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Des Moines, Iowa

Septembers, 1986

Experienced Loan Officers in Short Supply








E X P E R IE N C E D loan officers
E m a y be one o f the scarcest re­
sources in the field o f commercial
lending, according to a copyrighted
article in the August issue o f Robert
M orris A ssociates’ (RM A) Commercial Lending Newsletter. RM A is the
national association o f bank loan
and credit officers.
“ The need is great for experienced
lenders, but the supply is n ot,” is
how one senior-level banker in Phila­
delphia described the situation. He,
like others interviewed for the ar­
ticle, emphasized the word “ experienced.” Having at least five years
experience does not guarantee that a
person can “ make the grade,” the
article points out.
A s another banker in the article
said, “ Someone with five years ex­
perience who has been dealing with
small branch-type accounts or some­
one who has been dealing with major
national credits both may be dismal
failures if they have to service signi­
ficant size regional credits.”
The greatest need appears to be
for seasoned lenders with sales skills
who can work with middle market
custom ers, a prime target for many
banks’ current m arketing efforts,
the article continues. It also helps if
a lender’s record shows that only a
small percentage o f his loans have
been charged off.
Contrary to what many people be­

lieve, merger and acquisition activi­
ty has not increased the pool o f ex­
perienced lenders. Rather, the news­
letter article points out, when banks
merge it is the experienced lenders
who are retained. “ O ften,” said the
Philadelphia banker, “ it is the loan
officers who are the weakest who are
left out o f merger and acquisition
scenarios. The strong ones either
make out fine or are able to find job s
with other banks.”
And, though it plays a m ajor role,
salary is not the only thing that at­
tracts lenders to a particular institu­
tion. R M A ’s newsletter maintains
that other key factors include the
strength o f the bank and personal
advancement and perks, such as
club memberships, season tickets to
sporting events, and cars.
W hat is the solution to the cur­
rent shortage o f experienced loan of­
ficers? Bankers interviewed for the
article said that one way to ap­
proach the problem is to “ start at
hom e” with the training program.
As one banker put it, “ W e look at
our training program as the basic
resource for loan officers, and it can
be the best resource if the training
can be done successfully. ’ ’

Iowa News
First National Bank o f Le Mars
will host the Northwest Iowa Group

o f the National A ssociation o f Bank
Women on Sept. 10 at Archie's Waeside Inn in Le Mars. Social hour is
5:00 with dinner at 6:00 and pro­
gram to follow. 1986-87 group offi­
cers will be installed. They are: Pres­
ident—Beverly J. Jensen, vice presi­
dent and cashier, First National
Bank o f Sioux Center; Vice Presi­
dent—Sharon Johnson, vice presi­
dent and trust officer o f the Holstein
State Bank; Secretary—Ann M.
Schultz, assistant cashier o f the Le
Mars Savings Bank, and Treasurer—
Debbie Smith, custom er service
manager o f the First National Bank
o f Sioux City.
* * *
The Central Iowa Chapter o f the
Bank Adm inistration Institute will
have a m eeting on fraud towards
banks on Sept. 18 at the H otel Fort
Des Moines in Des Moines. Social
hour is at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30.
Cost is $15. For reservations contact
John W alther, South Story Bank &
Trust, Slater, Iowa 50244.
CH ARLES CITY: O. Jay Tomson,
chairman and CEO o f Citizens Na­
tional Bank, and Holmes Foster,
president and CEO o f Banks of
Iowa, Inc., Des Moines-based hold­
ing com pany, have signed an agree­
ment that B ofI will sell its Charles
City affiliate, Commercial Trust and
Savings Bank, to Citizens National.
If approved by regulators, the pur-

to make MNB work for you.
Toll free: 1-800-332-5991

hants National Bank isi
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


ance Services, Inc., to Terrence J.
M ontgom ery, who was president of
the unit. N egotiations also are
underway to sell Hawkeye M ort­
gage Corporation, as well as 11 addi­
tional banks.


Nebraska News
BELLEVU E: Marvin C. Kelley has
been named president o f Tri-County
Bank and Trust Company, replacing
Lance W ise who has joined a bank in
Albuquerque, New M exico. Mr.
chase and assumption could be com ­ September 4, however, that Mr. Kelley joined Omaha National Bank
pleted in the first quarter o f 1987. Goodenow and Mr. Schneider had in 1949 and worked there for 22
Citizens National had assets at last withdrawn from their contract so years serving as vice president in
year-end o f $55 million, while Com­ the Hawkeye State Bank then was the bank’s commercial lending de­
partment. In 1973 he was named
mercial Trust had $44 million.
sold to Mr. Gerdin.
Hawkeye Bancorporation now president and CEO o f South Side
IO W A CITY: Hawkeye State Bank
was sold last week to Russell Ger- has sold five o f the 17 banks it an­ Bank in LaVista. A fter three years
din, owner o f Heartland Express, nounced in late June it would sell to he joined Packers National Bank &
Inc. trucking firm and Heartland reduce some o f the holding com ­ Trust, Omaha, as senior vice presi­
Plaza Developm ent Plaza at Coral- pany’s $100 m illion o f debt. Earlier dent in charge o f marketing.
ville, and Iowa City suburb. Mr. sales were announced for Hawkeye O G ALLALA: David L. Christensen
Gerdin said he is buying 99.8% of Bank & Trust banks in Camanche, has been elected president o f the
the stock. Terms were not released. Eldora and M ason City. The sale of Adams Bank & Trust branch in
Hawkeye State Bank at last year- Waukon State Bank was announced Ogallala. He joined the bank in 1982
end had $24.7 million assets, $23 in that com m unity last week. A and m ost recently served as execu­
million in deposits and capital, sur­ sixth sale was expected to be an­ tive vice president.
plus and undivided profits o f $1,403, nounced on September 8. Total
000. It was announced earlier (Aug. assets o f the six banks, based on
Illinois News
25 Newsletter) that Hawkeye State 1985 year-end figures, was $141 mil­
had been sold to John Goodenow of lion. Their capital, surplus and un­ MENDON: The FDIC has approved
Wall Lake, a Hawkeye Bancorpora- divided profits on the same date the assumption o f the deposit liabili­
tion director, and Ralph Schneider totaled $11,200,000. Mr. Dunlap ties o f Mendon State Bank by First
o f O koboji, a director o f Security also has announced the sale of M idwest Bank/Quincy, N .A., Quin­
State Bank o f Sheldon. Mr. Dunlap Hawkeye Bancorporation’s insur­ cy. The bank was closed on Aug. 20
told the N o r t h w e s t e r n B a n k e r on ance subsidiary, Hawkeye Insur­ and the FDIC named receiver, and
reopened Aug. 21 as a facility of
First M idwest Bank/Quincy. The
bank had total assets o f $20.5 mil­
t's easier to talk Iowa banking
lion. The Quincy bank assumed
with people who live it — people
about $18.8 m illion in 3,900 deposit
like Donald H. Jordahl and the cor­
accounts and has agreed to pay the
FD IC a purchase prem ium o f
respondent staff at Bankers Trust.
$215,010. It also will purchase cer­
tain o f the failed bank’s loans and
C all 1-800-362-1688 o r 515/245-2424.
other assets for $11.8 million. The
FDIC will advance $6.6 m illion to
assuming bank and will retain
Des Moines, IA
Donald H. Jordahl
assets o f the failed bank with a book
Member FDIC
Vice President
value o f about $8.7 million.


Bankers Trust

There Is A Difference
In Banks...
For Professional
Correspondent Service
Call 1-800-622-7262

Vice President

Valley National Bank ni
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Main Office-Sixth and Walnut

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ROCKFORD: Robert F. W olf and
A lfred M. W ooleyhan, Jr. have
joined AM CORE Bank N .A., Rock­
ford, as vice presidents in the comm ercial/investm ent division. Mr.
W olf has served as senior examiner
for the Federal Reserve Bank in Chi­
cago and at First Banks, Minneapo­
lis and First W isconsin Corp., M il­
waukee. Mr. W ooleyhan has served
at Illinois State Bank o f Quincy, Jef­
ferson Trust and Savings Bank,
Peoria and the Marine Bank of


working at
full power.

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For confidential consultation about the benefits of investment
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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M c of Kansas C ity, n.a.
P.O. Box 226

Kansas City, Missouri 64141

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 9-8-86
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


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Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 9-8-86
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C all on th e “ Experienced P rofessionals”
Ready to m eet your
correspondent needs.
Minnesota News










The Minnesota Society o f Certi­
fied Public Accountants will sponsor a Financial Strategies conference on O ctober 15 at the Radisson
South H otel in Bloom ington. Regis­
tration is at 11:00 a.m. and lunch
from 11:30 to 12:10. Presentations
include “ Financial Strategies in the
80’s” by Carl Pohlad, president,
M arqu ette B ank M in n ea p olis;
“ Maintaining Insurance Coverage
in Today’s M arketplace” by Rodney
Roath, CPA, Roath & Leininger,
Ltd., W ayzata, and A1 Stendahl,
senior underwriting officer, St. Paul
Fire & Marine Insurance Co., St.
Paul; “ Strategies from the CEO’s
Perspective” by Scott James, presi­
dent, Goodhue County National
Bank Red W ing; “ Current Regula­
tory M atters Facing Financial Insti­
tutions” by James Lyon, vice president, Federal Reserve Bank, Min­
neapolis; “ M innesota Legislative
Update Relating to Financial Insti­
tutions” by John Jackson, general
counsel, M BA; “ Current Tax Matters Facing Financial Institutions”
by Dale Newland, tax counsel, Norwest Corp., Minneapolis; “ Current
A ccounting Financial R eporting
Issues” by Thomas Taylor, CPA,
Ernst Whinney, New York; and
“ View from the H ill” by Bill Frenzel, congressman from Minn., Wash­
ington, D.C. A social hour will follow
at 5:15. For more inform ation contact the Minnesota Society of CPAs
at (612) 831-2707.
ST. CLOUD: Two senior vice
presidents have been elected at St.
Cloud National Bank & Trust Co.
Michael D. W atters has been named
senior V.P. and second officer, re­
sponsible for loan administration.
He previously was senior vice president o f the Norwest Bank, Redwood
Falls. Robert J. Miller has been
named senior V.P. and cashier, re­
sponsible for operations. He joined
St. Cloud National in 1983.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

-13th & M Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501

Wisconsin News
nancial Services Corporation has an­
nounced the acquisition o f Rural
Financial Service, Inc., parent of
Dousman State Bank, Dousman and
M ansfields State Bank, Johnson
Creek, has been completed.

North Dakota News
FARGO: Norwest Corp. has an­
nounced Allan M. Severson has been
named regional president o f its
Region V II. He will succeed Daniel
G. Beck, who plans to retire next
year. The appointment is effective
January 1, 1987, but Mr. Severson
will begin assuming his duties in Oc­
tober. He currently is vice chairman
o f Norwest Bank South Dakota,
Sioux Falls. Mr. Beck has been re­
gional president in Fargo since 1982.

South Dakota News
The South Dakota Bankers A sso­
ciation will sponsor a Tax Reform
Teleconference entitled “ Tim ing is
Everything” on O ctober 2, at the
Sheraton Inn in Aberdeen. Registra­
tion is from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m., and
the program until 3:30 p.m. Fee is
$120 and includes materials and
lunch—those registerin g before
Sept. 12 may deduct $15. Contact
the SDBA office.
* * *
The South Dakota Bankers A sso­

Firslier Bank, N.A., Lincoln, Member FDIC

ciation will sponsor an Agricultural
Lender W orkshop on O ct 1-2 at the
Holiday Haus in Pierre. It will fea­
ture Roy C. Ferguson o f The Fergu­
son Group. Registration on the 1st
is at 8:30 a.m., with the program
running from 9:00 to 5:30, and a re­
ception from 5:00 to 6:00. On the
2nd, the program runs from 8:00 to
4:00. Early registration is $110 and
includes workbook, two luncheons
and reception. On-site registration is
$125. Contact the SDBA for more

Montana News
G REAT FALLS: Frank W . Shaw
has been named president o f Nor­
west Bank, Great Falls. His former
position was as executive vice presi­
dent and senior credit officer at the
bank. He succeeds Dale W . Ander­
son, who has held the office for nine
years and will serve as chairman o f
the bank until his retirement Janu­
ary 1.

Colorado News
RIFLE: The FDIC has approved
paying o ff insured depositors in The
First National Bank in Rifle. It was
closed Aug. 21 and the FDIC named
receiver. No bids were received for
the failed bank. D eposits in the bank
amounted to about $17.1 million in
4,000 accounts, including about
$299,000 in 13 accounts that ex­
ceeded the federal insurance limit.

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C A LL :

W R IT E :
LeR oy Bell
The National Bank o f W aterloo
RO. Box 90,
Waterloo, IA 50704



EVP - Degree plus strong commercial and some
operations experience - 20K pop. - Central West
Indiana - $200M bank. To $65K.

CEO for western Nebraska bank. Located near recrea­
tional a r e a ....................................................Salary to $45,000
TRUST OFFICER w ith employee benefit experience. JD
preferred but not re q u ire d ......................... Salary to $40,000

VP • Commercial lending - need some supervisory
experience - South Bend, IN. To $45K.

BANK AUDITOR for major eastern Iowa b a n k ....................
..................................................................... Salary to $28,000

AG LENDER - 4-5 years exp. - Central KS. W ill be
supervising 2 lenders. To $35K.

REAL ESTATE LENDER with at least 5 years experience in
sales, pricing and production. Knowledge of residential
and commercial products. Will manage Secondary Market
A ctivity ............................................................... Salary Open

All fees are paid by our client employers.
Richard L. Beam, CPC
11246 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: 402/330-3260
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#2 PERSON with operations & lending background for
Eastern Iowa bank .....................................Salary to $32,000
Jean 712/779-3567
Massena, la. 50853

Sandl 515/394-5827
New Hampton, la. 50659

Confidential. Employer paid fees

SENIOR LENDER for major Metro bank. Must have experi­
ence in larger bank ................................... Salary to $50,000.
LENDER w ith Ag and Installm ent background for commu­
nity bank near Des Moines......................... Salary high $20s.

Freeland Financial Service
$12M eastern Iowa bank near Iowa City has an opening for
individual w ith experience in LOANS AND OPERATIONS.
Send resume and salary requirements to File No. WGI c/o
Northwestern Banker.
$55MM bank in Western Nebr. needs experienced CON­
SUMER LOAN OFFICER to head department. Desire min.
o f 3 + yrs. consumer lending exp.; a working knowledge of
floor plans, student loans and compliance desirable.
Salary open based upon experience & background. Send
resume to First National Bank Ogallala, Box 179, Ogallala,
NE, 69153._______________________________
$10MM bank near Sioux Falls, SD wanting to expand resi­
dential Real Estate Department through the use of secon­
dary markets, needs experienced REAL ESTATE LENDER.
Send resume to File No. WGR c/o Northwestern Banker.

___________________________________________________ (PA)
CREDIT ANALYST— Immediate opening in $170MM east­
ern Iowa bank. Candidate w ill need strong background in
accounting and financing. Work w ill involve heavy use of
an IBM-PC. Prior credit analysis, bank examining, and or
loan review services are preferred. Send resume and
salary requirements to File No.WGS c/o Northwestern
VP position leading to CEO at Iowa State Bank & Trust,
Center Point, IA. Clean bank, good community, great staff.
Send letter of application and resume to W illiam R. Bernau, Box 128, Crawfordsvi Ile,IA 52621.
Ind. comm bank located in S.W. Iowa is seeking a proven
AG LENDER. Must possess good business development
skills w ith strong analytic and interpersonal skills. FmHA
experience is a plus. Key position offering excellent
growth potential. Very good community. Excellent salary
and benefits. File No. WGT, c/o Northwestern Banker. (PA)
Agricultural consulting & marketing firm looking for ex­
perienced AG LENDERS to work in the areas of financial
analysis and com modity sales management. Responsibili­
ties include analyzing client operations, development of
client marketing plans and ongoing consultations. Send
resume to File No. WGU c/o The Northwestern Banker.(PA)

Com petitor! 2 + yrs in aggressive consumer finance co at­
tacking the market. W ell-trained & goal-directed.
Dynamic take-charge leader who knows how to handle the
#1 spot. Currently running a $50m bk w/1 + ROA & minimal
classified. Family-oriented pro who would add to any com­
Built & shaped a $20m port in com petitive metro area.
Relishes challenge, problem-solving & working w ith the
hard to win customer. 8 + yrs & MBA.
3 + yrs in h/c envirnmt involved in both sta ff & in-charge
work. Hard worker, doesn’t mind travel or sm com m uni­




3176th Ave, Ste. 650
Des Moines, IA 50309

(515) 244-4414


BRANDT Coin Sorters-Counters
BRANDT Currency Counters
New Warranty

1010 Equitable Bldg. Des Moines, IA 50309
Employer pays fee.
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Specializing in Bank Acquisitions
P.O. Box 450 405 Main Ames, Iowa 50010
D o n a l d E . H o l d e r , Principal

Are you ready for a management opportunity! Rapidly
growing bank in an exciting Wise, city needs Consumer
Loan Mgr. Desire 2 + yrs real estate lending. This is a
great situation w ith super upward potential.
To $30K.
Job #NW8994.

Ready to manage your own shop? Minn, bank needs take
charge m otivator to manage a $25MM facility. Desire 5 +
yrs Ag Lending exp, proven mgmt and strong community
To $40K.
Job #NW8995.

New Listing! This is your chance to call all the shots!
You’ll use your talents to manage a rapidly growing bank
and motivate the staff. Desire 7 + yrs ag lending exp,
strong loan adm inistration, and knowledge o f operations.
Ready to hire!

The Federal Deposit Insurance Cor­
poration, Division of Liquidation, is
seeking persons to conduct complex
investigations of failed banks. Incum­
bent must have extensive banking
operations background, comprehen­
sive knowledge of investigatory
methods and credit analysis to re­
view and analyze Blanket Bond &
D&O Liability insurance policies. The
FDIC offers this interesting and chal­
lenging position with an attractive
benefit package; salary to 35K. Inter­
ested parties may apply in confi­
dence by submitting a federal em­
ployment application (SF-171) which
may be obtained by mail from our of­
fice at 4700 Westown Pkwy., Bldg. 4,
Suite 200, West Des Moines, IA 50265.
Equal Opportunity Employer


3636 IDS Center
Minneapolis, MN 55402

(612) 339-9001

CASHIER ■$25MM Ag Bank. Requires background w ith inhouse minicom puters and some knowledge of Agri Loans.
PRESIDENT - Agri Bank w ith problem loans. Should have
adm inistrative experience and solid Agri Loan skills. $40K
OPERATIONS - manage department of 35 for large urban
bank. Experience w ith deposit accounting and account
services required.
AGRI LOAN - com m unity bank w ith large Ag portfolio.
Seven yrs. or more Ag Lending experience needed.
COMMERCIAL LOAN - large suburban bank with $100MM
loan portfolio. Degree and minimum 3 yrs. comml lending
experience with six figure credits.
Additional positions available in Midwestern states.

2024 S w ift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
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