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Vol. 12 No. 46

Des Moines, Iowa

March 5,1984

Gara and Proxmire Proposals Analyzed
N THE January issue of The ding FDIC insurance to the definition of a
the Conference of bank, subject to several exceptions, one of
which would establish a new class of non­
State Bank Supervisors monthly bank subsidiary, the “ consumer bank.”
publication, members and associate
The “ consumer bank” is defined as a non­
members were given a detailed anal­ bank subsidiary which would be a bank but
ysis of two Congressional banking for the fact that it does not make commercial
proposals. The following is an ex­ loans. This asset-side restriction does not
mean much, however, since the bill .defines
cerpt from that issue.
“ commercial loans” narrowly. It does so by
The many legislative packages in­ excluding a long list of loans which do not fall
troduced in the Congress late last in the commercial loan category for purposes
session run the gamut from mora­ of the Bank Holding Company Act and al­
lows consumer banks a five percent of assets
toria to omnibus bills. Two senior basket of credit to finance inventory of
legislators—Congressman Fernand natural persons, small business loans, and
St Germain (D-RI) and Senator John “ similar loans.” While the language limiting
Heinz (R-PA)—have recommended geographic location is unprecise and there­
m oratorium s on m ajor banking fore subject to interpretation, it appears that
interstate acquisition of such banks would be
change while the Congress considers limited to those states in which the interstate
such issues as Glass-Steagall and acquisition of a consumer bank, industrial
geographic restraints in detail. Sen­ bank, Morris Plan bank, industrial loan com­
ator E.J. “ Jake” Garn (R-UT) on the pany or similar intitution is “ specifically
authorized by the statute law of the state.”
other hand, prefers an “ om nibus”
• Allow added permissible activities for
approach, through which the Con­ BHC’s to include activities of a financial
gress and the affected industries nature, and, specifically, securities, in­
would hammer out a compromise surance, and real estate activities including
consensus. In the middle is Senator insurance underwriting and brokerage and
real estate investment, development, and
William Proxmire (D-W I), offering a brokerage up to five percent of capital.
lim ited package o f new powers.
• Preempt state authority to prohibit
Because the Gara and Proxmire otherwise permissible non-bank activities of
proposals offer concrete starting BHCs within their borders.
a new class of securities affiliate
points for a debate on change, both for• Create
BHCs, with authority to deal in and
bills assume m ajor importance. Fol­ underwrite state and municipal revenue
lowing is an analysis o f both mea­ bonds, operate an investment company and
deal in the securities of an investment com­

I Supervisor,

S. 2181—The Financial Services Com­
petitive Equity Act (Garn)
Title I—Financial In stitu tion s Com­
petitive Equity
This title would:
• Close the non-bank bank loophole by ad­

pany and in promissory notes secured by real
estate mortgages.
• Provide streamlined procedures for for­
mation of a BHC through what essentially
would amount to a one-for-one exchange of
stock by the shareholders of the existing

• Give the Fed authority to examine BHC
• Restrict the use of bank service corpora­
tions, limiting them to general routine pro­
cessing functions, such as check and deposit­
sorting and posting. There would be a grand­
father clause as of July 1, 1983.
Title III—Bankers Banks
This title would expand the authority of
bankers banks, allowing provision of services
not only to the banks which own the entities
but to the holding companies of such bank
owners, and to any subsidiary of the BHC.
Title IV—Competitive Savings Incentive
This title would require the Federal Reserve
to pay monthly interest on reserves held
against money market deposit accounts,
Super NOW accounts, and any new transac­
tion accounts authorized by DIDC, at the rate
earned that month by the Fed on its securities
Title V II—Credit Deregulation and Avail­
This title would preempt state interest rate
ceilings on business, agricultural, and con­
sumer credit loans, but allow states a threeyear period to override the preemption, in
whole or in part, by explicit state legislation or
certification that voters of the state have
adopted a provision to that affect.
Title V III—Interest on Demand Deposits
This title would eliminate statutory prohibi­
tions on the payment of interest on demand
deposits, and empower DIDC to establish
maximum rates and rules; it would go into ef­
fect 180 days after enactment. The title also
would allow NOW accounts for political orga­
Title X —Interstate Banking
This title would remove the consti­
tutionality question concerning state recipro­
cal laws under the Douglas Amendment by (a)
allowing national banks to branch across state
lines to the same extent state chartered banks
may; (b) allowing states to “ condition” out-ofstate holding company entry—such as by a
geographic location test (i.e., New England);

where common transactions
are handled uncommonly well.

Iin im

H iii

13th & M S tre e t • L in c o ln , N e b ra s k a 68501 • M e m b e r, F .D .I.C .
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one of the reasons
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Bernie Kersey
and (c) extending interstate S&L branching
where it is authorized by state law. There is a
five year sunset provision.
S. 2134—Depository Institutions Holding
Company Act Amendments of 1964 (Proxmire)
This legislation would:
• Close the non-bank bank loophole by ad­
ding to the definition of a bank those institu­
tions with FDIC insurance or eligible for
FDIC insurance. It would provide an excep­
tion for thrifts and trust companies and in­
clude a grandfather clause as of June 23,
Unlike the Garn bill, it does not provide for
consumer banks nor does it restrict the cur­
rent definition of commercial loans.
• Provide for streamlined BHC formation
like the Garn bill.
• Preclude state-chartered non-member
banks from performing non-bank activities
not on the Fed’s laundry list unless they were
done pursuant to a state statute prior to Jan­
uary 1,1983, or were undertaken on an intra­
state basis only pursuant to a state statute
passed after that date.

to make MNB
work for you.
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National Bank ISI
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• Bring state-chartered nonmember banks
under the provisions of Glass-Steagall which
separate banks and the securities business.
At the same time, allow bank holding com­
panies to underwrite and deal in municipal
revenue bonds through an affiliate separate
from the bank.
• Allow BHCs to offer mutual funds to
their customers. A securities affiliate could
direct, operate or advise a closed end invest­
ment fund.
• Stop nonfinancial firms from buying sav­
ings and loan associations unless the S&L
was operated independently from the parent,
and retained a commitment to housing fi­
• Eliminate the “ proper incident test” for
the Fed laundry list, and streamline review
procedures under the BHC Act, making it
easier for BHCs to operate legal activities.
Among other elements, the 30-day period re­
quired for waiting after a Board approved
merger into or acquisition of a non-bank enti­
ty could be waived by the Board, with the ap­
proval of the Attorney General.

General Bank Equipment: Si
Systems, Inc.

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Lease • Rent • Buy

2) Authorize savings and loan as­
sociations, savings banks, and cred­
it unions to act as depositories for
public funds.
3) Authorize any bank holding
com pany located in M issouri, Kan­
sas, Illinois, W isconsin, Minnesota,
South Dakota, North Dakota or Ne­
braska to acquire Iowa banks if the
Iowa News
law o f the state in which the holding
The Commerce Committee o f the com pany is located perm its an Iowa
Iowa Senate has recommended an bank holding com pany to acquire
omnibus bill, which among other banks in that state.
4) Increase the holding com pany
things would authorize interstate
banking on a reciprocal basis within concentration lim itations from the
present maximums o f 8% o f bank
a nine-state “ midwestern” region.
A t a m eeting held on Thursday, deposits and 8% o f savings and loan
February 23, the Committee voted 6 deposits, to 10% o f bank deposits
to 3 with one member absent, to re­ and 10% o f savings and loan and
commend for passage a subcommit- savings bank deposits.
5) Authorize credit unions char­
tee-drafted proposal containing five
tered in another state to do business
objectives. They are:
Repeal o f the state sinkingin Iowa if the laws o f that state per­
fund, and require depositories of mit Iowa-chartered credit unions to
public funds to pledge securities or do business there.
The Iowa Bankers Association
obtain a corporate surety bond to
cover deposits that are in excess o f supports passage o f the bill. The
Iowa Independent Bankers oppose
federal deposit insurance coverage.

Professional ...
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any correspondent service.
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Valley National Bank in


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any form o f interstate banking.
Floor debate on this bill is ex­
pected Tuesday or W ednesday o f
this week.
O AK LAN D: Raym ond L. Graalfs
has been appointed president o f Citi­
zens State Bank. He succeeds Roy
E. Paradise, who has becom e presi­
dent o f Citizens Bank o f Ava, Mo.
Mr. Graalfs has spent his entire
hanking career with State Bank &
Trust o f Council Bluffs, starting in

Nebraska News

Illinois News

Montana News

ALLIAN CE: Robert E. Knight,
president o f Alliance National Bank
and Trust Company was recently
named chairman, succeeding his
father, the late Edward H. Knight.
Mr. Knight returned to Alliance in
1979 to becom e president, after an
11-year career with the Federal Re­
serve Bank o f Kansas City.

CHICAGO: Roger E. Anderson,
chairman and chief executive officer
o f Continental Illinois Corp., will
take early retirement. Mr. Ander­
son, 62, has headed the com pany
since 1973. David G. Taylor, vice
chairman, was named to succeed
Mr. Anderson. Edward S. Bottum ,
executive vice president, was named
president, succeeding John H. Per­
kins, who had previously announced
his retirement at the annual meet­
ing. Mr. Taylor joined the com pany
in 1957 and Mr. Bottum in 1959.

K ALISPELL: Robert T. Gerhardt
has been elected chairman and chief
executive officer o f First Interstate
Bank o f Kalispell. He succeeds
Harry E. Lattin, who recently re­
signed. Mr. Gerhardt spent nearly
20 years at First Interstate Bank o f
Oregon, m ost recently as senior vice
president in charge o f 29 branches in
the northwest part o f the state.

M ILLA R D : Preliminary approval
has been given by the Comptroller o f
the Currency to a group o f Omaha
investors to open a new national
bank in Millard. The proposed bank,
First Continental National Bank,
will be located at 138th St. and S.
Plaza. Cheron Beran, former presi­
dent o f the Ashland State Bank, will
serve as president o f the new bank,
which is expected to open this spring
or summer. H arold Cooperman,
owner o f the No Frills Supermarkets
and a real estate developer from
Omaha, will serve as chairman. The
bank will em ploy seven people and
start with $2 m illion in capital.

Minnesota News
M IN N EAPOLIS: Lawrence Ander­
son has been appointed president
and chief executive officer o f Mar­
quette National Bank. Mr. Ander­
son joined the bank as executive
vice president in 1979, follow ing a
number o f years with M arquette Na­
tional Bank o f Minneapolis and
Bank Shares, Inc.

Wisconsin News
The W isconsin Bankers A ssocia­
tion announced recently that it will
conduct a study o f interstate bank­
ing issues from “ a W isconsin per­
The W B A action followed a legis­
lative com m ittee vote that in effect
killed an interstate banking bill for
the current session o f the Legisla­
ture and a statement from Assem bly
Speaker Thomas L oftus, D-Sun
Prairie, that he might ask for a Leg­
islative Council study on the issue.
William J. M orrisey, president of
the W B A and the Independence
Bank o f Elkhom , said the W B A
task force would include representa­
tion from “ all areas, philosophies
and structures among banking in
W isconsin.”

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Commercial Lender w ith over 10 years experience in major
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