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March 25,1985

Des Moines, Iowa

Vol. 13 No. 49

“ It’ s Time to Look to the Future!”





I I AN Y state and national banker
IVI associations, farm groups and
ag-related groups have talked about,
written about and tried in various
ways to resolve the current difficulties that beset the midwest ag econ­
om y—a conspicuous island in the
m idst o f recovery on all sides. One
such m eeting was the Iowa Bankers
Association 1985 A g Conference
held last week on the campus of
Iowa State University in Ames. The
program was geared to helping
bankers meet “ Today’s A g Chal­
A t the conclusion o f a panel pre­
senting representatives o f eight
com m odity producer groups in the
state, IB A ’s A g Chairman Richard
A. Halverson, executive vice president o f Corwith State Bank, asked
the eight farmers and 350 bankers
present to start accentuating the
positive. His remarks follow:
T H A S been an interesting and trying
past five m onths for our A g Com m it­
tee! I have treated the trying tim es we
are going through as a challenge, and I
encourage you to do the sam e. One m essage that we hope to deliver is th is—
Y E S , there is a future in farm ing, ag
banking, and Iow a! H owever, we have to
start focusing more of our attention on
what is right in agriculture, what opportunities are becom ing more available,
and get o ff the doom and gloom kick
that is so very much w ith us today.




I am not suggesting that we close our
eyes and ears to the problem s we have.
B u t, I am suggesting that we start talk­
ing about the other side, th at we start
thinking more about the 8 5 % to 90%
plus o f our custom ers and banks who are
making it and will survive the crisis peri­
od that we are going through today!
L et’s start looking up! I t ’s not popu­
lar today to have an optim ist view point;
it’s not popular to say that we are doing
all right; it’s not popular to say that our
farm s, our banks, or any other busi­
nesses in Iow a are holding their own or
m a k in g m oney! W h y? In fear of what
som e people m ight say or think.
I challenge you when you go home to
look to the bright spots, and there are
bright spots! T ry to im press on your
custom er that there is a future! Our cus­
tom ers really pick up on our attitude
and outlook. I f we sit in our banks and
agree w ith the vocal m inority, who are
greatly hurting the silent m ajority by
continually spreading the doom and
gloom which is driving down our asset
values by all the bad news we hear and
read and talk about, we m ay be m aking a
m istake.
I ask you, “ can we afford to continue
with the negative attitutde and outlook
era that we are in now ?”
W e realize there are som e real hard,
economic facts that are not in our favor,
and they have been there a long tim e,
but several people feel attitude is a fac­
tor in our deteriorating asset values to­
day, and I tend to agree. However, this
down attitude is hard to control, and it
seem s to me that until the silent m ajori­
ty starts showing an interest in turning

it around, we will continue on a steady
down trend.
L et’s start com m unicating! L ets look
to the future o f our banking industry.
L et’s hope we are near the bottom o f the
decline we have been going through the
past three years, and especially the past
12 m onths! L et's go home today and
let’s try to raise the confidence level o f
our custom ers! L et’s focus on w hat’s
right about agriculture!
Now, I realize more than ever before
in m y nine years o f banking experience
that ag banking is a people business,
and not ju st a numbers gam e! W e have
to have faith in our custom ers, and like­
wise our custom ers have to have faith in
u s! W e know that if we ju st let one o f us
lose the faith then we have B IG prob­
lem s! Talk to som e of the old tim e farm ­
ers who have been through the hard
tim es. A sk them about how they felt
about the bankers who worked with
them in real hard tim es; bankers who
went the extra m ile to help people who
had a reasonable chance o f survival! I
think we all have heard about them and
know about the loyalty base those banks
and bankers created for them selves! A s
m any o f us realize, loyalty in m any cases
was forgotten about in the boom years,
but working with people today and help­
ing those who deserve to get through
these tim es will have its rewards.
L et’s go home today and set the stage
for the future o f our shops at home!
L et’s be dedicated, let’s be fair, and let’s
make our custom ers know we expect the
sam e. L et’s also be careful to remember
that not everyone is guaranteed to suc­
ceed any more than no one is guaranteed
not to fail! B ut m ost o f all, let’s be
realistic, and also try to be positive and
optim istic wherever possible!

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one of the reasons
we’re first in Iowa.
L ow ell Barkley

Larry W elch

Ken Keniston, who has accepted a
post as president o f a bank in Baraboo, W ise. Mr. Anderlik has been
Gary H. Stem , senior vice presi­ with the bank seven years.
dent and director o f research at the
Federal Reserve Bank o f Minneapo­ H AW ARD EN : Alan J. Burke, exec­
lis, has been named president o f the utive vice president o f Farmers
Federal Reserve Bank o f Minneapo­ State Bank, has announced the addi­
lis, effective March 16. He succeeds tion o f Michael J. W iggins to the
E. Gerald Corrigan, who left the bank’s staff. Mr. W iggins will serve
bank January 1 to becom e president as senior vice president.
o f the Federal Reserve Bank o f New LAK E CITY: Ervin W . Berg has
been named the new president o f
Lake City State Bank. He replaces
Iowa News
Jack T. Patrick, who resigned. Mr.
AN KEN Y: James Anderlik, pre­ Berg m ost recently was president o f
viously executive vice president and M t. Carroll National Bank in Illi­
cashier o f Hawkeye-Ankeny Bank nois, which he joined in 1981.
and Trust, has been named presi­ LAK E M ILLS: Lyle E. Abrahamdent effective M arch 6. He succeeds son has joined Hawkeye Bank and
Trust here as president. He succeeds
Dan Dunlap, who was named presi­
dent at First National Bank in
Lenox. Mr. Abrahamson previously
was with First State Bank, Britt,
which he joined in 1979 as president.

Gary Stern Named President
At Federal Reserve Bank

to make MNB
work for you.
Toll free
1- 800- 332-5991

National Bank IS I

Member F.D.I.C.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

LEN O X: Dan Dunlap recently
joined First National Bank here as
president. He succeeds Eldon G.
Bose, who was named chairman. Mr.
Dunlap previously was president
and CEO o f Hawkeye Bank & Trust
in Lake M ills. He had been at the
Lake M ills bank four years.
LU AN A: George Heins, president o f
Luana Savings Bank and a director
since 1933, passed away in January
after a short illness. The board has
since appointed Robert A . Schultz
as chairman; D .R. Fields as vice
chairman; Larry Riveland as presi­
dent and a director, and Dale Linderbaum as senior vice president.
OSCEOLA: Osceola State Bank and
Trust Company recently prom oted
V icky Halvorsen as vice president cashier, and Paula Baker as senior
vice president - senior loan officer.
Ms. Halvorsen has been with the
bank eight years and M s. Baker has
served the bank nine years.

ROCKFORD: D.R. W ubbena and
Clarence DeBoom have acquired
controlling interest in The First
State Bank through the purchase o f
First Rockford Bancorporation from
previous owners; Douglas Kratz,
Scott Vaughn, James Nelson, David
Bartels, Arnold Kratz and David
McQuown. D.R. Wubbena has been
appointed president and will also
continue as president and CEO o f
Osceola State Bank & Trust Co.
Marley W ubbena has been ap­
pointed executive vice presidentcashier and CEO o f First State
Bank. He had been vice presidentcashier o f Osceola State Bank and
Trust. David McQuown has ac­
cepted the post o f president and
CEO at Panora State Bank. In addi­
tion, Marvin Kimm, who has been
with First State Bank the past year,
has been appointed vice presidentsenior loan officer.

Nebraska News
The Annual Convention o f the
Nebraska A ssociation o f Bank
Women will be held A pril 12 and 13
in Lincoln at the Comhusker.
General session speakers include
Mark R. Drabenstott, senior econo­
mist, Federal Reserve Bank o f Kan­
sas City; Sandra Hewitt, vice presi­
dent, U nion Planters N ational
Bank, Nashville; E. Shelton Burden,
attorney, and Carol Hunter, chair­
man and Tim Rouse, president, The
Futures Group Inc.
* *


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Sale o f Rare Coins
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fo r o v e r 20 years
U sed b y b a n k ers
th rou g h ou t the m idw est

Ben E. Marlenee
913 L ocust
Des M oin es, Iowa 50309


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^IRST N ^ £ nl^U N C O LN
A FirsTier C o m p a n y



The Nebraska Bankers Associa­
tion is sponsoring its 1985 Head Tel­
ler W orkshop on April 16-17 at the
Kearney Ramada Inn, and on April
18 they will be holding the 1985
Teller/Staff W orkshop at the Omaha
Red Lion.
Both workshops will be conducted
by Bev Licata with Financial Education & Development o f M iddleton,
W ise.
* *





Due to the overwhelming response to the N egotiation for W ork­
out Loans Conference held in Janu­
ary, the N BA is offering this confer­
ence again on April 15-16 at the
Kearney Ramada Inn.
The program for the conference
was developed by the N BA and the
State Department o f Banking. Reg­
istration in advance is $120 and is
due into the N BA office by April 5.
Registration at the door is $150.

Minnesota News



“ Bank Ownership in the Eighties:
How to Realize the Promise o f Bank
H olding Companies” will be the sub­
ject o f the Minnesota Bankers A sso­
ciation's first Bank H olding Company Seminar to be held April 9 at
the Radisson Inn, Plymouth. “ New
and Innovative W ays to Make Use
o f the Bank H olding Company
M ethod o f Ownership” will be the
focus o f the program, according to

Collections/Loan Workouts
Collateral Liquidations
Loan Policy & Procedure
Bank Operations
Pricing Bank Services
Personnel Management

John Berg, president o f W ayzata
Bank & Trust Co., and chairman of
the recently formed M B A Bank
H olding Company Committee.
Bud Grant, head coach o f the
M innesota Vikings, will be the guest
speaker at the noon luncheon.
The program ’s opening session on
non-traditional banking services will
be followed by four alternating
special interest sessions. The pro­
gram will conclude with a special
panel discussion on “ Buying and
Selling Banks” featuring Michael J.
Pint, president, M etro Banks Finan­
cial Corporation, and Carl R. Pohlad, president, F&M M arquette Na­
tional Bank, Minneapolis. The semi­
nar is for bankers, their attorneys
and accountants.

* *

The M BA is also sponsoring two
additional seminars in April. “ Insur­
ance and Risk Management Semi­
nar” will be held April 4 at the Hil­
ton Inn in Minneapolis. Stephen L.
Marley, president o f Marley & A sso­
ciates, Inc., Coral Springs, Fla., will
conduct this seminar. Mr. Marley is
a nationally recognized bank insur­
ance expert, security management
educator, author and consultant.
“ Understanding Consumer Credit
Regulation,” a one day workshop,
will be held April 11 at the Registry
H otel in Bloom ington. Thomas
Crandall, a professor o f consumer
and commercial law, will conduct
the workshop. He serves as chair­
man o f the Association o f American
Law School’s Section on Consumer
and Commercial Law.
ED IN A: Wilmar H. Prinsen has
been named senior vice president
and cashier o f Americana State
Bank. Mr. Prinsen form erly was vice
president and cashier at American
State Bank o f Bloom ington for 11


M e m b e r, F .D .I.C .

ST. PAUL: Richard Flesvig has
joined the staff o f American Na­
tional Bank as assistant vice presi­
dent in the correspondent banking
division. Mr. Flesvig has over 14
years experience, m ost recently in
the correspondent banking depart­
ment o f First Bank Saint Paul.

North Dakota News
FIN LEY: Citizens State Bank has
announced several prom otions fol­
lowing the death o f Leon Sayer, who
served as chairman. Succeeding him
as chairman is his son W . Scott
Sayer, who joined the bank in 1978
and had been serving as cashier.
Roger D. M onson, CEO, has been
named president and CEO. He
joined the staff in 1981. Les H. Netturn, vice president, has been named
senior vice president, and will re­
main in charge o f the Citizens Insur­
ance Agency. He joined the bank’s
staff in 1974.

a d ivision o f B A N K N E W S


Larry Vohs


Job Openings


$ O pen.




N ew M exico. Salaries $30,000-50,000.

#3 AG OFFICER — Iowa, $30,000.
#2 AG OFFICER — Iowa, $35,000.





N e b ra sk a ,


$35 000

Available on an interim basis.
More than 19 years experience.
References available on request.

Financial/Management Services
12605 Southdale Drive
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
(402) 895-6027
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


NORWOOD: Citizens State Bank of
Norwood recently elected Steven P.
Lawrence executive vice president,
and Perry L. Forst, loan officer. Mr.
Lawrence joined the bank in 1979
and previously was vice president
and cashier o f The Ravenna Bank.
Mr. Forst is a recent graduate of
South Dakota State University.

A ls o positions available in
K A N S A S - M IS S O U R I - C O L O R A D O
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move, mail your resume in strict confi­
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Qualified Bankers
CEO with 21 years banking experience. Solid background
in lending and administration. Doubled bank assets in less
than four years. Can assume full responsibility for loan
policies and investment portfolio. College grad...................
.....................................................................Salary negotiable.
CEO with 17 years commercial lending background and 11
years as president and CEO. Six years as national ex­
aminer. References......................................................... Salary $50,000.

Richard L. Beam, CPC, Präsident
11246 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: 402/330-3260

CEO - age 40 - with 15 years experience in ag lending. Cur­
rently heads small bank. Iowa State grad. Seeks Iowa or
Nebraska position.....................................Salary negotiable.
SENIOR LENDER in $100 million bank. Graduate of Iowa
State in ag business........................................................ Salary$50,000.

VICE PRESIDENT— $40 million southeast Iowa bank seek­
ing individual with strong credit and operations back­
ground needed. Near major college town. Excellent bene­
fits and career opportunity. Send resume and salary his­
tory in confidence to file WCS, c/o Northwestern Banker.
PRESIDENT— $6 million northeast Iowa ag bank. Lending
background required. Excellent opportunity to advance in
a holding company organization. Send resume to: Sharon
R. Cmalik, P.O. Box 360, Waterloo, Iowa 50704.
Western Iowa bank has immediate opening for AG-LOAN
OFFICER. Prefer ag degree and 3 or more years experi­
ence. Significant career with bank or as part of a growing
holding company. Send resume and salary requirements
to Mike Keim; 707 North 90th Street, Suite 304; Omaha,
NE. 60114.
COMMERCIAL LOAN O FFICER — Commercial lending ex­
perience required. Must have proven success in prospect­
ing, interviewing and structuring good commercial loans.
Expert knowledge of handling collateral, documentation
and credit analysis necessary. Competitive salary and ex­
cellent benefit package. Send resume in confidence to
Human Resources, United Federal Savings Bank, Locust
at Fourth, Des Moines, Iowa 50308.
IN VESTM EN T O FFICER for small regional midwestern
bank. Needs 10 years’ experience. Investment portfolio
$250 million. Must have excellent credentials. Salary com­
mensurate with experience. Contact file WCV, c/o North­
western Banker.
LOAN O FFICER — $50 Million Central North Dakota Bank
has an immediate position for an enthusiastic, well rounded
lender. Lender should have minimum 5 years lending ex­
perience. Excellent opportunity with growth potential for
right candidate. Send resume and references to: P.O. Box
1074, Bismarck, North Dakota 58502.
A G LOAN O FFFICER position available in Northwest Iowa
bank. County Seat town. Progressive community. At least
2-3 years experience desired. Send resume and references
to Elmer Huizenga, Sr. Vice President, Box 488, Orange Ci­
ty, Iowa, 51041.

TR UST O FFICER •Expanding trust dept in capital city en­
vironment. Oppty to grow with dept. One to three years
general trust experience necessary.
AG LENDER - Rural bank, 20 minutes from large metropoli­
tan area. Must be career oriented. 2 + years ag lending,
degree and some workout experience a plus.
PRESIDENT •$30mm rural bank. Take charge individual to
accept challenge of a well financed clean-up operation. Indepth ag and trouble-shooting backgrounds are required.
$50 K.
#2 MAN - Extremely clean rural bank. Opportunity to play a
vital role in the banks direction. 5 + years ag banking ex­
perience necessary. Degreed with insurance licenses a
big plus.

Linda 515/394-5827
New Hampton, la. 50659

Jean 515/263-9598 (W/F)
712/779-3567 (M/T/TH)
Massena, Iowa 50853

aqri careers inc .



W ANTED — Minnesota, Iowa or Wisconsin $10-$20 million
sound bank. File WCQ, c/o Northwestern Banker.
Bank, Phone: (701) 878-4451.

Dev., Invstmts, 2-5 yrs exp.
salary open.
Contact Pamela J. Swenson
SR. COMM. LENDER— $300mm MN bank. 7 +
years exp management opportunity salary $35-48K.
Contact Pamela J. Swenson
AG LENDER— #3 in $30mm E NE bank, near col­
Contact Barbara J. Ritta.
TR U ST O FFICER — to head dept in $50mm rural
NE Bank, JD preferred.
$30-40K. Contact Barbara J. Ritta.
6818 Grover Street
Omaha, NE 68106
Phone: 402/397-2885


317 6th Ave, Ste. 650
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 244-4414

AG LENDER with four years experience in $40 million bank
and four years in $75 million bank. Good documentation. .
............................................................................ Salary $28,000.

AG LENDER - age 32 - Iowa State grad with six years exper­
ience in $20 million bank. Documentation and collection
record excellent............................................................... Salary$28,000.
CASHIER with lending experience - age 28 - graduate of
Univ. of Iowa. Six years in banking plus experience as ex­
aminer. Prefers eastern Iowa........................................ Salary$30,000.
OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE with 3o years experience in $60
million bank. Also, experienced in ag and real estate lend­
ing. Numerous computer conversions, including IBM-34. .
..................................................................... Salary negotiable.
TR U S T O FFICER with law degree and excellent knowl­
edge of estate, tax, business and retirement planning. . . .
............................................................................ Salary $35,000.
IN STALM ENT O FFICER with six years instalment and real
estate experience. College grad. Now vice president of $50
million bank. ................................................... Salary $28,000.
Write or call Malcolm Freeland or Cy Kirk at Freeland
Financial Service, Inc., 1010 Equitable Bldg., Des Moines,
Iowa 50309. Phone 515/282-6462. Employer pays modest
fee. We have many other qualified applicants.

NCR 7750-2500 PROOF M ACHINE— 8 pocket, excellent
condition. Has been on maintenance contract. Contact
Alden State Bank, Alden, IA. Phone: 515/859-3391.

Position in northeast Iowa. Minimum 3-5 years
lending experience. Cash flow and loan documen­
tation necessary. Excellent benefits and career
opportunities with growing multi-bank holding
company. Salary commensurate with experience.
Send resume and references to:
Charles V. Perry, President
Parkersburg State Bank
Box 70, Parkersburg, IA 50665
Phone: 319/346-2114



for department in $200 MM bank. Continued
growth presents real opportunity. Responsibili­
ties include trust and estate administration and
taxation, employee benefit plan administration,
extensive customer contact and business devel­
opment. Trust experience and knowlèdge of in­
vestments helpful. Send resume to:
J.R. Gordon - Trust Department
Hills Bank and Trust Company
Hills, Iowa 52235


IN S TA L LOAN - $100MM suburban bank. Requires one or
two yrs. consumer lending experience. Some supervision
COMML. LOAN - $250MM urban bank. Addition to staff.
Future advancement possible

For Prompt, Courteous,
Professional Attention
T o Y o u r S t a ffin g
Needs, Call On Us.

SENIOR LOAN O FFICER - Well balanced $30m+ bank
seeks an aggressive and knowledgeable key individual.
15-20 years ag background. A secure and active position.

<M M >
i MM>
<M >

COMMERCIAL LENDER - age 28 - five years experience in
quality bank. Lending background, includes commercial,
real estate and installments..........................................Salary$31,000.

COMMERCIAL REAL E S TA TE - age 44 - College grad - over
12 years experience in $80 million bank.. . .Salary $38,000.


COMMERCIAL LENDERS • Dynamic MW bank is seeking
introductory level commercial visibility, progressive philo­
sophy and an excellent place to enhance lending skills.

R. KURT ROSENCRANTS A T (515) 244-4414

COMMERCIAL LENDER - age 46 - over 10 years solid lend­
ing background in $60 million bank. Small business and
real estate lending is a speciality................................. Salary$38,000.

Diane Evans

R e g e n c y
1102 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64106

COMML/REAL ES TA TE • heavy commercial loan experi­
ence and some exposure to large R.E. lines. Senior posi­
tion in $20MM suburban bank
AGRILOAN - share lending responsibilities with President
for $30MM Ag bank. Some operations background desired
PRESIDENT •$30MM independent suburban bank. Must
have previous CEO experience and strong marketing skills

2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
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