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Vol. 12 No. 5

Des Moines, Iowa

Banker Calls for D eficit Reduction
"1" HE United States is courting a
I possibly disastrous renewed o f
high inflation unless the leadership
in W ashington improves the nation’s
balance sheet by providing for the
long-term reduction o f the “ intoler­
burden,” Donald
C. Miller, vice
chairman o f Con­
tinental Illinois
Corp. and Con­
tinental Bank,
said in Chicago
last week.
S peaking at
the annual credit
congress sponD.C. M ILLER
sored by the National Association of
Credit Management, Mr. M iller said
a policy solution o f the federal bud­
get controversy would set in place
the m ajor prerequisite for a sus­
tained period o f noninflationary eco­
nom ic growth and more stable credit
“ The financial markets have not
yet conquered their fear o f higher in­
terest rates — a fear that unfortu­
nately is aggravated by fiscal and
monetary policy trends that seem to
be taking shape in W ashington,”
Mr. Miller said. “ The administra­
tion and Congress have not reached
an accommodation to reduce the bud­
get deficit. In the past few months
the Federal Reserve has had in­
creasing difficulty in controlling the

money supply.”
He said the big worry in the credit
markets this year and next centers
on the Treasury’s m assive borrow­
ings to finance the budget deficit.
“ It is still too early to get a precise
estim ate o f what the total amount of
borrowing will be in this fiscal year,
not to mention future years, but we
are looking at an amount in excess
o f $200 billion in the current calen­
dar year. The Treasury will have a
constant presence in the debt mar­
kets in amounts far beyond what we
have considered norm al.”
Mr. Miller said that unless the ad­
ministration and Congress get a rea­
sonable grip on the budget, he could
see at least tw o possible outcom es
that would be disastrous.
“ The first is that the financing re­
quirements o f the Treasury will con­
tinue to shoulder out those o f the
private sector by forcing real in­
terest rates to remain extrem ely
high. In this case, interest rates
would not decline significantly from
their present levels. M y best guess
is that this, in fact, is what will hap­
pen. If it does, the meaning is clear:
econom ic growth over the next few
years will remain slow, and unem­
ploym ent will remain high.”
Another possibility is that Con­
gress would force the relaxation of
monetary policy and increase the
supply o f credit enough to bring
about a drop in interest rates, he

May 23,1983
said. “ This course, in the context of
huge budget deficits, would lead
tragically to a resumption o f acceler­
ating inflation, possibly to heights
above those we experienced in the
past few years,” he warned.
“ W e cannot afford — literally can­
not afford — to fall into the trap of
reinflating the econom y,” Mr. Miller
cautioned. “ If we had to go through
another inflationary boom -bust cy­
cle, you would look with weary eyes
on the past few years as a time of
relative ease and tranquility.
“ The fact that these two scenar­
ios are, at this point, only possibil­
ities leaves us with reason for hope.
A t the same time, it is imperative
that Congress and the administra­
tion take aggressive action to re­
solve the budget differences mean­
ingfully to reduce the federal gov­
ernment’s tremendous demands on
the financial markets. ’ ’

House Votes Repeal,
Sends Bill to Senate
A s predicted here last week, The
House o f Representatives voted to
repeal the bill enacting a 10% with­
holding at source on interest and
dividends. The 382 to 41 vote left lit­
tle doubt there is enough power to
override a possible veto. The bill was
sent to the Senate, which had earlier
voted to delay the previously passed
bill from its effective date o f July 1,
1983 to 1987. This was designed as a
measure to save face for M ajority

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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House tacked its little repeal mes­ and workshop modules, followed by
sage onto the federal debt ceiling bill a wine and cheese social that even­
which must be acted on by the Presi­ ing. Thursday’s program will con­
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ernment could shut down.
with choice o f two workshops and an
evening banquet. Friday’s general
session II will consist o f a seminar
Iowa News
by Sally Eggleston, “ Dealing with
“ Strategies for Success” is this Differences in a W orking Environ­
year’s theme for the N ABW Iowa m ent.”
State Conference '83 being held
* * *
June 1-3 at the Conway Civic Cen­
The annual 1983 Agricultural
ter, W aterloo, with lodging at the
new H oliday Inn Downtown. This Credit School, co-sponsored by Iowa
year’s conference is hosted by the State University and the Iowa
Bankers Association, is scheduled
for June 6-17 at the Iowa State Cam­
pus in Ames.
The A g Credit School has been in
existence 38 years and offers a chal­
lenging and appropriate curriculum.
Enrollment is lim ited for the twoyear program which runs for two
For information please contact
Bob Jolly at (515) 294-3000. Mr. Jol­
ly is the coordinator o f the A g Credit
School and works with the ag exten­
sion service at Iowa State University.

to make MNB
work for you.
Toll free
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National Bank 151
Member F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


DES M OINES: The trust division
o f United Central Bank is sponsor­
ing “ Estate Planning Update ’83,”
the third annual seminar for profes­
sionals in the field o f estate plan­
ning. The seminar will be held M ay
24 at 1:00 p.m. at the H otel Savery
and will feature Mr. R oy M. Adams.
Mr. Adam s currently is a lecturer in
estate planning at Northwestern
University School o f Law. He also is
a senior professor o f taxation at the
American Bankers A ssociation Na­
tional Graduate Trust School at
Northwestern University. Advance
registration is $40, $50 at the door.
For more information contact: Nan­
cy M ozga at 515/245-7086 or

M ARIO N : Larry H. Hansen, presi­
dent o f Norwest Bank Marion, N .A.,
has announced the election o f Kathy
Coons to the position o f agricultural
loan officer. M s. Coons has been
with the bank since 1968, spending
seven years in the agricultural loan
THU RM AN: Mike L. Keim, presi­
dent o f the Thurman State Bank has
announced plans to file an applica­
tion with the O ffice o f the Comp­
troller o f the Currency to convert
from a state to a nationally char­
tered bank, and to establish an addi­
tional banking location in Sidney.
The bank’s new name would be the
United National Bank o f Iowa, with
business operations in both Thur­
man and Sidney.
The Bank was originally char­
tered as the Thurman State Savings
Bank in 1915, and in 1970 the name
was changed to the Thurman State
W ATERLOO: Peoples Bank and
Trust Company spokesman Mike
Murwin announced that Peoples
Bank is sponsoring a day-long series
o f bicycle races on Saturday, June
11, as part o f the second annual M y
W aterloo Week. The second annual
Peoples Bike Races will be an all­
fam ily event with races from big
wheels for tots to citizens races for
adults. A ll races will be held in
Byrnes Park from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30
W EBSTER CITY: William F. Vance,
vice chairman o f The Farmers Na­
tional Bank, has retired from the
bank after 45 years o f service. Mr.
Vance started with the bank in 1938
as a bookkeeper, working his way to
the presidency in 1978.

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o correspondent
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OF DES MOINES, N A ■ M EM BER FDIC ■ (515) 24S-7111

(800) 362-1615

O ne Carriers Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Telephone: (515) 243-1203

We own and offer subject to prior sale and change in price and subject to our attorney’s approving opinion:


General Obligation Bonds

May 1,1983



Both principal and semiannual interest (June 1 and December 1; first coupon due December 1,1983) payable at
the office of the City Treasurer, Manchester, Iowa.


8 1/2%
June 1,1984
June 1,1985
June 1,1986
June 1, 1987
6 3/4%
June 1, 1988
June 1, 1989


$ 45,000

June 1,1990
June 1, 1991
June 1,1992



'C allable June 1, 1991 in inverse numerical order at par.



The City of Manchester is located in Delaware County in the east section of the State and is located at the center of the “Golden Triangle”
formed by Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. These cities are within fifty miles of Manchester. Railroad service is provided by Illinois
Central Railroad, U.S. Highway No. 20 and Iowa Primary Highways Nos. 187,13,38 and 116. Iowa Coaches, Inc., inter-city lines serve the City.
The City is also served by the Manchester Municipal Airport with 3,800 feet of sod runway. Two banks serve the community with deposits in
excess of $63,048,000. Major industries in Manchester and the surrounding area include: Hawkeye Castings, a modern aluminum and brass
foundry; Henderson Manufacturing Co., builders of self-unloading feed bodies, trailers, lime and fertilizer spreaders; and Payless Cashways
(grocery stores).
These bonds are being issued pursuant to the provisions of Section 384.25 of the Code of Iowa to pay costs of constructing improvements
and extensions to the municipal sewage works and facilities.



Actual Valuation, 1982
Assessed Valuation, 1982
Net Direct Debt, including this issue
Net Direct & Overlapping Debt


Population, 1982 estimate:
Net Direct Debt:
Combined Net Debt:



$202.54 per capita
$275.88 per capita

The information contained herein is not guaranteed, but is derived from sources we deem reliable and is that on which our purchase of these bonds are based.
Bonds of a particular maturity may or may not still be available or may now be available at a price or yield different from that indicated above.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Supplement to the Northwestern Banker Newsletter 5-23-83
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 5-23-83



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Copyright © Financial Systems, Inc. 1983. All Rights Reserved.
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Apple® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc.
IBM®; is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

Portable Modular Bank Building

CSBS: Geographic Limits Needed

HE dynamic American banking
system has as one of its main
foundations the dual banking sys­
tem. That system has been estab­
lished and reaffirmed by a series of
Congressional decisions over the
years which constrain geographic
expansion and, as a consequence,
foster a m ultiplicity o f locally owned
and controlled banks.
These are the m ajor conclusions
o f a massive policy study ju st re­
leased by the Conference of State
Bank Supervisors, entitled “ The
Dynamic American Banking Sys­
General Bank Equipment: S
tem—A n Analysis o f Geographic
Systems, Ine.
Structural Constraints.”
The CSBS study maintains that
“ fundam ental to the Am erican
Banking System is a longstanding
RR 45, Box 115
national policy which strives to lim it
Hiway 73,31/2 Miles North of Int. 680
the concentration of power over the
Omaha, Nebraska 68152
nation’s financial resources,” ex­
Lease* Rent* Buy
em plified by such legislation as the
M cFadden A ct and the Douglas
Nebraska News
Amendment to the Bank H olding
The Nebraska Bankers A ssocia­ Company A ct, both o f which give to
tion W ashington Trip originally the various states “ the m ajor role in
scheduled for June 11-14, has been determining the Am erican banking
postponed until August. E xact structure.”
The study states that “ the Con­
dates have not yet been set. The
Weekly Newsletter w ill publish gress, over a 200-year history, has
those dates as soon as they are con­
A L E X A N D R IA : The State Bank of announced the prom otion o f John
Alexandria recently announced the Rourke from second vice president
addition o f James W. Goering as ex­ to vice president and controller. Mr.
ecutive vice president and cashier Rourke began his career with Nor­
and Michael H. Sibenaller as assis­ west Corporation in 1974, was named
tant vice president. Mr. Goering, accounting manager in 1978 and se­
form erly w ith Fillm ore County cond vice president in 1980.


Bank o f Geneva, has been in bank­
ing 11 years. Mr. Sibenaller has past
Minnesota News
experience with the PCA in Mount
Tim othy J. Gargano has
Ayr, Iowa.
been appointed president and chief
O M AH A: Jim Campbell, chairman executive officer o f the First Na­
o f Norwest Bank Omaha, N .A., has tional Bank. A lso announced was
the prom otion o f Dawnette Polich to
cashier and LuAnn Orton to assis­
tant cashier and administrative
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

consistently reaffirmed its belief
that decentralized control of struc­
ture provides the primary safeguard
against undue concentration o f fi­
nancial resources and regulatory au­
thority of those resources.”
M oreover, the study maintains,
“ the elimination o f geographic re­
straints would not result in more
com petitive local structures and
would increase the concentration of
banking resources.”
The study asserts, proponents of
relaxation o f geographic restraints,
even as they argue that their objec­
tive is better service and com pet­
itive positioning, actually seek “ in­
terstate ownership and control.”
This is the true focus of the debate
over M cFadden and Douglas, the
Conference says, and it adds:
“ Congress must broaden the de­
bate over interstate ownership and
control from the narrow—real as
they may be—concerns advanced by
proponents o f change to the more
fundamental issue: the concentra­
tion o f financial resources. The con­
sequences of m ajor concentrations
of ownership and control o f banking
resources must be considered with
great care.”

assistant. Mr. Gargano had been
em ployed with Security State Bank
o f H ibbing since 1973.
HENDRICKS: The Federal Reserve
Board on M ay 10 approved the ap­
plication o f Augustana College A s­
sociation, Sioux Falls, S.D., to
become a bank holding com pany by
acquiring State Bank o f Hendricks.
The FRB said the 1966 BHC A ct in­
dicates “ Congress intended to per­
mit nonprofit, tax-exem pt institu­
tions that were engaged in exclu­
sively religious, charitable, or edu­
cational activities to own banks sub­
ject to the A ct’s provisions.” One o f
those provisions agreed upon was


C A L L O N T H E “P E R F O R M A N C E T E A M

1 19

where com m on transactions are handled uncom m only well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 » Member, F.D.I.C.






Illinois News
CHICAGO: Jacoby Dickens has
been elected chairman o f the board
of Seaway National Bank, announced
W alter E. Grady, president. He first
joined Seaway Bank’s board in 1979
and had been serving as vice chair­
man. Mr. Dickens is the owner and
operator o f tw o m ajor bowling
facilities and was the owner o f
Burt’s M ens’ Haberdashery.
EVANSTON: A t First National
Bank and Trust Company o f Evanston, Bruce I. McPhee was pro­
m oted to executive vice president.
Bradley S. Vallem was prom oted to
vice president and controller; Roger
C. W eissenberg to vice president
and investm ent officer; Veronica T.
M ensch to vice president o f the real
estate loan department; Phillip K.
Duncan to vice president, and Elyse
Cohen to assistant controller.


to serve as South Dakota A B A Coun­
cil vice president and Glenn Waltner, chairman, First National Bank
o f Freeman, was elected to a two
year position on the A B A Council.
In 1984 the SD BA will partici­
pate in a join t convention with the
North Dakota Bankers July 5 , 6, & 7
in Colorado Springs, Colorado to
commemorate the 100th year since
the form ing o f the Dakota Territory
Bankers Association.
STOCKHOLM: Stanley A . Berg has
retired as president o f Stockholm
State Bank. Mr. Berg began his em­
ploym ent with the bank in 1941 and
succeeded his father, C.A. Berg, as
president in 1956. He will remain in
the position o f chairman o f the
board. Raymond E. Knapp, vice
president, has been named manag­
ing officer. He joined the bank in
1975 as cashier and was named vice
president in 1982.

South Dakota News




Charles W . Ekstrum was elected
to the presidency o f the South
Dakota Bankers A ssociation during
the 91st annual convention in Sioux
Falls on M ay 17. Mr. Ekstrum is the
president o f the First National Bank
in Philip and succeeds Dean O. Mehlhaff, president o f the Eureka State
Bank, who remains on the board o f
directors as immediate past presi­
Advanced to president elect was
John A . Haerter, president of the
Farmers State Bank in Hosmer, and
Burdette Solum, president o f Norwest Bank, W atertown, was elected
to serve as vice president.
In other election activity, Charles
Undlin, president o f Norwest Bank
Black Hills, Rapid City, was elected

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Getting it done for you.

North Dakota News
G RAN D FORKS: First Bank Grand
Forks has elected Lyle C. Sorum
president and managing officer, and
Francis M. Schreder chairman, ef­
fective June 1. Mr. Sorum joined
First Bank System in 1979 and is
currently vice president and man­
ager o f training. He previously was
associated with Am erican State
Bank, W illiston, where he served as
vice president. Mr. Schreder has
been with First Bank System since
1957. He joined First Bank Grand
Forks as president and managing of­
ficer in 1980 and will continue as
managing director o f First Bank
System ’s northern North Dakota af­
filiates, a position he was elected to
in 1982.

T o m Steffens
V ice President

John Henderson
Vice President

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ployees reflect the success of your
bank? If not, call us today and find
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523 N. Main S t„ Carroll, Ia„ 51401 712-792-2748 |

Wyoming News
LA R A M IE : Daniel G. Furphy has
been appointed senior vice president
and loan officer o f American Na­
tional Bank Laramie. Mr. Furphy
previously was with United Banks
o f Colorado as an executive officer of
its bank in Steamboat Springs.

Colorado News
Inc., a m ortgage banking firm head­
quartered in Omaha, Neb., has
opened a residential m ortgage pro­
duction office at 5875 Lehman
Drive. Michael Duty has been named
manager o f the Colorado Springs
branch, which initially will have a
staff o f five. Mr. Duty, form erly a
branch manager for Columbia Sav­
ings and Loan, is president o f the
Colorado Springs M ortgage Lenders
Association. Realbanc, which has
operated a branch in Denver for
several years, also has branch of­
fices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City,
Okla; W ichita, Kan., and Lincoln,
D EN VER: Denver National Bank
has announced the appointment of
Anita E. Butler to vice president,
commercial loan department. She
previously was with the City Edi­
tion Newspaper and United Bank o f

T o n y Paugoulatos Jim M cLaughlin
Rick Patton
Asst. Vice President Asst. Vice President Bond

wn CommerceBankof Kansas City10th and Walnut
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


John Shrader

(816) 234-2000




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CEO with proven high performance record in $40 million
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CEO for $40 million northern Iowa bank. Must have solid
ag credit and administrative experience. Salary to $45,000

Commercial Lenders with experience ranging from three
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CEO for western Illinois bank of $30 million. Emphasis on
ag lending..............................................................Salary Open

Senior Ag Lenders with experience ranging from 5 to 20
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Commercial Lenders for eastern Iowa banks of $70 million
up.....................................................................Salary to $40,000

Junior Ag Lenders with one to five years experience.
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Administrative Officers with major banking experience.
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Installment Lenders with over five years banking ex­
perience........................................................Salary to $25,000
Operations people with over five years experience.............
....................................................................... Salary to $30,000
If you are considering an additional officer, we have
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1105 State St. Tama, IA 52339 515/484-2479


CEO for community bank in eastern Iowa. Must be ag-oriented and desire to live in smaller town. . Salary to $32,000
Ag Rep and office manager needed by central Iowa bank.
..............................................................................Salary $25,000
Ag Rep with at least three to five years bank experience for
northern Illinois community bank............. Salary to $28,000
Auditor/CPA for major bank outside of Des Moines in
Iowa.................................................................Salary to $25,000
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Trust Officer with law degree for eastern Iowa bank. Must
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Second man for southeast Iowa bank, located in major
city.......................................................................Salary $25,000

Affiliated Midwest Bancs Inc., a progressive group of six
banks is looking for a COMMERCIAL LOAN O FFICER for a
$33 million bank in S.E. Nebraska; and an AGRICULTURAL
LOAN O FFICER for a $60 million bank in central Iowa.
Prefer 3-5 years experience’ for both positions. Salaries
commensurate with experience. Send resumes to Jack
Ayres, P.O. Box 486, Bellevue, N E 68005.
AG LENDER for central Iowa bank. Several years lending
experience required. Operations and/or computer exper­
ience a plus. Send resume and salary history in strict con­
fidence. Salary commensurate with experience. Write file
TB T, c/o Northwestern Banker.
INSURANCE MANAGER W ANTED: 500,000 agency in
Mountain Lake, MN. Salary $20,000 to $30,000 plus com­
mission. Experience needed. Call or send resume to:
James G. Sneer, Farmers State Bank, Mountain Lake, MN
56159. Phone: 507/427-2422.
PRESIDENT— $24 million bank in Fort Madison, Iowa.
Must have lending background and ability to produce a
high performance bank. Contact: Larry Wenzl, P.O. Box
1622, Des Moines, Iowa 50306. Phone: 515/244-5111. (PA)
Rural bank seeks AUDITOR with compliance experience.
Prefer experience in $50 million bank or larger. Examina­
tion or audit team background useful. Write file TBW , c/o
Northwestern Banker.
IN STALLM ENT LOAN M ANAGER for $75 million west central Minnesota bank. Send resume to file TBX, c/o North­
western Banker.
CEO POSITION available for $40-$50 million midwestern
bank. Agricultural lending experience necessary. Salary
open. Send resume to file TBY, c/o Northwestern Banker.


3 BURROUGHS L9 M ACHINES— 1 not on maintenance but
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bank, 100% of approved holding company, assets over 10
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pany, P.O. Box 14634, West Omaha Station, Omaha,
Nebraska 68124.

Second person forColorado bank located in resort area.
Must have operations and some lending background. Posi­
tion could lead to president. Prefer resident of Mountain
States or western Nebraska............................Salary $26,000
Operations person with good administrative ability for
Twin Cities suburban bank. Must have demonstrated lead­
ership abilities............................................... Salary to $30,000
Write or call Malcolm Freeland c/o Freeland Financial Ser­
vices, Inc., 1032 Carriers Bldg., Des Moines, IA 50309.
Phone 515/282-6462. Employer pays fee.

O NE MOSLER WALK-UP W INDOW — 2 6 ' x 5 6 ' w/built-in
microphone & speaker. Contact: Roger W. Kerndt, Waukon
State Bank, P.O. Box 246, Waukon, IA 52172. Phone (319)

CASHIER, married, age 31, with nine years experience
desires new challenges with a progressive midwest bank.
Currently in charge of operations, personnel, and invest­
ments of a $45 million bank. Very strong in data process­
ing and familiar with microcomputers. Has some lending
experience to supplement operational background. Posseses college degree along with advance banking degree.
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Operations Officer, small town

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President, $50mm bank, small town


Commercial Lender, medium sized town


President, $10mm bank, small town


Auditor, 1 year experience, suburban town


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candidate registered with me, you will be informed as posi­
tions come available that would appeal to you based on
what YOU want in a bank, in salary, in location, and in size
of town or city. I do not reveal your name to a client bank un­
til you are interested in Interviewing.
Eighteen years of banking service as President of both rural
and metropolitan banks enables me to find the right bank­
ing environment for you. Phone or send resume to: Don W.
Schooler, 901 A. West Jackson, Ozark, Missouri 65721.
Phone (417) 485-6020.

"Successful Banking is Quality Personnel"
_______ Banking Employment Service______

OPERATIONS— $50MM community bank. Handle internal
operations, reports and personnel. Degree preferred.
PRESIDENT— small rural bank close to larger city.
Background in Ag lending and previous administrative ex­
perience desired.
CORRESPONDENT O FFICE R — bank operations and sales
background preferred. Sixty percent travel involved with
vehicle furnished.
$25,000 +
CASHIER— affiliate of large Missouri holding company.
Responsible for operations and accounting functions.
COM M ERCIAL LO AN— addition to staff of large surbur­
ban bank; 1-2 yrs. exper. with commercial loans and
degree required.
O PER ATIO NS/CO NTR OLLER — accounting degree and
minimum 3 yrs. bank experience.
AGRI LO AN — $20MM rural bank needs experienced Ag of­
ficer to oversee lending function.
Forward resume' and salary history. All inquiries confidential.

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North Kansas City, MO 64116
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