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Vol. 11 No. 22

Des Moines, Iowa

September 20,1982

IBA, A M B I Boards Agree to Merge
T E N T A TIV E agreement to
merge the Illinois Bankers As­
sociation and the Association for
Modern Banking in Illinois was
reached at a meeting of the ruling
bodies of IB A and AM BI last
Wednesday afternoon at the Bis­
marck Hotel in downtown Chicago.
It was approved by the AM BI board,
which had final authority to OK the
merger. The IB A council of admin­
istration approval also requires the
affirmative vote of IB A members at
a special convention to be held before
the end of this year.




IB A President Don R. Lovett,
chief executive officer and president
of the Dixon National Bank, Dixon,
and AM BI Chairman Charles C. Wil­
son, chief executive officer of First
National Bank of the Quad Cities,
Rock Island, announced agreement
on these four major points:
1. Formation of a newly-chartered,
not-for-profit organization that will
be known as the Illinois Bankers
2. Merging of the assets and polit­

ical action committees of the two
organizations as of January 1, 1983.
3. Creation of a 30-person board of
directors with policy-making authori­
ty (composition explained below).
4. Selection of the current three
top elected officials of each associa­
tion to serve on the board of directors
the first two years of the new associa­
tion, in keeping with requirements
explained in selection of directors.
Mr. Lovett will serve as president of
the new association in 1983, and Mr.
Wilson will serve as president in the
second year.
It was further stipulated that Mr.
Lovett and Mr. Wilson are to select a
mutually agreed upon third person
and the three will select a profes­
sional consultant who will review the
resumes of the two present associa­
tion executives and make a recom­
mendation to the three men for the
new association’s executive. The
three person committee may accept
or reject that recommendation. If
they cannot agree, a procedure has
been established for resolution of the
matter by a larger group. A t present,
James Watt is president of AM BI
and is that association’s full-time ex­
ecutive officer. William Hocter is ex­
ecutive vice president of IBA and
heads that association’s staff.
Under the tentative agreement,
the title of the banker heading the
association will be that of president,
the same title now held by the banker
heading IBA, while the title for the

banker head of AM BI is chairman.
The 30-member board of directors
will be selected in two steps:
1. Five board members will be
elected from each of the five multi­
bank holding company regions estab­
lished a year ago under Illinois law.
This will provide a total of 25 mem­
2. The remaining five board mem­
bers will be elected by the 10 largest
banking organizations domiciled in
Illinois. Only one director from any
one Illinois banking organization
(i.e., multi-bank holding company,
one-bank holding company or inde­
pendent bank) may serve on the new
30-person board at one time. Since
multi-bank holding companies may
own a bank in an adjoining region,
this apparently would preclude two
representatives of the same MBHC
from serving at the same time, even
though they might be in different
The 25 board members would be
elected in the five regions as follows:
Region I: two directors from banks
of $200 million or more assets; two
from banks of under $200 million;
one director with no asset designa­
Regions II, III and IV: two direc­
tors from banks of $100 million or
more assets; two from banks of under
$100 million; one director with no
asset designation.
Region V: Two directors from
banks or more than $50 million as­
sets; two from banks of under $50

where common transactions
are handled uncommonly well.


13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Gany Frandson

Team w ork:
O ne of the
reasons we’re
first in Iowa.

marketing for Brenton Banks, Inc.
Mr. Heilbronn was formely asso­
ciated with Michigan National
Bank, Lansing, as director of

I « U tm
Anna Belle Sheets
Investm ent Services

An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation BANCO ^
Member FDic

Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514

DES MOINES: Mark Christen has
been elected vice president and head
of the correspondent bank depart­
ment at Valley National Bank. Most
recently, he was president of Mechanicsville Trust & Savings Bank.
Prior to that he was an officer in the
correspondent bank department at
Merchants National Bank.

officer at Northwestern National
Bank, Sioux City, was installed as
chairman of the Northwest Iowa
Group of the National Association ON A W A: Steven V. Johnson has
of Bank Women on September 8 at been appointed vice president of the
their meeting at the Hilton Inn, Onawa State Bank. Mr. Johnson has
Sioux City.
been employed by the FDIC as a
Other officers installed were: bank examiner for five years, work­
Roma Kroll, First National Bank, ing out of the Sioux City office.
Sioux City, as vice chairman; Bever­
ly Jensen, First National Bank, POSTVILLE: James P. Lage will
Sioux Center, as secretary; Ann join Citizens State Bank October 11
Bonestroo, Iowa State Bank, Hull, as executive vice president. He is
as treasurer, and Nina Osborne, resigning ad vice president at First
First State Bank, Ida Grove, as Trust & Savings Bank, Remsen, to
accept the new position.
State Awards & Scholarship Chair­
man Wilma Weeks, Security Nation­
ABA Adds Two Speakers to
SCHLESWIG: Larry G. Clausen
Annual Convention Program al Bank, Sioux City, and Education was recently elected executive vice
and Training chairman Phyllis
Lyn Nofziger, former assistant for Davis, Citizens Savings Bank, Sac president of the Farmers State
political affairs to President Ronald City, presented the program.
Bank. He previously has been serv­
Reagan, and Representative Doug
ing as senior vice president.
Barnard, Jr., (D., Ga.), a member of ACKLEY: Federal approval was
the House Banking, Finance and Ur­ granted for the transfer of stock
Nebraska News
ban Affairs Committee, have been ownership of Ackley State Bank to a
added to the list of speakers already new group of local stockholders.
HASTINGS: Keith Ljunggren, vice
scheduled to address the American Stanley Squires, president, has been
president at the First National
Bankers Association convention in named chairman of the newly formed
Bank, was recently honored by the
Atlanta October 16-20. The panel of board of directors and will continue
Colorado Graduate School o f Bank­
federal regulators, to be moderated serving as president of the bank.
ing at the University of Colorado.
by A B A President-Elect William H. The new board includes: Stanley
Besides receiving his graduate cer­
Kennedy, Jr., will include Comp­ Squires, Gary Homan, and Harley
tificate for satisfactory completion
troller of the Currency C. Todd Con­ A. Janssen, all previously on the
of the three year course of study, he
over and FHLBB Chairman Richard board. They are joined by Donald
was one of six from the class of 148
T. Pratt. FDIC Chairman Wm. Isaac Oelmann, Rex A. Humke, Ronald L.
who received top honors for scholas­
Brandt, Larry McDowell, Calvin L.
also has been invited.
tic achievements in the correspon­
Jansonius and R.L. Bogaard.
dence study section of the course.
Iowa News
DES MOINES: W. Michael Heil- Mr. Ljunggren joined the bank in
Kay Stoterau, customer service bronn has been named director of 1974.

million assets; one director with no
asset designation.
It is understood that under this
formula for election of directors, elec­
tions for the first two years would
have to consider the six current of­
ficers of IB A and AM BI who would
be on the board. Whatever regions
they represent would have to reduce
by that number the persons to be
elected within a given asset group.
A more detailed statement from
IBA and AM BI was expected and
will be published in the October issue
of N orth w e stern B a n k e r .

LODGE POLE: A.C. Peterson re­
cently completed 65 years in bank­
ing. The first four years were spent
in Chappell and the last 61 in Lodge
Pole, where he is currently serving
as chairman.

Single System Banking
W ith


Minnesota News

Availability of funds. . . availability of people. . .
responsive to your needs.

National Bank o f Waterloo
Waterloo, Iowa 50704 Member FDIC
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Phone Bill Rickert
at 1-800-772-2411.

Micro computers and their role in
banking will be one of the key topics
to be addressed during the Minne­
sota Bankers Association Opera­
tions Workshop, October 6-7 at the

Supplement to
Northwestern Banker Newsletter

Carleton D. Beh Company
Investment Bankers / Financial Consultants
1300 Des Moines Building / Des Moines, Iowa 50309
5 1 5 /2 8 8 -2 15 2



We own and offer subject to prior sale and change in price and subject to our attorney’s approving opinion:

$ 890,000
General Obligation Bonds

September 1,1982



Both principal and semiannual interest (June 1 and December 1; first coupon due June 1,1983) payable at the
office of the City Treasurer, Waverly, Iowa.
June 1, 1984
June 1, 1985
June 1, 1986
June 1, 1987
June 1, 1988
9 1/4%
June 1, 1989
OV4 To
June 1, 1990
June 1, 1991
9 1/4%
June 1, 1992
* Callable June 1, 1993 at 102.5% declining to 100.5%


June 1,1993
QVa %
June 1,1994
June 1,1995



June 1,1996




June 1,1997
June 1,1998



The City of Waverly, Iowa, the county seat of Bremer County, is approximately 14 miles north of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls metropolitan
area. Waverly serves as a trade center for the excellent surrounding agricultural area. Although agriculturally oriented, the City’s economic
base is well diversified by a blend of industrial employees. Major employees within the City include: Bantam, Division of Koehring Company
(power cranes and excavators); Carnation Co. (instant food and non-milk products); General Machine and Tool Co. (fixtures and dies) and
Bremer County Independent Co. (newspaper-commercial printing). Transportation facilities are provided by two railroads, U.S. Highway 218,
Iowa Highway 3 and an excellent network of paved county roads. Commercial airline service is available in nearby Waterloo. Banking
facilities are provided by two commercial banks with deposits exceeding $90,230,000 and one savings and loan association with deposits of
$27,950,000. The current population is estimated at 8,444.
The proceeds of this issue will be used to defray the costs of various capital improvements, including the construction of new wastewater
treatment facilities and various improvements to streets.

Actual Valuation, 1981
Assessed Valuation, 1981
Net Direct Debt, including this issue
Net Direct Overlapping & Underlying Debt
Net Direct Debt:
$193.63 per capita
Combined Net Debt: $221.26 per capita


The information contained herein is not guaranteed, but is derived from sources we deem reliable and is that on which our purchase of these bonds are based.
Bonds of a particular maturity may or may not still be available or may now be available at a price or yield different from that indicated above.

Division of
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


& Company Inc.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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National Bank A

Thanks to a C om m on ^ M i loan,
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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Sheraton Park Place hotel in St.
Louis Park.
The two-day workshop will inelude discussions on: The Use of
Micro Computers in Banking; Stra­
tegies for Survival in the New Com­
petitive Environment; Banking Services and Delivery Systems of the
Future; Management Reporting
Formats; Legal and Regulatory Re­
quirements for Account Ownership,
and Staff Supervision and Motivation.

LAKE BENTON: Jim Hella has
been named president of the Far­
mers State Bank in Lake Benton.
He previously had served 11 years
• at Twin Valley State Bank, most
recently as vice president.
M INNEAPOLIS: John W. Morri­
son, chairman and chief executive
officer of Northwest Bancorporation, announced September 9 that
Banco and all its banks and financial
service companies will adopt a com­
mon identity in 1983, subject to ap­
proval by shareholders and federal
regulatory agencies. Banco would
then be known as Norwest Corpora­
tion and the more than 120 cor­
porate entities associated with it
will change their names to Norwest,
with various additional descriptive
terminology (e.g., Norwest Banks).
0 M INNEAPOLIS: Representatives
o f m inority-owned banks from
across the country and corporate
treasurers from the Twin City bus­
iness community will meet at a Na^ tional Bankers Association confer­
ence September 23 at First Bank
Place. It will be jointly sponsored by
Control Data Corporation, First
Bank Minneapolis and First Plyf mouth National Bank, Minneapolis.



ST. PAUL: Northwestern National
Bank has announced the election
and promotion of Keith J. Vigors
and Jon R. Campbell to vice presi­
dent. Mr. Vigors was also elected di­
vision manager of the secured lend­
ing division in the commercial bank­
ing group. Mr. Campbell was promoted in the special technologies
division of the commercial banking
Three-Bedroom and Two-Bedroom, two bath
townhomes available for sale or rent. Most have
covered hot tubs on the deck. Prices range from
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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Illinois News
CHICAGO: The Chicago Chapters of
N ABW will sponsor four “ Small
Business Financing” workshops in
the city commencing October 7. They
will be conducted in conjunction with
the Women’s Bar Association and
the Chicago Society of Women
CPAs, with funding from the Chi­
cago Department of Human Servi­
ces. The workshops will help regis­
trants to learn 1) to determine a
firm’s financial needs, 2) to identify
sources for private financing, 3) to
prepare a complete loan presentation
package and 4) techniques for the
loan negotiation. Details are avail­
able from Linda Simms, National
Boulevard Bank of Chicago.

to make MNB
work for you.

South Dakota News
REDFIELD: Stan Foss has been
elected vice president and managing
officer of First Bank - Spink County
Branch in Redfield, according to
Jack M. Thompson, president. He re­
places William F. Pich, who was
named president and managing offi­
cer of First Bank Landgon, N.D. Mr.
Foss previously was senior vice presi­
dent of First Bank of Bismarck.

North Dakota News
LISBON: Farmers State Bank of
Lisbon has changed its name to
First American Bank, effective Sep­
tember 10. The change was made to
facilitate the name change within
the Bremer Bank Group, with no
change in bank management or
stockholders noted.

Wyoming News
EVANSTON: First W yoming Bank
of Evanston recently contributed
$15,000 to the fund raising cam­
paign for a new Memorial Hospital
of Uinta County. “ We feel that as­
suring the best local health care pos­
sible is most important to the qual­
ity of life, which our area residents
enjoy,” stated A l Graban, president.

Montana News
The Montana Bankers Associa­
tion and The National Association
of Bank Women are cosponsoring an
“ Image Improvement Seminar” for
the female employes o f Montana
banks. The seminar will be offered
Wednesday, October 13, at the Bill­
ings Sheraton and Thursday, Octo­
ber 14, at the Heritage Inn, Great
The seminar will be presented by
Joanne Wallace, founder and presi-

Toll free
1- 800- 332-5991

National Bank 151
Member F.D.I.C.


dent of Image Improvement Corpor­
ation, Salem, Ore.

Colorado News
BOULDER: Dr. Beryl Sprinkel, Un­
der Secretary of the Treasury for
Monetary Affairs, will be guest spe­
aker for an Economic Outlook For­
um hosted by First National Bank
in Boulder September 28 at the Hil­
ton Harvest House here. Also ad­
dressing the Forum will be Dr. Ar­
nold Weber, president of the Univer­
sity of Colorado. The program starts
at 1:30 p.m.
GOLDEN: Approval was recently
received for First National Bank to
change its name to First Interstate
Bank of Golden. While retaining lo­
cal ownership and management, the
bank will change its name to First
Interstate January, 1983. First Na­
tional signed the franchise agree­
ment with First Interstate Bancorp,
a Los Angeles-based bank holding
company, April 22, 1982.
ed roid sx a n d <^/f’± ±oaiats.i.
Bank Consultants
Specializing in Bank Acquisitions
P.O. Box 450 405 Main Ames, Iowa 50010

Donald E. Holder , Principal




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background.................................................Salary $20,000
Number Two man in small western Iowa community bank. 4 )
Four years experience, and all insurance licenses...........
.....................................................................Salary $25,000
Executive in $15 million bank with 20 years exp. and col­
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President of smaller Illinois community bank seeks new
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Commercial Lender in larger community bank. Has been
examiner...............................Salary $33,000 ^
Computer Specialistanddata processing


Top Administrative Officer, age 36, MBA degree and heavy
experience...............................Salary $50,000

MANAGING OFFICER—for a $12 million bank in Western
Nebraska. Must have operational as well as credit ex­
perience. Agricultural background helpful. Excellent
salary and fringe benefits. Send resume and snapshot, in
complete confidence, to Mel Adams, Box 209, Ogallala,
Nebraska 69153.
MARKETING OFFICER—$70 million Minnesota bank.
Send resume to file QBX c/o Northwestern Banker.
CEO—$30 million dollar ag bank chain. Eastern Nebraska.
Experience required in all phases of banking. Must be ex­
tremely skilled, competent, and likeable. Send resume to
file QBV, c/o Northwestern Banker.
Position open in NE Iowa $20 million bank for person with
some ag lending experience. Would be making on-farm
visitations and assist in processing ag loans. Should be
knowledgeable in all facets of bank operations. All replies
kept confidential. Salary open depending on experience
and qualifications. Write file QBU, c/o Northwestern
Banker.____________________________________ (PA)
Ag. loan officer wanted with 5-10 years loan experience.
Good salary. In $25 million bank in northwest Iowa. Phone
Dale Anderson, 712/786-1153.____________________ (PA)
Opportunity for beginning officer. $20 million bank, North
Central Iowa, looking for an officer for a starting position:
Exposure to total bank operations. Prior experience as an
examiner is desirable. Write file QBY, c/o Northwestern
Experienced Iowa banker for Vice President and Cashier.
Contact C.H. Walsh, president, Farmers & Merchants
Bank & Trust, Box 928, Burlington, IA 52601. Phone

Commercial Lender for eastern Iowa bank. Requires 5
years or more experience and college degree, good family
background............................................ Salary to $36,000
Number Two Person for N.W. Iowa bank .Salary Mid-$20's

Cashier with four year experience, college grad. .. $23,000
Installment Officer with 12 years experience....................
.....................................................................Salary $25,000
CEO of communitybank, age 32, excellent background in
ag loans and investments. Seeking future growth situa­
tion...........................................Salary $35,000
Write or call MalcolmFreeland, Freeland Financial Ser­
vice, Inc., 1032 Carriers Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa 50309.
Phone 515/282-6462. Employer pays reasonable fee.


Two multi-bank holding companies w/hi perf.
banks, Colo. & Wyo. Two one-bank holding com­
panies w/hi perf. banks, Colo, and Idaho. Excep­
tional growth potential. High returns possible on
investments. Principals only. Write file QBW, c/o
Northwestern Banker.

Would you trust your money with a
sloppily dressed teller? Perhaps your
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Ag Rep for north central Iowa bank. Requires two or more
years experience.........................
Salary $22,000
523 N. Main St., Carroll, la., 51401 712-792-2748 |
Strong Second Man for western Iowa community bank.
Must be ag-oriented.................................................Salary$32,000


CEO for larger South Dakota bank, Ag related...................
........................................................................ Salary open
Number Two Person for major bank in outstate Nebraska.
Requires solid experience in administration and lending .
..................................................................... Salary $40,000
CEO for community bank in eastern Nebraska.................
........................................................................ Salary open
Number Two person for smaller eastern Nebraska com­
munity b a n k .......................................... Salary to $25,000
Cashier for larger eastern Iowa bank. Requires 5 or more
years of solid operations experience and data processing
knowledge......................................................Salary open
Office Manager with Ag background for central Iowa bank
.......................................................................... .. $25,000
Commercial Lender for major Iowa bank. 3-5 years ex­
perience ........................................................Salary Open
Write or call in confidence to Malcolm Freeland, Freeland
Financial Service, Inc., 1032 Carriers Bldg., Des Moines,
Iowa 50309. Phone 515/282-6462. Employer pays fee.

1 Diebold Walk-Up Window. 1 Burroughs S-500 Proof
Machine - 2 years old. 1 Burroughs S-100 Proof Machine.
Contact: Okey-Vernon First National Bank, Corning, Iowa
50841. Phone: 515/322-3101.

marketing ex­
Salary $40,000

All positions are in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas or Oklahoma
#2 Man, $45mm bank, Suburban of Metro
To $40,000
Commercial Loans, Team Leader, large Metro bank
Marketing/Sales, Suburban of Metro, $50mm bank Open
Commercial Loan Officer, $25mm bank, Suburban
To $35,000
Commercial Loan Officer, $30mm bank, Metro
To $40,000
President, $80mm, medium sized town
To $70,000
President, $20mm, medium sized town
Commercial Loans, $70mm, Metro
Package $55,000
Agriculture Lender, $60mm, small town
To $30,000
Controller, Exec. V.P., $70mm, Metro
To $50,000
Agriculture Lender, small bank, small town
Correspondent, Commercial Lender, Metro, large bank
To $35,000
Eighteen years of banking serving as President of both
rural and metropolitan banks enables me to find the right
banking environment for you. I assure your confidentiality.
Phone or send resume to: Don W. Schooler & Associates,
901 A. West Jackson, Ozark, Missouri 65721. Phone (417)
485-6020 (9a.m. - 5 p.m.). (417) 883-3713 (Evenings).

"Successful Banking is Quality Personnel"

President to manage newly chartered bank in For­
syth, MT. Minimum of 7 years banking experience,
including commercial and ag lending, and opera­
tions. Must have proven management experience
and ability to develop customer relationships.
Must be familiar with bank regulations and com­
pliance. Send resume and salary requirements in
strict confidence to: Personnel Officer, Montana
Bancsystem, Inc., 400 Securities Bldg., Billings,
MT 59101.

• Designed
• Manufactured
• Installed

P.O. Box 263
Grand Island, Nebraska 68801

COMMERCIAL LOAN—head dept, for $80MM community £
bank. Some background in Agri-business credits desired. ”
SECOND OFFICER—profitable $30MM rural bank.
Strength in Agri-loans along with some operations ex­
perience required.
AGRI-LOAN—opportunity to function as senior Ag-officer
in $25MM bank. Degree and four years or more as Ag- A
lender desired.
JUNIOR COMMERCIAL LOAN—progressive suburban
bank is adding to staff. Formal credit analysis background
with some lending experience will qualify.
AGRI-LOAN—rural affiliate of holding company seeks Aglender with 2-3 yrs. experience. Degree preferred.
OPERATIONS—opportunity to assume second position in w
$20MM rural bank. Some exposure to Agri-credits desired.
All inquiries confidential. Resume' and salary history re­

of Kansas City


2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

Vol. 11 No. 22 Northwestern Banker Newsletter (USPS 873-300) is published weekly by the Northwestern Banker Company, 306
Fifteenth Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, (515) 244-8163. Subscriptions $1.00 per copy, $15.00 per year. Second class postage paid at
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