
»M athews T . C.-, Waller, Tex.
»M auldin C. S., Anderson, S. C.
M athew son H ., E lbum , 111.
»Mathewson H. Jr., Hollis, Okla. Mauldin, J.W „W ater Valley, Miss.
Mauldin W. B., WaterValley.MIss.
Mathewson C. M.. W althill. Neb.
Maulding W . B.. Dahlgren. HI.
»M aulsby J. H ., M onroe, W ash.
♦M athias E . E ., Peebles, O.
»M athiesen H enry, Lincoln, Neb. »M aultsby J . A. Jr., Whitevlile,
N . O.
»M atniesen O. F., Bonners Ferry,
M aultsby J. D., W hitevlile, N . O.
M athieson John,Deckerville,M ich. M aund H. F., Dexter, Ga.
M athleu W . G„ Bowdle, S. D.
M athis Calvin, Buncombe, 111. M auney F. G., Ball Ground, Ga.
»M auney L. I., Lafollette, T enn.
»Mathis C. F ., W averly, Kan.
»M auney M . O., Cherryville, N . O.
Mauney M. L., Cherryville, N. 0 ,
»M athis H . W .. L am ont, Okla.
Mauney R. L„ Kings M ountain,
M athis J. A., Frederick, Okla.
N. C.
»Mathis J . H.. Gilmer, Tex.
M aupin E . B., Shelbyville, Tenn.
M athis L., Fairview, Okla.
M athis R. D., Mound City, 111.
»Maupin H . S., Clarence, M o.
M athis Thos. E., San Antonio,Tex. Maupin L. B., Baggs, Wyo.
»M aupin R. G., Pattonsburg, M o.
»M atkins W. A., M ilan, M o.
»M aupin R. R., Baggs, Wyo.
M atlack E . S., Keneflc, Okla.
Maupln S. D., Portsm outh, Ya.
Matlack J . W ., B ryn Mawr, Pa.
Maupin W. G. Jr., Portsm outh,V a.
Matsen J . E „ Kingston, Minn.
»Matsen S. N.. Bickleton. W ash.
Maurer C. F.. Arlington. Minn.
M aurer H . A., Dorchester, Wis,
»M atson H . O., W arren, M inn.
M aurer J. F ., Lam ar, Colo.
M atson Jam es. Svea, M inn.
»M arner M ath., Sherwood, Wis.
»M atson Jr. P ., Codell, Kan.
»M aurin H enry F., E lizabeth,
M atsum oto M., Seattle, W ash.
M inn.
M a tte k W. J., N eva, Wis.
Maurin P . P ., Cold Spring, Minn.
»M atter G. B.,Isle, M inn.
M a tte r L. A., Isle, M inn.
»M auritson G. J., P ark R iver,
N. D.
♦M attem G. T . Jr., Richm ond,
Maurltz H arry, H utto, Tex.
Maus Almon H „ Schell City, Mo.
M attem G. W., Donnellson, Ia.
»M attern J. F., Beaver Springs, M authe J . J., Pacific, Mo.
»M auzey O. H ., H arrisonburg, Va.
M attem R. J., Huntingdon, P a.
»M aveety B. F., Bardwell, Tex.
M a tte rt J. Fred, Sibley, Ia.
M avity N. B., Blench Lick, Ind.
»M attes J. R., Vandalia, 111.
»Mawyer E . Forrest, Lovingston,
M a tte s R. J., L a P lata, M d.
»Matteson G. S., Enderlin, N.D.
»Mawyer H, D., Lovingston, Va.
M atthes E ., Asotin, Wash.
»Maxey B. L., Garland, Tex.
»M atthew M aggie E ., Lemons, M axey Roy, Grimes, Cal.
Maxfleld D. H.. Naples, N. Y.
M atthew V. L „ Lemonville. M o.
Maxfleld Roy, M cClelland, Ia.
M atthew s A. H., Norfolk, Ark.
»M atthews A. M ., Philadelphia, »Maxfleld Flora B., Hudsonville,
M atthew s B. C„ BoothbayH arbor, Maxon 0. W., Farina, HI.
»Maxon G. H ., Gilbert, Ia.
M axstadt C. A., Monroe, N. Y.
Matthews B. E ., H aviland, Kan.
M atthews C. D., Jr., Sikeston.Mo. »Maxwell A. F ., New Y ork C ity,
N . Y.
M atthews C. F., Berlin, Md.
»M atthews C. H ., Enfield, N . C. Maxwell A. G., Cleveland, G a.
M atthews C. J., New Church, Va.
M atthews C. J . Osawatomie, Kan.
M atthews C. W „ Pulaski, la .
M atthews D. A.. Crofton, Neb.
»M atthews E . M ., B ay C ity, Tex.
M atthew s G. I., Kiel, Okla.
M atthews G. P.» Massena, N. Y.
»M atthew s H . A., H em pstead,
»M atthew s H. D., Crofton, Neb.
»M atthews H. S., Tipton,- Ind.
»M atthews, Jas., New York City,
N . Y.
M atthew s J. B., Albany, Tex.
»M atthew s J. F ., Holbrook, Ariz.
»M atthews J. H ., Roanoke, Va.
M atthews J . I., Holly Grove, Ark.
M atthews J . L., Eagle Pass, Tex.
M atthew s J. W., Columbus, Ga.
»M atthew s L. A., Oran, M o.
M atthew s Leigh M ., McClure, 111.
»M atthew s M . A., Bayboro, N . C.
»M atthews P . O., Malone, Tex.
M atthew s R. L., M ontgom ery,
W. Va.
M atthews R . R.. Stanford, Mont.
»M atthew s W. F., Chico, Cal.
»Matthews W .W ., M anchester, Ia.
»M atthiesen E. E „ Lyons, Ia.

Maxwell C. L ., Champaign, 111.
»Maxwell C. N . Jr.. Tuscaloosa,

Maxwell, D. M ., Roy, Ala.
»Maxwell E . A., Calvary, Ga.
»Maxwell F. L .f Cotton P lant,A rk.
M axwell F . W ., H eber Springs,
»Maxwell G. H., Lexington. Tenn.
Maxwell H . J ., Princeton, Wis.
»Maxwell J. L., Bayard, Ia.
Maxwell J . M., Twin Falls, Ida.
Maxwell J . S., P ittsburg, K an.
»Maxwell J. S., New Y ork City,
N. Yi
Maxwell L. O.. Calvary, Ga.
»Maxwell M argaret, Lyons, K an,
Maxwell O. P ., Siloam Springs,
»Maxwell P . C., Elberton, Ga.
Maxwell R. E ., Fouke, Ark.
»Maxwell R. G., St. Joseph, M o.
Maxwell S. A., Ooalgate, Okla.
•M axwell T . S., W . Alexander, Pa.
»Maxwell W. R ., Atmorp, Ala. ,
May C. D„ Clinton, Ia.



M ay Charles E ., Lawrenceville.Va.
*M ay C. W Färber, Mo.
M ay E . B .t Comer, Ala.

M cB am ey K „ Lum berton, N . C.
M cB eath Cosby, M onticello, Ky.
♦McBee A. H ., M organtow n, W.

May F. J., Conconully, W ash.
♦M ay Fred A., Dickey, N. D.
M ay F red J., T onasket, Wash.
M ay G. C., Pineville, Ky.
May H. C., Cambridge, Wis.
M ay J. A., i ostoria, la .

♦McBirney Lea, Tulsa. Okla.
♦M cBratney M. A., Davison, Mich.
♦M cBrayer D . R ., Mooresboro,
N . C.
M cBrayer L.B.,Lawrenceburg,Ky.
M cB rayne R. A., H avre, M ont.
M cBride C. F., Jonesboro, La.
♦M cBride E dgar, Bluehill. Neb.
M cB ride Guy, M ays, Ind.

May Marvin, Owensboro, Ky.
♦May M. E.. C » bridge, Wis.
M ay R. H., Bainbridge, Ga.
♦M ay T ate, Ham lin, Tex.
♦May Thomas, Belleville, 111.
M ay W. C., Oakwood, O.
♦M ay W. C., Basin, Wyo.
♦May W. R., Salyeraville.Ky.
M ay W. S., Sim sboro.La.
M aybom O. J., Diller, Okla.
Maycock A. B., Gillette, Wyo.
♦M aycock C. N ., D etroit Mich.
Maycodk G. R.. SpringVille.Utah.
M ayer Alvin, Rhineland, Mo.
M ayer Alice H ., E lb ert, Colo.
♦Mayer Carl, Oskaloosa, la .
♦M ayer C. W., MiiHintown, Pa.
♦Mayer F. J., Clnoinnati, O.
Mayer F. S., Young America.Minn.
♦Mayer. Geo. L., Marksville, La.
M ayer Jno. B., Hull, la .
♦M ayer J. F., Calexico, Cal.
M äyer L., South .Whitley, Ind.
M ayer Louis, South W hitely, Ind.
♦M ayer R». M ., Coalgate, Okla.
M ayer T. S., Bridgewater, S. D.
Mayers A. J., H ubbard, O.
♦Mayes C. D., A vant, Okla,
M ayes C. E ., M ayesville, S. C.
Mayfield E., Tchula, Miss.
Mayfield F. L„ Saline, La.
♦Mayfield F rank, Mansfield, Tex.
M ayfield G. E., Simpsonville, S. O.
M ayfield G. H ., Faunsdale, Ala.
M ayfield I.-J., Waco, Tex.
♦Mayfield J. C., D urant. Miss.
M ayfield J. F., Yista, Mo.
♦M ayhew H arry, Swedesboro,
N. X
M aynard A. J., T raverse C ity,
M aynard B. O.,- Bonesteel, S. D.
M aynard X G., F o rt M otte. S. O.
♦M ayne B. L., Albion, 111.
♦M ayne M abel, Camden, Ind.
♦M ayo J. W ., Stayton, Ore.
♦M ays O. R., Baltim ore, M d.
M ays E . M ., N o rth Plains, Ore.
♦M aytubby J. D., Caddo, Okla.
♦M azanec Alois, Bessemer, M ich.
McAboy W .P., H untington. W.Va.
♦MoAchran Flora D., Bloomfield,
M cAdams A. B., Boswell. Ind.
M cAdam s F. P., W atertow n, Wis.
McAdams J . B., Greenfield, Tenn.
McAdams J . Q., W inters. Tex.
M cAdams Pope, Louisville, Ky.
♦McAdow Blanche, W akenda, M o
♦McAfee C. J., M atherville, 111.
McAfee P. H., Garland, K an.
McAfee R obt. F., Boise, Ida.
♦McAfee R. W., El Paso, Tex.
McAfee S. E., A ugusta, 111.
M cAlister F. N ., Eugene, Ore.
♦McAllister, B. G., Sand Springs,
♦M cAllaster J. Gs,> M anchester,
N. H.
McAllister C. W ., T riplett, Mo.
♦M cAllister J. W., H untsville, Ala.
♦M cAllister E . R., M oorcroft.
McAllister H. F „ Ociuawka. 111.
♦McAllister J.v New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
M cAllister P aul, H untsville, Ala.
M cAllister Thos., Plum B ranch,
S. C.
M cAllister W. A., F o rt Gaines,Ga.
♦McAllister W. J., Booneville, la .
McAlpin L. K., Metropolis, 111.
McAlpin M. C., Blackshear, Ga.
M cAlpin W m. J., T enney, M inn.
McAlpine L. A., M arinette. Wis.
* McAlpine M., Toyah, Tex.

♦M cBride J. A., Esbon, K an.
♦M cBride John, Kiowa, Okla.
♦M cBride J. R ., Hillsboro, O.
McBride L. B., Nortonville, Kan.
♦M cBride M argaret, Sardis,Tenn.
♦MoBride P . J ., Council Bluffs, la .
♦M cBride R . E ., M arengo, la .
♦McBride W ., Bradfordsville, Ky.
.M cB ride W. A., Jr., Okmulgee,
McBride W . W ., Knoxville, 111.
McBroom C. E., Spokane, Wash.
M cBryde R ichard P., K inm undy,

M cB urney F . M .. B utler. Okla.
♦M cBurney R . E ., B utler, Okla.
M cCabe E . L., Cloverdale, Ore.
♦M cCabe E. M ., Campbell. N.Y.
♦M cCabe Edw ., Pueblo, Colo.
♦M cCabe Francis, D uluth, M inn.
♦M cCabe H. J., Chinook, M ont.
McCabe John, Chicago, 111.
M cCabe J. P ., Berlin, Pa.
♦McCabe W. W ., Sadieville, Ky.
McCaffree W . H .. Moundville. Mo.
M cCaffrey J . W ., LaCrescent,
M inn.
♦McCague R. B., Hoboken, N. J.
McCahan A. J ., Huntingdon, Pa.
♦M cCain A. C., Sagerton, Tex.
♦M cCain M ., Ada, Okla.
M cC ain M artie, Sagerton, Tex.
McCain P . W., Bogata, Tex.
M cC ain R. C.. Braddock, N. D.
M cCainW ilm ot, M ontgom ery, La.
M cCall C. B., Willacoochee, Ga.
♦M cCall Chas., P lato, Mo.
♦M cCall C. R ., Brewster, Kan.
♦McCall Floyd E „ Aurora. Kan.
♦M cCall Francis, Iola, Kan.
♦M cCall G. C., N orton, Va.
M cCall Geo. Jr., H untingdon,
T enn.
McCall G. W ., High Springs, Fla.
M cCall H ugh, Cove, Ore.
♦M cCall J. A., Lexington, Tenn.
♦McCall J. F „ Tina, Mo.
M cCall J . V.,' K ahlotus, Wash.
♦McCall Phoebe E ., Centropolis,
K an.
M cCall W. K., Centropolis, K an.
M cCalla R. O., Rosemark, Tenn.
♦M cCallister Claire D ..M ilan, M o.
McCallister J., Milan, Mo.
♦M cCallister O. W., Thom tow n.
♦MoCallon H. O.. E m ory, Tex.
♦McCallon Noel, M oody, Mo.
McCallon S. K., E m ory, Tex.
McCallon N. F., Moody, Mo.
M cCallum D. R.. W atm eta. Neb.
M cCam m on A., Phillipsburg. N .J.
♦McCammond R. V., Charles City,
la .
McCandless H. A., Perry, Okla.
McCandless R. B., Fulton, S. D.
McCandless W . L., Berwyn, Neb.
M cCandlish R. C., Burnsville,
W . Va.
♦M cCanless John, Salisbury, N . C.
♦M cCann F . P ., Dunlap, la .
M cC ann F rank, T exarkana, Tex.
M cCann J. L am bert, Mont.
M cC ann J. E ., Buffalo, 111.
M cCann R. A.. Briggs, Tex.
♦M cCanna Geo. M ., M inneapolis,
M inn.
McCanse Geo. A., Mt. Vernon,Mo.
M cC ants O. G., Butler, Ga.

♦McAnally F rank X, Toledo, 111.
♦McAneny F . B., Rockdale, N. D.
♦McAneny P. F., Johnstow n, Pa.
♦McAneny W . F., M artinsburg,
W .V a .
M cA rthur C. A., M cD onalds, N .
♦M cA rthur G rant, W aukegan, 111.
♦M cA rthur J. B., W illiston, N . D.
M cArthur W . B., Antigo, Wis.

♦McCardell A. Le Roy, Frederick,
McCardwell Y. L., Mooresboro,
N. C.
McCaren W. J., Carsonville, Mich.
M cC arey H . P ., Esm ont, Va.
M cC arly A.. A uburn, Ky.
McCarson J.,T ., Lometa, Tex. '
♦M cC artan C. B., Pocahontas, la .
♦M cC artan Theo. F., Pocahontas,
la .
M cC arten J. E ., N ew port, Vt.
McCarten W. H., L ancaster, N. H.

M cA rtor E ., W inigan, Mo.
♦M cAtee Rolla, Viola, 111.
M cA tee W . A., H astings, Okla.♦McAuley A. W., Chicago, 111.
MoBane, A. G. Bergholz, O.
McBane W . A.. Salineville. O.

♦M cCarter F . R., Rochester, Ind.
.♦M cCarter W. J . D., St. Louis,Mo.
♦M cCarthy C. A„ Savannah, Ga.
M cC arthy C. D., Montgomery,
McCarthy C. F., Nortonville, Kan.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

McCarthy C. R., Glenwood Sp’gs,
♦M cCarthy E ., L ittle Valley.
N . Y.
♦M cCarthy Fred, Faribault,
M inn.
♦M cCarthy H. D., Tagus, N. D.
McCarthy H. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
♦M cCarthy H. L., Alice, N. D.
McCarthy I. M., Garfield, Wash.

♦McCloud George L.,W est Orange,
N. J.
M cCloud J. R .. York, N e t.
♦McCloud W alter, Royal Center,
♦McCloy L. G., Nome, Alaska.

McCluggage J . F., Rose Hill, Kan.
McClun J. G., Cawker City, Kan.
♦McClune Bessie, M ichigan Val­
ley, Kan.
♦McCarthy J.J.,C attaraugus, N.Y.
♦M cCarthy John, Blaisdell, N. D. McClune T. H ., Jr., M ichigan
Valley, Kan.
M cC arthy J. L., Homestead,
McCluney W. B., Aberdeen, Miss.
M ont.
M cC arthy K., Pingree, N. D.
♦M cCarthy J. M ., San Francisco, M cClung A. J., Radford, Va.
♦McOlung Guy, Spearfish, S. D.
♦M cCartney A.W., Lebanon,Tenn. McClung G. W., Jewell, Kan.
♦M cCartney M . R., Fullerton, McClung J . F .t W inona, Tex.
N . D.
♦McCartney O. C., Hamilton, 111.
♦M cCartney Wm. C., Lake Odessa ♦McClure C. L.. H untington, Ind.
♦McClure C. H., B ancroft, M ich.
McCartney W. S., Cambridge, O.
McClure Chas., Trem onton, U tah.
McClure D. B ., Scranton, la .
M cC arty A. H., Valeda, Kan.
♦M cCarty O. A., Charleston, W. ♦McClure D. P ., Cleveland, Okla.
M cClure Geo. L., T abor, 111.
McClure George, W ayne, Kan.
McCarty F rank. Kokomo. Ind.
♦McClure Jr., G. H. W estboro,
M cC arty G. F., Oskaloosa, la.
♦M cCarty H. L., Oelwein, la.
M cC arty T . N ., W alnut Springs, ♦McClure G. L., W est P oint, Ky.
G. L ., Capron, Okla.
M cC arty W alter, Concord, 111.
♦McClure H. W., Dassel, M inn, i
M cC askill Owen, Harwood, Tex. M cClure H . W., San Francisco,
McCaslin J . M., Kincaid, Kan.
♦McCaslin Wallace, Kincaid, Kan. ♦McClure H ugh S., New York,
. Y.
M cCaughan H. C., Pittsburgh, Pa.
M cClure Jas., Paris, Ky.
M cCaughey Jam es, Pacific. Mo.
M cClure J. A., Blue M ound, I1L
M cClure J. O., Ingersoll, Okla.
♦McClure J. C., Omaha, Neb.
M cClure J. D. Jr., Sleeper, Mo.
M cClure J. H., Davidson, Okla.
♦McClure J. H., Honey Brook, Pa.
M cClure L. B., Russellville, Ark.
♦McClure L. F., Nelson, Mo.
McCauley N . D., Vanoss, Okla.
M cCauley Ned, Lacona, la.
♦McClure M abel, E xeter, M o.
M cCaully H. J., Philadelphia, Pa. ♦McClure M eta, Davidson, Okla.
McCauly J . F., Philadelphia, Miss ♦McClure N . L., Golconda, 111.
♦McCaw C. E ., Union City, Tenn.
♦McClure R. K., Jr., Frankfort,
McCaw D. A., Livingston, Mont.
M cCaw S. R., W apato, Wash.
McClure R. T., W ashington C. H.,
♦McCaw W. J., Rolla, Mo.,
M cChesney E ., Salina, Kan.
McClure V. E., Arrowsmlth, 111.
McChesney J. D„ Glen Ellyn, 111. McClure W. L., Danville, Pa.
M cChesney L.. Milford, Kan.
M cClure W. T ., Jam esport, Mo.
♦McClurg L. H., Underwood, la.
M cChesney R., Ogden, Kan.
♦McOhord W. C. Jr., Springfield, McClurg O. G., H arrah, Okla.
McClurkin E. L., Morning Sun, la.
♦McClurkin O. B„ Morning Sun.
♦M cChristie B., M aywood, Mo.
♦McClain E . O., loia. Kan.
McCauley B. A.. Olivet. Kan.
♦McCauley E dna E., Lacona, la.
McCauley E. O., Freedom, Pa.
♦McCauley J. I., Olivet, Kan.
♦McCauley J. I., Vanoss, Okla.

M cClain Geo. H., Willow Springs, McGluskey C. B., K ansas City,
♦M cCluskey J. W ., Hudson, Ia.
McClain J. A., Spangler, Pa.
♦M cCluskey N .W ., Floydada,T ex.
M cClain J. Ô., Athens, Ga.
M cClanahan F. M ., Commiskey,
M cClanahan Grace, Harris, Mo.
M cClanahan W. A., Redding, la .
♦McClane E., Huntington, W.Va.
M cClaran C. O., Climbing Hill, lai.
M cClary H. P., Windsor, Vt.
♦McClary H. W „ Benton. Tenn.

McClusky C. E.. Deckerville.Micb.
♦McCoid E. B., E dna, Kan.
♦McCoid H . W., Copan, Okla.
McCoid J. D„ Copan, Olda.
McCollochT. L., Lincoln, Ark.

♦McCollom O. M., H ettick. 111.
McCollow E. A.. H artford, Wis.
♦McCollow M ., Neosho, Wis.
♦McClaskey Jane, Steptoe, Wash. ♦McCollow M artin , Woodland,
♦M cClatchy W right, Olney, Tex.
♦McCleary O. H., Honey Grove, ♦McCollow O. O., H artford, Wis.
M cCollum Ben B., Alexander,Tex.
♦M cCleary R. M ., Honey Grove, McCollum B. T., A cton, Ind.
McCollum, Fred, Louisville, 111.
McCollum O. H „ Atkins, Ark.
♦McCleery D. B., Osakis, M inn.
M cCollum S. P ., Gam bier, O.
♦McClellan H. G„ M ercer, Pa.
McComb A. T., Delta, O.
M cClellan R., M cCammon, Ida.
♦McClellan R. R., Lewis burg, Ky.'
McComb J. A., Latrobe, Pa.
P . A., Bay City, Mlob.
♦McClellan S. W ., M artinsville, ♦McCombs
McComish J . G., K it Carson,
McClelland O. J., Fullerton, Neh. M cCommas
O., B ynum , Tex.
♦McClelland H. P ., Idaho Springs, McCommons L.
R . L., Greensboro, Ga.
McClelland J. J., Town of Union,
♦McConahey G.V.,Concordia.Kan.
N. J.
McClellen Jos. L., Billings, M ont. ♦McConathy J.R ., Roodhouse, I1L
McConihay W. H.. Covington, Va.
M cClenahan J. RI, Kimball, Tex.
♦M cConkie W. R ., M oab, U tah.
cConn Fred, Shadyside, O.
♦McClenahen W .H ..D etroit.M lch. M
M cC lenathan O. V., Danville, ill. ♦McConnell Dee, Corona, Cal.
♦McCleskey Geo.H .,R ush Springs,
McConnell F. B„ Abingdon, Va.
McConnell F . B.. Richmond, 111.
McOleskeyrGeo. H., Ralls, Tex.
McCleskey N . W „ Floydada, Tex. McConnell Geo. W., Casa, Ark.
M cClintick E. R., Wyoming,Minn McConnell G. G „ P arker, Kan.
♦M cClintock C. T ., Sioux City, la . ♦McConnell H. S., Steubenville,O.
♦McConnell J., Greenwood, Ark.
McClintock J. G„ Rugby, N. D.
McConnell L. G., Portland, Ore..
♦McClintock J . S., Dufur, Ore.
L. K., Minneapolis,
♦McClintock J . W., Belzoni, Miss. ♦McConnell
M inn.
M cConnell R. L., Nickelsville, Va.
♦M cClintock L. H., Guilford. Mo. ^♦McConnell R. M ., Detroit,iM ich.
♦McCloskey O. S .,E . Palestine, O. McConnell S. F., Bloomfield. Ia. .
McCloskey D. W., E. Palestine, O. “♦McConnell W . A., Richm ond, 111.

♦McConnell W arren <3., P i t t s ­
burgh, N. Y.
McConnell W. T ., D e L and, 111.
♦McConnor Daisy C., Queenstown.
McCook J . B., Pendleton, Ore.
McCool J. F., M t. Auburn, 111.
♦McOoppin J. V., Bainbridge, O.
MeGoppln R F., Bainbridge, O.
M cCord A. B., Anaheim. Cal.
♦McCord Bj. A.. W hites Creek.
M cCord E . B., Niotaze, K an.
McCord F. P.. E ast Lynn. 111.
♦McCord* Geo. W., W ellsburg, W.
' t
M cCord J. C., Victor. Colo.
M cCord J. E., Lilbourn, Mo.
♦M cCord J. S., Seymour. Ia.
McCord L. P ., W. Palm Beach.Fla.
♦M cCord M ary E ., Pine Village,
♦McCool O. H. P., Baker, Ore.
McCord R. A., Lewlsburg, Tenn.
McCord R. W .. W estbury, N. Y.
M cCord Sàm, Italy , Tex.
♦McCorkle A. V., W ebb C ity. M o.
McCorkle J . M., Salisbury, N. C.
McCorkle J. W., W ingate. Ind.
♦McCprkle M . C. Valley Mills,

M cCrim m on S. C., San Antonio,
N. Mex.
♦M cCrohan G. O., Jr., C anadian,
M cCrory A., -Ringling, Okla.
♦M cCrory J. J,, Linden, Ia.
McCrory L. W ., E ureka Springs.
McCroskey W . H „ Madisonville.
♦M cCrum J. T ., Lexington, Va.
M cCrum b L. J., Alma, Kan.
♦McCuaig D. D., M onticello, Ind.
♦McCue F. J., California, Pa.
M cCue I. T ., Mexico, MO.
♦McCue J. W., Creston, Ia.
M cCue R . G., L iberty, Neb.
♦M cCue W. H „ Cheney, Kan.
♦McCue W m „ Janesville, Wis.
♦McCuen E d., Louisiana, Mo.

M cDonald D. B., Hansboro.N.D .
McDonald E dw ard, Lenox, Mass.
♦M cDonald E . H., L ytton, Ia.
M cD onald F. M ., N o rth E ast, P a.
McDonald F. M.. Sylacauga, Ala.
McDonald F. P .. Berkley, Ia.
M cDonald Henry, Virginia, 111.
♦M cDonald H . E ., Sallisaw, Okla.
McDonald H. L., Malvern, Ark.
M cDonald J. A., Ashton, Ida.
McDonald J . B.. Pattonsburg.M o.
M cD onald J. C., Augusta, Ark.
♦M cDonald J. C., Sulphur Springs

2 065

M cFadden H . C., Clayton, N . M .
M cFadden H . E ., Steubenville, O.
M cFall A. A., G euda Springs,
M cFall Frank, Pickens, S. C.
McFall J. H., Slayden, Tenn.
McFall J . Y., Newberry, S. C.
M cF arland B. A., Jennings, Okla.
♦M cFarland C. E., Halls, Tenn.
♦McFarland E. E .. Orange, Tex.
♦M cFarland E. J., M ertens, Tex.
♦M cFarland E . L., Leesburg, Va.
M cFarland F . P., S taunton, Va.

M cD onald J. E ., Sallisaw, Okla. ♦M cFarland J . C.. P ortal, N. D.
M cFarland J. A. L., Pilot Point,
McDonald J . H „ Wheeling, W .Va.
McDonald J . H., River June., Fla. ♦M cFarland J.D., Pinebluffs.Wyo.
♦McDonald J . J., Sylacauga, Ala. ♦M cFarland J. H ., M t. Vernon, O.
M cFarland J. R.. Ladonia. Tex.
McDonald J . K.. Sm lthton. Pa.
McDonald J. N., Scammon, Kan. ♦M cFarland Samuel, Cincinnati,
M cD onald J. P ., Jackson, O.
McCullagh John, Galena, Kan.
M cCulley Isaac, Lake C ity, Kan. M cDonald J. T ., Lingle, Wyo.
M cFarlane John, Glennie, Mich.
McCulloch W. W., Scranton, Pa.
McFarlane,Jr. ,J .O. .Aberdeen, Miss.
M cCullough A. M ., Danvers, McDonald J . T „ Torrington, Wyo. McFarlin J. J.. Girard, O.
♦M cDonald J. W., Madisonville,
M inn.
cFarlin L. B., R ay, N . D.
KyMcCullough E./B-. Hillsboro, Ga.
♦M cFarren W. C., Shepherd,
McDonald J . W., Minden, La.
M cCullough E . L., Texline, Tex.
_ .
♦M cCullough E rrol, Neosho Falls, ♦M cDonald L. M ., San Francisco, ♦M cFetridge
0. W., Hazelton, Ind.
♦M cDonald M . M ., W essington ♦M cFerran B.L., M occasin, M ont.
♦McGahan C. E.. Johnstow n. Pa.
Springs, S. D.
♦M cCullough F . A. McGregor,
♦McCOrkle'M . E., York, S. C.
M cGahey A. J., Oak Vale, Miss.
M cDonald R. B., Solen, N . D.
M ich.
M cCorkle W. F ., W ynne, Ark.
cG ahey O tto, Belfast, Tenn.
R. E ., Buena Vista,
McCormack T. L.. Belleville. Ark, M cCullough F. J., Belgrade, M inn. M cDonald
♦M cGann Chas., W aterville, M e.
McCormick C. H., San Francisco,
♦M cGannon P . H ., H um boldt,
M cCullough John. Akron. Ind. n
♦M cCullough John A., Jordan, S. ♦M cDonald T . M . Houston, Tex. ♦MKcGarey
John J., Freeland, P a.
M cCorm ick C. J., Em den, 111.
McDonald T. E „ D anbury, Neb.
♦McCormick C. P., Lincoln, Neb
Anna, Im ogene, Ia.
McCullough W .L., M ulberry,K an. ♦M cDonald T . W., New Albany McGarlty J. L., Jersey, Ga.
McCormick E. R., L etts, la .
♦M cCormick .H arry B., Straw n
M cG arity J. S., Mansfield, Ga.
♦McCullough J. W ., P oteet, Tex.
M cGarrahan M. F., Malone, N . Y .
_ _ .. . _ .
M cD onald W. G., Clifton, Colo.
McCullough R. D., Wapello, Ia.
♦McCormick H. E ., Bedford, Ind
M cG arraugh A. D ., W alsenburg,
McCullough R obert J., Stockham , McDonald W .H ., N. P latte. Neb.
♦McCormick H. F., Laporte, Ind.
M cD onald W. H ., R agland, Ala.
McGarvey B. H „ Kansas City,
McCormick H. P.. Auburn, Ky.
M cCully F . F., Joseph, Ore.
McCormick Ira, Tabor, la.
McCullough' F. J., Belgrade,
M cCorm ick J. F ., Delphi, Ind.
McGaughy H . P ., Gilmer, Tex.
M inn.
♦McCormick J. H ., Danville, 111.
McGaughey J . T., W orden, 111.
♦M cCully W. E., M oberly, Mo.
McCormick J . T.. Sumner. Mo. ^
McGaughey W. R., Mount Zion, 111.
♦McCumsey Chas., Beliefourche. ♦M cDonald W. P., Stam ford, Tex. M cG aughy Snowden,- New York
♦McCormick M iss Lou J., W ald
♦M cDonough Janet, Hastings, Ia.
S. D.
C ity, N. Y.
ron, Mo.
M cCune A. W ., Bradford, Ohio.
♦McCormick M ary, Herscher, 111
♦McGavin W., San Francisco, Cal.
McDonough R.S., Hastings, Ia.
McCune C. C„ Polk, Neb.
McGàvren J.S., Missouri V alley,la.
♦McCormick M. J., L etts, la .
M cCune G. J.. Whiteside, M o.
M cCormick R. F., DeKalb, 111.
M cDougal J. B., Des Moines, Ia.
McCune J. S., Laddonia, Mo.
♦McCormick R. J., Carleton.M ich
cGeachy W . A., T am pa, F la.
♦M cDougal J. O., M agnolia, M o ♦M
McCune J . T.. Bowling Green, Mo
♦McCormick Thos. A., Eureka,
cGeary J. G., Vandergrift. Pa.
♦M cDougal L. P., Buffalo, N. Y M
B., Avalon, Tex.
U tah.
M cDougall B. G., Temple, N . D. M cGee C.
M cCunn J. D., Pike, N. Y.
♦M cCormick W. W., Em den, 111.
H., Arlington, Ga.
♦M cCurdy F . E ., W hiting, Kan.
♦McCormick W.W., Ambia, Ind.
M., Greenville, S. C.
♦McDowell C. J., Oswego, N. Y.
♦M cCurdy G. H ., G rand Junction
McCornack W. G., T raer, la .
♦McGee C. W., Anderson, S. O.
\ ^
♦McCornick E. O., M ount Hope
McDowell E rnest, Lyons, Neb.
M cC urdy W alter, Lane, S. D.
♦McGee E lm a, M t. W ashington,
, ,
M cDowell F., Lake Helen, Fla.
M cO urtain D. E., South Superior
♦M cCorriston R., Honolulu,
McDowell H. B., Sharon, P a.
♦McGee F., E den, S. D.
♦M cCuskey B. E ., Cameron, W
♦McCown D iana, St. Joseph, 111
McGee G. K. W., P latte City. Mo.
'V a.
gAjl a
McCown H arry, M iami, Fla.
M cGee I. F ., Sapulpa, Okla.
♦M cCutchen C. E ., W ichita Falls, McDowell L. A., Snow Shoe, Pa.
McCoun H. C.. Medofra. Ind.
McGee J . T., Burkesville, Ky.
♦McDowell R . O., M edina, O.
McGee W. B., Lam pasas, Tex.
McCown L. D., De Queen, Ark.
McGee W . C., Dodd City, Tex.
cDowell T. B., Blakely, Ga.
♦McCown M ane A., St. Joseph,111. McCutchen L. S. K., Unionville, M
McGee W . J.. Houston. Mo.
♦McCown P . C., Dierks, Ark.
McGee W. L., M t.W ashington,Ky.
McCutchen W . F., Holden. Mo.
McCoy A. J.. E ast Point. Ga.
M cC utchen W. U., Archer C ity, ♦McDowell W. K., Howard, Pa.
♦McCoy G., G ranite, Okla.
♦McGekee C. M ., Bristow, Okla.
♦McCoy D. L .. Melcher, la .
M cGervey W. E ., D ayton, O.
McDuffie M. G., Jefferson, la .
M cCutcheon H. G., Arcade, N.Y.
M cCoy F. E., H am let, N. D.
♦McGhee C. A., Tillamook, Ore.
♦McCoy Ira W .. Versailles, Ind.
♦McGhee J. E ., Jackson, O.
Springs, W. Va.
♦McGhee J. L., Russellville. Tenn.
M cDaniel A. J.. W orthington.
McCoy John, D ry Ridge, Ky.
W. Va.
M cCoy J. A.. Odon, Ind.
M cGill A. B., B ertram , Tex.
♦M cDaniel B. F., Dexter, K an.
M cCoy J. R., B igheart, Okla.
McEldowney W. W., Forest Grove. McGill A. C„ Montezuma, Ia.
♦M cDaniel B. J., Ames, Okla.
McCoy J. W.. Ashland, Ore.
♦McGill Ada, Lewisport, Ky.
♦M cCoy J. W ., Richland, Ind.
McElflsh A. G., Cumberland, Md. ♦McGill O. W., Carey,1O.
McDaniel C. T., Wallowa, Ore.
McCoy L. J ., Richwood, O.
McGill F. C.. Oil City. Pa.
♦M cDaniel C. W., Dyer, Tenn.
♦M cCoy M . M ., C am bria, Va.
♦McElfresh H. J., Fairm ont, ♦McGill M ary F ., Claysville, P a.
MoDaniel E. P.. Conyers, Ga.
M cCoy M . R., Colo, Ia.
McGill S. T., Lewisport. Ky.
M cCoy R. G., Melcher, Ia.
McDaniel Geo. D., Springfield, Mo. M cElhiney W . J., W est Union, W. M cGillivray J . A., Clark, S. D.
M cCoy R. W ., New Richm ond.
M cD aniel H. N ., Grove, Okla.
♦M cGinth M . M ., Alma, Ga.
♦McCoy S. B., M iddlebourne, W. ♦M cDaniel J. C.. Springfield, Mo. McElhinney B.W.,Goldfield, la .
M cGinitie O., Hecla, S- D.
McGinity I. J., Lebanon, S. D.
McCoy W alter. Knoxville. Tenn.
♦M cGinity M . E ., Lebanon, S. D.
McDaniel R. B., Dyer, Tenn.
McGinley P. J.. Frontenac. K an.
♦M cDaniel W. G., Crawfordsville, ♦M cEvoy E . J., Algona, Ia.
M cCracken C. H ., Quay, Okla.
♦McGinnis B. F., Pennsboro, W.
_ ,
McCracken C. L.. Johnstow n, O.
♦McDaniel W. R., W alkerton, Ind.
M cCracken E . J., W aterloo, Wis.
M cGinnis Carl. Coshocton, O.
McCracken J . L., Louisville,Miss.
♦McDavid F. L., Hillsboro, 111.
♦McGinnis J. C., Sugar Creek,M o.
McCracken L. S., Imogene, Ia.
cElroy Lloyd, Ada, O.
♦McGinnis R. C., Batesville, Miss.
M cCracken Samuel, Wilkes-Barre, M cD avid J. E ., Raymond, IU. M
♦M cDavid W. G., Greenville, S.C. McElroy Logan, Dover, Tenn.
McGinnis W. M., Middle Point, O.
M cElroy R. J., M em phis, Tenn.
M cDearm an L. L., Gates, Tenn.
M cCracken William, Humansville
M cG inty C., Winnfield. La.
♦M cElroy R. R . .D unkirk, O.
♦M cGinty F. P .. U tica, N . Y.
M o.
„ , „
McCracken W. A., Galt, Mo.
♦M cElvain Jr. J. W., A uburn, 111. ♦M cGinty Helen F ., M ontezum a,
♦M cCracken W. H ., Waterloo, M cD erm and P . W., Bellwood, ♦M cElvain Joe, G allatin, Mo.
McGinty P. J ., Olyphant. P a.
♦M cDerm ott A. P., Shinnston, M cElvain M . A., Auburn, 111. ■ ♦M cGinty S., A tlanta, Ga.
♦M cCraine J. A., Indianapolis,
W. Va.
M cGivern J. O., Biwabik, M inn.
■ 1
M cDermott A.R..Camp Crook.S.D. M cElveen R . H., Johnsonville, ♦McGlashen J. G .,Edgerton,M m n.
M cCraney H ., L yndhurst, N . J.
S o.
M cC ranie W. J., Adel, Ga.
M cElveen W . C., Hornbeck, La. ♦McGlasson E . H „ Paris, Tex.
♦M cCrary C. H ., Concordia, K an
♦M cElveen W. C., Leesville, La. ♦McGlaughlin C. E ., Royal, 111.
ter, Ia.
■ .
M cC rary G. R., Inavale, Neb.
♦M cDerm ott J. F.. Greeley, Neb. ♦M cEnirÿ E . F ., Corning, Ia.
cG laun A lbert L., Cocoa, F la.
M cC rary L. A., N orristown, Ga.
♦M cEnUlty W. M „ D enton, Kan. M
M cDill Lou., Johnston, Neb. |j
♦McGlohm J . D ., Ayden, N . C.
M cC ravey J. R ., Forest, Miss.
McElwee W. M.. Lexington, Va.
McDlli N. M., Hickory Grove,S.C.
J . S., Slnton, Tex.
♦M cCraw B. G., Boiling Springs
M cErlane C. F ., W hitm an, N . D, McGloin
McGlothlin E . W ., Bom arton,Tex.
N . O.
♦M cDill R. B., D ue W est, S. C.
♦M cCraw B.C., Mooresboro, N .C
McEvllley Thomas. Norwood, O.
♦M cClothlin W. H ., P ortland,
M cCraw M . A., B rent, Ala.
McEvoy M. T., Mondamin. Ia.
♦M cDivit Joseph, Frederick, M d.
M cCraw S. Q., Cherryville, N . C
M cEw an H . T .. Salt Lake City, I (Tenn.
McDonald A., W alhalla, N. D.
♦McGlohon W . A.. M urfreesboro,
M cC rea C. D ., S anta Rosa, Mo.
McCreary T. G., S an ta Cruz, Cal.
N. C.
♦M cEwen D. D ., Rolfë, Ia.
♦M cDonald C. O., Blanchard,
♦McGlynn F red’k P., New Y ork,,
McCreery G. A., Herkim er, N. Y.
♦M cCreery O. O., Perry, Ia.
N. Y.
M cËwen H. W ., O uthbert, S. D.
McGoldrick H . W ., K enedy, Tex.
♦M cCreery J. F., Holliday, M o.
♦M cEwen Joseph, Rolfe, Ia.
M cDonald C. A., Bisbee, Ariz.
♦M cGonagleL.E„ ROyalton,M inn.
McCreery R. G., Holliday, Mo.
McEwen J. O., W auchula, Fla.
M cGonigle F . S„ K ansas C ity,
McCreery W. F., Pekin, Ia.
M cEwen Knöx, Rockford, Ala.
McDonald C. T., Delano, Minn.
M cCreery W . H ., Florida, M o.
M cEwen L. S., Postville. Ia.
♦M cDonald Carrol, Wall, S. D.
M cCreight J. E ., Viola. 111.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


♦McGovern O. L ., Hubbell, Neb.
♦M cGovern E . F., Oarpio, N . D.
M cGowan A. L. Wallace, N. O.
♦McGowen C. W., Cuba, Ala.
M cGowan, J r .,D ., N ew ton, K an.
McGowan E. O.. Elm City, N. C.
♦McGowan E . R ., Holly Springs,
M iss.
♦M cGrady N eal. Los Gatos, Cal.
♦M cGranahan, C . C . , Ellensburg,

♦M cKeand M a rth a , Sellersburg
♦M cKechnie R alph, Albany, Ore.
McKee Bert, Des Moines', la .
M cK ee Charles, Hopkinsville, Ky.
M cKee Charles B., Salem, N . Y.
McKee D. D., Tappen, N. D.

M cG rath A. J.. New Y ork C ity,
N . Y.
♦McGrath G. T.. Trenton, Mo.
M cG rath J. E ., Moxee C ity,W ash.
MoGrath J. M., M onett. Mo.

M cK ee E. E ., New London, la .
♦M cKee George M ., Napoleon, O.
M cKee G. M ., Crosbyton, Tex.
M ckee H. S.. Los Angeles, Cal.
M ckee Jam es. Richfield Spgs. N .Y .
♦Mckee Jam es, T appen, N. D.
M cK ee John F .. New Salem, Ind.

♦M cGrath, Jr., M . J .,'S t. Charles,
M inn.
♦McGrath R . J., Morris, 111.
♦M cG rath T . E ., Chicago. 111.

M ckee J . S., Ada, O.
Mckee J . W ., Plentyw ood.M ont.
Mckee M . G., M eeker, Okla.
McKee M. M., Royse City, Tex.
♦M cKee O. O.. Oberlin. O.


McGreevey E . G., Leland, la .
McGregor B. F., Mapleton, Minn.
McGregor F. D., Lake City, Mich.
♦McGregor G. J., Farm er. S. D.
McGregor M., W ashta, la .
♦McGregor S. D., Pigeon, Mich.
M cGregor F .E.. C rookston, M inn.
M cGregor V.L., Crookston. M inn.
McGrew Clyde, Benton. K an.
♦McGrew A. C., H ow ard Lake,
M inn.
McGrew H. L., M t. Pleasant, la .
McGçew J . H ., M organtown,W . Va.
M cGrew L. E ., Darwin, M inn.
McGuffln R . P „ A urora. M o.
♦McGuiggan J. A., M innesota
Lake, M inn.
♦McGuire G. T ., E ureka, 111.
♦McGuire H. P.. Rushville, Ind.
McGuire J . T., Victor, la .
♦M cGukin H .. Menlo. Ga.
M cG urk J. S., Overton, Neb.
McGurl B. J., Jessup, Pa.
McGurren C. M., Bliss, N. Y.
McHaffle L. H., Rogersvllle, Mo.
McHannan J. C.< Cleveland, O.
♦McHenry A. P., Biggsville, 111.
♦M cHenry R. J., B enton, Pa.
McHenry Sears. Denison, la .
♦M cHenry W. D-, Sykesville, Pa.
M cH ugh G. E ., Culver C ity, Cal.
♦M cllhattan A. J., Spencer W is.'
M cllhenny N., San Antonio, Tex.
M cllvain A.B.,W est Liberty, O.
M cllw ain A. G., Artesia, M iss.
♦M cllvain L an ta, M ilford Center,
♦M cllvain W. N ., Phillipsburg,
. Kan.
M clnnis L. Li B ryan, Tex.
♦M clnnis W. D., W auchula, Fla.
♦Mclnnis W .H.,M oss Point,Miss.
M cln tire C. F .. Crawfordsville,
♦M clntire J . B., Wakefield, K an.
♦M clntire Jean, Poison, M ont.
M cIntosh A. V., Ogden, U tah.
♦M cIntosh Clyde, Brownwood,
♦M cIntosh Coy, Brownwood, Tex.
M cIntosh D., Bettie. Tex.
M cIntosh D. E ,, 'H ooper, Cclo.
♦McIntosh Grace. Sidney, Neb.
♦McIntosh I. W „ Meado wGrove,
♦M cIntosh J. D., M arion, Kan.
McIntosh J . J., Moss Point, Miss,
M cIn to sh Wm., Fairhope, Ala.
M cIntyre F .H ., Nicholson, Pa.
M cIn ty re J. A., HartsvtUe, S. O.
M cIntyre J . V., Eagle P oint, Ore.
M c In ty re Lynna, W ayland, Ky.
M cIn ty re Verne E ., Hinsdale,
M ont.
M cIn ty re Wells, M arathon, Tex.
M clv an A. V., Bigtim ber, Mont.
*M elver M . E ., Lowry. M inn.
♦M cKabney S. L., Jerseyville, 111.
McKay A. E,. Minto, N. D.
M cK ay Andrew, Pingree, N . D.
♦M cKay B. E ., Unionville, Mo.
M cK ay B. J., Decorah, la .
M cK ay H . J., Romeo, M ich.
McKay Jam es, P rescott, Mich.
♦M cKay Jam es, Brockwayvilie,
♦M cKay J. H ., Red Springs. N . C.
M cK ay J. J,, Sistersyille, W. Va.
M cK ay L. G., E ast Tawas, M ich.
M cK ay L. G.. Taw as C ity. M ich.
♦M cK ay L. M ., lone. W ash.
M cK ay N. A., Telluride, Colo.
M cK ay R . C., W. B ranch, Mich.
♦M cKay R . J., Chicago, 111.
M cK ay W. S., Grove City, Pa.
M cK ean A.D., Riverdale, Cal.
M cK ean C. J., Pisek, N . D .
♦M cKean C. S., Charleroi, P a.
♦McKean F. P., M endota, 111.
♦M cKean Florence, Bowerston, O.
♦M cKean W. M ., Alameda, Cal.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M cK ee P . R., Oconomowoc, Wis.
M cK ee R., M etropolis, 111.
♦M cKee R . G., K ansas C ity, Mo.
♦McKee R. H „ Wheeling, W. Va.
McKee R. L., Perrin, Mo.
♦M cKee Sarah, F rankfort, Kan.
♦McKee Vesta, Alma, Neb.
M cKee W. H ., Philadelphia, Pa.
♦McKee W. L., Chicago, 111.
McKee W. W .. Gunnison, Colo.
M cKeeken, O. D., Tekoa, W ash.
♦M cKeen B. G., Sheridan, Wyo.
M cKeen O. W., Hewins, K an.
♦McKeep H. R., Chelsea, la .
M cK eever H. E ., Holly, Colo.
M cK iernan A. H ., L ongm ont,'
McKeith D. A., Brown City, Mich.
McKellar A. F., Hancock, Minn.
M cKellips E . F ., Alpena, S. D.
♦M cKelney W. S., Knowles, Okla.
♦M cKelvey C. J., Coulterville, 111.
♦McKelvey E. O., Ligonier, Pa.
♦McKelvy J. W .. Utica, O.
M cK elvy W. P ., W atervfile, K an.
♦M cK endry C. E .. Baring, Mo.
♦M cKendry C. G., Baring, Mo.
M cK enna J. F., M enzel, Neb.
M cK enna J . F . , Keeline, Wyo.
♦M cKenna M . R., Keeline, Wyo.
M cK enna P . J., Weaver, M inn.
♦M cK enna S. E . J., Fairfield, Ky.
M cK ennan I.. Frem ont, Neb.
♦M cKennell W., Chester, S. C.
M cKennon G. E„ Columbia, Tenn.
McKenny J . F., King City, Mo.
♦McKenrlch P. L., K ittanning, Pa.
McKenzie A., Eagle River, Wis.
M cKenzie B. L., Eckley, Colo.
M cKenzie O. W ., Brocket, N . D.
M cKenzie F . B., Keeseville, N .Y .
McKenzie F. G., T urtle Lake. Wis.
M cKenzie F . J.. Colome: S. D.
♦McKenzie Flora J., Colome, S. D.
♦M cKenzie K., Sioux C ity, la .
McKenzie W. A., Homer, La.
♦McKenzie W. H., Auburn, Ky.
♦M cKeon J. A., New Y ork C ity,
N. Y.
♦M cEemon E . J.. Elmwood, Wis.
M cKethan W . M., Brooksville.Fla.
♦MCKewn G. R ., Orangeburg,S.C.
♦McKewen W. C., D e W itt, Ark.
M cK ey J. F., Williamstown. Mo.
M cKeyes F . H ., Lawton, Mich.
M cKibben I. E., Bone Gap, 111.
M cK ibben W. S., Tallapoosa, Ga.
M cK ichan F. B., Bonilla. S. D. ,
McKie William, Johnstown. N. V.
McKillen Isaac, Im lay City, Mich.
M c Kim D. O-, Luray, Va.
♦McKim J. M ., Newark. Mo.
M cK im J. V., Newark, Mo.
M cKim S. S terett. Baltim ore.M d.
♦M cKin Edw ., Prague, Okla.
M cK inlay D. A., M edford, M inn.
♦McKinley. Ohristene, G rant,M ich.
♦M cKinley C. D., Borden, Ind.
McKinley G. C., Milledgeville, Ga.
♦McKinley H . C., Topeka, Kan.
McKinley H., G rant, Mich.
McKinley J. H.. H arrisburg, O.
M cK inley J., Iola.'K an.
M cKinley R . A., H ardinsburg,
M cK inley R. A., Jeffersonville,
♦McKinley R. S., Philadelphia,Pa.
M cK inley R. W., Cherryvale,
M cK inne F . B., Louisburg, N . O.
♦M cKinnell W., Chester, S. O.
MoKInney A. D., Kerens, T e x
♦McKinney A. J.. K em pton, 111.
M cK inney A. J ., T eaque, Tex.
♦M cKinney O. P., Marlow. Okla.
♦McKinney F. P., Olympia, W ash.
McKinney G. W ., W ebber, Kan.
McKinney J . C., Honey Grove,Tex.
M cK inney J. C., McLemoresville,
♦M cKinney L. B., Birdseye, Ind.
♦MoKInney Lee R., Bjirgettstow n,


M cK inney O. R., M arlow, Okla.
McKinney R. C„ Cleghorn, la . ,
♦M cKinney R . H ., Burnsville,
W . Va.

♦McKinney W alter, Jam estown, ♦MoLlmans V. A., H o t Springs,
S. D.
♦M cKinney W. E ., Gainesville, ♦McLinn O. E ., Kirkwood, 111.
♦McMahan E . T., Taylorsville, Ky.
M cM ahan E verett, GoreviUe, IU.
♦McKhiney W. S.,Knoxville,Tenn. ♦McMahan R. E „ Seymour, Mo.
McKinney W. S., Ft.Towson.Okla, McMahan Y. J., Newport, Tenn.
McKinnon H., Clinton, N. C.
♦McKinnon J. A., Casselton. N. D. ♦M cM ahon C. C ., Bridgewater,
S. D.
McKinnon W. H., Hahira, Ga.
McMahon C. S.. Cambridge, O.
♦M cKinny J. J., D eW itt, Mo.
M cK inny W. W.. D eW itt. Mo. , ♦M cM ahon G. B., Sioux Falls,
S .D .
J. P., E lbum , 111.
♦M cK instry B. B.,Paw Paw,M ich. McMahon
M cK instry Glen B., Sedgwick, M cM ahon J. S., Ellis, K an.
♦M cK instry W. R., Gainesville, ♦M cM ahon M . J., Williamsport,
M cKinsey A. P., Springfield, Ore. ♦M cM ain H. O., Delphi, La.
♦M cM ain S. J., New Orleans, La.
M cKinzie W. H ., Peacock, Tex.
M cKittrick L. E., Mt. Carmel, 111. McMains W. S., Cambria, la .
♦M cKnelly Anna, Louisville, 111. McMaken R . M„ Crawfordsville,
M cK nelly W. E . Bible Grove, 111.
McKmgnt Chas. B., Fowler, Ind.
M cK night J. B., Annapolis, 111.
♦M cM am ara Lawrence, G erm an­
town, Ky.
M cK night J. B., Oblong, 111.
♦McKnight J . C., Colfax. La.
McManls J. O., W est Union, la ,
M cK night J. C., Locust Grove. M cM annis S. R., Gage. Okla.
♦M cM anus E ., Presho, S. D.
M cKnight J . R ., Pierre. S. D.
♦MoManus J . F., Adair, la .
M cM anus J. M ., Chicago, 111.
McMarlln John G., Butler. Pa.
M cKnight R . S„ Gunnison. Miss. M cM aster E . O., M t. Ayr, la.
♦M cKnight R. W., M arengo, la .
♦McKnight W. E., W axahachie,
♦MoMaster H . N., Sutherland, la .
M cKoin C. E ., Lewiston, M ont ♦M cM aster Jennie, M t. Ayr, la .
McKoneJr., J. J ., Tunnel ton, W.Va. ♦M cM aster R. J., Tam pa, Fla.
♦M cKown D. M ., New Boston, 111. MoMaster W. H., Gayvule, S. D.
M cK oy Thad.. DouglasviUe, Ga. ♦McMeekin J. W., Lexington. Ky.
M cM een Geo., Goree, Tex.
McLaohlln Peter, H unter, N. D.
♦McLain A. B., Reliance, S. D ♦M cM enany W. J., Thom pson,
N. D.
McLain H. G„ St. Marys, O.
M cM ichael G. H ., South Bend.
McLain H. L., Massillon, O.
M cLain W. O.. D ecatur. Ga.
M cLain W . K., Dawson, Ga.
M cLain W. S., Reliance, S. D.
♦M cLallen W. E ., Chicago, 111.
♦McLane F. O., Lowndes, Mo.
McLane S. H., Clay. W. Va.
M cLane W. F., Minneapolis,
M inn.
♦M cLarty D. D., Cleburne, Tex.
M cL arty G. T ., Douglasville. Ga.
M cLauchlin D< A., Vass, N. O.
♦McLaughlin B. F., Lapel, Ind.

♦McMichal J. I., Orangeburg, S. O.
M cM ilan J. W., Rainier, Ore. . .
McMillan A. B., Fayetteville, N. C.
♦McMillan A. B., Sparta, IU.
McMUlan A. E., Conde, S. D.
McMillan A. T „ Warn ego, Kan.
McMillan C. B„ H annah, N. D.
McMUlan D. A., Murray, U tah.

♦McMillan E . T ate, MuUins, S. C.
McMUlan H. H., Munising, Mich.
M cM illan J. A., C harlotte, T enn.
McMUlan J. E., Knoxville, Tenn.
♦McLaughlin C. A., Beliefontaine, ♦McMUlan J. F., Stronghurst, 111.
McMUlan J. Paul, M ëdora, Ind.
M cLaughlin C. R., Dearborn, ♦McMUlan R. L., Clarksville, Tex.
M ich.
MoLaughlin D. F., Cando. N. D.
McMUlan W. H., P ittston, Pa.
♦M cLaughlin E. S.. Dallas. Tex.
MoMUlen E. T., De Land, IU.
M cLaughlin F . M .. Lorenzo. Tex.
♦McMillen G arth, Piedm ont, Kan.
McLaughlin Fred, Burgess, 111.
M artha, D e Land, IU.
M cLaughlin J. E dd.. Ralls, Tex.
McMillin C. K., Bellingham.
Wash. .
♦M cLaughlin H. B., Sanger, Cal. ♦McMillan V. B.. Lum berton.N .C
♦M cLaughlin J. C., Miles C ity,
M ont.
cM inn O. E., Buffalo, Okla.
♦McLaughlin J . R., Hastings,Neb. ♦M
♦M cM ohan C. E ., Minco, Okla.
♦M cLaughlin M . A., Lorenzo, McM
onigal D. J., Cairnbrook, Pa.
McM onigal D. J., South Fork, Pa.
McLaughlin T., H iaw atha. Kan.
J. H., MacksvlUe, Kan.
M cLaughlin W. E ., Lorenzo, Tex. McMorris C.
G., W etum pka, Ala.
M cLaughlin Wm. F., New York ♦McMorris J. D., W illard, O.
City, N. Y.
M cLaurin W . S., Elysian Fields, McMuUan D., Mize, Miss.
M cM ullan J. R., Beaufort, N . ©.
McLaury W. G., Chicago, 111.
F . P., Largo, Fla.
M cLean Aloyslus, Morrisonville, ♦McMullen
McMullen G. E., Irwin, la .

♦M cLean A. F ., Salado, Tex.
M cLean Bruce, D im m itt, Tex.

♦M cMullen P . L., Oakland, 111.
McMullen R. J., Oakland, Cal.
♦M cMullen R obt., Jr., St. Paul,
♦M cLean C. S. L., E verett, Wash.
M inn;
McLean E. R., Colchester, 111.
♦McMullen W. L.. Jr., Bur well.
McLean F. L., Gilby, N. D.
♦McLean F rank, Hillsboro, 111.
♦McMullin T. F., S anta Rosa, Cal.
♦M cLean H. J., Grassrange.M ont.
♦M cLean J. D ., Redwood Falls. ♦McMurchy J. W., Felicity, O.
M inn.
♦M cM urray A. L., W apakoneta.O.
M cLean J. D ., W interville, N. C. ♦McMurray
G. E., Peoria, 111.
M cLean John S., M agnolia, O.
♦McM.urray M urray, W ebster
M cLean J. W., Elk Creek, Va.
McLean J . W., Fries, Va.
McLean M. R., Wellington, Kan.
♦M cM urray Reed, Oskaloosa, la .
♦M cLean O. C., Palm etto, Fla.
M cM urrey Frank,Coldspring,Tex.
McLean V. L., Dillon. S. C.
M cM urry L. E ., MiUerton, la .
M cLean W. L., Sharpsburg, Ga.
McMurry R . L., Guthrie, Ky.
M cL eüan J. G., D alton, Ga.
♦McMurry W. E ., Paris. Tex.
cM urtray R. A., Pauls VaUey,
M cLellan P. T ., M ooreland, Ind.
McLelland Myra E., Thayer, Mo.
G. E., Vine Grove, Ky.
♦McLélland R. S., Thayer, Mo.
McMurtry R. R.. Dayton, Ky.
♦McLemore C. L.. Everton, Mo.
♦M cNab WilUam, Barnwell, S. C.
M cLendon W . C., Freeport, Tex.
McNabb A. W., Matagorda. Tex.
M cN abb H. G., M aynard, Ark.
M cLenon W. N ., Owasa, la .
McLeod B. W., Leakesvllle. Miss. McNabb J . E „ Osgood, Mo.
McLeod B. H., Tlfton, Ga.
♦M cNabb Pearl A., Osgood, Mo.
♦McLeod G. M acon, Miss.
♦M cNabb W. T ., E m poria, Kan.
♦McLeod H ., M ariette, Mich.
♦McLeod H. F ., Alamogordo, McNaU T. A.. H ayti. Mo.
M cN air M . G., Gulfport, Miss.
N. Mex.
♦McLeod J. O.. Ohipley, Fla.
M cN air M . M ., Pillager, M inn.
♦McLeod R. N., Andalusia, Ala.
M cN air R., Bronson, Fla.
♦McLeod R . W ., Agra, Kan.
♦McLeod W. E ., Ypsilante, Mich. ♦McNally Chas., P etalum a, Cal.
♦M cNally Chas., Johnstown, Neb.
♦MoLeod W . H., W arren, Ark.
McNaUy J. J., Lewistown, IU.
♦McLeon C. G., M etter, Ga.

McNally Miles, Ewing, Mo.
McNally R. J., Meeteetse, Wyo.
♦M cNary 8. L., Toledo, O.
M cN ary T. A., Bellevue, P a .
♦M cNaughton O., Raym ond, 111.
M cNaughton E. B., R ay, Ind.
MoNaugbton Guy, Juneau, Alaska.
M cN aughton N . E .. R utland, O.
♦M cNaughton O. B., Sault Ste.
M arié, Mich.
♦M cNeal Jno., Sedan, Kan.
M cN eal P . A., Kusa, Okla.
McNeall D. L., Coatsburg, 111.
M cNee Jas. W., Blairsburg, la .
McNee W. A., Laurens, la .
M cNeely O. E „ Belleview, Ky.
McNeely C. P., Mooresville, N. C.
♦M cNeely J. P., New Boston,
M cN eer H. A., Anawalt, W. Ya.
M cN eer Jam es H., Pocahontas, Va.
McNeff Hugh, Chicago, 111.
McNeice Ellison, Y atesville, Ga.
M cNeil A., Raym ond, 111.
McNeil F. A., Oxford. N. Y.
♦McNeil H . D., A itkin, M inn.
♦McNeil Jam es, New Y ork City,
N. Y.
♦McNeil Sidney, Crane, Ore.
M cNeil T . H ., M echanicsburg. Va.
♦M cNeil V. Â., M iltonvale, K an.
McNeil W. H „ Searsboro, la .
McNeill J . C.. Magnolia, Ark.
♦McNeill J. E .. Chickasha. Okla.
♦McNeill M aude, Brookeland,
McNeill S. E., E ast B ernstadt,
♦M cNeill W . K ., H am let, N . C.
M cNeilly R. E .. Kell, Hi.
M cN eilly W . W., Nashville, T enn.
♦M cNelly J. O., Chester, 111.
♦M cNeven H. E ., Champaign, 111.
♦McNew G. G., Breckenridge.Mo.
M cN îe R. W., Atkins, la .
♦M cN ulty J. B., Brasher Falls,
N. Y.
McNulty R. E „ Americus, Ga,
M c N u tt B. S., Fairchance, P a.
M cN u tt Geo. D ., Cannonsburg,
M cN utt J . K.. Houston. Pa.
M cPeak D., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦M cPeak Ora, M cLeansboro, 111.
M cPhail D. S., Wills Point, Tex.
M cPhail E . W., T hree Forks,
M ont.
♦M cPhail Jessie, T aunton, M inn.
♦M cPhail R .D .. Drum m ond.M ont.
♦M cPhail R. D., Ryegate, M ont.
♦McPhee J. M ., Portsm outh, N .H .
M cPhee Wm. G., E van, M inn.
M cPhee tors P . L., Champaign, 111.
♦M cPherrin J. R., Des M oines,la.
McPherson A. L., Craig, Neb.
M cPherson D. D., Edgar, M ont.
♦McPherson Fred, Jonesboro,
♦McPherson F . K., Milwaukee,
♦McPherson H. A„ Howell, Mich.
♦M cPherson H. H., Okemah.Okla.
♦McPherson H. L „ Hopkinsville,
♦M cPherson J. T. Bradleyville,
♦McPherson M. D., Palouse, Wash.
M cPherson S. J., E dgar, M ont.
♦M cPherson Will, W axahachie,
♦M cPherson W m ., 3d. Howell,
M ich.
♦McPike B. M .. Bowling Green,
McQuaid W . R., Jacksonville, Fla.
McQuarie J . S., Elmore, Minn.
McQuarle V. H ., Baxley, Ga.
♦McQueen I. G.. M oulton, la .
♦McQuerry J. A.. Justin, Tex.
McQuie A. F . M lnburn, la .
♦McQuillan F. C., Argyle, Wis.
McQuillen Owen, Ponca, Neb.
♦McQuinn G. D., Coats, N . C.
♦McQuoid S., W heatland, N . D.
McQuown A. N.. W ichita, Kan.
McQuown W. I., Neal, Kan.
♦M cRae C. E ., W adley, Ga.
McRae Donald. Cumberland, Va.
McRae J . A., Graceville, Minn.
♦M cRae Jr., Jas.,, Rhinelander,
♦McRae J . G., Cass C ity, M ich.
M cR ae J. L., W atford City, N .D ,
M cRae O. F., M cRae, Ga.
McRae T. C , Jr., P rescott, Ark.
M cRae Wm., T hatcher, Ariz.
♦McRee Cecil, T ren t, Tex.
♦McRee S. A., Ensley, Ala.
McReynolds B. B., Plainville,
M cReynolds E , E ., Kesm et, K an.
McReynolds J . F „ Codell, Kan.
M cReynolds J. S., C ynthiana,
M cReynolds L. G., Bend, Ore.
M cReynolds M am ie, Bronaugh,
♦McReynolds Mary A., Bronaugh.


M cReynolds S. D., Pierce C ity,
M o.
♦McReynolds W . B., W yaconda,

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦M cRitchie M „ San Francisco,
McRoberts E. B., MUlvale, Pa.
M cRoberts H. R., Williamstown,
♦M cRoberts P . W., C anyon City,
♦McRoe John J., Jr., Swanville,
M inn.
♦McShan W . B., P ilot P oint, Tex.
♦McShane Chas. W., ZanesviUe.O.
M cShirley H erbert, Sulphur
Springs, Ind.
♦M cSindory J. W., Albany, Ga.
M cSpadden E . A., Dandridge.
♦McSpadden Floyd, Chelsea, Okla.
McSwain C. D.. Em m et, Ark.
♦McTighe T . J., Greensburg, Pa.
♦M cUlvan John, Cheyenne, Wyo.
McVay F. N., T aintor, la .
♦McVay Gussie, T aintor. la .
♦McVean M ., Anchorage, Alaska.
♦McVeigh E. I., Thomas, W . Va.
McVeigh W. H ., Elkton, Va.
MoVey A. 1., Blanchester O.
♦McWenie E. J.. Las Vegas, N .M .
McWenie E . J., E . Las Vegas,
N. M .
♦McWhinney W. A., Detroit.M ich.
M cW hirt H . D ., M ulford, Va.
M e W hiter W. E .. Salisbury. N. C.
McWhorter Ford. B ertrand. Neb.
McWilliams A. B.. Athens, Ala.
M oW illians C. D., Dwight, IU.
McWilliams E. D., Chester, la .
McWilliams G. M., H attiesburg,
♦McWilliams V. J., Chester, la .
♦Meacham Jennie B „A tw ater, O.
♦Meacham Lodrey, Olydepark,
M ont.
♦Meacham W . A., Minneapolis,
M eacham W. B. Jr.. F t. M ill.
8. O.
♦Mead Alvah D., Stamford, Conn.
♦Mead A. O., Edgar, Neb.
♦Mead C. E ., Nickeisville, Va.
Mead C. W., Maskell, Neb.
M ead E . H., S ault Ste. M arie,
M ead Geo. S., Alva, Okla.
♦Mead H. B., Camden, 111:
Mead H. 0 ., Wheeler, Mich.
♦Mead H. E.. Clarem ont, Cal.
♦Mead H arrold O., Helena, M ont.
♦M ead H. O., Lewistown, M ont.
Mead L. M., W olcott, N. Y.
Mead M. E., Pataskala, O.
Mead W. M., Cbillicotbe, IU.
M eade J . F., Kansas City, Mo.
Meade J . H „ Damascus, Va.
Meade John, Hales Comers, Wis.
M eador C. H., Beckley, W. Va.
M eadors J. H., L ittle Rock. S. C.
♦Meadow W. A., Dickson. Tenn.
♦M eadowcroft E dw ard, Phila­
delphia, Pa.
Meadows B. H ., C anton. Ga.
Meadows J. T . Roanoke, Va.
Meads Thomas J.. Towson, Md.
♦Meagher A. G., Seneca, 111.
M eagher D. L., Orlando, Okla.
M eagher F . K., M ankato. M inn
♦Meagher J. A., N ew port, Ky.
M eagher Jno. F., Whitwell, Tenn.
Meagher N. J., Vernal. U tah.
♦Meahl L. J.. Chicago, 111.
♦Meairs Chas., Isabel, Kan.
♦Meanes A., Kewanna, Ind.
Means H. M„ Everest. Kan.
M eans L. D., Postfalls, Idaho.
♦M eans Thos. O., Rocky, Okla.
Means T. J . Jr., Dearborn, Mo.
Meany G. E., Prescott, Ariz.
Meara Daniel, AxteU, Kan.
Mears A. H., L utcher, La.
♦Measell J. D ., Rudolph, O.
M ebane F., D e Kalb, Tex.
M echem O. G., Burlington, Kan.
♦Mechem O. G., Burlington, Kan.
Meck R . S., Reading, Pa.
♦M ecklenburg H. A., M idland,
S. D. .
♦M eckstroth D. F., Cleveland, O.
Medbery S. C., Ballston Spa, N.Y.
Medcalf E. B., Winfield, Mo.
M eddick Thos. D., Vestaburg,
♦Mede E. F., Sidney, O.
M edill Jas. G., M artins F erry, O.
Medley J. S., W hitewater, Mo.
M edley W. O., GordonviUe. Mo.
♦Medlock B. C., Kinston, Ala.
Mee C. H „ Centerville, S. D.
Meecb R. E., Beloit, Wis.
♦Meehan E. C.. Norborne, Mo.
M eehan G. T ., Norborne, Mo.
♦Meehan J. R., C otton P lan t, Ark.
Meehan P. H., Tam pa, Kan.
♦Meek C. J., Saint Jo, Tex.

Meek D. G., Ju n iata, Pa.
M eek F . T ., Sparta, Term.
♦Meek Hallie M ., Koshkonong,
M o.
M eek J. W., Bradley, Ark.
Meek L. K., Mulhall, Okla.
M eek R. Elm er, B ondurant, la .
M eek W. M .. Lexington. Miss.
♦Meeker G., Bunceton, Mo.
♦Meeker G. A., Geneseo, IU.
M eeker L. M-, F t. M organ, Colo.
♦Meeker O. R., MissionhiU, S. D.
♦Meeker T . A.. Laredo. M o.

M enaugh Jno. F., Oakland, IU.
Mench M. R., Bettsville. O.
Menck C. H., Grand Island, Neb.
Mendenhall A. M., Berkeley Sp'gs.
W. Va.
MendenhaU O. G., W innie, Tex..
Mendenhall G. W., SpringviUe,
U tah.
MendenhaU H .B.,R ocky Ford, Colo.
♦Mendenhall J. F., SpringviUe,
U tah.

♦MendenhaU John, L aotto, Ind.
M endenhall Stonelle, Snow H ill,
N. O.
MendenhaU W .H., Lexington, N. C.
♦Mendonca J . C„ Pleasanton, Cal.
Menees O. B., Canon, Ga.
Menefee J. A., F o rt Cobb, Okla.
♦Menefee H . S,, C rittenden, Ky.
Meerscheidt O tto, San Antonio, ♦Meng A. H., Oceanpark, Cal.
Mengel H. O., Freedom, Pa.
♦Mengel Lloyd, W inner, S. D.
Meetze H. A., LeesvUle, S. C.
Meglnnis W . G., Denison, Tex.
♦Mengeld W aldu, Bangor, Wis. '
♦Megow L. V., Ray, N. D.
♦M enke Joseph, GreenvUle, O.
Megown J . E ., New London, Mo.
M enke W. E ., H untingburg, Ind.
Menke W . F „ Salinas, Cal.
♦Megrew Rowena J., M ystic, la .
Menkhausen C.W.,Boscobel.Wis.
♦Menneke F . A., Miles, la .
♦Mehafiey G. E „ Lim a. O.
♦Mehaffey L. W .,
K lam ath ♦M ennemeyer F. X „ S t. Louis,
Falls, Ore.
♦Mehl P. O., M inot, N. D.
M ennenga B., Belm ont, la . ‘
Mehler Adam, Bazine, Kan.
♦M ehlmann L. E., N orth P latte, M enold O. A., M onm outh, la .
♦Menzel E . A., Odessa, M inn.
M ehrent J. H., Wessington, S. D. M ensch D. Z., Shickshinny, Pa.
M entzer, A. W ., Denver, Pa.
♦Meidel H ., Beresford, S. D.
♦Menzer B. F,, M arion, la .
♦Meidinger J. W., Ashley, N . D. ♦Menfc A. G.. Am herst. O.
Menzie Charles. Caledonia, N. Y.
M eier A. C., Rockford, la .
♦Meier O. F .E ., New MeUe, M o. Menzles K. C.. Hickory, N. C.
Meranda W. C., Jackson, O.
Meier F . C., E den Valley, Minn.
Mercer A. J., L ittle Rock, Ark.
♦Meier J. D ., Linton, N. D.
♦Mercer E . 0 ., Rochester, Ind.
M eier J. H., M inneapolis, M inn.
M ercer F. N ./ Chicago, Hi.
M eier O tto J., Chicago, IU.
Mercer H . H.. M onteith. Ia.
M ercer J. L„ ColUns, Ga.
M eier W alter A., M onroe, M ich.
L. D., Bowling Green, O.
♦M eierdierck Chas. G., Newark,
M ercer Ross, Verm ont, IU.
N. J.
♦Mercer R. S., BaldwinsviUe. N . Y.
Meierkord H. J., Linn, Kan.
M eighen F . W., M t. Morris, P a.
Meigs L. W., Ree Heights, S. D. ♦Merchant C. T „ Rosslyn, Va.
♦Miekow N. H., H em pstead, Tex. ♦M erchant H. J., M arion, O.
♦M eredith O. E ., Raymond, Wash.
MeUe B. H., Om aha, Neb.
♦Meinershagen F. W., Indepen­ ♦M eredith E . D., Chester. IU.
M eredith F rank, Stanford, M ont.
dence. Mo.
M eredith Geo. S., Oakland, Cal.
eredith H. W., Mineola, Tex.
♦M einert W. J., D urant, la .
M einhardt E da, B urlington, Wis. I »M eredith Percy, E lbum . III.
Mereness D. J., Hatfield, M inn.
M eininger A. O., St. Louis, M o.
M einz Geo. J., St. Cloud, M inn.
♦Merged E. F., Beloit, Kan.
♦Meirs Leurs, F ayette, Ala.
Morgen L. A., Beloit, Kan.
♦Meisenheimer H . B., Jefferson,
M ergen P. J., M endota, M inn.
♦Meisenzahl R. C., R ochester, ♦Mergen P . J., Northfleld, M inn.
M ergenthaler A. E ., Fostoria, O.
N.Y. '
Merhoff F. R ., Louisville, Ky.
M eislahn C. E ., Dieterich, 111.
M eritt J . E „ Rhineland, Mo.
♦MeistreU J . L., BoonviUe, Mo.
♦M erk John Jr., Hanover, K an.
M eitzen A. C., Avoca, la .
M erked G. J., New York City,
M eitzler G. W., M ay, Ida.
. ,N . J.
MeixeU E .D ., Cressona, Pa.
♦M ekota F. 0 ., C edar Rapids, la. j »M erkle E . H ., Neodesha, Kan.
♦M erley R. A., Akron, Ind.
♦Melahcon A., Crowley, La.
♦Melancon A. J., DonaldsonVUle, ♦Merlo D. C., Caledonia, Minn.
♦Merlo E . A.. Bangor, Wis.
♦Meeks S. R .( Fairfield, 111.
Meeks U. S., Grand Saline, Tex.
♦Meeley J. C., Landisburg, P a.
Meents F. W., Clifton, IU.
M eents R. R „ Ashkum. IU.

♦M elburg H. A., Joy, 111.
Melby C. B., WhitehaU, Wis.
M elbye C. E., Thorpe, M inn.
Melching A. A., Ossian, Ind.
M elden T. M ., Mission, Tex.
M elete C. P., MooresviUe, N. C.
Melgaard L aurltz, Kennedy, Minn.
Melgaard O. L., Argyle, Minn.
Melgaard T. L., Thief R iver FaUs,
♦MeUn D. D., H obart, Ind.
♦Melin I. R., H enriette, M inn.
Mell G. A., Athens, Ga.
♦Mellander P . C.. St. Charles, IU.
♦Mellen T. E ., Fresno, Cal.
Mellen W. E ., Akron, la.
MeUencamp F.G..GrassLake.Mlch.
MeUenthin A. I., St. P aul, Minn.
♦MelUes Chas.. EUinwood, Kan.
♦Mellinger C . S., Lancaster, Pa.
♦Mellon Em il. Colton, S. D.
M ellon M . I., M artinsburg, Neb.
♦Mellon M . L., Ponca, Neb.
M ellor John H ., Rochester, Pa.
♦Mellor T ravis M ., Cleo, Okla.
MeUott J . F., BeUaire, O.
Meloy H . D., Cuba. Wis.
♦Melquist E. W., Medicine Lake,
M ont.
Melsha Daniel, Lynch, Neb.
Melson M . A., Lander. Wyo.
♦M elton J. H., Gassaway, Tenn.
Melton J . T „ Columbia, S. C.
M elton Letcher, CenterviUe, Ala.
Melton Roy, Poole, K y.
♦Melvin O. L., Bradford, Pa.
Melvin F . W .. Ranger, Tex.
♦M elvin Helen C., Glenbeulah,
♦Melvin H erbert, Ellsworth, P a.
♦Melvin J. G., Selma, Ala.
M elvin R. B., Glenbeulah, Wis.
M elvin W allace, DanviUe, Kan.
Melvin W. R., Jefferson, S. D.
♦Melzl A. W., Baraboo, Wis.
♦M emminger O. B., A toka. Okla.
♦M em m ott Lawrence, Lexington,

M errell F. A., Jasper, Ala.
♦Merrell S. R., F airbury, Neb.
♦Merrell W. W., M ertens, Tex.
Merriam A. O., Auburn IU.
♦M erriam W., Alameda, Cal.
Merrick C. S„ Galena, IU.
Merrick H. F „ Kensington, O. ■
M errick H. L.. Salem. S. D.
MerrieU W. A.. F ruita. Colo.
Merrifleld O. F., T riplett, Mo.
Merrlfield H. A., H anklnson, N. D.
♦Merrifleld J . E.. WaUa Walla,
M errilees Elm er, Leavenworth.
♦MerrlU C. R ., Chicago, IU.
MerriU D. C., M arlette, Mich.
MerriU E. B., Furley, Kan.
MerriU Edwin, Pom pton Lake, N.
♦MerriU E thel. Furley. Kan.
M errill F. T ., Havre, M ont.
♦MerriU H arry, Frankfort, Ind.
MerriU L.- J., Mosier, Ore.
MerriU P . R „ Dunsm uir, Cal.
MerrUl R . B., Bellevue, Ida.
M errill R . C., Baylor Valley,
M ont.
♦MerrUl R. H., Greenfield, Mo.
♦MerriU R. W., Oroflno, Ida.
MerrUl W. W., Fairfield. Me.
Merriman C. L., Kenton, O.
♦Merriman G. J., Corpus Christi,
♦M erriman W. O., G alata, M ont.
M e rritt C, B., Broadwater, Neb.
M erritt Guy W., Gibson C ity,
♦M erritt H. L „ Seattle, W ash.
♦M erritt J. W ., Gainesville, Ga.
M e rritt M . F., WeUington, IU.
♦M erritt O. N ., Cumming, Ga.
M e rritt R. M ., Albuquerque. N .M .
M e rritt W, S., Merkel, Tex.
Merriweathep C. H ., D urham ,

Merry A. H.,New York City.N.Y.
♦M erry Clifton H ., Hebron, 111.
M erry W. D., Caldwell, O.
M erryfleld L. H., Regent, N . D.
♦Merryman A. M., Kinsley, K an.
♦M errym an H. G., Depew' Okla.
MerSh J. H.. New Lisbon. Wis,
M ershon Geo. B., C ranbury N . J.
Mershon J. H.. Louisville, Ky.
♦Mershon J. W., Star. Ida.
♦M erten H. J., M organ ville, Kan.
Mertens A. P.. Bonnots Mills, Mo.
M ertens E. H.. Morrison. Mo.
M ertens Reuben C., Kilkenny,
M inn.
M ertes B. H., Newburg, Wis.
♦Merts Milton B., H untsville, Ala.
♦M ertz E. J. A.. Orr, Okla.
Merz G. W., Akron, Ohio.
M ertz J . H ., B urtrum , M inn.
M ertz P. E ., Jam estown, Cal.
♦M ertz R. T ., Botkins, O. :
Mertz W. K.. Chandlervllle. 111.
M erwin W. M ., Newbern, Tenn.
M erz O. J., Pontiac, Mich.
♦Merz O. H .. N ew ark. N . J.
Meseke W.C.A., A lta Vista, Kan.
M esenbrink A, C., Addison, 111.
M eserve Hom er O., A ntioch, Neb.
♦Meservey B. M ., Excelsior
Springs, Mo.
M eservey W . H ., Excelsior
Springs, M o.
♦Mesmer C. W ., Des Moines, la .
Mesnet C. L., Julian, Neb.
Messenbaugh E. T., Braym er, Mo.
♦Messer H . C., Libertyville, Ia.
Messerli W. D.. W adena. Ia.
M essersm ith W. W ., New OrI leans. La.
Messick G. Roland, Georgetown,
Messick L., Hill City, Kan.
♦Messing E . W.. N o rth Tonaw anda, N . Y l
♦Messner A. C., M ohawk, M ich.
♦Messner J. M .. M ott. N. D.
Messner William, H alstead, Kan.
M etcalf Abram , Chaonia, M o.
Metcalf A. M., H ardy, Ark.
♦M etcalf Bryce, New York C ity
VN . Y.
M etcalf C. A., D elavan, N . Y.
Metcalf C. D., Batesville, Ark.
M etcalf D. P., Hooker, Okla.
♦M etcalf Ethel. Glenhaven. Wis.
♦M etcalf M rs. F. T ., PleasantviUe,
M etcalhF. T., PleasantviUe, Ia.
♦M etcalf H arrold, StevensviUe,
M ont.
M etcalf J. A., Optim o, Okla.
Metcalf Jas. D., Shipm an, 111.
M etcalf J. M ., Black Rock, Ark.
Metcalf J. M„ Girard. IU.
♦M etcalf M . B., Greenfield, 111.
♦M etcalf N . E ., Tippecanoe City.
M etcalf Ralph, Greenfield, 111.
♦M etcalf S. W., Bokchito, Okla.
Metcalf T . S., Glen H aven, Wis.
♦M etcalf William, Shullsburg, Wis.
M etcalf W. B., S anta B arbara,
Metcalf W . N., Evening Shade.
♦M etcalfe Geo. P ., Brooksville,
♦M etcalfe J. F ., Stam ford, Tex.
♦M etcalfe J. W ., Broken Bow.
♦Metcalfe W . P ., Dallas. Tex.
Metelman C. A., Sidney, la.
♦M etheny J. E ., Bridger, M ont.
♦M etier W. V., H um eston, Ia.
Metschies Frank, PapUlion, Neb.
M ettler John Jr., Lodi, Cal.
M etz A. R., Pullm an, Wash.
Metz C. A., M onterey, Cal.
♦M etz F. C., Jr., New Y ork City,
N . Y.
♦Metz Jr., Gus, W esthoff, Tex.
♦M etz I. A., H elena, Ark.
♦M etz J. E ., T rum an, M inn.
Metz W. C.. Yorktown. Tex.
, Metzel A. L., Elgin, 111.
♦M etzger John, Wheeling, W . Va.
M etzger J. P., P lym outh, Ilk
M etzger N ath an, Norfolk, Va.
♦M etzler I. S., Los Angeles, Cal.
♦M euke A. F .. Carm ine, Tex.
Mewborn J . A., F arm ville, N. C.
Mewborne L. J., Kinston, N. C.
Mewhinney Logan, HoUand, Tex.
♦M ewhirter George, Yorkville, IU.
Meyer A. B., Jam estow n, Mo.
M eyer A. F., W estbrook, M inn.
Meyer A. H., Paullina, la .
♦M eyer A. J., Chicago* 111. ■
*Meÿër G. E ., New Y ork C ity,
N . Y. .
M eyer E. B „ Augusta, M o.
♦M eyer E dw ard J., Rochester,
N. Y.
♦M eyer E . H ., Elm ore, O.
Meyer Ella N„ Forest, O.
♦Meyer E. W ., H utchinson, Kan.
♦Meyer F . A., Stockton, Oal.
M eyer, F- J., Oregon C ity, Ore. .
M eyer F ran k E ., Harlem . M ont.
■ M eyer F red W ., St. Charles, Mo.
M eyer F . W ., Bronson, Kan.
♦M eyer G. B., Bowling Green,
M eyer G. F ., P o rt Clinton, O.
♦M eyer G. W ., BeUevue, K y.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Meyer H . A., Auxvasse, Mo.
♦M eyer H. O., Libertyville. IU.
♦Meyer H . E ., Bison, Kan.
M eyer H. F., Scribner, Neb.
M eyer H. F ., M art, Tex.
♦Meyer Henry, Chioago, IU.
♦M eyer J; A., New England, N .D .
M eyer John D., Altoona. Pa.
M eyer J. O., Prague, Okla.
♦M eyer John W., Boyd, Wis.
M eyer Jos. W., D ubuque, Ia.
Meyer L. E., Oakharbor, 0 .
♦Meyer M . Justin, Forest, O.
♦Meyer Oi A., Oswego, N. Y.
M eyer O. F .Brazilton, Kan.
M eyer Paul G., Oourtland, M inn.
♦Meyer P . H .. W ayne, Neb.
M eyer R . Jr., L ancaster, Wis.
Meyer R obert, New Haven, Mo.
Meyer S. G., Fredericksburg, Pa.
♦Meyer Theo. H ., WiUow Lake,
S. D.
♦M eyer W. E ., W orden, IU.
♦Meyer W . F., J r., H olland, In d .
♦Meyerholz J. H . Jr., New York.
N . Y.
Meyers A. C„ Belvidere, 111.
♦Meyers A. P., M ilford, Ia.
♦Meyers B. M., Stoutsvllle. O.
♦Meyers C. E ., S tuart, la .
♦Meyers C. E ., E nterprise, Kan.
♦Meyers C. F., Chicago Heights,IU.
Meyers F. L., La Grande, Ore.
M eyers G. E .. Red Lion, Pa.
M eyers Geo., Carlisle, Ia.
M eyers J. H>, Gackle, N. D . i
M eyers Jos. O., ReesevUle, Wis.
M eyers J. R., Goldengate. 111.
M eyers M . L., Luxem burg, Ia.
Meyers M. M., Verona. Wis.
M eyers R . G., Robinson, N . D.
♦Meyers W ayne, Storm Lake, Ia.
Meyers W. A., Stoutsvfile, O.
Meysenburg, R. L.. Grafton, 111.
♦Michael B. A.. New Hope, Va.
♦Michael C. N ., C atlin, 111.
Michael F. C., Le Claire, Ia.
♦Michael F . R ., Bridgewater, Ia.
Michael G. A., Mobile, Ala.
Michael H. D ., Kilkenny, M inn.
M ichaelson V. J., D uluth, M inn.
♦Michalesen A. M„ Odessa, Wash.
M ichalsön C arl D., M ontrose,
M inn.
♦Michaelsen C. N ., Dixon, Wyo.
Michaelson M.H., Darlington, Wis.
♦Michel E . A., Cleveland, N. D.
♦Michel Louis A.. Milford Center,
♦M icheletti A. A., Los Angeles,
♦Michel T . F ., N o rth St. Paul,
M inn.
♦Michels H. C., Flora, 111.
Michels H. C., Germ antown, HI
Michels M. J., R inard, IU.
M ichelsen F . M ., S alt Lake C ity,
U tah.
♦M ichie G. C., Steele. Mo.
M ichie H uey, Steele, Mo.
♦Michie M . W ., Superior, Wis.
Mickelson E. A.*» K athryn, N. D.
♦Mickelson A. 'B., Finley, N. D.
Mlckelson A. N., New London.
Mickelson Iver, Rawson, N . D.
♦Mickelson M. H., M ankato, Minn.
♦Mickelson T. C., M ankato. Minn.
M ickey B. H ., W ood Lake, Neb.
M ickey J. H ., Osceola, Neb.
Mickey R. S.. MorrUl. Kan.
♦Mickle E . L., D e Land, Fla.
M iddaugh O. A., E lkhart, K an.
♦M iddelkam p G. H ., H aw k P oint,
M iddelkamp G.H.,HawkPolnt,M o.
Middelson J. H.. Crocus, N. D.
M iddelstadt O. O., M onon, Ind.
Middelton J . D., Shelbyvffle, Ky.
♦M iddendorf Leo H., Quincy, IU.
♦M iddleton J. T ., St. Paris, O.
M iddleton W. B., Plaquem m e, La.
M iddlebrook G.C., MUbank, S. D.
Mlddlebrooks H. L., S parta, Ga.
Middlekauff J . A., Douglass, K an.
♦M iddlesworth M ., Cowden, IU.
♦M iddleton F . E ., Los Angeles,.
Middleton F. L., Winfield, W . Va.
M iddleton G. A. .Snohomish,W ash.
♦Middleton J . R.. H ysham , Mont.
Middleton O. K .. Blaine, Wash.
M idgley F . S., Newkirk, O kla.
♦M idstokke O. 0 .1 Reserve,M ont.
♦M idthum H . J., Flom , M inn.
M ielenz Howard, Dexter, N . M .
M ielenz L. M ., Omaha, Neb.
♦Mielke G. C., Brownton, M inn.
♦Mielke H . O.. Good T hunder
M inn.
Mielke H. W.. Bird Island. Minn.
♦Mielke Paul. Hazen, N. D.
M ielke W. G., M oneta, Ia.
♦Mieras F . A.. Emerson. Neb.

M iertschin T . A., Riesel, Tex.
♦Mifflin H. A., Harrisburg, 111.
♦MigheU H. E ., Plano. IU. .
♦M ignardot O., Nogales, Ariz.
♦M ihm M . L., Dè Kalb, 111.
♦Mike J. O., Tower, M inn.
M ikels Oscar, Dean, Ia.
♦Mikels Zella, Dean, Ia.
Mikelson Oscar, Alpha. M inn.
MlkeseU E, C., New Paris, O.
M ikkelsen N. L., K athryn, N. D.
M iktyn A. I., Chicago, 111.

MiUer E . J., Gregory, Tex.
MiUer E. J., Huron. S. D.
♦Miller E. J., Knox, Pa.
♦MUler E. M ., Cumberland, Wis.
MiUer E. N ., Perrin, Tex.
♦MUler E. O., Long Beach, Cal.
MUler E . P „ Bennettsville, S. C.
♦MUler E . W., Gauley Bridge,
W. Va.

MUler E rnest, Coxsackie, N . Y.
♦MiUer Ernest, NorthvUle. Mich.
♦MUler E thel Miss, Adamsville,
♦MiUer F. A., Campbell, M o.
MUam O. M .. GartersviUe, Ga.
MiUer F . B., C edar Falls, Ia.
Milam J. B., Chelsea, Okla.
♦MUler F . B., Ellis, Kan.
♦MUam NooUe, Chelsea, Okla.
♦M üboum J. 8.. Fairland. Okla. MUler F. D.. Galena, O.
♦MiUer F . E ., M t. Vernon, Ky.
♦M Ubrandt G. O., RiceviUe, Ia.
♦MUburn Geo. B., Vice,. Okla.
F. H., Appleton City, Mo.
♦MUburn R o y . G ravel Switch, Ky.
MUler F. H., Gauley Bridge, W.Va.
♦MUem Geo. H ., Lyons, N . Y.
Miller F. J., H ubbard, Ia.
MUler F. J., Raym ond, Kan.
MUes A rthur F.. St.George, U tah. MUler F. L., MUler, Ia.
MUes A. W., Tippecanoe City. O.
♦MiUer Floyd, W aurika, Okla.
♦MUes Bula, Jacksonville, Mo.
♦MiUer F . M., A sbury P ark, N. J .
Miles C. A., Cleveland, Tex.
♦Miller F. M ., Baltim ore, M d.
MUes C. W ., Kingsdown, Kan.
♦MUes C. W. Jr., Union City, MUler F . M., Lakeview, Ore.
MUler F rank M ., Ocean Grove,
MUes D. R., Pioneer, Ia.
N. J.
Miles F rank F.. Grassrange, M ont.
♦MUes Jr., Geo. B.. WUsonvUle. ♦Miller Francis, Sandy Springs,
M d.
MiUer F . R., CaldweU, Ida,
♦MUes G. E., Sm ithfleld. U tah.
MUler F . R., Tiffin, O.
♦Miles N ., M ount CarroU, IU.
MiUer F. S., Big Sandy, M ont.
MUes J . S.. M ount CarroU, IU.
. *MiUer F. T ., FrankUn, IU;
Miles L. H .. Savanna, IU.
♦MUler F. T ., T ennant, Ia.
♦MUes R. W ., Pleasant HU1, La.
MiUer G., Goodnight, Tex.
MUey Louis, MUlersburg. O.
Millauckas J. G., Pittsburgh. Pa. MUler G. A., E ast H am pton.
. N . Y.
♦MiUce M . M ., Riverside, Cal.
MUikin C. B.. Flowery Branch,Ga. ♦Miller G. B., Carthage, IU.
♦Miller G. B-, Westfield, IU.
M ilk B. L., Thedford, Neb.
MiUer George, Dallas, Tex.
♦M ülan D. N ., San Diego, Cal.
MUler G. C., RockviUe, Ind.
♦MUlar E . R., Los Angeles. Cal. ♦MUler G. C., Perrin, Tex.
M illar W. D ., Seattle, Wash.
♦MiUer G. D., H untington, W. Va.
♦Millard C. G., Osakis, M inn.
MUlard G. N., International Falls. Miller G. E ., Aldrich, Mo.
♦MUler G. F., Indianapolis, Ind.
♦MUlard H arry A., E vart, Mich. MUler G. H., M ulberry, Ind.
MUler GUes H., Lynchburg. Va.
MUlard H. A., Hersey. Mich.
MUler G. I., Berry, Ala.
♦MUlard P . H., Beaumont. Tex.
M illard S, T ., Elizabethtown, ♦MUler G. J., Chicago, IU.
MiUer G. L., M ount Vernon, Ia.
Mülelsen M., Bloomsburg, Pa.
♦MUler Glenn, Newton, Kan.
Millen E. H., MitcheU, S. D.
♦MUler G. M., Nam pa, Ida.
Millen H . G„ Marlon, Ia.
MiUer Geo. N-, Los Banos, Cal.
M iller R ay W., Greeley, Ia.
MUler Geo. S., Monee, 111.
v*MiUer G ertrude H., Langdon,
MUler A. A.. Grove City, M inn.
MUler Alfred, Harvey, IU.
♦MUler Guy H.-, Rushville, IU.
♦Miller Alfred, Pocahontas, Ia.
MUler G. W., Princeton, Mo.
MUler A. A., Tacom a, Wash.
MUler H. A.. Neshkoro. Wis.
MUler A. C., M arietta, Minn.
♦MUler H. A., G uthrie Center, Ia.
MUler A. D.. MitcheUvUle, Ia.
MiUer H. B., Toppem ish, Wash.
MUler A. E ., ♦Leaksville, N. C.
MUler A. F.. Polk, Ia.
MUler H. B., Livingston, M ont.
♦MUler A. F ., Topeka, Kan.
♦MUler A. G., Beaver Dam, Wis. MiUer H. C., KeytesvUle, Mo.
MUler A. G., Grand Rapids, Wis. MUler H. C., Ryder. N. D.
♦MiUer H. C.. Om aha. Neb.
MUler A. G.. Rock Rapids, Ia.
MiUer A rthur G., GrantsvUle, ♦MiUer H. D., Clearwater, Neb.
MUler H. D.. Sidney. Ind.
W. Va.
♦MiUer H. E ., Eudora, Kan.
MUler H. H., Rothvffle. Mo.
MUler A. H., Cumberland. Wis.
♦MiUer H. J., N am pa, Ida.
MUler A. J ., Dodge, Neb.
♦MUler H. L., L a F ayette, Ind.
MUler A. O., Backus, Minn.
MUler Horace L.,Sunnyside.W ash.
MUler A. P., Pittsburgh, Pa.
MiUer H. L., Sunnyside, Wash.
MUler A. R.. Columbus, Neb.
MUler H. O., H arrisburg, Pa.
Miller B. C., Forrest, IU.
♦MiUer Homer, Lees Summit, Mo.
♦MiUer B. F., Laramie, Wyo.
MiUer H. S., Trafford, Pa.
Miller B. H „ Ault, Colo.
Miller B R.. GordonviUe, Minn.
MiUer H . T ., Kulpmckit, Pa.
♦MiUer H. V., Bakersfield, Cal.
MUler Chas., Le RaysviUe, Pa.
♦MiUer H. V.. Knightstown, Ind.
MUler C. A., Columbus, Wis.
MUler H. W., Ben Franklin, Tex.
MUler 0. A., T erra A lta, W. Va.
MiUer Hugh, Clarinda, la.
♦MiUer C. C., Kalona, Ia.
MUler O. D., Eldorado, O.
♦Miller Ira, Freeport, IU.
♦MiUer C. E .. Havelock, Ia.
♦Müler Calvin E., Ford City, Pa. ♦MUler Irene, Galva, Kan.
MiUer I. J., BeevUle, Tex.
♦MUler C. F., Noroatur, Kan.
MUler I. O., Palco, Kan.
♦MiUer C. F., Winfield, Mo.
MUler I. S.. E ast Berllp, Pa.
♦MiUer J., Irving, Tex. '
MiUer C. G., Harrisburg, Pa.
MUler J. A., Falls Creek, Pa.
♦MUler C has. V., Hoxie, Kan.
MiUer C. H.. Somerton, Ariz.
MiUer J. A., Geneva. Ind.
I *MUler J. A.. Three Rivers, Mich.
MUler C. H .. St. Ansgar. Ia.
♦MUler C. I., Fresno, Cal.
MiUer J . B., Alma Center, Wis.
MUler O. J., Laurel, M ont.
Miller J. B .,R ichland Springs.Tex.
♦MUler'O. L „ St. Paul, Kan.
♦MiUer J. B., C edar Vale, Kan.
♦Miller J. C., Haines City, Fla.
Miller Clyde, W aurika, Okla.
Miller C. R., Kankakee, IU.
MUler J . C., B ertha, Minn.
MiUer J. C., Fortuna, Mo.
MiUer C. S., Ballinger, Tenn.
MUler C. W., Jr., Hays, Kan.
MiUer J. C., McLoud, Okla.
♦Miller J. O., Palm er. IU.
MiUer D avid, Bay City, Mich.
♦MUler John C., W alton, Ky.
MiUer J. D ., E lk Lick, Pa.
♦MUler D. It., Shenandoah. Ia.
MUler D. E ., Foxlake, M inn.
MUler J . D., Royse City, Tex.
MUler D. J., B ritt. Ia.
MiUer J. E ., Albion, W ash.
♦MUler D. L., Agency, Mo.
♦MUler J. E ., Brownstown, Ind.
MiUer D. L., Confluence, P a.
♦MUler J . F.. Greensburg, Ky.
Miller D. O., Greenfield, O.
♦M ille r J. F ., R ural Hall, N . C.
MiUer D. R „ F aith. S. D.
MUler J. G., P ittsburg, Kan.
MiUer E, A., Albert,, Neb.
MUler E dith E.. Gagetown, Mich. MiUer J . G.. Crete. Neb.
MiUer J . G., RusseUviUe, O.
MUler E. E., W orthington, Ind.
M iller J . H ., Cornlea, Neb.
♦Miller E. E., Saco, M ont.
Müler J . H., Drake, N. D.
MUler E. F., Makanda, IU.
MUler J. H., Healdsburg, Cal.
♦Miller Edgar, W eaublau, Mo.

Miller J. H., Macedonia, 111.
M iller J. H., Churubusco, Ind.
Miller J. Hugh, Thurm ond, W. Va.
Müler J . H „ W est U nity, O.
MUler J . J., Gunnison. Colo.
MUler J . J., Ham burg, Pa.
M iner J . J., W aterloo, la .
*MÜler Jam es L., New Y ork City,
N . Y.
♦Miller J. L., RawUns, Wyo.
Miner J . L., W est P oint. 111.
MiUer J. M ., Camden, Ind.
MUler J. M. I II., Tarboro, N . O.
M iller J. M ., W oodbury, Ga.
MiUer J. O.. Leonore, IU.
♦MUler John, P aton, la .
♦MiUer J. P., Hurley, Wis.
♦Miller J. P ., Sainte M arie, 111.
♦MUler J> P., Strasburg, O.
MUler J . R.. Litchfield. IU.
MiUer J. R., Fennimore, Wis.
♦M iller J. S., HuntsviUe, Ark.
♦M iller J. T „ Altoona, Kan.
♦MUler J. T ., Boone, N. O.
♦M iller J. W., Appleton C ity, Mo.
MUler J . W ., Pulaski, Va.
M iller K. A., Gresham, Ore.
MUler LeRoy, Andes, N. Y.
♦M iller L. A.. Anamosa. Ia.
MUler L. E „ S tanberry, Mo.
Miller L. F., B rayton, la .
♦M iller L. G., Pasadena, Cal.
♦MiUer Lam bnt H., Winneconne,
MUler L. I.. Shipshewana, Ind.
MUler L. L., Arcanum , O.
MUler L. L .f A tw ater. O.
MUler ,L. V., M oorland, Ia.
♦Miller L. W., P o rt Huron, M ich.
Miller Lynn T ., Shepherd, Mich.
♦MUler M . F., Sidney, Ind.
♦M iller M . M ., Em m etsburg, Ia.
MUler M. M„ Shannon. Miss.
MiUer Mabel V., K irkland, IU.
♦Miller M aude, TitusvUle, Fla.
♦M Uler'N. L ., Ham pshire, 111.
♦MiUer N . O., D enton, M ont.
MUler N. R.. Lufkin, Tex.
♦MUler O. A., B ast Lansing, M ich.
MUler O. D., MassUlon, O.
MUler O. F., Y arm outh, la .
M iller O. L,, Grady, Ark.
MiUer O. L.V Newark, IU.
MUler' O. P., M odesto, Cal.
♦M iller O tto, M ilnor, N. D.
MiUer O. W„ M ahaska, Kan.
♦MiUer Olive, M rs., Brownsburg,
♦MUler Orlando, Paradise, Kan.
♦MUler PauUne, Raym ond, Kan.
MUler P . H., Morgantown, Ind.
MUler P . J., Ilo. Ida.
♦MiUer P . R ., VermUion, S. D.
M iller R. A., Newton, Mo.
♦MiUer R. C., Dolton, 111.
MiUer R. C., Palisade, Neb.
♦MUler R. E., BeevUle, Tex.
♦MUler R. E ., Jam estown, N . Y.
♦Miller R. E ., New York. N . Y.
M iller R. G., Duncan, S. C.
MUler R. G., M anson, Ia.
M üler R. H ., Estherville, Ia.
MUler R. H., Minden. La.
MUler R. J., M arshall, Tex.
MUler R. Lorentz. Emaus. Pa.
M iller R. O.. Mooresville. N . C.
♦MUler R. P., C attle Rock, M inn.
♦MiUer Rue, ManiUa, In d .
♦MiUer S., SSyracuse, Ind♦MUler S. Alice. MItchellvUle, la .
MiUer S. N., Benedict, N. D.
MiUer Sumner, Pineblufl, Wyo.
MUler T. A., Ocean Groye, N. J.
MUler T. B - Greenwood, Mo.
MUler T. D., Alto, Tex.
.MiUer T. E ., Hillrose, Colo.
MiUer T . J'., New Hope, Ky.
♦MUler T . Q., Asheville, N . C.
.MUler W m., Maysville, Ga.
M iller W ., Oak Ridge, Mo.
MiUer W. A., M arkesan, Wis.
MiUer W . A., Puyallup, W ash.
♦MiUer W alter, OantrU, Ia.
MUler W arren, Verdi, M inn.
M iller W. B., Sän Diego, Cal.
M iller W . B ..Johnson City.Tenn.
M iller W m. B., Media, P a.
M iller W. B., Polk, Mo.
♦MUler W. B.. Staunton. Ya.
♦M üler W. C., SmithviUe, Tex.
♦MiUer W. C., O ttum wa, Ia.
MUler W. F., Irving, Tex.
MUler W. F., Junction City. Kan.
MUler W. F. Im nerial Mo‘♦MUler Glenn W., Burr, Mich.
♦MUler W. G., M urray, Ky.
MUler W. H ., Alden. Ia.
MUler W. H.. ConneU, W ash.
MUler W . H ., St. Paul, M inn.
♦MUler W. H.. W averly, Mo.
MUler W. In , Germ an VaUey, IU.
♦MiUer W. N ., Leonard, Tex.
♦MiUer W . S., Rockford. IU.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦M inor E arl, Santa Rosa, Mo.
♦M inor H. P., Cannelton, Ind.
♦Minor H ubbar, Marshfield, M o.
M inor Jr., R. T., Charlottesville,
Minor S. W., Durham , N. C.
Minor W. R., Bowling Green, Fla.
M inier C. O., Spickard, M o.
♦MUligan E . B., Cambridge, O.
M inier T . F.. Jakin, Ga
M illigan I . P ., Chattanooga,
T enn.
• ♦M inton B., M aud, Okla.
M inton John R.. Seville. O.
MUligan Jas., Sm ithshire, IU.
M inton Roy J., M aud, Okla.
♦MUligan L. M., Rayne, La.
M intrup J . A., Union, Mo.
M illigan R. E., Ivesdale, 111.
♦M intrup L. J.. Union, Mo.
Müllgao W. J., LowvUle, N. Y.
M illikan Thos. B., Newcastle, ♦Minx H., Lincoln» Kan.
M irick I. G., Lyons, N. Y.
♦M irshall J. P., Broadw ater, N eb .
M illiken J. R., Newcastle, Ind.
♦M isak E . L., UnionviUe, Mo.
Misenheimer N ., Allenville, Mo.
MUliken M . H .. LewisviUe. Tex.
♦Missildine G. E ., Galva, la .
Milliken R. E ., Kadoka, S. D.
♦MUlikin R. C.. W est Jefferson, O. Misson H. H., Slatington, Pa.
M itcham T.. Lehigh, Okla.
Millington W. B.. Girard. Kan.
Mitchel P . R., Bakersfield. Mo.
MilUon B., Jr., Supply, Okla.
Mitchell A., A kron. Colo.
♦Mlllis F ran k T ., Paoli, Ind.
M itchell A. B., Pinebluff, Wyo.
MilUs H . A., High P oint, N . O.
♦M itchell A. N ., W ashington, D.
MUloy C. D ., W illiston, N. D.
♦MitcheU A. S., Lexington, Ky.
Mills A. L., GreenviUe, S. C.
MitcheU B. D., Gardner, N. D.
M ills A. L., Hebron, M d.
♦M itchell B. D., Hillsville. Va.
Mills Ada, WUton. Ark.
♦M itchell B. J., Rock Island, 111.
♦Müls Jr. Andrew, New York City. M itchell Carl, Tallahassee, Fla.
Mills B., M cA lester, Okla.
MitcheU O. E .. Chicago, 111.
♦MiUs Chas. A., G rand Rapids, ♦M itcnell C. G., San Diego, Cal.
Mitchell C. P „ MonroevUle. Ind.
♦Mills C. B „ M uskogee, Okla.
♦Mills O, B.. Aurora, S. D.
MitcheU C. W ., Chadron. Neb.
♦MiUs C. E ., Sol St. Paul, M inn.
♦MitcheU C. W., Wilmore, Ky.
♦Mills O. E ., Arnold, Neb.
♦Mitchell Clyde, Brinkley, Ark.
MitoheU E. L., MortonsviUe, Ky.
♦MitcheU E . T., Oroville, Cal.
♦MiUs C. A,, Ada, M ich.
Mitchell E. T.v Lim a. O.
♦MiUs D. E ., N ash, Okla.
♦Mitchell F. A., Okemah, Okla.
Mills B. B.. Plainfield. Ind.
♦M itchell F. C., K ansas City, M o.
MiUs E. L. J.. Mancelona. Mich.
Mitchell F. C., Proctor, Minn.
♦MUls E. P., Lansing, Mich.
Mills F . C., New Y ork C ity.
♦Mitchell F. C.. San Jose, Cal.
MUls George H., Bradford, Pa.
I ♦MitcheU Florence, F arm ington,
M o.
♦Mills G. L .. Toledd. O.
MitcheU Floyd, W eidm an, Mich.
Mills H. R.. Exeter, Cal.
MitcheU F rank, Swainsboro, Ga.
♦MUls J., Lynn, Mass.
♦Mitchell F . L., D e R uyter, N . Y.
♦Mills John, PowersvUle, M o.
MiUs J. A., Nevada, Ia.
MUls Jno. H ., Black River Falls, ♦MitcheU F. S., CoffeyvUle, Kan.
M itchell G. A., Lake ViUa, 111.
Mitchell G. F.. Coin, Ia.
MUls J. I., Lacona, Ia.
MitcheU G. H ., W est E nd, IU.
MUls J . R.. Obion, Tenn.
MitcheU Geo. Jr., E still Springs,
♦Mills J. S., Oakland, Cal.
Mills J . S., Seymour, Ind.
♦MitcheU H. E ., Dover, Okla.
♦MUls Lawrence, Eldorado, 111.
Mitchell H . F.. Sapulpa. Okla.
Mitchell H orace G., L anghom e.Pa
♦Mills M . D .. HUlsdale, M ich.
♦Mills M orriss, CaldweU, Tex.
MitcheU H. H „ SandersviUe. Miss.
M ills M orriss. Somerville, Tex.
M itchell H . W., M adison, S. D.
Mills M . P., H eyburn, Ida.
Mitchell J . A., N orthum berland,
MUls N. Jr., New York, N. Y.
♦MUls R. D., Kingstree, S. C.
Mills R. D.. Toledo, O.
♦MitcheU J- A., New York C ity.
♦Mitchell J. B., W eston, W. Va.
MUls R. H., Coshocton, O.
Mills Sherman. W. Alexandria, O. MitcheU J . C., Marion, IU.
Mitchell J. C., Parowan, U tah.
♦MiUs W. A.. Marion. Ind.
♦MitcheU J. C.. Sulphur Springs,
Mills W. O., F ruitland, Md.
MiUs W. D., Brookshire, Tex. f
Mitchell J. E., Carbondale, 111.
♦Millsaps F . F., M onroe, La.
MitcheU J. E ., Jr., H avana, Ark.
MUmlne E. L., Schenectady, N. Y. ♦M itchell J. E ., Kingfisher, Okla.
M ilne A. C.. G rand Junction.
* *MitcheU Jr., J. J., FaUis, Okla.
M itchell J. K ., P ritch ett, Tex.
M ilne A. C., Oakwood, Mich.
♦Mitchell J . L., GreenvUle, Tex.
♦Milne Geo., W heatland, Wyo.
M ithcell John L., BoUvar, Tenn.
M üner D ana, T. Bowie, Ariz.
. MitcheU J . P., W inton, N. C.
♦Milner E. L., W eatherford. Okla. MitcheU J . S., Brinkley. Ark.

♦Miller W. V.. Paisley, Ore.
MUler W . W.. T renton, S. C.
♦MiUett G. H ., Philadelphia, Pa.
MUlhouse C. E „ MUler, Neb.
♦MiUican H. G., Loving, Tex.
♦MiUican J. L.. Gotebo, Okla.

M ilner J. E ., W alden, Colo.
M ilner T . W ., Richton, Miss.
M ilsten J. O., Belfield, N . D.
MUtenberger A.. St. Louis, Mo.
♦M iltenberger F rank, Cortland,
Neb. .
MiltenbergerW.L., N ewOrleans, La
MUton L., Nebo, ill.
M ilton L. G., V anburen, Ky.
Mimmes F . W;, Trenton, Ky.
♦Mims C. B., Newport, Tenn.
Mims D. D:. MonroevUle, Ala.
M ims D. F., Garden City, Kan.
Mims E. J., Edgefield, S. C.
♦Mims Miss O., Harleyvüle, S. C.
Minch C. B.. BelleviUe, Wis.
♦M inderman John G., Covington,
Minear C. W., H endricks W. Va.
M iner A rthur, MUdred, Pa.
Miner F. B.. Charles City, la .
♦Miner J. C., Punxsutawney, Pa.
M iner J. H ., Salem, Ore.
Minger John, Sunm an, Ind.
Minick C. A., Crawford, Neb.
Minick C. T ., Upton, Wyo.
♦Minier A. M., Highland, Kan.
Minier G. A.. Pearl. IU.
Minier W. E „ Oakland, Neb.
Mlnish R . W., Gratz, Ky.
♦Minnick E. L., Rexford, Kan.
♦Minogue J. J., Garfield, N . J.
M inkner L. M ., Byers, Colo.
Minks J. W.. CoUins, Mo.
♦M inner Lee, Farrell, Pa.
Minor A. B., Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
M inor O. D ., PerryviUe, Ky.


M ittle E.N., Bowm an, .
♦M ittwede E . F., Hartsells, Ala.
♦Mix C. F., Crookston, M inn.
Mix R ay W „ Danville, Ia.
♦Mixon A. L., Amite, La.
Mixon Hugh, M arianna, Ark.
Mixson T. G., T arpon Springs,Fla.
M iyano S., Fresno, Cal.
♦Mize A. R., Byron, 111.
♦Mize A. W., SevierviUe, Tenn.
♦Mize J. M.. OdenvUle. Ala.
Mlzell C. W., Opp, Ala.
MizeU J . A., RobersonvUle, N. C.
♦M izener E . B., P o rt Clinton, O.
♦Mizzell A., M etropolis, Ind.
♦Moad E . L., M cO urtain, Okla.
M oakler Jam es C., N iagara Falls,
| N. Y.
♦M oakler J. F., Cooperstown,
N. Y.
♦M oats E . T ., Harrisburg, O. '
Moats R . H ., Ney, O.
♦Moberg E v ert L., Taylors Falls,
M inn.
M oberly D. O., Calhan. Colo.
M oberly F. D ., Humphreys, Mo.
M oberly I. N „ Flagler, Colo.
♦Moberly L., Flagler, Colo.
♦M oberly M . C.. Calhan. Colo.
M oberly O. H., Harris. Mo.
Mobley M . O., Shady Dale, Ga.
♦Mobley W. F ., Red Rock, Tex.
♦M obraston C. S„ Windell, M inn.
M och Jam es L.,.Cincixmati, O.
♦Mock G. H ., Columbus. O.
♦Mock J . R ., BeUefourche, S. D.
♦Mock M. F., Alma, Kan.
♦Mockler J. J „ lip, Ida.
♦Mockler Nell, H ayw ard, Wis.
♦Moczygemba F.B .,Falls City.Tex.
♦Moderwell A. W., L adora, Ia.
M odin E . P., M iddle River, M inn.
ModUn W. H., Ulysses, Neb.
♦M odiseth D. L., K uthven, Ia.
♦Moe A lbert H., Audubon, M inn.
♦Moe E . S., M inneapolis, M inn.
♦Moe E. O., Galesburg, N. D.
♦Moe H enry Q., Rice Lake, Wis.
M oe O. A., Ruso. N . D.
♦Moecker M ary, G rant P ark, 111.
Moeglein Jos.. L ittle Falls, Minn.
Moehle F., OkawvUle, IU.
♦Moehle W. A., OkawvUle, IU.
♦Moehling H. E., W averly, Ia.
♦Moeller A. F.. Chicago, IU.
♦Moeller C. W., Everly, Ia.
♦Moeller E ., Lake P ark, Ia.
♦MoeUer E rvin, D ysart, Ia,
♦MoeUer F. C., F o rt Dodge, Ia.
♦MoeUer F. W., Parskton, S. D.
MoeUer G. W., H arris, Ia.

♦MoeUer J. H., Leigh, Neb.
♦Moeller Louise E ., Worthington,
M inn.
♦M oetter C. H ., Lansing, Mich.
♦Moe A .M ., Dodson, M ont. ,
Moen A. O.. McVUle. N. D,
M oen Geo. O., S toughton,'W is.
M oen Ole. M anchester, M inn.
♦Moen O. H ., Inwood, Ia.
Moening W., Richmond. Mlpn.
♦Moes F. H ., PUot Rock, Ore.
Moffet A. C., W averly, IU.
♦Moflet E. B.. L am ed. Kan.
M offett C. H ., M ax, Neb♦Mitchell J. T ., Faulkton, S. D. ♦M offett D. O., Cloverdale, In d .
♦M offett D. S., Kusa, Okla.
Mitchell J. W., Cambria, Va.
Moffett E . L.. Woodruff, Kan.
♦MitcheU Jessie A.. Ava, Mo.
MitcheU Kate, Franklin, Tex.
Mitchell M . A., Hennessey, Okla. ♦M offett F. B., Greenville, S. C.
MitcheU N ., Winston-Salem, N .C. ♦Moffett H. S., Independence, Ky.
♦Mitchell O. L., H azlehurst, Ga. ♦M offett J.'H ., M ax, Neb.
♦MitcheU Olive, H azlehurst, Ga. Moffett J . R., Clayton, 111.
MitcheU Q. J., Linton, Ind.
♦M offett W. H ., Fairdale, N .D .
♦M itchell R. A., K lam ath Falls, Moffitt J. K.. San Francisco, Cal.
♦Mitchell R. B., Parm a, Ida.
Moffltt P . S.. MU1 Grove, Mo.
MitcheU R. J., Verona, Mo.
Mögen Conrad, W aubay, S. D,
M itchell R obert B., Broken Arrow, ♦Mögen J. E ., E scanaba, M ich.
M ohead S. A., Philipp, Miss. ,
MitcheU R. P., D e Queen, Ark.
♦Monlenbrock F.,CampbeUHUl,IU.
♦MitcheU R. T ., Senatobia, Miss. Mohlenbrock M.. Campbell Hlll.IU.
Mitchell R. V., Moody. Tex.
♦M itchell Jr., R. V., Moody, Tex. ♦Mohlenhoff J. H ., Andrew, Ia.
MitcheU Q. J., Lyons, Ind.
♦Möhler H , R., E phrata, Pa.
♦M itchell U. M ., H avana, Ark.
♦Mohler H erbert, Cerro Gordo, 111.
♦Mitchell V. V., MonroevUle, Ind. ♦Mohling Elm er, Summer, Ia.
♦Mitchell W. C„ Coleridge, Neb.
M ohlm an J. J./ Glenvil, Neb.
Mitchell W. L., Ventura, Ia.
♦M ahoney A. J., Enid, Okla.
♦Mitchell W. M., Ponchatoula, La. M ohney J. M ., "Edison, Neb.
♦MitcheU Wilson, Rimersburg, P a. M ohr Henry, ¡GUdden, Ia.
Mitchell WUson, St. Clairs vUle, O. . Mohr L. F ., Lockland, O.
MitcheU W. W., Paris, Ky.
M ohr L. H ., Glidden, Ia.
Mitchum A. B., Paris. Tenn.
♦Mohr L. H., Müscoda, Wis.
M itchner B. E-., H utchinson,K an. ♦Mohr R. F., Groton, S. D.
♦Mithoff Lewis, Lancaster, 0 .
♦Mohr V. C., Rockport, Ind.
♦Mithofif T . E ., Lancaster, O.
♦M ohrman R. H.. Geneva, Neb.
♦M itsch Eliza, Woodbine, Ky.
M oir H arry S., Chico. Cal.
♦M itsch W. H ., Woodbine. Kan.
M olander A. G,. Victor. S. D.
♦Molendorp Peter, Allendorf, Ia.
♦M itteistaedt E ., HelmviUe, M ont. M olden A. O.. Harlow. N. D.
M ittelsteadt H erm an, W aseca, ♦Moline Geo. V.. Gibbon, M inn.
Moline George, W oodstock, Minn,
M inn.
♦M itter Lawrence Jr., C incinnati, Moll Clare D.. St. Peter. M inn.
♦Moll H. J.. Lackaw anna. N . Y.

207 0

*Molleston G. W ., Llneville, la.
Molleston R. E ., Llneville, la.
Mollin A. M.. Genoa, Neb.
♦M ollohan R. P., Grantsville,
W. Va.
♦Molloy W. H ., Berryville, Ark.
Molloy W. T ., Eden, Tex
♦Molm G. L., M orristown, M inn.
M olm H arry G., M orristown,
M inn.
M olstad Alfred, Dedham , la .
♦M oltzan H. A., Eleva, Wis.
Molz J . M., H ardtner, Kan.
♦M omyer I.B ., K lam ath Falls,Ore.
♦M onahan C. F., Chicago, 111.
♦M onahan J. E ., Tonopah, Nev.
♦Monahan W ., Coming, O.
♦Moncrief O. S., Ooolidge, Ga.
Monfelt Henry,, B am ston, Neb.
♦Monfelt S. M., Barnston, Neb.
♦Monk E. B., Los Angeles, Cal.
Monk G. H., Salmon, Ida.
Monk H. E., Viborg, S. D.
♦Moon Leigh, P alark , Ark.
M onnler J. T ., Umontown. Ala.
♦Monroe A. E ., Caledonia, N . Y.
♦Monroe Carl, Leon, Iowa. '
♦Monroe C. B., Howell, Mich.
M onroe C. I.. W atervliet, M ich.
Monroe E . G., Leon, la.
M onroe E . H .. G arden C ity,
M inn.
♦Monroe F . B., Hopkins, Mo.
♦Monroe F. G., W ilklnsburg, Pa.
♦M onroe J. A., Paris, Tex.
♦Monroe O. B., W eldon, la .
♦Monroe P . C., Lawton, Okla.
Monroe T. A., Magnolia, Ark.
♦Monroe T . O.. Winslow, Ariz.
M onsell E . M „ Sand Spgs., Okla.
♦M ontague J. J., Clifton, Tenn.
M ontague T . A., N avina, Okla.
Montedonico V., Memphis, Tenn.
♦M ontegue J. J., Reserve, La.
M ontegut G., Houm a, La.
Monteil A. C„ Baltim ore, Md.
Montell A. C., Catonsville, Md.
♦M onteverde F. L., Tulare, Cal.
M ontfort L. F., Reynolds, Ga.
♦M ontgomery A. R., Long Beach,
M ontgom ery A. S., Sardis, T énn.
♦Montgomery Bruce, Columbia,
♦Montgomery B. S., Lewisville,
Montgomery O. F ., New Castle, F a.

Mooney F. L., N orth P latte, Neb.
♦Mooney O. K., Chillicothe, 111.
Mooney O tto, Birm ingham , Ala.
Mooney R. E .. Knoxville, Tenn.
Mooney T. M„ Bridgeport, 111.
♦Mooney W. H., Chicago, 111.
M oor J. W.. Toccopola. Miss.
M oor Thep., H am m ond, Ind.
♦M oorberg L. A., M ilford, Neb.
♦Moore A., Otis, K an..
M oore A. B., Hollister, Mo.
M oore A. B., Indiahom a, Okla.
♦Moore A. C., Green Castle, M o.
Moore A. E., Delia, Kan.
♦Moore A. G., Toledo, O.
M oore A. J.. Corvallis. Ore.
♦Moore A. J., Greenville, N . O.
♦Moore. A. J., La H arpe, 111.
♦Moore A. J., Sikeston, Mo.
Moore A lva E „ Mlnneola, Kan.
Moore A. M., Balaton, Minn.
Moore A. M., Faulkton. S. D.
Moore A. P., Bristol, Tenn.
♦Moore A. W ., Oakland, Cal.
Moore A. W., Cowden, 111.
Moore A. Z„ Shelby, Mich.
♦Moore B ertha, Com ing, la.
♦Moore B. M., Timewell, 111.
M oore B. T .,‘Brady, M ont.
M oore B. V., Fargo, N , D.
♦Moore Clarence,Meyersdale, Pa.
♦Moore C. B., Calexico, Oai.
♦Moore O. B., Greensburg, Pa.
M oore O. O., C lairette, Tex.
M oore C. H .. W estm oreland, K an.
♦Moore C. L., Cowden, 111.
M oore C. L ., Jr., Osceola, Ark.
♦Moore C. M ., Wolfe C ity, Tex.
♦Moore C. P ., Lacrosse, W ash.
M oore D. F ., Jr., Brunson, S. O.
♦Moore D. G., C rockett, Tex.
♦Moore D . W .. Danville, 111.
M oore E. O., Holabird, S. D.
Moore E . E., L oretto, Minn.
M oore E . E ., Rockfort, M inn.
♦Moore E . K ., O rient, W ash.
M oore E . L ., Broxton, Ga.
♦Moore E. L „ W alnut Ridge, Ark.
Moore E. M., Roanoke, Ala.
Moore E . N.. F t. Recovery, O. _
♦Moore E rnest, Clarksdale, M iss.
♦Moore E rnest H ., Boston, M ass.
♦Moore E v a G., Upland, Cal.
♦Moore E. W ., Union, Mo.
♦Moore F . A., G rafton, N . D.
♦Moore F . B., K ansas C ity. M o.
♦Moore F. L., W . Farm ington, O.
♦Moore Forrest, Kem p, Tex.
♦Moore F. W ., Lennon, Mich.

M oore L. N ., Mitchellville, Tenn.
♦Moore Muriel,| Lam ed, Kan.
Moore M. A., Union, S. C.
♦Moore M arion. Sheridan, Ind.
Moore M. E., K ent City, Mich.
M oore M . M ., Cascade, M ont.
♦Moore M. N.. Mitchelh Ind.
♦Moore N. A., D ecatur, Tex.
Moore N. L.. Mitchell, Ind.
Moore N. R.. Ravenden. Ark.
Moore O. J., Scotland Neck, N. C.
M oore O. W., Allerton, 111.
♦Moore Paul, Portland, T e n n ..
♦Moore Percy J., Applegate, Mich.
♦Moore P. L., Richmond, Va.
♦Moore Ralph, M ilton, Ind.
♦Moore R. B., Independence, Kan.
♦Moore R. B., Des Moines, la.
M oore R. J., M t. Calm, Tex.
♦Moore R. L., Jr., Boonville, Mo.
M oore R. W.. Findlay, O.
Moore S. A., Greenville, S. C.
♦Moore S. E., Crewe, Va.
Moore S. H., S tuarts D raft, Va.
Moore Sidney, Kansas City. Mo.
♦Moore S. J., Hood River, Ore.
♦Moore S. L ., Commerce, Tex.
Moore S. R., Holton, Kan.
♦Moore T. C.. Ozark, Ark.
Moore T. I., Marion, Ala.
♦Moore T. M ., Faulkton, S. D.
♦Moore T . O., Tracy, Cal.
M oore V. K., Au Sable Forks,
N . Y.
M oore Waldo Cy, Leursburg, O.
Moore W ebster, Louisville, Ky.
M oore W. E .. Temple, Tex.
♦Moore W. F., New York, N . Y.
♦Moore W. G., W alton, N. Y.
Moore W. H., Mt. Klsco, N. Y.
M oore W. H ., W ilmington, N . O.Moore W . H. H., Martel, Neb.
♦Moore William, Ellington, Mo.
Moore W. L.. Bloomington, 111.
M oore W. T ., M arshall, Ark.
♦Moorer Jr. D. F., St. George, S. C.
♦Moorer H. B., Jr., Ripley, Tenn.
♦Moores C. W., Hope, N. D.
♦Moores E . B., San Pedro, Cal.
Moores E. B„ San Pedro, Cal.
♦Moores, H. W., Lexington, Ky.
Moorhead F. W., Junction City,
Ore. t
g k
♦Moorhous D. H., Monticello, Ind.
♦Moorman, A., Leitchfleld, Ky.
M oorman C. O., Ranger, Tex.

Morgan E. G. Jr., Spencer, la .
Morgan B. J., Geneva, O.
Morgan E . J., N evada City, Cal.
Morgan E . L., Chesterton. Ind.
M organ E. R., Rock M a rt, Ga.
♦Morgan E. T., Sapulpa, Okla.
Morgan E . W., M alone, Tex.
Morgan F. A.. Olds, la.
Morgan F. N., Poughkeepsie.N.Y.
♦Morgan F. R., W apello, la .
M organ Fred, Rayville, La
♦Morgan Fred, N evada C ity, Cal.
M organ F. V., Kellogg, la.
Morgan H. P., Cuba, N. Y
Morgan J. A., Brazil, Ind.
Morgan J . B„ Inland, Neb.
♦Morgan J. E., Providence, Ky.
M organ J. F., Piedm ont, Ala.
M organ J. H., E nterprise, Ala.
♦Morgan J. W., W eston, Mo.
M organ Joseph, Hebron, Tex.
♦Morgan J. M„ Chetopa, Kan.
Morgan J . R „ Whitwell. Tenn.
♦Morgan K. B., Hilo, Hawaii.
♦Morgan K. P . Floyd, Va.
♦Morgan L. C., Corsicana, Tex.
♦Morgan M abel E ., Oakfield, Wis.
Morgan M. R.. Eagle Rock, Va.
M organ M ajor R., Foxbürg, Pa.
M organ M . W., Ashland, Ala.
♦Morgan P. W., M t- Vernon, 111.
Morgan R. B., Floyd, Va.
♦Morgan R. T., Eagle Pass, Tex.
Morgan S. G., Mebane. N. C.
Morgan W „ Grafton, W . Va.
Morgan W. E „ Cleveland, Mo.
♦Morgan W. P., Uvalde, Tex.
M organ William A., Brooklyn,Ind.
Morgan W. L., Cumberland, Md.
♦Morgan W. T., Pipestone, M inn.
M organs L. F., Parkersburg, la .
Morgenson A. F.. Vesper, Kan.
♦M orgenthaler H. R., Rockport,
M orhart W. W.. Holden, Mo.
♦M oriarty M . J., Slayton, M inn.
♦MOrisson M . J., Kingsport, T enn.
♦M oritz H . M ., Holbrook, Ariz.
♦Morius J. W., Lidgerwood, N . D.
M ork T . O., Viroqua, Wis.
Morken A. L., Cumberland, W Is.
Morken O. J., Buford, N. D.
M orken T ., Shelly, M inn.
Morley J . M., Severance, Kan.
♦Morley Nelson T., Yorkville, 111.
♦Morley P . D ., Batavia. Ia.
♦Morley R. W., Severance, Kan.
♦Morland À. L., P ortland, Ore.
Morlock F.H.,GoodThunder,M inn.
M orner F. E., Prentice, Wis.
Morphew G. A., Magnolia, 111.
♦Morrel C. D., P ost, Tex.
Morrell W. D., Canyon, Tex.

M oorm an, R . J., Jam estow n, O.
Moors A. C., Friendship, Wis.
♦Moore G. A., Loretto, M inn.
♦Moors H. F., Friendship, Wis.
♦Moore Geo., D anvers, M inn.
M oore Geo. A., St. Cloud. M inn. Moorse M . J.. M inneota, M inn.
M oore Geo. L., Bridgeport, Conn. Moose Clifton, M orrillton, Ark.
Mooser A. H., Grass Valley, Cal.
Moore G. G., K ansas City, Mo.
M oore Geo. L., M erigold, Miss.
♦M oran C. L.. Leroy, Tex.
Moore Geo. O., Newman. 111.
♦Moran Jerry, Emery, S. D.
M oore G. O., Rom e, Tenn.
♦Moran John T ., Syracuse, N . Y.
M oore G. W ., N orton, Va.
M oran J. P., Nekoma, Kans.
♦Moore G. W., Milwaukee, Wis.
Moran R . A., Millsap, Tex.
♦Moore H. A., Jamtha, Mo.
Moran S. J., Deer River, Minn.
M oore H. C., Burney. Ind.
Moran V. W.. Bloomfield, Mo.
♦Moore H. Q., F lint, M ich.
♦Moore H . O., Upland, Cal.
♦Moore H. C., T ahlequah, Okla. M oravek F . J., Holyrood, Kan.
♦Moore H. D „ Long Beach, Cal. i *More F . D ., Shelton, Neb.
More S. G„ Buffalo, N. D.
♦Moore H. G., Allerton, 111.
Moreau F. E., Marksville, La.
Moore H. G., W ellm an, la .
♦M oreau O. H., Argyle, M inn.
M oore H . H ., Keystone, Okla.
♦Morehart H. J., Vanlue, O.
♦Moore H arry R., Chicago, 111.
♦Morehead C. G., Owensboro, Ky.
♦Moore H. S., P iggott, Ark.
M oore I ra A., V arina, la .
orehead L. H., Barada, Neb.
Moore Isaac S., D uluth, Minn.
♦Morehead J. D., Sebree, Ky.
Moore J. A., S tanberry, Mo.
M orehouse E. J., Warwick, N . Y.
♦Moore Jam es, Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Morehouse Geo., L ittle River,
Moore J. B.. Smithville, Tenn.
M oore J. C., Corydon, la .
♦Moore J. C.. E arl. Ark.
M ontgom ery W. A. Jr., E dw ards,
♦Morehouse W. R., Los Angeles,
oore J. C., M iles C ity, M ont.
M ontgom ery W. J. H ., E nid,M ont. M
♦Morel H. A., Clifton, 111.
J. C., M iles C ity, M ont.
Montgomery W . S., Fredonla, P a. ♦Moore
♦Moore Jam es C., Sm ithville,Tenn Morel M. L., Clifton, 111.
♦Montgomery W. T ., M ountain M oore J. I ■Cem ent, Okla.
M oreland E. F., Collierville, Tenn.
Home. Ida.
♦Moore J . E ., H am ilton. Tex.
M oreland H. D., Philom ath, Ore.
M oore J. E ., Lacrosse, Wash.
♦M oody A. H ., D etroit, M ich.
Moreland H . W „ Howe. Okla.
♦Moore J . F., Green Camp, O.
♦Moody O. D ., N ora Springs, la .
♦M oreland O. O., Gallup, N.M ex.
M oore J. F ., Mocksville, N . C.
M oody C. W ., W entw orth, Mo.
♦M oreland P. O., Hayward, Wis.
♦Moore J. F., Prospect, O.
Moody E. C., Nora Springs, la .
♦M oreland W. E ., Union City,G a.
Moore J . H.. Oketo. Kan.
Moody E. D.. Dennison. O.
M oore J. H . Jr.. Ash Grove. Kan. ♦Morell W. N. Jr.. Vemdale, M inn.
M oore J. I., F o rt Collins, Colo.
M oody E . R ., New Y ork C ity, ♦Moore J. T„ Dexter, Mo.
♦M orett F. O., Iron M ountain,
N. Y.
M oore J. I., York, Neb.
♦M oody F . B., Apalachicola, Fla.
♦Morey C. A., Phoenix, Ariz.
M oore J. I., W ymore, Neb.
M oody F ran k M ., Tuscaloosa, M oore J. L., P atask ala, O.
♦Morey E . F., Tower City, N . D.
M orey V. R ., Grand Junct, la .
♦Moore Joseph, Bishopville, M d.
♦Moody G. A., M ount Sterling, ♦M oore J. M ., K lam ath FaUs, Ore. M orem W. O., Goldwin, N . O.
♦Moreno M ., Pensacola, Fla.
Moore J . N.. Ash Grove. Mo.
Moody H . S., Athens. Tenn.
♦Morfeld F. G., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Moore J 4 N ., Versailles, M o.
♦Moody J. S , M assillion, O
♦Moore Johnson, Van Buren, Ark. Morford J. F rank, Onaway, Mich.
Moody M. E.. P la n t City, Fla.
Morford L. M., Newton, N. J.
♦Moore J. P., New M arket, Va.
♦M oody R . L., Dillon, S. C.
♦Morgan Alfred, Cotter, la.
Moore J . W ., Brookfield. Mo.
♦Moody R. M ., Tulsa. Okla. {
Moore J. R., Gordo, Ala.
♦Moody T. E ., P lan t City, Fla.
Morgan A. M. S.. Charlestown,
Moore J . R. J r., Shelby, N. C.
♦Moody U. P ., W entw orth, M o.
W . Va.
M oore J. T ., Jellico, Tenn.
♦M organ B ert, W atertown, S. D.
Moore J . W ., Jasper, Ark.
♦Morgan B. L,, D ayton, Tenn.
Moore J. W .. Newtown, Mo.
♦M oody W. D ., Albany, M o.
♦Morgan B. V., Wagner, S. D.
M oore John W. Raeford, N . C.
Moody W. L. 3d, Galveston, Tex.
M organ Chas. E-, Litchfield, 111.
M oore K arl J., Pryor, Okla.
Moody W . V.. UhrichsviUe, O.
Chas. R ., Downing,Mo.
♦Mooman W.C., Petersburg,W .V a.
Morgan C. G.. Baltimore, Md.
♦Moore L., W arsaw, N. C.
Moomaw G. C., Dublin, Va.
M organ C. G., Pageland, S. C.
Moomaw W. R ., Stone Creek, O. Moore L. B., Bellevue, Tex.
♦Morgan C. S.,Hillsboro, Tex.
M oore L .'B ., D arden, Tenn.
M oon Jr. A. F., OartersviUe, Vs.

M ontgom ery O. F ., O akland, Cal.
♦M ontgom ery E . R., Rocky Com ­
fort, M o,
M ontgom ery E . L., Coward, S. Ç.
M ontgom ery E . T.,Lawrencevllle,
Montgomery F . C., Point, Tex.
♦M ontgomery G. C., Lawrenceville, Ga.
M ontgom ery G. K ., R utland, Vt.
M ontgom ery H . H ., Jacksonville,
♦M ontgomery H. M ., Chinook,
M ont.
M ontgom ery H. V., Centralia,
Montgomery H. W ., Skidmore.Mo.
M ontgom ery J. F., M t. Pleasant,
M ontgomery J. W., Rocky Com­
fort. Mo.
♦M ontgomery R. V., C arney,
Montgomery S. S., Memphis, Tex.
M ontgom ery T . G., Baker, Ore.
Montgomery T. L., Coshocton, O.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

♦M orrett A. L., Corydon, Ia.
Morrill D. C., Big Rapids, Mich.
♦Morrill Wesley, K ent. Wash.
M orris A., Winnsboro, Tex^
M orris A. A., New Wilson, Okla.
Morris A. D., K entland, Ind.
Morris A. F., Enders, Neb.
M orris B. O., Mocksville, N. C.
♦Morris C. B„ Noel, Mo.
♦Morris O. C., Colorado Springs.
♦Morris C. E ., Genoa, O.
M orris C. G., Oilton, Okla,
♦Morris C. H., Haw orth, Okla.
♦Morris C. L., Fall Brook, Cal.
♦Morris C. L., E lburn, 111.
M orris Chas. G., Yale, Okla.
♦Morris Chas. M., Milan, Mo.
♦Morris E arl G., El Reno. Okla.
M orris Jr., Dan, Waco, Tex.
♦Morris D. D., W arthen, Ga.
♦Morris E . C., Bamberg, S. C.
♦Morris E. C., D rum right, Okla.
M orris E. E ., M ountainburg,Ark.
♦Morris E. E ., Sabetha, Kan.
M orris E. E., M ount Hope, W. Va.
♦Morris E- J-, Philadelphia, Pa.
♦Morris E . J., M cIntosh, S. D.
♦Morris E . O., Ansley, Neb.
♦Morris É . R., Portland, Ore.
M orris F. Jr., Gainesville, Tex.
Morris F. F .. Ireton. la .
♦Morris G. O., Vernon, Tex.
Morris G. L., Middlebourne, W.Va,
M orris H. A., M uskegon Heights.
M ich.
♦Morris H. L., M iles City, M ont.
♦Morris Irene, Big Sandy. Tenn.
♦Morris Irving G., Terrell, Tex.
♦Morris J., M orris C ity; 111.
M orris J. A., Como, Tex.
M orris John B.. Wells, Kan.
♦Morris J. F., W ood Lake, Neb.
M orris J. Harrison, Lingleville,
♦Morris J. H., Vineland, N . J.
♦Morris J. L., Fleming, Colo.
Morris Joel T., S parta, Mo.
♦Morris J. Niel, Sulphur, Ky.
Morris Jo h n S., W estport, Ind.
♦Morris L. H ., Mitchell. S. D.
Morris L. TÍ. W atertow n, S, D.
♦M orris M . E ., Sparta, Ga.
♦Morris M . H ., Versailles, M o.
♦Morris O. B., B u tte Falls, Ore.
♦Morris Olive C,, Lyndon, Kan.
♦M orris O. C., Tecumseh, Okla.
M orris O. E ., Fairvlew, W . Va.
M orris R. A „ Fairm ount, Ind.
M orris R. A., P ittsburg, Tex.

M orris R. B., W oonsocket, S. D.
Morris R. N., Lyndon, Kan.
♦Morris S. D „ Goff, E an .
♦M orris S. E .. Fulton. S. D.
M orris Stanley E ., M t. Vernon,
S. D.
Morris Stephen, F o rt W ayne, Ind.
Morris Stonewall, Newark, Mo.
M orris T . T .. Providence, Ey.
♦M orris Virginia, M ountainburg,
Morris W . A., Loganton, P a.
Morris W alter, Dover, Del.
♦M orris W . B .,,Farm ville, Va.
Morris W . B., Pom eroy, Wash.
Morris W. D. J., St.Mlchaels, Md.
♦Morris W. E., Edwardsville, Pa.
M orris W . E ., Indianapolis, Ind.
Morris W . E „ Stockton, Cal.
♦Morris W. E ., K enm undy, 111.
Morris W. F.. Pendleton. Ind.
Morris W . H.. Oakdale. Neb.
M orris W . L ., Florence, Colo.
Morris W . N., Samson. Ala.
Morris W . S., Belfleld, N. D.
Morris W. W., Parkdale, Ark. .
Morrish w . F., Berkeley, Cal.
♦Morrison A. D., Green City, M o.
M orrison A. L., Jersey Shore, Pa.
M orrison A. L., Summersville,
W. Va.
♦Morrison Anna, Ochelata, Okla.
M orrison C. E ., Atwood, 111.
M orrison C. F., Newcastle, Wyo.
M orrison O. M., Morrisonville,
M orrison C. V.. Frohna, M o.
♦M oirison E . L., Charleston.
W . Va.
M orrison F. D., Fowler, E an .
♦Morrison Floy E .. H inton, Okla.
M orrison G. D. N ovato. Oal.
M orrison H . A., E arl, Ark.
M orrison H . G., Peterson, la.
M orrison J. A., New Ross, Ind.
♦Morrison E . M ., Minneapolis,
M inn.
M orrison L. G., A rthur, IB.
♦Morrison O. F., Salem. W. Va.
♦Morrison R. B., H arrisville, P a.
Morrison R. J., Boscobel, Wis.
♦M orrison Thelm a, G rundy Cen­
ter, la .
♦M orrison Wm. A., Jr., Lake
Placid, N. Y.
♦Morrison W. O., Grundy Center,
la .
♦M orrison W esley,Rosebush,M ich.
Morrison W. G., Hem pstead.Tex.
M orrison W. H „ Big C lifty, E y.
♦Morrison Z ula B., Swedeborg.Mo
M orriss B. H., Glade Spring, Va.
M orriss G. A., M ounds, Okla.
♦M orriss G. E ., W etum ka, Okla.
Morriss W . E „ Cheneyvllle, La.
Morrissey E . J., Valeria, la.
♦M orrissey T. A., Los Angeles, Cal
Morrow C. A.. Joy. IU.
M orrow C. H ., Ham let. N. C.
Morrow D. R., Blacksburg, S. C.
Morrow E. F., Terrell. Tex.
♦M orrow E sther, R iverton, Neb.
♦Morrow E. Z., Bloomfield, la .
M orrow F. E ., Stam ford, Tex.
Morrow F. I., Madison, N. J.
M orrow F. M ., T u rtle Creek, P a.
♦Morrow H. W ., Roswell, N . Mex.
♦Morrow J. G., Fairbanks, Alaska.
♦Morrow J. G., Anacortes, Wash.
Morrow J . H., Moore, Mont.
Morrow J. L.. W aynesboro. Tenn.
Morrow L. C., St. Petersburg,
Morrow Mark, Percival, la .
Morrow N. R „ R iverton, Neb.
Morrow O. L „ Fortvllle, Ind.
♦Morrow P aul, Lead Hill, Ark.
♦Morrow R. C., Des Moines, la .
M orrow R . E ., Gladstone, N . D.
M orrow R. E ., E ast W estby, N .D .
♦Morrow R. S., Bluffton, Ind.
M orrow W . M ., W ashington,
K an.
♦MOrse A. H., Kooskia, Id a.
M orse A. Pi, St. Ignatius, M ont.
M orse B. E ., Peck, Kan.
M orse E. D., Clarks Sum m it, Pa.
♦Morse E . L.. Abilene. E an .
Morse E. T., Freeport, 111.
M orse I. A., Phillipsburg, E an .
Morse J . F „ Grayslake. 111.
M orse M . M., Spring Lake, M ich.
Morse M. R., Mays Landing, N. J.
M orse R. H ., Oxford, Ind.
Morse W. H., Bingham ton, N. Y.
Morse W. H., Tylertown, Miss.
♦Morse W. I.. Marlboro. Mass.
M orse W. W .. M orton, Wash.
♦Morsey W. L. J r , W arrenton, Mo.
Morsman R. P „ Omaha, Neb.
M ort I. R.. Hill City. E an .
♦M ortashed W. H., Harrison, O.
♦M orten H elen'E .. S tratton, Neb.
♦M ortenson C. C., Racine, Wis.
♦M ortensen C. J., Ord, Neb.
♦M ortensen H., K im ballton, la.
♦M ortenson L. S., Burley, Ida.
♦M ortenson M . E ., P erth, N . D.
♦M ortim er F. C., New York C ity,
N . Y.
M orton A. E ., Buffalo, M inn.
M orton Chas. M ., Geneseo, 111.
M orton C. R ., D inuba, Cal.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M orton C. W., Max, N. D.
♦M orton Charles, Ocheyedan, la .
♦M orton D. V., Richmond. Va.
Morton B. R ., B attle Creek, Mich.
Morton F . A., Russellville, E y.
M orton H . B., Brookline Station,
Morton J ., Orange, Va.
♦M orton J. E ., Des Moines, la .
Morton J . E.. Graham. Va.
M orton John W<, Athens, Ga.
Morton O. B., Monroe, La.
♦M orton O. S., Richm ond, Va.
M orton J r.. R. L., W ebb C ity,
M o.
M orton T . J., Evansville, Ind.
♦M orton W addell, New Y ork City
♦Morton W . G., Weir, K an.
♦Mosby S. A.. Phillipsburg, O.
Mosby Samuel, Elgin, la.
♦Mosel H. F., Farnham ville, la .
Moseley A. E., Goltry, Okla.
Moseley A. L „ Calhoun, E y
♦Moseley F. L., Louisville. E y .
Moseley F . R .. A shtabula, O.
Moseley J. O., M eadville, Mo.
♦Moseley J . R „ Anderson, S. C
♦Moseley M . B. Jr., E nnis, Tex.
Moseley P . C., C hatham , La.
Moseley R. H ., LowndesvlUe. S.O.
M oser Geo. F., M artinsville, Mo.
♦Moser J . F.. W apakoneta. O.
♦Moser P . J.. Monroe. Wis.
♦Moser S. D., H iaw atha, Kan.
Moses F. A., G reat Bend, Kan.
♦Moses F. L., C hatham , Va.
♦Mosgrove H . L ., Valparaiso.Neb.
Mosher C. D., Centerville. Mich.
♦Mosher M aud J., Twining, M ich.
♦Mosher S. P ., Dowaglac, Mich.
Mosher Stafford, Canajoharie.N.Y.
M osiman E . E ., G ahanna, O.
Mosler G. M„ Cincinnati, O.
♦Mosley B. G., New E dinburg,
M osley J. W.. Pawnee, Okla.
Mosley W illiam .Jr.,H ickory,O kla.
M oss B., Ableman, Wis.
Moss C. D., Lake Charles, La.
Moss C. H., Ishpem ing. M ich.
Moss C. L., Calhoim, Ga.
Moss O. O., GradyviUe. E y.
♦Moss M rs. C. O., GradyviUe, K y.
♦Moss O. R .. Orleans. Ind.
♦Moss E . B., Creedmoor, N . C.
Moss E . L., Thornton, Tex.
Moss E . Q„ Morrison, Okla.
Moss F . J.. Bowie. Texas.
♦Moss G. F., M cCook, Neb.
♦Moss J . Lee. Lewlsburg, Tenn.
Moss J. M ., Abbeville, La.
Moss L. F ., St. M arys, Kan.
♦Moss L. H.. New Orleans. La.
Moss O. E .. Fairfield. Wash.
M oss P. E ., Lincoln, Kan.
Moss R., Dixon, Cal.
M oss Simeon M ., Nevinville, la .
♦Moss W. S., Macedonia, 111.
M ostrom Fred, Ceresco, Neb.
♦M ote Leon L., Plainview, Neb.
♦M ote R. A., Plainview, Neb.
♦M othersead C. H ., Albany, M o.
M othersead O. B., H obart, Okla.
M otley G. H ., Overton, Tex.
M otley Luke, Tenaha, Tex.
♦M otley W. R. Jr., M arshall. Tex.
♦Motlow J. D ., L ynchburg, Tenn.
♦Motsinger Freem an, Carriers
Mills, IU.
♦M ott Edwin. St. Paul. M inn.
♦M ott F., Blytheville, Ark.
M ott J. A., Blytheville, Ark.
M ott J. H., Jam estow n, E an.
M ott L. W ., Oswego, N. Y.
M ott M. C., S tockport, la .
♦Mott Orra, Prescott, Mich.
♦M ott Wm. A., W akonda, S. D.
♦M otte G.'C., Colum bia, S C.
M otter G. O., W ilkes-Barre, Pa.
♦M otter H. R., Oto, la .
♦M ottern R. J., Bristol, Tenn.
Motz A. W.. Loudonville, O.
Mougin A. E „ Elizabeth, 111.
♦Moul I. M ., Y orki Pa.
M ould M. H., Baraboo, Wis.
♦Mould T. M„ Baraboo, Wis.
♦Moulden K. B., C entral C ity, Ky.
M oulton A. 0., Meeker, Colo.
M oulton C. G.. Limerick, Me.
M oulton F. H „ Bannister, Mich.
M oulton Irving F „ San Francisco,
♦Moultrie H. H., Obion, Tenn.
♦M oultsby J. A., W hitesville, N. O.
M ount A. J., Oakland, Cal.
M ount W. T .. Aitkin. M inn.
M ountain R , D ., Ashland, M ont.
M ountcastle D . E ., Covington,Va.
M ountjoy A. R., Twinsburg. O.
M ountjoy J. E .. W arsaw. Ky.
♦M ountjoy M yron W., T w i n
Bridges. M ont.


M ullin Geo E ., BrookvUle, Ind.
Mousel A. A.. Cambridge. Neb.
Mousel Charles. WUsonvlUe. Neb, ♦Mullin G. M„ Tazewell. Va.
M ousel H . P ., Sheldon, la .
♦M outon F. V., L a F ayette, La.
♦M outon J . E., La F ayette, La.
M ouw Neal, Sioux Center, la .
♦M owbray F. D ., Jefferson, Okla.
♦Mowery K. C., Linby, la .
♦Mowery S. H ., Jeffersonvillet O.
M owrer H . S.. Ocean City, N . J.

♦M ullin H iram , Cadwell, Ga.
Mullin W. J., Aredale, la .
M ulliner Geo. G-. F airport, N . Y.

M ullinix R ay, L am bert, Okla.
M ullinnix W. O., Lineville, la .
Mullins B. H „ Linneus, Mo.
♦Mullins R. O., Linneus» Mo.
MuUls J. A., Bartow, Ga. ,
♦Mullis J. R., Cochran, Ga.
E . H .. Lincoln, Neb.
M ow ry E . C., W inchester, Tenn.
M ow ry S. M., Sarles, N. D.
G. E ., W arden, W ash.
♦Moxley H. O., Taylorville, IU.
I. H ., W arden, Wash.
Moxness O. A., Brockway, M ont. MuUowney
M ulva Jas. B., Omro, Wis.
♦Moxon H „ D etroit, Mich.
♦M ulvaney L., Woodville, Wis.
M oyd D. L., Andrews, S. O.
Mumma H. E ., Hagerstown, Md.
M oye M ., E l Paso, Tex.
umme T . H ., Sandia, Tex.
M oyer Allen R .. Boyertown, P a. ♦M
M um m e W. T ., Sandia, Tex.
Moyer C. H „ Allentown, Pa.
♦M um m ert Clyde, Spencer, la .
Moyer C. J ., Bloomington, IU.
♦M um py Tillie, Hokal, M inn.
Moyer H. R., St. Clair, Pa.
M unday Edward. McCune. E an.
Moyer J . F., Catasauqua, Pa.
♦MundeU J . A.. StUweU, E an .
M oyer J. D., Souderton, Pa.
MundU F. F.. Linwood. Neb.
M oyer R . J., W alnut, K an.
♦MundU Joseph, Clarkson, Neb.
Moyer R . T.. Philadelphia, P a.
M undt H. D., Toeterville, la.
Moyers D. H., Ferris, Tex.
M unford Geo. W ., Two H arbors,
♦Moyers J. J., Fayetteville, T enn.
M inn.
♦Moyers M T .. Whitesville, N . O. Munger C. W.. F ranklin, O.
Moyers P . A., Sm ith C enter, E a n . ♦Munger F. H ., W averly, la.
Moyers W. R .. Weiner, Ark.
♦M unger H . M ., Gazenovia, N . Y.
Moyes R. A., Ogden, U tah.
♦M unger W. H ..N o rth P latte.N eb.
M oyle D. V„ Elkins. W . Va.
M unger W. T ., Lam pasas, Tex. /
M ozanek Joseph, Alma, 111.
M unkers G. R ., S tayton, Ore.
♦Muck J. J., Lindsay, Neb.
Munn D. G„ Ozark. Ala.
M uck Roy, Helenville, Wis.
♦M unn F. À., Olanta, S. C.
♦M uck W. A., Jefferson, Wis.
M unn L. K., Beloit, Wis.
Muckenfuss R. E ., Charleston, M unn Otis J.. Argyle. Mich.
s o
♦Munnell J. W.. Canonsburg, Pa.
M uckenfuss W . W., Aiken, S. C.
Munns C. P.. Hoisington, Kan.
♦M unro F . D ., GiUespie, IU.
M uckley M . M ., W aynesburg, O. M unroe F red L., M ansfield, Wash.
♦Mudd C. B ., St. Charles, Mo.
♦Munsell D ayton. El Reno. Okla.
♦Mudd, E . J ., St. Louis, M o.
♦Mudd L. R.. Reno. Nev.
Munsey G. P., Laconia: N. H.
M udd M aurice A., Chester, 111.
M unson Cora M ., Quinn, S. D.
♦M uder L. W., T arentum , Pa.
♦M unson F. A., Osceola, Neb.
♦M udgett C. F., VaUev C ity N. D. ♦Munson F. G., Alva, Okla.
♦Mueffelmann H . J., Gaylord,
Munson H. E., T orrington, Conn.
M inn.
♦M unson J . W., Bruno, M inn.
M uehlenpfordt C.H .,Lockport,IU . M unson K. O., Sparks, Kan.
♦Mueller A. M ., Ada,' M inn.
♦Munson Marie B., Newark, IU.
♦Mueller C. A., Kankakee, 111.
♦Munson O. P ., GranviUe, N. Y.
Mueller C. A., Rockland, Mich.
♦M unsterman E . H „ W atseka, IU.
♦M ueller Carl, M o tt, D . N .
M untzel M . W., St. Louis, Mo.
♦Mueller Conrad, St. Paul, M o.
M urchison A. H ., Vernon, Tex.
MueUer C. W., W rightstown, Wis. M urchison H ., Rentz, Ga.
MueUer E . C., T ipton, E an .
Mueller F. A., Pleasanton, Neb.
♦Mueller Geo. F ., New Rochelle,
N. Y.
♦Mueller G. F., L a Grange* IU.
♦Mueller H. A., St. Charles, la .
Mueller H enry, St. Louis. Mo.
M ueller J. F., D ayton, O.
MueUer J . H.. Tripoli, la .
MueUer O. H ., Euclid, M inn.
♦MueUer R. E ., A ltenburg, M o.
♦Mueller R. L., San Diego, Cal.
MueUer T . O., T opeka, E an . .
MueUerleUe A., H am pton, Minn.
Muesse H. L., WeUsviUe. E an .
♦M ugan C. E ., P o rt Sanilac. M ich.
Mugg I. N., Brownsburg, Ind.
M ugler Fred, Perry, Okla.
♦Muggli Gerhard, Richardton,
N. D.
♦Mugglie Agnes, Cold Spring,
M inn.
♦Muggli I. J., R ichardton, N. D.
Muggli John, R ichardton, N, D.
♦Muggli Louise, Roscoe, M inn.
♦MuggU Zeno, Ringling, M ont.
♦M uir A. E ., Nokomis, 111.
M uir Alex. M., Bellingham, Wash.
♦Muir E . J., Rockford, Mich.
♦M uir H . L., Bardstown, Ky.
M uir J. W., Bardstown, Ky.
Muir N. J.. Bloomfield, E y .
M uirhead David, Dresden, E an .
M ulcock E. R., Solvay, N. Y.
Mulflnger J . C., Seward, Neb.
♦M ulholland P . H., Biloxi, Miss.
M ulholland W . J., M aize. K an.
MuUaney J . D „ W entw orth, S. D.
♦Mullen Elm er, Atwood, E an.
♦MuUen J. F.. San Francisco, Cal.
♦Mullen M . J., Beardsley, M inn.
♦MuUen M . V., St. Paul, M inn.
♦Mullen, Sam, Ozark, Ark.
M ullendore Carl, H om iny, Okla.
Mullendore O.V., Cleveland. Okla.
♦Mullens T aylor F ., Jacksboro,

M urchison T . F ., A thens, Tex.
Murdoch T. M., Sioux Rapids, la .
M urdock C. E ., Reaver, U tah.
M urdock Em er W., Heber, U tah.
♦M urdock H. D ., Janesville, Wis.
M urdock Jam es, M orse, Kan.
M urdock O. W ., H artw ick, N . Y.
M urdock S. W.. Red Bluff. Cal.
M urley H al., PlatteviUe, Wis.
♦M urlin H. A., Oberlin, Kan.
♦M urphee R. D., Garland, Tex.
♦M urphey C. H ., N ew York, N . Y.
M urphree J. D ., T roy, Ala.
M urphree K., T roy, Ala.
♦M urphy A nna Dale, Avery, Okla.
♦M urphy A. J., Philadelphia, Pa.
M urphy A. K., Newburg, la.
♦M urphy C. A., Bellevue, la .
♦Murphy C. E „ Clyde, E an.
M urphy C. H., El Dorado, Ark.
♦M urphy C. M ., T ipton, Okla.
♦M urphy D. J., San Francisco,
Murphy D. J., Granite City, 111.
♦M urphy E . A., St. Cloud. M inn.
♦M urphy E . T ., Ashland, Mo.
♦M urphy G. A., Carrington, N. D.
Murphy H. A., H arrisburg, 111.
M urphy Hugh, W aterloo, 111.
M urphy J. A., Cabool, Mo.
M urphy J. C., Adrian, Mich.
Murphy J . E., Crandall, Tex.
♦M urphy J. E ., Ashland, O.
M urpny J. E ., U te, la .
Murphy J . J., New England.N .D .
M urphy John, Avery, Okla.

Murphy J . R ., Bartow. Ga.
M urphy J. W., R upert, Ida.
♦Murphy J . W., Benkelman, Neb.
Murphy John, Reynolds, N. D.
M urphy J . T ., Hanover, Kan.
♦M urphy K. W ., Woodworth',
N. D.
♦M urphy Lena, Lowell, M ich.
♦M urphy Leo, Denison, Tex.
♦M urphy L. V., Le Raysville, Pa.
♦M urphy L. W., Sublette, K an.
♦M uller E . E ., Scranton, Pa.
M urphy P. B., Scobey, M ont.
MuUer F. W., Royal, Neb'.
♦Muller G. J., B ay St. Louis, M urphy P. E ., Junction C ity, Ark.
M urphy P . H., Towfisend. M ont.
MuUer J . L.. Livingston, Tex.
♦Murphy P. R.. Minier, 111.
♦Muller John, Cordova, Alaska.
M uller John B. Jr., Forrest, 111. . Murphy P. W.. Ainsworth, Neb.
♦Muller T . V., San Antonio. Tex. ♦M urphy R. B., Shenandoah, la .
M ullican R. C., G reat Falls, S. C. M urphy R obt. D ., Rock Springs,
Mulligan E. W., WUkes-Barre, Pa.
♦Mulligan John, Minneapolis, M urphy R . E ., New Milford.
M inn.
♦Mulliken J. P ., Raleigh, N . C.
M urphy T. C., F ate, Tex.


♦M urphy T . F., Omaha, Neb.
M urphy Thos. J „ E arl P ark, In d f
M urphy W . A. Strong, Ark.
♦M urphy W. O., New York City,
N . Y.
î^urphy W . F., Rocky Hill S ta­
tion, Ky.
M urphy W. H .. Avery. Tex.
♦Murphy W . J., Philadelphia, Pa.
M urphy W. I,., Fairbank. la .
.M urphy W. L., Sebring. O.
♦M urphy Wm. H ., Shelby, Ida.
M urray Daniel Hi, Paterson, N .J.
♦M urray Ë . C „ D urham , N . C.
M urray G. B., Nova, O.
M urray George, Akron, Colo.
♦M urray H ., Billings, Okla.
♦M urray H attie,D onaldson,M inn
♦M urray H . E., Olney, 111.
M urray H. E ., Greentown, Ind.
M urray J. A., St. Matthews. S.C.
M u rray JV E-, M ultow a, M inn.
M u rray J. P., Summerfield, Kan.
♦M urray Juiia, Lansing, Kan.
Murray J . V.. W arrensburg, Mo.
♦M urray L. B.. Gouverneur. N .Ÿ .
M urray M. J., Ashland. 111.
M urray M. S., Houston, Tex.
M urray N. L., W alnut Grove, Mo.
M u rray O. R ., H errington, K an.
M urrray P. A., Victoria, Tex.
M urrày R. B., H am pstead,M d.
M urray R . L„- P rairie du Rocher.

M urray S. H., W ahpeton, N. D.
♦M urray T . P „ W alterboro, S. C.
M u rray W. H ., Franklin. Neb.
M urray W. P ., San Rafael, Cal.
♦M urray W. R ., Minneapolis,
M inn.
♦Murrell Edgar, Somerset. Ky.
♦Murrell V. H.. Dorchester, Tex.
Murrow C. L.. Corydon, la .
Murrow W. S., Jasper, Fla.
M urtagh C. B., Algona, la .
M u rtey Thomas, w eeping W ater,
♦Musch W. J., H artford, Kan.
Muschelewicz P. I., W est H am ­
m ond. 111.
Muscio D.. Angels Camp, Cal.
♦M usgjerd Theo., Crosby, N . D.
♦M ushat R . G., M arbury, Ala.
♦M usheï B. H ., Foley, M inn.
♦Musick E . B., Rusk, Tex..
♦Musil J. F., Cleburne, Kan.
M usselm an A. L., Poneto, Ind.
Musil J M.. Cleburne, Kan.
Musselman E. R.. Lansdale, Pa.
M usselm an J. Elm er, G ettysburg,
Musselman J H., E aton, O.
Musselman S. H ., M acy. Ind.
Musser B. C.. Lincoln, Cal..
Musser S. F., Lagrange. Ind.
M ussetter E . L., Ladora, la .
M ussetter H. L., Victor. Ia.
♦Mussey J . E., Cohoes, N . Y.
♦M ussman W. E ., Cham berlain,
S. D.
♦Musson J. H., Chicago, 111.
M u stain A. Q., A ubrey, Tex.
M ustain R. F ., E lm Springs, Ark.
♦M ustard F . E ., Anderson, In d .
♦Siustoe Leroy, M ankato, Kan.
M u tc h le rR . E ., Chillicothe. O. ,
♦M uth O. T ., H addam , K an.
♦M uth W. C., K ansas C ity, Mo.
♦M utschier Frederick, Rochester.
N . Y.
M u tt! O. L., Hopkins, Mo.
M uus B. J., L ittlefork, M inn.
♦Muzzall H . A., Coopersville,
: M ich.
M uzzy B. D., Carlisle, ArkM yddelton. Paul, V aldosta, Ga.
♦M yer C. F ., M cGehee, Ark.
♦Myers Adelbert, B arryton, Mich.
♦Myers A. R. Rosalia, W ash.
Myers Augustus, Haven, K an.
♦Myers B. D„ M artinsburg, W.Va.
M yers C. B ., Poteet, Tex.
Myers C. E., Kingston, O.
♦Myers C. E., P ontiac. 111.
Myers D. M., York, Pa.
♦M yers D. S. Jr., P ontiac, 111.
♦M yers E ., N evada, M o.
, M yers E. B., Sheldon, Ia.
♦Myers E. C., Cuba, M o.
♦Myers E . D.. Ohicora, Pa.
Myers E. D., Scio, Ore.
♦Myers E dna. H ildreth, Neb.
M yers E. E .. Bourbon, Ind.
Myers E. K.. F ranklin, Pa.
Myers F. A. Cushing, Neb.
Myers F. H.. Clay Center, Kan.
♦Myers F. M ., Alba, M ich.
M yers F rank, Helena, O.
Myers F. S., Green City. Mo.
Myers G. J., Chicora, Pa.
M yers G rant, Wooster. O.
♦Myers H. B., Columbus, N . D.
M yers Hom er, Sylvia, K an.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M yers H. D., Lankershim , Cal.
M yers W. H ., Shrewsbury, Pa.
M eyers Iona, Cushing, Neb.
♦M yers J. A., New Y ork City,
N. Y.
♦Myers J . A., W ooster. O.
M yers Jam es V., M ohawk, T enn.
♦Myers J . G., Mansfield, 111.
♦Myers Jas. M ., Moore, M ont.
Myers J . M. Jr., Scranton, S. C.
♦Myers J . R.. Ebensburg, Pa.
♦Myers J. T., Làurinburg, N. C.
M yers M . B., University PL, Neb.
♦Myers M. J ., Cedar Rapids, la .
♦M yers O. A., Gorin, Mo. (
♦Myers O. P., Boonton, N . J.
Myers P . V. N., W est B ranch, la .
M yers Q. A., Perrysville, Ind.
Myers R . T ., Gorin, Mo.
M yers S. D., Harrisonburg, Va.
M yers S. M ., Columbia. M o.
Myers W . B., Bethlehem, Pa.
Myers W. D , Elk City, Kan.
M yers W. G., W hitehall, M ont.
♦Myers W. G., M t. Blanchard, O.
♦M yers W. H ., Bendena, K an.
Myers W. H., Wakefield, Kan.
♦Myers W. R., Canton, O.
Myers W. W „ B ethany, Mo.
Myers W . W .,'H offm an, Okla.
♦M yette H . J., W oonsocket, R. I.
M yhra E. H., W ahpeton, N. D.
M yhre O. O.. Rolette, N . D.
♦M yhre Elm er. Swea City, Ia.
Myhre H. E., Newfolden, Miim.
Myhre M. A., Poison. Mont.
Myhre M. G., W alcott, N. D.
♦M yrbo Albert, Viking, M inn.
M yrbo T. M ., Viking, M inn.
♦M yre H erm an O., Hallock, M inn.
N aber B. A., New Vienna, Ia.
♦Nabors 9. L., Skiatook, Okla.
Nace M. W., McConnellsburg, P a,
Nace W. L., McConnellsburg, P a.
♦N achbaur F., Ata lissa, Ia.
N adeau Howard E ., M enominee,
M ich.
N adeau M . A., Chassell, M ich.
N adenbousch J . T., M artinsburg,
W. Va.
♦Nadler J. F., H azel Green, Wis.
Naegelin Albert, Basco, 111.
♦Naegele G. H., Los Angeles, Cal.
Naéve P . H., Cook, Neb.
Naff G. W ., B astrop, La.
Naffziger S. E ., Goodfleld, 111.
♦N aftzger F . D ., W ichita, K an.
N aftzger 8. O., W ichita, Kan.
♦Nafus J. F., N ashua, Ia. •
♦Nafziger A. J., W ashington, 111.
♦Nagel A. H,, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Naéel William R., W ashington,
D. C.
♦Nagle Geoi, C adott, Wis.
N ahnsen A. A., F am ham ville, Ia.
N ahrung O tto, W athena, Kan.
♦Naira W. W., W ashington, D. C.
♦N aisbitt L. D ., Logan, U tah.
♦N akatani 8., Sacram ento, Cal.
♦Nalle C. G., Owensboro, Ky.
♦Nally H., Cainesville, Mo.
♦Nam y C., Union Mills, N. C.
N ance A. B. Greenville, M e.
N ance E . 8., Oswego, Kan.
N ance H. B„ Alamo, Tenn.
N ance N . E ., Guymon, Okla.
♦Nance S.-L., Jasper, Ark.
♦N ance W alter, M ena, Ark.
♦N anney J. P . Tupelo, Miss.
♦N ansen N. K.. Almira, Wash.
N an ts W. E ., C ohutta, Ga.
♦N antz F. F., Partridge, Kan.
Napier N. V., Sedgwick, K an.
N appen K. P ., Lankin, N. D.
♦Nares F. L., Geneva, N . Y.
Nargney J. M ., Downers Grove.
Narum William, Englevale, N. D.
N asby A. O., Jackson. Minn.
N ash A. J., E'ast Lansing, M ich.
♦Nash B. <3., Lake Andres, S. D.
Nash C. M., W ebster, Mass.
♦Nash C. P., Sh'elbyville, Ky.
Nash C. T., W orthville. Ky.
, Nash E rnest. Clarksville. Mich.
♦Nash E. 8., Cehtralia, Kan.
N ash Jr., F . H ., F t. Gibson, Okla.
N ashjG . W., Lilburn, Ga.
♦Nash M iss Hazel, Piedm opt, O.
N ash J. A., Kaufm an, Tex
♦N ash John D., Versailles, Ky.
Nash John E „ Holton, Mich.
♦Nash J. L.» P lattsburg, N. Y .
♦Nash J. M ., B arton, N , D.
N ash Jno. R., T ipton, Ind.
Nash Miss Lols E., Elizabeth, 111.
♦Nash L, R., Corinth, Miss.
Nash O. J., Hills, Minn.
♦Nash R ., Sioux C ity, Ia.
Nash T. E., Pipestone, Minn.
Nash W. M., H addon H eights,N .J.

♦Nason O. W.. Stevens Point.W is. Nelson A. L„ Richland, Wash.
N assam an H. T ., Belmont, Kan. Nelson Alva. Provo, U tah.
♦Nelson A. M ., Tyler, M inn.
N ast W. J., Eden, Wis.
Nelson A. N„ Olivia. Minn.
♦N ater Louis, Streator, III.
Nelson A. N ., Conby, M inn.
♦N ation Howard, Erie, Kan.
♦Nelson A rthur, Bijou Hills, S. D.
N ation J. C.. Oneonta, Ala.
♦Nelson A. S., Yamhill, Ore.
N ation O. A., Konowa, Okla.
♦Nelson Axel, Sidney, Mont.
♦N atocha B. J., Cameron, Tex.
♦Nelson B. C., Kingsburg, Cal.
♦Naugle K. E ., Napoleon, O.
N aum ann C. J., Corwith, Ia.
♦Nelson B. E ., M ora. M inn.
Nelson C. A., W arren, Minn.
N avarre L. J., Essexville, M ich.
Nelson 0. A., W atertow n, Minn.
♦Nayfleld Silas, Nanticoke, P a.
N aylor Charles, Cooper, Tex.
Nelson C. A. R ound Rock. Tex.
♦Naylor E. B„ Tiffin, O.
♦Nelson O. B .. Olean, N . Y.
N eal B. F., Oglethorpe, Ga.
Nelson C. H .. Dorchester. Neb.
♦Neal F rank I., Willow Lake, S.D. Nelson Chas., St. Jam es, M inn.
♦Neal Geo. 8., Russellville, Ark. Nelson Chas., Boyd, Wis.
♦Nelson C. G., Sioux Falls, S. D.
♦Neal H. H., St. A nthony, Ida.
Neal J. B., Umatilla, Fla.
♦Nelson C. O., Jet, Okla'. I
♦Neal J . E., Marion, N. C.
Nelson C. P ., Danville, 111.
Neal J. R., A tlanta, Ga.
Nelson C. P., Long Pine, Neb.
Neal J. T ., Jr., Thomson, Ga.
♦Nelson C. R., Gray, Okla. :
Neal L. H., St. Anthony, Ida.
♦Neal L. L., Ranger, Tex.
Neal Q. R., Johnson City, Tenn. Nelson C. V., Victoria, 111.
Nelson D. A.. M anvel. N. D.
Nelson D. D., Granville, N . Y.
♦Neal V. A., Shellrock, Ia.
♦Jielson D. H .. Linden. Tex.
Neal W. G., Russellville, Ark.
♦Neale A. L., P t. Pleasant, W. Va.
Nelson E verett, Ordway, Colo.
♦Neale Edw ard, Omaha, Neb.
Neale E. L., H untington, W. Va. ♦Nelson E . A.. Ellsworth, M inn.
Nelson E. A.. H artland, M inn.
♦Neale W. W., Richm ond, Va.
♦Nelson E . A,, Lindsay. Cal.
♦Nearing A. I., M arianna, Fla.
♦Neary J . W., Emm etsburg, la.
♦Nelson E . A., M addock, N . D.
♦Nelson E sther C., B raham .M inn.
N eat J . C., W inchester, 111.
Nelson E . C., F o rt Pierre, S. D.
N ebhut J. F., Rossville, Tenn.
♦Neckers R u th M ., Clymer, N.Y. Nelson Edwin M ., Calais, Me.
♦Nedeigaard L, Obert, Neb,
Nelson E . E., Holdrege, Neb.
♦Neeb C. C., Crpss Plains, Tex.
Nelson E . F., N avarre, Kan.
N eeb C. G., Rockwood, Tex,
♦Nelson E. G., D rayton, N.- D.
Nelson E . I., Palerm o, N . D.
Neec'e A ./S ., Venus, Tex.
E. L., Bisbee, N. D.
♦Needham Clayton, Spring Lake, Nelson
♦Nelson E . L., W alum, N. D.
♦Needles H. H „ Cape M ay, N . J. Nelson E . M., Leigh, Neb.
♦Neel J. Fay, Zimmerman, M inn. Nelson E . N ., Roland, Ia.
Neel W. M ., Dorm ont, Pa.
Neeley F . E., Gerlng, Neb.
Nelson F. M., Burlingame, Kan.
Neeley G. M., Olar, S. C.
Nelson Frank, Plym outh. Neb.
♦Neelpy J. F., Landisburg, Pa.
♦Nelson F rank B., N orcatur, Kan.
Neely E . C., G renada, Miss.
♦Nelson F red A., R em brandt, Ia.
♦Neely Geo. D., Lake Charles, La. ♦Nelson
F. S., Albia, Ia.
Neely H. D., D urant, Okla.
Nelson F. W., Angola, Kan.
Neely J. A., Niles, K an.
Neely J . M.t Ashboro, N. C.
Nelson Geo. A., St. Joseph, Mo.
Neely S. E ., Bessemer City, N . C. ♦Nelson
G. E ., McVille, N. D.
Neely T. L., F ranklin, Ky. ,
Geo. W ., Bowman, N . D.
Neerken B „ Zeeland, Mich.
Nelson G. W., Williston, N. D. ;
Nees H. R ., Cory, Ind,
Nelson G. E ., M illard. Neb.
Nees T . H., Beaum ont, Tex.
♦Nelson H annah, S tratford, Ia._
Neese A lbert, Richland, Kan.
♦Nelson Hazel, Dresser Je t., Wis.
Neese H. D., Bland, Mo.
♦Nelson H . F.. Sweet Springs, Mo.
Neese H. E ., Wellington, Mo.
♦Nelson Henry, Dorchester, Neb.
Neese L. F.. Bland, Mo.
Neff A. S., Grandm arsh, Wis.
Nelson H erm an, Glendale, Oal.
♦Neff H. M ., Osborn, O.
Nelson H. N., A m herst June., Wis.
Neff J . F., Belmont. O.
♦Nelson H. W.. Thompson, Ia.
♦Neff Jacob M., McBrides, Mich.
Neff M. L., Mt. Jackson, Va.
Neff Sherman, McBrides, Mich.
Negus O. E .. Nickerson. Neb.

♦Nelson Idah, Tem vik, N. D.
♦Nelson Irene H., Corinth, Ky.
Nelson J., Grand View, Tex.
Nelson J. A., Bay C ity, Wis.
♦Nelson J. A., W allingford, Ia.
Nelson J. B., Dallas. Ia.

♦N eibrecht J. C., Gridley, Kan.
N eier O. H., Browns Valley, Ind.
♦Neighbor F rank, H arper, Kan.
♦Nelson J . C., W atford City, N .D .
♦Neighbors C. H., Pollock, Mo.
Nelson J. C. Pequot, M inn.
J. H ., E. Prairie, Mo.
Neikirk W. C., Shawsville, Va.
♦Nelson J. L., Spirit Lake, Ida.
♦Neil, Hazel, Wiggins, Colo.
F., D ubuaue, Ia.
♦Neil J . W., Yale, Okla.
♦Neil Sarah J., D ecatur, Tenn.
St. A nthony Falls,
♦Neiland Wm.-, Beulah, N . D.
Ida. i
♦Neill A. E., Thayer, Kan.
♦Nelson J. P ., G rand Forks, N. D.
Neill C. T., Greeley, Colo.
J. W ., Galva, 111.
Neill E . C.. Northcarrollton.M iss. ♦Nelson
♦Nelson J. W., Omaha, Neb.
Nelson J . W-. Marengo, O.
Neill John B., Berryville, Va.
Nelson J. W., Okeechobee, Fla.
Neill R. M ., M arshall, M inn.
Neill Robert, H ot Springs, Ark.
Nelson K. C., L akota, N . D.
♦Neilon Gus, Wylie, Tex.
Nelson' L. G., Garden C ity, Ia.
Neilon W. T., Jefferson, Tex.
Nelson L. H ., L ittle Sauk, M inn.
♦Neils R . G., Sauk Rapids, M inn. ♦Nelson L. M ., Allegan, Mich.
Nelson L. M., F airbury, Neb.
♦Neilson G. A.. Oceanpark, Cal.
Neilson J. J., Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Nelson L. P ., Garfield, Wash.
♦Neilson O. H ., Wilson, Pa.
Nelson L. R., Cle Elum, Wash.
♦Neilson S. A., Gowanda, N . Y.
Nelson L. R., Roslyn, Wash.
Neilson W. H .. Hudson Falls. N.Y. Nelson L. S., Crocker, Mo.
Neiman G. P.. W hite W ater, Kan.
♦Neisler C. L., A ult, Colo.
♦Neisler C. L., Irving, 111.
Neiss E . E ., Logan, N. D.
Nellermoe F . G., Buffalo Lake,
Nelms C. C., Caldwell, Tex.
Nelsen E. C., Royal, la .
♦Nelson A.. K irkhoven, M inn.
♦Nelson A. M ., M errim an, Neb.
Nelson Alfred, Peever, S. D.
♦Nelson Anton, Milnor. N. D.
♦Nelson A. B., W arren. M inn.
♦Nelson A. C., Willow Creek,
M ont.
; '
Nelson A. E., Minneapolis, Minn.
♦Nelson A. I., Mentone, Ind.

♦Nelson L. W., Peèver, S. D. .
Nelson M ., Kragnes, M inn.
Nelson M . B., A tlantic, Ia.
♦Nelson M . E ., Seaforth, M inn.
Nelson M. G., F t. Collins, Colo.
Nelson M . J., Bonetrail, N. D.
♦Nelson N. C.. Maskell. Neb.
♦Nelson N . G., Akron, Ohio.
Nelson N. H., Mabel, M inn.
Nelson N ,J.,E.G rand Forks, Minn.
Nelson N. L. Plentywood, Mont.
Nelson N. L., Shelby, Neb.
♦Nelson N. M ., Windom, M inn.
♦Nelson N. O., M arathon, Ia.
♦Nelson N orm an H., M abel,M inn.
♦Nelson O. F., Shelby, M ont.

Nelson O. R., Madison, Minn.
♦Nelson O. S., Bancroft, la . i
Nelson Oscar, Geneva, 111..
♦Nelson Peter, Davey, Neb.
♦Nelson P . H ., Norwood, Colo.
♦Nelson P . L R e n o , Nev.
♦Nelson R. H. B., P ortland, Ore.
♦Nelson R. V., K ansas City, Kas.
Nelson R. W ., E a st Chain, M inn.
Nelson S. B., Gorham, 111.
♦Nelson S. M .. Sal-visa, Ky.
♦Nelson Spencer C., Garwin, la .
♦Nelson Sumner P ., Ogden, Utah.
Nelson T. A., Portal, N. D.
Nelson T. S., Georgetown, Miim.

♦Newby H . H., Sheridan, Ind.
♦Newby N ettie, Corbin, Kan.
Newcomb A. S., Mondak, Mont.
♦Newcomb H . P., Minneapolis,
♦Newcomb I. F ., Bos