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Vol. 11 No. 49

March 28,1983

Des Moines, Iowa

Free Golf Cart Offered for MMF Deposit
ITH deregulation making the
deposit gathering function
ever more com petitive, banks na­
tionwide are becom ing more aggres­
sive and are exercising more in­
One example o f a new approach is
a special offer being made by the
Farmers State Bank, Jewell, Iowa.
This bank is offering a free $3,000
E-Z-GO golf cart with a $9,500
deposit in a 4-year money market
certificate. (W ith a $5,500 deposit
you get a rebuilt golf cart.) There are
some strings attached, as pointed
out in the bank’s newspaper ad: 1)
the golf cart is in lieu o f interest; 2)
in the event o f an early withdrawal,
a refund is made to the bank for the
value o f the golf cart; 3) there is a
6-month interest penalty on early
withdrawal, and 4) the interest rate
earned is 8% in the event o f an early
Farmers State Executive Vice
President Gary Hested stated that
the advertising campaign and offer
represent the banks first real adver­
tising efforts, adding that previous
advertising “ has always been in the
form o f com m unity donations.” The
advertising schedule consisted o f a
weekly insertion in the Des Moines
Register which has state-wide cir­
culation. Whereas it is too early to
determine the deposit results from

the ad, the phone response has been
much greater than expected by the
bank. “ W e even got one call from
Bem idji, M innesota” Mr. Hested

Get a FREE E-Z-GO g olf cart
w orth $3^000 with your deposit
in a Money Market certificate

No. we’re not kidding. All
you have to do to get a FREE
E-Z-GO golf cart is deposit
$9,500 in a 4 year Money Market
at our bank. Then you’ll be
riding around in style on the
links this summer.
And, if you deposit $5,500
in a 4 year Money Market, well
give you FREE a rebuilt E-Z-GO
golf cart
There are a couple of
strings attached. The FREE gift
is in lieu of interest for the
4 year period. If you withdraw
your funds before four years

you’ll owe us a refund to the
amount of the cart and there is
a 6 month penalty on interest.
Based on the retail price of
the E-Z-GO, we are figuring the
rate at 10%, paid annually on
the Money Market. That would
drop to 8% in the case of early
You can pick up your FREE
E-Z-GO at any dealer in Iowa, so
you can open an account with
us by mail.
More information? Call
Gary Hested, Farmers State
Bank, 515-827-5443.

Box 280 • 702 Main • Jewell, Iowa 50130

The advertising campaign had
two goals: 1) to attract outside
deposits, and 2) to im prove the im­
age o f the bank within the local area.
Mr. Hested feels that even though

the recognition expectations were
greatly exceeded, they have been
disappointed in the actual number of
new deposits. “ W e realize that we
will have to advertise to attract new
deposits and we plan on additional
campaigns in the future” he added.

Bank Pricing Seminars
M .J. “ Jerry” Swords, president
o f Swords Associates, Inc., Kansas
City, M o., has announced that his
firm o f professional hanking con­
sultants will sponsor their Fourth
Annual Bank Pricing Seminar April
18 at the Alameda Plaza H otel in
Kansas City. He said professionals
in the financial field will look in
depth at the deregulated “ level play­
ing field” environment created at
the federal level, and by many states
now lifting multt-bank restrictions.
The seminar will focus on the ef­
fort o f such deregulation on earn­
ings and growth, regulatory toler­
ance, bank valuation and other
topics o f tim ely concern to area
bankers. The speakers will include
Dr. Sheldon W. Stahl, senior advisor
for econom ics with Kansas C ity’s
M idwest Research Institute, and
John McCarthy, director of special
projects for the Comptroller o f the
Currency, Chicago.
Seminar details may be obtained
fro m S w o rd s A s s o c ia t e s a t

to make MNB work for you.
Toll free: 1-800-332-5991

Merchants National Bank isi
Member F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Team w ork:
O ne of the
reasons we’re
first in Iowa.

Gany Frandson

Anna B elle S h e e ts
Investm ent Se rvices

An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation
Mem ber


Iowa News
This year’s Iowa Banker’s A sso­
ciation Annual Convention, scheduled
for September 18-20, will feature
Mac Davis, actor, songwriter and
recording artist, for Sunday even­
ing’s entertainment at the Civic
Two performances are scheduled
for September 18; 5:30 and 8:00 p.m.
A ll seats are reserved at $16 each
and will be available through the
Civic Center B ox O ffice after April 1
on a first-call basis.



D on’t forget that com ing up in
April is the Iowa Bankers A ssocia­
tion Washington, D.C. trip, scheduled
for April 23-27. This trip will pre­
sent an opportunity for you to meet
with your federal legislators and top
officials at the Federal Reserve, FBI
and the Treasury. Briefings on cur­
rent issues will be given by the IB A
staff and by the Government Rela­
tions Team at the American Bank­
ers Association.
For flight reservations contact
Sherri, B randeis T ravel, (515)
223-2520 as soon as possible, and
contact the IB A for room accom ­

Don't g a m b le
w hen choosing
a correspondent
bonk. C om e to
th e professionals.
OF DES M O IN ES . N A ■ M E M B E R FDIC ■ (S IS ) 24 5-7 11 1

(800) 362-1615
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514

A LTA : W illiam C. Fulcher was re­
cently prom oted to executive vice
president at the First Trust & Sav­
ings Bank. Mr. Fulcher joined the
bank in June, 1976, as vice president
and cashier.
AM ES: E.E. “ Gene” Hawk has
been elected president o f Union
Story Trust & Savings Bank. Mr.
Hawk will continue also as president
o f the First National Bank in Pierre,
S.D., and will commute between the
two cities. The two banks are owned
by Frank Farrar o f South Dakota.
Mr. Hawk succeeds Don Kearney in
the Am es bank. Mr. Kearney has re­
signed to pursue an application in
Ames for a national bank charter.
MARION: Phil Morris, president and
chief executive officer of The First
National Bank o f Iowa, has elected
to take early retirement effective
April 30. Mr. M orris has been asso­
ciated with the bank for the last 31
PARKERSBURG: R.D. “ B ob” Kluiter has been prom oted to executive
vice president and chief operating
officer o f Parkersburg State Bank.
Mr. Kluiter joined the bank in 1973.
Eldon J. Hoppenworth remains as
president and chief executive officer.
SIO U X CITY: Security National
Bank will present its sixth annual

Financial Seminar, “ Invest in Your­
self,” Thursday evening, April 7, at
the Marina Inn in South Sioux City.
Featured speaker is Dr. Joyce
Brothers, who will present “ M oney
and Em otion.” M ary Pekas will pre­
sent “ Goal-Setting for Success” at
7:00 p.m. and she will be follow ed by
Fred Young, “ How to Get Rich and
Stay R ich.” Tickets are $17.50 in ad­
vance, $20 at the door. The evening
will conclude with a terrace recep­
tion at the Marina. For reservations
contact Sandy W ienhold, Security
National Bank, (712) 277-6689.




Nebraska News
ALLIAN CE: Edward M. Knight,
71, senior officer o f the Alliance Na­
tional Bank & Trust Company, died
earlier this month in Phoenix, Ariz.
Mr. Knight started with the A lli­
ance bank in 1932, m oving up the
ranks until he was named president,
succeeding his father, in 1959. He
served as president until 1979, when
he became chairman, turning over
the presidency to his son, Robert. In
1982, Mr. Knight received a 50-year
service award from the Nebraska
Bankers Association.


FREM ONT: Gary L. Bernhardt, former senior vice president and cash­
ier of First National Bank & Trust
Co., has been named president and
ch ief execu tive o ffice r o f the
Am erica National Bank o f Fremont.
The bank, which has obtained its
charter, will be built this year as
part o f a mini-mall and bank devel­
opment in connection with the M id­
lands Development Co. o f Omaha.


LINCOLN: A rt N. Burtscher and
Alan Austin have been elected sen­
ior vice presidents o f Gateway Bank
and Trust Company. Formerly vice
president, m ortgage loan division o f
First National Bank and Trust Com­
pany, Mr. Burtscher will be joining
Gateway Bank April 1. Mr. Austin

Recipe for success.. A------------- -









One Carriers Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Telephone: (515) 243-1203




We own and offer subject to prior sale and change in price and subject to our attorney’s approving opinion:

$ 6 1 5 ,0 0 0

General Obligation
Corporate Purpose Bonds

April 1,1983



Both principal and semiannual interest (June 1 and December 1; first coupon due December 1,1983) payable at
the office of the City Treasurer, Webster City, Iowa.

June 1,1984
June 1,1985
June 1,1986
June 1,1987
June 1,1988
June 1,1989










June 1,1990
June 1,1991
June 1,1992
June 1,1993
June 1,1994


The City of Webster City, the county seat of Hamilton County, is located in central Iowa 70 miles north of Des Moines. The City was chosen
as Main Street, USA” in national competition several years ago as the typical, prosperous community. It serves as the principal manufactur­
ing and trading center for Hamilton County and the surrounding area. The City is surrounded by farmland which ranks as the fourth highest in
value per acre for farmland (Hamilton County) in the State of Iowa (compiled by Iowa State University in 1980) and ranks among the top
agricultural producing area in the State. In addition, the City has become an important livestock marketing area recently with the completion
of one of the most modern livestock exchanges in the Midwest. Daily capacity of the exchange is 10,000 head. The City owns and successful­
ly operates an excellent municipal electric light and power system, sewage treatment system and waterworks plant and system. Some of the
larger industries in or near Webster City include: Webster City Products Co., Division of White Consolidated Industries (washers, dryers,
dishwashers); Nissen Packing Co. (beef and pork products); Hahne Printing Co. (commercial printing, magazines and catalogs); Arrow-Acme
Corp. (die castings and machined parts) and Modern Farm Systems (grain storing and drying bins). There are two commercial banks serving
the City with deposits exceeding $95,151,000. The current population is estimated at 8,572.
These bonds are being issued to defray the costs of the construction, reconstruction and repair of street improvements, constructing works
and facilities useful for the collection and disposal of sewage and industrial wastes in a sanitary manner and the reconstruction of a bridge.

Actual Valuation, 1982
Assessed Valuation, 1982
Net Direct Debt, including this issue
Net Direct Debt and Overlapping Debt
Net Direct and Combined Net Debt per capita


The inform ation contained herein is not guaranteed, but is derived from sources we deem reliable and is that on which our purchase of these bonds are based.
Bonds of a particular m aturity may or may not s till be available or may now be available at a price or yield different from that indicated above.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Portable Modular Bank Building

RR 45, Box 115
Hiway 7 3 ,3 1/2 Miles North of Int. 680
Omaha, Nebraska 68152

Lease • Rent • Buy
has been with Gateway since 1974.
NORTH PLATTE: Stanley D. Wieland has joined First National Bank
and Trust Company as vice pres­
ident of commercial loans. Formerly
with City National Bank of H ast­
ings, Mr. W ieland has been in bank­
ing for 12 years.
SCHUYLER: Schuyler State bank
recently announced the prom otion
o f Mark Kruger and Randy Hrouda
to assistant vice president.

Minnesota News
The Independent Bankers o f Min­
nesota will be holding its Indepen­
dent Technical Education and ManDo you have a dress code problem in
your bank? Call us today to find out
how only $1.00 per day per employee
will correct it.

Call me Toll Free to discuss
our 1983 Building Plans.
Phone 1-800/922-2590
Paradise Properties, Box S
Dillon, CO 80435
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

agement Seminar April 12-13 at the
Holiday Inn, Downtown Minneap­
The program, which will begin at
11:00 a.m. on the 12th will conclude
by 2:00 p.m. on the 13th. Featured
keynote speaker will be David Beal,
executive business editor o f the St.
Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press.
Attendees will also hear from John
Chisholm, Commissioner o f Bank­
ing, and E. Gerald Corrigan, presi­
dent o f the Federal Reserve Bank of
The workshops this year will
cover leasing programs, m icro-com ­
puters, date center disaster plan
development and also marketing
plan development.

Serving Banks
in Iowa and Minnesota

P.O. Box 171 • Albert Lea, MN 56007

previously described when agree­
ment in principle was announced on
February 23, 1983 will include ap­
M APLE PLAIN : Paul Lindholm, p r o x im a te ly $ 2 0 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 o f
president o f State Bank o f Maple U SLIFE Credit Corporation con­
Plain, has announced that the bank sumer finance receivables. U SLIFE
has changed its name to Bank of Credit Corporation operates 187
Maple Plain.
consum er finance offices in 18
states. Dial has 460 financial service
M IN N EAPOLIS: The board o f di­ offices in 38 states.
rectors o f First Bank Blue Earth has
elected Peter L. H ollister president,
Illinois News
effective April 1. Mr. H ollister suc­
ceeds Carl W. Bengert, who has an­
The Illinois Bankers Association
nounced his retirement effective Commercial Credit Conference is be­
April 1. Mr. Hollister is currently ing held April 6-7 at the Champaign
president o f First Bank Babbitt. Ramada Inn.
Patrick J. Gates has been elected ac­
The first general session begins at
ting president o f First Bank Bab­ 9:00 a.m. W ednesday, the 6th, with
bitt, to succeed Mr. Hollister. Mr. John T. Gerlits, Jr., chairman o f the
Gates will retain his current respon­ commercial credit conference com ­
sibilities as vice president of First mittee, and vice president American
Bank Virginia.
National Bank and Trust Company
o f Chicago, presiding. The keynote
M INNEAPOLIS: Northwestern Na­
tional Bank o f Minneapolis has elec­
ted D avid M. Nash and Todd L.
Parchman, dom estic banking group,
and Daniel C. Brian and John C.
Sandvig, international banking
group, to the position o f senior vice
M IN N EAPOLIS: Northwest Bancorporation has appointed Jennifer
Freeman, vice president, asset/liability management, effective April
1. She is currently holding a similar
position at Northwestern National
Bank o f Minneapolis.
M INNEAPOLIS: Northwest Bancorporation announced last week
that its consumer finance subsid­
iary, Dial Corporation, has reached
definitive agreements to acquire the
con su m er cre d it b u sin e ss o f
USLIFE Credit Corporation, a con­
sumer credit subsidiary o f USLIFE
Corporation, New York. The sale, as


If you are seeking a quali­
fied officer for your bank
.. . or an advancement for
yourself, respond in con­
fidence to:
Freeland Financial
Service, Inc.
1032 Carriers Bldg.
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Employer Pays Fee

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 3-28-83

M arty Jacobs (left) was em ployed by W heatland, experience, started work in November of 1982,
Iowa bank president Dennis Henning (right). The and was placed through AGRIcareers’ Massena,
31-year-old ag lender had over three years of PCA Iowa office.

Banker Finds Right Em ployee In M inim um Tim e
Dennis Henning, President of
the First Trust and Savings Bank in
Wheatland, Iowa, was short of
time, including short of time to
locate and hire a new employee
that could solve his time shortage
First, the bank president called
other bankers for job candidates,
then turned to two personnel firms,
including AGRIcareers. Carefully
screened resumes were sent, re­
commending only persons who fit
Henning’s requirements—persons

branch, with ag loan and insurance
responsibilities. He had been re­
commended by AGRIcareers.
Henning estimates that he spent
20 to 25 hours reviewing resumes,
interviewing candidates and mak­
ing his selection.

loan experience and insurance
sales behind him. He did not have
a college degree, and felt that fact
on his resume might prevent him
from getting interviews, but it did
He felt strongly that if he could
get interviews he could get the
kind of job he wanted. And as it
turned out, Jacobs chose between
“The several candidates sent
two job offers. Both employers, in­
were people who fit my re­ cluding First Trust and Savings at
quirements, including loan Wheatland, had selected the
young man over several other can­
and insurance experience.”
didates, most with college de­
— Dennis Henning grees.
Jacobs moved his wife and three
“ I didn’t have to review a
children to the Dixon area, and
likes living in a small community.
hundred resumes.”
“ The value of AGRIcareers was
— Dennis Henning, President that I didn’t have to review a hun­
Ag Banking
First Trust & Savings Bank dred resumes. The several candi­
People Specialists
dates sent were people who fit my
W heatland, Iowa
Hire Better...Faster...Easier!
requirements, including ag loan
Call without cost or obligaion to find out
and insurance experience,” re­
who is available. Confidential.
ports Henning.
Employers have been paying us to find
the people they need since 1968.
The time span between when
Phone our banking specialists: Linda at
with ag loan and insurance ex­ Henning first contacted AGRI­
515/394-5827 or Jeannie at 515/263-9598
careers and when the agreement
(If no answer 712/779-3567)
In about a month, several can­ with Jacobs had been reached was
didates had been interviewed, and about a month.
Marty Jacobs had been employed,
Jacobs, 31, came to the bank
m J
New Hampton, IA 50659 or Massena, IA 50853

aqncareers, inc.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Never a Fee From an Employee

Personnel Specialists Serving America’s Ag Lenders


Let Us Help You Hire Better, Faster, Easier

AGRIcareers seeks out candidates conducive to progress­
QUALITY LOANS. Two ag banking specialists, Jeannie
and Linda, work full tim e checking references, interview­
ing and evaluating individuals with ag lending experience.
It costs nothing to see if AGRIcareers can recommend a
better candidate than you can find on your own. We get
paid only when we produce. You are invited to call us to ­
day w ithout obligation.
NL-1 AG CREDIT—Three-and-one-half years ag credit ex­
perience w riting loans, farm appraisals, credit analysis
and loan servicing. Strong farm background and four year
ag degree. Reference says, “ Excellent job in credit anal­
ysis, professional appearance.J’d hire him back on the
s p ot!” Married. Age: 26. Lives MN. $20,000. Call Linda at
NL-2 FARM REP—Presently bank manager of a $6.5 m il­
lion office for PCA. Complete loan servicing and supervi­
sion o f branch. Strong ag background. Reference says,
“ Did an exceptional job...EXCELLENT...relates very well
w ith customers...would give 120-125% of him self in a posi­
tion.” A.A. Ag Economics. Married. Age: 36. Lives KS.
$20,000-$25,000. Call Linda at 515/394-5827.

NL-6 AG BANKING—Seven-and-one-half years banking ex­
perience in ag loans and bank operations. References say,
“ Performance GREAT! Fantastic appearance-fam iliar with
all phases of a small ag bank.” Married. Age: 40. Lives IA.
$20,000. Call Linda at 515/394-5827.
NJ-7 VP & LOAN REP—for past 8 yrs. at a $50 m illion bank.
Very involved in PR...speaks at ag functions in many
states. Add this to previous sales experience equals NEW
BUSINESS. B.S. Ag Economics. Married. Age: Mid-30’s.
Lives IA. $27,000 + . Call Jeannie at 515/263-9598 or if no
answer 712/779-3567.
NL-8 THREE TOP BANKERS— Extreme confidentiality re­
quested by these three agriculturally oriented bankers
w ith 5-8 years experience. All have excellent records, w ill
relocate and have degrees. Ages: 27, 28 and 35. $26,000,
$28,000, $31,000. Cannot send resumes w ithout their
knowledge and consent. Cali Linda at 515/394-5827.
NJ-9 AG BANKING— Four years well-rounded banking
experience, including ag lending, cashier and operations,
hail and credit life insurance. Solid farm and livestock
background. B.S. Business Adm./Agriculture, plus bank­
ing school. Married. Age: 28. Lives NE. $25,000. Call Jean­
nie at 515/263-9598 or if no answer 712/779-3567.

NJ-3 AG LOAN OFFICER—A fter two plus years as AVP
w ith FLB where he handles major share of loan volume.
Wrote 50% of new loans put on books last year. Area
bankers refer others to him. References say, “ A real go
getter, no wall flower, well accepted by all ages, makes ac­
curate diagnosis, creative.” B.S. Farm Op./Economics.
Married. Age: 24. $25,000. Call Jeannie at 515/263-9598 or if
no answer 712/779-3567.

manager trainee w ith a finance company. Has experience
in credit investigating, collections and loan closing. In pro­
cess of obtaining insurance licenses. Trained at bank
through college work study program. A.A. Agri banking.
Engaged. Age: 22. Lives IA. $12,000. Call Jeannie at
515/263-9598 or if no answer 712/779-3567.

NJ-4 AG BANKING— Five and one-half years w ith PCA as
AVP and branch manager. Responsible $8.5 m illion loan
volume. Good quality lender, marketing skills. Aggressive,
motivated and organized. Four years previous sales exper­
ience. Licensed in hail and credit life insurance. Masters
Plant Physiology. Married. Age: 38. Lives NE. $27,000. Call
Jeannie at 515/263-9598 or if no answer 712/779-3567.


NL-5 AG BANKING— Fifteen years ag credit experience
w ith financial institution making loans and grants in rural
areas, collections and appraisals. Strong farm knowledge
(from eastern Iowa). Good references. B.S. Farm opera­
tions. Separated. Age: 39. Lives IA. $24,000. Call Linda at

“AGRIcareers was extremely
—■James Neuroth, Senior VP
1st Bank of Albert Lea, MN

“AGRIcareers is a valuable
source of qualified prospects.”
— Nels Lindquist
Executive Vice President
First State Bank of
_____ Gowrie, Iowa__________
“ I’d go through AGRIcareers
— David Rouse, President
Brenton State Bank
Eagle Grove, Iowa
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

This is a partial listing of candidates
and openings due to confidentiality
requirements, space limitations and
printing deadlines. For more informa­
tion, call Jeannie or Linda.
NL-11 AG FINANCE TRAINEE— Bubbling personality, very
intelligent and has a lot on the ball describes this young
gal. Presently livestock production consultant for a feed
company where she has day-to-day contact w ith the farm ­
ers. Can talk the farmers’ language. A.A. Ag. Single. Lives
IA. W illing to take a cut in salary for career goal. $14,000.
Call Linda at 515/394-5827.
NJ-12 AG FINANCE—A fter 4 yrs. as FHA county super­
visor, he’s interested in a more progressive, non-govern­
ment position. Dist. Director gives th is reference: “ Best of
ten in our district...delinquency record tops.” Works w ith
local banks & PCA’s in educating farmers in financial
planning & management. B.S. degree. Married. Age: 30.
Lives OH. $25,000 + . Call Jeannie at 515/263-9598 or if no
answer 712/779-3567.
NL-13 AG BANKER— Reference says, “ He’s greatly need­
ed in the banking industry during these rough economic
tim es.” Nine years w ith PCA, seven years in ag banking
(lending, operations & management) and five years as a
dist. credit manager for an ag company. Attended numer­
ous seminars. Married. Age: 44. Lives MN. $35,000-$40,000.
Call Linda at 515/394-5827.
NJ-14 BANK MANAGEMENT OR NO. 2 POSITION/E. N E B .or W. IA. or So. S.D. ...Twenty-two years bank experience,
eleven in management. Past record of steady growth and
good loans. Strengths are problem solving, sta ff training,
ag and commercial lending. Several degrees in banking.
Married. Lives NE. Age: 44. $30,000 + . Call Jeannie at
515/263-9598 or if no answer 712/779-3567.
NJ-15 AG LOAN OFFICER— 15 years as FLB Pres., 5 as ag
loan officer & farm real estate sales for major farm mort­
gage company. Holds licenses in real estate, executive
banking, life, accident & health insurance. Strong in anal­
ysis, cash flow & com plicated loans. B.S. Ag Ed. Age: 49.
Lives NE. (Relocation: E., NE. or W. IA.) $15,000. Call Jean­
nie at 515/263-9598 or if no answer 712/779-3567.

If you have beervconsidering a change, now is an excellent
tim e while the demand for qualified ag lending candidates
is especially strong. As a third party, we can offer con­
fid en tia lity usually required by both the bank employee
and employer. Either Linda or Jeannie would be happy to
discuss what kind of exciting career opportunities might
be available for a person w ith your experience.

NW-1 AVP— Extending farm credit for a $45+ m illion
bank. Minimum tw o years ag credit experience. Business
development skills. IA. $23,000-$26,000.
NW-2 AG REP—Calling on ag customers for a $20 m illion
bank. Needs ag background and a year’s experience in
credit. IA. $16,000-$18,000.
NW-3 2ND MAN—$30+ m illion bank. Five or more years
ag banking. $25,000-$30,000.
NW-4 MKTG. OFF.—Sell bank services. Sales and market­
ing experience. IA. $18,000-$20,000.
NW-5 PRESIDENT—Ag credit institution. IA. 5-10 years
solid ag lending and management skills. $35,000-$40,000.
NW-6 BANK ACCT.—Analyze credit and loan apps. IA. 1-2
yrs. bank exp. Acctg. degree needed. $14,000-$25,000.
NW-7 CORRESP. BANKER—$150+ m illion bank. Total ag
lending. IA. 5 years banking experience. $25,000-$30,000.
NW-8 AVP—$80+ m illion bank. Ag loans. IA. Minimum 2
years ag lending. $20,000-$25,000.
NW-9 AG LENDER—$ 4 + m illion ag loans. IA. Banking
and insurance experience needed. $15,000-$20,000.
NW-10 AVP— Responsible for ag loans and selling bank ser­
vices. N. IA. 3-5 years ag credit experience. $18,000-$24,000.
NW-11 EVP—All phases of banking for $15 m illion bank.
5 + years banking. N. IA. $20,000-$30,000.
NW-12 AG REP—$100+ bank. E. IA. Two years banking.
NW-13 AG LOAN REP— Lending and develop new busi­
ness. IA. Banking experience. To $25,000.
VP AG-LOAN—$9 m illion ag loans. IA. 5-10 years
credit experience. $25,000-$27,000.

NW-14 AG REP—$71/2 m illion ag loans. MN. 1-2 years
banking. $18,000-$20,000.
NW-15 CREDIT SUPERVISOR—Analyze and make credit
requests, service and collection. 2 years ag lending. MN,
Wl, MD. $20,000-$24,000.
NW-16 AG LENDER— Develop ag business for a $200 +
m illion bank. Wl. 5-6 years ag banking experience. Sales
personality. $25,000-$30,000.

ing farm record keeping, tax planning, leasing, insurance
serv. for major lending institution. 5 years related ex­
perience required. MO. $32,000-$35,000.

NW-18 AG LENDER—Ag credit and general banking
duties. MINIMUM 3-5 years banking experience. IL.

NW-19 SR. LOAN OFF.— Handle major accounts for a two
county area. 3 years MINIMUM experience handling large
ag loans. IN. $18,000-$22,000.

NW-20 SR. V.P.. In charge of $6 m illion in loans. 4-6 years
ag banking experience. S.D. $25,000-$30,000.

SINCE 1968

NL-16 AG BANKING— Eleven years w ith PCA as branch
manager responsible for $11 m illion in loans. Stable in­
dividual, record of credit quality and presents him self well.
B.S. Ag. Married. Age: 38. Lives IA. $25,000. Call Jeannie at
NL-17 $55 MILLION LOANS—Three-and-one-half years as
branch manager for FLB responsible for loan volume of
$55 m illion. Dairy farm background. Seeks performance
oriented employer in banking. Married. Age: 26. Lives MN.
$25,000 + . Call Linda at 515/394-5827.

Jeannie 515/263-9598
(if no answer 712/779-3567)
Linda 515/394-5827

aqncareers, inc.




where comm on transactions are handled uncomm only well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 » Member, F.D.I.C.











address will follow, presented by
Douglas W . Dodge, president, Rob­
ert M orris Associates, and executive
vice president, Mercantile-Safe De­
posit and Trust Company, Baltimore, Md.
A lso in the morning session, Dr.
Robert Resek, professor o f econom ­
ics, University o f Illinois, and David
Tapley, executive vice president,
Union Trust Company, Stamford,
will speak.
A fter lunch Gilbert Coleman,
chairman and president, Security
Bank and Trust Company, M t. Vernon, will preside with remarks from
Donald R. Lovett, IB A president.
A t 2:15 p.m., concurrent breakout
sessions will be held. The three ses­
sions are: “ Bankruptcy U pdate";
*-Predicting Corporate Failure, ’ ’ and
“ The Im portance o f Cash Flow
Analysis in Asset-Based Lending.”
A 6:30 banquet will feature Joe G rif­
fith, humorous speaker.
On the 7th, the morning session
will begin at 9:00 a.m. with “ Real
Estate: Valuation and Analysis of
the M arket” —-Eugene De Ramus,
vice president, Harris Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago, followed by
“ Recruiting, Training and Retaining
Commercial Lending Personnel” by
John Daily, president, Community
Bank o f Greater Peoria. A fter a
short break Sheldon Enger, manag­
ing partner, and Les Borowsky,
partner, Tiger, Fireside, Stone, Carlie and Co., St. Louis, will present
“ Pre-Loan Collateral A udit Reviews: A Vital Step.” The confer­
ence will adjourn at 12:30.




CHICAGO: Katharine E. Blumenthal has been elected vice president
of Amalgamated Trust & Savings

Bank. Mrs. Blumenthal joined the
bank in 1976 as assistant trust of­
W isniewski has been named senior
vice president o f lending for Chicago
Heights National Bank, where he
will supervise all lending activities.
Mr. Wisniewski form erly was vice
president at First National Bank of
Chicago Heights.
LOM BARD: Bruce W. Taylor has
joined the Bank o f Yorktown as as­
sistant vice president, commercial
lending. Mr. Taylor started his
banking career at Main Bank of
Chicago in 1977, transferring to
Drovers Bank o f Chicago in 1979 as
correspondent banking officer, the
position he held until his present ap­

Inn, Bismarck.
Early registration is essential to
insure the availability o f an ade­
quate supply o f materials.
A representative from the na­
tional accounting firm o f Deloitte,
Haskins and Sells will be present to
conduct part o f the program and
answer questions.



The 1983 N D BA Teller/Staff Con­
ferences are being held Tuesday,
April 5, Artclare M otel, Devils
Lake; W ednesday, April 6, Ramada
Inn, WiUiston; Thursday, April 7,
Seven Seas M otor Inn, Mandan, and
Friday, A pril 8, H oliday Inn, Fargo.
These conferences will be con­
ducted by Lyn Ahlswede, Director
o f Program Developm ent for Finan­
cial Education and Development of
M iddleton, W ise.

South Dakota News

Wyoming News

SALEM : Darwin J. Miiller has been
prom oted to assistant vice president
and cashier. Mr. Miiller started at
the bank in 1973.

ROCK SPRINGS: American Bank
Corporation recently opened its
newest full service affiliate, The
American National Bank o f Rock
Springs. O fficers o f the new bank in­
clude: Ronald E. Bailey, president,
and Leonard R. Scoleri, vice presi­
dent and cashier. Mr. Bailey pre­
viously was with American National
Bank o f Cheyenne, where he was a
senior vice president and manager of
the bank’s lending division. Prior to
the Rock Springs appointment, Mr.
Scoleri served as vice president and
cashier at American Bank o f Wheatland.

North Dakota News
April 26-28 have been selected as
the dates for this year’s North
Dakota Bankers Association W ash­
ington Legislative and Adm ini­
strative Conference. Headquarters
for the N D BA will be the H yatt
Regency Hotel on Capitol Hill. Reg­
istration forms should be returned
to the N D BA office by April 15.



Plans have now been com pleted
for the two NDBA-sponsored “ W ith­
holding at the Source” workshops to
be held Thursday, April 14, at the
Doublewood Inn, Fargo, and Friday,
April 15, at the Kirkwood M otor

TH ERM OPOLIS: Gary Jinks, for­
merly vice president and branch
manager at the Huntington Nation­
al Bank of Columbus, Ohio, has joined
First National Bank as executive
vice president.

Getting it done for you. THÜduLnier


■ __




c .c a riio n Snuü

Ernie Yake

Vice President

Vice President

Commerce Bank of Kansasaty A
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


T e le p h o n e (816) 234-2000


Bell & Howell Microfilm Reader UV-40........................... $200
1 Microdesign Microfiche Viewer single carriage model
1 Microdesign Microfiche Viewer single carriage model
1 NW Microfiche Viewer single carriage model N.M. 1.75 ..
.............................................................................................. $50
12 NCR Full keyboard adding m a c h in e s ................... $20ea.


Chief Executive Officer
New bank charter in SW Minnesota town of
1,200. Will be required to purchase at least
5% of the outstanding stock. Holding com­
pany being formed to absorb part of the
debt. Send resume to file TBM, c/o North­
western Banker.

All positions are in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas or Oklahoma
Credit Analyst, metro bank
$34,000 +
Commercial Loan Officer, metro bank


Chief Financial Officer, metro bank


#2nd Man, commercial dept, head


President, $50mm bank, sm all town


Commercial Lender, medium sized town

$40,000 +

EVP, all around country banker

W ill sell any item separately.
Contact Timothy J. Byrnes, Vice President and Cashier,
Union State Bank, Winterset, Iowa, (515) 462-2161

$48,000 +

Commercial Vice President
President, $20mm bank, small town

$32,500+ car

Auditor, small town near city


Positions available change as more openings become avail­
able or as positions are filled. If you are interested in making
an advancement or change in your present situation, as a
candidate registered w ith me, you w ill be informed as posi­
tions come available that would appeal to you based on
what YOU want in a bank, in salary, in location, and in size
of town or city. I do not reveal your name to a client bank un­
til you are interested in interviewing.

A ffiliated Midwest Bancs, Inc., a progressive group of six
banks, is looking for an AGRICULTURAL LOAN OFFICER
for its bank in Boone, Iowa. Prefer 3-5 years agricultural
bank loan experience. Salary commensurate w ith ex­
perience. Send resumes c/o Robert Scott, president,
Boone State Bank & Trust Co., P.O. Box 428, Boone, Iowa
OPERATIONS OFFICER—$40 m illion bank in eastern
South Dakota in need of operations officer w ith ex­
perience in Burroughs Computers and Info-tech Software.
Must be am bitious and agressive. Send resume to file
TBC, c/o Northwestern Banker.
LOAN OFFICER for $30 m illion bank in north central Iowa.
Advancement possible. Three to seven years experience
needed. Salary commensurate w ith experience. Write file
TBE, c/o Northwestern Banker.
PRESIDENT—$24 m illion bank in south east Iowa. Must
have lending background and ability to produce a high per­
formance bank. Contact: Larry Wenzl, P.O. Box 1622, Des
Moines, Iowa 50306. Phone: 515/244-5111.
Immediate opening for AG LENDING OFFICER w ith tw o
years experience. $100 m illion SE MN bank. Excellent
benefits and salary commensurate w ith experience. Send
resume to file TBH, c/o Northwestern Banker.
Position open for a JUNIOR COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER w ith three to five years o f commerical loan ex­
perience. Bank located 35 miles from Minneapolis area.
Salary commensurate w ith experience. Excellent oppor­
tu n ity for advancement. Send resume to file TBF, c/o
Northwestern Banker.
Ag Loan Officer— Northwestern Illinois $50 m illion com­
m unity bank needs an Ag Loan O fficer w ith minimum of
3-5 years experience. Excellent opportunity in a good rural
community. Call Andy Rogers, First National Bank of
Galena, IL Phone: (815) 777-0344.__________________ (PA)
$55-$60 m illion west central Iowa bank seeking MANAGER
for branch office and insurance agency. Ag lending and in­
surance experience desirable. W rite file TBK, c/o North­
western Banker.
Ag Officer w ith 2 to 3 years lending experience or some­
one w ith 2 to 3 years of banking experience and w illing to
train as an ag loan officer. Must be knowledgeable of live­
stock operations and should have some knowledge of
farming. $30 m illion bank located in eastern Wyoming.
Send resume to file TBJ, c/o Northwestern Banker.
seeks #2 person for agricultural loan department. In­
dividual must have 3-5 years experience in ag lending w ith
proven skills in credit analysis and business development.
Good growth opportunity and compensation program.
Send letter of inquiry and resume to file TBL, c/o North­
western Banker.
COMMERCIAL LENDER needed for aggressive $50 million
bank in eastern South Dakota. Experience required. Salary
open. W rite file TBN, c/o Northwestern Banker.

The Consumer Banking and Agriculture Finance
program at the Red Wing Area Vocational-Tech­
nical Institute are pleased to announce the avail­
a bility of graduates for employment.
These men and women have completed 2160 hours
of course-work in the fields of banking, agri­
culture, financing, insurance, and credit. They are
now prepared for professional careers in banking
and are anxious to meet w ith you to help fill your
professional needs. For interviews or more Infor­
mation, please call: Romeo Cyr or Terri Beckman
at 612/388-8271.


President, $12mm bank, small town

3 window solid walnut teller counter, w ith marble deal
plates, completely wired, 6 ' side counter, and connecting
gateway. Excellent condition. Available 2-15-83. Contact
Alan B. Fender, Valley National Bank, Hamburg, la. 51640.
Phone (712) 382-1212.
LeFebure Ext. Flush Walk-Up Window: Model FW-8460,
complete w ith window, heater, sound and drawers.
LeFebure Int. Flush Walk-Up Window: Model BK-3340, w ith
5' window, storage pedestal, form s organizer, and 5 ' L
shaped counter top. Both in excellent condition and under
continuous maintenance. Call Randy Davis, Hawkeye
Bank & Trust, Mason City, Iowa. Phone (515) 423-2457. (FS)
teller machines, w ith 751 concentrators, 796-301 CRT’s,
cables and J-boxes. WILL SELL AS PACKAGE OR IN­

Eighteen years of banking service as President o f both rural
and m etropolitan banks enables me to find the right bank­
ing environment for you. Phone or send resume to: Don W.
Schooler, 901 A. West Jackson, Ozark, Missouri 65721.
Phone (417) 485-6020.


"Successful Banking is Quality Personnel"

Bankers Available
Bankers Needed

NCR SORTER: Model 6770. (14) pocket. 1200 dpm.
Available mid-March. Best offer. Under continuous
PITNEY BOWES Mailing Machine and Scale. $1,500 or
Best R easonable O ffer. C all Jody Van Dyke at
BURROUGHS Exception Item Encoder. Model T-100, $250.
Call 319/363-0281.
Electronic head w ith $1 and $10 add-on. Complete main­
tenance record available. Core condition excellent. Call
Dick Miller at 515/225-7098.
Two Concord Point of Sale Terminals and Deposit Vaults.
Contact Dave Laferla, First National Bank & Trust Company
in Aurora, Aurora, Nebraska 68818. Phone: 402/694-3136.
_______________________________________________ (FS)
NCR 775 SINGLE POCKET ENCODERS. Under continuous
maintenance. Call Jim Anderlik, Hawkeye-Ankeny Bank &
Trust, Ankeny, Iowa 50021. Phone: 515/964-8800.

(Our 34th year)
Call experienced professionals to locate the
right candidate for your vacancy ... or the right
“ move-up” for yourself.
202 S. 71st Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68132

Must have a minimum of three years commer­
cial lending experience, preferably in a commer­
cial bank. Position requires a working knowledge
o f state and federal laws and regulations as they
relate to banking. Responsibilities w ill include
originating, negotiating, servicing, supervising
and collecting loans.
Excellent benefits and salary commensurate
w ith experience. All inquiries w ill be kept in strict
Contact Lois Kriebs, Asst. Vice Pres., Person­
nel, 515/245-6142, for an interview, or send resume
to the Personnel Department.

6th & W alnut Sts.
P.O. Box 906
Des Moines, Iowa 50304
An Equal Opportunity Employer

(5 1 5 )3 9 4 -3 1 4 5
(7 1 2 )7 7 9 -3 7 4 4




Forty-one year old man w ith bank examining, banking and
heavy ag experience looking fo r responsible AG POSITION
in a bank. W rite file TBI, c/o Northwestern Banker.

MARKETING OFFICER—develop investment center con­
cept and new products fo r $50MM progressive com m unity
COMMERCIAL LOAN—$60MM suburban bank seeks sen­
ior officer to assume management of loan portfolio and
adm inistrative duties.
PRESIDENT—strong commercial lender w ith “ work o u t”
loan experience for $40MM com m unity bank.
COMMERCIAL LOAN—manage dept, for $80MM bank. Both
commercial and ag lending experience desired.
C.E.O.—$12MM rural bank close to larger community.
Background ag lending required.
OPERATIONS—handle operations, audit and com pliance
duties for $30MM com m unity bank. Accounting degree
AGRI-LOAN—senior position w ith $90MM bank. Degree
and experience w ith large agri-credits desired.
ASS’T. CONTROLLER—work w ith taxes, budget controls
and costing of new products fo r $300MM S&L association.
Accounting or finance degree required.
Variety of additional positions available. All inquiries con­

of Kansas City
2024 Sw ift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

Voi. 11 No. 49 Northwestern Banker Newsletter (USPS 873-300) is published weekly by the Northwestern Banker Company, 306
Fifteenth Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, (515) 244-8163. Subscriptions $1.00 per copy, $18.00 per year. Second class postage paid at
Des Moines, Iowa. Address all mail subscriptions, changes of address (Form 3579), manuscripts, mail items to above address.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis