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a meeting of the Executive committee of the
Federal deserve Board held in the office of the Governor
at 11.45 ..m. on Thursday, October 1E, 1917,
Mr. darburc,
Mr. Delano,

Mr. llamlin,
dillis, Secretary.

Present also, Mr. 'truass.
J,pplications for permission to export coin, bullion
and currency were presented and acted upon as follows:

Vaccaro Brothers e: Co., New Orleans, to same

Company, La Ceiba,

.100,000 (80,000

and ,,20,000 in Standard J.S. silver dollars).


The Kansas Mexico ,I,and Jo., of Amncil ;rove,

Kansas, to -merican Consul, Oaxaca, Mex., ,2,000 gold coin.

Meyer e; Co., New York, to Soto Aivera & CO.,

Maracaibo, Venezuela,5,000 gold coin.

Meyer & Co., New York to Soto Aivera & Co.,

Maracaibo, Venezuela, .;5,000 gold coin.



Standard Oil Jo., New York, from Montreal,

Canada, to Standard Oil Company, Tarapico, Mexico, ..X,000

pproved except as to gold and gold certificates.


Standard Oil Co., Eew York, from Jackson-

uille to Standard 0i1 ;o., Tampico, 7:exico. .,.6,000 currency.
4.pproved except C12 to ;
old and gold certificates.

standard oil Jo., rew York, from Baton Aolae

to Standard qil Jo., Tampico, ::exico, ,:X,000 currency.
proved except as to gold and geld certificates.

standard Oil Jo., :;ew York. from Key .est to

Otandard ()11 Jo., Tampico,

‘6,000 currency.


e;:cept ac to 7 coold and gold certificates.

Handy cc: t-larman

1:ew York, to Plata Lappas,

Baenos 'Ares, ,r,-;entine, 4625 granalated silver.


except as to gold and gold certificates.

Canal Bank & Trust Jo., Tew Orleans, to Banco

.ercantile de Vera Jraz, 1.:ex., 177,175 pesos currency notes.
of Banco Leroantile de Vera Jraz, telegraphic reuest; telegraphic permit desired as stearler is expected to sail this



Lanufacturers' defining Jo., Providence, A.I.,

to Jose Jiceraro (customer in Havana), about 350 ounces fine
,:old which is to be imported in alloyed state to be refined
and returned.

approved but on positive assurance as to re-

turn o: gold.

(.rite Boston bank :aid send copy of oar reply

to applicant.)


Mr. Hamlin moved that in the case of all applications a sworn bond be reiaired to be furnished to the Board
within ninety days to the effect tt the gold exports authorized by the Board had been actually used for the purpose
indicated in the original application.

Resolution ordered

laid on the table for the present.
-ardIn answer to a telegram from II. E. Orawford re_;
ins newspaper reports as to the Board's policy on Mold exports, the Secretary was ordered to refer him to the reserve
bunk of his district.
At latter from Deputy Governor Kent of the Federal
eserve Bank of Pew York with respect to the issuance of
licenses for the return of gold and silver shipped from
Canada to be refined and returned, was read and laid on
the table until the next meeting of the Committee.
4. letter from !lessrs. Lacaud

Son, San Atntonio,

reapplying for permission to export Mexican gold to
Mexico was read and ordered answered by the Secretary,
with the usual explanations, adding that the oil companies of Tampico are now meeting their diily re4aire:Acnts
with notes.

telegram from the First rational Bank of Nogales,

Lrizona, with reference to the application of

J. Laughlin

(lo. 318) for the exportation of gold. :diver and minor coin,
,,nd asking an additional ';13,000 for the month of October,
and v:.:0,000 daring November, vas read, and the secretary instracted to say that the additional ,';10,000 re,airement for
the month of October woald be granted, oat that the November
reqairement would have to be the subject of a new application.
telegram from 1. P. Jennings, dated October 17, ,ith
reference to the question of separate applications for his
::old'reqairements, was read and the 13ecretary instructed to say
that in future it would be necessary for him to make separate
applications for shipments.
Despatches transmitted by the secretary of state were
presented to the Committee and ordered filed, ,e follows:
?rom l'imerican Jonsal at (Juadalajara,
in regard to the exportation of silver bullion from :,:exico to the United States.
7rom .,mbassador Pletcher, at Ll'exico, with reference to Mexican decree relative to the pxportation .of gold and silver bullion from 'Axle° to the United states.
Frora Post iheeler, :Marge d'Affaires 4 interim,
Tokyo, relative to recent Japanese OrdanCe re •
expertation of gold coin or bullion from Japan.

letter from :.:essrs. ,:atjen, Tool

Jo., with ref-

erence to the exportation of :;500,300 ?;old bars to Valparaiso


(No. 242

was considered, and on mot on laid on the table,

the Secretary to say that nothing can be done, pending the
conclusion of neF:otiations with Jhile.
Application of the Commission.ilegaladora for permission to ex.
rort !..i:100,000 to Yucatan was informally considered
and laid on the talle until the next meeting.
cm-amunication from the Japanese lovernment transmitted by the Treasury Department relative to exchange on
Japan, was ordered circulated.
Letters from Messrs. 4,mes, Harris, Neville


others relative to pending applications were presented and
ordered answered by the Secretary.
letter from Uounsellor roil: of the State Department addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, relative
to remittances in payment for 4.ustrian ships in foreign
ports was read. and informally noted.
4, letter from :lessrs. Handy

Harman with refer-

ence to clearance of shipments of coin, bullion and cur'rency, was read and the Secretary directed to reply,furnishing the administrative information asked for.
On motion, at 1..45 p.m. the meeting adjourne .


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102