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November 10


At a meeting of the special committee on
publicity and conduct of the business of the Board,
held in the office of the Governor of the Board at
3 p. m., on Wednesday, November 10,
Mr. Hamlin, chairman

Mr. Harding

Mr. Warburg

Mr. Willis, Secretary

Mr. Allen, Assistant Secretary.

On motion it was voted to adopt the following as a report on the present conduct of business:

1. That there shall be three stated weekly
meetings of the Board, with such special
meetings as the Governor of the Board may
choose to call in addition.
2. That these stated meetings shall be held
on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at
11:00 a. la.
3. That under the supervision of
tive Committee, the Secretary
shall directly assign pending
existing standing and special

the Execuof the Board
business to

4. That such committees shall be authorized
to secure the aid of Counsel in passing
upon the subject submitted to them whenever necessary.


5. That there shall be placed on each
docket a call of committees, the
Secretary to provide separate lists
showing the division of pending business among the committees. Report
to be made by each committee within
a specified period.
6. That all matters which for any reason
can not conveniently be disposed of by
committees, or which it is the desire
of members to present without such preliminary consideration, shall be placed
on a unanimous consent list, and the
subjects in such list shall be discussed
only after all others have been disposed
of, except that, by unanimous consent,
at the request of any member of the Board,
any such subject may be taken from the
unanimous consent list for immediate consideration.
7. That a representative of Counsel's office
may, at discretion, attend Board meetings
in order to familiarize himself with pending business.
8. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary
before transmitting any letter involving
new constructions of the Federal Reserve
Act, or changes in, or further developments
of, the general policy of the Board, to
keep advised the office of Counsel.
9. That the Secretary shall regularly circulate to members executive correspondence
and matters requiring no direct action.

On motion it was voted that the following
order be made with reference to the question of pub-



1. That the Governor of the Board shall
semi-weekly hold a conference with
newspaper representatives for the purpose of discussing such pending business of the Board as is of a public
2. That the Secretary of the Board shall
continue the routine management of publicity on the present basis, but shall
submit to the Governor items for discussion at the semi-weekly conferences.



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