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At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Federal Reserve Board held in the office of the Governor at
11.30 a.m. on Friday, November 9, 1917,
Mr. Harding,

Mr. Delano.

Mr. Warburg,

Mr. Willis, Secretary.

Present also, Mr. Albert Strauss.
Applications for permission to export coin, bullion
and currency, and papers in connection therewith, were submitted and acted upon as follows:
A letter from the Collector of Customs at Norfolk,
Va., together with copy of telegrams, etc., dated November
1, and addressed to Secretary of the Treasury, with reference to gold on steamers, especially Steamer Winifred,
clearing without gold license.


Copies of telegrams from Military Censor, re shipments of gold into Mexico and elsewhere, were noted.
A letter from H. I. Jacobs requesting information
relative to payments to persons in Jerusalem and Egypt.
Referred to the Bureau of Enemy Trade, 920 F Street.
letter from the Bureau of Enemy Trade, transmitting letter from Lawrence Turnure & Co., relative to ex-

change on neutral countries; ordered to reply that there are
no regulations yet in force.
A letter from Lawrence Turnure & Jo., transmitted by
Bureau of Enemy Trade, relative to remittance to Srs. Angela
Reguera y Teijeiro, in Coruna, Spain.

Same reply as last.

A letter from Merchants Loan & Trust Co., relative to
remittances to American citizens now resident in enemy countries.
Refer them to Bureau of Enemy Trade.
A letter from dells Fargo Nevada National Bank, San
Francisco, re payment of draft on Vederlandsche Handel Mastschappij, Hongkong, favor of Committee for Relief of German
and Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war; referred to the Bureau
of Enemy Trade.
A letter from Ambassador Bonillas, acknowledging re-

ceipt of letter of November 6, re permission to export 300,000
Mexican silver pesos, granted Mexican Monetary Commission. Noted.

Freeport & Mexican Fuel Oil Corporation, New Or-

leans, to same, Tampico, Mexico, 425,000 gold, via steamer

sailing November 9; declined because understood the gold can
be had at a price, the Secretary to telephone Mr. Kent to get
into touch with the Company and explain.

Selby Smelting Co., San Francisco, to Bow Sang


& Co., Vancouver, B. C., 4315, gold bullion.


Selby Smelting Co., San Francisco, Calif,

to Mitchell & Duncan, Ltd., Victoria, B.C., 45.44 silver



Selby Smelting Co., San Francisco, Calif.,

touong Chin Jo., Vancouver, B. j., 4420. gold bullion.

Selby Smelting Co., San Francisco, aalif.,

to Bo Wo Company, Honolulu, T.H., $400 gold bullion.


clined unless they have right to ship to Honolulu.


United Fruit Co., New Orleans, to same, Tela,

S. A., 440,000 U.S. Paper currency, except gold certificates, and minor silver coin (591 pieces to 500 pieces)
Nov. 14, from New Orleans.


United Fruit Company, New Orleans, to same,

Tela, S.A., $40,000 U.S. paper currency, except gold certificates, and minor silver coin (591 pieces to 500 pieces)
Nov. 21, from New Orleans.


Lewis Bradbury, Los Angeles, Cal., to Maz-

atlan, "ex., for Minar del Tojo, $45,000 gold coin, by
steamer City of Para sailing from San Francisco, November

Granted if San Francisco Bank approves.


Mazapil Copper co., Ltd., from Laredo or Eagle

Pass, to same and Coahuila & Zacatexas Railway, Saltillo,
Mexico, 0100,000 per month, gold coin (as far as possible of
Mexican coinage.)

Granted, the Secretary to call attention

to the modification of the Mexican decree.

Sonora Bank & Trust Co., Nogales, Ariz., to Holler

& Levin, for Rio Plata Mining Jo., Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, up
to i;10,000 gold coin daring month of November.

Granted same as


A. Dominguez, Laredo, Texas, to persons in Mexico,

4100,000 gold coin.


The Tigre Mining Company, during month of November

from Douglas, Arizona, to same, El Tigre, Sonora, Mexico, 450,000

Granted, same as 544.

First National Bank, Eagle Pass, Texas, to New

Sabinas Company, in Mexico, 45,000 in 41 and 42 silver certificates.



Joint distribution Committee on behalf of the Am-

erican Jewish Relief Committee, the Central Relief Committee
and the Peoples Relief Committee to transmit through Amsterdamsche Bank to the Credit of the Government of the Netherlands,
4300,000 to be used by the Consular representatives of the Nether-


lands in Uarsaw for the relief of destitutes not of enemy
or ally of enemy citizenship, in the portion of Poland now
occupied by the military forces of Germany and Austro-Hungary provided that the method of transmission shall receive
the approval of the State Department and the Treasury Department.

Granted informally, Ni'. Strauss to convey notice

to applicants on behalf of Treasury, license to be countersigned on behalf of Secretary of Treasury.
A letter from Mr. Kent, relative to application of
Pierce Oil Corporation of St. Louis to export gold to Mexico.

A letter from Special Deputy Collector at New York

relative to gold on Steamer Montserrat.

Noted, papers to

be returned to Mr. Tiffany through Mr. Treman.

A telegram from the First National Bank, No-

gales, requesting permission to export for G.F. Laughlin,
to Mexico, during month of November aggregate of 420,000
gold under same conditions of request of October 17.


clined; the Secretary to explain.

National Bank of Commerce, New York, to

Banco de la Republica 0.del Uruguay, Montevideo, 410,000,000
to 420,000,000 gold coin.


Ur. Strauss presented a proposed reply to Senator
Owen relative to foreign exchange conditions.
A letter of Lacaud & Son, dated Eovember 5, and addressed to Governor Hardinglread and noted.

A message from Federal Reserve Agent Curtiss relative
to small shipments of gold for sweep smelters in Providence,
R. I., was stated by Secretary and it was agreed that they be
released if applicants are reputable.
On motion at 11 a.m. the meeting adjourned.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102