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Des Moines, Iowa

Vol. 14 No. 12

July 8,1985

Farm Credit System Problems Grow
The Farm Credit System board o f
ID ESPREAD problem s ex^
perienced by the Farmdirectors
Credit was m eeting in St. Louis
Banks o f Omaha, the Omaha Fed­ last week to review the reports com ­
eral Intermediate Credit Bank and piled since the Omaha FICB re­
its Production Credit Associations quested $680 m illion financial assis­
in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota tance from the other 36 banks in the
and W yom ing, continued to occupy nationwide Farm Credit System.
the headlines o f newspapers in re­ Each farm credit district must vote
independently and it is hoped the
cent days.
The headlines and their stories financial assistance will be ready by
tell o f the financial crisis that is af- September 1.
Alan R. Tubbs, president o f First
flicting the Farm Credit System
units in the midwest and officials o f Central State Bank in D eW itt, la.,
the Omaha based Farm Credit and chairman o f the A B A A g Com­
Banks don’t like what they’re read­ m ittee, in response to questions in a
ing. John Harling, president and brief interview with the N o r t h ­
CEO o f the FCB o f Omaha, said the w e s t e r n B a n k e r last week, com ­
$780 m illion loss figure attributed to mented briefly on the FCS situation.
his institutions by politicians being “ I agree that all ag lenders are
quoted in the D es M oines R egister is tainted to some degree with the
“ com pletely erroneous” and said same brush that is daubing the Fed­
such statem ents from public offi­ eral Land Bank and the PCAs to­
cials are “ inaccurate and com pletely day.” he said. “ It is not in the public
irresponsible.” Mr. Harling said the interest to see a viable lending
FICB and PCAs in the district had organization have difficulties.” In
experienced 1984 losses o f $68 mil- view o f the financial problem s exper­
lion and 1985 losses to date o f $26 ienced by commercial ag banks as
well, Mr. Tubbs said, “ If any assis­
Two Nebraska PCAs were closed tance com es to the FCS we should
in the past year and nine o f Iow a’s make sure similar assistance is
PCAs have frozen their borrowers’ given to ag banks.”
stock to strengthen their faltering
Mr. Tubbs said the m ost recent
balance sheets. One experienced ag word he had was that the FCS so far
lender, after reading Mr. Harling’s had not asked for federal assistance.
assertion that the $780 m illion loss
Three weeks ago the FLB board in
was incorrect, commented that he Omaha voted three steps: 1. To raise
was certain the correct figure was its interest rate from 12.75% to
closer to the one cited by the politi­ 13.5%, effective July 1. 2. Freeze the
B stock o f its PCAs. 3. Enforce a









severe réévaluation o f the collateral
position securing loans, knocking
those standards down still further.
One source estim ated this would
eliminate 30% to 50% o f the bor­
H.L. “ Bud” Gerhart, Jr., presi­
dent o f First National in Newman
Grove, Nebr., and chairman o f the
Independent Bankers Association o f
Am erica ag com m ittee, told the
N o r t h w e s t e r n B a n k e r in a brief
interview: “ First, it does no one any
good to have the Farm Credit Sys­
tem in difficulty. W e’re not in a posi­
tion to get into long-term lending, so
any deep difficulty is not good.
“ Second, the same kind o f prob­
lems afflicting the Farm Credit Sys­
tem and PCAs certainly are hurting
commercial banks as w ell.”
Mr. Gerhart said, “ W e’ll not go
out and solicit PCA business but if a
credit-worthy farm custom er comes
in with deposits and credit-worthy
loan, w e’ll take him. I don’t want to
prey on the problem s o f PCAs. Since
the two PCAs closed here in Neb­
raska, farmers have been getting
Both Mr. Gerhart and Mr. Tubbs
pointed out that many o f the farm­
ers now wishing to extricate them­
selves from the Land Bank and PCA
are not ones who can be taken on at
this time by commercial banks
because o f the poor credit ratings
they have right now.
It was in the late 1970s that bank­
ers fought tooth and nail with Con-

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^ First N ational Lincoln
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Sung W on Sohn, senior vice presi­
dent and chief econom ist o f Norwest
Corporation, Minneapolis, discuss
“ The Econom ic and M onetary En­
vironment for Agriculture.”


Iowa News

gress over expansion and further
funding o f the FCS, stating that it
would position the System and its
PCAs to raid the custom er list o f
commercial banks. That intent was
denied at several A B A A g Confer­
ence meetings by the FCS Governor
and other officials. Time proved the
advance com plaint o f the commer­
cial bankers, who saw many o f their
custom ers defect to the Land Bank
and PCAs, lured by lower interest
rates at a time when bank costs were
clim bing during an inflationary
Many o f those custom ers are now
back knocking on bank doors and
provide the potential for re-building
some o f the farm business base that
traditionally had been with banks. □


Special Events Slated for
ABA’s Natl. Ag Bank School
Two special sessions have been
added to the schedule for the A B A ’s
National Agricultural Bank Man­
agement School being held this
week, July 7-12, at Iowa State Uni­
versity in Ames.
On Tuesday morning, July 9,
state banker association executives
from surrounding states have been
invited to attend a private meeting
and to bring several leading ag
bankers with them. The group will
meet with some ag leaders, in­
cluding Alan Tubbs, A B A ag com ­
m ittee chairman and president of
First Center State Bank in DeW itt,
la., and A B A ’s lobbyist. Other
speakers also are on the agenda.
The second part o f the Tuesday
program starts at 1 p.m. and con­
tinues through the dinner hour with
a closing speech. First speaker will
be Dr. John F. Marten, Farm Jour­
nal staff econom ist, W est Lafayette,
Ind., on “ Im plication o f Farm Poli­
cy: An Overview and O utlook.” Sec­
ond will be Don Powell, president,
First N ational, Am arillo, T ex.,
speaking on “ W orking Out o f W ork­
outs.” The third afternoon topic,
“ Governm ent Guaranteed Loan
Program s,” will be handled by two
men—James R. Eatherly, president,
and Dennis Buss, vice president,
both with First National, Tonkawa,
A fter a 6:30 p.m. reception and
7:30 dinner, guests will hear Dr.

to make MNB
work for you.

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OSCEOLA: Bernard Dubin was appointed vice president o f the Osceola
State Bank and Trust Company last
week. Mr. Dubin replaces Paula
Baker who is leaving the post for
duties with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.


V ice President

M IN N EAPOLIS: Arthur J. Rolnick
has been named senior vice president and director o f research at the
Federal Reserve Bank o f Minneapo­
lis. Mr. Rolnick joined the Fed in
1970 as an associate econom ist. In
1979 he was named assistant vice
president and manager o f regional
and b a n k in g studies, and in 1980
was prom oted to his m ost recent po­
sition as vice president and deputy
director o f research.
M IN N EAPOLIS: Lloyd P. John­
son, who became president and chief
executive officer o f Norwest Corpo­
ration in March, has been elected to
the additional post o f chairman of
the board. He succeeds John W.
Morrison, who resigned after serv­
ing in that position since 1981. Mr.
Johnson had an active banking career in California prior to joining
Norwest, m ost recently as vice
chairman and member o f the office
of the chief executive o f Security
Pacific National Bank and its holdm g com pany, Security Pacific Cor­
poration, Los Angeles.

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Minnesota News

•P e rs o n a l
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Toll free
1- 800- 332-5991

National Bank 1 5 1

County Savings Bank recently an­
nounced the prom otion o f Steven K.
Brimhall and James E. Henss to the
positions o f vice president. Mr.
Brimhall joined the bank in 1973 as
an ag loan officer trainee. Mr. Henss
joined the bank in 1973 in the in­
stallment loan department.







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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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G e t t in g it d o n e f o r y o u »

David Rismilier

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Ernie Yake
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Commerce Bank Kansascity




em o

Nebraska News
LIN COLN : G atew ay Bank an­
nounced the recent addition o f Bud
Olsson to the position o f vice presi­
dent and commercial loan manager.
Prior to joining the bank, Mr. Ols­
son was associated with the Na­
tional Bank o f Commerce in Lincoln.
O M AH A: American National Bank
o f Omaha has elected Barry S. Ma­
jor as vice president-credit manager
and James W . Besore as vice presi­
dent o f commercial lending. Mr. Ma­
jor is a former vice president in com ­
mercial lending o f the Brenton Bank
and Trust Co. o f Urbandale, la. Mr.
Besore is a former employee o f the
Omaha office o f the FDIC.
SCRIBNER: Delwin J. Rumery, se­

Telephone (816) 234-2000

nior vice president o f the Scribner
Bank, passed away on June 3,1985.

Illinois News
CHICAGO: Steven Schm oldt has
been elected vice president, finance,
o f First Colonial Bancshares. He
was form erly assistant vice presi­
dent, finance o f Colonial Bank and
Trust Co., Chicago’s the group’s
lead bank. He joined the bank in
H IG H LAN D : Herbert G. Rautenberg has been elected president and
chief operating officer o f the Eagle
Bank. Rayhill J. Hagist, chief execu­
tive officer, was elected chairman o f
the board and Elvin M. Foehner, se­
nior board chairman. Mr. Rautenberg is also a senior vice president o f
the Eagle Bancorporation, Inc., a
holding com pany o f which the Eagle
Bank, Highland is the lead bank.

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elected president o f the Montana
Bankers Association at their annual
convention held June 26-28 in Sun
Valley, Idaho. He succeeds Charles
E. Pedersen, president and CEO of
First Interstate Bank, Great Falls.
W .E. Schreiber, president o f Moun­
tain Bank, W hitefish, advanced to
vice president and Jim Bennett,
chairman, president and CEO, First
Citizens Bank, Billings, was elected
treasurer. John T. Cadby will retain
his position as executive vice presi­
dent and Robert H. Sizemore, presi­
dent, W estern Bank o f Chinook, will
remain as immediate past president
because the out-going president,
Charles Pedersen, will be m oving to
W yom ing. For com plete M B A Con­
vention coverage see the August
N orthw estern B



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Wyoming News

G a il ud- . . . We- Itite n !

CASPER: Charles E. Pedersen has
been elected president o f First Inter­
state Bank o f Casper. He succeeds
Henry A . Hitch, who has retired
after a 27-year career with the bank.
Mr. Pedersen was chairman, presi­
dent and CEO o f First Interstate
Great Falls, M ont, for the past 11
years. He has been with First Inter­
state since 1948.

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GREEN RIV E R : John Horne has
been named president o f First
W yom ing Bank o f Green River. He
served m ost recently as vice presi­
dent o f commercial loans at First
W yom ing Bank o f Evanston. Prior
to that, Mr. H om e was vice presi­
dent and manager o f the main
branch o f the American Bank o f
Commerce o f Louisiana and served
as vice president—loan officer at
First W yom ing Bank o f East Chey­
enne from 1975-1980.

Montana News
Richard C. Timmerman, president
and CEO o f First Bank, Butte, was



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